parks and recreation

It was early September 2012 and New Zealand actress Lucy Lawless was in Los Angeles filming her guest role in season 5 of the NBC show “Parks and Recreation.” A happy actress, she was a big fan of the show and had seen almost every episode. On the show she played Diane Lewis, a middle school vice principal and single mom of two girls. Of all the characters Lucy had played so far, she believed that Diane was the most like her. Diane was Ron Swanson’s new love interest on the show. Ron was the main male character on the show and was played by Nick Offerman. Lucy found Ron Swanson sexy and very manly. Lucy had called Nick Ron accidentally as he had been in costume and she felt helpless not to fully relate to him as his character Ron. She found Nick appealing and sexy.

Nick had been pleased when he learned that Lucy would be on his show as he was a fan of her work on “Xena: Warrior Princess.” As Nick looked at Lucy during filming, he saw that at almost five ten Lucy was a tall, beautiful, and sexy actress with large blue eyes that were especially noticeable in person. Taking in her great figure, Nick noticed Lucy’s rather large breasts pressing sexily against her shirt. He also noticed her sexy hips and fairly large, shapely thighs that pressed against her blue jeans. He knew that Lucy was a very attractive woman. The fact that Lucy had a crush on him turned him on even more.

Filming finished for the day and Nick invited Lucy to his house for a drink. Lucy excitedly accepted as she was attracted to Nick and found him sexy. After they entered his home, Lucy took off her shoes. She was not wearing any socks. She wore a blue shirt and jeans. Ron gave her a pair of slippers to wear. He noticed how sexy Lucy’s feet were, and her long sexy toes.

After they finished their drinks, they went to the bedroom. Lucy eagerly kicked off her slippers as she stepped onto the carpet. “Boy, you really do have a sexy pair of feet don’t you,” Nick flirted with her. Lucy became even more excited and took off her shirt and jeans as Nick began to undress. “You’re such a man, you’re gonna fill my pothole,” Lucy flirted with him in excitement and anticipation.

Lucy was stark naked, baring her entire beautiful amazing sexy body, including her lovely brown pubic hair. Nick had by now fully undressed as well. He gave Lucy a bit of a shove and she fell back onto the bed. He lifted her right foot and went down on it, sucking her long sexy amazing toes. He licked up her sole, then went back to sucking her toes. He spent the most time sucking on her very sexy big toe. Lucy moaned in pleasure and flicked her erect clitoris.

Nick kissed up Lucy’s long shapely leg and thigh, then moved upward and put his mouth over her right nipple. Lucy gasped and moaned as he sucked it. Both of her nipples were erect, and they were large as were her nicely formed breasts. Nick had been able to tell that she had well-developed breasts as they had pressed against her blue shirt during filming. Now her nipple was in his mouth as he sucked on it.

Nick then licked down Lucy’s sexy stomach. “Ohhhhhhh, Nick,” Lucy moaned. “Lick my tummy, then go lower,” she said. Nick stuck his tongue inside her sexy belly button and licked inside it. She was very excited for him to go lower, and he did. He licked her lower stomach then came down to her pubic hair. Nick’s thick mustache tickled her pussy a little. Nick then spread her legs and began eating out Lucy’s great pussy. Lucy’s legs and bare feet were to either side of Nick as he lay between her legs on the bed. Lucy started panting as her breathing rate climbed, then gasped as Nick sucked her erect clitoris. He then pulled her vagina apart and began licking inside it skillfully, his tongue caressing the pink flesh inside Lucy’s pussy. Lucy moaned loudly and began breathing faster and faster. Nick licked up and down, then side to side. He also tongue fucked her pussy, thrusting his tongue inside. Lucy’s moans grew even louder as she soon built up to a powerful and very pleasant orgasm as she cried out.

Nick did not give Lucy time to rest as he then inserted his erect penis into the depths of Lucy’s moist and great pussy. Her pussy felt tight and very pleasant. Lucy still lay on her back on the bed and raised her long shapely legs and very sexy bare feet up into the air and placed them on Nick’s shoulders. She could see her long sexy toes as she looked at Nick as he fucked her. Nick thrust into Lucy’s pussy hard, again and again, as she moaned. Lucy’s voice climbed higher and higher and then she suddenly had another large orgasm, having yet again built up to a climax. Nick finally came, releasing a mass of warm semen deep into Lucy’s pussy. He then slowly withdrew his penis. It was slick with Lucy’s vaginal juices. Nick’s semen filled Lucy’s pussy, and a little bit of it oozed out.

Nick then got off the bed and gave a sigh. Lucy had put her legs back on the bed and lay on it totally naked, her stomach still heaving a bit with her breathing rate. She shut her eyes then opened them again, and began to get a sexy post-coital expression on her beautiful and sexy face as she lay there.

“And that Lucy,” Nick said, “is how we fill a pothole in Pawnee.”

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