Holly took a heavy handed swing at Claire, who ducked out of the wild punch. Holly Wells was not pleased.

Not at all.

“If you know what the fuck is good for you, you’ll stay away from me freak!” Holly snarled at Claire, taking another quick punch. This one glanced off the corner of Claire’s mouth. Claire smiled at Holly.

Holly was dressed in a tattered black knee length skirt, with black fishnet stalkings and military style boots. She was wearing tattered arm length fishnets beneath a black tank top shirt that had red writing on it that said “Already Dead” on it. Her hair was thick and soft, curls pouring down like black water frozen mid fall and spilling over her shoulders and her back.

Claire thumbed away a little blood from the corner of her mouth, her back to the bathroom door, as she tried to calm this girl down. “Listen Holly,” She said. “Normally by now, I’d have already beaten your ass into the tile. I just want to talk.”

“How the FUCK do you know who I am?”

“I was told specifically to find you for Amnesia.”

Holly stopped suddenly, thoughtfully. “Amnesia Stone?”

Claire had a moment of confusion, the expression written all over her face. This girl knew Amnesia?


Suddenly, before Claire could react, Holly pulled something out of her pocket. In a double click, the device produced a long, slender inch stiletto blade.


A knife.

Where were lunch aides, or security, or teachers when you needed them? Stuck alone in the quad with a psychotic.

Claire put her hands up, over her head, arms bent at the elbows.

The door opened suddenly, and Nancy burst in as if it had been a matter of life and death, surprised only to see that it indeed, in fact, was a matter of life, and death. Holly leapt forward grasping Claire by her arm and pulling her back.

She wrapped her free arm around Claire, holding Claire by her arm, the stiletto knife neatly – professionally – applied to Claire’s throat, with just the slightest give of pressure.

Holly.” Nancy said softly. “Holly, let Claire go please.”

“Nancy?” Holly said in surprise, the black eyeliner beneath her eyes was running from the condensation on her face giving her a sense of dark circles or hollows beneath her eyes.

Her lips were turned in a sneer.

“I have always been nice to you Holly.” Nancy said. “We were close to being friends, remember, back in ninth grade? Before you left?”

“Nancy, what is this?”

“Amnesia. She just wants to talk to you–that’s it.”

“Okay.” Holly said, pulling her knife away from Claire’s neck, leaving a diminutive, thin red line, as she shut it and placed it away, out of sight. She pushed Claire forward to Nancy who caught her gingerly, and carefully stepped in front of her.

“We just want to be friends.” Claire said, peering around Nancy calmly, despite herself. “Friends.”

Holly’s face was a mix of fear, distress, and violent emotions. She stroked the grip of her stiletto for a moment. “Sure. I’ll talk to Amnesia.”


Soheila sat quietly, pleasantly, next to Cordelia, and Amnesia. Lunch had just started, and Claire arrived with Nancy shortly thereafter.

Amnesia looked to Claire, and then Nancy. “Holly?”

“Right behind you.” A voice said, a shadow suddenly falling over Amnesia.

“Hello Holly. Care to join us for lunch?”

“Where’s the food?”

“We only eat a few days a week, otherwise we discuss ways to better issues.”

“You green peace freaks or something?”

Claire eyed Holly sternly but kept her mouth shut.

“No one is forcing you to be here, Holly, but after your little run in with our Claire today, don’t you think it’d be at least fair to join us for a meal?”

Holly looked cautiously at all of them, and then seated herself at their table. The table itself was nearly full with exception to room of one more seat. Amnesia seemed to notice too.

“Tonight I’m having a sort of kick back.” She said with an almost secretive tone. “It’s just invitational to the five of us here at this table right now.”

“I’m in.” Claire said.

“I am, as well.” Nancy said.

“Will there be booze?” Holly asked bluntly.

“Martinis, Margaritas, and of course, Beer.”

“Sounds good to me.” Holly said. “Just tell me when, and where.”

“That part is easy.” Amnesia said. “You’re coming home with me after school.”

Soheila looked a little unsure. “Is it okay that I go? I have not yet gotten a chance to entertain–or be entertained at a party.”

“Oh, it isn’t much of a party.” Nancy said, taking over. “Think of it as a way to end the school week with ‘a job well done’. It’s more like a sleep over to help us all relax and kind of come together.”

Amnesia threw a subtle glance at Nancy’s little Freudian slip. Cute, but dangerous to anyone who knew their reputation. Interesting little mind games. This girl was smarter than she let on. Amnesia would have to watch her confidante more closely – she could use her for bigger and better things.

“I suppose so.” Soheila said. “That is if my mother lets me go.” She looked half sure at Amnesia.

“So we’re all in?” Amnesia asked, as if it were a bank heist, keeping it low.

“Yes Amnesia.”

“Yes Amnesia.”


Soheila nodded.

“Good. Khube.” Amnesia said, throwing a Mona Lisa’s smile at Soheila. The girl blushed, her smooth olive complexion darkening at the cheeks and a little on the forehead.

Amnesia smiled prettily. Who could she find for Soheila? Not Holly. Definitely not. Sandra was pretty taken with Claire.


Maybe Nancy.


“The house is ours tonight.” Amnesia said, smiling a relaxed smile. Cordelia was behind her, massaging her shoulders. Amnesia’s entire demeanor was relaxed. For the first time in a long, long time, she felt safe.

She knew it wouldn’t last, but she was among friends, people she could trust. She opened up, by grinning.

The others seeing this, relaxed too.

Cordelia whispered something into Amnesia’s ear, and Amnesia smiled happily. “Margaritas anyone?


“So I was sitting about like this,” Soheila said, with her legs wide open, her shorts short enough to show just the vaguest shadow of her loins. She was laughing. “and my brother comes waltzing into my bedroom while my fingers are actually inside of me.”

Holly stared at Soheila with a blank edifice, eyes shining like fragile glass, as the Persian girl told her story.

Amnesia watched Holly a moment, and then focused her attention back on their newest friend, nodding emphatically, if anything, to progress Soheila’s story.

“So, he stares at me like he doesn’t know what I am doing at first, and then when he does – he stares more!”

“Oh my God!” Amnesia barked in laughter. “How awkward!”

“Oh no dustam, not just this.” She said, her accent filling in thickly. “He walks a little closer while I’m frozen in panic, and I do not know what to do, you know?”

“Yeah.” Claire said. “Always sucks to get caught in the act.”

“Bale–eh–yes!” Soheila said, and drank down the rest of her beverage. “You can barely taste it.” She laughed.

Amnesia saw Nancy stir.

“So suddenly I leap up, I have my shirt on you know – but no clothes are on below my waist and I kick him between the legs.”

Everyone laughed suddenly, perhaps at her actions, perhaps the vision of her half nude attacking her brother.

“It was so gross to see him stare at me like he did.” She said, closing her legs a little, to everyone’s dismay. “He crawled out, and I did not speak of it again, nor did he to me or anyone else.”

“Okay, okay, okay,” Holly cut in. “Time for truth or dare.”

Amnesia felt the biggest smile on earth play over her face. Irresistibly. She couldn’t pretend to even fight it, and nodded.

“Truth or dare?” Soheila asked, unsure of what it meant.

“It’s a game.” Claire said, nodding. “You can play with us, watch, listen, and learn too.”

“Okay.” Nancy said. “Let’s start.”

After a quick rock paper scissors, Holly coincidentally ended up with the honors to call first. “Okay, Amnesia. Truth or Dare.”

“Hm,” Amnesia considered, knowing the intelligence behind the probably not really drunk eyes of Holly. “Truth this time.”

“Oh you pussy.” Holly grinned. “Okay. Truth. Have you ever gotten with a girl before?”

Soheila’s head turned to Amnesia sharply.

“Yes.” Amnesia said, coughing in faux. “A few times.”

“God, you have?” Soheila asked, blushing, but yet, relieved.


“Claire, truth, or dare?”


“Brave one, are we?” Amnesia smiled. “If it is okay with her, I dare you to kiss Holly for about a minute. Just a kiss.” She said cautiously. “You two ought to make up.”

Nancy silently scuttled out, and returned with a tray full of margaritas.

Everyone took one, and continued the game, though Soheila seemed a little quiet. Amnesia hoped it wasn’t moving too fast for Soheila. She wanted Soheila to feel at home, and be herself. Before the night was through, she would.

Holly was aggressive with Claire. Violent, and darker than Amnesia had imagined she would be. She pounced on Claire with a bass growl, pinning her down. She licked along the small red line on Claire’s neck, before kissing her hungrily on the mouth, crushing Claire’s lips in the embrace. Claire could taste blood in her mouth, though she could not be certain who the blood was from, whether or not Holly was kissing her too hard, and whether, or not she was enjoying it, herself.

Amnesia looked at Soheila, who was watching intently. When she glanced at Amnesia, she blushed, but turned and continued watching, apparently waiting for her turn.

Claire was running her hands through Holly’s thick hair, stroking the black locks, and pulling at them gently.

“Okay, okay girls, at least try to pretend that you like it.” Amnesia said sarcastically, while the two continued a moment longer, before Claire had to pry herself out from under, and away from the beautiful silhouette of Holly’s body.

Holly and Claire were heaving, breathing heavily. “Okay.” Holly said. “Your turn.”

“Soheila,” Claire said, and the rest of them cheered and howled like wolves, followed by laughter, more drinking, and then calm.

Amnesia smirked at Nancy, who smiled back and nodded.

“Truth or Dare.”

Soheila was silent for a moment, like she’d suddenly lost interest in playing and then, “Truth.”

“Awwwwwww.” The others cried out as if terribly disappointed that she’d not taken a dare.

“Okay, okay.” Claire grinned. “Two questions. Have you ever been with a girl, and, Would you ever be with a girl?”

Soheila giggled uncomfortably, and shifted a little farther away from Amnesia, closing her legs, suddenly self conscious. “Um, as you say been with a girl, I have not.”.

The others seemed to slouch, as if this was going to end all of their fun.

“To be with a girl, as you say,” Soheila said, her words lingering as she took another deep drink. “I have not had enough to drink.”

Cheering ensued and moments later, Claire was bringing in more drinks. Soheila grabbed at hers hastily, her eyes slightly glassy. Her slow inebriation had begun to show its effects. “Nancy,” She said, pausing to chug down her Margarita. “I dare…”

“Uh Soheila?” Claire started, but Amnesia threw a look and shook her head sharply. “You look beautiful tonight.” She said smiling.

“Thank you so very much. I got most of these clothes from home last summer.” She said, and drank more. Nancy pouted to herself a moment and then said.

“You dare me to what?”

“Oh yes!” She said, and drank again. “I dare you to be my girlfriend for just tonight.”

Amnesia’s eyes were wide, as did Cordelia. She nudged Amnesia, whispering. “Well, that didn’t take long.”

“I am just kidding.” Soheila said, “But really though, I would very much like to kiss you. I mean. I dare you to kiss me.”

Nancy scooted closer to Soheila, who sat her drink down gently on the drink tray. She drew Soheila closer to herself, and pressed her lips softly to Soheila, who’s eyes drifted shut.

Please don’t pass out. Amnesia thought, as she watched Nancy hold Soheila gently in the kiss.

Soheila lingered in the kiss, though Nancy softly pulled away, without ever introducing her tongue to her new friend’s.

“You did not kiss me like Holly kissed Claire?”

Nancy giggled sweetly for Soheila. “It is all in how you say it.”

Amnesia eyed the rest of the circle, and yawned.

A signal.

Cordelia yawned, followed shortly by the others. “Do you think we should get a little bit of rest?”

“Perhaps.” Amnesia said. “Soheila?”

“I would like to lie down a little bit.” She admitted. “But I am truly not tired – not after this game.”

Holly stared at Claire, and Sandra in silence, but her expression did all the talking. “Fine, yes, whatever.” Sandra said, with a crooked smile. “Bunk with us.” Claire shrugged.

“Cordelia, and I will take my room – and please, no interruptions – Nancy, you and Soheila can share the guest bedroom.”

As the girls continued off to their rooms, Cordelia, and Amnesia stayed down stairs, cleaning the glasses up. Amnesia caught Cordelia’s eyes a number of times, and each time they did, they smiled. After the mess was cleaned, the dishes in the sink, Amnesia embraced Cordelia.

“I’m sorry I always leave.” Cordelia said.


“You know. I kind of check out, when we’re at school. I’m sorry.”

Amnesia nodded. “You know what? I understand. Besides, you always come back.”

Cordelia nuzzled her. “It won’t have to be this way forever. Things are changing every day. Look what we’ve done at school. People have stopped judging us.”

“Or they just realized they don’t care.”

Cordelia shrugged. “Does it matter? Think of what we’ve done in six weeks. Imagine what we could do in six months. What if someone is out there, like us, right now, changing the world? Imagine what six months, or six years could do.”

Amnesia smiled, and allowed herself a giggle. “We could get married.”

“We could!” Cordelia said, kissed her on the mouth. “We could do anything, as long as it’s always just you, and me.”

“You, and I,” Amnesia corrected. “As long as it’s just you, and I.”


“Then promise me. Promise me that when the time is right, you won’t fight me anymore. You’ll be mine, we’ll be out but together, and able to take on anything.”

“I promise – Amnesia – I swear to God.”

“Okay, let’s go to bed now.”


She swore to God… but she couldn’t hack it. Six days, weeks, or months made no difference. The world is a dark place, and people have their own fears about whatever.

This isn’t a political story, so I’m not going to push bullshit at you, like gay rights, or advocacy for marriage. I mean. Yeah. I would have liked to have gotten married, but it wasn’t society that was stopping that much.

It was Cordelia.

It was always Cordelia.

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