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Chapter five

Another long hot bath and a nice nap had somewhat restored Cathy to a near normal condition. Although she doubted that she could ever feel normal again. In fact, she didn’t want to. She had never known such incredible ecstasy in her life. She loved being used and realized that she could never go back to what she had been, just a few days ago.

As she lounged in nothing more than a pair of dark pantyhose, she enjoyed the feel of the nylons rubbing together on her legs. Using scissors, she had cut a hole in the crotch, leaving her pussy exposed. Although she was alone and at home, she still took a perverted pleasure in being so lewd. Now there was a word that she embraced…lewd. It fit the new Cathy.

As she ate a salad and a Weight Watcher’s frozen dinner, she fondly remembered her afternoon at Wanda’s. The power of her climaxes continued to amaze her. That she could have so many, in so short a period of time, was beyond belief. And to have experienced her first ever multiple orgasm, as she ate a mouthful of a strange woman’s excrement was frightening. She didn’t want to come down with some exotic disease. She knew that a variety of serious ailments could attack her, as a result of her lack of caution. Human feces were rife with potentially fatal organisms.

Still, the very memory of her outrageous behavior, was prodding the flames of her desire. Cherry’s vile shit had tasted horrible; yet the act of eating it in front of others had taken her to another round of extraordinary pleasure.

‘Damn,’ she thought, ‘I’m horny again.’

Cathy began to try and think of some new disgusting thrill for her to experience. She knew that she couldn’t handle another all nighter, with untold numbers of men. But she did need some hot action. Then she recalled the homeless man she had seen, as she drove away from Wanda’s place. HMMMMM.

She didn’t feel like driving all the way across town, for just one old bum. However, there was a section of downtown that was only twenty minutes away and offered far more gentlemen of the non-resident types who could fill her needs. It was called The Union Mission and it was there that the homeless were given food, a chance to clean up and a place to sleep for one night. They wouldn’t allow anyone to stay for more than one night a week, because there were so many of them. However, the surrounding area was rife with the men who stayed nearby for the food supplied from the mission’s kitchen.

There were women too, of course, but mostly men. The neighborhood was badly run down and several surrounding buildings were old and empty. She had driven by there a few times, but usually tried to avoid that part of town. On those rare occasions, she noticed men sleeping in alleys or going through dumpsters, looking for God knew what. Now she recalled how vile and filthy looking they were and it woke her desire, as the disgusting possibilities ran through her mind.

She knew that she would end up there tonight. But first she would prepare a travel pack to take with her. In a small sport bag, she threw in antibiotic ointment and band aids, a few dozen condoms, a couple of small travel sized bottles of mouth wash, toothpaste and toothbrush, two hand towels, some strawberry flavored lubricant, an extra pair of blue jeans, a heavy T-shirt, and just for the hell of it a black vibrating dildo. She would need to stop at a drug store and pick up a bunch of individual packets of wet wipes. Those were not for the bums to use before they fucked her; they would be for her, after she had been defiled, hopefully repeatedly. She wanted the dirty men to remain so, as they used her.

She found an old skirt and blouse. They didn’t match very well, but then the men she was going after wouldn’t give a damn. She slipped on a pair of three inch heels. She’d worn them for a few years and had every intention of throwing them away, but just hadn’t got around to it. She was anticipating having her clothing torn and left behind; that’s why she was taking a change of clothes with her.

Thoughts and mental images of the acts that she was going to commit sent shivers of lust down her spine and she was sorely tempted to fondle her naked pussy. But she maintained some self control, knowing that to climax now would be a waste, when truly awesome lust was just an hour away.

She headed down town, stopping at a drug store to pick up a small package of wet wipes. While there, she also bought some Ibuprofen, two bottles of water and a squeeze bottle of douche, she was pretty sure that she would be glad to have brought some along.

Soon she was driving around in a nasty part of the down town area. It was after eight o’clock, the street lights were on and the homeless had already found there resting places for the evening. She parked her car, in a nearby, protected garage took her sport bag and headed for a spot two blocks away, where she had spotted some likely candidates.

She came upon the first guy and he was right where she had seen him as she drove past. He was curled up next to a dumpster. He was white, not that it mattered to her, and was wearing jeans and a couple of overcoats. It was a warm evening and Cathy thought that he must be burning up, but he didn’t want to lose any of his prize possessions, so he wore them. As she got close to him, she saw he was filthy and clutching a pint bottle of wine. She read the label, ‘Thunderbird.’

Cathy bent over to him and shook his shoulder. At first she didn’t get a response, so she kept tugging on him, until he opened his eyes and stared blearily at her and asked, “What the fuck do you want?”

She didn’t hesitate, “I need to get fucked and I picked you to do the job.”

He gave her an angry look and told her, “Leave me the hell alone, bitch. It ain’t right to tease the homeless.”

“I’m dead serious mister. I want you to fuck me.”

He looked up at her, a little more cognizant of her presence and what she was saying. “What are you, some kind of crazy bitch. Go away.”

He was drunk; she could see that. Yet his eyes did give her the once over, which indicated to her that he had some visceral reaction to the possibility of actually having sex with the strange woman.

She took his arm and began trying to lift him, as she ordered him, “Come on now, lets get on the other side of the dumpster, so we won’t be bothered.”

She never got him to stand completely, but he did manage to squat walk his way to the blind side of the large waste container. She leaned him against the wall and went to her knees before him and proceeded to unbuckle his trousers and yank on his zipper. As she did so, she smelled the foul order of alcohol, sweat and decay. He was putrid and she was becoming aroused.

Beneath his jeans was a pair of sweat pants, which had a tear in the front that allowed him to pee, without dropping his trousers. She fished around inside his filthy underwear and found his cock. It was slimy with sweat and accumulated scum. She caught a whiff of the rot from his loins and felt her pussy twitch, as her lubrication began leaking from her cunt.

She saw that the man had an average sized penis, but it wasn’t responding very well to her manipulation of it. She thought, well perhaps he’ll come around, once I start sucking on his prick.

Cathy realized that in his condition, he would not appreciate the subtle nuances of a really fine blow job. So she didn’t bother with little things, such as kissing the head of his shaft, or nibbling up and down its length; she just took it past her lips and began sliding her mouth down to the base.

His prick began to show some life and he moaned once, so maybe her efforts weren’t a waste of time. The sweat covered piece of meat in her mouth was filthy and vile, which sent shudders of sick lust coursing through her gut and ending in her cunt. At the base of his cock, she detected a few small chunks of goo; probably an accumulation of sweat and dirt. As she took one tiny piece into her mouth and squished it with her tongue against the man’s penis, Cathy savored the disgusting flavor of the cheese like substance she had discovered.

His shaft was hard and he was groaning as her sucking and fondling of his balls had produced the results that she had hoped for. She began massaging her pussy with one hand, as she pulled on his pants, finally getting them down to his ankles. She ran a hand between his legs and felt around for his butt hole. He didn’t object, when she slowly pushed a finger into the brown, slippery mud of his colon.

He had come around enough, by then, to place his hands behind her head and kept drawing her face down on his nasty cock. She was at that point, where she needed to get fucked. She pulled away from him, causing him to loudly complain, “Hey, what the fuck?”

She rolled around onto her hands and knees, pulled up her skirt to her waist, exposing her pussy through the hole in her pantyhose and told him, “Fuck me. Put that cock in my cunt and fuck me for all you’re worth.”

The guy got down on his knees behind her, as he said, “Well alright.” Then he fumbled around her backside, as he tried to guide his prick to the entrance of her pussy. She needed him to fuck her right then and he couldn’t even find her wide open hole. So Cathy reached between her legs, grasped his cock in her own hand and brought it to her hungry cunt. Even then, she had to lunge back at him, to effect penetration.

Once inside of her, his animal instincts took over. He began gliding in and out, but lacked any sort of technique, which might have made it more arousing for her. Still, it felt good to have a man’s shaft pounding into her, yet she craved for something more, something dirty and nasty.

She reached back between her legs again and grabbed his balls, gathering as much filth on her hand as she could, and then brought it to her lips. The sickening decay of him was a heady aroma, which enflamed her passion and brought her closer to the edge. But it was when she began sucking the vile substance from her fingers that she went crashing over the boundary, crying out her sick bliss, as the waves of degrading lust swept through her.

The smelly homeless guy just kept right on driving his cock into her pussy, as though she was an inflatable doll. She tolerated his efforts, until finally he shot his load into her indifferent pussy. That’s when it occurred to her that she had forgotten to have him put on a condom. Well shit, that wasn’t good. She couldn’t afford to make that kind of mistake, if she wanted to remain disease free, which she most certainly did.

Apparently at some point in his life, the guy had been a gentleman. As he pulled out of her dripping hole he said, “Thanks lady,” and then he pulled her skirt back down over her naked ass. After pulling up his trousers, he went right back around the dumpster and lay down where she had found him, as though she had never been there.

While Cathy had managed to get off, it had been rather unsatisfying for her. Oh the filth and dirt on the man had been a turn on, but his complete lack of sobriety had badly hampered his ability to make it good for her. Maybe this wasn’t such a good idea. The trouble was, this had really wet her appetite and she wanted some more action.

She was about to leave the alley, when she heard a door open on the side of an abandoned building. Out came another homeless person, carrying a bag of empty beer and soda cans, on his way to turn them in for money, no doubt. She watched him as he wobbled down the alley away from her.

Her curiosity got the best of her, so she decided to see what was on the other side of the door. It was very dim inside and she just stood there for a moment to let her eyes adjust to it. She saw evidence of on going life by the recently discarded trash, mostly hamburger wrappers and drink cups. There was a trail of the garbage leading to a stairway, so she followed the trail.

On the second floor, she was amazed to see what amounted to a dormitory of homeless people. There were large cardboard boxes and old blankets put up as small rooms, in which they spent their sleeping lives away. A few men were walking around, and by their movements, she determined that they were probably sober.

That some of them were alert was made obvious, as two of them came up to her, when they noticed her presence. One of them asked, “What are you doing here?” The next one told her, “You shouldn’t be here lady. It might not be safe for you here and no body’s got any money to spend on a whore anyway.”

She had to admit to herself that the possibility of harm was something that frightened her. But if rape was all that she had to worry about then she was safe. No one would have to force her to do anything. She would gladly perform any bizarre, kinky act that they wanted.

Cathy proudly stood tall and announced loudly, as there were others who now began to pay attention to the intruder, “I’m a whore alright, but not the kind of slut that does it for money. I want to get fucked by you guys because I like it.”

A third man approached her and said, “Look ma’am, we don’t need some Do-Gooder trying to save the world, one homeless person at a time. Just leave us alone.”

Her surprise at the difficulty of seducing these guys had set her back a little. She had thought that they would jump at the chance to fuck a clean woman who was looking for pleasure with them. But they were quite suspicious of her motives. Cathy guessed that life on the street could quickly teach them about the ways that people took advantage of the downtrodden. She had to make her sincerity believable.

She dropped her sportbag and quickly shucked off her blouse and skirt, standing before them in hose and heels. Placing a hand on each hip, she loudly asked, “Is there anybody here who would please fuck the shit out of me. And I need more than one or two guys. I want as many cocks as I can get.”

One of the men asked, “What kind of sick fuck are you?”

She told him, “I’m the kind of sick fucking whore that gets off on all of the dirty, nasty, smelly kind of men who live here.”

He went up to her and wrapped a hand around one breast and caressed it rather harshly. She didn’t back away, as he put his other hand on her pussy, inserting a finger into her wet tunnel. She had an audience by then and the degrading way in which the man used her in front of them, was a huge turn on for her. She loved to be put on display like this.

Cathy’s lust was on the rise and she wanted more. She felt that these men were still somewhat reluctant to really take her as she needed. So she told the man holding her tit, “Spit on me. Use me like the dirty slut I am.”

He laughed and launched a large blob of goo onto her face. She felt her passion jumping by leaps and bounds, as the filthy slime ran down her cheek. She went to her knees and said, “Please allow me to suck your cock,” and opened her mouth wide, while sticking out her tongue.

He laughed again and spit another blob at her, landing it in her mouth. She swallowed it, looked back up at him, with open mouth and asked, “May I have some more?”

The man ignored her request, but he did begin undoing his pants, dropping them around his ankles. As he did so, others came in close and spit on her. She extended her arms out to her side, while blobs of saliva rolled down her cheeks and hit her breasts. With each vile assault, her lust grew like a geared mechanism, which ratcheted up one notch each time she felt the landing of another slimy dollop.

With his cock now out, the man before her took her face in his hands and pulled her toward the sweaty piece of hard male meat between his legs. Cathy was in her element now and she opened her mouth wide to receive him. His aroma was perfect. He had probably not bathed in weeks, so the vile smell of decaying dirt and sweat was strong and sent her lust up a few more notches.

She loved the taste of him and the feel of his shaft, as he plunged it selfishly into her sucking maw. Others began to gather around them and Cathy was further exhilarated at the knowledge of her public display of lust. A few men were masturbating and those moved in close as they aimed their cocks at her head.

The cock in her mouth jerked, and then loosed a torrent of thick cum across her tongue. She didn’t even try to swallow it all. Using her tongue, she swirled the slimy fluid around her mouth and thrilled to the wretched taste of his load. One of the masturbating pair dumped a shot of creamy white sperm onto her face and in her hair. The second man shot his wad onto her breasts, laughing at her as he did so.

People were talking about her now. “This fucking whore is ready for some serious action.” And another said, “What a nasty cocksucking slut.” The epithets went on, as another cock appeared at her mouth and a pair of hands held her head tight, as it slid into her mouth. This one was much cleaner, which was somewhat disappointing, but the vulgar comments being thrown at her, helped to maintain her high level of desire.

Soon, he had left her with a mouthful of thin, watery cum. Each man seemed to have a different type of cum, and each one tasted a little different. She relished them all.

She reached into her bag and took out a handful of condoms. Cathy lay down on a old tarpaulin, spread her legs, held the condoms over her head and said, “Somebody please fuck this whore.”

Guys were pushing and shoving to get her. “No one fucks me without a rubber. But after you screw me, I want to clean your cock and suck the cum from the condom.”

Somebody spit on her and said, “You fucking love it nasty don’t you slut?”

She looked up at him and answered, “Yes, I do. I love to be fucked and covered with cum and spit and anything else you can think of. I’ll do almost anything you want, just fill my cunt with some hard cock.”

Cathy wasn’t into the numbers, although there were at least a dozen men who used her pussy or her mouth and, in some cases, both. She climaxed several times, screaming and begging for the vilest of treatment.

She would pile up the used condoms, loosely tying the ends to save the cum inside. After a few men had taken their pleasure in her, she took joy in shocking them, by untying each one and sucking the cum from within, until she had turned it inside out and cleaned it all off.

A few men told her that they wanted to fuck her in the ass. She gladly accommodated them by getting on her hands and knees, wiggling her ass and shouting to them, “Fuck my asshole. Ram your cock into my shit.” As one man plowed into her dirt hole, another would present his prick at her face. She quickly took it into her sucking maw; thereby pumping up her lust to near orgasmic levels again.

She was spat upon throughout the filthy orgy of twisted passion. At one point, as she was sucking and being fucked in the ass, someone began peeing on her back. She came quite hard that time.

Eventually, she was no longer sucking, or being fucked. Yet men still took demented joy in spitting and peeing on her. She was tired, but not worn out. She let them do as they wished and knew that she would think back to this time in fond remembrance of just how filthy and vile she acted.

One of the guys helped a drunk over to her and told her, “Here, suck my buddies cock, and then fuck him, slut.”

She grinned and replied, “Of course I will. Come here, baby.”

The drunk was dirty beyond belief; she doubted that he had bathed for a very long time. And the beauty of it was that he smelled like it. At some point, he had peed in his pants, although it was dry now. Yet the stink was unmistakable. It was pungent and strong in her nostrils, as she opened his zipper and fumbled inside for his cock. The rancid piece of meat that she withdrew was a slim prick, which was covered with dirt and reeked of decaying sweat and God only knew what else. Her pussy twitched at the very thought of taking it into her sore mouth; yet she didn’t hesitate to do so.

Sometimes being a bit of a dork can be a good thing.

Take a minivan, for example. There are not many thirty-year old guys who purposely drive a Chrysler Town & Country. I have a reason why I do so. It turns out my van also helped take me on an incredible sexual journey.

My wife and I married young, had three kids quickly and then divorced. We were best friends since grade school. At some point we admitted our sexual attraction and acted on it. After marrying, we both realized that our attraction was all pent-up passion. Like an intense flame, it had slowly faded away. Finding ourselves less and less interested in our marriage, we drifted apart. Finally, we recognized we were just co-parenting and agreed to split.

As divorces go, this one was friendly. Bella maintained primary custody, but I could see the kids any time and had them every other weekend. I kept my minivan to cart around the kids and all their stuff.

To balance things a bit, I also had a five-year old Miata.

Bella called me and asked if I wanted to come over for a cook-out. She kept our old house, since we had bought it at a deep discount from her parents. Each of us being teachers, we couldn’t have afforded it otherwise. In the divorce we split our savings and Bella ceded control over some savings bonds her aunt had left her in order to compensate me for all the equity I gave up in the house. All in all, we each left intact both financially and, more importantly, psychologically. Even more remarkably, we became good friends again.

Bella said her two sisters were visiting and wanted to see me. I liked Bella’s family, including her parents, and especially her sisters.

Bella is one of five children. Isabella is her full name. Her sister, Cassiopeia, or Cassie, is the oldest and will be forty in a few weeks. Her youngest sister, Amanda, graduated from college three weeks ago. Bella has two brothers sandwiched around her.

Bella’s sisters were in the pool along with my kids. The kids love their aunts and were screaming with joy playing in the water.

Bella kissed my cheek and handed me a beer.

I sat and watched my ex-sisters-in-law play with our kids. You could easily see the family resemblance in the faces of the three sisters. Dark hair, light complexion, brown eyes and button-noses. Depending on how they were dressed and their attention to make-up, on any given day the ladies ranged from cute to beautiful.

Their figures did not show the same similarity. Bella was average height and built solidly. After four kids she was a little thick in her trunk and her breasts had increased a couple inches and a cup size. Still, she was an attractive woman. This fact was proven when she married Guy. He was my best friend, best man at our wedding and a decent person. He and Bella had dated in high school. They broke up and that was when I asked her out.

After Bella and I divorced, he asked if I’d be pissed if he took her out. I was honest and said a little, but that I’d get over it.

He asked her out and they got along great. A year later they married. After a while, I got to the point where I was happy for Bella and Guy. They had a baby, who was now approaching one year.

Today, Guy was visiting his parents with the baby, Guy Junior, or JR. He would be staying overnight and return tomorrow.

Cassie was climbing out of the pool and heading in my direction. It was clear that she and Bella did not share body-types. Cassie is long and lean. Even at forty, she has a tight figure, with long, toned legs. Her chest is not large, but her breasts always attracted me. I’ve only seen them in clothes or a bikini like the one she’s wearing now.

The simple black suit complimented her tanned figure. She glided toward me and, grinning, embraced me, her wet body dampening my clothes. She wiggled against me making sure I was thoroughly wet.

“You’re such a tease, Cassie,” I whined as I made an exaggerated show of wiping the moisture from my clothes.

“Happy to see you, too,” she said.

I really didn’t mind, especially after feeling her breasts push into my chest.

Cassie is a physician, married to another physician, and the mother of twin ten-year old boys. Looking at her figure in the bikini, you would never guess her age, let alone that she was ever pregnant.

Cassie took the beer from me and downed a long sip. She handed it back and headed inside. She smoothed her short dark hair with her hands as she entered the house.

I admit I’ve had my share of fantasies about Cassie. She is funny, smart and sexy. We tease each other and flirt, but it never went beyond that. Still, watching her tight ass bounce along under her wet black bottoms made my heart beat a little faster.

My attention was called back to the pool as the kids shouted for Amanda to throw them up in the air. After a few minutes of tossing and splashing, Bella called for a time-out.

Amanda seemed relieved to be freed from kid duty. She pulled herself onto the pool apron and sat there with her feet in the water. Standing behind her, I couldn’t help but look at her sweet butt-crack showing itself as her red bikini bottom slid down.

I also enjoyed the henna-colored tattoo running above her crack. Amanda is the sexiest of the three. Although the shortest of the sisters at about 5’4, Amanda oozes energy and sensuality. She was a field hockey star in college and has muscled legs and a tight butt. She has close to six-pack abs and large, round breasts.

I was roused from my contemplation of her almost totally exposed ass as an arm snaked around my shoulder.

“Enjoying the view?”

I turned my head and locked eyes with Cassie.

“I’m not…”

“Yes, you are. You are checking out my lil’ sis’s butt crack.”

Cassie handed me a fresh beer and offered a toast with her bottle.

“Hey, Amanda, you’re driving Tyler crazy.”

Amanda looked back over her shoulder. “What?”

Cassie pointed to her sister’s exposed rear.

Amanda reached behind her and felt how low her bottom had dropped, which now revealed almost all her white and tight buns.

She tried tugging it up, but to no avail.

Amanda shrugged and turned back toward the pool as she called over her shoulder, “It’s just my butt, get over it.”

“Well, it is a cute one,” said Cassie.

I nodded and sipped my beer.

Bella dried the kids and shuffled them into the house for a warm bath and something to eat. She told me she had a sitter coming over to mind them so we adults could have some time to enjoy our dinner.

“Not going for a swim?” Cassie asks.

“Don’t feel like it,” I said. “Looking forward to some grilled beast and more beer. That will be enough.”

“Come, let’s sit under the umbrella. I need to ask a favor.”

We relaxed at the table under the wide umbrella.

Cassie’s about to speak when her cell rang.

“Shit. I’m not supposed to be on call.”

She checked the id, smiled and answered.

“Hey, girlfriend, what’s up?”

I could hear a voice and Cassie smiled at the response.

The smile slowly faded as she listened.

“That sucks.”

Cassie sipped her beer and nodded. She said, “What can you do? I understand.”

After a moment, she added, “No big deal. We’ll find someone to go.”

After more listening, she said, “You, too. Take care.”


“Just a glitch in some plans. Actually, that’s what I want to talk to you about. The favor?”

I nodded for her to continue.

“I have four tickets to the Buffett concert in Marshfield. That was Aisha. She has to cancel. Now I need to find someone to take her ticket and she was going to drive us in her minivan. It’s great for tailgating.”

I had been to a Jimmy Buffett concert years ago and knew that the tailgating was at least as entertaining as the concert. I was amazed at the range of ages of the concert-goers. Kids as young as Amanda and folks in their 60′s all seemed to get along and hang out.

“Anyway, that’s what I was going to ask your help on.”


“Each year we kinda do a theme for what we wear, our food and other stuff. This year we’re going as island girls. You know, coconut bras, grass skirts, that sorta’ thing.”

“Sounds like fun.”

“Oh, it will be. When we throw in drinks with umbrellas, grilled shrimp, and a ton of Corona, it will be great.”

I saluted her with my bottle of Corona.

“So, what’s the favor?”

“The bras.”


“I’ve looked around and all I can find are some cheesy plastic things. And, they only come in one size. I can guarantee that Amanda and I do not wear the same cup size. So, I was thinking why not get some real coconuts. We can get different sizes, cut them in half, and rig them to stay on. It will be cool. I think I’ll have to go with plastic grass skirts. I can’t find real ones anywhere and I’m not going to try to make them.”

“Sounds like a plan. What do you need me for?”

“You have to be the designer. You know, construct the bras. Geoffrey is totally useless when it comes to projects. Thank God he’s in OB and not neurosurgery. Guy is probably worse and I don’t think he owns a tool. You, however, are Mr. Handyman. I bet you could figure out how to cut them and make it all work. So, how about it? Will you help?”

“I guess so. But, what’s in it for me?” I was mostly teasing, since I would be happy to help them.

Cassie thought for a moment and then her face lit up.

“How about a free ticket to the concert and the opportunity to accompany three hotties dressed in coconut bras and grass skirts.”

“Really? You’d want me to go along.”

“Sure. You’d have a great time and we all love you anyway. We’ll have a blast.”

“So, who’s going?”

“Me, Amanda and her former college roommate, Holly.”

“Not Bella?”

“She, Guy and the kids are going to the Berkshires for the weekend.”

“So, when is it?”

“Next Saturday.”

I mentally checked my calendar and knew I was open.

“Sure, I guess.”

“Fab. And, would you mind driving? We’ll take your minivan. We can pack a ton of stuff in the back and then use it to change into our outfits. The tinted windows work really well. We’ve done that a few times before.”

“Ok. I guess I won’t be having too many umbrella drinks.”

“Well, you can drink early and then ease off. After the concert, you’ll be sober. The girls… well let’s say we will be ‘Wasted Away Again in Margaritaville’. And, you won’t have to drive all the way back here. We decided to stay in Providence that night. I already have reservations. Then, we can sleep in on Sunday and take our time coming home. What do you say? It will be a lot of fun.”

Amanda joined us at the table.

“What’s up?”

“Tyler is going to come to the Buffett concert with us.”

“Hey, cool.”

“And, he is going to help make our outfits.”

“Super. Thanks, T.”

“No problem, I think. I never made a bra before, let alone one made out of coconuts.”

“We have confidence in you,” said Cassie.

I began mulling over the challenge. Cassie was right in that I loved projects and was good with my hands. In a few minutes, I had a plan.

“I think we ought to get to work right away. I’ll need some tools from my place and we should buy a bunch of coconuts. We may have some trial and error waste.”

Cassie agreed and said she’d go shopping with me. We checked with Bella and found out we had a couple hours until supper.

Cassie pulled a sun dress over her bikini and we jumped in my Miata. First stop was the grocery store

With Cassie pushing the cart, we were soon standing in front of the selection of coconuts.

“So, what do you think, Cassie? What sizes do we need?”

“I know we won’t get a custom fit. I’m mostly concerned that they are big enough to cover everything. It’s one thing to prance around in a coconut bra, and it’s another to have your boobs falling out. Of course, I won’t have that problem. I could probably get by with walnut shells.”

We both laughed. Cassie was always joking about what she called her “teeny titties”. I never thought of them that way. I thought they were sexy as hell.

“Well,” I said, “Amanda will definitely need the larger ones.”

Cassie high-fived me.

“What’s Holly like?”

Cassie said, “Amanda plus.”


“Oh yeah, major wow.”

We picked three coconuts per girl, and tried to select appropriate sizes.

We next headed to my place. On the way, Cassie borrowed my phone and asked Bella if it were ok for me to sleep over tonight. She explained that we could get working this evening and then finish up in the morning. She had to go into the hospital early for her shift in the ER. Bella said it was fine. Cassie and Amanda were already planning to stay for the night.

I picked up a hack saw, drill, router bit, hammer and chisel, and some rasps and sandpaper. I arranged them in an old carpenter’s wooden tool kit I had. I threw some clean clothes and toiletries in a backpack and we were off to my old house.

As we rode along, Cassie called Amanda and asked her to invite Holly over.

We arrived at the house just as a Camry was pulling up. A blonde girl exited. I took one look at her chest and thought we would have a major challenge to stuff what was moving under her t-shirt into the largest coconut.

“You weren’t kidding,” I said to Cassie under my breath.

“No shit. I have major boob envy every time I see her.”

“Hey, Cassie, you have great boobs.”


“No, really they’re beautiful and look perfect on you. Very sexy.”

I couldn’t believe I just said those words out loud.

She looked at me and I turned red.

Finally, she smiled and said, “Thanks, Tyler. I appreciate that. I haven’t had a compliment on my boobs in a long time.”

Cassie introduced Holly and we headed into the house, lugging the tools and groceries.

It’s funny how old habits simply reappear. I soon found myself grilling, just as I always used to do.

Bella had prepared marinated chicken on skewers. I grilled them along with fresh veggies basted with herbs and oil. Bella made a potato salad earlier. Soon, we were gathered around the big picnic table enjoying dinner and some chilled Soave.

Cassie brought Holly up to date on our plans. She asked me what my plan was for making the bras.

“Well, I’ve been thinking. I originally thought that I would just cut the coconuts in half and then clean them out. I can drill holes for some sort of string and it would be pretty simple.”

“But that’s changed?” said Amanda.

I blushed a little and said, “Well, it seems not everything is equally distributed.”

“Huh?” said Holly.

“What he means,” piped in Cassie, “Is that you have humongous hooters and I have teensie titties. Amanda is sort of in the middle, but closer to you than to me.”

I nodded, thankful for Cassie’s intervention.

“So, I’m thinking I might cut the coconuts for Cassie in the middle, or even a little smaller, but for Holly and Amanda, I might need to leave more of the shell on.”

“How will you be able to tell how much to leave for Holly and me?” asked Amanda.

“Haven’t quite figured that out,” I admitted. “We can go with trial and error. I bought a couple extra coconuts, so we can keep trying until it works.”

“How about if we give you our bras,” suggested Holly. “Could you fit the coconuts around them or into them or something?”

The thought of handling their bras made me a little excited.

“That might work, but I think just kinda’ eyeballing it would be just as good.”

“Well, let’s get started,” said Cassie. “Then, if you screw up we can go out tomorrow and get some more coconuts.”

Bella, Amanda and Holly agreed to clean up. Cassie helped me get my tools and the coconuts. We set up on the now bare picnic table. It was June 21, the longest day of the year. Since it was only six o’clock now, we had plenty of daylight left.

The problem was stabilizing the coconut while I cut. I didn’t want Cassie holding it; that was far too dangerous. I then remembered I might have left a portable vice in my old workroom. While I went to look for it, I asked Cassie to strip off the coconut hair on her coconuts until they’re sort of smooth.

After rummaging around—it was obvious Guy was not into projects since the workbench was piled high with boxes of books and old financial records—I found the vise.

Back at the picnic table I was able to secure the vise on the edge of the table. I figured I’d better drill a hole to let out the coconut milk inside. I fixed the nut in the vise and after drawing a line on the circumference I drilled into the nut. I drilled another hole opposite the first one. The water trickled out. I then cut halfway through and readjusted the clamp and finished the cut.

The other women had rejoined us by now. Cassie and I cut out the white insides. I used some sandpaper to smooth the inside of the nut as best I could.

“Wanna’ hold these up for size?” I asked.

Cassie pulled her sundress off and placed each half over her bikini top.

“So, how’s it feel?”

“I can’t feel anything.”

I asked her to hold them tight while I made pencil marks on the sides so I could drill holes for the strings.

With half a nut back in the vise, I drilled two holes on the side and one hole at the top. I finished the other half. Bella got a ball of twine.

“I don’t know how much we’ll need between the cups,” I said. “Can you hold them up again?”

Cassie pressed them against her top. I held a piece of string between the cups to estimate how long it should be. I was a little nervous having my hands so close to her tits. I couldn’t feel anything because of the hard shells, but it was slightly intimate.

I cut the string and tying a knot in one end, slipped the other through both holes and tied a knot in the other end.

Cassie held them up.


“Well,” she said. “I really can’t tell because my top’s in the way.”

She turned her back and pulled her bikini top up over her breasts. She turned back holding the cups over her breasts.

Without the fabric of her bikini, the string was too long and the cups pointed out at a severe angle.

“I can shorten the string.”

Turning her back, she pulled her top back down and handed me the nuts.

I cut the string and retied it. Cassie once again turned, pushed up her suit and placed the nuts on her chest.

This time they were too close.

“No problem,” I said. “I’ll just try a tiny bit longer piece. Just turn around and hand them to me.”

She pulled her top down and gave me the nuts.

I fixed another piece and handed them back to Cassie.

Again she turned, pulled up her top and held the shells to her breasts.

This time the string was too long.

“I’ll get it right this time. Just get your top back in place and give me the shells.

Cassie looked at me and said, “Fuck it.”

She handed me the coconut halves, exposing her bare breasts.

My mouth opened, but no sound escaped.

Bella said, “Cassie!”

“What?” she said. “They’re just tits.”

“Yeah, that’s the point,” I managed to say. “They are naked tits and I’m a guy. And, they’re your tits.”

“Well, deal with it.”

Amanda laughed and shouted out, “You go, girl!”

I didn’t mean to do so, but I was staring at her breasts. They were smallish, but beautifully formed teardrops. Her nipples were dark and hard and she had hardly any areolas. Each breast pointed out at a slight angle.

“If you’ve studied them enough, let’s finish up,” said Cassie with a sly grin.

I cut a piece of string, fastened the cups together and handed them back to Cassie. She positioned them and this time the space between her breasts seemed perfect.

“Looks good,” I said. “How does it feel?”

“Well, I have a lot of room to spare inside.” We all laughed.

“It’s a little rough on the rims. I think if I wore this all day my skin would be raw. Also, where my tits are resting on the bottom, I can feel some rough spots.”

“I can fix that.”

Cassie removed the nuts and handed them to me. Her skin around her breasts was red. She massaged her beasts and pulled on the nipples to extend them. I was thankful for my baggy shorts at this point.

I used a rasp and sandpaper on the bottom of the shell where her breast rested and felt with my fingers until it was smooth. As I was working, Cassie trotted to the pool and dove in. She started doing some laps.

I used my router to round off the edges of the shells’ rims and sandpapered them to a smooth finish.

I called to Cassie and she climbed out. She walked toward me, her small breasts bouncing slightly as water dripped from her erect nipples.

She used her hands to wipe off the excess water from her breasts and I handed her the shells.

“Ah, that feels much better.”

She handed me the shells and I made a loop of string to go around her neck and two pieces that would tie around her back. We had to make several adjustments until the fit was good. I enjoyed getting it right, but enjoyed even more looking at her breasts every time she removed the shells to make adjustments. I had fantasized about them for a long time. In this case, reality was far better than my imagination.

Cassie said she was going to keep the bra on for a while to get used to it and see if there were any other problems.

By this time, the girls had shucked all the other coconuts.

“Next?” I called.

With a positively wicked grin, Amanda stood up. She unfastened her top and dropped it on the table.

“Ooh, no,” groaned Bella.

I know it’s not polite to stare, but her breasts were spectacular. About twice the size of her oldest sister’s, they were plump mounds resting on her chest. Her areolas were oval shaped, large, and deep pink. Her nipples were deep burgundy and stood out.

“Uh, you could wait until I cut the coconut,” I said.

“Hell, it’s cool, T. Anyway, we girls rarely wear tops, or even bottoms, when we’re hanging out at the pool. Well, as long as the kids aren’t here.”

“What about Guy?” I asked, wondering if he received a regular eye treat.

“Yeah, well let’s say there are no longer any family secrets.”

I gave Bella a look.

“Remember, my dear ex-husband, we didn’t have a pool when we were married. Guy put it in.”

I mentally added another item to the list to be pissed off about regarding Guy.

Back to the task at hand, I tried to figure out how to proceed. Looking closely, and a good carpenter measures twice and cuts once, I asked Amanda to turn sideways. When I asked if she could hold her breasts up, she readily complied and pulled them out by her nipples. I noticed that her breasts had a slight torpedo shape to them. I estimated that if I cut the coconut about two-thirds instead of half, that the cups may fit her better.

I went through the same process as before. Amanda took the shells and held them to her.

Her breasts squeezed out a tiny bit around her chest, but it added to the sexiness of the look. I figured we would not have to tie the string too tightly around her back and that may ease the pressure.

“My nips are pressing against the end of the shell,” she said.

“Show off,” called Cassie.

“We could probably put a piece of cotton or soft cloth there. That might help.”

“Yeah. Either that or I’ll cum about ten times walking around with my nips rubbing like this.”

I know I blushed. Bella just tsked-tsked her sister. She offered to give her a couple of her nursing pads that she wore underneath her own bra to soak up her leaking nipples.

Going back and forth we got the right string length. I smoothed all the edges and fit Amanda for the finished product.

“Feels a lot better around the edges now. I think I’ll wear it for a bit, too.”

I looked at Holly. We had only met a few hours before. Was she feeling as awkward as I was?

She dropped her top and smiled broadly. Guess not.

Her breasts were…well let’s say they were massive. They were round, wide and heavy. She had big brown areolas and brown nipples. Her breasts sagged a bit under the weight, but all in all were a big-titted fanatic’s wet dream.

“Jesus, Holly, those are totally unfair to the rest of womanhood,” called out Cassie.

She slipped her coconut bra off and stood next to the younger girl.

She cupped her own breast with one hand and one of Holly’s with the other.

“Amazing,” she cooed. “These are at least three times mine.”

“Try five times,” snarked Amanda.

“Maybe Tyler should get a feel of the difference before he goes to work,” said Cassie.

I was already hard inside my shorts and this comment made it twitch.

“Aah, I think I can do fine following what I did before.”

“Too bad,” said Cassie as she released Holly’s huge boob, whose nipples were obviously now erect.

I chose the largest coconut and cut it so the circumference was at the widest spot. After cleaning it out, Holly held the shells to her boobs. They covered about three-quarters of her mass.

“Well, how do they feel?”

“Really squished,” Holly said, “and my boobs are like hanging out all over.”

“But it looks super sexy, Holly,” said Amanda.

“Very sexy,” chimed in Cassie.

“Maybe I can thin out the inside a little bit to give you some more room. And, we can tie the strings looser and not pull them so tight against your chest,” I suggested.

Holly pulled her nuts off and rubbed her breasts to soothe them.

“What size are they?” asked Cassie.

Holly turned rose and said, “I guess about a 38 Double D.”

Cassie just groaned. I knew I did not have a Double D coconut.

I used my router to take out as much of the sides of the shells as I could. When she tried them again, she said it felt better, but they were still squished.

“Holly, I have an idea. If you’re a bit of an adventurer, I think we can rig up something that will not squeeze your…”

“Her tits,” offered Cassie.

“Yeah, them,” I said laughing.

“Sure, I’ll try anything.”

I took another large coconut and, after draining the liquid, cut just about one-third of the nut from each end, leaving a thick middle section. What I ended up with were two large caps.

“Here try these.”

Holly put them up to her breasts. The shells covered her nipples and a tiny bit of the front of her breasts. And, that was it.

“That’s fuckin’ awesome,” cried Amanda.

“I think that will work,” I said. “We can tie the string loose enough not to squish them, but tight enough to do the job.”

“Yeah, do the job with a lot of bounce,” said Amanda. “Jesus, guys will be following you around with their tongues dragging on the ground.”

“And their dicks in the air,” added Cassie, with a quick glance to my tent.

We all shared a good laugh.

I took the caps, smoothed the insides, and made the ties. Holly modeled the new bra and she looked incredibly sexy. The bounce factor was off the scale.

“Tyler,” said Cassie, “after wearing these for a while, the string is really irritating. I don’t know if I could stand it for an entire day.”

Holly and Amanda agreed.

I thought about the problem and then came up with an idea.

“Bella, do you have an old silk scarf or even a silk tie of Alex’s that you don’t care about?”

She went to look for one. The three ladies shed their tops and enjoyed the freedom of having their breasts unencumbered. Amazingly, I also enjoyed them not wearing tops.

Bella returned with a long, silk scarf and an ugly tie.

I took Holly’s shells and removed the strings. I measured the silk and then cut the pieces. The fabric was pliable enough to thread through the holes. When I was finished, Holly modeled it. She immediately said it felt tons better and proclaimed my new design a success.

I tried the tie with Amanda’s bra and she, too, admitted a great improvement.

I said we could shop for more silk tomorrow and I’d fix the bras for use next weekend.

We celebrated with a round of beers. The girls wanted to swim again and urged me to join them.

“I don’t have a suit,” I said.

“And the point is…” proclaimed Cassie.

“Yeah,” said Amanda, “we told you Guy skinny-dips with us. If it will make you feel better we can loose our bottoms.”

Bella spoke up.

“You ladies will keep your bottoms on. I have a sixteen year old babysitter inside who is the daughter of our minister. I do not want her seeing you guys running around bare-assed, let alone seeing Tyler with his business out. I do not need her spreading tales of wanton sexual behavior circulating through the congregation. It’s bad enough that she’s seen me with my boobs out as I breastfeed JR.”

The girls meekly nodded, but I caught something in Cassie’s eyes that told me she wanted to push our boundaries a bit.

“Tyler, come with me. I think one of Alex’s suits will fit you. I’ll put a suit on, too.”

Bella led me to the master bedroom. I had not been in here since we divorced. It felt weird.

Along the way, Bella checked on the sitter and the kids. All was going fine.

She closed the door and started rummaging through my old dresser. She pulled out a pair of trunks and tossed them to me.

She made no motion to leave.

I hesitated and looked at her.

“Christ, Tyler, we were married for seven years. I think I’ve seen everything you’ve got.”

I slowly removed my shirt and unbuckled my shorts. Dropping them, I hooked my thumbs in my boxers and eased them off.

Bella looked me up and down.

“Still looking good, Ty. I always loved your body.”

As she spoke she unbuttoned her blouse and pulled it off. She had on a nursing bra. I remembered the type from when she breastfed our kids.

“Yeah, still nursing JR,” she said looking at the massive undergarment.

She pushed down her shorts. Her stomach was a little loose, but still she was an attractive and sexy woman.

“God, I feel like a cow,” she said pulling at the small roll of fat at the top of her pink panties.

“You’re beautiful, Bella. Always were and always will be. You look great.”

She blushed and softy thanked me.

She turned and rooted in her closet and pulled out a dry one-piece bathing suit.

Turning back to me, she undid her bra and threw it on the bed. Her breasts were bigger than they’d ever been. Her nipples were dark, hard and leaking some milk.

“I’m going to have to pump soon or I’ll explode.”

She dropped her panties. I was surprised that her formerly full bush was now just a narrow strip over her sex lips. The hair around her lips was gone.

“Sexy,” I said.

“Guy likes it this way.”

“Good taste.”

She looked at me and got the pun. We both doubled over laughing.

“You could always make me laugh. I think I miss that the most about you.”

“Not my prodigious love-making ability.”

Bella couldn’t hold my gaze. She looked down and said softly, “Well, that, too.”

After a pause, she added, “And, your cock. I miss your cock.”

Said cock was now well beyond half-mast. When Bella moved her eyes back up, she quickly covered her mouth with her hand.

“Oops. Sorry, Ty.”

“Happens every time a beautiful woman stands naked in front of me.”

Bella crossed and opened her arms. I welcomed her and our bodies pressed together.

My now full erection pushed against her stomach. I felt her large breasts mashed against my chest as some warm liquid seeped out from her stiff nipples.

I kissed the top of her head. She hugged me.

“We were good together,” she said into my chest.

“Well, we were good together when we were good. But, I let it slide away.”

Bella hugged even tighter. “We both let it slide, Babes.”

“Anyway, I’m happy that you’re happy,” I said. “You are happy?”

She nodded vigorously.

She tilted her head and I bent mine. We kissed gently.

“Just letting you know, I miss you sometimes. And, I love you,” she said.

I choked back a tear, and kissed her forehead. “Love you, too, Bell. Now, we better get dressed before something goes wrong.”

Nodding, Bella slapped my ass and stepped back.

“One last thing.”

I looked at her.

“Well, I don’t know how to put this, but watch out for Cassie.”

“What do you mean?”

“What I mean is that she is flirting with you big time. She’s always has been very sensual. Shit, make that sexy. I don’t know what’s going on with her and Geoffrey. She says they’re fine. But I keep getting these vibes. You know, they’ve been married fifteen years and so maybe the heat has cooled. Or, not. I don’t know. So, just be careful.”

“I have no plans to become involved with your sister. Wait, is it because she’s your sister that you’re bringing it up.”

“Ty, I know you’ve always found her attractive. Shit, let’s be honest, you’ve had the hots for her since the first time you laid eyes on her. I get it. She’s sexy as hell. I knew it was just hormones and never thought you would do anything behind my back. But, I’m telling you, just be careful. Or, at least if something happens, do it with your eyes open.”

“That’s the best way,” I said. “Otherwise you miss all the eye candy.”

“Asshole,” Bella said and punched me lightly in the stomach.

“Ok, Bell, I will. I mean, I’ll keep my eyes open. And, you’re right. I never did anything behind your back—with anyone. I hope you know that.”

“I do. This big boy was all mine all the time.”

Bella ran her hand up and down my hard-on and a chill ran up and down my spine. Her touch brought back a flood of memories.

She stroked me a couple times more and kissed me on the lips.

“Yeah, we had some good times,” she said as she cupped my balls with one hand and squeezed my dick with the other.

Breaking apart, we dressed. Thankfully Alex’s suit was baggy and a little big for me. It almost hid my stiff member.

Bella did not pull up the top of her suit. On the way back outside she stopped in the kitchen and picked up two baby bottles and liners. Avoiding the family room where the sitter and kids were watching TV, Bella led me back out to the pool.

The girls were in the pool and tossing a beach ball back and forth. Yes, I know it sounds like a scene from a bad titty-beach movie, but that’s what they were doing. I allowed myself to enjoy the sight of six tits bobbing.

Cassie noticed us and hooted. “Way to go, Sis. Nice to see the puppies out for a walk.”

“I have to express some milk. They’re killing me.”

Holly looked confused. “What’s express?”

“She has to milk the teats,” said Cassie.


“Yeah, you should go watch. It’s neat.”

“Would Bella mind?”

“Hey, Bella, can Holly watch you milk the cow.”

“Cassie, some times you’re just crude,” shot back Bella. “Holly it’s no big deal. C’mon up.”

Holly pulled herself out. I marveled at her boobs as they swayed with every step. I wondered if the movement was showing up on any seismic monitoring system.

Bella started massaging her left breast and soon a couple drops appeared followed by a thin line of milk flowing into the plastic-lined bottle.

“Awesome,” said Holly.

Bella pumped some more.

“Wanna’ try?”

“Can I?”


Holly took hold of Bella’s left breast. Bella showed her how to move her hand pushing the fleshy breast back toward her chest.

“Don’t pull on my nipple,” Bella said. “You can massage the areola, you know, squeeze it a bit as you push my boob back.”

Holly used her thumb and forefinger on Bella’s areola, as her other hand moved back and forth on Bella’s breast. Almost immediately a tiny drop of milk appeared at the tip.

“Rub it around my nipple.”

Holly let her finger move around Bella’s nipple.

“That’s what you do when you want a baby to latch on. The baby can smell the milk and will go right after it.”

“Did you every taste it?”

“Well, from a glass. Not from the source,” said Bella with a smile.

“Ty used to like it. Guy, not so much.”

Holly kept pumping and staring at Bella’s breast.

“Do you want to sample it?”

I didn’t believe my ears.

My fairly straight and conservative ex-wife was offering her lactating tit to a woman.

“Would that like be weird”?

“Depends, I guess. Both of my sisters have tried it. I don’t put any sexual connotation on it. If you’re curious, I’m ok with it.”

Cassie and Amanda had stopped playing in the pool and were glued to the scene unfolding. I was standing behind a chair so my now throbbing erection was not visible to the ladies.

Holly smiled and said, “Well, if you can’t do crazy shit when you’re twenty-two, when can you do it?”

Bella turned her body and Holly knelt in front of her. Slowly, she moved her mouth to the breast still resting in her hand. She extended her tongue, licked the drop of milk and swirled her tongue around the erect flesh. She kissed Bella’s breast and then moved her lips over the entire nipple and sucked. Bella eased Holly’s hand from her breast and pumped with her own hand.

The look in Holly’s eyes, told me that milk was filling her mouth.

She suckled aggressively and I could see her throat working as she swallowed. I also noticed that Bella was moaning slightly. I knew that when I used to suck her milk, Bella would get really turned on. A couple times she came just by doing it. I felt she was on her way.

Holly slipped her other hand onto Bella’s free breast and massaged it. I saw Bella’s hand drop between her legs and her arm started moving. Holly was sucking hard and fondling the other breast making more milk dribble over her fingers. Bella shot her head up and let out a yelp. I could see her shoulders shaking and knew she was cumming.

Her head dropped and her shoulders sank. She eased Holly off her tit.

Holly was also glassy-eyed. I wondered if she too orgasmed.

Holly got up and collapsed in a chair. Her nipples were dark and aroused.

“That was awesome,” she said.

“Oh, yeah,” said a breathless Bella.

“I guess I got a little carried away,” said Holly.

“Ya think,” retorted Bella.

“Did you, like, get off?” asked Holly.

“Did I look like I did?”


“Honey, that was way past sorta’”

They both laughed. Cassie and Amanda applauded from where they were standing at the pool’s edge.

I took this opportunity to quickly run to the pool and dive in.

I surfaced in the deep end and swam back to where Cassie and Amanda were standing in water that just stopped below Amanda’s breasts and left most of Cassie’s upper body exposed.

“Well, that was interesting,” said Cassie.

“Fuckin’ smoking hot, you mean,” added Amanda. “Big sister gets her rocks off with all of us watching. Hot.”

We all looked at each other and silently agreed we had witnessed a highly erotic scene.

“Did that happen when you two sampled the milk?”

“Hardly,” said Amanda. “I just sorta’ got a taste and then stopped. I’m not into lezzing my sister.”

“Is it just your sister that’s off limits?” I asked.

Amanda rolled her eyes. “Guys. All they think about is two girls getting it on. Honestly, Ty, do you think there is anything about another woman, like Holly, for example, that could possibly turn someone on?”

I looked at the blond sitting a few feet away. Her large breasts still heaved as Holly took deep breaths. Her nipples remained erect and dark. The crotch of her suit showed a dark spot.

Cassie was smiling as she watched me check out Holly.

“Nothing to say, Ty?”

“My mind is like mush right now. Any way, how about you Cassie? Did it turn you on to taste Bella’s milk?”

“Nah, same with me,” said Cassie. “I was always curious since I nursed the twins. Obviously with these jugs I could not suck my own nipples.” Cassie tried pushing one tit toward her mouth and reached down with her tongue. There was a huge gap.

We laughed. Then Amanda said, “You mean like this?”

Amanda quickly pushed her tit up and her tongue curled around her extended nipple.

My hard-on was bordering on explosion.

“God, I hate you,” said Cassie as she splashed her sister.

Amanda splashed back and we began a huge water fight. Cassie then grabbed the beach ball and cried out, “Keep away.”

She tossed it over my head to her sister. I lunged toward Amanda and she threw it to Cassie. This went back and forth for a bit. One of Amanda’s throws was off and both Cassie and I leaped for it. I won and Cassie crashed into my back. Her breasts and rock hard nipples rammed me. I turned and held the ball over my head. She then kept jumping up and rubbing her tits against my chest. Amanda came up from behind and tried to get the ball. Her large breasts smooshed into my back.

Giving up trying to get it, Cassie called out, “Sandwich.”

The girls moved against me and grabbed each other’s arms and pulled themselves tight against my body.

I could feel Amanda’s crotch push against my butt. What was more alarming was Cassie pressed against my front. I knew she could feel my erection, straining against the front of my trunks. They held the sandwich for a few more seconds and then released each other.

As Amanda moved away, Cassie rubbed her crotch back and forth, slowly and deliberately, against my hard-on.

“Impressive,” she said in a whisper.

She pushed hard again and then moved quickly to join her sister climbing out of the pool.

She adjusted her suit and I caught a glance of her smooth ass cheeks. She looked over her shoulder and with a nasty smile asked if I were getting out.

Not reacting to her smirk, I told her in a minute or so.

After drying her hair and upper body, she wrapped a towel around her waist. She slipped her hands under the towel and they emerged with the bottom of her bikini. She draped it over the back of a chair.

“Wanna’ beer?”


As she walked toward the cooler, I silently prayed for the towel to fall. No such luck, as she returned with a bottle in each hand.

She pulled a chair next to the edge. After handing me my beer, she sat and stretched her legs out. Although I could see nothing above her calves, I was fixated that the only cover she had was her towel.

My reverie was interrupted by movement behind her. Amanda was standing next to Holly and Bella at the table. She too dried herself off. With a quick movement, she dropped her bottom. Her white ass was in clear view. Cassie noticed my stare and turned to see what was capturing my gaze.

She chuckled.

“If I had known you liked that sort of view, I would have skipped the towel.”

I hardly heard her as I watched Amanda dry her butt and between her legs. I saw Bella say something and motion toward me with her head.

Amanda looked over her shoulder, smiled at me and wiggled her ass. She said something softly to Holly. Holly nodded and bent over and placed a loud smacking kiss on Amanda’s bare bottom. She then slapped the white cheek.

Amanda then bent and picked up her bikini bottom and gave me a full view of her pussy lips. I saw no telltale hairs and wondered if she were smooth. She straightened and wrapped the towel around her waist. She and Holly headed inside.

Bella had finished nursing, pulled up her top and carrying the bottles with breast milk, went into the kitchen,

“Nice beaver shot, eh, Tyler,” said Cassie.

I was speechless.

“Amanda’s such a tease,” said Cassie.

“I think it runs in the family,” I said purposely looking at her bare breasts.

Cassie laughed and tweaked her tits.

“These can’t possibly get to you when you have those two sets to look at. Hell, even Bella’s put mine to shame. I bet even the babysitter has a better pair.”

“Cassie, cut the crap. I admitted I like your tits. As a matter of fact, I think they are the best of anyone here. And, you seem to like torturing me with them.”

“Oh, is that what I felt in the water. Torture?”

“Well, if I don’t get relief soon, it will be torture.”

I regretted the words the second they left my mouth.

“Relief? Don’t tell me you plan to handle things later and all by yourself?”

“Whatever,” I replied limply.

“Yeah, well maybe you should save it up for next week. You never know, you might get lucky.”

Cassie was now definitely flirting with me. I had no clue where it was leading, but every thought of what may lie ahead only made my dick harder.

“You can get out now, Tyler. The others won’t have to know about what you have going on in those shorts.”

I pulled myself out of the pool and boldly stood in front of Cassie. The tent in my shorts pointed at her.

“Thanks, Ty.”


“For letting an old lady think she can still do that to a guy.”

“Cassie, you are hardly old.”

“Well, I’m ten years older than you.”

“Age doesn’t mean a thing when you look as good as you.”

“Now, you’re making me blush. But, I’ll take the compliment.”

We stared at each other, my eyes travelling to her breasts and hers to the tent.

I drank the last of my beer to try to open my throat.

“I think I’m going over to sit here until this guy goes away.”

“Yeah, I think I’ll go inside and get dressed. Of course, maybe I’ll spend some time in the shower imagining what’s hidden underneath those shorts.”

Cassie grinned and stood. She grabbed her bikini bottom from the back of the chair and headed toward the house. Knowing I was watching, she loosened the towel. It slid down exposing her small, white, and tight ass. I almost came on the spot.

Cassie looked over her shoulder and blew me a kiss. She then pulled the towel back up and entered the house.

I grabbed another beer and pushed the cold bottle against my hard-on.

“God, what is next weekend going to be like?” I mused as I tried to quiet the beast between my legs.

Later after changing, I played with my kids for a while, read them their bedtime stories and put each of them to sleep.

Only Bella was still awake.

“Thanks for taking care of the kids,” she said.

“I love doing it. Everyone else in bed?”

She nodded.

“A nightcap?” she offered.

I agreed and Bella poured us two tall tumblers of single malt Scotch. It was something we always enjoyed together.

We sat on the sofa looking out at the backyard glowing with just the lights from the pool.

“Foot massage?”

‘Oh, my god,” she groaned, “Really?”

I put my drink down and eased one leg into my lap. I worked her foot as she moaned and sighed.

As I was doing the other one, Bella slipped her other foot into my crotch and rubbed my dick.

“This guy was having a busy day.”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean I happened to look out the kitchen window when you were standing in front of Cassie. Honestly, Ty, think carefully about this.”

“We didn’t do anything.”

“I know, but you two were flirting big time. I’ve already given you my opinion. For both your sakes, Ty, be careful.”

In spite of enjoying her toes tickling my dick, I knew she was trying to be helpful to me and her sister.

“I hear you, Bell.”

“Thanks for the foot massage. No one does it any better than you. Now, I’m headed to bed. You don’t mind sleeping on the couch?”

“No problem. Hell, that’s where I spent the last six months of our marriage.”


“Sorry,” I said, “cheap shot. I slept here because it was best for both of us.”

“Yeah,” Bella agreed, “still sucked, though. You know, Ty, the only regret is that we never had a final fuck. I mean one where we knew it was the last. I feel bad about that.”

“You aren’t suggesting…”

“No,” she said with a sigh. “My pussy wants you, but I’m not going to do that to this marriage. I just regret the way it ended.”

“Maybe Guy could give you one hall pass,” I offered.

Bella laughed out loud. “Don’t think so and I don’t think I could ever ask him. Nice thought, though.”

We smiled at each other, kissed gently while Bella let her hand slide up and down my erection. Breaking away, Bella made her way to her bedroom.

Once again my dick was hard as a rock and was going to be disappointed.


Since school was now out for the summer, I spent my week sleeping late and waking with a massive hard-on after dreaming of the girls from the weekend. I wanted desperately to relieve myself, but Cassie’s challenge to save it up for the concert kept my hand still.

Was she really hinting at the two of us having sex? Or, was she just teasing and flirting? What about Bella’s warning? Did she think Cassie wanted to initiate sex with me? Even if she was willing, was I?

She’s my sister-in-law, well, technically ex-sister-n-law. Even so, having sex with a sister-in-law was not incest. Maybe it was not socially acceptable, but it wasn’t incest. But, she’s married. I never committed adultery and wasn’t sure how I felt about screwing a married woman. Then, again, Cassie is incredibly sexy. I could not get the image of her small and sexy tits out of my mind. Then, I flashed back on her ass as she mooned me. God, that was the best butt I might have ever seen. It was even better than Amanda’s, and hers rated a ten.

Was Amanda also teasing me? Hey, she flashed her ass and was topless most of the afternoon. Maybe she wanted to move in a new direction. Hey, how about Holly. She had no problem busting out her boobs.

I was driving myself crazy. And probably doing so in vain. Nice to fantasize, but really would any of those hot women really want to do something with a thirty-year old divorced guy, and their sister’s ex? Probably not!

I decided to put all that nonsense out of my mind.

Easier said than done.

I found a discount fabric store and scooped up a bunch of silk strands. I modified all the bras and hoped they would not only fit but also feel better. Of course, all I could imagine was how each of the women stood around topless last weekend.

I willed my mind to stop. My dick, however, was not subject to willpower and kept sprouting up at the most inconvenient times.

Saturday morning finally came. I had already cleaned out the minivan, gassed it up and pulled into Bella’s driveway around 8 am. Bella, Guy and the kids had left the day before for their trip. Bella’s house was the most central meeting point. They had all slept at Bella’s since they were coming from different directions and then would be ready at a decent time this morning.

Inside the girls were running around trying to get last minute things done. Cassie pointed out the stack of food and other stuff that needed loading. I assumed that was my job. I lugged the coolers, tables, chairs and bags of supplies out and packed the back of the minivan. I figured if I took care of all the hard work, they would be able to move along and we could get on the road sooner. It was a little over a three-hour ride and we wanted to be there when the parking lots opened at 1 pm.

Satisfied that everything was securely packed, I went inside. I carried the bag with the coconut bras and set it on the kitchen counter.

“Let’s see,” said Cassie and called for Amanda and Holly to join us.

The other girls ran into the kitchen as Cassie dumped the finished bras on the counter. I chose different colors for each. Cassie’s straps were a deep purple, Amanda’s bright green and Holly’s a blue that brought out her eye color.

“Let’s try them on,” said Cassie as she peeled off her thin t-shirt. Again, my eyes feasted on the petit tits and hard nipples. She was tying her straps as Amanda and Holly pulled their shirts off. I marveled at the difference each one presented. Silently, I thanked the Breast God for her work.

After the three had secured their bras, they walked around. Holly was bouncing and bouncing.

“Might need to tighten that up a bit, Holly,” advised Cassie.

Holly agreed and adjusted her top. Her boobs now plumped out more, but the movement was not as obscene as before.

The ladies all agreed the silk felt a lot better and thanked me. I accepted their gratitude, especially since it was accompanied by hugs and kisses.

They dropped them and set about finishing getting ready. None of them bothered to put a shirt back on.

“Uh, you guys aren’t going to travel like that, are you?”

Cassie beamed and said, “Why not? Don’t you like them?”

“Liking them is not the question,” I replied. “Getting arrested for public nudity as we drive down is my concern.”

“You mean that you’re concerned that you won’t be able to concentrate?” asked Cassie as she lifted her breasts and played with them.

I just shook my head.

Giggling, Cassie walked back to the bedrooms.

They returned in a minute with Cassie carrying a bag from a men’s clothing store at the mall.

I admit to being a dork, especially when it comes to fashion. Like the old joke, my favorite color really is plaid. Today I am wearing a pair of old plaid shorts and a well-worn striped shirt. I also have a floppy brimmed hat in the car to protect my nose and ears from the sun.

“Tyler, you are going to be with three hot women,” says Cassie. “You cannot go looking like a reject from the ‘Big Bang Theory’. So, with some guidance from Bella, we picked up a couple things.”

Cassie pulled out a deep blue Polo shirt, a pair of yellow shorts and cotton boxers with yellow and white stripes.

“Really?” I said. “You want me to wear those?”

“Definitely,” said Amanda.

“Put them on now,” commanded Cassie.

“Ok, give them to me and I’ll change in the bathroom.”

“Uh, no, you can do it here,” said Cassie.


“Hey, we’ve been practically naked, so I think we are all past any false modesty.”

“My modesty is not false,” I said.

“Bullshit, Ty, just put the clothes on.”

“Ok, but I don’t think I need the boxers. I have some on and they are fine.”

“Whatever,” said Amanda.

I turned my back to them and pulled off my shirt. I dropped my shorts.

“Oh My God,” cried Amanda.

“You cannot be serious, Ty,” said Cassie.


“Thomas the Train undies!”

I turned back to face the three ladies. I loved Thomas the Train and always read the stories to the kids. I found these boxers in a novelty store about five years ago. I never thought much about them. Now, I saw them for what they were: shabby and geeky.

The new boxers landed at my feet.

“Put these on,” said Amanda.

“Why? No one will be seeing them,” I replied.

“We will know that you’re wearing them,” said Cassie. “I am already afraid I’ll be having nightmares.”

“Well, ok, but I’ll definitely go to the bathroom to…”

“Don’t be such a wuss,” said Amanda. “You can turn around and do it quickly.”

I turned my back and dropped my shorts.

“Whoo, whoo,” yelped Amanda. “Killer ass.”

“Definitely a keeper,” added Holly.

“Tight bun award winner,” said Cassie and I felt her slap my naked butt.

I quickly pulled on the new underwear and the rest of my clothes. I turned and the three women applauded. They then jogged off to finish getting ready.

I repacked the bras and put them and a few other stray items in the van.

Ten minutes later we were on the road. The girls wore shorts and t-shirts. It was evident that none of them wore a bra.

I mentioned that fact and Amanda explained.

“We don’t want strap marks. So, you’ll just have to deal with it.”

“Don’t mind if I turn down the temp on the air-conditioning,” I asked looking at her in the rear view mirror and grinning.

“Well, pokies are cool,” she said and flashed me, showing her erect nipples.

I noticed Cassie looking over at my crotch, trying to see if I was reacting. For now, I was able to keep the beast at bay.

We settled down for the long ride. Soon, the women were chatting. Maybe it was because I was driving or it was the minivan, but soon they seemed to talk as if a man weren’t present.

‘How come a guy’s dick is a different color from the rest of his skin?” asked Holly.

“Maybe because it doesn’t get any sun,” offered Amanda.

“No way,” interjected Cassie. “Dicks are usually darker, not lighter.”

“Yeah, that’s strange,” agreed Holly. “Even black guys are like that.”

“You have experience?” prompted Cassie.

“Well, I dated this guy for a bit during junior year. His skin tone was more café au lait, but his dick was really black. One weekend we went camping and a bunch of his friends came along. We went skinny-dipping, and every one of the guys had dicks darker than their skin.”

“Was he a good lover?” asked Cassie.

“Pretty good. He had a nice dick. It certainly was not huge. I think that’s just bullshit about black guys having monster dicks. He knew how to use it, though. I liked screwing him, but he’s not the best I ever had.”

“Who would that be?” asked Cassie.

In the rear view I saw Amanda and Holly exchange a glance.

“He was a professor.”

“No way,” cooed Cassie, “you fucked a teacher!”

“Yeah. He was my Modern Poetry prof. He was older, maybe early thirties.”

Cassie punched my arm, “Hear that, Ty, Holly had the hots for a thirty-year old.”

I ignored her and pretended to focus on the traffic.

“He was separated from his wife, or so he told me. I went to him with some questions, but really just wanted to be near him. He was classic. Handsome, dark hair and moody. He suggested we meet at a local bar for a drink and talk poetry. I fell for this tortured soul who wanted to be a poet, but had to teach to make money. He said his wife didn’t understand him and that’s why they were apart. Of course, I bought the whole package. I still can’t remember the sequence but we were back in my apartment and fucking our brains out in less than an hour. He knew how to use his dick. It had this big curve in it when he was hard. It just seemed to hit all the right spots. God, I never came so hard with a guy.”

“So, how’d it end,” said Cassie, “No, let me guess. You could only see him at odd times, always in your room and he asked you not to call him. How am I doing?”

Holly groaned and said, “Pretty much on target.”

Cassie continued. “He really wasn’t separated. He just liked some under grad pussy.”

“Yeah,” Holly said with a sigh.

After a short pause she added, “But the fucking was spectacular. That guy had my number.”

“Was his dick a different color?” asked Amanda.

“I guess.”

“You guess?” said Amanda. “Didn’t you see it?”

“Well,” Holly said laughing, “it was usually dark in my room and he stuck it in so fast I never got a good look.”

The girls shared a good laugh.

“So, Ty,” said Cassie, “is your dick darker than the rest of your skin?”

I shifted uncomfortably. Talking about my dick with three beautiful women was not a common occurrence.

“Uh, I never really thought about it”

“Well, why don’t you take it out and we can judge?” Cassie said.

She put her hand on my thigh and made to move it up toward my crotch, slipping her fingers under the hem of my shorts.

“Jesus, Cassie, I’m driving.”

“Ok, but you’re not driving with your dick.”

Amanda and Holly were laughing and enjoying the exchange.

Her fingers were now all the way under my shorts and also under my boxers. They were just about an inch from my package.


She slipped her fingers around the head of my dick and started to pull it toward the bottom of my shorts.

Cassie!” I shouted louder.

“Oh, all right,” she said with a pout. “We’ll wait until later to conduct our investigation.”

She removed her hand and reached back to get fist bumps from Amanda and Holly.

The girls kept chatting and thankfully left me out of their discussions. When they started talking about monthly cycles, I started trying to recall the lyrics to every Coldplay song I could remember.

As we neared our destination, we began to see other vehicles obviously headed to the concert. There were sharks lashed to roofs, palm trees in the back of pick-ups and lot’s of cars with “Margaritaville Bound” signs in windows.

“Maybe I should flash them,” said Cassie as we pulled along side of a Jeep full of young guys.

“Maybe you should keep your shirt on,” I said.

“Party-pooper,” she said. Turning toward me she lifted her shirt and wiggled her breasts at me.

“This is going to be a strange day,” I thought to myself.

We arrived, joined the long queue and slowly made our way to the parking lot. The lot was already half-full. The attendants directed us to park next to a pick-up and we were soon joined on the other side by the Jeep with the guys that Cassie wanted to flash.

Piling out, we started unpacking and setting up. After about a half-hour we had our grill in place, the cooler placed in the shade of the van, table and chairs arranged and dips and chips set out. We toasted our work with the first cold beer of the day.

We made friends with our neighbors. The pick-up people were a young couple from Rhode Island. They were regular Parrotheads and set out to meet up with friends.

They guys from the Jeep were college students from the Boston area. They came prepared with cases of beer and not much else. Soon, they had stripped off their shirts and Amanda and Holly were eyeing the tight bodies.

Buffett crowds are nothing if not friendly. Soon, the guys were enjoying our snacks and everyone was chilling.

After a couple of beers, the guys decided to go scoping and seeing what they could scrounge for food. They figured that people would be sharing dogs and burgers.

The girls said it was time to get in their outfits. The three of them piled into the van. I slid open the door on the pick-up side. They pulled off their tops and put on their coconut bras. Cassie pulled a sack from the wayback and handed out the grass skirts.

She also grabbed a beach blanket and handed it to me.

“Tyler, open the front door, please?” asked Cassie.

I did as she asked. She then had me stand toward the back of the van and hold up the blanket with my arms extended. This made for an improvised changing room.

With their tops in place, the girls exited the van and dropped their shorts. Holly and Amanda each wore tiny thongs. Their cheeks were on display with only a thin strip of fabric in between. The thongs were low cut in front. I could not detect any pubic hair on Amanda, while Holly’s totally sheer panty showed she had some blonde bush behind it.

Cassie wore a small purple bikini panty. Most of her butt was covered, but still looked great. As she turned to face me, I drew in a breath. About an inch of dark pubic hair extended above the top of her panty. The purple fabric was pulled into her slit forming a sexy camletoe. I was happy the blanket covered my own little tent.

The girls pulled on their grass skirts. Cassie also had headpieces made from silk tropical flowers. With their outfits all in place, the three looked, well, they looked sexy. Hot. Nuclear. Pick your adjective, they were looking good.

Amanda and Holly shook their booties and you could clearly see their cheeks peek out from behind the strands of their skirts.

“Oh, man,” I thought, “I hope they get through the day. The hounds will be out.”

I put the blanket back in the van and locked it up.

“Let’s cruise,” said Cassie.

With beers in hand we set out.

Needless to say, we—well the ladies—gathered much attention. Holly opted to loosely tie her shells and her boobs were bouncing to their own rhythm.

I couldn’t even begin to count the number of cell phone pictures that were taken,

Guys got a kick out of laying their hands on top of the coconuts. I at first told them to look but not touch, but the girls vetoed that. Since they couldn’t really feel anything, the girls thought it was a hoot to have the guys’ hands on their shells.

Since I was the only one with pockets, I was required to carry their cell phones and take shots of every encounter with each phone.

I was surprised that there were as many women as men who wanted to pose with “Coconut Girls” as they quickly become known. The girls even wanted to fondle the coconuts. Cassie, Amanda and Holly reciprocated by cupping the bikini tops of the young ladies. No one was offended and it was all in good fun. Well, good drunken fun, since most people we met must have started partying early and were going strong.

We approached a large gathering of guys and girls. They all started whooping and called us over.

We accepted beers from them and the girls agreed to pose.

First the five women from the group surrounded the girls.

The guys started taking pictures and one shouted, “Show us your tits.”

My girls shook their heads, but the guys kept it up. Finally the other ladies pulled their bikini tops aside to expose five sets of boobs. I did my duty and took lots of pictures.

One guy kept yelling. “Coconut Girls, show us your tits.”

Cassie shouted back, “Fuck you. Show us your dicks.”

By now the other girls had pulled their tops closed. The guys were silenced for a second. Then the one guy said, “Hell yeah.”

He walked up to stand between Cassie and Holly. Grinning from ear to ear, he shucked down his bathing suit bottoms. His dick sprung loose.

“Yo, Gary, you da man,” screamed one of his friends. The girls in their group were squealing and laughing and taking lots of pictures. I imagined that YouTube was going to be hit hard later.

“Hey, come on you assholes, get over here.”

His four friends trotted over. With a little hesitation, they all dropped their shorts and underwear.

I and their girlfriends were shooting picture after picture.

The girl to my right said, “I never thought Gary had such a big one.”

Her friend next to her said, “Really, but I kinda like Tommy’s. See how it curves to the right that’s sexy.”

The girl on my left said to both of them, “I like them all. I’d suck any one of them.”

The girls laughed in agreement.

Cassie moved her hands in front of the groins of the guys on either side. Holly and Amanda did the same.

“Hey, don’t get too personal,” called out the girl who liked Gary’s dick.

“You mean like this?” answered Cassie. She grabbed the boy’s shaft and pulled it out.

He yelped and in a few seconds was erect.

Their girlfriends hooted even louder.

“Go, Gary.”

“Nice boner, dude.”

“Mr. Everyready.”

Gary soon lost his embarrassment and waved his erection back and forth. The girls took a few last pictures, and so did I.

Someone from the next vehicle shouted out that security was coming. The guys quickly pulled up their pants. The tip of Gary’s dick stuck out from the top. One of the girls slipped her hand over it and eased it back under the waistband. I imagined she would soon be reversing that action.

We worked our way down and back some more aisles of parked vehicles. We were offered and accepted some more beers, lots of guacamole, chips and other snacks. We came across some friends of Holly’s. She said she was going to hang with them for a bit.

As we walked on, Amanda said, “I think it’s pee time.”

“I’m with you on that,” said Cassie.

Cassie asked me to hit up some people for paper napkins and then we headed toward a line of port-a-potties. As we neared, we saw huge lines in front of every john.

“I can’t wait for that,” said Cassie. “Follow me.”

She headed for the woods on the edge of the parking lot. I noticed a lot of people both going and coming and figured this was the alternative to the port-a-potties.

Cassie led us away from a well-worn path where most people were entering the woods. She walked about a hundred yards farther down the edge and turned onto a smaller path. There were some people here and there, but not as many as the other spot. I could see guys with their backs to us and girls squatting behind trees. Cassie went deeper into the woods. We approached a large oak and she motioned us around the trunk. We came upon a small path that led deeper into the woods.

Walking ahead of us, she called over her shoulder.

“A friend showed me this place a couple years ago. It’s really private. Beats having to pee with a million people around.”

We entered a small clearing. The sun cast dappled shadows around the green grass.

Cassie turned to face me and dropped her grass skirt. Holly did the same.

“Hold these for us,” said Cassie. “We can never get all these strands out of the way and will pee on them for sure.”

I gathered the two skirts. I looked at the patch of hair above Cassie’s panty.

In a second I was staring at her bush. She pushed her underwear down and lifted them off.

“Hold these as well, please.”

I held out my hand as I looked at Cassie, naked except for her coconut bra and sneakers. She was magnificent. Her tight stomach extended to her pubic area, with her prominent hip bones forming a valley leading to the three-inch wide strip of dark curls that ended above her sex lips. Those lips were pinkish and tight.

“Hold mine, too, Ty. Good thinking, Cass. I always either pee on them or get them soiled on the ground.”

My gaze shifted to Amanda’s clean-shaven pussy.

I had only seen smooth pussies in skin movies. The first thing I noticed was her prominent mons and the second was that the three sisters all shared similar pussies. Their outer lips were pink and closed, with no inner lips protruding. They looked beautiful.

Almost in unison, they squatted with their legs wide apart and their bottoms close to the earth. I watched in wonder as first Cassie and then Amanda let a pale yellow stream shoot out.

“God, I needed this,” said Cassie.

“Me, too,” echoed Amanda. “That last beer really pushed me over the edge.”

Their pee puddled where it fell and each stream slowed to a trickle, then a few drops. They each pulled their lips apart as the last drops fell and I was rewarded with a vision of their deeper pinkness.

Cassie asked for the napkins and I gave a couple to her and Amanda. I had never seen a girl pee before and obviously had never seen one wipe herself. It was an amazing sight.

What was even more amazing was that I was not hard while watching two beautiful women expose their sexes. Maybe it was the burning pressure in my own bladder that kept the boy in check.

Cassie tossed the napkin and extended her hand to me. I grabbed it and helped her stand, then did the same for Amanda.

“Much better,” said Amanda.

“Well, since we’re here, you might as well go,” offered Cassie.

Neither one of them made a move to retrieve their skirts and underwear from my hands.

“Uh, I can probably hold out a bit longer.”

“Don’t be a doufus, Ty,” chided Cassie. “Did you see the lines? Go ahead, we promise to look.”

She and Amanda laughed.

I really did need to pee, so I was not going to put up a fight. If they wanted to watch, that was their business. Honestly, I was excited about the idea.

“What the hell,” I said. “Take your stuff and I’ll do it.”

“I kinda’ want to let my puss air out a bit. You know it was all sweaty,” said Cassie.

“Good idea, Sis.”

“Well, I can’t manage holding this stuff and pee.”

“No problem, Ty,” said Amanda as she knelt before me.

Before I could even react, her hand was on my zipper and pulled it down. She reached inside and extracted my dick.

“Oh, my,” exclaimed Cassie. “That’s a big boy.”

My dick is not huge and I said as much.

“Maybe not super long, but it is so nice and thick,” commented Cassie.

“I want the full Monty,” said Amanda.

“You’ve got it,” I said.

“Nope,” she retorted and undid my belt and opened the button. She pushed my dick back inside and pulled my shorts and boxers down in one motion.

As she tapped my foot, I lifted a leg and she pulled my clothes off and then repeated the gesture on the other leg. I stood naked from the waist down, in the middle of a clearing, holding two pairs of panties and two grass skirts, while two beautiful women with nothing on below their waists looked on.

“Well, it’s definitely darker than the rest of his skin. Ooh, I like his balls, too,” said Amanda.

“And, I think it looks good with some shrubbery around it.”

Amanda nodded and ran her fingers lightly through my dark brown patch.

“To think Bella gave this sausage up for Guy the Pencil,” said Amanda as she encircled my dick with her fingers. “God, I can hardly get my hand around it and it’s not even totally hard.”

Although Guy and I had been friends since high school, I had never seen him nude.


“Well, let’s just say that Guy is what we would call seriously under-endowed,” said Cassie.

“Yeah, and he like shaves it smooth. I guess some guys think it makes their dick look bigger, but on Guy it just looks pathetic. Even when it’s hard, it’s less than impressive. I bet this one is awesome when it’s up and ready.”

“Well, Bella always said Ty was a great lay.”

“Wait, you guys talked about Bella me in bed?”

“Ty, what do you think we talk about when it’s just us?” said Cassie. “We trade all sorts of stories. Now, I see why she had that wistful look when she talked about your lovemaking. You must have filled her up nicely.”

I didn’t know what to say, so I just asked one of them to take their clothes so I could pee and not get it on my shoes.

“No need for that, Ty,” said Amanda. “Right, Sis?”

Cassie nodded and stepped next to me. She reached out and took my shaft. At this point I was slightly tumescent. When her hand joined her sister’s, I became immediately erect.

“Now, that’s what I’m talking about,” said Amanda.

Cassie lightly stroked me and tried unsuccessfully to get her fingers around the thick part of my shaft. I didn’t know what to do, but my bladder called the shots.

I relaxed my inner muscles and a stream erupted from my dick. Both women shrieked and then laughed. My pee arched high and landed several feet away. Cassie directed it left and right. The relief in my bladder was blessed. Finally, the stream tapered off.

Amanda was still kneeling and looked at the hard organ in their hands.

She moved her head forward and captured my tip in her mouth. She licked my head as Cassie squeezed.

Amanda pulled away. “I tasted his pee.”

“Won’t hurt you,” said Cassie. “Really, pee is a lot cleaner than people think. You know some people drink their own as part of an extreme health practice. Then, you have people like trapped miners who survive because they save their pee to drink it. And, of course, you have some people who like Golden Showers and like to drink their partner’s pee. So, a couple drops won’t hurt you.”

Amanda kissed my tip and pushed her tongue into the little slit.

“Actually, I kinda liked it. But, there is something I like even more.”

She took half of my shaft in her mouth and started sucking. Moving her head up and down, while her free hand fondled my balls and Cassie stroked me.

My mind was swimming. I thought I should push her away, but my other brain was in ecstasy inside her warm and wet mouth.

Amanda moved in and deep-throated me. I knew I could not last long at this pace.

I looked at Cassie. She had removed her hand from my dick and had her hand was in her pussy, pistoning in and out.

“Amanda,” I croaked, “I’m getting close.”

She sucked harder and squeezed my balls.

“Aaah,” I cried as I erupted in her mouth. She took the first shot.

Cassie called out, “Let me see him cum.”

Amanda pulled away and pumped me as I shot two more ropes onto the ground. She slipped her mouth back on and took the rest of my orgasm.

I looked back at Cassie. She shivered violently and I wondered if she made herself cum.

She extracted her fingers from her pussy. She extended one to me and slipped it inside my mouth. I had another minor explosion into Amanda’s mouth as I savored the sweet liquid coating Cassie’s finger. She pulled it out and cleaned her other finger in her own mouth.

Amanda looked at her sister.

“Bitch, did you cum?”

Cassie smiled sweetly.

“God, I am soaking wet,” admitted Amanda.

Amanda slipped a finger between her legs and showed us her wetness.

“Let him taste it, Mandy.”

Amanda stood and offered me her finger. I sucked it clean. The taste was tangier than Cassie’s. Actually, it was closer in taste to Bella. In all three cases, I thought they were delectable and something I could easily feast on.

“I’m going to get myself off,” said Amanda.

She started to move her hand back to her crotch when we heard voices approaching.

We scrambled back into our clothes, with the girls just putting on their skirts and not bothering with their undies, just as three young girls, looking no older than high school, entered the clearing.

“Oops, sorry, we didn’t know anyone was here,” said a tall redhead.

“No problem, we’re leaving,” replied Cassie.

“Nice spot to pee,” said the short blond.

“Oh, yeah,” agreed Amanda.

We started back down the path. I couldn’t help myself and glanced over my shoulder. I saw three pretty, young and pale butts squatting.

Exiting the woods, we made our way back to the parking lot.

I felt the need to talk about what just happened.

“Guys, what went on back there…”

“Chill, Tyler,” said Cassie.

“Yeah, no problem, T,” said Amanda.

“But, we sorta had sex,” I said.

“No, you got a blow job. And, a pretty quick one, might I add. It’s not like that’s the first BJ I ever gave. But, I really like your cock. Sweet.”

“Its taste?” asked Cassie.

Laughing, Amanda added, “Actually, yeah. His stuff is sorta sweet. But, it was also nice.”

“Do you always cum that fast?” asked Amanda.

“Not usually,” I said. “I think it was just so unexpected and the fact that you’re my sister-in-law, or ex-sister-in-law.”

“Plus, you were watching Cassie get off. She’s a hottie.”


“Shit, Tyler, everyone knows you have lust in your heart for Cassie. It’s only natural, she’s beautiful.”

I had nothing to say that would have not sounded ridiculous, so I said nothing.

“So, be cool,” said Amanda. “It’s most likely a one-time thing. Let’s just say we all enjoyed ourselves.”

“One-time?” cooed Cassie.

“Well, let’s not rule anything out,” said Amanda with a wicked grin as she grabbed my dick through my pants.

We made our way back to the van and found Holly and a couple friends waiting. They had started the grill and soon the shrimp were popping and we were drooling with hunger.

We spent the rest of the afternoon eating, drinking and walking around. I was treated to my fair share of tits as the girls in the crowd got more wasted and more daring.

Finally, the girls changed back into regular clothes and after packing the van, we headed into the concert. We snagged a great spot and spread out our blanket. I had sobered up quite a bit and knew that by the end of the night I would be in fine shape to drive.

The girls still seemed to be fairly high, but they were having fun. Like the rest of the crowd we were on our feet from Jimmy’s first song. When he began his cover of “Brown Eyed Girl”, both Amanda and Cassie started dancing with me. They were just letting loose and having a ball. I enjoyed seeing the look of pure pleasure as they sang along. At the end, Amanda gave me a big hug, pushing her chest into mine.

Cassie next stepped up, hugged me and kissed me hard on the lips. At first I was shocked, but then found myself responding. Her lips were hot and her body ground against mine. She slipped her tongue past her lips and I let her have entrance. I grew hard and enjoyed the feel of her breasts pushing against my chest, her nipples hard bullets.

Finally, she broke off and smiled.

“That was nice, Ty,” she said. “Thanks.”

She let her hand brush against my erection trapped inside my shorts.

“Glad you liked it,” she whispered into my ear. “I can be your brown-eyed girl.” She rubbed me and cupped my balls.

The performance ended with a great rendition of “Lovely Cruise” and the entire audience was swaying in rhythm. I was between Holly and Amanda and they each cupped my butt as we moved with the music. I returned the gesture and enjoyed the feel of two firm rears.

We trudged along with everyone else and slowly made our way to the van. After about forty-five minutes we were able to exit the parking area and headed to the highway.

I knew the motel in Providence where Cassie had made reservations and told the girls they could relax. Soon, all three were napping.

We arrived close to eleven. Cassie and Amanda woke and went in to register. In a few minutes they came back to the van and directed me to pull around back. Amanda and Holly were on the first floor and we dropped them by their door.

Cassie said we were at the far end on the second floor.

“Are our rooms close to each other?” I asked.


“Yeah, are they near each other?” I said.

“Uh, guess I forgot to mention, Ty, we’re sharing.”


“Well, originally it was going to be Aisha and me. When you said you could come, I never thought to change the reservations. Look at it this way, it’ll be my treat. It’s only one night; we can manage.”

I had mixed feelings about being alone in a motel room with Cassie. Bella’s words of caution kept echoing in my mind. Too late to worry about it now, since Cassie was pulling her gear out of the van and heading to the stairs. I got my stuff and locked the van.

She was at the door when I caught up with her. Slipping the card in the slot, she waited for the green light and then pushed open the door. She fumbled in the darkness for the light.

My heart dropped to my stomach when I saw the single king-sized bed.

“Cassie, there’s only one bed.”

She smiled and said, “Oops. At least it’s a big one. I’ll let you choose your side.”

“I can sleep on the floor,” I said without much enthusiasm.

“Don’t be silly, Ty. We’ll be fine.”

We dropped our stuff and collapsed on the bed without even pulling the covers.

“God, this feels great, but I need a shower before I crash. I feel like I’m covered with a ton of dust and dirt from today.”

“Yeah, I’ll take one when you’re through. I feel kinda’ gross too.”

“We can share,” she said as we both looked up at the ceiling.

The thought of my soapy hands moving over her taut naked body send a shiver through me. Bella’s warning echoed in my head.

“Why don’t you go first,” I answered.

“Chicken,” she said with a laugh and bounced out of bed. She gathered her bag and went into the bathroom.

I lay there thinking of her standing under the shower and wondering if I were crazy not to be there with her or crazy to think that we would ever have sex.

I heard the water stop. In a few minutes the door opened and Cassie stepped out naked. She was drying her back.


“Uh, I can wait til you’re dressed.”

“Ty, I’m as dressed as I’m going to be. This is how I sleep. Besides you’ve already seen all the pieces.”

“Yeah, but not all at once.”


“It’s overwhelming.”

Cassie laughed out loud. “Well, I’ve been called a lot of things, but never overwhelming. Anyway, take your shower and then I have a surprise for you.”

“What surprise?”

“Duh, if I told you it wouldn’t be a…”

“Surprise. Yeah, I get it.”

Cassie was now blow-drying her hair with the dryer attached to the wall in the bathroom. My only options were to strip in the bedroom and walk into the bathroom or to take my clothes off in there. The bathroom was small, so I opted to strip in the bedroom.

As I walked toward the shower, Cassie turned and looked me up and down.

“You really are a hunk, Ty. God, you always dress like a nerd. But, underneath you have a great bod.”

I mumbled thanks and stepped into the shower, drawing the curtain closed.

“Don’t be too long in there,” she called out, “if you get what I mean.”

I immediately stopped stroking my erection. “Shit,” I thought, ‘is she peeking or just clairvoyant.”

Almost as an answer to my thoughts she said, “Tyler, I just know guys. So, don’t think I’m spying on you.”

I washed and rinsed and pushed back the curtain. Cassie was not in the room, but the door remained open. I grabbed a towel and dried off. Wrapping the towel around my middle, I used the dryer to quickly dry my hair.

I walked in the bedroom to see Cassie’s back as she bent over her travel bag. I stared at her rear, admiring the perfection of the two globes and the rear view of her tight pussy lips.

Cassie straightened up and turned holding something wrapped in a small towel.

“Lose the towel, Tyler, really I’ve already seen it all.”

I pulled the towel off and tossed it back into the bathroom.

“Much better,” she said as she moved toward the desk. “Why don’t you pull down the covers so we can lie on the sheets?”

I yanked them down and sat on one edge of the bed.

Cassie turned, carrying two plastic cups, and sat on the opposite side.

“Crawl in,” she said. We each fixed our pillows so we could rest against the headboard.

Cassie handed me the cups.

“This suggestion comes from Bella,” she said as she unwrapped the towel around the object in her hands. “I thought we could just relax a bit before we go to sleep.”

Cassie unveiled a bottle of 12 year old single malt Scotch.

“Bella said you don’t use ice with a single malt. I’m willing to try.”

She poured us two generous amounts.

“Pardon the plastic cup and cheers,’ she said lifting the small plastic glass.

I returned the gesture and we touched rims.

I sipped the amber liquid and felt it warm my throat on the way down. It was good.

“Hmm, not bad,” said Cassie. “I usually don’t like hard liquor, but this is smooth.”

We sipped in silence for a bit.

“Thanks, for being a sport, Ty. Today was fun.”

“My pleasure,” I said as I let my gaze travel up and down her naked front.

Cassie watched me and then we both burst out laughing.

“Hey, I like being naked,” she said.

“Well, I like you being naked.”

“Not too shocking for you?” she asked.

“Well, getting a BJ from your sister was certainly not expected.”

“That was a surprise to me, as well. She is quite the little adventurer. She told me later that it was a combination of being buzzed and turned on by seeing your dick. She just went for it. I don’t blame her, you do have a nice dick.”

As she said this last part, Cassie ran her hand over my dick.

“Cassie, what’s going on here?”

“What makes you think anything is going on?” she said as she circled my shaft with her fingers and lifted it up from my thigh.

“Cut the shit. Really, are you…” I stopped to realize I was just going to sound like the guy in that old movie, The Graduate.

“Am I what?”

“Are you trying to seduce me?”

Her laugh was full and throaty.

“Jesus, Ty, am I that pitiful that you are not sure?”

She continued to fondle me.

“But, Cassie, you’re married. You’re my wife’s sister.”

“Ex-wife, Ty, so that makes me no relation to you whatsoever. As far as the married part, how about I tell you a little story?”

She paused and then added, “After we have some more of this Scotch.”

She refilled our cups and took about half in one swallow.

“Yes, I am married. And, I love Geoffrey. I believe he loves me. But, we have come to an understanding.”


“Yes, after the twins were born there was a period when I was in a bit of a post-partum depression. Not too serious, but it knocked me off balance. I was nursing the twins, working a couple shifts in the ER, trying to keep the household together. I was perpetually exhausted and quite bitchy.”

She took a small sip and slipped her hand into mine.

“Geoffrey tried to be understanding, but he had his share of pressures. One way he always was able to unload was to have sex. He is a good lover and liked to have sex four or five times a week and multiple sessions each time. I was not in the mood for anything and the best I could do was throw him a half-hearted fuck about once every two weeks. I knew he was frustrated, but I couldn’t bring myself to accommodate him. I even stopped giving him blow jobs. Actually, I found them more trouble than letting him fuck me.”

Cassie squeezed my fingers. She lowered her head and rested it on my shoulder.

“Do you mind listening to me, Ty? I sound so pathetic.”

“It’s fine, Cassie. I’m happy to listen.”

“Always said you were a nice guy,” she said and kissed my shoulder.

“I was sorry when you and Bella split,” she said. “I get it that sometimes it’s best to admit that staying together is more harmful than splitting. At least you two have remained friendly.”

“Bella’s been my friend for over half my life. I don’t want to let that disappear. I think she feels the same.”

“She does,” Cassie assured me.

“Are you thinking about divorcing Geoffrey?”

Cassie let out a long sigh.

“I don’t think so. Let me finish my story and then maybe you can give me your opinion.”

Cassie finished her Scotch. She poured some more into my cup.

“Scootch down a bit,” she said.

I moved my body down so only my head was elevated. Cassie then curled up on the bed, resting her head on my stomach. I could feel her breath on my dick. I willed myself to not get a hard-on.

I stroked her hair as she spoke.

“So our understanding is that we can have a lover, if we want. Not a mistress, not a permanent thing on the side, just a lover or a good fuck-buddy. We set four rules. One, you can only have one at a time. You can’t multiple date. Two, you cannot bring the person to our house. Go to his or her place or get a hotel, but no screwing in our house. Three, there is no emotional attachment. If you are falling in love, you must stop seeing the person. And, four, a condom must be worn at all times.”

Cassie rolled on to her back and looked up at me. “Bizarre or what?”

I smiled and said, “Unusual. So, how’s it working out?”

“Geoffrey is getting fucked and I’m still fucked-up.”

“So, you’ve not taken a lover?”

She sighed again and turned back onto her side. Her face a couple inches from my dick.

“I had one guy. He was a salesman who used to come around the hospital. He flirted a lot, but usually I just laughed it off. One day I was coming off a 12-hour shift and he was having coffee in the café. I grabbed a cup and sat with him. He asked if I had a rough night. I told him so-so. I don’t know what came over me next, but I just looked at him and asked if he’d like to go somewhere and fuck.

“After he stopped coughing on the coffee he inhaled, he grinned and said we could go in his car. We went to a local motel and went about three rounds. It was strange. The sex was pretty good, but not very fulfilling. I never went with him again. He asked a few times and I told him it was a one-off and it was not happening again.”

I looked down admiring her long body stretching across the bed. Her small breasts hardly sagged and her nipples stood out. I let my hand move up and down her side and over the swell of her hips, ending with a soft caress of her ass. She wiggled it and kissed my stomach just below my naval.

“And that was the end of it?” I asked.

“The end of me and another guy, but then something even more strange happened.”

“Want to tell me?”

“Sure, but I have to pee first.”

She went to the bathroom and sat down without closing the door. I watched her pee, wipe herself and wash her hands. She returned and poured some more Scotch for herself.

“I like laying in your lap, do you mind?”

“Not really. It’s just that I’m trying to concentrate on your story and not get a boner at the same time.”

Cassie giggled and put her head back down.

“You can get hard, it won’t bother me. And, Ty, I liked when you were rubbing me. That felt really nice.”

I slid my hands over her smooth skin as she took up her story.

“So, I never wanted to know who Geoffrey was banging. But, a hospital is a closed community and secrets are just about impossible to keep. One of my fellow ER docs told me he heard that Geoffrey was seen with a new OB/GYN doc. My colleague was a good friend and I told him it might be true, but that I was not bothered by it. For some reason I asked him who it was. He told me her name was Aisha Gomes.

“I recognized her and actually had seen her a bunch of times at the health club where I work out. We said hi a couple times. I decided I wanted to check her out some more. I tried to arrange my workouts when she was going to be there. Her usual schedule was to go after office hours. On the days when I was not working, I would hit the club at six. I began to see her and learn her pattern.

“She looked great in her workout clothes. I had discovered that her father was Indian and a physician, while her mother was white and a lawyer. She had black hair, dark brown eyes, perfect brown skin and what appeared to be a great figure.

“One night we found ourselves working on ellipticals next to each other. She said hi. She knew I worked at the hospital and we began chatting. I soon realized she had no idea who I was. Since I use my maiden name, I don’t think she made the connection. To my surprise I liked her. She was intelligent and had a great sense of humor. We hit it off. Soon, we were hanging around together at the club and doing the same routines. I noticed that some nights she would finish with a sauna. I never cared for them, so just headed home.

“One night I decided to see exactly what Geoffrey was enjoying. She and I finished our workouts and she said she was going to take a sauna. I headed to the shower. I waited a few minutes and then with a towel wrapped around me, made my way to the sauna.

“I went in. She was alone, sitting naked on her towel. My heart caught in my throat. She is gorgeous. Not an ounce of fat on her. Perfect breasts that stood up proudly. She had a thick dark patch between her legs. Sitting there covered with sweat she looked like a goddess.

“She seemed surprised to see me and went to cover up. I told her not to bother since it was just us girls. I dropped my towel and sat opposite her. Her legs were slightly parted and I could not help taking a peek at what was hidden.”

My dick was now somewhere between soft and erect, and definitely on its way to an erection. Cassie ran a finger down my shaft and said it was ok. That did the trick and my dick now stood straight up.

“So, what did you see?”

Cassie again ran a finger up my now hard shaft. “Mind you I had never been with a woman; never had any desire to do so. But, I thought her sex was the most exotic thing I had ever seen.”

“Did she notice you looking?” I asked.

“Not sure, but she did move her thighs together. Looking at her I decided to go for it. I told her she was beautiful. She blushed and started to say something. I cut her off and said I could understand what Geoffrey found so attractive. Her mouth dropped open.

“Before she could say anything, I said, ‘Geoffrey is my husband.’ I thought she was going to throw up. She bent over and let out a soft moan. She kept saying no and that it was not possible.

“Finally, she calmed down and pulled her towel around her. She assured me that she had no idea. I told her I didn’t think she did. I asked if she knew he was married. She avoided my eyes and nodded.”

I felt something wet against my thigh and looked down to see tears in Cassie’s eyes. I wiped one away and stroked her cheek.

“I told her I was not upset. In truth I was relieved that Geoffrey had chosen someone so beautiful. She tried to explain, but I reassured her that we had an understanding.”

“‘I must stop this now,’ Aisha told me.”

“I asked her, ‘Why?’”

“‘Because it is not right. I now know you. I like you. You are like a friend. I cannot do this,’ she said.”

“‘It’s ok,’ I said.”

“Then I said something that came out of no where. I told her I found her extraordinarily beautiful and attractive.”

“She looked at me and asked, ‘Attractive in what way?’”

“‘Attractive in a way that usually involves sex,’ I told her.”

“‘I am not like that,’ she said softly.”

“‘Me neither,’ I added with a chuckle.”

“We sat in silence for a while. Aisha was sweating and opened her towel to cool off. I asked if I could ask her something.”

“‘I suppose,’ she said, ‘But I may not answer.’”

“Nodding, I asked her if Geoffrey went down on her.”

My dick throbbed just thinking about it. Cassie pulled it to her lips and gently kissed the tip.

“What did she say?” I asked.

“Well, she sat there for a long time. At last, she looked at me and said ‘No’.”

I sipped the last of my Scotch.

“Why’d you ask her that?”

“Because Geoffrey will never go down on me. I don’t know how to put this delicately, so I won’t even try. After looking at pussies all day long and knowing all the things that can go wrong with them, he just has no appetite to go down on me. God, I miss that so much. I love oral sex. Not that I mind a good screwing and he can be good. But, there is just something about a tongue in my pussy and lips on my clit that make me purr.

“So, if he went down on Aisha, I was going to be pissed and worried that maybe he was falling in love with her.

“I asked if she missed that. She told me she did miss it—a lot.”

My hand was resting on her hip. Cassie took it and placed it on her right breast. My hand cupped her breast and I felt the hard bud push against my palm. Her entire breast fit perfectly in my hand. I gently squeezed and she moaned in support. I let my fingers play with her nipple. I pinched it and then let her breast rest in my palm.

“That feels so good, Ty.”

“It sure does. So, is that the end of the story?”

“Almost, but the best part is coming up. I said maybe there was a way we could help each other out. I again said I was never with a woman, but I did have some curiosity about being in a three-way.

“Aisha’s eyes widened and I suggested that maybe she and I could go to bed with Geoffrey. He would, of course, love it. Maybe in the context of being with a man, we could experiment with each other.”

I must have squeezed a little hard, because Cassie let out a yelp.

“Oops, sorry. That thought pushed a button.”

Cassie rubbed my hard-on and said, “Pushed my buttons, too. Come to find out it also pushed Aisha’s button.”

“She agreed?”

“Yeah. So, that night I laid it out for Geoffrey. At first I thought he was going to have a heart attach when I told him I met Aisha and that we had a long talk. But, he made a miraculous recovery when I told him we were up for a three-way.

“The next weekend Aisha arrived with an overnight bag. She has one child, who was going to stay with her parents. She had been divorced about a year.

“I’ll spare you all the details…”

“Don’t have to spare on my part,” I said as I fondled her breast.

“Well, I don’t want this to become a kiss and tell, or in this case, kiss, kiss and tell. Aisha and I took turns screwing Geoffrey. As one of us was riding him, the other would play with each other’s tits or maybe kiss each other. We double-teamed him on a blow job with us sharing our tongues quite a bit. When he was well satisfied, we made out and made a couple attempts at oral sex with each other. I really liked the sensation of her lips and tongue on me and, truth be told, my pussy was parched for oral. I was surprised that I liked going down on her. It was not as gross as I had feared. I even liked the taste. We did each other for a little bit, but did not bring each other off. Geoffrey was watching and got another boner. So, we took turns riding it until he was done. We then fell in a pile and slept.”

Cassie said everything so matter-of-factly that even my hormone-driven imagination was not over stimulated.

“Ever do it again?”

“No, that was a one-time experience.”

Cassie shifted around so that she was facing me. She looked up and said, “Kiss me.”

I bent over and pressed my lips to hers. Heat exploded along my mouth. Her tongue slid inside and I sucked it deeper. I pushed mine into her mouth. We made out for several minutes.

“Ty, you know that you were filling in for someone this weekend, right?”

I nodded.

“And, I think I told you that it was Aisha.”

I thought back and realized that she did say so after she hung up on the call she took at the pool.

“And, I made the reservations for the rooms?”

Again, I nodded and not understanding where this was going.

“Aisha and I were going to share a room.”

“I figured as much,” I said.

“Ty, there’s just one bed.”

It hit me square between the eyes.

“You mean you two were going to…”

“Yes, we were going to see if we could be together without a guy being involved.”


The birds were singing in the trees and the bees were buzzing around the flowers on the bright and sunny spring day. All around there were flowers blooming and the weather had finally turned to comfortable 80 degrees. Marina was outside in her jeans and t-shirt, working on her garden in the backyard. She was around 5’11″ with large 32DD tits which her curly brown hair fell down over. She was currently kneeling in the dirt, planting some new vegetable seeds that she had just purchased, dirt streaking up and down her arms and on her face where she brushed away the occasional bug.

Marina leaned back surveying her work, admiring the turned over dirt and plants starting to pop up out of the ground. Standing up, she reached for the hose next to her and started spraying the ground, getting it all muddy as she watered her vegetables. As she was spraying the ground, Jiro walked around the edge of the garage where he had been working on some project he was really excited about.

Jiro is about 6’2″ with blonde hair and large hands that whenever they touched Marina, she started to get really wet in remembering what they could do. He walks up towards her and puts his arms around her waist, watching her water the plants, his hands meeting over her stomach. She glances down and notices how dirty his hands are from whatever he has been doing.

“You’re filthy, what have you been doing?” Marina asks.

“Just working on my project but I can’t tell you about it yet, at least not until I’m finished.” Jiro replies “besides you aren’t much cleaner than I am.”

“Well I was planning on taking a shower after I finished watering anyway.”

“We might as well save some water and take one together,” Jiro replies with a twinkle in his eyes.

“I guess so. I’ll be inside right after I finish so if you wanted to get started, I can meet you in there.”

Jiro gives her a quick peck on the cheek and heads towards the house. Marina finishes a minute after he leaves, turns off the water and heads inside as well. Pulling off her shoes, she heads towards the bathroom where she can hear the shower water running. Stepping inside she see Jiro starting to remove his clothes.

He takes his shirt and pulls it over his head, providing her with an ample view of his chest and long arms as he does that. She starts to feel her pussy get wet in anticipation of him touching her but she gets interrupted in her thoughts.

“Well are you just going to stand there or are you going to start getting naked as well?” Jiro asks with a laugh.

“I like the view more than getting undressed.” Marina replies with her own laugh as she leans back against the door, waiting for him to continue.

With a shrug, Jiro tosses his shirt into the corner and moves his hands over his chest and down his stomach. Sliding over his pants he slowly pops the top button of his jeans as Marina licks her lips. She can very clearly see the bulge in his pants as he moves his hands down to the zipper and slowly starts to slide it lower. Marina’s stares at his pants as he reaches the bottom of the zipper and she can see the outline of his cock through his red boxers. Moving his hands to the side of his pants, he turns around and bends over as he slides out of his jeans, affording Marina a full view of his ass as he does that. Stepping out of his pants, he turns around and tosses them to the corner. She stares down at his hard cock and licks her lips in anticipation, her pussy starts leaking even more in its own anticipation of what is coming. Jiro slides his hands along his waist, getting to the sides and starts sliding his boxers to the ground as slow as he can. She starts to see the top of his pubic hair and can see his cock straining at the thin material. When his cock could not be contained anymore, it sprung free from his boxers and stood there in all of its nearly 7″ glory. He quickly pulled off his boxers and tossed them into the same corner as the rest of his clothes and leaned back against the shower door.

“Well since you got a show, now it’s your turn to give me a show.” Jiro said.

Marina started by slowly lifting her shirt up. Starting from the bottom, she started lifting over her stomach and up to her tits. Letting the shirt catch for a bit at the bottom of her breasts, she pulled it up and over her head and then tossed it into the same corner as Jiro’s clothes. Running her hands over her chest and down her stomach, she reached the top of her jeans and popped the first button. As she was watching Jiro’s reaction, she saw him move a hand do his dick and slowly start stroking it. Moving lower she started sliding the zipper of her pants down, showing off her black panties with leopard print trim. She moved her hands back up to her waist and slowly started to slide her pants down, remembering how he did it, she turned around and bent over as she slid them over her ass. The groan from Jiro told her everything that she needed to know about how much he liked it and she could feel her pussy get even wetter in anticipation. Turning around, she dropped her pants and stepped out of them, kicking them to the corner as she moved her hands up towards her tits, dragging them across her body as she did so, staring at his cock while she was doing this.

Reaching her bra, she slid her hands behind her and quickly unhooked the grey bra. Moving her hands to the front, she let the straps fall down her shoulders and started sliding the bra up. Her tits started raising with the movement until they couldn’t lift anymore and popped out, her long nipples betraying her arousal. She quickly tossed the bra to the same pile and moved her hands down her body, pausing to pinch her nipples in the process which caused Jiro to groan even more, his rock hard cock still in his hand. She moved her hands lower and hooked her thumbs around her panties and slowly started to slide them down her waist. As she stared to slide them down her waist, they started to stick to her pussy. Pulling them lower, she pulled them far enough to where they became unstuck. As she glanced down she was shocked at how much of her juices had leaked onto her panties but when she glanced back up, she noticed that Jiro had also noticed as his cock started to leak a little precum and his eyes were fixated on her pussy. Pulling them all the way off, she tossed them to the corner and stood up.

“Well do you like what you see” Marina asked.

Without a word, Jiro moved towards her and quickly wrapped her in his arms and started kissing her with as much passion as he ever had, his cock pushing against her pubic hair. Marina’s hands started to slide over his back and down to his ass as she returned his kisses, their tongues intertwining between their mouths.

Reluctantly, Marina pulled her head back. “We should probably get into the shower before all of the hot water runs out” Marina said with a disappointed tone.

Marina stepped into the shower first followed by Jiro squeezing into the smaller shower space. The water quickly started to rinse the dirt and grime off of each of them as they moved around under the water. In the small space, it was difficult to not bump into each other and that was further helped by the fact that neither one of them could keep their hands off of the other. Jiro’s hands kept alternating between Marina’s nipples, tits and her ass, while Marina’s hands moved between his chest, back and dick.

Jiro moved in for another kiss, his left hand on her right nipple, squeezing and twisting it while his right hand squeezed her ass and pulled her into him. Marina’s hand were on his back and moved up and down his back as they kissed, their tongues twisting around each other. Jiro’s cock was nestled between the folds of her pussy, getting slick with her juices.

Between how relaxed Marina was and the hot water cascading down her shoulders, she suddenly had this urge to pee. Normally when she’s by herself in the shower, she would just let it go but she’s never peed in front of anyone before. She moved her hips back away from his cock as she tried to cross her legs to hold it back.

Leaning back, Jiro looked down and asked, “is there a problem honey?”

Embarrassed, Marina replied, “I really have to pee but I don’t want to get out.”

“Well I don’t mind if you need to pee. You can just go” Jiro replied.

“I couldn’t, it’s too embarrassing” Marina replied while crossing her legs harder and trying really hard not to pee.

“Here, I need to pee also and so I’ll just start going. If I’m not too embarrassed, you shouldn’t be.”

Jiro turned around and faced the drain. Grabbing his dick he angled it toward the drain and shortly a stream flowed out of him and down the drain. Marina leaned over Jiro’s back and watched as he peed in front of her, something she had never seen before. Watching him do something as private as peeing in front of her strangely started to turn her on more. She had never been interested in water sports but the act of just watching him pee somehow turned her on more.

Shortly he finished up and the last few drops got lost in the shower water. Turning around, Jiro said “see, there’s nothing to it.”

Nervously, Marina uncrossed her legs and spread them slightly. She started to hide her face in shame when Jiro grabbed her arms and pulled her to him. Kissing Jiro relaxed her enough and she started to pee without realizing it. The urine started to dribble out of her pussy and down her legs at first before it started coming out faster. Without realizing it, the angle of her stream started running down both of their legs but between their tongues darting in and out of each others mouth and his hands running up and down her back and ass, she just didn’t seem to care anymore.

As they were making out, Jiro took one of his hands and moved it to the front of her stomach. He started sliding it lower over her pubic hair and his fingers slipped in front of her stream. His other hand was still running up and down her back and he never broke their kiss. She was so shocked that he was running his hand through her pee but also turned on that he wasn’t disgusted by her peeing in front of him. She finished peeing and Jiro moved his fingers onto her slit more, spreading her lips and started rubbing up and down her pussy. His fingers quickly got drenched in her juices and he slid his middle finger into her pussy slowly, letting it get engulfed by her wet pussy.

Marina let out a sharp gasp as his finger slid into her and she realized how wet she actually was. Jiro broke their kiss and started kissing down her neck, his right hand sliding to her front and grabbing her tit, starting to squeeze and twist her nipple. He kissed lower until he got to her collarbone and started licking and sucking along the length of it. Marina threw her head back in ecstasy and let out a squeal of pure pleasure. Jiro licked all along her collarbone sending jolts of pleasure shooting through her body as she started grinding her pussy against his hand.

With a final scream, Marina started cumming. Wave after wave of pleasure coursing through her body as she collapses against the shower wall, Jiro’s finger still buried inside of her. Marina looks down at Jiro licking her collarbone and playing with her nipple and suddenly has this urge to make him cum as hard has he made her cum. Reaching down she grasped his dick and started rubbing it up and down while taking her other hand and running it along his chest.

Jiro looks up and Marina bends her head down to start kissing him. Their tongues play back and forth as Marina rubs his cock and moves down to his balls. She massages them in her hands, feeling them roll around and then runs her hand back up his shaft to the head.

“What do you think about taking a shower later” Marina breathes into Jiro’s ear, the entire while she is grasping his cock. Reaching behind Jiro, Marina turns off the water and slides open the shower door. Stepping out and never letting go of his cock, Marina leads him to the bedroom.

Dripping wet they collapse on the bed, Jiro on top of Marina, his hands holding him up by her shoulders. He leans down and starts kissing her with all the passion he has, their wet bodies sliding together. Marina still has not let go of his rock hard dick and continues to stroke it up and down, guiding it to her dripping wet pussy. Jiro feels her warmth at the head of his cock and not able to hold himself back any, he pushes himself deep into her.

Marina squeals out in pleasure as his engorged member penetrates her depths, her pussy walls grip his throbbing cock. He starts moving in and out of her pussy, every thrust sending pleasure through both of them. Jiro moves slowly at first, enjoying the feeling but he knows that he won’t last long, at least the first time. As he is moving in and out, he leans down and starts kissing Marina’s neck, around her neck and down to her collarbone. Once his tongue touches her collarbone, she starts moaning with pleasure.

Faster and faster his cock goes slamming into her pussy, his balls smacking against her ass and his pubic hair rubbing against hers. He licks and sucks along her collarbone from shoulder to shoulder, feeling the bone rub under his tongue as both of their orgasms rapidly approach. His hands move to her tits, each one grabbing a nipple and he squeezes them hard. Between playing with her nipples, licking her collarbone and pounding her pussy, Jiro starts to feel the orgasm hit the point of no return.

He starts to let out a grunt as he starts to cum which sets Marina over the edge for the second time. She starts screaming out as she can feel his cock start to squirt into her, her juices mixing with his cum. Jiro slams into her one final time as he shoots a jet of cum deep into her pussy as she clenches around his cock, cumming with him. With a final gasp, Jiro collapses on Marina as she starts to slip into a euphoric state of mind. Sweat, water, juices and cum all mixing together on the bed.

After a few minutes, Jiro rolls over off of her, his cock popping out of her pussy dripping sperm and juices down her slit and onto her ass. They lay next to each other for a few minutes, catching their breath and recharging for a bit. Marina moves her hand to his soft cock and grasps it. His cock is slick with both of their juices and her hand starts playing with it softly. As Jiro closes his eyes, enjoying the sensation of Marina play with his cock, it starts to grow again. Seeing the growth, Marina decides that it’s her turn to give Jiro as much pleasure as she has received.

She rolls over onto her side and continues to stroke his dick. Bending her head down, she starts lightly licking one of his nipples. Jiro starts to groan out in pleasure as she licks and then sucks on his nipples. She replaces her mouth with her other free hand which continues pinching and playing with his nipples as she moves down over his stomach. She gets lower and lower until she can smell her scent on his dick.

She looks down at her left hand that is stroking his cock and can see it glisten from their juices. She sticks out her tongue and licks the head of his cock. She tastes all of their juices combined as she runs her tongue over his head before wrapping her lips around his cock. She starts sliding down, enjoying the taste and she wraps her tongue around his cock with the movement. Up and down she goes, each time trying to take more of his cock in her mouth. Finally she hits the back of her throat and releases her gag reflex to take his entire size into her mouth, as she does that Jiro lets out a loud groan of pleasure. Her left hand has moved from his shaft down to play with his balls. She squeezes and moves them around as she sucks down on his member.

Marina backs her head up and sucks on the upper half of his cock, taking her right hand and moving it from his nipples down to grasp his shaft. Her left hand continues playing with his balls as she moves a finger lower. Her mouth is sucking the top of his head while her right hand is below it, grabbing the shaft. Her left hand moves lower and her index finger rests against his asshole. She slowly starts to push her finger in and gets it up to her first knuckle and Jiro starts to groan more and more in pleasure.

Marina starts to take his entire cock in her mouth again, this time sticking her tongue out and licking his balls as she does it, this starts to set him over the edge as he can feel his orgasm building. With a final suck, Marina pulls her head back and grabs his cock, directing it toward her tits as he starts to squirt on her. Jet after jet of sperm land on her as she milks the last of his sperm on to her.

She lets go of his cock as it leaks out one last time onto his stomach and she pulls her finger out of his ass. Sliding up his next to him she collapses next to him as they are both too exhausted to go finish the shower they started. As they drift off into sleep, Marina and Jiro’s minds each wandered off onto the new sexual kinks they each discovered about each other and themselves.

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