I was glad I had somewhat tidied my room before had left earlier that evening. There was nothing on the floor and the bed was made; not that it mattered. It took me a few tries to open my door and I was well aware that the lock wasn’t the only thing that was stiff. I finally gained entry to my humble abode and dragged my catch in behind me.

I had met Tom early on in the night and we had struck it off. He was quite handsome, a small frame but muscular which was clear under the close fitting shirt he wore. I had initially been shy, but after a little flirting on his part I opened up and began to dance with him. As the night had progressed we had kissed and groped each other in various bars on the high street, culminating in Tom giving me a blow job in the toilets of a sports bar. When I had finished, he licked my cock clean and stood up before offering his hand. I had stood up and zipped up. When we got back onto the dance floor he had begun to grind up against me once again and I was soon hard once more. He turned to me and moved in close to me and asked if I wanted to take him back to mine.

Most of our clothes had been discarded upon entering the house and it was a while before we got upstairs. I flicked the switch on my wall and watched Tom take his boxer shorts off, having already relieved me of mine downstairs. As I walked towards the bed he asked me where the condoms were and if I had some lube. I had smiled and opened one of the drawers of the desk he was stood next to. He sat down on the side of my bed as I took the condom out and turned to him. Tom grinned and took the foil packet out of my hand and watch me place the small bottle on the desk.

A moment later the condom was out and he placed it on top of my cock before slowly unravelling it along my length. He took the lubricant and squirted some onto his fingers before coating the condom, running his hand up down the length of my cock. I watch him then stand up again and kiss me before gently moving me out the way and bending over my desk.

I took the small tube of lubricant and squeezed some onto my fingers. Toms backside was pointing up at me and he moaned softly for me to fuck him as my fingers spread his cheeks. There was a small gasp as the cold gel pressed against his sphincter and helped my fingers slip inside. I drew them back out before thrusting them in once more and removing them. Each hand was on each cheek and kept them softly spread as I moved forward and pushed my cock inside of Tom.

I groaned as I felt his tight muscles grip around my shaft;the warmth was intense and I could feel it twitch. I drew my cock out before thrusting back in again, beginning a continual movement. I let go of Toms cheeks and let my hands touch his back and explore his body. I was turned on by his muscular torso and my thrusts increased as my fingers explored every defined and toned extremity. He had told me he was on the rowing team in his final year of university, this was evident in his toned upper body and legs.

I was slightly taller and a little wider than Tom; my interests in fitness had focused a lot on strength, although cardio still played a big part. I think I had surprised Tom earlier, he had teased on the walk home that he would be too tired to play around when we got back to mine. With that had picked him up and carried him over my shoulder up the hill towards the house, declaring there was no way that was going happen. Tom had laughed loudly and when we reached the front door and I let him down he had gripped my waistband and pulled me into the house.

Tom moaned loudly as I increased my pace. I had noticed one of his hands had disappeared under him and could heard the slap of flesh against flesh as he masturbated. I suddenly felt him stiffen before jolting as cum spit out of his cock. I was still hard and eager to cum; before Tom had had time to relax I removed my cock and lifted him up, lightly throwing him onto the bed. He slid up the duvet on his back, resting his head on the pillow and spreading his legs. I got between them and grabbed one of the pillows and placing it under his lower back. His rear was now accessable and I leaned over him as I thrust back inside of him again.

Tom now let his hands explore my body and his electrifying touch only made me speed up my thrusts. He shouted for me to fuck him harder as his palms pressed against my chest. I felt my orgasm approach and with a few more thrusts emptied my load inside of him. I relished that moment, keeping my hips pressed firmly against Tom’s hips. My hands were spread on his chest in a mixture of his sweat and mine. I slowly sat back on my knees and my cock slid from his rear. I removed the condom, which I couldn’t help but admire the contents of. I had to admit, Tom was a great kiss and fuck. I tied a knot in the top and chucked it into the bin. I turned to Tom who was still spread eagle in front of me.

It was meant to be an offer but I pretty much told him that he would be staying the night, not that he had any qualms with that.

I had forgotten how drunk I was and as the sex fueled adrenaline wore off the room began to move once more. I looked at the clock and saw that it coming up for half one, I figured I didn’t have anything to get up for, so a shower wouldn’t hurt. I could feel sweat on my body and once the afterglow wore off it had become significantly less appealling and if Tom was staying the night, then he would be having one to.

I had certainly enjoyed our escapade but one thing I felt was missing was reciprocation on my part. Once Tom and myself had closed the door of the shower I had got onto my knees and began to suck him off. Tom had leant back against the wall as I wrapped my tongue around his cock. He hadn’t lasted too long, my lips were pressed up against the stubble of recently shaved pubic hair as his cum shot down my throat. After standing back up we began to wash; Tom had stood with his back to me as I washed him, before he did the same to me.

We dried ourselves and with towels protecting our modesty we headed back to my room. The hot shower had relaxed me and I felt as though my energy had been drained, I was ready to crash. I climbed under the quilt before flicking back the corner as an invite to Tom who immediately slid in and moved towards me. He took my arm and draped it over him before turning and resting his back against my chest. The warmth of his body spread through me and minutes later we were both asleep.

I suggest you read Jennifer’s World, Awakenings, Ch.1 before reading this, if you have not already done so (for continuity). This chapter, and the next, are simply titled Awakenings for descriptive brevity asked for by Literotica. Other than that, enjoy!


Jennifer was beside herself. She just had the most powerful orgasm of her life, she made another woman come, and now she was about to find out what it would be like with a man!

Eric closed the door behind him. “It’s a good thing that I heard your first screams,” he said. “I sent the driver away and told him to come back tomorrow with the rest of our stuff. When I came in, you two were in each others’ snatch, sucking like there was no tomorrow! I was getting so hot just watching it! Hon, I never knew this about you! Jennifer, you look so hot! I just know that you and I are going to have a great time!”

The ladies looked at each other, and smiled.

“Rested?” Angela asked of Jennifer.

“Totally!” She said.

Angela and Jennifer got up from the floor, slightly slipping from their pussy juice all over the floor. They walked over to Eric, one to either side of him. Jennifer started to massage his chest and grab his ass, and Angela kissed his neck and grabbed his crotch.

“When was the last time you had two women at once?” Angela asked.

“Never,” he said, gulping a bit.

Well, Get ready for a treat. Jen, get his pants, will you?”

Jennifer looked at Angela and nodded. She got to her knees and undid Eric’s belt, then unbuttoned and unzipped his pants. She then pulled them over his hips slowly, savoring the sight. He wore no underwear, and first saw his pubic hair. She stopped for a moment, and kissed his lower stomach. Eric shuddered.

Jennifer then continued to pull down his pants, hands slightly shaking. This would be the first time that she would see a real, live cock, up close and personal, and she knew that it would be eventually buried in her pussy. She started to get wet at the very thought of it. She pulled his pants down even farther, finally exposing his cock.

Jennifer gasped. As Eric’s pants lay at his feet, she could not take her eyes off of his manhood. It had to be eight inches long, at least, and it was not even fully hard yet! His balls hung low, and were large. She could not help herself. She reached her hand up and cupped those wonderful balls.

Eric moaned at the touch. He reached over to Angela’s hair, pulling her head back, and kissed her. Angela kissed him back, separating his lips with her tongue and exploring the inside of his mouth. Her hands had already removed his shirt, and she was pinching his nipples. Eric’s other hand reached over and started to massage her left tit. Angela purred her approval.

Jennifer continued to massage Eric’s balls, Loving the feel of them. Her own lust was growing again, and her curiosity overcame her as she moved slowly forward and planted a kiss on the head of his cock. Eric lurched a little at the contact. This motion pushed the head of his cock past Jennifer’s lips and into her mouth.

Jennifer was first shocked at this, but quickly recovered. Her lust was growing with each passing moment. She closed her eyes, gently squeezed his balls, then pushed her head forward in one stroke and took a good six inches of his cock into her mouth. She flicked her tongue around it, then slowly started an in-and-out rhythm. Her free hand reached over and buried itself in Angela’s pussy, the thumb slowly rubbing the clit.

Both Eric and Angela moaned. They started to kiss each other more fiercely, and Eric started to flex his hips a little, driving his cock into Jennifer’s mouth. He was in heaven!

Jennifer continued sucking Eric’s cock, and finger-fucking Angela. Her fantasies started again, this time about other things that she would like to do. Her sexuality was starting to surface, and she found herself recognizing that she was wanton. She had been called slut, and it thrilled her. She knew that the depths of pleasure that could be had just started, and she wanted to know just how far she would go. All her life, her parents warned her about acting sluttish, saying that girls like that always got in trouble. They were uptight, and they could not even talk to her about sex. A friend clued her in, and introduced her to some books on the subject. She read them so many times that she could recite them. Now she was in her first REAL sexual experiences, all from a chance meeting, and she now wanted to try out all that she had read.

Jennifer prepared herself. She relaxed the back of her throat, produced a little more saliva, then slowly devouring Eric’s cock until her lips touched the base. Her lips felt like they were stretched to their limit, but she also marveled at the fact that she did not gag. His cock gave a little jump at this first deep throat pass. He was now rock hard. Emboldened, Jennifer withdrew until only the head of his cock was in her mouth. She shifted position, licked the tip, then rammed his cock into her mouth hard until she had swallowed the whole thing again.

Eric’s knees buckled. He pulled away from Angela, and grabbed Jennifer’s head for support. This did not help much, for her head came back to the head of his massive member, then rammed home again! This time it was too much, and Eric slowly crumpled to the floor, hitting his head lightly on the door. All he could do was moan.

Angela, still standing, with Jennifer’s hand in her snatch, moaned with a renewed lust. She had not had that explosive of an experience in a long time, and she wanted to savor this one for as long as it would go. She tenderly disengaged Jennifer’s hand and got down on the floor next to her.

“Jen, where did you learn to do that?” She asked.

Jennifer came off of Eric’s cock. “Nowhere, really,” she said. “I read a lot of books and stuff, practiced one time with a cucumber. This is my first time with sex, you know, other than masturbating.”

“Y-Your f-f-first?! Eric stammered. “Ever?”


“Aren’t you lucky!” Angela said happily. “Now, lay back and let us work!”

At this, Angela plunged down on Eric’s cock, taking it completely in her mouth. Eric laid his head back and moaned again.

Jennifer was on fire. She had had a cock in her mouth, and she had finger-fucked Angela. Block after block of inhibitions melted away as the level of her lust inflamed her passion. Now her pussy was on fire, and Angela was busily working on Eric’s cock. She decided to put Eric’s mouth to work.

Jennifer straddled Eric’s head. “Here’s my pussy, stud,” she purred. “Make me come with your tongue.” She then mashed her pussy on his mouth.

Eric grunted, then started to lick Jennifer’s pussy. His lips found the lips, and his tongue darted in and out of her hole. He brought his hand up and found her clit, pinching it, while the other hand found one of her tits and squeezed hard.

Jennifer gasped at the sudden assault. She felt his tongue work itself expertly around her pussy, his fingers pinching her clit in a way that made her convulse with pleasure. A soft moan escaped her lips as she closed her eyes and put her head back.

Angela decided to fuck her man. She took his cock out of her mouth, licking the length as she did, then straddled him and lowered herself onto his shaft.

Eric lurched at the warmth of her pussy enveloping his cock, and lightly bit Jennifer’s pussy lips. Jennifer gasped.

“OOOH, that felt so good!” she said.

Angela got into a squatting position. She grabbed Jennifer’s shoulders for support, then lifted and dropped on Eric’s cock again. Eric bucked.

The three of them continued in this fashion for a while: Eric eating Jennifer’s pussy, Angela fucking Eric.

Angela loved to fuck Eric. His cock felt so good in her pussy; All eight inches of it. She loved to impale herself with it. For the past three years she though she could not get satisfaction with anyone other than Eric. Now came Jennifer, and another world opened. She wanted more of this feeling, and she hoped her fucking relayed that to him.

Jennifer moaned. “Oooh, god I’m gonna come soon.”

“Mmmmmph,” Eric mumbled.

“Come on, honey,” Angela gasped, “buck your hips! Make me come with your cock! It feels so good!”

Eric bucked his hips, driving his cock deeper into Angela’s pussy. Her juices covered his crotch so much that each thrust squished. The sensation was so erotic that he felt the stirrings of orgasm coming from his balls. He reached down and started to rub and pinch her clit, sending waves of lust through her.

The intensity of Eric’s tongue in her pussy and on her clit pushed Jennifer over the edge.

“OH GOD!” She screamed, “I’M COMING!”

Jennifer jerked with her orgasm. Her juices flowed freely, covering Eric’s face. Wave after wave pummeled her body, making her jerk violently. Angela’s hands dug into her shoulders, trying to help her, but then Angela stiffened.

“OH, FUCK!” she screamed. “OH! OH! I’M COMING!” Angela increased her dropping, impaling herself on Eric’s cock as hard as she could. Eric’s fingers pinched her clit hard, causing her to squeal in pain and lust.

“Nnnngggh!” Eric mumbled. He bit Jennifer’s pussy lips and slammed his cock hard into Angela as his own orgasm racked him. Stream after stream of cum shot into Angela, coating her inside, and running out over his cock.

After a few minutes, the two women rolled off Eric. Both Jennifer and Angela started to lick Eric’s cock clean of his cum and Angela’s pussy juice. Jennifer found the taste exhilarating, and found she liked it. Eric moaned as the women licked his cock like a lollipop. Soon, his member was cleaned, and the two women once again lay on the floor, looking bleary-eyed at the ceiling.

“Wow!” Jennifer said wearily, “That was fantastic! You ate me raw!”

“You tasted heavenly,” Eric said, a little shakily. “Your pussy is so tight and sweet, I couldn’t get enough of it!”

“Amen to that!” Angela said, not too steady herself. “I know how she tastes! This has been one hell of a day, people!”

“I need to rest again,” Jennifer said.

“Agreed,” Eric said. “I’m spent!”

“Not too spent, I hope,” Angela said, looking at Eric’s cock. It had not gone down!

“Huh?” Eric said.

“Well, there’s one person of this merry trio that hasn’t been fucked yet, and I think it’s high time we introduce her to the exquisite pleasures of it.”

“What?” Jennifer said.

“You are about to be seriously and royally laid, my dear Jennifer,” Angela said, “and I’m gonna help. You’ll be fucked so hard you will lose your mind. You’ll see stars, and you won’t ever forget it! And, you will enjoy it, like the slut you are!”

Jennifer once again felt the thrill of being called a slut. She felt a little apprehensive, but excited nonetheless, of the next round of sex. She wished she could feel rested sooner!

You had made quick work of getting me undressed. I lay on the bed, naked, looking at you looking at me. We wanted each other. The soft electric sparks of lust between my skin and your fingertips proved that. It was a sensation I felt only from your touch, and I would never be able to get enough of it. We were on our sides, resisting the urge to get primal and fuck until we would eventually pass out with you still inside me — that had happened on several previous occasions. But you were having different plans for tonight. You wanted to get me off like never before.

So you patted my butt and asked me to get on all fours.

I obliged.

Knees on the bed, straddling you above the waist, I leaned my torso down to rest my elbows on the pillow above your head. Your lips came to my neck as my body arched down. My tummy hovered above you as I pushed my ass into the air, my body making a sharp slope up from my neck to the round tops of my cheeks.

You kissed my neck. Sucked on it. Breathed on it. Kissed it again. Your mouth slid down my body, taking it all in, centimeter at a time. Each measure receiving individual appreciation and affection. Your hands wrapped around my waist, trailing lightly down my prickling skin, pushing into my dimples, making me moan, always. Your mouth still traversed all my gentle curves and angles. Lips along my sides … tongue over my bellybutton … breath just above the junction of my legs.

These waves of pleasure that your breath rocketed through me were second only to the magnificent orgasms you could provoke that always left me whimpering.

Your lips were on the high points of my thighs now. The gentlest kisses evaporating in the air between us, the most passionate kisses melding right through my skin. I was in another world. Nothing existed but my desire to have you all over me. You hesitated between my legs. Breathing directly on me now with softly whispered words of adoration.

I moaned your name.

Your tongue flicked out and touched me — the slightest parting of my lips. Twice flicked … three times … I couldn’t stand the pressure building inside me; I pushed myself against your mouth as it opened up to embrace me. Your lips wrapped around the curve of my body. Your tongue drew tiny circles on my clit. My hips rocked above you as I took every advantage of your hot, inviting mouth, pleasuring myself on your lips.

I gasped, quickly arching my body up to avoid orgasming too soon — this was too much fun to cut short.

You laid your tongue out, long and flat, as I lowered myself back down to you. You stayed still and let me move on you however I wanted to, circling my vagina all over your presented tongue. I reached down with my fingers of one hand and spread myself to move my clit against you; up and down, up and down, up and down. I pressed hard against you. I circled my hips faster and faster.

You angled your tongue up and explored me until you found my entrance. My body moved along with you to let your tongue deep inside me, until I was sitting fully upright on my knees.

I grabbed onto the headboard to support myself.

I lowered myself. Raised myself. Began fucking your tongue.

Faster and harder I pushed myself against you and you rose up to push yourself deep inside me. Your top lip pushed and pulled at my clit every time we separated and I soon felt the unmitigated need to finally orgasm.

With my moans ever increasing, I fully lowered myself onto your mouth, gripping the headboard fiercely as I tried not to completely lose myself.

Your mouth moved against me, completely taking me over, territory so familiar you knew exactly where to flick your tongue to send me over the edge.

An orgasm flew through my body, from my core to my fingertips, and my legs tightened against you, my juices dribbled down your lips, I shook, I shivered, and screamed your name, and finally slid my dripping vagina down the length of your body and straight unto your fully erect penis, letting you fill me.

Our mouths slammed against each other and I tasted myself in your mouth. We moaned into each other as I took you in centimeter by centimeter. I gasped for breath as your base met me with a quick slap.

Our faces slightly apart, I looked directly into your eyes. You held my gaze, eyelids flickering slightly with the rising pleasure as I moved my hips. Bringing you out of me and then forcefully driving you back in. I moved against you faster and faster, this time anxious to reach a swift climax. Steamed air floated in the slight gap between our bodies. Faster and harder, I drew you out of me, into me.

We moaned each other’s names.

You were desperate now and I wanted nothing more than to feel you be satisfied. Your hands slammed onto my ass and began guiding me, your hips matching my rhythm; every time you pushed into me now made an audible slapping sound and you were begging me to fuck you. And I was telling you how much I love fucking you and baby I need you to cum for me.

I felt a quick contraction in your member and then you were pouring into me, your mouth making the most beautiful shape of pure bliss, your eyelids closing, your body tensing into me.

Your hands had been on my hips, keeping me steady as I pumped you into me, and they followed the soft movements my hips were still making. I had cum the same time you did, and I couldn’t remember any time that had been better.

I collapsed onto you, our bodies melting together in the thin film of sex-induced sweat. We left the mess covering our legs, and fell asleep as the feeling of each other’s slowing heartbeats replaced the ebbing waves of coital climax.

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