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The beauty contest was an hilarious event. In the middle of the room a stage was erected, mostly resembling a catwalk. First all the girls were asked to parade on the stage in their bikinis. Us men were invited to take a seat alongside the catwalk. Scorecards were handed out. Every guy got two of them.

Each card consisted of 18 numbered rows. On top of the first card were items like shape, size, uprightness, firmness, squeezability, cleavage, nipple size, colour of nipples. The second card included hair trim, rise of mound, puffiness, openness, wetness, tightness, visible inner lips, clitoris. Both cards ended with two empty columns.

During the first round of the contest we men just eyed our beautiful ladies. We observed the foxes from head to toe and from all sides as they paraded in front of us, up and down the runway. The heavenly delights were presented just a few feet away, our eyes level with the knees. Our viewing point allowed us to perceive the candy unhindered. I immensely enjoyed staring at the swellings hidden by the bikini bottoms. There was no voting yet, just enjoying the visual spectacle.

The second round the girls were asked to remove their bikini tops. They had to parade one by one on the stage and take of their top in stripper fashion. Accompanied by a lot of laughter we all had good fun as the girls tried out their best dirty routine. When all the girls were bare-breasted, they had to sit down on the edge of the stage. I noticed all bottoms had a number embroidered to both sides. And indeed they were the suite numbers. The men revolved along the row of girls so we all had plenty of time to criticize the merchandise. To judge the racks we were allowed to touch, feel, pinch and grope as we pleased. We had to score our points on the first scorecard, according to the suite number. After the girls were led away, we had to finish our scoring by putting a ranking order in the last column.

The second contest got underway. The girls came back on the stage together. Now they all wore red bikini tops, naturally again fitted with the suite numbers. The third round also started with a parade to heat things up, but now the girls were bottomless from the start.

From our advantage sitting point we had plenty of time to admire the pussy galore as it paraded past our eyes. The abundance of delectable cunnies was a feast to the eye. They came in all sorts: natural, American and French wax, as well as Full Brazilians. Some very protruding with a distinctly bulging Mound of Venus. Others nearly flat but with fully swollen pronounced outer lips. I felt being in peeping heaven.

For the fourth round the girls had to sit down on ottomans which were put on the edge of the stage. The same routine started. The men revolved again, now along the line of very exposed and glistening cunts. We were asked to commence with our judging work. And again we were encouraged to touch the commodities. We simply had to feel up the snatches to observe such qualities as wetness and tightness. And how do you criticize a clitoris other than by retracting its hood and try a little rubbing and pinching. Hell, I even nibbled on a few of those charming nubs!

When we thought this round was nearly over, Chris told us to use the last but one column for the quality taste. So we had to go once again along the long row of snatches to get a sample. Every woman was treated with a lapping of her cunt by 18 obliging and very horny males. As the girls left us again we had to finish the scoring by again putting a ranking order in the last column.

“Well done so far with the scoring, folks,” Chris said. “John will collect your cards. The girls will now freshen up a bit, and we will keep them off the hook for a while. Time for us to get ready for the next contest. This will be the election of mister Cock. For this contest you have to get out of your shorts and sit down on the ottomans. Try to sit to the utmost edge, and then lay down on your back. A curtain will be drawn lengthwise across the stage. It will drape over your bellies, so the girls will not be distracted from their task at hand. Until the girls get back, you can make yourself presentable until we have to draw the curtain…”

When the girls came back, they were greeted by a wild array of penises of all sorts in front of the curtain. Most were of average length, but some monsters and a few tiny ones were present as well. Without exception all were very erect examples of the male baby knocker. The scrotums were heavy loaded and ready for inspection.

“What have we here!” Melanie, the assistant of our neighbours Jennifer and Daniel, let the way. The women came back into the restaurant, on the other side of the curtain. “I see the men are well prepared for our mister Cock election. Sam will hand out your scorecards. For this you can use the numbers you see in front of the stage. You will have exactly five minutes per cock. This means this contest will already take one and a half hour, so we have to be strict on your time slots. A perfect cock can stand up for this time easily, but if one might happen to falter, you are allowed to bring it back to attention by all means. You are free to do as you please, as long as you don’t let him spill his ammunition!”

A lot of giggling and laughter came from the other side of the curtain. But suddenly this became silent, and I felt how my dick twitched because warm breath stirred my member. A hand was placed on my right thigh, and fingers cautiously touched my dick. They became more daring as the minutes went by, and eventually they stroked my cock. The other hand left my leg and I felt how it cupped my balls.

A whistle was blown and then the touching and caressing went on by another pair of hands. This went on and on. All hands touched my pecker, most played with my balls, and about half of them moved my foreskin up and down since my cock is not circumcised. What a thrill to be groped for so long by so many girls. After about an hour I nearly lost it, but I narrowly escaped.

When the close inspection was over, there was a final parade to show our hardware in moving condition. Lying down does not put a dick to its full glory; it has to stand up, or point forward for that matter. First we had to put on a muscle shirt. Off course our suite number was printed on them. Our parading was met by a chorus of whistling and approving exclaims. After about five minutes of some heavy beat music there was a whistle as the music stopped. We were let off the catwalk and assembled at the bar. The girls had to fill out their scorecard, during which we were given bright red briefs to put on. When we were reunited again with our girls there was a break for some food and beverages.

“Dear guests, you’ve all done very well thus far. We loved to see you all participate in our beauty contests. For as its always possible not to participate in a particular activity, for this part of our program it was impossible to be replaced by an assistant. Later on this will be a real possibility though.

“The results will be proclaimed a little bit later on. First we will have to do some calculating. In the meantime we will dig into the richly buffet which will be served now. For now, let me explain a little about the prices of our contest…

“The winners of the categories will not only receive their title, miss Terrific Tits, miss Perfect Pussy, miss Blissful Butt and mister Cock, but they will also be fitted with their very personal clothing. Here at El Balneario Sabroso we believe it to be a shame to keep out of sight the very best assets on the premises. We have designed our own line of clothing articles which enhance the best body parts.

“Miss Terrific Tits will be fitted with a top which leaves the tits out in the open. This Sabroso TitTop© is especially designed to support the boobs and keep them upturned, although our miss Terrific Tits probably won’t need that. Miss Blissful Butt will be fitted with our Sabroso ButtPants©. This bottom less pants does to the buttocks what the TitTop© does to the boobies.

“Miss Perfect Pussy will be provided with a tight fitting hot pants which is open at the crotch. Not like your ordinary crotch less panties, which only simply misses the gusset. The Sabroso PussyPants© is a piece of genius with build-in supports. These put the pussy really on display. One of the supporters is a triangular plate situated between the legs, starting at the anus and ending near the beginning of the vagina. This little silicon devil rolls the pussy somewhat upwards and to the front. It makes the outer lips look more pronounced as well. You will see its dramatic effect later on.

“For Mister Cock there will be a tight fitting short with a build-in cock ring, our famous Sabroso Short©. Through the ring the penis and the scrotum will be out in the open. And as with the PussyPants© there is a triangular support behind the scrotum. In combination with the cock ring this does a great job in shoving the package forward, and keeping it alive.

“We do want the most beautiful parts admired, so the title winners will be obliged to wear these special items for the rest of the weekend. Or go without them altogether. Everyone is invited to enjoy the winning objects, so feel free to ogle them, caress them, feel them up, cherish them.”

To be continued …

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