He was running away for good this time, Seth thought. The thought didn’t bring a terrible wash of emotions like he’d expected. It just settled around him in a calm inevitability.

He’d originally had no intention of following Sam the RA’s suggestion for going to the music hall, but the noise from the stadium alerted him that the homecoming game was finally finished. He didn’t want to be swamped by drunken humanity while he was feeling so sorry for himself.

You aren’t feeling sorry for yourself, you’ve just accepted the inevitable.

Seth pushed his way through glass doors and into the tall, imposing gray stone structure. There were concert halls along the first floor, but the stages were empty. Sam had mentioned the basement, and Seth had to walk around the building twice to find the stairs. The building was entirely deserted, and when Seth got to the row of practice rooms, he was craving the feeling of ivory beneath his fingertips. Half the rooms had old uprights, a few were entirely empty, and one at the very end held a beaten, ancient Steinway baby grand piano that took his breath away.

He hoped Sam would keep his promise and not tell Derek and Curtis where he went.

Seth sat down and let his fingers run along the keys in purposeful, economical movements, playing scales at a faster and faster tempo until his fingers couldn’t keep up with the metronome in his mind. The Steinway was a perfectly tuned beast, and Seth closed his eyes and listened as his fingers released glorious strains that sprang from the spruce soundboard, echoed through the room, and clashed against each other after bouncing off the walls. A real soundboard. Real hammers on real wire. Real ivory-coated keys, chipped in several places.

It isn’t enough, the crazy whispered when he stopped.

He began to play the haunting melodies that invaded his dreams when the crazy left him alone. The music had always served to drown out the voice, and tonight was no different. He let go of all rational thought, pushing every emotion into the instrument. What came out was fast and frustrated, pounding like a rabbit’s heart when it was hunted. He eased back, moving on to more sorrowful pieces played entirely in minor scales. The notes resonated within him, pulling at his aching mind, dragging him under with their pure tones and heart-rending melodies.

It was while he was in the meat of the music that he let himself start to think again. He knew it wouldn’t keep the crazy at bay this time, but he had to try and rationalize himself out before doing something unforgivable. He knew that without interruptions, unforgivable would be where the night would end up. He just needed to try to talk himself out of it, for the sake of his own conscience. How could he face Derek if he didn’t?

Not like he’d actually be facing Derek, unless he became a ghost like his father. He didn’t want to be even more like his father than he already was, and Derek didn’t need his own brand of crazy.

Tonight, he hurt badly. He could feel the pain in his chest, compressing and squeezing and tearing at his muscles. He always hurt, but it was getting to be unbearable. He didn’t want to know how bad it would get by the end of the week. Friday would mark his survival of one hell and the start of an inferno of a different kind. Four years to the day. He didn’t want to see the sun rise on Friday. He didn’t want to relive the entire day all over again, compliments of the crazy.

He’d thought about a lot of ways to die while running away, but locking himself in the practice room and playing until he starved sounded like the most entertaining option. He’d considered climbing to the sixth floor of the library and jumping from the balcony to the basement, but the library had been closed and that just wouldn’t be fun for the staff. He’d been tempted to jump in front of a bus as he ran back to the dorm, but there was too much room for error when vehicles were involved. The driver could have an ungodly set of braking reflexes, or there could be kids nearby. He didn’t need that.

He hadn’t had enough pills to do any sort of damage, and he knew he wouldn’t have resorted to that kind of death anyway. He hated the numbness. He needed the pain to stay himself, to drive back the crazy when the crazy pressed in too far. He needed the pain to know he was alive; he needed to hurt for as long as he really was alive.

The knife would have to be the way to go. It was fitting, he thought with a disconnected laugh, that he would go the same way his father tried to send him. He’d die, but he’d be in control of his death. Sometimes, a little control was all a man could get in the end.

He let the music stream out, his resolve coursing through the practice room like undertow in the ocean surf. It caught him, pulled him along, and threatened to drown him.

He began to play one-handed and reached into his pocket for the utility knife.



It had been four hours since the restaurant fiasco and they still hadn’t been able to find Seth. Curtis’s parents had gotten a group of friends together and were searching the streets around campus and checking hospitals. Curtis and Derek had gone back to the dorms, searching parts of campus they knew he’d visited on their way back. They had to dodge several large contingents of drunken football fans who were stumbling through central campus to get to their houses and apartments while still bemoaning the university’s loss in very loud and expressive terms.

They made it to the tall cement dorm, but Seth wasn’t answering his door. Curtis had resorted to asking others on Seth’s floor if they’d seen him.

“Hi, Curtis! Oh, are you Derek?” a tall, bespectacled man asked from the doorway of one of the rooms.

“Hi, Sam,” Curtis replied automatically.

“Have you seen my brother Seth?” Derek whirled to face the man hopefully.

“He was here about two and a half hours ago, and said he needed a break. He said to tell you to stay indoors and keep away from the drunks, and he left these for you,” the man said and dangled a set of keys on a colorful chain. “They’re for his room.”

“Do you know where he went?” Curtis asked quietly. “We’re worried sick about him.”

“I told him I wouldn’t tell,” Sam replied. “He insisted that he needed his space for a while.”

“Yeah, well, I need to find my brother. It’s an emergency.”

Sam studied Derek for a minute. The sheer panic in Derek’s voice must have convinced him, because he nodded before dashing back to his room and grabbing his coat.

“I’ll show you,” he said grimly, shrugging into the dark blue jacket.


As soon as Sam had opened the door to the basement, Curtis’s hair stood on end. The piano piece was complicated, elegant, and terribly sad. Sam drew in a sharp breath and motioned for the other two to go before him.

“He must have left the door open. The rooms are pretty soundproofed.”

“It sounds like him,” Derek whispered. “Tell your mom, Curtis.”

Curtis whipped out his cell phone and sent a text containing their location and brief directions.

“I knew he’d sound superb on the Steinway. The baby grand is in the last practice room on your right,” Sam said distractedly. His eyes were half closed, the melody speaking to him on some primitive level. “I’ll stay here if you need me,” he said, shoving his hands into his coat pockets and leaning against the cream-colored wall next to the exit. His head was swerving from side to side, tossed by the tide of sound.

“Thanks,” Derek said.

Curtis found himself moving down the hall without realizing he’d actually started to move. The music was drawing him in, hypnotizing him, surrounding him with the thick smoke of sadness and despair. It sounded surreal, incredible– Seth had mentioned his love for music, but this was something else. The notes pouring from his soul were beautiful enough for a world-wide concert tour, though they might end up causing the entire audience to commit suicide at the end of the performance.

The complex music began to unweave until it was a quiet shadow of what had just been echoing through the corridor. Curtis reached the door of the practice room and stared at the scene.

Seth was ethereal, his skin pale and his hair an inky black in the bright light of the little cubicle. His eyes were closed and his face was raised toward the ceiling, a tortured expression pinching his features. He was there in profile, his hair pushed away from his face and his shirtsleeves rolled up as high as they could go. His forehead had two fresh cuts etched into the mass of old scars, long slashes that stretched the length of his forehead. They had stopped bleeding, but the red had coated the rest of Seth’s face like a death mask. Cuts coated the inside of both arms, but there wasn’t enough blood to warrant an ambulance.

Seth looked like the most beautiful of demons. Curtis panicked, but something stopped him from pushing the door all the way open.

Seth had a knife in his right hand and was finishing another criss-cross along the inside of his left arm. The lines in his face relaxed, rearranging themselves into a peaceful calm. The action had been deliberate, slow, and almost reverent. He settled the knife back into his lap and brought both hands down on the piano keys, which were covered in red smears and fingerprints.

The music was darker this time, and it felt heavier, as though it held more anger and pain than the last piece.

Derek was standing next to Curtis, his eyes filled with tears.

“He’s lost in his own mind,” he whispered. “He never plays solely in the minor key unless he’s not paying attention to what he’s playing, and he never cuts his arms. Ever.”

Curtis’s phone vibrated. His mother had texted him back. Almost there. Meet me outside. Derek read the note over his shoulder.

“Stay with him, come get me if he does anything even more stupid,” Curtis breathed in Derek’s ear. Derek nodded, eyes focusing on his brother.


Curtis’s parents pulled to the curb, parking illegally in front of the loading dock behind the building. Sam let them all inside, though he wasn’t thrilled about the decision not to call emergency services immediately.

Curtis had bullied him into submission, telling Sam that he had to wait for the parents to show up and make their own decision on the matter. He’d also drastically underplayed the frightening scene in the practice room. Sam hadn’t gone to see for himself. He’d just listened. Curtis thought Sam had been far more interested in the music than the boy.

“Come on,” Curtis called as his parents jogged up the stairs and gave him quick, tearful hugs. “He’s in kind of a state, and I’m a little afraid of what he’ll end up doing if we don’t take care of this soon.”

“We’re ready,” Phoebe answered, holding up a cloth bag filled with candles and incense. Richard took it from her and grabbed the door from Sam’s grip.

“In you get. Let’s get this over with,” he said grumpily.

Curtis led them down the stairs in silence, but snuck glances at their faces as the music reached them. Tears began to pour down his father’s cheeks as the music pounded on. The man cried at everything, but this would have wrenched sobs from a corpse. His mother narrowed her eyes and began to stalk toward the origin of the noise.

Sam didn’t follow them down the stairs.

Phoebe set up three candles outside the practice room, lighting them with a silver lighter and whispering a few words over each. The incense came next, two sticks placed on either side of the door and lit simultaneously.

She began to chant in a nearly inaudible voice, with only the hint of the consonants reaching Curtis’s ears. Seth’s playing was growing faster, more erratic, and his face was growing more and more pinched. Phoebe’s chanting grew louder as Seth’s playing grew wilder, and soon she was yelling to be heard above the cacophony of discordant notes.

Her screaming came to an abrupt halt at the same time as the music silenced. Curtis watched in awe as his mother held out a hand to Seth, who was blinking and looking around, positively startled.

“Welcome back,” Phoebe said.

“What did you do? What did I do?” Seth asked, looking around in terror.

“We’ve just removed that pesky ghost you’ve had attacking you for so long,” the willowy woman answered with complete serenity. “You’re free.”



He’d been lost to the voices, lost to the music. He had thrown himself headfirst into the turbulence that was his mind. He hadn’t noticed when Curtis and Derek arrived, didn’t see his RA lurking in the corridor, and he most certainly hadn’t seen the candles or smelled the incense Phoebe had lit.

He felt the tearing at his soul, though. The louder the chanting got, the deeper black talons dug into his chest, forcing him to throw the turmoil into music so he didn’t succumb to the madness. The madness had been taking over, little by little, all night, and it didn’t want to release Seth.

But it did, and the act was savage. Seth felt it ripped away when his fingers were numb from pounding on the keys and the emission from the piano sounded more like a car accident than music. He could feel the raw wounds the claws left behind, the exposed pieces of himself he never thought he’d see again. The ghost had taken over so much of his heart and soul, Seth was surprised he’d been able to function like a living being.

He was terrified. Phoebe just stood there behind the candles, arms spread across the door so a desolate Curtis and a worried Derek didn’t dart inside immediately.

Seth was grateful for that, at least. He’d have been swamped. He reached up to touch his wet cheek, to run his fingers along the scar there. The remnants of dull pain caused him to jerk his fingers up to his forehead. He brushed the new cuts, feeling along the scabbing wounds in concentration.

It was then that he saw the bleeding wounds on his arms, and he leapt from the piano bench in horror. The knife clattered to the ground, the blade coated in glistening red rubies.

“It’s over,” Curtis said from the doorway. “No matter what happens now, you won’t ever have the ghost in your mind again.”

The beautiful golden man held out a mass of cloth, old torn shirts that had been washed so many times they’d become sinfully soft.

Seth took the offered rags and wiped down the piano before Phoebe tossed him bandages and antiseptic wipes. He dutifully cleaned himself up, bandaging his forehead and taping gauze pads to each arms in awkward, one-handed movements. Phoebe blocked the attempts by the younger boys to reach him, allowing him to feel a little less demented.

He was still waiting for the voice to interrupt his thoughts. He felt empty, and all he could hear was his own mental echo.

“This is so… weird,” he finally said. “I’m alone in my own skull for the first time in years. It’s so quiet.”

“Curtis will fix that, if you let him.” Phoebe’s smile was absolutely devious. “My son seems to have taken an extreme liking to you, Seth. I do hope we’ll be seeing more of you in the future.”

She bent down and began to clear up the candles from the doorway, as though it was a perfectly normal thing to do. Seth relaxed.

Curtis flew into the room as soon as his mother’s hand was down and caught Seth in a tight hug. Derek was right behind him, with one hand on Seth’s shoulder and the other on his cheek.

“He’s really gone?” his brother asked sceptically, peering into his brother’s hazel eyes as if he could check the occupancy.

“He’s gone,” Seth said abstractly. Derek gave him another squeeze and slid back out of the practice room door.

“Good. I rather like the idea of having you alone,” Curtis whispered in his ear. “Not that I minded sharing you with a creepy-ass ghost, but I’m sure it wouldn’t have been as pleasant if I’d been privy to whatever he was saying to you the entire time.”

Seth couldn’t help it. The corners of his lips twitched. It was all too surreal to take seriously.

“I have some things I’ve been wanting to do to you for a while, my handsomely unpossessed love.” Curtis’s voice had dropped into that sexy rasp, the one that had made Seth melt the first day they’d met.

Love. He’d called Seth his love. Seth had never been truly loved, not really, not the way he needed. Derek loved him, sure, but it was a familial love that was tainted by necessity and gratefulness. Seth had taken the beatings for Derek, and Derek never let him forget that, even though Seth had never actually spoken about what had gone on. Mama Martha loved him, but she loved him as though he were a wounded animal that needed care. Curtis’s sultry voice held no pity, no thankfulness. Only desire.

“How much do you know?” Seth asked, pulling back and looking down at the floor.

“We heard the ten-minute version of Derek’s account and Mom read over the case highlights. I’m starting to understand why you went to school a few states away. You were made out to be some kind of miracle boy in the newspapers.”

Seth winced and closed his eyes. He was ecstatic there was no voice in his head, tossing doubt upon doubt into an already chaotic mind. Good riddance. However, Curtis still knew pieces of the truth, and the truth was still frightening for anyone to know.

He would have to brace himself for Curtis’s inevitable distaste.

Seth felt himself getting wrapped up in two strong arms, and was shocked at the body heat as Curtis pulled him flush against his own body.

“We’re going home,” he whispered. “You’re coming over to my parents’s place, having some of my dad’s cocoa, and allowing yourself to adjust to not having a parasite attached to your mind. You’re staying with the family until after Friday ends, and no, you don’t have a choice in the matter. Then, when you’re ready, I’m going to do everything I can to seduce you properly.”

Seth couldn’t help it. He broke down and wept.


It took Seth a month to believe that his father was really, truly gone. Seth had gone willingly to the student psychologists and had managed a heart-to-heart with Mama Martha when she flew up with Derek for Thanksgiving. It was a conversation that made all three of them break down and cry. Even Nyssa was blown away at his change in personality and had started bringing him a donut with his morning coffee. His future, which had been stalled for so long, had finally started to look exciting.

Sam had even convinced him to sign up for a music class in the spring semester. If it went well, Seth was contemplating a new minor. Engineering with a minor in music. Who knows what he’d manage to do with that kind of a combination. Maybe he’d finally learn to read sheet music.

Almost everything was going well. Curtis was his only sore spot. The man Seth had fallen so hard for was by and large leaving him to his own devices. The freckled, golden-haired man was still friendly in the dish room and had brought Seth a ticket for his end of the year performance, but he hadn’t asked Seth to do anything outside work where they’d actually see each other. He hadn’t brought him home again, he hadn’t suggested another pizza and game day, he hadn’t even snuck a kiss.

Seth was getting worried. Curtis had promised to seduce him, even after he heard the awful truth, and then he’d backed off completely and was treating him very much as a friend instead of a love interest. What if he wasn’t okay with what happened? What if he cared enough not to want to hurt Seth’s feelings, but didn’t want to be in a relationship with such a weak person? Seth was trying not to let the worry eat him alive, keeping a cheerful face in the dish room and throwing his frustration into the new classical pieces he’d started to learn. He’d never tried classical music before, and Sam wanted him to play the piano parts during his recital during January.

He agreed, though he still wasn’t sure how Sam had talked him into it.

So he was listening to Mozart, Beethoven, Dvorak, Chopin. Sam’s introduction of Seth to Chopin was what kept him from backing out of the performance altogether when he got nervous. Something about his nocturnes and etudes spoke to Seth on a subconscious level, and for that, he felt he owed Sam.

He was tapping his latex-gloved fingers against the metal sides of the clean side the week before finals. There had been no conversation as the trays rolled in. Curtis’s opening performance was that evening, and Curtis was muttering lines under his breath from his place by the dirty side. Occasionally, he’d pull hideous facial expressions, leering at the bowls of soggy fruit loops, sneering at the syrupy plates. The toast was cackled at. The silverware was the recipient of several fantastically delivered lines. Nyssa was making every excuse she could to walk by the door just to get a sneak peek of the performance.

Seth was trying not to laugh. Instead, he was distracting himself with remembering his fingering.

“You’re coming tonight, right?” Curtis asked as soon as Seth came back from putting the dishes away. The freckled boy, normally so confident, was now a seething mass of worry, fear, excitement, and a swarm of emotions Seth didn’t easily recognize.

“Of course I am,” Seth said with an easy smile. “I wouldn’t miss it.”

“Good.” Curtis stood there, looking into Seth’s eyes a little while longer. Seth could feel his heart beating hard against his ribcage. Curtis was gorgeous, funny, understanding, everything Seth wanted in a man. Seth no longer had to dance around his history with Curtis. He’d become a confidant of sorts, even in the distance of the dining hall.

If Curtis decided to pull Seth back out of the dish room, Seth thought he’d explode. He still didn’t want Curtis to see his marks and scars, but Curtis wouldn’t ask questions about them now. If ever a man could love Seth and not see a broken boy, it was Curtis. Curtis had eased back, yes, but he’d never treated Seth with kid gloves, never pitied him.

“Would you be willing to come over and hang out after the play?”

Seth’s smile became a full-on grin. He took off his gloves, snapping the blue latex off and tossing them into the trash can.

“My other option for the night is homework, so I’ll be willing if you can convince me you’ll be more fun. What did you have in mind?”

Curtis looked down, scratching at the back of his head. Seth could see the red seeping into his cheeks.

“I was wondering if I could kiss you yet,” he said before biting his lip.

“Why can’t you kiss me?” Seth asked, startled.

“I promised I wouldn’t touch you.”

Seth looked bewildered.

“Remember the day Nyssa got us in the walk-in cooler? You said you couldn’t handle it, and then you yelled at me at Mangiamo after I kissed you by the car.” Curtis’s face was flaming now, and Seth wanted to toss the cap from his head, rip off that hideous navy polo, and push Curtis against the side of the dishwasher.

Why not? Curtis was never going to initiate this.

He shoved Curtis backwards, discarding both hats as soon as Curtis’s back hit the stainless steel. The polo was going to have to stay, but Seth boldly thrust both hands underneath the fabric, and both boys jolted when his fingers found the heat of Curtis’s muscular abdomen. Seth ran his fingers up, tracing the smooth skin as delicately as though he were stroking the piano keys. Curtis was frozen in place, thunderstruck.

Seth leaned forward and pressed his lips to Curtis’s in the gentlest of kisses. He wasn’t going to wait any longer for Curtis, and since Curtis had already been asking permission…

Seth started the kiss, but Curtis turned it into something entirely more sinful. He might have been the one pinned to the washer, but he wrapped his arms around Seth and began to steer. The kiss became hard, needy, a desperate act between two desperate people. Seth could hear small noises deep in Curtis’s throat, and the noises made him hard. He ached to get the clothing off Curtis, ached to see him in all his naked, freckled glory.

They were thrusting against each other through their jeans, tongues down each other’s throats, fingers tangled in hair and kneading along muscles, for somewhere between seconds and hours.

“You might not want to go in there right now,” Nyssa’s voice echoed cheerfully through the dish room. One of the cooks mumbled something in the background, and Nyssa laughed. “No, seriously. They’re finally getting it right. It’s like softcore porn in there.”

Seth leapt back with a squeal, and Curtis dropped his head into his hands, face in a full blush. Nyssa sauntered in with a laugh. Both boys tried to adjust themselves without her noticing and failed miserably.

“I was wondering when it’d finally happen,” she giggled. “Though as your boss I should probably remind you that you need to put your hats back on and should clock out first.”

She was absolutely beaming at Seth, who bent down and scooped the hats back up.

“Sorry,” Curtis began, but Seth tossed one of the hats at his face before he could continue.

“It was my fault, I started it,” Seth said quietly, trying to sound contrite though he thought his sense of satisfaction was leaking through.

“Good for you, honey!” Nyssa cheered. “I never thought I’d see the day when my little Seth would actually make a move on a man in my dish room. I must say, it’s rather romantic.” She giggled again. “Just wait until the rest of the cooks find out.”

She ran out of the room, dodging both boy’s hats as she sprinted through the door. Wild cackles echoed through the kitchen.

“She wouldn’t,” Seth whined.

“Oh, she would. You should have heard her other suggestions when we were discussing how to get me and you alone. Some of them were terrifying. It’s a good thing I love you, or you’d be subjected to a lot more of her ideas.” Curtis had a giant, shit-eating grin on his face now that his supervisor was gone.

“Woah,” Seth gasped. “Did you just use the four-letter-word everyone seems to be petrified of?”

“What, Some? Them? Good?” Curtis’s face flipped from goofy to serious. “I love you, Seth. Whether you want me to or not.”

Seth swallowed hard before nodding. Neither boy noticed the ever-increasing audience of ladies huddling outside the dish room door.

“Oh, I want you to. I love you too.”

“So does that mean you’ll leave your studying until tomorrow and come hang out with me after my performance?”

Seth gave him an annoyed glance.

“If you haven’t figured out the answer to that yet, we’re going to be here all day. “

Curtis leaned down for another kiss as loud cheering and whooping came from their rapt audience.



The performance went incredibly well, and the audience seemed to love the frankensteinian Jonathan Brewster and his assassinish ways. He growled, cackled, and lived the part frighteningly well. They’d received a standing ovation, and the whole cast left the theater in high spirits. Seth was meeting Curtis just inside the the main entrance once the cast changed into street clothes.

“Are you sure you won’t come out with us? It’ll be fun,” the girl who played aunt Abby asked in wheedling tones, pulling at his arm as she pressed her body against his. His sexual preference had never been hidden, but the girls who played the aunts had seemed to take it upon themselves to try and change his mind. They’d declared that they wouldn’t give up hope until he introduced them to his mystery man.

“Marissa, darling, I have a hot date. You’ll even get to meet him.”

The girls tittered at the revelation, and Marissa sighed dramatically as she released his arm. They were walking toward the front doors, and Curtis could see Seth waiting on one of the carved wooden benches along with a few other family members.

“You know, Curtis, it’s kind of terrifying to see you play a man crazier and more scarred than me. Terrifying and kind of awkward,” Seth grinned as he stood up.

“Ladies and gentlemen of the cast, he is mine. No touching.” Curtis pointed to his cast members and winked before turning to hug Seth, pulling him up off his feet and swinging him around. “I’m so glad you could come!”

“What, you think I’d back out on you after this morning?” Curtis could see Seth trying to keep a straight face while the rest of the cast began to snicker. “You made such a convincing argument, the cooks would poison my coffee if I backed out.”

Curtis couldn’t help himself. Seth was teasing him, and he’d been left desperately horny with no way to take care of it after their morning interactions.

“I can think of an even more convincing argument to give you right now, if you want me to,” Curtis murmured seductively into Seth’s ear as he pulled him flush against him. “What do you think? I know there are plenty of empty, unlocked rooms in this building.”

Seth turned into Curtis’s kiss, and they both chuckled against the lips of the other as the girls of the cast let out giddy screams.

“You’re wicked,” Seth breathed as Curtis’s lips worked down to his neck. “Terribly, horribly, amazingly wicked.”

Curtis’s answer was to suck on Seth’s skin so hard the boy moaned.

“And that’s our cue to leave,” someone said. Curtis and Seth got lost in the sensations as the rest of the cast trickled by, calling out cheers and suggestions to the two of them.

“Well that wasn’t embarrassing at all,” Seth said as they finally pulled apart. “We’re getting good at the public displays of affection today, aren’t we?”

Curtis was panting as he looked down at Seth’s black, silky hair. “I suggest we become terribly adventurous and find a room. That’ll be new.”

“Yours or mine?”

“Neither.” Curtis chuckled darkly and pulled Seth back toward the room he’d set up so carefully before his final rehearsal that afternoon.

Curtis groped for the lighter he’d left on the desk. Six candles sputtered to life as he moved around the room, grinning at Seth’s obvious confusion.

“It’s a multi-purpose room. Line readings, rehearsals, dressing rooms, places to nap when practices take ages and you’re only in two scenes…” he nodded toward the air mattress against one wall. “A place for a romantic evening when one doesn’t wish to walk all the way across campus to the dorms.”

Seth blushed.

“It’s nice,” he said softly.

“My roommate stayed here this weekend to study, and I wasn’t about to do this at home.” Curtis laughed. “My mother would probably have sat outside the door and given us detailed instructions on what we ought to try.”

“Oh my,” Seth said with a giggle. “If I knew it wouldn’t embarrass the hell out of me, I’d love to see that.”

“I wouldn’t. She’s my mother.” Curtis gave an overly dramatic shudder. “And anyway, I’d rather be in a place where we can be as loud as we want.”

He advanced on Seth as the shorter boy was digesting the sentence with a nervous gulp.

“Will you fuck me?” Seth asked.

“Only if you want me to,” Curtis said. His smile was gone, replaced by a look filled with sex and sin.

“I think I really want you to,” Seth answered honestly. “But that means I’ve got to get naked, and I’m not so sure I’m ready for that part.”

“If you don’t want to, we don’t have to,” Curtis said, glancing away as he tried to tone down his emotions. He took a deep breath before looking back at Seth, who was standing there with a strange look on his face. “What?”

“I don’t think it really matters whether I’m ready or not, at this point,” Seth said in his liquid calm voice, giving Curtis a little shrug. “It needs to happen. You might have to… undress me, though. My hands are shaking too hard. Nobody has seen me naked since the nurses had to give me sponge baths.”

That little admittance made Curtis close his eyes and groan. He was going to be gentle, he reminded himself. Gentle. Calm. Patient. Not a horny little bastard.

When he opened his eyes again, Seth was working on unbuttoning his shirt, head tilted forward so his hair created a curtain. He wasn’t making much progress. Curtis stepped over to him and reached up to unhook the button Seth had been struggling with. He slid his hands along Seth’s, trying to calm the boy’s trembling fingers, and one by one, helped Seth with the rest of his buttons.

They revealed a smooth, white chest with two dark scars running from collar bone to mid-stomach. His nipples were hard nubs, pale brown smudges on white, and a thin trail of fine black hair crept from his navel into his charcoal gray dress pants. Even with the farmer’s tan, he looked stunning. Curtis pushed the shirt of his shoulders and it dropped to the floor in a flutter of pale green fabric.

He leaned in and sucked one of Seth’s nipples. Hard. Seth drew a hissing breath, and Curtis caught his look of pure pleasure when he glanced up. He nibbled, and the hiss turned into a moan. He brushed his hands up Seth’s chest, running over lean muscles, biting at his nipples until Seth cried out for him to stop.

Seth sucked in his breath and held it as Curtis’s hands reached for the buttons on his pants.

“I’ve been wanting to do this ever since the day in my dorm,” he whispered and dropped to his knees. Seth’s eyes met his, trust and anticipation warring with his ever-present fear. “Both days, really. When I made you change your pants that night, I wanted to jump you so badly, but I’d promised not to touch you, and you were messed up, and I was still trying to wrap my head around the idea that someone would–” He stopped and looked away.

“I know,” Seth said, his voice drifting through Curtis like a dream. “It’s okay, Curtis, it really is. I did it for the pain. I needed the pain. I still do, just not nearly as much. For example, the nip biting thing is perfect.” His eyes fluttered at the memory.

Seth’s hands were on the button of his pants now, covering Curtis’s and encouraging him to continue. Curtis pulled the zipper down slowly, letting Seth’s long, thin cock spring free. It was beautiful, as pale as the rest of Seth with a hint of flush at the tip, and still had the foreskin.

“No underwear?” Curtis asked, pushing the dark gray pants father down Seth’s legs while staring at his prize.

“I figured it’d be easier–” Seth froze as Curtis leaned in and sucked the tip into his mouth without preamble. He’d never gotten to handle an uncircumcised cock before, and he felt the skin slipping over skin as he got Seth sufficiently wet. He pulled back, wrapped a hand around Seth’s base, and began to stroke. He watched in awe as the pink head disappeared and reappeared, the skin sliding smoothly along the shaft.

He heard Seth give a soft moan, jerking his attention from the beautiful cock to the boy it was attached to. Seth’s eyes were closed, and his head was thrown back. Deep concentration clouded his face, and Curtis decided it was time to break the control Seth had over himself.

He slipped Seth back into his mouth and began to suck in earnest. Curtis worked his throat muscles until he could feel Seth’s wispy pubic hair tickling his nose. Seth cried out as Curtis’s throat convulsed around him, the gag reflex adding an extra layer of sensations to the already intense experience. Seth pulled back, looking down at Curtis with an intensity previously reserved only for caffeinated beverages.

If Curtis could beat out coffee with fellatio, sex was going to be mind-blowing.

Curtis dove down onto Seth again, holding him at the hips and stroking his fingers along Seth’s tight little ass, brushing back and forth over thin scars. Seth froze at the contact, but Curtis continued his deepthroating, using just a hint of teeth as he bobbed up and down. Seth’s breathing became ragged, and his hips began to thrust frantically.

Curtis pulled off Seth and looked him in the eye.

“Come for me, Seth. Come in my mouth. I want to finally taste you.”

He pulled the head into his mouth, sucking hard as Seth shouted his orgasm through the empty building.

“Shit, Curtis,” Seth moaned as he dropped to his knees and wrapped his arms around the golden-haired man. “That was fucking incredible.”

“Get on your hands and knees,” Curtis demanded, kissing Seth solidly and pushing him toward the air mattress.

Seth crawled over, looking back over his shoulder with hazy, post-orgasmic eyes. Curtis came up behind him and put his hands the top of Seth’s ass, kneading and stretching the skin before separating the globes to get his first view of Seth’s tiny pink asshole. He blew air along Seth’s crack before chasing the chill away with his tongue, sweeping from testicles to tailbone in a quick flick. Seth gasped at the contact and wiggled his bottom in Curtis’s face, encouraging him to continue. Curtis slid his tongue along the crack a bit slower this time, making sure to ring around Seth’s pucker just enough for the boy to know exactly how deliberate he was. The third time, he stopped just over the entrance and began to suck, nibble, and lick to the best of his ability. Seth tasted like soap and something a hint more musky, the taste of Seth, an intoxicating combination that Curtis wanted more of.

Seth collapsed onto his elbows, leaving his ass high and very accessible to Curtis’s talented tongue. He was moaning into the air mattress, making sounds that reverberated through the plastic. Curtis reached around for Seth’s cock, which had slowly begun to harden again, and began to stroke him gently. He stiffened his tongue, pushing at the little rosebud until it loosened up enough to allow entrance.

Seth, quiet and calm in almost every situation, began to wail as Curtis’s tongue began an assault on his insides. After a few minutes, Curtis thought it was time to move on. He leaned back and pulled his shirt over his head in a practiced maneuver, leaving him bare-chested. He dodged in for another tongue-lashing before he flicked open his pants, wrestled them down, and kicked them away.

They were both naked, and Seth turned his head to look at Curtis’s muscular body as Curtis stretched, reaching for the little cloth bag setting next to the mattress. He tried not to notice the scars that decorated Seth’s back, but the scars on his ass had been a new texture beneath his fingers. The letters w-h-o-r-e could barely be distinguished, buried beneath angry slashes. He was going to have to get Seth to relax around him completely before he could study them in detail. Curtis wanted to know everything, every line, every wound, every mark on Seth’s body. He wanted to be privileged enough to know the truth, and he wanted to guard his boy from ever getting hurt again.

He was feeling terribly possessive of his Seth, with his little ass wiggling in the air and his long hair splayed across the white sheets like ink. He rummaged through the bag. A bottle of lube emerged, as did a handful of condoms.

The top of the lube popped open, and Curtis gave Seth a wicked smile before drizzling the stuff on his fingers. He leaned in for a last taste of Seth, a long, languorous lick, and then slid one finger deep into the tight ass.

“More,” Seth whispered almost immediately. “Please. Stretch me.”

Curtis slipped a second finger in, then a third, and began to undulate his fingers until he found Seth’s prostate.

“Oh god, Curtis, more!” he gasped.

“I was working under the assumption you were still a virgin,” Curtis said with an impish smile as he pulled his fingers from Seth’s quivering backside. “I’m not so sure any more, the way you’re begging for it.”

“Virgin,” Seth moaned. “But I happen to have a very nice toy collection. I’ll show you sometime. Now get back here and fuck me.” He thrust his ass toward Curtis once more.

“Not like this. Turn over.”

Seth obeyed, rolling onto his back with a private, satisfied smile. Curtis’s suggestion had pleased him about as much as Curtis thought it would. Curtis slid a condom over his cock and slicked it up, watching Seth’s eyes follow his every stroke. He lubed his fingers up once more, dipping them into Seth’s hole in preparation, and then he moved forward just enough to bump the head of his cock against the tight little opening. Seth’s eyes widened. He pulled his knees up, giving Curtis full access, and undulated his body just enough to increase the pressure. Curtis bent down, gave Seth a deep, ravaging kiss, and pushed forward.

I stepped off the bus and stood in front of the hospital. I bundled up my coat, tugging the zipper up all the way. I looked at my watch. I still had nearly an hour before my shift started.

I looked across the street at St. Ann’s church and decided to stop in and say a little prayer for my grandmother. I wrapped my arms around myself as I ran across the street. I pushed through the doors. As entered, I dipped my finger in the stoup and made the sign of the cross. I moved to the middle of the church, genuflected and sat down at the end of a pew. I knelt down and clasped my hands and closed my eyes.

I said a little prayer for my grandmother, my mother’s mother. She raised me from the time I was a baby. My mom had me when she was a teenager. She then ran off with some man and left me. We never heard from her again. Grandma and Grandpa were the only parents I ever knew. Grandpa had a heart attack when I was 10. Grandma took care of me up until she died six months ago. I know people think it’s weird that a 28 year old man lived with his grandmother, but I didn’t really care. She was there for me while I was growing up. I stayed with her and when she got sick, I was glad that I did. I got to spend a lot of time with her that I would have otherwise missed out on.

After she died, I moved into my own apartment, a small one bedroom apartment in a brownstone downtown. It’s kind of old and run down, but it’s mine. We never had money growing up, but we always made do.

I took a deep breath and wiped the tears from my eyes. I crossed my arms on the pew in front of me and laid my head down.


I looked up at Father Ron and smiled warmly. “Hello, Father.”

Father Ron was a kind old man. He had graying hair and little bit of a pot belly. He nodded his head towards the pew. I scooted over and let Father sit next to me.

“I missed you last Sunday,” he said.

“I know. I worked a double shift last Saturday and I was really tired. I’m trying to get moved to the day shift, though. There’s no need for me to be home during the day anymore…”

I looked down at my hands and my thoughts drifted to my grandmother’s last days. Father Ron patted my knee.

“Have faith, my son.”

“Thank you, Father. I’d better get to work.”

I got up and left the church, making my way back across the street to the hospital. I made my way up to the hospice ward. I put my coat into my locker in the employee lounge. I looked at myself in the mirror and straightened up my scrub top. I was wearing my blue scrubs today, with a white long-sleeved t-shirt underneath my top.

I admired myself for a moment. I had short brown hair, which naturally stuck up all over the place. I had a trimmed goatee on my chin. My eyes were a hazel color. I had a nice build for my height. I was 5’10″ and had strong muscle definition without looking overly muscular. I worked out regularly in the hospital’s physical therapy center. It was one of the perks of working here. It also was one of the ways I occupied my time.

“Hi, Paul.”

I looked up to see Doctor Brooks enter the lounge. He put his winter coat in his locker and hung his stethoscope around the back of his neck and slipped on his white doctor’s coat.

“Ready for a long night?” he asked.

“As ready as I can be,” I said with a sheepish smile.

Dr. Brooks was a one of doctors who worked this floor. He was a little older than me. His graying temples gave him a very distinguished appearance. He was very handsome and he was always friendly and smiling. When I look at him, I feel those tingly feelings in the pit of my stomach that I try so hard to suppress.

Dr. Brooks poured himself a cup of coffee.

“Would you like a coffee, Paul? My treat.”

I chuckled. “As generous as that is, I’ll pass.”

“Your loss. This is good stuff.”

He tried to keep a straight face, but he started laughing and I laughed with him.

One of my fellow nurses, Patrick walked in and headed straight for the coffee and poured himself a cup.

“Hi, Dr. Brooks,” Patrick said with a big grin.

“Patrick. How are you today?”

“Tired. Have you been working out? You look really good.”

Patrick ran his hand over Dr. Brooks’s bicep. I couldn’t believe how openly he was flirting with Dr. Brooks. I felt a tinge of jealousy and I quickly tamped it down. I headed towards the door and Patrick was a bit startled as I walked past.

“Oh, hey, Paul. I didn’t see you there.”

“Hi, Patrick,” I said with a forced smile.

I made my way to the nursing station and checked in with my supervisor, Nurse Evelyn.

“Hi, Paul. Can you get started on your med rounds? Thanks.”

“Of course, Evelyn.”

I grabbed a cart and got everything ready. It took me about thirty minutes to prepare everyone’s medications. I then proceeded to my rounds. After I finished, I put my cart away and headed towards the nursing station.

“Paul,” Evelyn called out. “Benny’s pulled his foley again. Can you help out please?”


I sighed and went and grabbed another foley catheter kit and made my way down the hall to Benny’s room. Benny was one of our older patients. He was a sweet old man, but he did not want to be here. I sighed as I entered the room. One of the orderlies was cleaning up what looked like a large pool of urine.

As I approached him, a cold shiver ran down my spine. The orderly slowly stood upright and turned and faced me. I had never seen him before. I would have remembered. He was tall and muscular. I would guess him to be 6’5″ and maybe 220 solid pounds. He had short spiky hair, dark brown with a tinge of red. His bristly beard stubble was the same color as his hair. He was handsome in a classic way, but there was something about him that was unsettling. It was his eyes. They were very light colored, an icy blue.

My eyes drifted to the name tag attached to his white uniform. Ezekiel.

I averted my eyes from him and mumbled, “Hi” as I walked past him.

I went around to the other side of the bed where Benny was fidgeting.

“Benny. You know better than this,” I scolded.

“Don’t like it,” he grumbled.

“I know you don’t.”

I pulled on a pair of latex gloves and got a sponge and tub. I hiked up his gown and cleaned his groin area. I inserted the catheter into his penis and waited for the urine to start draining.

“Okay, Benny. Don’t pull this out. Please.”

“Bah,” Benny muttered as he dismissed me with his hand.

I smiled at him, but my smile faded as I realized that Ezekiel was looking at me. I pulled off the latex gloves and disposed of them and walked past the giant orderly. He grabbed my arm and I felt a cold shock. I snatched my arm away and drew in a sharp breath.

“I’m Zeke,” he said.

“I’m Paul. Nice to meet you,” I said without looking him in the eye.

He took my right hand and shook it, while covering my hand with his left hand. His hand felt hot and clammy. I tugged back my hand until he finally let go. He chuckled at my obvious discomfort. His laugh sounded mocking to my ears. I hurried from the room and got back to work.

Later that night I was standing at the nursing station when Patrick came up next to me. He flipped through some charts and then let out a small gasp. He nudged me with his elbow. “Who’s that?” he whispered.

I turned in the direction of his gaze and a shudder went through me. “That’s the new orderly. Zeke.”

As I added “He’s creepy,” Patrick said “He’s hot.”

Patrick looked at me like I was crazy and said, “If you don’t want him, I’ll take him.”

I watched Patrick walk up to Zeke and start flirting. I shook my head and turned around and got back to work.

As my shift wound down, Evelyn asked me to help Dr. Brooks in room 504. I went down the hall and found Dr. Brooks at Mrs. Fletcher’s bedside. Mrs. Fletcher is one our oldest patients. She’s very quiet and never fusses.

“How’s that, Mrs. Fletcher?” Dr. Brooks asked her.

She smiled as she always does. Dr. Brooks and I both smiled back. I felt a cold shiver run down my spine and I looked up to see Zeke walk in. His eyes made contact with me and I quickly looked away. He started changing the sheets in the other bed.

Mrs. Fletcher shifted uncomfortably, then quickly became agitated.

“What’s wrong, Mrs. Fletcher?” I asked as I took her hand.

She pulled her hand away from me. Her eyes widened in terror and she screamed “No!”

Dr. Brooks and I tried to calm her down, but she got more and more out of control. She began crying uncontrollably. Dr. Brooks tried to hold her down, but she swung her hands at him, knocking him in the eye.

I noticed that while all of this was going on Zeke was still making the bed, not paying us any attention, as if there was nothing going on at all behind him.

“Paul, get me two milligrams of midazolam. Now!”

I snapped back to what I was doing and ran and got the sedative for Dr. Brooks.

When I came back in with the sedative, Dr. Brooks called out to Zeke. “You! Don’t just stand there. Help me.”

As Zeke turned and approached, Mrs. Fletcher shrieked. She looked absolutely terrified and she tried to sit up and crawl back away from him. I injected the sedative into the IV line. After about a moment, she finally calmed down and closed her eyes. Zeke turned around and calmly walked out of the room. Dr. Brooks checked Mrs. Fletcher’s vitals and examined her. She had calmed down, but she was moaning and shaking her head as if she was having a bad dream.

Dr. Brooks squeezed my shoulder and thanked me for my help. I nodded and moved away from his hand. As I left the room, I gave him a little smile.

My shift ended and I grabbed my coat and headed down to the bus stop.

When I got home, I unlocked the outside door to my brownstone and I pushed open the door. I hiked up the flight of stairs to my apartment. I unlocked the door and turned on the light. I bolted the door behind me and kicked off my sneakers. I took a quick shower and then pulled on a pair of pajama pants. I made my way to the kitchen and then made a turkey and cheese sandwich. I sat down on the couch in the living room and sighed.

I took a bite of my sandwich and looked around the apartment. The one bedroom apartment was tiny, but it was home. Sure, it gets lonely sometimes, but I wouldn’t trade my life for anything.


Over the next few days, I managed to avoid direct contact with Zeke. Whenever he was nearby, I felt really uncomfortable.

One quiet night I was checking on one of the coma patients, Mr. Leonard. There was no change. Same as the past six months.

I suddenly felt a chill and I snapped my head up. Zeke was standing in the doorway. His massive frame blocked out the light from the hallway. My heart was pounding in my ears and I took a step back. Without a word, he turned and walked away.

Later that night, I was walking through an empty hallway, heading back to the nursing station. As I turned the corner, I saw a man walking down the hall. His hospital gown was untied and his bare backside was exposed for the world to see. I hurried down the hall after him. He pushed open the doorway to the stairwell, and he turned and looked back at me with an empty expression on his face. I instantly recognized him as the coma patient, Mr. Leonard. I was shocked that not only was he was awake, but he was out of bed and walking.

“Mr. Leonard!” I called out.

He slowly turned away from me and continued into the stairwell.

“Help!” I shouted. “I need help!”

I ran to the stairwell and pushed open the door. Mr. Leonard had climbed onto the hand rail.

“No!” I screamed.

I grabbed for him, but he pushed forward and fell five flights, landing on the first floor with a loud crunch.


I leaned over the railing and saw Mr. Leonard’s limp body lying face down on the floor. A pool of red expanded out from his body. I gasped in horror and covered my mouth.

I was pulled away from the rail and dragged out of the stairwell. I looked up to see Dr. Brooks. His mouth was moving, but I couldn’t hear him. He shook my shoulders hard and I focused on his eyes.


“Dr. Brooks. I–”

I grabbed onto him and he held me in his arms. He put his arm around my shoulders and escorted me down the hall away from the stairwell. The hall exploded with activity as security guards, doctors and orderlies ran past us.

We turned the corner and I jumped as we nearly ran into Zeke. He was standing in the hallway stuffing sheets into a laundry cart, seemingly oblivious to what was going on. I grabbed tighter onto Dr. Brooks as we walked past him.

Dr. Brooks sat me down in the lounge and got me a glass of water.

“What happened, Paul?”

“I don’t know. I saw Mr. Leonard walking down the hallway. I ran after him. He climbed over the rail and jumped. I don’t understand. I checked on him earlier and there was no change in his condition.”

The head of security and one of the hospital admins came in and grilled me. I told them the same thing I told Dr. Brooks. It seemed like they believed me, but for a moment, it seemed like they were saying that it was my fault.

It was an hour later that they finally finished and wanted to send me home. I insisted that I was fine and they let me get back to work.

A while later, Patrick found me. He put his hand on my arm and looked at me with concern.

“Hey, Paul. Are you okay?”

“Yeah, I’m fine.”

“I can’t believe what happened,” he said as he shook his head. “It’s crazy.”

“I know. I’m in shock.”

“I’ll bet. Oh!” he exclaimed as his mouth turned up into a wide grin. “You’ll never guess what happened to me last night.”


“Zeke and I hooked up in one of the exam rooms.”

My mouth fell open in shock and horror.

Patrick closed his eyes and sighed. “And, my god, he’s like an animal. And hung like a–”

“Patrick! I don’t need to know any of that.”

Patrick shrugged and walked away with a self-satisfied grin on his face. I shuddered at the thought of sex with Zeke.

After my shift was over, I went across the street to the church. I thought I would say a prayer for Mr. Leonard.

After my prayer, I made the sign of the cross, opened my eyes and sat back down on the pew. I noticed then another man in the church. He was sitting on the other side near the front. He was kneeling with his hands clasped and head bowed in prayer.

Even though he was clearly having a private moment, I couldn’t help but stare at him. I couldn’t see his face, but I could see the back of him. He was large with broad, wide shoulders. He had black, shoulder length hair. He was wearing a brown canvas hooded coat.

I watched him cross himself, then stand. He moved into the aisle and looked up at the cross hanging over the altar. He knelt down on one knee and bowed his head. He stood up and turned around. Our eyes met and I drew in a sharp breath. He was the most handsome and masculine man I had ever seen. His blue eyes were gorgeous. He had a black goatee on his chin, but no moustache. He was very tall, about 6’6″, and very muscular. His coat was unbuttoned and I could see his bulky pecs pushing out his shirt. His blue jeans were nice and snug over his thick thighs. My eyes moved to his crotch, which clearly hid something quite large. My face felt warm and flushed and I looked back up into his eyes.

He walked down the aisle, his eyes watching me the entire time. My heart was racing as he approached me.

“Hello,” he said.

His voice was deep, but quiet and soothing.

“Hi,” I breathed.

“I’m Mike.”

He held out his hand to me and I stood up and shook it. His grip was firm and warm. I felt the warmth travel up my hand, through my arm, where it radiated into my chest and groin. I looked into his eyes, unable to speak. He raised his eyebrow at me and smiled.

“Paul,” I squeaked out. “I’m Paul.”

“It is very good to meet you, Paul.”

“You, too, Mike.”

He nodded at me, then continued down the aisle. I watched him push through the doors and leave. I wanted to say something to him, to talk to him, but a bit of Catholic guilt stopped me. The things I was feeling for him weren’t appropriate, especially in church.

That night when I went to bed, I couldn’t stop thinking about Mr. Leonard.


I ran after Mr. Leonard into the stairwell. He climbed onto the railing and turned and looked back at me. He lifted his hand and pointed his index finger at me. I opened my mouth, but no sound came out. I reached for him, but he fell. I gasped and stepped backwards. I bumped into Dr. Brooks and I turned and buried my face in his chest. Dr. Brooks spun me around and pushed me into the corner. I flipped around to see Zeke standing in front of me. He stepped closer and closer to me. His eyes glowed red and his mouth opened to reveal drooling fangs. I opened my mouth to scream.


I bolted upright in the bed. I was shaking uncontrollably and covered in sweat. I pushed myself out of bed and walked to the bathroom. I splashed cool water on my face and took a deep breath and stared at myself in the mirror.

I had a hard time getting back to sleep and when I did, it was very restless. Luckily I had the next day off work. I spent the day cleaning the house and doing laundry, trying to forget about work.

The following evening at work, I ran into Patrick as I started my shift. He looked like hell. He was pale and clammy looking. He coughed into the crook of his elbow and sniffled.

“Are you okay, Patrick?” I asked him.

“Yeah. I got a cold or something. No big deal.”

“Okay. If you don’t feel any better, you should think about going home.”

“I’m fine.”

My shift passed without incident until I went on my lunch break. I sat down in the lounge and sat down at the table. I opened my brown bag and pulled out my turkey sandwich and an apple. The lounge door opened and Zeke stepped inside.

“Hello, Paul,” he said.

His voice was deep and growling. I shifted uncomfortably in my seat. He moved around behind me. I tensed up and got up to leave, but he put his hands on my shoulders and pressed me down.

“Stop that,” I said firmly.

Zeke held me in place and I tried to pull myself away.

“I want you,” he growled. “And I will have you.”

The lounge door opened and I let out a deep breath. Zeke let go as Patrick walked in. Patrick looked at the two of us, then narrowed his eyes into a glare.

“What are you doing?” Patrick asked me, his voice dripping with ice.


“You don’t think I see what’s going on?”


“Zeke is mine!” he said, raising his voice. “You keep your hands off him!”

“Patrick! I don’t want Zeke.”

“Don’t you try to play innocent with me.”

The lounge door shut as Zeke walked out of the room.

Patrick scoffed and continued his tirade. “You walk around here all high and mighty acting like the innocent virgin. Well, I’m onto your act.”

“Patrick, I don’t even like Zeke. Believe me.”

I got up and threw my lunch into the trash. I tried to walk past Patrick, but he grabbed my arm.

“You keep your hands off him.”

I slapped his hand away.

“Look. I don’t know how else to say this. I don’t want Zeke. And if you think he’s interested in you beyond what you already gave him, you’re a fool.”

Patrick stepped back and looked at me like I just slapped his face. I stormed out of the lounge, leaving him standing there coughing.

I avoided Patrick and Zeke the rest of the night. I was still annoyed when I got off the bus and walked to my apartment.

As I walked down the sidewalk, I felt an uncomfortable feeling wash over me, like I was being watched. I looked back behind me, but there was no one there. I picked up my pace. I couldn’t shake the feeling and I ran as fast as I could to my building. I bounded up the stairs and unlocked the door and bolted it behind me.


As I laid in bed, it felt like the temperature dropped. I pulled the comforter up and curled up on my side and snuggled into the blankets. I felt the mattress move and I drew in a sharp breath and turned over. The room was dark, but there was no one there. I laid back down on my back and closed my eyes.

I suddenly felt like I was being smothered. I opened my eyes. The room was completely black. I felt a tug on my pajama pants. I grabbed at the waistband, but they were pulled hard and torn off me. I tried to cry out and push back at whatever it was that was on top of me. My legs were kicked apart and I felt something large and hot between my legs. Even though I was still a virgin, I knew what it was. It was so dark that I couldn’t see a thing, but I flailed my fists in the air hoping to make contact with whatever was on top of me. A heavy weight covered me and pushed me down into the mattress, effectively pinning me down.

I saw two bright red eyes open above me as the enormous column of flesh prodded between my legs and into my ass crack. I felt the head penetrate me and I screamed in pain.

The voice echoed in my ears, “I will have you.”

“Oh, God, please help me!”

I fell onto the floor with a thud. I screamed as I kicked the body off me. I suddenly realized that I was on the floor, tangled up in the covers. I fell back onto the carpet and choked back a sob. It was only nightmare. I pulled myself to my feet and walked on shaky legs to the bathroom. I took a shower and then got dressed.

It was a Sunday, so I took the bus and went to church.

I looked at the clock as I raced inside. I made it just in time for mass. I dipped my finger and crossed myself as I entered and sat near the back. After mass, I shook Father Ron’s hand on the way out.

“I’m glad you could make it, Paul. Are you feeling alright?” he asked me with concern.

“Yes, Father. I didn’t sleep well last night is all. Thank you.”

He shook my hand again and patted it and I headed home. I did my chores and took a nap on the couch before I had to go in to work. I went in a little early and worked out in the PT gym, trying to keep my mind from wandering.

After I finished working out, I quickly showered and got dressed in my scrubs and then headed up to the hospice ward.

As I put my stuff in my locker, Patrick walked in. He opened his locker and started to pull off his coat. He looked even worse than before.

“Patrick. Are you okay?”

He looked up at me and started coughing into the crook of his elbow. He pulled his arm away and he had blood dripping down his chin. He looked down at his bloody elbow and then looked back at me in shock. I ran over to him and grabbed his arm as his knees buckled. His eyes rolled back into his head and he slumped onto the floor and passed out.


Patrick was examined and admitted. He obviously had more than a cold. Without him working with me, I was really busy non-stop.

After my shift finally ended, I went down to check on Patrick. He looked cold and pale, but he was sweating profusely. His hair was matted to his head. He seemed to be asleep, but he was not resting easy. He was whimpering and shivering, his head shaking back and forth.

Even though we weren’t really friends, I still felt bad for him. I moved up to his side and put my hand on his arm to comfort him. I felt a cold chill run through my hand and up my arm and I jerked my hand away from him.

He suddenly bolted upright and his hand grabbed my neck and squeezed. I couldn’t breathe and I grabbed at his hands with mine. He was unbelievably strong and I couldn’t pull his hands away. His eyes were bloodshot red and he stared back at me with hatred. His dry, chapped lips parted and his tongue snaked out.

His voice was dry and hoarse as he wheezed, “Stay away from him.”

Just as I was about to black out, his expression changed back to a blank slate and he let go of me and slumped back down into the bed. I clutched at my throat and gasped for air. I backed away, bumping against the wall. My heart was racing a mile a minute. Patrick appeared to be asleep, but I didn’t dare turn my back on him. I slid along the wall to the door. When I got the door, I turned and ran.

I ran smack into Zeke. He picked me up as if I was a rag doll. He pinned me against the wall with his huge body. He pressed his hips into me and I could feel his large, stiff penis pushing into my stomach. The memories of my nightmare flooded me. I began to hyperventilate as I tried to push back against him.

When two doctors turned the corner, he released me from his grip.

“Watch where you are going, little one,” he said.

He stepped back and the corner of his mouth turned up in a sinister smile. He turned and walked into Patrick’s room and I ran as fast as I could to the elevator.

I was shaking as I got off the elevator and headed for the lounge to get my things.

Dr. Brooks walked out of the lounge with a cup of coffee and I nearly ran him down.

“Paul? Are you okay? You look like you just saw a ghost.”

“I don’t… I mean… I…”

He put his hand on my forehead.

“You’re burning up. Come on. Let me take a look at you.”

“I’m fine.”

“It’ll just take a second.”

I sighed and followed Dr. Brooks into one of the exam rooms. He had me sit up on one of the beds. He took my temperature, then examined my glands and looked at my throat.

“Is this some bruising here? Your temperature is slightly elevated. Take a couple of aspirin. If you don’t feel better, let me know right away.”


“You’re welcome, Paul.”

Dr. Brooks patted my leg. I hopped off the bed and went to the lounge and got my coat and bag. I walked through the parking lot to the bus stop. I looked across the street and stared at the church.

I wasn’t ready to go home. I thought maybe if I sat in the church for a bit, it would calm my nerves. I crossed the street and went inside the church. It was empty and quiet. I dipped my fingers and crossed myself. I moved to the middle of the aisle, genuflected and sat down.

I was drawn to one of the stained glass windows. An angel was standing with one foot on a winged dragon and his sword was cutting into its heart. Saint Michael the Archangel slaying the devil.

I closed my eyes and knelt down and prayed.

Saint Michael the Archangel,

defend us in battle;

be our protection against the wickedness

and snares of the devil.

May God rebuke him, we humbly pray:

and do thou, O Prince of the heavenly host,

by the power of God,

thrust into hell Satan and all the evil spirits

who prowl about the world seeking the ruin of souls.


I crossed myself, then sat back down on the pew.

“Hello, Paul.”

I softly gasped in surprise and looked up. Mike, the brawny man I saw here the other day, was standing next the pew, smiling down at me. My heart started to beat faster, but I felt at ease. I cut my eyes at the stained glass and then returned to Mike. They were both muscular with long dark hair. I smiled back at him.

I slid over and tapped my hand on the pew. Mike sat down next to me. I couldn’t take my eyes off his handsome face. I knew that I was smiling like an idiot, but I couldn’t help myself.

“Are you okay?” he asked me quietly.

“Hi, Mike,” I replied. “I’m okay. I had a strange day at work, but I’m okay.”

“Ah. You work at the hospital, I take it?”

His eyes drifted down my body, looking at my hospital scrubs.

“Yes. I’m a nurse at Mercy Hospital.”

The doors opened and several people entered the church. They appeared to be a wedding party coming in for a wedding rehearsal. Father Ron came out and greeted them. He smiled and nodded an acknowledgment at Mike and me and then turned his attention back to the bride.

Mike stood up and motioned with his head for me to follow him. I got up and followed him out of the church. We both zipped up our coats and stepped down the stairs.

I shoved my hands in my pockets and stood there uncomfortably. I wanted to keep talking to him. Mike turned towards the cemetery.

“It’s very peaceful,” he said quietly as he looked over the plots.

“Yes. My grandmother is buried there. Would you like to see it?”

We walked down the sidewalk and through the gate. As we strolled, I glanced up at him. He was so tall, about 8 inches taller than me. He was so handsome. He looked down at me and smiled warmly. My heart raced and I felt butterflies in my stomach. I blushed slightly and smiled back at him.

We made our way to my grandmother’s grave site. We stood together looking at the tombstone.

“She raised me from the time I was a baby,” I said. “It’s days like today that I really miss her.”

My eyes welled with tears. My jaw quivered and I drew in a ragged breath and let it out slowly. Mike moved closer and put his arm around my shoulders. His arm was huge and muscular. I instantly felt safe and comforted. I just couldn’t help myself and I snuggled into his warm body. He apparently didn’t mind since he tightened his arm around me.

“So, what’s going on at work?” he asked after a moment.

“Oh, it’s nothing.”

“Nothing, huh… You seemed upset in the church. You can talk to me, Paul. I’m a good listener.”

“Well… It’s hard to explain,” I said. “And I don’t want you to think I’m crazy.”

I chuckled nervously.

“I won’t think you’re crazy.”

I looked up at him into his blue eyes. I found myself wanting to trust him.

“There’s this new guy, Zeke. Ezekiel. He’s so weird and creepy… Since he’s started, some weird things have been happening…”

I told him about Mrs. Fletcher, Mr. Leonard and my co-worker Patrick. I didn’t tell him about my weird dreams, though. After I finished, we stood there in silence for a few moments. I started to feel nervous that I had told him too much, that I sounded like a total nut-job.

Mike turned to face me. He put his hands on my shoulders and held me at arm’s length. His grip was strong, yet gentle.

“Paul, I want you to stay away from this man.”

“I try my best to.”

I covered my mouth and stifled a yawn.

The corner of Mike’s mouth turned up in a smile. “You should get home and get to bed.”

I nodded. “It’s been a long night.”

Mike walked me to the bus stop.

“Thanks, Mike.”

“You’re welcome, Paul.”

Mike ran his hand down my back and rested it on the small of my back. I saw my bus approaching and I nodded towards it.

“There’s my bus,” I said.

Mike moved in front of me and pulled me close and hugged me. He leaned his head down and whispered in my ear, “Don’t worry, Paul. I won’t let him hurt you.”

A warm shiver ran down my spine and I shuddered. I let out a deep breath and said, “Thank you, Mike.”

Mike squeezed me tight for a second, then pulled away as the bus pulled up. I got on the bus and waved at him as it drove away. I settled in my seat and then kicked myself. I left without getting a way to get in touch with Mike.

After I took a shower that night, all I could think about was Mike. My dick was rock hard the entire shower. I resisted the urge to touch myself. Once I washed off, I shut off the shower and stepped out. I dried off and I pulled on my pajama pants over my naked body. I was still half hard, and I had a tent in my PJs.

By the time I crawled into bed, I was hard again. I rolled over onto my stomach and tied to fall asleep. I laid there quietly for a long time tossing and turning until I eventually fell asleep.


As I laid in bed, it felt like the temperature dropped. I pulled the comforter up and curled up on my side and snuggled into the blankets. I felt the mattress move and I drew in a sharp breath and turned over. The room was dark, but there was no one there. I laid back down on my back and closed my eyes.

I suddenly felt like I was being smothered. I opened my eyes. The room was completely black. I felt a tug on my pajama pants. I grabbed at the waistband, but they were pulled hard and torn off me. I tried to cry out and push back at whatever it was that was on top of me. My legs were kicked apart and I felt something large and hot between my legs. Even though I was still a virgin, I knew what it was. It was so dark that I couldn’t see a thing, but I flailed my fists in the air hoping to make contact with whatever was on top of me. A heavy weight covered me and pushed me down into the mattress, effectively pinning me down.

I saw two bright red eyes open above me as the enormous column of flesh prodded between my legs and into my ass crack. I hit back at him. The weight of the body was suddenly gone. I heard grunting and struggling and I sat up on my elbows and tried to focus on the sounds. A bright burst of flames had me covering my eyes with my arm and then there was darkness.
The mattress shifted again and I gasped and backed away. I felt a warm body move over me. I instantly calmed. I knew him. I laid on my back and he moved towards me. I spread my legs apart and he moved between my legs and laid his body on top of me. I was surrounded by warmth. I felt safe and protected. My arms moved around him and pulled him closer. His back was broad, hardened with muscles. I felt his warm lips press against mine. His body moved on top of mine, rubbing and grinding his hard sex against my own. I ground back against him. He moved faster. He kissed me harder and deeper.

“Mike!” I cried out.

I bucked and writhed on the mattress, moaning and groaning. My eyes flew open and I gripped the sheets as my body jerked and shuddered. I felt my dick pulsing in my pajama pants and they were filled with warm bursts of liquid.

I laid there for a minute, recovering from my wet dream. I got up and went to the bathroom and tugged my pants off. I was overwhelmed with guilt for a few seconds until I pushed it away. I knew from my medical training that there was nothing wrong with wet dreams or even masturbation. It was normal and healthy. But in the back of my mind, there was that Catholic guilt telling me that I had sinned.

I took a shower, cleaning myself really good. I shaved and trimmed up my goatee.

When I got off the bus, I was surprised to see Mike standing at the bus stop. Tall, dark and handsome. He was wearing his heavy hooded coat with jeans and boots, but today he had his hair pulled back and tied behind his head. I got off the bus and he smiled at me. My heart skipped a beat. He had been waiting for me.

“Hi,” I said with a grin.


We made small talk as we walked to the hospital entrance.

“Paul, I was thinking that maybe we could go to breakfast when you get off work to talk some more.”

“Sure, Mike. I’d love to.”


He flashed me a bright smile and put his hand on the small of my back. I instinctively moved in closer to him. I wasn’t ready for him to leave.

“Do you want to come upstairs and see where I work?”


Mike followed me up in the elevator and we walked down the hall to the lounge. I hung up my jacket in my locker. When I turned around, I caught Mike staring at my ass. His eyes moved up to mine and I saw the desire on his face. I watched his cheeks redden and he turned away. I felt elated that I had caused that reaction from him.

I asked him if he wanted a cup of coffee, but he furrowed his brow at the pot and wisely declined. We walked out of the lounge and I pointed out the nurses station and my supervisor, Nurse Evelyn. I didn’t feel comfortable walking up to her, though.

“Hi, Paul. Who’s this?”

Dr. Brooks walked up to us and he gave Michael a once over.

“This is my friend, Mike. Mike, this is Dr. Brooks.”

Mike and Dr. Brooks shook hands. Dr. Brooks then dismissed himself, but not before giving me and Mike one last look.

“I think he likes you,” Mike whispered.

“He’s nice,” I said. “But I’m not really interested in him like that.”

“Oh, yeah?” he asked with a little smile.

“Yeah. I kind of like someone else,” I said quietly.

I looked up at him nervously and he chuckled. He moved closer to me and we stared into each others eyes. I could feel my heart beating in my ears as my emotions ran wild. He moved even closer and his hand moved to my shoulder and then slid down. As his fingers intertwined around mine, he suddenly stopped in his tracks. The warmth from his face drained and his eyes narrowed. He abruptly swung around and I looked around him to see Zeke standing down the hallway looking at us.

Zeke’s face was red with unconcealed rage. His chest was heaving as he looked between the two of us. I moved closer to Mike and I grabbed at his hand. I thought Zeke was going to explode.

Mike stepped in front of me. The two of them continued to stare at each other. Finally Zeke was called away by Nurse Evelyn. He reluctantly turned and left. Nurse Evelyn then gave Mike and me a dirty look.

“You’d better go,” I said quietly to Mike.

I walked Mike to the elevators. Mike pulled out a business card and gave it to me.

“Here’s my phone number. You can call me if you need anything or if you run into trouble.”

Mike leaned in close to my ear. “Stay away from Zeke. He knows I’m protecting you. He won’t dare touch you. But keep away from him.”

I looked up at him. “What do you mean, protecting me?”

“I will see you in a few hours.”

He hugged me, then held my face in his hands and kissed my forehead. His lips were soft and warm. My whole face tingled.

“Bye, Paul.”

“Bye, Mike.”

He stepped into the elevators and I watched the doors close. I let out a deep breath and then returned to the nurse’s station. I was a little surprised to see Sandra walk up to the desk. Sandra was one of the day shift nurses.

“Hi, Paul,” she said.

“Hi, Sandra. What are you still doing here?”

“They moved me to night shift temporarily while Patrick is out.”

“Oh. How long do they think that Patrick will be out?”

“I don’t know,” she said with a shrug.

We got to work, running around like crazy. For some reason, the patients were out of control tonight. For a second, I wondered if there was a full moon.

When I got a free second, I asked Dr. Brooks about Patrick. Patrick was apparently getting sicker and sicker, but they couldn’t figure out what was wrong with him.

“Dr. Brooks!” Sandra shouted.

Sandra was standing outside of one of the rooms and Dr. Brooks and I ran down to help her. One of the patients was trying to open the window. Dr. Brooks grabbed her and pulled her to the bed. She screamed and slapped him across the face, then scratched his cheek. Dr. Brooks yelled for a sedative and Sandra went and got it while we held the patient down on the bed. She smacked me in the face and blood started dripping out of my nose.

Sandra injected the patient and she finally slumped down into the bed. After we were sure she wasn’t going to try to hurt herself, Dr. Brooks examined my nose.

“You’re okay. It’s already stopped bleeding.”


There was shouting and screaming down the hall and Dr. Brooks and I ran to see what was going on. One of the patients was having a seizure. He was flopping all over the bed. We tried to hold him down, and Dr. Brooks ordered me to get an anti-convulsant.

I hurried down the hall and got the medication for Dr. Brooks. When he had the patient under control, I left to check on the other patients. I heard banging coming from one of the rooms and I walked into the room, I froze in my tracks. The patient was kneeling on the bed looking at me. She looked crazed. Everything in the room seemed to be shaking and then suddenly everything that wasn’t bolted down fell down onto the floor.

I didn’t really have time to process what was happening. I hesitantly stepped into the room towards the patient. She picked up her bed pan and with a loud roar, threw it at me. I turned and ducked, but it smacked me in the back of the head. I wasn’t prepared for the force of the hit. I fell forward onto my hands and knees. I felt waste dripping down the back of my head and neck.

I pushed myself up to my feet and ran down the hall to the locker room. I grabbed a spare pair of scrubs. I was practically in tears by the time I pulled off my clothes. I threw my clothes into a biohazard bag, then grabbed a towel and small bottle of shower gel. I went to the last shower stall and turned it on as hot as I could stand it. I stepped into the shower and scrubbed myself clean.

I got out of the shower and dried myself off. I went back to the locker and picked up the scrub pants and went to step into them, when I felt an uncomfortable feeling wash over me, like someone was watching me. I gasped and stood up straight and held the pants in front of my naked body.

“Hello?” I called out.

I didn’t get an answer, not that I expected one. I quickly got dressed and grabbed the plastic bag containing my dirty clothes.

I turned the corner towards the door and I screamed when I ran smack into Zeke. I pushed him back and backed away from him.

“Get away from me,” I demanded. “Let me pass.”

“He can’t protect you,” Zeke growled. “You already belong to me.”

He stepped forward and I moved back another step.

“I’ll never belong to you!”

Zeke moved closer and I backed up until I was against the wall. I pushed him as hard as I could against his chest, then lifted my knee up as hard as I could, slamming it between his legs. He flinched slightly and staggered backwards. I gave him another shove and ran past him. I pulled open the door and ran as fast as I could.

I ran to Dr. Brooks and Nurse Evelyn. I turned around and watched Zeke calmly walk out of the locker room, then turn and stroll down the hallway in the opposite direction. They both turned and looked at me expectantly. I wasn’t sure what to tell them, so I didn’t say anything.

“Are you okay?” Nurse Evelyn asked.

“Yes. Just a little frazzled is all. This is going to be a long night.”

I managed to make it through the night without being hit by more piss. As the night wore on, the patients seemed to calm down. I also managed to avoid Zeke for the rest of the night.

A few minutes before my shift ended, I saw Mike walk up to the nurse’s station. He looked around until he saw me. His mouth turned up into a smile and I melted.

I walked up to him and he looked at me with a concerned look on his face.

“Are you okay?” he asked.

“Yeah. It’s been really crazy tonight.”

I checked out with Nurse Evelyn and got my coat from my locker and left with Mike.


We walked a few blocks down the street to a café in town. As we strolled down the sidewalk, I told him all of the crazy things that happened during my shift, including the encounter with Zeke in the locker room. He listened quietly, nodding his head. Just having him near had a calming effect on me. I looked up at him and he looked down and smiled at me.

We were seated at a small table in the corner. We took off our coats and hung them on our chairs. I couldn’t help but look at Mike’s physique as he pulled off his coat. He was wearing a blue flannel shirt over a white wife beater. The sleeves of his shirt were rolled up, exposing his forearms, which were lightly dusted with black hair. His large biceps stretched the fabric of the shirt as he moved his arms. His chest muscles pushed out far enough that he had to leave the top buttons of his shirt undone. The white tank top was stretched tight across his frame. Curly black hair spilled out over the top of the collar.

I ordered the French toast breakfast with bacon and Mike had eggs, bacon, hash browns and pancakes. We made comfortable small talk while we waited for our food to arrive. The waitress returned several minutes later with our plates and set the bill face down on the table.

“That’s a lot of food,” I said as Mike dug in and began eating.

“Mm-hmm,” he said as he took a bite of his pancakes. “Hungry.”

I laughed and his blue eyes sparkled as he smiled at me. The butterflies in my stomach starting doing flips. I looked down and started to eat.

After we finished our breakfast, we sipped our coffee and talked quietly. He asked me to tell him about my grandmother. He listened as I told him about growing up with her, then how she got sick, how lonely I was after she died. It was really nice to talk to someone and to have them actually listen to me.

As we talked, I looked back at Mike. I couldn’t help but stare at his chiseled features and olive complexion and deep blue eyes. His dark beard stubble looked rough. He hadn’t shaved in a couple of days. His lips had a tint of red and were full and looked so kissable. I realized that I had strong feelings for Mike. I barely knew him, but at the same time, I felt like I knew everything about him that I needed to know. The odd thing was, that for once I didn’t feel guilty about it. Not one bit.

I was about to ask him about his home life when the bell over the door rang and Mike looked up over my shoulders, fixing his eyes on whomever had entered the restaurant. I looked up as a muscular man with golden blond hair walked up and stood at our table. He was dressed similarly to Mike, in a brown hooded coat. He was a little shorter than Mike, but still built very muscular.

“Michael,” he spoke softly.

Mike nodded his head. “This is my friend, Paul. Paul, this is my dear old friend Gabe.”

“Hi, Gabe,” I said. “It’s nice to meet you.”

Gabe nodded at me, then turned back to Mike. “What are you doing?”

“I’m having breakfast with a friend.”

“You know what I mean, Michael.”

Mike smiled at me. “Excuse us for a moment.”

He stood up and put his hand on Gabe’s arm and led him down the hall towards the restrooms.

“I am doing my job, Gabriel,” I heard him say quietly before they moved out of range.

I looked back down at my coffee, trying not to look at the two men and infringe on their privacy. They returned to the table a few moments later.

“It was nice to meet you, Paul,” he said, then turned and left the restaurant.

“Is everything okay?” I asked Mike.

“Nothing for you to worry about. We should be going.”

Mike left enough money for the bill plus a generous tip.

After we left the café, we walked back towards the bus stop.

“Thank you for breakfast,” I said.

“You’re welcome. It was nice to have the company.”

“Yes. It was.”

“I should probably make sure you get home okay.”

“You don’t have to do that,” I said, even though I really wanted him to.

“I’m a little concerned that Ezekiel cornered you in the locker room like that. He is bolder than I thought.”

Mike got onto the bus with me and we sat together for the ride to my apartment building. He sat by the window and I sat on his left side. He had his left arm over the back of the seat. I liked sitting close to his warm body. It made me feel tingly all over. When we went over a large pothole, I was jostled into him. He moved his arm from the seat to my shoulder to steady me and let out a deep chuckle.

We got off the bus at my stop and walked the block to my apartment building. I unlocked the door and we climbed the stairs to my apartment. I unlocked the door and opened.

“Would you like to come in?” I asked. My voice quivered, showing my nervousness.

“I should be going,” he said.

“Okay. Thank you for seeing me home. And thank you again for breakfast.”

“Anytime, Paul.”

He bent down and gave me a warm hug. I put my arms around his broad back and squeezed into him. His big, strong arms felt so good around me. I closed my eyes and held him for a moment until he pulled away. He looked down at me and for a split second I thought he was going to kiss me. Instead he smiled at me and patted my arm.

“Tomorrow is Sunday,” he said. “Will you go to church with me?”

“Sure. I’d like that.”

“Then I will meet you tomorrow after your shift.”

“Bye, Mike.”

I went inside and took a shower, then got ready for bed. I slipped under the covers and closed my eyes. My thoughts drifted to Mike. I wondered if he liked me as much as I liked him. My body responded to the images and memories and my penis filled out and pushed against the confines of my pajama pants. I pushed the covers back, slid my pajama pants off and then tossed them onto the floor.

I looked down at my smooth body. I had nice defined pecs, but they were nothing like Mike’s. I looked down at the slight ridges of my ab muscles. I wondered what Mike’s abs looked like. My hard dick jutted out from a small brown nest of curly hair, laying at a slight angle above my stomach. The six-inch shaft had a nice, heavy thickness. The head was already red and wet and sticky.

I thought of Mike’s body… the way his shirt stretched over his chest and arms… the curly black chest hair that peeked out over the top of the white tank… the large bulge in the crotch of his jeans that slightly hung down his left leg. My cock jumped and a pearly drop oozed out of the small slit.

I reached down and held myself in my right hand. I leaned back in the bed and closed my eyes. I smeared the slippery fluid around the head and began stroking myself. Images of Mike danced in my head. Our hug at the door became more. He leaned down and kissed me, pressing his full red lips into mine. Our hands rubbed all over each other.

As I slid my right hand up and down my shaft, my left hand rubbed all over my body. I squeezed my pecs and tweaked my nipples. I raked my fingers over my abs. I fondled my balls. My breathing quickened and I stroked faster and faster. I writhed around on the bed, moaning and whimpered. My body tensed and my legs stretched. My toes curled and I exploded in relief.

“Michael,” I cried out as my first spurt hit the top of my head and my pillow. It was followed by several more strong bursts, covering me from my adam’s apple to my stomach.

I laid there trying to catch my breath and I let out a little giggle. For the first time in my life, I felt no guilt. I felt free.


The next day at work was surprisingly calm. It was about halfway through my shift that I realized that Zeke had not shown up for work. That was fine by me. I had a quick lunch and then went down to see Patrick. I gasped when I saw him. He looked absolutely horrible. His lips were drying and cracked. His hands and face had open sores on them. I looked at his chart and saw that he was in an induced coma and was being pumped with antibiotics. They had no idea what was wrong with him.

I was sure that it had something to do with Zeke. Patrick had sex with Zeke. I wondered if maybe Zeke had given him something.

When my shift was over, Mike was waiting at the nurse’s station. I waved at him, and went and got my coat and we went down the elevator. I told him about Zeke not coming in and also gave him an update on Patrick.

We walked across the street to the church, and I followed Mike. He genuflected and I did the same. We entered the pew and sat near the aisle.

During mass, Father Ron saw us sitting close together and he smiled warmly at me. I blushed a little bit and smiled back.

As were leaving the church, I shook Father Ron’s hand.

“It was nice seeing you, Paul,” he said.

“Thank you, Father.”

“It was lovely as always, Father,” Mike added.

We walked down the stairs and I followed Mike towards the parking lot.

“Would you like to get a bite to eat, Paul?” he asked me.

“Sure. I’m pretty hungry.”

“It’s a little early, but we can beat the lunch crowd. Do you like Italian? I know a great little place. Giovanni’s, on the other side of town.”

“Oh, I love it there. It was Grandma’s favorite. I haven’t been in while, not since….”

Mike put his arm around my shoulders and gave me a sideways hug. He led me to a large black Toyota truck parked in the church parking lot. He unlocked the doors and opened the passenger door for me. I felt a little foolish as I climbed into the truck and he shut the door. He got into the truck and started it and pulled out of the parking lot.

We got to Giovanni’s before the lunch rush. As soon as we entered, I felt like I was with a celebrity. Everyone greeted Mike by name. He introduced me as his friend Paul. The hostess sat us at the best table in the house. It was amazing. I commented on the service we were getting.

“I’ve done some contracting work for them,” he said humbly.

Lunch was spectacular. I always enjoyed the food here, but today was something else. Maybe it was the company.

The waiter boxed up our leftovers and cleared away our dishes, and then looked at Mike. “Michele, would you and your date care for a cappuccino?”

I blushed slightly at being called his ‘date’, but Mike did not flinch, nor make any move to correct him. A warm feeling spread though me.

Sì, grazie,” Mike simply said in Italian.

By the time lunch was finished, I was feeling quite tired after working all night, then mass, then lunch. Even though I wanted to spend more time with Mike, I couldn’t stop yawning.

Mike drove me home and parked his truck in front of my building. He walked me up the stairs to my apartment, carrying my little leftover bag for me.

“Thank you for a lovely lunch, Mike.”

“It was my pleasure, Paul.”

Mike gave me the bag and I set it inside the apartment door. He then leaned in and hugged me tightly. As he pulled away, he looked down at me. His arms tightened around me and he leaned down. Our eyes closed as he pressed his lips against mine. We kissed tenderly at first, then passionately. He pulled away to breathe. I could feel his heart pounding. I could feel his penis throbbing against my stomach. He rested his forehead on mine and looked into my eyes.

“Wow,” he whispered.

“Yeah,” I sighed.

“I will see you tomorrow?” he asked.


Mike gave me one more quick kiss. I watched him descend the stairs. He waved to me before he walked out. I went inside my apartment and shut and bolted the door behind me. I put the leftovers in the fridge. I let out a sigh and stretched my arms over my head and yawned. I pulled my clothes off and plopped into bed and fell right asleep from exhaustion.


I was floating upwards towards the sky. I drifted up into a cloud. I felt the water vapor surround me. It was cool on my naked skin. I kept floating higher and higher until I broke through the top of the cloud. My ascent slowed and I settled back down onto the top of cloud. It felt solid and it held my weight like a bed of cotton. The cool vapor tickled my backside and I let out a soft giggle.

I looked up and I saw a shape emerge from a cloud above me. Mike jumped down and landed on the cloud at my feet. He moved to my side and knelt down. I reached up and touched his face. He kissed my palm, then laid next to me. We turned onto our sides to face each other. His big arms surrounded me and pulled me close.

He kissed me and looked me deep in the eyes. “We are one for eternity, my own.”

I opened my eyes and sat up. I looked over at the clock. I was surprised that I had slept so soundly through the night. I got up out of bed and took a shower, then got dressed. I made myself a quick dinner, reheating the leftovers from lunch.

Work again was calm and quiet. I was glad to see that Zeke did not show up again. I wondered if maybe he was gone for good.

At my lunch hour, I felt like I needed air, so I went downstairs. I sat on the bench outside and quickly ate my turkey sandwich. I looked across the street at St. Ann’s church. A large man that looked like Mike walked up from the cemetery and then walked into the church. I looked at my watch. I still had forty-five minutes for my lunch break. I got up and walked across the street. I pushed open the church door. I looked around, but didn’t see Mike. I heard voices above and I walked up the stairs to the choir loft.

I smiled when I saw Mike talking to his friend Gabe, but the tone of their voices had me freeze in my tracks.

“It is forbidden, Mike,” Gabe said firmly.

“Gabe, please, just listen,” Mike pleaded. “I have feelings–”

“You took an oath. If you cannot perform your duties, then I will get Rafe to look after the boy.”

“No. That will not be necessary, Gabriel.”

They continued to talk, but I started to feel guilty for eavesdropping. I crept back down the stairs and left the church and returned to the hospital. As I walked back, I couldn’t process what I had heard. I was sure that they were talking about me. Mike said he had feelings. Did he mean feelings for me? What exactly was forbidden and why? Clearly Mike was more than a simple contractor and handyman.


After my shift ended, I was a little bit disappointed that Mike wasn’t there. I guess I had gotten used to seeing him. I got on the bus and rode home, feeling dejected.

I climbed up the stairs to my apartment and went inside. I took a shower and pulled on a clean pair of pajama pants.

I boiled a couple of eggs. I made some toast and had a bowl of cereal to go with it. I sat down on the sofa and ate my breakfast, feeling a little bit sad and lonely.

I climbed into bed and tossed and turned for a bit, then fell asleep.

As I laid in bed, it felt like the temperature dropped. I pulled the comforter up and curled up on my side and snuggled into the blankets. I felt the mattress move and I drew in a sharp breath and turned over. The room was dark, but there was no one there. I laid back down on my back and closed my eyes. The blankets were suddenly pulled away from me.

I opened my eyes and sat up in bed. The blankets were clear across the room. I shuddered from the cold air. I wrapped my arms around myself and rubbed my arms, trying to get the blood flowing to warm them up. I got up from the bed and grabbed the blankets and remade my bed.

The nightstand jiggled and wobbled. My grandmother’s picture flew off the nightstand and smashed against the opposite wall. I gasped and backed out of the bedroom. I heard a growling noise behind me and I quickly turned around. Zeke was standing in the doorway. I grabbed the door to try to shut it on him, but it flung open. He picked me up by the neck and tossed me onto the bed. I moved against the back wall as he stalked closer and closer. I frantically looked around the room for something I could use to fight him off.

He grabbed my ankle and tugged, pulling me to the edge of the bed.

“You are mine!” he bellowed.

I kicked at him as hard as I could. “Get off me!”

He leaned over me and pinned me down onto the bed. His face hovered over mine. His eyes appeared to glow a bright red and memories of my nightmares flooded my mind. I squeezed my eyes shut and struggled below him.

Suddenly a loud voice echoed through the room. “Ezekiel! This boy is under my protection. I command you to leave immediately!”

I opened my eyes to see Mike standing in the doorway. Zeke pulled off me and backed away. Mike entered the room, moving between Zeke and myself. Zeke’s face turned red. His chest heaved up and down.

“This isn’t over,” he growled. “The boy will be mine!”

“I’ll see you in hell first!”

Zeke ran out of the bedroom and I heard the outer door slam open. Mike ran after him and I got up and followed him. Mike returned a few seconds later, and shut the apartment door and locked it behind him.

“He is gone for now,” he said.

“What is he, Mike? Why does he want to hurt me?”

“I will never let him hurt you. I swear it.”

Mike pulled me into his arms and I wrapped my arms around him. I rested my head on his chest and held him tight. His hands rubbed up and down my naked back as he soothed and comforted me. I looked up at him and I knew that he was telling me the truth. I would be safe and protected. Mike would let no harm come to me.

I moved my hand to his neck. I tugged him down as I stood up on my tip-toes. I brushed my lips against his.

“I cannot,” he whispered as he turned his head.

“Mike, I love you.”

I kissed him again and he let out a quiet moan and pressed his lips into mine. He tightened his grip around me and kissed me passionately.

“I love you, Paul.”

Mike moved us towards my bedroom and we laid down in my bed together. We laid side by side together, kissing and touching each other all over. Mike rolled me over onto my back and moved on top of me. He looked down at me and lovingly caressed the side of my face.

“Paul, do you truly love me?”

“Yes, Mike. From the first moment I saw you. It’s hard to explain and it doesn’t make sense, but it’s how I feel.”

“If we proceed, there will be consequences. It cannot be undone.”

“I don’t want it undone, Mike. I want to be with you forever.”

Mike kissed me slowly and sensually. He kissed down my neck and along my collarbone. His hands touched all over my chest.

“You are so beautiful, my love,” he whispered as he looked into my eyes.

“And you are so handsome, Mike.”

I pulled at the leather tie holding Mike’s hair. It came loose and I tossed it on the table. His dark hair fell down and framed his face. I ran my hands along his head, through his hair. Mike closed his eyes and leaned into my hands. I reached down and untucked his shirt. He pulled back and threw it onto the ground. He was wearing a white wife beater tank top, stretched across his large frame. He was so big and muscular. I worked out regularly and I would never be as big as him. I squeezed his huge biceps and stroked my hands down his chest to his stomach. I slid my hands under his tank and around his back and glided them up his broad v-shaped back. As I slid my hands up, my fingers ran across two large scarred ridges that seemed to jut out of his shoulder bones. They ran parallel to each other and were about eight inches in length.

“What is that?” I asked. “What happened?”

“It is nothing for you to worry about right now.”

I looked up at him with concern. “Mike?”

He simply said, “Soon.”

Mike moved his head down to my chest, and he kissed and licked at my nipple. I shuddered and moaned and pushed my chest up to him. He moved to the other nipple and did the same. His hands moved down and he slid my pajama pants off and tossed them to the floor. I now laid completely naked. Mike’s eyes moved up and down my body. He licked his lips.

“So beautiful…”

“Let me see you, Mike.”

I reached down to his belt and unbuckled it. I unzipped his jeans and moved and sat up and pulled his work boots off and let them fall to the floor. He stood up and pulled his tank top off and dropped it. He then slid his jeans down and stepped out of them.

I drew in a sharp breath as I saw him naked for the first time. He was stunning. I let out a little moan as I stared at his body. His broad chest had huge pec muscles. His abs were cut with pronounced six pack ridges. His chest and abs were both covered with dark curly hair. He was fully erect, standing tall and proud eight and a half inches, thick and uncircumcised. There was a slight upwards curve. He was the most beautiful specimen of manhood I had ever seen.

Mike pulled his socks off and then moved onto the bed. I scooted over to make room. We laid together and we kissed sensually. His tongue flicked against my lips and I parted them, allowing him into my mouth. Our tongues danced together, stroking and sliding against each other. As we kissed, I rubbed my hands all over his body. I slid my hands down to his dick. I took it in my hand. It felt hot to the touch. It was hard as iron, but the skin felt so velvety soft in my hand. I slid my hand up and down, marveling at the way my hand moved with ease due to his foreskin.

I kissed Mike’s neck and down his chest and his stomach. Mike laid quietly, silent except for his rough breathing.

As I neared him, I looked back up at him.

“Mike… I’ve never done this before. If I do something wrong, tell me.”

“I have never done this before either, Paul. Do not worry. You will do fine.”

I felt a sense of wonder and pride that I was going to be Mike’s first. Not only his first, but his only and his last if I had my way. I leaned my head down closer to him. I could smell the sticky pre-come dripping from the head. I reached my tongue out and tasted it. I licked up and down the shaft. I felt Mike’s body trembling beneath me.

I pulled his foreskin back and took the head into my mouth. I swirled my tongue around him and slid my mouth down his shaft until I felt like I was going to gag. Mike’s hand moved up to my head and gently stroked my hair.

“Oh… My Paulie… It feels so wonderful….”

I just knew what I needed to do. I slid my mouth up and down while gently sucking him. I stroked his shaft with my hand. Mike’s body jerked and his breathing quickened. I ran my spare hand along his chest and abs, feeling the soft fur covered muscles.

“Paulie… I’m going to…”

I picked up the pace and sucked and stroked him a little faster. Mike was groaning and moaning.

“Oh! Paulie!”

Mike swelled in my mouth and I felt him throb against my tongue. My mouth was suddenly filled with a burst of hot, thick liquid. I let out a soft whimper. Mike grunted and thrust up into my mouth. I swallowed as my mouth filled with his semen. He shot and I swallowed so many times that I lost count. I instantly fell in love with the taste. Mike finally let out a loud groan, then hissed as he grabbed my head and stopped me from moving. I let him fall from my mouth. He was clean and wet from my saliva. His dick softened slightly against his abs.

I moved up next to him and we kissed a bit before he pushed me onto my back. He licked all around my chest, then sucked each of my nipples. He kissed down the middle of my chest, down to my belly button. His tongue traced the grooves of my abs, then along my oblique muscle to my groin. He kissed the curly nest at the base of my dick, before moving up my length. He took me into his mouth, nearly swallowing all of my length.

I gasped at the feeling of being inside his mouth. It was hot and wet and absolutely exquisite. I had never felt anything like it before. His mouth moved up and down and he sucked me. I gripped the sheets and writhed around the bed.

“Mike… It feels so good… Please don’t stop… Don’t stop…”

Mike’s hand moved between my legs. His finger rubbed between my cheeks, rubbing against my hole. He pressed the tip of his finger against my virgin ass and I finally couldn’t hold back anymore.

“Mike, I’m going to come!”

I let out a long groan and I exploded into his mouth. I spurt over and over into his sucking mouth. Michael swallowed every drop. He licked my shaft all over and then moved up and laid next to me.

He took me into his arms and pulled me to him.

“Mike, I love you so much. Stay with me tonight.”

“I love you, Paul. Of course I will stay with you.”

I couldn’t hold my eyes open anymore. I settled on Mike’s chest and wrapped my arm around him. He kissed the top of my head and I fell asleep safe in his arms.


I woke up late that afternoon still attached to Mike’s chest, knowing that this was home, my haven. I lifted my head and looked down at him. He sniffed and slowly opened his eyes. He brought his hand up to my face and smiled at me. I leaned down and kissed him nice and slow.

“I could use a shower,” I said. “Do you want to shower with me?”

A sly grin spread over Mike’s face and he grabbed me and pulled me out of bed. We went to the bathroom and I turned on the shower and adjusted the temperature while he went pee. When he was finished, he stepped into the tub and I went pee, then hurried into the shower and closed the curtain behind me.

We giggled like little kids as we stood under the water. We poured the shower gel into our hands and ran them all over each other, getting both of us nice and soapy. I loved running my hands all over his huge muscles and the hair on his chest. I was fascinated by the way the soap bubbles caught in his fur. His hands moved slowly and deliberately over my smooth body, tracing every curve of every muscle.

Mike lifted his big arms and I scrubbed his bushy armpits and along his arms. That was when I noticed he had a tattoo on the inside of his right arm.

I ran my fingers over the intricate script. It appeared to be words in a foreign language, but I couldn’t make them out.

“What does this say?” I asked.

“It is a vow I took.”

I looked up at him and I knew that was all he was going to say on the subject. “Soon, right?”

He chuckled. “Yes.”

He bent down and gave me a quick kiss.

“Turn around,” I said.

I squeezed out more shower gel as he reluctantly turned his back to me. His back was broad and muscular, perfect except for the two jagged scars that ran in parallel down his back at the edges of his shoulder blades. They were red and angry looking.

“They look painful,” I whispered as I ran my finger over one of them.

“They are a reminder,” he said sorrowfully.

I wrapped my arms around him and laid my head on his back. I sniffled and swiped at the tear that fell from my eye. I kissed each of his scars. Mike turned around and took me into his arms.

“Do not be sad,” he said to me.

He leaned his head down and kissed me. He pushed me up against the shower wall and pressed his body against mine. His mouth moved down to my neck. He kissed and nipped the sensitive skin. I grabbed at his shoulders and arms and held tight. I let out whimpers of pleasure as he tenderly sucked on my neck. His tongue traced a line to the other side and he repeated the same.

Our dicks throbbed against each other and pushed mine into Mike’s. He groaned as he continued to suck on my neck. Mike began sliding his cock against me, thrusting and rubbing mine with his. I gripped his huge arms and let out a soft moan. Mike returned to my mouth and he pushed his tongue into my mouth. He kissed me hard and deep as he thrust against me.

“Yes, Mike … don’t stop…”

Mike grunted and groaned as he frantically pumped his hips against me. I whimpered and quivered as he rutted against me. His breathing hitched and I knew he was getting close.

“I’m coming,” he moaned.

His body jerked and shuddered and I felt a hot splash spurt onto my chest. I cried out his name and buried my face in the crook of his neck as I unloaded between our sliding bodies.

Mike held me in his arms as I panted and tried to catch my breath. He lightly kissed along my head and face.

As the water started to cool, we quickly rinsed off and then got out of the shower. Mike took a towel and dried me off all over, then I did the same for him.

“I’m hungry,” he said. “Can we go get something to eat?”

“I don’t have to work tonight, so we have lots of time.”

We got dressed and Mike asked if we could stop by his apartment first so that he could get a change of clothes. We got into his pickup truck and drove to the outskirts of town. He turned into an older neighborhood, then pulled into the driveway of an old two-story home. He pulled his truck around back and I jumped out and looked around.

The old house was painted white, with a nice fresh coat of paint. Most of the houses on the block were in disrepair, but this one was clearly well maintained. Wooden stairs led up to a small wooden landing and a door on the second floor.

“Gabe lives on the first floor. I live upstairs.”

Mike took my hand and led me up the stairs. The apartment was small, not much larger than my own. The decor was very spartan, but the apartment looked clean. In his living room, he had only a couch, a coffee table and a small 26″ flat panel TV on a plain stand. There was a nice sized kitchen, which had a small table with two chairs.

Mike took off his coat and laid it on the back of one of the chairs. He took my coat from me and put it on the other chair.

I followed Mike into the single bedroom. It was bare, except for a king sized mattress and box spring set on the floor. The bed was made nice and neat. A small upturned wooden crate next to the bed held a clock and a small lamp.

Apparently Mike liked to live simply and it suited him.

“I’ll just be a second,” he said. “Have a seat.”

Mike gave me a quick kiss and I sat down on his bed. He walked over to his closet and pulled off his clothes and tossed them into a laundry basket on the floor of the closet. I knew that it wasn’t polite to stare, but I couldn’t help it. He was so sexy. I loved how masculine he was. He was so tall and muscular. I watched Mike pull a white tank top over his head and pull it down, covering his magnificent hairy chest and abs. He grabbed a pair of boxer briefs and I took one last look at the long, hooded cock hanging between his legs.

Mike looked at me and winked as he pulled up his underwear. He adjusted his dick and then pulled on a pair of jeans. He grabbed a plaid shirt and pulled it on, then rolled up the sleeves, leaving it unbuttoned and untucked. He sat down next to me and tugged on his boots and tied them up.

He put his arm around my shoulders and pressed his lips against my temple.

“I love you, Paul,” he whispered in my ear.

I turned to look up at him and we kissed slowly. He pulled away and stood. He held out his hand and I took it so that he could pull me up to my feet.

We got dressed in our coats and stepped out onto the landing. Mike locked the door and checked it. He then took my hand and we walked down the stairs. As we stepped off the bottom step, Gabe turned the corner.

He looked between the two of us in surprise. I pulled my hand out of Mike’s and pushed them into my pockets.

“Hello, Gabe,” Mike said calmly.

Gabe’s eyes looked me up and down. He walked around us in a circle. He reached up to my jacket collar and pulled it away from my neck. Mike had left light marks on my neck and Gabe was looking at us disapprovingly.

“We are in love, Gabriel,” Mike said. I could tell that he was slightly nervous.

“You cannot use that as some kind of loophole, Michael.”

I moved closer to Mike and I took his hand in mine. “I am in love with Mike, Gabriel.”

Gabe looked down at me and cocked his head to the side like he didn’t understand.

“Please don’t take him from me,” I whispered.

Tears fell from my eyes and Mike pulled me close and put his arms around me.

Gabe looked between the two of us in shock. He took a step back, and then turned and unlocked the back door and went inside the house.


Mike and I went to dinner and then afterward, we strolled hand in hand in the park. The air was cool and crisp and bathed in moonlight.

“Mike? Why does Gabe want to keep us apart? Why is he so bitter?”

Mike stopped and put his hands on my shoulders.

“Do not judge Gabe harshly, Paul,” Mike said. “He is only doing his duty. It is understandable he would become bitter and jaded after all that he has seen. I felt the same myself.”

“Really? You don’t seem that way at all.”

“That is because of you.”

I stopped walking and looked up at him. “Me?”

“Yes. The first time I saw you praying. I saw the goodness in you. You restored my faith in humanity.”

I wrapped my arms around Mike’s back and I held him tight as I silently wept against his chest. He gently stroked my hair as I looked up at him.

“I love you, Mike.”

He wiped my tears away and cradled my face and claimed my lips in a kiss. He took my hand and we continued on our walk.

“You have known Gabe a long time, haven’t you?” I asked.

“Yes. A very long time.”

I wanted to ask him more questions, but I decided that I would wait. He would tell me when he was ready.

Mike and I walked back to the truck. We got in and Mike pulled out of the parking lot.

“Paul? Would you spend the night with me tonight in my home?”

“I would love to.”

I leaned over and gave him a kiss on his shoulder. We drove by my place first. I got my toothbrush and toiletries and a change of clothes, plus a fresh pair of scrubs for work in case I didn’t come home before hand.

Mike pulled his truck in back of the house and we climbed up the stairs to his apartment.

We put our coats on the back of the kitchen chairs.

“Would you like something to drink?” he asked.

“Some water would be nice.”

He poured both of us a glass of water.

“Do you want a snack? I could use a snack.”


He opened the freezer.

“Ooh. I have some rocky road,” he said with a big grin on his face. “My favorite.”

“That sounds good.”

Mike grabbed a bowl from the dish rack and opened the cupboard and got a second bowl. He pulled the scoop out of the disk rack and placed two big scoops of ice cream into each bowl. He grabbed a couple of spoons and I followed him into the living room with the glasses.

He set the bowls down on the coffee table and pushed it forward a bit, then sat down on the floor with his back to the couch in front of the coffee table. I grinned and sat down next to him and crossed my legs Indian style.

“Cozy,” I said with a little giggle.

He smiled at me and took a big bite of his ice cream. He let out a contented sigh and looked at me and grinned. I couldn’t help but laugh at him. We ate our dessert in silence, just enjoying each other’s company.

Mike scraped his bowl several times with the spoon, trying to get the last of the chocolately goodness.

“I think you got it all,” I said with a chuckle.

I scooped up the last bite from my bowl and held the spoon out to him. He leaned forward and ate it off my spoon. His eyes sparkled as he looked at me and swallowed the last bite. He looked so happy. I vowed then that I would do anything I could to make him happy like that every day.

“All gone,” I said.

Mike looked into my bowl. “What? There’s still some more in there.”

“No, there’s not. Not unless you’re gonna lick the bowl clean.”

We both laughed and Mike ran his finger along the inside of my bowl and then sucked his finger clean. He put his finger in again and then wiped it on my bottom lip.

“Hey!” I protested.

Before I could wipe it away, Mike leaned in and kissed me, sucking my bottom lip into his mouth. He took the bowl out of my hand and put it on the coffee table. His mouth pushed into mine, his tongue sliding into my mouth. He pulled me to him and I straddled his lap. His hands slid up the back of my shirt. He grabbed my shirt and pulled it off me. His arms moved around me and he dipped his mouth down to suck my left nipple into his mouth. I grabbed his head and raked my fingers through his long, soft hair. I threw my head back and let out a quiet moan as his mouth pleasured my body. I started to grind my hips on his lap, feeling his growing need pressing back into me.

“I love you so much, Mike,” I whispered.

I pushed his shirt over his shoulders, then grabbed his wife beater and pulled it over his head. Mike reached between our bodies and unbuckled and unzipped my pants. He gave them a tug downwards and I stood up so that he could slide them down. He pushed up to his feet and I unbuckled his belt and unzipped his jeans and pushed them down to his ankles. He sat down on the couch and pulled me to him so that I was straddling his lap.

He held my head in his hands. “You are so beautiful, Paul. You are my baby. I love you.”

I raked my fingers through the hair on Mike’s chest and kissed him. His hands slid up and down my back, then down to my ass. He cupped each of my cheeks in his hands and I whimpered and rubbed my dick on his hard, furry abs.

I felt Mike groan deep in his chest. His dick slid up the crack of my ass. I felt the hot head press against my entrance and it sent a shudder throughout me. I opened my eyes and looked into Mike’s blue eyes. I pushed down slightly and the very tip of his cock pushed into me.

“Paul, I meant what I said before. If we do this, it cannot be undone. We will be bound together.”

I kissed along Michael’s neck. “Yes, Michael. We will be one for eternity.”

Mike lifted up and led me to his bedroom. He pulled back the blankets and sheet. I crawled into his bed.

“Don’t go anywhere.”

He ran out of the room to the bathroom. I heard him digging around in some drawers and he came back a few seconds later with a tube in his hand. He slipped into the bed with me and pulled me onto my side facing him.

“Do not be afraid, my Paulie. Making love is a gift from God and I want to share this gift with you. I promise I will never hurt you.”

“I know, Mike. I trust you.”

I looked at him and I was surprised that I didn’t feel nervous at all. I was about to give my virginity to the man I loved.

I watched Mike open the tube and ooze the gel onto his fingers. He pushed me onto my back, then he kissed down my chest and licked and sucked at my nipple. His hand slipped between my legs, finding my hidden entrance. He slid his slippery fingers around the puckered hole, teasing and stroking. My body quivered and I shuddered and Mike’s finger slipped into me.

He pulled out his finger and pushed it back in. He twisted it around and found the hidden sweet spot inside me that had me moaning and writhing underneath him. He kissed down my body and I squeezed my eyes shut.

“Mike,” I panted.

He pulled his finger out and squeezed out more lube, then pushed two fingers into me as he took me into his mouth.

I moaned and bucked up into his mouth, then fell back onto his fingers. His fingers stroked my prostate as his hot mouth slid up and down. His fingers twisted and stretched. He pulled out his fingers and inserted three into me. I felt a momentary stab of pain, which quickly faded as Mike continued. He let my dick fall out of his mouth and it fell against my belly with a slap.

“Please,” I begged in a hoarse whisper.

Mike moved up and pushed my knees back and spread my legs wide apart. He squeezed more lube into his hand and coated his swollen cock with the gel. He leaned forward and placed the head against my quivering opening. He leaned into me and pushed the head into me.

“Oh! Mike!”

My body shuddered as a wave of pleasure shot through me. I locked my knees around Michael’s waist and moved my hands to his sides, urging him in deeper. I felt the crown slip past my tight muscle, then another inch slid into me.

“Oh, Paulie, baby,” he groaned.

Mike held still and he looked down at me. “Are you hurt?”

“No, Mike. Please… more…”

Mike slid deeper into me. The head of his cock pushed into my hidden nerve bundle and I gasped and arched my back up. I gripped his back and Mike lowered himself on top of me. He pulled back and then pushed back into me, hitting my prostate again, then sliding all the way into me until he was buried to the hilt.

“I love you, baby,” he husked. “I love you.”

We kissed deeply and passionately as Mike pumped his hips in and out of me, slowly and steadily. My arms moved up under his arms to his broad, muscular shoulders.

“Please, Mike,” I whispered. “It feels so good.”

“So good, Paulie… So hot inside you… So tight…”

Mike pumped into me faster and harder, and his thrusts were long and deep. I let out a soft whimper every time he bottomed out. He grunted and groaned. His arms moved around me, holding me tight to his body. His mouth moved down to my neck and he sucked hard.

Our lovemaking was intense and loud. Above my whimpers and Mike’s grunts, our bodies slapped together with every thrust. A fine sheen of sweat covered Mike’s massive body. The intense odor from under his arms hit my nose and made my dick jerk and ooze.

Mike rapidly drew me closer and closer and I felt my orgasm building. My body tensed up and my back arched upwards. I threw my head back and my eyes rolled back.

Time seemed to stand still. I felt like I was floating above the bed and for a split second all was calm and quiet, and then I exploded.



My body bucked and writhed beneath Mike’s. Spurt after spurt of warm semen shot between our thrusting bodies. Mike shoved hard into me one last time. His body jerked and I felt him throbbing inside me. A hot sensation spread throughout my body as he filled me with his seed.

Mike propped himself up on his forearm and looked down at me. He lovingly stroked my damp hair back.

“We are one for eternity, my own,” he whispered.

He leaned down and kissed me tenderly.

We laid together for a while as we recovered from our intense climaxes. Mike finally slipped from inside me and laid down next to me. He took my hand in his and brought it up to his mouth. He kissed my fingers then held them to his chest.

“It’s time, Paul,” he said quietly. “It’s time for me to tell you everything.”


After we took a shower together, we returned back to the bed. We sat together on the bed with our legs cross, facing each other. My eyes drifted over his muscular body, down to the thick cock hanging between his legs. I forced myself to look back up into his eyes. He took my hand in his.

“Now that we have bonded, there are things that I can tell you, Paul. First, Zeke… I know you’ve noticed the strange things that happen when he’s around.”

“Yes,” I said with a nod of my head.

“He’s one of Satan’s minions. An ancient demon, who has taken human form.”

I swallowed nervously and moved closer to Mike and he squeezed my hand to comfort me. When he saw that I wasn’t running away like he was crazy, he continued.

“Zeke is very powerful. He can control or possess other living creatures. His body fluids are toxic. Patrick received Zeke’s poison inside him when Zeke took him. Zeke now has control of Patrick.”

“Can he be stopped?” I asked.

“There are those who have been sent to hunt and destroy the demons, to send them back, and to protect mankind. They have taken human form and live amongst man.”

“An army of angels?” I asked.


“And you… You’re one of them? An angel?”


“But you’re not just an angel, are you? You’re Michael… Saint Michael the Archangel.”

“Yes. But you already suspected this.”

“Yes. What happened to your wings?”

I ran my hand over the scars on his back.

“They are removed when we live amongst men on earth.”

“Why me, Michael? You could have anyone you wanted. I’m a nobody.”

“The moment I saw you in the church, I knew. You were so beautiful. You were under my protection even then. But when I saw you… I loved you. I knew that you were my soul mate. Your love, your pure heart and soul… it restored my faith in humanity, Paul.”

“Gabe… Gabriel… He said that it was forbidden.”

“It is forbidden for me to reveal myself to a human. It is also forbidden for me to have intimate relations.”

“But we are in love, so it is okay?”

“Our souls have bonded. You belong to me, as I belong to you. It cannot be undone. You will soon begin to notice changes. You will heal faster and be more tolerant of pain. You will soon begin to feel a connection to me. You will be able to sense when I am near, as I you. We may even sense each other’s emotions.”

“Wow… This is so much to take in.”

“Do you have regrets?”

“No, Michael. Never.”

I pushed up and gave him a tender kiss on the lips.

“Never,” I repeated. “Do you?”

“No, Paul. I love you.”

“I love you, too.”

We laid down together, Michael on his back with me cuddled up on his side with my head on his chest. I draped my arm over him and he held me in his arms. I fell asleep cuddled up on Michael and we slept together for a couple hours.

I woke when Michael got up out of bed. He pulled on his underwear and quietly walked out of the room. I heard him open the outer door and heard muffled voices. I knew that it had to be Gabe. I got up out of bed and pulled on my underwear and a t-shirt and walked out into the living room. Gabe and Michael were talking quietly, and they stopped when I entered the room.

“It’s okay, Paul,” Michael said. “Come on out.”

I walked and stood next to Michael. I couldn’t look Gabe — Gabriel the Archangel — in the eye and instead looked down at his work boots.

“Hello, Gabriel,” I said quietly.

“Hello, Paul. Michael has told you everything, I take it?”


Gabe put his finger under my chin and lifted my head so that I was looking him in the eye.

“You are bound by Michael’s oath. You must not reveal Michael or any like him to anyone. If you do, you will be punished. Do you understand me?”

I managed to say “Yes,” with a gulp and then moved closer to Michael and returned my gaze to Gabe’s boots.

“I believe that Zeke will act soon,” Gabe said. “He has spies watching the house. He knows of your mating and he has become enraged. I think we can use this to our advantage.”

Michael’s body tensed. “I will not use Paul as bait, Gabriel.”

“I don’t think it will come to that, Michael. But it might–”

“It is not up for debate.”

I interrupted. “If it will help, I will do it.”

“Absolutely not!” Michael insisted.

“I could go to work and lure him to the church,” I said. “You could be waiting there for him.”

“He has a point, Michael,” Gabe noted.

Michael pulled me into his arms and dropped his forehead onto mine. “It is too dangerous,” he said quietly.

“I’ll be okay. You’ll be close. You won’t let him hurt me.”

“Then it is decided,” Gabe said.


Michael dropped me off at the hospital. We sat in his truck for a moment kissing tenderly.

“Please be careful,” he whispered as he slowly stroked the hair on the back of my head.

“I will. You, too.”

“Don’t let him corner you alone. Don’t listen to his words or look him in the eye.”

“I won’t.”

“I will not be far. I will be watching over you.”

“I know you will.”

One last kiss and I got out of the truck and headed inside. I waved to Michael as he parked his truck and walked across the street to the church. Once I was upstairs, I hung my jacket in my locker. I had about thirty minutes before my shift started, so I thought I would go down and check on Patrick.

I was shocked to see him awake. He looked like he was in a groggy daze, but his eyes were open and he was conscious of his surroundings. He still had sores on his hands and his face. He was so pale and sickly looking.

“Hi, Patrick,” I said sympathetically.

“Paul,” he said with a cough. He attempted to smile at me.

“You’re awake.”

“Yeah. Thank you for coming to see me. I haven’t had many visitors.”

“Of course, Patrick.”

“They took me out of the coma. I’m on a ton of antibiotics. I have a viral infection, but they can’t figure out what I have.”

I paused, unsure what I should tell him. But I couldn’t let Zeke keep hurting him. “It’s Zeke. Zeke made you sick.”

“What? Zeke loves me. He visits me every night. He tells me how much he loves me and he makes love to me.”

I covered my mouth with my hand and gasped and shook my head. “Patrick. No.”

Patrick’s expression changed. I felt a chill in the air as his eyes narrowed at me. He snarled and a growl came from deep inside his chest.

“Stay away from him!” he growled. “He will kill you!”

I backed out of the room and hurried to the elevator. I tried to take deep breaths and control my shaking as I rode up to my floor. As I walked to the nurse’s station, I spotted Zeke with a laundry cart. He glared at me with anger I have never seen before. I tried to act calm like nothing was wrong, but my heart was pounding in my ears.

Work was surprisingly calm and I avoided Zeke for the first half of my shift. On my break, I decided to go see Patrick again. I had to convince him that Zeke was harming him. I heard some noises inside the room and when I opened the door, I almost fainted.

Zeke was on top of Patrick, who was nearly bent in half as Zeke held his ankles and slammed into his ass over and over. Patrick’s head was thrown back and his eyes were rolled back in his head. Zeke was snarling and his teeth dripped drool down onto Patrick’s neck. I gasped in horror and turned around and ran as fast as I could. I heard Zeke roar and scramble off the bed. I could hear him running behind me. I ran to the stairwell and bounded down the five flights of steps. I could hear him chasing me, getting closer and closer.

“You are mine!” he growled. “You will be sucking cocks in hell before this night is over!”

I ran across the street. Zeke was right behind me. He was big, but he was fast, and he was gaining on me. I pushed open the doors to the church and dipped my hand into the holy water font as Zeke tackled me to the floor. I rolled over and slapped his face with my wet hand as hard as I could. He pushed back onto his knees and roared in agony as I left a burning and sizzling hand print on his face. He backhanded me and I slammed against the font and fell down to my hands and knees.

I pushed myself up onto my knees and I closed my eyes and clasped my hands together and began to pray, “Saint Michael the Archangel, defend us in battle–”

Michael’s voice suddenly boomed throughout the church. “Ezekiel!

I gasped and lifted my head up.

Michael was standing in front of the altar. He was wearing a white tank top stretched over his huge, muscular chest. He wore black leather biker pants and black harness boots. He was holding an unsheathed sword in his right hand. He grabbed at the front collar of his tank top with his left hand and pulled. It ripped cleanly down the front and he tossed it aside.

He drew in a deep breath and his hair-covered chest heaved once, then twice. He squeezed his eyes shut and let out a great cry, as if he was in pain. He held his arms out and clenched his fists tightly. His body shook and suddenly two large wings burst out of his back. The dark wings fluttered and stretched to a full wing span of nearly eight feet.

Michael took a deep breath and a calm fell over him.

My mouth fell open in shock and wonder at the beauty. He was magnificent. As I looked at him, I felt a warmth spread throughout my body. It was as if something suddenly switched on inside me. I felt a wave of pride and strength coming from Michael. His eyes cut to me and I felt an overwhelming rush of love.

Michael then turned his attention to Zeke. Michael’s mouth lifted in a smirk and he elegantly twirled the sword in his right hand and then pointed it at Zeke. “This ends tonight, demon!”

Zeke let out a deep growl in his throat and pushed himself upright. As his skin turned red, two small horns pushed out from each side of his forehead. His brow furrowed and he bared his teeth and snarled. He kicked me aside with his foot as he rushed Michael.

Michael leapt and kicked Zeke in the chest with his boot. Zeke went flying backwards onto his back.

I grabbed onto the baptismal font and pulled myself up to my feet and moved back out of the way.

Zeke crouched onto all fours and with a loud roar, leapt at Michael. Michael swung his sword. Zeke dodged and blocked Michael’s arm. He swung at Michael and punched him in the gut.

Michael countered with a left and a kick. He swung around and knocked Zeke hard with his wings. The two of them seemed to be evenly matched, hitting and blocking each other at every turn.

Michael sliced Zeke across the belly with his sword. Zeke howled in pain as dark, thick blood oozed from the wound. Zeke grabbed Michael and flipped him and slammed him onto his back. His sword skittered across the floor under one of the pews.

Zeke lifted Michael up and threw him across the church. He slammed into the wall behind me. I ran to him and knealt down.

“Michael! Are you okay?”

“Stay back, Paul,” Michael said as he pushed me aside and stood up.

Michael and Zeke circled each other. Both of them were breathing hard from exhaustion. Michael flew up into the air and slammed his boots into Zeke’s chest. He straddled his chest and pounded his face over and over with his fists.

Zeke let out a roar and bucked up, knocking Michael hard onto his back. Zeke grabbed the sword.

“See you in hell, cocksucker,” Zeke growled.

Zeke stood over Michael. He held the sword at the hilt, pointing it down towards Michael. He dropped to his knees, straddling Michael’s chest. Michael grabbed Zeke and held him back, with the tip of the sword an inch from his neck. He was straining with all of his might to keep Zeke from cutting him.

I had to do something. I moved behind the stone baptismal font and pushed as hard as I could. The top slid and I pushed harder. It toppled over, splashing the holy water all over Zeke and Michael.

Zeke shrieked and writhed in pain as the blessed water burned his skin. Smoke poured off his body as it sizzled and burned. Michael kicked up and knocked Zeke onto his back into a pool of the water. Zeke screamed and his body convulsed. Michael jumped up to his feet and stood over Zeke. The holy water dripped down Michael’s body, matting his chest hair down. His hair was wet and dripping.

Michael reached his hand out and the sword flew into it.

With a mighty roar, Michael took the sword and stabbed it straight down into Zeke’s heart. Zeke bellowed and kicked and bucked as he was impaled with the sword. Michael lifted the sword and swung it through Zeke’s throat, cutting his head clean off.

Zeke’s eyes dimmed and turned black. His body burst into flames and I covered my eyes with my arm to protect them from the light and heat. There was a sudden bright burst of light and then everything was quiet and the light dimmed back to normal. I slowly moved my arm away and looked down. The only evidence of Zeke’s existence was the scorch mark on the stone floor.

I looked up at Michael as he turned to me. He grabbed me and pulled me into his arms and kissed me passionately. His arms tightened around me and I threw my arms around his neck. He picked me up and I wrapped my legs around his waist as he flew us through the front door, then upwards into the sky. I clung to his strong, muscular body as we sped through the air towards the mountains. He slowed and then we gently floated downwards until we touched down next to a hot spring.

The moon was nearly full and the sky was clear. In the pale moonlight, we could see each other perfectly. I stepped back and looked over Michael’s body and saw that all of his injuries and bruises were healed.

“Are you okay, Paul?” he asked me.

“Yes. Are you?”

“I am fine.”

I moved to Michael and hugged him and laid my head on his chest. His arms surrounded me. I felt him planting kisses on top of my head and my temple and I looked up at him. His lips caressed mine and his tongue slid along the seam. I opened my mouth and let the tip of my tongue touch his. Michael’s arms tightened around me and his tongue slid into my mouth. I surrendered to him, allowing him to ravage my mouth.

“I love you, Paul,” he said huskily. “I want to make love with you.”

He stepped back for a second to pull my scrub top and t-shirt off. He untied my pants and let them fall to the ground. He squatted down and pulled my briefs down, then pulled my sneakers and socks off. I stood there completely naked and shivering as he stood up. Even though it was cold, I wanted to be with Michael.

I glided my hands down the furry pec muscles of his chest, then raked my fingers across the ridges of his six pack, until I reached his belt. I unbuckled his belt and unbuttoned and unzipped his heavy leather pants. I pushed them down. He wasn’t wearing any underwear and his large dick slapped up against his abs and then bobbed a bit. My mouth watered and my knees weakened at the sight of the large cock. It looked even larger than previous. A long string of pre-come drooled from the head and stretched towards the ground. I squatted down to pull his pants down completely. He lifted each leg so that I could pull his heavy boots and socks off. I licked up the pearly string of drool, running my tongue along the underside of his magnificent organ. He pulled me to my feet and ran his big rough hands all over my body, pulling me close to his warm body. His wings fluttered and we lifted about a couple of feet off the ground.

He moved us over the hot spring and gently descended. The hot and steamy water felt so good on my chilly body. He moved so that he was sitting on a large rock and only his shoulders and head were above the water. He pulled me so that I straddled his lap. I threw my arms around his neck and ground my dick into his. I kissed him hard and he held me tight, returning my kiss with unbridled passion.

Monday morning found Parker’s nerves about to bubble over.

Was Colton really going to pick him up for school? Thinking back, it seemed like a faraway dream. Colton seemed to have done a complete one-eighty. The hunk didn’t even know Parker existed, then he moved in on Parker, only to pull away. And now… now he was all possessive and aggressive.

It might have creeped Parker out if he wasn’t completely and utterly turned on by it.

He had practically locked himself in his bedroom all weekend. A blush crept up his cheeks as he thought about how many times he had smelled Colton’s shirt. Not to mention how many times he had worked his dick until it was practically raw while remembering the way Colton touched him and kissed him.

Parker took one last look at himself in the mirror, checking out the outfit that Shell picked out for him. Satisfied, he grabbed his backpack and gym bag, shut his bedroom door and bounded down the stairs.

“Mom?” he called out. “Dad?”

He didn’t expect an answer, but when the doorbell rang instead, it startled him enough that he jumped.

Parker opened the front door to find Colton Butler standing there. Colton Butler! At his house! To see him! Oh man, he looked like a god dressed in his blue and white FVHS letter jacket, tight denim jeans and boots.

“Hi,” Parker said. He bit his bottom lip to keep from sighing dreamily. He still couldn’t believe that Colton was here.

“Hey, pup.” Colton stepped inside the house and shut the door behind him. “Your parents around?”

“No, they’re already at work.”


Colton grabbed Parker by the shirt, yanked him close and then kissed him senseless. He worked his way down the left side of Parker’s neck, then pulled the shirt collar aside and sucked hard on Parker’s neck, darkening the fading mark. He sucked and bit at the curve of tender flesh and rubbed his bearded chin across the mark.

Parker let out a quiet whimper and grabbed onto Colton’s hard body, his fingers digging into the arms of the larger boy’s jacket as his knees buckled.

Colton groaned as he nipped his teeth along Parker’s neck. “Damn. You taste so good.”

“You didn’t shave,” Parker whispered. Colton’s goatee scraped along Parker’s skin, making him shudder with need.

Colton stopped what he was doing. “Is it bothering you?”

“God no,” Parker moaned as his head rolled back, giving Colton more access.

“Good, because my beard grows fast and I always have stubble.”

Colton continued kissing up and down Parker’s neck. When Colton finally stepped back, Parker opened his eyes to see Colton’s smug grin. Colton rubbed his thumb over the base of Parker’s neck, seemingly pleased with himself.

Parker blinked. “It’s warm in here,” he muttered as he wiped his forehead.

Colton gave Parker one more quick kiss before picking up Parker’s backpack and gym bag. “Let’s go, pup.”

Parker locked the door behind them while Colton tossed his bags into the wide back seat of his car. Parker jogged up behind Colton and grinned at the sexy man.

“Why do you keep calling me ‘pup’?”

Colton chuckled. “Because you’re cute and eager to please. Just like a puppy.”

“Oh.” Parker ducked his head, trying to hide the blush that was creeping up his face. The nickname was all kinds of embarrassing, but Parker decided that he liked that Colton called him ‘pup’. He liked it a lot. “That’s okay, I guess.”

“Glad you approve,” said Colton with a smirk.

Parker had the strong feeling that Colton would have kept calling him ‘pup’ whether or not Parker approved.

“Hi guys!”

Parker groaned and turned around at the sound of his friend’s sing-songy voice. Shell was bouncing down her front steps, waving her fingers. The scheming smile on her face was enough to make Parker very nervous.

“Hi, Shell.”

“Hey,” Colton said.

“See you at school,” Parker said before he quickly got into Colton’s car, hoping to save himself from any potential embarrassment at the hands of his best friend.

Colton pulled into the parking lot, taking one of the parking spaces that was miraculously empty at front and center. Parker wondered if people purposely left it open for him. He wouldn’t be surprised.

Parker got out of the car and grabbed his bags from the back seat. “Thanks for the ride, Colton. Um… so I guess I will see you later… maybe? If you want… I mean… Um…”

Parker wanted to crawl under a rock and die. God, he was such a dork.

Colton pulled his phone from his jacket pocket and looked at the screen. “We got plenty of time. Relax a little. C’mere.”

Parker moved around to the other side of the car where Colton was leaning.

“Have you ever had a boyfriend before?” Colton asked.

“No. Have you?”

“Not until now,” he replied. He pulled Parker close and gave him a quick kiss on the lips.

Parker blushed and glanced around. He couldn’t believe that Colton just kissed him in the school parking lot. The public display of affection was so inappropriate, but Parker would never deny a chance to kiss the hunky man.

Colton pulled Parker to his side and leaned back against his car. He appeared to be casual and relaxed, but somehow Parker could tell that Colton was on high alert, taking in his surroundings. Was he worried about being seen with Parker? No, that wasn’t it. If that was the case, he wouldn’t have kissed Parker.

A loud pickup truck pulled into the empty space next to Colton’s Lincoln. Jed shut the monster truck’s rumbling engine off and hopped out. He spit onto the ground as he rounded the truck to join Colton and Parker. “Hey, bub,” he said to Colton. He adjusted the backwards ball cap on his head as he looked between Colton and Parker. “I miss something?”

Colton put his arm around Parker’s shoulders. “Yup. Parker agreed to let me be his boyfriend.”

Parker smiled. Like he had much of a choice. “I don’t think Colton would have taken ‘no’ for an answer.”

“I get what I want,” Colton said, puffing up his chest.

Jed chuckled. “Good for you, man,” he said with a nod of his head.

A silver sports car pulled into the spot on the other side of Colton’s car. Trey got out and grabbed his backpack. He walked over and said ‘hey’ to Colton and Jed, holding out his fist for each to tap. When he held out his fist to Parker, the smaller boy mimicked the others and tapped Trey’s fist, feeling like a total dork, but desperately wanting to fit in with Colton and his friends.

One of the varsity soccer players walked past and caught Jed’s eye. Jed leaned against his truck and casually cupped his crotch. “Hey, bud,” Jed called out to him, his voice low and growly.

“Hey, Jed,” he mumbled. His face turned red and he picked up his pace. Jed massaged his crotch as he stared at his retreating ass. He clicked his tongue, and muttered to himself, “That’s some good ass right there. Gotta hit that again.”

Parker had to pick his jaw up off the ground. He couldn’t believe that Jed was acting so… open. But then again, he had just kissed Colton. Even if it was a quick peck and no one had seen them.

A pair of cheerleaders walked past. “Hey, Trey,” they said at the same time before giggling.

Trey nodded with a lift of his chin and winked, flashing them a dazzling smile. “Good morning, ladies.”

The girls giggled again and ran off, whispering to each other.

Colton shook his head. “You guys better not get anyone pregnant or so help me…”

Jed laughed. “Don’t worry. He made me wear a rubber.”

“No one wants to hear all that,” Trey said with a laugh.

“I thought that guy was straight,” Parker said quietly to Colton about the soccer jock. “Isn’t he dating that girl on the basketball team?”

Jed snorted. “Straight. Yeah, straight onto my dick.”

Colton ignored Jed’s boasting and looked at his phone. “Let’s go.”

Trey and Jed flanked Colton as they started to walk. Parker trailed behind until Colton turned back and grabbed his hand. He pulled Parker next to him, forcing the smaller boy to walk in step with him, right between Colton and Jed. He tried to pull his hand away, but Colton wasn’t letting go.

As they made their way across the grass towards the school entrance, Parker could feel everyone’s eyes on him. They probably wondered how Parker had managed to get in the position he was in. With Colton’s tight grip on his hand, there wasn’t any doubt as to who he was.

He was Colton’s.

Parker smiled happily.

* * *

Parker was surprised to see Colton waiting by his locker at lunch time. He glanced around. Was he really here to see Parker? Not that he wasn’t happy to see him. Parker had daydreamed about Colton all morning, barely paying attention to his classes, and grateful that the desk covered his tented lap.

“Hi, Colton.”

“Hey, pup.”

The sound of Colton’s deep, rich voice had Parker’s dick pushing against the fly of his jeans wanting to come out and play. If he kept leaking into his underwear like this, he was going to need to change them before the day was through.

Colton grabbed Parker’s hand, pulling him with a gentle tug. “Come on, we’re going out.”

“Oh. I usually eat with Shell.”

“She’s a big girl. She’ll be okay.”

Parker bit his bottom lip and looked away. Parker didn’t want to be mean to Shell, but he really wanted to go with Colton.

Colton squeezed Parker’s hand and his voice softened. “She can come with us if you want.”

Parker grinned. “Thanks.”

Shell jogged up at that moment. “Sorry I’m late. Oh. Hi, Colton.”

“We’re going out for lunch,” Colton said to her. “You can come with us if you want. Let’s go, pup.”

As they exited the school, they were joined by Jed and Trey, who took their normal positions flanking Colton.

“Wassup, girl?” Trey asked Shell as she moved up next to him.

“Boy, nothin’,” she said with a giggle and a hair flip.

Parker coughed into his hand to disguise his laugh and Shell shot him a dirty look.

“You wanna ride with me?” Trey asked her.

Shell’s face quickly changed into a smile for Trey just in time. “Sure.”

Trey looked over at Jed. “You’re in the back, bubba.”

“Asshole,” Jed muttered.

As soon as Parker and Colton got into his car, Colton leaned in and kissed Parker. He rubbed his hand over the top and back of Parker’s head and then squeezed the back of his neck. His dark brown eyes stared into Parker’s for a moment before he pulled away and started the car.

‘Colton missed me,’ Parker thought as he relaxed into the seat, feeling more comfortable.

They went to the burger place a couple of blocks down the street from the school. The place was crowded, but as soon as Colton walked in, it seemed like a table magically opened up.

Lunch was great. Parker couldn’t believe how much food the three big guys packed in. Colton, Trey and Jed each had two double cheeseburgers with the works. That was like a full pound of meat! Parker could barely finish his single burger.

The burger was nice and juicy, one of the best he ever had. The juices dripped down Parker’s hand and he leaned forward and swiped his tongue up his hand. Feeling like he was being watched, he looked up to see Colton staring at his mouth. “What?” Parker muttered, feeling self-conscious.

Colton’s eyes lifted from Parker’s lips to his eyes. He let out a quiet grunt and leaned in close to Parker’s ear. “You’re so fucking sexy,” he whispered for Parker’s ears only.

Parker didn’t expect the lewd compliment, but he liked it. How could he not? Colton Butler thought he was sexy.

Colton nipped the skin of Parker’s neck with his teeth. Parker scrunched his shoulders, hiding his neck from those biting teeth, and laughed.

He was quickly finding out that Colton was a very tactile person. Colton turned back to his lunch and Parker watched him for a moment. He had a feeling that Colton Butler was going to be a continuous source of amusement and surprise.

Shell and Trey flirted the entire lunch and it was funny to watch. Parker couldn’t wait to get her alone to tease her. He was already positive that she was going to tease the hell out of him.

As they headed back to Colton’s car, Colton opened the passenger door for Parker. As Parker moved to get in, Colton stumbled and spilled his entire to-go drink all over Parker.

“Oh my god,” Parker gasped as the cold soda and ice splashed all over his neck and chest.

“Oops. Sorry, pup,” Colton said. Before Parker could even do anything about it, Colton had pulled out a shirt from his back seat and held it out to Parker. “Here. Put this on.”

Parker pulled his sopping wet shirt over his head, wiping off his bare chest with it as he did. When he looked up, he saw Colton staring at his chest and his hard nipples, his tongue practically hanging out of his mouth. Parker blushed and covered himself modestly with the wet shirt. Colton snapped out of his daze and they traded shirts. Colton casually tossed Parker’s soda-soaked shirt onto the floor of the backseat.

Parker pulled the white polo shirt over his head and smoothed it down. He was swimming in it, but damn if it didn’t have that distinctive smell that just screamed Colton. He looked down at the left breast, where the logo of the Timberwolves mascot profile was stitched. Below it was embroidered BUTLER and the number 66. It was the shirt they got after they made regionals last year.

Jed and Trey snickered. “He’s smooth,” Jed muttered to Trey, who nodded in agreement, clearly impressed.

“Are you sure you want me to wear this?” Parker quietly asked Colton, glancing towards Jed and Trey. “It has your name on it.”


Colton held the car door open for Parker and shut it behind him.

* * *

When they got back to school, Colton pinned Parker in the doorway of an empty classroom, hiding him out of sight. He leaned in close, his lips hovering above Parker’s. He wanted to ravish his pup, to feel his cock surrounded by Parker’s body. All he had to do was move forward another couple of inches and Parker would feel his arousal. It took all of his control not to do that. He could wait. Just a little longer.

“Colton,” Parker whispered as he looked around.

“Kiss me, pup,” Colton whispered back.

Parker lifted onto his toes and pressed his lips against Colton’s. He opened his mouth as Colton’s tongue slid into his mouth.

Damn, his pup knew how to kiss. And that meant he’d be good with his mouth in other ways. Colton let out an involuntary groan. Just the thought of his cock sliding into Parker’s mouth was nearly enough to make him come.

The clearing of a throat had Colton reluctantly pulling away. He didn’t have to turn around to know who was behind him. He could smell him. He wanted to growl and snap at the intruder’s interruption. Parker hid behind Colton, wanting to hide and shrink away.

Colton turned around, shielding Parker from Principal Shaw’s probing eyes.

Shaw narrowed his eyes at Colton. “Don’t you have class, Mr. Butler?”

Colton glared back at him. “I do.”

The older, grey-haired man looked around Colton and lifted his brow at Parker. “Mr. Montgomery,” he said with undisguised shock.

That only pissed off Colton more. As if someone as sweet and innocent as Parker wouldn’t be caught dead with the likes of someone like Colton.

“Mr. Shaw,” Parker muttered, not meeting his eyes. Colton could feel the trembles coming off Parker’s body.

Colton moved to block Shaw’s view of Parker. He ground his teeth together as he stared at Shaw. He didn’t like that the man made his pup feel scared, made him feel small. Colton wasn’t scared of the older wolf. Colton was bigger and stronger. He could take him without batting an eye. And Shaw knew it. Colton never moved his eyes away from Shaw’s.

Finally Shaw averted his eyes, gazing down towards the floor. “Get to class.”

Colton scoffed and sneered at the weaker man.

He turned back to Parker and rubbed his knuckles under his pup’s chin. “Wait for me after practice, okay?” he said tenderly, trying to soothe Parker’s nerves.

Parker’s eyes darted to where Shaw was hovering, then looked back at Colton and nodded. “Okay. I’ll see you later then.”


Parker gave Colton a sweet smile, and Colton watched Parker wave and hurry off to class.

He gave Shaw one more glare before casually strolling to his own class.

* * *

After cheer practice and a quick shower, Parker met up with Shell in the parking lot. “Hey. Colton is giving me a ride home.”

“I bet,” she said with a snicker. “You’re already the talk of the school, you know. Holding hands with the campus stud. Walking around wearing his regionals shirt.”

Parker ignored her comments. “You seemed to get pretty cozy with Trey.”

Shell shrugged. “He’s hot and all, but he just wants one thing. And I, sir, am a lady.” She flipped her ponytail and batted her eyelashes.

“Mm-hmm. That’s not what I heard.”

“I told you that in the strictest confidence, so if you bring it up, I get to kill you. And I told you that being the school mascot would get you laid, so you owe me big.”

“I don’t think the mascot has anything to do with that.”

“People are shocked that Colton is gay, you know.”

“Not as shocked as I am. I know people have been talking about it. When I walk into a room, it’s like everyone suddenly stops talking. It’s gonna take some getting used to.”

“Well, I don’t think you have to worry about anyone or anything– Hey, I thought you said Colton broke TJ’s arm.”

“He did.”

Parker turned towards the direction of Shell’s gaze and watched the football team come in from their practice field. He got a nasty glare from both Seth and TJ. TJ, who was holding his helmet with his right arm — the arm that should be in a cast.

Parker looked back at Shell, completely flabbergasted. “I… I swear, Shell. His arm was broken. I heard the snap and I saw the bone sticking out. He was all bloody.”

Colton broke from the team and walked up to Parker. “Hey, pup. Gimme a few minutes to shower.”

Parker got all flustered thinking about Colton in the shower, but was able to recover quickly. “Okay. Colton? I thought TJ…. Never mind.”

Colton nodded and turned and caught back up with the rest of the team. Parker watched him speaking quietly with Jed and Trey, who both turned and looked at Parker. Parker immediately dropped his eyes.

Shell looked at Parker with a raised eyebrow. “Uh, ‘Pup’?”

“Shut up,” Parker muttered, ignoring Shell’s snickers and trying his best not to blush.

* * *

“Thanks for the ride home, Colton,” Parker told the big guy as he pulled into the driveway and shut the engine. “Do you want to come in?”

“Yeah. I can chill for a bit.”

“Cool. Um, maybe you should park your car in front of the house in case Mom or Dad comes home.”

After Colton moved his car, he followed Parker into the house.

“You got a nice place,” Colton said as he looked around.

“Thanks,” he replied with a humble shrug. “My parents do pretty good, so…”

They went into the kitchen and grabbed a couple of water bottles, then moved into the family room.

Colton sat down on the sofa and pulled Parker down with him. He put his arms around him and gave him a blistering kiss. As he pulled back, he nipped Parker’s bottom lip with his teeth.

“I like kissing you,” Parker whispered.

“And I like kissing you.” Colton moved them so that Parker was laying on his back. Colton laid on his side against the back of the couch. He cradled Parker’s head on his right bicep and wrapped his other arm possessively around Parker’s waist.

“We should talk. Get to know each other better.”

“That’s a good idea,” Colton said as he planted soft kisses along Parker’s jaw.

Parker closed his eyes. “It’s hard to concentrate when you do that.”

“Mm. You smell and taste so fucking good.”

“Yeah? What do I taste like?”

“Like mine.”

Colton kissed Parker again, then stared down at him with an intensity like Parker had never seen before. Parker was about to laugh at Colton’s corny ‘mine’ line, but suddenly it didn’t seem to be funny. Heat was pouring off Colton. Parker could feel Colton’s boner pressing against his leg.

“To be a servant of darkness is to embrace the seduction of night, and I tell you true that nothing stirs me so much as the deception of midnight, when things not of this world are given life by way of thoughts, dreams, fears and desires. I have long come to accept that I am shadow and more, vapor and less, and the man that was will struggle always with the monster that now is. I am no more than a beast which craves flesh, a victim to carnal need beyond control that drives me to collect, to examine, to devour and delight.

And so begins a journey that devolves into nightmarish delights, born of lustful cravings that define the true emptiness of light. It is my hope that these journals will aid my benefactor when the time has come for my fractured soul to at last find peace. Long have I served, and the weariness within tells me that soon one will come, and to that miserable fool whose sins darken and pervert, may God have mercy on his soul when he is at last called to serve.

My thoughts wander as my hunger stirs, and for a time I sit her in the darkness, blank pages mocking me as I lose myself to the imagery of blood-lust for a time, feeling the pounding pulse of my heart as it rushes through my veins.

Their whimpers sometimes disturb me, soft mewings that linger down vast passages of chiseled stone long after I’ve left them to themselves for a time. Their tortured thoughts invade, their fractured souls caress, and I shiver at the memory of their taste, anticipation an aphrodisiac that stirs and awakens the very depth of my need. Their fears mean little and everything to me, and I am grateful always that I do not sleep – that I do not suffer the dreams of the damned.

Yet I am not entirely without feeling, and not all who serve do so unwillingly. It is to these few I devote that which I think of as affection, though understand affection is definitive and relative in nature to one’s experiences and desires. But I digress, truly, for this is of little importance to those who do not understand. Simply know that eyes can deceive, and sometimes the spirit recognizes that which the senses cannot. To those who fear me, their prison is complete, and I am compelled by the madness that is me to feed from their fear. But to those who crave and thirst for what I freely offer, all doors are open, all ecstasies seduced from perception where pleasure is pain, and pain itself becomes pleasure in return.”

From the diary of Jean-Paul Tibedeux, Master of Yardly Manor in the year of our Lord 1732


The wind howled and screamed as rain lashed with relentless frustration against the stone mortar of the ancient castle. Waves curled and stood up against the night in the ocean below, exploding against the black rock of the jagged shoreline in an eerily luminous display of water and foam. The castle had stood sentinel here at the end of the world for centuries, it’s master a dutiful servant who lived on the cusp between one world and the next even as the darkness within him continued to evolve.

How long had he served, he wondered, as he sipped slowly at the cup of warmed wine. 200 years now? No, he was certain it had been twice that, at least. He had been thrust into his role unwillingly, albeit brought to this place by his own sins, and had long ago lost all concept of the passage of time. Taken by one who had served the Others before him, he found himself called to be judged, forced along a journey into darkness that would transform him forever. He was brought to a world that was and was not, his flesh devoured in an empowered orgy of feeding and lust that reduced him to little more than a empty shell, his soul surviving the purgatory of sexual depravity and relentless blood-feedings until all that he was had been stripped painfully away layer by maddening layer.

He sighed quietly, dark eyes brooding as they watched the storm control the night. From the bowels of the dungeons below they called out to him, strangled cries within his mind that begged for death. But they would find no comfort from him, having accepted the terms of their contracts freely, and as such had found themselves locked away in hell, their bodies used by heartless creatures of blackness, their blood a potent drug that made them a valuable commodity to the demons he was forced to serve. But what did he care, really? His heart had long ago turned to stone, all that he did compelled now by the seed of those that had violated his very being when they had raped his body and tortured his soul, forcing their heated poison deep. His time would soon be up as his body continued to devolve and transform, making him look less human and more unholy with each passing day.

Eventually his soul would be granted the opportunity to seek rest, a hope that kept the madness from claiming him completely. But until then he was little better than the masters he served, and even now as his flesh began to hunger he cupped his swelling need without remorse and rose slowly to go below in search of relief.

“Visitors approach, my Lord.” Her voice was as soft as a sigh and he felt an uncommon smile play upon his lips. She was his guide, a spectral of vapor and mist that had served him with a macabre display of loyalty since the day he’d assumed his role here at Yardley Manor. He found an odd comfort in the quiet, unemotional tone of her voice, a husky blend of evenly spaced words that came out sensual and arousing, yet still little more than the chilling fingertips of an impersonal seduction.

“I have felt their passing,” he admitted. “In truth, I had hoped they would turn back. My holds are over-filled, dear Nexia, and I’m loathe always to send souls over to answer for the lives led that have brought them here.”

“Ours is not a function of choice, My Lord. We do that which is tasked to us and no more. Those who come do not come because they have followed the path of light. It is the darkness within that brings them here to answer for their crimes.”

“Did not darkness also bring me to this place?” he asked, his voice laced with bitterness.

“It did, my Lord. But you survived your penance and have been given a chance to atone. In time your service will be up and your soul will be allowed to rest. Others will have their chance as well to find redemption in the purging.”

“How many come?” he asked quietly, allowing his thoughts to once again become his own.

“Three, my Lord. A man and two women. They’ve become lost in the storm.”

He felt an uncommon glimmer of hope — perhaps this night it was the innocent who had stumbled upon hell and he would not be tasked with the vileness of his compelling seductions. Though would it matter, he wondered, when the warm smell of blood teased his senses and the heat of human flesh tantalized and aroused.

“I’ll be below for a time, Nexia. Better that I greet our guests after dinner, I think.” His massive shaft continued to swell and ache as his incisors began to lengthen. He felt those below recoil in his mind, growing suddenly quiet in the hopes that his need would not turn to them.

“As you wish, my Lord. I will see to it that they are welcomed with all hospitality and given rooms for the night.”

He nodded, watching as the shimmering glow of droplets came together to form the shape of a woman, with flowing curves and silken hair, before dispersing and rushing out into the night.


There was madness here in her world, and she laughed aloud against the thickness of the nothingness that enveloped her. The sound of it was harsh and high pitched, bouncing off the marble walls and returning to her, causing her to tremble in fear of herself and what she had become.

They would be here soon. She could tell it was time by the ache that had begun to grow within the pit of her stomach, an ache that some part of her remembered as hunger. She had no idea how many days had passed this time, for days here passed differently, if one could call them days at all given the lack of any true sunlight. Some were long, some short, all defined by the Creator of this place, and subject to his own whims and moods.

As if on cue, she felt a rush of chilled air wrap around her, lifting her hair back from her face in a gesture that made mockery of a lover’s touch with its flat imitation. She turned her face away, whimpering as phantom caresses danced against her face and along her chin.

“Long has it been, Gherinda, since your spirit has called to us. Too long, perhaps, for your vessel has need of attention.”

The voice was low and gravelly, unpleasant as it rasped against her ears and echoed within her head. Icy fingers slid along the column of her neck to encircle her throat in a clammy caress, causing her heart to race and her flesh to recoil. As the unpleasant sound of it echo’d within her mind, more fingers began to skim along her flesh and she felt her eyes begin to grow heavy. Spoken words melted into a rushed hiss of sound as the entity began to slowly chant, and she tried desperately to resist.

But the spell was too powerful and the darkness came for her with relentless need. She breathed deep and then gasped out a final cry of angst before she gave in, hoping against hope that this time the emptiness of the deep sleep would keep the horrors of the nightmare that awaited her at bay.


He watched with detached need as she came to him, her once bright eyes clouded and confused. They could never remember how they came to arrive here in his chambers, and always he was struck with the look of renewed despair that would play across their features. Her movements were sluggish but sensual, the look of honey as it drizzled slowly along the edge of a honeycomb, and he called her to him without making a sound. She whimpered, and he felt her fear as it struggled beneath the haze of the spell that had been cast upon her, the taste of it an aphrodisiac that only emboldened his need. She was his puppet, he was her master, and even as he took pleasure from her this night, she would find greater pleasure in her fear and release in her pain as it pushed her closer towards redemption.

“Do not cry, Gherinda,” he soothed, his voice deceptively low and calm. He could see now how she trembled as she dropped to her hands and knees and began to crawl slowly towards him. Her skin was pale and unblemished, her hair — once ebony and dark as midnight — was now interspersed with startling streaks of white that shimmered and paled against the smoothness of her skin.

“Please me as you have in the past, and you will find no malice here,” he whispered when she had finally reached the throne where he sat in the center of the room. It was a massive chair of polished ivory and leather that sat on top of a large, round dias surrounded by a layering of 7 large steps. She had climbed those steps with a maddening pace of arousing, graceful movements, and now came to kneel between his legs, a single tear sliding from the corner of her eye as her soft, pink tongue darted out to moisten lips already growing eager to know the taste of him, even as her mind recoiled from the taint of his soul.

“So beautiful,” he breathed as he placed his hand beneath her chin and tilted her head up to meet his black, depthless eyes.

Outside thunder bellowed and lightening sizzled and snaked across the night sky.

“I have a very special task for you this evening,” he said, indulging in a perverse smile that caused her to whine. Throwing back his robe, he reached down to slowly stroke his throbbing shaft, the size of it monstrous and disproportionate as it bulged and oozed, more animal than human. He groaned as he squeezed a small drop of fluid from the split of the massive purple head, gliding the tip of it along the smoothness of her lips before grabbing her head and sliding her mouth slowly down over the shaft. He was far too large to fit entirely in her mouth but he pushed and shoved none the less until she gagged, stroking the smoothness of her throat and encouraging her to relax the muscles further until he was so far in she was certain he had filled her throat completely. He moaned with pleasure as her tongue and lips began to move and suckle, tiny, feather-like strokes restricted by the fullness of him nestled within.

“Your skills improve,” he encouraged, his hand now fisted painfully within her hair in direct contrast to the gentleness of his tone. And then she felt the clamminess of another against her, and she began to struggle.

“Do not be a fool!” he hissed, reaching down to pinch and twist cruelly at her nipple. The act was painful and distracting, and much to her dismay she felt herself grow immediately hot and wet between her legs.

“You will allow Candor his pleasure,” he said coldly, and she knew immediately of whom he spoke. Candor was a vile creature, part man, part beast, who served as over-seer in the dungeons below. He was cruel and perverse, and delighted in torturing them with all manner of instruments whenever he had earned his Lord’s favor. But never had any been forced to couple with the monstrosity!!!

The thought renewed her sense of panic even as her Master’s shaft filled her throat and she struggled again as her sense of self-preservation was renewed for a time, making the creature behind her gurgle and laugh before sliding his knotted shaft between the slickened crease of her smooth, rounded globes. The reprimand was quick when Master again pinched her nipple until the pain drove her back into submission, firm fingers twisting the tiny bud until the tip grew swollen and purple.

“Do not push me, Candor,” he said then, his voice low and dangerous. “I reward you as I have rewarded no other for the task you’ve performed, but do not tempt my good will by prolonging this act. Finish your deed before I have stopped feeding or your soul will be forfeit when the beast’s jealousy is aroused.”

He reached down to wrap large fingers firmly around the slender smoothness of one of her arms. With uncommon gentleness he slowly brought her wrist to his lips with one hand as he continued to hold her head with the other, beginning to carefully fuck the moist heat of her mouth with restrained need. With a groan of anticipation he turned her wrist and inhaled the delicate scent of her as his nose traced along the pulsing vein, enjoying the headiness of her before he slowly sank the pointed tips of his incisors into the yielding softness of her skin. He felt her tense as he pierced her, then she relaxed as he began to draw from her vein. He fed with languid, sensual strokes of his tongue as his lips sucked and coaxed the liquid into his hungry mouth, the sensation of his movements traveling to the sheathed nub of her center and causing her to gasp with unexpected pleasure.

But then there was a muffled snarl behind her and Condor rose up to fold over her, grabbing her hips and pulling her against him as he plunged his mottled shaft deep within her slickened folds. Had her mouth not been full she would have cried out from the violation, feeling her walls shudder and resist as the knotted, disfigured penis plunged in and out, scraping, tearing, swelling and oozing as he rode her like the vile animal that he was.

Even as one part of her shivered and gasped from the delicious feel of the Master as he suckled at her wrist and filled her mouth with his hardness, the other recoiled and shuddered in revulsion as that monstrosity fucked her from behind with deviant thrusts of greed and lust. His hips bucked and his shaft swelled, and all the while her master fed, teasing her clit without even touching the sensitive tip so that she knew — much to her horror — that she was going to climax even as this creature from behind filled her with his blistering seed. Faster and harder Condor pumped and plunged, and she felt him swell even more, bulging painfully inside of her, pulsing and throbbing as he approached his climax.

And then the master himself shuddered and drew away from her wrist. He looked over her shoulder and she saw the look of hunger there, torn between jealously and lust, watching greedily as the man-beast rode his whore, the unholy monster’s swollen sack slapping with a loud, wet rhythm against her trembling thighs. With a low, rumbling growl the Master pushed himself into her face completely and she began to gag as he exploded and his fluid poured down her throat, pulsing jets of heated cream that strangled her as he held her head to him with both hands now, forcing her to drink deep. As she gulped greedily at the bitter fluid, her body began to overheat as if flames licked all along her skin, and then with a strangled gasp of her own she climaxed, a consuming blend of pleasure and pain. She tightened around Condor who had moments earlier emptied himself into her and now tried desperately to pull free of her convulsing walls, even as the Master’s eyes turned suddenly red and accusing.

“Why do I find you still here, Condor?” he said, his voice different now, more a snarling growl than human sound. He stared unflinching at the minion, and she began to tremble with fear as she felt the pulse of his displeasure began to swell and consume. Her master was two halves of one beast, and true to his word, the beast now confronted Condor, sated and angry to find his puppet being violated by another.

“My Lord,” Condor wheezed as he finally slid free from her to stumble backwards. She did not move, did not make a sound, though she could not help but smile as she heard the foul creature began to snivel pathetically behind her. She hoped the fuck was worth it.

“Did I not warn you?” he asked Condor quietly.

“My Lord, I mean no disrespect. I have served you for many centuries with all manner of loyalty!” His words slithered and ran together, reptilian in nature as panic began to take hold.


There was a rush of wind, the smell of it noxious and foul, and then she heard Condor scream out from behind her before the sounds became muffled beneath a screeching, writhing mass of vines.

The Hedge Beast!

“Take him back to the dungeons where he belongs and feast for a span of 2 days. No more and no less.”

She could hear Condor’s weakened pleas, but the sound faded to nothingness as the Hedge Beast carried him off to the dungeons below – a vile creature of invasive vines and piercing spines that would violate and feed with painful demand. Even better – this the beast would do from within the grand chamber that sat at the bottom of the surrounding cells where they were kept – the ‘grooming’ chamber as Condor lovingly referred to it, a hideous place of pleasured pain where he strapped the helpless to all manner of devices therein to be tortured and probed to the Master’s delight. It was rare that Condor himself was on the receiving end of discipline, but when he was, at least the Master was gracious and allowed them all to watch, and she smiled in anticipation.

But of course then, she began to cry.

Odd what one would come to call gracious, she thought with a rare moment of lucidity, when one lived in hell.


“We’re lost,” Crissy said flatly as she fired up another joint. “I told you we should have waited until tomorrow.”

“Will you just shut the fuck up you stupid bitch!” Chase snapped, fighting back the urge to reach across the seat and choke the living shit out of the nagging cunt. She looked at him without speaking, without flinching, and simply drew deep on the hand-rolled joint, pulling the smoke easily into her lungs and then blowing it slowly out and into his face with a look that said ‘piss-off’.

From the back seat, Savannah’s head bounced painfully against the headrest as she struggled against another wave of nausea. She still couldn’t remember how she had gotten here, certainly she didn’t remember meeting these two, and their fighting was making her head ache even more. She had a hazy memory of being on Holiday somewhere — Ireland, maybe? But after that, everything grew fuzzy and disjointed. There were vague images of a sparse hotel room, and she remembered stopping at a local pub for dinner. The next thing she knew, she was waking up in the backseat of a cramped compact car, bouncing around fog-enshrouded moors as a monstrous storm consumed the night and threatened to sweep them all off the road. To make matters worse, those few moments when she was actually coherent, she was forced to listen to the two of them in the front seat fighting and arguing about their destination, wherever that happened to be.

Chase stared with growing unease at the narrow causeway that stretched out across the churning waters of the small bay. Lined on either side by a sloping buffer of massive rocks and broken stones, it connected the moors to the castle and appeared to be the only way in or out. The castle itself was a marvel of masonry, a part of the earth that clung to the cliff’s where it had clearly been chiseled and birthed from the massive slabs of slate and gray. It jutted out high above the ocean below, and as the thick fog swirled and dispersed he could see the grand waterfall that spilled out just below the castle itself, as if the belly of the beast had lowered its fly to piss on the world.

A whisper of dreadful premonition teased at the corners of his mind.

Turn back, it whispered, run while you can.

“Maybe this isn’t such a good idea,” Crissy said quietly, echoing his thoughts


“Yeah, maybe you’re right for once,” he muttered in agreement.

In the penetrating darkness outside, a shrill, inhuman scream pierced the night and Crissy cried out in response.

“For God’s sake, get us out of here!” she said as she felt tears threatening. She had never felt so afraid in her life, suddenly aware of the crippling blackness that seemed to reach out for them from the unearthly architecture that continued to rise up out of the earth like some great, angry God.

Another screeching cry ripped through the madness of the storm, closer this time, louder.


“Chase…” she urged as he struggled with the gear shift, her eyes struggling to see through the sheets of rain that poured down from the sky.

“Shut up!” he yelled back, sweat beading along his upper lip as he swore and tried again to put the car in gear.

And then it was upon them, whatever it was, crashing into the car with a solid hit that made Crissy scream and immediately scramble for the floorboard.

Another unholy shrill raged from outside and the car was struck again, this time lifting off its side and tipping dangerously before the car righted itself again. Without waiting for another attack, Chase gave up on finding reverse and slammed the gear into first. The car groaned and then responded as it shot out across the causeway, and Chase gripped the steering wheel until his knuckles turned white, all the while his heart racing, body shaking as he tried to shut out the muted sound of Crissy’s ‘oh shit oh shit oh shit!’ from the floorboard where she cowered.

The car’s wheels slipped and skidded along the slickened asphalt, several times coming dangerously close to the edge before he managed to get the vehicle under control once more. His nuts began to shrivel and he was sure he’d heard his asshole whistle out a protesting pucker when he struggled not to literally shit himself as fear threatened to momentarily cripple him. But then he noticed the monstrous cries starting to grow faint and lonely in the night as he put distance between them and the mainland, and he muttered a quiet thank you to no one in particular when he realized that whatever the hell that had been, it had chosen NOT to follow them across the causeway and towards that God Damned castle that now stared at him in triumph.

Of course, fuck it all, but he couldn’t decide if that was a good thing, or a bad thing.

“Hey, you can get up now. Whatever that was, it’s gone.”

Crissy looked up at him, her thin, stringy hair damp and clinging to her skin from where she had been crying. Her face now look pinched and blotched as she swiped at her eyes with the back of her hand, and he realized for the first time just how unattractive she really was. With shaking legs she eased up into the seat, then slowly turned to look over her shoulder at the road as it slowly stretched out behind them.

“What do you think it was?” she asked, her voice small.

Chase shrugged, working to shake off his nerves as he laughed, but the sound of it came out high-pitched and squeaky.

“Maybe it was Nessie’s cousin,” he joked with a sneer, and she gave a half-hearted chuckle.

“Fog’s rollin’ in,” she muttered quietly after a moment, her voice growing tight once more.

She watched wide eyed as thick, pulsing drops of moisture coalesced to form writhing fingers that appeared knotted and misshapen, and she felt her heart begin to race with fear once more. They crept slowly up over the road, lengthening tendrils that urged them forward as they licked along the underbelly of the car to cling like a jilted lover. Coming closer to the massive cliffs of what they could now see was an isolated island, thickly-canopied trees began to rise up out of the earth and line the road where the causeway ended and solid land took hold once more. They were ancient and massive, their great branches intertwined within one another as they reached across the paved roadway to connect, forming a tunnel of sorts that did little to keep the rain from it’s continued assault against the thin roof of the car. She could feel the gradual incline of the road as they left the causeway completely, though the thick trunks and massive foliage did an excellent job of making it impossible to see just how the road wound and twisted up towards their waiting host.

From the backseat Savannah moaned once more, blissfully ignorant to the world around her for a time as she only teased with awareness before lapsing back into a fitful sleep. Crissy frowned down at her then turned back around to stare out ahead of them once more.

“She looks really bad, Chase. I think she’s running a fever.”

“You always worry too much Crissy.” He was now hunched over the steering wheel, creeping along as the towering foliage continued to close in around them, making him feel as if they were being swallowed whole by some great, massive beast.

“Seriously, look at her — she can’t stop shivering and –”

“Shut up, you dumb cunt!” he screamed at her in frustration, and she clamped her mouth closed tight. She knew what he was capable of and — despite her obvious inability to stop poking the bear — she really did not cherish the idea of having the shit beat out of her again tonight.

She folded her arms over her flat chest and focused her attention outside instead, watching the macabre dance of limbs and branches as the storm tried desperately to separate the trees from the earth. But their roots ran deep, and the massive trunks simply turned defiantly into the lashing wind and stinging pellets of sea and ice, standing tirelessly strong as they encircled the outer perimeter of the Castle and it’s grounds. Another lick of lightening against the sky and they came abruptly upon a tall, wrought iron gate, it’s pointed spikes reaching up towards the night to reach elusively for the stars.

A massive crest rested securely within the center of the gate and each of them studied it in turn, unsure what to think. It was the body of a winged beast, clearly male as evidenced by the erect member that jutted out before it like a massive weapon. Muscles appeared to ripple along the painted surface of its skin, given life by the flashes of lightening that played with shadow and color. On its shoulders was a mortal head, the man’s features indistinct but with eyes glowing red as they peered out of an ill-defined face. It was hauntingly sensual, foreboding and dark, and they both studied it transfixed, amazed at the way the creature seemed so real. So alive.

Was that what had come for them, Chase wondered, then smirked at the absurdity of such a thought.

“What is this place?” Crissy whispered, her voice raspy and dry. As if in response to her question, the gate began to moan and grind before slowly swinging inward on massive hinges. “Ok, on a scale of 1 to 10, I give this place a creep-out factor of about 96,” she said, a slight shrill to her voice. “Let’s just get the hell out of here.”

“And go where?” Chase snapped, eyes wide as he stared at the yawning space before them. He could feel the pull of this place as well, something hidden and unknown that called to him like a siren’s song to make his head feel thick and his body grow tight and hard with need. “If you want to go back out there with whatever the hell that fucking thing was, well you go right ahead. Me, I’m going to see about a nice dry bed to wait out this storm.”

They stared at each other for a minute, eyes locked in a silent battle of wills, and when she remained in the car he snorted with contempt and began to slowly ease through the open gates and into the darkness beyond.


Crissy hummed softly to herself as the tub continued to fill with hot water, resting her head along the curved lip of the smooth edge and allowing the joint she’d just smoked to help ease the remaining tension from her overly tight muscles.

Talk about a head fuck, she thought again. When they’d come through the main gates, it had been like driving into another world, ethereal and unstable as if the whole place might dissipate and fade with the slightest gust of reality. But then the castle was there, imposing and massive, its stone walls towering high overhead, its turrets disappearing into the clouds above. On closer inspection, It looked both old and new to her, and she was struck with the thought that it was meant to be quaintly ancient in a new sort of way. Surreal, she mused, as if they had stumbled onto some 1940′s, Bella Lugosi movie set.

Thank God, she had thought at the time, when they had finally come to the front of the castle and discovered a large, covered drive that took them directly to the front door and blissfully away from the torrential downpour or rain. Well, front doors, she mentally corrected, two massive oak doors that had opened with a disturbing quietness as Chase had killed the engine. And then she had been there — Elvyra, Crissy had joked with Chase in an attempt to ease both their nerves. Though in truth, while she had appeared ghostly and undead, she had also been hauntingly beautiful and Crissy had felt an odd pull inside of her at the sound of the woman’s voice.

“Welcome to Yardly Manor,” she had said with a slight bow as she ushered them inside. “I am Nexia. Please come out of the storm. It is a miracle you did not lose yourselves coming across the causeway on such a night.” Her voice was placid and serene, and Crissy had been immediately captivated by the hypnotic quality of her words. She and Chase had come eagerly inside, dragging Savannah between them like a drunken companion.

“Does your friend require medical attention?” Nexia asked, frowning in concern.

“No, she’s fine. Just tied one on is all,” Chase quipped with a smile, his lie making him shift his weight nervously.

“Very well,” Nexia said after a long pause. “Please, follow me.”

Crissy had not been overly impressed as she and Chase had followed along; in truth, all around had carried with it that same, odd, flat feeling of nothingness. The entryway had been massive, with a floor of polished black marble and walls paneled in rich, dark wood, yet their voices made no echo within the cavernous front parlor. Several tapestries hung about, heavy fabrics with intricate scenes of foxhunts and rolling vineyards, and in the midst of it all a grand staircase that led up several feet before wrapping around the curved column of one grand corner turret and disappearing completely. It was as if every King Arthur movie she’d watched as a kid had allowed their castles to blend and meld together into one complete masterpiece that was so authentic it left no doubt that it wasn’t.

Still, the very realness of it was unsettling and she had been forced to wonder if — again — perhaps the storm and the beast might not have been the safer choice.

She had not had any time at all to mull this truth over before the entryway had erupted into a flurry of activity. As if from nowhere, 6 dwarves had appeared. No, dwarves had not been right, she thought — more like — small humans. Everything, from the top of their heads to the tips of their toes, had been in perfect proportion. None of them had stood over 3 feet tall, she was sure, and yet each had appeared as normal men and woman, perfectly scaled down models of full grown adults. They had quickly and efficiently separated them all — two females coming to wrapped almost solicitously around Chase and begin moving him off down the hallway amid his half-hearted protests (always the horny little fucker, she’d thought at the time) and two males to do the same in turn to her. Two others, male or female she had not been sure, had taken Savannah from them and disappeared with their bizarre hostesses, again leaving Crissy with a cold sense of foreboding as she was tugged towards the massive stairway and up into the waiting rooms above.

The men had been in turn gentle and yet oddly anxious as they had chatted softly along the way. One walked before her with a lighted torch and one behind, and she could feel his eyes upon her in a way that made her feel exposed and uncertain. They were each handsome men despite their smallish size, with smooth, bronzed skin, hairless except for the sleek, black hair that fell in tapered layers along their face and shoulders before coming to meet in a small knot at their neck. From there it trailed down their backs in a silken, braided rope of remaining strands that teased and swayed along the powerful curve of their waists, accentuating powerful muscles that seemed to ripple and swell with the building power of the storm outside.

They wore only simple leather loincloths of richly tanned suede and leather, and she found this both odd and arousing, a look that for her was reminiscent of Conan’s wardrobe, complete with soft leather boots that covered their feet and wound smooth and tight up around strong, powerful calves. Watching the one walk before her and captivated by the intensely handsome beauty of him from behind, she was struck with the irony of how he must feel the same raw attraction from her that she felt wash around her from his friend behind.

“Is this some sort of hotel?” Crissy asked, feeling the need to fill the quietness around her with sound if only to break her somewhat hypnotic trance as she allowed them to lead her God only knew where.

The one in front turned back to smile at her, piercing blue eyes dancing with hidden secrets as full, sensual lips curved into a teasing smile.

“I suppose you could call it such,” he said after a moment. His voice was rich and deep, a honeyed baritone of erotic sounds that made her stomach clench and her center grow wet. He held her eyes a moment longer then turned and resumed his climb once more.

“Well, you must serve a very odd clientele to attract them to the edge of nowhere like this,” she quipped. He only shrugged, and she was hit with the compelling need to run her fingers along the masculine curve of his shoulder. What the hell?? she chided herself, shaking her head as if to free it from the clutches of some unknown narcotic.

“Odd is a relative term, don’t you think?” the one questioned from behind, his voice equally smooth and enticing.

“I suppose,” she echoed uncertainly.

They paused for a moment and she realized they had come to another massive oak door, this one standing well over 6 feet tall itself. At the top was a crescent shaped opening covered with metal bars and she was struck with how it looked more like a prison cell door than a bedroom door. She was about to protest when the door was pushed in and she was ushered into a room that was anything BUT the dark, dank dirtiness of what she had been certain was about to become her prison. The floors were covered by a deep, plush carpet of the most sinfully rich, red color she’d ever seen, and all about was handsomely upholstered furniture that boasted golden inlays of intricate patterns within massive mahogany frames, all covered with thick, plush cushions. Cleary this was the sitting room, the furniture lazily arranged around a massive stone hearth where a fire currently blazed and licked against the centuries-old polished stone, and lending warmth and comfort to the room.

“Just beyond is the bedroom and a private bath,” said number one, as she’d come to think of him since they’d offered no names. He turned to nod at number two, who immediately disappeared into the bedroom doorway beyond. “A hot bath will be drawn, and you’ll find clean towels and linens. We’ll return shortly with warmed wine and cheese to ease your hunger until dinner is served, along with dry clothes for you to wear while your things are washed and dried.” These were more orders than offers of hospitality even though spoken in gentle tones that bordered on seduction, but she was too tired to care, and nodded gratefully.

“Thank you,” she said, and he bowed slightly once more before number two joined him and they both left quietly through the large door, closing it firmly behind them. After waiting several moments she went to try the door, certain she’d find herself locked within, but it opened easily albeit heavy because of its size, and again queerly quiet, making no sound of protest when its massive hinges turned. With a nervous laugh she had closed the door, and without another thought went straight for the bathroom, barely pausing to appreciate the bedroom and its equally opulent furnishings before peeling away her clothes and sliding into the large, oddly modern spa tub.

By the time she reached forward to turn off the water, the deep tub was completely full and the room filled with steam. She laid back and allowed her body to float gently, feeling her small breasts bob and push her tiny nipples above the surface of the water. What a magnificent place, she mused, a hideaway for the rich that she and Chase had stumbled upon, and she giggled at the thought of having at least one night out of her miserable life where she would at last get a taste of the lifestyle she had always felt she deserved.

She wasn’t certain how long she’d soaked like that, and she was startled to find herself coming awake when she hadn’t realized she’d fallen asleep. But something here was different, and it took her a moment to realize that this was the same bath and yet it wasn’t, as if the edges of substance were wavering slightly to give a watercolor quality to everything around her. Dreamlike, she thought, and as the quiet sounds of lyrical music began to entice from the bedroom she actually smiled, certain now this had to be a dream.

And then they were both there, her escorts from earlier, and she was struck with how odd it was to find that she felt no shame as she allowed them to help her from the tub and then wrap thick, warmed towels around her. She felt herself begin to shiver as they started to slowly pat her dry, smoothing the velvety softness of the towels along her skin with maddening slowness as they worked. Neither of them spoke, but their hands worked in unison as they stroked and then began to probe her more private areas, easing her legs apart and again patting her dry as if doing this were the most natural thing in the world and she should feel no need to turn away.

She felt number two press against her for a moment from behind, and then she was urged back towards the bedroom once more.

“May we touch you?” Number one asked, and even though she knew she should say no, how could she, when she could feel the heat of their eyes upon her and know the fullness of their desire. No man — certainly not Chase — had ever looked at her in that way and she could no more refuse them than she could stop breathing.

“Yes,” she whispered, and in a rush they were upon her so that she cried out with shock as they carried her quickly towards the bed.

She fell back into the softness and immediately succumbed to hungry, seeking lips that began to nibble and suck along her neck and shoulders. She gasped aloud when two sets of mouths moved over her small, rounded mounds to seek out their own puckered nipple, teeth scraping and lips tugging as each of the men suckled, squeezed and moaned against her skin. Her eyelids grew heavy and drooped over her eyes of their own accord, and she could do little more than lie back and allow these two oddly smallish men to lick, nibble, suck and tease to their hearts contents. Their hands felt peculiar in their size as they caressed and aroused with strength and confidence. Between her legs they sought and probed, gently spreading her swollen folds and sliding what felt like a symphony of fingers within, stroking and filling, meeting and working together to massage her g-spot and stroke her eager clit.

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