I had many choices of categories to choose from, I chose Mind Control because the Pheromones were the cause of someone loosing control of their thought processes. I could have chosen Non-Consent or Loving Wives but decided not to.

There is no explicit sex in this story, and I doubt that I will ever write about it. I welcome insightful comments, either good or bad. If you choose to attack me the remark will be deleted.

The idea for this story was there when I awoke at 2:30 AM. I wrote cryptic notes and completed the story when I finally had time. I seem to get a lot of my ideas this way.

My name is John DeSantorio, I was a normal, single man except for the times I go into heat. No, I am not a dog, I am not female. Our family has called our curse by this name since we lived in the old country. The name over there roughly translated out to “The time when you are hot.” When our ancestors came over on the boat we learned the new language very quickly and our curse was renamed.

What is this curse I speak of? Roughly twice each year the males in the family become extremely desirable to any woman. Some of us can come in season up to 3 times, others only once. When we come into heat we need to be locked away from all females, other than our wives, until we are cleared. We can last from 2 to 3 weeks.

We have had medical doctors examine us to determine what is happening, so far all they can say is that we start to produce prodigious amounts of pheromones and equally large quantities of sperm. In short we become sex machines, capable of impregnating up to 10 to 15 women per day. There are no other signs of change. We are not any more likely to want sex than our normal cravings; it is just the women who want more due to our increased level of pheromones.

I guess that might sound like a good time to you, but if we are not responsible we could be the cause of a mass population explosion. We take our duties very seriously. Oddly enough, the curse has never been passed down through a female. That is, my daughters or sisters can not pass it to their sons.

As I said, my name is John. The last person to have been in season was my brother Nicholas. He had the key to the vault where we went when we locked ourselves away. I was surprised to find I was going into heat when I awoke on the Sunday after Easter. I called to his house and asked that he bring me the key, he was not home so I called my father to run over and pick it up. When my father got there, no one was there.

The maid who answered the phone had taken it upon herself to bring me the key. She was new to the family and did not know to stay away. I called out to her when she knocked on my door to drop the key and run away as fast as she could. She did not hear me very well and opened the door to give me the key. I yelled to leave NOW! She turned and ran, but it was too late. The pheromones had reached her. I was at low strength since it had just started so it took a while for her to respond.

I checked to be sure the path to the vault was clear and headed out. Just after I unlocked the door she came at me, she managed to push me into the vault and proceeded to climb all over me. Each time I tried to push her back out she out maneuvered me and managed to stay inside. In fact, she was undressing me a little at a time as she fought to stay inside.

They say a man can not be raped, she proved that statement false. She was so tight that it hurt. She rode me until I exploded within her, I had no choice. When she was done with the first time I told her she was now most likely a mother. She cried and said she did not know what happened to her.

There are some rules we follow about being in heat. The first is that if you have mated with a female you can not let her leave the vault or the others will sense you on her and try to get in. The second rule is that we will always do the honorable thing and marry any girl we have gotten pregnant.

As gently as possible I explained what had happened to her. An hour later she was ready to go after me again. This time we spent a little more time getting her ready, she was still tight.

After the second time we talked about her. She was named Olivia, 23 years old and had been a virgin until she raped me. Olivia and I talked for another 3 to 4 hours when she finally succumbed to the curse again, and we had another round of passionate loving. Then we spent the next few hours fixing and eating lunch. As we worked we talked and got to know each other better.

Olivia is a lovely, lady with a nice figure and what is referred to a dirty blond hair. Her hair was sparse anywhere other than on her head. More like a soft downy feel, even on her head. She was not fat but a little on the plump side, just enough to pad her bones and make her easy to cuddle. Her face was almost boyish in appearance, but she was all woman.

Next time you see a beautiful woman look at her facial features and imagine her as a male. Some, but not all, of the most beautiful women would make a very nice man; if they had the correct equipment.

Shortly after Nicholas returned home from work he called me too see if I could tell him where Olivia was. I told him about the fiasco and gave him the news that he was going to need to find another housekeeper.

Olivia and I spent the next 18 days in the vault and got to know each other quite well. A week after we came out we were married. Doing the honorable thing was going to be fun.

The first time we had sex we did not know each other at all. By the time she gave birth to a wonderful daughter we were madly in love. We complete each others statements and thoughts. For our first anniversary we even bought each other the same cards and presents. We had shopped in 2 different stores on the opposite sides of town from each other.

I went through another heat just before Olivia gave birth to Mary; she was too far along to risk taking into the vault. That time was hell for both of us. We missed each other terribly.

We finally got to go on our honeymoon after 18 months of marriage. We went to the old country for 2 weeks. We stayed with family in the village where our ancestors lived. There are 4 men there who have the curse. Between those 4, my father, 3 brothers and I there are 9 people to carry it forward.

I found there are many ancient texts written about it and it has been handed down for over 1500 years.

When we returned Olivia told me she was expecting again. This time we had twin boys; one had her hair and my features the other had my hair and looked like her.

Many years later.

Olivia and I now have 6 children, 3 are married and have children of their own. Our youngest is just graduating from college this year and has found the woman of his dreams.

Each time we have to part my heart jumps with joy to see Olivia again. She says she misses me terribly when we are apart, even for short times. I find it hard to believe we that we are even more in love than when we married. We look forward to growing old together, and hope the lord takes us together so we never have to be apart.

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