Brandi had lapped at her new mistress like a good little kitten. First her nipples, then between her legs she had licked and licked. She worked hard, giving her mistress an orgasm that helped the mistress sleep.

Brandi was lying awake wondering what was to become of her. It had been a turbulent few weeks and she missed her friend, Kelly.

They had visited a BDSM club for a dare, never suspecting what it would lead to. Kelly had gone there to see a boy who ended up wanting Brandi instead. For them, the usual building of a relationship had been circumvented; instead, they fell into a BDSM relationship. At least the way she looked at it, he had dragged her into one.

At first she thought it was just a joke with weird people playing around. At the stables she found that was true, only there were others who took it far more seriously. Some, like Thomas, had made it into a business. That nasty guy had tortured Kelly then her. He was training them to be slaves, ready to be sold on to a stranger, and it nearly worked.

That training was still influencing her now. It had been harsh, even brutal, and she couldn’t help slipping into a subservient role when confronted by a dominant person. That was why she was here now. Being this woman’s pet wasn’t a choice she had made, it just happened by accident and now she was stuck here obeying her.

She was playing at being this woman’s little kitten because she had been ordered to, not because she liked it. Brandi had good grades in college but here she was being treated like a brainless pet, worse than an airhead. Being treated this way was terribly humiliating, but since being trained even a slight embarrassment stoked her up.

Being humiliated was so stimulating it distracted her from trying to escape. That insidious training from Thomas also prevented her from disobeying the mistress. She acted like the woman’s slave, as though programmed to obey her every command. Brandi had always been vivacious, full of energy and rebellious, though now she moped around like a automaton. Kevin would have been appalled at the way she was behaving.

It reminded her of one of the slaves at the stables. The beautiful tall blonde was in this condition too. She was safe at the stables, but out in the real world she would be vulnerable to anyone who spoke to her in a demanding tone.

The woman told her of a dream, where she was in a restaurant and the maître d’ spoke to her in a commanding manner. She automatically got onto her hands and knees to suck him off. He stood there appalled, with everyone gawping at them. They had laughed at this at the time, though Brandi figured she was now in a worse state than she was.

Slowly she drifted off to sleep. While sleeping her mistress put an arm around her, cuddling her little pet against a warm soft breast.


Janet looked at her cute little kitten fast asleep in her bed. She was obviously a student, used to getting up late. “Come, on!” she cajoled the lazy thing, with a slap to her bare ass. “Take a shower and then prepare breakfast. Feed the doll first,” she ordered.

“Yes, mistress,” Brandi answered respectfully, and scooted into the bathroom. There were no clothes for her but she was used to being naked, so she just got on with the chores.

She managed to push a dog bowl under the door of the cage to feed Cindy. She looked dreadful and refused to eat, just complaining to be let out.

“I can’t let you out without mistress’s giving the order,” Brandi explained, with a slight smile from this turnaround in their fortunes.

Cindy’s complaints subsided to a grumble. Her tummy began rumbling in sympathy so she took a mouthful, just to please Brandi. It was still warm, and once started, she continued until finished then licked the bowl clean.

“I can’t stand this Brandi! How the hell did we get into this? I’m sorry we treated you so badly but you seem to be able to take it. You’ve got to get me out of here,” Cindy sobbed.

“We both will. I’ll find a way. For now, just do as you’re told. Don’t upset the mistress or she’ll thrash you, or worse. We just need to bide our time. Don’t worry, we will get away from here,” Brandi said, trying to sooth the girls fear.


Janet measured them up, planning the outfits they were to wear. Everything she needed was in the store she owned. On Monday morning there was a meeting with the accountant, so she would have to curtail her enthusiasm until Monday afternoon. It would be exciting dressing up her two new pets.

One would remain as a pet whereas the other would be dressed up as a rubber doll. Brandi would be made into a cute little kitten with little tinkle bells on her collar, nipples and pussy. Janet had an idea this would annoy her pet to distraction, which suited her wicked side.

The doll needed training, so having her covered from head to toe in rubber was a good start to controlling her. She would of course have to be gagged and manacled, until she could be trusted to obey commands. Fortunately the kitten was already broken in as an obedient slave.

Sunday crawled by for the two young girls. They were only eighteen and used to having their own way. In this woman’s apartment, though, they were forced to obey her every word. Brandi tried to reassure her friend. She still hadn’t had the heart to tell her the collars were permanent.

The simple polished steel ring had been snapped shut around their necks, with one end pushed into the other, sealing it in place. A special tool was needed to undo it, or a welding torch, that would either burn the neck badly or probably kill them before they were released.

“We’ll be rescued, you’ll see,” Brandi told Cindy. She didn’t have much faith in anyone finding them, until remembering that young guy who played with them in the sex shop. He was from the same class as Kevin, so surely he would tell him he had seen them? After what happened in the club, with Teresa, would he still be interested in looking for her?

“You must keep the mistress’s interest until then, we don’t want to be sold on. No-one will be able to find us then,” Brandi told her. She knew how anonymous the auctions could be. Someone would buy them and they would disappear without a trace. They could be whisked off to anywhere in the country, or even some place in the world, never to be seen again.

Cindy had been pushing all the time, achieving nothing, except aggravating their mistress. Even a few slaps hadn’t worked. Brandi knew a thorough thrashing would be next, if the girl didn’t behave.

“Behave yourself and be an obedient slave, or you could disappear forever,” she warned the girl. At last Cindy seemed to accept that obedience was the best course of action, rather than testing the bounds of her captivity all the time.

Looking around the luxurious apartment she began thinking of it as a gilded cage. They sat at their mistress’s feet while she worked on a set of accounts. Brandi might have been able to help but she was being treated like a dumb animal. She could take the patronizing and the silly clothes planned for her, but the tinkling of little bells was going to be an unbearable torture. Thankfully, at the moment, she just had one on the collar, and that was bad enough.

Every time their mistress took a break she played with them like exotic pets in a menagerie. It became apparent to Brandi what kind of mistress this woman was; she was the most dangerous kind. She demanded absolute obedience and would spend a lot of time training and playing with them, until she had achieved perfection.

It wouldn’t take long before they both sat at attention waiting for a command from their mistress, not daring to make a move without her say so. Brandi looked at Cindy knowing she was ahead of Cindy, but the poor thing would soon catch up. They would soon be past caring if they were rescued. They would soon be mindless slaves, thinking about nothing except how to obey commands.

Brandi shuddered. This was worse than Thomas’s brutal regime. He had been cruel, clever and experienced but this kind of training was relentless, so very mind-numbingly thorough. It left nothing of the slave’s former life to contemplate; it would leave them mindless slave pets.


Monday morning started like Sunday morning, only Cindy wasn’t let out of her cage. Mistress Janet fastened the Sirik, wrapping Brandi tight, and fastened a bright red ball gag in her mouth. She maneuvered her kitten so she and Cindy could at least look at each other through the bars of the cage. There would be no talking unless they learnt to recognize grunts from behind the gags.

Monday morning dragged even longer than Sunday. Both young women struggled with their bonds. If one of them could get free they could release the other and run away from this hell. Even Brandi was keen to get free. The Sirik chains were too strong and they were fastened with little locks, so there was little chance for freedom.

In the afternoon Janet took her two slaves to the store. They were naked but she parked close to the back door and held onto them tightly until they were inside. She shackled them together by the collar giving them a tour of the store. Shuffling to the back of the store she brought them to a halt in the play area, where they had been played with on Saturday.

Janet remembered the young lad she had teased and laughed out loud.

“You’re in a good mood this afternoon,” her assistant commented. “How are your new pets coming along?” Kate asked.

“They are superb, lovely little things,” she grinned, with satisfaction. “You could join them if you like, you could be their leader,” Janet offered.

Kate shuddered with distaste. “I’ve seen what you do to slave girls, no thank you,” she said.

“What? I treat them well; I don’t whip and spank them all the time, like some do. You wouldn’t have to work or go to college. You’d have a life of luxury, nothing to do but paint your nails,” Janet laughed.

“Tempting, but no thank you,” Kate responded firmly, while looking over the two new pets.

She wondered why they did it, why they were willing to take up such a demeaning life style. They already looked downtrodden but soon they would become dumb, thoughtless creatures, jumping to every command, like trained animals in a circus.

She had seen it before. One girl, she forgot her name, had told her she just wanted to try out the lifestyle. She thought it would be fun being a a submissive; she would be free from responsibilities and someone else would be paying the bills, too. She had been a lively, chatty thing until a few weeks with Janet. The next time they met the poor thing had been reduced to a cute airhead. Kate had tried to talk to her but all the girl could do was respond to commands.

“What do you think? Should I dye the doll blonde or keep it black? The little Asian kitten is lovely, I could spend ages brushing her beautiful hair,” Janet enthused.

Kate rolled her eyes at the woman. She was always like this with new toys. Kate felt sorry for them but there was no way she was going to spoil her boss’s fun. They had volunteered for this, and must have already been into the scene, so it was their problem.

“By the way, someone was in earlier asking for you, a girl, err, T something, Teresa, that’s it,” Kate said.

“Don’t know anyone called that, what was she like?” Janet asked, while browsing the racks of clothes.

“Hispanic, big tits, looking for those two,” Kate wished she hadn’t said anything. Seeing her boss tighten up, looking for a fight, she felt sorry for the girl.

“How do you know she was looking for my little pets?” Janet asked.

“Well, she mentioned Asian girls. Don’t remember anything else much,” Kate shrugged.

“OK! Well, if I lose one of them because of your stupidity, you can take her place,” Jane said fiercely, poking one of Kate’s breasts with a sharp fingernail.

Normally she would have protested but her boss looked real mad. “Perhaps she wanted to join the party,” Kate suggested.

“I didn’t think of that. I want three,” she mused. Janet wandered over to the slave pets, thinking over what she could do with three slaves, what combinations of games could be played.

“Come on pet, get these on,” Janet told her. She left the pet kitten to get dressed.

Taking hold of the doll, she helped her pull on an outfit. It was more like shoving her into it than helping. It was easier to lay her on the floor and pull it on. Once sealed into the all-in-one black rubber suit, Janet attached a vacuum tube to a nozzle. The outfit was already clinging, though now it looked skin tight with all the air sucked out of it.

She checked the breathing tubes were positioned up the dolls nostrils and the rubber was over the teeth properly, to hold her mouth open. She ran a hand between the dolls crotch finding the vaginal tube was in place. It had been positioned correctly so it found its way deeper inside when all the air was sucked out of the suit.

The anal tube was doubled on itself, so she had to push a finger inside to straighten it. There was no way the doll could wander off now. It would be a struggle to even roll over. Janet pulled the doll up and placed it in a set of stocks. Lowering two beams kept its legs apart for a wonderful view of its fulsome bottom.

Brandi looked at Cindy seeing a lewd looking shape. The rubber and plastic outfit was pulled tight over her body, except for her breasts. They were pulled apart into two large balls, making them look so huge, they were grotesque. Her head too was a large rubber ball. All that could be seen of the girl was a pair of wide open staring eyes, peering from within the mask.

Even her feet were encased in the black rubber. Between her legs was a combination of rubber and plastic. It looked as though a pair of thin flexible tubes had burrowed their way up inside her. Her lips were clearly visible, being pulled apart around the tube. Her asshole too was opened up with a smaller tunnel disappearing into her body.

Bent over in the stocks the doll made a disgusting display. Both holes were on show, exaggeratedly open like a bizarre sex doll. The head turned with pleading eyes, obviously wanting to be set free. Brandi saw the mouth held wide open, finishing the impression that here was a rubber dolly, ready to be used.

Brandi looked at herself in a mirror and groaned. Yet again she was embarrassed to even be seen. The costume was ridiculous, though not as bad as the one she wore on Friday night. She had fur like a little kitten. Two bells attached to the collar now tinkled at her neck. Cutouts for her breasts revealed her nipples, with each having two bells attached to the nipple rings.

Between the legs a smaller cutout revealed her pierced clit and lips, where little tinkling bells had been attached. With every movement she tinkled like a Christmas gnome or a reindeer attached to a sleigh. How could she stand this trashing of her self worth, why did everyone want to dress her up in such ridiculous clothing? Did they see her as a cute little thing needing to be dressed like a pink girly?

As a kitten she did look cute, but as a woman, she looked vulgar and felt ridiculous.

No sooner had Janet finished with Cindy than she grabbed Brandi and forced her into a set of stocks right next to Cindy. The two girls looked at each other and grimaced, or at least Brandi did. All Cindy could do, was move her head slightly, from side to side.


“If you’re not sure of the size or the movement try them out in the play area,” Janet told the customer.

The old guy was unsure what she meant but wandered off. Seeing the two figures bent over in the stocks, he guessed what she meant. He looked closer and was surprised to see a pair of eyes looking at him from what he though was just a rubber sex doll. The kitten was rather rude showing off all its naughty bits, but that brought meaning to this being called a play area.

He pushed the vibrator into the open mouth to lubricate it. It came out wet, so that had worked. He walked around the back of the doll and pushed it in, with a turning movement, into what looked like its pussy. The black rubber doll gave out some moaning sounds and moved around slightly when he managed to push it all the way in. Perhaps the doll was becoming excited.

Cindy didn’t like the old man staring at her and was appalled to have him push a vibrator into her mouth. When she felt it being worked up inside her vagina she vigorously thrashed around to avoid it. The suit was so tight the movements were brought down to a slight quiver. Here the suit was soft thin plastic, so she could feel it stretching the walls of her vagina, pushing deeper and deeper inside.

When the old man switched it on she jumped onto her toes. It was like a cake mix was being stirred inside her belly. It wasn’t done with any finesse; instead it had just been shoved in and switched on, which certainly didn’t turn her on.

It wasn’t in there very long before he tried to pull it free, only it had almost disappeared between her engorged lips. With fingers probing he managed to grip the thing that was still wriggling away inside her.

When it eventually pulled from inside the doll, with rude sucking noises, she reacted. The slight gyrations probably meant she wanted it back. The vibrator certainly had an impressive range of movements for such a small looking thing. He touched the doll’s bottom hole with it and got a similar reaction. Obviously not an objection, as it would surely be more vigorous and wouldn’t she be telling him off?


She could feel his bony fingers against the lips of her pussy, pushing into her. The squishy sound of it being pulled free was awful. Feeling it pushed against her asshole she shook her head making noises of protest. Surely he could understand she was warning him off.

*** The pet-girl was ringing her bells now. Did she want attention too? She would have to wait, for the doll was nodding her head as well as rubbing her ass up and down the vibrator, obviously needing it. The hole was there, open and ready to be used, so how could he resist.

*** Cindy moved her ass around as much as she could, to avoid the damn thing poking her asshole. It was obvious now her asshole was being held open by a tube, as much as her pussy was by another tube. It was terrible to think anyone could walk in this store and see her gaping asshole and pussy, both crudely on show.

She flinched on feeling the hardness touch her hole. This time she didn’t bother trying to move away, she just concentrated on relaxing the muscles. It was shoved in. It stung and ached but not too much. Her hole was bruised from this ill treatment but that would heal. The guy didn’t know what he was doing and she hadn’t had anything up her anus before.

Brandi looked at poor Cindy. In her rubber suit she could only move a little, and the only emotion showing was from her eyes. Brandi tried to look behind her to see what the guy was doing to Cindy, but couldn’t crane her neck that far. It was obvious anyway. Would he work on her next?

She felt something pushed against her lips, ringing the little bells. He seemed to be bored for she wasn’t held open like Cindy, nor was she wet or anywhere near ready.

He stood in front of her and told her, “Open up.”

She reluctantly opened her mouth and tasted the combination of rubber and spit from Cindy. Knowing why he was doing this, she produced as much saliva as she could, to wet it thoroughly. She knew what he was up to and wanted to make it as wet as possible.

How different was this from when she was with Kevin. She would no longer complain about anything Kevin wanted to do to her, however depraved it might be, for surely it couldn’t be as bad as this. The old guy went behind her and started on her pussy. It didn’t take long and it wasn’t in any way erotic. Thankfully he gave up on her asshole.

Penelope was getting used to living alone since the divorce. She put the house up for sale, and was just waiting for confirmation of the moving date. She couldn’t wait to escape to a new life in the country. In the meantime she was concentrating on dieting and fitness, ready to enjoy that new life to the full.

A new regime had worked well, as the pounds melted away, and her body became toned. Most significantly, it was without the usual boring effort that usually defeated her efforts. It made her feel a little sensitive at first, though she became used to the extra attention. Whether parking, shopping, or anywhere else she went, men were being so helpful. At thirty-four she had felt old. With the reshaped body, came a new vigour bounding into her life.

Tonight was going to be an experiment, in preparation for the free life style a move to the country would bring. Rather than exercise in the conventional confines of the bedroom, it was decided to experience the fresh air, and freedom of outdoors. Not too risky an adventure, for it was a secluded back garden. She felt safe enough behind high hedges, between neighbours’ gardens.

The gown slid to the ground, leaving her naked in the warm evening air. The sense of liberation felt wonderful. She was free of city stress, almost reborn. This is how it would be in the country, away from the hustle of city life. She made a lucky investment from the divorce settlement, and together with the house sale, could take early retirement.

Penelope sat cross legged on a rug, preparing for the routine meditation session; starting with a silent chanting. A deep hypnotic trance soon overtook her. It was this that enabled Penelope to maintain the diet, and practice tedious exercises. She stood perfectly still for a moment or two, then started a ballet of serene tai chi movements, designed to instil self-discipline.

The therapist had warned her to practise the full sessions just twice a week, though of course she ignored him. With successful results spurring her on, she began practising everyday. Compliments and attention drove her on, to relentlessly pursue a perfect figure.

Every morning before work, and now this evening, she deepened the hypnotic trance, enabling her to hone her body into an athletic peek of perfection.

She stood serenely still at the end of the first set of exercises. In dismay Penelope heard a commanding voice behind her. It was frightening at first.

“Sit!” commanded the disembodied voice.

She plonked herself down on the rug. In a whirl of fearful thoughts she wondered who the hell had invaded her private space. This garden was her little piece of the countryside, tucked away behind the house, in a busy city street.

She heard muffled sounds, and realised the voice emanated from a neighbour’s garden, not in hers. She breathed a sigh of relief.

“Up, up,” the voice commanded.

She stood up as ordered. Penelope realised she had sat at his command, and was now standing as instructed. She was following a neighbour’s instructions.

‘Shit! How in hell did that happen?’ she angrily thought. ‘What the hell is he doing? Damn the stupid man. How dare he intrude upon my privacy!’ she cursed silently.

“Sit!” her neighbour clearly said, in an exaggerated voice of command. “Roll over!” he ordered, with an encouraging flair to his voice.

Rolling off the blanket onto the grass, she worried what would happen next. She tried to resist, though it seemed she was compelled to follow his instructions.

‘What the hell did he think he was doing?’ She felt so helpless and stupid.

Penelope hoped the timer would buzz soon. It was a backup trigger. As soon as she heard the timer, she would be free of the hypnotic trance. It occurred to her this was exactly why the therapist told her not to use the hypnosis too often. It had become so strong and overwhelming, she had lost control.

“You’re a good little puppy, good little puppy dog,” the neighbour said, with enthusiasm.

She smiled to herself on realising what he was doing. She remembered the old guy next door talking about buying a puppy. She giggled happily, realising he was training it in the back garden, just the other side of the hedge.

She felt good about herself, feeling pleased with the relaxed attitude achieved, despite this strange situation. She didn’t realise the happy feeling had something to do with being told she was a ‘good little puppy’.

Penelope laughed quietly over what was happening. The nice man was commanding a helpless, naked woman, and would be very shocked if he knew. She chuckled quietly, wondering if she dare tell him before moving out of the area. Obviously leaving out that she had been naked at the time.

Feeling it was one of those stupid situations that just happen, she decided to give in and go along with it. She felt calm and happy about it, no longer worried. After all, he would simply go inside shortly, and if not, the timer was due to loudly buzz at any moment.

“Roll over, that’s a good puppy. You like your tummy stroked don’t you. You’re my lovely little puppy dog, yes you are,” he soothed.

On her back with limbs in the air, she beamed a bright smile. “Yes master, I’m your lovely little puppy. Your little puppy loves her tummy stroked,” she quietly replied.

She giggled to herself, as the joyful and playful mood took over.

‘If only he could see me now!’ she thought. He was missing out on having a well shaped, naked young woman at his mercy. Penelope thought it was a great joke, and felt exhilarated.

‘If he knew I could hear him talking soppy over a puppy, he would be so embarrassed,’ she thought. He always presented himself as a responsible gentleman in the community. The young neighbour on the other side of the garden would certainly have taken advantage of her.

With a little shudder of pleasure, at the thought of being taken advantage of, she became aroused. He was handsome, with strong shoulders, and a cute ass. It would be nice for once to shed the restricting inhibitions of society, and just do what comes natural. Giving her body to him would be a great pleasure. No responsibility, no recriminations, no moral inhibitions, no next morning regrets. Just letting him take her would be nice.

Thankfully it was nearly time for the timer to go off, otherwise, she might get carried away. A loud orgasm on the back lawn might attract unwelcome attention. It wasn’t encouraged in this well-to-do neighbourhood. A comfortable dreamy smile lit her face. It might be pleasant letting go her inhibitions, to be just a dumb bitch for awhile.

She missed what was said, for he must have walked away from the near side of the hedge. His loud voice sounded suddenly close, jarring her from a naughty daydream.

“Fetch, come on! Do as you’re told! Fetch! Fetch the ball,” he sternly commanded.

Penelope scrambled up on all fours, looking around the garden with a bemused expression. There wasn’t anything to fetch. Perhaps the link to his commands might have been broken now. She was on all fours looking down the garden, when a tennis ball rolled into sight.

Without thinking she got up and ran for it. Catching it on the run, she crouched low and pushed through a gap in the hedge. It was out of the way at the end of the garden, forgotten about, and unfortunately rediscovered.

Before she could think to try and stop herself, she squeezed through the gap, and bounded over to Mister Forbes. Penelope dropped the ball at his feet. She sank onto all fours, and shook her hips as though she had a tail to wag.

The man stood back aghast. His puppy hadn’t been interested in playing fetch, and on the last desperate throw, he heaved the ball toward the back of the garden. On hearing the rustling, of what sounded like a large animal emerging through the hedge, he called out to his puppy, fearing whatever it was might set upon it.

His last words were, “Here puppy, come here puppy, hurry up, quickly,” he now stood silently staring at a naked woman at his feet, on all fours. His heart raced, his blood pressure sang in his ears. He was unable to bring his thoughts together enough to make sense of it.

“Why are you naked?” Gerald stupidly asked. He tried again, only to resort to what was for him a cliché. “Explain yourself!” he demanded. It was an unpleasant little phrase he often used to bully people.

Penelope was as shocked as he was. Despite the embarrassing situation she stammered out an explanation.

“I’m hypnotised, and inadvertently followed your instructions,” she panted. She was relieved not to be barking a reply.

He hardly caught what she said, as he furtively looked around the garden. “Get inside, someone might see you,” he hastily ordered.

Safely out of the way of prying neighbours, he tried to bring himself together. “So, you’re blaming me for ordering you around?” he asked.

“No master, I’m just your little puppy,” she quickly apologised. The words spilled from her mouth before she could stop them.

“I see. You’re my puppy, or something fanciful like that. Is that it?” he asked, beginning to catch on.

“Yes master,” she eagerly replied.

He hadn’t recognised her at first, without clothes. It was Penelope, his neighbour! Of course she must have heard him talking to the new pup. He shook his head, wondering why she had been naked in the back garden.

Penelope threw herself into the role, not wanting him to think she was aware of what was going on. She hoped he would assume she wouldn’t remember this dreadful situation afterwards. The unpleasant prospect of remembering this highly embarrassing situation, was too terrible to contemplate.

At least he was coming round to understanding what happened, and he was just the man to sort it all out. He was sure to get her home safely, without the neighbours knowing. He was more concerned with keeping up appearances than she was. After all, she was about to leave the area, and wouldn’t have to meet any of them again.

Once home she would stop this whole regime. It had gone too far, and now she was suffering the consequences of pushing it too hard.

‘Oh! No! The timer!’ It would have sounded off by now. It meant she would have to complete the work out, to be free of the hypnotic influence.

Until she completed the routine, or heard the damn timer, she would be stuck like this. Being hypnotised was bad enough, but being compelled to behave like a puppy was terrible. Penelope wagged her hips looking up at him, with what might have been wide, imploring puppy eyes.

‘Ask me how to get out of this damn hypnotic trance!’ she tried to say, only to whine instead. Finding she couldn’t speak was infuriatingly frustrating.

The worried look on her face struck a chord with him. He patted her head. “There, there, little puppy, I’ll get you home safe and sound,” he told her.

He snatched his hand away, as she nuzzled and licked it. “This isn’t some kind of practical joke is it?” Gerald asked.

“No master, I’m your cute little puppy,” she exclaimed. The look of expectancy again dominated her face. Penelope whimpered and barked, trying to get him to ask her what to do about it.

“It’s all right, you’re a good little puppy. Don’t be frightened, your master will look after you.” he soothed. It didn’t occur to him he was reinforcing the command, by repeatedly saying she was his puppy.

He scratched his head, wondering what to do with her. The last thing he wanted was for anyone to find out he had naked woman in the kitchen.

Penelope felt much happier from his reassurances. He was an older man, not looking at her as an available female, but rather, as a nuisance to be dealt with. She knew he was fifty years old, and hadn’t had a relationship for some years. Apart from him being a bit of a stickler for the rules, she knew little else about him.

“We will have to wait for dark of course,” he mused out loud. He looked her over carefully. “You need cleaning up. You look as though you’ve crawled through a hedge,” he chuckled.

She suddenly felt embarrassed at being naked in his kitchen. Her knees were grubby, and her long dark hair was all over the place. It was comforting to know he was going to take care of her, and she felt sure he would be a good master.

‘Don’t be stupid, get a grip,’ she thought. ‘I’m not a puppy, and he is definitely not my master,” she scolded herself.

In desperation she scratched at the door, whining plaintively. She needed to get back to her home, where the damn timer was. As a puppy with paws it would be awkward to re-set the thing, though at least she could try. If he followed her home she could point to it with her nose, hoping he would get the idea, and wind it up.

“Stop that, you’re getting dirty marks on the paintwork! No! Stop barking. I’ll muzzle you if you don’t stop this instant! Bad puppy, do as you’re told. That’s better, good little puppy. I’m sure I can sort things out. Don’t worry, I’ll look after you,” he said, while stroking her hair.

Penelope sat back on her haunches, trying to be a good puppy for her master. It was bad enough not being able to speak without being asked a question, and she certainly didn’t want to be muzzled.

‘Hell! It’s getting difficult not to think of him as my master! I need him to get me out of this mess, and quickly too,’ she thought. Having him ‘sort things out’ was so very important. It emphasised her dependency on him, and reinforced his role as a master. It felt so reassuring, hearing him say he would look after her, she began wanting to be a good puppy for him.

“You’re a rather dirty pup. While we’re waiting for darkness, I’ll run you a bath,” he said.

This sounded like a good idea. Penelope always thought a good soak in the bath cured a lot of ills.

On all fours she padded to the bathroom. While the tub was filling she sat on her haunches, with arms folded up, and hands dangling, as though begging. It occurred to her that she wasn’t trying to cover her naked body. She was relieved to find he wasn’t ogling her nakedness. Instead he was fussing around, searching for soap and shampoo. This was the family bathroom, and hadn’t been used in a long time, so he couldn’t find anything.

He considerately tested the water with an elbow, not wanting to scold her.

“In you get, come on puppy, in the bath,” Gerald encouraged.

Penelope tried to leap in, but she was no agile puppy. Resting her hands on the edge of the bath, she wished he had a shower to simply walk into. He probably didn’t want her to use his bathroom, as she would leave dirty paw marks on the bedroom carpet.

“Here you are puppy, in you get,” Gerald cajoled her, with both arms around her tummy.

With a splash she landed on all fours in the bath. They looked at each other for a moment, with blank looks.

“I guess a puppy doesn’t know how to bathe,” he sighed.

“Soap! No! Don’t lick it!” he laughed. “Sit! There’s a good little puppy, though you’re not so little,” he mused. “Just sit there, I’ll do it. I used to do this for my wife when she was . . . towards the end,” he mournfully sighed.

He squeezed shampoo on her head, and lathered it. With a hand over her eyebrows, he was careful not to get soap in her eyes. After rinsing her hair he looked around for a cloth. Not finding one he turned to go. She scrambled up on all fours, splashing the floor with water.

“Stay! Careful there puppy, you’re splashing water everywhere,” he gently told her. He decided to use his hands instead, not trusting her to stay still.

He rubbed her face, neck, and ears, clean. “There’s a good puppy,” he cooed.

While humming pleasantly to himself, he washed her shoulders and arms. The soothing strokes of his hands, together with the sound of his comforting voice, lulled her. She closed her eyes, to experience the full effect of the vigorous massage. She felt a hand soaping her back, with the other running between her breasts, down to her tummy.

“Does my puppy like her tummy rubbed?” he asked, with a chuckle.

Penelope answered with a mewing noise, sounding half human, half animal. She relaxed into a deep meditative state, no longer caring about the predicament she was in. The warm water, his deep voice, the delicious sensations of his soapy hands over her body, combined to further entrance her.

She had already wished for a release from inhibitions, so when a hand glided over her breasts, she merely sighed. He rubbed her breasts then rinsed them, to quickly move on.

He helped her up onto all fours, without splashing himself too much. A well lathered hand slipped under her, between her legs. A hand slipped over her rump, between the cheeks, to meet the other hand.

The movement was slow and arousing. If he hadn’t seemed so disinterested in her, she might have been frightened. Being told she was his puppy, and that he was going to look after her, set her mind into accepting it.

“You certainly aren’t a little puppy,” Gerald commented.

She thought it was the moment of freedom. Though what could she do; thank him for the bath and just walk away? There was an uncomfortable feeling to contend with; of being lost without a master. He might of inadvertently freed her from being a puppy, but what was she to do about it?

“You’re a bitch in heat!” he murmured.

He spoke directly into her ear, with the words seeming to reverberate around the bathroom. He was still her master, and it seemed his words were still a command.

No wonder he called her that. She was wet down there, and it wasn’t just bath water.

“Do you like that, naughty bitch?” he chuckled.

‘No! It had all just got worse. Instead of being his cute little puppy, she was a bitch in heat.

All Penelope could do was pathetically whine and nod her head. His hands were devastatingly erotic. Smoothly massaging her between the legs, the sensations couldn’t be ignored. She wasn’t just a little aroused, she was feeling hot, and panting for it.

“You’re a dirty bitch. Correction, you’re my very clean bitch,” he chuckled.

Her breathing became heavy, as she neared an orgasm. As much as she tried to hold back, it was impossible to resist being his bitch. She had wanted to throw away all restraint, but not like this. She felt her mind giving way to desire.

“I remember when you ruined our campaign to prevent that national chain store opening in town. You used your womanly wiles to win over support. I thought you were a bitch then, now you’re my bitch,” he laughed.

Penelope wasn’t laughing. She was groaning. He took his hands away, to rinse them under the tap. She made pathetic whimpering noises while swinging her hips from side to side. She wagged a non-existent tail, seeking attention.

“So you need me now, to get you out of this mess. They built that superstore, and it put a lot of local people out of business. Now you’re leaving the area, leaving a mess behind you. It’s true, what goes around comes around,” he lectured.

He placed his hands around her face, forcing her to look into his eyes. “You need to be taught a lesson. You need to think of others, not just yourself. Well bitch, your mine to train now,” he firmly told her.

He was cross with her, though he hadn’t been rough, or threatening. He figured young people needed some discipline in their lives. They had too much too quickly, so didn’t learn constraint and patience. This young woman was a good example of the ‘want it now’ society.

“I’ll go round to your home and see if I can figure out what happened, and how to get you out of this mess,” he sighed.

Penelope wanted him to damn well finish what he started. She barked at him. She was his bitch in heat, and needed satisfaction.

“Come on out of there, bath times over,” he cajoled her.

He wrapped his arms around her, and pulled her from the bath. She wrapped her legs around his, and started humping his leg. She was rubbing her sex against him, needing to cum.

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