With the house now spotless, thanks to Raven’s exertions, it was time to entertain. The five months I had spent in the field had torn a huge hole in the regularity of my poker nights. It would be a great time to decompress and catch up with my fellow officers. Raven would be prominently featured. Had she not been on the way to Escort School, each of my guests would have gotten a chance to test drive her. But I wanted the Escort Finder medal very badly, so for tonight and until she graduated they would have to content themselves with being able to look and not touch.

I ordered a passel of sandwiches from an off base delicatessen. It worked out to be not much more expensive than making them myself. It was a lot more convenient however. The beer I purchased from the PX and had delivered. While the card games would be fun, they were secondary in my mind. My main focus was on getting Raven ready for display.

After awaking that morning in bed together I started our day by again finding out how well Raven could preform fellatio. I knew that Women in the matriarchy sucked off their male slaves but women in the South were used to being served, not serving. She would have to learn to give men the pleasure they wanted. Gently I explained to Raven what I expected of her. “Ultimately your needs WILL be met,” I said, “There is nothing a northern man loves more than hearing the slave under him orgasm, BUT you will have to see to his needs first.”

Raven was not a bad little cocksucker, she needed just a little coaxing in the form of electrical jolts from her collar to preform exactly as I instructed. When I came I gently yet firmly held her face fast and ordered her to swallow. After ascertaining that this time she had consumed all of my cum I went down on her and preformed the best cunnilingus I knew how to do, With my hands and my tongue I got her to orgasm and heard her delightful moan. Suddenly I was glad that I would not be sharing her with the guys tonight.

We ate brunch in the nude in the kitchen. I simply could not get enough of Raven’s spectacular naked body. After eating I put her on my treadmill for a workout. She glistened wonderfully under her sheen of perspiration. Raven really seemed to delight in working out. I realized that I would have no problem getting her to exercise.

As early evening approached we showered together and I lathered her head to toe. Afterwards I dried Her off and brushed her hair until it shone. Her outfit for the evening was perfect. A short black cocktail dress with a plunging neckline. A string of pearls that I allowed my slaves to wear encircled her neck below her collar. Underneath, a black lacy bra, a black thong and black stockings with seams up the back held in place by a filmy black garter. A pair of black heels completed the outfit.

Makeup is not too popular in the North. We like our women natural but I thought that just a little lipstick and color would compliment Raven’ looks very well. I was right. She looked spectacular. Upon seeing her reflection in the mirror, Raven’s mouth dropped open in surprise.

“When my guests arrive tonight you will smile prettily at each one. You will also find out what kind of sandwich and beer they want. You will get them from the kitchen and bring it to the officer in question. I will be firm with the men tonight. They may admire you and compliment you but they may not touch. Once you are an escort you will be expected to entertain every man at a gathering such as this. However as an escort you will be expected to state your fees and terms. Everyone will know what to expect from you and you from them. Consider this evening a dry run for one of those future events. If you were not destined for escort school, Each man would take his turn with you until he was completely satisfied.”

“Do you have any questions slave?”

“Will I remain dressed throughout the night master?”

“I see you are a thinker. I like that. In answer to your question, no. I will be gradually exposing you as the evening wears on. The sooner you realize that nudity is your natural state as a woman in the North, the better off you will be.”

Raven sighed a bit at that information. I thought this role reversal must be hard for captured soldiers on either side of the border. I thought about Carl, the man I had left behind as a slave in the matriarchy, for the thousandth time. There was nothing I could do for him other than pray to the great patriarch that he was treated well in the South. I knew for certain that I would not want to be him. Hairless, collared, with my penis rendered completely inert; totally at the mercy of capricious women. I thought about the ancient past when men and women lived together as something like equals, but that experiment had ended in failure many generations ago. Despite its faults the system worked now. Men and women were complete equals as warriors with a common enemy. Each other,

“Raven, you are a spectacularly beautiful woman. It is only natural that I want to show you off. You, no doubt, had a male slave in the matriarchy. Didn’t you take pride in stripping him and displaying him to your fellow officers?”

At the mention of “male slave,” Raven began tearing up.

“His name was Petunia and I loved him very much. I did not like sharing him but I had to as an obedient officer. I will ALWAYS miss him.”

I felt pity for Raven and embraced her.

“War often rips away the things we love. I have lost men under my command. My own brother disappeared into the Matriarchy a decade ago. We can not change the outcome of this perpetual war but we can make the best of whatever outcome fate deals us. You for example will have the most freedom you are allowed as an escort. Sometimes the work and the men you meet will not be pleasant but that is fate.”

Raven looked up at me with her big blue eyes. I kissed her deeply and she kissed me back.

“I will be gentle with you tonight and for the next two weeks until your schooling starts. I am at heart a kind man and I will be, whenever possible, a gentle taskmaster. You are meant to be so much more than just another faceless, nameless Northern slave. That future is within your grasp but the road to it is through nights like the one ahead of us.”

With that Raven wiped the tears from her eyes and said. “You are correct Master. You want that medal you covet and I covet the freedom I will have as an escort. Let us work together towards that goal.”

I could see why Raven had so impressed the escort selection committee. Her personality matched her looks in every way.

A short time later my guests began arriving. Raven greeted each at the door with a very fetching smile. Without being instructed to, she spun slowly around as each man entered so that they could take her in from all angles.

“My god,” Bishop, “She is staggering.” Walter said. His words were echoed by the other five of my friends as they entered my house.

Once all the guys arrived I explained that Raven was going to be an escort. I explained the instructions from the local school’s madame and about the hands off policy. As fellow officers my guests coveted the escort medal as much as I did. As my friends they wanted me to earn the medal. As officers and gentlemen they would keep their hands to themselves but all were disappointed however that they could not try out Raven’s charms themselves.

“Bishop she is the sexiest woman I have ever seen. She will be so popular that It won’t take her more than a few years for her to earn enough to purchase her freedom.” Said Charley.

Raven overheard this and beamed. A look of pure delight crossed her face.

Once the guys were seated Raven made a circuit of the table. I had given her a small pad to write down names and orders She applied herself diligently to the task. To my utter surprise and my guest’s delight, she leaned close to each man as he spoke giving them a clear view of her decolletage. Her breasts were so tempting and so close. The men showed tremendous restraint. She was a fantastic little waitress. She got every order correct and did not spill a drop of beer.

To be honest the card game, as much as we wanted to focus on it, took second place to just drinking in Raven’s beauty. After everyone, including Raven, had had a couple of sandwiches and at least one beer. I Had Raven stand up. I deftly unfastened the back of her dress and had her step out of it.

My guest burst into applause at seeing Raven’s fine form. I hung up the dress and returned to the group.

Raven did a slow rotation in her sexy black underthings. I could practically hear the guy’s hard ons impacting on the bottom of the card table. Bob drank her all in and said, “Well shit who wants to play cards when we can look at a woman like that. You are the luckiest bastard alive Bishop. You not only get to look at her you get to fuck her. She’ll be the kind of escort that I can’t afford. The upper elite.”

I unhooked Raven’s bra and her glorious tits came into view. “Holy shit!” somebody said. I think just one more hand of cards was dealt that night. I slid off Raven’s thong, revealing her sweetly shaven snatch, leaving her clad in the stockings and garter. By voice vote it was decided I go no further. This look was sexier than total nudity.

Raven seemed to delight in the praise of my friends. Matriarch women are not often told how beautiful they are. Oh they hear it from their slaves and from their girlfriends but never in situations like this. I could tell that this evening had done a great deal for Raven’s self esteem and would help her push the pain of her captivity away.

I had made clear my no touch policy but Raven told me that she was amenable to sitting in each man’s lap and bestowing a kiss upon him. Since it was actually her suggestion, I could not see it doing any harm. Starting at the head of the table with William she worked her way around the table in a clockwise manner. Despite the huge temptation of such a sexy woman depositing herself in their laps my friends behaved themselves. By this time their erections had to be practically killing them. Hours earlier than it would normally have occurred, the poker night broke up. I knew that all of my guests would be using their personal slaves tonight, imaging that she was Raven.

When the last guest left, Raven turned to me and said, “That was fun Master. Am I really as beautiful as those men were saying or were they just being nice to me?”

I took Raven in my arms. “Raven you are probably the most beautiful women these men have ever seen in the flesh. I know that I have never met a woman more beautiful than you.”

Unbidden she kissed me.

Because Raven had been such a good girl I cleaned up after my guests. Raven seemed enthusiastic when I took her immediately after I finished cleaning up. She had a nice orgasm on her own, but because she had been so good, I also had the controller give her a particularly euphoric one. Later that night I took her asshole for the first time. While it is rumored that some of the women in the South like pegging each other, this was a new experience for Raven. I could not read her expression afterwords.

“How does that make you feel Raven?” I asked her.

“Like I was a male warrior captured by a stronger more powerful male from the ancient days. It was not unpleasant. I suppose I could get used to that and even enjoy it a great deal one day. I do know that Northern men like to take our every orifice.”

“As an escort you will be able to charge top dollar for access to your hindquarters. Always remember that.” I replied.

I left her in the stockings, the garter, and the pearls all night night long. I held her close as we slept. Raven returned my embrace and we slept late into the next morning. I could not believe the progress she had made in so few days.

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