pet play

The moment I opened the email with His instructions, I knew that He was going to challenge me in ways I have never been before.

The instructions were clear and concise.

I had to be at His house at 15:00 and dressed in only a coat and high heels.

I was to pack only a toothbrush for the weekend.

I was to drink 6 glasses of water and was not allowed to relieve myself after 14:00.

Reading that, I shivered. He has transformed into Mr Hyde….

As I walked in the door, He walked up to me, pulled me by my hair to my knees. I was helpless against His power. But I also had no will to resist Him. I wanted to be on my knees before Him.

With His other hand He put the collar around my neck. Moving my head around by my hair, He exposed the line of my neck. The first bite was unexpected and I flinched and called out without thinking.

Roughly He pulled my face to His, forcing me to look at Him.

‘Are you going to fight me, bitch? Is that really the route you want to go this weekend?’

I shook my head, knowing how He will punish any disobedience. I couldn’t handle that. I still remembered the last time too vividly. His smile was one of satisfaction, power, success.

Looking into His eyes, I was struck again with the awe I feel whenever we play or when we meet for a weekend, even just when we talk on the phone. His Mastery affects me deeply. I submit absolutely to Him.

His next words sounded the tone for the weekend: ‘Puppy-Bitch, Your Master will take His pleasure.’

His command to ‘stay’ was obeyed without thought and my excitement grew as I saw the toys He had on the table, ready to be used. I saw Him take the tail in His hands.

I was surprised when I felt His finger probing my hole, expecting the plug. I could feel His fingers playing over the ridges; pushing gently at the tight ring. Applying some lube to His finger, He started pushing harder…I felt my body allowing Him to penetrate. Slowly at first, He started moving His digit inside me. I groaned, arching my back, allowing Him easier access. I felt the wetness from my pussy, melting down my legs.

His movements become faster, deeper.

My breathing becoming haggard…

Another finger stretched my hole even more. I groaned out as His digits pound into my most private place. And suddenly He stopped. I groaned … on the brink of losing control…of giving myself over to the mindlessness of an orgasm….

‘You are a bitch in heat, aren’t you?’ He growled into my ear. I heard Him but had lost the ability to speak.

‘Aren’t you? Answer me!’ I summoned all my strength to whisper: ‘Yes, Master’ hanging my head in total defeat as I surrendered more to Him.

Satisfied with my submission He stood up and pulled the leash He had attached to the collar. I followed obediently on all fours. Only then did I see all the preparation He made for this weekend: a stainless steel water and food bowl next to the back door. The steel cage in the corner of the lounge. In the Master bedroom is a dog pillow next to Masters’ bed.

He pulled the leash towards the back door and I followed obediently, knowing what He was planning…

Opening the back door we walked to the patch of grass. He bent down, spreads my hind legs and looked at me as He issued the command I dreaded, but knew would come:

‘Pee, my sweet puppy.’

Face red, I squat down, willing the liquid from my body. But, as always, the first time is the most difficult.

I felt His fingers playing with the folds of my sex. I felt the urge to squat even more. Then His harsh order…..He knew exactly what to do to get my body to comply….

‘Puppy, you will fucking give me what I want!’

The wet stream flowed from inside me, over His hand, down my legs. The relief I felt was deeper than the mere physical. It was the final barrier, the one of my mind, that He pulled down and He knew it so well.

I followed the leash straight into the bathroom. He removed both the collar and leash. He drew a bath and obediently I got in, still on hands and knees. There was an anti-bacterial soap on the edge of the bath. Pumping soap into His hand, He started to vigorously work the soap into lather. Over my shoulders, back, hips, circling back to my sides. Then His hands found my breasts, cupping them as they hang down, pulling at the nipple. Gentle at first, then harder…..harder. They reacted, became pebbles. I was aching for more and more of His touch. His hands roamed over my tummy…and reached my aroused cunt. His hands rubbing over the lips….working the soap over my already sensitive clit… further… further… washing the tight rosebud hole. My breathing became faster… I arched my back, giving Him easier access, moving my hips slowly at first, then quicker, wanting to continue feeling His probing. Anticipating His penetration, but He pulled back.

‘Remember my little bitch. You won’t cum before my say-so.’ Disappointed, I nodded.

Finished with my bath, He rubbed me down with a soft towel. Again His fingers probed my asshole. But then I felt the intrusion of the plug…..Pushed inside…..slowly…slowly…I groaned and felt juice pooling inside my pussy. I felt full, stretched. Not a comfortable feeling at first…

He put the collar and leash around my neck. Crawling after Master, I felt the soft leather of the tail swing against my back legs. He ordered me to drink some water and I lapped it up like a puppy. I was so exposed, vulnerable, ass in the air, breasts on the floor, drinking water like a dog. Both my ass, filled with the tail, as well as my cunt was on display for Him, for His pleasure and satisfaction.

Roughly, He pulled me up, dragged me by my hair to the carpet in the lounge and threw me down. Quickly He cuffed my hands to the table above my head, barking the order to ‘spread your legs’. I knew I would obey. Every little piece of me wants to obey my Master in all He wants. I belong to Him, my body and my soul are His.

He knelt between my spread legs, raised His hand and swatted my pussy. A stinging pain sent shivers through my body.

‘Thank You, Master’ I knew He expected a response.

‘Very good, My bitch’.

His voice was clouded with passion. And to my surprise He lowered His head and kissed my pussy. I spread my legs wider. I longed so much to feel His firm tongue on me. I felt His tongue licking my pussy, deliberately missing my clit. Oh, the sweet torture of teasing me. He is so good at that. Long wet strokes on my pussy, setting me on fire, then a hint of a touch on my clit. Desperately I tried to lift my hips closer to His mouth.

‘Oohhh, thank You, Master!’ I whimpered.

And He continued, knowing exactly how to get me to the edge of an orgasm. An orgasm He has denied me for so long. Slowly His tongue found its way into my pussy. A firm, hard tongue, licking the inside of my pussy. Licking my juices. I pushed my hips up more to give Him better access, wanting to feel all of Him. His tongue filled my cunt; His teeth grinding my lips, almost biting. Sucking my clit, driving me to the edge of an earth-shaking orgasm.

I was holding onto my control by a thin tread when His words reached me: ‘Don’t you dare to cum, puppy-bitch!’ I scrambled for control, all the while begging Him in my mind to let me lose control, to enter the world of bliss and mindless pleasure. But his teeth grabbed my clit, pulling hard… sending pain through my body- the pain I crave so intensely. So I could only moan, as I felt His tongue enter my pussy again. Then His teeth were back on my clit. Again he pulled and I begged Him.

‘Master, may this bitch cum, please?’

‘Yes! Cum for me!’

His voice boomed, my body on fire, all my being reduced to the feeling of overwhelming warmth, shocking, shaking, spasm after spasm. All the tension inside me burst out in an overwhelming orgasm. It flooded through my body, while He kept feeding it with His tongue. Shockwave after shockwave. I lost all awareness of time and space. Slowly I floated back to earth. I was only able to whisper quietly: ‘Thank You, Master’.

‘My darling fuck bitch! I will take all of you! You belong to me. I possess you. This cunt is Mine…..I will fuck you till I want to stop.’ He ground out as He pushed His magnificent cock into my hole without ceremony.



Plunging, I felt Him throbbing at the opening of my cervix.


His balls slapping against me, filling me. The tail in my ass making me feel stretched to the limit. He didn’t care. Over and over His hard cock pushed into me, almost tearing my pussy in two.



I have lost all ability to talk, to think. Sensations centred in my cunt. I whimpered as He continued to slam into me. My whole being, at His mercy.


Spasm after spasm tore through my body. All control or sense of self had been overcome by Him.

I heard His growl and knew that He is ready to cum. Expecting Him to squirt His seed deep inside my body, I was surprised when I felt the emptiness as He pulled out of me.

I felt the jets of His cum shooting onto my belly, breasts, neck. He pulled my hair and positioned my head nearer and then marked my hair and face with His fertile seed.

‘Oh my slut, my bitch’ He breathed into my ear as He collapsed on me.

‘You are mine! I own your being. You give Me your all. Well done, My precious puppy’.

For breathless moments only the heavy breathing of my Master and me were audible. His smile said more than million words could ever do. He knows I belong to Him.

Then, recovered, He pulled me up and I followed Him into the open cage. He has never put me in a cage before. Never!! I felt panic blossom in my chest, my ears turning red and ringing as the upset washes over me in waves.

As I move into it I feel tears stinging my eyes. Was I worth so little to Him? So worthless that He feels the need to put me in a cage. Waves of utter rejection threatened to overwhelm me. I couldnt object or cry out. I was His puppy, after all. After the cage door shut and locked behind me, Master knelt before me, looked into my teary eyes and spoke kindly.

Words I will always remember, words that I keep deep in my heart.

He said quietly: ‘Remember My little puppy-bitch, One only locks up possessions that are too valuable to be left outside.’

I smiled, happy to be His.

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