“Amy, we’re fucked. There’s no way we can afford to get back home, so this man is willing to drive us there in return for half an hour alone with you in his back room. It’ll be our secret, no one will ever find out, I promise.” It all seemed pretty reasonable to me as we stood together in a taxi house, sheltering from the rain in a village in the middle of nowhere. If it had been a woman, I know I’d do sexual favours for a free ride home!

Amy stared at the floor. We were miles from home and had missed the last bus. The taxi would only accept payment before the journey, and there was no way on earth we could walk. The fat man behind the counter had offered to take us for free if he could have Amy for half an hour in the back room. He seemed to be joking when he said it but I was certain he would stand to his side of the deal if we kept ours. We both knew the only other way we could get home would be to wait 5 hours until the bus service started again, but we were at college in the morning and had not planned to be out this late.

Amy glanced at the vulgar man behind the counter, about 40 year old with a beer belly poking out under his dirty white T shirt, with overgrown stubble on his rolled chin. Her eyes returned to the floor as she slowly approached the door into the back room of the empty taxi house. He stood up with a grin and ushered her inside,

“That’s it love, you know it makes sense,” he snorted, “get your cute little arse in there and show me what you’ve got and I’ll make sure you get home alright.”

He patted her bum as they entered, I felt awful as I heard the door lock behind them. There was a slight gap in the covered window so I took up position to peek through it into the back room where Amy stood before the man, who had now taken up position in a chair.

“Right,” he started, “best make this good if you want to get home tonight honey. Just for introduction, I’m Jim. Now let’s make a start by you getting your pretty self topless for me.”

She stood still, ‘come on Amy’ ran through my mind as I mentally egged her on, not thinking of how horrible this must be for her, my mind was just on getting home; although now I had the chance to see my friend naked, performing sexual acts upon a stranger. The snake in my pants was already beginning to swell just thinking about it.

“Don’t make me have to strip you myself!” he snapped.

Amy closed her eyes and began to lift her top over her head, showing a pair of tits bulging inside her cotton bra.

“Ooo…lovely. Right, now the bra.”

She removed the bra too, now beginning to accept the situation and not wanting to be left in the rain in the middle of nowhere for the night. Jim was now rubbing his crotch through his jeans, watching this college girl strip before him on command.

“You’ve made little Jimmy here all hard,” he sighed, “take off your jeans and shoes too. You can leave your underwear on for now if you want, I like my sluts in panties.”

“Can I leave my trousers on and just do something else?” she asked nervously, “I’ll suck your dick if you let me, but I please don’t want to take them off!”

“Yeah feel free,” he replied, “if you and your friend out there fancy sleeping out rough tonight.”

She paused slightly, but soon took off her ankle boots and began to pull down her jeans over her feet, revealing a tight fitting thong above her toned thighs. Jim stood up and walked over to her, his jeans tightened by the bulge beneath.

“That’s you almost stripped, now how about me? I need you to take off my jeans, so if you’d do me the honour…”

He pulled her hands to his buckle and she began to open up this man’s jeans while looking away at the wall in disgust, the buttons popping open easily as his hard member burst out. He slid his jeans down to his ankles for her and placed her hands on his cock.

“Rub me. Tug my dick and run your pretty little hands over my hard old cock.”

He was swaying and groaning as her hands moved slowly over his dick.

“Kneel down,” he commanded, “take it in your mouth. I want you to taste this old man’s penis. Use your other hand to get your pussy nice and wet, I want that hole next.”

I looked at the clock, it was 2:40, Amy had been in there almost ten minutes. She had her hand inside her thong, rubbing her pussy, wanting to be wet to reduce the friction of this man’s dick, which was now pushing inside her sucking mouth – she could count on one hand the amount of times she’d had sex, therefore knew sex with this man was going to be slightly uncomfortable, even on a good day. After about 5 minutes of skilful sucking he said he was getting close, and wanted to be inside her pussy.

He lifted Amy to her feet and peeled down her thong, rubbing her crotch as he did so.

“Lie over that desk,” he ordered, pointing to a table in the corner of the room.

She sat on the edge of the desk as this fat man pulled off his jeans, and waddled over to her, his belly still sticking out under his tight T shirt. He forcefully kissed her and groped her pert tits with his stubby fingers, pushing her down on the desk and began rubbing his hard dick over her moist entrance.

“Ohh…” escaped her lips as he pushed inside her tight, almost virgin, hole. Her eyes were closed, trying to imagine another scenario, any would be better than being fucked by a fat taxi rank worker.

“Mmm…you’ve got one tight pussy here honey. I’m gonna enjoy this!”

His hands were mauling her tits as he edged his way inside, being rather gentlemanlike in my opinion. Amy now had her eyes open and was trying to avoid eye contact with him, looking to her side…at the door…across the wall…along the window ledge…then through the window and into my eyes!

‘Shit!’ I thought. Her eyes trailed away helplessly, her body rocking with the steady rhythm of Jim’s thrusts. Did she see me? Was she disgusted that I was watching?

Suddenly my thoughts were interrupted as Jims thrusting was now causing the table to bang on the wall.

“Oh baby, I’m guna cum soon! Oh yeah…I’m guna cum deep in your pussy”

Amy couldn’t help the moans escaping her lips,

“P…p…please…no…I’m…not on the pill…ah…ah…”

Her own orgasm was approaching as her pussy tightened around Jim’s hard prick. She shunted up into a sitting position, gripping and pulling his T shirt as her orgasm took over,

“Aah…oo…fuck!” she panted loudly, her face now overcome with pleasure.

“That’s it baby, cum all over my hard cock. Oh, you’re so fucking tight…I’m gonna cum deep inside you …mmm…fuck…suck out my hot cum!”

From the way he was slamming his dick into her, I knew he was squirting his load deep inside her pussy. His rhythm had turned into abrupt jolts as he overcame his orgasm, with Amy coming down from hers and lying back on the table.

Suddenly a man appeared beside me,

“Jim! Jim, it’s Dave!”

He looked around 20 and was pulling on the door handle, before ripping a key out of his pocket and entering the back room. On entrance, he was startled by the sight of naked Amy slumped on the desk and his boss, Jim, pulling out his limping dick from her hole.

“Oh fuck, sorry Jim, I’ll be outside,”

He started to exit the room when Jim called out,

“No, Dave, come back in it’s alright,” he said, beginning to pull up his trousers.

“Hey, no!” I shouted, trying to enter the room.

Jim pushed me back out, “There’s five minutes yet son! If you don’t mind…”

He closed the door and locked themselves back inside as I took up my position peering through the window. Amy had sat up off the desk, refusing to be fucked again, trying to fight them off, but was overpowered and pushed back down onto the desk.

“On your back love,” he growled, “time for some more cock in your pussy, you pretty little thing”

A tear trailed down Amy’s cheek as Jim secured her shoulders to the desk, taking the opportunity to fondle her tits and nipples as his workmate downed his trousers and sank his dick straight into her moist pussy.

“She’s fucking hot isn’t she?” Jim commented, “and all she wants is a ride home!”

Amy felt like a slut and began to regret her decision to come into the room. She had her eyes closed tight again and tried to block out the situation in her mind.

“Fuck yeah,” Dave replied, “she’s fucking hot man, and her pussy is so tight! Open your eyes! Look into my mine; I want you to look at me while I’m fucking you!”

She opened her eyes and saw Dave gazing right back into them, his face gleaming as he pounded her relentlessly.

“Oh baby, I think I wanna cum over your pretty little face”

He pulled his cock out of her pussy and mounted her chest on the desk, pushing her tits around his dick.

“Push your hot tits together, squeeze my cock between them, I want to fuck your tits”

Amy reluctantly pressed her tits together as Jim pulled her head forward, causing the tip of Dave’s dick to nudge into her mouth on each upstroke.

“Oh fuck, she’s so hot, I’m gonna cum so hard! Look into my eyes while I cum all over your face! Oh fuck…here it comes…mmm…”

Bursts of cum spurted out of his dick. Amy tried to look away but Jim was holding her head tight in place. She stopped pressing her tits together but Dave was now wanking himself furiously, sending big gushes over her face and hair. As his spurts began to subside he pushed his dick between her closed lips,

“Suck me clean bitch!” he yelled.

She opened her mouth immediately, cleaning his cock with her tongue. He took it out and wiped up some of the cum from her face and pushed it back into her mouth. Amy was gagging at the vile taste, swallowing desperately to remove it from her mouth.

Dave eventually pulled out and dismounted, Jim passing her a tissue to wipe the remains of the cum from her as Amy was told her session had finished,

“Get dressed. Dave here will take you and your mate home. I have to say it’s been a pleasure,” Jim sniggered, picking up her thong, “but I think I’ll keep this as a memento.”

The three exited the back room and we were led to Dave’s car, Jim firmly squeezing Amy’s arse as we left. We sat in the back silently after I told Dave where to take us. I asked him to drop us at nearby shops, not wanting him to know where we lived. Amy had not looked at me since she noticed me watching as Jim shagged her. The ride was long with a constant awkward silence.

“There you go,” Dave said as we pulled up, “sleep well, honey, you deserve it.”

As the taxi left, I hugged Amy, the smell of cum still in her hair. She looked into my eyes for the very first time in what seemed like ages,

“So we gonna keep this a secret?” she asked.

“Of course, I won’t say a word, I promise.”

I escorted her home and she invited me in for a much needed drink to help us both digest what had happened. Her parents were away and we sat in the kitchen. We sat opposite at the table in silence, suddenly broken by,

“So did you like what you saw?” I was stunned, but tried to respond,

“Amy I think we should try and put it to the back of our minds.”

“No, I don’t mean what happened. I mean me. Naked.”

“Er…,” I stumbled as I searched for a response. She was stunning and I couldn’t keep it from her, “Amy, I thought you looked…well…gorgeous. But always have, so…”

It couldn’t have sounded more stupid if I had tried!

“Really?” she seemed quite startled and smiled back at me. She got out of her chair, walked round to where I was sitting and pushed her way onto my knee, her arms wrapped around my neck. She kissed me lightly, “I like you too Danny,” she continued between kisses, “No…in fact…I love you”

We were suddenly encased in each other, our tongues exploring each others mouth as we gripped each other passionately. She tasted slightly salty – probably from remnants of semen still in her mouth – but I wasn’t complaining, I was kissing such a fine young woman, one who I had yearned for as far as I can remember. Amy broke it off and stood up grinning,

“Come on!”

She took my hand and quickly led me upstairs to her room. We ripped each others clothes off in a passionate frenzy and made love right there on her bed. I came deep inside her before we slouched in each others arms and fell asleep together.

It was the start of a perfect relationship with a perfect young woman.

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