It’s almost completely dark in the hotel room since my eyes have yet to adjust. The moon is in a crescent shape just above the horizon visible through the window that overlooks the ocean.

As I enter the room, the intense smell of vanilla fills my senses as my eyes adjust to the dim candle light where I see you on the bed watching me enter the room and drink in the vanilla, and familiar smell of your skin in the air. As my eyes adjust I can see that you begin to shift your position on the bed because the sight of me has started to arouse you, and you move under the smooth satin sheets mainly because you can feel yourself getting wet, and the intense feel of the sheets brushing across your rising nipples causes an intense rush which runs directly from your nipples to your clit.

I can see you biting your bottom lip now, and know that you are more than just excited; you are moments away from transforming into your animal alter ego that you attempt to keep hidden, but it is subtly obvious to those who know you and can see the change come over you merely by the look in your eyes. Knowing and imagining what is causing you to stir under the sheets begins to immediately excite me, and cause a re-direction of blood flow as I begin to swell in anticipation of what is about to go down.

More likely it is the anticipation of me going down on you, because that is the thing that puts my motor deep into the red line, and gets me hard enough to scratch glass. As I watch you writhe under the sheet in anticipation, you gently pull the sheet down to expose your nipples, which are more than erect; they are drawn very tight, and are almost panting from having the sheet drawn across them. I can’t wait to get my hands on you now, and pull off my t-shirt to expose my hairy chest, and some pretty stiff nipples with small stainless steel ringlets running through them.

I loosen my belt and my pants slide down my legs, to expose a growing wet spot on my maroon briefs, the flow of pre-cum is really starting to become evident now, but not to worry the factory is just kicking into gear. I have to work to try and get my wet undies off now, because they are getting caught on my shaft which is shiny because he has gotten so hard that the skin is pulled taught over the head, which is becoming wetter by the moment from the sugary juices that are running down the front of my head, and down onto the cord underneath that is in absolute anticipation of rubbing on the hood of your clit.

As I slip into the bed, you move over, and the bed is both hot, and damp with sweat from where you were just laying. I have to pause to smell the small wet spot that you have left on the sheet, it is everything that I want it to be hot, sweet, and your scent combined all at the same time, which makes the pre-cum really start to flow, and before it can drop onto the sheets, you slide over just in time to catch it on your tongue as it drips off of me, and the look in your eyes says that is just what you have been waiting for.

Before you can rinse your tongue in your mouth I grab you by the hair on the back of your head as I transform into my animal spirit, and make you share what you have just taken from me, as we embrace in what will be our first of endless deep wet steamy kisses that evening. I can see your chest rise and fall as you fight to regain control of the situation that you thought you would dominate, but are now unsure of who will ultimately be in charge of this wicked encounter.

Just the heat of our intense kiss causes you to begin to sweat between your breasts, and I can’t keep from running my tongue in between them drinking in the taste of your skin as I sweep up your right breast in my hand, and work my tongue from the center of your chest up and around to find your eager nipple begging to be caressed by my tongue. As my tongue stud sweeps over your breast, your back begins to arch as you try to force yourself further into my mouth. You slid your hand gently around the back of my head, and push me harder onto you, and intently show that you want me there, and are not about to let me up until I finish what I have started.

Gently flicking the tip of my tongue, and the ball of my tongue stud over your nipple causes you to arch and try to slid away on the bed, so I am forced to pin your arms out to your sides by your hands, and to more you struggle, the firmer my grip has to be to keep you still so I can work my tongue and mouth from one engorged breast to the other in a rhythm that almost makes it hard to hold you still.

When I finally let you loose, you sweep your arms around my back, and dig your fingertips and nails into the small of my back which causes me to both be pulled towards you, and raise my head from the intense pressure from your fingernails as they dig into my skin. You release one hand and quickly guide it between my legs, and paralyze me when you slide your hand down my stomach and gently brush against the head of my pulsing gland. My breath is taken away momentarily, but I quickly inhale another.

I feel you try to pull me towards your mouth, but I won’t be led that easily, and the more I fight you, the more frantic you become to ease me towards your lips. As I attempt to fight you off, I roll away onto my back, but you are too fast, and pin me in position and grab me forcefully and have a look in your eyes that commands that I obey, and let you take me into your mouth. Your tongue dances lightly around my head, which drives me insane, and your other hand searches for my male G-spot near my perineum, you know exactly what you want, and you are going to get it.

As you slowly let the saliva and pre-cum mix in your mouth you let some leak back out of your mouth and drip down the sides of my shaft, which you begin to rub onto my skin. I try to fight you off, because it makes me even hotter when we struggle, but eventually I become submissive, and let you take me into your throat (editor’s note: I’m about moments away from having to go rub one out here! Hells Bells, this is getting me going, and I’m the one writing it!) OK I’m back. The feel of your lips around me, the blunt feeling of hitting the back of your throat, and your hand gently cupping my boys leads to be more than I can handle, and about the time your lips get tired of covering your teeth to keep from scratching me, I moan a very distinct sign that I am about to fill your mouth with the hottest creamy rich fluid that you have ever tasted. You don’t normally swallow, but for some reason today you can’t believe how good I feel in your mouth, and the scent and flavor make you swallow hard, which causes me to cum even harder because I can feel your throat constrict around me as you drink me inside of you.

My body shudders and I can’t control my breathing as I gasp for breathes in between the contractions that force my prostate to give up every last bit of fluid that it has to you. After several moments I can breathe normally again, I kiss you very deeply, and can taste your mouth mixed with my cum, and I can’t wait to taste you over and over again, while I recharge in anticipation of entering you for the next first time. I grab your breasts, and slowly slide down your body knowing that I am moments from getting to taste you, which will absolutely push me to the limits. I want to jam my tongue deep enough to taste ovaries, but know that I must start out very slowly, because I want your clit and lips to stay very touchy until you start to cum, and then I will draw as much of you as I can into to my mouth, and suck and pump your delicate folds into my mouth and feel you squirt steamy hot she-cum all over my lips. As it runs down my chin I will pull your labia apart, and run the tip of my nose in and out of you so I can smell every scent that you have.

I will ease up, and just barely caress your inner thigh and mound until you start to recover enough to ride the wave again. After you feel like you won’t be able to climax again, I will slide up onto your chest and slide right into you because you will be so wet by now, that you couldn’t tighten up and keep me out if you wanted to, but that’s far from the case. As I slide all the way into you, you stop breathing momentarily and then let out the most beautiful gasp of air as you try to fight cuming right then, but breath as you will, it doesn’t help, the orgasm washes over you, and your legs begin to twitch as you gasp in between the waves of pleasure that overtake your senses and you writhe uncontrollably underneath me. I have your hands held tight, and my legs are wrapped around yours so that you can’t get away as I methodically slide and grind gently against you vulva while you struggle to get free because you say that you are about to pass out, and can’t feel your legs any more. As I begin to cum again inside you, the heat from that ignites a fire in you that causes you to scream softly that you can’t stop, and when I have emptied everything that I have into you, you can hardly breath, but are only making short quick gasping sounds every time I slowly insert and withdraw from you as I drink in the last amounts of pleasure of feeling your lips wrap around me, and you drink me in.

I stay inside of you as the swelling starts to subside, and we curl up and wrap our arms and legs around each other as our body heat and sweat mix together and we slowly drift off to dream about what we just shared together this “Perfect Night”. Enjoy… Dutch

She stood at the mirror, and brushed her hair, as I watched her from her bed. The scent of her perfume wafted around me, and I was captivated by the aroma. As she pulled at the brush, her head tilted, revealing the softest neck I’d ever witnessed. Her glance was averted to the reflection of me, and I was drawn toward her, my legs responding to her inaudible command.

I placed my hands at her waist, and I whispered her name, “Denise”, at her earlobe, as her eyes gently closed to my breath. My breathing warmed the canal of her ear, and I kissed the spot where her chin met her neckline. My hands caressed forward, with my left hand brushing the underside of her breasts, as the right came across the flat of her stomach, and I could feel her relax against me.

My left hand committed to the erection at her right breast, as my right committed to the moistness of her arousal, beneath her jeans, and the lace of her undergarment. As my right found its mark, she inhaled deeply, and her jaw dropped to the “ohh” of her exhalation.

I felt my own arousal pulse and expand against her, as I feared my trembling might betray my confidence, but did not. Instead it only added to the pleasure of the moment, my fingers vibrations carrying her to a point of euphoria. “Denise” I breathed again, and linked kisses down the nape of her neck and onto her shoulder.

Her head tilted back upon my shoulder, as my fingers worked their chosen intentions. Her hands reached around me and pulled at my thighs, as my arms constricted toward our pressing union. We continued these motions for several moments. Not because we were afraid of our combination, but because this was already better than either of us had felt, for a very long time.

Our heads began to sway to the rhythm of the song we were creating. A song only the two of us could hear. The cadence pulls more of our body’s into the motion, and our breathing becomes synchronized. Our hearts pound a back beat as we attempt to get as much of our bodies in contact as possible.

I tilted my head into the perfume of her neck, and my exhale aroused this spot with humor. The reflex of the tickle brought her face to mine, and our lips became one with the symphony. Without breaking the kiss, her body rotated to mine. Our lips parted, and our tongues danced in the vacuum of our passion.

Our right hands ascended the other’s back, and once above the neck, began pressing us further toward the union. Our left arms prayed for extension, to encircle the other more, as our mind’s swirled among the notes of our melody.

We found ourselves at the foot of the bed, without knowledge of the travel. I relented to her press in that direction, and gravity seated me, on the bed before her. Though our lips had distanced, our eyes had locked, with a magnetism that could have turned the other, inside out.

Her gaze was so captivating, I was unable to work the buttons of her blouse, until its spell was broken. I brushed my hands up to her shoulders, and back down slowly across her breasts. Her eyes closed and her head rocked back with another exhaled “oh!”

With her gaze broken, I found myself a little more dextrous, with regard to her buttons. I started at the bottom of the blouse, and as each button was released, I planted a kiss behind its entitlement. I found myself standing again as I released the last button, and my hands caressed her shoulders, while gravity pulled the garment to the floor.

I continued the trail of kisses up the nape of her neck, to the lobe of her left ear, where I spoke her name again. “Denise.”. Our bodies spun with enlightenment, a hundred and eighty degrees, so that she was between me and the bed.

“Oh! Jeff.” she responded, as she nuzzled my left ear. She began her own trail of kisses down my neck to the apex of my collar. She continued these kisses behind each of the buttons of my shirt, as she released them on her way down, to a seated position before me. I almost exploded in orgasm, as she pulled the shirt tails out of my pants, and up the length of my excitement.

She became impatient with desire, and the last three buttons of my shirt shot about the room, as they where ripped from their tethers, at her impulse. The snap and zipper of my trousers gave way easily to the pressure of our mutual passions. I again feared orgasm as her hair raked my erection, when she pressed my pants and briefs to my ankles.

She noticed my reaction to her hair, and began gently kneading my testicles, and brushing her hair across the head on my erection. She pulled her hair back so that she could see the look in my eyes, as her tongue slowly rose the length of my hardened shaft. Her eyes never broke their stare, as she reached the tip, and engulfed it into her mouth.

My head rocked back, and I felt my legs weaken, as her mouth fully accepted my hardened passion. My hands grabbed her hair as she began bobbing me, and it took all of my will not to thrust in her mouth.

She’d stop, momentarily, but jerk me with her hand as her tongue raced in circles all around the head. Then again with the bobbing, and kneading my testicles, then stopping and licking, again and again.

I felt myself breaching, and pulled her head off of me and she looked ever so pleased by the by her skills of fellatio. “You really like that, you like when I suck you. Do you think you can do me quite as good as that?”

At this temptation, I folded my waist, and began kneading and pressing her breasts until she was completely reclined on the bed. I ran my hands, softly up the inside of her thighs, while her legs parted easily, as my hands made their ascent.

When my thumbs reached her crotch, I began rotating them on either side of my target, and the abrasion of her jeans created vibrations there. Her head tilted back and her back began arching, pressing herself into my thumbs. I pulled my hands back toward me as her legs closed against them, not wanting their pressure relieved, just yet.

When I got to her knees, I moved slightly starboard, and my right hand moved purposely to her stomach and chest. I gazed at her intimately as I kneaded her breasts, and her legs now extended, with her left between mine. My left hand released the snap of her blue jeans, and the zipper released itself, because the jeans fit so well.

I pulled her jeans down from my grip at the waistband, and they turned inside out as they revealed so much more. The white of her thighs began quivering intently, and when the jeans completed their reversal I threw them aside. The lace of her undies revealed just enough to entice my passion to yearn even more.

I found myself kneeling at the foot of the bed, with her knees on either side of me, and her feet on the floor. I planted a kiss to the inside of her left knee, and chased them repeatedly up the inside of her thigh. As my face became closer to the spot of her arousal, the scent of her passion drew me in even more.

As I reached the apex of her thigh, I felt the silk of her solitary attire bush against my cheek. Her hands then gripped at the back of my head, and she rotated it willingly, into her undergarment. Her pressure was such, that I could feel the silk mesh, give way to the hairs, that were hidden underneath.

I began kissing upward, toward her navel, but her hands began pushing my head in and back down. The elastic band, of her silk underwear, caught on my chin as she pressed my head home. I was throbbing intensely, and my pulse was racing, and my tongue started working, with a mind of its own.

My hands became controlled by the passion of the moment, and I ripped her panties, , and I draped them across her left thigh. Her legs spread wider, and she pulled my head closer, as my tongue worked her clitoris, in passionate circles. I squeezed her buttocks, and pressed her harder to my face as she pressed my head harder, and started to moan.

Her whole body quaked, and arched almost completely. She said, “Jeff, oh please take me! I want you inside me!”

At her insistence, I stopped what I was doing, and stood up before her, and drank in her beauty, as she scooched up the bed. My body was trembling, and my erection was throbbing. “I love you, Denise. I want you more than anything I’ve ever wanted before”.

Our eyes locked together, as I crawled up the bed. As soon as she could reach, her hand was at the back of my neck, pulling my head to hers. Our gaze was not broken till our lips touched the other’s, and our tongues began dancing together in time. Our arms began squeezing the other more closely, and we rolled to and fro on the bed.

She wrapped her legs around me, and I could feel her moistness on the shaft of my penis, with the hairs of her essence exciting the sides. She forced herself up on me, and then began grinding her sexual excitement, up and down mine. Her head was rocked back, and she breathed to the heavens as I started caressing her breasts.

I wanted, so badly, my presence inside her, and she sensed this too, as her thighs squeezed in on me. This raised her up, and her hand guided me into her, as I pulled her back down with my grip on her breasts. Her vagina was taunt, and closed tight around me, as the ribs of my member raked her inside. As her full weight came down on me, I felt everything in her, as if I had actually bottomed her out.

She raised up again, and this pulled at my member, almost to exit, then back down again. I reached round behind her, and pulled her down on me, and thrust myself into her several times. I grabbed hold of her buttocks with both of my hands, as each of my thrusts probed deeper inside.

Our breathing became like synchronized animals, with both of us grunting in similar time. She resisted my thrusting with circular grinding, I felt every sexual muscle she had, with every sexual muscle of mine.

I wrapped both of my arms tight around her, as if I could pull her inside me, like I was in her. With both of us almost to physical exhaustion, we relaxed for a moment, breathing in sighs. I took of this moment, and looked deep in her eyes. “I am so in love with you, Denise.” I said, with my sigh.

The words must have excited her even more, because her vagina became tighter than it was before. It squeezed at my erection, with neither of us moving, but I felt her throbbing with passionate pleasure. “I love you, Jeff.” , she said back to me.

We then began kissing, our tongues truly dancing, again we were rolling to and fro on the bed. I ended on top this time, just where she wanted me, and seared all my passion into her eyes. I clasped both her hands in mine, then placed them above her, almost outstretched near the headboard of the bed.

I kissed her some more, but my manhood would not be denied, and I began thrusting as I looked in her eyes. She couldn’t hold hers open because the rapture had taken her, but I still watched her face, as I drove me inside.

She wrapped her legs around me, and pulled me into her. As my thrusts became harder and deeper each time. Our breathing was once again animal, and the bed was now pounding into the wall. The room began spinning, and she began moaning, she then said, “I’m coming.” and I knew soon, so would I.

I pulled myself out of her, and rolled her onto her knees, took purchase behind her, and got back inside. I grabbed both her breasts with my hands, began thrusting into her again and again. I grabbed her hips, and then started pulling her into each thrust that I made. Each time I did, an audible slap was heard, louder and louder and louder each time.

At the point of euphoria, I reached underneath her, and fingered her clitoris, with my thrusts now more purposeful, before releasing my load. She yelled, “Oh! I’m coming. I’m coming again!”

Her vagina had grown tighter, or my penis much bigger, cause our grip on each other was just shy of painful, with both of us wanting this never to end. Her cries of elation peaked each nerve inside me with her second coming I knew I could not hold mine, as I then rammed it home.

“I’m coming too, my love! I’m coming My Denise! I’m coming, I’m coming, I’m coming!” I cried. I’d released both testicles simultaneously, and the heat of our passions almost cauterizing us at the spot of our union. I collapsed on her back with an exhausted sigh.

We rolled to the right, I was completely depleted of all of my energy, except for the quivering man at her side. She rolled over to me, her gaze was still captivating, and I loved her more and more, as I looked in her eyes.

“I love you, Denise. With all of my heart.” I said, “I’m going to love you forever.”

“I love you too, Jeff. Forever and ever, Jeff. I love you too.” my Denise replied.

Mitchell and Rebecca weren’t allowed to be together. One weekend they snuck off together to a secluded place in the woods. Mitchell had a really nice truck. It was red with dragons all over it. Rebecca liked it very much. She had always had fantasies about what she and Mitchell could do in his truck. Little did she know, that this could be the chance where their passions could run wild. It was getting late and the night grew chillier. Mitchell held Rebecca tight as they laid on the hood of the truck staring at the stars. Mitchell made the confession that he always wondered what it would be like to make love under the stars. Rebecca took his comment to her advantage and posed the question of why don’t we?

Mitchell began to kiss Rebecca and eventually the night air lost its chill. Rebecca was so overwhelmed by the passion in Mitchell’s kisses that she barely noticed that she the wetness of her excitement was soaking her black lacey panties. She rolled Mitchell onto his back and began kissing him all over. Starting from the mouth, then his ears, his neck, his chest, his stomach, and much to her delight his hard throbbing cock was readily waiting for her as she undid his pants and released it from its cage. She took it into her mouth. She began sucking and licking his dick in ways he never imagined could feel so good. She slowly moved his dick in and out of her mouth moving faster and faster in pace with Michell’s breathing. As he began to peak he always warned Rebecca so she could move but something came over her and she refused. She continued to give him pleasure as he released into her mouth, taking every bit of him as she could.

Mitchell climbed down from the hood of the truck and pushed Rebecca on to her back as he began to kiss her stomach, slowly removing her clothing in the process. Before Rebecca knew it Mitchell had begun to nibble and kiss the inside of her thighs and was working his way towards her clit. He began to lick her clit as he inserted his finger inside of her.

Mitchell continued to move his finger in and out of Rebecca while he massaged her clit with such ease it almost sent her to her peak. Her breathing increased and she started to rock her hips with the motion of Mitchell’s finger. Mitchell stops licking and breathes heavily on her clit while bending his finger around inside her. The warmth of his breath heightens her sensations even more. Rebecca begins to rub her breasts in excitement as Mitchell continues to lick her moist mound. She starts to climax as Mitchell adds another finger forcing her to rock more fiercly as he moves them faster and faster. The stimulation is just overwhelming as Rebecca climaxes. Her body shakes and her skin gains goosebumps waves of her most intense orgasm washes over her.

Mitchell kisses her stomach, and then her center chest. He leaves a small wet spot to breathe on, to create a small cold sensation. More goose bumps fill Rebecca’s body. Mitchell then brings his mouth to Rebecca’s yet again. The passion grows as the two continue to kiss. During the passion, Rebecca reaches down and grabs Mitchell’s hard throbbing cock. She starts to stroke him, and he becomes hard once again. Her hand grips lightly and moves slowly up and down his shaft. Soon she brings him close and inserts him into her. He enters her for a brief moment then removes himself leaving her wanting more. He grabs her by the hand and helps her down from the hood of the truck. As soon as she reaches the ground he spins her around and forces her hands on the trucks hood. He then inserts himself into her from behind. He starts slow at first, taking every inch of himself and entering her, and exiting her over and over. He even brings him self completely out and then back in a few times. His speed quickens and both completely unaware of the chill from the night air. Mitchell puts his hand on Rebecca’s back round ass and traces his hands from around her hips and up her spine. She drops her head in pleasure, but just as she does this, Mitchell runs his hand quickly up past her neck and grabs a hand-full of hair and pulls back on it. She moans loudly.

Rebecca climaxes again as Mitchell goes faster and harder and deeper than ever before. As Rebecca finally comes down from her peak she grabs Mitchell by the hand and leads him to the back of the truck. The tailgate is quickly put down as she sits down and grabs his hard cock and places it in her mouth once again. She teases him with her tongue and the tongue ring she has perfected the art of using. Mitchell is pushing himself deeper into her mouth, his pleasure mounting. Rebecca can tell he is close and quickly inserts him into her. He starts slow as she begins rocking her hips back and forth. As the passion builds Mitchell starts going faster and harder.

The moment gets hotter and hotter as Mitchell is about to release. Instead he stops while he is fully inside her. He then pushes her back as he climbs further into the bed of the truck. He continues slowly again teaser her. She stops the teasing after a few moments and takes control. She spins him to his back and mounts him.

Rebecca begins to rock her hips. She doesn’t waste any time before she is rocking quickly. She leans back and grabs his ankles and arches her back. Her perfect breasts lit from the full moon in perfect sight. She then lifts herself straight up and lowers herself back on him. His breathe is heavy and she realizes how much both of them enjoyed waves of sensations pulsating through their bodies. She then repeats it over and over again going slower than the first time. MItchell grabs her hips and pulls them down on him and helps her rock into place, and he repeats her motions much quicker now.

Mitchell’s cock gets harder from the excitement of her pussy get wetter as she comes closer to reaching yet another amazing orgasm. The movement is perfect and the night is at its peak. They both continue faster and faster. She leans forward again and puts her hands on his chest and her face is filled with lust. The motion is continued as she grips his chest tightly as she is about to climax again. Mitchell grabs her thighs as she comes down one last time as she climaxes and he releases into her. She moves up and down just a slight bit more as her body convulses a bit from the orgasm.

We looked back into the house as we finished our cigarette. This was the first time I was able to spend some alone time with Nick since he got back from his trip, and I was not looking forward to going back in that house with a bunch of people. But even after we both ashed our stoags we just sat outside, enjoying each other’s company. I stretched my arms and took off my jacket, proclaiming, “It’s such a nice night.”

“Yeah it is,” he replied. “Not all stuffy like in there.” He gestured towards are friends in the house. I giggled, having just thought the same thing. He smiled at me and then stood up, “Let’s go for a walk, I’m not quite ready to go back inside yet.”

I agreed wordlessly and followed him through the side gate, not wanting to draw the attention of our friends. I couldn’t believe this was happening. Before he left I thought that I had completely blown my opportunity with him, before now I was shy and froze up anytime I saw him. Creating awkward silences when there used to be flirty conversation.

Now that he’s back and I have this opportunity to spend some alone time with him I fully intend to take advantage of the situation. At the start of the walk, we mostly just talked about his semester abroad. After about five minutes, we had reached a park. He led me over to the swings and we each took a seat, then he turned the conversation to me. “So, how was your semester?”

I laughed and answered, “Strenuous.” I smiled when I heard him laugh. “Classes were a bit difficult, but getting used to that and my new job was a bit overwhelming at times.”

He pulled out another cigarette and gestured for us to share it. I nodded my head and he lit the death stick. After taking a drag he passed it over to me, asking, “So I’m guessing you didn’t have much time to date.”

I understood the significance of this sentence, he was not so subtly checking to see if I had a boyfriend. I smiled at him, and replied in a soft voice, “Not really, but I didn’t meet anyone last quarter that I wanted to date anyways.”

I could tell he was trying to hide it, but I could tell he was relieved. I looked at him for a few seconds, memorizing his eyes and his wonderful smile. I then stood up and held out my hand to him with a smile, “Let’s head back.”

He gladly took my hand and stood close to me. He made to begin walking, but I squeezed his hand to make him stop. Once he did, he turned to look at me, a question in his eyes. I knew that what I was about to do next was risky, but the only thing that went through my head as I leaned forward to kiss him was, “It’s now or never.”

My free hand gently cupped the side of his face as I applied as small amount of pressure against his smooth lips. “This is it,” I thought. “If he doesn’t respond after a second or two, then I’ll head back to the house and never mention this again.” I waited for what felt like forever, and felt no response. As I begrudging began to pull away, I felt a rush of cold air to my hand that was incased in his. “Oh no. I blew it. He’s never going to talk to-” During mid-thought, I felt his hands cradle my face and bring me back to his lips. Applying even more pressure than I had done. I kissed back with enthusiasm. I moved my other hand to the back of his head and curled my fingers into his hair.

He noticed my reaction and brushed his tongue against my bottom lip, I gladly welcomed him in and kissed him passionately for a good five minutes before we had to break for air. He dropped his hands from my face to my waist, and pressed his forehead against mine. It suddenly felt very cold outside, and I shuddered as we regained our breath, and then I said, “We should probably go back inside.”

He nodded and kissed me once more before taking my hand and leading me back to his house. Once we got back, I immediately noticed how quiet it was. After noting everyone’s disappearance, he found a note on the counter. “Hey guys, we all went to a party off campus. Would have invited you but we couldn’t find you or get a hold of you.”

Rather than be hurt by the abandonment of our friends I took full advantage of the completely empty house. I gave him a look, and he seemed to know exactly what I was thinking. He came back over to me and hungrily brought my lips back to his. I attacked his mouth with my greedy lips as he lifted me by the waist and supported me under my butt, kissing me as he carried me to his room. He lowered me onto his bed and stripped his shirt off before kissing down my neck.

At first he was gently nibbling and sucking on my skin as my hands searched his bare back. After my hands traveled forward and rested on his chest he bit down on my collarbone. I exhaled sharply, and after hearing this sound of encouragement he brought his hand up to my breast, supporting himself above me with the other. He kissed me again as he began kneading my breast with his left hand. I loved the feeling of his hand against me, and a greedy thought came to me.

Before he even had time to react, I pushed him off of me and onto his back. I leaned over and straddled his pelvis before sitting up and peeling my shirt over my head, leaving me on top of him with nothing but my jeans (that’s right, no underwear) and my bra. I ground my crotch against his as I bent down and kissed him hungrily. He didn’t even hesitate to grab both of my breasts, molding them in his hands before reaching around and unhooking my bra. He began to knead my breasts again, and I groaned from the feel of his cold hands.

He flipped me onto my back once more and kissed down to my breasts. Teasing softly around my hard nipples with his tongue and his teeth, before taking my left nipple into his mouth and pleasuring it while his hand pulled on my other nipple. What he was doing to me felt fabulous, and I was suddenly overcome with a desire to make him feel as amazing as he is making me feel.

While he continued to work and switch treatments to my breasts, I brought my hand to the button of his pants. I slid my hand down along the outside of his pants and stroked his groin. At this he shuddered and bit down on my breast hard. As I began to unbutton and unzip him, he raised himself back to my eye level and panted, “Wait!”

I froze my hand where it was, resting on top of his undone zipper above his hard shaft. I looked at him with questions in my eyes and he breathed, “If we go any farther I don’t think I’ll be able to stop myself. I want you so badly, but I don’t want to hurt you by going too far.”

I was touched. I had figured that most guys our age wouldn’t even stop to consider my feelings and give in whole heartedly to his own desires. I knew there was a reason why I liked. I smiled at him and kissed him before I said, “I’m game if you are.”

He looked at me like the happiest man in the world, and violently pulled my mouth back to his. As he kissed me I continued with my teasing and moved my hand into the waistband of his boxers. I traced my fingers through his pubic hair and caressed a finger along the length of his shaft. He moaned into my mouth as I closed my hand around his swollen member. As I began to stroke him, he stopped kissing me and concentrated on the waves of pleasure that were coursing through his body.

I watched him in fascination. Even with his eyes closed and his mouth slightly ajar, he was sexiest man I had ever seen. My hand felt forced and halted by the lack of lubrication on his dick, so I removed my hand and brought it up to my face. He opened his eyes and stared into mine, giving me a look that could mean nothing but gratitude as I licked my palm and placed it back on him. I smiled up at him and kissed him softly, making my hand movements faster at the same time. After I brushed my thumb over the tip of his cock, he groaned aloud. A wild, guttural sound that set off my most primal instincts. I separated from his lips and panted, “I want you. I want you now.”

He nodded and allowed me to removed his jeans, he reached down towards mine and cupped his hand against the fabric that was concealing my crotch. He pressed hard and felt the wetness of the denim, then he looked into my eyes and smirked. He knew the effect he was having on me, and I could tell he meant to take full advantage of it. Looking into my eyes the entire time, he brought his face back to my breasts and began teasing them once more, removing my pants as he did so. I helped him slide my jeans off and then his hand moved up my inner thigh and onto my vagina. He began to circle his fingertip around my clit as he sucked on my breasts.

I was so overcome with pleasure that I had closed my eyes. He immediately stopped everything and said with a deep growl, “Open your eyes.” I did as he requested and watched him as he continued to tease my body. As he slid his first finger into me he began to kiss down my body, never breaking eye contact with me. Right as he came above my cleanly shaved pussy, he inserted another of his strong fingers.

I fought the urge to close my eyes and give over to the sensation of pleasure, but my resolve faded as soon as his mouth reached my clitoris. His fingers sawed into me savagely as his tongue continuous attacked my clit. Waves of pleasure that I had never felt before coursed through me, and as a carnal fire built up inside of me and dug my fingers into his hair and pushed him closer to my womanhood. Moaning loudly as he worked his wonderful magic.

I pulled on his hair to yank him back up, and I begged, “I’m so close, PLEASE. I need you inside of me now!” He pulled his fingers out of me and slid back up my body, kissing every patch of skin that he could find. Once he got back to my face I pulled down his boxers and peeled them away from his body.

Even after I had already felt him down there, I was not prepared for what I saw. He was HUGE. He noticed my staring and he chuckled to himself, “Like what you see?”

In answer I wrapped my fingers around him and breathed into his ear, “Very much.” I pushed him again onto his back and ground my wet pussy against his hard dick. He grabbed my hips and pulled me back and forth, helping me get him fully prepared for the main event. I kissed down his neck and sucked on his collar bone as we grinded, repaying him for the hickeys that he surely gave me.

Above me I heard him pant, “Get. The. Condom. From. The. Dresser.” I kissed down to his chest, along his abdomen and finished my journey at the head of his cock. I kissed the tip softly and then stood up to retrieve the rubber.

I found the condom in record time, and turned back to him on the bed. He was propped up on his elbows, dick fully erect and a wild look in his eyes. I slowly walked back over to the bed, unwrapping the condom with my teeth and removing it from its package. With the condom in my left hand I slowly kissed up his right leg, dragging my breasts across his skin as I moved higher.

Then I came to his penis. I gave him a playful look before licking his ball sack and then licking up his shaft. I reached the tip of his penis and maneuvered it so that I would go into my mouth. I slowly bobbed my head up and down, trying to get his huge member as far down my throat as possible. He groaned loudly, and begged, “If you keep doing that I’m not going to last very long.”

With his penis still in my mouth and I looked up and into his eyes, giving the head another hard suck before removing myself from him and placing the condom onto him. I crawled back up his body, letting my nipples drag against his skin.

He grabbed my face and kissed me passionately before turning me over once more and placing himself between my legs. He kissed the tip of my nose and wiped my hair out of my face. Breathing, “Are you sure you want to do this?”

Even with his dick completely hard, he was trying to protect me. I grazed my fingers across his cheek and spoke the truth. “I’ve wanted this ever since I met you.” He smiled and kissed me again before gripping his cock and moving it into my aching pussy.

He was a lot thicker than I anticipated, I inhaled sharply as he pushed himself farther into me crying out as his head pushed against my g-spot. He stopped and started to say something but before he could utter a syllable I whined, “Why did you stop?”

He chuckled and then proceeded to shove the rest of himself inside me. This was definitely the most full I’ve ever felt in my life, he looked into my eyes as he started thrusting back and forth. His eyes were the most spectacular shade of green that I’d ever seen, and I just couldn’t help but kiss him as my thrusts met his.

Something primal must have struck him, because the more I tried to participate the more aggressive he became. He even grabbed my hands and pinned them over my head, which was incredibly hot. I never knew how amazing being dominated could feel and I groaned at my submission. He could tell that I was enjoying myself. As he continually thrust harder and faster, he repositioned us so that I he was on his knees and my leg was positioned onto his shoulder. He began pumping into me at an incredible rate and using one of his hands to grope my breast roughly. It almost hurt, but I found that I liked it. I felt that fire build up again inside me, burning hotter and hotter as he continued to ravage me.

His body was shaking and I could tell he was close, I wanted him to finish. Not only did I want him to finish but I wanted to finish with him. As he continued to thrust aggressively and claw at my breasts I brought my fingertips down to my clit and began working my button, bringing me as close to my climax as him.

He shouted, “I’m gonna cum!” And as he gave one final thrust he crashed his lips onto mine and kissed me deeply as we both gave over to the blinding pleasure.

As our orgasm ended, he collapsed onto me and rolled to my side. Not wanting to crush me I guessed. I panted, “Come here.” And I curled myself onto his chest. He held me as we breathed into each other’s skin.

Even after the heat escaped us, and our breathing became steady we continued to lay on the couch. He kissed my forehead and said, “That was incredible. I’ve wanted to do that with you for the longest of time, and I can’t believe it finally happened.”

I gazed into his eyes adoringly and replied, “Me neither babe.”

Chapter 02: The Picnic

Dappled light filtered through the patterned net curtains, drifted down onto the two slumbering forms underneath the blankets. Gentle warmth filled the room, Mattie’s eyes drifted open and it took her a moment to remember where she was. The unfamiliar four posted bed gave her pause for a moment until a figure stirring beside her made her remember. Roland rolled in his sleep so he faced her, his arms reached for her and she let herself be caught, snuggling into the warmth of the tall gunslinger’s body. His calloused hand rested on her belly and she let out a deep contented sigh. Could anything be sweeter than this?

She lay there for many a long moment but the niggling feeling of needing to do something invaded her thoughts. She let out a breath and carefully disentangled herself from Roland’s embrace. He murmured something and opened one of his faded blue eyes. She kissed his cheek and he smiled up at her. “Where’re you going?” His voice still sleep fogged.

“I’ve been awake a while now Roland. I’m a touch hungry.” She said sitting on the side of the bed. “I’m going to go get cleaned up, dress in some fresh clothes and then go find some food.” He rolled onto his back as she spoke and placed his hands behind his head.

“And what shall be your plan today?”

“I don’t know yet. I think I should be getting back to the world.” She said.

“I… I have to cross a desert, I was chasing someone, someone who had answers but I can’t quite remember who.” He said. “How do I get back?”

“You go when you will it.” She said

“And if I don’t?”

“Then you stay.”

He thought this over as she gathered up her clothing from the night before. It had been scattered around the room and the remembered passion made her grin. “Is there just this place here?” he asked.

“Oh no, there is a small village down the lane, it has a few shops but nothing much, a few fields but if you go too far the place becomes a bit hazy. It makes you think that you’ll never find your way back. It forces you to turn around.” She said. Mattie sat herself on the edge of the bed and turned to face him as best she could. “Anything else I can tell you?”

He shook his head. “Today, we should spend together. I shall return tomorrow morning to what I was doing.” He said, sitting up. He inched over to where she sat and cupped her chin in his hand. He tilted her face up to his and kissed her full on the mouth. The kindling from the fires of last night jumped in the very pit of her stomach. As soon as she started he broke the contact and brushed her hair back from her shoulders, “If that is acceptable to you of course.” He whispered.

“Oh Ro’ as if I could refuse after you doing that. We’ll pack some food and go for a walk. There’s a little stream to the south of here, we’ll follow it.” He nodded agreement and rubbed her shoulders with his thumbs. “But if you continue with this, we won’t make it out the room.” He hesitated a moment before removing his hands. He laid a kiss on her temple before nodded.

“Go on then, before I change my mind and we stay here all day.” He said. Mattie paced across the floor, opened the door, took a glance down the corridor in both directions before ducking into her own room.

One short hour later, Mattie was washed, changed and full of a wholesome breakfast provided for by the bar keeper for services rendered the previous night. She sat at one of the picnic benches in the sun, an open book on her lap, a basket full of lunch at her feet. She looked up at the sound of booted heels striking the cobbled floor. Roland approached looking as good as anything she ever did see. He’d left his great coat inside but he still had his guns strapped to his hip and the hat rammed onto his head. She tucked her book into the basket and arose, catching it in her hands.

“So then Mattie, you show me where we’re going, you’re the one in the know.”

“Very well.” She said, she looped the basket through her arm and took his hand in hers. “It’s off to the south.” She said leading him through the small gate at the bottom of the inn’s garden. The sun shone bright in a clear blue sky, the green grass of the meadow couldn’t have been fairer. They crossed the meadow in silence before they met the stream. The trickling of the water over the rocks joined with the birdsong creating a wonderful melody. Mattie found it difficult to keep a smile off her face and as she stole glances at the companion walking by her side, she found he suffered as much as she. They followed it for most of the morning before coming upon a beautiful willow tree overhanging the water.

“Let’s stop a while.” Mattie said. The sun had warmed considerably as it had reached its zenith and it was time for a break, the tree would provide the perfect mottled shade, not unlike that which filtered through the nets earlier that morning. She pulled the blanket from the basket and spread it over the ground. “Are you hungry?” she said as Roland sat down next to her. He nodded and she handed him a sandwich.

“Popkins?” he said with a smile.


“I haven’t had a decent popkin for, I don’t know, many moons.” He said, taking a bite out of the meat filled bread. She took a sandwich for herself and they ate silently, listening only to the sound of the stream babbling over the rocks at its bed.

“Tell me of your home Roland.” She said, finishing her sandwich.

“My home? It’s not a place I tell of much. It has changed, sickened in recent times and I don’t like speaking of it.” He said.

“Then tell me about you Ro’.” She replied.

“In exchange for what?”


“I’ll tell you something of myself in exchange for something of yourself Mattie, you don’t get anything for free you know.” He said, his voice carrying a playful tone that sounded strange to her, like he was unaccustomed to using it.

“What’s to tell?” she said with a shrug, “I have no family I’ve ever known. I was sent to the Tower at age eleven, later than most but younger than some. I’d developed what they said was an affinity to the elements.”

“How’d they discover that?” The gentle wind tugged at the willow branches as he spoke, whispering their own questions.

“I kept setting fires in my sleep. After the third time, they sent me to be taught how to control myself.” She said. He laughed. “I never killed anyone. At that point, since then it’s been different but at that point… It was a scary time of my life. The Mages at the tower instructed me on how not to burn things, it took a while but I got it eventually. I learned a lot of other things as well.”

“Like mind play?”

“Not exactly, that came much much later. I left the tower when I still had much to learn. I didn’t want to be controlled by the old men there. I wanted to see the world on my own terms, not theirs, to remain there was to follow their rules. I… I fell out with my tutor, and most of my friends over what I now know was a petty thing.” She said.

“Go on.” Roland said, taking another sandwich from the basket.

“It was over a sprite, a small dragon that acts as a conduit for our power, with one of them, I would be capable of major spells for a much longer period of time. They’re about the size of a cat. I refused; I didn’t want that much responsibility. I was sixteen, one of the youngest ever to be offered. That night I ran away, caught the next boat to the wastes and made my way from there.”

“How did you fall in with Cathal?” he asked. Mattie took a crisp apple from the basket and shook her head.

“Your turn. I’ve been speaking for a while, now you keep your promise.” She said, taking a bite from the apple. It was as juicy as it was crisp.

“I don’t recall ever mentioning a promise.” He said. She pulled a face at him as he removed his hat and pushed dark hair peppered with grey back from his face. “But I’ll tell you something. When I was a lad, seems so long ago now,” Again Mattie found herself wondering at his age, “I had a best friend, ‘Bert. All he did was talk and laugh. He had such a sense of humour and wonder at the world, to a point of being a nuisance. I know he often got on my nerves with his endless prattle. One time, we went swimming in the creek near my father’s castle. We’d been given that afternoon off from training although the reason escapes me as to why.”

Mattie cast aside her apple core and settled onto her elbows, leaning back, she looked up at him as he spoke. “It was a hot day and we’d been at it all morning on the sands. We’d been swimming for a few hours when my foot got entwined in some of the weeds. I’d have died that day if not for him. ‘Bert’s chatter brought me round after he’d dragged me ashore.” He said.

“What happened to him?” Mattie asked sitting up again. Roland looked into the distance for a long moment, a slight warm breeze catching at the longer wisps of hair. She reached out a tentative hand and placed it on his.

“He, like so many others, died due to my decisions.” He said this with just the shadow of regret. She didn’t really know what to say to that, so far as she knew, she’d never caused someone else to die on her behalf; it was a bit difficult to relate to. Mattie gave his hand a squeeze, it wasn’t much but it was all she had. “It all happened a long time ago.” He said looking down into her face, “I cannot speak for the future, but for now, I am content enough.”

“That’s good.”

“How did you fall in with Cathal then?” he asked not letting go of her hand.

“I was working as a show-girl down in Lawless; I wasn’t that good at it if I’m honest though, back then I felt a lot more self-conscious than I do now. I guess he saw me for what I was, a young woman in distress but more than that, he saw I was a renegade. He was the one to suggest mind craft and it worked. We worked well together and continued to do so.” She said. “Since then, he has saved me countless times from all sorts of dangers, including Mage-Hunters.”

“Mage-Hunters?” Roland looked at her, his face blank. She fought back the sudden intense urge to kiss him.

“Renegade mages are dangerous. Hunters are creatures that are not dead but not living. I don’t know how they work but I know their effect. When they turn up, we leave town.” She said, looking away. She flinched as his rough fingers brushed against her cheek, pausing at her chin before lifting her face back to his. She gave him one of her best smiles, “It’s safe here, I know.” He pushed his hand up through the thick length of her black hair and ran his fingers down to the tips, letting it slide through his grip. A delicious little shiver trickled down Mattie’s spine and she couldn’t quite keep a grin off her face. She bit her lower lip as he repeated the movement. Her long hair spiralled around his fingers, coiling around and around the tips as he twirled the ends.

Mattie let her eyes drift closed, the gentle tugging at the nape of her neck was wonderful, his other hand pulled on her shoulder urging her to lay back. His weight followed her to the blanket and she found herself once again lying in the gunslinger’s warm embrace. The smell of him flooded her, the warm leather and distant scent of lavender, she breathed in deeply, wanting to drink the smell into her memory. Roland kept his hand on the back of her neck, teasing the short hairs with the tips of his fingers. “You’ll have me asleep if you keep on at that Ro’.” She said.

“Maybe that’s the idea.” He whispered. His voice close to her ear. His breath hot on her neck. Somehow, she didn’t believe a word he said.

“I don’t think so.” She let her hand touch the side of his face, work its way down the planes of his chest and waist, settling at the bulge beneath his belt buckle. The sharp intake of breath told her everything, “See, your hands say one thing but mine find another.” She gave him the slightest of squeeze before trailing a lingering hand back up his lean body.

“You have me there.” Roland said. She opened her eyes a fraction, turned her head and found his mouth. She kept the kiss simple, chaste, unlike her bold hand had been a moment before. His soft lips held a delicate flavour of their own, cinnamon sweet they were, and all hers. The next kiss she gave lingered longer, was decidedly less sisterly, and was ever so much better. This time, his lips parted, his tongue slid into her mouth, hers into his. She so wanted to taste him, to savour him, to hold him in her mind as long as she could. His tongue slipped along hers, dancing in a melody not quite random.

He broke the kiss first, leaned back and clasped her face in both his hands. He looked down at her for a long while, she couldn’t help think something was wrong, he turned from her, “No one will find us here will they?” he asked. She shook her head, so far as she knew; this glade had been created for them by the inn’s power. They’d not be found if they didn’t will it so. He smiled his wolfish smile before kneeling up. He then unbuckled both his gun belts and placed them next to the picnic basket.

“Come back here and do that again.” She said. He was there in less than a second, his mouth covered hers, his tongue thrust deep into her, she could feel his teeth under his lips as she forced her way into his mouth. The collision sent fire raging through her, gone was the sweetness, replaced with a desire that demanded fulfilment. His lips bombarded hers as she twisted her head to the left, then the right, each time he drove deeper into her mouth. The waves of fire crashed over her, settling as an intense pressure in her sex, she ignored it, concentrating on the passion his mouth rained on her.

Mattie felt Roland’s hands grip her waist, without breaking contact with her lips; he lifted her so she straddled him. She sat up, leaving behind fiery kisses; his large hands remained splayed up her back. The bulge in his jeans nudged against the nearness of her fire and she moved her hips against it. His eyes drifted shut and he pushed upward at her. His hand moved to cup her left breast, she caught it as it moved round and put the index finger into her warm mouth, running her tongue over the callouses there. “Mattie…” it was the barest murmur, the smallest of question. She abandoned his hand to its own devices, pushing her own hands up his blue shirt. She laid her lips against his stomach, kissing the taut warm skin underneath. She let her fingertips explore the lines of his chest for a long moment before pushing them under her skirts. She encountered his belt buckle and had it undone and out the way in seconds. She flipped herself onto her side, lying next to him once more. He made no objection as her fingers made short work of his jean’s buttons.

She laid the slightest brush of her lips on his hip as she pushed her hand down the front of his jeans. Her fingers found the steel-silk of his cock, the slight moan and brief tensing forced a smile to her lips. She ran her tongue along the swell of his hip, down his pelvis before resting her head on his belly. Mattie pushed his jeans and underwear out the way, allowing his dick to spring free. She kept her hand around the base as she looked at the cock in front of her. She traced her thumb along the largest vein, letting it rest at the silky tip. She moistened her suddenly dry lips, before giving his shaft a tentative lick, then she gave him another, longer this time. She worked her way up to the head, rolling her tongue over the slit at the tip.

Mattie opened her mouth wide then, placing his cock inside her mouth. She lowered her mouth onto him, exploring the contours of his dick with her tongue. “Mattie.” Roland murmured. His hand pushed into her hair and came to rest at the back of her neck; she bobbed her head up and down over him, paying attention to the tip of his cock. She lapped up the moisture beading there, swallowing it down with the saliva that gathered in her mouth. He moaned and grunted as she moved her head up, suckling at his length as she moved. She ignored the building fire growing inside her; she wanted to hear him whimper some more before that was taken care of. She let him slide from her mouth, her hand drifted up his hard shaft. She let her fingers rub at his length before she took him again. She pushed him as far as she could into her mouth, his fingers clenched on the base of her neck and the noise he made was something else.

She didn’t let up; she sucked harder, focusing her tongue on the sensitive tip while her hand moved back and forth along his wet length. He bucked once and she used her free hand to steady his hips. His hand left her head and Roland moaned something in a language she didn’t understand. She sucked once, twice more. Hot liquid spurted into her mouth, hitting the back of her throat; she choked back a cough, managing to swallow before another jet fired. She retreated and spat the rest of the salty liquid onto the grass before turning back to Roland. He lay with his head back, drinking in deep breaths as his body calmed down. She snuggled herself against him and he wrapped a lazy arm around her. She kissed his cheek and he hugged her close. “Give me a moment will ya?” he whispered. She nodded and let him hold her.

They lay together under the shade of the willow tree for many a long minute, half awake and half dozing in the warmth of the spring sunshine. She was still dozing when his fingers brushed against her left breast; his palm massaged the soft flesh as she flicked her eyes open. She raised her eyebrows but did nothing to stop the sweet sensations of the cotton touching her firm nipples. “You’re not wearing a corset?” he asked.

“I thought it best to leave it behind today.” She said with a smirk.

“Oh, like that is it?”

“Roland, after last night what else was I to think.” She laughed.

“What else are you not wearing?” he said, gathering her skirts in his hands and lifting them. Her legs were bare over her shoes but she was wearing her underclothes. Not that there was much to this particular item. He gave her a smile that was mostly a smirk before touching the fabric that barely covered her sex. She knew they were already damp from the fire kindled earlier and the slight touch of his hand through the lace set it raging all over again. Roland pushed the material to one side, parted her soft folds and slipped a finger into her slick warmth. He slid it inside, coating it with wetness before withdrawing and pushing it against her sensitive nub. Her body screamed for him then. Fire, which she thought hot before, seemed wan compared to the burning now ripping through her. He increased the pressure, rubbing at her with those working hands, the rough patches creating waves of beautiful red as he moved them. She let her eyes shut and her head fell back, pure bliss radiated from where he touched her.

The pressure beneath his hand increased and she sucked in a breath. She pulled herself from the brink of where he was sending her and forced herself to sit up. Roland cocked his head to one side as she moved. She glanced down at his now hard prick and smiled. Mattie brushed his mouth with hers as she laid her hand on his shoulder and pushed him back to the blanket. She lifted herself over so she was straddling him once more. The tip of his cock nudged against the thin fabric of her undergarments and she held her breath. Mattie reached down and pushed the garment aside, letting his shaft touch her skin. She watched him bite his lip as she took his dick in her hand. She guided him to her then let herself slide down his long length.

“Oh Ro’.” She muttered, leaning forward and kissing him. His hands found her hips and she relaxed around him, taking a moment to get accustomed to him inside her. A slight breeze caressed her skin and the scent of willow surrounded them both. Roland’s hands worked up her spine and she raised herself on her knees before plunging back down again. The ripple that followed was sweeter than sugarcane. His eyes reflected his delight at the movement and she repeated, flicking her hips forward. Delicious fire flared through her. Red warmth surrounded her as his hands grazed over her nipples, cupping her breasts as she bounced on his cock.

The first chapter saw Cyrus beginning a new phase in his life, and taking the step to travel on an adventure to explore his passion for photography. Cyrus’ adventure is now about to begin as he prepares to leave Mumbai for Auckland, New Zealand, where he will spend a few fun and exciting days before he begins his journey through the North Island.

Please do read Chapter 1 for a background on the story to follow.

Chapter 2: The beginning of a new adventure

Cyrus reached the airport, checked in, cleared passport control and settled into the lounge. He had a long journey ahead of him, with a 5-hour flight to Singapore, a short layover, and then a 10-hour flight to Auckland. He got a beer and a sandwich from the food counter, settled into a comfortable chair and cracked open a book on photography. In a short while, a very attractive young lady came up to him, dressed in what he later found out was a Singapore Airlines uniform, and informed him that the flight was boarding.

He boarded the aircraft and was guided to his seat. He placed his bag in the overhead compartment, and settled into his wide and plush leather seat. Another, even more attractive, flight attendant greeted him with a gorgeous smile and a glass of champagne. She handed him a menu, some newspapers and magazines, gave him a cute smile and strutted off, with her firm looking ass swaying from side to side. Cyrus always had an urge to fuck a flight attendant in an airplane bathroom. He had a thing for women in uniforms, with it clinging to their bodies, exposing every curve, and their hair tied up in a tight bun or ponytail. His cock twitched a little as he watched her disappear behind the curtains.

The flight took off, and he was served a drink and his meal. He watched a move while he ate, and then decided to take a nap before he arrived in Singapore. Once they landed, he made his way to the airline lounge to freshen up, have a cup of coffee and relax in the serene atmosphere they had created so beautifully. He hadn’t been able to sleep much on the flight, and with the last couple of days being hectic; he was in quite a daze.

His next flight was long and he was hoping to get some rest. He was one of the first to board the aircraft when the flight was announced, as all he wanted to do was sit in his seat and go to sleep. He could hardly keep his eyes open, and nearly dozed off when he was gently stirred by a very attractive young Asian flight attendant.

“Sir, sorry to wake you. Here’s the menu. Can I get you anything now?”

“A glass of water and a coffee would be great. Thanks”

“Certainly. I’ll be right back.”

She came back in a few minutes with Cyrus’ drinks and a newspaper.

“Here you are sir. Just thought you’d like to know our flight is on time, and seems to be mostly empty up here today. Things should be quiet so you can rest. Let me know in case you don’t want to be disturbed for meal service.”

“Thanks so much…. May”. Cyrus said, looking at her nameplate, and noticing the slight curve of her breasts as they pushed out from her fitted uniform. He was getting hard just imagining what they might look like. She was a very attractive Asian, her hair tied in that bun he loved so much, light colored skin and eyes that were warm and soothing to look at.

“Please let me know if you need anything.” She said with an extra warm smile before she went back to the galley. Cyrus gave her one more look and smiled, before enjoying his coffee and reading the latest headlines.

The flight took off and a meal was served. Cyrus ate a little and decided to take a nap for a couple of hours. Though he had a few days to rest in Auckland, he still wanted to arrive as fresh as possible. He asked May to wake him up in 3 hours, went to the bathroom. When he returned to his seat, May had already reclined it, spread a duvet on the mattress and prepared it for him to sleep. Before long, he was fast asleep, dreaming of Priya and New Zealand.

He was gently nudged by May, “Sir, it’s been 3 hours. Would you like to sleep some more?”

“Oh… no thanks. I should get up. Thanks again.” Cyrus said in a daze, as he rose in his seat and stretched a little.

“Can I get you something?”

“No thanks, nothing for now.” Cyrus yawned a little and stared into her warm brown eyes. He went to the bathroom, and as he was returning to his seat, he saw May sitting alone, writing some thing into a manual.

“Hey, busy working?” He asked. He felt much more refreshed.

“Oh, no sir, was just putting in some data into a log. So are you on your way to New Zealand for a holiday?”

“Firstly, call me Cyrus. And yes, a holiday I guess.”

“Why, I guess?”

“Well, it’s a long story. But just needed a break from everyday life. Needed to do something different. I’m going down for 4 months to do some photography and work with a local company for some time.”

“Wow, that sounds so interesting. And what better place than New Zealand?”

“Exactly. Well, so I’ve heard. It’s my first time.”

“It’s a fabulous place. I’ve only seen a couple of parts, and spent a few nights in Auckland each time I fly down, but whatever I’ve seen is spectacular. Before we land I’ll write down some names of places and things you should see in Auckland.”

“Great, thanks. That would be awesome. I’m really looking forward to it.”

“You’re most welcome. Can I get you anything?”

“Sure, another coffee would be great. Thanks.”

“You drink a lot of coffee.” She said, laughing demurely. “Sure, I’ll bring it to your seat.”

Cyrus opened his book and stared at the words, thinking only of May’s sexy body, her dark brown eyes, sharp features and warm friendliness. He suddenly thought of asking her to dinner, as she would be in Auckland at least for the next 2 nights. He wasn’t sure if she would accept such an invitation from a random passenger, but it was worth a shot.

“Here’s your coffee.” May said, with a radiant smile.

“Thanks. Uh listen, May? I was wondering. You told me you’d give me some names of places in Auckland. But I had another idea. I hope I’m not being too forward, but would you like to show me around and hang out tomorrow? I thought it would be fun.”

May hesitated a little, “Uh, actually I’m not so sure Cyrus. It’s not appropriate.”

“I understand. Well, think about it. We’ve got a few more hours to go, so if you change your mind, you know where I am.” He smiled, and went back to his seat. He was keen on spending more time with her, but knew that it was a long shot.

A few hours later, they touched down in Auckland around 10 pm, and Cyrus got ready to deplane. As he was about to exit, May came up to him.

“Cyrus, uh,” she started hesitantly. “If the offer still stands, I’d love to hang out tomorrow.” She too had really wanted to spend more time with Cyrus, but was fighting between being professional and impulsive. She chose impulsive.

“Great,” he tried not to sound over-enthusiastic. “The offer definitely stands.”

“I’ve never done this before.” She whispered.

“It’s ok, neither have I.”

She coyly smiled and gave him her hotel details.

“Hilton Auckland. Great. Looking forward to it. I’ll meet you in the lobby at 4 pm tomorrow.”

Cyrus made his way to immigrations and customs, and was out in just over half an hour. He was tired, and needed a shower. He hailed a taxi and was on his way to the boutique serviced apartments close to the heart of the city.

He arrived in 20 minutes, and took his luggage to the reception. It was a very modern lobby, tastefully and subtly decorated. The staff greeted him warmly and helped him with his luggage to his studio apartment on the 23rd floor. He had a spectacular view of the city and the waterfront, but for now, he was more interested in a shower and a bed.

Cyrus stood in the hot shower for 20 minutes, letting his muscles relax and feel alive again. He brushed his teeth and got straight into bed. He quickly texted his parents and Priya that he had reached safely, and then as soon as his head hit the pillow he was out cold.

He woke up when he felt a ray of light hit his eyes. He saw it was only 5:30 am, but the sun was already rising. He turned over and fell asleep for another hour or so. He knew it would take him a couple of days to get used to the time difference as well as the very early morning sunrises.

Eventually he woke up, showered and went down for a nice breakfast. He had some fresh bread, coffee, orange juice and some great eggs and sausages. After breakfast, the concierge helped Cyrus with a few things to do in Auckland before he had to meet May at 4. He walked around and visited a few places, but all along he was more excited to meet May than see Auckland.

At 3:00, Cyrus came back to his room, had a quick shower and got ready. He left to go to the Hilton at 3:30 and as he got to the lobby he saw May was already sitting waiting for him. She looked different, perhaps more beautiful, dressed in a pair of fitted jeans, a light sweater and a khaki colored casual jacket. Her luscious silky hair was tied in a long ponytail and she wore black-rimmed glasses. Cyrus had a thing for Asians.

“Hi May. You look lovely.” He walked up to her and gave her a light kiss on the cheek.

“Thanks. Good to see you again. So are you well rested?”

“Ya, I slept well. But the sun comes up too early!” He laughed. “So what’s the plan?”

“Well, a couple of things are interesting, we could do before drinks and dinner. Bungee jump off the bridge, visit the zoo, the aquarium and Antarctic center.”

“Sounds good, lead the way, anything is fine with me.”

So they first visited the zoo, as both of them loved watching animals. They then went over to the aquarium and the Antarctic center to observe sharks and other interesting Pacific aquatic life. Cyrus was truly fascinated at the way they had made all of it. Finally, May managed to force Cyrus up the bridge to try the world-famous bungee. Though he was into the adventure sports, bungee was still something he was a little apprehensive about trying.

They reached the jump center at the top of the bridge, when Cyrus started feeling a little anxious. “Come on Cyrus, it’s not that bad, trust me.”

“Sure, that’s what they all say.”

May had a hearty laugh as the instructor began tying Cyrus up for the jump. “Aren’t you going to jump?” He asked nervously

“Today’s your turn.” She continued to laugh

“That’s not fair.” He said as the instructor told him it was time to jump. Cyrus looked down, and though he was very anxious, he decided to throw caution to the wind and just jump. He fell several meters before the rope caught him and he started bobbing up and down a few times before coming to a rest. It was quite exhilarating, but a little nauseating at the same time.

“So how was it?” May asked, helping him to stand up a little straight.

“Not as bad as I expected.” He said, a little woozy.

“Maybe I’ll try it someday.” She laughed.

“WHAT?” Cyrus nearly screamed. “You’ve never done it?”


“And you made me do it?”

“Sure, thought you’d like it.” She couldn’t stop laughing

“Oh, I’m going to get you back. I know I don’t have much time, but I certainly am going to try.” He said, joining her in laughing at her prank.

They walked around town a little before heading into a bar for a quick drink before they had to reach the restaurant for their reservation May had made. The restaurant was on the terrace of a building, overlooking the Auckland harbor.

“This is a really nice place May.”

“My favorite in Auckland. It’s got the freshest food and the view is awesome. Are you feeling ok after the bungee jump?” She laughed, amused at her prank.

“Yes, I’m fine, thank you.” He stared at her smiling. “But listen, thanks for making me do it. It was fun.”

“Sure. Listen, I’ve had a great time. It’s been so much fun. I’ve never impulsively gone on a date with a passenger like this before.”

“It’s ok, you don’t have to keep saying that. I’ve never gone on a date with a flight attendant before.” He laughed. “It’s been a lot of fun.”

They enjoyed a quiet and romantic meal, and as the wine flowed, the conversation became more casual and flirtatious. Inhibitions were reducing by the minute, and they were very comfortable with each other.

“May, I’ve been meaning to ask you then. Since you’ve never been on a date with a passenger before, what made you spend the day with me?”

“Putting me on the spot aren’t we?” She laughed. “I don’t know. I was desperate I guess.”

Cyrus was stunned to hear that, and stared at her with his mouth wide open.

“I’m joking silly. You just seemed like a nice sweet guy, charming and cute.”

“Thanks. Well, to be honest, when I first saw you in the airplane, I couldn’t stop thinking of you.”

“Thanks.” She blushed slightly. She gave him a very sensual smile, and thought of going a little out on the limb. She pushed her leg forward and gently brushed Cyrus’, slowly going up and down. Cyrus smiled back at her, liking where this was headed. He slowly began brushing his leg up and down her silky smooth calves.

“Taking advantage of a slightly drunk girl are we?” She stared into his eyes and seductively smiled.

“Absolutely.” He looked back at her with equal passion, continuing to gently run his foot up and down.

They had gone through two bottles of wine by the time they finished dessert and decided to go for a walk along the harbor. It was a cool and crisp evening, and though they had drunk so much wine, they still felt fresh. It was also the feelings that were developing within both of them that made them feel that way.

They walked and chatted for a while, and eventually ended up just outside Cyrus’ hotel. Cyrus held May’s hand as they reached the entrance. “May, come up, let’s have a drink.”

She hesitated for a second, but she really wanted what Cyrus did too. “Umm, ok, that’d be nice.”

They walked into the hotel and went up to the 23rd floor. “It seems like a really nice hotel. Very modern and spacious.”

“Ya, and I got a pretty good deal.” Cyrus said as he inserted his key card into the slot until it turned green. He held the door open for May as she entered his room and walked over to the balcony and opened the door. “Wow, it’s so nice up here. The view is beautiful.”

Cyrus walked to the bar and opened a bottle of wine, poured two glasses and joined May in the balcony. “Here you are gorgeous.”

“Thanks Cyrus.” She smiled, leaning closer towards him.

Cyrus put down his glass of wine and turned towards May. As she turned to face him, he held her and kissed her beautiful and delicate lips. May instantly moved closer and wrapped her hands around his neck. She began to passionately suck his lips and Cyrus felt her breathing getting heavier. Both of them had wanted this all evening, and now had left all inhibitions aside.

Their lips were locked in a passionate kiss, their tongues darting in and out, coiling around their mouths. Their hands explored up and down their backs, feeling each other’s curves through their clothes, waiting to make contact with each other’s skin.

May removed her glasses and embraced Cyrus, pressing his lips with hers more urgently, sucking his lower lip and gently biting. Cyrus lifted her petite body, and as she wrapped her legs around his waist, he walked into the bedroom. Still locked in a kiss, May released her legs and stood in front of Cyrus, and started unbuttoning his shirt. She pulled it out of his jeans and pushed it off his firm body while Cyrus tucked his hands under her sweater and lifted it off her head in one quick motion.

He ran his hands over her soft milky skin and her firm back, over her tight abs and cupped her medium sized, bra-clad breasts. Cyrus being a complete breast man, he eagerly reached around and undid her clasp, letting her bra fall to the floor, letting a pair of cute and pert breasts, gently bounce free from their confines. He cupped them in his palms and felt the soft skin and pliant flesh, gently tweaking the firm nipples in this fingers.

“Mmmmm… I love that Cyrus…. Oooohh… that feels good.” She softly moaned.

Cyrus reached lower and unbuttoned her jeans, peeling the fitted fabric off May’s gorgeous hips and firm ass. He tucked his finger in the elastic of her matching pink panties, and pulled them lower to reveal her damp pussy, covered with a tuft of hair that May had neatly trimmed. She now stood completely naked in front of Cyrus, petite and slim, with soft milky skin and beautiful pert breasts. Her lustrous hair was still tied in the cute ponytail, which bounced slightly as May stepped a little away from Cyrus.

“Like what you see?” She seductively asked him, giving him a wicked stare.

“You’re gorgeous May. More than I imagined when I first saw you in that seductive uniform.”

She swayed as she walked up to Cyrus and began undoing his belt and jeans. She gripped his jeans and boxers and swiftly pulled them down, dropping them to the ground and letting his engorged cock spring free.

“My… my… what do we have here?” She licked her lips and stared at this thick shaft, that curved slightly upwards. “Mmmm…. Can’t wait to have that thing spread my tiny little pussy.” She walked passed him and fell back on the bed as Cyrus quickly followed. She teased him and tried to crawl further up, not allowing him to get a hold of her just yet.

Cyrus laughed, as he finally caught hold of her legs. He gently pulled her lower until he was positioned between her legs. She laughed as she pulled him lower and planted her lips on his once again. Her skin smelt so good, a citrusy blend that made her smell so fresh. He kissed lower, down her sensitive neck, running the tip of his tongue as he moved. As he kissed lower, May felt the tip of his hard cock poking against her pelvis.

“Mmmm… looks like you’re ready to go big boy.” She laughed.

“That’s the effect you have on me May.” He said and continued to kiss her. They both moved a little further up and got comfortable against the cushions. He ran his hands up and down her body, softly brushing over her breasts and large pointy nipples. The feeling of his hands passing over her sensitive nipples made her arch upwards,

“Aaaaahhh… ffuccckk Cyrus…. Mmmmm… my nipples are really sensitive.” She moaned

He continued to run his hands up and down her soft and smooth skin while her legs were spread on either side of his body. He moved lower and caressed her abdomen, passing her pussy and onto her thighs. He spread her legs a little more as he slowly ran his fingers over her outer labia. She was already extremely wet and the sweet smell of her nectar wafted up to his nose. He ran the tip of his finger around her labia and parted her lips to expose the pink of her inner labia.

He bent forward, and cupping her ass, he lifted her body up towards his face. He dove right in and with the flat of his tongue, ran it up and down the length of her hot and wet slit. Pushing her body up, he pressed his tongue down harder and ran it up and down faster and faster.

May screamed, as her hips bucked. “Aaaaaahhhhh Cyruss…. Yessssss… yessss… that’s so good… don’t stop… ohhhh my godddd… yesssss!” She continued to moan and buck as Cyrus continued to lap her juices and flick his tongue in and out. Without warning, he took her engorged clit between his lips and sucked, sending a shockwave through May’s petite body.

“Ohhhhhhhh fffffuccccckkkkk Cyrrusss…. that’s….. incredibleeee!!! Aaaaaahhhhh myyyyyy… ffuucccckkkkk….. I’m ccoommmmiiing!” She screamed as her body shook and bucked. She was already at the edge, and as Cyrus sucked a little harder, she came. Her juices flowed all over his mouth as an orgasm raced through her body.

“Wow Cyrus.” She panted, as her orgasm subsided and she lay back flat on the bed. “I’ve never had that done to me like that. It was amazing! You made me come so fast!”

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