02 – Am I a pervert?

When we got home it was late in the afternoon. We had been gone all day, first to the salon, then shopping, lunch, drinks and the crossdresser store. I was tired but felt very sexy under my clothes. I did not want Beth, my step sister, to know that I totally enjoyed the experience today. I thought that she would think I am perverted.

As we came into the house carrying mostly my new girlie clothes, I hurried into the downstairs bathroom to pee. I unzipped the zipper on my jeans, slid my panties to the side, pulled out my cock and positioned myself to pee, when the door flew open. What are you doing, Beth asked calmly? I froze with my step-sister standing there as I was holding my cock. I need to pee, I responded. Not like that you don’t sweetie, she replied.

She told me to turn around and instinctively I did with my back to the toilet. Beth unbuckled my belt, and the top button of my jeans, then said let me see you wiggle out of them and keep your legs close together as you do.

Without hesitating I did and at the same time was wondering what I was doing. Now pull your panties down from the back slowly she said and again I did as she instructed. David, sit on the commode and pee like a girl while we talk. I sat down while Beth was watching me. I began to pee and it was shooting up and I grabbed my dick and forced it down between my legs. I felt myself peeing on my balls and ass as I sat like a girl with Beth watching me.

I felt my face turning red as she stood there while I peed in the commode with all of the noise I was making. So how did you enjoy the day she asked. I looked down at her feet embarrassed and mumbled as I finished. I began to stand dripping from my balls and ass. No David, sit back down and wipe yourself like a girl would with a tissue. You don’t want your panties wet do you, asked Beth.

I sat back down and reached for the tissue and wiped myself and dropped the tissue in the commode. I stood and Beth watched as I pulled my panties back in place. They were on the outside of the garter belt holding my nylons up. Beth commented that the way I was wearing my panties over the garter belt was the best way because it was easier to go to the bathroom to do my business, change my panties if needed or remove them if I wanted to go without them.

Turn around David, Beth said forcefully. Weird the way she said it I thought to myself, but I slowly turned with her looking me over. You look nice in nylons and panties, don’t they feel great she asked as she pulled the back of my panties into the crack of my ass. There, she said that looks more feminine. Beth then told me to step out of my jeans. That is kind of hard Beth, I replied, I have my shoes on. Beth told me to sit back on the commode, remove your shoes then take off your jeans; that won’t be so hard would it.

I slowly sat back down and untied my shoes. I slipped them off, then my socks that were covering my nylons. I then stood in front of my step-sister and dropped my jeans, then stepped out of them. There I stood in panties over my garter belt and nylons. I still had my sweat shirt and tee shirt on, but nothing else. Beth gently touched the front of my panties with the tip of her finger getting a reaction from my dick which was wet from pee and pre-cum mixed together. She smiled as she licked her finger for a second.

Beth then stood in front of me and unzipped the sweatshirt and pulled it off letting it fall to the floor. I thought the tee shirt was next, but she lifted her skirt and slowly pulled her panties down, then sat on the commode. She began peeing and smiled at me. I was becoming intoxicated with my step-sister and my cock was showing it as it pushed the front of panties outward. Beth finished peeing and took tissue and dried herself.

She then stood up in front of me and let her panties fall on the floor. She turned her back to me and bent over to pick them up exposing her beautiful clean shaven pussy. I wanted to grab her hips and penetrate her pussy with my wet cock but thought that was sick. She then stood and faced me with a silly grin and lifted her panties to my nose. Beth told me to breathe in and I did. Don’t they smell wonderful Beth asked? I couldn’t talk because the unexpected sensation left me speechless.

Do you want to sit around with me tonight and enjoy the evening dressed as a girl? I shamefully nodded my head. Good Beth said, we need to shower and get dressed, maybe enjoy a pizza and watch a little TV. Okay with you she asked? Again I bashfully nodded my head.

So off to our rooms we went. Beth went up the stairs first and I followed close behind carrying my new possessions. She stopped quickly after dropping her panties and bent over, her beautiful pussy just inches from my face. I’m sorry she apologized, that bothers you doesn’t it. Without waiting for an answer she continued to her room and me to mine.

I sat on my bed, my mind spinning with all of the things that had happened in just this one day. It was hard to forget that I was sitting here in girls’ underwear covered with just a tee shirt. On my bed next to me were several bags of clothing and one of the bags was from the crossdresser store. I was embarrassed and frightened; there were a number of sales clerks who helped Beth and I today. Also there was the young salesgirl at the Crossdresser Store who when asked about the wig and breast forms, Beth explained they were for me. And this all started by being humiliated at the salon were I was shaved clean and dressed in girl’s undies, people now knew about me. Plus I just peed like a girl in front of my sister.

I sat here with all of these emotions running through my head but I was afraid to admit that I liked what had happened. I could feel the nylons against my cleanly shaved skin and as I walked the panties pulled against my bum and I wanted so much to enjoy the new breast forms in my bra. How could I admit I really liked it and still not show too much enthusiasm? What is Beth thinking? She is behaving different now; not bad, but different. Am I a pervert for liking to dress in girl’s panties, bras and nylons? I loved dressing I kept thinking to myself and I loved looking at my sister’s pussy, so I am not gay at least, maybe just a little perverted. There must be other guys like me I thought as I tried to justify the sensations in my mind. But placing my finger in Beth’s wet pussy and hear Beth moan earlier today made me really perverted but heterosexual, what mixed emotions.

I got up and slipped out of my panties and feminine things, unhooking the bra in the back and laid all of the soiled clothes on the bed. I looked at myself in the mirror clean shaven and my cock half erect and I went off to take a shower. There I found in the shower stall was a bottle of body wash from Victoria’s Secret, I smelled it and it smelled so good. Where did this come from but what the hell I thought, so I used it. I felt a bit nasty as I washed. I got out of the shower and dried off, patting myself as I thought a girl would. Smiling to myself as I thought how nasty and playful this might become. I walked to my bed to find the soiled clothes I had worn today gone and replaced with one of the new bra and panty sets Beth bought at Victoria’s Secret for me.

Also laying there was the new chemise, wig and breast forms. Beth was busy I thought to myself as I walked towards the bed. There was a knock at my door and before I could answer she stepped into my bedroom. God she looked great. She was wearing one of her new babydolls with tiny little cheeky panties and no bra. Her babydoll was sheer and her body was to die for. I realized I had no clothes on and I quickly wrapped the towel around my waist in a fit of modesty.

David what are you doing as she walked over to me and pulled the towel loose and let it drop at my feet. She looked me over and said I looked quite nice in the nude. She held out her finger and there were her soiled panties from earlier. A gift she said as she placed them in my hand. She glanced down at my dick and smiled. It is difficult for guys to hide that fact they are excited isn’t it she said.

Are you ready to get dressed Beth asked? I guess so I responded. Never mind then Beth said as she turned to walk away, I don’t want to force you into something that you don’t enjoy. A million things flashed through my mind and I then said, yes Beth I want to dress in girls’ clothing, please! Beth turned and smiled as she said, that’s my brother, a sissy girl at heart. Beth offered her hand which I took and she led me into her bedroom, my semi stiff dick bouncing along the way.

I was told she was going to apply just a hint of makeup, not much because we were not going out. Beth went on to say she was fascinated with the thought she would have a sissy as a sister. Beth please do not call me a sissy I asked politely. Then how would you refer to what you are David? You are a sissy, that’s not a bad thing; accept who you are David, a sissy boy who likes being dressed as a girl. Say it David, say what you are.

I paused and then said that I am a sissy boy who likes dressing as a girl. I am not gay or bisexual either I added. That’s better Beth said, finally we are making progress. After a little work on my face we went back into my bedroom and I stepped into my panties. It felt so wonderful as I pulled them up my clean shaved legs. Beth again grabbed them from behind and pulled them deep into the crack of my ass. I then put my new bra on and Beth was eager to help fasten it in the back. She then grabbed the breast forms from the bed and tucked them into the bra cups. Oh I moaned aloud at the sensation and the thought I had about what I was doing with my sister. My dick was swelling up but not erect. She then lifted the chemise over my head and I lifted my arms as she let it fall in place.

One more item Beth said as she told me to sit on my bed. She then straddled my leg as she placed the wig on my head. Her breasts at one point brushed my face, she smelled wonderful. She got closer rubbing her thighs against mine as she brushed my hair and adjusted the wig to her satisfaction. I am in sissy heaven, so what is wrong about this I thought to myself.


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