A middle-aged man with silver hair and a deep tan greeted my Owner with a handshake. Master nodded to me. “This is my bitch,” he announced by way of introduction.

Silverhair looked me over with no attempt to hide his inspection. He did not talk to me, rather addressed my Owner. “How would you like us to refer to her?”

Behind my mask, I waited with interest, confident my Master would not offer up my real name.

“Bitch, is fine. She is accustomed to this.” My Master stroked my hair once.

“Excellent.” Silverhair smiled and turned to me. “Welcome, bitch. I look forward to using you.”

I looked to Master who nodded at me. “You may respond, my little bitch.”

I smiled at Silverhair and thanked him for the welcome. I restrained myself from mentioning the deep flush that coursed through my body at the thought of being used by him and the vague sense of humiliation that he understood that I was there to be used, like a whore, my Owner’s fuck toy for passing around. I swallowed my rising sense of shame and blushed instead.

Noticing the display, Silverhair grinned and slapped Master on the back. “Well done. She still blushes like a virgin despite being a whore.”

“This is her first showing,” Master explained. “She has been in training until now.”

“How long have you had her?” Silverhair asked helping himself to my right breast, which he lifted and cupped curiously. I remained impassive whilst he handled my body.

“Two years,” Master responded.

“Difficult to train then was she?” Silverhair pinched my nipple roughly as if testing his theory.

Master looked at me. “Perhaps. But I consider the investment to have paid off. She is now as I desire her.”

I felt a warm rush and sense of deep gratitude to my Owner for having persisted with His wayward bitch.

“Spread your legs and bend over, slut,” Master commanded, “and let our host inspect your bitch holes.”

Dutifully I bent over, supporting myself with my hands on my knees. Fingers were inserted into my cunt and I felt them exploring my slickness before being removed. I felt my hair pulled, forcing me upright.

“Clean our host’s fingers, bitch,” Master instructed, His fingers still proprietarily entwined in my hair. I took Silverhair’s hand and sucked my juice off each of his fingers.

“You have a nicely compliant bitch,” Silverhair observed to Master, addressing him by a name with which I was not familiar. “Why don’t you take her into the garden and prepare her for the inspection and judging?”

Master released my hair and pulled lightly on the leash attached to my butt plug. I was sorely in need of asking what Silverhair meant by judging, but did not need to know enough to risk my Owner’s wrath for speaking without permission. Strangely, I was more relaxed about being inspected than I was about being judged. What if I did not pass muster? What if I failed in some way? How could I possibly hope to measure up, when I had no idea against what I was being judged. And worse, what if, in not passing, I brought shame to Master? The idea of disappointing him was abhorrent to me. Then I simply remembered Master’s key piece of guidance to making him happy: “Do everything I say and follow all my rules.” I exhaled. It was simple after all.

Master led me out the patio doors to a darkening sky and a paved area framed by spotlighted perfumed hedges and landscaped lawns disappearing into a growing darkness. He turned me to face him. “Bitch, you need to relax and remember to breathe. If you keep holding your breath, you’re going to pass out. I’m not going to let anything hurt you. Do you believe me?”

I nodded. “Yes, Master, of course.”

“In five minutes, the group will gather. I will give you instructions. You will comply with them. You will be used by me and by others. You are not to hesitate, question, challenge or negotiate. If you have questions or concerns now is the time to voice them.” Master waited, looking pointedly at me. I smiled back from behind my mask. “None then?”

“I trust You, Master,” I stated.

“Good girl. Let’s go then.” Master pushed me to my knees. “You will crawl from here, bitch.”

With my ass in the air and my pendulous breasts swinging from my chest as I moved, I crawled after Master. Returning inside, He positioned Himself to one side of the room and indicated that I should sit at His feet, as I was used to doing.

Silverhair took the floor and began to speak. He welcomed my Master by the name with which I was unfamiliar, and welcomed another man who stood casually on the other side of the room with a curvaceous blonde kneeling at his feet. She sat obediently, her gaze firmly rested on the floor in front of her. I noticed that she did not look up at any point as Silverhair spoke, and could only assume that she was constrained by gaze restrictions. From each of her pert nipples hung a silver ring and these two rings were linked by a silver chain. On her right hip was a tattoo of a pair of shackles under which were six numbers I assumed to be her slave number.

Before I realised it, Master was tugging the leash and I was propelled into the centre of the room.

Master yanked briefly on my leash and said “Kneel.”

I propped myself up on my knees and straightened out my back so that my pierced nipples sat forward and alert.

“This is my bitch,” Master announced to the room matter-of-factly. “She’s two years old with me and is a dedicated anal whore. When taken by her asscunt, bitch squirts and gushes her whoredom all over the place. One should be prepared with flood insurance. When it comes to cock in her ass, she is an insatiable bitch, taking it without complaint even when her bitch hole is swollen, bruised and ginger from constant buggery and abuse.” Master pushed the back of my head. “Bitch, asscunt up.”

In response, I turned and put my face to the floor and my ass in the air. Master prodded my thigh with his boot. “Open for inspection.” I reached around and drew my ass cheeks apart.

“Bitch becomes very wet at the thought of her asscunt being penetrated,” Master informed the men observing. “If you were to insert a finger into her cunt hole at this point you would find it excessively well lubricated. Does anyone wish to see this for himself?”

My thighs started burning with the effort to hold my torso up as my hands held my ass cheeks open. I hoped a volunteer emerged quickly. Happily one did. I could not see the kind of man who stepped forward on Master’s invitation, but I did feel a thick digit push through my labia and slide through my slick cunt, to emerge coated in my whore juices, as was established by the volunteer’s pronouncement of “Bitch is more soaking than a car wash.” His finger was placed at my lips and I dutifully sucked it clean.

“Bitch is so wet in anticipation of being used in her asscunt,” my Owner continued, “that her body provides its own lubrication. I simply smear her cunt juice around her bitch hole, like this, and more cunt juice runs in anticipation.” Master inserted a finger into my anus. “Bitch has no control over her body and has relinquished all control to her Owner. Observe how I make her cum within moments.” Master began rapidly pistoning his finger in and out of my asscunt, until I barked for permission to cum. “Cum, bitch,” Master allowed and, on cue, my cunt gushed forth onto the carpet.

“A very impressive response,” Silverhair observed, “but not so great for my carpet. She is a messy little whore then?”

“Unfortunately, yes,” Master agreed, calling for his cane. I received two swift and painful stripes for being a dirty whore and spraying my cunt juice over the carpet. Then Master called for a bowl. “Bitch, you will not cum unless it is into this bowl.”

“Yes, Master, with pleasure my Lord,” I responded obediently, hoping my aim had improved since last time I attempted to fill a bowl in the midst of Master’s brutal attentions. Truth be known, I was not keen on improving my aim too much as whatever landed in the bowl, Master inevitably made me consume.

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