Dirk couldn’t get the day out of his mind. It kept playing in his mind on repeat, like some YouTube video gone viral.

Rosanna had randomly asked him to go on a hike, and as if that weren’t enough – along the way she bent over, hugged a tree and proceeded to ask Dirk to do all kinds of naughty things to her in the woods. And then just as randomly, she started crying that she had a girlfriend and wanted to go home. Dirk knew that all of these events were somehow related to the ring he had found on the curb this morning.

He had spent the afternoon trying to decipher the strange, faded inscriptions on the ring using the internet. When that failed he decided to write down everything that had happened this morning, trying to get every detail he could remember down and on to the page.

He knew that he found the ring by the newspaper stand on his way to the cafe. He also knew that when he ordered his usual mocha that Rosanna, the barrista was looking sexy as hell. He also remembered that it seemed like she could read his mind when she asked him to go hiking after she got off work. “The ring seems to have magical powers,” he quickly scribbled in to the margin of his journal. “It seems to somehow actualize thoughts. But what is the catalyst?”

There was more, but Dirk decided that he wanted to test the powers of the ring out on the town.

Dirk took a shower, threw on some jeans a t-shirt and a brown sports coat, grabbed his wallet and headed out the door. Pulling the ring out of his pocket, he held it up to the glow of the street lights and slipped it on his pinky finger. “Now let’s see what this thing can do.”

The first thing he thought about was money. Can the ring materialize thoughts in the physical world? Dirk focused his mind on finding a twenty-dollar bill in the alley, looking around for some booty. A moment or two of searching and he didn’t see anything. “The ring definitely seemed to have an effect on Rosanna,” he mumbled to himself, “let’s go see what we can get ourselves into, downtown.”

The walk from Dirk’s house to downtown was only a few blocks, and so he was there in only a few moments. It was Saturday night, and the streets were alive with the usual crowds of hipsters, thirty-somethings, college students, and couples holding hands. There were also quite a few buskers and street musicians trying to work their magic for loose change. Dirk made his way to a cheerful looking older black man with a saxophone playing some jazz blues on the pedestrian mall.

He sat down on a bench, pretending to listen to the sax-man, and decided he would do some experimenting to see what, and possibly how, the ring was doing what it seemed to be doing. He took a few deep, relaxed breaths and tried to focus his thoughts.

After a few moments he decided he would take the next pretty girl who walked by and focus his attention on her.

He waited for someone who looked like they were single – and when she walked by he focused his mind. A young college girl wearing a skimpy, hippy looking dress that was blue cotton to the waste, with colorful, flower print patchwork to mid-thigh. Just below her breasts was a faded peace patch embroidered onto the thin blue t-shirt material. On her feet she wore some pink crocs.

“I command you to sit on this park bench,” he said to her in his mind.

She lifted up her sunglasses, and looked at Dirk straight in the eyes as she continued walking by. All of a sudden she stopped in her tracks though, looked at the bench, and then looked at the sax man. She smiled at Dirk, only to keep walking.

“Damn it,” he thought. “It’s not working. I hope this thing works.”

Dirk pulled his hands out of his pockets and started to take off the ring, but jumped in surprise as the young woman plopped a seat right next to him, pulling her cell phone out of her purse to check her text messages.

His heart started racing. The rush of adrenaline was enough to make him chuckle to himself awkwardly. He slipped the ring back on firmly and continued to focus his thoughts.

The young woman had auburn hair with blonde highlights, cropped short. She couldn’t have been any older than 21. She looked to be a typical college girl, but her body was definitely toned and fit. Dirk caught a glimpse and noticed she wasn’t wearing a bra underneath, and he could also see she wasn’t wearing any socks under her crocks. “I wouldn’t mind getting to know you,” Dirk focused his mind, “Introduce yourself to me.”

“Hi, my name’s Karla,” she said out loud, not bothering to look up from her cell phone as she continued texting. With her glasses off, Dirk could see her lovely green eyes.

He wished she would put away the phone. And in an instant, she had the thing tucked away in her handbag.

All of this was too much for Dirk. He could not believe this was actually happening. The ring was definitely doing something, but what exactly?

Dirk could feel the ring in his pocket tight on his pinky finger. Rubbing the nubs on the ring with his thumb he considered what to do next. He shifted his legs around to accommodate the stirring he felt in his cock. Dirk wondered if Karla was any good at giving blow jobs. He couldn’t believe how perverted his mind had become since he had first found the ring that morning.

“Do you want to go for a walk?” Karla asked in a quiet, high pitched giggle. She spread her knees apart and let her arms fall in to the folds of her dress and put her face in to her hands. When she came up, her face was bright red and her sexy grin only emphasized her red face even more. Karla was clearly embarrassed about something, but what?

Without saying a word, Dirk stood up and turned towards Karla. She looked very sweet in her little hippy dress and smiling face.

Karla jumped up out of the bench and started giggling. “Let’s find somewhere a little more private so we can . . . talk,” Karla whispered, holding Dirk’s sports coat arm in arm as they began to walk down the street.

Growing a little more confident in the powers of the ring, Dirk started thinking about his options. He wanted to test out the ring, but he also didn’t want to do something that Karla wouldn’t enjoy the memories of later. Dirk started wondering what Karla’s deepest sexual fantasy would be, and just then as if on cue, Karla suggested, “I would love to take a walk by the river,” she said. “I love the sounds of the water and seeing the stars and moon. It makes me wet just thinking about it,” she blushed, covering her mouth and looking up at Dirk as if to say – oops.

“Sure, let’s go.” They started walking – the river was only a few blocks away from the pedestrian mall downtown.

The moon was waning on this particular evening, but only just so, as the full moon was a week or so ago as Dirk remembered. As they walked, the sounds of the Saturday night reveler’s and debaucherous drunks and the bright lights advertising imported beer and the rush of the traffic zooming by all started to fade. They could hear their own footsteps now. Karla stopped dead in her tracks, and jumped up in the air clapping her hands. “Race you,” she giggled, and started skipping down the street. Karla was obviously a total hippy chick, and Dirk was really enjoying their time together.

Dirk picked up his pace to keep up, and after another block they came to the entrance of the city park. He looked around, and with the stars and the moon out he could tell that there wasn’t anyone within eyesight who would notice them. He remembered Rosanna earlier in the day and how she had removed her panties as soon as the thought crossed his mind, and so he decided to focus his thoughts – wishing to himself that Karla would remove her panties, but only if she wanted to deep down inside.

All of a sudden she started running ahead in to the park and when she got to the middle of the small field by the river he could see her lift her patchwork dress slightly and with her cute little hands he could tell she was thumbing the waste band of her panties and as she bent over, stepping out of them Dirk thought to himself, “This is going to be a beautiful night. Karla was giggling as Dirk approached and he saw her bunch up and throw her panties over her shoulder.

“What was that?” he asked as if unaware.

“Oh, nothing really,” Karla couldn’t stop giggling to herself. “Let’s go sit by the river.”

The temperature was perfect and there was a nice breeze in the air that felt refreshing, and as they approached the river the gurgling sounds of the flowing river made them both take a deep breath and smile. Karla was leading the way and when they got to the river, it was actually more of a creek, she suggested they cross the bridge so they could walk through the trees where it was a little darker and a little further from the path.

“What did you have in mind?” Dirk asked, hoping it was a blow job she wanted to give him. He felt a stirring in his pants thinking about what was about to happen, but it was dark and no one was around so he just enjoyed the feeling of his cock growing ever so slightly in his jeans.

Karla wasn’t sure what had come over her this evening, or why she had decided to stop and talk to this stranger, or why after wards she suggested they walk to the river – but she did know that it was something she had always fantasized about and so she decided to just go with the flow. Dirk seemed like a nice enough guy and didn’t seem like a rapist or anything, and she knew that enough people walked by the path that she could call out for help if he tried anything. She felt totally free with the gentle breeze caressing her intimately under her knee high dress.

She was getting excited about the possibility and as they crossed the bridge she could feel the wetness in her pussy begin to build up. Her pussy lips felt smooth and wet as she walked and she could feel them rubbing together ever so slightly with the tiniest bit of moisture that was building. It was then that she remembered removing her panties in the middle of the park and tossing them over her shoulder. “Oh my goodness, Dirk – I just took off my panties and threw them in the park,” she whispered, grabbing Dirk by the arm and giggling to herself. “I am such a bad girl.”

“That’s okay,” Dirk managed to respond, his cock now fully erect in his jeans as they made their way to the grove of trees on the other side of the creek from the bicycle path. “I like bad girls.”

They could see from this side of the creek that there were other people in the park: bicyclists coming and going from downtown, a couple holding hands walking under the streetlights off in the distance. Once they made it to the darkness and seclusion of the grove of trees, Dirk decided to stir things up a bit. He wondered what she would look like naked in the moonlight.

Karla looked Dirk in the eyes, reached down to the hem of her skirt and in one swift movement lifted the dress over her tummy, then kept going over her shoulders. With the dress lifted over her head and her arms fully raised, Dirk could see her dark blonde pubic hair and her hairy armpits. He took it all in, his cock dripping pre-cum inside of his pants. Karla tossed the dress to the ground, wearing only her pink crocs. “So you’re a blonde?” Dirk chuckled.

“Yes, I dye my hair this color. I like to keep the blonde highlights though,” she said in a deep, womanly voice.

Dirk was leaning against a tree, with one leg propped up in an attempt to hide the erection that continued to throb and pulse in his pants. “Mind if I show you something?” Karla asked, reaching for the button to Dirk’s jeans.

“Um… I don’t, I mean…” Dirk was speechless. He couldn’t believe that this beautiful hippy chick he had never seen before in his life was standing here naked in the shade of the trees under the stars in park by the river. Looking across the creek, Dirk saw the couple holding hands walking down the path on the other side of the water. “Uh, don’t you think…”

Her hands were already unbuttoning his jeans, and she looked towards the couple and whispered, “They can’t see anything, don’t worry sexy.”

Fumbling with his button fly, she took one hand and traced the outline of his cock through his jeans. “Besides, feels like you want this just as much as I do.”

She quickly unzipped his pants and Dirk stood on both feet so she could lower his pants around his buttocks. His rock-hard cock bounced up when she released his manhood from his boxers and she quickly grabbed a hold of it with one hand and gave it a little squeeze. “Um.. what did you have in mind?” Dirk whispered.

“Don’t say anything,” Karla softly commanded, positioning herself on her knees with Dirk leaning up against the tree.

With one hand firmly holding Dirk pulsing cock, she found a good position so her knees wouldn’t get stiff. The head of Dirk’s cock was swollen because of her tight grip, and he was dripping out of his mushroom tip and into her hand and on her wrist. She stroked him once or twice, and Dirk moaned uncontrollably. With her other hand she reached for her nipples, pinching them slightly, grabbed a hold of one tit and knew that this was too perfect.

This had always been her fantasy and now she was living it. Completely sober and naked in a public park with a cock in one hand, and as she reached for her pussy she stared intently at Dirks cock and balls in her hand. She couldn’t remember the last time her pussy had been this wet, she felt with her hand the moisture that was oozing down her creamy thighs, and evaporating in to the breeze. She separated her pussy lips with one gesture and started rubbing herself with a few fingers softly, stroking Dirk at the same time.

Dirk was staring at the couple now quite close by on the path on the other side of the flowing water. Did that woman just see what they were doing in the shadows, he thought to himself as Karla leaned forward taking the tip of his cock into her pouty lips.

Karla saw the couple also out of the corner of her eye, and when she did she felt a huge gush of wetness release itself from deep inside her womb. This made her buck forward on to Dirk’s cock, so she opened her lips slightly and let him slide into her warm mouth. Releasing her free hand from his cock, she reached for his balls and started massaging them in the darkness.

Dirk knew he was not going to last very long at this pace, and he wanted to make the most of this experience – for both of their sakes. He could tell that Karla was turned on by the fact that the couple was so close and would be within eyesight if they were not standing in the shadows of the tree grove. He thought that it would be nice if they stopped walking and decided to look up at the stars. At this point they were only about twenty feet away and on the other side of the creek, and again as if on cue they stopped walking. Dirk and Karla could almost hear the couple conversing about the stars that were out that night.

Karla was now furiously rubbing her pussy and clit, her entire hand sticky and wet from her flowing juices. She felt like such a slut, but she loved it so much.. She was massaging Dirk’s balls and taking his cock deep in her mouth, and sucking on the engorged tip of his dick. His cock felt so warm in her mouth, and she wanted to feel his cum in her throat.

Lost in pleasure, Dirk was now grasping the trunk of the tree while Karla milked his cock with her mouth. He put his hands gently on her head and felt her head bob back and forth as she sucked him off. Karla was moaning more and more intensely as one hand toyed her pussy and the other reached behind to hold Dirk’s butt cheek to pull him closer. She was building into the most intense orgasm she had ever experienced.

Their moaning caught the attention of the couple and the couple started squinting in to the shadows to see if anyone was there. They were only twenty feet or so away, and Dirk and Karla had both forgotten they were so close by. Their moans were now clearly audible, even with the gushing waters of the creek. Karla’s mouth was making a very distinct sucking sound as she continued to bob back and forth on Dirk’s cock with his hands now grasping firmly on her head as he began bucking his hips into her mouth and with her free hand Karla held firm one of his butt cheeks for support.

Dirk’s balls began to tighten and the tip of his dick started pulsating, which made Karla begin to rub her pussy even faster. She knew he was about to release into her mouth and she wanted every drop. She also wanted to cum at the same time and so she started focusing on her clit, rubbing wet, juicy fingers around and around her now bulging nub. She lifted the hood of her clitoris and started tapping herself on her clit with her fingers as her thighs started trembling. “I’m going to cum,” was all Dirk could manage to say.”

She pulled his dick out of her mouth and grabbed the base of his cock and continued rubbing her now thoroughly drenched pussy. Her ass was twitching and her thighs were trembling as she slipped the head of his penis back in to her mouth and started sucking intensely and at the same time began to jerk off his cock as it continued to bulge and throb between her lips.

There was no going back now. Dirk reached behind and held his hips to catch his balance as his balls released. Karla could feel the familiar twitching in the cock and knew he was releasing in to her mouth. She could feel the first squirt of cum out of his dick all the way in the back of her throat with a force that she was not expecting. The pulsating cock in her lips continued to pump Dirk’s semen in to her mouth, and she did her best to swallow it all, quite successfully.

The glow of her own self given orgasm was already starting to flush her warm skin and she was massaging the excess wetness from her pussy in to her breasts and Dirk climaxed in to her mouth and moaned loudly, releasing a deep breath. She felt his entire body release and relax as she sucked up the excess saliva and cum off of his still pulsating cock. With a plop sound, she released his cock from her mouth and tapped the head of his penis lightly. She looked up at Dirk, who was now coming down from his intense orgasm, and they locked eyes and both started giggling.

Just then they heard the sound of the couple from across the river, who were now also giggling with them. “Oh shit,” Dirk whispered, pulling up his boxers and adjusting his pants. Karla was basking in the complete relaxation she felt in this moment, looking up at the waning moon which was now directly overhead. Slowly she stood up, as the couple across the river threw something on to their side of the water.

“We were wondering who these belonged to,” they laughed and started walking away.

Dirk reached down and saw that they had thrown a pair of blue, lace panties across the creek. Picking them up he handed them to Karla who was putting her patchwork dress back on and smiling intensely. “Thanks.”

It was then that Dirk started to feel a sense of guilt. He wondered if Karla would be scarred by this experience. He wanted to know if she would have done this if it weren’t for the ring. He reached for the ring and started to pull it off.

Karla was now fully clothed and pulling the bite out of her panties underneath her dress. Dirk removed the ring and put it in his pocket, looking towards Karla. She looked so pretty with the moonlight casting shadows across her face. A drip of sweat rolled down from her temple and down her cheek.

Standing now without the ring on, he started to speak – but no words came out.

Karla lifted one hand and Dirk could see that she was slightly confused. Karla could not remember why she had led on this complete stranger. She knew that this had always been her fantasy, that this is what she thought about at home in bed at night when she was horny – but she never expected it to actually happen. She adjusted her weight on one leg and put her hands on her hips. “Um, yeah…like I don’t know – Um, my name is Karla by the way. This was fun, but I don’t usually – “

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