I am a bitch. I know people think that about me and I am well aware I can be one, so I own that title. I’m not a capitol “B” Bitch, just a small “b” bitch. I know what I want and I do my best to get it. I don’t take shit from anyone, I don’t have to, and I seek my own pleasures in life.

If I were ugly this might be ignored by a lot of people but the fact of the matter is I am not ugly. I am beautiful.

Only a bitch would say that right?

I have a fair amount of evidence to support the statement that I am beautiful. The most compelling is that I was a professional model for a few years in my early twenties. I am now in my early thirties, but I work hard to maintain my figure and take care to dress well and keep my looks in general. I never had kids, my husband and I are quite athletic and good genetics play a large part in it as well.

One of the things I do to keep up appearances is I go to the dentist regularly. On one occasion, not too long ago, my dentist was not available. I had a cleaning scheduled and was in no mood to have it postponed so I accepted when the receptionist offered to put me in with a dentist sharing the office.

This new dentist, Dr. Shultz, was a creep. I could tell right away.

I know creeps because models attract creeps like maggots to meat.

There were three reasons I left modeling. One; drugs. I started using drugs and hated how it made me feel and behave. I quit before I lost myself. Two; because as easy as it might seem it is a very physically grueling job. People don’t believe me when I say that but try this out and see how you feel. Don’t eat for twelve hours. Then strike a twisty pose, say on your knees turning and looking over your shoulder behind you, while flexing your stomach hard to pop your abs. Now hold that for ten minutes. If you aren’t fatigued and aching after that keep going for two or three hours. That is modeling. Weird body positions, flexing as hard as you can to look your very, very best, after not eating or drinking for half a day and looking sexy or happy while doing it .

It sucked.

Third reason I left modeling were the creeps. Men and women all want to fuck you, own you, humiliate you, worship you and be seen with you. Everyone wants some part of you, all because of what’s you look like, not because of who you are. It is soul stealing.

So I quit and started an agency with all the money I had made, which was a lot. Now I look out for other girls and try to keep all that ugly shit as far from them as I can.

It isn’t easy.

So the second I saw Dr. Shultz and he eye fucked me head to toe I knew he was a creep. He was shorter than my five foot eight, almost as round as he was tall, balding and nerdy looking. He was sweaty and awkward. He couldn’t look me in the eye and I hate when people are like that. But I wanted this cleaning badly. I am a bit obsessed with my teeth.

When he offered me something my usual dentist never had I was intrigued.

“I have a new anesthetic that puts a patient to sleep for any procedure, but has no after effects. You wake up completely refreshed in an hour and can even legally drive. The drug puts you into a light sleep, but numbs the pain of any light work. Many of my regulars love it. They say they wake up more rested than from a full night’s sleep.”

As I said I had had an issue with drugs before, so I was hesitant. But the idea of spending an hour with this slime eyeballing my tits left me cold so I agreed.

I am proud of my body and tend to dress to show it off. That day I wore a low cut blouse that showed the swells of my braless breasts, and a short tight business skirt that exposed most of my long, tight legs. Laying back in the chair I was bound to give him more of a show than he deserved.

I opted for the drugs so I could avoid his ogling.

He injected me in the arm and I slipped off into a light doze.

Something went wrong.

I had read about people who were awake during operations, able to feel everything but unable to move, blink or even open or close their eyes. That is what happened to me. When he came back into the little office where I was laying back in the chair I heard him, and when he opened my eyes and flashed a light across them to check my pupils or something I could see him, feel him, even smell his cheap cologne.

When he dropped my eyelids my eyes didn’t close all the way. I could see him moving around and beginning to work.

It was awful being so helpless. I am a very hands on take control sort of person and being helpless made my furious. From under my half open eyelids I watched him set up his tools and stare at my breasts where they peeked out from my blouse. It was humiliating.

Shultz began to clean my teeth and I could feel every scrape of the tools, feel every prick of my gums and infuriatingly feel it when he let his hands brush over my breasts “accidentally”.

I was already dialing my lawyer in my mind by the time he finished doing my cleaning.

Then he sat back and looked at me steadily. The nervous nerd was gone. I saw a sharper gaze and a confident, controlled man suddenly. With steady, practiced hands he reached out and undid my shirt buttons.

I was shocked, but helpless to move or signal my awareness. Shultz pulled open my shirt and bared my breasts to his glowing eyes. He seemed frighteningly intense and I was scared of him all of a sudden.

He reached down below my sight-line and pulled out a camera. I had seen pictures in the lobby of the many smiles he had worked on and assumed this was the same camera that he used to take those, but now he was photographing my nudity. He took a few shots, adjusted the camera a few times and smiled down at me.

Then he reached out and began to fondle my breasts.

At this point something strange happened to me.

I grew aroused.

I could feel my nipples respond to his touch, and my pussy grew wet and tingly as he groped my chest aggressively. He kneaded my tits painfully, but it pleased me.

I usually took control during sex, I liked it rough and aggressive, wrestling for dominance but expecting to win. My husband Carl was a perfect partner that way. He was strong and well hung, and liked to throw me around, but in the end was happy to let me win and fuck him from on top, the only way I could cum.

Lying helpless in this chair being molested by this asshole should have had me screaming in my head, and I was furious, but I was also totally inflamed by not being able to stop him. He was winning.

After a few more moments of groping my tits Shultz leaned in and began to suck my nipples, really bathing my mounds with his mouth. His tongue licked all over my breasts and he nibbled my nipples making me drip with arousal.

I couldn’t believe how horny I was, how much I was enjoying this creep taking advantage of me. It was unlike anything I had experienced before. I was eagerly anticipating how far he would take this encounter. I don’t think my pussy had ever been as wet. I could feel everything but could do nothing to make it feel better, or make it stop.

When he had enough of molesting my chest Shultz unzipped my skirt and pulled it up over my hips, then he pulled my panties down over my thighs, and down off my legs. I wore no stockings that day and my bald pussy was now exposed to his gaze, the lips no doubt swollen and moist, ready to be fucked.

Lifting my legs up over the arms of the chair he spread me open and took more photos of my helpless nudity.

I had done nude shoots before, modeling jewelry or perfume, and was in no way a prude. As a matter of fact I would say I was more of an exhibitionist, but nothing had ever felt as arousing as being so helplessly naked before a man I hated and was repulsed by. For some insane reason the fact that I could do nothing to stop him was a powerful aphrodisiac.

When he placed his mouth over my sex and began to lap at my dripping slot I trembled with passion, but couldn’t so much as tilt my hips to meet his lashing tongue.

My clit burned to be touched but he avoided it, maybe knowing how crazy it was making me. His tongue probed into my depths and my body shuddered with desire.

He paused and looked up at my glassy eyes unmoving and watering from not being able to blink.

Maybe he knew at that moment that I was aware because he stopped and came up to my face. He waved that little light in my eyes once more and seemed concerned by what he saw. He lowered my eye lids all the way down and I felt him begin to dress me once more.

In my head I screamed at him to keep going, to let me cum, but he returned all my clothes to my body and put a blanket on me.

When he left he turned out the light, the darkness obvious beyond my eyelids. My burning pussy drove me crazy as I lay there unable to release the sexual tension in my body. I relived each moment in the prison of my mind and couldn’t wait to get home to fuck my husband.

I had already decided I wasn’t going to report Dr. Shultz. Instead he was going to become my new dentist.

When his assistant came in a while later I was stretching in the chair finally able to move. It felt wonderful to stretch my limbs, and I did feel quite refreshed, but my arousal was not gone, and I was eager to leave.

I beat my husband home so I stripped and waited for him in the bedroom, masturbating thinking about my trip to the dentist.

When Carl got him I pounced on him and we fucked like teenagers, hard, fast and aggressively. Carl was pleasantly surprised by my ardor, but for me it was impossible to get off. I craved the helplessness again. I fucked Carl animalistically and wrestled him into every position I usually liked but in the end I asked him to rail me while I lay back.

He was curious about the sudden change in style.

“I’m exhausted from my day, I can’t keep going on top, you finish us off baby.”

He mounted me and sawed away between my legs while I lay back and took it, pretending I was helpless. It was better, but not the same. When Carl came deep inside me I felt a flutter of an orgasm, but it was weak and unfulfilling.

I knew I need more from Dr. Shultz.

I thought long and hard about what I could go in for. My teeth are great, and he had just cleaned them so I was having a hard time finding a procedure that would allow for him to drug me and molest me but that I actually needed.

A gum lift.

I found out that more dentists were performing gum lifts to even the gum line and make the smile more “perfect”. It used to be done as a necessary procedure, but had become a cosmetic one as well.


I phoned his office and asked if he performed gum lifts, and he did. I booked an appointment telling the receptionist I had loved the last visit and thought the anesthetic to be perfect.

I had to wait a two weeks to get in and see him.

I wasn’t sure I could wait that long.

By the time I finally got to visit Dr. Shultz my titillation at being helpless had begun to fade. I wasn’t sure this was a good idea. I liked the idea of the procedure well enough, anything to make my smile prettier, but did I want this man to have full access to my body while I could do nothing to stop him? Would I be able to feel like I had the last time? Would I find it pleasant?

When I saw him once more I was again repulsed by his physicality. He was such a pathetic example of a man, his sweaty face was gross. He looked like he could collapse at any moment he seemed so out of shape and unhealthy.

We exchanged some ideal banter about the weather and my gut churned with anxiety about what was going to happen. How could I find this situation sexy at all, this man was repugnant. He had shifty eyes that couldn’t look into my own, his gaze skittered about like a bug, never landing any one place for long. It made me profoundly uneasy.

When we had finally agreed on how my gums would look after the procedure he administered the drug after I told him I wanted exactly the same amount as before. I was unsure if it would work again, that I would be able to feel anything, or if I wanted to, but I plunged ahead. Cowardice is not part of my personality.

The actual gum lift was very painful in my drugged state. I could feel everything, but could not react at all. I was helpless and it hurt like crazy. Not agony, but my gums were being cut open and it sucked, a lot.

The only thing that made it bearable was the fact that every so often Dr. Shultz would pause and fondle me. Whenever he paused to adjust something, or change position he would stop and grab my breasts, or stroke my face. Each time he touched me in an unprofessional way I got angry and wet.

I was getting more aroused as he got bolder, his hand lingering on my breasts, he didn’t undress me for some reason, but he took liberties and I both loved and hated it.

Today he was only doing one gum line, the bottom, and when he finished he stepped back went away for a time, and I wondered if he was not going to take his abuse any further. I was disappointed, and that sickened me. What was wrong with me that I wanted my dentist to molest me?

When he came back toward me a few moments later I felt a surge of lust in my body and if I had been able to move I would have opened my arms and legs to that toad of a man. I wanted him as badly as any sexy stud I had fucked in my younger days.

He undressed me completely and I could hear him taking pictures of my nudity once more. The intense violation of it got me furious and dripping wet.

When I was displayed before him he began his sexual abuse of me in earnest. He began with my pussy this time; he fingered me and licked my slit greedily. I loved having his mouth on me, and the feeling of being petrified and helpless made it all the more sweet as I tried to move around to get his mouth exactly where I wanted it. I failed and that failure was satisfying in a way getting what I wanted never had been.

Shultz relished eating my pussy and he drooled over me and fingered my slit like it would be his last meal. I felt an orgasm building almost immediately and my body throbbed with the need to release.

Then I felt the dentists other hand moving between my buttocks and a finger began to play with my ass.

I had always hated that men wanted to fuck my ass. It was dirty, demeaning and I’d heard painful, so I wanted none of it. Yet today feeling a finger teasing my hidden hole made me even hotter. He could take my ass and I could do nothing about it. I mentally squirmed away from him and the idea of not being able to stop him as he invaded my anus with his finger, and yet I began to cum even as he pressed one finger a little way inside.

My anger at being so intimately invaded, so humiliatingly exposed made the whole scenario even more exciting and my orgasm filled my brain with bursts of pleasure even as I began to sweat and tremble.

Dr. Shultz fucked me in both holes with his fingers while his tongue lapped my clit driving me mad with lust. I wished I could move. I wanted to stop him and urge him on; to clutch him and push him away. Anything to end my paralysis, and in the part of my mind clawing for control I reminded myself that I sought this out. That I put myself into this depraved man’s clutches.

He drilled me with is digits and made me cum again and again. My pussy leaked over his hand rewarding him for his defilement of my person, showing him how much pleasure he was giving me.

At last he stopped, ending my delicious torment. I’d had more orgasm in those few moments than I’d had in months of sex.

I heard his pants open as his zipper purred down. I heard him grunting his bulk out of his clothes and felt vaguely nauseous as I imagined his gross body being bared. And yet my pussy ached to be filled by his cock. I wanted him to cum, to be rewarded for all those orgasms I’d just had.

My legs were splayed open and so he could just lean in and enter me. When his hands spread my lips open and his cock head pressed to my exposed hole I cried out “Yes.” In my mind, his belly pressed down over my own as he leaned forward and pushed inside me.

His cock felt small, but it was enough, bigger than his fingers, and it opened me up and touched off another round of climaxes in my steaming hole that made my heart race and my breath come in short gasps.

Dr. Shultz began to fuck me with his less than average cock and I felt like I was being drilled by the biggest stud in the universe. My body sang with completeness, utterly fulfilled sexually as I was used by this horrible little man in his dental office.

I absolutely loved being fucked so obscenely, and I hated myself for loving it so much. It was already the best lay I had ever had and it was not even over.

Shultz had my legs thrown over the arms of the dental chair and he was leaning down over me his hands on my tits pressing the air from me as he drove his meager cock into my sopping hole. Because I could in no way move I was forced to let my body dictate when it gasped for air, I couldn’t move to relieve the pressure on my chest, nor force air into my lungs any faster than some unconscious part of my brain would allow. It was torture and it was making me crazy with passion.

I could feel my legs flopping around with the vigorous movements the dentist was making, the dead weight of my limbs hanging from my body strangely. My arms were flaccid at my sides. My head lolled to one side as the energy of Shultz’s abuse shook my frame.

As he shoved his cock into my liquid centre Shultz began to kiss my neck and lick my face, his mouth all over me his hands groping my tits aggressively.

No one would ever suspect that the socially awkward, nervous little man was such a forceful aggressive lover. He was fucking the shit out of me and it felt amazing.

His fingers reached up and began to stoke my cheek. He caressed my face and slowed his pounding to a more sedate, languorous pace. My body had been denied oxygen for a while and my orgasms had ravished my mind, fragmenting my thoughts so I was only partially aware of how things had changed..

When it registered I wondered about his change of mood. I had assumed he was just going to use me and cum, but now he pulled out and I was nervous about what would come next.

The chair began to lower and tilt and soon my head was at the same level as my hips. I was still gathering the tattered threads of my conscious thought when I felt his damp penis stroke along my cheek.

Shultz began to fuck my face, his hard-on stroking all over my features the way his hands and mouth had done moments before. He smeared my juices over my cheek and the moist streaks cooled in the air conditioned office.

Once more Shultz withdrew and I was left wondering what was going to happen.

I felt him pry open my tender mouth and place some sort of dental dam over my teeth on my lower jaw where he had worked earlier. Then with my wounded gums covered he inserted his prick into my mouth and began to fuck my face in a new way. His cock was tangy with my juices and it shocked me how much I liked the flavour.

Yet in my current state I was denied even the pleasure to licking him as his cock moved in and out of my face. My slack jaw couldn’t have been giving him much pleasure, but using me probably was so he moved in and out of my mouth for some time.

I began to hear the camera clicking away and was horrified and titillated knowing he was taking pictures of my face filled with his member.

My drool dribbled out past my lips and down my cheek, trickling along my neck and collar bone. I was damp and feared choking on saliva as he humped his erection into my mouth. His balls brushed my chin and his heavy gut pressed my nose as he heaved himself up and down into my open mouth.

My anger bubbled aggressively in my brain while my body betrayed my wishes and throbbed with need. I wanted him to fill my pussy again, I wanted to taste his cum in my mouth, I needed to be debased by him further and to get off on it, and every second this continued I hated it as much as I was thrilled by it.

This abuse had been going on for a long while now and Shultz must have realized it. He pulled out of my slobbering face and moved back to between my legs. Once more my body convulsed with delight as he crammed himself into me and I felt an orgasm building once more as he humped away into my pussy.

As he fucked me Shultz once more groped my tits but now he also rubbed my clit and this pushed me so far over the edge that I lost awareness for a time. The next thing I was conscious of, other than a sea of pleasure drowning me in bliss, was when he pulled out of me suddenly and I felt his sperm splash over my abdomen and over the swollen lips of my pussy.

Shultz spilled himself with a quiet moan and his cum, hot and sticky, drizzled over my sex and pubic mound sending me off on another wicked journey of carnal satisfaction. I shuddered and climaxed and because I could in no way move I couldn’t do anything to either stop or prolong this intense pleasure.

When I was done cumming I felt spent and morose. I couldn’t believe how much I had changed, and how shameless I had become, and when I heard Shultz photographing his jism covering my sex I was as mortified as I had ever been.

The come down from my new drug of choice was worse than any trip I had been on in my wild youth of near drug addiction.

As he cleaned me, sopping up his sperm from my dripping pussy, and my slobber from my face and neck, then dressing my helpless body I was furious and humiliated and some part of me felt I deserved to feel this way. There was something wrong with me mentally, I felt, and this encounter only highlighted how broken I was.

When I woke up, dressed and in mild discomfort in my mouth, I felt refreshed and would have thought this a pleasant experience if I hadn’t been aware of what had happened, and how I had sought it out.

As soon as I got home I had a long hot shower to try and wash away my shame.

It didn’t work.

Instead I masturbated recalling how amazing it had felt at the time.

I couldn’t stop thinking about Shultz and the power he had over me in my helpless state. I tried to impart this on my love life with Carl, but I was too ashamed of my new found passivity, and couldn’t bring myself to alter the pattern of many years.

I threw myself into my work to try and distract myself from wanting more of that helpless self-abuse. And yet anytime I wasn’t absorbed in work I was trying to figure out how I could achieve that same level of physical helplessness while still being aware of what was happening to me.

A week after my last session with Dr. Shultz I had to attend a function. It was a house party, but only for industry people.

Model parties attract all sorts, people who are in the business; models obviously, managers clients, but it also attracts the hanger-ons, the people who want to be seen with models for whatever reason. Some genuinely like the scene and are friends of the models, but some a predators.

One of the reasons I became a manager is to help keep the slime off the young girls, and they are young.

The next party I went to after visiting Dr. Shultz I was enjoying talking to some old friends when my radar went off. I saw a guy creeping around the party talking to the girls and looking predatory. Most of the women in the room were old enough to take care of themselves, still modeling can be a sheltering lifestyle and not everyone has the same defenses against creeps. I watched him to be sure he was staying away from the naive girls.

He wasn’t, he was targeting them. Conversation after conversation he was moving away from the women with confidence and experience dealing with scum like him, and I could see him searching out the younger less experienced girls.

I was angry, and wanted him gone, but had to be careful to not make a scene. I didn’t know who he was, but it didn’t mean he was a nobody.

I spent some time talking to the women he had spoken to already, while keeping an eye on him. No one knew him, and he seemed to be hitting on the girls; flirting and looking for action.

That is really common out in the world, but this was someone’s house and that was way rarer.

I watched him hitting on a young girl that had just moved to the city and knew I had to put a stop to it, but wasn’t sure of my approach. Then something about how he was taking any opportunity to touch her, and the passive way she was letting him reminded me of my helplessness with Dr. Shultz, and I got incredibly aroused.

On impulse I grabbed a drink from a passing tray and wobbled over to them pretending I was drunk.

“Ronnie, who is this handsome man you are hogging all to yourself?” I slurred.

“Oh this is Jacob, we just met.”

“Hellooo Jacob”, I drawled and eye fucked him. He was not bad looking, fit and well dressed, but he looked cheap and weak willed. I had him figured out, and the thought of fucking him filled me with nausea, yet the idea of being helpless and used by him made me wetter than hell.

Jacob used some cheap line on me that I barely heard and I giggled and acted stupid, vapid and naive, as well as drunk. I told Ronnie that one of the other girls was looking for her and then when she was gone I asked Jacob if he had seen the house yet.

I have no idea if he had or not yet, but he said he hadn’t and I began to show him around flirting with him like a high schooler. I’m not going to pretend I am as hot as Ronnie, or any or the other young girls he was hitting on, but he hadn’t been having much luck, and even being older I am still a beautiful woman, out of this scumbags league, so he was happy to follow me around looking at the house and taking any opportunity he could to touch my bare skin and ogle my body.

I took him upstairs and eventually found a bedroom.

I was panting with arousal as we closed the door behind us and looked around the room.

Then I started acting even more inebriated.

“Whoa. Jacob, I think somebody slipped something in my drink. I feel really numb. I. Need to lie down. Can you help me with my dress?”

I was wearing an evening gown that strapped around the neck and left my back bare and my chest well exposed. I stumbled to the bed and tried to undo the dress. I dropped my empty glass and fell face down on the bed and pretended to go to sleep.

I lay there nervous and horny wondering if Jacob would take the bait.

He tried a few times to wake me and I moaned as if drugged and trying to wake up. I had no idea if I was playing it right, but whatever I did seemed to convince Jacob that I was out for the count. He sat on the bed next to me for a while, then he gently began to stoke my bare back with his surprisingly soft hands. His touch was light and fearful. Normally I would have despised what he was doing, and how pathetically he was doing it, but since Dr. Shultz I wanted this sort of sordid, sneaking sex.

I felt Jacob get off the bed and felt a wash of disappointment thinking he was leaving. I could hear him cross the room, then I heard the door lock and my body thrummed with passion as I understood he was about to molest me.

When he came back to me he took off my shoes and ran his hands along my calves massaging the muscles of my legs. My pussy burned with need.

Then Jacob undid the strap of my dress and began to kiss my bare back. I lay as still as I could and relished his use of me. It was incredible.

After a few moments of that Jacob grew more bold and rolled me over on my back and arranged my flopping arms at my side. He stroked my face and it was difficult to remain utterly passive. I wanted to feel everything, but had to keep myself from reacting at all. I tried desperately to remember how it felt in the dentist chair and separate myself from the usual aggressiveness I was accustomed to feeling during sex.

Jacob began to kiss my face in this hungry desperate way, and the pathetic quality of it only made me wetter. Something about how big a loser he was, and the fact that he would take advantage of a woman while she was drugged made me despise him, and thrilled me with how far he would go to fuck me.

It was all twisted up in my body and my mind, but as ugly as it was I was tremendously horny.

Passively letting him kiss me and pull my dress down to reveal my breasts I held still and accepted his worship of my body.

It was worship. He lavished my tits with attention, his mouth falling from my face to my neck and then my tits. He licked them, suckled them and bit them all over, clearly enjoying himself. There was no style, no attempt to please me, he was using me as if I were a tool for his pleasure, but one that he was slavishly grateful for being able to utilize.

My nipples ached from his attention and my pussy burned to be involved.

As his mouth grew more impassioned on my flesh I grew more eager to be fucked. When he pulled back and violently pulled my dress the rest of the way off I had to force myself to stay loose and flop around with his aggressive undressing of my limp form.

When I was naked, my panties pulled off with so much force they tore and he swore. Then there was a moment of silence and he whispered “Jesus!” and I suppressed a smile over his shock at my body. At 32 I looked like a woman of maybe 25, and one in excellent shape. I had no doubt I was the best looking woman he had ever had nude before him.

I anticipated him fucking me, but he didn’t start right away. I almost peeked to see what he was doing, but in a moment the artificial sound of a camera shutter told me he was using his cell phone to take pictures of me.

I moaned with desire. I couldn’t stop the sound; I was just too far gone. I was aching to be fucked, desperate to have this happen, and spurred on by the idea of him capturing images of me splayed out on this strange bed, humiliated and pretending to be helpless.

The whole scenario was unimaginably arousing.

Lifting my legs he parted them one at a time and opened them leaving my pussy utterly exposed to his gaze, and camera. He took many pictures, and my frustration mounted, as did my lust.

I was discovering something I had never known about myself before.

Anger was an aphrodisiac.

My mounting rage was getting me more and more horny. Each way he defiled me, each moment he hesitated in fucking me made me more angry and significantly more hungry for his cock.

It was a disturbing thing to discover about one’s self.

Then at last his fingers began to probe my dripping pussy. Oh my god it felt good to finally have him touch me there. I bit down on my tongue to stop myself from screaming at him to fuck me already. His fingers opened my lips and pushed inside me a little ways and my juicy opening admitted him with ease.

He shoved his fingers in and out of me for a moment, teasing me more than relieving me, then he began to rub my clit with his moist fingers and that was much better.

Then he leaned in and put his mouth over me and that was best of all.

As big a sleaze-ball as Jacob was he knew how to eat pussy. He clearly loved to do it because he didn’t need to. I was already dripping wet, and as far as he knew dead asleep so it wasn’t for my pleasure. The way he explored my folds with his lips and tongue, and lapped at my juices he revealed a man who truly enjoyed going down on a woman.

I didn’t even try to stop myself from wiggling and moaning, I just muted them as much as I could. I was shuddering with tension and doing my very best to stop myself from grabbing his head and grinding my cunt into his face, it was maddening holding back so much.

When he abruptly stopped I couldn’t help but whimper with frustration, forcing myself to relax and feign sleeping.

I heard him moving around and suspected he was undressing. Being blind was a challenge as well, the level of helplessness was making me insane, and I loved it. I was startled by the change in me and marveled over it when I felt him move closer to me, near my head.

He lifted my shoulders and my head lolled on my neck. My mouth popped open as I exerted my will to stay absolutely limp while he moved me closer to the edge of the bed.

As he arranged me the way he wanted me to be I focused on not adjusting any of the parts of me that were now in more awkward positions. Soon he had me more comfortable and where he wanted me.

Then I felt his cock on my face and a surge of humiliation washed over me. He was rubbing his hard-on all around my face, stroking me with the hot shaft and pliant head exactly the way Dr. Shultz had. I felt sullied by him as he stroked his penis all around my features, pressing his erection onto my lips and smearing his balls around on my cheeks. As debasing as it was the association with Shultz made it incredibly hot. It was base and violating, making me blush with shame and drip with lust, exactly how I wanted to feel.

Who was this slut laying on this bed allowing this to happen to her? How could I process the woman I fought so hard to be with this wanton skank getting off on such abuse?

Then it got worse.

And better.

Jacob opened my mouth wider and shoved his prick into my face, pushing deep inside. I concentrated on not reacting. I both wanted to spit him out and suckle him. I rarely sucked Carls’ cock, saving it for special occasions, but now a stranger was using my mouth and I was forcing myself not to wrap my lips around him and suck, to not use my tongue to explore this strange invading cock.

Taking my cheeks in his grip he pressed my mouth down over his shaft and masturbated using my face. It was debasing in the extreme and I was furious at him.

And yet I remained in my false sleep allowing this abuse to continue while my body thrummed with sexual energy.

Drool was leaking out around my lips and staining my cheek as Jacob stroked his prick in and out of my face. I was taking him far deeper than I felt comfortable with and occasionally I would suppress a gag as his head brushed the back of my throat.

I focused on being passive, and allowed this violation to continue, thrilled to be so defiled.

Then he pulled out and smeared his slimy tool all over my face once more. I sensed he loved to be tainting me with his manhood. I could tell he was getting off on the power he had, his moans and specific focus were dead give-aways as he rubbed his damp prick all around my features.

Once more he pushed into my mouth and now while he fucked my face he grabbed my breast and began to knead the soft tissue of my tit hard, grinding his fingers into my soft flesh.

I was going to have to avoid letting Carl see me for a few days because I could feel Jacob bruising my breast with his fingers. I moaned and he squeezed harder his cock driving deeper into my throat.

I lay passively as my face was fucked by this stranger and I began to climax. I had never had an orgasm without having my clit stimulated. I hadn’t believed it were possible, but suddenly my body began to quiver and pleasure bloomed between my legs as I was used by this stranger.

It was a mental orgasm. I could feel tingles in my clit just like normal, but I was far more present and in my head with this orgasm. It was unlike anything I had ever experienced and I relished the change.

While my climax was still going I heard Jacob start taking pictures of his cock buried in my face, once again the same as Shultz, and the idea sent me off on a more intense orgasm. This one was so powerful that I started licking and sucking his cock and writhing around a bit. I didn’t know I was doing that until I stopped cumming and felt what I was doing.

Instinct told me to keep going, but weakly, and I flailed a bit as if I were sleeping and dreaming. It seemed to fool Jacob because he chuckled low and continued to fuck my face.

It felt wonderful to be involved in the sex, but the perversion factor dropped off. Participating, even in a small way was far less exciting than being helpless. I slowed down my actions and eventually stopped.

Jacob took his cock out of my now slack mouth and smeared it around my face once more, my spittle dripping off my face and gathering in my eyes. He took some more pictures of him doing this and then moved back off the bed.

I was sprawled out on the bed, my legs splayed wide, my pussy oozing fluid, my face coated in my own drool and I was still totally horny.

Once more Jacob pulled my body around into a position he wanted. He dragged my hips down the bed and opened my legs around his own hips. I was now trembling with need; he was finally going to fuck me. I was thrilled.

He pressed the head of his cock at my entrance and I felt a surge of anger at the presumption of this man. He was about to enter my body without permission. He was raping me and I hated him.

And I wanted him inside me more than any man at any time in my life prior to this. I couldn’t; wait, and yet I lay helpless my arms wide an open from when he dragged me down the bed, my body displayed to his gaze in all its glory as he pressed his prick into my sopping wet pussy.

I had a series of orgasms as he entered me, my body shuddering, my breath coming in gasps as I lost myself in this delightful degradation.

I can’t imagine what Jacob thought of how my body reacted to his thrusting into me, but he began to fuck me slowly and deeply as I quivered beneath him in abject sexual release.

I just continued to cum as he used my passive body. I loved being helpless as he fucked me. He groped my tits some more and made me fall deeper into the vortex of my delight.

My slick pussy gripped him as he slipped in and out of me and he began to drive into me harder and deeper. I moaned and gasped as he fucked the shit out of me, my orgasms still erupting all through me body.

I didn’t have to concentrate on not moving, my body was so awash in pleasure I couldn’t have moved if I tried.

When suddenly Jacob pulled out of me my whole being clenched in denial. How could he stop when I felt so good?

Then I felt him smearing his cock on my face once more, coating my wet features with my own musky juices. He shoved his befouled prick into my gasping mouth and I tasted my cunt. I suckled him greedily, eager to taste my own orgasms, the strange taste so primal and arousing. I was cumming once more as I lay passively, my mouth suckling him instinctively while he fucked my face as aggressively as he had my pussy moments before.

Then he pulled back and began to shoot his sperm all over my face. I didn’t flinch as the first gout of thick, hot spunk hit my cheek, but I felt a surge of anger at him defiling me so blatantly. Also because he was denying me the taste of him. I hated the taste of cum usually, but today I was so far gone in my lust that I yearned to be filled by his cum. And yet it was perfect that he shot his load on my face. I had yet one more powerful climax as his jism drizzled my open lips and trickled into my mouth. It was in my eyes and across my forehead and I couldn’t have felt more aroused.

Once his orgasm subsided he smeared his cum around on my face with his knob and took pictures that filled me with mortification. I knew this was going to end up on the internet and it filled me with rage and shame, and a powerful thrill.

Finally I stopped shuddering with multiple orgasms and I could lay utterly spent on the bed, my body weak from prolonged pleasure.

I had never felt more sexual satisfied and I hated it. I was mortified at how I allowed this man to so thoroughly debase me, and how much delight I got in it.

As I heard him dressing I stayed completely still except for my tears which leaked out from my eyes and mingled with the spit and sperm glazing my features. I was a mess and felt beyond degraded by my behavior.

Jacob took more photos of me after he dressed, he never seemed to be satisfied, he tilted my chin this way and that looking for the best shot. He slapped my breasts, and he parted my still dribbling pussy lips to shoot up inside me.

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