The alarm bell woke me up with a start. I saw the clock, it was 6 am. I freshened up and worked out in the gym of my apartment building. By around 7.30 am I had a shower and was sitting in the living room with a newspaper in my hand and a coffee mug on the table near me.

But all I kept thinking was about Gopal. There were several questions in my mind. What will he do to me today? How will he treat me today? How will he react if I willingly submit to him? The chain of question was broken when I heard the door bell.

I went to the door and opened it. It was Suma. She greeted me and came inside.

“Good morning madam. I am sorry I couldn’t come to work yesterday. I wasn’t feeling well. I had fever and Gopal insisted that I rest. Gopal has changed a lot since you lectured him the other day. I wasn’t even feeling feverish but Gopal said that I had fever. So I stayed back and slept the whole day.” She said in her usual cheerful way.

My cheeks went red with just the mention of yesterday. “How was your day yesterday madam? You must have been through a tough time yesterday.” She asked me. That question disturbed me. What did she mean by tough time? I thought to my self. Did she know what happened between me and Gopal yesterday? Suma went to talking non stop as she usually did and I realize she didn’t mean anything. She was just enquiring how my day went.

But that suddenly changed when she asked me, “Madam, I know Gopal was here yesterday”. Now that statement scared the shit out of me.

“What?” I asked, alarmed at the possibility that she might now the reality of what happened yesterday.

“I know Gopal was here yesterday to inform you about my ill health” she said as if nothing was out of the blue.

“Ohh…Yeah…I remember now”. I said breathing a sigh of relief.

Suma made breakfast for me and did her chores and we left for office at our usual time. In the office I just couldn’t focus on the work. I had taken a leave from work yesterday so there was already a back log of all the work to be done and now the anticipation of the night ahead was not letting me work.

I just went through the day’s work like a robot. I was physically present in all the meetings but my mind was all the time counting the minutes before Gopal showed up at my doorstep. Somehow I managed to go through the day and left work at 6pm. On the way home, I bought a large pack of condoms because I knew Gopal wouldn’t bother getting one. I went home and had a small meal. I needed energy for the evening’s activities. I had a long hot shower and readied myself for the wild night ahead.

Once I was ready, I looked at the clock. It was 7.55pm. In 5 minutes, Gopal would be here. I unlocked the door and left it slightly open so that Gopal could come inside unrestricted. I took of my T-shirt, Pajamas and my underwear and wrapped a towel around me and stood in the living room.

The clock was inching towards 8 and as the clock moved forward; my anxiety levels soared to new heights. Exactly at 8, I heard the door creek open and a saw Gopal entering my house. He had a bag in his hands. He made his way through the lobby and entered the living room. He was surprised to see me in that state. He kept the bag on the couch and walked towards me sporting a wide smile on his face.

“Ruchi, it is so nice to see you like this. You obeyed my orders. Good girl!!” he said and started laughing. I interrupted his laughter by putting down my conditions for the night. If I wanted to enjoy the night and be a wiling partner in all this, I had to put my foot down.

“Gopal, you can fuck me tonight but I have certain conditions” I said trembling, uncertain as to how Gopal would react.

“Go on…” Gopal said looking at me with curiosity.

“I have certain conditions only after fulfilling them will you fuck me. First, you will not beat me. Second, you will use the condoms I bought for you. Third, you will go and wash yourself before we get on tonight”.

“Hahahaha…So you are going to willingly sleep with me if I fulfill these conditions? Looks like you liked what you got yesterday and want more. Alright, I agree to the conditions because you did what I told you to, so it is fair that I agree to your demands.” He said with a smile.

Gopal went to the bathroom inside my bedroom to wash him. I also entered the bedroom and stood near the bed, waiting for him to return. After a few minutes, Gopal came out of the bathroom naked. His cock was erect and ready for action. He looked at me in a way suggesting me to make the next move.

I untied the towel around my body and it fell around my legs. I was now completely naked in front of Gopal. I saw his expression change as he saw my naked body. His eyes were filled with raw lust and the animal inside him had awakened. Gopal walked towards me slowly, his cock at full attention, pointing towards me. The sight sent a shiver thorough my spine and I unknowingly licked my lips in anticipation of sucking that monster.

My heart beat faster as Gopal approached me. He held me by my waist tightly and kissed me. I opened my lips and his tongue entered my mouth. Our tongues met and a sort of a dual ensued. Gopal was slobbering me with kisses. He was a bad kisser. He had no technique but he made it up for it with enthusiasm and sheer strength. I wasn’t looking for a romantic night anyways so it didn’t matter to me if he was a bad kisser. I didn’t want to be made love to, I wanted to be fucked!

As we continued kissing, Gopal’s hands moved from my waist to my ass. He started squeezing my ass with his big rough hands. I moaned in his mouth, enjoying the rough treatment my ass was receiving.

After a couple of minutes more, Gopal broke the kiss. He grabbed the hair at the back of head and pulled my head to the side and started kissing and licking my neck. I just closed my eyes and moaned at the amazing feeling that Gopal was subjecting me to. He moved to the collar bone and started sucking on it. I moaned louder as Gopal hit the right spot.

He stopped sucking my collar bone and let go of my hair. He grabbed my boobs with both his hands and squeezed them hard. “Ouch” I said as it hurt me. I started running my hands on his chest. I felt the chest hair as I slowly ran my hands on his chest. I pulled his chest hair which made him yelp in pain.

I looked at him and flashed a wicked smile. “I can be rough as well you know!” I said and I pulled his chest hair again.

“Aaoow…hehehe…you are a feisty little bitch, aren’t you?” he said.

“And you are a filthy little bastard, aren’t you?” I said and we both started laughing.

“You have the greatest pair of tits I have ever seen Ruchi. You nipples and areolas are of the perfect size. Suma has big areolas which I don’t like much but yours are just too perfect. I just want to bite them and suck them all night” he said.

“Well, why don’t you do it then? Go ahead, they are all yours” I said.

Gopal bent down and locked his lips over my nipples. I sighed in pleasure and threw my head back as I felt his tongue flicking my nipple. I put my hand at the back of his head and pulled him closer urging him to keep on sucking my boobs. He alternately sucked and bit my boob. “Ohh yeah…that’s it…keep doing that…aaahh” I moaned.

Gopal moved to my other breast and continued his oral assault on it as well. I grabbed his cock with my left hand and started jerking it. This turned him on even more and he started biting my boobs vigorously. While he sucked on one boob, he roughly squeezed the other making sure that no boob was left unattended.

After a while Gopal raised his head and looked at me and I stopped jerking his dick. He pushed me on to the bed. I lay down on the bed and opened my legs wide. With my fingers I spread open my pussy lips for Gopal to see. He whistled and licked his lips.

“You want this, don’t you, you son of a bitch? You want a piece of this high society pussy?” I yelled at him. I was surprised at the kind of language I was using. Gopal’s presence had unlocked the bitch inside me.

Without uttering a word, Gopal pulled me towards the edge of the bed. He kneeled down in front of me by the bed. He slapped my pussy hard with his rough hand. The slap sent a jolt through my body and I jerked and raised my ass in the air. He slapped again, this time harder which made me shriek in joy.

Gopal then inserted two fingers inside my pussy and started rubbing my pussy walls. He inserted a third finger in my pussy and started flicking my clit with his thumb. Shivers ran down my spine as Gopal played with my pussy. My moans got louder with Gopal’s expert manipulation of my cunt.

Gopal rubbed his fingers along my pussy walls and soon enough found my G-spot. He started rubbing it and that just made me go wild! I screamed so loudly that my neighbors must have thought I was being murdered!

Within seconds of stimulating my G-spot, I had an orgasm and it was a loud one. I grabbed a pillow near me and covered my mouth to muffle my screams. A minute later I came down from the orgasmic high.

“Get ready for round 2 my whore” Gopal said with grit teeth. As soon as he said that his mouth went back between my thighs.

“Ohhhhh…yeaaahhhh babbyyy” I moaned as Gopal started biting my clit. He brought his hands to my breasts and squeezed them. He caught my nipples between the index finger and the thumb and rubbed them. He twisted and pulled on them hard making me squeal in pain and pleasure. Gopal’s hands were busy on my nipples and so was his tongue on my pussy.

His tongue was like a tornado wreaking havoc on my pussy. He sucked on my clit like a vacuum machine. He then caught my pussy lips between his lips and tugged on them and then sucked them. He then tongue fucked me, his tongue darted in and out of my pussy.

I arched my back in pleasure but Gopal kept me down. He brought his hands down to my buttocks and grabbed them. He fondled my buns which were now resting on his hands. I raised myself on my elbows to watch the show. The sight of Gopal eating my pussy massively turned me on and I grabbed his hair and pushed him deeper.

After licking my pussy continuously for several minutes, Gopal came up for air. His lips and nose were covered with my juices. He was breathing heavily and so was I. We both looked at each other and started laughing.

Gopal bit my thigh said, “You are one hot slut with the sweetest pussy Ruchi. I just can’t have enough of it”.

“Then why have you stopped. Continue what you were doing” I replied.

“Don’t mind if I do!” Gopal said.

He then turned me around and asked me to get on all fours. Gopal fondled my ass for a minute and then started licking my asshole. This was totally unexpected for me and I clenched my asshole. But after a while I started enjoying it and loosened up. Gopal kept rimming my asshole with his tongue. My asshole, filled with nerve endings sent shivers up my spine. Gopal cupped my pussy with his hand and squeezed it. He started fingering me again and that was too much for me to handle.

“I am cumming…I am cumming…I am cuu…aaaaaahhh” I screamed as my body jerked wildly as I came. Gopal stopped licking me and let go off me and I collapsed on the bed, still jerking from the massive orgasm I had achieved. My orgasm must have lasted at least a minute during which I just jerked and shivered.

When I recovered Gopal was kneeling besides me on the bed. He was smiling and stroking his big cock. “I really enjoy watching you come. The way you scream just shows that you are a whore” he said and started laughing.

“Pimps like you bring out the whore in me” I replied and squeezed his balls.

I got up and started jerking his cock vigorously. As I gave him a hand job, my mouth clamped on his nipple and sucked on it. I alternated between his nipples, sucking them, biting them and occasionally twisting them. I grabbed his ass with my left hand and slapped it hard a couple of times. After a few hard slaps, I decided to further my dual assault of a hand job and nipple sucking. I inserted my middle finger into his asshole.

“Aaarrghh” Gopal screamed in pain at the anal invasion. His cock twitched wildly and he was about to cum. I squeezed the base of his cock and pinched his balls to halt his orgasm.

“No…No…No…you are not going to come so soon, not before I suck that cock of yours and you fuck my brains out” I said looking him in the eye. Gopal grabbed my hair and pulled me for a kiss. We fondled each other’s asses while we kissed.

“You are so cruel…I love it! Now get down and suck my cock!” he exclaimed as he broke the kiss.

I hissed at him and flashed a devilish smile. I got on all fours and he came in front of me. I was now directly staring his cock which was just an inch away from my lips. I licked my lips as the object of my fascination and fantasy was now within the reach of my mouth.

I kissed the head of the cock and lightly licked the slit. I gave light licks all over the head and kissed the tip again. I held his cock up against his stomach and lightly licked his balls and then proceeded to lick the entire length of his shaft. I straightened his cock and stared at it as I jerked it a couple of times.

I took his cock in my mouth and swirled my tongue around the head. I took it out of my mouth and licked the head. I again took the cock into my mouth and slowly started swallowing it. I slowly swallowed his shaft inch by inch all the time swirling my tongue around it and very soon I had the entire shaft in my mouth. His pubic hair tickled my nose as I deep throated his cock. I held it like that for a few seconds before I gagged and then slowly started removing his cock from my mouth, continuously swirling my tongue around it.

All the experience and the oral skills that I had earned over the years from watching porn movies and all the experimenting I had done with Rohit was now being used to pleasure Gopal’s cock. I had never been so enthusiastic about oral sex but wasn’t totally averse to it either. Rohit, like any other man liked blow jobs and I liked pleasing him. A blow job was never in my favorite’s list but today was different. Today was the first time I not only looked forward to sucking a cock but was also enjoying sucking it. Unlike yesterday, Gopal had washed his cock with soap and I could smell the flowery fragrance which made it even more enticing.

I removed his cock completely from my mouth and inhaled deeply. Deep throating his cock had left me grasping for air. “That was amazing Ruchi. I have turned you into a cock sucking bitch. Haven’t I?” he asked. I smiled and nodded at his comment. I had really become a cock sucking, balls worshipping bitch. I again took him inside my mouth and started sucking him. I started bobbing my head up and down on Gopal’s cock. Gopal grabbed my head to fuck my mouth but I slapped his hands away. I didn’t want to be forced this time. I wanted to do it my way. I wanted to take my time and enjoy the moment.

Gopal got the signal and stopped grabbing my hair. Instead he grabbed my boobs which were hanging in the air and started squeezing them. He slapped them and pinched my nipples. I held up his cock against his stomach and sucked on his balls. Gopal’s balls were massive, proportionate to the cock beneath which they hung. I alternately sucked on his balls which made Gopal moan in pleasure. As I sucked on his balls, I remembered how his massive balls slapped against my pussy yesterday when Gopal fucked me from behind. The ‘slap slap slap’ noise the balls made as they banged on my pussy resonated in my ear turning me on even more.

I bent down a little more and licked the space between the balls and the asshole. Gopal shivered as I did it. This always made Rohit go wild then why would Gopal be any different. After licking for a few seconds I focused my attention back on his balls. After a while I stopped sucking his balls and again gobbled his cock. I squeezed his balls with my right hand and pulled his pubic hair with my left. Gopal moaned as he let go of my boobs and started caressing my naked back. He dragged his hands all over my back, all the way up to my ass and gave a tight slap on my ass.

“Hmmmpphff” I moaned at the slap. My moans were muffled because of Gopal’s cock in my mouth.

After a couple of more minutes, Gopal pushed my head back and removed his cock from my mouth.

“Arrggghhh” I moaned in disapproval as I just didn’t want to take my mouth of his cock.

“Let’s fuck now Ruchi. I want to bury my cock inside your pussy. I am going to bang you so hard that you won’t forget it for the rest of your life.” Gopal said as he raised me on my knees.

He inserted his cock between my thighs and fucked my thighs. His cock was brushing against my clit which was sending waves of pleasure all over my body. We started tonguing. Our tongues clashed, resembling a sword fight. Tonguing turned to French kissing when Gopal started fucking my thighs faster.

“Ohh yess Gopal, my lover, my fucker…just fuck me with that big, hard cock of yours. Fuck me like a cheap whore. Make me your bitch” I moaned as Gopal’s cock rubbed my clit harder.

“Where are the condoms?” Gopal asked as he let go of me. I pointed towards the drawer under the dressing table. Gopal got off the bed and walked towards the dressing table. He bent down and opened the dressing table drawer to look for the condom packet. The sight of a full grown man, butt naked, bending in front of you is a massive turn on. He found the packet and took out a condom it. The condoms were ribbed. The packed said, ‘For Her Extra Pleasure’. That was exactly what I wanted!

“You know Gopal, as much as I like your cock in my mouth, I would like it even more inside my pussy…Hahaha” I said as he walked towards me.

“Hahaha…You are a bad ass bitch, you know that?” Gopal replied.

Gopal walked towards the bed and got on to it. “Lie down on you back Ruchi” he commanded me. I lay down on my back with my head near the head board. I placed three pillows under my head so that I could see my entire torso, from my breasts right up to my pussy. I wanted to see Gopal fuck me. I wanted to enjoy the show as his cock ploughed my pussy. I knew the sight of Gopal’s cock going in and out of my pussy would be a huge turn on. He kept the condom near the pillow.

Gopal got on top of me. He raised himself on his hands which were by my side. He rubbed his cock along the length of my pussy, focusing on my clit. I moaned and pushed my pussy against his cock trying to make it enter.

“Gopal, stop teasing me and just fuck me…please….” I pleaded him.

“Hahaha…look at you begging to get fucked. Yesterday you were saying no…no…no and now it’s yes…yes…yes!” he said and started laughing.

“A lot has changed since yesterday. I have changed. No just get on with fucking me”. I replied.

Gopal didn’t waste anymore time and placed his cock at the entrance of my pussy. He slowly pushed his cock inside. Once the head was inside, he started shoving his cock inside my pussy. It took just a couple of shoves to bury his cock completely inside my pussy. He slowly drew his cock out right up to the edge of my pussy and again slowly inserted it.

“Ohhh yeeesssss…” I sighed as Gopal’s uncovered cock fucked me slowly. After a couple of minutes of slow stroking, Gopal withdrew his cock from my pussy. He sat up and took the condom packet lying near the pillow and tore it. He removed the condom from the packet and gave it to me. I put it on his cock and jerked it a couple of time.

I guided his cock to my pussy and Gopal entered me in one swift stroke. He shoved his cock deep into my pussy and buried it to the hilt. “Aaahhh…” I screamed as Gopal invaded my pussy. Gopal started fucking me with steady strokes. He fucked me with a decent speed unlike yesterday when he fucked me at full speed from the word go. His strokes were long and steady as he leisurely ploughed me. The last time Gopal was angry, he forced me into submission and I resisted him. But today I had willingly accepted him inside me. He knew I was his for the taking and so he wanted to take his time fucking me. He wanted to draw this for as long as he could.

I was moaning in pleasure as Gopal’s thick cock stretched my pussy out completely. I had never been stretch so much, not even Rohit could do that. Gopal’s long cock was touching places that Rohit’s decent cock couldn’t. I placed my hands on Gopal’s chest and ran my hands on his hairy chest. I caressed his chest, flicked his nipples and moved my hands to his stomach. I felt his hard abs; he had tightened his stomach as he fucked me. I pinched his nipples and Gopal yelled.

He steadily started increasing his speed as I moaned and writhe under him. As Gopal kept slamming his cock in my pussy, I reciprocated by pushing my pussy towards his cock. Our movements soon co-ordinated and we were fucking in unison. I matched his strokes with equal speed and ferocity. Gopal brought his head down and sucked on my left nipple. He didn’t stop fucking me to suck my boobs. He then brought his whole body down on to his elbows. My body supported his weight as he drilled my pussy.

I felt great as Gopal’s body came in contact with mine. My boobs were pressed against his hard chest and his hairy chest rubbed my nipples with his each inward and outward stroke into my pussy. I wrapped my arms around him and hugged him tight. Gopal rested his head on my neck and kissed and licked my ears. He grabbed my ass with both his hands and started fucking me faster.

“Aaahh…Gopal…your cock is awesome. Fuck me…Ohhh” I moaned in ecstasy. Gopal sat up and continued his stroking. He wrapped his hands around my neck and started strangling me as he fucked me hard. His grip tightened around my neck and I started suffocating. As I was about to pass out when Gopal released the strangle hold and I gasped for air.

“How was that huh?” he asked me.

“You are a monster Gopal…” I replied.

Gopal started laughing and again strangled me. I struggled to breath but the feeling was awesome. After he released my neck, Gopal got back to fucking me. He licked the index finger of his right hand and brought it to my clit and started flicking it. Gopal then stopped fucking me and raised my legs and placed them on his shoulders. He rammed his cock back into my pussy and this time he fucked me in top gear. He grabbed my boobs for support as fucked me really hard. His actions triggered my orgasm and I almost passed out from it.

As I came back to senses, Gopal had removed his cock from my pussy. He dug his hand under my back and pushed it. It was a signal suggesting me to move. I tuned to my left side and Gopal folded my right leg at the knee and moved my legs apart. As he did that, my pussy was exposed. He moved closer and rubbed his cock on my pussy a couple of times and reentered me. Gopal held on to my right ass cheek for support as he fucked me. In this pose, my pussy was feeling tighter and Gopal moaned in pleasure. The tightness of my pussy and the thickness of his cock created friction which drove us both crazy.

“Your pussy is the tightest I have ever fucked. You are the sexiest slut I have ever seen”. He said; his voice not at all sounding out of breath.

“And your cock is the biggest one to fuck me…ooh yess…awwww” I moaned as another orgasm started building. This was going to be my third orgasm of the night but Gopal hadn’t cum even once. Even after I sucked his cock so well and even after fucking me for so long, Gopal just kept going on and on. I was incredibly impressed at his self control and stamina. I was sweating profusely from the heat of sex. There was sweat all over my face and body. I looked at Gopal; he too had sweat all over his body and large drops of sweat dripped from his forehead as he kept fucking me.

Gopal stopped fucking me and got off me. He lay down besides me on the bed. I knew what was expected and I got up. I straddled him and took his erect cock in my hand. I guided it at my pussy and slowly inserted it. I slowly sat down as his cock went deeper and deeper into my pussy. Soon he was completely inside me and my ass was touching his groin. His pubic hair was tickling my clit.

I placed my hands on his chest and started moving forwards and backwards. Gopal grabbed my ass as I fucked him. I rotated my hip in clockwise direction for a couple of times and then in anti clockwise direction. I alternated between forward and backward movements and circular movements. I felt as if jolts of electricity were passing through my body as Gopal’s cock rubbed against my pussy walls.

Gopal let go of my ass and grabbed my boobs and squeezed them. He pressed my nipples with his thumbs and index fingers. I moaned as I closed my eyes to feel the sensation. I straightened up and ran my hands through my hair as I moaned with my eyes closed.

I softly held my right boob and bent down to feed it into Gopal’s open mouth. Gopal nibbled my boob and squeezed my other boob. He moved to my left boob and sucked on that as well. He then brought both my boobs together and sucked on them. Gopal’s enthusiasm for sucking my boobs was just like a child’s. He played with them like a new found toy. He just couldn’t get enough of them.

After a while, I sat up in squatting position with my legs around Gopal’s hips. I started jumping on his cock. I fucked him with renewed vigor and my orgasm started building up fast. As I moved up and down on his cock, his cock slipped out of my pussy. Gopal immediately placed his cock back at my pussy entrance and I took it in and started fucking him again.

After several minutes of jumping on his cock, my legs started aching and my speed slowed down. Gopal immediately noticed it and grabbed my ass for support and started thrusting from beneath. He took charge of the fucking now and masterfully stroked my pussy.

Soon, Gopal’s cock started twitching and his strokes got irregular. I knew he was going to come and so was I. Gopal was breathing heavily and moaning as his orgasm approached but he managed to hold on. I was on the brink of my orgasm and after a couple of strokes, the dam burst. I screamed as the orgasm passed over me and my body went limp. Gopal stopped stroking and I got off him. He stood up on the bed, removed his condom and threw it on the floor.

“Suck my cock…C’mon…suck it!” he yelled. I knew he was close to cuming. I got on my knees and took him in my mouth. As soon as cock entered my mouth, Gopal grabbed my head and started fucking my mouth. Gopal was very rough while he fucked my mouth. He was pulling my hair and moaning loudly. His cock twitched violently in my mouth as he was about to cum. I wanted to withdraw but Gopal held my head tightly.

“Aaarrgghhh…Aaaahh…Aahhaa…oh yeahhhh…” Gopal screamed as he came. My mouth flooded with his semen. I had never seen anyone spurt so much semen ever. Gopal was like a porn star who spurt unreal amounts of semen. I had never encountered such a situation, not even with Rohit. My mouth was now full on Gopal’s seed. I wanted to spit it out but I couldn’t because of Gopal’s vice like grip on my head.

He pinched my nostril and I struggled to breath. “Swallow it bitch!” he said refusing to let go off me. In the end I had no choice but to swallow his semen. I gulped it down my throat and then he let me go. Now that I had tasted and swallowed his semen, it felt kind of okay. After doing so many dirty things tonight, this was nothing.

Gopal and I collapsed on the bed. Our breathing was still heavy from after sex and we didn’t talk to each other for a while. After a minute my breathing returned to normal and I loudly said, “THAT WAS AMAZING!! THIS WAS THE MOST AMAZING FUCK OF MY LIFE!!”

Gopal laughed and said, “My cock has this effect on ladies. You are not the first one to compliment me for this but you definitely are the best pussy I’ve ever had”.

I blushed as he said that and opened the side drawer beneath the side table. I took out my cigarette packet and a lighter. I removed two cigarettes, one for me and the other for Gopal. I lit my cigarette and brought the lighter towards Gopal. Gopal helped himself in lighting his cigarette.

As we smoked, I looked at the clock. It was twenty minutes passed nine. “Waaaooww…we fucked for more than an hour Gopal. This is a first for me”. I said, shocked at my stamina.

“Hahaha…the next session will be way longer than this one” Gopal said with a mischievous smile.

“Hehehe…I can’t wait!” I replied.

I was very hungry after this marathon session and needed to eat something immediately. I asked Gopal If he wanted to eat something and he nodded in agreement. After I was done smoking, I got of the bed and picked up my shirt which was lying on the floor. Gopal stopped me and said, “Don’t wear your clothes. Just walk around naked. I will also join you”.

I tried to protest but Gopal just wouldn’t listen. So I had to relent and I walked towards the kitchen naked. Gopal whistled as he saw my ass jiggling as I walked out of the bedroom. I went to the kitchen and started looking for something for us to eat. I found a loaf of bread, some eggs and a few slices of pizza in the refridgerator. I made two egg sandwiches and heated up the pizza slices in the oven.

I took the food to the living room where Gopal was sitting. He was completely naked, his cock now flaccid but still pretty large. I kept the food on the table in front of us. We both started gobbling up the food like two starving people. After such a long and vigorous bout of sex and a longer and more hectic round ahead, we needed all the energy we could get. After finishing the sandwiches and the pizza, I went back to the kitchen and came back with the remaining loaf of bread and jam and I and Gopal ate it all.

After we had our stomach’s full, we rested on the couch for a while. We were still tired from all the fucking. After a while, Gopal got up and went towards the mini bar. “You want one too?” he asked me. I nodded yes and he removed two glasses from the closet next to the bar and put ice into them. He removed a bottle of expensive Jack Daniel’s whiskey and made two large pegs. In the meanwhile I went to the bedroom and returned with cigarettes and lighter.

Gopal brought the drinks and handed me one. He sat down besides me and brought his glass close to mine and lightly touched it. “Cheers to this occasion!” he said we gulped down a large sip of whiskey and I too sipped my drink. Gopal took a couple of cigarettes, lit them and passed one over to me.

As we sat there smoking and drinking, I noticed a bag on the chair opposite to mine. I remembered that Gopal was carrying it when he came here and kept it there. I took the bag and opened it. It had a small bottle of lube in it.

“What the hell is this Gopal?” I asked him showing him the bottle.

“Hahahaha…Remember I said to you yesterday that you won’t be staying an anal virgin for long. Well, this is to make sure you don’t”. He said pointing towards the bottle. Suddenly it became all clear to me. Gopal was going to fuck my ass. I looked at him with shock. He smiled at me mischievously.

“No Gopal…No…You are not going there”. I said in fear.

“Oh, C’mon Ruchi. You’ve done some pretty nasty stuff today that you had never done before. What’s the harm in trying this?” he said trying to coax me into letting him fuck my ass.

“But…But…It is painful” I said trying to defend myself.

“In the beginning it is. But once you get used to it you will enjoy it a lot. Trust me!” he said as he poured another large drink in my glass. He made me sit in his lap and forced me to drink the whole drink in one shot. I somehow managed to drink it and looked at Gopal with concern. Gopal placed a light kiss on my lips and then squeezed my boobs. He brought his mouth to my left breast and started sucking on it.

“Ahhhh” I sighed as Gopal tenderly sucked my boobs. He inserted his middle finer inside my pussy and started fingering me.

He stopped sucking my boobs, looked at me and said, “Ruchi, you have two options. Either you let me fuck your ass willingly or else I will have to force you” and pinched my nipples.

I knew anal sex was painful and if Gopal forcefully fucked my ass, it would be even more painful. Gopal was going to fuck my ass one way or the other, then why make it even more painful then it already is. Perhaps If I let him fuck my ass, may be I will enjoy it as well.

While I was busy thinking all this, Gopal had gotten busy sucking my boobs and fingering my cunt. His actions were turning me on and I was already was pretty high on the alcohol. There is no harm in trying anal sex. Many women do it and enjoy it as well I thought, trying to convince myself to get fucked in the ass. I decided to go for it and let him fuck my ass.

Gopal hadn’t finished his drink. I picked up his half full glass of whiskey and gulped in down in one go. I kept the glass down and said, “Okay Gopal, I am ready for it. You can fuck my ass but only if you be gentle with me”.

“Oh yeah baby…that’s more like it. I promise I will be gentle and trust me, you will enjoy it. By the time the night gets over, you will be begging me to fuck your ass one more time”. He said as he hugged me tightly and went back to sucking my boobs.

I smiled at his comment and ran my hands through his hair. I thought if Gopal is so sure about this then let him do what he wants. Only time will tell if I really like getting my ass fucked but for now I was completely into this.

Gopal’s cock was showing signs of revival and was poking against my ass. I noticed that grabbed it and started jerking it. Gopal stopped sucking my boobs and said, “Why don’t you get my cock ready?”

I got off his lap and kneeled on the floor between his legs. I gently cupped his balls with one hand and his cock with another. Gopal’s cock wasn’t fully erect but his cock was still pretty big. I fondled his balls and started jacking his cock. I took his cock inside my mouth and started sucking him. As I sucked, his cock grew inside my mouth and very soon it was fully erect.

While I sucked him off, Gopal made himself another drink and lit a cigarette. He enjoyed the drink and the blowjob at the same time. I looked at him and smiled. Gopal passed me the drink. I took a sip of it and poured some on his cock and sucked him. Gopal shivered as the cold whiskey fell on his hot cock. Whiskey mixed with pre cum was a unique flavor. Gopal passed me the cigarette and I inhaled a puff and exhaled the smoke on his cock. Gopal moaned in approval for all the unusual and kinky things I was doing to his cock. Gopal inserted the thumb of his foot into my pussy and started fingering me. He wasn’t leaving any part of my body untouched.

Gopal stopped me and said, “That’s enough for now. Now lets warm up for the main show”. Gopal asked me to sit on his lap and ride his cock. I straddled him and put his cock in my pussy and started riding him. Gopal wrapped his hands around my waist in a tight embrace and sucked my boobs. My moans were getting louder with his each stroke. Gopal grabbed my ass and started drilling me harder.

Gopal stood up in his feet, his cock still buried deep inside my pussy. I caught his neck for support and lowered my body to an angle so that I was almost perpendicular to Gopal’s body. He supported my butt and started fucking me again.

This was an awkward position which did not give me much mobility neither did it provide any depth for Gopal’s cock but I still loved it. The satisfaction was more psychological than physical. The feeling of being in mid air in the arms of a strong man who was fucking you was amazing. Another reason why this position turned me on was because I had seen this so many times in porn movies and had always fantasized about it. Rohit was not strong enough to fuck me like that but Gopal was more than capable of doing so.

Now I am not a skinny girl but neither am I fat. I had weight in the right places and worked hard to maintain it. I am one of those rare girls who have a big ass and big boobs and a flat stomach.

Lifting me was no joke but Gopal was not just lifting me but also fucking me. Gopal just kept fucking me in that position, showing no signs of fatigue. He proved his strength once again and I was thoroughly impressed.

“Now let’s get on with the main show for tonight” Gopal said and laughed. He asked me to pick up the bottle of lube and also the cigarette pack and the lighter. As soon as I gathered them, Gopal started walking towards the bedroom carrying me in his arms with his cock still buried inside my pussy.

We got to the bed and Gopal threw me on the bed. He retrieved another condom and came back to the bed. “Now get in to position” he ordered me. I obeyed him and got on all fours.

He wore the condom and shoved his cock inside my pussy. He held my ass for support as he fucked my pussy in doggie style. After a couple of minutes, Gopal opened the bottle of lube and poured it over my asshole. He then inserted one finger into my asshole. I moaned but it didn’t pain so much. After a while, he inserted another finger into my asshole and after that another. Now he had three fingers up my ass which hurt a lot. To ease the pain and facilitate the movement of his fingers, he poured another generous amount of lube on my asshole.

All this while, he hadn’t stopped fucking my pussy. He kept his fingers still inside my asshole and as soon as I got used to their presence, he started fingering me. The double penetration of my pussy and my ass was too much for me to handle and I came within seconds. This one was big, though not as big as the first one but significant enough to make my body shake like a hydraulic hammer.

“Get ready Ruchi. Here it comes”. Gopal said and started laughing. He removed his cock from my pussy and placed it on my asshole. He poured a lot of lube on my asshole and also on his cock. He tried to enter me but I clenched my asshole tight.

Gopal slapped my ass hard and said, “Relax. Loosen it up”. I unclenched my asshole and immediately Gopal pressed his cock on my asshole.

“Aaarrrgghhh…Gopal…Stop…it hurts…please” I screamed, unable to take the pain as the cock head entered my asshole.

“Be patient Ruchi, it will all go away in a while” he said reassuringly. Gopal withdrew his cock right up to the edge and shoved it again, this time going a little deeper. “Your asshole is so tight…simply incredible” he said with grit teeth. I buried my face in a pillow to muffle my screams. I held on the bed sheet tightly as Gopal again withdrew his cock and shoved it deeper. He kept on doing this till his cock was completely buried inside my asshole. I could feel his pubic hair brushing against my asshole.

Gopal stayed absolutely still so that my asshole could get used to his cock. After a couple of minutes, my asshole relaxed and Gopal started fucking me very slowly. He would withdraw his cock right up to the edge and reinsert it slowly. He maintained that speed for a couple of minutes after which he steadily increased speed. By now the pain had vanished and was replaced by pure pleasure. Gopal held on to my waist and kept fucking me. I moaned loudly as Gopal’s cock went in and out of my ass smoothly.

“You like it don’t you?”Gopal asked as he kept drilling me.

“Ohh yess…I love it…Just don’t stop” I screamed in pleasure.

“I told you that you would be begging me to fuck your ass. Didn’t I? He asked as he increased his speed.

“You were right…Gopal…this…Aaah…feels…ohh yeah…so goooodddd” I somehow managed to blurt out in the throngs of pleasure.

Gopal let go of my waist and grabbed my hair and pulled it. He had some kind of fixation with pulling my hair when fucking me from behind. He pulled my hair so hard that it hurt me. I screamed in pain but Gopal ignored it and just kept slamming his cock into my asshole.

“Give me your hands”. He said as he stopped fucking me.

“What?” I asked him in a confused tone.

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