** All characters portrayed are over 18 years of

** age.

** Story contains BDSM, FemDom, Anal and Spanking


Liz continues to slowly drop more lube onto my hole and what was now one finger becomes two fingers and the fit is tighter. It feels so good but my ass is on fire from the spankings. Two fingers become three then three become four. My ass feels so full, I have wanted you to do this before but without the abuse. My cock is leaking profusely now, I feel like I’m cumming as a steady stream of pre-cum leaks from the end of my cock as you force all four fingers in my ass unmercifully.


Fuck! That was my cock! I struggle as you lightly smack the end of my dick. “No coming butt boy, not until I say so!”

You jump off the bed and I am disappointed as your abuse of my ass was really starting to feel good and I was almost there. Just as quickly as you were gone you are back with a barrage of spankings on my propped up ass.

“You liked that too much butt boy, let’s see how you like this.” She says.

I hear the lid pop on the lube and a large dollop fall on my butthole. Slowly you massage it all around my hole then inside adding more lube as needed. With your other hand you slowly are stroking my cock with your lubed hand until it is nice and slick and rock hard again. Slowly you worked your four fingers back into my ass as you slowly pump my cock. Distracted by your stroking of my cock you withdraw your hand from my bottom and push the strap-on, we had purchased but never used, up my ass until it bottoms out. I immediately feel it make contact with my prostate and my cock feels like it is being milked of all its cum.

Smack! Smack! Smack!

Ugh, as your hands smack my ass you pull the strap-on almost all the way out of my ass and then quickly push it in until it hits my prostate again. You pick up the rhythm to where you are fucking my ass as if I was fucking you; quick full strokes in and out. My ass feels like it is being turned inside out, the pleasure is so immense I can hardly stand it; my darkest fantasy finally being fulfilled.

You realize that I am going to cum soon and withdraw your strap-on quickly from my ass. I can feel my hole gasping, wanting you back in there to finish the job.


Realizing she has won, Liz said “I’m going to untie you and role you over, you better not do anything I don’t tell you to do. Got it?” I slowly shook my head yes, the panties in my mouth making it impossible to talk.


She untied me then said, “Rollover onto your back butt boy.”

Once rolled over she told me to lift my hips and put the pillow under my sore ass. She pushed my legs back until my knees were at my chest and instructed me to hold them there. She grabbed the lube and drizzled it over my cock from tip to balls then a bit more on my butthole. Slowly she worked the lube up and down my shaft and into my balls until they were slick and pre-cum started leaking out of my cock once again.

Pushing the strap-on back into my ass, I gasped at the intrusion and waited for the end of it to bump my prostate. God it felt so good to finally have her fuck me like I fuck her. She was really grinding the strap-on into my ass and rubbing her pussy as much as possible with the base of it. Her panting was becoming more labored and I could see in her eyes that she was working to make herself cum as she fucked me.

Fucking me faster, she began stroking my cock and massaging my balls as she drove the strap-on in and out of my ass like a piston. The closer she got to cumming the faster she pumped in and out of my ass. I felt like I was on fire and each bump of the strap-on into my prostate made my climax fast approaching.

As Liz came, she drove the strap-on as deep into my ass as she could push it and held it there as she rubbed her molten pussy across the base of it, pushing the warm sticky cum out of my cock in a forceful explosion as she furiously stroked it. The first shot hit my cheek and chin and the next my chest until what was left drained onto my stomach.

Leaning into me, pushing the strap-on solidly into my ass, Liz licked the cum off my cheek and chin and kissed me, forcing me to taste myself. She then leaned down and whispered into my ear “That ass is mine, and no one plays with it but me.”

As she withdrew the strap-on from deep within me and went to clean-up, I lay there catching my breath and wondered how I got so lucky to have deserved such a beautiful wife.

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