We ate pancakes. And discussed things that needed to be done outside my one bedroom den of iniquity on the outskirts of Kansas City. There were things that we could do, or I could just recline in the lap of sexual luxury all day.

I decided that all encounters that day, and there would be encounters, would take him by totally surprise. So, at my urging, we set out to the local bookstore for research into our first foray into vacationing. I have to give the man a little recovery time, right?

The plan was that Jack was going to research our ‘getaway’, and I was going to peruse the rest of the store, avoiding the travel section. So, being the kind of person I am, I headed for the philosophy section and became engrossed in a book on pagan rituals. I was reading a very arousing section about ritualistic sexual practices, and yes I really do have that strong a libido, when a familiar hand pressed the pleats of my skirt flat against my well tended ass. I pretended not to notice, and casually said, “Please Sir, unhand me!”, Jack relinquished his hold on my testicle trampoline, pulled my fiery locks away from my ear and whispered “I can’t get the thought of my dried cum all over you out of my head! I’ve got to have you, right now! Please baby, give me some of your sweet pussy!”

My eyes flicked around as he whispered, and I found what I needed. I pulled Jack along to a deserted corner of the store and told him “Get in the bathroom, now, and you better be TOTALLY naked when I come in!” His eyes grew wide and he disappeared behind the door untucking his shirt as he went. I gave him a good 30 seconds and opened the door, to find my cock star standing there completely naked, with the biggest grin on his face that you have ever seen. I stepped through the door and closed it. Turning the lock, I eyed his sexual exclamation point, and I switched off the lights.

“Hey!” Jack protested.

“Shut up, it’s my day, this is how I want it, and this is how I’m gonna have it!” as I pulled my thong off from under my skirt and stuffed it into my purse just before I flung it to the ground. I found him standing just where I thought he would be. I turned around, rubbed my tail feathers against his slab of highly responsive meat and voiced my second wish aloud “Bend me over, pull up my skirt, and fuck me with all you’ve got!”

His hands were right on target as he yanked up the hem of my skirt, but he hesitated slightly when he went to grab my panties. “You sexy little minx!” drifted through the darkness to my ears as his familiar bigheaded cock found the gate to its waiting playground with the precision learned from its many forays into my dewy garden, I secretly grinned at his surprise in discovering me unclad and already primed for him.

I gasped with distinct pleasure as he took me. His hands were firmly grasping my hips as I released all control to my man and his need. My only proactive move was a slight angle adjustment of my pelvis that assured him unhindered access to my well trimmed snatch, and the juicy sugar basin it covered. I let him set the pace, I let him choose the depth, my flesh was the means by which he would achieve his needed release, and I needed to give it to him. Everything else in the world was blocked from my senses save the feel of his firm hands on my hips and that of his marauding, pillaging cock as it plundered my yielding flesh. I submitted, I took every thrust, every tug of my flared hips, every withdrawal, every impact of his sperm generating balls against my flattened bush, without a sound, without resistance, and without hesitation. He plowed, he thrusted, he firmly yanked me backwards, impaling me on his throbbing tool. Inside I moaned, inside I screamed out his name, inside I begged him to drive me another seven inches closer to the precipice that was the tumbling fall into oblivion that he was so very good at plunging me into. There in the darkness of my favorite corner bookstore’s bathroom, I accepted that orgasmic fall as my lover served it to me, hot and throbbing, with the peace of utter surrender. I allowed it to wash over me, envelope me, suffocate me, and then breathe the breath of life back into me.

As the muscles of my pocket locked into place, savoring the moment and forming a slightly less yielding surface to stimulate his engorged penis, Jack quickened his breakneck pace. His grip tightened, and his thrust deepened to a point that it seemed if he came in me that deep I’d have to swallow before I could thank him. Then suddenly, Jack slowed to a snail’s pace, pushing into me and pulling out of my quivering cunt VERY slowly. He was driving me absolutely fucking crazy. I was about to open my mouth and croon out a low raspy moan when he ground to a complete stop. All that remained inside of me was the helmet his soldier wore. He stopped breathing and he quietly filled me full of his sizzling cream. His lack of movement made sure I felt every spurt, every shot, every drop of his orgasm as it seemed to fill my throbbing vagina, and then to course throughout my body, warming me to the feverish temperature of his lusty abandon.

When he released my hips, I pulled away, spun and knelt quickly and with all the gentleness I could muster in my spasmodic longing, I cleaned ‘us’ from his flagging pole with my tongue, trying hard not to let anything but my lips and tongue touch him. When I had satiated my hunger with every remaining drop of our mutual orgasm, I pulled back, and said, “Now I’m as full of your cum as I am covered by it, come out when you catch your breath.” I stood up and left the bathroom and my spent man, without turning on the light.

When he finally emerged from the ‘love cave’ as we later dubbed it, Jack was put together and seemed ready to go. Though it took him 10 minutes to ‘collect’ himself. As he walked past me he groped my ass, so I turned to him and said, in as conversational a voice as I could muster, “Excuse me, Sir?”, and Jack turned to look at me.


“Thanks for the fuck, I was wondering where I would find a decent one in this lame ass town!”, and casually went back to my browsing. It took him a moment, but what a comeback!

He paid the cashier $20.00 to let him use the store PA system. And announced to the world “Your welcome, anytime you want another go, you know where to find me!” We snickered the rest of the day about the look on the clerks face.

As we settled back into his car, Jack said, “That was fucking incredible! I don’t wanna know where you learned to behave like that!” He looked at me out of the corner of his eye and I knew that he wanted me to volunteer the information.

“You know all about my past and you know very well how I learned to ‘behave like that’” I said, “I’ve heard no complaining! There are times that I don’t care what it takes, I don’t care where we are, I find myself thinking about you, your cock, your animalistic instinct, and I want it, I want it all. Sometimes I need to make-out and spoon, ease gently into slow passionate love making that can take all night to satisfy our urges, and there are other times that I want you throw me on the bed and plow my ass like a rutting boar. When that happens, I want to give in to those animalistic instincts and enjoy the rutting boar for what it is, fucking without having to think, being fucked by YOUR cock that has no agenda other than you using me for your own personal sperm bank. No ‘I love you’s', no ‘Baby, Baby’, just use me to get your rocks off, while I use you to do the same. I promise that if your cock is inside of me, it will be good for me, and I’ll know when you just need a nut, and I’ll do my ever-loving’ best to see to it that you fill me full. I’ve read the original design plans for the female genitalia, and it was designed to find pleasure in the same types of sexual activities that the male genitalia was, just from the opposite point of view. Your penis finds being inside a vagina pleasurable, my vagina finds that having a penis inside it is just as pleasurable. You don’t have to do anything other than what you desire to please me. There will be times when all I want is to drink your load like a cheap beer, and when that’s what I want I expect you to open the tap and quench my thirst, do you think that you could find that pleasurable?. There will also be times when I meet you at the door after work and declare “Fuck me hard, right now!” Do you think that would just be a service call for you, or do you think that you might find a little satisfaction in me demanding to be dominated and then enjoying every strong manly stroke you can manage.”

I didn’t have to wait long for his reply, “I would most definitely enjoy every moment of it all. You are very different than any woman I’ve ever known. And I want to spend my entire life knowing you, as well as two people can know each other.”

Near the top of the Half-dome trial, is a lovely secluded outcropping of rock that served as our final pit stop before the final leg of the climb. I leaned back against Jack, in the lea of the stone and we talked about things that had been intruding in our lives. The horrendous pace of his burgeoning practice, staffing problems, his mothers insistence that I start pumping out mini-hers (never gonna happen), when Jack asked “You ready?”

“Is there anything that I’ve ever not been ready for? Like the time you hired the stripper for my birthday, and told her I was your lesbian sister, and was looking for a really good time!”, eyebrows raised.

“That was so funny, for a minute I really thought that you were gonna disappear into that bathroom with her!”

“You missed the important clue, during the lap dance, I got a good look at her tattoo.”

“What tattoo?”

“The one on her labia that said ‘Bubba’s Bitch’, I couldn’t have gotten a good muffin munch going with that staring me in the face, not into women who don’t respect themselves!”

“Oh, My god!” He giggled, “I completely understand!” and started laughing hysterically.

“Face it Jack, You can’t throw me. There is nothing you can come up with I’m not ready for!”

“Think so?”

“I know so!”

“Put up or shut up!”

“The day, my good man, is yours!”

“Then you’ve got a very few seconds to get out of those panties!”

“I thought you’d NEVER ask.”

“I’m NOT asking.”

The clothes vanished into our packs, and the bedrolls came out for cushions. Jack came to me and kissed me, ran his fingers gently down the curve of my spine, between the cheeks of my ass, and he tugged on my left cheek with a little more force than usual. I wrapped my arms slowly around his neck, looked dreamily into his eyes and said “Seems you’ve identified your focal point for the afternoon. Take me, enjoy me, and please, leave me longing for your future attention.”

“With a little twist.” he said as he settled onto the bedrolls. “Ride me for a little while first.” and I eagerly moved in to mount his erect cock in the cowgirl position. Jack held up his hand and said “Reverse.”

I lowered my fire pit onto his shaft and felt the familiar jolt as his engorged head ‘popped’ into me with the express intent of leaving my box freshly fucked and burning for more. His intent was pure, and my stud NEVER disappointed. While this poking was incredible, and I could have pole sat all day, I suspected the way my guy had pulled on my ass cheek that his intent might very well be to conquer my rearward defenses before claiming the victory in the current battle of the genital wars. So I had to move quickly to make my surrender all it could be for both of us, so I turned on the charm.

I cranked up the kegels, and started squeezing the life out of my helmeted friend with the express desire of making him cum quickly. I threw my head back and peaked over my shoulder at him, and said “Hold on Baby, the ride gets bumpy from here!”,

“Oh my god, how do you make your pussy that tight?”

With satisfaction showing in my grin I began to aggressively thrust my pelvis back and forth, causing his erect cock to rock back and forth inside my clamped down sleeve. The sensation was fucking incredible, my only hope was that I could keep it up long enough, to take a load, and bathe his cock in his own sex baste, just before I surrendered the rear flank.

The phenomenal feeling of his cock rocking inside me turned the furnace in my loins up to high as I got hotter and hotter, I moaned “Oh Baby, You’ve got my pussy so hot!”

“Yes it is Baby, it’s hot and it’s so fucking wet. If you keep that up, your pussy is gonna suck the living cum right out of me.”

“My pussy wants your cum, Baby, My pussy loves to feed on your sweet cum! Take my hips and drive me home Jack.”

Jack grabbed my hips and began heartedly impaling me with downward pulls on my tender tush. I assisted by using my legs as springs to rebound up off his cock, giving him (and me) the sensation of bouncing up and down on his cock as if it was my own personal throbbing pogo stick.

I screamed, “Keep driving, Baby!” as I lost control of the battle and my defensive lines degenerated into a quivering mass of flesh as it was being repeatedly slammed by his artillery. Sometime during the chaos that was my quiverfest, Jack’s big gun unloaded several volleys of fresh wiggling sperm deep inside my spasming vagina. Without missing a beat he lifted me up by the cheeks of my ass spreading them as he pushed up. My cunt dripped hot cum on his nuts as I hovered over his erect manhood.

I had just that morning taken a HUGE helping of him with my mouth, and he had just had a highly successful run at taming my randy little quif. So, his quick move to lift me off his joystick only confirmed my first thought. My man was determined to reassert his claim on every hole I had to offer. I was his and his claim was valid. I have long embraced the fact that I liked being corn holed as much as he liked claiming all of me. So, I grabbed his cock, aimed it at my tight ass ,and waited with the drunkenness of lingering bliss and anticipation for him to take me good and proper. Jack lifted me well clear of his sloppy wet cock. And, just as my willing ass was in position directly over his swollen stiffy, he let go of my tail.

The cock of my dreams, covered in our mutual love sauce, pushed through my anus and impaled itself, nuts deep inside my ass. I never in my life imagined that being dropped on his stunning piece of meat, and having it punch deep into my rectum could be anything but painful. But I was sadly mistaken. Don’t get me wrong it was somewhat painful to be speared in that manner, but the pleasure that followed his glans deep inside me transformed that pain almost instantly into a raging need for more, the need to take my Jack even deeper inside me, any take him by God, any fucking way he wanted me. If it had never happened before, and it had, it happened at that moment. I, at that moment, like I had SO MANY times before, signed a mental contract that made Jackson Miric Tinney, MD the undisputed lord of my flesh. It, and I, was his to use, his to rule, and his to enjoy. And I fucking loved him for the way he wielded his mighty staff of power.

“Roll over.” His highness commanded and without any hesitation I swayed to his touch and we executed a perfect acrobatic roll to put him on top of me, with my daypack under my lower abdomen, without out ever losing the intimate pelvic bond we had created. I tucked my arms under my chest raising my upper body up to elbow height, and putting my screaming nipples within reach of my talented fingers, and I set them to work immediately.

We never argue, I mean truly NEVER, and I do understand the difference. But with God as my witness, Jack gave me an ‘ass reaming’ that day that I’ll never forget. And, by the way, one I would gladly sign up for again, right in the middle of my goddaughter’s first communion. In front of the priest. I would even be willing to perform this circ-de-fuck-me for MSNBC, live at Madison Square Fucking Gardens, all he had to do, was ask.

I was prone on an outcropping of rock near the top of Half-dome, naked, moaning out my pleasure for the entire world to hear, with the love of my life insanely rutting his stiff cock deep into my ass. I had swallowed one of his largest loads ever just a few short hours before, and my pussy, still saturated by his previous load was dripping our special cocktail sauce on my bedroll. All the while my freshly tenderized filet-of-hole was being battered into sticky, blissful oblivion by my lovers’ nut sack. Could life get any better?

I tried to use the well toned muscles of my pelvic floor to squeeze him lovingly as he stretched my back door to allow his sex brigade inside my defensive line. But my rear echelon was in exquisite shambles and all I could do was take it, and take it like a jabbering, moaning, vestal virgin being ridden by the emperor I did. I moaned. I begged Jack to fuck me harder, and he did. I begged him to fuck me faster, and he did. I begged my man to fuck me deeper, and although I didn’t think it was humanly possible, he certainly fucking did!

As my bigheaded cocksman explored all the pleasure possibilities that his Babies sweet little ass had to offer, his weighty scrotum kept up its slapping assault on my freshly drilled cunt. It was heavy enough and just long enough that it banged against my swollen clit every time Jack drove his cock into me.

The combination of his cock pleasuring my ass, his scrotum spanking my sloppy cunt, and my quavering voice cheering him on to the victory of satisfying our mutual lust, apparently caused Jack to lose HIS control, and the love of my life pumped my ass full of billions of his delicious sexual stormtroopers. They coursed through the castle that was my body, and I warmly accepted them as conquering heroes.

His hot cum now lubricating his final strokes, his hand shot around to my anxiously engorged clit. I was so close to tumbling into orgasm that only a few deftly executed circular rubs, and the final drum beats of Jack’s exceptionally talented sexual prowess thrusting his physical love deep inside me, were required to shove me over the edge into a blissful tumult. The veil of the universe parted privately for me, and the orgasmic release that overcame my flesh finished off what little hold I had left on sanity.

We spent the rest of that day, and that night, right there on that outcropping of rock. We spent the rest of our time that day watching the wildlife, necking, and talking about our next trip (something we always do while shagging our way through our nations parks). With the fire guttering out its heated light toward us in our naked glory, Jack softly whispered in my ear, “The sex today was the most incredible sex we’ve ever had. I hope you enjoyed it.” I snuggled his arms tightly around me, and then slowly turned over to face him.

“Jack, I love you. I’ve told you, I am yours, no limits.” I kissed him and drew back with his lower lip trapped between my teeth. “The sex with you today was the most incredibly free I’ve ever felt. You are the ruler of my sexual soul. And I don’t want to ever spend any more time away from you and your spectacular cock than absolutely necessary.”

“I love you too, Dane! Do you really think my cock is spectacular?”

“No, but it’ll do while I’m looking for something better. Now shut the fuck up and snuggle that spectacular cock up against my hot, tight ass, before it cools off.” I turned over and snuggled my man up against my backside, brought his arm around me and exaggeratingly forced it to roughly grasp my naked breast. Jack took the hint, and pulled me close and I could feel my favorite pastime nestle itself squarely in the cleft between the cheeks of it latest conquest. As we lay there spooning, I felt the first signals of his love machine powering up.

Top be continued …….

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