My father left my mother and me when was only five. It was not the big deal that people made it out to be. My home life was as healthy as any other. That is until I got a new father, well step father. My mother remarried when I was in JR high. She married a nice man.

Unfortunately that nice man had a not so nice daughter. My step father was always so proud of Summer. She was class president, head cheerleader, home coming queen, had good grades and was little miss popular. My step dad and even my mom’s face would beam with pride when telling people about their lovely daughter Summer. There she was 5 foot 3 Summer with her long blond hair past her shoulders down to her mid chest. Her thin slender build only accented her size C tits. Her flat little tummy always exposed if weather permitted. They would mention me, Steven, as a mere afterthought. There is good ole Steven 5 foot 5, a hundred and ten pounds soaking wet. My light brown hair still in a Justin Beiber original style.

High School was horrible for me. My step sister was popular and hung with the in crowd since day one. I was the same age as Summer but one year behind her in school. When I began my freshman year of high school my step sister was there to greet me. Not as a friend or relative but as a freshman loser open to hazing. All those stories of hazing in the news never really stopped the practice in my small Midwest town.

I was introduced to the humiliating rite of passage by Summer and her friends on my very first day of school. I was walking around the hallways like a lost soul on my first day looking for my home room. I spotted Summer who at home rarely spoke to me waving me over to her and her friends. I had a short lived feeling of relief. I thought Summer was going to be nice and help me. I told her I could not find my home room and she looked at my class schedule as she and her friends giggled. Summer threw her arm around my neck and started guiding me down the hallway. Summer and her group of friends were talking and giggling the whole time. The hallway was jammed with students trying to find their way that I was not able to focus on where we were going or what everyone was talking about. Summer’s friend to my left a really cute Asian girl named Sarah and to our right was a tall guy Tim.

“Right here little bro,” Summer said.

Tim propped himself against the wall blocking the room number but Summer nudged me towards the door. I mumbled something like a thank you, but no one was really paying attention as I looked back at them while opening the door and walking in. I looked down as I entered the room and folded my class schedule up to put in my pocket. Just as I was about to put it in my pocket I heard an ear piercing scream.

“Pervert! Get out of her!” screamed some girl I had never met before.

She was standing next to a running sink, as I heard the flush of a toilet.

“Sicko,” shrilled another girl behind the first screamer.

I was frozen in panic. I looked at them, then towards the opening stall door. Then I knew it I was in the girl’s bath room. Another girl poked her head out the stall door and screamed. They were yelling at me calling me pervert, freak, sicko. Then things only got worse, I do not know if it was fear, or the running water, or maybe I was just nervous. I pissed my pants in front of three girls. Three complete strangers watched as I wet myself. Their screams turned to laughter; I turned to run out the door.

As I opened the door to the hallway my step sister and her friends were pointing and laughing their asses off. I darted down the hall looking for the boy’s room to hide in; I will never know how many people noticed I had pissed myself or just looked at me since I was running like a crazy person down the hall. I was not familiar with the layout of the school but the boy’s room had been right next to the girl’s room, so I ran all the way to the far end of the hall with nowhere to hide. Desperate, I ducked into a janitor’s closet for some much needed privacy. When the bell rang signaling everyone to go to home room and I stayed put.

The bell rang a few times indicating it was time to change classes. I ignored the ringing and stayed in the closet. I could feel my underwear and pants soaking wet and could not think of what to do. I found the closet had no working light and nothing that could help me cover up. The bell rang again, and I heard kids in the hallway, but I was determined not to move from that closet until I graduated. I started losing track of the time, when I heard someone opening the door. It was the school’s janitor. He saw right away what happened to me as the light shown right on me from the hallway. He smirked but did not laugh. He told me to come with him. Thankfully the halls were empty since classes were in session. The janitor walked me to the nurse’s office.

I was so embarrassed to have another person see me like this but I needed help. The nurse had almost no reaction as the janitor explained where he found me and my situation was clear. The nurse just grabbed a pair of sweat pants out of a drawer and told me to get changed. She pointed to a private bathroom in her office. After I changed out of wet things the nurse told me to go to my next class. I was hesitant; I just wanted to go home, but the nurse put her hand on the small of my back and nicely nudged me out of her office into the hall. There were a few kids in the hall out of her view because she positioned herself in the doorway to prevent me from going back in. Then the bitch said the words that ruined my high school life.

“You cannot spend all day in here, and you cannot spend your whole life in the closet.”

My face turned beet red as I walked away. I could hear the small group of kids in the hall laughing. High school kids are not really mature to begin with and hearing someone tell a boy to come out of the closet was all they needed to assume I was gay. Being labeled gay in school would lead to me being bullied for years. My stepsister’s initial prank led to this and to 4 years of wedgies, (that is when people grab the back of your underwear and yank them up) and swirlies, (where a larger guy or two pick you up and dunk your head into a toilet and then flush it). Oftentimes it was my stepsister’s friends or at my stepsister’s prompting that these nasty pranks were pulled on me. I would be called slang names for gay including faggot, gay boy, and pecker checker.

Worse, I could not escape the torment at home. Summer would have friends over constantly. The only benefit was little miss popular would have her girlfriends over for sleepovers and pool parties when it was warm. I even got a little revenge on Sarah, Summer’s cute Asian friend. We were all 18 at this point, and my hormones were raging. They were best friends she was over often. It happened on a Saturday morning after Sarah slept over. I planned to go the library to study, but I slept through my alarm clock. As I headed downstairs for some breakfast, I passed Summer’s room and heard her and Sarah talking. Sarah told her she wanted to take a quick shower before they headed out to the mall. This was my chance.

I ran to the hallway bathroom. We had a closet for towels and wash clothes, which happened to have vent doors. I liked to hide there when playing hide and go seek as a child. It was great since you could see out the door, but someone outside could not see in without peering through the slats carefully. I was going to hide in there and sneak a peek at one of the hottest girls at school. I was in the closet for only a few minutes but it felt like forever. My heart was pounding so loud I was afraid Sarah would hear it when she came in the bathroom.

Finally I heard the door from the hall open, close and lock. Sarah had come in. She was a sexy 18 year old high school cheerleader. I had my face right up to the vent to get a look. Sarah had perfectly light tan skin. She had a bubbly round face, lovely black eyes. She was very thin, a spinner. Her tits were A cups, but I wanted to see them so bad. I was curious if she shaved her pussy or not. Sarah spent an eternity brushing her teeth, but finally went to the shower to turn the water on. I made sure to leave a fresh towel on the sink so she would not open the closet. Then pay dirt.

Sarah pulled her pink T shirt over her head and threw it to the floor. I had a perfect view of her tiny tits. The little tan mounds with dark nipples. The nipples were so cute, they looked like Hershey kisses. I looked down to her flat tummy that had slight abs muscles. She reached her thumbs into the top of her sweat pants and pulled them down along with her panties. She was facing me so I got a perfect view of her neatly trimmed pussy. It was all clean and hairless by the lips with a small black triangle on top. My dick was pushing so hard on my shorts I thought they would rip. I started rubbing myself over my shorts. Sarah turned around and reached her hand back in the shower to feel the temperature of the water. Her butt was tiny and looked so tight. I licked my lips as I alternated between rubbing my junk and squeezing it lightly. Sarah bent over just enough that her pussy lips could be seen just below her ass crack. The temperature must have been acceptable since she stepped into the shower and closed the curtain.

I immediately dropped my shorts and boxer shorts to my knees and began beating off. Then it occurred to me that when she washed her hair I could pull the curtain back a bit and see her naked as I stroked myself. It was risky but she locked the door so no one was going to come in on me. The water from the shower was loud enough but still needed to be careful. I opened the door and slid out carefully. I crept to the back of the shower waiting to peel the curtain back. I heard the unmistakable sound of someone standing directly under the showerhead.

I peeled the curtain back with my left hand as I tugged lightly on my dick with my right hand. Sarah’s back was to me as she wet her hair. I followed the water with my eyes. It slid down her back and rolled over her luscious, tan ass cheeks. There she was only inches away. My knees were getting weak; I knew it would not be long till my dick exploded. The shower had a little shelf towards the front for shampoo and other sundries. Sarah reached for the shampoo and began to work it into her hair as I stared at her juicy wet ass. She stepped back out of the water and began to lather her hair. I continued stroking. Then I nearly got myself caught. Sarah turned around to rinse the back of her head. However she had her eyes closed to keep the soap out of them. The soapy water ran over her pert little nipples and down her flat tummy. I focused on the small patch of her dripping pubic hair. Her pussy lips were clamped together, not loose or meaty in any way, very tight and firm. I stared at her young pussy, and stroked myself as fast and hard as I could. I only risked another few seconds as I began cumming all over the floor. Spurt after spurt.

I let the curtain go back and stepped back in the closet. I was shaking from cumming so hard as well as from the sheer fear of getting caught. I could see from the closet door that my cum was still on the floor but I was too scared to leave the closet again. When the water shut off, I got worried Sarah would notice the mess I made. Thankfully she stepped out of the shower wet and stepped right in my cum. She was too wet to notice. She grabbed the towel from the sink and I watched her dry her naked body. Although I had just cum I was already getting hard again. I was rubbing myself for a second by the time she finished drying off and wrapped the towel around herself, and headed back to Summer’s room to get dressed.

Numerous times I would get to spy on the hottest girls in school sun bathing or swimming in our pool. However, if Summer and her girlfriends were bored they would pick on me. Call me names like loser, nerd, and their favorite “piss pants” referring to the infamous incident at school. She would even allow her friend Tim to beat me up a little bit every now and again at home. Life sucked, except for the occasional chance to spy on some of Summer’s girlfriends. My lovely stepsister would pick on me even when she was not with her friends. I recall one time her mocking me about the gay thing. Summer said,

“Steven, I heard a rumor around school about you being gay. You know its ok. It’s ok with me if you like boys or are confused. It happens to a lot of people. You know I could help you tell your mom and my dad if you want.”

Her comment offended me and I said, “Fuck off. I am not a little faggot. I am not a perverted freak.”

She stormed out of the room angry and stomped her feet. The bitch is mocking me and gets mad that I tell her to fuck off. She was upset the whole day and did not talk to me much after that. It is needless to say that when my stepsister headed off to college I felt a great sense of relief. She was going to school in state but was moving to campus. I was going to be left alone at school and home. For the first time in years I looked forward to the start of the new school year.

Senior year of high school started off well enough. It seemed that no one really bullied me since Summer was gone. A few months into school I even got my first girlfriend. I guess I was a late bloomer getting my first girlfriend at 18 but I didn’t care. Things were going great. I was taking my new girlfriend Amy, to the home coming football game and dance. I was even thinking after the dance might be the first time I got lucky and get laid. I dreaded that Summer would be in town for homecoming. It was tradition for the previous year’s queen to help crown the new queen. I hoped Summer would be too busy with the ceremony and catching up with her friends. I managed to avoid her at home and everything seemed fine.

Amy and our friends were having a great time. Our school team the Badgers were up by two touchdowns at half time. During half time they crowned the new home coming queen. After that the game continued and our team kept the lead the whole time. The crowd cheered as the clock ran out and we won the game. Everyone was smiles and cheering as we headed to the parking lot after the game. It was freezing and once the adrenaline of winning the game wore off we were all getting colder and colder. When we got to my car, Summer and her friends Tim and Sarah were standing by my car.

Summer asked me for the keys to my car. The car was a gift for making the honor roll for the first time ever. My mother talked my stepfather into getting it for me. It seemed with Summer gone my academic and social life improved. Summer never got a car when she was in high school and they were banned for freshman at her school so she still did not have one. I was angry. Summer thought I would ditch my friends and just let her take my car for the day. I was feeling pretty bold since I was with my girlfriend and our friends.

“Sorry, Summer you are no longer the queen. So you can walk your ass home for all I care.”

My friends all laughed at her and her friends. It was my small taste of revenge.

“Look Stevie, you can get a ride with one of your friends, I need the car. Dad dropped me off and your mom told him you would take us home.”

I replied, “The car? Fuck off, it’s my car.”

I high fived one of my friends as we all laughed at Summer’s misfortune of having to walk home. My moment of triumph was short lived. Before I knew it Tim had snuck up behind me and pulled my pants and underwear down to my ankles. I was facing my friends and Amy with my penis and balls on display. My bare ass was facing the now laughing Summer, Tim and Sarah. It was no fault of my own. I have an average sized dick but with it being so cold it shrunk down to almost nothing. My balls were also high and tight. I bent down to pull my pants up and Summer kicked me in the ass making me jerk back up. This afforded Amy and our friends another unobstructed view of my shrunken penis and balls. It was true humiliation. My friends who had been laughing at Summer, were now laughing at me. I pulled up my pants as quick as I could, and jumped in my car, pushing past Summer and her asshole friends.

It felt like forever before my friends and girlfriend got in the car so we could leave. My cheeks were flushed red from the embarrassment. I was silent with rage but everyone was all grins and giggles as they got in the car. Amy sat in the passenger seat next to me, leaned over and kissed me on the cheek. She laughed a bit as she pulled away and covered her smile with her hand, as if that would help. We drove to the local Star Bucks for some coffee and hot chocolate to warm up.

I was quiet and did not jump into any of the conversations. I was upset but to everyone around me I must have appeared angry. No one mentioned what happened at the parking lot but every time they smiled or laughed I could swear it was directed at me. Summer had ruined my day.

The following night was the homecoming dance. I tried to blow everything off that happened the day before but I couldn’t. By the end of the night I had just pissed off Amy since I was not being any fun. I took her to make out point a private spot in the woods overlooking a lake. It was a great spot to park.

We started making out, which quickly lead to some heavy rubbing and petting. I was rubbing her chest over her thin dress. I could feel her nipples harden through the thin material. At the same time I could feel Amy’s hand rubbing my thigh and crotch area. I was rock hard, but my dick was trapped to one side of my pants. I wanted Amy to see and feel how big it was to make up for the previous day’s embarrassing moment of penis shrinkage. I reached down to adjust my cock so it was not trapped to the one side Amy could not seem to reach. We never broke from our kissing. Our lips were locked and our tongues probed each other’s mouths.

When I adjusted myself Amy moved her hand from my crotch area. Since she was not going to feel it, I wanted her to see that it was not small. I wanted her to know that the cold weather was to blame for any deficiency in my size. I reasoned that if she gave me a blow job she would get a good look.

I reached up and turned on the dome lights for the interior of the car. When the lights came up I broke our kiss and started unbuttoning my pants. Amy just sat across from me with her hands folded on her lap. When she heard me pull the zipper down on my pants, she reached above us and turned the light off. I leaned over and she leaned in and we started kissing again. Since she turned the light off she was not going to see that it was bigger than she thought it was. The only way for her to see it in the dark was if she blew me. As we kissed I reached behind her head, broke off our kiss and nudged her head towards my crotch. Amy started to giggle a bit. I knew she thought I was small, and now was my chance to prove her wrong. I started pulling her head down harder, but she jerked back. She was smiling and snickering. At the time I thought this was about the size of my dick, but in hindsight I now know Amy was just giggling since she was nervous.

This was the first time she would be having sex. Unfortunately I did not have that kind of insight then, so I thought this laughing was about my penis size. I started getting angry again. The moment was lost. We sat for a while both too nervous to make another move. I buttoned my pants and zipped up and took Amy home.

The weekend passed and Summer left thankfully. I went back to school hoping to resume my routine where things were great without Summer. I was looking for Amy and spotted her with some of her friends talking in the cafeteria at lunch. She hadn’t notice me walking up behind her when a group of people walked by blocking me from catching up to her. Since she had not seen me, she and her friends started leaving the cafeteria to go outside. I followed behind looking to catch up and talk to them. That’s when my world sank. I heard some of their conversation.

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