Checking the ingredients off out loud, one by one:

“Yohimbe bark, Brugmansia leaf, Uragoga viridis stem, Coca leaf, Gingko biloba, and Winter cherry …check.”

Stepheni closed the small metal infuser and dropped it into the teapot. She was biting her lip to try to stay calm and not look too eager for her return to her Grandparents living room. She didn’t know what would happen, but just the idea was exciting enough to give her a little buzz as she brewed.

Joseph, sat patiently waiting for Steph, she had been pursuing him since he moved next door to her Grandparents a year ago. He was very shy and had liked her from the start, but he was just too intimidated by her edgy fetish look and broad sense of humour.

He always accepted Steph’s invitations for “coffee” but only ever drank, make polite conversation and left quickly.

On the plus side, Steph’s Grandparents had been getting regular visits every weekend and were glad when Steph agreed to look after the house while they did the Rhine river cruse for a month.

“Here’s your tea.”

Steph said with a smile and a faux submissive tone. Jo didn’t even notice that there was only one cup.


He didn’t like the bitter taste. Steph jumped up and dropped two lumps of sugar in really hoping he would keep going.

“It’s a family recipe… …it’s better with sugar though.”

Urged Steph. Jo smiled and politely swallowed the rest of the cup…

“Another?” Steph asked hopefully.

“No thfanks. Thankfs, ak-hum, thanks.”

Jo’s slight slur triggered Steph’s memory of the instructions and notes she found in the book of herbal love potions with no cover she had found in the attic of her Grandparents’ house.

“Horse Root Tea – stallion stamina and wild rides… …will induce swelling of the tongue and persistent erection… …overcome with lustful vigour.”

Steph guessed correctly the swollen tongue was a sign that the tea was working. Jo was feeling embarrassed over the stumbling words, all of a sudden he couldn’t stop looking at Steph’s chest. His embarrassment deepened when Steph asked:

“Are you staring at my boobs?”

Stunned and slipping into a haze Jo could not answer. He could not look away either…

Steph’s tone got a little firmer as she pretended to be offended:

“Are you staring at my boobs!”

Jo let out a snort through his nose. Even if he could have formed the words through the rush of arousal and euphoric trance that the tea was inducing, his swollen tongue was so large he couldn’t keep it in his mouth, let alone speak.

Jo nodded and Steph let out a chortle in delight.

“Good, do you like them?”

Jo snorted and nodded again, his erection now visible under his track pants. Sweat started to bead and run down his forehead. Steph looked him over, pausing on that mound under his pants.

“Jo, take off your shirt.”

Without hesitation Jo stripped off his shirt to reveal his shiny sweat covered torso. Steph looked up and down, vacillating between abs, pecks and that mound in his inviting lap.

“That’s good Jo, how do you feel?”

Steph asked, not really thinking about Jo’s obvious reduced ability to speak.

Another heavy snort from Jo to accompany a look on his face that was unmistakable. He was horny, more so now that ever before in his life, drunk on lust, his world had narrowed to Steph… Steph’s body, Steph’s commanding voice and …sex.

“Hmmm” -Steph very pleased with herself – “We’ll need to get those pants off I think.”

Another snort from Jo but no action. Steph said with a little hint of impatiens,

“Take off those pants!”

Jo fumbled with the waistband of his track pants… clumsily he managed to drop them to his knees.

“Come here, I’ll do it.”

Commanded Steph. Jo took a step and fell on his face. On the floor he didn’t seem to be able to get up. He struggled starting to panic. Steph dropped down and rolled him over onto his back, his flailing died down.

Steph was startled at the teas effects on his coordination. …She let out a nervous little giggle as she freed his impressive erection from his white briefs.

Jo let out a pleasurable snort through his nose. His voice high pitched and broken, he was sounding every bit the horse boy his lower body was turning into.

The feel of Jo’s hot member in her hands was intoxicating, she had to fight thoughts of jumping him right there to get the packet of condoms she had picked up with the other ingredients.

Steph was very wet now; rolling the rubber on even at the largest size was difficult. Steph let out a little shudder as she felt his cock get thicker toward the base.

Dexterity momentarily returning to Jo’s arms, he tore open Steph’s jeans and ripped off her panties in one movement. Hands on hips Jo slid Steph onto him. Steph startled at his strength gasped as she was impaled by his massive cock.

Steph was screaming almost instantly, Jo was grunting and snorting, thrusting high off the carpet floor with huge back arches and almost crushing Steph’s hips in his grip.

Being thrown around like a flag in the wind, Steph came quickly. Jo let out a strange little low guttural noise and continued mercilessly thrusting Steph off the floor, now she was getting concerned that this may have been a bad idea.

Steph pushed against Jo’s chest and then kicked at the floor, managing to slide Jo out about half way. Jo slammed her back down on top of him. Steph had never felt this kind of girth or power before and was soon coming a second and then third time.

Steph started crying, just a few minutes in and she was in great pain, cumming uncontrollably and repeatedly. Steph’s hair whipping around so hard it actually stung her face as it flicked forward with each lunge and back thrust of her head.

Exhausted and desperate for release she screamed:


Jo froze and Steph collapsed on top of him cumming one last time.

“God… …oh God…… ho haha. No, oh God.”

Steph was very satisfied. She let out a little giggle and shivered as she slipped off Jo. The slurping sound a testament to the enjoyable time she had had. Jo remained silent and erect. Steph went to the bathroom to clean up and was surprised to see Jo still erect, back arched as if frozen in time.

“OK Jo, relax… I mean get up.”

Jo stood, naked except for his shoes and pants around his ankles. Steph, feeling a little stir of lust picked up her phone and took his picture. She took a moment to admire the image on the screen and looked back at Jo. Her eyes drawn down to that cock. Transfixed, she stood on his pants and barked:

“Step out of your pants.”

Jo took a sideways step leaving his pants in a two toned doughnut on the floor. His cock waggling a few seconds after he took a step gave Steph an idea.

“Jo, jog around the room.”

Jo obliged, jogging in a circle, staring unbrokenly at Steph’s very erect nipples. Steph raised her phone again and opened the video app. She raised her phone and paused… …this reminded her of something… Jo jogging slowly in a circle… then it hit her.

“Knees up, c’mon knees high, trot for me big Jo.”

Jo lifted his knees, changing the waggle of his hard on to a full blown flap. Barely able to contain herself, Steph laughed out loud. At first from the absurdity but then as Jo trotted proudly around her, Steph felt something else… her new toy, Jo the horseboy… this was pleasing her even more that the violent ride she had experienced earlier that afternoon.

Without realizing it she had watched him circle for a quarter of an hour. She ordered him to stop and he did. He started to try to speak and she thought the tea must have been wearing off.

“Wait here.” Steph said as she dashed into her room to look for something to tie onto Jo… finding a pair of tights and a handbag strap. She came back in and ordered Jo:

“Kneel down.”

Steph rolled the tights seat into a bit and tied it into a gag around his head. She tied the legs into a head harness like the bridal for a horse. Steph took the handbag strap and made reigns, clipping them to the sides of the bit in Jo’s mouth.

“Big Jo, continue trotting… …knees up, …good boy.”

Steph took her phone and filmed a few laps getting wet again. She drops the phone and her tattered pants on the couch, climbs back on Jo as he continued trotting. His voice muffled through the pantyhose bit as the tea wears off a little more… the sounds of Jo struggling with his role as her horse toy turns Stepheni on in a big way.

Jo trots around holding up Steph as she rides him shrieking in excitement as she looks down on Jo now struggling to maintain his stride under both their weight and the retreating effects of the tea.

The thought of Joseph waking up, trotting naked in her living room as her personal horsy fuck toy pushed her over edge. Steph’s voice pulsating with each of Jo’s trotting steps as she screeched with delight…

“Woe now… Stop. Get dressed Big Jo.”

Steph panted, grinning and giggling to herself. She stepped into her jeans and picked up her phone. In her haste she had not stopped the video on her phone and it had continued recording to the point where she picked it up again.

Her finger lingered over the send button… …the thought of sharing her little pony play adventure thrilling her almost as much as the thought of future possibilities…

…To be continued.

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