“Joy, are you still in there?” shouts Chris, before softly adding “Nah, it’s alright mate I heard her bedroom door go a minute ago.”

“Wait! Give me a minute.” I say… even as the door opens and there is Chris, with some random bloke staring at my naked lotion covered body.


Fuck is the only thing I think.

“No, wait, and that I’m going to beat Chris… Wait, I need a fucking towel.” I quickly turn to look for a towel; the only one in reach barely covers the front of my body leaving a lot of thigh and breast on display. Chris and his mystery mate are still standing there staring.

“Lauren, sorry.” Shouting as I push past them, “But your boyfriend isn’t going to have any bullocks in ten minutes enjoy them while you can!” not daring to look behind me, just reach my bedroom and slam my door for good measure.

“Really great week this has been.” I groan and sit in the middle of the floor catching my reflection in my mirror, “Well at least I shaved.” I giggle as I blow dry my hair which thanks to my recent hairdresser visit, and the old ‘I’m gonna wash that man right outta my hair’ moment, was now no longer my natural strawberry blond, but bright and flaming red. My body, “well okay, I wasn’t a stick.” I have too many curves for that, my ex had said I was chubby, another said that I look like Kelly Brook but I just think I’m in okay shape although the heartbreak diet is making my hips and d-cups larger compared to my slim waist, but men seemed to like the effect.

“Wait, men had been nothing but trouble this week, so fuck them. Tonight is for ME!!” I decided as I turn Christina Aguilera’s Fighter up to the max and pull on my favourite black push up bra whilst I decided cock tease is the mood I’m in.

“Now what to wear, see through lace top and hot pants, nah doesn’t go with my mood. A little black dress? Yeah and I think I have the perfect one!” I pull my new perfectly fitted dress out of wardrobe as I look for some underwear. “Garter and stocking it is!”

Just as I’m rolling one stocking up my thigh there is a knock at the door, Chris’s mate comes walking into the room holding a glass of what looked like Lilo’s killer cocktail. Again he has caught me partly naked but by this point I don’t even care.

“Is that for me?” I gesture at the glass.

“What? Sorry, no. But you can have it if you want.” He passes me the glass and I look at him in the face properly for the first time.

“I’ve seen him before but I can’t place him, probably just someone I’ve seen at a party. Wait… Holy Crap Balls! It’s Mr. Suit from the bus! The one I had the dream, where he was licking and fucking… No, can’t think it… change your thoughts, Joy now!” I feel a blush cover my body and he notices, “Okay, I can do this.”

“So given that you have seen me naked and well,” waving my hands down my body “like this, it would be nice to at least know your name.”

“Sorry, I must have forgot my manners in all the excitement” feeling his chocolate eyes run over my body “I’m Craig, I work with Lauren.” He offers me his hand and as I walk towards him, suddenly not feeling all that exposed and pressing my pale petite hand into his large dark one.

“So this was the hot piece of ass Lauren had invited. I have to say she did well.” He had his black afro hair shaved close to his head; his face was most pleasing to the eye, given that I was still in my hating men moment. He was wearing a suit over his seemingly muscular body and I had to laugh.

“So Craig, or should I just call you Mr. Suit, are you staying or just dropping in because it isn’t a suit party?”

“No,” chuckling slightly at me as his eyes look down my legs stopping at my crotch for a few beats while he continues, “I’ve brought some extra clothes; this is just from the office.”

“Ah okay, so like me, you need to get dressed.” waving my hand down at my body almost welcoming him to have another look, but he looks at the bed and the dress that is laid out.

“Is that what you are wearing?” he asks raising an eyebrow at me.

“Yes Mr. Suit, why don’t you like it?”

“Just think red would be better, every women is going to be wearing their little black dress.” he comments.

“Really, I’ll have a look at my dresses for a red one.”

“I can stay and help you, you know pick one out if you want.” winking at me as he talks before I turn to show him my almost bare ass just covered by a small piece of lace thong.

“It’s okay, I think I can pick one out and I thought you needed to get changed?” I reply.

“Well you can always help me with my wardrobe too…” I look over my shoulder to see him staring at my ass as I start reaching to put back the black dress I had picked. I sense more than hear him walk behind me as he takes the hanger from my hand and place it back into the wardrobe. I turn to thank him for the help but I’m met with his chest only inches away from my face making me step back and lean my head back to look him in the eye.

“Thanks.” blushing as I feel myself sway towards his body.

“No problem, and are you sure you don’t need help picking something out…” he leans down inches from my face before the door bangs open and we both groan as…

“Ooh, what do we have here?” Her laughing voices comes to us.

“We, I mean Suit…” Groaning at myself “Craig was just helping me put a dress back because I couldn’t reach.”

“Uh huh…” Lauren does her whole pout ‘I don’t believe you face’.

“Shit, she knows me too well.” I mentally groan.

“Anyway, I was just coming in to say the shower is free for you, Craig. That is if you still want a shower.” she giggles as she closes the door behind her.

“Yeah, you better shower the people are coming in just over an hour.” I say, moving back away from him.

“I think people are going to be ‘cumming’ before the hour is up.” he replies silkily.

“And I need to get actually get ready.” squirming slightly as I think of him cumming for me.

“Cold shower it is. See you in a bit, birthday girl,” as he moves away and pauses at the door “go for a red dress and you will be the hottest in the room, I promise.”

I stand staring at his lust filled eyes as he closes the door.

“FUCK!! Where the hell did my I hate men think go? I was one step away from jump on him and begging him to fuck me, for god sake. Joy, get a grip he is attractive and seems to want you, so go for it.” Shaking my head I move back over to the mirror and look at my face and decide its war paint time as I run my eyeliner over my lashes making a thin but flirty line, hoping for the ‘come hither’ look, before adding some perfectly thickened false lashes. Smiling at my handy work, not too much of a sex kitten but just enough, without looking over done. I slowly apply the rest of my makeup and think about what Su… Craig had said about a red dress.

“Wouldn’t it look too much with the hair, I’m not even sure I have a red evening dress. No, but Lauren does!” I decide on hers before running through the apartment to her room knocking and stumbling in on her and Chris in a passionate embrace.

“Shit! Joy, can’t you knock and wait like everyone else?” Chris glares at me while moving Lauren in front of his body.

“You mean like you did earlier, dickhead?” I retort.

“I love Chris really, Lauren loved him and he treated her right but I’m still pissed at him for earlier.”

“Don’t worry Lover boy, I’ll be gone in a minute. I’m just stealing one of Lilo’s dresses.” running over to her wardrobe and grabbing the exact dress I was thinking off.

“Okay for me to wear tonight?” I ask giving her innocent eyes.

“Yep.” she agrees and her hand moving behind her back as I run over and pull them apart.

“Very nice.” is all I can, as I look at my ex-lover and best friends hand around her boyfriends throbbing cock.

“Have fun, but make it a quickie.” I laugh as I shake my naked ass at them as I run out the door.

I walk happily back to my room as I hear the shower stop and walk just a little faster.

“Okay Joy, time to really get ready!” I pour a few drops of perfume down my cleavage running the fluid down my stomach in a little trail and up the inside of my thighs before dabbing my neck and wrists.

“Well might as well be prepared just in case.” I wink in the mirror before checking my watch as I remove it and find I’ve only got 20 minutes before people arrive. Running over to the dress and stepping into it, pulling it up my body as it clings. Checking in the mirror “my hips look wide and my tits look massive, but hey ho that’s me”. A knock at the door interrupts my body check and I wait for the door to open but it doesn’t.

“Come in…” I shout as I bend to get my black sky high heels.

“You… I want to real bad.” I hear Suit’s voice behind me and turn as I press my stocking covered feet into my heels.

“You cumming inside me… me too Sui… Craig. I’ve really got to get his name down.”

“What do you think, Craig?” I do a small spin for him and find myself wanting he approve.

“Nice” was all he said.

“Nice… fucking nice, is that all! I mean I know I’m no goddess, but please.” Only then do I look over his clothing taking in his black slouch jeans covering his long legs and fitted black t-shirt showing some definition in his chest, his watch sparkles on his wrist being his only flicker of light apart from the shine of his eyes.

“You look umm, nice yourself Mr. Suit.” with a hint at my inner bitch.

“Ready to party, my red headed friend?” as he fingers a strand of my hair. I don’t reply just walk out turning on one of my favourite songs and downing a shot.

“What do you think?” I pass him a shot but before he can reply the doorbell rings and the party starts.

“This was just want I need”, I sigh happily as I talk to one of my friends, but always feeling Mr. Suits eyes on me. “Dancing, drinking, laughing, just general having a good time with my nearest and dearest, perfect, well and having a hot guy watching me turns me on.” Moving over to Mr. Suit offering him my hand and tilting my head over to where everyone is dancing.

“Wanna come dance, everyone?” I shout over the music while still moving my hips in a circle to the music. He shakes his head.

“But, I want to see you dance.” pouting as I look up into his big brown eyes before he pulls me closer grabbing me around the waist as he grinds his hips into me.

“Wow!”Thankfully, I for once keep my thought inside my head but I still can’t control my blush as even through his jeans I feel his erection pressing against me.

“Dancing with strangers is not what I want to be doing with you, I think you know what I want.” His hand traces up and down my side catching the undersides of my breasts with every stroke.

“I don’t have the faintest clue…” I tease at him before moving to tip toes and whispering in his eye “you might have to spell it out for me, I’m a little drunk.” knowing full well that I’m nowhere near drunk but hiding my desire for him behind it. He spins me around until I’m sandwiches between the wall and his body; his hand tilts my face up to his before whispering in my ear.

“I want you pressed up against this wall while I fuck you.” before his lips crash mine in a hard kiss, but he ends it before I’m ready, spinning me and pushing me towards the dance area with a slap to my ass.

Thankfully the plan to hit the club after, works in my and Craig’s favour. Everyone left me and Craig there, our having made a lame excuse that we had drank too much and needed to eat but would follow them down later.

“I did say it was lame.” We move around picking a few bits of rubbish from the floor.

“Joy, just make the first move he has made it clear he wants you.” I down another drink in my room slip off my dress, and check myself in the mirror. Turning round to look at the back view to make sure my ass was perfectly framed before walking slowly in my heels back over to the speakers and change the song to Jeremih Birthday Sex and prop myself up on the desk; waiting for him to hear the song. After twenty nerve-wracking seconds he looks over to see me in the most provocative pose I can make with my stocking covered legs crossed over each other leaning forward watching him.

He gets to me in no time running his hands up my stocking legs before dragging my legs apart and pressing himself into the newly formed V, tipping my head back before his mouth touches mine in a gentle trace of a kiss.

“Are you ready for me, Joy?” he bites down lightly on my earlobe as he talks “Maybe I should check for myself.” His hands move to my hips and rips the thong down my legs before his hand rubs against my already moist entrance.

“Wet already, Ms. Joy.” Mr. Suit kisses my lips quickly before his fingers slide inside me. His mouth catches my moans of delight. He moves as deep as he can, spreading his fingers apart stretching my pussy, his alcohol laced breath filling my brain, as his hands fill my cunt. My hands find their way to his belt undoing it quickly then fumbling with the buttons of his jeans; my hands steal into his boxers and take in his size. I rub the palm over his head coating my hand in his pre-cum before wrapping as much of it around him.

“I’m ready for the wall.” I whisper against his lips.

“Patience” he breathes against me.

“NO! NOW!” my mind shouts but I know from his tone it’s his way or the highway. He smiles as I pout before nipping at my bottom lip, making me gasp, opening my mouth to his tongue; he fills my mouth coaxing my tongue to join with his. They mate slowly but he presses the kiss harder while his hands travel up and down my thigh, barely touching me, teasing me, making me spread my thighs wider. My hand tightens around his cock, before I slide my hands up and down his cock caressing every long inch of him. His mouth moves to my perfectly pushed up cleavage before he twist the front clasp releasing my breasts to his gaze. He forcefully squeezes my breasts in his large hands, making me cry out in need.

He pulls me off the table before I realise what happening he kisses me back over to the wall pressing me against it with his hard body.

“This is how I wanted you earlier, but you know that, don’t you?” His knee gliding quickly between my legs pressing against my wet cunt making me grind against him “I saw your dancing get dirty with Lauren after our chat, are you a little cock tease, Little Joy?”


“Are you sure you aren’t, Joy?” he grabs my hands, covering my breast with them before pinching the nipples that peek through. My lust filled eyes look down to watch but he tilts my head back up to his.

“I want to see your face, Baby” his hands leave mine and I watch as he drops his jeans and boxers, my hands continue to grope my breasts, my eyes lock on the sight of his large black cock standing hard out from his body.

“Now he is, Umm, Wow, well hung… will it fit?” my thoughts are interrupted.

“Like what you see, Baby?” I vaguely nod my head back to him, scared thoughts of him being too big fill my head,

“Good baby”. He leans down kissing my lips again making me forget about the being scared. His knees spread my legs wider before grinding his cock down against my wet lips. Gripping my hips he pulls up against his body crushing my body between him and the wall. My legs wrap around him stroking the base of his cock against my lips with every arch of my body. Pushing up against my hips he makes my back scraps against the wall before my head is slightly higher than his. Looking down I watch as his tongue touches my nipple for the first time, pressing back against him, I arch my back before his teeth close around my hard nipple, sucking it into his mouth while rubbing the tip of his cock against my entrance. He pulls back from the wall and gravity slips his cock deeply inside my tight cunt. My shoulder lean against the wall as his nails dig into my ass.

Moving away, thrusting me against the wall, my breast bouncing, catching your gaze, making you fuck me harder, bumping against my cervix with every powerful thrust, I cup the underside of my breast before moving my nipple into reach of my willing mouth, sucking it into my mouth looking at his face through hooded eyes biting down on it, bordering on the pleasure pain as my pussy starts to contract around his cock.

“Fuck me harder!” I almost scream at him as my breast bounces down to join its pair bouncing frantically up and down my chest.

His finger presses against my ass, slips inside thrusting in time to his cock.

The combination sends me into my long powerful orgasm.

Moving his cock deep inside moving his hips side to side rubbing my walls as I contract him.

“Baby, you have me so close, but I want your ass.” he pants in my ear, making me somehow more aroused as my climax continues.

Carrying me to the table and roughly bending me over it, he slaps each cheek twice, scaring me slightly, but the feeling of ecstasy overshadowing the pain. He slips his hand into my still aftershock contracting cunt thrusting them hard, in and out, covering his fingers in my cum before caressing it into my ass.

“Have you ever had anyone up your ass, baby?” as he brushes my hair over my shoulder to see the side of my face, as I bite my lip and reply quickly “Only a finger in the shower earlier.”

He moves a finger into my ass, quickly I tense but relax as his other hand caresses and makes love to my clit, allowing him another finger inside.

“Baby, you are tight. I don’t know how long I’m going to last once inside.” he says as he replaces his fingers with the smooth mushroom end of his cock into my ass. His hand gropes the soft cheeks of my ass pressing them apart as his cock moves in.

He moves gently in, inch by slow inch, stopping every time I flinch, before somehow his whole cock is buried into my stretched ass. His cock seems to grow harder in my ass as I tease around him, tighten around him, as I find new powerful muscles to tease him with.

“So this is what it feels like to have your ass filled.” I think before he slaps my ass one more time before pulling back and slamming back in continuing his artfully caress on my clit, “WOW!” my body accepts him almost at once, my ass pushing back against him, craving his cock inside my forbidden hole. His hands wrap around my hair, pulling my head back as his pelvis crashes against my ass. The pleasure pain is so confusingly arousing that I don’t want it to end.

“Finger your cunt.” he orders me and my hands move without thought, two fingers thrust inside keeping to the beat of his cock.

“Fuck! I’m going to cum, I’m going to cum!” I shout closing my eyes, before his hand slaps my ass making me open them again.

“Look at me when you cum!” He orders. I pant staring into his eyes as my pussy welcomes another finger, my cum drips down my thighs, his balls slapping against my hand, pressing me deeper. My ass contracts as my cunt spasms. I scream, loud unknown words… as I feel him thrust deep into my ass, coating the tight walls with stream after stream of his cum.

He pulls out of me, stroking his cock as he watches my fingers continue to move, in and out of my cunt, at a slow pace, my ass slowly drips his cum. After the last drops of cum touch my ass he turns me back around, picking me up and carries me into my bedroom, pulling me down to lay on top of him as he cock slowly starts to soften against my stomach.

“Time for clean up, Baby.” he pushes the hair back from face catching it in his hands before directing my head down his body.

“Wait, he wants me to suck his cock after its been in my ass… no way!” I stare up into my eyes yet again giving him the fuck right off look.

“Try it, you might just like it.” He prompts me, I think for a moment.

“Well, anal had felt better than painfully shitting backwards like I had heard, might as well let the adventure continue.” Move down his chest gripping his cock at the base looking up into Craig’s eyes before licking at the tip, tasting it into my mouth and taking in the flavour.

It’s Friday, you and I are preparing the things for Saturday’s party. You’re going to meet some of my friends for the first time. We are buying alcohol and food for everyone. We’re having a really good time even just grocery shopping. We’re laughing at people and joking. We had a few drinks before going shopping.

We end up in an aisle with no people in the back of the store. I grab you and push you up against the shelf. I kiss you good while I move my hand under your short slutty dress and press two fingers against your pussy outside your black panties. I stop kissing you and ask you how my pussy is today. I pull your panties upwards and make them cut in good between your pussy lips and go tight over your clit.

You tell me that my pussy isn’t doing so well. That it needs to be fucked soon.

I turn you around and you freeze up. You didn’t plan to be fucked in the store. I hold you by your neck and I pull your panties down fast. I don’t reach all the way down while holding you so I put my foot between your legs and push them down to the dirty floor with it..

I tell you to step out of them and you do as you are told.

I push them under the shelf into the dirty uncleaned mess with my shoe.

I push my middle finger inside your pussy from behind.

I ask you if you want me to fuck this pussy in the middle of the store.

You tell me with a soft pleading voice that that is up to me.

I keep fucking you with my finger.

I pull it out and turn you around just as another customer walks into the same aisle as us. After he walks past us I put the finger to your mouth and tell you to suck it. To taste your pussy on it.

You suck it in. I tell you that a good cocksucker wouldn’t probably stand like that. That you should assume a more proper position.

You squat down with my finger still in your mouth. I tell you to suck it good. I push my foot between your legs and rub my shoe against your naked pussy as you suck my finger good.

I push it in deep but when I see another shopping cart turning into our aisle I pull it out and I pull you up on your feet.

We walk to the frozen food section to buy pizzas. I tell you to pick one up from the very bottom of the freezer and we both know that you bending over in this slutty dress with no panties on might be catastrophic. You look around before you bend over good to pick the thing of pizza up.

I push my hand hard on your back to keep you down as I push a bag of frozen broccoli right on your naked pussy.

You scream right down the freezer but the ice cold sensation doesn’t disappear.

I keep the broccoli thing pushed against your pussy until one of the employees gets too close and might see what I’m doing. I help you back up and ask you if you fell over or what happened.

You shove your elbow in my stomach but you instantly regret that as you understand there will be some kind of punishment for that.

I look at you and shake my head as I quickly pinch your clit with my right hand’s thumb and index finger. I don’t release it right away and you look a little in pain.

I tell you that you will get the rest later.

We continue to shop alcohol and then we go home.

A few hours later I ask you if you are ready to take your punishment now.

You don’t answer fast enough, perhaps because of the wine you had, so I pull you over my lap and push you down with my arm. I pull your dress up over your ass and I slap it hard.

I ask you again if you are ready for your punishment.

You tell me that you are.

I slap you again and tell you good. I tell you that I will still slap you just because I feel like it.

I let my hand down on your ass and between each blow I touch your pussy really nicely. It’s a strong contrast between pain and pleasure.

I release you and tell you to go upstairs and blindfold yourself and lay down on your back on the bed.

I watch you disappear upstairs as I go into the kitchen to pour myself a large whisky. I decide to pour you one too.

I give you a few minutes to get ready and when I walk into the bedroom you lay on your back naked and blindfolded. You feel the bed shift as I sit down next to you on it.

I pour a little whisky on your left nipple and I bend down to suck it in between my lips. You are a little cold and my warm mouth sucking your nipple hard makes you shiver a little.

I repeat the procedure on your other nipple.

They both stand erect after I’m done with them.

I grab them simultaneously with my hands and twist and pull them hard. You lift your upper body a little to try and lessen the pain.

I release you.

I take four pieces of soft nice rope and place it next to you on the bed. I grab your left hand softly and put it up to the top bar of the headboard of the bed. I tie your wrist tight to it and then I kiss your hand.

I do the same to your left hand and then I lean down to your nipples again and suck them both good.

I push a big nice pillow under behind your head and then I push you up so that your almost half sitting with the pillow under your back.

I grab your right ankle and I lift your leg and push it up over your head and connect it to the same bar as your hands already are with another piece of ripe. I kiss your mouth and tell you that this might stretch a little.

I grab your other leg and do the same to it. I have to use force to get it all the way down to the bar and you make a facial expression that tells me you are feeling this pretty good. I guess you’ll get used to this after being stretched for a little while.

I watch your pussy and I gently touch it with the palm of my hand. Your ass is raised from the bed and I ponder whether to not I should push a pillow under it to make this position easier for you. I decide not to.

I bend down to your pussy with my face and I kiss it good before I start to lick it. I lick your opening and run my tongue up to your clit. I suck it in between my lips and play with my tongue on it.

I push two fingers inside your pussy, it’s really wet. I ask you if it got this wet from you being spanked good and you moan yes as my fingers go in and out of you.

I lean down and spit on your anal opening and I push another finger inside it. Your mouth open slightly as I penetrate your ass with my finger. I fingerfuck you in both holes at the same time and I use the thumb of my other hand to rub your clit. I sense that you are getting really into it.

I explain to you that you will be fucked really good tonight. Perhaps better than ever.

I move my fingers in and out of you fast while I rub your clit good.

I tell you to let me know if you’re about to come.

I keep going. I massage your swollen clit good and I watch your stomach go up and down as you breathe.

You tell me that you’re close to coming and I immediately remove my thumb. I slap your clit hard before I remove both my hands completely. I deny you this orgasm.

We’re interrupted by the doorbell.

I’ll be right back I tell you and leave you completely immobilized tied to the bed. I’m away from you for almost ten minutes.

You feel it’s fucking scary and horrible to lay like this alone as well as incredibly arousing.

You hear me return to the room.

You hear another voice than mine. A man’s voice telling me that the slut is really beautiful and that he loves how she’s presented like that.

You feel a hand on your pussy rubbing your clit. You freeze. You wonder who’s in the room and whose hand that is.

As you hear the voice that’s not mine saying that your pussy is really wet and nice you understand a stranger is touching you.

You feel three fingers brutally enter your pussy and your head spin.

I lean down to your face and kiss you. I tell you that this is one of my best friends and that I decided he could help me punish you. That your holes belong to me and that I’m free to let anyone use them.

I pinch your nipple and ask you if that is clear. You nod your head. Three fingers from someone’s hand are fingerfucking you roughly.

I tell my friend that he perhaps should try your mouth first but that he’s free to use you as he wants considering he’s a guest.

The hand disappears from your pussy and you hear someone undressing and clothes dropping on the floor.

You feel someone climb up on your chest and what must be a cock pushed against your lips.

You hear me telling you to open your mouth like a good slut. That you are suppose to know how to treat a cock by now. You open it slowly and hesitantly and right away a hand grab your hair and pull your head onto the cock. You try to decide if it’s my cock as your head is being pulled back and forth by your hair on the hard cock. It’s impossible for you to know.

You hear the strange voice tell me that this slut’s mouth is awesome. That she really knows how to take a cock. That she probably trained a lot.

We both laugh and I agree that you are indeed a good little cock sucker.

You feel fingers penetrate your pussy again and you understand that the must be mine considering the stranger is busy mouthfucking you.

I lean down and lick and suck your clit again as I finger fuck you. The sounds from you being fucked in your mouth is really hot and I’m really fucking aroused.

You hear the stranger’s voice asking me if he’s allowed to fuck your pussy. I tell him of course, to use it as he pleases and his cock is pulled from your mouth. He wipes the saliva on it off on your cheeks. Your lips are glistening.

He climbs down to your pussy and begin to rub his cock up and down the slit of it.

He pushes it inside slowly. You feel a strange man’s cock slowly penetrate your pussy.

I get down close to your face and whisper in your ear that I hope he’ll fuck you harder than this. That he should really put you to use good.

I don’t have to wish for that for long as he picks up his pace fast. He looks like he’s fucking you with frustration. I caress your hair as he’s jamming his cock deep and hard into your wet pussy.

He tells you to that you’re a good little slut taking his big cock like this.

I whisper in your ear that I love to watch you being fucked like this. I tell you that I promise to fuck you just as good as soon as he is finished.

I have to move my head away as I see my friend’s hand go for your neck. He grabs you around it as he fucks you even harder. He asks me if I’m ok with him shooting his load all over this slut.

I tell him to do whatever he wants.

His grip around your throat tightens a little as his whole face goes red and he fucks you really hard. He grunts that you should take this you little slut.

He pulls out and I get out of harms way.

He holds your neck still while he strokes and jerks his cock. He unloads over you. I watch from the side as he seem to hit every fucking part of your body. He really comes a lot. Your breasts get hit pretty good but also all over your stomach and he manages to get some in your face and hair. He releases the grip of your throat and you take a deep breath.

He scoops his come from your cheeks and breasts. He puts his finger to your lips and tells you to taste him. You open up and he feeds you his cum from his finger.

He asks me if it’s ok if he makes you come too. I tell him that it of course is.

He pushes his mouth against your clit and start to work it good. He really seems to know what he’s doing. He’s greedy, he really eats you.

I lean down to you and I tell you to remember to ask for permission to come, I clarify that you should of course ask the person performing the service.

He keeps licking your clit, sucking and nibbling on it.

I hear you carefully ask if you plase may come.

I pinch your nipple and pull on it. I tell you to be polite. That I don’t want to be ashamed over you now that you did good so far.

You ask him again and call him sir as you speak up and ask if you please may come.

He removes his face from your pussy for a second to tell you that you may come.

Then he dives back in and lets your clit get it. He really whips it with the tip of his tongue and I can see you’re about to come.

He keeps licking you intensively and your orgasm washes over you strongly. I feel a sting of jealousy as I see you come this good but I couldn’t deny my friend this. I guess I’ll only have to do it better later.

He lets you go.

He doesn’t look back at you. He walks up to me and says thank you and that we’ll see each other tomorrow at the party. I follow him out. You’re left alone once again. Tied up with come all over and you were just given an orgasm by a stranger.

I return to the room. I look at you and tell you that you performed very well. Not that you could do much about it but at least you didn’t complain.

I tell you that you’ll get to meet my friend tomorrow again. You’ll of course have no idea which one of all my friends it was that fucked you this good. One of the people you act polite and nice to tomorrow will still think of you as the worst slut and just remember how he fed you his come off his finger.

You can try to guess who it is but you’ll never get it right.

I tell you that you look like a fucking mess right now. I don’t have the energy to clean you off. I tell you that I hope you don’t mind if I just turn you over so I don’t have to see the mess.

I untie all the knots and turn you over on your stomach. I pull your legs off the bed so that your knees are on the floor.

You kind of lay apathetically and wonder what the fuck just happened.

I push my finger back up your ass.

I tell you that I of course won’t fuck your pussy now. You feel my cock push against your anal opening.

I explain to you that this night is really fucking far from over…

You may recognize little Sara from my other writing. Here is where writers usually say this is fiction; I would never so and so, blah blah blah. The fact is that this IS pure fiction, however I would LOVE to experience this with my step daughter!


It’s dark, and nothing makes sense. My eyes are closed……I think, but nothing changes as I try to open them. Dark everywhere. Rubbing my eyes helps, some light seeps in, everything is so blurry. Oh well, who cares? Sleep…….

“Take the one on the right, the others a bit …. Used.” I hear Jimmy say. Where’s Megan? My back hurts a bit against the sheet, but I am so relaxed! As I drift off I hear Jimmy say something about sixty bucks and getting some food.

Sleep, feels good.

Then I remember. In my mind’s eye I can see the room earlier that night, everything is clear…. My friends are around us, on the couch or floor, smiling at me, appreciating me. I love the attention…. It feels good. They must really like me! “And tonight we have party favors!” I hear. I can only just see Jimmy; he is in the kitchen sitting on the counter. “Tonight’s entertainment is complements of Sara and Taylor, take a bow ladies!” he sings out. He means me… what? Then I remember the money. I owe him big time for month of booze and pot, tonight I get an opportunity to pay him back… what does he mean ‘party favors?’

“Ok, one at a time. Sara, let’s see those little tits of yours. Come on baby girl, show some skin!” I am aroused, not sure why….. Things are less clear, but I love the attention. I feel myself slipping my loose top off one shoulder, then the other. It falls to the floor, only my thin bra covering my tits. Why am I doing this? Why is this so easy for me? I remember the few drinks I was given, everything got easy after that, oh well. They really like me!

Sleep…… darkness returns

Something clicks and wakes me up, I can hear someone moving around the room. Taylor rolls over in the bed beside mine. Suddenly there are hands under my shoulders, then under my ass. A hand slips between my legs…. feels rough against my pussy. My lips are a bit raw.

The fog lifts a bit and I remember where I am, party at Megan’s. Making money fucking boys…. Need the money, like to fuck. Why is my head spinning?

Whoever it is with his arms around me (I am sure it’s a guy, I can smell a familiar cologne) hasn’t moved his hand away from between my legs, I guess he is next in line. Odd dude, picking me up when I am all ready to go…….

I still can’t see him in the dim light, everything I try to focus on keeps moving up and down, “just use a rubber dude….” I say. “Be nice……..” I hate this part, I feel like such a whore. I can feel tears welling in my eyes, what would my parents think of me right now? Would they still love me? I doubt it, for at least the 20th time tonight. At least I will get some scratch so I can pay that fucker Jimmy back. That good shit’s expensive.

As the tears roll down my cheeks I stifle a sob. His finger wiggles up inside me, giving me a quick burning sensation. God my pussy hurts! I have had too much of this, but the finger feels good inside me. “Fuck yeah…….” I breathe. Relaxing even more, knowing that it helps to be relaxed, especially after a few fucks. Been busy tonight, pussy HURTS!

I feel hands on my tits. Typical boy! What’s the big deal about tits? Oh well, let him have his fun. But why roll me over on my side. Have to stop this…. Can’t. Too tired.

Sleep. Feels good.

“hmmmm….” I feel myself murmur. What? Oh, that must be his thumb up my cunt. Harder to breathe with my face in the pillow, how did that happen? Wasn’t I on my side? Wish I could see something… anything. Everything is so blurry. His thumb feels ok in my pussy, he is gentle at least. Feels better now, moving my ass around a bit so his nail isn’t pressing quite so hard into me.

STOP, no!!! I feel the alarm go off in my head. Something is pressing lightly on my asshole. NO FUCKING WAY, but still so sleepy. I feel the finger leave my asshole. GOOD.

Maybe if I push up against his thumb he will get the idea. Doesn’t this jerk know I am just here for the money? But it does feel good…. I push my ass up a little farther.

He is stirring around, hope this doesn’t go on much longer. Then I feel what has to be his cock on my pussy lips. Finally…. ‘Come on dude.’ I encourage him, “I need it bad. Come on….. hurry…” I hope he gets the hint!

Why is he so gentle? He keeps sliding the head of his cock up and down my burning cunt lips over and over again. Damn, I can feel myself getting wet, but not from the condom, I hear him spit on his hand. His cock isn’t sliding in as smoothly as it should, not enough lubrication; I can feel the slight resistance has he slides between my lips, one side dragging up and down every third or fourth stroke. “Dude, you have a rubber on, right?” I ask. No response, he just shoves me down slowly forces his cock deep into my burning cunt. I feel a warmth as he presses forward, then pressure on my bladder as he bottoms out. “ouch”, I feel like I have to pee. Then he starts pumping my cunt harder and faster. Damn it feels better. With a cock in me I feel so full, like my pussy is no longer an empty canal. I love the pressure against my hip bones, feels like just a bit more and I’ll break. That’s more like it; fucker is pretty big. Thicker than most and diving a fucking long way in! Not sure how much more of this I want……

Damn, he is pushing me so hard I really can’t move, hard to breath. Wish I had laid off the booze sooner, so damn blurry in here, damn………..

Fuck, I can feel his finger pushing into my ass again. The violation is disgusting! I can feel my stomach tighten, it feels like I have to shit. FUCK FUCK FUCK. I can’t move. About all I can get out of my mouth against the pillow is “no… no.. no”.

Horney fucker seems to like this. BASTARD. Fuck I want his finger out of my ass, but I can shake it, no matter how hard I try and twist around.

Ouch…. He has picked up the pace, the son of a bitch is going to tear me open…. “oh god, oh god!” I moan to no avail, “Dude, you have to stop, oh… oh…. You’re hurting me!”.

The pounding goes on and on. My pussy is burning from the day’s abuse. First a bunch of quick cumming punks, now this pervert… FUCK! Now my back hurts, his nails digging into the skin between my shoulders.

When he cums it feels different…. I can feel his spunk washing around inside me, oh god. No!

‘I hope you’re on the pill you little slut.’ I hear a gruff voice whisper. Oh god……….. No! But I still can’t move, that bastard. His cock stirs, but I can feel it getting softer. Fucker!

As he lifts off me all I can see are dark jeans and a shadow above, the light in here sucks. Everything is still swimming and blurry. Why did I drink so much? Why? GOD I hurt. Sleep…. Please? “Ahhh……”

The last thing I hear is the door opening and footsteps headed my way. Will this ever end?

Neil was bored and irritated. And feeling slightly frustrated, which was one reason for the boredom and irritation.

Neil was a nice guy. Everyone said so. He was Mr. Dependable. If you wanted something done, Neil was willing to help out. This time it appeared to have bitten him. The request was simple enough. A couple of friends, Janet and Heather, shared a unit near him and had asked for a small favour. They were going to a party on Friday night. A women-only party, but could he be an angel and pick them up at about 11:00. They would be having a few drinks at the party and wouldn’t be able to drive home. They didn’t want to walk home that late at night.

Not a big deal, Neil had thought. Just wander up, toot and then drop them off at their unit. So he had fronted up at 11:00 as requested but instead of coming out he had been invited in to sit and cool his heels while the girls talked. There were only the hostess, Brenda, his friends and one other woman still there, but they were nattering on and on about the things they’d had delivered.

It appeared that the unknown woman was Clarissa and she did sexy lingerie parties. Tonight’s party had been a delivery of previously ordered items and a chance for the girls to compare their loot and perhaps order more. Now that the party had wound up the girls were still wanting to discuss all their new frilly bits and pieces.

Janet was holding up a small bit of nothing and comparing it to a similar small bit of nothing that Brenda was holding, asking for relative opinions on the two items. Catching a mumble from Neil, she flashed a smile at him and asked if he wanted to comment.

Neil shook his head, but Janet noticed he was still muttering to himself about something. She winked at the others and decided to goad Neil a little, getting him to express his opinion.

“Come on, Neil,” she coaxed, holding the scrap of lace in place. “Tell us what you think of these.”

Brenda, seeing what Janet was doing, turned and spread her loot for him to compare.

Neil had had enough. If they wanted to play cat and mouse games, let them find out who was the cat and whom the mouse.

“They’re both very nice,” said Neil, keeping his face straight, “but to really judge them I’d need you to put them on.”

Janet stared hard at him. “Do you really expect us to put these on and then flash our knickers so you can judge them?” she asked sarcastically.

Neil shrugged. “Not really. You asked and I answered, but don’t worry, I realise you won’t do it. For a start you’d have to lift your skirts so that I can see them properly. Flashing me wouldn’t prove anything.”

Janet glared at him. Brenda nudged her and said, “You started it. Do we back down or call his bluff?”

Janet switched her glare to Brenda, then giggled at her quizzical look. “I will if you will,” she said.

At Brenda’s answering giggle and nod, the two girls turned slipped off their panties and put on their new lace flimsies. They turned back to Neil, lifting their skirts and waiting for his comments.

Neil looked the two girls over, face straight. “Very nice,” he said, a hint of doubt in his voice. “I notice you shave, Janet,” he added blandly, laughing as she flushed and quickly dropped her skirt.

“You don’t exactly seem enthusiastic about them,” said Brenda, having notice the edge of doubt he’d given his words.

“I have to admit,” said Neil, “that while they’re nice, they didn’t give me the urge to rip them off you and ravish you. Perhaps if you were wearing matching bras and I could see them together?”

“You do have the matching bras, you know,” said Clarissa. “It wouldn’t take you long to slip them on.”

“After that shaving comment, you expect me to put on the matching bra and give him a fashion show in my undies?” protested Janet.

“You started this,” Brenda whispered to her, “and I don’t feel like backing down in front of him or Clarissa. Let’s make it all or nothing. That’ll give us a legitimate out.”

“Clarissa,” Brenda said with a smile. “You’re wearing a similar bra and panties set. Why don’t you show him your set while I discuss this with Janet and Heather.”

As the three girls went into a huddle, Clarissa was caught in a quandary. On the one hand, she’d had two successful parties. On the other, while willing to model her outfit for the girls, doing it for a strange man was something else. She glanced over at Neil, who was watching her expectantly. He didn’t seem to be leering, just wanting to give an honest opinion. “He’s gay,” she realised. “That’s why the others don’t mind showing off to him.” She smiled at Neil and doffing her dress, she did a model walk across in front of him and returned, giving him an excellent view of her scanties and the superb equipment that they nearly covered.

“Up to you now, Heather,” said Brenda. “If you agree to model we’re all stuck with it. If you say no, we can cry off with dignity.”

Heather was giggling. “I didn’t really think Clarissa would do it. She makes a point of no men attending her parties. I didn’t buy undies, but I did get that very short and sexy nightie. I’ll model that if you two do your undies?”

The girls excused themselves while they vanished into Brenda’s bedroom to change. Waiting for them to return, Neil chatted to Clarissa, who had made no effort to put her dress back on. He was a little surprised at this but didn’t say anything, just discussed how her party plan worked.

After a few moments Janet called out that they were ready, so Neil sat back to enjoy the show. Janet led the way, blushing at Neil’s scrutiny, very conscious of the fact that yes, she did have a shaved pussy and he could apparently see it well enough to know.

As Janet bolted back to the bedroom Brenda came out, danced across in front of Neil, laughing and doing a little pirouette before heading back. Last, Heather in her short lacy nightie, laughing at the look of surprise and appreciation on Neil’s face. Pausing for a moment in front of him, she pulled her shoulders back slightly, throwing her breast into prominence and causing her nightie to rise slightly, showing off the matching panties. The transparent matching panties Neil noted.

A few moments later the girls were all standing there, asking for his opinion, laughing. Neil laughed with them. “What can I say?” he asked. “You all looked truly delectable. There’d be no way I’d throw any of you out of my bedroom if you were standing there dressed like that.”

“If you had to pick one of us,” teased Heather, “which would it be?”

“Do you think I’m insane, to try to answer a question like that? Whoever I picked, I’d be offending the other three.”

“Oh, come on. Don’t be a spoilsport. Pick one of us and give us a reason why. We won’t get upset will we, girls?”

With general agreement from the girls and further pressing, Neil finally nodded.

“Ok. If I had the choice to pick one of you to finish undressing and, let’s just say entertain, I’d pick Clarissa. The reason being this would probably be my only chance to take her, whereas I know where the rest of you live and I’ll have more time to seduce you. Hopefully, when you’re wearing those bits of nothing.”

The girls laughed. “Isn’t he sweet,” said Clarissa. “If he wasn’t gay I’d let him take these off me here and now so that he could entertain me, as he so delicately put it.”

There was a short silence, then Heather spoke. “Really? If he wasn’t gay you’d actually let him fuck you now in front of us. Please forgive my crudity. I was just surprised that you would admit it.”

Clarissa laughed. “Seriously, I would. We could all get naked and you could enjoy the show. We’re all adults. Have I shocked you?”

The three friends looked at each other for a moment. Then Brenda spoke. “Ah, this is your lucky day, Clarissa. Neil’s not gay. When he said he’ll have more time to seduce us he meant just that. He’ll be trying to talk us into bed for months now and,” flashing a smile at Neil, “who can say he won’t succeed?”

“True, Clarissa,” added Janet. “Are you going to take your things off yourself or do you want us or Neil to help you?”

Heather laughed. “Really, Clarissa. You only need to look at that bulge in the front of his trousers to realise he’s not gay.”

Clarissa stood there, frozen, not knowing what to say. While not a virgin, she didn’t currently have a boyfriend and didn’t want one, nor did she want to fuck a man. Any man let alone one she had only just met, especially in front of other people.

“Don’t let it worry you, Clarissa.” Neil’s amused voice broke into her reverie. “I don’t know why you assumed that I’m gay but as well as not being gay, neither am I a rapist. I don’t take unwilling women.”

For some reason, the opportunity to back out with dignity offended Clarissa. He wasn’t going to take her? How dare he? She was just as capable as giving him a good time as the other girls he wanted to seduce. Hell, she’d fuck him so hard he wouldn’t even think of chasing the others. And she’d show the other girls how to service a man.

“Who said I was unwilling?” Clarissa protested. “I was just surprised. I thought from the way the others were showing off their new lingerie that it was because they knew you wouldn’t be trying to pounce on them.”

“Oh, they knew that I’d be trying to pounce, all right. They were just assuming that there was safety in numbers, and I have to admit there is. Otherwise I’d be ravishing the three of them right now.”

Janet giggled. “You just said that you don’t take unwilling women,” she pointed out.

“I don’t,” said Neil dryly. “I was talking about taking the three of you.”

This time Brenda and Heather giggled, while Janet muttered something rude about arrogant men under her breath.

Turning back to Clarissa, Neil again let her know that he wasn’t expecting her to put out just because of a few misplaced words.

Clarissa, however, had other ideas. She’d be damned if she’d let him back out after saying he’d like to fuck her. She found herself getting excited. She may have opened her mouth and put her foot in it, but this could be an interesting experience. She’d never had a one night stand before, and she suddenly realised she wanted to. There was warmth low in her stomach and as far as she was concerned those butterflies down there could use their damned wings to fan the fire that was starting.

Reaching behind her, Clarissa unclipped her bra and slipped it off, showing that her magnificent globes had no need for help. Brenda was the next to move, unclipping her bra and tossing it to the side, while Heather lifted her nightie over her head. A quizzical look from Neil to Janet had her lifting her head and unfastening her bra, even while a blush glowed on her face.

Clarissa looked at the others and smiled. “Before we go any further,” she said, “we really should make sure Neil is ready.”

As one, the girls turned to Neil and moved towards him. Drawing him to his feet they swiftly undressed him down to his boxers, despite his protests.

Heather casually reached over and brushed the front of Neil’s boxes. “It seems to me that he’s ready,” she murmured.

“Now instead of us taking off our panties,” said Clarissa, “I think we should give that privilege to Neil, so that he can see what he’s not getting when he take off your panties.”

“That’s reasonable,” said Janet. “He can start with mine seeing he’s made remarks about me already.”

She stood in front of Neil, daring him to pull down her panties. Neil smiled lazily and knelt in front of her. To her shock he slid one hand down the front of her panties and the other down over her bottom, slipping the panties down as his hands moved smoothly over her pussy and bottom, gently rubbing and kneading them. Face flaming she moved away, hands dropping down in an automatic attempt to hide her nudity.

Moving on to Brenda, he divested her off her panties, eliciting a squeak from her when he tugged on her neatly trimmed fur, murmuring something to her that the others couldn’t hear. Brenda, her face flushed, moved over to join Janet and was promptly asked what Neil had said. “He told me to shave before he seduces me,” she hissed. “He likes a smooth pussy, apparently.” Pointedly ignoring Janet’s giggling, Brenda watched as Neil removed Heather’s panties.

With the other girls now divested of their clothes Neil moved towards Clarissa, who was suddenly feeling those qualms again. Instead of taking down her panties, Neil took her hand and placed it against his erection.

“This is your last chance to back down,” he warned. “Once your panties are gone you’re going to have that little thing you’re holding pay close attention to you.”

Holding his cock, testing its fullness, Clarissa damned her qualms. She was going to take this and enjoy it. Breathing harder, she took hold of the waist of his boxers and started working them down, pulling them out over his jutting cock and letting them fall.

“Not so little,” she said, stroking its fullness, feeling the heat and hardness of it, “but I think I can handle it. Do you have any condoms with you?”

“I do. There’s one in my wallet.” Neil reached out a lazy hand to scoop up his trousers and extract it. “Do you want to put it on for me?”

“I don’t think so,” said Clarissa, taking it anyway. “Volunteer to fit this on, please,” she called to the others. There was a moment of silence and then Janet stepped forward to take the condom.

“Hold still, Neil,” she said. She made a production of fitting on the condom, getting her vengeance for his teasing by taking her time, playing with his cock and teasing him in return.

Properly dressed for the occasion Neil now turned his attention to Clarissa. He reached down and started rubbing her pussy gently through her panties, feeling her warmth. Very shortly he could feel her pressing forward against his touch. Not wanting to stop his slow rubbing of her labia, Neil tossed an aside to the observers, asking Heather to remove Clarissa’s panties.

With her panties gone, Neil now drew Clarissa hard against him, letting her feel this hardness and heat pressing against her pussy and lower stomach. He held her, one hand in the small of her back pressing her against him while his other hand moved up to close around one warm breast.

As he deftly manipulated her body, slowly turning up the heat and stirring the fires of desire Neil flicked a glance at the other women. They were sitting watching closely, and he could see that they were all excited to a greater or lesser extent. He noted that both Brenda and Heather were absent-mindedly rubbing themselves.

“The big question now is how do you want me to take you? Any ideas?” Neil asked Clarissa.

Clarissa shook her head, breathing hard. She was feeling hot and bothered, and the cure was pressing against her. She didn’t care how she got her medicine as long as she got it, and soon.

“We have an audience. Maybe we should ask them?” Neil teased.

Clarissa looked shocked at the outrageous idea, then laughed. “Why not?” she said, turning to address the girls. “Do any of you have a favourite position you want us to try?” she called.

The girls blinked, startled. Brenda spoke up. “Make it doggy style,” she suggested. Then we can get a better view of what he’s doing to you.”

“Alternatively, bend her over the chair and take her standing,” chipped in Heather.

“Try both and see which way feels more comfortable,” giggled Janet.

Clarissa shook her head. “Once you’re in me I won’t want any interruptions,” she said. “We’ll start as we mean to finish. Why don’t Brenda and Heather show us the position they favour. Then I can judge which one to try?”

Heather and Brenda looked at each other, not sure how to take this. Then Heather shrugged. “It’s easy enough,” she said. “You just place your hand on the seat of the chair and lean over the arm like this.”

As she bent over the chair Neil moved up behind her, pressing his erection against her pussy. “I see, and then I just press home?” he asked.

There was a nervous “Yes,” from Heather, followed by a shriek of “No!” as Neil obeyed the yes and pressed forcefully forward. Withdrawing again, he apologised.

“I’m sorry,” Neil said, regret dripping from his voice. “When you said yes I thought you wanted me to demonstrate how it would go in.”

“Liar,” hissed Heather, sotto voce. “You did that deliberately. Go stick it to Clarissa.”

“I will,” replied Neil quietly. “Just remember it as a reminder of what’s coming your way soon.”

“Brenda,” asked Clarissa, “do you want to demonstrate your position now?”

“Um, I’ll think I’ll pass for now. Maybe Heather might like to show you that position as well,” she added, tongue in cheek.

Neil eased Clarissa over to the chair, encouraging her to lean forward over it. His hand slipped between her legs, rubbing her swollen lips and gently teasing them apart, feeling her flower under his administrations.

Clarissa leant forward, both fearful and anticipating. She felt herself relaxing and enjoying the sensations as Neil played with her, easing her worries. She knew her lips were opening and started to tremble slightly as Neil brushed the head of his cock against her lips, edging between them and pressing against her hidden passage.

Neil could tell that Clarissa was nervous. Obviously not a virgin but still extremely nervous about what was happening. Sensing that she might panic if he moved too quickly he took his time, letting his cock edge in between her lips until it was pressing towards her vagina. Slowly leaning forward he eased his cock into Clarissa, edging up into her vagina, moving slowly but steadily deeper.

Clarissa found herself concentrating on this intrusion that was happening to her body. The gentle rippling sensations flowing out from the intruder were a balm to her soul, over-riding the fear and pain she had experienced the last time she’d been with a man. This time her body was accepting, softening and welcoming the incursion. She found herself relaxing fully, once again ready to enjoy sexual activity.

The groan of relief that Clarissa gave was clearly audible to Neil as he fully entered her. He wasn’t sure what had caused her reluctance but it was obvious that she’d been determined to overcome it and let him take her. Now that he was in her she seemed to have completely relaxed and to be enjoying the feel of him in her.

With Neil fully in her, Clarissa waited in anticipation for him to start taking her in earnest but found, to her surprise, that he seemed content to just hold himself within her while she adjusted to his presence. Feeling more confident (and hornier) by the moment she reached back to where one of his hands was holding her hip and pulled it up towards her breast. Taking the hint, Neil was quick to reach up and cup Clarissa’s breasts, squeezing them and rolling her nipples with his thumbs. Satisfied that the time was right, he gently pressed his cock even deeper into Clarissa’s warmth.

Feeling that extra surge deep inside her, Clarissa found herself pushing back against it, welcoming it. Outside distractions were forgotten. The audience was non-existent now as she started moving with Neil in the age old dance of life.

Moving slowly back and forth within Clarissa, Neil was enjoying the sensation flooding up from his erection. He was enjoying this and, glancing across at the girls watching, he was also enjoying having the other young women staring so fixedly at where he was driving in and out of Clarissa. He could see that all three were now rubbing their own pussies, albeit unconsciously.

Still taking it slowly Neil continued to thrust into Clarissa, building up the tensions between them, riding her with no intention of stopping. An idea crossed his mind and he smiled, turning his attention towards the others for a moment.

Janet was standing closest to the pair enjoying themselves, fascinated at watching Neil take Clarissa. While not a virgin, she was not overly experienced and had never actually seen another couple making love. She was vaguely aware that she was hot and bothered, ok, excited about what was happening. She didn’t notice Neil reaching out until she felt his hand close around her arm and draw her nearer.

It was a fair effort to come this far out into the woods, but Alex knew it would be worth it. He had looked forward to this for a month. He strode up to the door and gave the large brass bell a ring.

Alex was greeted at the door to the over-crowded cabin by a knight in shining metal armour who handed him a beer upon entering. A group of Roman soldiers and masked ninjas talked loudly in the hallway. As Alex pushed past them, he acknowledged them with polite nods which were reciprocated in kind. In the main room, which looked like a typical mountain log cabin with a fireplace in one corner and a large stuffed moose head hanging on the wall above the large wooden bar, zombies and Greek goddesses laughed in response to a joke Alex didn’t hear. He scanned the room, looking for his girlfriend Sandra but had to smile as he was amazed by the creativity of those who were in attendance at the costume party.

“Alex, how are you man?” asked a man dressed in a gorilla suit.

“Hey Brian, I’m do good. How’s the party? Is Mike being a rubbish host as always?” Alex replied.

“How did you know it was me?”

“You don’t look any different with the mask on!” Alex laughed in reply.

“This is true.” Brian laughed in agreement. “Last I saw of Mike, he was hitting on a couple of chicks. I don’t think he has actually talked to anyone else yet so just as shitty a party host as ever.”

“Have you seen Sandra here yet?” Alex asked.

“Over there near the pool tables in the next room, talking with those fine looking naughty nurses.” Brian replied.

Alex thanked him and wove his way through the crowd to Sandra.

Sandra saw him coming and met him with a quick kiss.

“Hey Alex, about time you showed up. I thought you were having trouble fitting into that pirate outfit or something.”

“Sorry” Alex replied, “Getting out here in the woods is a bit of a trek. You look absolutely fabulous though.”

Sandra wore a sailor’s outfit which was comprised of a very short skirt, a tight-fitting navy blue and white striped top that showed off the curves of her small but firm breasts, including the faint lumps of her small nipples, and a cute white sailor’s hat perched precariously on her curly, long brown hair. The high-heels and long white socks accentuated her slender legs and made her appear a lot taller than she actually was.

“Thanks babe,” she smiled before introducing Alex to the two girls she had been talking with.

The four of them continued to chat for quite some time over a few drinks before Alex and Sandra moved to the side of the room to dance to the music which was playing.

“Some of the costumes are terrific” Alex commented while watching a Storm Trooper dance with a girl dressed as a genie.

“I agree,” Sandra replied adding, “But some of them look more like lingerie than costumes.”

There was definitely a lack of clothing on some of the women in attendance. Aside from the naughty nurse outfits which left little to the imagination, there was no shortage of ultra-short skirts, revealing devils outfits, almost non-existent bikini tops and brightly coloured lingerie.

“I don’t mind that at all!” Alex said with a cheeky grin in return.

Sandy gave him a playful punch in the stomach before hugging him and whispering quietly in his ear, “Speaking of lingerie, I have a secret. I’m not wearing any under this costume.” She gave him a wicked grin and a wink as she continued to dance.

Alex’s mouth almost dropped open as he gazed up and down his girlfriend’s body, wishfully hoping for a glimpse of something.

“And it looks like I’m not the only one.” Sandra giggled as she nodded in the direction of a couch at the side of the dance floor.

Mike, the party host who was dressed as a fire-fighter, was sitting in the middle of the couch flanked by two young women. The girl on the left was dressed in a tight leather outfit as Cat Woman while the girl on the right was dressed in a sexy flight attendant’s outfit. The girl in the flight attendant’s outfit, however, was sitting at a bit of an odd angle and as a result, he legs were slightly spread, her skirt had risen up and her lack of panties was obvious to anyone looking in that direction, her cleanly shaven pussy openly on display.

Sandra gave Alex a cheeky smile before walking over to the couch. She said hi to Mike and thanked him for the invite before leaning close to the flight attendant and whispering something in her ear. The girl’s eyes widened, her mouth dropped open for a moment and she turned bright red. She quickly closed her legs as Sandra stood up but not before giving her a quick but seductive kiss on the surprised woman’s lips. Mike loved what he saw and cheered her on but Sandra turned and walked back to Alex, leaving the girl still gobsmacked by what had just occurred.

Alex shook his head while chuckling as she approached him. She could be such a tease sometimes, but that was one of the things he loved so much about her. The two embraced for a moment upon her return and continued dancing to the music.

By this point, Sandra couldn’t miss the feeling of overwhelming arousal. It had been almost two months since she had either had sex or had the opportunity to masturbate and, along with the sudden arousal, was an unmistakeable sensation of desperation for release. Seeing all the sexy outfits, telling Alex she was completely naked under her revealing costume and the look of lust in Alex’s eyes were becoming all too much for her. She needed release and couldn’t wait any longer.

“How about we find an empty room?” Sandra asked Alex with a look that told Alex exactly what she was thinking and what she was asking.

He smiled, took her hand and led her to one of the back rooms. The rooms themselves were small with polished wooded walls and floors. A few cupboards were around the outsides, along with a few dark green leather chairs, and a thick woollen rug filled the bulk of the empty space on the floor. The lighting was a bit dim due to the lights only consisting of a few lamps, but it gave the room a warm feeling.

In their haste, Alex and Sandra didn’t bother to scan the room as they entered. Alex shut the door behind them and locked it and upon turning around he was virtually jumped on by Sandra who kissed him deeply. Alex moved one of his hands up Sandra’s skirt and could feel the warm dampness of her exposed pussy. They continued to kiss and grope each other until they both suddenly came to the realisation that someone was in the room with them.

At one side of the room, away from the door, a tall brunette in a naughty cop uniform was standing there, an almost-empty beer bottle in hand and a massive smile as she watched. The plastic badge that covered one of her large, shapely breasts read “Special Agent Melinda.”

“Please, don’t stop on my account!” Melinda said eagerly. “I’m happy to go and leave you to it…but I’d much prefer to stay.” She added with a wink and a beaming smile.

Alex, whose hand was still pressing into Sandra’s rather wet pussy, wasn’t really sure what to say or think and simply stammered in reply, “Sorry, thought this room was empty.”

“I’d love it if you stayed.” Sandra jumped in suddenly. By this point she was too turned on to stop and the idea of someone watching, especially a rather hot girl dressed as a cop, had only enhanced her arousal. She was desperate for pleasure and wanted to enjoy herself as much as possible. Someone watching definitely added to the fun.

“Awesome!” Melinda said excitedly as she downed the rest of the beer, placed the empty bottle on the floor and sat back on one of the wooden chairs nearby the couple. She slid her short skirt up to her waist, spread her legs slightly and slipped a hand inside her dark, lacy panties.

Alex was still in a bit of shock and gawking at Melinda when Sandra pulled his attention back and began kissing him with renewed vigour. She hastily unbuttoned his shirt before he broke of his kissing and fondling to pull her top up over her head, revealing her small firm tits. He gently kissed his way down her neck before sucking and nibbling on each of her small pink nipples causing her to moan softly in response to the sensation.

As Alex continued to stimulate Sandra’s tits, she looked over at Melinda who now had undone the buttons of her own top and allowed her large breasts to hang free. They were much larger than Sandra’s but they were quite perky for their size and with larger, puffy nipples. As Sandra looked at her, enjoying the attention her tits were receiving, Melinda smiled at her, withdrew her hand from inside her panties and slowly, sensually licked her pussy juices from each finger. Sandra bit her lip with lust as she watched Melinda before kneeling down in front of Alex, undoing his trousers and pulling them and his underwear down in one go, freeing his semi-rigid cock.

Sandra slowly rubbed her hands on his shaft and scrotum, running her fingers through his neatly kept pubic hair. She gently teased his cock, enjoying the feeling of it growing firmer in her hand as she fondled it. Then, while staring into Melinda’s eyes, she took his now fully erect cock into her mouth and began working her tongue over the tip. She looked up at Alex as she began making long, quick movements of her head, each time taking his cock as deep as she comfortably could. Melinda bit her lip in lust as she watch Sandra’s mouth slide over his thick, smooth cock.

Alex was enjoying the blow job immensely; his mouth open and his eyes closed allowing the feelings of pleasure to roll through him. He knew he couldn’t last too long with such attention so he stopped her after a few minutes, raised her off her knees and kissed her again as he slid her skirt to the floor. Having received the attention from Sandra, he was keen to return the favour so he got down on his knees and began flicking his tongue and mouth over her cleanly shaven clit and pussy.

Sandra had been waiting for this. Each time his tongue touched her clit it sent shivers through her, causing her head to swim with pleasure. She gasped, her eyes opened widely, as Alex slipped a finger into her accepting and now moist pussy. She had to steady herself by leaning on his shoulders as her knees weakened. This was the feeling she had yearned for, that she had craved. The sensation of his hot breath on her throbbing clit and his fingers probing inside her, brushing against pleasure zones she had forgotten she had, was simply incredible.

When she looked over at Melinda, she noticed immediately that her dark panties were on the ground next to the chair and she had two fingers from one hand buried deep in her pussy making small pulsing motions while she was rubbing her clit with the other hand.

As she watch on, Melinda slid the fingers from her now gaping hole, picked the empty beer bottle off the floor and with a wicked smile, she slowly sank the bottle a few inches into her pussy. She rubbed herself faster as she began to fuck her moist hole, loving the feeling that the smooth glass gave her as it effortlessly glided in and out of her increasingly wet hole.

Both women now were immersed in the pleasure and it was only moments later that Sandra felt herself being overcome by the stimulation Alex was giving her. She cried out, trying to stifle the screams, as the most intense orgasm sweep through her body, she moaned loudly in ecstasy and felt her knees buckle underneath her before collapsing on top of Alex, her pussy still visibly pulsing as the orgasms continued to jolt through her.

Melinda’s own breathing had become short and rapid as she watched Sandra writhe in pleasure on Alex’s face. She fucked her pussy harder and faster with the bottle, rubbing her clit furiously and right as Sandra was beginning to come, she too felt the wonderful sensation of a series of rapid orgasms rush from her pussy causing her entire body to spasm involuntarily with the pleasure.

“Oh my god, you don’t know how much I needed that!” Sandra said out loud in a shaky but satisfied voice, still with her eyes closed as she tenderly rubbed her pussy, feeling how wet it was from her excitement.

Melinda, having recovered from her orgasm, stood and slipped her skirt off before walking over and sitting down on the plush rug in front of Sandra. As Sandra watch, Melinda spread her legs wide apart and made a come-hither motion with her index finger before using her hands to stretch her glistening pussy wide open as an invitation. Sandra didn’t have to be asked, nor did she hesitate, her face lit up with a beaming smile and she quickly moved into position close to Melinda’s pussy.

She savoured the arousing smell and stared at the beautiful pussy that was now only inches from her face. There were tiny droplets of moisture on the shortly trimmed patch of pubic hair above Melinda’s swollen clit and Sandra slowly ran her tongue from the opening of Melinda’s vagina to the top of the patch of hair, tasting the copious juices before plunging her tongue in as deep as she could into Melinda’s pussy.

“Oh fuck, yes!” Melinda cried out in pleasure as Sandra began eating her pussy. Each time her tongue hit her clit, she felt a surge through her body, building her arousal to new heights.

Alex was thoroughly enjoying the show that was unfolding in front of him. He could still taste Sandra’s juices on his lips which he enjoyed as he watched Sandra from behind, her pussy slightly parted and pointing straight at him. Alex stroked his cock as he watched Melinda’s face contort in pleasure and she used one hand to pull Sandra’s face hard against herself and with the other she rubbed and pinched her puffy nipples.

Melinda looked up at Alex and smiled, “Damn she has skills!”

“Haha, I know!” Alex agreed with a chuckle.

But while Alex enjoyed watching the sensual display in front of him, he simply couldn’t resist Sandra in that position. He quickly retrieved a condom from his pants on the floor, rolled it on to hard cock and knelt down behind Sandra, positioning himself at the opening of her pussy. She paused briefly to look back with a smile as he slowly eased his hard dick between her wet lips.

“Oh god, yes. That is so good.” Sandra groaned as Alex buried his cock completely in her pussy and began slowly withdrawing it. He repeated this a few more times, teasing her with how slow his movements were before thrusting fully into her accommodating hole.

Alex then began to pick up the pace of his thrusting as she rocked back to meet each thrust. As the speed of their fucking increased, the sound of his balls slapping against her and his cock pistoning in and out of her moist pussy filled the room. Sandra turned her attention back to Melinda and continued to lick her gorgeous pussy, renewing her attention on her clit.

All three were moaning in pleasure, each one lost in the feelings coursing through their bodies but intent on enjoying every second of it. As Sandra slipped two fingers into Melinda and fingered her rapidly, Melinda could feel the wonderful sensation in her crotch build and intensify before she felt the familiar rush of pleasure shoot through her, causing her to cry out as a series of powerful orgasms engulfed her. Sandra could feel her fingers being squeezed by Melinda’s pussy and her face became rapidly smeared with the copious juices flowing out of it.

Alex could tell from Melinda’s expression and spasmodic movements that she had just come and he was determined to get Sandra to come again as well. He reached under Sandra an began rubbing her clit in small, quick circles while reaching up with his other hand to gently caress one of her tits. He fucked her with longer but faster thrusts, the entirety of his cock sliding almost out to the head before jamming back to the hilt, while tenderly kissing her neck and shoulders. The sounds of moaning and the juicy noise of Alex’s cock fucking Sandra’s wet hole heightened their arousal.

“Fuck, yes, that’s it! Fuck me like that please!” Sandra begged as she gripped his cock firmly with her pussy, intensifying the sensation as the sheathed rod slipped in and out of her pussy without letup.

As Alex continued to ram Sandra from behind, Melinda slipped underneath Sandra into a sixty-nine position and moved Alex’s hand off Sandra’s clit. She then reached up with her head and began flicking her tongue across her engorged clit, the taste of her pussy was simply delightful to Melinda. Sandra went back to licking Melinda’s sopping pussy as well although only in a distracted manner as her concentration was constantly torn away by sensation of pure ecstasy which flowed from her pussy to all parts of her body. She was quivering and shaking in excitement as Melinda sucked and licked her clit while Alex pummelled her dripping hole.

“I can’t….oh please yes….so good!” Sandra cried in broken statements before letting out a deep moaning “YESSS!”

Alex could feel Sandra’s pussy grip his cock tighter and it began to pulse along the length of his shaft as her orgasm swept through her. There were small drops of fluid dripping down Melinda’s face as she tried to lap up the copious amount of pussy juices that flowed from Sandra.

The extra tightness on his shaft was enough to tip Alex over the edge, unable to hold back any longer.

“Oh shit, I’m coming!” Alex gasped as his balls tightened and his cocked pulsed, unloading a huge load of hot cum into the condom while still buried deep in Sandra’s warm hole. Sandra could feel his cock coming and this was enough to cause her another quick orgasm.

“Oh wow, that was fucking amazing.” Sandra breathed as she slid off Alex’s slowly softening cock.

Melinda quickly moved over and slipped the condom off without spilling any of the contents. While holding the condom closed, she wrapped her lips around his shaft and licked the last few drops of cum from the tip of his cock.

“That’s a lot of cum” Sandra smiled as she looked at the cum-filled condom in Melinda’s hand.

Melinda smiled at her before she tipped the condom up and squeezed the warm cum into her mouth, licking as much as she could from the inside of the rubber. She shuffled over to Sandra who was sitting back on the rug, gently opened Sandra mouth with her hand and let the cum flow from her own mouth into Sandra’s. She kissed her for a few moments, rolling her tongue around in the cum filling Sandra’s mouth. As she broke off her kiss, Sandra smiled, opened her mouth to show-off the load before gulping it all down in one go.

“That was the hottest experience of my life, thank you both so much for letting me stay.” Melinda said as she stood up and began to dress herself.

“It was our pleasure” Alex beamed.

“I think we can better that sometime soon if you want?” Sandra added with a big smile.

Melinda made a mock-thinking face before excitedly replying, “Absolutely!”

Author’s note: All characters are ficticious and all sexual acts described in this story occur between individuals over the age of 18.


My name is Mark and I have a confession. I’m an attractive 35 year old man with a pretty wife and two great little kids. I have a good job, a nice house and what appears from the outside to be a perfectly normal life. But I have a secret…a hot, sexy, naughty, filthy little secret named Lizzy.

Lizzy was 19 when this all started (actually she had just turned 20, but that didn’t make me feel any better). She was the daughter of Tom, one of my two bosses and a guy that could ruin my life if he ever suspected that I had done anything with his gorgeous daughter. Were he privy to the depths of depravity that his baby girl and I had reached together, he might not stop at ruining my life, but might just end it instead.

I had known Lizzy since I first joined the company a little over 4 years ago, but it wasn’t until she started interning with us, during her first year of college, that I became fully aware of her flirty personality and her incredibly sexy figure. As a payment processor in our accounting department, she worked on the same floor as I did (and the same floor as her dad for that matter). That meant that I saw Lizzy every day, and I got to know her quite well, joking and laughing with her about college, her dad and other things.

One of the things that I love about the place I work is that the women are all fairly young and they all dressed up. Tight skirts, tight shirts, nylons and high heels were all on the daily eye candy menu and Lizzy was no exception. The more time I spent around her, the more I noticed how sexual she was, from the way she shook her perfectly round ass when she walked to the way she smiled and twirled her hair while I talked to her at her cube.

Lizzy started making a habit of coming down to my office near the end of the day to chat. We talked about lots of different things, she knew I was an English Literature major in college and she loved to read too. She also was really into sports and especially into the team at the local university where I went to school and where she planned to enroll during the fall. We also talked about her boyfriend, or I should say boyfriends because she seemed to have several. It seemed Lizzy was a bit of a bad girl, who liked to keep two or three guys on the hook. I knew early on that she was a sexy young girl who no doubt had legions horny young guys falling all over her, but it wasn’t until I really got to know her that I started to suspect she was capable of being a naughty little slut.

We were getting way too inappropriate in our end of the day chats. I knew I should put a stop to it, but I didn’t want to. Lizzy exuded sexuality and things had become pretty frosty for me at home. Not only was she a nice little work distraction, but she had become the subject of masturbation fantasies and more often than I care to admit, I had horribly delicious thoughts of her perfectly firm young ass bouncing off my cock while I fucked my wife.

Yes, it was that bad, and I knew I shouldn’t be thinking those thoughts about her, but I couldn’t stop. So I did what any red blooded male would do when faced with this situation…I justified my behavior and continued it. But I limited my flirting with her, was never really overt, and she was never all that she was actually into me. Sure I felt a little sexual tension between us, and I knew from the way she swung her foot and played with her hair while we talked that she was being flirty and liked my attention, but it was fairly harmless, and it would end there…or so I thought.

Lizzy started school that fall and worked a lot less. She still made time to drop by my office several times a week and we still chatted. One night she told me about a frat party she went to and how she had gone down on two different guys she met that night. I was shocked. We had teased a little and made sexual jokes, but before then, she had never told me anything that explicit involving her. She sat back and smiled after she said it, waiting to guage my reaction. As I looked at her, I noticed that her nipples were hard and poking out of her tight blouse. I actually had been taking all of her in while she was talking, from her sexy, strappy shoes, up her long, curvy legs and right up to her perfectly perky tits. That’s when I noticed her hard nipples, and it was just at the point she was telling me about her two blow-job evening. As I looked up at her face, I saw a knowing smile and a naughty sparkle in her eyes.

“What are you thinking, mister,” she said, flicking her hair behind her ear.

“I’m thinking you’re gonna be really popular in college,” I said, laughing and trying to hide my raging erection that was starting to press against my tight suit pants.

“Yeah, kinda like high school,” she said with a wink.

“What does that mean?” I said laughing.

“Well, I won’t say that I was the prom queen, but let’s just say I was the self-proclaimed and undisputed queen of blow jobs,” she laughed.

“Um…Lizzy,” I stammered, suddenly feeling myself turning red from embarrassment and being incredibly turned on at the same time, “I’m not sure we should be talking like this.”

Her smile turned into a bit of a smirk, and as it did, and before she said anything else, it became apparently to me that this little siren had me in her clutches and she knew it.

“Okay, so I won’t tell you about the time that my boyfriend fell asleep after prom, drunk off his ass, while I blew his best friend and his best friend, and two other guys who happened to walk in on us.”

“Lizzy, I shouldn’t be hearing…”

“Don’t worry, Mark, we were all consenting adults. I mean, you’re the lawyer, but you just gotta be 18 to be legal right?”

“Well, yes” I said, “but still…”

As I stuttered, I saw Lizzy look outside my door, then sit up a little in her chair quickly. “Hey daddy!” she said, as her dad Tom poked her head in the door.

“There you are, sweetness,” Tom said, smiling at her then looking at me. “You down here asking Mark about law school.”

“Yeah, daddy, but he keeps telling me I’d have to be crazy to go to law school,” Lizzy said, smiling at him. “I told him I’ve been known to be crazy at times.” When she said that she was looking squarely at me, and I knew I had to be breaking out in a sweat and was close to turning 50 shades of red. I’m sure it was seconds, but it felt like minutes that we sat there, letting that last comment hang.

“Well, what do I have to do to get a dinner date with the prettiest girl in the office?” Tom said.

“All you have to do is ask,” Lizzy said, still looking at me. I hoped Tom didn’t notice what seemed to be lust in her tone, but I did, and swallowed hard.

“Well let’s go then, shall we,” he said, grabbing her hand and pulling her up. “Mark, I’ll see you at my party tomorrow night, right?”

Damn, I had forgotten all about Tom’s stupid work party. It was always boring and I always hated it. Every year I tried to no avail to come up with a good excuse not to make it. “Tom, I…”

Lizzy interrupted before I could come up with something, “I get to come to your party this year, Daddy, I’m part of the office now AND even if I’m not legal…to drink.”

“I’ll be there. What time does it start again?”

“7:00,” Tom said, “see you there. You ready Lizzy bear?”

“Yep,” she said and followed him out, “see you tomorrow Mark.”

I was so relieved they were gone. The whole time Tom had been there I could barely breathe. Lizzy was flirting with me, I had zero doubt. I only hoped that he didn’t notice that, or that fact that a big part of me want to grab her and bend her over my desk and fuck her while he watched. What the hell was wrong with me?! I didn’t know, but I knew one thing, I wanted her. My cock was still hard and the office was barren since it was friday. For the first time in my life, I masturbated in public, well kinda. I couldn’t help it, that sexy little piece of ass had me so worked up that I couldn’t stop rubbing my cock through my pants. Before I knew it, I had my cock out and was shooting a huge load of cum into my trash can. I couldn’t believe what I had just done or the fact that I didn’t even close my door. That was crazy, this whole thing was crazy. Little did I know how much crazier things would get.

The next day all I did was think about Lizzy. The way she looked, the way she smelled, every little curve of her body, and every little thing I wanted to do to her. Even as I watched my attractive wife get dressed, sliding on her slip, then her hose, then her dress, my thoughts drifted to Lizzy, sliding those same items onto her sexy little body.

I barely spoke to my wife on the way to Tom’s, my thoughts entirely focused on his hot, young daughter. We arrived a little late and the driveway was full, so we had a bit of a walk, but I didn’t notice. My cock was leading the way like a compass, straight towards the front door of my boss’ home, the father of the girl I desperately wanted to ravage. When we got there, Tom’s wife greeted us, smiling like the perfect hostess and welcoming us to her home. I had never noticed before how much she looked like Lizzy, and I wondered if she had a naughty streak like her daughter. She gave my wife and I a quick kiss on the cheek, taking our coats. I was so horny and her dirty little daughter had me so turned on that I had a quick thought about how naughty it would be to fuck Tom’s wife and his daughter. If I was gonna go down, I might as well go down in flames, right?

I made my way to the bar and grabbed my wife and I a drink then joined her on the couch, where most of the people I worked with were listening to Tom, guitar in tow, telling a story. Tom’s propensity to drag out his guitar at his parties was the main reason people tried to avoid them. And yet it seemed we all ended up going, maybe because we knew he took mental notes of those who missed.

I stayed for three songs, that’s about all I could take before I went back for another beer. My wife had started talking to one of my co-worker’s wives about our kids that were close to the same age. From the sound of it, those women could talk for hours. My mind was focused on Lizzy and I walked around the house, beer in tow, looking for trouble.

I found her on the second floor, in the game room, hanging out with some younger people from the office and some cute young girls who I assumed were her friends because I had never seen them before. They were drinking and listening to music and playing pool and I’m pretty sure I even smelled the faintest odor of pot in the room. Much better than the party downstairs.

When I walked in, Lizzy was lining up a shot on the pool table and one of the accountants from work was “helping” her, which meant he was standing behind her and feeling her up while she shot. She looked up at me, smiled, and then shot one of her balls into the corner pocket nearest me.

“Nice shot,” I said, “you’re a pro.”

“I’ve just had lots of practice,” she said standing up. When she did, my jaw alnost fell to the floor. She had on a white blouse that was very low cut and that didn’t even attempt to hide her ample cleavage, a short plaid skirt, and fishnet hose wrapped in black boots that covered her calves. No wonder this young guy was draped all over her, she looked fucking hot.

I was suddenly aware that not only was I visually devouring the bosses hot young daughter in front of other people I worked with, but also that I was, by far, the oldest person in the game room. Despite my male instinct and the urging of my ever hardening penis, I knew I needed to turn around and walk out of the room.

“I was just looking for another restroom,” I said, “the one downstairs was occupied.”

“There’s more than one downstairs,” Lizzy said, that familiar smirk returning to her face, “but Jill can show you where the one upstairs is.”

I didn’t know Jill, but I assumed she was the tall strawberry blonde that Lizzy was now whispering to. She walked over passed me and out the door. I didn’t necessarily want to leave, but there were worse people to follow, so I turned and walked out behind her. She had an incredible ass and a pair of nice, finely toned legs. Clearly I was a man in need of therapy or a good fucking from a hot young slut.

“You know Lizzy talks about you a lot,” Jill said, turning back as she led me down the hall, “she says she wants to go to law school and then come back to the company and be a company attorney just like you.”

“Oh really,” I said, laughing.

“Yeah, she talks about being under you a lot. She thinks you could teach her all kinds of things.”

What did she just say?!

“Well, here’s the bathroom,” she said, “hope you have a good night.”

And with that, Jill walked away and I walked into the restroom, still wondering if I heard what I thought I did. I didn’t need to pee, so instead I looked at myself in the mirror. Look at me, I’m an old guy, she’s into guys her age. And besides, I have a beautiful wife. I had to get control of this. I was lecturing myself and so focused that I didn’t even notice there was another door to the room, nor did I notice that it had been quietly opened. All I heard was the door close. I looked up in the mirror to see Lizzy standing behind me. She had unbuttoned her top, and I could see her bare midriff and the sides of her full breasts. My cock was an iron bar tearing at my pants, desperate to be free.

“Lizzy, what are you…”

“Don’t talk Mark,” she said, dropping to her knees and unbuttoning my fly, “we can talk later, but right now your wife and my dad are downstairs. We have to hurry.”

She said it so confidently, so expertly and before I knew it my cock was out of my pants and resting tightly in her soft, perfect hand. “I know you want this, I want it too,” she said, pumping my shaft with her hand as she looked up at me, biting her lip, he eyes filled with lust. “Let me do this for you, you need me.”

My eyes locked with hers, a small part of them pleading for her to stop, but a more desperate, hungry part urging her forward. She looked down at my hard state, licked her lips, then lowered them to kiss the swollen head, her tongue darting out to taste my pre-cum. An “mmmmmmm” escaped her perfect lips before they slowly enveloped my throbbing cock. She removed her hand from my shaft and grabbed her shirt as her lips grabbed more and more of my rigid cock. They fell to the base as her shirt fell to the floor, revealing the perkiest set of natural tits I have ever laid eyes on. The sight of her hands squeezing them together along with the feeling of her lips squeezing me was almost enough to make me cum right there. But I was determined to hold off, at least momentarily.

She continued expertly sucking my cock, tightly wrapping her lips on me and bobbing up and down before using her tongue to lick the underside of my shaft and all around my bulbous head. I pulled her long hair up into a pony tail and held it tight, helping her with her movements.

“Fuck Lizzy, that feels incredible,” I said, “don’t you dare stop, dirty girl.”

She took her mouth off my cock just long enough to tell me that she wanted to taste my cum, pumping me with her tight little hand.

She put her mouth back on my cock, her lips forming a perfect little vacuum as they slid over my ridge and locked on. She looked incredible, her mouth felt incredible, and all the building sexual tension between us had me ready to explode. I couldn’t stop, it was too incredible, this hot little girl and her perfect mouth on my rock hard cock. My first burst of cum hit the back of her throat before I could even warn her.

“Fuuuuuuuuck, oh fuck I’m cumming all in your hot little mouth, you naughty little slut,” I said, holding her hair tight and pushing my cock deep in her mouth. She took all my cum and swallowed it like a pro, looking up at me smiling and licking her lips.

“Fuck, that felt good,” I said, “you’re incredible.”

She stood up, buttoning her shirt before opening the door she came through. “Told ya I was the Queen of Blow Jobs,” she smiled, “but if you think that’s good, I can’t wait till you fuck me.”

With that she walked out the door. Leaving me with a shocked look on my face and a spent cock hanging from my pants. I was in awe of what I had just experienced. Unquestionably the best cock sucker ever just happened to be the hot young daughter of my boss. It would be stupid for me to continue to play with fire, but as I walked out of that bathroom, I knew I wanted more of her. I just never expected for our next encounter to come so soon.

To be continued…

Pete my twin brother and his wife Danni, had a wonderful beachfront house with four bedrooms, a pool and double-garage which is situated in a fairly remote area. Eve, my wife is a year younger than me, Danni being three years younger. They had invited us to their place for the night to celebrate our 55th birthday along with a few other friends of theirs. Dress code was casual for the men (no jeans) although the women were asked to wear long dresses.

As usual with the day approaching Eve said “Come on Mike, I’ve got no long dresses in my wardrobe, we’re off shopping.”

My spirits dropped as shopping is fairly low on my list of ‘interesting activities’ but I knew this evening was important for her, so being the dutiful husband, I smiled, put my trainers on and headed for the car.

Eve was quite animated in the car, discussing her thoughts on what to wear, anticipating the evening and wondering if we should take anything. As I drove, she called Danni to check on our requirements. How can women talk for about ten minutes, then you ask what they were talking about and all you get is “Oh, nothing much.” When you enquire further, it’s like trying to get blood from a stone! Still, she was in a good mood and that bode well for the afternoon. Being midweek, the shopping centre was nowhere near full which made parking easy.

We had married thirty years ago and as far as I know neither of us had been unfaithful in all that time but being together for so long led to frustrations, particularly regarding our sex life. Eve had quite a strict upbringing and trying to coax her in to being more adventurous had often proven fruitless. We had progressed to using a few toys but dressing-up seemed taboo as was trying to move the venue away from the bedroom. I had great difficulty in accepting this situation but it’s the chance you take I suppose and I was resigned to it. We had both ‘worn well’ and without being the most beautiful people in the world, we had a young outlook and certainly didn’t look our age apart from the silver hair which I assured myself, looked distinguished.

I usually last about an hour of being dragged around the shops but the dresses Eve was trying on had really caught my attention. She appeared to be going for a creation that emphasised her cleavage which was rather unusual for her. Invariably, she would bounce out of the changing room to seek my comments, having disposed of her bra to allow the natural lines to flow.

‘We’ eventually decided on a long cream coloured dress which had thick straps over the shoulders, low-back and the obligatory deep cleavage. We both agreed that it looked stunning. I really didn’t know how I was going to be able to walk back to the car with the object of my excitement evidently causing some discomfort for me. At one stage whilst heading for the car, Eve slowed up making me bump into her, using the opportunity she grabbed my ‘semi’, bringing it back to full erectness, which brought a knowing smile from her.

I don’t know what had got in to her, definitely out of character. At the car, she almost jumped on me, demanding a long and passionate kiss. As my hands went to caress her breasts (as usual) I quickly noted that she had dispensed of the bra. Her nipples were very erect and I mused that I couldn’t understand how I had missed the missing bra! When we were younger, I could bring Eve to orgasm just by playing with her breasts but those days were long gone. Yet she was responding well in this parking area – with people coming and going. I thought about getting her to jump in the back of the car, where there were darkened windows but without a word, she must have read my mind as she smiled at me and clambered in to the back. To say I was astounded would be an understatement. She had never allowed or talked about such activity before, although I often suggested it.

The passionate kissing continued as I manipulated her breasts in the best way I knew how. I wanted this to be a loving and lovely occasion. I certainly didn’t want to cum too soon. Eve quickly undid my trousers and pulled my boxers down to allow her access to my very-erect penis. There was already evidence of my pleasure with a rather large damp-spot on my boxers and a trail starting to wander down my thigh. I couldn’t help but sigh loudly as she took the head of my penis between her lips and gently licked around it. She was sitting on the seat and I moved to lie down. As she moved around to get more comfortable my hand slipped under her skirt and although by now I was very excited, I managed to control myself enough to gradually make my way up her thigh at the same time, stroking her gently.

As I arrived at her bald pussy, I nearly came on the spot as she had also dispensed with her knickers. She looked at me knowingly and I said “When.”

She moved her lips away from my penis and replied that she had felt so good wearing ‘that’ dress, that she had decided that underwear was no longer a good idea as it would only become wet and uncomfortable. I really had problems with maintaining my control now as my instinct was to forge ahead but instead I gently massaged her pussy-lips for a while before gently inserting one finger. This brought a loud sigh and a shudder from Eve. She was really fired up and I’m sure I could have continued like this until we both came, with me coming in her mouth for the first time but as I manipulated my finger and moved to gently caress her clit, she soon went in to orgasm mode and for her there was no turning back. I moved my other hand to put pressure on her mound and she had to move her mouth away from my penis or I’m sure she would have done me a serious injury in that position. She became very vocal and I was very aware that we were in a rather large car park and so I kissed her to increase her pleasure and shut her up. I had never known her so loud. It would appear that preparing for this party had unlocked something in her, hopefully with no going back. Eventually her breathing returned to normal and she turned her attention to my slightly flagging penis.

The sight of her collecting the pre-cum with her tongue then using her lips to suck the head in again, had me instantly hard and I knew I wouldn’t last long. I closed my eyes to enjoy the moment as I felt her lips lower down on my shaft. I felt the first pulse of my orgasm at the same time as the lips were removed as she carried me through my orgasm. I opened my eyes to see her directing my cum on to her breasts. I think that that must have been the most intense cum I had ever had. As I returned to earth, she smiled at me and purred as she massaged my juice over each breast. “Did you enjoy that?” Did I what? The most sensual and intense orgasm of my life and she asks “Did you enjoy it?”

I smiled and croaked “It was OK.” I didn’t see the playful tap that was directed at my shrinking appendage. Life at that moment was wonderful. We took our time to clean up and then headed home, both with a sense of fulfilment.

The day of the party dawned and Eve was up and about early. She brought me a cup of tea in bed and was generally quite frisky with me but whenever I responded, she moved away from me.

She was on the phone to Danni for quite a while as I showered and dressed. Being a Saturday, my day was semi-planned with watching cookery programs followed by football on TV. Eve said she had to pop to the shops so I was pleased to have the place to myself as I settled down in front of the TV in my leather armchair. She was gone for about two hours and returned as the ‘big game’ was just starting. She was still in her bouncy mood but was slightly evasive regarding what she had bought at the shops.

My brother lived just over an hour away from us so I was able to watch all the game and the other results come in before I eventually decided to get ready for the party. We were staying the night but had decided to dress for the party before we left home rather than change there. As I entered the bedroom, Eve looked fabulous. She had had a shower and fixed her hair and was in the process of putting on her make-up. She was naked and kneeling in front of the large mirror. Never one to miss an opportunity, I unzipped and got my penis out and said “While your down there.”

She immediately proceeded to slowly suck in the head with her deep red lipstick covered lips. I was loving the feeling which probably lasted about a minute when Eve said “That’s it for now Buster, we’ve got a party to go to and I don’t want to be late” leaving me literally dangling.

While I shaved and dressed, Eve slipped into her new dress which immediately evoked memories of the car park. I knew I had an hour’s drive ahead of me and I knew it was going to be rather uncomfortable. I gave her a cuddle and a light kiss and told her how wonderful she looked. She grabbed my penis through my trousers and said “mmm, he seems to be happy.” I really wanted to take her there and then and forget the party but it was never an option and as I climbed into the driver’s seat, I mused on what might have been. Before driving off, I slid my hand gently up her thigh, over her glossy ‘hold-up’s’ and was amazed to find that she had on a tiny thong. She never wears a thong. She looked at me with a big smile and said “I bought it today, what do you think.” Fancy asking me a question like that at a time like this. Rock hard, horny as hell and a party to go to!

We arrived at around 7.30pm and as Eve got out of the car, she looked absolutely stunning. She had brushed her long blonde hair and touched up her lipstick again and as she came around the car towards me she said “Do you like.”

I replied “Absolutely gorgeous.” We held hands as we made our way to the back door of the house as the front door opens on to the beach.

Pete greeted us with a kiss and cuddle for Eve and an immediate beer for me. That’s what I call a greeting. We were introduced to the other three couples there, all around the fifty-ish age group. I doubt if any of them had been there very long as most of the ladies glasses were almost full and the atmosphere seemed very low-key until Eve got in among them. I left the group to search out Danni who I assumed would be in the kitchen. Sure enough, there she was, similarly looking stunning. She wore a deep red long dress which contrasted so well with her jet black short ‘bob-style’ hair, with a black choker around her neck. I had never seen her wear a choker before and it added a certain sexiness to her. She put down the plate she was holding and came and gave me a very close clinch and a peck on the lips. She must have been able to feel the state I was in as I believe it would have jabbed her in the thigh but all she said was “I’m so glad you’re here, I’ve been looking forward to tonight for so long. Where’s Eve?”

We both made our way back in to the lounge where everyone was now congregated. Danni sought out Eve and they chatted quickly and quietly for a minute or two as I began to circulate. Danni briefly disappeared with Eve but soon returned with champagne for everyone. Danni proposed a toast to ‘the birthday boys’ which brought a loud cheer from all assembled. ‘Bottoms-up’ was the order of the day for all toasts.

The glasses were quickly re-charged and Pete responded with a toast to the beautiful ladies – and a night of surprises. I was intrigued as there appeared to be knowing looks from everyone – only I was in the dark so to speak. More champagne appeared and I proposed a toast to our hosts which was warmly appreciated.

I was already feeling warm inside and starting to buzz. Danni and Eve appeared either side of me nuzzling their breasts into my arms. Eve kissed me warmly then Danni did the same. “Happy Birthday” they said then left me and did the same to Pete. Yes, I was definitely warming up.

There were assorted nibbles strategically placed and I grazed on them as I circulated. Danni and Eve had disappeared and Pete joined me in chatting to the others. There was Chris who was the tallest guy there at about 6’3″ who was with Angela, a petite dark-haired woman but with large breasts that were threatening to spill out of her tight black dress. Martin and Sally were another couple, both about 5’8″ although I suspect that Sally would soon reduce in size if she removed her four inch heels. Sally wore a long dark green dress which had been styled to emphasize an ample cleavage. Having long red hair, she had typically white skin and was holding tight to her husband as she listened to the topic of conversation. Finally, there was Steve and Sue. At first glance you would put them down as fitness freaks. Again, about 5″8 but with not an ounce of fat on either of them. Sue had short blonde hair and wore a long white sleeveless dress which emphasised her fairly muscular upper arms but also a lack of any discernible cleavage. Steve was fair haired and as he was wearing a short-sleeved shirt his muscular arms were also displayed. It was evident that these couples were long-time friends and they were chatting easily.

Danni and Eve appeared with a tray of shot glasses and a bottle of some sort of what I discovered to be ‘fire-water’ as soon as I sank my first one! Everyone was required to sink this first shot while Pete turned up the music. A fanfare sounded and a pre-recorded male sexy voice (I’m thinking Barry White here) demanded all people to dance with their respective partners. The lights dimmed and the music became very slow and sultry. Eve pulled me in close and as we shuffled together, she asked if I was enjoying myself, how I was feeling and whether I was ready for the ‘surprises’.

I replied that I am, that I’m really buzzing and wondering what the ‘surprises’ bit was about.

“You’ll see” she purred.

As the music continued, she ground in to me a bit then kissed me passionately. The voice interrupted us, informing us that all the men must move on to the next lady for the next song. That was something I didn’t want or expect but as requested, I moved on to Sue while Eve was dancing with Pete. Sue put both arms around my waist which invited us to dance waist to waist and therefore groin to groin. She appeared to be massaging my penis with her stomach with not a hint of embarrassment from her. She must have known what she was doing to me as we chatted quietly. I found out that she didn’t work anymore… the rest was unintelligible as I noticed Pete and Eve getting together very cosily, too cosily I thought. His hands were comfortably caressing the cheeks of her behind and she was holding him in tight by his cheeks. I was stunned and then it hit me that the other couples were likewise dancing in a rather intimate way. Eve looked over towards me and winked and smiled. She was obviously comfortable with the situation, strange.

All too soon the voice instructed us to move on and I moved on to Sally, who immediately settled in to finding out how hard I was whilst engaging in small talk, at least that’s what it seemed like to me.

Bear in mind that I had been hard for most of the journey down; my wife looked as attractive as I had ever seen her; I was surrounded by good-looking women who were elegantly dressed; I was not quite drunk but certainly very merry and these women seemed intent on rubbing up against me, intensifying my erectness if that was possible. Wow!

I eventually ended up dancing with Danni. She informed me that this had been planned between her and Eve. Eve had been telling Danni about her issues with wanting to advance our sexual experience but that she didn’t know what to do or how to do it. Danni confessed that she and Pete had gone through a similar crisis in their relationship many years before and that Danni had confided in a very good friend at work who just happened to be Angela. Whether you could class it as a ‘progressive formula’ or not, Angela eventually arranged a similar party for Danni and Pete, which worked for them. You could say that my jaw dropped, that I was stunned etc. but really I was feeling very excited. To my mind, this may be the ‘genie out of the bottle’ time for both Eve and me.

I looked towards Eve but she was rather involved with Martin. Danni continued by explaining that she had convinced Eve to let herself go, along with any pre-conceived ideas and just enjoy herself for one evening. Anything goes for this one night only. I thought, ‘hold-on, Eve, anything goes, no, this would never happen’ and yet there she was grinding against Martin. I settled in closer to Danni and she smiled as she returned the move and kissed me briefly but fervently.

‘The voice’ again interrupted our ardour and as I moved on to re-unite with Eve, she was beaming, so obviously just to make her feel better, I managed to muster a smile whilst suppressing an enormous grin. We embraced tightly and she kissed me more passionately than she had ever done before that I could remember. “Happy Birthday Mike and sorry.”

“Why sorry?” I asked.

“Well, it’s been so long since I have felt this good about myself, that I could even consider opening up like this. I expect Danni has explained.”

“Well, she did say that you had been chatting together and she had suggested this party as a way to move on, but…”

“I really don’t know if this is what I want or need but I know that you will enjoy it. I am willing to give it my best and we can chat about it later and see where we go. Are you OK about me being with other guys?”

Now, let me think. My horny wife is asking her horny husband for permission to (I expect) fuck other men. Decisions, decisions. Again, being a gentleman I agreed to her ‘demand’ and as we kissed, I slyly slipped a hand inside her dress and gave her erect nipple a little pinch, just to let her know that I was up for fun and games.

‘The voice’ moved us on again with the command that for the first part of the next song, the men were allowed to use their hands on the ladies and when the tempo changed half way through, it was the ladies turn.

I moved on to Sue and tentatively massaged her bum cheeks through her dress but as I looked around and saw bare thighs and breasts around, I bent down and moved my hands up under her dress to their previous position. Sue was wearing what appeared to be a thong so my hands had uninterrupted access to her tight cheeks.

“Play with my bum” she said.

I was a bit taken aback. It’s not often a woman you hardly know asks such a thing. As always, I hate to turn down a request from a lady so I moved my finger down to get it moistened from her fanny, which caused a gasp from Sue, as I then proceeded to play with her rim. She melted further in to me before asking me to go deeper. So no foreplay here then. Sue certainly knows what she wants I thought as I inserted my digit playfully. All too soon the tempo changed and before I knew it, Sue had unzipped me and was amassing the flood of pre-cum that I had produced, then proceeded to lick it.

“I don’t know what it is about pre-cum, but it always tastes so good” she said.

A handy thing to know I thought whilst at the same time thinking of the colour of the drawn curtains to try and stave off an impending orgasm. I couldn’t see Eve out of my eye-line but noticed that both Angela and Danni were happily groping someone. The music changed and Sue zipped me up and sent me on my way. As I approached Sally, it crossed my mind that I hadn’t touched Sue’s tits. ‘Oh well’ I thought, ‘the night is young’. I mentally made a note to go easy on the booze for a while, I was becoming sloppy, fancy missing an opportunity like that.

Sally greeted me with a big smile and asked me where I wanted to start. I have always had a thing about red-heads with big white tits. It reminded me of my early teenage years where the older sister of a friend who just happened to be a red-head used to invite her brothers’ friends in to her bed to play. What a wonderful girl she was and that was how I found out about tits! I digress wistfully. Sally seemed happy for me to play with her breasts and nipples, instructing me on her requirements. I was on the verge of one great big orgasm but I didn’t want to be the first to blow my load.

I chained my pet slave to a pole downside and tied her feet to a stool for the night. I have had enough of her snide remarks and disgusting looks towards me. It is time to teach her a lesson in manners.

I woke up early the next morning and ran to the local pet store and made a last minute stop at the adult store on my way home. I grabbed a drill from the garage and headed downstairs. My pet was sobbing as I approached her. I put a collar around her neck and attached a leash to her collar.

“What are you crying about?”

“I miss my babies and my husband. I am so sorry John. I treated you like shit and I realize it now. I have learned my lesson. Please let me go home.”

“You think you have learned your lesson? Ha! Ha! Ha! You have not even begun to learn your lesson.”

I slid my hand between her legs and slid my finger inside her dry hole. I pumped the finger in and out until she began to lubricate my finger. Once my finger was glistening, I slid my finger up to her clit and massaged it a few moments. I heard her gasp momentarily.

“Please master, I have to pee.”

“You do not relieve yourself unless I say so. You will learn to hold your bodily functions like a dog until I let you outside. If you leak, I will punish you like a dog.”

I continued to flick her clit until it grew hard, then I squeezed it tightly between my fingers. I smiled as she winced and let out a whimper. I decided my teasing was done for the moment. I turned away and began drilling holes in four spots on the floor. I placed two hand clamps horizontal from each other and drilled them into the floor.

I returned to my pet, untied her feet and took hold of the leash before unbinding her hands. I yanked at the leash and guided her to the floor where I locked each hand into the clamps. I then measured the placement of the next two clamps, drilled the holes and secured the two a clamp to each of her ankles so that she was secured to the floor naked, in a dog’s position. I stood back and admired my handy-work. I held a plastic bowl between her legs.

“Relieve yourself my pet slave.”

“I can’t pee with you standing her.”

I slapped her ass and repeated myself. Soon her golden fluids flowed from between her legs into the bowl. I wiped her clean and headed upstairs to place her waste in my freezer. I grabbed a cage from the top of my car and brought her new home to the basement, placing it in the corner. I secured the cage to the floor then drilled four clamps into the side of my wall. I walked over to my pet who was looking at me with puppy eyes.

“What is it now my pet? You are getting on my nerves.”

“I have not eaten in a long time. May I have something to eat master?”

“Yes, I will feed you my pet. I ran to the store and bought you some food and toys this morning. I will need to clean you up in a bit. We are expecting some guests later and I need you fresh and clean so that you can play host to the guests.”

I grabbed a metal dog bowl from my bag of goodies and opened a can of dog food. I placed the dog food in front of her face. Her look of disgust was to die for. I laughed at her.

“Your face is one of the ugliest faces I think I have ever seen. You are so fucking ugly. You look like a mole with your glasses off. I am surprised you found a husband to marry you. He must have done so out of sympathy. Eat your food now you ugly bitch or go hungry.”

I sat back behind her and watched my pet eat her food like a dog. It was interesting to see her vagina exposed to me each time she bent down to take a bite out of the bowl. I came up with a great idea. Each time she bent down to eat, I slid two fingers inside her pussy. When she lifted her head, I removed them. It was a unique way to entice her to eat and tease her horniness at the same time. By time she was done eating, her pussy was a mess.

“What a good little slut you are. You are enjoying this aren’t you?”

“You have made me so horny master. I beg for release.”

“You will not have a release until I say you are ready. It is time for your bath.”

I released her from her binds and walked her on all fours, pulling on her leash, to the bathroom downstairs. I ran the water and placed her in the tub. I lathered up a bath rag and washed her body, making sure to spend extra time on her breasts and crotch. Her breathing was starting to increase with each stroke of the rag over her lower region.

After her bath, I let her air dry like a dog. I introduced her to her new home, placing her in her cage. The cage was made for extra large dogs. I placed a padlock on the cage and left her to play with a rope bone.

Later in the afternoon, I restrained her back in the clamps on the floor. I took the cumcicle I had created and shoved it in and out of her pussy. Her hips began to gyrate as the frozen cumcicle pumped in and out of her walls, melting away inside her. She was getting close to an orgasm when I removed the cumcicle and placed it in her mouth, ordering her to lick it. Her face scoured as she sucked her own juices off the cumcicle. I laughed at her.

“What a disgusting slut you are. You are licking your juices off my frozen come. I need to get a few pictures of this.”

I took pictures of her restrained to the floor like a dog, sucking on the cumcicle. I was turned on. As ugly as she was, as much hatred as I had for her, I found myself turned on by her heavy breathing and naked body. Her lips were begging for me. I pushed the rest of the cumcicle inside her ass. She squealed as it forced itself inside.

I moved around her and stood before her face, holding my erect cock in hand. I didn’t say a word, only placing it against her lips. She complied and began to suck my cock in her mouth. I took two hands full of her shortened hair and fucked her face. It was not long before I was on the brink of an orgasm as her mouth worked wonders on me. I took a few deep thrusts before burying my dick deep down her throat and spraying my semen down her throat. I heard her half-choke as I filled her stomach.

I rested a few minutes before explaining her role as a host for the party tonight. I explained she would be part of the entertainment and was to do as told if she had any hopes of seeing her family again. I told her that she would be severely punished if she made any attempt to leave. I asked for her understanding and received her reluctant acceptance.

My two roommates, Juan and Peter, arrived home. Peter had brought his girlfriend Sheila with him. She was a tomboy who loved to be one of the guys. A little bit later a few of the soccer players from the university accepted my invitation and showed up. We were waiting for the last guest to arrive before I showed them the surprise I had promised them.

Juan and Peter set up the poker table. Jason, one of the soccer players, began pouring drinks. The door bell rang. I opened the door to welcome Sammy. Her gold locks were pulled back in a ponytail. I leaned in and gave her a big hug. I welcomed her inside. She was the rugby goalie.

It was time to unveil the surprise host for the night. I made my way downstairs and removed the padlock from the cage. For the night, Jen was allowed to stand on two legs, unless instructed otherwise. She stood up and straightened her blue frill skirt that hung a few inches above her knee, just barely covering her privates. I admired the way the wife beater t-shirt hugged her chest. I intentionally bought a shirt a size too small. I took hold of the leash and guided her up the stairs.

Everyone stared in disbelief as I escorted her into the living room. It was a few seconds before the soccer plays began hooting and hollering. The noise ended with hands clapping. Sammy stood and circled Jen, checking out the meat. I grinned as Sammy’s face filled with desire.

“Jen be a good pet and go get us some food from the kitchen.” I commanded.

As Jen turned and exited the room Peter spoke up, “Dude. Where the hell did you get that woman?”

Juan chimed in, “Wow. That is the biggest shocker I have seen in a long time. I would have never expected this from you John. You are the man.”

“Peter, she is an former high school classmate of mine. She is a total bitch who needs to be taught some manners. She will be our host and entertainment for the night.”

I wasn’t sure if the look on Peter’s girlfriend, Sheila’s face was of disgust or horror. I was not expecting her to be here. She was about to see a great show. A few moments later Jen entered the room carrying a tray of sub bites. She made her way around the poker table. Juan reached up her loose-fitting skirt and grabbed her ass as she leaned over to give Peter a sub.

“Holy cow. She has no underwear on. What a slut.”

Everyone laughed. “I gotta get a feel of this” Sammy added.

Sure enough, Sammy stuck her hand up Jen’s skirt as Jen made her way around the table. Ramon, one of the other soccer players, pulled her onto his lap.

“Sit here. You can be my good luck charm this hand.”

The first hand of cards was dealt as the we began a hand of poker. Ramon held his cards with one hand, while the other hand was underneath the table. Jen’s eyes were closed. Her lips trembled after just a few moments. I imagined his hand buried under her skirt. I announced the reward for the winner of the first hand.

“As I stated earlier, Jen will also be our entertainment of the night. The winner of the first hand will receive oral treatment from our host tonight. Because you will be busy, you will sit the following hand out. Oh, and I almost forgot, the winner also gets to choose a toy from the bag of goodies on the couch to use on her also.”

Hoots and hollers filled the room. I had a feeling Sheila was glad she was only an observer for the game, though I didn’t know how she would feel if Peter won. The bets were placed and the river card was laid on the table. The beer was flowing and I could tell the men were starting to get horny. Jen’s face was starting to get flushed as Juan teased her. I looked over and saw his hand bobbing under her skirt.

“Our host for the night is not allowed to have an orgasm until I say so. You can tease her all you want, but do not let her orgasm.” I informed my guests.”

Juan won the first hand and shouted in excitement. “She is mine for the next hand Ramon. Give her up.”

Juan walked around the table and took Jen by the leash. He led her to his chair and dropped his jeans to the floor. He placed his hands on the back of her head and guided her mouth to his penis. She reluctantly began to service him. All eyes were on her momentarily. Juan leaned back and closed his eyes as Jen began sucking him.

Ramon dealt the next hand. I noticed Sammy, who was sitting next to Ramon was paying more attention to Jen than to her hand. I won the next hand with a pair of 8′s. Everyone groaned. I knew they were anticipating a winning hand. This was in deed a high stakes poker game. Juan seemed to be getting close.

“Okay Juan. It is my turn to use this slut.”

Juan groaned in displeasure. He went to the bag of toys and pulled out anal beads. I bent her over my lap as Juan inserted four of the seven beads inside her ass. Everyone cheered. I could tell Cheila was beginning to enjoy this as well. I pushed and pulled a little on the anal beads, teasing Jen’s ass before pushing her between my legs. I pushed my swollen dick inside her mouth and reveled in the warmth of her mouth as she slowly sucked on my head. I wanted access to her breasts, so I pulled her shirt over her head. She momentarily stopped sucking as I removed her shirt. I began pulling on her nipples and felt her moan on my dick as she began sucking again.

The next hand was dealt as I enjoyed the sucking. Ramon won the next hand with a straight. Sammy slammed her hand down against the table in disappointment. I cursed the quickness the hand had been played. Ramon pulled Jen from my dick. I dug through the bag of toys and pulled out a rubber dildo.

Ramon lay her over his knees, back first. I lifted her skirt as Ramon spread her legs. A crowd gathered to watch as I inserted the dildo inside her. I slid the dildo in and out a few times before burying it deep inside her pussy.

Ramon shoved his thick dick inside her mouth. Jen struggled to take his thick dick inside her mouth. We all sat down and dealt the next hand. Peter won the next hand with a pair of Kings, beating Sammy who had a pair of queens. She cussed Peter out as he looked at his girlfriend for approval.

“Fine. You can just this one time, but I am not going to watch. I am going to get us some more beers.”

Peter’s eyes lit up. He took a hold of the leash and practically dragged Jen around the table to his chair. Ramon grabbed a pair of clamps from the bag. Jen’s eyes shot out of her head as she realized what she was about to endure. Peter sat Jen on his lap and pulled her arms behind her back, exposing her breasts to Ramon. Ramon placed the clamps on her nipples. Tears began to run down her face.

We quickly dealt another hand of cards and decided we would take a break after this hand. Sammy was elated as she threw down a full house. She quickly dropped her slacks to the floor and stepped out of them.

“Come here you slut. I am about to fuck your ugly little face.” Sammy exclaimed with excitement.

We all laughed. I could tell Jen was totally humiliated. I imagined her mouth was getting sore from the constant sucking. Sammy took hold of the leash and guided her to her chair. I enjoyed watching waddle with a dildo in her crotch and beads in her ass. Sammy tugged at her nipple clamps. She guided Jen’s face towards her spread legs and wrapped her legs around Jen’s head. Jen was reluctant and pulled back.

“I am not a lesbian.” she said as she looked at Sammy with eyes of blades.

“Jen you are a worthless pet. You will lap like a fucking dog. Your disobedience has earned you punishment later. I thought I trained you better than this. Now eat her.”

Sammy wrapped her legs tightly around Jen’s face and forced her face against her pussy. We all sat and watched as Jen’s tongue slowly slid between her lips and tentatively touched Sammy’s labia. Sammy ground her hips against Jen’s face, leaving a streak of wetness on her nose. I hadn’t realized how turned on Sammy was, but it was evident now. We all took a break to use the restroom and get more beers and food.

It wasn’t until I heard moans in the living room that I realized Sammy was taking full advantage of the break. I quickly grabbed my beer and headed in to see Sammy writhing on her chair. Jen’s tongue was buried inside Sammy.

“Time is up Sammy.”

“Like hell it is!” she grunted as she continued riding Jen’s face.

Sammy was gasping for air as her hips glided into the air with intensity. A few moments later she released a few hard groans then collapsed onto her seat. Stephen, one of the soccer players, enters the room with Ramon. They begin pointing and laughing at Jen, who’s face is filled with glaze. Peter entered the room and headed straight for the couch. He had forgotten to retrieve his toy. He pulled a blindfold from the bag. He placed the blindfold over Jen’s eyes and guided her to her feet. The guys took turns touching and groping Jen’s wet pussy and pulling on her hanging tail. Jen’s hips would sway with each touch.

The guys decided to play a different game in the interim. Each guy was given a shot glass. The last one to shoot his semen into the glass leaves the part. Cheila decided she would help Peter. Sammy decided it was only fair she participate also. She chose to help Juan. I decided I was the host so I would not participate and I would be the judge. We sat Jen down on a chair, the anal beads pushing up inside her.

“On the count of three begin. One, two, threeeeee.”

It was hilarious to watch the men yanking themselves and the girls jerking the men off feverishly. I knew it wouldn’t take most of them long with all the excitement from earlier. The first one to come was Peter, followed by Juan. It figured the men who had help would finish first. The race was on between Stephen, Jason and Ramon. Their hands were moving in a blur. Stephen and Ramon almost simultaneously shot their wads in their shot glasses. It was a few seconds later that Stephen added to the collection.

Since Stephen was last, he was given his walking papers, much to his chagrin. Juan came up with a brilliant idea to lay Jen on the couch, hang her head over the arm and give her semen shots. Sammy reminded us she had not picked her toy yet. She dug into the bag and pulled out hand-cuffs. Sammy cuffed Jen’s hands behind her back. Jason, Ramon and Juan carried Jen to the couch. Sammy held Jen’s head over the edge by grabbing her hair and holding it down. Cheila volunteered to hold her mouth open. She placed her thumb on one side of her jaw and her index finger on the other side and applied pressure.

Ramon began fucking Jen with the dildo while Peter, Jason and I started grabbing the shot glasses. We took turns pouring the shot glass full of semen down her throat. Jen seemingly choked on each shot. Cheila said she was horny and grabbed Peter by the arm and headed for the front door. We all laughed, knowing Peter was getting some tonight.

Sammy said she wanted to add to the party. She placed her pussy over Jen’s face will putting her legs on each side of Jen’s face. Juan approached Sammy from behind and slid his hands underneath her shirt. He began caressing her breasts as she began feverishly masturbating herself. I sat on top of Jen’s body to ensure she didn’t go anywhere. Ramon continued to slowly tease Jen by sliding the dildo in and out of her spread pussy. I could feel her body grind against me as I sat on top her, holding her against the couch. Jason began fondling Jen’s little breasts, keeping himself entertained. It seemed like just a few moments before Sammy leaned back against Juan and started spraying Jen’s face with her pussy juices.

Sammy collapsed into Juan’s arms. He took her by the hand and they disappeared upstairs. The party was quickly dwindling. Jason and Ramon asked if they could get lucky.

“Ramon, grab Jen and follow Jason and I downstairs. I think I have the perfect setup for you guys.”

We headed down the stairs. I was feeling horny and wanted to get some of Jen, but I was willing to wait. Jason and Ramon’s faces lit up when I showed them my basement. They had the choice of putting her in the restraints on the floor or on the wall. Jason quickly chose the wall. I slid the stool under the clamps I had installed on the wall. Ramon dropped Jen onto the seat. She grunted as the anal beads pushed up her ass. Ramon took the handcuffs off Jen’s hands and helped me place her hands down to her sides and placed in the wall clamps. Jen gave little resistance. She was becoming defeated and no longer fighting us.

Jason helped lift her legs over her head. I grabbed one leg and he grabbed the other as we raised them up to her shoulders. He weight was now primarily placed on her wrists that were bound by her below her. We secured her legs above her head, leaving her in a compromising position. I removed her nipple clamps while Ramon freed her holes by taking out her dildo and anal beads. Her pussy lay exposed, thrusting out towards us. Jason fell to his knees facing directly into her wet, swollen pussy lips which were pulled back, exposing herself to us.

As the teenager mounted the stairs he heard a sound and paused with his foot on the top step to listen. He had been working all day helping his parents prepare for their party. They had moved all the furniture around, prepared the food, the barbecue and outdoor furniture. His parents had a large group of friends who took it in turns to hold a party occasionally and as a few of them would be staying the night Joseph had arranged to stay with Anthony who would be going up to University with him in a few days time. Most of the people who were coming to the party were either work colleagues of his father and their spouses or neighbours, all of whom he had known for years.

The sound was still indistinct, a soft rustling that he couldn’t quite pinpoint. It stopped and was replaced by a splash and then a longer drawn out rushing of water. He smiled – someone was peeing in the bathroom. It lasted a long time, stopped briefly and was followed by a shorter splash. After it had stopped he heard the squeak of the toilet paper dispenser followed by the rustling again. He smiled at the thought that one of the lady guests had slipped her panties down on the other side of the door. He allowed himself a brief delicious moment choosing which of them he would like it to be and settled on ‘Aunt’ Gil, whom he considered to be the sexiest of his parent’s friends.

Joseph started moving again, walking along the landing towards his bedroom. As he walked, the door to the bathroom opened behind him and a voice called out.

“Hi Joe, how are you?”

He jumped a little and then turned.

“Hi Aunt Gil, I’m fine how about you” he managed to stammer out, being a little embarrassed at the sexy thoughts he had been having about her a few moments before. His eyes involuntarily swept up and down her body taking in her fine figure, which was well built and shapely and coming to rest on her bust.

“I’m well too, thanks, but surely we can do without the “Aunt” now you are pushing 20, especially as I am only a fake aunt. When are you off to University?” Gil had noted his glance and felt a little shiver of excitement run up and down her spine as he undressed her with his eyes.

“Next week. I’ll do my best to drop the “Aunt” for you but I have been calling you that all my life so it’s an ingrained habit.”

She smiled at him. Joe had always admired her and, if he was honest, lusted after her a little. He had often fantasised about her when he was masturbating. She was of his parents generation with long dark red hair and clear white skin that contrasted with it so strikingly. Her lips were bright red with freshly applied lipstick and she flashed him her devastating smile, so wide with such even white teeth; she had a great figure with shapely broad hips and a slim waist and was wearing a brightly patterned red and black silk dress that hugged her shape like a second skin and set off her colouring perfectly. It had short puff sleeves and was cut daringly low over her generous bust revealing her delicious cleavage, with an even deeper scallop between her breasts supporting a floppy bow of the same material. Joe could feel himself colouring and blood flowing towards his crotch.

“Did you enjoy your gap year?” He came back from his fantasy with a bump.

“Oh yes I had a great time.”

“You went travelling didn’t you?”

“Yes, the Middle East and then Nepal, would you like to see some of the pictures?”

“Oh yes please.”

“They are on my computer, come and have a look.”

Joe turned back towards his bedroom and Gil followed him along the corridor. He held the door open for her and then went and sat at his desk as she followed him inside and closed the door behind her. She put her tiny clutch bag on his bed and wandered around his bedroom looking at his books and pictures as he switched his computer on.

“Here they are. I’ll just pick out some of the highlights, I took so many. That’s the trouble with digital cameras, you just keep on snapping.” He brought up some pictures of the souks and mosques in Bahrain and Oman that he had visited. Gil came over and stood behind him leaning over his back to look more closely.

“What fascinating places. The women all look as though they should be on Christmas cards with those long clothes, and the mountains behind the town look so bare and rugged. What a lovely harbour.”

Joe was very aware of her closeness and the feeling of her breath on his neck. She rested a hand on the back of his chair to balance as she leant closer.

“These are in Nepal in the Himalayas.” He was trying not to gabble.

“Oh what a stunning sight. The air looks so clear, was it really that good?”

“Oh yes, and so cold as well. We were quite high and breathing was hard at times. Some of the party had to climb back down as they had altitude sickness. That peak there is Everest.”

Gill leant closer and he felt her breast touch his shoulder. Joe held his breath and brought up more pictures, trying to keep the moment going to avoid losing contact with her.

“Were you travelling alone or did you take a girlfriend with you?”

“No all on my own, I teamed up with different people who I met on the way.”

Gil leaned over even more and Joe felt the warmth and softness as her breast squashed gently against him. He was finding it hard to breath and keep the conversation going. He wondered whether all his fantasies were about to come true, without really believing it. Taking a deep breath and hoping he was not about to offend her he pressed back gently against her. Gil didn’t draw back.

“Do you have a girl friend Joe?”

“No I never seem to have found the time somehow.”

“Never?” She pressed a little closer responding to his movement.

“No not yet, I guess there will be time for all that later on.”

“I shouldn’t wait too long if I were you Joe,” and she slipped an arm round his shoulder and pressed closer still.

Joe stopped breathing and could feel his arousal starting in his trousers, he had that tingling sensation in his groin and felt his penis starting to stir although it was trapped tightly within his clothes.

“Does that feel good Joe?” Gil was feeling warm at his closeness as well.

He couldn’t speak “Mmmmmmmmm” he nodded.

“Would you like to get a little closer?” He nodded more emphatically.

Gil stepped back, swivelled his chair around and sat on his lap, putting her arms around his shoulders and planting a kiss squarely on his lips. Joe gasped but had just enough of his wits about him to return her kiss. Gil opened her mouth and slipped her tongue between his lips. He had never been kissed like this before and it was a while before he realised she expected him to do the same to her. His shaft was straining at his underwear and starting to form a bulge.

“You can touch if you like.” Gil breathed in his ear. Joe hesitantly raised his hands towards her breasts with his palms forwards. He hesitated an inch or so away from her dress.

“Don’t stop there they won’t bite.” With an outrushing of pent up breath Joe pressed his palms against her. She shivered with pleasure and purred in his ear.

“Mmmmmmmmm that feels good.” Joe could feel the material of her dress against his hands and the shape of her bra underneath it. Her nipples were growing at his touch and made little points in the material that he could feel against his skin.

“Do you like them Joe?”

He didn’t know how to answer as he was embarrassed to admit that he had lusted after her for so long.

“You can get closer still if you unzip me.”

She turned away from him slightly to give him room and Joe reached behind her and found the tag of her zip at the base of her neck under her hair. He drew it down slowly as far as he could reach to the bottom of her spine. She turned back to him and put her arms down so he could slide her sleeves off her shoulders and her dress slithered down into a pool of silk around her waist.

“Oh my god,” thought Joe wondering where to look. His eyes took in the delicious shape of Gil’s breasts and he reached out to stroke them again. Gil wriggled them against his touch and he felt their delicious soft movement against his hands. Her bra was of filmy dark red lace and he could see her white skin and her darker nipples through it.

“Lift them up Joe.” He complied and she shivered at his touch. “I do love that when you take their weight into your hands like that. Have you ever done this before?”

“No never.” Joe was feeling seriously aroused now and was worried that he might spurt before things went any further.

“Oh I am so pleased. As I have seen you growing up I have often fantasised about doing this with you. Do you mind, you have such a gorgeous body?”

“Oh god no, I have had the same fantasy.” Gil laughed and kissed him again “Your fantasy is about to come true” she smiled.

“Don’t go too fast, I think I may come too soon.”

“Don’t worry about that Joe. Undo my bra for me so you can get really close.”

Joe reached around Gil’s back with both hands and found the fastening of her bra but couldn’t work out how to open it.

To help him she slipped off his lap and stood up with her back to him so he could reach. “There does that help?”

As she stood up her dress slithered down her body to lie in a pool at her feet. Joe’s mouth dropped open as he gazed at her body. He could see the back of her panties clinging to her cheeks and emphasising the shapely crack between them. It was made of the same red lace as her bra. She was wearing deep red stockings with a matching garter belt. Her bra strap was still out of reach so he stood up behind her.

This time he could see the three little hooks and opened them one at a time. The straps sprang back and Gil trapped them under her arms before the cups could fall off her breasts. Joe stepped close behind her and could not stop himself from grabbing her cheeks and squeezing them. She wriggled against him. “That feels nice Joe, squeeze a little harder.” He needed no encouragement.

Joe’s erection had a little more room now and had found its way up inside his trousers making a tent which he pressed against Gil’s cheeks.She pressed back and squeezed against him and he almost regretted it as he felt his orgasm threatening to come, boiling up from the base of his shaft and tingling just below the ridge under his helmet. His legs felt like jelly and he backed off a little to cool down.

Gil turned round and Joe’s eyes drank in the front of her body. He saw that her breasts had dropped a little and he could now see most of their upper slopes, the edges of her bra cups being almost as low as her nipples. His eyes followed her curves lower until he saw her panties matching her bra that clung to her mound and clearly showed the darker shape of her bush through the lace.

“Slip the straps off Joe.”

He obeyed in a daze and watched as her breasts droppped a little more and exposed even more skin. She raised her elbows and her bra fell to the floor and suddenly Joe was looking at a woman’s nude breasts for the first time in his life. Again he felt his climax starting to build and tried to think of anything but the warm sexy woman in front of him.

“Feel them Joe, stroke them for me, it turns me on so much to feel your touch there. Squeeze my nipples.”

Joe placed his hands on her breasts with her nipples between his thumbs and forefingers. He squeezed her breasts and then pressed his fingers together around her nipples. He was amazed at how large and hard they had become on such soft breasts. They were a dark angry red against her pale white skin. He rolled them between his fingers.

Gil closed her eyes and moaned with pleasure at his touch and, putting her arms between them, started to undo the buttons on his shirt. She did them randomly and slipped her nails inside each time one popped open and scratched softly at his hairless chest. When she undid the button nearest his nipples she gripped them between her fingers and squeezed them hard, making Joe gasp at the pleasurable pain. His erection jerked to another level of stiffness.

Once they were all undone she slipped his shirt off his shoulders and arms and it fell behind him trapped in his waistband. Gil felt her own excitement rising. She had told the truth about fantasising about Joe and the feel of the air on her skin and the sight of his bare chest and his touch on her nipples were making her tingle with anticipation.

“I like having them kissed Joe, especially if you suck them for me.”

Joe was in a daze and leant down to nibble at her nipples taking first one and then the other between his lips and sucking at her skin. Her skin was soft and warm and the nipples were hard on his tongue.

“That’s right, you can suck harder if you like, I get so turned on when someone does that to me.” Joe responded by pressing his lips together around a nipple and felt her body jerk in response as she sighed with pleasure. She could feel herself getting wet and her skin was covered in goose bumps as Joe explored her breasts with his tongue and lips. “Oh God that is good” she moaned.

“Feel me down here Joe” as she guided his hand between her legs. “Can you feel how wet you have made me?” Joe pressed his palm against her mound feeling its shape and the slight roughness of the hair beneath the lace. It was warm and damp to his touch.

Gil’s hands stayed busy between them as she undid Joe’s belt and found his zipper and slid it down. She slid her hands around his waist and pulled him against her. He lifted his head and they kissed again as she felt her breasts against his bare skin. Joe could hardly believe what was hapening to him and tried desperately to remember each new thrill so he could play it back to himself later when he was alone. Gil’s hands slid down his bare back and pulled his trousers and shorts down over his buttocks. His trousers fell to his knees but his shorts caught at the front making a tent over his erection.

Gil guided him backwards until the bed caught behind his knees and they both fell in a tangle of arms and legs on the bed. Joe was underneath and had the full length of Gil’s nearly nude body pressed against him.He thought desperately “Fuck I am going to come before I get to first base, I am not even inside her pants yet.”

Gil could feel his tension and knew he was close to coming. She slid down to the floor on her knees between his legs, released his erection from the tent of his shorts and kissed its tip softly. Joe shut his eyes and gritted his teeth, giving himself up to the inevitable ejaculation that had been building up in his balls. Gil slipped her hand around his shaft, slid it to the base and squeezed him hard.

After a few moments Joe opened his eyes, lifted his head and looked at her. “What happened?”

“It works every time, you won’t come for some while now. In fact you will have to work pretty hard to come at all now.”

“What did you do?”

“Just squeezed you. Your body thinks it has come but your cock doesn’t and is still lovely and hard. And what a gorgeous cock it is” as she stroked him.

Gil was amazed at the size of Joe’s erection. He wasn’t all that thick but he was much longer than any man she had seen before. She stroked gently up his shaft pressing his foreskin up over his helmet and squeezing out a tiny drop of white come. He felt so warm and his skin slipped so easily over the hard core of his erection. Gil felt herself getting more and more aroused at the thought of Joe pressing it inside her and hoped that his new found stamina would last a long time.

“There, that is all you produced” as she slid her hand back down, exposing his whole helmet and spreading the drop of white liquid over its red skin. Joe could feel how slippery her finger was and his hips jerked to her touch.

“Now we have that out of the way we can have some fun.” Gil leant forwards, pulled Joe’s shaft towards her and slipped his tip between her lips. She locked eyes with him and slid slowly down his shaft. She seriously thought she would be unable to take the whole of his length into her mouth. Joe’s jaw dropped as he saw himself disappearing slowly inside. He felt calm, as though he had just come, but he was feeling none of the sensitivity that usually caused. It was almost as if his cock was numb, part of a separate body. He felt the arousal caused by Gil’s touch, but none of the urgency to come that he had felt earlier. He loved the warm wetness slowly enveloping him. His neck muscles were in agony keeping his head up so he could watch and he had to relax them, letting his head fall back on the bed as he gave himself up to the pleasure Gil was inflicting on him.

Gil could feel Joe’s tip exploring the back of her mouth as she slid lower. There still seemed to be a lot of him that she had not sucked in yet. As it entered the back of her throat she felt her nose press against his mound and bush, tickling its tip. She was amazed how deeply she had taken him in and how big he was; it was outside her experience. She leant back again and allowed him to pop out.

Joe felt the air cool on the wet skin of his shaft as he lifted his head again and watched her playing with him.

“You have a gorgeous cock Joe” as she stroked his shaft up and down. “I love watching your tip pop in and out of your foreskin like this. It is so arousing, you are making me wetter and wetter.” At each down stroke as his tip popped out she leant down and kissed it. She was feeling very aroused and slipped a hand down between her legs and pressed against herself through her panties.

Again Joe couldn’t keep his head up to watch any longer and allowed it to fall back on the bed and closed his eyes to concentrate on the feelings she was exciting in him. His balls tingled but he had none of the mounting pressure of an imminent spurt and felt she could go on doing it to him for ever.

Gil lifted her other hand and slipped it under Joe’s balls lifting them, feeling their weight and size. “Mmmmmmmmmm there is a lot in there to come out soon, but you are going to have to work so hard to make it come Joe. I bet you will come in buckets.” She slipped his helmet between her lips and started to stroke his shaft faster and faster.

Normally Joe would have exploded but somehow it seemed almost as though this was happening to someone else. Gil watched as her hand turned into a blur as she stroked Joe faster and faster. He seemed to get stiffer but still didn’t come. He was groaning with pleasure and lifting his hips against her hand each time she stroked him.

“I told you so, you won’t come for ages” and she giggled.

Taking things to the next level, Gil slipped Joe’s trousers and shorts down off his legs taking his slippers with them.

“Now take your socks off and come and join me” as she climbed onto the bed, lay back on the pillows and arranged herself leaning on her elbow facing towards him with one leg bent slightly, hiding her pussy from him. Joe spluttered and tried to remove his socks while he was standing up. He hopped around on one leg for a while and eventually sat down beside Gil and slipped them off throwing them on the floor.

“Come and lie down beside me, there is so much I want to show you before you come.” Gil opened her arms and he lay down beside her as she drew him towards her and their bodies touched down their whole length. Joe slipped his arms around her waist and they kissed gently and deeply. His erection pressed in against her tummy and he could feel the warmth of her breasts against his chest. He suddenly realised that he was next to a warm live nearly nude woman and was about to have sex for the first time. His mind raced and he wondered what he should do next. Gil didn’t leave him in suspense for long.

“Would you slip my panties off for me Joe?”

She released him as he knelt up beside her and rolled onto her back lifting her hips a little to help him. Joe slid his fingers under the sides and slowly pulled them down her hips. His eyes were locked on the dark triangle at the base of her belly as it was slowly revealed to him. The dark red hair looked wet and shiny as he drew her panties down her legs and took them off over her feet.

I had been at the party for a while, and despite consuming several drinks, nothing that exciting had happened yet. It didn’t help that I knew very few people there, and had simply come along because a friend of a friend had invited my friend, who then brought me along.

Moving around the party had brought me closer to someone I did know – Katy. A short, 5’4 girl with mousey brown hair down to the middle of her back, which coupled with a cute face and, well, I’d say that they were at least 32C’s, hell, probably larger.

“Like what you see?” she asked, giving me a playful punch in the arm, as I did my best to snap my gaze away from the simple, low cut top she was wearing, which matched perfectly with the short, white skirt.

I smiled at her. “Long time no see, Katy.

“Llllikewise! I missed you!”

She seemed just about as intoxicated as I was.

I moved closer to her, as she wrapped me in a tight hug. It didn’t take long for her to embrace my mouth with hers, tongues writhing round each other.

After what felt like seconds, she broke off, took my hand, and silently, grinning, dragged me off into an empty room, away from the noise and movement of the party.

She locked the door, and turned back to me, and we passionately began making out.

I ran my hands along her body, running my fingers across her butt, and up her body, eventually trailing my fingers around her nipples through the fabric of her top and bra, which hardened accordingly.

“It’s hot, I wore a thin bra!” she joked, and then resumed the kissing.

I stripped off her top, and with a deft flick of my hand (all those years spent practising in college, I suppose) removed her bra, allowing me to grab the large handfuls that were her breasts. Definitely D’s.

She sighed, running her hands inside my top and across my chest, before resting them on top of my belt.

I abruptly broke away from the kiss, taking one of her perky, pink, hard nipples in my mouth, and sucking gently, then harder, glancing up at her to see her turn redder as she gasped almost involuntarily.

Reaching down, I ran my finger across the inside of her legs, until I reached the warm, already moist area that was her pussy, which I began to rub slowly through the fabric.

She moaned, and pressed herself against me. “Faster!” she gasped, and I complied, this time slipping my fingers inside her panties, and locating her clit, began to rub my fingers around it, going increasingly faster as she gasped in ever decreasing intervals.

While doing this, I kept gently teasing her nipples with my mouth, and from her shuddering and moaning, I think the combination was working.

Slowly, I slipped one finger, then two inside her, massaging her clit with my finger, I pumped my fingers in and out, making sure to use the classic come hither motion. Her moans intensified until I was sure we would entice the notice of those in the other room, and hoped that the music was loud enough to cover her.

I moved another finger inside her, and this proved too much, as with a final pump she came, instantly her pussy dripping juices and contracting forcefully against my trapped fingers, as she let out a moan louder than any of the ones before, before she went limp and collapsed into me.

After a brief period of time, she seemed to have recovered enough to stand up, grinning from ear to ear, she gently pushed me down onto the floor, and standing over me, topless, breasts heaving as she regained her breath, said quietly, “Your turn.”

To be continued…

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