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At first she thought she was dreaming, a sex dream, a dream of getting fucked long and hard. Then Jen awoke, rolling over to see her snoring husband, Bob, next to her in the first-floor room of the Nantucket B&B where they were spending the weekend.

She still heard the sounds, a female voice oohing and ahhing in the unmistakable throes of orgasm, accompanied by a male voice of earnest effort. She had no idea what was happening, but it got to her. The very sexy and sexual 65-year-old blonde-haired GILF had long suffered from a sluggish sex life with Bob despite her best efforts to spice things up, and now this porno soundtrack from somewhere close was turning her on even in her groggy state at 1 in the morning.

She twisted off the bed, toward the open window adjacent to the inn’s small courtyard, a private one just for their room, for which they were paying $500 a night. She swung her legs over the bed and sat, peering out the window to the moonlit space of a small tinkling fountain, lush vegetation hiding it from the quiet street, and a small bench.

She blinked, not believing what she was seeing just a few feet away, and clear as day in the bright light of the moon. A man and woman, boy and girl, really, no older than their early 20s, huddled on the bench, the pretty young blonde’s thighs spread wide, the young man beside her eagerly sucking her exposed tits in her little dress while furiously diddling her smooth, shaven pussy.

“God, Jason, don’t stop, don’t stop!” the girl begged, hands closed over Jason’s plunging fingers.

“I won’t, Molly, I won’t!” he moaned, both of them trying to keep their voices down as he worked his hand between her tight young legs.

“Holy shit,” Jen whispered to herself, looking back at her snoring husband and wishing he’d show half the sexual urgency of the young stud outside.

They must’ve stumbled onto the courtyard after a night of partying nearby, Jen figured, not wasting time postulating a theory but focusing on the young man’s rapidly working fingers. For one so young, he seemed to know his digital stuff, and was working magic on the girl’s engorged clit, which Jen could easily see in the romantic glow of the moon.

She was groaning with mounting passion and within moments of Jen’s watching intently, finally came with a quivering clamp of her thighs around Jason’s educated fingers, shuddering through it as quietly as she could before releasing his hand and pushing his mouth off her beautiful young nipples, straightening herself out.

“Uh…Molly…what about…” Jason asked weakly, sitting back and showing her the massive cock throbbing in his designer shorts, the sight of which made Jen stifle a moan of appreciation.

“I can’t, Jason, my dad just texted me, he’s so pissed!” Molly said, looking in fright at her cell phone and standing. “Look, it was fun, great meeting you, but I gotta go!”

And she was gone, leaving behind an erect dick that should not go to waste, Jen figured.

She was amazed at how fast she made up her mind, subconsciously figuring the lost years with Bob and their unremarkable sex life, the times she’d toyed with the idea of having purely sexual relations with eager young men who’d come onto her in recent years, how she’d try to stress to Bob she was aching for more than he was giving her.

And just like that, she pulled a flimsy nightgown over her luscious, older-woman body of tanned, tight flesh and a tiny thong panty she’d hoped to entice Bob with earlier, and failing, and strode to the door leading to the courtyard just as Jason was standing, that impossibly delicious cock erect in his shorts, about to leave.

“What the…” he stammered as she appeared like a GILF vision in the night, her nightgown blowing in the slight breeze, revealing her amazingly supple and muscular old legs below and nearly exposed tits in the dipping cleavage above, another article of clothing she’d bought that failed to arouse the snoring lug behind her.

“Shhh,” she hushed, walking to him, framing his face with her hands and pulling him close for a kiss. “Just do me like you just did Molly, Jason…and I won’t tell a soul about you trespassing on private property!”

She kissed him long and deep, the boy’s eyes wide with wonder and casting a glance over her shoulder at the window, from which deep snoring was heard. Jen laughed.

“He sleeps like the dead,” she said, allaying his fears. “And fucks just as well. I need this Jason, I need it badly, and I’ve had just enough to drink tonight to make it happen. Do to me what you just did to the unappreciative Molly….”

With that, as she kissed him and dropped him to the bench, she added, standing with hands on her trim hips, “and I promise you, you will not go unsatisfied!”

She sat next to him in the same spot Molly had been and peeled down her top, smiling her sexiest smile at the astonished young stud before her, her perfect boobs spilling out, milk white below the deep tanned flesh of her upper chest, face and neck, nipples thick and brown, erect and ready. She parted her meaty, shapely thighs and reached for Jason’s face, pulling his mouth to her neck.

“Suckle,” she said firmly. “A woman’s neck is so sensitive Jason, she loves it suckled and worshipped!”

Jason moaned, obeying the woman decades older, suckling the soft, meaty flesh of her delicately wrinkled neck and throat, running his hot tongue over it, ingesting it, tasting the salty tang of her. Jen moaned and lifted her boobs in her hands, offering them to him and the obedient stud licked down her cleavage to the soft warmth between them, and over the sweet white flesh before sucking one of those delicious brown nipples into his mouth.

“So good, Jason, you suck my breast soooooooooooooooooo fucking good,” she moaned, head tilted back to allow the boy roaming space over her bosom, his eager mouth suckling one nipple then the other and back again like a hungry baby bird in search of food offered by its mother. “Sooooooooooo good…”

Jason ran his left hand down her trim belly, over her spread thighs, massaging and caressing the sexy, smooth, firm flesh, first on the outside of them, then the tops of her surprisingly hard quad muscles and finally within, where those educated fingers expertly pulled aside Jen’s soaked thong and spread the hair-covered lips.

“Oh, GOD!” she moaned as Jason extended a finger between them, fucking her pussy, using his thumb and forefinger to dribble her engorged clit, the way Bob never did, the way no man, no matter his age, ever had. “JESUS, you are fucking good at that!”

He moaned, sucking madly at her sweet tits, diddling her pussy, enthralled by her reaction and the profusion of hair over her pussy, something he’d never encountered before.

“That’s new to you, isn’t it boy?” she growled, cupping his sucking head in her arm, guiding his face to the feast of her heaving tits. “Never saw one unshaved?”

“No…ma’am,” he said, unsure of what to call her, Jen happy to leave it as ‘ma’am,’ a sexy marker of their age difference. “It’s….so sexy!”

“Make me cum with your fingers, boy,” she growled. “And maybe I’ll let you have a taste!”

“Oh, God, yes!” he groaned, reintensifying his finger drumming of her gushing cunt.

It didn’t take long, she was long overdue, and soon clamped her lusty, freckled thighs over his plunging hand the way Molly had, cumming long and hard on his fingers as he madly sucked her tits. She went off into another world, the way she rarely did with Bob, in those times of mind-blowing orgasms that brought her to a new level of reality, something she hadn’t done since their early years together.

When she finally came down from her orgasmic high, she opened her eyes and looked into the astonished ones of Jason, who slowly pulled his hand from her crotch and held it up to stare at the soaked digits glistening in the moonlight. She smiled at it, and him.

“Been awhile since I’ve cum like that,” she sighed, grabbing his wrist and bending his hand to his face. “Smell me. Taste me. Do it. Now!”

She was amazed at her own dominant discovery, ordering the lad to do things she’d never imagined, and had a mini orgasm watching Jason inhale her musky funk on his fingers and then gently lapping them, sucking them into his mouth, washing them clean, moaning and thrusting his shorts-encased cock into thin air, begging for friction. She giggled and pulled his fingers from his mouth and put them into hers, sucking any remaining pussy juice from them.

“Now,” she growled, sitting back, arms on the back of the bench, legs spread wide. “Lick me, lick your first hairy cunt!”

He was completely smitten, kneeling obediently between those marvelous legs, taking his time to drink in the muscular swell of her old but athletic calves and insides of those slightly wrinkled but surprisingly sturdy thighs. She couldn’t wait and impatiently hooked the back of his head with one calf, reeling his face into the matted thatch of graying fur between her strong thighs.

“Now, I said Jason, now!”

He groaned as Jen tightened her scissoring thighs around his ears, pulling the back of his head with her insistent hands, and feeling the thick mulch of her pussy envelop his face. He licked desperately to please her, running his tongue deep inside her anxious hole and then up through the fur of her pussy to latch onto that greasy clit with his mouth, suckling it inside his lips and dribbling it with the light-speed quickness of his tongue.

“Jesus Christ, you eat pussy even better than you play with it!” Jen gasped in a throaty whisper. “I’m gonna cummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm…”

And she did, even more quickly than she had for the lad’s fingers, pussy on fire, electric and wet, her tanned, fleshy thighs etched in moonlight muscle as she squeezed him brutally hard as she came, the meat of them quivering, ankles entwined behind him, her hands cupping his head, pulling him close, grinding savagely hard on his trapped face, bathing him in her gushing woman cream.

Jason could barely breathe in the cummy clamp of Jen’s liquid pussy, lapping and swallowing her creamy gel as quickly as he could, hands pawing the amazingly strong thighs crushing his skull, but as much as it hurt and as much as he couldn’t breathe, he welcomed it, he wanted more, and continued to lap at that hungry clit long after Jen’s thighs relaxed and released him, spreading wide, her fingers running through his hair before grabbing a handful and bending his head back, bending eye to eye with him.

“You done good, boy,” she hissed, suddenly lapping his face clean of her cream. “Now, it’s your turn!”

She stood him up, quickly unsnapping his shorts and hauling them down, his stiff, six-inch meaty dick springing free, bobbing across her moaning face, leaving a smear of pre-cum. She wasted no time, fisting that cock and madly lapping the length of it, jerking it as she mouthed his hairless, bloated balls, washing her hot tongue over them before popping his dick into her moaning mouth, taking him deep, stroking the base of his cock and then sweeping that tight tiny hand up as she let the dick slither from her mouth for a nanosecond before gobbling it down again. Jason looked down, astonished, feeling like he was watching a porno clip of the best blow job ever. Jen knew her stuff, he figured, not knowing it wasn’t so much from practice but watching porno online much like he did.

She felt his cock throb and twitch, knowing he was close just seconds after she started sucking his dick, so she stopped, standing to sit him down on the bench, straddling him with her lusty GILF thighs and fisting the cock below, fitting the thick head to her pussy and sitting down, taking him balls deep in her pussy in one juicy stroke.

“Finish in my cunt,” she said obscenely, savoring the sound of the word. “Fill me up, boy, cum in me, gimme your hot load!”

He didn’t need any encouragement but got it in the swaying form of those delicious tits bouncing in his face, so he attached his mouth to them and cupped his hands over the flexing, fluid flesh of Jen’s plunging ass. His balls knotted and gave up the biggest load of his young life, corkscrewing jets of his hot spunk deep inside her twitching womb. Jen stifled a scream as best she could, cupping that young face to her heaving tits as he filled her with his seed, feeling the heat throb inside her, and came again, pulsating her milking cunt muscles along his pounding prick, draining him dry. After his orgasm abated, along with hers, she sat back on his thighs, just the head of his dick now remaining in her hairy pussy, oozing the rest of his young, thick load inside of her.

“Wow,” he moaned, staring up at her. “That was amazing…”

“Wasn’t it though,” she smirked down at him, finally climbing off and standing on tightly clenched legs, keeping the load inside her, a smear of it escaping down the insides of her thighs.

She offered a hand, lifting the amazed boy up as he pulled his shorts over his flagging cock, smiling at him, at his confused face.

“That was wonderful, kiddo,” she sighed. “And a one-time deal. Now run along before your parents get worried.”

“Actually,” he said sheepishly, “I’m staying with my grandparents, they’re about…”

He stopped himself when he realized what he was about to say.

“My age?” she finished with a smirk. “That’s OK, Jason, that’s rather sexy, isn’t it, you fucking a woman your grandmother’s age?”

He let a slow smile spread on his face.

“Well,” he said shyly, “she is pretty hot for her age…but NOWHERE near like you, Mrs…uh….”

“Granny,” she growled, pulling him in for a kiss before sending him on his astonished way, “Granny works for me…”

She watched him go, and stood, listening to Bob’s incessant snoring from the window. She smiled at the sound, walking back inside to see her husband, the covers kicked off, laying on the bed, sweating, his dick stiff in his underwear, a state of arousal he seemed to only have while sleeping. She peeled off her clothes, and straddled his chest, her cum-laden cunt inches from his face. He felt her pressure and snored himself awake.

“Jen?” he blinked “What the….”

“You have two choices, Bob,” she snarled down at him, slowly inching up his chest. “You either divorce me for alienation of affection because of the really shitty sex life we have, or…”

She slithered up and onto his astonished face, instantly soaking it with Jason’s copious cream he’d jetted there moments before.

“You eat my cunt and make me cum and then fuck me like you’ve NEVER fucked me before!” she growled, hands on hips, grinding on his mouth, only his eyes visible in the squatting thighs framing his face.

He tried to talk, but couldn’t, and could only breathe through the soaking wet pussy smothering his face. He licked, tasting wetness in Jen he’d never tasted before, swallowing the endless fluid flow from her gushing cunt, figuring she was cumming more than she ever had, not figuring the excess was the sperm of a young man who’d just fucked his wife in the courtyard outside their room.

He was dizzy now as he ate her, dizzy from lack of oxygen, dizzier still from the sheer unexpected delight of being dominated by his gorgeous wife who prior to this moment, hadn’t showed a glimpse of anything resembling it. He gobbled her fluid madly, swallowing it, savoring it, trying to sort in his oxygen-deprived brain where he’d tasted it before.

Then it hit him: Years ago, when he’d masturbated alone on business trips, he’d manage to shoot loads so huge and hard, he’d hit himself in the face. Cum, it suddenly hit him, it tastes like cum!

His tongue was fully extended in Jen’s flooding pussy, the juices gushing down his throat, his eyes staring up through her squatting thighs to her dreamy face. She looked down at him and noted the sudden look of recognition on his trapped face as she ground against it.

“That’s right, Bobby,” she hissed. “I just fucked a young stud out in the courtyard, just now, and allllllllllllllllllllll his hot cum is what you’re tasting!! Eat it, bitch, feast on it! Do you have a problem with that?”

He moaned, closing his eyes to his fate and drilled his tongue deeper inside Jen’s clamping twat, eagerly digging out whatever else she couldn’t squeeze from her cum-washed pussy. She smiled down at him, leaned back and felt his dick in his underwear. It was easily as hard and as big as she’d ever felt it before in their 42 years of marriage.

“Now THAT’S what I’m talkin’ about!” she laughed, sliding off Bob’s cum-soaked face to whip down his underwear and take him deep in her spongy cunt. “I think we’ve stumbled onto what’s gonna fix our marriage!”

Bob grunted, thrusting into his wife with passion he hadn’t felt in years as she leaned down to lap the cum from his face and shoot it into his mouth, anxiously kissing her back, savoring the smell and flavor of the boy’s jism. He cupped her madly flexing ass and couldn’t hold back, shooting his wad deep inside his wife’s hungry pussy just as she clamped down on his dick as she came herself.

She flopped off to the side, exhausted and energized, feeling Bob’s cum well in her twice-pounded pussy. He lay back, panting, trying to make sense of what just happened.

“How…who…what…” he stammered.

“Shhhhh….shhhh,” she hushed him, reaching for his head, pulling it between her tight old thighs, his face staring into the cum-soaked abyss, the portent of great things to come. “I’ll tell you in the morning….after breakfast…which WILL be more creampie! And maybe it’ll be yours..and maybe it won’t!”

He groaned, his head swimming, and dove in, tasting his cum, lapping at it eagerly as Jen scissored his head in her lusty old thighs, force feeding her loving husband his own cream, in a night that changed their lives forever…

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