As we sipped our coffee I told my wife that I had never touched her and she said it must have been one heck of a dream. Then I told her about what I had seen and felt last night and she just looked at me like I was from outer space. I tried to convince her that what I saw was real and that I really did see it but she kept insisting we both must have been tired and just dreaming oddly because of our new surroundings. Maybe she was right, maybe not.

We spent the whole day unpacking and setting up the different rooms. She took the den and from what we learned from the real estate agent it had been the room of the teenage son. She was turning it into her sewing room and I took the room that was the teenaged daughters room and I was changing it to a computer room.

Since it was hot I had only my light shorts and a t-shirt on as I unpacked my boxes and started setting up the soon to be office. As I was screwing the last screw on the underside of the desk I felt something touch my cock. I looked up and bumped my head on the desk. My head was spinning as I felt the wonderful sensation on my penis. It felt as if a mouth had engulfed my cock but nothing was there. I quickly took down my shorts to see if something was wrong. That was when the feeling became more pronounced and as I looked at my rock hard cock nothing was there. I was scared and enthralled at the same time and decided to go with the feeling. I closed my eyes and that is when I saw her again, she was coming to me into my thoughts. The goddess had taken my prick out of her mouth and mounted me, her hot wet pussy slid down my throbbing cock and caused me to shiver. In my eyes she was so young, she couldn’t have been a day over 19 and had beautiful long flowing hair to the middle of her back.

The ghostly figure that was riding my cock was really bouncing hard. Her wet folds gripped at my yearning cock. I new it wouldn’t be long before I was spilling my seed. Then I heard a low howl of wind call out in the room and it added to the eeriness. I was so lost in the moment I started bucking my hips up to my phantom lover. I could feel the pressure in my balls tighten and I bucked up hard as I shoot my load deep into my ghostly goddess.

Stunned I got up and cleaned all the cum off my chest that I had shot and then went to tell my wife about what I had just experienced. I walked across the hall and opened the door to the room she was in, what I witnessed had my cock instantly hard again.

My wife was on all fours and totally naked, her phantom lover was behind her driving his massive ghost cock deep in her cunt. She had head tilted back and was matching his thrusts by pushing her hips back and forth in time. The look on her face was total lust and fire. She was calling out to the young boy phantom that was fucking her hard.

“Yes fuck my hot cunt you stud! Oh God this is sooooo good! Fuck me hard!” She screamed.

I watched as her body started to shake and tremble and I knew she was experiencing one of her mind blowing orgasms. “YYYYYYYYEEEEEEESSSSSSSSS IIIIIIIII’MMMMMM CCCCCCUUUUUUUMMMMMMIIIINGGGGG!!!” She cried. Then she toppled over in a sweaty heap on the floor of her new sewing room. She was still shaking from her tremendous cum when she finally came to her senses. She looked around in somewhat of a daze when she finally caught my eye.

“I think you are right, we definitely have ghosts in this house!” She said her satisfied eyes locked on mine. “That was the best fuck of my life! I think we are gonna enjoy living here!”

“Tell me about it, I just got the ride of my life in the office by the girl phantom! Her cunt felt like a velvet grip on my cock.”

“Speaking of cocks I notice yours is hard again!” My wife said. “Why don’t you get over here and take care of my other hole, I am still hot!”

I wasn’t going to disappoint her and I came up from behind and placed my hard cock at the entrance to her tight ass. As I pushed forward I felt her insides grip me tighter than I had ever been gripped before. Now usually when we partake in anal we have to take our time and go nice and slow but my woman was so turned on by what had happened she thrust her hips back at me and her ass swallowed my cock whole.

In no time I was fucking her for all I was worth, driving in and out of her hot hole. “Oh baby I am gonna cum soon!” I told her.

“Yes baby fuck my ass, fuck it hard! Let me feel that hot cum shoot deep inside my tight fucking asshole!” She screamed.

When I heard her words of encouragement I let loose and exploded rope after rope of my hot cum deep into her tight rectum.

After we finished we took a shower and then sat down to talk. We wanted to find out all we could about the house we lived in and what would cause these ghosts to be at our place. We headed down to the library to do some research….

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