We waked up; she looked at me and her eyes sparkled for second. She appeared so naturally beautiful and tender in the morning, and I just thought, I am going to fuck her in the ass. I grabbed her hip and turned her around sideways. She let me do; she was getting trained to obey and the charming reddish prints of my hands on her ass from last night were there to remind her. I damped my index in my mouth and blatantly probed her asshole. It closed ranks tightly opposing any invader. So I desired it more; in this fight I was not going to take any prisoners.

She had told me that she didn’t like it, that she had tried it before and it was nasty. Well, at that point it wouldn’t matter if she was going to like it or not. I lie; I might have delighted in the fact that she was so opposed. I pulled out my scout finger and paraded it in front of her mouth. Lick. No. Lick. No, I am not going to do that. That ‘that’ resounded as disgusting, inadmissible, no fucking way in the world. I paused, then grabbed her hair and pulled it down violently like a sniper shoot. I held her there and moved my mouth close to her ear. Her right eye was slanted looking at me between frightened and upset. I looked back at her, my stare said many things, between them it informed of mutual assured destruction and a blow of love. I twitched her hair like if I were going to pull her soul out and slowly pronounced every syllable, sweetie, open your fucking mouth. She opened it. I posed the finger just over her tongue. Lick. Now she licked. Her face was all revulsion; so lovely. Lick! She started licking it passionately, milking my finger with her lips and her tongue. I could feel how she abandoned all hope and surrender to my endearing digit.

Good girl, my lovely whore. The war was over before started, without the need of heavy artillery or a cane. I was going to be grateful of the capitulation, in the proper way, pillaging and raping the conquered town. I am just very generous in love, and wanted to make her happy. I forced two more fingers in her mouth and started trusting in her throat. Gag, hold, gag, push, gag madly, push more. Her eyes spun and glittered with some tears and her mouth filled with sticky drool, my entire hand drench on it; just like I wanted. I took it to her ass, lubricated around and pushed it inside, one finger, she gasped, two, she protested, three, there you go. I left them there for a while. Her ass kept pulsating and clasping. At that point I think she really wanted it to open it up to me, but her ass kept saying no-no. Well, it needs to get used to it, I thought. I warned her, this is going to hurt, and I almost felt sorry. And holy fuck, was I fucking boned. I pushed it inside. I swear I tried to do it slow, but my cock was a bit rushed. It hurt a little to me; she cried and moaned badly. Oh was I in fucking paradise in there.

Please don’t move; wait please, she pleaded. I grabbed her tits and played with them. I actually wanted to confer her that caring time and space; but my insolent cock didn’t wait and slowly started to ram. She just whimpered, no way out, she was fucked. At some point I noticed that her ass had given up and her moans were merrier. I just wanted to linger there, romp up and down, feel the warm skin of her back titillating. I kissed her neck, the back of her ears, her bliss. I asked her how she felt. I feel like your cock is going to reach to my throat. That was exquisite; I was impaling her to her brains. I slid my hand from her hip to caress her beautiful red glowing cheek and then to the other side thru her mound, her thighs, and finally yes, her neglected pussy. Quite wet already but it got quickly wetter in my hand. With my gliding finger I danced around her nipples and then order her to touch herself. Fuck her ass, pinch her nipples, and make her rub herself to flutter. There you have a classic and delightful combination, like martini, gin and an olive.

How excited? I am clooose, she confessed. Then stop! That is, I am going to leave you like that. She expired inconsolably. I was giving her a gift; I hoped she would understand. Look at me. I grabbed her hair again; she tried to twist her eye towards me. Now I want you to just feel how much I fuck you. She pronounced a very convincing yes. I pulled out, she quivered, I damped again my hand in her gagging, lubed her now very red and subjugated ass, pushed my cock back in and started to thrust deeper and stronger. Then I turned her body facing down, rode on her, extended her arms and proceeded to finish her crucifixion with everything I am. I burned, and sweated like a newcomer to hell. She moaned and yelled, for help or for more. I now really wanted to thrust her to her mouth, to her outstretched feet, to an impossible place. In Moscow, an old lady was getting horribly mugged. In Congo a soldier got shot in the neck. In New Zealand a broker smiled after the juicy mark up of shortselling us all. But we two are in another fucking world. Her head is sideways, our stare is linked, we are sailing deep underwater. Until I explode inside her and faint on her back. Then reality slaps me like a bitch. She leaves me alone. She didn’t cry in my tender arms. Tomorrow she will probably hate herself and then hate me. I don’t care, I already forfeited myself. Life is a small price to pay to be alive.

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