Kevin strolled into Benny’s, a restaurant/bar that was the site for their usual rendezvous. He quickly surveyed the scene, and found Janine, sitting in the back corner by the bar, at a dimly lit small table, having a drink. A smile came to his lips when upon immediately noticing her attire. She always blew him away with the outfits she wore to meet him; today was no different. She was clad in a purple strapless evening gown so tight it looked like it was painted on her almost too slender frame, lipstick a shade somewhere between that of her dress and her dark red hair, long white gloves which reached to the middle of her bicep, and heels as tall as any he’d ever seen on a supermodel. Damn, that woman knew how to dress to impress! He walked over to her table nonchalantly, looking around to see if anyone was there who might know him, and sat down, back to the rest of the room, facing her.

“Well, hello lover,” she said in a voice that would make a phone-sex operator envious. “I was beginning to think you weren’t going to show up.”

The waitress chose that moment to approach, to ask for his drink order. He ordered a beer, and then watched to make sure she was out of earshot. “What happened,” she then continued. “Did the ‘little woman’ hold you up?”

Kevin turned to look at Janine curiously as his smile faded. Where was this coming from? She actually sounded jealous!

“No,” he finally replied. “Not that it’s any of your business, but I’ve been telling her for a few weeks that I had a business trip this weekend.”

“You know, she’s going to find out about us anyway. Why don’t you just tell her about us, and be done with it?”

Now he was annoyed AND perplexed. “Are you stupid?” he said in a low but intense voice. “You know damn good and well that’s not happening. Besides, you said you didn’t want to…” He saw the mischievous smile creep onto her face, and knew she had played him again. She always got a perverse thrill out of getting him riled up about something.

“Damn you.” he said, as she began to laugh.

“Oh, but you’re so cute when you’re mad.” she replied, reaching over and tweaking his cheek. The waitress returned with his beer, and quickly departed to tend another table. He murmured something else, then took a long drink of his beer.

“So you got the evening all planned out?” she asked, then took a sip of her beverage, which he guessed to be a Vodka Collins.

“Not really. Just dinner, here if you want, or we can so elsewhere. Then it’s up to you. Movie, maybe?”

She leaned forward over the table after moving her drink aside, so she could speak quieter and still be heard. “Dinner elsewhere, for sure. Then, I think I’d just like to get you back to the hotel and rock your world,” she said, quite matter-of-factly.

Now she was turning him on. “Works for me,” he replied. “Sounds like you might have something planned,” he said inquisitively.

“I got a couple of ideas,” she replied provocatively.

They decided on seafood, at a semi-fancy little out of the way spot called Giovanni’s, but once they looked at the menu, they both changed their mind to pasta type dishes. Sometimes, he noted, they seemed to have lots of things in common like that; most other times they were worlds apart. But one thing was certain: she had very little in common with Lisa, his wife of five years. So little, in fact, that aside from the obvious good looks, and the fact that she was an exciting person to be with, he wondered what the attraction was. She always, however, reminded him in the bedroom. In there, she was a wild woman: she always wanted to do something new (at least, new to him), unconventional, and sometimes even kinky, whereas Lisa was content to leave that stuff out of their bedroom. While Janine was far more of an active participant in sex, even to the point often times of being almost overly dominant at times, Lisa was more passive, going with “the flow” of things. Janine even at times screamed during orgasm, which was something Lisa would never do. Lisa might quietly moan, but that was just about it. Not that she was frigid, she was just more into “lovemaking”; Janine wanted SEX, and lots of it! Kevin was trapped by his desire to experience both worlds. He loved Lisa unreservedly, but wanted wild sex once in a while, too. He often felt guilty about the triangle he had created, but under the circumstances felt he really wasn’t cheating…

Janine had not failed to notice the silence at their table. “You’re not much company tonight. Thinking about her again?”

He wondered if he was detecting jealousy, or was she trying to start something again. He decided not to let her get him again. “No, just thinking about what I’m going to do to you later.”

“Yeah, right! I know you better than that, lover. Feeling guilty?” She looked at him as though sincerely sympathetic.

He shrugged. “Maybe a little.”

“Well, you should, you cheating dog!” she said, grinning her mischievously sexy grin again.

“Screw you,” he spat.

“I’m game. But let’s finish dinner first. I hate wasting good Veal Parmegiana.”

They resumed their eating, and conversed only a little more than they had earlier. But this time, he really was thinking about what they might do after dinner, and he already had the erection to prove it.

“You know, seriously,” she said in the car, after another lengthy silence on the way to the hotel which she had insisted on reserving herself, “I don’t think you should punish yourself over our continuing affair.”

“Oh really?” he said sarcastically, waiting for her to try aggravating him again.

“Yeah. I mean, from what you’ve told me about Lisa, she seems nice and all, but frankly, she’s a bit of a prude, or over-inhibited, or whatever. You need more than ‘missionary-style sex’.”

He began thinking that maybe she wasn’t trying to tick him off again, but was trying to be a friend. Still, she was talking about his beloved wife like she was slack-in-the-sack, and he felt he should defend her. “She’s a wonderful wife, and I love her dearly,” he said, glancing her way suspiciously. “You don’t know her.”

“Look, don’t get defensive. She sounds great. She just needs to lose some inhibitions, learn how to have sex.”

“Our sex life is fine…”

“And yet, here WE are.”

By now he was indignant. “What you and I have,” he replied matter-of-factly, “is sex. Excellent sex, but still sex. Lisa and I make love, and that is something you couldn’t possibly understand.”

She touched her fingers to her chest feigning surprise. “Oh, I am SO hurt!” she said sarcastically.

“Mock if you want, but don’t you ever wish sometimes that you had someone who loved you, a committed relationship?”

“Seriously?” she asked, to which he nodded. She turned to look out the window, and he thought that he had somehow touched her, deep inside.

“Naaah,” she finally said, turning to him with a wicked grin. “I’m too much of a party queen for all that!”

“‘Party queen’?” he retorted. “Is that what you consider yourself?”

“Oh, I guess you figure I’m just a whore, is that it?” As he took a breath to answer her, she cut him off with a smirk. “Well, I’m not. You are the only one I’ve been with since we met. You didn’t know that, did you?”

“Well, no, but I’d hoped…”

“I know you did. What you and I have, believe it or not, is special to me. It’s not “love”, but it’s special just the same. I enjoy turning you on, teaching you about what feels good, helping you lose your inhibitions. But when all is said and done, its temporary, and I’m okay with it. Hell, I hope you take some of this and teach it to that goody-two-shoes woman of yours. Just don’t you go off looking for another affair when this is over, because if you’re not going to be with your wife, I figure I ought to get first shot at you.”

He shot her a bewildered look. “Well,” she continued, “I have a lot of time invested in you. And no, I don’t want a husband, per se. More of a love slave, perhaps.”

He rolled his eyes, displaying his disbelief at her flirtation. “And when you and I are no more, what then? Onto a new victim?”

“I don’t know,” she said, thoughtfully. “I doubt it. I guess I haven’t really thought about it. Why?”

“Just curious.”

She snuggled up beside him, reaching through the opening of his polo shirt and playing with the hair on his chest. “Be careful lover. Curiosity can get you into trouble, you know.”

He had turned to look at her; now he looked away, shaking his head. She was absolutely nuts, and he thoroughly enjoyed that. By now his rod was bulging so much, it was uncomfortable.

She seemed to sense it. “It’s okay,” she said sympathetically, rubbing his pecker and talking to it like it was a pet. “We’ll let you out soon, and play!”

“My God,” he thought. “How much farther to this hotel?”

When they arrived at the motel, she grabbed her suitcase, and removed her key from her purse. “I’m going to freshen up. I’ll meet you in room 208, in five minutes, no less. Got it?”

“Got it,” he replied, checking his watch. It was six forty-two, p.m. As she left the car, he watched her wiggle away. She loved preparing things in a special way for him, and he was always amazed at her sexual creativity. Each of these rendezvous pushed him past his own limits just a little bit further, to explore and bring out those aspects of his sexuality that he didn’t know existed. He exited the car himself, and surveyed the accommodations. Not a sleazy dive, but not exactly the Ritz, either, he thought to himself as he gazed at the remote lodging. He couldn’t help noticing when they had arrived that there were no other cars here, and commented on it. She said that it was because of the season, and the remoteness of the hotel. She had said she picked it out because they didn’t ask a lot of questions, it was clean, and “so far away from civilization that no one would hear him screaming.” He wondered if it was just him, or was she more verbally provocative than usual tonight? One thing was certain: she was right about her teaching him. He had not had much experience with women, or sex, before marriage. Much of what he knew prior to meeting Janine, he learned from some of his older brother’s nudie magazines, and websites online. Then he met Lisa, they dated, and after a somewhat short engagement, they married while virgins, both of them. Several years later, he met Janine, and he was intrigued by her absolute sexiness. She flirted and tempted, he succumbed. She took him to obscure places, expanded the boundaries of his inhibitions, and made him thrilled to be a man. He knew that soon, they would have to end this affair, and it made him sad thinking about it, as he grabbed the bags and headed at a leisurely pace towards the stairs, to the second floor, and room 208. She had made sure that he would take more time, by intentionally having him park on the other side of the building. She needn’t have done it, for he wouldn’t have fouled up her surprise for anything in the world.

As he approached the door, he could see that she had left it slightly ajar, since she had the only key. He turned and backed into the room, set the bags down, closed and locked the door. Before he could turn around, he was pushed face forward against the door, both arms abruptly pulled behind his back, wrists handcuffed, and lifted upwards and turned towards the center of the room. He felt a small foot push against the back of one knee to force him to kneel on the carpeted floor.

“OW!” he cried out angrily as he went down. “Take it easy, dammit!”

Now she walked slowly in front of him, and he could see her change of attire: black stiletto heels, black fishnet garter hose, black lacy crotchless panties and matching bra, and black gloves that came all the way up her arm like the white ones she had worn before.

“Shutup!” she barked. Now he was really worried. What had gotten into her? What had he gotten himself into? He had heard of this kind of thing, this domination stuff, but she was starting to scare him. He decided, due to the cuffs, and the fact that she had handled him like something off of “COPS”, to try to reason with her.

“Okay, Janine, this is going to far…”

She reached behind a pillow, and pulled out a riding crop. Now she was starting to really look like those old pictures of Bettie Page. “I said SHUTUP!”

Okay, reason is out. He was going to have to trust her, apparently, although that was getting harder by the moment. She walked around behind him, crouched, and began undoing his belt and pants. This always aroused him, the feeling of a woman undoing his pants, and since recent events had frightened him so, his penis found this welcome, and began stiffening again. She pulled his pants down with his briefs to the floor, and pushed him gently but firmly forward to a prone position. He assumed she would finish pulling off the pants from this position, but instead, she reached for her purse, and pulled out something he didn’t recognize. She pulled it to her, out of his line of sight, and then he suddenly saw and felt it go around the front of his face, over his mouth.

“Open,” she said simply.

“Mm-mm,” he declined, with his mouth still closed.

He felt a sting on across his butt cheeks, and cried out. She quickly pulled the ball-gag into place, and secured it. He cursed his stupidity, and began struggling to get up, suddenly fearful of his helpless condition. She sat down on his back, facing his feet, finished the removing of his pants and drawers, tied his feet together, and tied the loose end to the cuffs, in essence hog-tying him. Then she walked in front of him, and sat on the bed, admiring her handiwork.

“Mmmm. You look delightful when you’re helpless. But I need you to listen, okay?”

“Like I have any choice,” he thought to himself, nodding affirmatively.

“Good. Now, I haven’t really hurt you yet, have I?”

He had to admit, she hadn’t, and so he shook his head.

“Okay. Believe me when I tell you, I haven’t any intention of really hurting you. So you need to trust me. Can you say “Cocoa”?

She was starting to allay his fears, convincing him that she had not suddenly revealed herself to be psychotic or something similar. “COH-coh”, he replied as best he could.

“Close enough. If I do something you really don’t like, just say that word. I’ll know that you need me to stop. If you say it repeatedly after I’ve stopped what I was doing, I’ll remove the gag, so you can tell me what’s wrong. Understand?”

He nodded. He was becoming aroused again, and though he was still intimidated by all this, he knew he was in good hands.

I also do not intend to do anything which will leave, shall we say, ‘evidence’ of our adventures tonight, okay?”

Again he nodded. That had actually not crossed his mind, since he had no idea what ‘evidence’ was, or what she was planning to do.

“Okay. Now back to the game. I believe you are to be punished for you profanity and disobedience earlier.” She then went to her suitcase, put it on the bed, and opened it.

When she turned around, she held in her hands a wooden, rectangular paddle. Now he was worried, and was tempted to use the safeword. He decided against it however, although he really couldn’t say why. Could it be, he wondered, that it was possible that he really might enjoy this?

“I can see in your eyes that you’re afraid. Well, you’ve been bad, and you have to learn a lesson.”

She lifted him up by the shoulders to a kneeling position, and made him knee-walk to the bed. There she pushed him face down onto her lap, left his knees on the floor, and placed her forearm on his back, to hold him still. All of this she did somewhat slowly, stretching out the scenario and the suspense, which he could have done without. She was no doubt enjoying all of this.

She rubbed the cold paddle across his butt cheeks in a circular motion, tormenting him. “You know, you have a really nice ass. But you’ve been naughty, and must be punished. I’ll give you five for not shutting up when you were told, and five for that profanity you uttered when you came in.”

He could feel the paddle pull away, and he tensed up for the blow; but no amount of tensing could have prepared him for the sting. He stretched out his legs straight, and nearly knocked her over. Fortunately, she had braced herself on his back for his movements, and was not propelled off the bed. He was surprised at her strength in holding him down, and she had been caught a little off guard by the leg thrust.

“Quit struggling, or I’ll add on five more!” she said firmly.

He complied, partly because of the fear of that many more, and partly because he was finding that the answer to his question earlier was yes: he was definitely becoming turned-on by this game. Before he could contemplate all the ramifications of this discovery, he received two more quick swats.

“UHH-UHN!!! UHH-UHN!!!” he attempted to yell.

She paused for a moment. “Was that “cocoa”? He shook his head, to which she smiled. Actually, he had forgotten about the safeword already, and he might have been tempted to use it. “Okay, good. You liking this?” He rolled his eyes back and forth, indicating indecision. “Well, I’m glad to see you’re giving this a chance. Ready for more?”

Now that he kind of knew what to expect, he thought he could handle it. He took a deep breath, nodded affirmatively, and received two more swats for the gesture.

He screamed again, and thrashed on her lap. She could see the tears beginning to well up in his eyes, and smiled, not compassionately, but mischievously. She placed the paddle on the bed, and reached around and over his ass, and grabbed his penis. “I guess I’ll let you have a little break. Hmmm, I guess you are enjoying this, huh?” noticing his hardness, as she stroked his rod with her satiny glove-attired hand.

“Uh-huh,” he mouthed, as he began to rock his hips in rhythm with her movements. He greatly wished his hands were free, so he could make her feel as good as she was making him feel that moment, but he seemed trapped where he was, on his lap, so close to her crotch, his desire, and yet so far, while she continued to stroke him near to a frenzy.

When he was near to coming, she seemed to sense it, and stopped, much to his dismay, and after tucking his shaft between her fishnetted legs to further restrain his movements, it was no surprise that she reached for the paddle. “Sorry dear, but break time is over.” She then rubbed the paddle on his buttocks again, “warming it up,” and whacked him again. He thrust his legs out again, and screamed, but didn’t thrash as much this time, although his butt felt like it was on fire. WHACK! And the tears rolled down his cheeks. WHACK! and he began to try to rock himself off her lap, hoping to fall off and get some rest and relief again. It was futile, for she had him secure.

“Hold still, slave! Unless you want more than the last two you have coming!”

He had lost count after the shock of the first two, and was both relieved that he only had two more to suffer, and dismayed that he still had two more to suffer. The way he felt, he honestly thought that there may not be any skin left on his posterior. WHACK! and he involuntarily threw his head back and roared. She placed a firm but gentle hand on the back of his head, and let the last one fly. WHACK!

She let up on his back, and he was able to sit up, and look her in the eyes. She smiled somewhat compassionately this time, and rose from the bed and retrieved her suitcase. From it she pulled a small pink container of some type of cream, and she sat back down where she was.

“Lean over here, let me put this on your butt.”

He complied, and she started rubbing it gently on his cheeks. It felt so soothing, he started making a cooing sound to let her know his relief.

“So, next time, you’ll do what you’re told, right?” He nodded enthusiastically. “And you’ll speak respectfully?” Again an affirmative gesture.

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