Authors note:

Thanks to blackstallion21 and Nick_Caesar11 for editing and critiquing this piece for me. I hope you enjoy…

Chris stood lost in the throng of people milling around him. It was early June and Miami International Airport was jumping. Families ran here and there, some late for their flights, others desperately trying to locate their belongings amongst the jumbled heaps of luggage on the conveyor belts. The cacophony from overhead speakers spewing flight announcements over the crowd was nearly deafening. He hated the airport, but he didn’t want his niece taking a taxi either.

His mind wandered back a few weeks as he waited. His older sister Michelle had called him wanting to know if her daughter Jessica could stay with him for the summer. She was studying Oceanography at UCLA and it seemed that she would be spending the summer in Florida on some kind of internship and needed a place to crash.

Chris had objected immediately; he hadn’t left California on a high note, and he hadn’t seen or spoken to Jessica since moving to south Florida six years ago. The thought of having to face his niece, and undoubtedly her questions, after all these years terrified him. But ultimately after some cajoling from Michelle, mixed with her threatening him with dismemberment, he had agreed to let her stay.

Growing up, Chris and Jessica had always had a close relationship due to how close in age they were. His two sisters, Michelle and Diana, were both much older than he was. Diana’s two girls were older, and had lived further away in San Francisco. Jessica, however, had been born exactly three years and five days after Chris and grew up only a few blocks away, so they developed a natural bond. Most people mistook them for cousins, and for quite a while that was what they told people. They spent every waking moment together, and when Michelle had gone through her second divorce in three years Jessica had stayed with Chris and his parents for eighteen months.

Through everything, good times and bad, there had always been Chris and Jessica, until Chris had a run in with some lowlife gang bangers. They put him in the hospital, and threatened to kill him if they ever saw his face again. So, as soon as he turned eighteen Chris had moved to Florida for college. Jessica was still a sophomore in high school at the time and they hadn’t seen each other since.

He could still remember riding around their old neighborhood on bicycles, getting into all kinds of innocent trouble. She had always been just ‘one of the guys’.

Now he stood there, scanning the crowd for her familiar face. He didn’t really know what to look for. When he left she had been a shy teenager, visibly uncomfortable in her own skin. She dressed like a tomboy; long brown hair in a perpetual pony tail and thick glasses perched on her nose. She was a girl that put her school life before her social life. Her mother had told him that Jess had been the valedictorian of her class; no surprise there.

A light tap on his shoulder startled him, and as he turned a petite raven haired young woman leapt into his arms, nearly knocking him over.

“Chris!” she squealed with delight.

“Whoa, take it easy,” he said laughing, “You almost bowled me over, girl.”

She planted a kiss directly on his mouth “Thank you soooo much for letting me stay with you!”

“Hey, you know, it’s nothing,” he told his niece as he sat her down.

Chris held her at arms length and took in the view. She looked nothing like the teenager he had last seen four years ago. Jessica had matured more than he could have imagined. She stood about 5’3″, with a very compact, toned body sporting an almost flawless tan. Her hair, dyed black without a ponytail in sight, framed her face, dropping just below her jaw line in a sexy wedge cut. Her green eyes sparkled as she smiled up at her uncle. The nerdy little fifteen year-old tomboy he had last seen had been replaced by a beautiful, energetic young woman. The change was startling, like a caterpillar becoming a butterfly. He felt a pang of regret as he looked her over. The missed years weighed on his shoulders heavily.

“Wow, you look incredible. Are all the girls at UCLA as hot as my little niece?”

“Oh please. I can’t compete with the girls in the Land of Silicone,” she gestured at her small perky chest. Chris couldn’t help but laugh.

“Well you look damn good to me.,” her uncle complimented. “I’m going to have to beat my friends off of you with a stick. Come on, let’s get your bags and fight our way out of this madhouse.” He grabbed her hand and led her through the crown to baggage claim.


As Chris merged his car onto the highway heading north, he stole another quick glance at his niece. He still couldn’t get over how much she had grown up. She sat against the passenger door, turned slightly toward him with her legs crossed. His eyes wandered over the tanned expanse of her thighs before flicking forward to watch the road again. Jessica was wearing very short, white shorts that hugged her hips and showed lots of leg, and a black top that tied around her neck and had a chrome ring right over her cleavage. That, he noticed, had also grown well, despite her earlier protestations. In high school, she had been flat as a board, but it seemed that she was just a late bloomer. Now she sported a full round B-cup. He kept finding himself glancing back at her as he drove, and forcibly had to tear his eyes away. Meanwhile, Jessica rambled on and on about her flight and her internship. Thankfully she didn’t seem to notice her uncle checking her out.

When they finally arrived at his house, Chris carried Jessica’s luggage up to her room, and left her to unpack and get settled in while he threw some dinner together. Thirty minutes later he was just setting the table when Jessica came down the stairs. She had showered and changed into a pair of tight gym shorts and a white tee that clearly showed she was not wearing a bra.

“You didn’t have to do all this for me,” she said looking at the table. There was steak, baked potatoes, salad and a bottle of red wine spread out for dinner.

“Hey, it’s okay,” Chris assured her as they sat down to eat, “I don’t get to cook for two very often.”

The table looked out a large bay window onto a spacious deck and a white expanse of sand. It was dusk and the waters of the Atlantic were a dark gray, broken only by the white caps of the waves rolling in to the shore. They sat talking and looking out at the beach while they enjoyed their first meal together in six years.

“You have a great view from here,” Jessica complimented, forking the last piece of steak into her mouth.

“Yeah, it’s pretty nice being right on the beach. There are some lounge chairs out on the deck if you want to sunbathe or something and the hot tub is always ready to go. Just make yourself at home. The beach is private, so you don’t have to worry about a bunch of people crowding you.”

“Thanks, I might do that.”

“Want to watch a movie or something?”

“No, I’m beat,” Jessica said. “I’m gonna call mom and let her know I’m all settled in and then hit the hay. I have to be up early to catch a bus to the research center I’ll be working at.” She gathered the few dishes from the table and began rinsing and loading them in the dishwasher.

“You don’t need to ride the bus Jess, you can use my car for the summer,” Chris told his niece.

She looked at him questioningly. “I can? Don’t you need to drive?”

“Yeah, but I still have my truck I had in high school. I’ll drive it.”

She laughed out loud and almost dropped a plate. “That old piece of shit?” she managed to spit out between gales, “It still runs?”

“Hey, yes it still runs, and it’s not a piece of shit anymore,” he said a little defensively.

He must have sounded madder than he thought, because Jessica immediately stopped laughing. “Sorry,” she mumbled.

“No, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to sound mad.” He stood up and stepped to her, hugging her tightly. “Forgive me?”

She smiled up at him before returning Chris’ hug. “Sure.”

“Now,” he said, taking the forgotten plate from her hands, “I’ll finish this, you go call your mom and get some sleep. I’ll see you bright and early.” He kissed her quickly on the forehead and released her.

“Ok, g’night,” she said, heading for the stairs. She looked back as she mounted the first riser. “Thanks again for everything.”

Chris watched her climb the stairs until she was out of sight, mesmerized by the soft sway of her hips. He still couldn’t get over how much she had changed.


The next morning Jessica was up before the sun like always. Wrapping her robe around her, she stepped out of her room and headed down the hall to the bathroom to begin her morning routine. Halfway there, she stopped dead in her tracks. Chris was walking sleepily toward the stairs from the other end of the hall, rubbing his eyes and yawning.

Chris was a little over six feet tall with a chiseled, muscular body. His chest and abdomen were littered with tattoos, and she saw that his nipples were pierced. What held her attention, though, was further south on his anatomy. Dangling limp and heavy between his legs was the biggest cock and she had ever seen. She stared at him in disbelief, shocked by the sight of her naked uncle and by the heat she felt bloom between her thighs. Her sweet goofy uncle, always kind of shy and a flop with girls in high school, was huge.

Oh my god! she thought. He could kill somebody with that club.

A giggle slipped from her lips before she could stifle it, and Chris jerked his head up. He saw her standing there staring and his face turned a deep, fuming red. He quickly covered himself and dashed down the hall to his room, calling out “Shit! Sorry Jess,” over his shoulder as he went. Jessica was still laughing when she stepped into the bathroom and closed the door. She leaned back against the door and laughed until she was almost crying.

When she thought she had herself under control she stepped into the shower. The hot water was refreshing and helped clear her head. What it didn’t help was the dull ache between her legs. She was a little taken aback by what she was feeling, but not surprised. It had been two years since she broke up with her last steady boyfriend. She tried to think of him at the beginning of their relationship as her right hand slipped down her body and found a burning wetness. A soft moan escaped her throat when her fingers slipped inside. She couldn’t believe how turned on she was. Her nipples were like shards of glass rising from her breasts. With her free hand she pinched one and a shiver raced down her spine. She stood under the steady spray of water, rubbing her clit in slow deliberate circles and trying without success to push the image of her uncle’s enormous cock out of her mind. Each revolution around the swollen little nub coaxed a weak whimper from her throat. Despite her best efforts, her mind kept returning to Chris. Finally she gave in, vigorously fingering her aching pussy and as she came she was picturing that large piece of meat stretching her pussy over and over again.

When she went downstairs fifteen minutes later, Chris was no where to be found. There was a note on the table, along with a set of keys.


Sorry about this morning. Not used to having company. Here’s a key to the car, and a house key. The car has navigation in case you get lost. You have my number, call if you need anything.

Love C.

Her uncle had always ended letters and notes like that. Love C. Smiling she picked up the keys, and headed out to begin her day.


Their first week together as roommates was a little awkward as Chris and Jessica felt each other out. Jessica was spending long hours at the lab, and sometimes came home and went straight to bed. As the weekend neared, Chris made it his mission to get his niece out of the house.

“Hey Jess,” he said cheerily as she trudged through the door on Thursday night, looking tired anda little disheveled, “everything okay?”

She discarded her white lab coat and kicked of her shoes.

“Huh? Oh yeah, sorry, everything’s good — just tired.” She yawned as she plopped down on the opposite end of the couch where Chris was sitting. She slipped off her shoes and stretched out on the sofa, already looking sleepy.

“We’ve been logging the movements of Loggerhead turtles all week. Sitting at the computer for ten hours a day and plotting coordinate graphs is just so glamorous. The lab director is an arrogant ass. I corrected one of his correlation equations and he didn’t like it too much.”

“Wow. Do you get the weekends off?”

“Yeah, why?”

“I thought maybe we could go do something Saturday if you wanted. Get you out of this house for a while.” He slid over and began absently massaging Jessica’s feet as he spoke. “If you want.”

“That’d be great.” She smiled at him. “That feels good. My feet are soooo sore.”

He continued rubbing the soles of her feet, venturing up to her toned calves and slender knees. The simple grey skirt she wore, which ended just above her knees when standing, had ridden up, revealing a delightful expanse of tanned thighs. Jessica closed her eyes and laid her head back on the arm of the couch. Before long she was snoring lightly. Chris looked down at the feet he was rubbing, small and slender, with pretty pink painted toenails. The second toe of her right foot was adorned with a familiar metal band.

When she was thirteen, Jessica had wanted one thing for her birthday: a gold heart shaped locket that she bugged her mother for incessantly. When her birthday came and went without the locket appearing, she had been crushed. Chris, hating to see her upset, took every dime he had saved to the department store, intent on buying it for her. He was roughly a hundedhundred and fifty dollars short of the price though. Instead, he bought her the small silver band he was looking at. He spun it around to read the inscription written on it. It read simply:

We will always have each other — Love C

He was amazed that she still had it, and even more amazed to find her still wearing it after all these years.

Jessica stirred. Chris looked up and saw her gazing at him sleepily.

“You still have this.” He nudged the band.

“Of course, why wouldn’t I? It was the best present anyone ever gave me as a kid.” She sat up and wrapped her arms around her uncle. “Whenever I feel sad, or lonely, all I have to do is look at that ring and I start to feel better.”

“Jessica, about…”

“Don’t,” she said interrupting him. She could tell by the look on his face where his mind was heading. “Maybe another time. Maybe never. Right now, I’m tired and going to go to bed. G’night.” She kissed him on the cheek and vanished to her room.

Chris sat there for most of the night thinking about the past; the mistakes he had made, the people he had hurt.


Saturday afternoon found them walking down the sidewalk in South Beach, arm in arm, laughing and having a good time, as the south Florida sun baked down on them.

Chris was spouting a hilarious narrative of the people around them, an old game they used to play as kids, when Jessica interrupted him.

“Let’s go in here,” she said, pulling him though an open door. Inside, the buzzing of tattoo machines filled the air. A young woman of maybe twenty was manning a reception desk just inside the door. She was covered in body art and piercings, and looked incredibly hot to Chris. She gave him a dismissive look and turned to Jessica.

“Can I help you?” she asked.

“Do you do piercings here too?”

“Of course, what are you looking for?”

“I want to get my nipples pierced.”

Chris stared slack jawed at his niece “No,” he said flatly.

She shot him a cold, piercing look. “Uh, I’m an adult, remember? Besides how can you tell me no when yours are pierced too?” She motioned to his bare chest. She looked hurt, and a little pissed off.

“It’s not that Jess,” he cautioned, “I think it’s sexy, but you know your mom would kill me for letting you do it while you were staying with me.”

“I’ll tell her I got it while you were at work. Look,” she leveled her gorgeous green eyes at him, “either we do it now, or I go by myself some day after work.”

The receptionist had been watching this exchange with a bored expression. “You can be in there with her if that’s what you’re worried about.”

“Oh he’s definitely coming, right Chris?”

He sighed, finally giving in as he thought of those perky little tits emerging from the confines of her bikini top.

Fifteen minutes later Jessica was topless, lying on a bed in a back room. Chris sat on a stool beside her, holding her hand and stealing sideways glances at her while they waited for the piercer. Jessica’s tits were amazing. The round, firm globes were a crisp brown without a trace of a tan line, topped with small pink nipples. Each looked to be a nice hand full. He wondered absently what they would feel like in his hands, how they would taste under his tongue. Those thoughts led to other thoughts; how her petite body would look as he pulled her skirt off of it, whether she shaved or not.

“Chris?” she said startling him out of his reverie.


“They’re not going anywhere.” She was smiling at him, eyes sparkling. “And you might want to do something about that.” She motioned to the tented fabric of his shorts.

“Oh! Uh-”

Thankfully the piercer came in at that moment and introduced himself. Chris did his best to hide his erection. With practiced efficiency he had Jessica’s nipples sterilized, marked and clamped in a matter of minutes.

She gripped Chris’ hand tightly as the piercer placed the cannula (This is coming up as being misspelled. Not sure what the word is to change it if I should.) against her skin. Chris was mesmerized by the sight, and the blood was flowing to his groin again as he watched first one then the other nipple get penetrated and adorned with a small stainless ring and bead. In just minutes the ordeal was over, and Jessica was admiring her new jewelry in the full length mirror on the door.

“What do you think?” She turned to Chris and pushed her chest out toward him. “Sexy?”

“Wow, uh, yeah Jess they look hot as hell.”

“Thank you.” She beamed at him. When she leaned over to get her bikini top her freshly accessorized breasts were just inches from his face. Chris was intently studying his feet when she looked again.

“Down boy.” She patted his lap playfully. “Come on, I’m hungry.”

As they were walking out a few minutes later, the receptionist stopped them.

“Can I see?” She asked. She was eyeing Jessica up and down, clearly admiring her in her bikini top and very short denim skirt.

“Sure.” She quickly pulled her top to the side, flashing her fresh additions to the woman.

“Very hot,” she said turning to Chris and dropping a sly wink. “But remember, hands and mouth off for at least two weeks.”

Out on the sidewalk Chris and Jessica looked at each other and burst out laughing.


As the next few weeks passed, Chris and Jessica fell into a routine. Chris was always gone by the time she came downstairs in the mornings, and Jessica was always the first home in the afternoon as she got settled in to her research position. She made it a point to have dinner ready every night when he came home. They were quickly picking up the same, easy relationship they had shared as kids, and it made both of them happy.

One Friday about a month after encountering her nude and sleepy uncle in the hall, ‘That Morning’ as Jessica had come to think of it, she met Chris at the door when he came home.

He stopped just inside the door, a dumbfounded look on his face. Jessica was wearing a very short, very tight black mini-dress and heels that laced up her shapely calves almost to her knees. Chris was shocked at how incredibly sexy and grown up she looked.

“Are you just gonna stand there and drool all night or are you going to get dressed?” Jessica asked. She smiled playfully at her uncle, miming irritation by placing her hands on her hips and thrusting them to the side. It only made her look hotter.

Finally Chris tore his eyes away from his niece and looked her in the eyes. “What do you mean ‘get dressed’? Where are we going?”

“I want you to take me out somewhere. I want to see what the night life in Miami is all about,” she said stepping closer to him. She looked up into his face and batted her long eyelashes at him pleadingly. “Puh-lease Uncle Chris?” She pouted in her best innocent little girl voice.

“Okay okay, since you asked so nicely. Let me get a shower.”

“Great!” she squealed and wrapped her arms around him in a tight hug.

Sometime later the pair walked out of the house into the fading light of another summer sunset.

“So where are you taking me?” Jessica asked curiously.

“There’s a great little bar I go to sometimes down by South Beach. They have live bands every weekend.” Chris told her. “And then I don’t know. Maybe cruise around a little.”

“Sounds great,” Jessica said. She walked toward the car her uncle had let her borrow, an unassuming mid-sized Chrysler, fumbling for the keys in her purse. She stopped when she realized Chris wasn’t following her.

“We’re going to take the ‘piece of shit’ tonight,” Chris said jokingly, as he walked the opposite way to the garage.

Jessica sighed and reluctantly followed him. She remembered all too well the many times that truck had broken down; leaving them stranded somewhere, and of being laughed at because of how many different colors the truck was. When she entered the garage however, she was shocked at what she saw. There was a dark green truck sitting in the center of the two car garage.

No.; Sitting isn’t the right word. She thought to herself. Lying there is more like it.

The truck was low, and long, with the body actually touching the cement floor. Big chrome wheels were buried in the fenders, only half visible. The over head lights gleamed off the paint, making it look as wet and smooth as her own freshly shaven pussy.

“Holy crap!” She exclaimed. “You actually finished it?”

“Yep, just last winter.” Chris beamed. The truck was his pride and joy, and he was happy to see that his niece was impressed. “C’mon. Let’s get going.”

Once inside, the truck lifted from the ground with the push of a button and rumbled to life. Then they were on their way.


The bar was packed. Motorcycles lined the sidewalk in front, their chrome gleaming in the lights from the street. People milled about outside and slow, heavy, rock music was pouring through the open doors. As they walked up Jessica clung to her uncle for dear life.

“You hang out here?” She mumbled.

“Yeah, my truck club meets down the road once a month and we usually end up here afterwards. My band has played here a few times also.”

“Band? You’re in a band?” she asked, “Since when do you play an instrument?”

“I’ve been playing since I moved here. My first roommate in college got me turned on to the guitar.”

“Wow, I’m impressed. You’re just full of surprises aren’t you?”

“I’m an enigma honey,” Chris said jokingly as he held the door open for his niece. “Ladies first.”

Jessica stepped past him and he followed her into the smoky gloom of the bar.

Everyone seemed to know her uncle. Just moments after they walked in a blonde waitress with gigantic fake tits came up to Chris with a large iced drink.

“Hey sexy.” She handed him the glass. “Double Captain & Coke, just how you like it.” She eyed Jessica clutching at his side. “Who’s the hottie?”

“This is Jessica. Jessica, meet Cheryl.”

“Whatcha havin sweetie?”

“Jim Beam, straight,” Jessica said sheepishly.

Chris and Cheryl both eyed her warily but said nothing.

Once they both had a drink in their hands, Chris led her around the bar, stopping at what seemed like every other table to talk to someone, always introducing her as just ‘Jessica’, never ‘my niece Jessica’. Eventually they landed at a table in the corner with a group of large, loud, hairy bikers. There wasn’t much room, so Jessica sat on her uncle’s lap. As the night wore on and the alcohol did its magic she loosened up, even venturing out on the dance floor with Chris several times.

Sometime around closing time Chris disappeared. She scanned the crown and spotted him over near the stage, talking to the lead singer of the band that had been playing all night. After several moments the band mounted the stage again with Chris following. He picked up a guitar and stepped to the mike, clearing his throat.

“Charlie here has been gracious enough to let me borrow his guitar,” he said motioning to the singer, “and we’ve got one more for you folks. This one goes out to Jessica. I’m so glad to have you back in my life.”

After a brief pause he fell into a rendition of her favorite song as a teenager, “Sweet Child O’ Mine.” Jessica beamed.


It was 3 am Saturday morning when Chris finally pulled the truck back into the garage. Jessica was slumped against the passenger door, snoring lightly. She was very drunk, and had passed out as soon as they got in the truck. He carefully extracted her and carried her into the house. As he laid her on the bed, Jessica began to stir, mumbling something incoherent.

“What Jess?” he asked softly.

“Hot,” she mumbled. “Help…me. Undress.”

He stood there, looking at her for a moment as she fumbled with the top of the dress, trying to push it down. Her hands eventually fell away and she just stared at him. Taking a deep breath, Chris began to pull the dress down. As he tugged it lower, Jessica’s firm little tits popped out in their entire bra-less glory. The rings through her nipples seemed to glow in the low light. Chris tried not to look. He was sweating, and realized that he was holding his breath. Jessica was watching him sleepily, smiling softly up at him. He pulled the dress down and over the mound of her ass, lifting her slightly as he did so, and down her legs. Next he quickly unlaced her heels and tossed them in the corner.

As he stood to leave, Jessica called to him again, a little more clearly this time. “Don’t. Stay with me; for a little bit. Please?”

Chris stood in the doorway looking at his niece, naked except for a pair of lacy black panties. She looked at him, pleading with her eyes, begging him to stay.

“Okay. But just until you get back to sleep,” he said, giving in. He kicked off his shoes and climbed in beside her. Jessica quickly rolled over; putting her head on his shoulder she pressed her body close to Chris and closed her eyes.

“Thank you,” she mumbled, already drifting off to sleep.

Time seemed to stand still. Chris was painfully aware of his niece’s supple body pressing tightly to him. Her bare breasts were against his ribs, the nipples stiffening from the friction of their combined breathing and the cool, conditioned air of the bedroom. One gorgeous leg was thrown across him nonchalantly. He couldn’t help thinking how hot she looked, how extremely sexy his little niece had become. These thoughts followed him down into a deep, dreamless sleep.


Strong, bright light filtered in through the open blinds and fell on his closed eyelids. Chris wiped sleep from his eyes and glanced at the clock beside the bed. It read 10:42. His head was pounding, his mouth was dry and he had to pee. Some time in the night he must have gotten hot, because he had stripped his clothes off, and was now only wearing his boxers, which he noted, were tented from his morning erection. He looked down to see Jessica gazing up at him with a sleepy smile on her face. She was still naked and clinging to him.

“Morning.” she said.


Jessica looked down at his towering erection, then back up to her uncle. “Do you have a permit for that weapon?”

“Uh sorry, I, uh,” Chris stammered.

“S’okay Chris. It’s not the first time I’ve seen morning wood. Maybe not that big,” she said glancing back down to his erection. “But anyway, thank you for last night. For everything; taking me out, helping me to bed, holding me.”

“Anything for my little nerd,” Chris joked, recalling his old endearment for his niece.

Jessica smacked his chest playfully. “Hey, if you haven’t noticed, I’m not a little nerd anymore.”

“Okay, okay, my sexy little nerd. Better?”

“Much!” she exclaimed and pecked her uncle on the cheek. She climbed over him and off the bed. As she did her tight little buns brushed his still substantial erection sending a shiver up his spine. She scooped up his discarded button-up shirt and slipped it on as she walked out the door.

“I’m hungry, want some breakfast?” she asked over her shoulder.

“Sure, I’ll be right there,” he called after her.

He got up and detoured to the bathroom before making his way to the kitchen. He peed, and then stood in front of the sink, splashing water in his face and willing his cock to shrink. After two full minutes it was obvious that it wasn’t going anywhere without some help.

“Fuck it,” he mumbled, grabbing his cock and closing his eyes.

The only image he could conjure as he stroked his long, thick tool was of his beautiful niece, lying nearly naked on her borrowed bed asking him to lay with her for a while. His mind’s eye scanned her petite form; drifting over the soft mounds of her breasts, down across the flat expanse of her stomach with its softly gleaming jewel at her navel, lingering on the black lace covered intersection of her thighs. He heard her whisper to him, ‘Take me’, and watched as his hands slowly slid her panties down her legs. Those beautiful legs parted for him, inviting him into their embrace. As they wrapped around his torso he felt the tip of his manhood touch soft, hot, wet flesh. He looked down into Jessica’s eyes as that tender slit opened for him and he slowly sank into her. It was too much for him to bear and his cock immediately twitched in his hand, his orgasm rushing up from his balls and painting the counter with thick globs of cum.

In the kitchen, Jessica was standing at the stove, still wearing just his dark plum dress shirt and her black lace panties when Chris finally reappeared. The smell of sausage frying filled the room.

What am I doing? He thought, standing in the doorway and watching as she bent to pull a pan from under the counter and flashed that gorgeous ass at him again. She’s my niece for Christ’s sake!

Knowing that still wasn’t helping ebb the flow of blood already filling his penis again. He cleared his throat and sat down at the bar, desperately trying to look anywhere except at his niece.

“Hey, you’re just in time,” Jessica said cheerfully. She was scooping scrambled eggs and sausage onto two plates which she sat on the bar. She climbed up in the stool next to him and they dug in.

“Who’s Brian?” Jessica asked between a mouthful of sausage and a swig of orange juice.

“Huh?” The question caught Chris off guard.

“Brian? Who is he? Your phone was on the counter vibrating when I came in here. He sent you a text.”

“Oh, Brian, he’s the drummer from our band. I pointed him out to you as he was leaving last night. Big, bald guy, looks like he should be in the Hell’s Angel’s or something. What did he want?”

“He said he was sorry he couldn’t chill last night. And he was asking who the new little sex kitten was that you were with,” she said with an evil grin.

“That sounds like Brian alright. I’ll text him later.”

“Well I’m going to go enjoy your fabulous beach for a few hours. Care to join me?”

“Sure, I could go for a swim.”

“Kay. I’m going to go change,” she bounded up the stairs, his shirt trailing behind her like a cape.

After she was gone he picked up his phone and read Brian’s message for himself.

Hey bro sorry I couldn’t chill last night. Had business to take care of if you know what I mean. Who was the hottie with you? I hope you took care of her business lol. L8.

As he was about to respond, a new message from Brian came in.

Right on! She is smoking hot! Good catch!

“What the fuck is he talking about?” Chris mumbled to himself. He checked his sent messages and found the answer quickly enough in the form of a picture message. The picture was of Jessica in just her panties and his shirt, unbuttoned and barely covering her perky little breasts, standing in his kitchen. It was accompanied by the caption ‘this girl?’

He shook his head in bewilderment wondering how he was going to explain this one.


Chris was standing on the deck, looking out at the rolling waves when his niece finally joined him wearing a skimpy orange bikini that left little to the imagination.

“Look at you all buff and tan, Mr. Beach Bum,” she said as she eyed him up and down. “What did you do with the scrawny kid I used to call my councle?”

“I kicked his ass into the same corner you sent that nerdy little tom-boy you used to be,” Chris joked back. “I still can’t believe I let you call me your councle.”

“You know you liked it. Come on, I want to get wet.” She gave him a sultry look and bounded for the water.

The waves crashed around them as they waded out into the ocean. They spent the next two hours swimming and playing like two kids on their first beach visit. Once the afternoon got hot, they retired to the shade of the deck and sat watching the waves and drinking frozen margaritas.

“This really is a beautiful place you’ve got here Chris. I love it. It’s so different from L.A.”

“Yeah it’s like night and day. Kinda like we are, from the kids we used to be,; I mean.”

“Good point,” Jessica agreed, sipping her melting drink. “I never would have suspected to come here and find a buff, tatted up rock guitarist had taken over my uncle’s life.”

“Yeah and I was expecting a nerdy little good girl to get off that plane from LAX, not the gorgeous little vixen that sends half naked pictures of herself to my band mates,” he said, smiling. Jessica blushed.

They were sprawled out on either side of the large triple-wide lounger on the deck. Jessica scooted next to him, laying her head on his chest and looking up at him. “Are you mad?”

“Mad? Why would I be mad? It’ll be interesting explaining why my niece was half naked wearing my shirt in the kitchen, but it’s funny too. I like giving B a hard time. Besides, who could stay mad at such a pretty face?”

“Thank you,” she whispered softly.

They sat in silence for a while, Chris rubbing his nieces’ back while she traced random patterns across the muscles and tattoos on his chest and stomach. It didn’t take long for Jessica to notice the pronounced bulge forming in his trunks, despite Chris’ meager attempt to hide it with his free arm.

“Why haven’t I seen any women come around since I’ve been staying with you?” She asked. “Mom made it seem like you, how did she put it, ‘really get around’.”

He chuckled. “She said that?


“Interesting;” He laughed again.

“So, you didn’t answer my question.”

“Well for starters I don’t ‘get around’. My last girlfriend lived with me for almost a year, but we broke up about eight months ago,” he explained.

“And you haven’t found someone else yet?” She was drawing slow random circles on his smooth chest and looking up at him with those amazing emerald eyes. The combination was exquisite torture and Chris could feel more blood flowing into his groin.

“I’ve had a couple dates, but nothing serious. And I didn’t want to be a bad influence on my innocent little niece, so I cleaned up all the coke and gave the hookers the summer off,” he said with a straight face. Jessica looked at him for a moment, stunned, and then they both cracked up laughing.

When they had themselves under control again, Jessica asked, “So that’s why this thing has been making such frequent appearances huh?” She gently nudged his bulging swim trunks with her knee. “No action to keep it subdued.”

“Sorry about that.” Chris flushed a deep red. Desperate to derail this particular train of conversation, he added, “What about you? I never hear you on the phone with a boyfriend back home. You can’t tell me an amazingly hot college coed like you doesn’t have a guy.”

“I most certainly can tell you that. No boyfriend for me for going on two years. The last guy was okay until he wanted something that I wasn’t ready to give him.” Jessica explained.

Chris sat thinking. After a moment it dawned on him. “Oh. Oooh, you mean, you’re still…”

“A virgin?” She finished for him, laughing. “No I’m definitely not a virgin.” Chris was silent. “God I just made myself sound like a slut. I’ve only slept with one guy, my last boyfriend Tom. But as my roommate said, we went at it like rabbits.”

Chris could feel the flush rising in her cheek pressed against his chest. She wasn’t looking at him now, just staring at his chest and still tracing random patterns on his skin. He was acutely aware of Jessica’s slender body pressing against him and despite his best efforts his cock was steadily swelling.

“Well what was it that he wanted?” he questioned. Possibilities filled his mind. He pictured his little niece lying naked on a bed, a man standing in front of her, pressuring her to take his penis into her mouth. That had to be it. “Oral?” He blurted out.

Jessica chuckled and the flush in her face deepened. “No, giving head isn’t a problem. I actually kinda enjoy it. He wanted something a little dirtier than my mouth, and a little lower.”

She stopped, letting her words sink in. She couldn’t believe she was sharing explicit details of her sex life with her uncle. Even more than that, she couldn’t believe the effect it was having on him; or her for that matter. Seeing the thick log of his hardness straining the fabric of his swim trunks was making her hot. Her bathing suit bottoms were soaking wet, and not from the ocean. Every time Chris breathed her top rubbed against the hard nubs of her nipples, extra sensitive from the piercings, and sending little shivers of delight down her spine. Chris was looking down at her questioningly. She could see in his face that he knew the answer but was reluctant to say the words.

With a sigh she said it for him. “He wanted to fuck me in the ass.”

Chris couldn’t stop the laugh from escaping as his niece buried her face in his chest.

“What’s so funny?” Jessica demanded.

“S-s-sorry. I just, it’s funny hearing my little niece talk like that,” he said through fits of laughter. “The girl that used to turn so red it looked like she was going to explode when she said even the most mundane curse word.”

She looked up at him and he could see that he had hurt her feelings. Her eyes were large and wet, and it looked like she was about to cry.

“Hey, Jess, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to laugh at you,” he kissed her forehead and hugged her.

“It’s okay; a lot of things have changed since you left.” She fell silent.

After a few moments Chris asked, “So is that why you broke up with him, because he wanted anal sex?”

Jessica didn’t immediately answer him. He was beginning to think she hadn’t heard him when she said, “No. I broke up with him because he tried to rape me.”

Chris sat up with a jolt. “He did what?”

She turned her back to him, sitting on the edge of the lounge chair with her head in her hands. “Fix me a drink, please? Something strong; and then I’ll tell you everything.”

“Okay,” he said and disappeared into the house.

He came out a few minutes later with a pitcher of Mai Tai’s and two large glasses. Jessica wasn’t in the lounger any longer. He looked around and saw her head peaking out of the frothy water of the hot tub.

“There you are.” Chris poured them both a drink and climbed into the water with her. Jessica downed her drink in a series of large gulps and held her glass out for a refill.

“Wow girl, slow down. I made these extra strong,” he cautioned as he filled her waiting glass. “Listen, you don’t have to do this.”

“No, I do,” she interrupted. “I’ve never told anyone about it. Not my mom, not even Cindy, my best friend.”

She was sitting opposite of him in the hot tub, looking small and pale, in sharp contrast to the confident, sexy young woman he had awoke to.

Jessica took another long pull from her cocktail and continued. “We were leaving a frat party on St. Patty’s day. This was about three weeks after he first asked me to let him put it in my ass…”

They sat in the hot tub as she recounted the traumatic experience to her uncle. As the words slipped out of her mouth’ she seemed to shrink into her self, and he could see the shy, nerdy little girl he had last known. The water rolled around them, the alcohol flowed steadily, and Chris’ anger steadily grew.

“… I managed to grab his balls and squeeze as hard as I could until I heard a nasty pop. That got him off of me and I slammed his head into the steering wheel. After that I ran. I ran straight back to my dorm. Tom showed up the next morning limping with a broken nose. I met him at the door with a butcher knife and told him that if he ever came near me again I would cut his dick off. And that was that.” She drained her glass again and held it out to her uncle.

“Sorry hon, we’re out.” He held up the empty pitcher. “Wow Jess, I don’t know what to say. I’m sorry you had to go through that. Why didn’t you tell anyone? You could have called the cops.”

“There’s only one person I could have told,” She said leveling her gaze at Chris, “but he thought it would be a good idea to move to Florida without even saying goodbye.”

Chris was dumbfounded. He looked down at the water for several seconds.

“I’m sorry,” he mumbled. “I should have been there for you.” Now it was his turn to flush with embarrassment.

“Why didn’t you at least call me before you left California?” Jessica pleaded. The pain in her voice was unmistakable.

“I don’t know. I guess because it was easier for me. You were my best friend Jess. It hurt like hell to leave, but I had to get out of L.A, you know that. I thought that if I had to tell you that I would change my mind. I’m sorry.”

“I wouldn’t come out of my room for two days after my mom told me,” Jessica said. She was crying now. “I tried calling you but you never answered. That hurt more than anything else. I can’t count how many times I picked up the phone to call you after what Tom did, but every time I would remember calling when you left. Three rings and ‘Leave a message’. I couldn’t stand to hear that again.”

Chris slid around and slipped his arm around her shoulders. “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to hurt you.”

“Promise me you’ll never leave me like that again,” she said softly. He squeezed her tightly and kissed the top of her head.

“I promise.”

He felt her relax, and she slipped her arms around his waist. They sat there for a while in silence, simply enjoying the hot water and each others’ company. Before long Jessica was snoring lightly, the alcohol finally getting the best of her. Chris carefully lifted her and carried her upstairs to her room. He dried her as best he could before slipping her into bed. Before turning out the light he looked back, admiring her as she slept. The hurt he had seen in her pretty little face was burned into his memory. He turned out the light and trudged to his own room, trailing his guilt with him.


The crash of thunder jerked Jessica from her troubled sleep. It was pitch black in her room except for the frequent flashes of lightning from outside. She sat up and looked at the clock through blurry eyes. It was two in the morning. Her head was spinning and she had to steady herself as she stood. Thunder boomed again, loud enough to rattle the window in its frame and making her cringe. She had to pee. She stumbled toward the door, stripping her still damp bikini off as she went.

She was making her way back to her room, past Chris’ door when lightning struck nearby with a deafening crash making her scream. Chris stirred in his sleep, mumbling something incoherent, and Jessica stopped. Instead of returning to her room, she crept into Chris’ and slipped silently into bed beside him. She was almost instantly asleep. Outside the storm continued to terrorize the night.


The first thing Jessica noticed when she opened her eyes was how gloomy the room looked. The light falling through the open blinds had a grey, muted quality that she associated with early mornings, just before dawn. The steady sound of rain beat down on the roof above her. She slowly began to realize several things. First was that she was not in her own bed. She remembered being woken up by the storm, but beyond that the night was fuzzy at best. The second thing she noticed was that she was naked. And finally, that she was not alone. Strong, muscular arms were holding her tight. She recognized them as Chris’ arms. His body was pressed close to hers, spooning with her in the center of his king sized bed. She could feel the weight of his considerable package nestled in the cleft of her ass and realized that her uncle was also naked. She shifted her body slightly and Chris mumbled something. Against her bare ass, his cock twitched. A familiar heat was spreading between her thighs, and she shifted again, squeezing her legs together. The feeling was exquisite. Her hand slid down her tummy and began to lightly massage her clit. She pressed her ass back against Chris’ cock and felt it twitch again, harder this time.

She was slowly grinding herself against him, feeling his body react out of instinct. The soft lump against her ass began to thicken and grow. She pinched the swollen bud of her clit and had to stifle a moan. She was close, so close. Chris was now fully erect, his cock a rock hard pillar of heat against her bottom. She flexed her ass, gripping the shaft with her cheeks while her finger played a song of desire on her clit. She felt Chris stir again as her orgasm ripped through her, causing her to tremble all over. She bit into her arm fiercely for fear of waking him up.

“Jess?” Chris asked sleepily. “What are you doing in here?”

“I don’t know. I guess the storm scared me.” She was out of breath and her voice was shaking.

“You okay?” he asked, sounding more awake now. “You were shaking in your sleep. Having a bad dream?” He seemed unaware yet that his hard penis was still trapped between his niece’s tight little ass cheeks.

“Yeah, I uh, I guess.”

He propped himself up on one elbow and looked down at her. “Listen. About last night, I’m sorry.”

“Stop,” she said sharply. “That was last night. It’s over, in the past. Just hold me.” She nuzzled herself back against him. “And don’t kill me with that thing.”

“Oh shit! I’m sorry Jess.” He exclaimed, finally realizing his aroused state. He tried to pull away from her.

“Don’t, it’s'okay,” she said sleepily. “Hold me.” After a moment she felt Chris’ arm wrap around her again and pull her close as she drifted off to sleep again.

Chris lay beside his niece, painfully aware of her nubile body pressing against him. His cock was a hot iron, pounding with its own steady heartbeat against the soft, smooth mound of Jessica’s ass. He couldn’t believe he was lying naked in bed with her. Every nerve in his body was on fire. He looked down at her pretty, sleeping face, letting his eyes travel south over the landscape of her body. Finally he closed his eyes and by pure force of will he was able to push all thought from his mind and drift off to sleep an hour later.

He awoke later, alone in his bed. He felt the empty sheet next to him. It was still warm. He sat up and looked around, but Jessica was gone. Outside it was still raining. He pulled on some shorts and wandered downstairs looking for his niece. She was in the living room, curled up on the couch in one of his old college sweatshirts.

“Hey you,” she said cheerfully, patting the leather sofa next to her. Chris plopped down beside her and she promptly nuzzled up to his side, slipping under his arm. “Did you sleep well?”

“As well as I could,” he chuckled “considering the circumstances.”

“‘Considering the circumstances’?”

“Yeah, you know, sleeping next to my very naked and very sexy niece.”

“Oh. Well how do you think I felt, with that enormous thing poking me?” She joked, patting his crotch. “I’ve got to be honest Chris, that has got to be the biggest dick I’ve ever seen. I bet the coke whores you usually have around love it.”

“You’re a dork.” He laughed.

They sat in silence for a while, watching the rain fall out on the beach. Finally Jessica said, “Chris, I have a confession to make.”


“This morning, when you woke up, I wasn’t dreaming. I was, ah, having an, ah, orgasm.”

“Huh?” He was shocked.

“I woke up and you were holding me, and I felt all safe and warm. Your dick was against my ass, and, I don’t know, I just started touching myself. When I felt you getting hard I couldn’t help it, I had to finish.”

“And then you fell back to sleep. And I laid there for almost an hour feeling like the biggest pervert in the world for having a hard-on in bed with my niece.” He finished for her.

“Are you mad?” She asked. Her eyes were pleading, hopeful, as she looked up at him.

“Mad for what, the blue balls, or being used as a sex toy?” he said, smiling.

“Sorry about that.” Jessica giggled. “And it looks like it’s happening again.” She motioned to Chris’ crotch, where a noticeable bulge was forming. “Do you need to take care of that?”

“Dammit girl, you’re gonna cause permanent damage or something,” he started to get up and she pushed him back onto the couch.

“Don’t go. I want to see it.”

“What?” He sounded alarmed.

“I want to see it,” she said again flatly, “for comparison purposes.”

“I don’t know Jess.”

“Come on, don’t be a pussy.”

He eyed her with a cynical grin. “I’m a pussy huh?”

“You are if you won’t show your dick to a half naked girl when she asks to see it.” She shot him her “I-double-dog-dare-you” look he knew so well from their childhood.

“Fine.” Chris quickly pulled his shorts down his thighs, letting his throbbing member pop free. It stood at full attention in the muted light.

“God it’s even bigger than I thought.” Jessica gasped as Chris slid one hand down the thick, veined shaft. He was completely shaved, with a small stainless steel ring through the skin at the very base where it met his ball sack.

“Well?” He asked. He was looking at her intently, slowly sliding his hand up and down the length of his penis. “How does it compare?”

“I thought Tom was big but you make him look like a twelve year old boy.”

“Thanks, I guess. Now can I go take care of this?” he asked, starting to stand again.

Again she stopped him by pushing him back. “No. Do it here, I want to watch.”

He stared at her, trying to read her face. “Jessica, why are you doing this?”

“I owe you. I used you this morning, now it’s your turn,” she said pertly. She grabbed the bottom of his old sweatshirt and peeled it off over her head, revealing that gorgeously tight body again, with no bra or panties to be found. She stretched out on the couch with her head on the arm, one leg slightly bent to give him a clear view of her pretty pink pussy.

There was no way Chris could resist. He started stroking his thick tool in long, slow motions, sliding up and over the head, twisting, and slipping back down to the base, each pass over the tip spreading pre-cum and lubing the way. Jessica was watching him, eyes locked on his motions. One hand slid between her legs, gently stroking up and down her slit.

She looked up and saw him watching her and smiled. “See, it’s not so bad, is it?”

Chris didn’t answer, just continued looking into her eyes while his hand worked his cock, speeding up a little with every stroke. She sat up and moved closer to her uncle, never taking her eyes off of his.

“Can I touch it?” She whispered in the cup of his ear. Her breath sent chills down his back. She didn’t wait for an answer. She simply reached down and gripped his cock with a hand that was unable to close around its girth. His breath caught in his throat as she took over, slowly slipping her hand over his shaft.

“God Jess.” Chris panted.

“Touch me,” she demanded in his ear.

He immediately wrapped his arm around her, sliding his hand down her back, over the gentle curve of her ass until his fingers felt the hot wetness at her center. He pushed two fingers into her silky folds and she gasped in his ear.

Her grip on his cock tightened.

“Ohhh,” she moaned. “This is so wrong.” She nibbled on his ear lobe. “But it feels sooo good.

She pushed her hips back against his hand, urging his probing fingers deeper. “Do I have a nice pussy?”

“It’s amazing Jess. So wet.”

“Mmhhmm. I haven’t been fucked in so long. Seeing you stroking this beautiful cock got me all hot and bothered.”

“Ohh it’s so nice.”

“Will you fuck me Chris? Will shove this big, fat, monster of a cock into your niece’s tight little pussy?” She begged, accentuating each adjective with a hard, sharp stroke of his manhood.

“God,” Chris growled through clenched teeth. “You’re such a dirty little girl aren’t you?”

“I’ll show you dirty,” she whispered.

She slid to her knees in front of the couch and gripped his cock by the base. She rubbed the length of him across her face, sticking her tongue out with each pass. Looking up at him, she leaned in and slid her tongue across his smoothly shaved balls, sucking each of the heavy orbs into her mouth with a pop. Her hand worked the swollen head, twisting and turning there as her tongue danced along the bottom of his shaft.

When she reached the tip she let it rest on the warm, wet bed of her tongue, never breaking eye contact. Her lips slowly closed around him and she sucked him into her mouth. Her tongue twirled around the head and she resumed stroking his cock as she bobbed down onto him, lower and lower with each motion. She had to stop twice to rest before she finally felt the tip of her nose touch his skin. She held his enormous cock in her mouth as long as she could, her throat flexing around the intrusion blocking it. Finally she slid off of him, gasping for air. Thick ropes of saliva coated his cock and Jessica’s chin.

Slowly, she climbed into Chris’ lap and wrapped her arms around his neck. He looked up into her emerald eyes. She bent and their lips met, parting slightly to allow their tongues to explore. The kiss was long, and wet, and easily the best kiss of her life.

“Let’s see if I can fit this bad boy in my pussy,” she panted into his mouth.

Reaching behind her she gripped his meat and guided the tip to her opening. Her eyes rolled to whites as the head of his prick pushed inside of her, stretching her lips. She ground her hips, slowly working him inside of her. Inch by inch she lowered herself onto him until her uncle’s cock was buried to the hilt inside of her.

For Chris, the feeling was like no other. Her pussy was tight, straining around his girth and wrapping him in a velvety vice. The silky smooth wetness of her coated his throbbing pole. Jessica’s head was on his shoulder, and she was breathing heavily. He shifted slightly underneath her and her pussy clamped down even tighter, trembling around his shaft. A low moan emanated from her and her body shook as an intense orgasm rocketed through her.

“Slow,” she whispered softly after her peak had subsided. She began to slide on him, slow and shallow at first, each time letting him slip further out of her and then sliding back down until their bodies touched. It didn’t take long for her body to accept him and adjust, and soon she was bouncing on his cock, calling his name over and over.

“Ohhhh Chris! Fuck me! Fuck your dirty little slut niece!”

“Your pussy is so fucking tight!”

“Stretch it out for me!” she moaned.

She grabbed her firm little tits and shoved them in her uncle’s face. “Bite my nipples.”

She cried out loudly as his mouth clamped down on one of the stony nubs.

“Lay me down Chris. I want to feel you on top of me, filling me up with that big dick.”

He grabbed her ass and spun to the right, laying her down on the cool leather of the sofa. Jessica’s legs locked around his waist and then he was pushing into her again, feeling her pussy open up for him. Her perky little tits bounced and swayed with each thrust. Before long her body was trembling beneath him again as she came hard, her already dripping pussy drenching him. It was too much for Chris to bear. He pulled out of her tight little furnace at the last moment, and sprayed her stomach with cum. A thick glob landed squarely on her right nipple, and he watched in amazement as Jessica scooped it into her mouth with her index finger.

“Mmmm,” she purred, pulling him down on top of her. “That was amazing Chris. Thank you.” They kissed, slowly and deeply like two long time lovers, while the rain continued to fall outside.


Later that evening, Chris came down stairs and found Jessica looking out the French doors at the receding storm. In the failing light of dusk the sky was an angry purple over the Atlantic, like a deep bruise. He came up behind her, wrapping his arms around her small waist and kissing her neck.

“Mmmm hey.” She purred.


“Storm’s finally over,” she observed.

“Yeah,” he agreed, “you hungry?”

“A little, want me to cook something?”

“I was thinking we could go out, if you wanted to.”

She turned and looked at him with a mischievous little half-smile. “Are you asking me out on a date?”

“If you want it to be,” he said quietly.

“That would be nice. I’ll be ready in half an hour. Don’t be late,” she teased, and disappeared.

Chris paused, looking out at the ocean. A jumble of thoughts and emotions weighed on his mind. In the distance, lightning danced in the clouds. His mind he replayed the morning’s events. He knew what they had done was wrong, but it felt so right to him. Aside from the immense physical pleasure his nieces’ tight little twat had given him, it was the first time he had felt a real intimate connection with a woman in bed. All of the women he had been with over the years had really been nothing more than a warm place to stick his dick, he realized.

Upstairs, Jessica stepped into the steamy shower with similar thoughts on her mind. The way she felt when Chris touched her, when he wrapped his arms around her, was foreign yet familiar. She felt safe, protected, wanted, like she had when they were kids. Except now there was an electric edge to the feeling, one that lit the nerves in her most sensitive places on fire. Even now, trying to analyze the situation objectively, she couldn’t stop the warm wetness from spreading. Tentatively she touched her self and shivered.

Oh Chris. She thought. Touch me.

Her fingers parted her lips and dove into the wetness of her pussy. The hot water cascaded over her body. A moan escaped her lips as she flicked the swollen bud of her clit. She leaned back against the tiles of the shower and let her fingers work their magic. With a sudden jerk her orgasm raged through her. Her fingers were drenched in a torent of silky fluid as she called out her uncle’s name over and over.

Forty-five minutes later, she came down stairs to find Chris sitting at the bar talking on his phone. He was wearing a dark pair of jeans, a black long sleeve button up shirt with rolled cuffs, and looking incredibly handsome.

“…yeah you got it man. Uh-huh. Awesome, see you then,” Chris said, ending the call. He glanced up and saw Jessica standing in the doorway and his face lit up.

“Wow Jess, you look gorgeous,” he complimented. She was wearing a short black strapless dress that showed lots of tanned, toned leg and black stiletto heels. Just a touch of makeup highlighted her enchanting eyes and little pouting lips. She walked over and wrapped her arms around his neck and pecked him on the lips lightly.


I am having the most fantastic dream. It is dark and hot. I’m holding on to something- bars, maybe? My long red hair is in my face. I can feel it sticking to my gently parted lips. I am pushing my little hips backward, impaling my pussy on a huge warm cock. It seems like loud pulsing music is all around me, but I can’t distinguish it from my heartbeat. I’m not paying attention, I don’t care, I just keep thrusting back on that thick cock. Who it belongs to, I can’t say. Suddenly it slips out, and in an instant slaps down hard between my spread ass cheeks with the head landing right on my asshole. I gasp…

…and in that instant, I wake up. My hair is in my face all right. The pounding… is in my head. I remember now. We were drinking until very late. What happened? When did I go to bed? What time is it? Is that a hard cock head against my asshole?

I am wearing only the shirt I wore last night, and one sock. The shirt is a threadbare cotton retro jersey. My bra is long gone. Thinking back to all that beer… and then bourbon… who knows when I got rid of it. I don’t need it anyway; my B-cups always stay perky on their own. Where are my jeans? I close my eyes again, thinking who cares! My pussy is wet as hell from that dream, having soaked the sheets beneath me.

“Mmm” I relax and just shuffle my hips a little against my boyfriend’s cock head, which is rock hard and almost pushing its way into my little asshole. Maybe a little morning fuck for me? I push my hips back and I am astonished at how my tiny asshole starts to spread so wide from just that small push when I freeze with shock. My eyes shoot open wide. That’s not my boyfriend Jason.

Jason’s dick is not nearly that big. And besides didn’t he… yes, he left very late to drive Beth and Dan home. They were angry about something. But what? And who… oh god no.

A bunch of people slept over here last night. Too drunk to get home, stayed up too late. Both couches were taken. I think Mike is sleeping on the recliner and that leaves Andy. Andy, that skinny little jerk… well, maybe not so little. Jason’s friend. He was cracking jokes all night. That kid was way too full of himself. I remember now, he was in here already passed out when I went to bed. I must have just dropped my jeans on the floor and crashed right next to him, asleep before my head hit the pillow.

I don’t move a muscle. Am I sure? Yes, that’s a big hard cock, pressed so tight into my asshole that the willing little thing is dilated by almost an inch. Really? Ever so slowly, I turn my head to glance behind me though a thin orange veil of hair.

It’s him alright. I can see his short, spiky black hair. There’s his annoying face, mouth open, just snoozing away. The covers are up over both of us. Did we… had we? No. No way. I can tell- my pussy hasn’t been fucked. Certainly not by that thing. I would know. Sure it’s wet and throbbing, and aching, but…

I still can’t believe that’s his cock. He’s only a little taller than me- maybe 5’7”, and skinny as a rail. He wears those skinny hipster jeans and a bike messenger bag, even though he doesn’t ride a bike. When he laughs he sounds like a rat and he’s way too forward. How can he have a cock like that? It feels hot, like a fever, and hard and smooth. It’s pushing the tight band of my asshole apart and it feels huge between my cheeks. No way. Not on such a skinny kid.

Ever so slowly, so as not to wake him, I inch away from him. All at once his cock head is free and it springs back. Has it left a wet trail across the small of my back? Gross. I look back. He is sound asleep, facing me. A little drool wets the pillow under his open mouth. He drank so much last night he’ll be asleep until Christmas. He won’t notice if I check…

Gingerly I lift the blanket. My eyes dart from his sleeping face to the darkness below and back. I wonder what I’ll do if he wakes up. Just get up out of bed? No way, I’m not wearing any pants or underwear. I can’t let him wake to this scene. I know he’ll crack some joke. He’ll wake everyone up and tell them. He’ll make something up. He’ll take pictures with his phone. What an asshole. Jason could come home any minute, who knows? It’s daylight, so I guess he stayed over at Beth and Dan’s.

Finally I lift the blanket enough to peer beneath, but it’s too dark. I can’t see a thing. Shit. What now? The blanket is draped over his bony shoulders. No fat, no muscle. That’s just gotta be his knee or something, right? I have to know.

I am completely silent as I pull back the cover. Inch by inch I move it back, eyes fixed on his face. Suddenly I spot it. It’s at the bottom of my peripheral vision. I look down and my mouth drops open.

Just emerging from the frontier of the blanket I hold in my hand, suspended over my wet spot in the bed and casting a shadow, is the biggest, most purple cock head I’ve ever seen. It’s so hard the light reflects off the taut surface and I can almost see my reflection in it. A big bead of pre-cum glistens on the tip like a fat drop of morning dew. I don’t know how long I stare, but I stop suddenly when a little raindrop of spittle falls from my bottom lip and patters off the broadside of that thick head. His cock makes one reflexive twitch upward at this, tossing a rope of pre-cum over the sheets. I gasp and look at him, but he hasn’t moved. Still sleeping away. Cautiously, I look back down. The cock has returned to its position, another bead of pre- cum already forming on the glans.

At this point I realize that I am breathing very deeply and my heart is pounding in my chest. I can feel wetness soaking the bed sheets beneath me. My mind starts to race because I can feel my swollen clit peeking out from under its hood. With each deeply drawn breath, it moves back and forth a little, peeking out an in again, and the subtle sensation is making my condition worse and worse. With a breathy gulp, I pull the sheets back all the way and lay them gently on his side.

There it is, arching up at me. It’s the biggest cock I’ve ever seen. It’s got a dramatic upward curve and an angry looking thick vein that streaks up the side like lightning. It’s a deep shade of purple and I can see it swaying ever so gently with his breath. I can see his body too- skinny and hairless. Is he totally naked? How in the hell did that little jerk grow that fucking cock?

I start to hear my own breath as I realize that I am rocking, gently rocking my hips into the bed. The friction on my clit is light, but it’s plenty to stoke the fire. I almost moan out loud as I stare down at that beautiful cock and hump the bed deeply. Beautiful? No, fuck that guy, I never liked him. This bed belongs to me and my boyfriend and this whole situation is just some unfortunate fallout from a big party last night. Any minute my boyfriend will be home and all these people will be out of here to let me shower and recuperate in peace. What was that?

Was it the front door? I can hear someone moving around out there. Oh no! Instinctively I dart back under the sheets and pull them up over me. Andy stirs. I bite my lip anxiously. I can tell now, someone is shuffling over the carpet- maybe heading to the bathroom. I can’t think about that now because the sleeping idiot Andy has thrown an arm around me and pulled his skinny frame into a tight spoon. My eyes are wide as that huge cock slides between us, slipping on its own pre-cum between my round ass cheeks and coming to rest with the head at the small of my back.

I don’t move a muscle. Someone is using the bathroom right next to the bedroom. Andy is practically snoring right in my ear, his meaty cock is sawing gently between my buttocks, and my pussy is leaking all over it. How did I get in this position? And how do I get out?

Someone is clumsily moving around the bathroom, I can hear them plain as day through the wall. I don’t dare move now. With a start I realize that my nipples are pointing out, diamond hard, pressing through the thin fabric of my shirt. This realization comes because Andy’s limp hand is draped over my shoulder and his fingertips are lightly brushing against them. At this my head swims. I have to get out of this somehow!

Andy’s massive rod is still hard like hot metal. I can feel his heartbeat in the thing, for Christ’s sake! I wish I could just find it as disgusting as I find him, but I woke up in this state, and everything that’s happened since has just gotten me hotter, despite myself. I try not to move, but my chest is heaving, with each deep breath my left nipple makes another pass over Andy’s fingertips. Involuntarily, my back is arching, hips tilting back just a little, more and more, to bring my moist lips in contact with that sizzling cock. From here it feels like I could fry an egg on it.

No! That’s it. I’m getting up. Carefully, I start to hoist myself up on one elbow, at the same time moving his dead-weight arm down off me. I’m still pressed against him in the spooning position, though. His cock slides slowly between my butt cheeks as I rise, slick with his pre cum, and maybe a bit of mine. God, I am soaking down there! I rise and rise, but his cock seems to go on forever. I finally slide his arm off to the side. Just as I am almost out of his dumb, sleeping grasp I hear the toilet flush in the next room and freeze.

Andy grumbles something in his sleep and stirs a little. At this I can feel that bulbous head, definitely streaking a thick trail of slimy pre cum down the small of my back. The pale little hairs there are standing on end as I feel the hot ridges of that head slide once again into my butt crack. I’m free, now’s my chance- but I can’t move. I feel the very tip of his big glans touch my anus and rest there, instantly soaking it in a pool of pre cum. My eyes roll back in my head and despite myself I let out a moan.

Andy rolls forward, closer to me and my eyes widen as for a moment, his cock head presses hard against it. I jerk away and the whole cock slides suddenly right between my legs. Andy throws his arm around me again and pulls me down into a spoon. As he murmurs in his sleep I realize my moment is gone.

Now I am straddling the great thing like a witch on a broomstick. It arches out before me, between my legs, as if it were my own. My wet fucking lips are pressed right against the over-carriage of the cock, spread ever so slightly and coating the whole thing in my copious juices. Pussy juice just pools on the wide breadth of his cock and runs down the sides, down all the way to the very tip so far away, and off the side of the bed. My head is swimming and I can’t keep my eyes focused. My mouth is limply open, tongue hanging out as I rock my hips back- just a short distance- to press my hungry clit against the top of it.

Instantly- ecstasy. I’m glad that the unknown drunkard has left the bathroom and returned to their place, probably on the living room floor. I’m glad that dick head Andy is so sound asleep, and I’m glad my boyfriend was responsible enough to drive his drunk friends home last night because now my slick clit is just sliding up and down the burning top of this cock. I’m biting my lip and moaning softly with each thrust. My pussy juices are just flowing down his big cock in a torrent. The bed sheets are drenched and I’m pinching my nipples without a care in the world.

My clit can feel it plain as day- his cock is hot. Really hot! It’s burning up, and it’s sending shivers up and down my body. All my tiny little hairs are standing on end. The motion is creating a white froth where my parted lips are scrubbing that cock’s topside. I’m just staring at the head as it bobs up and down in the morning light, still with a generous dew drop of pre- cum on the tip. I can’t help myself as I reach a finger down to it. I have to extend my arm all the way just to reach it. I press my fingertip against it, gently covering the slit there. The gooey stuff pools and I delicately smear it all around the very tip of that great cock, riding myself off even harder. How can he still be asleep? Thank goodness he is… It feels so hot to the touch. I raise the finger to my lips and suck the stuff into my mouth. It tastes like heaven. I have to cum now. No turning back.

I place one finger on the underside of his cock head, just to brace it against my own thrusting hips. With this I grind down hard. The sound of slicking fluids is audible, as is my moan. I’m getting close now. I place two finger tips there, then three. My eyelids flutter. Finally I just take the whole cock head in the palm of my hand and slide my pussy in one great arc the length of the thing, until the pronounced ridges cross delightfully over my labia. I am just pressing the head against my slit and grinding there when I come with a shudder and a gush of more juices spilling out over his cock.

I realize breathlessly that his cock is bent, hard, and the wide head is pushing my pussy lips apart. It’s almost inside. Then I feel it. He’s pushing in, ever so slightly. In an instant I swing my head around and come face to face with that stupid grin. “Let me fuck you, Allie.”


My breath catches in my throat. My little body is still trembling with the aftershocks of a tremendous orgasm, and I can’t move. He’s rocking his hips ever so slightly- persistently- nagging- and the ridges of his head are spreading my lips open wider and wider. “No,” I breathe, “I can’t.”

With this I let go of his cock and move away a bit, the great wet member slides back between my legs and finds its home between my cheeks again, glans pressing right against my anus. I swoon and push back uncontrollably. Wet as the thick thing is, it parts my asshole easily and before I know it the great thing has slid in just a bit- not far in, but far enough that my little asshole is gaped wide, yielding to it like it is made of iron. My back arches involuntarily, pointing my round ass right at it. “I have a boyfriend.”

He doesn’t say anything at all- for once. He just puts his hand to the side of my hip and applies some pressure- not much at all, but that’s all it takes. The massive head slides inexorably into my eager asshole. One the tight band of my ass slips over the ridge around the head of his cock it contracts and stops. The head alone has spread my asshole to gaping and it’s filling me up. I cum again right there, explosively.

I moan and push back, pinching my own nipples hard, panting. His huge cock is spreading my asshole out, pushing deeper and deeper, and I can’t stop cumming. “Oh god,” I whisper, “are you going to fuck me like this?”


“Right here in Jason’s bed?” He starts to move in and out, my breath catches in my throat.

“Fuck… yeah.”

“You’re… you’re fucking my ass.”

“Yeah I’m fucking your tight little asshole.”

“Oh god I’m gonna cum again…”

“I’m fucking your little cheating asshole and you love it.”

“Fuck me- ruin me for my boyfriend. Ruin my little whore asshole,” I can’t believe the words that are coming out of my mouth. In one move he’s got me on all fours. My head is lying helplessly on the pillow in a haystack of straight red hair. He takes a handful of it and methodically begins to work his huge cock in and out of my ass.

I can hear the sounds, slicker than if we had used lube. A smack. The jerk is smacking my ass as he reams it. My head is swimming as he pops his cock out for a moment. I can feel my anus gaping wide at him. He grins and spits needlessly into the wide dark hole there. What a fucking dick. Fucking cock. Cock fucking my asshole hard… I can’t believe how far it goes in. Each thrust in feels like an eternity, and it’s the same when he pulls out. My asshole is stretched so tight, I can feel every detail of that rugged cock as it slides in and out of me. My orgasm doesn’t seem to end, face down, ass up in the air, before that jerk Andy cums what feels like a gallon deep inside me.

He’s holding my hips tight, pressed with his entire length deep in. My breath is caught in my throat, making fists with the sheets on either side of me. Finally he breathes a sigh and flops down on the bed beside me, great cock still standing tall into the morning sunlight like a skyscraper. I collapse breathlessly beside him, heaving; I brush the hair from my face. He’s just looking at me with a stupid grin. Then he looks back to his throbbing cock, then back to me.

“You can’t tell Jason about this,” I’m still panting.

“Oh yeah? Well, he is a friend of mine, don’t you think he should know his girlfriend is a slut?”

“I’m not a slut you fucker,” I can’t muster the energy to raise my voice or smack him, although I would love to.

“Ok, well I’ll tell you what. I won’t tell him about this, as long as you clean off my wang. With that hot fucking mouth of yours.”

I glared. “After you fucked my ass with it? No way.”

“Look at it!” He said proudly, making it twitch. Clear fluids from both of us were still running down the sides in a cascade. In the plain light of morning it still looked at hard and purple as ever. “It’s fine.”

I realized that I was looking at it- staring, really. My mouth was hanging open again and my tongue, gently stretching out as if to taste it. Softly I gathered the strength to lean over and touch the very tip with my tongue. It tasted of sex alright- like race car tires. Heat, friction. My tongue glides over the little slit at the end, feeling the great thing twitch beneath it. I reached out to grab it at its base and realized that my hand does not fit all the way around it. I close my lips around the tip- it will be hard to get the whole head in my mouth- and look up at him.

He is the same brazen showoff he was last night. He’s put his hands behind his head and he’s watching me go to work with a sleazy, disbelieving grin. What a fucking jerk he is. He never shows anyone any respect. He’s always interrupting people and making terrible jokes that only he laughs at. He’s rude and crass and I disliked him since the moment I met him. He doesn’t deserve a bit of this. Just looking at that snarky grin makes me want to hit him, and yet instead I spread my lips wide and struggle to push the whole head into my mouth.

I’m looking up at him, just thinking about how much I despise him as I wrap my lips around the head and jam my tongue into the slit, sliding it back and forth. He’s thrusting with his hips- tentatively, almost like an involuntary tick, trying to shove the thing further into my mouth. I pop it out of my mouth and say, “Hey, don’t do that.”

He just smirks and looks at me. I realize that I am kneeling between his legs, my bare ass up in the air. He’s leering like a true creep. “Clean it, I said.” He puts a hand on my cheek.

I turn and start licking up and down the considerable shaft. It’s too much surface to cover with just my tongue. I open my mouth and place the whole thing against it, running my mouth up and down the height. It’s quite a workout, it’s a long way to go, and the thing is still so hard and tall.

I don’t want him to notice as I reach back between my legs and place two fingertips on the hood of my clit. The sensation makes my eyes close. I forget to swallow and a deluge of saliva runs from my mouth down Andy’s shaft. Slowly, firmly, I begin to pump my hand up and down his cock to the same rhythm as I rub my hard clit. Andy’s not making a sound, but very soon the slicking sounds of my work, and my own moans, rise to fill the room.

I am frantically beating myself- and him, off to a new orgasm when he grabs me by the hair. I can’t even protest before he slaps his cock into my cheek hard. Still rubbing my clit, I look up at him. He takes hold of his meat and starts to rub it all across my face, back and forth. “I love your freckles, Allie,” he says. “Let’s see how far you can get this down your throat.”

With that he lifts my head over his glans and just pushes it down. I don’t have time to prepare, but I quickly relax my throat. I’ve always been good at suppressing my gag reflex, but never had I ever had something so big pushed in so fast. I’m lucky that it’s been so generously covered with lubrication- lots of spit and pussy juice- as it slides ever further down my throat. My lips tremble- he’s still pushing my head down and I feel like the big thing is going all the way down my neck. I realize as my nose touches his flat belly that it probably has.

We had met at college. He lived down the hall from my dorm. He wore a yarmulke and always had construction boots on his feet. He was different. My first impression was of a dorky, lanky Jewish boy that held no interest for me whatsoever. Throughout the year, I came to know almost every person on the floor quite well. Noah grew close with my roommate. They would go on walks through our school’s famed arboretum at night. Rumors circulated about a romance between the two, and despite me knowing her for ten years, I even wondered at their truth. Then, he started to hang out with my group of friends.

Once, after we had cheered on some of the boys from our floor at their intramural football game, he joined us for a celebratory dinner. He was drunk. His skin was flushed. He was rambling. He threw up in the bathroom and my friend, Ben, helped him clean up and get home. I was simultaneously disgusted and intrigued.

I started joining in on group walks with him. Somehow, in the few months we had been there, he had learned everything about the campus. He knew secret entrances to buildings, courtyards, fields, sheds, etc. He was never lost and always knew someone everywhere we explored. He was an adventurer, and I soon found out he loved hiking and backpacking. I had always been an avid hiker. It was a passion my father and I shared. I still had never been backpacking, but I wanted to soon.

It was around this time that I really started to notice him more. His light brown hair had a wave to it. Sometimes it curled under his yarmulke. He had strong brows. He was skinny and tall, but he was strong. His hands were long and rough from working on the student farm. I also started to notice him noticing me. We would argue about the color of my eyes. “Blue,” he would insist. “Green!” I’d reply with an exasperated expression. He constantly told me my short dark hair fit me best as I tried to grow it throughout the winter. We’d even joke about my body. He called me the moon’s greatest competition when we would walk at night. My pale skin would reflect everything. I’d tell him I was training for the Olympics and had an 8-pack on the way. He’d point out my 5’2″ stature and petite frame. He also once noted my 8-pack was nicely hidden. I sneered as his gaze lingered on my curves.

We once met up at a party. He was always a VIP at the Jewish frat house and it was one of my favorite places to spend a Friday night. I tended to get asked to dance at least a few times a party. Leaving the dance floor that night, I found him in the hallway. He was talking to a girl who was clearly interested in him. They knew each other from Hillel. She seemed territorial. Tipsy, I sauntered up to him, swaying my hips in my tight, dark dress. I knew I had been blessed with incredible assets back there, and I learned to flaunt them that year.

“Noah!” I smiled and leaned against the wall next to him.

“Charlotte! I didn’t know you guys were here. Are you having a good night? This is my friend, Sarah.”

“Nice to meet you, Charlotte.” She shook my hand but her stare was unwelcoming. I watched her eyes sweep me from head to toe. “Noah, I was thinking about heading back soon. Care to walk with me?”

“Oh, uh, sure. Charlotte, where is everyone else? Are you alone? Do you want to walk with us?”

Sarah stiffened. Swirling around the room, I spotted my friends from our floor. Signaling them over, we left in a large group. Sarah seemed to do well in the fresh air. She had a bounce in her step as she practically danced around Noah, telling me about the fun they had each week at Hillel. Not listening, I stumbled at one point and laughed. I felt good. As it happened, Noah shot out his hand to steady me. He gripped my arm just above the elbow and asked if I was alright. His grasp remained strong as I defiantly told him I could manage on my own.

“Noah, seriously, I’m fine!”

“Okay, I just wanted to make sure. Seems like you had a good amount tonight, eh?”

“You know I can drink like an Irishman. I’ve got a great metabolism.”

“If you’re sure.”


He knew how strongly I felt about feminism. I certainly wasn’t soft-spoken when it came to that subject. We teased and taunted each other the whole way back, almost missing Sarah’s dorm. She muttered to him, “Okay, well, bye. It was nice talking to you, Noah. I’ll see you tomorrow?” He held up his hand and yelled, “Yeah! Sure thing. See you.” She turned on her heel and stormed off.

Back at our building, I raced to open the door before he did. We always walked faster than everyone else. They trailed behind us, laughing and stumbling. I beat him and attempted to slide my card key, but as I reached for the reader, he picked me up from behind. It seemed so effortless as he swiped his key, opened the door, and pulled me into the building. I kicked and attempted to throw off his balance, but he just placed me down on my feet. I pouted and ran past his smug face and up the stairs to my room.

Shortly after, the entire gang followed. My roommate and I played hostess, passing around mixed drinks and making beds for our visitors to crash on. Somehow, I ended up on the floor. Rolling over, I found Noah facing me on his side. He propped his head up on his hand and looked at me. I don’t remember much, but my friends told me I kept trying to snuggle closer. I denied it, but sometimes I wonder if that’s what I was trying to do.

He spent a lot more time with us after that. We would stroll through the arboretum at night together. We talked about our families, where we’d like to hike someday, mountains we wanted to climb, classes we shared. I never really felt that attracted to him, but I knew I liked his attention. I didn’t think much of it though. He seemed interested when we were together but I didn’t think anything more than that. One night he ate dinner with my roommate, our friend, and I. As we grabbed dessert together, the friend, Lucas, asked me quietly when Noah and I were getting married. “He’s cute in a weird way. I could see it. Besides, he’s totally in love with you,” Lucas pushed.

We continued to walk together until the end of the year, adventuring a bit and growing closer. Most of the time, he infuriated me. He could be so pretentious about everything. He had worse grades than I did in chemistry yet he still felt the audacity to make snide comments when I would ask questions. I really couldn’t tell how much of me liked him and how much absolutely loathed him.

As the year came to a close, however, we promised we would backpack together sometime over summer despite our busy schedules. I got nervous as the trip approached. He planned everything out. He was familiar with the area. I had never been. I was far away. I assured my parents I trusted him and wouldn’t go if I didn’t, but I wasn’t sure. He was always so mysterious. He could disappear with no warning or he would not talk to me for days on end. Did I really know him well enough? Was I overthinking it?

The day arrived. With my dad’s help, I filled my pack with everything I would need: water, a sleeping mat, food, biodegradable soap, etc. I headed out around 4:30 AM. It took me an hour to get to his house. I transferred my stuff to his car and we departed as the sun began to rise. We hit the trails by 7 AM. The hike was only 6 miles, but I wasn’t used to the weight of the pack. He slowed when he saw me struggling and stopped a few times, offering to take some of my things. Of course I wouldn’t have any of that. We finally made it to the site around 3pm. He showed me how to help him set up. Within an hour, we were making our little dinner. I never thought canned beans could taste so good.

As the sun sank behind the trees, we explored a little and walked to the other campsites. Ours was very secluded on the edge of the campground and near the trees. He had brought in the tent and we had settled our sleeping bags side-by-side. We had a surprisingly good day. I only got annoyed at him a few times. I was in good spirits. Finally, the cold night air pushed us into the tent.

I had been trying to avoid the possibilities that could emerge from the two of us lying next to each other. We had picked up our slight flirtation from college and had been joking around all day. As we crawled in to our respective sacks, he rolled on to his side and propped his head up with his elbow as he had so many months ago. I rolled towards him and did the same.

“What?” I asked, arching an eyebrow.

“What would you do if I kissed you?”

I froze. I should have known this would happen. What would I do? I was scared. I couldn’t think. “I don’t know,” I finally whispered.

He sat up. I mirrored him. In silence, we stared at one another. His gaze dropped to my lips. I could see the desire dancing in his eyes. He scooted towards me and placed a warm hand on my hips. The other came up and cupped my chin. I was forced to make eye contact with him. Petrified, I closed my eyes. His mouth was on mine instantly. Gently, he pressed his lips to mine. It felt nice, but I was so unsure. He pulled away and then kissed me again. I kept my eyes closed and remained rigid. His grip tightened as he slid his arm around the small of my back and his hand followed my jaw around to the base of my neck. I wasn’t sure what I was feeling. As he deepened the kiss, his tongue met mine tentatively at first. Then, it was as if he lost control. A guttural growl came from his throat. He pushed me down and placed his body on top of mine—never losing contact with my lips.

“Noah…” I broke away, gasping for air. “Noah, wait.”

He wasn’t listening. As I turned my face from his, he simply began to attack my jawline and neck. His lips were everywhere. His hands were everywhere. They tangled in my hair and traced my curves. “Charlotte…” he breathed onto my skin.

“Noah, stop. Can we talk about this?”

“I have wanted you since I met you. Don’t pretend you didn’t know.”

“Noah, I’m sorry if I ever led you on. I never meant for anything to happen. I love being your friend. Noah!”

He was getting angry. His kisses were becoming rougher. His weight had me pinned to my mat. “I know you want this too, Charlotte.” When I said nothing, he dropped his hand to my breast and squeezed. I yelped out in pain.

“Okay, that’s it. Knock it off. If you don’t get away from me, I will scream. This is a misunderstanding, Noah.” This sent him over the edge.

“Why won’t you just love me back, Charlotte? Just admit it! We were meant for each other. Everyone else can see it. So shut up and let this happen.” I gasped, shocked at his words. I had never seen him so angry. This was not right. I opened my mouth to scream, but he covered it with his. His tongue was everywhere. He controlled my mouth. I squirmed under him to no avail. His tall frame completely covered mine. After a few minutes of my pathetic fighting, he pulled back.

I thought he was realizing how wrong this was and I sighed in relief. My lips felt numb. They were starting to swell. I brought my hand up to shove him off of me but he caught it and pinned it behind my back. He was reaching down for something in his pants pocket as I brought my other hand around to slap him across the face.

Still pinned from the waist down, I couldn’t manage much force but the sound rang out into the night.

I thought that would wake him up, but instead he let out a maniacal laugh as he flipped open his knife. “If you don’t want to cooperate, Charlotte, I know how to make you.” He brought the knife up to my face and pressed the cold metal into my cheek. “Do not scream. Do not try to hit me. Do not try to run. I will use this, and I really don’t want to have to scar that beautiful, creamy skin of yours.”

I swallowed and lowered my still raised hand. He grabbed it, and shoved it under me to join my other arm. Jerking me upright, he held my hands in his. We sat there awkwardly—his arms around me as they held mine together. He reached for a bungee cord on his backpack and tied my wrists together. I raised my chin and glared at him coolly. He was not going to get away that easily. I still had a fight in me. Seeming to notice this, he smirked at me. Knowing I was more helpless on my stomach, he rolled over and took me with him. He raised his head to nibble my earlobe, still pressing the knife to my skin. I felt helpless and must have looked ridiculous as I tried to arch myself away from him.

“Charlotte, I told you not to try to run away from me. I didn’t want to do this, but you’ve made me.” The pressure of the knife dropped from my face and a sharp pain emerged from my thigh. As I looked down, I saw blood staining my hiking pants. He was not playing. My leg began to throb.

I realized it was over. I couldn’t fight him. Tears spilled on to my cheeks and I stifled a moan of pain. He wiped my cold tears away with his hot tongue, leaving two burning trails down my face.

“Let’s have some fun. Shall we?” He undid the ties around my wrists and rolled me on to my back. I lay still with my hands at my sides. Again, he was everywhere. He took both hands and dragged them from my shoulders to my waist, passing over my breasts and sliding down my sides. He shuddered when we felt how small my waist was under my shirt and how widely my hips flared out. I could feel his long restrained desire coming free. He drew his hands back up my body and began to unbutton my flannel. Slowly and deliberately, he watched my face as he undid each button. I squeezed my eyes and mouth shut and tried not to feel what was happening. Once he had it undone, he forced my shirt off and threw it into the corner of the tent.

His breath caught as he took in my exposed torso. I had worn a padded, purple sports bra—my favorite for hiking in case it became too hot for a shirt. My pale skin reflected the low light of the tent. His eyes roamed everywhere and his hands followed. He seemed dumbstruck.

“You’re so beautiful,” he sighed. Then, firmly he demanded, “Take your bra off.” He had placed the knife in his shirt pocket and threateningly pulled it out again. I pleaded with my eyes. He flicked the knife open. I turned from him and lifted it over my head, hearing him groan at the sight of my bare back. Folding my arms, I turned around, trying to maintain what little dignity I had left.

He scooted nearer to me and moved my hands down to my lap. The hand holding the knife cradled the back of my head as the other rested on my chest. He began to kiss me again as he fondled my breasts one at a time. He squeezed each nipple and then his entire hand came down on one of the mounds. I winced. His head dropped to my ribcage, and he traced his lips up the center of my torso. I couldn’t help but jump at the feeling. His feathery touch continued until his mouth landed on a nipple and he began to suck. I jerked forward as he bit down. He then licked and kissed the pain away. The sensation was indescribable and a whimper escaped my lips.

“That’s better,” he sneered.

He was getting greedy again as his rough hands felt every part of my upper body. He wanted more. Rising from my chest, he brought his face level to mine. I was breathing heavily. I couldn’t help it. My face was flushed. He stared into the eyes we used to argue over and growled, “You are mine.” His lips crushed my mouth and he reached for the fly of my pants. I pulled away, but he simply brought the knife to my neck and I became motionless. He yanked my pants to my ankles and took in my panties. They were lace and boy cut, accentuating my rounded lower half. I tried to press my legs together but he roughly forced them apart, knife still in hand.

As he brought his hand to rest between my thighs, I flushed with embarrassment. He chuckled as he felt the wetness between my legs. He stroked his finger up my slit, feeling me through the panties. My knees jerked involuntarily. With one motion, he tore off all of my remaining clothes. I was completely uncovered in front of him. As he once again crawled on top of me, I could feel his hardness through his clothes. It pressed against my womanhood.

He rolled on to his back, pulling me on top of him. Gripping my legs, he forced me to straddle him. “Take off my shirt. Now,” he snarled. Hands shaking, I leaned over and began to snap the buttons off slowly. Impatient, he grabbed my wrists and pulled them apart, popping the shirt open. Still holding me, he pressed my hands on to his chest. He inhaled sharply as he felt my small, warm palms against his skin. “Oh, God…” he muttered. My hands on his chest, he unzipped his pants and pushed them down a few inches. “Touch me.”

I had never felt a penis before. My eyes widened. Seeing my resistance, he brought the knife to my face again and spat, “Do it now or I will cut you open.” I traced his stomach, following the line of hair to the growing bulge in his boxers. I took both hands and squeezed his member. He moaned, “Oh, fuck!” and threw his head back. Knowing his last threat was real, I knew I had to keep going. I stroked him through the fabric and squeezed his balls.

After a minute or two, he pushed his boxers down. Cautiously, I gripped his naked manhood and moved my hands up and down. His breathing hitched. I figured I might be able to satisfy him until the morning if I just took care of his need now. I began stroking faster. He throbbed in my hands. Suddenly, he grabbed my head and shoved it into his crotch. My mouth pressed against him. Disgusted but aware of my position, I placed my mouth on the tip of his penis. He impatiently thrust upwards and forced my lips apart. Once he was inside my mouth, his hands knotted in my hair and he guided my head up and down. He moved slowly, and held me down, causing me to gag. He was getting close. I played with my tongue and he almost lost control. I could do this.

As I twisted my head around him, he became frantic. He shoved me away. I lost my balance and fell on to my back, spread open. He plunged onto me and pressed his swollen member into my wetness. I knew I had lost. Knowing I was about to lose my virginity, I tensed. He drove his penis inside me, and I let out a scream. He was able to cover my mouth with his hand before anyone could hear.

The pain was incredible. He stayed in me unmoving as my body adjusted to his size. After what felt like a century, he began to thrust in to me. He made large motions, almost exiting me before slamming his balls into my legs. As he picked up his rhythm, it started to feel better. It felt good. I turned my face into the sleeping bag and moaned. My fists clenched and my toes curled. Something was building in me with each thrust. He was looming over me, holding my legs up near my head. Just a little more. Oh, God. Oh, God! I saw fireworks. I tightened around him as my hips jerked violently. My pussy was twitching as he pulled out and released his load all over my body. It was all over my face, in my hair, and across my chest.

On his knees above me, he panted, “You’re even more beautiful covered in my seed.” We sat there, gasping for breath as we came back down to Earth. He lapped up some of his cum from my cheek with his finger and shoved it into my mouth. “Suck it clean, my love. Someday, this is what we’ll make our children with,” he whispered in my ear. He continued until I had swallowed all of his cum from his fingers.

Exhausted, he collapsed next to me. We came back to our original positions, looking at each other as we lay on our sides. He took me in from head to toe, sighing in contentment before scooting over to me and flipping me over. Arms around my stomach, he pressed his body to my backside. Before he fell asleep, he breathed, “I love you, Charlotte. I’m so glad you are mine.”

“I love you too, Noah,” I whispered into the dark. I slid the knife from his hand, tossed it open, and slit his throat before escaping into the night.

NOTE: This starts a bit weird. I actually incorporated an older prose poem of mine to use as “Joe’s Dream” in the Prologue which may be a bit hard to understand. Don’t worry. Things get much easier to read afterwards.

The story occurs in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St Paul in the mid to late nineties. There may be similarities to real people, but this is complete fiction and the characters live only in this world and not the real one. –max

PrologueMaya nodded. “So what have you been doing since graduating high school?”

Joe chuckled. “When do I get to grill you?”

“You’re an enigma. I’m just a boring old rock star.”

“VH-1 makes quite a lot of money on advertizing during hour long biographies of rock stars.”

“Clichés,” Maya argued. “Clichés sell.”

“You’re not.”

“Maybe not. But I’m not a bonafide rock star anyway. Where’s the entourage? Does this look like a mansion? Where’s the pool surrounded by beautiful sluts and decadent and corrupted playas playing the Dorian Gray angle with face lifts and tummy tucks or expensive physical trainers? I’m just a girl ruled by a not very lucrative passion and ego demanding me to create music and lead bands.”

“Which I admire about you,” Joe said, adding the admission, “You have the balls to put it out there unlike me.”

“What do you mean?”

“Never mind.”

“But I do mind. What aren’t you putting out? Are you a latent rock star afraid to come out of the closet?”

“I can’t sing nor play an instrument. I have a tin ear and the best I could get out of the family upright piano was a horrible version of Chopsticks.”

“That doesn’t seem to matter to a lot of punk rock bands.”

“True,” Joe winced, “unfortunately. I’d rather keep silent than subject audiences to cacophony and ugliness. I prefer music that has a beautiful form whether in its melodies or surprising progressions. In fact I prefer that in all my art.”

“You like my form?” asked Maya with a flirty smirk.

“Yes,” Joe breathed.

“I like yours too.”

They paused to eat their cooled meal while gazing admiringly at each other.

“You never answered my question,” she finally said.

Joe chewed another mouthful of vegetarian stir fry before responding with eyes downward towards the plate, “I write lyrics.”


“I won’t subject you to them.”

“Are they that bad?”

“I don’t know. Maybe. But I don’t think they’re bad when I write them. They’re…They’re my passion.”


Lifting his eyes from his plate, he brought a quixotic smile to his face when he looked at her and said, “They’re my only passion.”


Moments later having finished the last of her meal, Maya looked at Joe and smiled. “Almost done?”

“Unh-hunh. Need me to head out?”

“We’ll head out together once I put away the leftovers and clean up, okay?”

“Okay,” Joe smiled. The tightness in his pants returned. It increased when they playfully butted hips at the kitchen sink and became uncomfortably tight when they shared their second deep kiss even more enjoyable than the first at the record store.

“Mmm,” she murmured afterwards. “Give me a few minutes to shower and change?”

“No hurry,” said Joe.

He perused her record collection finding a pleasing diversity of punk, power pop, soul, r & b, jazz—mostly black female singers he also admired, but also favorite big bands like Basie and Ellington and players like Coltrane and Miles Davis—and both classical and more contemporary compositional music. He discovered the “Blow-Up Dolls” vinyl and put it on the turntable enjoying Maya’s sensuous voice and the clarity of her lyrics, both unique to her. Melodies were simple yet pleasing. Only a couple had bridges, the rest only moving from verses to choruses with some speeding or shifting to a more aggressive loudness ala Nirvana. Guitar solos were brief and rudimentary and appropriate to the tight structure of the songs.

“Actually sounds pretty good,” said Maya, dressed sans provocation in a light gray sweatshirt and loose fitting jeans, her hair fluffy and shining and with a dark copper henna aura he hadn’t noticed before. Without make-up her pale features looked cuter and somehow more vulnerable and approachable.

“Unh-hunh,” Joe agreed.

She set down the black acoustic guitar case and lifted onto her toes and kissed him warmly if briefly. While putting away the album in its sleeve, she asked him, “Could you grab the guitar?”

“Going to some gig?”

“Nope,” she smiled. Rearranging the small black stuffed backpack on her shoulder, she headed towards the door. “Let’s go.”

He noticed she kept the album in her hand.

Joe didn’t live far from her. She drove her old, softly curved dark green Volvo (“My father loved this car and kept it running and willed it to me when he died,” she explained. “Sorry,” said Joe. “Thanks,” she sniffled.) less than ten minutes to get there. But she still managed to get more information out of him. “So what did you do after high school?” she asked.

“She’s persistent,” Joe thought with a half grin, wondering if that was good or bad. Would she tear away the skin and reveal the burlap that impinged on him or protected him or held him back from exposing tender nerves? Could he stand it? Did he need it?

“Construction,” he replied.

“Kept you in shape.”

“Yep. The dancing kept me loose.”

“I’m glad of that,” she giggled, eyeing him with predatory eyes and licking her lips. She got more serious. “Not enough work? It’s pretty seasonal.”

“Not so much that as I got…it got old and no chance of advancement, though I guess I didn’t really care about that so much. Mostly it got old. I’ve always loved music and perusing used record stores and asked the guy at the counter one day—he turned out to be the owner—if he needed employees. Turns out he did.”

“How long ago was that?”

“Four years. And I keep myself in construction worker shape at the downtown Y.”

“How come I never saw you?”

“Been to the St Paul store much?”

“No. Never. The uptown store usually provides my needs.”

“Tony keeps a great store.”

“The big, older guy?”


“He told me to talk to you.”

“I wondered why you were in St Paul with a store nearly across the street.”

“That’s why.”

“We’re here,” said Joe. She parked in front of the nondescript brick apartment building.

“Sorry about the mess,” he apologized upon opening his apartment door, and it was messy.

Maya shrugged, “Bachelor pad,” and removed a couple books from an old overstuffed chair, a colorful floral bed sheet serving as reupholstery and sat, resting the black guitar case against the side of the chair.

Joe got busy locating his Gong albums, specifically the Flying Teapot trilogy, from rows of records leaning on their sides against other records filed alphabetically on shelves. He put on the first album of the trilogy and handed her the record sleeve.

“Never heard of them,” she said.

“Not many have. A part of the early Virgin Records groups that followed Mike Oldfield’s success with Tubular Bells that began Richard Branson’s rise to billionaire. Not until the Sex Pistols did he score any real success with the label’s artists after Oldfield.”

“It’s kind of jazzy and trippy.”


“Pot head pixies,” she chuckled.

“Yeah its very drug oriented. It’s the Flying Teapot trilogy, and the tea referred to isn’t your mother’s English Tea, but…”


“Exactly. It’s the general state of mind of the trilogy. Speaking of which, want to smoke a doobie?”

“Sure,” she replied.

Grabbing a favorite gatefold sleeved album, Soft Machine’s “Third,” (“I think I’ve heard of them,” Maya said. “One of my top five bands,” Joe replied) he lifted the roof off of a square copper green patina incense holder that resembled a Chinese shack that sat beside the long oval shaped ivory colored phone on a small table and removed a rolled up baggy of hash buds and a pack of Zig Zags. He sank into an old couch upholstered in white sheet and worked on breaking up the buds.

“I like it,” she smiled. “I like the cute tunes but especially the dreamy, spacey music between them.”

“Yeah, me too,” he responded. “Really good musicians, but not showoffy, you know?”

“They all have aliases,” she noticed, reading the notes on the back of the album.

“Yeah, sort of Eastern Indian and Gaelic witchery or something mixed together. Daevid Allen is the mad man behind it. He’s a pretty interesting fellow. He’s originally Australian, ended up in Paris during the big revolt in sixty-eight and got kicked out of France for fomenting revolution.”

“No shit.”

“Yeah. And he’s like one of the first hippies. But the band’s an amalgam of French and British musicians. I think their real names are on there somewhere.” Joe pulled the joint together and lit it, handing the joint to Maya as soon as he filled his lungs.

“Good shit,” she said after sucking in a couple lungs full.

“Let me roll you one for the road,” he offered and she nodded. Once completed, Joe put away the pot and returned the album to an unfiled stack, picking the joint from her fingers and having another toke. When he sat back on the couch, she sat beside him. They smoked and listened. Joe enjoyed contact with her body, noticeable in its subtlety. When the side ended, he flipped it to the other side and returned to his close proximity to her on the couch.

“I’m getting pretty stoned,” she giggled. “Where’d you get it?”

“Tom Saxon.”

“I know Tom. Keyboards. He’s pretty crazy. Into Nazi shit if I remember right.”

“Not in the Holocaust sense,” Joe explained, “but in the weird mysticism they embraced. I suppose as an American Indian, I’m sure Hitler would never have welcomed him. He’s big on esoteric mysticism or tripped out conspiracies that border on the paranoid like lizard people and such.”

“Lizard people?”

“Yeah. There’s a group of people that believe we’re being ruled by lizard people from another planet; that the Bush family and the British royal family are really lizards.”

“That’s pretty nuts.”

“Yeah, but he’s a good guy. In fact he turned me on to Gong and Soft Machine,” Joe pointed to the cover that he used to roll the joint, “and other stuff. I’m too young to have grown up on it.”

“How’d you get to know him?”

“Fellow record store geek,” Joe shrugged. “He worked at a friend’s store on the other side of the highway from Cheapo until they had a falling out. He used to come visit my store a lot and we talked and he invited me to his apartment and turned me on to a bunch of Art Rock that he actually grew up with. He’s like in his forties believe it or not. He favors Yes by the way, but when I commented they worked too hard at it, took themselves too seriously even with their goofy lyrics, he brought out Gong and I got hooked ever after. He even snagged me my collection from his ex-friend’s store.”

“That’s cool. And you like this Soft Machine?”

“Yeah. I don’t know if you’d be into them. Their music is a bit more convoluted and complicated and not really spacey. But I love the lead singer of their earlier albums, Robert Wyatt. He has a sweet, sad, high voice and a dark sense of humor that got sadder and darker when he became a paraplegic. In fact the album he created after his accident—he went solo after it—is my favorite but it’s pretty depressing I guess. You want to hear more Gong?”

“Maybe later. Is that Robert Wyatt on that Soft Machine album?”

“One of my favorites. The songs are all long, filling a whole side.” Joe stood and grabbed the Soft Machine album and found the side he wanted and put it on. “It’s called Moon in June.”

When he sat back beside her, she turned and pulled his mouth to hers. During the intense kiss, her fingers found his nipples. He got the message and began playing with her firm breasts, discovering her nipples lengthening obviously beneath her sweatshirt. Her fingers went south and found his cock creating a lengthy hillock along his thigh. He followed her lead again and found heat and the suggestion of dampness at her center. She caressed and he rubbed. They groaned into each other’s mouths.

Lips separated. She stared heatedly into his eyes. “I have to go to work soon,” she sighed.


“Nope. Nothing musical, at least in terms of my own music, and the dancing I do isn’t about rehearsal.”

Realization hit Joe like a softly slung pillow. He laughed.

“What’s funny?’ she asked.

“A record nerd recognized you, and now I know why he got embarrassed and blushed.”

“Yeah, I’ve danced on his lap a time or two. Not much for tipping.” They shared a laugh which ended in a soft, sensuous kiss. She stood and pulled him to his feet. “Bedroom? Wooh!” she exclaimed when he lifted her into his arms, his hand holding her buttocks, the thumb pressing at her slit.

“I couldn’t resist your petiteness,” he explained with a grin.

“My big man,” she crooned.

“Twist the knob,” he requested.

“Which one,” she giggled.

“The doorknob first,” he chuckled.

They entered a small, tidy room filled by a queen sized bed and lined with bookshelves crammed with books.

“Hey, it’s neat in here.”

“Old habit from the farmhouse,” he shrugged before carefully lowering her onto the dark gray quilt on the made bed. “I guess the same habit keeps the door closed when I’m not in the bedroom. Nosy sisters.”

Maya knelt on the bed and reached up to unbutton his shirt. “Get lower please,” she requested. He knelt on the floor. His hands grabbed the bottom of her sweatshirt and pulled up.

Lifting her arms, she giggled. He found out why. She wore nothing underneath.

“I guess you don’t believe in layering,” he commented appreciatively, finishing up his unbuttoning and quickly removing his shirt and his undershirt.

“I like the feel of the fleece on my titties,” she told him before humming contentedly and stroking his tight torso, her fingers sharing the mouth teasing of his nipples.

His fingers kept busy discovering the textures of her quarter inch length nipples and quarter sized areolas that crinkled delightfully. She hummed again, with a bit of a moan to it, at his caresses. He loved women who loved their nipples played with. Her breast flesh might not have been as elastic as other women’s, but he discovered the softness and especially the smoothness of her skin on those ample orbs. In fact her entire torso had tautness to it but with a layer of soft smooth flesh. Its paleness seemed to glow in the darkened room.

Her hands lowered to squeeze his buttocks and lift. He got the hint and stood, still managing to keep caressing her incredible tits. After a kiss and some tongue play on his navel she grinned up at him while her hands unlatched his belt, unbuttoned the button of his jeans and unzipped them, pulling the denim out of the way of her goal.

His cock, nearing eight inches in length, tented his newest boxers striped green and gold and black. He’d changed into them for this very possibility. “Nice,” she murmured, stroking the tent pole. He figured it wasn’t the underpants until she said, “My sharp dressed man.” She took the knob into her mouth and sucked it through the cotton. It felt weird but intense. “Oooh,” he moaned.

Releasing the knob, she grinned lasciviously up at him before pealing away the final barrier and letting his cock bounce free. It soon stopped swaying, being captured in her mouth. More moaning ensued.

Reaching low, he unfastened her loose jeans and pulled them off, her lifting her butt to allow their removal. Again nakedness greeted him and the sweetest little pussy he had ever seen as bare naked as the rest of her, sans fringe. Only her argyle socks remained on her. His were plain white.

With great care he crawled over her, his head near the foot of the bed, and rolled her onto him. Her split opened for him when she straddled his head beckoning to be tasted and invaded. Moistening his fingers with his mouth, the tips slid along the edges of perfection, opening her further. They caressed her labia bringing moans vibrating on his cock where her lips had been gently stroking. The moans got louder when his tongue tip grazed her clit. She smelled clean and sweet and musky. Her odor excited him even more. His tongue circled her clit, dabbing at the head while his fingers continued their circles of her labia with occasional dips inside her, feeling the narrowness of her channel.

Things soon got more intense. He intensified his oral and digital caresses with a gradual ramping that within a few minutes became vigorous vibrations of tongue tip against clit tip, playing it like a speed bag, while his fingers delved deeper inside her and began thrusting and gradually filling the narrow space, from one finger to two to three. The middle one found the roughened texture that identified her g-spot and moved gradually towards a vigorous rubbing. With one hand fucking her, the other explored the soft smoothness of her taut round little butt and fingers played the edge of her anus, rimming it and penetrating to the first knuckle occasionally. Additional moans suggested she liked ass play.

Her lips had also quickened on shaft and knob. He felt the slippery pleasure of her tongue within the lips become almost frantic as she polished that knob. But her building orgasm ended felatio for the moment. She hummed and moaned and breathed heavier until everything became a squeal as she shivered on his lips and poured forth a light thin stream of delicious liquid.

“Good,” she murmured throatily, her shivers subsiding. He continued caressing her cunt and butt with quieter attention as she returned to her task of producing an equivalent reaction with mouth on cock.

Unfortunately he rarely came via a woman’s mouth which he told her.

Her lips noisily released his glans. “We’ll see about that,” she said challengingly. “Sit on the edge of the bed.”

Her eyes never strayed from his as she knelt between his legs and sucked him and stroked him aggressively. That visual connection along with her pleasuring of him taking all attention soon brought forth his semen to fill her small mouth. After the first ejaculation, she pulled the throbbing cock out and placed the head at her neck to coat it with the rest of his pearlescent semen. Once the last of it eked out, he pulled her onto his lap and kissed her.

“I have to go soon,” she said reluctantly, a soft, sensual smile on her face. “I wanted to leave time to read some of your lyrics. Let me clean up and dress while you choose some of your writing for me to see.” After another kiss, she darted into the bathroom.

****************”Fresh wounds,” Joe murmured.

“Losing Daddy more than Danny. Like I said, I’m a difficult girlfriend, not to mention a little too detached and self-involved to really be in love.”

Eyes met; sad eyes. She picked up her guitar and strummed. Finding a melody seemingly out of nowhere but with a hint of similarity to Led Zeppelin’s Stairway to Heaven, itself based on the melodies of English folk song, her slightly high sensuous voice brought music to his lyrics for the first time. He felt dazzled and more alive than he ever had. The excitement of it actually made him hard.

“Thanks,” he murmured after she finished, repeating the last line as a sort of climax of a chorus.

She giggled at his rapturous expression and lightly kissed his lips. “I like it,” she said. “We need verses for this chorus now. Maybe contrasting thoughts between sisters-in-law?”

“Sounds kind of country.”

Maya shrugged. “Why not? I always admired Richard Thompson and he combines old English folk songs with a kind of American country and western. He tells tales in his songs.”

“Not to mention his killer guitar playing.”

Another shrug and Maya responded, “I never bowed to the gods of guitar, but I do admire his beautiful restraint.”

She then picked her way through an amazing rendition of “Did She Fall or Was She Pushed?” by Thompson, wowing Joe. Thompson’s contemplation on the death of Sandy Denny, his friend and former lead singer of their band “Fairport Convention” never sounded more plaintive or more beautiful.

“You’ve never revealed your talent,” he told her afterwards.

“I started playing guitar before I was ten, and Daddy was a big fan of Richard Thompson, so I learned from him.”

“You play like that in front of an audience and they’ll be enthralled. With a fiddle and a stand up bass and maybe a mandolin, it would be lovely.”

“But I want the stony, spacey music I heard in Gong,” she argued. “I really loved it.”

“That’s what bows are for,” Joe smiled.

“And synthesizers,” Maya grinned.

“So definitely not bluegrass.”

“God forbid.”

*************”Sure,” she smiled.

When he lifted them, her Blow-Up Dolls album appeared behind underneath.

“I should sign that,” she said.

He handed it to her and she extracted a blue sharpie from her purse and wrote in cursive across the back, “To my dearest Joe King Solomon, May your burlap dissolve. Maya.”

He nodded when he read it. “You know, it did with you for awhile. Longer than it ever had with a lover. In fact…”


“I never felt…so…”

She smiled and kissed his tear and threw her purse and back pack over her shoulder and grabbed her guitar. “See you,” she smiled sadly as she passed through his apartment door he had opened for her.

“…free,” he muttered when she disappeared down the stairs.

***************”Another joint?” asked Joe. Both girls agreed.

“So what happened?” asked Maya.

“I guess I pissed my girlfriend off,” Carol continued. “One of those boys I ogled at ogled back. Like the other boys he was tall and cute like you, Joe. I just felt more attracted to boys who wouldn’t end up with their faces in my neck or my breast if I ever got to hug them. I’ve always been taller than most of my classmates until the boys had their growth spurts and a few became taller than me. I wanted my face in those places. I wanted to feel embraced the way a woman should be embraced by a man I guess. Maybe since my father is nearly as tall as you Joe, it’s a bit incestuous. Probably. Anyway Jenny, my girlfriend saw me and Mike talking rather intimately. He ended up being cutely shy and I managed to break him out of his shell and he turned out to be a pretty cool guy for a jock. A talented wide receiver and kick off returner and the shortstop for the baseball team. He didn’t like basketball though the coach recruited him heavily.”

“You must have liked basketball,” Joe guessed.

“Of course. All those cute guys in like halter shirts and shorts. I especially loved the daring ones who went without t-shirts.” The threesome giggled. “But Mike disliked it for the same reason I liked it: a contact sport with naked sweaty skin sliding against skin. He insisted it wasn’t that, that it just wasn’t his game, but he was a bit of a homophobe, probably latent or something, one of his few flaws. When he made fun of one of the more fey students, I put my foot down, giving him lessons in sensitivity, using Jenny as an example ironically enough.” She chuckled. “I guess that turned him on, imagining me with another girl, the hypocrite.

“Anyway, as it turned out, we’d saved another girl from a lonely life of yearning for forbidden fruit so to speak, me and Jenny. The girl was a year younger than us, and we brought her into my bed. I think she preferred me, but when Jenny discovered Mike and me, the younger lesbian ended up comforting her and they ended up a couple, though I don’t know where they could make out since my bed had been our sanctuary.”

“So you and Mike became an item,” Maya guessed.

“Oh yeah. I had to teach him how to please me, but he ended up being a good student.”

“And did he get to experience that fantasy?” asked Joe. “Watching girls make love?”

Carol blushed. “Yeah. A pretty raven haired girl as petite as you, Maya, a cheerleader in fact. Like me she liked both sexes. But like me she preferred males. That was like a highlight of pleasure for my high school years. Unfortunately she had an agenda. I think she had a bigger crush than me on Mike. And being a senior like him with me being a junior, and her being a cheerleader cheering on her stud, she definitely had the advantage. I heard they’re married now.”

“Oh,” said Maya, looking from Joe to Carol and back, realizing the implication of repeating that event, seeing the way Carol wanted Joe and that Joe would choose the petite one. When the ladies’ eyes met, they communicated Carol’s fear and resignation and Maya shook her head and smiled.

Joe didn’t have a clue about the silent communication. “So did your father witness your inclinations as they developed?” he asked.

“I think me being a tomboy made him suspect I might be gay. But he’s a pretty enlightened guy and never objected to my relationship with Jenny. In fact he liked her. But I couldn’t help noticing a bit of relief from Daddy when Mike entered my life, literally and figuratively,” she giggled, “although that was tempered by a tinge of jealousy and sadness that his girl was not so much an innocent daughter anymore. And he never got along quite as well with Mike as he did with Jenny, probably due to that jealousy and sadness, but more because he thought Mike wasn’t good enough for me. Mike was fairly smart, did well in school, but not smart enough for Daddy.” She chuckled.

“I’m like you,” said Maya seemingly out of the blue at least to Joe. “I like girls, always have, but prefer boys. And I had a similar situation recently, sharing a bed with my pretty bassist and my handsome boyfriend, only to end up losing both of them to each other.”

“Oh,” said Carol.

“And you’ll have him to yourself when you dance.”

“And you’ll have him to yourself when you put music to his words.”

They gazed into each other’s eyes. A broad smile grew on both their faces. “Fuck it,” they both exclaimed nearly simultaneously. And they attacked an oblivious Joe.

Maya went high and Carol went low. Maya’s lips stopped his exclamation of surprise. The coffee table got bumped by Carol though every container had been drained dry. Maya broke the kiss and smiled at his smile. He looked past her at Carol struggling with his buckle. He pushed the coffee table with both legs forcing it away from her back despite the resistance of the shag rug. Then he helped unbuckling and unbuttoning and lifted his butt when she unzipped and she tugged away both jeans and boxers, freeing the way for her lips to enclose the glans on his half hard cock.

“Ooh,” he moaned as Maya unbuttoned his shirt just enough to pull it and the undershirt over his head. She followed immediately with the pealing off of her cashmere sweater revealing nothing underneath.

“Let me guess,” Joe moaned. “You love the feel of cashmere on your nipples.”

“Uhn-hunh,” she moaned, his mouth attaching to one of those stiff teats.

“Beautiful,” murmured Carol after releasing Joe’s quickly expanding cock from her lips with a pop. Illustrating the object of praise, she reached up to squeezed the other tit, though the object she had been squeezing and rubbing before could have also been described as she shifted her gaze to it, admiring it between licks of the glans.

“God I’m horny,” Maya groaned, pulling away from the hand and the lips on her tits and standing up on the couch. It was an unsteady position, but Joe kept her from falling by grasping those firm melons as she peeled off her tight red leather pants and the red thong beneath it. “I have condoms in my purse,” she told Carol.

“I want to taste his cum first,” Carol argued.

“Okay. I’ll help,” Maya decided and balanced her body upside down against Joe, her legs spread wide, knees balancing on the top edge of the couch bringing her succulent cunt to his lips while guiding his cock into her mouth.

Carol took this moment to remove Joe’s pants and boxers from his lower legs and to get naked herself. Pulling the coffee table even farther away, she knelt low and suckled his balls. Her hand replaced her mouth carefully squeezing them as her mouth lifted to suck along the bottom of his cock.

Soon enough lips met. Maya removed his cock and tilted her head and both ladies kissed around his glans, a French kiss that involved the glans more than delving into another mouth. Two hands rubbed his cock at different paces and pressures.

Joe entered heaven, completely distracted from pleasuring Maya. “I’m cumming,” he announced before latching onto Maya’s clit and buzzing it with his groans of bliss.

Maya backed off Joe’s glans, and it immediately occupied Carol’s mouth. She sucked and rubbed her lips along the edges of the helmet until he gushed slimy, bittersweet liquid that expanded her cheeks filling the little space left not filled by his big, throbbing plum. She swallowed what she could, letting some slide out at the edges. Glancing at Maya who shook her head, she kept taking his seed inside her while her hand and Maya’s both milked the cock for all it had, gulping down the depleting semen as it entered her mouth.

“Too much,” Joe complained and pulled his hips back. Though languid and sated, he returned to feasting on Maya’s cunt. Maya moaned from the attention and sought Carol’s mouth, tasting the remnants of cum there. The kiss intensified as Carol grabbed hold of Maya’s nipples and gently twisted them. Maya briefly stopped the kiss to tell her new lover, “squeeze them hard,” before resuming it. Soon Maya’s moans echoed in Carol’s mouth. A last deep breath needed more air, so their kiss ended. The breath held, Maya’s body stiffened, and its tight exhale created a keening squeal. A trembling followed which echoed the pulsations of her pussy. Lapping up the nectar that oozed out, Joe relished it as if it were ambrosia from the gods. And to Joe it was, or at least one goddess. The goddess of bliss and of comfort.

Despite wonderful satiation, Maya revealed a wicked smile to Carol when she murmured, “Your turn, Blondie.”

Pouting cutely Carol replied, “About time. Let’s move this to my bed.”

Maya flopped onto the couch on her knees. “I’ll grab the condoms; they’re extra large.”

“I’m on the pill and haven’t fucked in almost a year,” Carol argued. “You?” she asked Joe.

“Even longer without a condom,” Joe answered.

“I’m on the pill too, and my ex always wore condoms,” Maya told them. “In the rock and roll world it’s a necessity.”

“Cool,” said Carol walking away. “I’d hate to cover such a beautiful cock.”

Both Maya and Joe watched the rippling muscles of a perfect pear shaped ass, mesmerized. Joe praised it in a murmur and Maya responded with, “And it’s ours.”

When they entered the bedroom they saw Carol leaning down towards a stack of CDs, her wondrous ass and the juicy split beneath it beckoning. It raised interest in Joe’s cock, but not quite enough yet to fill that opening.

“I’m looking for the perfect music,” Carol explained, her head tilted upwards and smiling at the direction of her new lovers’ eyes.

“Let me look,” said Joe. “You two play.” But before he took over perusing her CD collection he knelt on another shag carpet and pressed his face into that gap that seemed ready for it.

“Oooh,” Carol moaned, twitching her ass and widening her legs. With well tuned balance, she remained in position while Joe tongued her, shafting her as deep as he could inside while his arm circled her thighs to bring fingers into play strumming her clit. His other hand reached and tugged at her nipples pointing downwards from hanging pert b-cup tits.

Carol moaned and swayed against his mouth, fucking it, but gently. Even Maya kneeling behind him and pulling on his ever thickening and elongating cock couldn’t distract Joe from the focus in bringing Carol her climax. It still took nearly five minutes. He had to hold her up at the end, because the power of it collapsed her knees. After a quick slide of his tongue into her anus and a kiss there, he gave her a gentle slap on her butt, saying, “Now go play, you two.”

The ladies laid on the unmade bed, the fitted sheet open, the top sheet and blankets pushed aside since the morning creating a soft ridge along the foot of the bed and along the far edge. The much more petite Maya settled on top of the long lean body of the blonde as they kissed. When lips separated, eyes connected and they shared smiles.

“How long have you been attracted to him?” asked Maya quietly and listened to Carol’s response while studying her lithe body with her fingers.

“Since I first saw Joe a couple years ago…I guess he fascinated me. Maybe because I thought he was with Randy or maybe because he seemed rather distant in a way, it’s more that I studied him than I crushed on him. But…I slowly saw the permafrost melt away and we got to be friends in just little conversations that I always enjoyed, either amusing or kind of interesting. It’s just yesterday after all that time that I realized Randy and him weren’t lovers when Randy went after the cute new boy in our company and Joe didn’t bat an eye. So I guess tonight I saw him with new eyes, the barrier being opened and my horny eyes being allowed in.”

“You bought the Eno,” Joe exclaimed, pulling out Discreet Music from her collection and extracting the CD. “Perfect!”

Carol giggled. “You told me it’s perfect for massage…and for sex.”

“Definitely,” he chuckled.

The soft, deep, resonant music began oozing from her high end speakers.

Looking at the two beauties looking up at him, Joe commented, “I thought I told you ladies to play.”

“We decided to talk,” said Maya.

“About what?” he asked while opening Carol’s thighs and kissing and licking up them.

“You,” Carol murmured.

“There are better things to talk about and better things to do with your mouths,” he said.

“We don’t think so,” said Maya while Carol moaned from his talented tongue demonstrating its skills again.

“If you don’t…want us to talk…about you…at least let us…play with you,” Carol murmured between erotic sighs. “Bring me that gorgeous cock.”

He rearranged himself to lie on his side between the women, his head towards the foot of the bed so that his cock rested near Carol’s mouth. The ladies began to play with it, mostly Maya, as Carol found herself deeply distracted by Joe’s talented mouth. The cock became full sized in Maya’s mouth, at least his plum.

Carol shivered through another, much quicker orgasm before mewling, “Please fuck me Joe.”

The ladies had shared kisses between cock suckings, but when Maya released his glans with a pop, they concentrated on their kisses while Maya continued her caresses, focusing more and more on Carol breasts and her taut little pink nipples. Meanwhile Joe crawled between long lean muscular legs and rubbed his wet glans along Carol’s wet gash before pushing gently in.

“Mmm,” Carol hummed with pleasure into Maya’s mouth.

Resting on elbows and knees, Joe took hold of Carol’s ass cheeks as his cock sank deeper and deeper into remarkable tightness. For a tall girl, she had a narrow passage. He commented on it.

“It hasn’t been filled in a long time,” Carol groaned between kisses. “And never by such a thick and beautiful filler.”

Her inner walls may have been slippery, but they gave enough resistance to keep his filling of her slow and careful. When finally completely submerged, he savored the moment.

“So good,” Carol mewled, looking at him and at their connection in awe.

“Perfect,” he murmured back.

“Fuck me, Joe,” she murmured moments later.

“With pleasure,” Joe grinned.

They could connect with their eyes because Maya had drifted lower with her kisses, coaxing even more pleasure from the sexy blonde working her nipples before going lower. Fingers slid across Carol’s abdomen, pressing at smooth flesh that rippled with muscles until they brushed damp blonde pubic hair, a soft triangular beard and continued further to feel the tiny ridge of a clit where the pubic hair pointed and the frothy beginning of a slit and the powerful, lubricant slick shaft sliding in and out. There they acted with her tongue that followed their journey to increase Carol’s pleasure exponentially.

“Oooh,” Carol cooed. “Oh,” she moaned. “Mmm,” she hummed with each thrust of his cock. Her noises quickened as his thrust quickened until they became gasps.

It had been a gentle slope, building speed, but in the end he pounded fast and hard and Carol greeted each savage thrust with a pelvic thrust. They banged together for minutes with her ceasing her upward motion when stilled by orgasm, her mouth tightening letting only a lengthy squeak get released. It happened twice, but third time was the charm as Joe went into hyper-speed, lost in his own imminent climax.

When his balls released their seed, he squeezed against her as hard as possible, the tip of his cock grazing her deep barrier wall as he jettisoned his passion in liquid form. The power of it pushed Carol to the limits of exquisite pleasure. The profound culmination of both of their passions meeting brought a surge of heat, as if his hot semen spread throughout her body, awashing her in ecstasy. So profound in fact that nothing could be brought forth from her mouth. She had been left literally breathless, drowned in bliss.

“You okay?” asked Joe at the sightless wide eyed gaze of Carol once his throbs of ejaculation ended.

“I’m definitely okay,” she murmured, her smile soft and gentle and yet completely expressing her state of mind; that okay was a gigantic understatement.

It took a bit of sleep, to be awoken by two sets of lips reviving him, to extract his last ejaculation in the inaugural night of their threesome. Actually eyelids and his cock and the sun all rose together. Then it became Maya’s turn to be ravished by Joe and by Carol, and the petite bosomy dark haired cutie also reached the highest limits of bliss from their attention. And finally they all slept.

The women hadn’t slept before that. They talked over Joe’s chest just quiet enough not to disturb him.

“I saw how uneasy you two were when meeting backstage,” Carol inquired.

“I guess I’ve been avoiding him since…our bit of a one night stand,” Maya nodded. “Only I didn’t want it to be.”

“He’s good,’ said Carol and the ladies laughed quietly.

“To say the least. I’ve never been stretched like that and yet so carefully and lovingly it blew me away. I’m rather small down there, and yet hardly any pain resulted. And the pleasure overwhelmed me.”

“I can imagine.” This time they giggled. “So why the separation? Afraid to get too close? I can relate to that.”

“No. I enjoy being all snuggly with a boyfriend, the more intimate and loving the better. I get distracted easily. My mind often wanders with ideas. The better the lover, the more I can lose myself to him. And Joe…”

Another giggle, this not one not shared by Maya, arose from Carol’s mouth as she repeated, “I can imagine. So?”

“Unlike me, Joe has problems with intimacy.”

“I think I know what you mean,” Carol replied. “He always seems aloof and…tense. Our building friendship had a wall to scale that only last night seemed to topple. Thank God.”

“I never saw that wall until afterwards,” Maya told her new friend. “After mind blowing sex. It startled me to say the least, and I thought it represented a sort of closure, a way for him to seal up a one night stand and leave his emotions free of penetration by me. It pissed me off. I actually slapped him. I have a huge temper and he saw it in full glory.”

“And that was that?” asked Carol, confused. “But why then come back to him?”

“The night didn’t end then. At least not quite. He didn’t allow me to leave. His endless body in all its naked glory stood at his door preventing my departure. The slap helped soften my anger and soon I found myself back in his arms as I sat in his lap. Then he explained his problem. He’s wound up tight as a tennis racquet. He calls it burlap, this tension, and it almost sounded literal, like his viscera and his brain were literally wrapped in the stuff. He sounded kind of…”


“Unh-hunh. It scared me.”

“But not quite enough to scare you completely away.”

“It’s…his soul. I mean…his lovemaking shows it, the more physical side of it. But his words… He lent me a couple of books filled with lyrics. He’s got dozens of them. Not all of them are all that great. Some are pretty clumsy or clichéd or just don’t work. But plenty of them sing wonderfully only they never sang before until I put music to them. Come on. Let me show you.”

The naked ladies carefully extracted themselves from the bed. Joe shifted and murmured but remained asleep. Before heading to the bathroom, Carol handed Maya a transparent wrap that on her would reach just past her buttock but on Maya reached mid thigh. Carol wrapped herself in a long cotton robe.

First they pissed and exchanged a whore’s bath of wet hand towels on each other’s sticky thighs and vaginas exciting them a little especially with soft kisses added but not enough to go further, at least not then.

Carol made two glasses of ice water from a dispenser sunken into her refrigerator while Maya rummaged through Joe’s shoulder bag finding the black, rough skinned blank book.

“Oh my God,” she said, reading the last entry.

When I woke up it was pretty early and Xochi and Aqualina were still asleep so I carefully crept out of bed and went out to the kitchen. Daniella was curled up on the couch with a book and a cup of tea. “Hi bed head,” she said cheerfully. “There’s pineapple juice, help yourself.”

For some reason, Daniella and her sisters thought that pineapple juice made my cum taste sweeter and I wasn’t about to argue. Besides, I liked pineapple juice and was feeling thirsty. I got a big glass of it and joined her on the couch, giving her a kiss.

“Those girls didn’t wear you out?” she asked.

“Apparently I wore them out,” I said.

“That’s my stud,” she said putting her legs over my lap, causing her short silk robe to ride up to her waist.

“I’m on my period,” she told me, “Jennifer’s away and I told Dee and Willow to make other plans for this weekend. I know you only have a couple of hours of homework this weekend so the rest of the time you can enjoy yourself with those horny teenagers.”

“What did I do to deserve you?” I asked.

“As I told you before, I really like this arrangement. For the first time in my life I’m the queen.”

I rubbed Daniella’s feet, something she really loved, as she returned to her book. I really loved it too since her legs and feet are so gorgeous. And she used whichever foot I wasn’t massaging at the moment to rub my cock, which was getting harder by the minute.

Daniella put down her book and said, “I’d suck that thing for you but I don’t want to deprive the girls. How was Xochi? It was her first time, right?”

“She’s very sweet and affectionate, and very sensitive; she’s multi-orgasmic,” I replied. “And I wouldn’t be surprised if the two of them become lovers.”

“Good, maybe they can satisfy each other when they can’t have you,” Daniella commented.

“I’ve enjoyed getting to know Aqualina better,” I said. “She’s smart, funny and energetic. And I think she really looks up to you.”

“She better,” said Daniella, “even though she’s an inch taller.”

I heard someone get up and go to the bathroom, then return to bed.

“Signs of life,” remarked Daniella. “I’ll make breakfast in a little while but why don’t you give them a nice wake up call?”

Finishing my juice I said, “You’re the boss,” and went back to the bedroom.

Quietly opening the door I saw an arousing sight. Xochi, legs spread wide, was leaning back against the pillows, playing with her own nipples as Aqualina licked her pussy. Aqualina’s ass was sticking up and pointed directly at me. I walked quietly to the bed and began caressing Aqualina’s ass.

“Mmm, good morning,” she managed to say and Xochi opened her eyes for a moment and gave me a smile.

“Shall I leave you two alone?” I asked.

“No!” they said in unison.

“Let me suck on you for a while and then it’s Aqualina’s turn to be fucked,” Xochi said.

I kissed Xochi then straddled her chest. She gazed at my cock with lust and opened her mouth, “I love the taste of your dick,” she said and I slid my cock between her lush lips.

Xochi squeezed my ass as I stroked in and out of her mouth. It felt great but she was pretty distracted by Aqualina’s tongue on her clit. I pulled out and Xochi said, “thanks. Can I suck it again after you fuck her?”

“You beautiful thing,” I replied, “that sounds perfect.”

Aqualina was still on all fours as she licked her friend’s pussy. I knelt behind her and pushed my cock inside her, making her moan.

“That looks so hot,” Xochi said, resuming her attention to her own breasts.

“How does it feel to have a girl lick your pussy?” I asked.

“I never would have expected how good it feels,” Xochi answered, “and I think I’m going to like licking hers too. Oh!” she exclaimed in response to Aqualina’s tongue.

I held on tight to Aqualina’s slim torso and fucked her hard. She managed to bring Xochi to an orgasm before losing the ability to focus on her friend’s pleasure. Xochi reached down to caress Aqualina’s face as she moaned and then cried out, “I’m cumming!”

Xochi surprised me by what she said next: “Squirt your cum in her, Dio, fuck that slut and cum in her cunt, then let me lick it all off of you, straight from her slutty cunt!”

This was really too much and I flooded Aqualina’s pussy with my spluge then pulled out and presented my goo-covered but still hard cock to Xochi.

She looked hesitant. “Are you sure?” I asked.

“Give me that dick,” she said, opening her mouth wide and I plunged right between her lips as she sucked all of the juices off my cock. It felt great and really nasty that this girl who had been a virgin the day before was already more sexually adventurous than some people will ever be.

There was a knock on the door, “breakfast in ten minutes,” Daniella said.

My cock wasn’t all the way hard but Xochi took advantage of this to suck it down to the base, up and down for about a minute as Aqualina watched.

“Okay,” said Aqualina, “girls do not live on cum alone, “Let’s go get it.”

The girls slipped on thin, oversized tank tops that barely covered their asses and dark nipples, I put on some boxer shorts and we all joined Daniella for pancakes.

Besides the couch, the only other seating in the apartment consisted of two stools that faced the kitchen counter. Xochi and Aqualina took the stools and I joined my girlfriend on the couch. When I finished eating (and drinking more pineapple juice), Daniella put her feet back in my lap as she started to lay out the day’s activities.

“So, this morning I’ll give you a campus tour while Dio finishes his homework, okay?” she asked.

Aqualina and Xochi turned around to face us and I noticed a trickle of my juices running down Aqualina’s lean leg. She winked at me and started fidgeting, bringing her knees together and apart enough to provide a glimpse of pussy. Daniella noticed where I was looking and discretely rubbed my cock with her feet.

“Then, after lunch,” she continued, “We can all go to the beach.”

“Yea!” Aqualina enthused.

“Thanks so much for hosting us Daniella,” Xochi said, “I’m having a great time.”

“It sure sounds like it,” Daniella smiled, “but it doesn’t seem like you’ve even been anywhere yet.”

Aqualina cocked her head and said, “Oh I don’t know. I think Xochi’s already visited some places she only imagined before, huh Xoch?”

Xochi blushed.

“Tell us,” Daniella urged. “What’s your favorite place in LA so far? Go ahead, you can tell me.”

Xochi squirmed but didn’t say anything but Daniella wouldn’t let up. Openly rubbing my crotch with her sexy little feet, she said using a sweet, innocent voice, “is it right here? Is this your favorite place?”

Finally rising to the bait Xochi said, “So far I have two favorite places; Dio’s dick and Aqualina’s tongue!”

Everyone laughed, pleased by Xochi’s admission. I got up to wash the dishes.

“Thanks Dio,” Daniella said, “I’ll take the first shower. See you in a few.”

As I filled the sink with hot soapy water, Aqualina and Xochi stood up, bringing their plates. “We’ll help,” Aqualina said.

In the tiny kitchen area there was hardly room for three but then again we were already used to being very close together. Both girls made a point of rubbing against me, nearly continuously as we worked through the dishes. Aqualina grabbed the spray attachment for the faucet to rinse the skillet but the water was turned on so high that when she pushed the button, a shower of water splashed off the skillet over all of us. “Bitch!” Xochi exclaimed.

“Oops, sorry,” Aqualina replied mockingly, now deliberately spraying her friend so that Xochi’s thin tank top was totally transparent.

My cock hardened as I looked at Xochi’s awesome body. “Now that is a vision,” I said. “I think I know where my favorite place in LA is at the moment.”

“Okay,” Xochi said wickedly to Aqualina, “I guess I forgive you. Let’s hug and make up.” With that she embraced her friend, resulting in Aqualina’s tank top becoming soaked through as I watched with appreciation.

“And Dio,” Xochi said turning to give me a hug, “I’m sorry I said a bad word in front of you.” Xochi rubbed her wet body against mine and gave me a passionate kiss. My hard cock pushed against her belly as her pointy nipples grazed my chest. “Oops,” Xochi said, “Now Dio’s boxers are all wet. We better take them off before he catches cold.”

Now the two teens stood back to pull my shorts down and off of me, leaving me standing naked in the kitchen. Xochi moved back in to kiss me, rubbing her pussy against my thigh as Aqualina went down to her knees and forced Xochi to the side in order to get a hold of my cock. As I kissed Xochi I reached down to fondle her ass, slipping under her tank top until I had a finger in her pussy and Xochi reciprocated, grabbing my ass and sliding a finger down my crack.

Aqualina fondled my balls and swallowed my cock deep into her mouth.

“How do you like your sex kittens?” Xochi asked. “Does it turn you on that we won’t let anybody else even touch us but we’re total sluts for you?”

Aqualina was giving me a great blowjob and Xochi’s dirty talk interspersed with wet kisses was driving me wild. “Yes, you’re the best sex kittens ever,” I said.

Xochi moaned as I rubbed her clit, then started licking my face with her long tongue.

“Tonight we’re gonna fuck you like crazy,” Xochi continued, pausing to kiss me and push her fingertip into my ass. “But now you’re going to fill Aqualina’s slutty mouth with your hot cum and then I’m gonna kiss her so that my slutty mouth gets all messy too.”

This sent me over the edge and I spurted into Aqualina’s relentless mouth as she hummed in pleasure but didn’t stop sucking until she had milked the last drops from my cock. Standing up she joined our embrace and kissed her friend, just inches from my face. Opening her mouth, Aqualina showed us her cum-covered tongue and she thrust it out for Xochi to suck. The two of them mashed their mouths together in a free-for-all until their lips and chins were slick with spit and cum. Apparently satisfied, the two girls rested their heads on my shoulders as Xochi reached down to hold my spent cock. They were wet and slimy all over and just so damn sexy I could hardly stand it.

“I got kinda scared at that party,” Xochi said. “But I feel so safe with you. At least for a while I don’t want to be anyone else’s slut. Can Aqualina bring me to LA again? Maybe once a month?”

“We have to ask Dee’s permission,” Aqualina said as the voice of responsibility and consideration for others.

“Permission granted,” rang out Daniella’s melodious voice from the next room.

The girls just giggled and I said, “The shower’s apparently free, I’ll finish the dishes while you get ready for your tour.”

“We’ll miss you,” Aqualina told me sweetly.

“We’ll miss you a lot,” Xochi affirmed, giving my dick a squeeze.

“Jesus!” exclaimed Daniella; “You’ll see him at lunch time, now get ready you horny minxes!”

Everyone laughed and the girls pattered off to shower, shaking their asses for me in retreat while I turned back to finish the dishes.

At 1:00 pm, Daniella, Aqualina and Xochi met me at my car. They were all wearing short-shorts, flip-flops and halter-tops and each carried a large shoulder bag. Daniella got in the front seat with me, as usual resting her naked feet in my lap, while the girls hopped in the back and I drove them to Venice Beach. After parking we scarfed some sandwiches and began to walk along the promenade facing the beach. If you’ve been there you know that tons of scantily clad young people were walking along or roller blading or building sandcastles, or playing volleyball. A continuous row of shops and restaurants catered to their tastes. I now realized that it was obvious that Xochi and Aqualina were not wearing panties. Their shorts were so tight that the folds of their labia were clearly outlined.

Aqualina spotted a shop specializing in bikinis and grabbed Xochi’s hand. “We’ve got to get you a sexy bikini so you can show off that hot bod of yours.”

With her full boobs spilling out of her halter top I thought that Xochi was already showing off pretty well but I was all for seeing if she would go even further. Daniella and I followed and my three companions began looking through the tiny triangles of brightly hued fabric.

Daniella found a bikini in a very attractive slate blue with a kind of stonewashed look to it with all of the pieces linked by thick silver rings. The blond shop girl approached saying, “that’s a great color for you, and it’s on sale. Would you like to try it on?”

Daniella disappeared behind a flimsy cotton sheet for a moment and emerged wearing the bikini. It looked fantastic on her with her breasts swelling out from both sides and the low-rise bottoms showing off her firm butt cheeks and the top of her crack. My mouth was watering and Aqualina noticed my stare.

“Sis, you’re gonna have to beat them off with a stick wearing that,” Aqualina exclaimed. Then noticing that there were several pairs (and the low price) she said, “we would all look great in those. We could be a matched set!”

The shop girl helped them find their sizes, explaining that the pieces came in large, medium, small and extra-small. “I’ll try extra small,” said Aqualina, “and my friend will try the small.”

Coming out of the dressing room, Aqualina and Xochi spun around for us in their stylish, tiny bikinis. The more voluptuous Xochi was showing more breast than the others and she said, “I’m not sure, maybe I should try the medium top.”

“Why don’t you check with Dio?” Aqualina said, admiring herself in the mirror.

Xochi walked up to me and placed her hands on my shoulders. “Dio,” she said softly, “I feel so exposed. But if you protect me I’ll wear this in public.”

I got a lump in my throat and in my pants just looking at her. The bottoms were so low that it was a good thing she had shaved because the top half of her mons was completely bare. Her breasts swelled out with generous cleavage and the sides of her tits were partly visible as well. The thin fabric clung to her nipples and even the outlines of her areolae were visible. I was speechless.

“I think that means she’ll take it,” said Daniella.

Keeping the bikinis on and stashing their other clothes in their shoulder bags, they paid and walked back out, ready for the beach.

On the way my companions got plenty of stares. Individually they were each eye-catching but Aqualina’s matched set idea elevated their appearance to an event. I walked slightly behind, noticing how much attention they were getting and enjoying the sight of their barely concealed asses. When they found a spot on the beach they liked, we all kicked off our sandals. Aqualina turned to me and gave me a kiss. “Thanks for being our chaperone.”

Daniella grabbed me and we also shared a tender kiss. “I hope you’re enjoying yourself,” she said. I certainly was.

A number of the people around us were watching by now. Xochi embraced me and gave me a deep kiss, slipping her fingers down the back of my shorts for a quick feel while pressing her tits against me. “I could never show off like this before but I really want to do it for you,” she whispered in my ear.

Spreading out a large Indian-print sheet, we sat down to enjoy some sun. “Dio, did you wear the suit I got for you?” Daniella asked.

Not bothering to answer I stood up again to drop my shorts revealing a speedo type swimsuit.

“Nice package,” Aqualina remarked.

Next the girls brought out tanning lotion from their bags. “Dio, would you do me?” asked Daniella. Starting with her feet I smoothed lotion up her gorgeous legs until I was nearly at her crotch. “Be careful not to get any on our new suits,” she instructed. When I got to the edge of her suit she lifted the fabric off of her skin allowing my fingers to rub lotion under the edge, even giving her pussy a quick feel. “Mmm,” she moaned. I continued to apply lotion to her torso, and again she lifted the tiny fabric triangles so I could fully lotion her up. I was starting to swell in my speedos but what could I do?

“Do me next,” said Aqualina and I repeated the procedure with my girlfriend’s hot little sister. “I’m not sure if this fabric actually offers much UV protection so you better make sure you don’t miss any spots under my suit.” As she pulled the fabric up she bared her mound and pussy as I smoothed lotion beneath her suit. The people nearest us could see what was going on. Even though the guys and the girls wore sunglasses it was pretty obvious where they were looking.

“I’ll do you first, Dio, then do me,” Xochi said, pushing me back to the ground. After rubbing lotion on my feet and legs, Xochi straddled my thighs and began to slowly massage lotion onto my chest, treating me to a view of her curvy body and her tits that threatened to spill out of her suit entirely.

Working her hands down my stomach, she pulled up the edge of my suit and slipped her fingers underneath, giving my cock a quick caress before letting the suit snap back over my half-hard cock. Finishing with my stomach, she slid further up so that my cock was trapped beneath her pussy. Smiling at me as she rubbed my shoulders she said, “I’m just taking my time, making sure you don’t get a sunburn, okay?” By now my cock was totally hard and pushed against her pussy lips through the thin fabric of our suits.

As she subtly pushed down onto my cock, Xochi told me, “You look so relaxed. Don’t get up, I’ll lotion myself and you can watch and tell me if I miss any spots.”

Now Xochi began to lotion herself, taking lots of time around her breasts, even pulling the fabric aside until her nipples poked out and then pulling on them with oily fingers. Acting as if she was merely doing a very thorough job, Xochi did everything she could to tease me. Conversation had fallen dead in the near vicinity as people watched the voluptuous teen. Bending down and whispering so that only I could hear, Xochi said, “Can you feel how wet I am for you? I can’t believe how turned on I am. If it wasn’t illegal I swear I’d fuck you right here on the beach. Then everyone would know that I’m your sex kitten.”

“Oh I think they can probably guess that already,” I said. “When you get off me I’m gonna have to turn on my stomach for a while until my hard-on goes down.”

“That seems like such a waste,” Xochi said, “when you’ve got willing pussies and mouths that want it so badly. I’m so horny right now, I think that if you slipped your cock into my pussy right now I would cum immediately.”

“Xochi, you have no idea,” I said, feeling my cock pulse against her cunt lips, “I’m about to cum already but I’m really not in the mood to get arrested for it.”

“Poor baby,” she said, “Aqualina told me how good it feels to fuck outside under the sun like you guys did at her parent’s pool. I hope I can do that with you someday. Okay, when I climb off, you turn over and I’ll do your back.”

Xochi raised up enough for me to turn over, pushing my frustrated cock into the sand below the blanket. She gave me a lovely massage with the lotion, and couldn’t resist sliding her hands under my suit a few times. At this point, Aqualina and Daniella were ready to flip over and they asked Xochi to put lotion on their backs.

My head turned to the side I watched Xochi slathering lotion on Daniella, also copping a feel under her suit. It was going to be a while before I could get up.

I drifted off then woke up and turned over onto my back. All three of my companions had taken off their tops and were lying on their bellies; their luscious bronzed bodies naked but for tiny slate blue triangles covering a fraction of their lovely asses. Daniella was reading a magazine while the other two were apparently asleep. “I guess you did wear them out, you beast,” Daniella teased me.

“Mmm not asleep,” Aqualina groggily protested, then rolled over next to me and threw her lanky leg over mine and stretched an arm across my torso. “And anyway, it’s more like we wore him out.”

With that she nuzzled her face against my neck and closed her eyes again, doing a very good impersonation of a sleeping person. I closed my eyes again, enjoying the sensations of the sun, the sea breeze, and Aqualina’s skin against my body.

After a while Aqualina stirred again and began whispering in my ear. “Kiss me, okay?”

I turned on my side so that we were face-to-face, running my fingers down Aqualina’s slender back to rest my hand on her ass. “I dreamed we were fucking right on the beach,” she whispered. “My pussy is so wet, I’m so horny I could totally jump you right now.”

“I’d love that,” I whispered back. “If only this beach was zoned for orgies.”

Aqualina giggled. “Wait, I have an idea.” She covered herself with her big beach towel. “I know we can’t fuck, but you can finger me—discretely you know—and I’ll be quiet when I cum. But I really need to cum.”

I moved my hand from Aqualina’s ass to her belly and slowly slid my fingers down the front of her bikini bottom over her bald mons and between the lips of her pussy, resting my finger tip right on her clit. Aqualina kissed me passionately, sticking her tongue into my mouth as I gently flicked my fingertip back and forth over her clit. Aqualina quietly moaned and almost imperceptibly pulsed her pelvis back and forth as I increased the pressure of my fingertip. Her breathing became jagged and her whole body tensed up then released into jelly. When she recovered a bit Aqualina whispered, “that was actually really good. If only we had a little tent I could suck you off. I love your dick so much, you know.”

I smiled at Aqualina and said, “I love you too.”

“Yeah,” she said sheepishly, “I love more than just your dick. I wouldn’t be into it if it weren’t attached to a great guy like you.”

Under the cover of the towel, Aqualina slid her hand into my speedos where she found my cock, rock hard again.

She pulled my suit down so that my cock was free under the towel and began to stroke the shaft and started whispering to me again. “A beach zoned for sex; what a great idea. Just imagine all of us butt naked under the sun with people all around us. Imagine me and Dee and Xochi taking turns sucking your cock, sticking our pussies in your face, and riding you with our tight cunts. Even though I just came I feel so horny just thinking about it, thinking about your cum spurting into my mouth, spurting into my pussy and spurting into my ass.”

Damn, this girl was going to make me cum right on Venice Beach with hundreds of people all around but I wasn’t’ going to stop her.

“That’s what I want tonight, you know,” she said. “I want to feel your hard cock penetrate my ass again, for you to fuck my tightest hole until you make me scream. My asshole is so little I can’t believe you can even fit in there but you did it once before and I’ve been dying for you to do it again.” Aqualina’s hand was moving faster up and down my shaft and I felt my balls tighten, almost reaching an intense orgasm.

“You know what else?” Aqualina teased me, “Xochi was asking me and Dee about anal this morning. We told her it was great and she wants you to take her anal cherry too. Daniella’s going get some wine tonight to loosen us up and then me and Xoch are going to give you our tight buttholes to fuck as much as you want.”

Letting out a stifled groan I spurted jets of cum and Aqualina caught it with her left hand as she continued to stroke me with her right until my spasms subsided.

“Wow, that’s a lot of delicious cum right there,” she said, bringing the cum-filled hand up to her face. “Well, we can’t just smear it on Dee’s nice beach blanket and it’s too good to waste anyway.” Aqualina took a lick of cum from her hand, still holding on to my cock in the other.

Daniella, who knew exactly what was going on, remarked, “You know the ancient Egyptians used that stuff to moisturize their skin.”

“Good idea,” replied Aqualina, rubbing the rest over her bare tits. Although the towel was generally shielding us I noticed two beach bunnies not ten feet away staring at us, obviously aware of what had just happened. “You’ve got an audience,” I said quietly to Aqualina.

“Oh,” she remarked casually. Aqualina sat up so that her breasts bounced into open view, then rubbed cum into them with both hands saying loudly enough for the girls to hear. “Well I think that every girl should moisturize her tits the Egyptian way. It’s natural and traditional.”

Daniella and I cracked up, waking up Xochi who suddenly sat up, giving everyone nearby a view of her spectacular breasts and dark, pointy nipples.

“Looking good, Xoch,” remarked Aqualina, “but I think you need some Egyptian moisturizer on those tatas.”

“Huh?” Xochi responded, looking around for her bikini top as the rest of us chuckled. “What did I miss?”

“I’ll explain later,” Daniella said, patting Xochi on the knee as the sleepy teen tried unsuccessfully to put her bikini bra back on, now drawing a considerable audience as her tits swayed in the open air.

Aqualina leaned over to help Xochi get the bikini untangled and on the right way, unable to resist goosing her friend’s luscious boobs before turning to put on her own top.

As she discretely replaced her own bra top, Daniella said, “I can see that tomorrow we’ll have to go to the nude beach north of LA since you girls can’t seem to keep your clothes on. But even there you can’t legally dispense Egyptian moisturizer in public.”

“That’s okay,” said Aqualina, “we’ll just be sure to slather on lots of it before we go.”

It was late afternoon by now and we decided it was time to go. Wrapping a towel around her waist, Aqualina pulled off her bikini bottom and retrieved her shorts from her bag. As she put one foot through the leg of her shorts, Xochi said, “can I borrow that?’ pulling the towel off of Aqualina, exposing her ass and pussy to a beach full of people.

Acting as if nothing was wrong, Aqualina took her time putting her other leg through and slowly pulled the shorts up her thighs where she paused for a moment. She stood straight up holding on the belt loops with her ass and pussy completely exposed. “Geez, these are really tight,” she said, finally pulling them up to cover herself.

With the towel wrapped carelessly around her own waist, Xochi bent over to get her shorts and the towel slipped, baring her round ass which was pointed right at me and visible to anyone nearby. While continuing to root around with one hand for her shorts, she casually used the other to pull the towel so that most of her ass was covered again. Holding her arms against her hips to hold up the towel, Xochi stepped into the shorts and bent down to pull them up but now the towel fell off completely. “Oops,” she said, pulling up the shorts to her thighs, ass and pussy still exposed. “Damn, these things are tight! Can you help me, Dio?”

I faced Xochi, smiling at her antics and gripped the waistband of her shorts, taking a good look at her shaved pussy. Wiggling her lush body to help me, I slowly pulled the shorts up until she was decent, or at least legal, again. I noticed that the girls closest to us were practically drooling and a bunch of guys quickly looked away when I cast my eye their direction.

“Thanks, Dio,” Xochi said, kissing me while pushing her tits against my chest.

“You’re welcome, anytime,” I said, “although I prefer taking your clothes off.”

Aqualina said, loud enough for people nearby to hear, “You know you’re going to have us all naked again as soon as we get home. It kinda seems like a waste of time to wear any clothes at all.”

My cock was swelling again so I pulled my baggy shorts up for cover and we packed the rest of the stuff and left, leaving our audience tittering about the show.

As we approached the car, Aqualina, who had clung to my arm most of the way there, said, “Exposing myself and almost having sex in public just make me so horny.”

“Unless you’re using Bill Clinton’s dictionary, I’d say you actually did have sex in public,” remarked Daniella.

“Damn, it sounds like I did miss something,” Xochi said.

“Yep,” replied Aqualina, “With a towel draped over us, Dio fingered my pussy until I came and I gave him a hand job, then licked his cum off my hand and rubbed the rest of it on my tits right in front of those girls.”

“Hence, the Egyptian moisturizer, if you were wondering,” explained Daniella.

“I wish I could do something like that,” Xochi said.

“Wish granted,” said Daniella, “I’ll drive and you can give Dio a blowjob in the back seat. How about that?”

“Oh! I wish it was me,” sighed Aqualina. “But that’s okay, Xoch, it’s your turn and we still have tonight and tomorrow before we have to go home.”

“Home!” said Xochi, “that’s a four-letter word. I don’t even want to think about going back to my boring life after this.”

“Well it seems to me,” said Daniella, “that if you get bored, the two of you can entertain each other until your next visit.”

As I opened the car doors Aqualina gave her friend a kiss and said, “that’s right Xoch, I don’t have a dick but I’ll suck your nipples and lick your pussy until you can’t stand it. And your mom will think you’re just at my house doing homework!”

I gave Daniella the keys and she and Aqualina got in the front while Xochi and I got in the back seat. “Take off those pants so I can suck your dick,” Xochi demanded as she removed her bikini top again.

I complied and sat back as my new lover kissed and caressed me and rubbed her tits all over me before settling down to give me a leisurely blowjob. Aqualina was watching from the front and remarked, “that’s pretty damn good for your second blowjob.”

Xochi paused for a second to say, “Third.”

“In the middle of the night when you were asleep,” I explained.

And like that session, Xochi took her time and I really enjoyed how much joy she seemed to take in giving me pleasure. The early evening golden light slanting through the car windows made her curvy body shine bronze. I ran my fingers through her soft black hair and lightly caressed her smooth back, barely aware of the world passing by outside the window. The windows were tinted so even a truck driver looking down probably wouldn’t get a clear view but being so close to the outside world felt kind of surreal. I realized that sex with Xochi tended to be somewhat dreamy anyway and the situation we were in accented that quality.

“Just so you know, we’ll be home in about five minutes,” Daniella helpfully announced.

Xochi paused for a moment and said, “I’m ready to drink your cum. I want you to spurt in my mouth.” Then she plunged back down and began to bob her head up and down as she flicked my balls with the fingers of both hands.

I held her head in my hands, guiding her towards my orgasm. My cock became super hard and I felt the juices shoot from deep inside me, up the shaft of my cock and into Xochi’s wet mouth as she pushed my dickhead all the way to her back of her mouth. She sucked and licked all the cum from my dick, eliciting a few more squirts of cum, then held my softening cock in her mouth another minute while running her hands up and down any part of me she could reach.

Sitting up and then resting her head on my shoulder Xochi quietly said, “I didn’t even know I would like sucking cock but now I think it’s the greatest thing in the world.”

“You are very special Xochi,” I told her. “Very special to me.”

“Okay love birds, get your clothes on,” Daniella commanded.

“You know you’re amazing?” Aqualina told Daniella. “You don’t seem to have a jealous bone in your body. What other big sister in the world would share her studly boyfriend with her sisters and friends?”

As she pulled into the parking lot Daniella replied matter-of-factly, “As long as you recognize that I’m amazing…”

Back in the apartment everyone was ready for a shower. I went first and Daniella next, both of us being pretty quick about. Her wavy black hair framing her face, Daniella looked effortlessly sexy, her braless tits visible under a sheer white pleasant blouse with bare shoulders and her brown legs extending from a faded denim miniskirt. We kicked back on the couch reading together. Daniella placed her feet in my lap where I could rub them and admire her toes, her nails painted a rainbow of colors. Meanwhile the girls had their turns in the bathroom, taking considerably more time to get ready.

“We’re staying in tonight, right?” shouted Aqualina from down the hall.

“Yes,” replied Daniella as she turned a page.

Finally, Aqualina and Xochi padded down the hall on bare feet to join us. Both of them were clad in sheer nightgowns that barely covered their asses, and each twirled a pirouette and stood awaiting complements. Aqualina’s lingerie was paisley in blue and green and its underwire support gave her more cleavage than usual. A tiny matching thong was clearly visible beneath the barely-there fabric. Xochi was brilliant in orange and purple paisley, her lush cleavage making me want to drool. I noticed they both wore huge silver hoop earrings and had put on dramatic eye makeup.

After carefully appreciating the whole package, I applauded, saying, “bravo! You both look absolutely stunning.”

“Very nice girls. You’ve outdone yourselves,” Daniella said. Do you mind serving us some wine and snacks? You’ll find everything in the kitchen.”

Xochi and Aqualina disappeared for a few minutes as they bustled around the tiny kitchen. Soon Aqualina emerged carrying a small tray with two glasses of white wine on it while Xochi carried a tray loaded with bread, cheese, olives and grapes.

Bending down and thrusting her cleavage at us, Aqualina said, “would Sir like some wine?”

Smiling at her silly sister, Daniella said, “ladies first, wench.” She took a glass and I took the other.

Aqualina wiggled and bent down again to say, “If Sir would like, I can also provide other special services at no extra charge.”

“I’m sure I can think of something,” I said, “but for now, why don’t you and your associate pour yourselves a glass and just be charming for a while?”

Now Xochi placed her tray on the low table in front of the couch and leaned forward over it, her magnificent cleavage threatening to spill out onto the cheese. In a submissive voice Xochi said, “if Madame or Sir see any choice morsels they would like to sample, please feel free to reach right out and grab them,” then shook her tits at us.

Daniella reached out to pinch one of Xochi’s tits, saying, “are the melons ripe? Oh my, they are just perfect. Can you send a pair down to my room later?”

“Madame it would be my greatest pleasure to offer you my ripe melons anytime, anywhere,” Xochi replied and we all nearly died with laughter.

As we drank wine and noshed on snacks, the girls sat up on the stools in front of us, giving us clear views of their tiny thongs and lovely bare legs and feet. This also meant that every time they took something from the table they had to climb down and bend over, displaying their cleavage, which they did repeatedly.

The shy Xochi of 48 hours ago was hardly recognizable now.

Halfway through the second bottle of wine, the snacks were gone and the girls were pretty tipsy. “Let’s dance!” Aqualina said. Daniella obliged by putting on a Sly and the Family Stone mix and cranking it up.

As the funk filled the air, the four of us danced, getting into a great groove. We were all getting in each other’s business, grabbing tits and asses. The ladies copped feels of my cock and I did the same to their pussies. Aqualina ran her hands up and down her own body and pushed her thong down so that it hung around her ankles. Xochi followed suit and they both hobbled over to bump and grind against me as I slipped my fingers between their wet pussy lips as Daniella laughed. We finally fell down exhausted onto the couch; Aqualina spread out on top of the other three of us, her pussy on display.

“Uff, get off me,” Daniella laughed, climbing out from the tangle of bodies. She turned the music down to conversation levels and began to pick up the food items.

“What a great day,” she said, “but I’m pooped. Girls I’m going to leave you in Dio’s capable hands for the night as soon as you say the magic words.”

Aqualina whispered to Xochi and then they both yelled, “You’re amazing!”

“That’s it,” she smiled. Giving me a passionate kiss she said, “Tomorrow night they’re going home so be sure to give them a night to remember.”

“I’ll do my best to provide satisfaction,” I said.

“And if the reports are good, remind me to schedule a night with you myself,” she added.

“I’ll clear my schedule immediately,” I replied.

“Fuck, I’m drunk, see you in the morning,” said Daniella as she left the room but not before flipping up the back of her skirt to wiggle her naked ass at me.

“You’re amazing!” yelled the girls again.

Stumbling as she got up from the couch, Aqualina caused the fabric covering the nearly floor-to-ceiling window to fall off its curtain rod. “Oops!” she giggled, and then stood looking out for a moment into the courtyard. “There’s a party out there,” she said, “but it looks like they could use some entertainment. Dance with me Xoch!”

Aqualina turned the music back up and turned the lights up as Xochi stood up to join her. For a while they just danced next to the window as I enjoyed the view from the couch. Looking me in the eyes as she faced away from the window, Aqualina pulled up the hem of her nightie to show me her bare pussy then let it fall down again. Xochi pushed her friend aside so that she was right in the middle of the window and repeated the hem-lifting exposure of her intimate parts. She then turned and placed her hands on the window and stuck out her ass, shaking it at me as Aqualina pulled her friend’s hem up from the back so I could see her round ass and her pussy peeking out from underneath. The girls laughed then resumed dancing, Aqualina grabbed Xochi’s hips from the back as Xochi ground her ass against her friend.

After a minute, they turned around so that Aqualina could grind her ass back against Xochi. Finally, they faced each other, mashing their pelvises together, kissing passionately. Xochi ran her hands down to grab Aqualina’s ass, first over the fabric and then reaching beneath to fondle the bare skin of her firm butt. Now they slowed down into kissing and mutual ass caressing, giving their audience a good show.

Aqualina pulled Xochi’s negligee all the way up and turned her friend’s ass to face the window as Xochi slowly swayed her hips and stuck her butt out. Aqualina dropped the hem again and moved so that her own ass faced the courtyard as Xochi lifted the sheer fabric from Aqualina’s swaying body. Breaking away and turning around to face the window, Aqualina pulled her skimpy nightgown all the way up so that she was bare from her feet to the top of her belly. She pushed her pelvis forward, actually rubbing her mound against the windowpane, undoubtedly showing her spread lips to the people below. “Uh!” she exclaimed then let the fabric drop back over her pussy.

“I don’t know why but exposing myself makes me so horny,” Aqualina exclaimed, turning off the light and ending the show.

“I think that everything makes you horny,” said Xochi, “and the freaky thing is that I’m starting to feel the same way.”

“Plenty of things don’t make me horny,” I said, “but the two of you drive me off the charts. Let’s continue this in the bedroom.”

Daniella’s bedroom was soon ready for us with dim lighting, sheets turned back, and a bottle of lube on the bedside table. Aqualina and Xochi jumped on the bed, still in their sexy lingerie, and began kissing each other. Soon they were rubbing their crotches together with their brown legs intertwined. In keeping with both of their overall physiques, Aqualina’s legs were long and lean, while Xochi’s were lush and curvaceous. I just stood there for a while drinking in the sight of my eager young lovers.

Steve and I sat in the bar after our respective days at work. I have known him since we were at school then when we left school we had played football for the same team. In the last couple of years we had almost completely drifted apart as he had moved away due to work commitments. Out of the blue I had bumped into him again which had led to us chatting and catching up on what had happened since we had lost touch. This had seen us meet up today after work and we had enjoyed a pint or two.

“So Steve are you back for good now?” I asked.

“Looks like it Paul, I found I had missed the old place so was more than happy to come back.”

“And?” I said sensing there was more to it than simple homesickness.

“Well while I was away I met someone. She is really nice. One thing led to another and ..we kind of got together.”

“But, it broke up and you moved back to forget?”

He laughed. “No. It was the opposite in fact.” I have to admit to being more than a little confused. “See although I met her while I was working away she was only there seeing friends. You see she’s actually born and brought up here like us.”

“Would I know her?”

“I don’t think so. She is a few years younger than us and has not long left college.”

“You dirty old bastard.” I teased

“As it happens people who know the pair of us say that she acts more grown up than me. Anyway if you can hold on a bit you will get to meet her as she is meeting me in here tonight before we go out for a meal.”

I offered to get us another drink while Steve waited for this new mystery girl of his to arrive. Having known that Steve liked to be with his women for no more than a week I was intrigued as to what woman had managed to convince him to commit. I was even keener to meet her given that she was so young. Walking back to our seats I caught him glancing out of the window and as he turned he coloured noting that I had seen as he was obviously eager to met with his girlfriend.

Sitting back at the table I handed Steve his beer. “So what’s her name?”


“Nice. So what does she do for a living?” I asked.

“Oh you will like this.” He replied. “She’s training to be a solicitor. Her degree course was law. I can see you are shocked.”

Steve and I are both manual workers, who are fairly typical beer, football and women loving men, who enjoy ourselves. We had attracted ‘posh’ women before but all they really wanted was a bit of rough so none of the relationships had ever flourished.

“Was she defending you?” I teased.

“You already know how I met her you wind up merchant. I admit that I was as surprised as you when she eventually told me what she did. Anyway she is different to all the girls I have met before. Here she is now mate. I will just go and get her a drink, be back in a moment.”

My gaze followed him as he walked across the bar. As they met he and Lucy kissed passionately. He spoke to her and she looked over his shoulder at me. Immediately I could see why he was so taken with her. She stood a fraction shorter than him, probably about 5’7 with her heels raising her, in a smart business. Her shoulder length red curly hair was in complete contrast to the dark material of her clothes. She smiled at me, with a smile that was to die for. They parted momentarily as she walked to the bar and he returned.

“I’ll make a move now Steve.”

“No need to, she wants to meet you. What do you think?”

“She’s stunning. I thought you had said that you would never date a ginger!”

He grinned, “For Christ’s sake do not say that.”

I laughed. “Of course I wont. But you are one lucky bastard Steve she is really beautiful. Why the fuck is she with you, I thought you said she was clever.”

As she approached us our chat stopped. “Lucy, please meet my friend Paul.”

“Hello Lucy.” I said extending my hand to her.

“Hi Paul, nice to meet you.”

“It’s nice to meet you as well.” I replied.

I stayed with them for maybe half an hour while we chatted. Lucy and I got acquainted and when I left she said that she hoped I would go for a drink with them again soon. I agreed and over the next few months saw them often as we frequently met up for drinks.


During the summer we were sitting in the beer garden after work. As was becoming normal Lucy met up with us when she had finished work.

“Hi boys. I would have thought you outdoor workers would have had enough sitting out in this heat.”

“I am only getting the rays before we need to go inside my dear.” He grinned as he and I pulled on our tops to go into the pub. Lucy’s red hair and fair skin meant she was preferred not to spend to long in the sun.

Once in the gloomy interior of the hostelry we sat ourselves down. It was quiet inside as most customers were drinking in the beer garden. One of the World cup football matches was on the television screen; the two teams involved were only ‘minor’ nations and therefore were attracting little interest. Steve and I looked up at the screen.

“Honestly, this summer is dreadful we have no escape from the bloody football.” Lucy complained.

“It will be heaving in here on Saturday when the England game is on.”

“Where are you going to watch the game?”

“Not given it much thought.” I replied.

“Steve, why don’t the three of us watch it in peace at our place?”

“Good idea, you up for that Paul?”

“Love to.”

Lucy grinned, “That’s a date then. If it’s a sunny day we can have a barbeque and a few drinks and make a day of it. I will even slap on the high factor cream and sit sunbathing with you two if you like.

On Saturday I arrived at their house with a bottle of wine and a case of beers. After I rang the doorbell as was greeted by Lucy as she let me in. She was stood in the doorway in a pale blue summer dress. Her pale shoulders had the tiny spaghetti straps holding the material up. The outline of her small firm breasts could be easily made out by the curves in her dress. She also appeared tinier than normal then I realised that she was standing barefoot in front of me.

“Hi Paul.” She said as she reached up giving me a light kiss on the cheek.

“Hi Lucy.”

“Put those in the kitchen will you then join Steve in the garden. I’m busting to use the loo, I’ll be down in a minute.”

Walking out into the garden I found Steve sitting on the patio drinking a beer. Sitting in the chair next to him we briefly chatted about the approaching match whilst enjoying the warm summer sun. When Lucy joined us she handed Steve a bottle of sun lotion and asked him to rub it into her skin for her. She sat on the opposite side of Steve, facing the sun, allowing him to rub the cream into her pale skin. He pulled the straps of her dress to one side and I could sense he had lowered the dress. I could see Lucy’s bare shoulders and could make out small murmurs of enjoyment coming from her. I turned and from the way Steve was leaning over her I guessed he was massaging the sun cream into her small round breasts. I remained seated looking down the garden trying to appear unaware of the attention that he was paying her.

Once he had finished he resumed talking to me as if nothing had happened. Lucy sunbathed and allowed us lads to have the usual male conversations. When kick off time arrived Steve and I went into the house to watch the match. Lucy told us she would be outside a little longer as she was not so interested in the football.

In front of their large screen television Steve and Lucy had a large leather three-seater sofa, so Steve and I sat in the position at each end. We sat down to watch the game and enjoy some beers and crisps. About twenty minutes into the game we heard Lucy enter the Kitchen from the garden.

“Can you bring a couple of cans in honey?” Steve called out. We heard her go to the fridge then she walked into the room behind us. She handed the beers over to us from the rear of the sofa. Steve reached up and took his without taking his eyes off the screen. I turned to take my beer and thank her.

“Cheers Lucy….” I said before pausing. She was leaning forward on the back of our seat so she could watch the match. As I turned my eyes fell to her chest. The front of her dress had fallen forward and I could see her naked boobs beneath as they hung free. Although her chest was small her breasts were perfect, small and rounded with little red nipples.

She smiled replying “Your welcome.” I blushed as she caught me eyeing up her cleavage. Despite this she merely returned to looking at the screen. I guessed she did not want to cause a scene. After a couple of minutes Lucy announced that if she was going to have to watch the footie then she expected Steve to give her shoulders a rub. She sat in front of him allowing him to softly rub her while he watched the game.

Halftime arrived and with England three goals in front we all agreed that surely they were destined to make it to the next round. I made my excuses as I needed to visit the toilet. As I walked up the stairs I looked back into the living room and saw Steve lean forward and begin to kiss Lucy.

Closing the toilet door I turned and was surprised to note that there appeared to be a pornographic magazine on the cistern. Once I had quickly emptied my bladder I put the toilet seat down and began to flick through the magazine. To my surprise it was a magazine containing hardcore pornography. One section was devoted to contacts were couples could place adverts to meet. I was obviously surprised that Steve had left this out but then remembered that Lucy had been the last person to visit the bathroom after she had let me in the house. I quickly returned the magazine deciding to make no reference although I could not had not seen it.

I flushed the loo and loudly closed the door before making my way downstairs so that they had a chance to stop kissing if they had taken the opportunity to get frisky. Entering the front room I saw Steve reaching over Lucy’s shoulders and roughly squeezing her under her dress. The television was no longer showing the usual half-time analysis but now was playing a pornographic video. Looking at the screen I noted that the woman was being filled at both ends. Then I noted that the woman in the film was a petite redhead, not totally dissimilar to Lucy in fact, giving me the final piece of the jigsaw puzzle. I sat quietly in my seat once more, with my heart beating rapidly, as I hoped that one of them would say something or make a move to confirm my inkling that they wanted a threesome with me.

Lucy turned to face me and smiled warmly. “Steve, has a desire to see me with another bloke. I fancy you Paul so if you are up for it…. Well Steve and I want to forget the rest of the football and get down and dirty. What about you?”

I simply nodded. She lifted herself up off the floor before approaching me. She moved my legs apart and straddled my left leg. As she leant forward she cupped my face and began to gently kiss my lips. She was soft and gentle with her kisses making it obvious that she wanted this to be a slow passionate lovemaking session rather than a frantic fuck. Steve was clearly getting his fantasy but only on Lucy’s terms. She sucked on my lower lip and lowered herself down to sit on my thigh. As she did this I felt the heat of her pussy, then the soft tickle of her pubic hair on the skin of my legs, followed by the wet sensation of her bare sex on me. She was therefore totally naked under her summer dress. I carried on kissing her with my hands delving under the straps allowing me to lower her top and expose her tits.

We continued to embrace as I felt Steve’s weight shift on the leather as he made his way across to the seat next to us. He leant forward and began kissing Lucy’s neck and ear. I took his lead and paid the same attention to the right side of her neck. She was enjoying the attention of two men as she gasped at the kissing and gentle nibbling of both of her earlobes.

Steve whispered in her ear, I was so close that I could also hear what he had said. “Are you going to fuck him darling or not?”

“In my own time.” She said turning and looking right into his eyes. She pushed him back as she eased herself off of me. Momentarily I worried that he had pushed her to far and I was not going to experience this stunning beauty but I should not have feared as she now was kneeling before me. Her hands snaked up my legs and dived through the leg opening of my shorts. Gripping my solid shaft she pulled the erection out of my shorts.

“Mmmmm now Steve you never told me he was such a big boy did you?” She looked up at me grinning. “When he asked me to do this and I suggested I would be willing to do it with you he said he had seen you in the showers after football and that you worked out and were muscular but he didn’t tell me this.” She was stroking my erection, which is almost nine inches long. The irony was that, on a football tour the team had hired a stripper who was taken up on her offer of ‘extras’ provided we did it all together, so we had seen each other hard as well as shagging. He knew I was long while I knew he had a very large girthed dick.

Lucy continued to massage my shaft before leaning forward to place her mouth over the tip of my cock. Her tongue liked across the shiny head of my cock after she had drawn my foreskin back. Swirling her tongue under the head she then took me deeper and deeper into her warm mouth. She sucked hard on me. I looked at her pretty face as her cheeks were sucked in as she went to town on sucking me.

Steve moved off of the sofa then knelt down behind her. She gasped and moaned as Steve started to finger her from behind while she continued to give me head. I could hear soft squelching noises escaping from her groin while Steve rubbed and probed her damp pussy. He crouched over her body so that his face was next to her ear. “Please I can’t wait any longer. You are dripping wet, he is not getting any harder, I want to see you ride him.”

Lucy allowed my engorged penis to escape her mouth while she continued to rub me slowly up and down. Turning to Steve she said, “Originally I was only doing this for you, but now you could not stop me honey!” They grinned at each other then she kissed him. When they parted I could of sworn I saw him his tongue lick at his lips as he had obviously tasted my salty pre-cum in his girlfriend’s mouth.

Pressing my legs back together Lucy placed a knee either side of my legs. My rigid cock was taken in her right hand as she reached back behind her. Very slowly she lowered herself until the tip of my dick was touching her damp pussy. Moving me backwards and forwards she rubbed the helmet of my penis against her labia and outer lips.

Her teasing continued as she leaned forward and started to kiss me once more. Breaking from our embrace she looked into my eyes. “Are you sure you are cool with this?”

“Christ yes, please don’t stop.”

She smiled at me. “Okay, but I want to be in control, okay?” I nodded, willing to do anything that would allow me to have her beautiful body. “Don’t say anything just enjoy me.” With that she gently placed me against her sweet opening. Placing her spare hand on my shoulder she very slowly sank her weight down until my cock had pierced her sex. Letting go of my shaft she put her other hand on my shoulder. With a hand on each of my shoulders she pushed down until I had completely filled her. At this point she fell forward and began kissing me.

While we kissed she began to rise and fall getting accustomed to the length of my shaft. Once she had done this she began to move up and down gradually getting quicker. Even though her chest was quite small she was still jiggling as she rode me. Her nipples were rigid and very erect. I placed my mouth over her right areola, suckling hard on her, making her moan out load. I felt her fingers move over her clitoris as she rubbed herself while she rocked backwards and forwards on me.

“Fuck me Lucy this is so horny.” Steve said. We both looked to the side where Steve had knelt on the seat next to us. His hand was pumping backwards and forwards on his erection.

Falling forward Lucy pulled herself tight against me as she kissed and licked my neck. When her mouth found my ear she licked my earlobe before giving it gentle nibbles and pulls. All the while she was slowly fucking my cock. Her breath was becoming laboured. “This is lovely Paul. I want to have your hard cock in my pussy and his cock filling my mouth when I orgasm, after you can cum inside me, don’t worry I’m protected.”

Then she moved slightly to her right, beckoning Steve to come closer, then she placed her lips over the tip of his dick and moved her head slowly up and down. She placed one of her hands on my chest with the other on Steve’s chest. We both stopped moving which was obviously what she wanted as we both got a thumbs up. She concentrated on sucking Steve as she rubbed furiously at her clitoral hood. Occasionally she rose and fell on my cock, once or twice I slowly raised her by bringing my hips up. I put my mind to focusing on holding on until Lucy had experienced her sexual release yet I watched my mates cock pushing into her mouth.

“Mmmmm I am going to cum you minx!” Steve moaned. I saw his balls tighten which was quickly followed by Lucy’s cheeks expand, her throat visibly swallowed, as I heard the squelch as his seed was drawn down her willing neck. As he calmed she kissed and licked him as his penis began to shrivel.

“Now it’s my turn.” She said as she turned to face me once more then she began to bounce on my lap. I looked into her eyes and I could see by the look on her face that she was desperate to climax before me. I licked my fingers and let my hand fall to her groin. Seeking out her clitoris I began to rub my fingers over her fleshy lips in a figure of eight pattern. “Wow that’s it keep that up. I’m cumming… oh yes…. Oh Jesus this is so intense. Fuck me hard. Oh yes, now please please fill me Oh god.” Her chest and face flushed as she leant back and as her pussy pulsed and throbbed around my hard cock her eyes rolled back as she moaned.

After she had cum she pushed me back in the seat and thrust her groin up and down riding me. I could feel my semen building and knew that I was about to cum. I pulled her to me and kissed her as my cock exploded. My sperm flooded her as she rode my dick.

“Thank you.” I said.

“I think we all enjoyed that. Hold on let me help you get clean.” With that she lifted herself off of me. I felt my spunk slide down onto my groin, leg and the leather of the sofa. Lucy then knelt between my legs and slowly and tenderly started to kiss and lick at my skin. She removed and cleaned the liquid away. I closed my eyes enjoying the sensation of her soft tongue and lips caressing me before she let out a soft gasp. I looked down to see that Steve had regained his erection that he was now sliding inside of Lucy. He moved her legs so that they were splayed wide open and he leaned into her filling her damp, semen coated, vagina. Having enjoyed the sight of his girlfriend having sex Steve was now really slamming into her. I placed my arms under her and gently eased her to the floor so the Steve could enjoy the moment of screwing her with no interference from me. They were embracing, kissing, nibbling and petting as he relentlessly repeatedly penetrated her.

No words were said as once more she began to convulse. This time she had received no clitoral stimulus and then Steve thrust deeply into her as he buried his sperm deep inside of her throbbing vagina. I later found out that that was the first occasion that Lucy had achieved and orgasm purely from penetrative sex alone.

Steve and I sat on each side of Lucy as she massaged or cocks and balls. We took turns in kissing her lips, her nipples, her neck and earlobes. Once I was stiff once more she told me that she wanted to thank me and she gave me a slow and sensual blowjob.

This is a follow up to my first story ( That is a pretty quick read & I suggest reading it first though it probably isn’t totally necessary. As always, thank you for the feedback (positive or negative) all is encouraged.


As soon as we got into the theater, Amanda was unable to keep her hands off me. We had to keep our relationship a secret (if you could call a blowjob in a restroom and some dirty cell phone pictures a relationship) and going to a movie theater 3 towns over seemed like a good way to do that.

She started by rubbing my leg and kissing me all over my neck and cheek and my lips. I tried to hold her back, at least until the lights went down, but I was useless against her advances. Amanda continued to be all over me and, luckily, it didn’t take too long for the theater to grow darker.

She took it to the next level once the lights did go down. My belt was unbuckled and her hands went straight down my shorts before I even knew it. We had a perfect spot in the theater; towards the back, kind of in the middle, with people in our area in front of us, but not close enough to see anything that went on. By the time the previews started, my cock was fully erect and sticking out of my shorts as Amanda began licking it up and down.

Amanda seemed to be infatuated with teasing me, kissing and licking my cock, watching me closely with a smirk across her face as I begged with my eyes for her to just put me all the way in. She sucked each of my balls into her mouth and began to slowly jerk me off. She continued rubbing as she brought her beautiful face up to mine to give me a passionate kiss on the lips. When we parted she went right to me ear, kissed my lobe gently and whispered:

“I’ve been craving your big, thick cock, baby…. It’s been way too long.”

I nodded lightly in agreement, tilting my head back in pleasure as she swiftly moved back down and put my rock hard cock into her wet mouth. She worked her tongue all the way around my head. I couldn’t do anything but stare down in amazement. She must have felt it as she came back up and added:

“Don’t worry, just sit back and enjoy the movie… I’m going to take it nice and slow…”

There wasn’t a chance of me paying attention to anything happening on screen. Here I was with a beautiful 18-year-old girl worshiping my cock in public, I was going to focus all of my energy on drinking in every aspect of this moment.

She guided my hands across her tight, young body. Introducing me to her petite frame and each of her perky, young breasts. I flicked her soft nipples and felt her wince in pleasure as I explored her. Amanda moaned softly and pushed her body against me. She looked up at me with her big eyes as she slowly wrapped her fingers around the base of my cock. I moved my arms out of the way to let her start. She brought her face down and carefully guided me right back into her mouth.

I grunted out quietly in release. The pleasure was intense. Being in public made things that much better. I glanced around at the other people in the theater. They were all oblivious to what was going on behind them.

Amanda was doing everything right, handling my cock with care and caressing my balls gently, seemingly knowing everything that I wanted before I even knew that I wanted it.

“Good job, baby… Put it all the way in.”

She happily obliged, sticking every inch of me down her throat slowly. I wasn’t sure that she could handle it all, but there was no stopping her. I felt her gag a little as she continued to move her lips lower and lower. She recovered nicely and stopped herself about an inch from the bottom, still managing to massage me with her tongue. She brought herself back up and began moving my cock in and out while simultaneously jerking me off.

I rubbed my hand through her hair as she continued to pleasure me.

After awhile, Amanda needed a break. She removed me from her mouth, rubbed her hand along the head of my cock and looked up at me with a smile. I leaned down to kiss her lips, she closed her eyes, our lips met and then she went right back to work.

I tried to watch the movie as she took care of me, but I was unable to focus. Amanda began moaning quietly with me still inside of her. I couldn’t do anything but sit back and enjoy, my head rolling back as I began to lose all control.

Amanda lifted herself up, so that only the head of my cock was in her tight little mouth, and began jerking off my cock. Lightly grazing her hand up and down my shaft as I searched with my hands for something to hold onto.

I felt my balls tighten as they prepared for the big release. Amanda tightened her grip little by little as I lost control. The first blast was so sudden that I wasn’t even sure that it happened. A huge stream flowed straight down Amanda’s throat as she accepted it willingly. The second blast had so much power that Amanda was clearly taken back, but it didn’t stop her. It was immediately followed by the third which had her noticeably rattled. A forth blast put her over the edge. Amanda was forced to withdraw as she got up coughing, choking on the huge load that I had rewarded her work with. She sat up normally in case anyone turned around and was quickly able to collect herself. She had continued to jerk me off as I was still in another world. A fifth stream had shot out onto the seat in front of me, followed quickly by a sixth and seventh. Amanda was able to recover in time to guide the rest into her hand as she milked everything she could out of me.

I came back to Earth to see Amanda starring at me with the biggest smile in the world. She was still jerking me off to make sure that every last drop was out and there was a glob of my cum still on her chin that she didn’t seem to know about. With her wide eyes and innocent smile I couldn’t help but return the smile. I gave her a quick kiss on the forehead and we laughed quietly about the mess I left on her face.

She pulled a towel out of her bag and wiped her hands before cleaning the rest of me off. There was only about 30 minutes left in the movie, and Amanda spent the entire time nestled right up against me, under my arm.


We grabbed dinner after the movie, and everything felt normal. It felt very much like a date even though we weren’t really dating. Amanda made some jokes about taking me back to the bathroom and repeating what happened the last time we had a meal together, but I was able to control her. I was enjoying things the way they were.

As the night came to an end, we walked to the car and I opened the door up for Amanda. Before we got in I gave her a big, romantic kiss. She wrapped her arms around me and I pulled her close. Her lips were so soft that I couldn’t resist. I put my hands on her hips and explored her beautiful body, slowly forcing her against the car as I kissed her harder. I could feel her being totally taken in by the passion. I worked my hand up to her breast and gave it a gentle squeeze. She quivered at my touch. My dick was growing harder as I pushed it up against her waist. Before we could get any further, I pulled myself away and guided her into her seat. I got her in and closed her door before she even realized she was sitting down, and, collecting myself, walked slowly to the driver’s seat.

I noticed Amanda fidgeting when I got in but I didn’t pay much attention as I just focused on getting her home before anyone grew suspicious. Amanda was rubbing my leg gently.

“I have something for you.” She broke the silence, snapping me out of my trance. She continued to rub my leg. For the first time, I noticed something in Amanda’s hand, rubbing closer and closer to my crotch. I looked down and saw what was bunched up in her tiny hand…. a lacy, black thong.

“I took it off when we first got into the car… I’m so wet for you, baby.” Amanda whispered the last part into my ear and kissed my ear lobe.

I focused on the road, but had no way to defend myself. Amanda was now rubbing my cock with her left hand and using her right to guide my free hand under her skirt.

The girl wasn’t lying, she was soaking wet under her skirt and not having any underwear on made it even better. I began rubbing her, listening to her moans of pleasure. I slowed down the car, trying to be as safe as possible on the empty road. Meanwhile, Amanda unzipped my fly and set my rock hard cock free. She let out a moan of satisfaction once she got a firm grip around my thick member. Her tiny hand barely fit around me, I rubbed her harder and watched as she closed her eyes and tilted her head back in pleasure.

“I can’t wait to fuck your big cock, baby.” I rubbed harder…. “I can’t help but think about it being inside of my tight, little pussy…. I want it soooooo bad.”

With this, I slid two fingers inside of her. Amanda let out a squeal of release. She was slowly stroking my cock, but hardly was able to focus on that as I finger fucked her harder and harder.

“Oh yeah, baby…. I love you inside of me… More… More… More!”

I kept going, trying to go as deep as I could from my angle; twirling my fingers around inside of her virgin pussy. Amanda squeezed my cock harder as she moaned closer and closer to orgasm. She had given up on jerking as she desperately searched for something to hold onto.


I just kept going… Harder and harder… Trying to do everything to make this girl scream while I continued to drive. Amanda’s orgasm controlled her and screams seemed to echo through the car. My erection was still standing straight up as I gave this young girl absolute pleasure. I was so turned on by what I was able to do to her. I still could barely accept the fact that this was Amanda—the girl I had known since she was just a kid. Now a beautiful young woman with a soaking wet pussy, coming off of the orgasm of a lifetime.

Eventually, she worked herself back down. I slowly removed my fingers from her and continued to drive. My penis was still exposed and still hard. I had a huge smile on my face, there was a sense of pride in fulfilling her needs, finally doing something for her after she did so much for me.

Amanda was totally relaxed, slouching in her seat. She came to with a huge grin on her face and giggled with satisfaction. She gave me a peck on the cheek and reached into my lap to get her hand back around my thick cock.

“Thanks, baby. That felt incredible.” The way she spoke these words made it sound like she had just come back from heaven.

I nodded and smiled, breathing a bit heavier as she began to stroke my cock. Still with a giant smile on her face, she brought her lips in front of mine and gave me a big wet kiss. I tried to concentrate on the road as the car swerved a little, but I think I did a pretty good job. Amanda realized the distraction and brought herself around to my ear.

“The only way this could be better is if I could see you shoot another load.” She whispered into my ear. “Focus on the road and let me play with your nice, strong cock, baby.”

Amanda kissed me softly on the cheek and rested her head on my shoulder as she continued to stroke me. My mind drifted off to the memory of her screams of joy from just moments before. Amanda got faster and faster as precum began to ooze out of my slit. As soon as she felt the wetness drip down to her hand, Amanda began to slow down.

“Mmmmmmm….” She moaned, taking her head off my shoulder and swiftly putting her lips right around me, sucking up any precum she could find. She bobbed her head on me a little bit as I lifted my hips slightly to try and go as deep as possible. Just as smoothly as she went down, she quickly came right back up to my shoulder, and went right back to jerking me off.

The moisture was perfect, and I could feel that I was getting close. We were beginning to see cars on the road, and getting closer to town. Suddenly there was a pressure to finish this up before we could get caught. I was doing everything I could to keep my mind clear as Amanda got faster and faster, determined to release that second load from my balls which were tightening up in preparation for my orgasm.

“That feel good, baby? You going to show me that nice warm load?”

Amanda was now looking up at me with her big, brown eyes, clearly in great anticipation of my cumshot.

“Where do you want to cum, baby? You want me to swallow everything like a good girl?”

Any self control that I was holding onto at that moment was focused on controlling the car. I must have subconsciously nodded because I don’t remember being able to speak. Amanda put her head right down and began bobbing while simultaneously jerking me off right down her throat. She let out a strong moan and I was a goner.

“Oh yeah, baby… Here I cum…”

Amanda stopped moving her head with her lips puckered tightly around the head of my cock. She began milking my shaft as I squirted each strand of jizz straight down her throat. Her other hand was gently rubbing my balls as they unleashed my load. I gripped the steering wheel with my left hand and brought my right down to stroke her hair. I felt Amanda swallow as she continued to do her best to force every bit of cum out of me.

“Ready to go all the way down, baby?” This was more a warning than an actual question. I couldn’t help myself.

Amanda moaned what was clearly a “Yes” and removed her hand from my cock. I pushed down on her head gently and slowly thrust my hips upward into her. Amanda took it all like a champ. Deepthroating my big cock perfectly as I shot the last small squirts straight against her tonsils. After a few moments, I released her, having experienced such pleasure that it was all I could do. Amanda gave me one last big suck, bringing her hand back to milk and remaining semen slowly onto her tongue.

I wasn’t sure how much time had gone by. I know that I got us back to town safely, but I was so lost in the moment I was really just going through the motions. Amanda cleaned me up and put me right back into my shorts. She nestled her head up against me and thanked me for such a great day. This girl was a dream come true, fulfilling all of my fantasies without me even having to ask. I wasn’t sure when I would see her again, but I know I wanted it to be soon.

My first two years in college were less than ideal. By my third year, I had transferred to a new school and ended up living in a solo room in an all Freshman dorm. Being a Junior was definitely an advantage. All of the Freshman girls were eager to make friends, and I had learned enough in my first two years to have a leg up on everyone.

On the first weekend, I met Joanna at a frat party and soon found that she lived in the same dorm as me. I took her back to my room and we fucked for hours. She ended up being a total slut, but it was a great night, ending with me drenching her tits, stomach and face with a gigantic blast of my jizz.

Joanna was extremely impressed with my cock size; I was a bit above ten inches with well above average girth. What she seemed to love most was the massive amount of cum that I saturating her with. I have always produced very big cumshots, and if I went more than a day without cumming, I would produce more than anyone could handle.

What I didn’t realize at the time was that Joanna was a pretty big gossip. The word spread about me between the Freshman girls. Joanna and I fooled around a couple more times, but eventually she found a couple other guys and I was content to drift away.

I ended up befriending a group of girls and we all became pretty close. I flirted with one of them all the time and was hoping to pursue her, but there always seemed to be something in the way. Maria was the girl. She was a beautiful, sexy Latina, had great curves, 38D breasts, big beautiful eyes and a smile that lit up the room. Maria oozed sex appeal. Everything about her turned me on. She had the typical Latin sass and a subtle accent that made me want to terrible things to her.

Maria roomed with Christina. As soon as the two of them had met it seemed as if they had known each other forever. Christina was a little on the heavier side but still very pretty. She had a very cute face and was very sexual. Christina’s best feature were her giant tits. Even at 18, she was very open about her breast size being 40E and wasn’t shy with using them to tease me even though our relationship was platonic.

The last in the group was Jane. She was very slender and couldn’t have weighed much more than a hundred pounds soaking wet. Jane had a beautiful face and didn’t have much going on in terms of curves, but she still knew how to drive a guy wild. Jane had two perfect little tits and often went braless so that you could see her perky little nipples through her shirts. Jane was the biggest flirt of all, always batting her eyelashes and just loved to play games. Jane also roomed with Joanna, though they weren’t close, she was the one that told Maria and Christina about me.

One night, I met up with a few guys for a poker night and ended up wandering back to my dorm around 3 am. The girls had gone out clubbing. Even though that typically included Maria or one of the other girls rubbing up against me all night, I wasn’t much into the club scene.

When I got back to my room I noticed someone leaning against my door. As I got closer I noticed it was Jane, fast asleep, slouched down in the sitting position. Even though she was passed out, she looked good. She was wearing a very short, black dress which showed off her slender figure nicely. She clearly had some sort of push up bra going on, I knew she was getting some help up there, but I wasn’t complaining.

“Hey, Jane.” I tried to wake her with a gentle nudge. “Wake up, beautiful.”

Jane peacefully came to. Slowly opening her eyes and turning her head to me while realizing the situation and smiling at herself.


“Good morning,” I said sarcastically.

As I helped Jane to her feet, she explained to me that Joanna had a guy in her room and she didn’t feel like dealing with trying to sleep with that going on. I couldn’t imagine sleeping in that room either; I knew from experience that Joanna was pretty loud. I lead Jane into my room, figuring we could sleep together without anything happening. I was really hoping to jerk off tonight, it had been like 2-3 days and I was definitely backed up, but I didn’t see much of a choice at this point.

Jane jumped in the bed and snuggled up facing the wall, I offered her a t-shirt and boxers, but she ignored me. Since she was turned, I figured I should quickly get changed. I took of my shirt and dropped my pants. Typically, I slept in just boxers, but I wasn’t sure what to do tonight. Before I could make a decision, I felt Jane behind me. She put her hands on me and I turned around into her, she brought herself closer and went in for a kiss. I kissed her right back.

Her lips were soft and her motive was clear, when we parted she looked up at me with a smirk on her face. She knew what she wanted and she was ready to take it. She kissed my chest and rubbed my body with her hands. I began to untie her dress and kissed her wherever I could. The dress dropped to the floor as I gave Jane a nice, deep kiss. She was as sexy as could be, with a lacy black bra and matching thong. I moved down to kiss her neck and she pushed me away.

“Hold on,” she ordered.

I wasn’t sure what this meant as I waited to see what she was going to do next with a noticeable bulge in my shorts. Jane looked really good backing away, wearing just her sexy, black lingerie. She was on her phone, sending a text or something. After a minute or so she giggled out loud and turned her attention back to me.

“Sorry about that.” She was finally finished. “I see that famous cock of yours is still a little hard… I want to see it fully erect… I want to see that notoriously big load I’ve heard so much about… So, where were we?”

As she said this, she unhooked her bra and stood in front of me topless. My cock was just about as hard as it gets. Jane looked so good that I had no control over it. She pulled me to the bed, laid me down and climbed on top of me. Giving me a big kiss and working her way to my neck, past my chest and stomach, sensually touching just about every part of me with her tongue. As she got down to my crotch, she rubbed my cock through my shorts and kissed the thin fabric right where my balls are. She had begun stroking me through my shorts when there was a knock on the door. I didn’t even have time to register who it could be, but Jane didn’t miss a beat. She smiled her wicked smile and let out a giggle as she got up to let the mystery knocker in. I was a little surprised to see Maria and Christina walk through the door with big grins on their faces.

“Looking good, stud,” one of them said as all three girls jumped into bed with me.

Both Maria and Christina seemed to be wearing what they slept in. This consisted of short shorts and thin t-shirts with no bras in sight.

“We heard the stories about you, and we want to see that big cock of yours in action. How would you like the three of us to take care of you tonight?”

I was blown away. I had jerked off to each of these girls multiple times. I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t been dying to fuck all three of them. I must have nodded as they all smiled and looked me up and down. Their hands were all over me as my cock continued to stir under my shorts. I was lying in the middle of the bed, Maria was on my right, Jane was at my feet and had begun rubbing my cock again, and Christina was on my left with her hands exploring every part of me. Maria knelt in to kiss me passionately on the lips. I felt her chest against me and could feel my cock twitching. Jane and Christina slowly reached into my shorts and put their fists around my hard prick. Maria and I finished our kiss and she brought herself back up to take of her shirt. Her tits were a work of art. I wanted nothing more than to bury my face in them and to feast on her perfect nipples. Christina was still holding my cock as Jane brought it out through the hole in my boxers and was slowly bringing it in and out of her mouth.

I moaned in pleasure, Maria came back down with her tits out and kissed me again. She started with my lips and then to my neck and my ear. Her hands were rubbing my chest as she kissed my earlobe and began softly speaking to me in Spanish. I have no idea what she was saying, but it felt like she was worshiping me. Her accent was so sexy that I could barely contain myself.

Christina had pulled my shorts down and her and Jane were now taking turns putting my dick in their mouths. I looked down to see that Christina had removed her shirt and her gigantic tits were now out in the open. I needed a closer look.

“Wait… wait,” I begged mercifully. There was no stopping the girls. They were in awe of my cock and wanted nothing more than to see me spray them with a massive load. Eventually, they decided to help me out and listen.

“What do you want, baby? Tell us anything and we’ll do it for you.” Maria’s voice was so sexy.

All three of the girl were looking up at me, waiting for orders. Maria was still on my right, while Christina and Jane were both sitting at my crotch, Jane’s hand around my shaft while Christina gripped my balls.

Christina’s tits were enormous. I needed them in my face, to be smothered by them. I ordered Christina up to me and she happily obliged. I told Maria to go down and take her spot next to Jane so that they could work my cock together. As soon as Maria got down there, her and Jane began making out while Jane slowly jerked me off. Christina began to straddle my chest and put her big jugs in my face. I was in heaven.

After a few minutes the girls decided to mix it up. Christina got off me and went down to join the other two.

“If you love my giant tits in your face, then you are going to love this,” she said as she positioned herself in the middle. Seeing her tits next to Maria’s was a dream come true.

Maria took hold of my cock and placed it right in between Christina’s giant mounds. Christina began working them up and down as they engulfed the entire length of my rock hard dick. I was so close to exploding I could barely hold back. Maria and Jane crawled up to my sides and simultaneously kissed my neck and rubbed my body with their hands while Christina continued to bounce her big tits around me.

“Cum for us, baby… We want to see a nice, warm load explode out of that huge dick of yours,” Maria cooed with her accent.

“That is by far, the biggest cock I have ever seen…. Please, please , please cum for us…” Jane begged.

“I’m going to cum, ladies… I’m so close,” I warned. “That feels amazing.”

Neither of them wanted to miss the grand finale. Maria and Jane scooted down next to Christina as she continued going up and down and up and down…. She released my cock and Maria and Jane both grabbed it and continued jerking. All three girls were spitting on my cock to lube me up as I got closer and closer. Jane put her mouth right around the head and the girls all moaned to me, begging for me to release and spray them with my juices.

“Oh yeah… there it is girls. Here I cum…YESSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!” I let out a loud grunt of release. My cock was pointed straight up as the first shot blasted out. A huge stream of cum fired straight up, one of the biggest blasts any of us had ever seen, shooting up so fast and so hard that the girls let out a shriek of surprise as it almost reached the ceiling.




I heard all three of them cheer me on as they continued to pump my jizz out of my bright red cock. Maria was looking up at the first shot as it elevated into the air and quickly descended right back down. It came back so quickly that it hit her right in the face and left a huge string on her face. She loved it.

The second shot may have been even more impressive than the first. Firing just as high and seeming like an even longer string of cum. Maria saw it coming right back down for her and she opened her mouth in anticipation, getting a good serving of my jizz right onto her tongue, as well as some splattering on her chin.

Christina was holding up her tits so that they looked even bigger for me. Jane and Maria knew what to do, aiming my cock directly at the enormous titties that were sitting right in front of me. The third blast was a dead shot right on the top of Christina’s left tit. Another strong blast that coated her in my thick cum. The fourth did the same to her right jug, soaking her huge breasts with just 2 shots, everyone was impressed. For the fifth string, Christina opened her mouth and aimed my cock up at her so she could take the shot right down her throat. She kept coming towards me and wrapped her lips around my member to take the sixth shot straight into her mouth. My jizz was still coming out with such power that Christina couldn’t take it and had to pull me out as she began to choke on my semen.

As soon as she let it go, Jane grabbed my shaft again and put her lips around the head, absorbing the seventh, eighth and ninth blasts. She did the best she could, but 3 strings was too much for her, and she began choking just like Christina did. Maria jumped in and began milking the rest out of me, I seemed to be done blasting as she jerked me off, but there were still thick globs oozing out of my cock and pouring down my shaft.

“Oh yeah, baby, that’s right, let all that cum out,” she encouraged before throwing her mouth around my dick and slurping up all that she could until I finally finished.

When Maria released me, I caught my breathe and looked down at these three beautiful girls that were now drenched in my monstrous cum load. Jane had cum drooling out of her mouth from the blasts she tried to swallow. Christina had been drooling a bit too, but collected herself and was now preoccupied with wiping my cum off of her giant tits that I completely glazed with my juice. Maria’s face was still covered with the first two blasts, she had licked up all she could, but it was still too much for her.

All of the girls looked so enamored with the amount of cum that they had gotten out of me. Each of them proud of themselves, my big cock and the giant load that now covered them.

Jane helped Maria by licking some of my cum off of her face. Then, Jane and Maria turned to Christina and began scooping piles of cum off of her gigantic rack and feeding it to each other. I still just laid there in awe, my cock still standing rock hard, straight up in the air as I felt complete relaxation. As they were finishing up, I began to plan out what I wanted to do to each of them next.

The girls were all preoccupied with each other. As soon as I gained feeling back in my legs, I stood up and walked around the bed to stand over them. Maria and Christina were making out, their titties pushing up against each other was so unbelievably sexy. Jane was close by, ready to get involved again when she noticed me standing over her, my cock still hard and right below her chin; she didn’t hesitate to put it right back in her mouth and begin to jerk me off.

“That’s it, baby,” I encouraged. “Get me nice and wet.”

Jane looked straight up at me as she worked my cock in and out of her mouth. Christina and Maria continued to kiss and fondle each other while Jane began to deep throat me as well as she could. Once my cock felt wet enough I pulled Jane up to me, gave her a big kiss and forced her against the wall. I kissed her hard and lifted up her leg to slide myself inside of her.

“Oh yeah, baby… Fill my cunt with that huge cock of yours!”

Jane was more than ready. I slid into her slowly, listening to her moans grow louder and louder. I got pretty deep before I started quickly thrusting myself in and out, hard.

“Oh yes. Yes. Yes! YES! YES!!! YES!!!!!” Jane screamed as I worked her pussy like a jack hammer.

It was a tough angle to take full advantage of her wet pussy. Luckily, Jane was small enough that I was able to bring my arms beneath her legs and lift her up onto me. Jane wrapped her arms around my neck as I carried her into the center of the room while continuing to work myself in and out of her tight pussy.

“OH YEAH, BABY!!!” She screamed. “FUCK ME! FUCK ME!! FUCK MEEEEEEE!!!!!”

There was no stopping me as I continued to push myself deeper and deeper inside of her.

“I’M CUMMING!!! I’M CUUUUMMMMMMMMMIIIINNNNNGGGG!!!!!!!!” Jane was screaming louder and louder as I continued to fuck her senseless.

I felt her tight cunt spasm around my dick as I continued to plunge into her depths. As she screamed louder and louder, I buried myself as deep as I could go inside of her, bringing her to even higher levels of pleasure.

Jane was still coming down from her state of ecstasy as I collapsed us onto the bed. This got Maria and Christina out of their trance as we hit the bed with a thud. When we landed, Jane was on top and continued to slowly ride her orgasm out. Maria began to kiss her as she rode it out and Christina came up to my lips to kiss me. I accepted the kiss on the lips, but quickly worked my way down her neck and back to her tits. I began to furiously suck on her right nipple while I groped her left breast. Her tits truly were incredible, I couldn’t even grip the entire breast it was so unbelievably large.

Maria was eventually able to pull Jane off of me and climbed on top while I continued to bury my face into Christina’s rack. I was impressed as Maria was able to slowly work just about all of my big cock into her wet pussy. Once I was in, she began to work her hips like only a Latina can. Making sure my cock hit every inch of her pussy to give her the most pleasure possible. She was extremely loud, riding herself to orgasm very quickly, rocking back and forth on my cock while I was happily being suffocated by Christina’s tits. Maria was screaming in Spanish as she quickly reached orgasm. Jane was still laying next to me, trying to catch her breathe after I gave her the fucking of a lifetime.

Christina finally set me free as I begged for her to bring her tits back to me. Maria was lowering herself off of my cock as she tried to catch her breathe with Jane on the other side of the bed. I got up and laid Christina on her back at the end of the bed. I stood over her, looking down as she rubbed her big titties and waited for me to fuck her. Instead of going straight in, I jumped up on her and straddled her stomach so that my cock was right over her tits. She knew I wanted to fuck them again and lifted her face up so she could get me nice and wet for them.

Once my cock was drenched in her saliva, Christina pulled my cock in between her massive tits again and let me start titty fucking. I couldn’t believe how big and beautiful they were as my cock was completely buried as I thrust like a mad man. I kept this up for a few minutes while Christina gave me some words of encouragement and held the side of each breast for me as I fucked them. It wasn’t long before I couldn’t take it anymore and needed to feel her pussy around my shaft. I pulled myself out and stood up over her again. I grabbed both of Christina’s legs and brought them up to my shoulders as I positioned my throbbing cock right in front of her pussy.

“Please fuck me, baby… I want to feel that big cock inside of me.”

This was all I needed to hear as I shoved my cock straight inside of her and immediately went as deep as I could go.


I began pumping myself in and out, watching Christina’s big titties bounce with my vibrations. Christina was rubbing her nipples as she screamed in pleasure with my cock inside of her. Meanwhile, Jane and Maria had finally come to and stood up to join me. Maria came up to my right, hugged me and pushed her big tits up against me as I continued to fuck her best friend. Jane was on my left, kissing my ear and whispering for me to go faster and faster so I could finish up Christina and she could go again.

Day 3 and 4 out 8.


My eyes opened to the plain landscape of the bedroom ceiling. Softened sunlight filtered by the windows white curtains shattered across in beams. Everything was calm and the sound of distant cars passing on the road was occasionally heard. Renewed by a goodnights sleep, a look down below my waist yielded a view of my erect cock attempting to lance straight through my shorts. I had raging morning wood, but was so used to the natural event, it was no real surprise. Instead, I carefully shifted onto my left side and faced my lovely sleeping beauty.

Maria was clothed in a sheen silver nightgown with thin transparent shoulder straps. Her long brown hair flowed down her comely face and across her skinny arms. The rays of sunlight blanketing the room seemed to soften her fair skin and with the shiny nightgown, fastened an angelic aura around her. I watched her sleep for a few minutes until her brown chocolate eyes slowly opened.

“Good morning honey.” I smiled

She said nothing for a few seconds, but smiled back. Her eyes were clearly adjusting to the light in the room.

“Good morning indeed.” She finally replied with a sly grin

It was apparent her comment was directed toward the erect cock rubbing up against her thigh.

“Oh you know how I get around beautiful women.” I pointed out and fared on to give her a few playful kisses.

“Unfortunately I do.” Maria laughed softly.

“But I can fix this little problem.” She continued.

I felt her hand give my dick a quick squeeze.

“Oh can you?”

“Sure, just give me a minute or two.” She leaned in to give me a kiss and I followed through.

Her soft rosy lips pressed up against mines and we delighted in the simple but passionate act of affection. I watched her break away and shuffle about on the bed. She teasingly crawled on all fours toward my dick, showcasing her lovely cute ass press up against the silver nightgown and then positioned herself flat on her stomach.. Her hands pulled down my shorts and my erect cock sprang out, completely hard, throbbing and ready for some proper care.

“Yum.” Maria lovingly smiled back at me.

She gripped the base of my shaft, tugged back the foreskin and tended to her lover’s prick. The brunette started out with a few hand strokes, followed by quick licks against the head of my rod and wondered off to friskily suck each of my balls.

She tucked a couple of bangs from hair behind her ear and cutely swung her feet back and forth in the air she played with my cock. She stuck out her warm moist tongue and playfully flicked its tip on the surface of my balls while simultaneously jerking me off. Her tongue left my testicles and teasingly traveled up across the length of my dick. She gave my cock a few last strokes and expertly took my prick into her warm mouth.

“Oh baby!” I moaned.

My body was ecstatic with euphoria. Her puckered lips slowly glided down my cock and then released my throbbing rod. I watched Maria sexily brush my cock against her cheek as she began to kiss down the length of my dick. She reverted back to sucking and nearly gulped down all of it before retreating and leaving behind a trail of saliva on my cock. In a moments notice, she took it back in and her head began to bob back and forth. I felt the warm temperature of her mouth, its rich, saliva moist, atmosphere and an intense pleasurable suction on my dick. All imputable to her phenomenal cock sucking.

“That’s it! Suck my cock!”

My hands involuntarily found themselves placed on top of her head. They remained stationed there while I enjoyed my girls’ wonderful blowjob. She maintained her dick sucking rhythm and gradually picked up the pace. The sensation was so great I closed my eyes, completely relaxed back and enjoyed every second my cock was in her mouth. I stayed in this position for what appeared to be half and hour. From time to time, the distinct sound of Maria sucking my dick reached my ears.

When I opened my eyes again, I was met with picturesque sight of my love enthusiastically sucking my cock. The hands I had laid on top of her suddenly pressed down and guided her head back up. She knew what the hint meant and responded by increasing her speed. Her rosy puckered lips swiftly hurried across the length of my member, effortlessly gliding up and down. She began to bob her head back and forth as fast as she possibly could, momentarily transforming into a blur of a cock sucking whore. Letting out moans, I was overwhelmed by my girls oral stimulation, the feel of her warm mouth and lips, and the sound of her perverted slurps.

“I’m cumming!” I abruptly exclaimed.

She quickly released my dick from her pursed lips, took a handle of my member and opened her mouth as wide as possible. Her hand started to vigorously pump away at my dick. She swiftly maneuvered her mouth over the head of my dick and continued to feverishly jack me off. Finally, I could hold back no longer and was overcome with an intense pleasure. A shot of hot, gooey, cum rushed out of my cock and hit the roof of Maria’s mouth. Increasing streams of cum exploded forth as she continued to jerk me off through my ejaculation.

The last weak shots of cum were deposited on her tongue. At this point I could see my sperm dripping down the roof of her mouth and accumulating on her tongue. She closed her mouth and happily swallowed the helping of cum. Hungry for more, her tongue was stuck out and in one last round, cleaned my dick clean of any white stuff. She pulled my shorts back on and thus, completed her morning exercise.

“How was breakfast?” I jestingly asked.

She carefully straddled me and on her knees, began to move forward till we were face to face.

“Not bad, but I could sure use seconds.” Maria smiled and gave me a long passionate french kiss.

I eagerly accepted her affection and we both began a sensual flirt between our slithering tongues and lips. A minute later, she broke away.

“We’ll, I better get started on the real breakfast.”

She climbed out from bed and headed straight for the bathroom. I was imparted with the salty taste of my own cum and a fully satisfied cock. It certainly wasn’t a bad way to start off the day.


There was always something unpleasant about the first day of the work week. Whether it was arising early or getting back into the plodding rhythm of employment. I truly did not like Mondays. I awoke early at around six-thirty a.m, but was still sleepy notwithstanding going to bed at a proper time the night before. It was much too early for Maria to be awake and so there was no morning blowjob. She wouldn’t rise till around eight, because fortunately she didn’t need to clock in until about nine a.m. She wouldn’t rise as early, but would always come home exhausted from work and from standing in a pair of heels for eight hours.

Carefully not to awaken my love, I would get dressed and head downstairs to the kitchen. A quickly made cup of joe, a slice of toast and some type of fruit would be my breakfast. I’d leave for work and come home a few minutes before five o’clock. My black duffel bag filled with new discs and video footage in need of editing and lists of papers detailing their deadlines. Usually an hour or two of video footage could easily be edited in a single day, but hours upon hours of video required days to be finished. The type of footage added to the time required to complete the project. Be it professionally shot weddings, graduations, or low budget music videos.

Upon arriving at home, I’d come in and check the kitchen stove. It was a hit or miss if there was any dinner made. If Maria came home early and energetic enough, there was always a meal cooked, but if she came home late and worn out, there never was. Usually it was the latter and though I didn’t mind rummaging through the fridge for a quick snack, Maria couldn’t help but apologize for not having dinner ready. I told her not to apologize and that I understood why there was no prepared meal; she seemed pleased with my reply and from then on stopped apologizing. Now whenever I came home and there was no dinner, I’d eat something to sate my hunger until my love cooked something or we ordered out.

Today was no different, I came home, saw there was no dinner and made a quick sandwich. I ate it, silently headed through the living room, left my work things in the editing room and came back down. It wasn’t uncommon for Maria to take a cat nap in the bedroom, but today she didn’t even make it up the stairs. She was lying asleep on the living room couch in her work cloths. Her collared white blouse was unbuttoned down enough for hints of her black bra and breasts to be seen. The tight brown skirt she wore appeared loosened and a pair of skintight, brown, stockings were still on her legs. The pair of black patent pumps she wore that day were on the floor next to a black purse.

I stood silently in the living room watching her sleep. There was a unique beauty in seeing her fast asleep and yet be so vulnerable. Likewise, there was the arousing sight from how sexy she appeared in her clothes. Not only was she a young attractive female writer struggling to make it big and a loving kind women, but a complete slut in bed. An uncontrollable urge came over me in the spur of the moment and I whipped out my cock and began to masturbate. With my hand wrapped around my dick, I slowly stroked away to the image of a sleeping Maria on the couch.

I started to think of all the times she had fucked me, given me handjobs, and blowjobs. My hand moved up and down my shaft as I stumbled forward to get nearer. Along the short beeline, I never stopped masturbating and soon my cock was inches away from her face. I could see the red lipstick on her lips was fresh and hear her slow, almost, inaudible breathing. The slow gentle strokes of my hand increased and became moderate in speed. I was careful not to come into actually contact with her face and to hold back any moans.

Minutes passed by and I was still jerking off to the sleeping beauty. I continued to run my hand across the length of cock while my eyes shifted from the view of her sexy stocked legs, to her cute breasts and back to her pretty face. There was no mistaking what would happen if I continued, yet I couldn’t stop. Perhaps it was because I didn’t get my morning blowjob, but I just couldn’t stop, and of course I didn’t want to; there was no telling how an exhausted and possibly petulant Maria would react to the fact that I had cum all over her while she slept. The thought of the consequence wasn’t sufficient enough to scare me and I pumped away. Faster and faster, I jerked my cock off and was on the verge of exploding.

Maria suddenly opened her eyes and was met with the view of my dick inches from her. I immediately stopped and precluded any ejaculation.

“Couldn’t wait til I was awake could you?” She yawned unflustered.

I was at a loss for words, unsure on how to reply or act. My incertitude was melted away when Maria enveloped the head of my cock and commenced to suck it. She didn’t take all of my dick in, just the head and refrained from using her hands, possibly because she didn’t want to bother with them. Yet the weary beauty was still able to induce great pleasure. With her head resting on the arm of the couch, I leaned in as far as I could and held onto the base of my shaft.

Maria handled the rest of the work and did an excellent job at it. She nursed and doted the head of my cock with affection. Inside her warm mouth, I could feel her tongue lap at my dick. There were times she released my member and teasingly played with it utilizing her tongue. She would start by licking up and down, then from left to right. Her agile tongue would try to wrap around the head of my cock and she would finally take my dick back in her mouth.

She suckled hard and fast. Alternating between her playful tongue licking and the actually sucking. I simply made sure my member was pointed it in the right direction and that it remained close to her mouth. Maria’s cock sucking eventually brought me near the edge of orgasm. She stared up at me with those big brown eyes of hers, her lovely mouth eagerly sucking on my dick, and the sight of it all was enough to cross the point of no return. I pulled out of her warm mouth and could see a ring of red lipstick around the area her lips had held my cock.

After beginning to furiously massage my dick and nearing it to her face, she knew the place I wanted to cum. Maria relaxed, closed her eyes and awaited for my sweet release. I jerked away, directing my cock straight toward her face. Not long after, the first burst of cum spritzed through the air and landed across her closed eyes. Another quickly followed and touched down across her nose and cheeks. Weaker burst came after, most of which landed on her cheeks.

I redirected my cock toward her red lips and oozed out the rest of my cum there. Taking the head of my dick, I proceeded to smear the load across her lips and pulled away. Sensing it was over, Maria carefully opened her eyes and looked up at me. The majority of her face was covered in cum and the white stuff was dripping down her long eyelashes.

“You know, being with you is always the best part of my day.” I declared, tucking my dick back in my pants. “You don’t say.” She replied smiling and sat up the couch.

“Since you’ve gotten me all filthy, I’ll be taking a shower. You’ll have to wait for your dinner now mister.”

“No problem, your cooking is worth waiting for.” I answered back, watching Maria descended up the stairs with a cum covered face.

A door slammed and I knew she had entered the bathroom. I let out a sigh, sat down on the couch and felt happy for not getting berated and having my cock sucked. Normally, there was never any time for fun on Mondays. We’d both be too tired and there was too much work to be done. Then again, I always considered myself lucky to have such a wonderful girl as Maria…

Chapter 1

Shortly after graduating college at 23 years old I came into a reasonable inheritance. I used the money to pay down my student loans and buy a rundown house in the suburbs. The neighborhood was one of those where most of the houses had families with kids or older couples whose kids had moved away. You know the place; I live on a cul-de-sac across the street from Leave-it-to-Beaver who lived next door to Mary Tyler Moore.

To the relief of my neighbors, I had enough money left over to refurbish the beat up house top to bottom and bring it up to the standards of the houses on the rest of the street, if not nicer. It took about two years to complete the project; I did most of the labor myself. My original plan was to flip the house and make enough profit to buy a house in town, but with the housing market down I decided to sit and wait for the prices to recover somewhat.

Now I was 25 years old with my first job out of college, I lived rent and mortgage free. This was a huge advantage. While most of my friends were struggling a bit, I was comparatively well off. I could afford a decent car and apparently 20something girls found home ownership to be a big turn on. Not to mention the construction work did my body well and I got a good tan. But I have to face it, I am a nerd and not good at managing the attention of attractive ladies. But this was a welcome change.

One of my neighbors had a daughter who was little miss popular high school girl. Paige. She was a 5 foot tall, hot blond, with a size zero body and perky tits.

I watched her over the past couple years tormenting boys in her aloof ways. She made me think of those bitches that had used me to do her homework and projects when I was a nerd in high school. Teasing me along but never putting out. Acting like they were friends, when in truth, they wouldn’t be caught dead being seen with me. I should have lulled them into a sense of false security by doing their homework well enough and then given them shoddy work for their final projects so that they would have failed their classes. But then I probably would have had my legs broken by the football team.

Paige was always flirty and friendly with me. I tried to figure out what she wanted from me, I wasn’t into doing homework anymore. Perhaps comparing her to the popular girls who had used me may not have been fair. It finally occurred to me that for her I wasn’t a nerd to be used, I was that older, but not too much older guy that she wanted to find her attractive. Well, I didn’t actually figure it out by myself. I overheard her and her friends while they were tanning in her backyard.

I was out front in the driveway, wearing only a pair of board shorts and no shirt while washing my car when a car load of her friends stopped in front of her house, they tumbled into the street and shattered the suburban peace. They openly gawked at me as they approached the house in their short shorts and microscopic bikini tops. They were all 18 year old seniors in high school about to graduate. I tried to steal a few glances without being too obvious.

I finished washing the car and went to the backyard. I suddenly wanted to go for a swim, really I mostly wanted to try and catch a glimpse of the girls in the backyard next door. They were hot even if they were a little young for me.

While still on the patio heading for the pool I heard one of the girls say loudly, “Paige you told us you thought he was cute, but you didn’t say he was hot.” I stopped to listen.

Another girl, “What’s his name?”

Paige answered, “Paul.”

What?! My name is PAUL. They’re talking about me?

Another girl, “Does Paul have a girlfriend?”

Paige answered, “I don’t think so. He has girls over sometimes, but no one steady.”

Paige was keeping track?

Another girl, “You should totally do him then.”

And another, (or maybe the same girl, I couldn’t really tell. They all sounded the alike), “Let’s go over there now. We could take turns on him.”

The conversation devolved from there and got kind of raunchy.

After a few minutes the conversation became trite and repetitive and downright boring to listen to, so I decided to make a splash.

Quite literally.

I cannon balled into my pool. When I came up to the surface the yard next door was as quiet as a tomb. I hoped that they were mortified that I had overheard their crass conversation.

I looked over and saw the top of someone’s head peeking over the fence. It dropped out of sight the second I looked over. “Yep, I scared them”, I thought. I delighted in my breaking up their tea party until I heard an excited scream, “He has a pool!”

I was disappointed that I apparently didn’t scare them.

“Ask if we can come over and use it.”

No, not scared at all.

I could hear some hushed murmurs. Followed by, “No, ask now.”

A short time later Paige’s head popped up clear into view and addressed me very sweetly, “Mr. D, My friends and I would like to know if it’s alright if we can use your pool. Please.” She smiled brightly. That’s an understatement. It was a million megawatt smile. Very bedazzling. Probably the smile she used on her dad to get that new car.

Damn. She found a way to use me after all.

“I don’t think that it’s a good idea.” I didn’t want to be that pushover nerd from high school anymore.

“We will be really quiet and I promise we won’t make a mess. Please.”

“The gate’s unlocked.” What the hell did I just say? Fucking A! She did it, damn her.

I stayed in the pool and next thing I knew the rear of the house was flooded with six hot coeds. The popular ones I would have given any to have been with in high school. Apparently all I needed was my own house with a pool to catch their attention. If I’d only known. Yeah right, like it would have made any difference and it wouldn’t today either. I would have blue balls just the same as the old days.

They laid on deck chairs and on towels on the concrete. I swam a little without paying any mind to them and their hot bodies, shiny with lotion or their impossibly small bikinis that proved that they shaved everywhere. I didn’t look one bit. Yeah. Who am I kidding?

As I got out of the pool and toweled myself dry, ignoring the six sets of eyes trained on my every move, I pretended that they did not interest me. I went into the house. Once inside, I dropped my head in shame.

I opened the door a fraction and sternly called outside, “Paige, can you come here a minute.”

“Ooh, he wants you.” Someone said.

“Shut up Lauren.” Paige retorted.

She came inside the backdoor, put on her best contrite face, and said, “I’m sorry Mr. D, if you want us to go…”

I tried to continue to sound stern, “It’s okay. For a bit. But you need to make sure they don’t do anything… ah… anything stupid.”

“Okay.” She said meekly.

“No boys, no drinking, and close the gate when you go.”

“Okay Mr. D.” She said meekly again. The truth is she was playing me perfectly. She definitely knew what to say, when to say it, and how to say it to get what she wanted. The worst part of all, I knew exactly what she was doing and it was still working.

“I’m serious. No one else comes over. Okay?”

“Yes Mr. D” I dismissed her and she went back out to her friends.

“What did he want? Did you have to give him a little som’thin’-som’thin’.” Lauren teased.

“He said it was okay for us to use the pool for a while.” What? Did she hear anything I said? I was a little irritated that she had manipulated me so skillfully.

After changed into some dry shorts I sat down to watch TV and try to ignore them. A while later, when I looked back to make sure they were following my rules, I noticed none of them had tops on. Shit. Occasionally they would slip into the pool half naked. This was too much.

The windows are darkly tinted to keep the house from getting hot from the sun; it was not likely they could see me, so I watched them. Although I had a yard filled with gorgeous topless girls, I couldn’t take my eyes off of Paige. Her perky, orange sized tits were perfect. I imagined using her in differently ways. If she bent over I imagined her boobs hanging over my face while she rode me or grabbing them from behind as I drove into her doggy style. When she laid back I thought about being between her thighs or cumming all over her tits and face. In my mind I debauched her every way I could conceive of.

A while later they were packing their things and putting their tops back on. After they were gone I went back to watching TV. Thirty minutes later Paige was back and knocking on my patio door. I let her in. She was still in her bikini top with a towel wrapped around her waist. I could swear she had fixed her hair and put on some lip stick though. I was still shirtless in my shorts.

“Mr. D, I’m really sorry about today. I know you didn’t want us here. But I hope the show made up for it.” She seemed to be distracted by my lack of shirt. Her eyes kept straying downward. I wondered if this is what it was like to be a chick with guys always staring at your rack.

“The show?” I asked.

“You know the booby show we put on. You did notice, didn’t you?” She was checking out my chest a little more openly now.

“Yes, it was nice.” I couldn’t keep from checking her out now. She blushed a little, with a little coy smile on her face. “Let’s not do this again. Okay? I don’t really want this to be a hangout for your friends.”

She smiled. She seemed unsure of something. I wondered what. “Can I come by if I don’t bring my friends?”

“Okay.” I’m an idiot. I am letting a high school girl use me.

“Cool Mr. D.” The way she smiled nervously at me like she needed my approval sparked something in me.

It was then I realized that I wasn’t a nerd to her like I had been to the girls in school. I was more. I was a mature guy who she thought might be out of her league. I realized that this was my chance to take out my frustration from the popular coeds that traumatized me and punish her for… for what? For being a hot girl I guess. I realized the revenge idea was only a cover. I was looking for a way to rationalize ravaging the barely legal girl from next door. I decided to go with it anyway.

Then I got bold. “Do I get more ‘Booby Shows’ in payment?” I audaciously reached out and caressed the side of one of her boobs with my finger tips where her skin was exposed next to the triangle of fabric. She trembled and was breathing erratically. Her normally confident face looked unsettled, but she didn’t move away or resist in any way.

I nonchalantly took my hand away and pretended like nothing important just happened. “Jeff mows the lawn on Saturdays. Don’t let him see you here.” I instructed. “I’m headed out so I’ll see you later.” She was still frozen to the floor just inside the backdoor staring at me wide eyed.

I stepped up close to her and placed one hand behind her waist. I opened the door with my free hand and slid the other one on her back down to her ass and squeezed her firm cheek and little ushering her to the door. She moved obediently. As we reached the patio I squeezed one more time for good measure then patted her firm ass and said, “Don’t be a stranger.” The pat seemed to trigger her back to earth.

She turned to me with the first genuine smile I ever saw from her, “Thanks Mr. D. I’ll see you later, B-Bye.”

“Bye little Miss P.” She happily sashayed away. There was a little extra motion in her hips as she walked, making a sexy show with her ass. She looked back making sure I was watching then waved.


I went out with a friend that night, but my mind was occupied with how I would seduce Paige and turn her into my personal sex slave. My buddy Brad was trying to hook up with a girl we both knew named Heidi. Bleach blond big boobs, not dumb, but a little light on the intellectual side. Unfortunately, when he asked her out she wanted to double date with her roommate Reba. Reba asked for me by name, so I was Reba’s date. What are friends for? I was okay with wingman duty though.

Reba was a 22 year old 5 foot 6, her brunette hair pulled into a ponytail. She had a small rack, a flat stomach, nice long legs and a killer ass. Not bad to look at, really. I flirted but she had no wit to flirt back. She would dive for cover by giggling if I tried bait her into an exchange of words. Or she would try to make up have nothing to say by sticking her tongue down my throat. Usually, I did not date a girl like this; I like them with some brains, but after a frustrating day of half naked youths in my yard she made a good target for my pent up energy.

Brad was trying too hard as usual and it was chasing Heidi away a bit. I kept the drinks coming hoping it would soften her up for him. When the girls staggered off to the restroom arm in arm, I asked “How’s it going?”

He just gave me a sideways smile. I thought of a plan to help both of us.

“I’m going to run off with Reba. Why don’t you tell Heidi she can spend the night at your place?” I told him.

“You’re drunk Paul. Or High. Sounds like I’ll get slapped.”

“She’s about to be in a bind for a place to stay.” I smiled.

He just looked at me with a confused expression.

I let him know, “They are coming back. You owe me.” He didn’t really. I was going to be a big beneficiary for what I was about to do, but that’s the kind of thing friends say.

When Reba sat hip to hip with me she smiled broadly. I leaned into Reba, “Let’s go back to your place. We need some privacy.” Heidi brooded at me.

Reba suggested, “You could take me to see your place. Paul.”

“No, my place is in the sticks; miles away. I’m too drunk to drive. Isn’t your place around the corner?”

“Yeah, but what about Heidi?” She asked me. I looked across the table and Heidi scowled at me. Reba gave her a very desperate pleading look. It was Heidi’s turn to be a good wing-woman. I ordered another round of drinks and let Heidi stew.

A few more rounds of drinks later we were all rather drunk, I grabbed Reba’s hand and dragged her away. We walked two blocks to her apartment. It was a one bedroom place. The living room had a sofa, TV, and tiny kitchen. The small bedroom had two twin beds. The girls shared the room.

Once back to her place we kissed like high schoolers at an after-prom party while we tore each other’s clothes off. Once down to our underwear we kissed each other and I lowered her onto her back on the sofa. I slipped down onto the floor kissed her neck, shoulders, her stomach, belly button. I unhooked her front loading bra and went after her breasts. She was becoming vocal with lots of mmm’s and oh’s.

I moved down to work on her wonderful long legs. I kissed her ankles, shins, knees, back of her knees. She went wild. I stayed to play at the back of her knees since she seemed to really like it. She was writhing and moaning as though I was licking her clit. While she was losing her senses I pulled her underwear off her long legs. I doubt she noticed. When she seemed to start losing sensitivity behind her knees I worked my way down the inside of her thighs, alternating kisses and nibbles on either side. She was plenty wet when I got to the trimmed thatch of hair where her legs met. I licked the whole slit a few times but she kept repositioning trying to concentrate my contact on her clit. I complied with her wishes.

I flicked at her clit quickly. After a few minutes she bucked wildly and came hard. While she lay comatose I took off my boxers and sat on the sofa next to her. She was sagging down with her hips at the edge legs spread. Her head was near my waist.

I leaned over and kissed her. She kissed back. I sat up and gently nudged her head toward my dick. She got the idea right away and climbed off of the sofa. She kneeled in front of me me and leaned her face into my lap. She lowered her face until my dick filled her mouth. She had about half my length in. She bobbed her head and sucked. It was immediately clear she was really good at this. After a few minutes of wonderful sucking she sat up and kissed me. I thought the ride was ending but she pulled back from the kiss and winked at me. Odd time to wink I thought.

She fell face first back on my dick. She took half of it in again and stopped but then made a funny gurgling noise as she forced the rest of my dick into her mouth. She didn’t stop until she had her lips down to the base. She held me there with her throat doing strange gymnastics around me. She bobbed up and down a bit then pulled back gasping heavily. I noticed she was crying.

“Are you okay?” I asked.

“Yeah, choking on cock makes my eyes water. You’ve got my eyes really going big boy.” She smiled proudly, mascara running down to her chin.

She went back down. I let her work watching her ponytail bob around on the back of her head. I felt tears dripping onto my crotch. She stopped to gasp for air frequently, but dove right back in. She was an artist, not to be disturbed in her craft. I leaned my head to the side so I could watch this fantastic show. I wanted this to last until morning so I held out as long as I could.

I felt successful when five of the most amazing minutes of my life later I began to cum. I warned her but placed a light hand on the back of her head. I was going to let her head up without any struggle, but want to let her know I would prefer her to stay down. She pumped her face up and down my entire length, fucking me with her mouth. When I started to spurt she went all the way down and just swallowed with my cock in her throat.

After I was spent Reba backed off my dick and teased and licked my shrinking member until it started to harden again.

After she sat up, I went for the condom in my wallet. She bit her lip uncertainly.

“What’s up?” I asked.

“Would it be okay if we just… you know… used our mouths.” She paused looking worried, “I like that better.” She said a little embarrassed.

“Sure, sounds good to me. Do you want to 69?” I offered.

She jumped up like she won the lottery. Honestly, I felt the same way. She was by far the best oral artist I had met so far and she liked to give head. Jackpot!

We got off the sofa and went to her bed. I laid down, she moved over me and lowered her pussy onto my face then bent to my dick. I had a fantastic few of her marvelous ass and my dick had a great view of her tonsils.

I lasted much longer this time. But she didn’t. She was pretty worked up so she kept cumming every few minutes. She would stop sucking and give me a break every time she came, so that helped me last the better part of an hour. It was perfect for both of us. We both recovered and started again.

Early in the morning after we both had nothing left to give. I put my clothes on and went home. We kissed good bye and she told me to give her a call some time. As I drove home I started to feel bad about using Reba. I knew there was no chance of ever dating her seriously.

I briefly wondered how Brad and Heidi got on. I didn’t worry too much though she was his nut to crack.

I got home and hit the sack just before the sun started to rise and slept most of Sunday away. As I fell asleep I thought back to last night. I dreamed about what I did with Reba but it was with Paige instead.


On Monday I met up with Brad for lunch. “Dude, I owe you big time.” was the first thing out of his mouth.

“It went well, I take it?”

“We left for my place right after you took Reba home.” He told the story like a prospector spinning a yarn about a ghost haunting the old mine. “I told her she could have my bed. I would take the sofa…”

I almost started to laugh at his style. He pressed on away in his ridiculous manner.

“She insisted I keep the bed. But I said NO!” he dramatically emphasized. I was laughing now. He continued, “I kissed her to let her know it was fine. She kissed me BACK!”

“You don’t say!” I cheered.

“Yes, I do say!”

“What happened next?” I asked

But he dropped his act. I was disappointed. I was enjoying the recital.

He looked around like he was suddenly afraid someone may overhear, and whispered, “I ah… we did it. Then we slept together in my bed. When we woke up in the morning she wanted to do it again.” He was grinning like it was Christmas.

I was happy for him. He’s been trying to get Heidi out on a date for months. I had written it off as a lost cause.

“I’m glad it worked out. Have you talked to her?” I asked

“I called Sunday afternoon to make sure she got home okay.”

“Well played.”

“She wants to go out again tomorrow.” Brad was so giddy he was bouncing.

“Do I need to be available as ‘wingman’?” I checked.

“No, she wants to see me ‘one on one’. Sorry bro, you’re on your own. How was Reba?”

“Fine.” I answered. He looked disappointed I didn’t share more.

“You two looked like you might screw on the table before you left. Did you guys make back to her place before you banged each other’s brains out?” he sniggered.

“We didn’t go all the way, just fooled around a bit.” I lied, without really lying.

“Really? Too bad. I guess I owe you then.” he commiserated.

“Just invite me to the wedding.”

“Deal. You can be my best man.”


When I got home from work Monday, I felt compelled to call Reba. She was happy to hear from me. I was worried she would want a relationship and I didn’t want to have to let her down. We talked for five droll minutes before she broke the news on me, “Look Paul, it was fun, really fun, and we have to do it again, but I know you don’t want anything serious and that’s fine.”

“No, I don’t want anything serious.” I was relieved, but still a little guilty.

We wrapped up the phone conversation but not before she made me agree we could be ‘friends with benefits’. And her oral skills could be a huge benefit. Believe me.

Just as I hung up the phone, I saw Paige shaking out a towel on a lounge chair on the patio. So, I went out to say hello.

“Isn’t it a bit late to lay out Paige?” I asked.

“Yeah, but I just got home. And there’s still sun.”

“I’m going to eat dinner. Do you mind if I sit out here so that we can talk?”

“No. That would be cool Mr. D.”

I retorted, “Okay little miss P.”

She smiled at me.

I sat eating and watching her lay out. She really was hot. There was no way around it. Her body was perfect. Perfect highlighted shoulder length blond hair, perky tits, athletically trim waist, firm ass, slender arms, slender legs. Her only fault may have been her height. She was a short 5 foot zero. She was proportionate tiny, probably 90 pounds or less. I imagined the acrobatics I could do with her tiny body in the bedroom.

We talk about trivial things, but the conversation flowed very naturally and was enjoyable. Paige was very witty and smart. She stayed past sunset. She left when she got cold and I was sad to see her leave.

The next day she came over and we repeated the performance except this time I had a plate of food for her and she joined me for dinner.

After her first bite, “This is good.” She seemed surprised and took another bite. “Really good.”

“Can you cook?” I asked.

“Not like this.”

“Pop tarts?” I inquired.

“That and jelly beans.” She goofed.

“Sounds delicious. You cook next time. I’ll bring some juice boxes.”

Again, being together felt right. I couldn’t remember the last time I enjoyed someone’s company this much. This became our daily routine when I got home from work.


Wednesday came and Brad came by to visit after work. He was overflowing with news of Heidi, his new ‘girlfriend’. They went out, had fun, had sex. Based on what I could gather she was a big fan of receiving fellatio but not giving. Brad was happy though he loved to go down.

“We should have a party here.” Brad suggested.

It seemed like I was always trying to not have parties at my house. “Yeah, like the last sausage festival.”

“But now I have Heidi to invite her friends.”

“Okay, this is pathetic.” I was not convinced.

“Why have this house if you aren’t going to entertain.”

“That’s your best argument yet, even if it only so that you can find another way to get laid. Now that was a good excuse in itself really. You should have led with it instead. Okay, when is our party?” I conceded.

“How about Friday?”

I briefly wondered how it would go over if I invited Paige as my date. Right on queue Paige appear on the patio she started to lay out in the sun.

“Who the hell is that?” Brad asked with his tongue wagging.

“Hey, stop ogling my future wife.” I kidded.

“What is she, like twelve?” Brad stabbed at me.

“Yeah, but I’m saving myself for her.” Brad’s eyes were like saucers. “No, no, she’s eighteen, she has the new car she got from her daddy for her birthday to prove it.”

Brad just stared at me, then her, then me, then her, then me. He was giving me motion sickness.

“Let’s go out and say hi.” I suggested. Mostly to let her know she had a larger viewing audience than normal. Shit, I didn’t think about her being here when Brad had invited himself over. I wondered if she would still stay for dinner.

We went out and I made introductions. Paige was extremely cold and biting with him. She obviously didn’t like the intrusion on our ‘together’ time.

“So, you come over often?” Brad asked.

“Sometimes.” She offered. “We don’t have a pool at my house.” It didn’t help her case that she was reading a book.

“Right, the pool.” Brad answered he was definitely checking her out.

She leveled a burning glare at him. My sweet little angel was trying to destroy my best friend with her laser vision, it seemed.

“Brad and I are going into town after we eat. You can have dinner with us if you like.”

The second she shifted her attention to me her face and voice be warm and welcoming. “Okay Mr. D.” I don’t know why I said the next thing. I cooly said, “You know, I’ve been forgetting to collect the pool use fee, we need to settle up later.”

She smiled. “Of course.” She pulled a shirt down over her bikini to provide some protection front Brads wandering eyes and came inside the house.

The three of us ate dinner together. It mostly consisted of her giving Brad the evil eye and him discussing Friday party plans. I ignored him best I could and trying to hold a conversation with Paige, but it wasn’t working. Brad was commanding too much of my attention.

Paige went home and Brad and I went and met some friends at a billiard bar. Between stories about how wonderful Heidi was he would rib me about my high school goddess.


Later that night Reba called to see if she could come to the party. It was obvious she hoping for some time with me.

“Brad said he is throwing a party at your place Friday. Can I come over?”

“Okay, if you’d like to.” God this was awkward.

“Yes, I’d like to.” She was short with me, waiting for me to say more.

“Okay I’ll see here then.”

We finished the conversation. She was so shallow it was a turnoff, even with the prospect of a repeat performance of her sword swallowing routine.

After I hung up, I wished I could talk to Paige. She held up her end of a conversation much more effectively.


Thursday Paige stopped by and wanted assurance that Brad wasn’t coming over before coming in. We ate and had a good time. She was much better to be around than Reba.

After dinner she saw that I had been playing a first person shooter on the gaming console. “Oh, I love that one. Do you want to try and take me one on one? I’m pretty good.” She winked at me.

I had no doubt I would enjoy taking her one on one. “I’m game. I just hope I’m not too much for you to handle.”

“Bring it.”

We played the game and she wasn’t kidding, she was good. I held back at first and got my clock cleaned. I found out that I had to try damn hard just to keep up. It turned out we both had a competitive streak a mile wide when it came to games. In short order we were both playing like our lives depended on it cursing at each other and talking smack. She ended up with a few more kills than me mostly due to my slow start.

Well after it was dark out we said our goodbyes and she left promising me a rematch and that she would go easier on me next time.


Friday came and there were lots of people in my house. We barbequed, drank, swam, had bad, meaningless conversations. It was worse than the sausage festival last time I had a party, at least that night we had a video game tournament on the big screen. These were Heidi’s friends so them being shallow and pretentious people went without saying, at least my dorky nerd buddies knew who they were.

Reba kept draping herself on me. Just after sunset, Reba asked “How about we find a private place so I can have you to myself.” I was tempted by the offer, getting head is a hard thing to turn away, but I didn’t want her, there was someone else on my mind. It was almost like I was cheating. Cheating on a high school girl I wasn’t in a relationship with.

I declined, went to my room and locked the door. I should have invited Paige to the party.

Saturday morning I emerged for my bedroom to find Brad and Heidi cleaning my house. They told me that pretty much the minute I had gone to bed so had they. Apparently Brad and Heidi fucked the night away. Did they really need my house to do that? Brad and Heidi thought it was great. I guess there was something to humping under someone else’s roof I didn’t understand.

Everyone else, whom I didn’t really know, had already left. We cleaned the house and ate lunch. Then Brad and Heidi took off.


Later I made dinner and sat at the patio table to eat, hoping Paige would show up. She was nowhere to be seen. Emotionally, I felt like shit. Reba was willing but I wanted more than just a willing partner.

When I was finished eating Paige finally showed up. She was wearing skin tight blue jeans and light green turtleneck sweater. She was looking sexy as hell even though she wasn’t showing much skin. Maybe more sexy.

My spirits lifted when I saw her, but she looked a little blue.

“Some party you had.” She feigned a smile.

“It sucked.” She looked at me curiously, I continued, “I’m not having a party like that again.”

After a long pause, Paige went straight to the point. “So what, is she like your girlfriend now?” it seemed like Paige wasn’t just asking, she needed to know. Was she jealous?

“No, just a friend.” Was Reba even a friend? Sadly, I didn’t think so.

“You two looked like more than friends.”

I was mortified. “You saw us?”

“So what, you’re like friends with benefits.”

“She offered, but I declined.”

“She just offered to do you. Like, out of nowhere?”

“There is a little history. We went out once before, but it didn’t work out. I don’t want see her again, I wish she could take a hint.”

Paige’s icy mood shifted into something a little more agitated.

“That tramp isn’t good enough for you anyway.” Paige blurted. She was definitely jealous. “You could do so much better. She was so brainless and plain looking.” Paige must have been spying on us. “What did you ever see in that stupid whore anyway? Does she like give good head or something?” She stopped and looked at me. She was waiting for me to say something.

I just sat there looking like a dolt, that question was rhetorical wasn’t it?

Quietly Paige answered for herself. “That’s it, huh. I hit the nail on the head. Pun intended.” But her venom came back, “Well you could still do a whole lot better than that cock sucking windbag. That tart. Bitch…” Definitely jealous.

I had a feeling that the string of insults would continue as long as I would sit and listen. As entertaining as that would have been to hear, I preferred to move the discussion along.

I leaned forward across the table, looked deep into her eyes and reach out to her hands with mine. “Well, I’d like to do better. Any suggestions?” I was imploring her to help me.

Paige leaned forward, leveled her eyes and met my gaze. She spoke a little breathlessly. “You should find yourself a little hotty that will be so good to you that she will make you forget that other girl exists.” It was clear who she thought that hotty should be.

“I would want to make sure my little miss perfect would have such a good time she would never want to leave.”

“She wants that too.” Paige’s eyes got a little bigger and she grinned like an idiot. “Any girl would” she tried to cover.

I realized Paige, my high schooler, was the only girl I wanted to talk to, even given this screwed up conversation.

“I’m about to have dessert. Would you like to join me inside?” I asked.

“I’d love to ‘join with you’ inside.” But then her parents called out her named “Shit. Rain check. I’ll see you later.”


Sunday morning I staggered toward the kitchen. Paige was already in the backyard. What time was it? Couldn’t be much past 9.

I switched directions and joined her on the patio and we regarded each other. She was wearing the briefest bathing suit I could imagine. I had yet to see the same bikini twice. How many did she have?

“For payments past due.” She said. She shed her top. She didn’t look at me while she sat there. She looked scared. It occurred to me that I was not there in person before.

I stood and stared for a few minutes.

“I’m going to bring my coffee out here and sit with you.” She looked a little troubled but just laid down topless. “I’ll be right back.” I promised “Don’t you dare move a stitch.”

I was inside pouring coffee when Paige shot inside the backdoor closed it and she was leaning against the wall with her bare chest heaving breathlessly. “What the hell is Marty doing here?” She asked.

“Marty, who the hell is Marty?” I looked out and saw the pool boy skimming leaves. “Oh yeah, the Stevens kid. He cleans my pool on Sundays.” I said nonchalantly. “He used to do it Fridays but the lawn trimming on Saturday kept getting in the pool spoiling his work. I switched him to Sundays. Sorry, I forgot. Did he see you?”

“No, I heard him coming. How long until he leaves?”

“Ten minutes or so. Oh! I need to pay him today.”

I grabbed a few bills from my wallet. Paige was blocking the back door still dressed for her ‘booby tribute show’. I noticed she had on a G-string thong. The material in the front was so small it scarcely covered her lips. Not a hair to be seen.

I watched my hand move as if it was controlled by someone else. She stood frozen from when I walked up. I reached out and placed the back of my fingers just below her belly button. My hand moved down and went inside her very brief swim suit bottoms. I pulled it out a little looking inside. I could see the top of her slit. Smooth. She must have just shaved. I slid the money into her G-string and took my hands away. “Why don’t you go pay him for me, like this.”

“I don’t think so.” She was trembling.

“You could probably convince him to split the money with you.” She just looked coldly at me. I pulled the G-sting open again, looked inside again, and withdrew my deposit. I could smell her musty scent. I kept my hand inside and gripped the material. I used her bikini bottoms as a leash of sorts. I led her away from the door and into the house. She followed very obediently.

“Where are you taking me?” She sounded very optimistic.

“Away from the door. Unless you want him to see you.”

“No, this is better.” She sounded disappointed.

I went out and Martin had something in his hands. It was Paige’s bikini top. Ah shit.

“What-cha got there?” I asked.

He held it up for me to see. I took it from him. “Probably one of Paige’s friends. I let them use the pool while I was out last weekend.” I sort of lied. “I’ll give it to her.”

Marty seemed awestruck. That’s right kid just get a house with a pool and you too could live the dream. Not really though. Marty was a geeky freshman. He really had no chance with the girls, especially Paige’s friends. I paid Marty and watched him leave. Poor kid.

On my way back in I saw Paige’s bag. I stuffed the bikini top in it and noticed her phone. I went inside with the bag and did not see her. I quickly took out her phone and called my cell. I hung up immediately and put the phone away. “Paige?” I called out.

She stepped from the hall, “This place is awesome! I can’t believe it’s the same house. You did a great job.” She gushed. I notice what she was wearing. Her tour route apparently had a stop in my closet and she had taken a t-shirt as a souvenir, it went down to her mid thighs. ‘Big Tuna Adventure’ the shirt promised. I got it during a fishing vacation in Baja. It worked for her much better than me. I landed a 130 pounder on that trip. I smiled at the 90 pounder was working on landing right now.

I walked very close to her, toe to toe, and she looked straight up into my eyes expectantly. I lifted her bag up to her between our bodies purposely brushing the valley between her tits with my hand.

“I rescued your dignity from Marty.” I showed her the bikini top and told her about the conversation that had occurred between him and me, letting her in on the cover story. I patted her ass and told her, “Your secret remains safe with me.”

She wrapped her arms around me in a hug and mashed her globes against my sternum. My hand was wonderfully trapped in her cleavage. I dropped the bag and kicked it to the side. I wiggled my hand around to cop a feel of one tit while my other hand gripped her firm ass.

“My savior”, she said into my chest.

My dick started to prod her stomach. She tilted her head back closed her eyes and pursed her lips. I leaned down and kissed her on the mouth.

At the moment this encounter was about to turn that corner I wanted to reach, inopportunity knocked at the front door. I awkwardly walk her over to the front door her arms still around me, mine hands still groping her, and through the peep hole I saw Martin Stevens.

I told her “I think I should answer.” Paige gave me a quick peck on the lips, turned grabbed her bag and ran out the back of the house for safety before I could suggest the bedroom would make an excellent hiding place. Under the covers of the bed, even better. The monsters can’t get you there if I remember correctly.

It turned out I had grossly overpaid Marty. And bless his honest heart he brought back the fifty dollar bill that had slipped in with his pay. It was hard to be too mad at him for breaking up my conquest but I would rather he had just pocketed the money in this case. I thanked him while inwardly cursing him.

I went back and cooked breakfast. While I was eating I kept an eye on the patio but the little vixen did not return. I picked up my cell and transferred the missed call I had made from her phone to my contacts list. I named it Big Tuna. That put a smile on my face.

Paige never showed back up, so later that night, when I was settling in for bed, I texted her, “Why did you steal my shirt?”

“???”, was the reply.

“This morning. My big tuna shirt.” I reminded her.

“Mr D?”

I wondered, “Who else could it be? Did you go on a shirt stealing spree after you left or something?”

“omg howd u gt my *” She replied almost instantly.

Crap, what did it mean? I was no good at text lingo. 45 seconds later I figure out she wanted to know ‘How did I get her number?’

I typed out in long hand, “You left your phone in the yard with that excuse of a bikini top this morning.” Maybe she would take the hint and use English when she typed back.

There was three microsecond pause. “Ive ur * 2″

I sighed and dialed her number and she answered.

“So, why?” I asked her at once.

“Why what?”

“Why did you take the shirt.”

“It was weird being your house naked.”

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