[The story so far: I've recently divorced my wife, and am raising my son by myself. After a long abstinence, I've met a woman (Angela) and we've been indulging in anal sex, new to both of us. My babysitter (Samantha) was staying at my place one night, and caught me "doing a money shot" over Angela, and I saw her in the shadows of the stairs. None of us broached the issue, but in a deep conversation one night with Samantha, I found myself backed into a corner and admitting that I did think about her naked. She was excited but a bit unsure of how to handle it. The next day Samantha and Angela went shopping together, and paraded their new clothes to me, also making me show myself off in a pair of very tight trunks. Then Angela and I had sex on the sofa, pretending that Sam was watching...

The cast:

Me: 36 yrs male

My son: Daniel

My girlfriend: Angela, 40 yrs

The babysitter: Samantha, 18 yrs

Samantha's dad: Bill

Samantha's brother: David

Bill's late wife: Michelle

Bill's girlfriend: Barbara

Angela's friend: Jules

My ex-wife: Sharon

Daniel's friend: Stephen

Stephen's parents: Ken and Simone]


I woke the next morning to feel Angela’s hand around my cock. I was already hard, and close to coming. She must have been wanking me for some time whilst I was asleep.

“Morning baby. is this for me? It’s so big and hard already. What WERE you dreaming about? I hope it was me….”

I groaned and closed my eyes, enjoying the wank. This woman is going to wear me out, I thought. God bless her!

She slid down a bit, and went down on me, sucking my cock as deep as she could inside, still wanking my shaft. After a minute or two, she slid back up the bed. She let go of my cock, and threw the duvet off us both, exposing our naked bodies to the cooler air of the room.

Then she resumed wanking me, and lay her head next to mine. “Did you like last night baby? Seeing Sam in all her new clothes, exposing bits of her that you’ve never seen before. Just think baby, you might have been the first man to see so much of her ample cleavage, or her midriff, or her lovely legs. I could tell how turned on you were baby, and I knew that after an hour or so of watching her, and me teasing you, that you’d come more than I’ve seen you come so far. That so turned me on baby. I really wanted to see you come like you did, your jizz shooting up in the air. Did you like listening to my story, and wanking while you imagined my first time with a woman?”

I could feel my come building up, and told her so.

“It’s OK baby, I want you to come for me again. Let me wank you till you come all over yourself…. then I’ll lick it off you again… I love the taste of your come…. that’s it baby…. I loved watching you wank last night… and then fucking my ass again… that’s it, let it come, come on baby… you must be so close to coming again… I’ve got a secret baby – do you know what made it extra special for me last night?”

She had been wanking me firmly, nice long strokes, but then she changed to short, feathery ones, using my own pre-cum to lubricate her fingers as they slid up and down just my head, swollen and sensitive as I was approaching orgasm. She vibrated them up and down, just a fraction of an inch each way, the light, almost non-existent touch driving me wild. I felt my balls tighten.

“Oh god Angela…” I panted. “Keep on doing that… that’s fucking amazing.. oh fuck, here it comes….”

She whispered in my ear as she grabbed my cock firmly and gave it a few good strokes. “What made it special is that we had an audience… Samantha was watching… We planned it that way baby…”

WHAT??? That did it. My come exploded from my cock, blasting up my body and splattering the pillow beside my head, then all down my body till the last few drops dribbled out. She kept on wanking me, forcing my come from me, as I gasped through my orgasm. She kissed my neck and shoulders as she slowed down her hands, letting me enjoy the come.

“What…? How…? Why…?” I spluttered, unable to form a coherent sentence because of my orgasm and what she’d just said.

“Why did we do it? As I said, she let slip that she’d seen you come over my face that night, but she was so embarrassed she couldn’t say anything. I spent … oh, god, hours… talking to her, getting her relaxed, getting her to open up. She’s such a virgin Andy. Sweet, innocent, and very, very shy. She’s never had ANY sexual encounter with a boy, not even a decent kiss, and the first thing she sees is your… delicious … cock coming all over my face as I beg you to make me your slut. It was a bit of a shock, and she didn’t know how to cope with it. So she thought I could help.

“And I think I did. As I say, we talked for hours – all that shopping was done in about two hours, believe it or not, as we talked for most of the day. We had to do the shopping quick so that you wouldn’t suspect what we’d actually been up to.”

She bent her head, licking some of my come from my chest, then sliding her lips and tongue over my nipples, teasing them, nibbling them, still wanking my softening cock slowly. I was still too breathless and shocked to speak.

She lifted her heard again. “Mmmm, you taste nice….Anyway, it took a long time, but she started to open up to me, and she said how much she enjoyed the experience, even though she felt embarrassed, and dirty. Do you know when she went upstairs she wanked herself off in your spare bed, thinking of you coming over my face?” My cock, which had been going down despite her continuing fondling, throbbed, showed signs of interest again. “Oh my Andy, does that turn you on again? You’re so predictable! But I’ll let you off – I like a man who can come like you did and be ready again so quickly. We’re going to have SO much fun together!

“Anyway, she’s very shy Andy, and very confused. She finds you sexually attractive – she always has done, even though I think she was scared to admit it to herself at first, but when she saw you and I together that night, well I think she let herself notice how sexy you are.”

I grinned at her.

“Oh, don’t let it go to your head. You’re slim, well-built, mature, attractive, and got a nice sized cock – ” I grinned even more – “but I’ve had better.”

“Oh,” I said, disappointed.

“Aaah, poor diddums. Did Angie-Wangie hurt Andy-Pandy’s feelings? Never mind, I’ll make it up to you later… Anyway, so she has finally admitted to herself that she fancies you, but she honestly thinks there’s no way you’d be interested in her, even if you were single, and anyway, you’ve got me, so as far as she’s concerned, that’s the end of that. You’re officially off-limits, even if she could actually pluck up the courage to approach you.

“But on top of that, she’s terrified of the first time she’ll be with a boy. And remember, that even includes her first kiss with tongues.” At this, she lifted her head, and kissed me, sliding the tip of her tongue into my mouth, still wanking me. I kissed her back for a bit, and then we broke for air.

She continued. “So it set me thinking. First, I knew she looked good once she dressed up. Second, you’ve come several times before now whilst I talked about her so I know you fancy her, you dirty old man. Third, she wanked at the memory of seeing you come on me so I knew she found it a turn on watching you. Then fourth she needs more experience. And fifth…”

She paused.

“And?” I asked

“… and I trust you Andy. I know it’s not been long between us, but God help me I trust you. So it was obvious what had to happen next.”

“Angela, you devious old trout, what are you up to? And what were you thinking of letting her see me come like that again?”

“She needs someone to practice with, Andy.” She saw my face light up. “Down boy, that’s not what I mean. Not sexually, just flirting. Someone to dress up for, and who will appreciate it, and even encourage it, without trying to get his cock into her pants all the time or get pissed off if she doesn’t put out. Someone who’ll flatter her outrageously when she wear’s something that’s a bit out of her comfort range. Someone who will tease her like you tease me, so she can learn to handle someone coming onto her when it actually counts, instead of freezing like a rabbit caught in the headlights. Someone she can practice chatting up, and practice being a woman for fucks sake, instead of daddy’s little girl.”

Again, she paused.

She looked me right in the eye. “So I said she could practice on you.”

“You WHAT?”

“You heard, Andy. But no touching! And she is absolutely NEVER to find out that you know about this. She can watch us occasionally, when I say so, from the shadows. She can flirt, show off her body, talk brazenly to you, and you can pay her those outrageous complements and make her feel good about herself and her sexuality, but I repeat, she is never, EVER to know that you know about what she and I have agreed. As far as she is concerned, you’re just responding to her naturally, as she opens up to you. She can even talk to you or me about sex if she wants to.

“In fact, I’ve not even mentioned how turned on you are by the thought of her wanking herself silly after seeing you come – see, another throb, you’re so shallow! – so you’d better not even come on too strong or suddenly change your behaviour. Just pretend that you’re slowly, gradually coming round to seeing her in a different light, and each time she goes a little bit further than she has so far, you can also go a little bit further, as if you’re warming to her, and finding her new behaviours and dress-sense more and more erotic.

“But if she finds out that you know about this little agreement, she’ll think you’re responding to her because I asked you to, not because she’s getting more confident and sexy. It’ll ruin her self-esteem. And if you do that, you’re not the kind of man that I think you are, and it’ll be over between us, quicker than you can say Jack Robinson.

“So, you can look, talk, be seen, but it goes no further. No touching. And if she seems scared or worried, you back the hell off immediately and tell me, and I’ll find some way to bring the topic up in conversation with her and ease her fears, without letting her in on the fact that you know about the deal. Then you wait for me to give you the all-clear before taking it any further.

“I’m in charge of this. I know you, and I know her, and she’ll confide in me, and I’ll say what does or does not happen. Is that perfectly, absolutely clear?”

I couldn’t believe my luck. “Let me get this straight: you want an innocent little girl to parade round my house semi-naked, flaunting herself, chatting me up, asking me all sorts of sordid little questions, watching us have sex from the shadows. All with your approval. And you think I might say no?” I grinned at her as I thought of all the fun to be had.

“Andy, calm down and be serious. It’s not for your benefit, although I’m sure that you’ll get your kicks. In fact, if you do well, I’ll make sure that you get your kicks, but with me, not her. You won’t believe some of the things I’m going to do to you and for you, if you stick to this agreement. I’ll be your own personal sex toy, your little slut, ready to do anything and everything you’ve ever dreamed about, and some things that you haven’t. Even if we split up afterwards and you live to be a hundred and ten before you die, you’ll still go out with a huge smile on your face thinking about what we’ve done.”

I looked her in the eye, trying to work out what was going on. “Angela, tell me one thing. Why? What are you getting out of letting her watch us have sex? Oh, shit, I can’t believe I talked about her watching us while I fucked you last night!” I exclaimed, excited but also perplexed by the situation.

“Don’t be daft Andy, I wouldn’t let her see that!”

“But -” I started.

“I know what I said in the heat of the moment, but I didn’t mean it. No, she only watched you wank. She really was asleep when I looked in on her later.” She sighed, turning inwards for a moment. “You might not believe this, but I was like Samantha is now, even when I was a bit older, around 20 or 21. And the one big regret of my life is that I didn’t take opportunities earlier to gain experience, both physical and non-physical – flirting, confidence-building, and so on.”

Another sigh. Then a little smile. “Of course, I’ve made up for it since,” she added. “Especially with the help of this”. She squeezed my prick as she said that, seeming to enjoy the fact that I was now rock-hard again thanks to the chat, and what she wanted me to do, and the fact that she’d still been wanking me all this time.

“So I offered your help to let Samantha rapidly catch up with her peers. That’s all that this is about. If you think you can’t handle all that titillation without having to take it further, tell me now and I’ll cancel it with her… tell her I’ve had second thoughts. But if you do decide to go for it, she must never find out. I like that young girl, and it’s kind of a chance to redo the errors I made when I was younger. It’s important to me. Promise me that you’ll do this according to my rules Andy.”

She was deadly serious. Obviously this was a very important issue for her. And to be honest, I liked the idea of flirting with Samantha and then meeting up with Angela to take out my arousal. It should make for interesting times…

“Honey, you got it. And, as we’re being honest with each other, I trust you too. I’m not going to do anything stupid enough to risk losing you.”

She smiled a little smile, and then lay back on the bed, sighed, and blew her cheeks out in relief. “Phew. Thank God that’s over with.” She took a hold of my hand. “Thank you Andy, you have no idea how much this means to me.”

Then she grinned. “Of course, if anyone was listening in to this conversation, they would be laughing at us, you do realise that, don’t you?”

“Well it is a strange situation!” I answered.

“No, that’s not what I mean. Listen to us: ‘I trust you Andy’, ‘And I trust you too Angela’. We both know what we meant, I think, don’t we?”

I laughed. “Are you saying that we just couldn’t come out and say ‘I love you’ to each other?”

She cuddled into me and sighed deeply. “Well, isn’t that what you meant, Andy?” she said softly, stroking my chest with one hand.

“Angela, honey, I hate to break it to you, but it’s just sex between us. I mean, you’re way below what I normally shoot for! I’m just giving you some sympathy sex so that you don’t die a frigid, wrinkled old prune.”

She slapped my chest, calling me an evil bastard. Then she rolled over and straddled me, pushing my arms up over my head, and bringing her head down next to mine. “Andy, honey, we both know the truth. You love me, but you’re too scared to say it. Admit it baby, say it, say ‘I love you Angela’”. She was grinding her groin around on me as she spoke, and I could feel her moisture seeping from her.

“OK,” I said, and she looked at me intensely. “I love … the way you can’t keep your hands off me. I mean, look at you, we’re just talking about your feelings for me, and your juices are leaking all over me already. Admit it Angela, it’s YOU who’s in love with ME. After all, you said it first.”

“I never said I loved you!” she shrieked.

“No, but you were the first to say ‘I trust you’, and as you said earlier, we both know that ‘trust’ is a euphamism for ‘love’, don’t we?”

“Andy, you’re so pathetic. How could I possibly love someone of your stature and manliness, after all, you’re so out of my league, right? I could never love someone like you, I could only feel awe and lack of self-worth.” She laughed, causing our groins to bounce delightfully together.

I wrestled my arms free, slid them down her back to her bum, and pulled her down, pressing my now erect cock into her wet cunt. “That’s right honey. It’s a bit like the stories of Zeus. I’m just sowing my wild oats amongst the mortals, and you’re just my latest conquest. I am after all, a god amongst men.”

“That’s right Andy… oh that feels good… so as you are such a god amongst men, you’ll have no problems doing what I told you to do last night… go down on me and don’t come up for air till I tell you.” With that, she rolled onto her back, pulling me on top of her, and then she spread her legs, and started pushing on my shoulders.

I resisted the pressure, and raised my body up so that I was in press-up position, rolling my hips to rub by cock up and down her wet lips. “Oh mortal woman, wouldn’t you rather I plough you with my mighty staff instead? It’s brought pleasure to many, many women before now, and I’m sure you’d like to experience such dizzy heights, wouldn’t you?”

“Oh mighty Zeus,” she said, still laughing, “give me your rod of pleasure, thrust it into my gates of heaven, show me your strength and virility…. and then you’re going down on me, no excuses.”

She pulled my head down close to her mouth and breathed into my ear. “Andy honey, I want you to come in me – there’s been too much wanking for my liking, and all that come has been going to waste… Come in me, and then go down and lick it all up till I come again. I’ve always wanted someone to do that to me… will you do it? Will you go down on me after you’ve come in me? I’ll owe you big time…”

“Really?” I asked, with a salacious grin on my face. “What will you do for me in return?”

“Well, I was kind of thinking that actually, you should go down on me in return for you fucking my ass again last night, but if you insist…. You know Britney’s video for ‘Ooops I did it again’?”

“Doesn’t every man?”

“I’ve got the outfit…” she whispered, as she wriggled her lower body to get my cock lined up with her cunt properly.

Of course, I knew that already from her emails, but I couldn’t say that. I also knew she wanted spanking. “Really? Then here’s what’s going to happen: You’re coming over one night after school, in your school costume, when we’ve got the place to ourselves, and you can do your homework. I’ll stand real close behind you and watch you do it. And if I find one mistake, just one, I’ll have to punish you. You’re not too old to have your ass spanked, you know.” And with that, I pushed inside, slowly but surely, one long smooth movement till I was balls-deep inside her.

She groaned into my shoulder as I filled her and stretched her inside. “Oh god Andy, do it. Fuck me and fill me with your come. I want to feel you come inside me… I promise to be good and do my best with the homework, but if I do make a mistake, I hope you don’t punish me too badly. My ass is so sensitive baby, and it’ll get real sore… oh you feel good… you’ll need to rub some lotion in after you’ve finished spanking me, to help me feel better… that’s it baby, all the way out again and then push! Oh sweet jesus you feel good… will you do that baby, will you rub lotion in to soothe my poor butt? You’ll have to be careful though, in case all that lube accidentally lets something big into my tight little back hole…”

I kissed her passionately at the thought of that, and then lifted up into a half-press-up position again, my upper body lifted clear of her, only our hips and legs touching. She raised her head to look down our bodies as I started fucking her properly. “Andy, honey, that looks so good… I love seeing your cock in me… you’ve got a great body honey… show me your cock”. I pulled almost all the way out, leaving just the very tip separating her lips. “Oh fuck Andy, that makes me so horny. I love your cock. Do it baby, fuck me, make me come…

“Do you know how turned on I was last night? That’s why I wanted you naked when you wanked… I wanted to have your hot body stretched out on that sofa, so I could see your stomach and chest and arm muscles tighten as you wanked… you look so good when you’re stroking yourself… and I knew Sam would enjoy seeing you naked with that big cock of yours bursting at the seams…

“And she did baby, she did… when I went back upstairs, I could smell her… I think she had a wank while watching you baby… she just couldn’t resist after seeing your cock straining to come, knowing that she’d been the one to cause it… knowing that you’d gotten turned on at the sight of her in her new clothes… don’t you wish you could have seen that baby?… see her with her hand down her panties, stroking herself as she stared at that cock of yours…”

I started fucking her in earnest, all this talk having turned both of us on greatly. Also, although we’d been joking about the whole ‘trust vs love’ stuff, I knew that she meant more and more to be each day, and it felt really good to know that she felt the same. That sense of closeness and intimacy got me aroused very fast, and it wasn’t long before I could feel my orgasm approaching.

“I’m going to come soon, baby,” I said. “Do you want me to come in you? Do you want me to fill you with my come?”

“Do it Andy… oh fuck that’s good… you’re so hard…. oh, go on baby… come in me… I’m going to come too… that’s it… harder baby… tell me, tell me what it feels like”.

I was panting now with the effort of keeping my body raised up so she could watch my cock going in and out of her. “You’re so tight Ang…. you feel so good around me… I can feel you clenching at me… that’s it… tighter baby…” She was using her muscles to tighten the walls of her cunt around me, and that did it – I came in her, roaring through my orgasm pretty loudly. That made her come as well, arching her back as her orgasm ripped through her, her cunt walls tightening even more around me…

We lay back in the afterglow of that hot sweaty sex. “Fuck Andy, that was good”, she said. “Now, get down there and start licking.I want to feel your tongue in my hot little box, and don’t come back up till I say so. If you’re quick, I’ll come real soon… I’m normally very sensitive after a good come, and it doesn’t take much to set me off again.”

“One last question,” I asked as I slid down her body, kissing her breasts, her nipples, her stomach, her inner thigh, and quickly sucking one finger to make it wet with my saliva. “What made you think of starting her off with the whole clothes show thing last night? Didn’t you think that it was a bit big for a first step, and she might have fallen at the first hurdle?”

“Oh Andy,” she said. “What makes you think that was MY idea?… Oh FUCK!”, she screamed, as I sucked her clit and slid one finger into her hot, wet cunt and pushed the wet finger as far into her asshole as I could.


It was still early, so after we’d showered, we went downstairs for breakfast, enjoying some quiet time before having to wake up Daniel and Samantha. I was still reeling from what Angela and Samantha had planned for me, and Angela caught me grinning to myself occasionally.

“Stop it,” she said sharply.


“Grinning to yourself. I told you, it’s not about you. It’s for Samantha. Don’t blow it baby, you promised.”

“I’ll be charm personified,” I answered, kissing her on the cheek.

It was great not to be rushed in the morning. Working for myself from home meant that I wasn’t trying to get both of us (Daniel and I) ready for work at the same time. We could take some time together to play games, he could take as long as he wanted over breakfast (within reason), all without me feeling pressurised because I had to get to the office. Which reminded me…

“It’s Monday. Are you not due into the office?” I asked Angela.

She shook her head. “Not today. No meetings till this afternoon, so I’m going in late. I’ll be off soon, though, so don’t you worry.”

I pulled her into a close hug. “I’m not worried. I was just hoping you might have the day off. You, me, the house all empty. That kitchen worktop is looking awful lonely right now….”

“Andy, you’re a beast. A girl’s got to rest some time, you know. Are you sure you’re the age you say you are? You’re acting like a horny fifteen year old.”

“It’s a second childhood. I’m blessed that way”, I answered, kissing the soft flesh where her neck joined her shoulders. Then Samantha came running downstairs, and we pulled apart. A bit silly after she watched Angela wank me last night, I know, but there you are.

She burst into the room, fully dressed and showered. “Morning you two, I didn’t realise what time it is. In all the excitement last night, I forgot it was Monday today and I had to get into uni.” She had on a pair of blue jeans, and a maroon jumper, both of them quite tight, and a pair of new Nikes. Not her normal get up. She started running around getting some breakfast ready.

“All what excitement?” I asked.

Angela slapped my arm. “The clothes show, the shopping, lunch with me, you stupid oaf!” She glared at me as Sam opened the fridge door to get some milk.

“Ah of course. Well, it wasn’t very exciting to me. You two flashing about in your new gear, and then making me humiliate myself in those bloody miniature trunks”.

Samantha turned to face me as she was getting a bowl out of the cupboard. “Oh, I don’t know Andy, I thought you looked quite good in them.” She glanced quickly at Angela, blushing, and then carried on making her breakfast, facing away from me.

I looked at Angela, and smiled at her. It seems Sam was going to run with this practice thing.

“Now, now Sam, don’t go boosting his ego. It’s big enough as it is. Now, who want’s a cup of tea?”


I got Daniel up, and we all had breakfast. I dropped my boy off at school, and Sam at the uni. As she left the car, I opened my door, and got out to tell her something. “Sam, I forgot to say. You look good in those clothes. It’s a vast improvement.”

She looked down at herself, smiling a small smile. “Thanks Andy.”

“But don’t you worry about them little boys in your class. If they make any crude comments, tell them I’ll come round and give them a good wallop round the ear. No, better yet, tell them Angela will. That’ll scare them off, for sure!”

She laughed, then asked “Do I really look that different? Do I stand out?”

“No, Sam,” I said, softly. “You look great. It might seem a long way from your normal clothes to you, but to the rest of the world, you just look like a normal girl. Don’t get too flustered. You scrub up quite well when you put your mind to it.”

“Thanks Andy.” Impulsively, she stretched up and gave me a peck on the cheek. “For everything. You’re a good man.”

Nice and gently, I thought. Angela would be proud of me. Then I realised how much I wanted Angela to be proud of me. She was really getting to me.

“Tell that to Angela,” I said as she waved and ran to a couple of girls that were waiting at the college entrance. As I got back in the car, and waited till I could pull out into the traffic, I saw Sam talking to the girls. Although I couldn’t hear them, I could tell from their body language and where they were looking, that they were torn between asking Sam about the new clothes, and asking her about the man she’d just kissed goodbye to.

What was she saying?


I headed back to the house. A note from Angela was on the kitchen table.

“Sorry, love, had to head to work. Minor emergency and they can’t manage without me. Damn. I was planning on surprising you and have you come in to see me naked and bent over that worktop again, then making as much noise as I wanted without having to worry about anyone else waking up. Ah well another day.

I hope you were nice to Sam, otherwise I’ll have your balls for lunch.

Talking of which, I think next time we have our little voyeur round, I think I’ll suck your balls whilst you’re wanking. Would you like that? You’ll need to shave or wax or something first, though, if you want me to do it for more than a few seconds. Way too much hair down there for more than a quick suck. The balls are in your court, so to speak!



‘Trust’? What did that mean? … Ah of course, a reference back our conversation last night, and being unable to say “love”. And wax my nuts? No thanks… they shrivelled as I just thought about it. But shaving… there’s an idea.

I sent her a text. “Sounds good to me. Will be bare when meet next. Didn’t realise you liked meatballs so much. Trust, Andy xxx”.

A few minutes later she replied. “Of course I do. I promise I won’t bite…. much. Oh, and three kisses in your text. It must be true trust!”

So, whilst the house was quiet, I went upstairs and – very carefully – shaved my sack. It took about an hour, and gave me quite a few scares. I hoped it would be worth it…


Angela and I both had things on that week, but we agreed to get together on Friday. That weekend Daniel was staying with his mum. And I have to admit, that even though we don’t particularly get on now, it’s good that Daniel has some relationship with her. She was coming round on Friday after work to pick him up.

At about 5:30, there was a knock on the door, and Daniel ran out to answer it. He came back in… leading Angela by the hand.

“Ah, you’re not who we thought you were,” I say.

“And delighted to see you too,” she pouted.

“I’m sorry, it’s just that Sharon is due to call soon to pick Daniel up for the weekend, he’s staying with her for a few days.”

“And you’d rather I wasn’t here?” she asked.

“Well… I… oh hell… if you’re fine with it, so am I.”

Angela thought about it for a minute, and agreed to stay. So she, Daniel, and I carried on playing till there was a knock at the door. Again, Daniel ran out to answer it, and came back in with Sharon.

“Mum, this is Angela. She’s dad’s new girlfriend,” he said, with a smirk on his face.

Angela smiled at Sharon, saying “Trust kids to get to the point. Pleased to meet you.”

Sharon eyed up Angela, and I could tell Sharon was a bit pissed off to see Angela here. “You too,” she said. “Well Daniel, are you ready? We’ve got a lot planned for the weekend, haven’t we? No time to waste.” And with that, and some goodbyes from Daniel, they were gone.

“Wow. That was quick,” said Angela.

“Mmm. Normally she stays and chats for a bit,” I answered, as I pulled her up into my arms. “Maybe you scared her off?”

“Maybe. I’ll bet she could feel the sexual frisson between us and couldn’t take the heat.”

“What frisson?”

“Oh, Andy, come on. Daniel’s away. I’m free. You’re free. We’ve got the weekend totally to ourselves. Daniel’s a great kid, but I want you to myself for a couple of days. I’ll make it up to him later, I promise. In the meantime, I’m feeling very horny. I always do during my period.” She looked at me in a weird way.

“What’s that look for?”

“Well, most men don’t like sex when their woman is having her period, for obvious reasons. Which is a shame, because it’s when I’m at my horniest.” Again, another look. I think she was trying to see whether I was one of those men or not. And then an idea struck me…

I’m not one of those men. Although I’m not comfortable during the peak flow, a little blood doesn’t hurt, although I do sometimes wear a condom if there’s too much. But if there’s only a little blood, it doesn’t bother me. But she doesn’t know this yet – it’s the first time we’ve been together during her period.

“It’s nearly over Andy, if there is any blood, there’ll only be a little bit,” she said.

I sensed an opportunity for some teasing….

“Angela, baby, I love our sex life. You’ve got a great body and a great style. But… sex during your period? I’m not sure… ” I screwed up my face a little as well, adding to my story.

And thus began a 20 minute diatribe on how men are the weaker sex, feinting at a bit of blood, and so on, and so on. I let her rant on, even giving her ammunition to use against me, knowing that the more worked up about it she got, the more frustrated she would be until we did actually have sex. Oh, I was going to enjoy this!


We were having a night in that night: a movie on DVD, bottle of wine, food being delivered, and we cuddled up together on the sofa to watch the movie. At one point, I reached my hand up to Angela’s breast, and started stroking it. After a minute or two, she sighed and curled up deeper into me, murmuring “That’s nice baby.” I slid my hand inside her blouse, inside her bra, and started teasing her nipple directly. After a few minutes, she turned her head up to me to give me a deep, passionate kiss.

“Let’s go to bed Andy. We’ve got all weekend to watch the movie.”

“Angela, honey, you know that I would, but it’s your period,” I said, putting a slightly uncomfortable look on my face.

“But you’re getting me so turned on doing that… I’m feeling really horny… wouldn’t you like to go upstairs and take me?”

“Angela, maybe tomorrow, eh?” I responded, as I pulled my hand from out her bra, and rested it back on her hip. She made a disappointed noise, and settled back down to watch the movie.

A little bit later, she’d shifted position so that she was laying on her side, with her head on my lap. I laid my hand on her hip, and started gently stroking her hip, stomach, and lower back, where I could reach in the gap between her blouse and trousers. And I started to think about having sex with her, in various ways, feeling my erection grow.

She felt it grow too, and reached up to place a hand under her head, stroking it lightly. I slid my hand round to the front of her trousers, and undid her buttons. She shifted her hips and legs slightly to give me better access. Then I slid my hand inside her knickers to start stroking her lower stomach, just above the small patch of pubic hair she’d left trimmed above her cleft. As I worked lower, nearly touching her clit, I heard and felt her breathing start to speed up. She was openly rubbing my cock through my jeans now, so I slid my hand a bit further, lightly parting her already-wet lips and just touching her clit.

She gasped, at which point I slid myself out from under her head and stood up. “No, Angela, we should really wait till your period is over,” I said.

“Andy!” she hissed, “if you don’t want sex, stop teasing me! It’s very frustrating!”

“I can’t help it. Having you near me is driving me wild. You look good, you smell good, you’ve already said you’re horny. I can’t keep my hands off you… I just don’t want sex. Sorry baby. Look, let’s just watch the movie. I’ll try to keep my hands off you.”

I lay back on the sofa, but this time laying along the sofa, cuddled up behind her in spoons position. Perfect for my next plot.

After another half an hour or so, I again slid my hand underneath her blouse, this time from her waist upwards. I started stroking her stomach and any flesh I could reach under her bra. My cock was getting hard, so I subtly shifted position to make sure it pressed into her bum. She sighed, and started grinding her hips a bit, showing that she was getting turned on.

I bent my head and started kissing and nibbling her neck, licking her ear, whilst I slid my hand up, over her bra, still inside her blouse, and started running my fingers over her cleavage.

“Andy, stop it, please, you’re getting me turned on again,” she softly moaned.

“Just because I don’t want blood on my cock, does it mean we can’t do anything else?”

“Oh, no Andy,” she responded. “If you’re not up for sex tonight, you’re not getting my ass.”

“That’s not what I meant. We’ve got hands, haven’t we?” As I said that, I ran my hand over her bra, teasing her nipples. “Take your trousers off baby,” I breathed into her ear. She immediately complied, almost hastily standing up and sliding them down her lovely long legs, and then she bent over to me and undid my flies, and yanked my jeans off.

“A little rougher than I normally like to get undressed,” I joked, “but it’ll do, I guess. Now get back down here where you were.” She started to get back into position, but stopped to undo her blouse and take it off also, and then she undid my shirt and took it off me whilst we kissed.

She slid back into the spooning position, my erect cock pressing against her ass. I carried on where I left off – kissing her neck and shoulders, sliding my hand around her stomach and breasts, gradually widening the area I was teasing to also start stroking her lower stomach, her inner thighs, and then her mound, through her knickers. “Take them off baby,” I whispered in her ear, and she did so. I undid the buttons of my boxer shorts, and pulled my throbbing cock out. I pressed it into the cheeks of her ass, and she moaned her approval as she pushed back into me, and grabbed my hand to slide it between her legs. I parted her lips, and slid a finger around her clit, rubbing it, stroking it, feeling her get more excited as I did so. She reached a hand back to start wanking my cock.

I was tempted then to give up on the game and just let us wank each other till we come. But my devious self won the battle…

Angela was getting more turned on as we wanked each other, and I did everything I knew to bring her orgasm closer. As she started to really pant and thrust her hips to get more pressure from my fingers, I did my last little trick. I ran my other hand, with some difficulty due to the position we were in, down to her cunt from behind, and slid a finger inside her lips just a little bit. Angela groaned, “oh yeah, baby, that’s it”. She was bucking her hips against my hand, and I waited a few moments till she was almost at the point of no return. Then, with a lot of truth, I pulled that hand away, murmuring that the position was too awkward.

Angela moaned her disappointment, as I brought that hand around to where I could see it, but she couldn’t. I then groaned in dismay, and pulled my hand away from Angela’s clit. She snarled at me, and stood up.

“Andy, for fuck’s sake, what is it now?”

“Sorry, baby,” I said, as apologetically as I could make it. “I’ve got blood on that hand, and…”

“IS THAT IT?” she shouted. “You get me all turned on, almost about to come, despite me telling you to leave me well alone, and you get a tiny spot of blood on your hand and you call it off? What sort of man are you?”

“Angela, I’m really sorry, it’s just that…”

“Right! I’ve had enough. I’m going to bed. Keep your slimey little hands off me for the whole night, do you hear me? If you’re feeling horny, go have a wank in the bathroom – not the ensuite, as I don’t want to hear you enjoying yourself. Goodnight!”

With that, she stormed off to her bedroom. I quietly chuckled to myself. My plan worked, she’ll be hugely frustrated now. So, the only question is: do I walk into her bedroom wearing a condom, or just naked? I checked my hands, there was a little blood, but not very much. I’ve had sex with more blood in the past, so tonight – no condom!

I still had a hardon, so I sat for a few minutes slowly wanking, keeping it topped up. Enough time for Angela to brush her teeth, etc, and get into bed, but not enough time (I hoped!) for her to stop fuming, and start wanking to finish herself off.

I crept to her bedroom door. I could still hear her slamming things around in her frustration as she got ready for bed. I waited till I heard her get into bed, and turn off the light, then I waited another three or four minutes, and snuck in semi-quietly. Loud enough for her to think I was sneaking in apologetically.

I got into bed, and lay on my back, not letting my hard-on touch her at any point. She was facing away from me.

“Baby…” I started to say.

“Don’t Andy, I’m really annoyed at you right now.”

“But I want to do something for you.”

She sighed. “This had better be good Andy.”

“I think you’ll like it,” I said, grinning. “You mean a lot to me, and I don’t want to go to sleep without resolving this. Let me finish you off, I want to make you come.”

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