The following story is a continuation of “Disabled, but Still Able” series previously published here.

A mother and her paralyzed son reunite several years after their first torrid love affair. Only this time his young friend is with them.


Brian broke his neck and became paralyzed in 1986. After his rehab and a brief stay back at home, he quickly grew accustomed to life in a wheelchair. He was introduced to his new sex life by his personal care attendant. Strangely enough, he was further educated around the same time by his mother. In fact, the three of them together explored new sexual possibilities his last few days at home before returning back to college.

During that time, the three of them experienced many new sexual encounters. However, Brian returned back to school late the following summer. For that reason, it was definitely a torrid love affair; but brief. Brian spent the next three years completing his degree. He graduated and started to work back in his hometown. After two years, he realized he wanted to return back to campus and get his MBA. So, in 1992 he did just that. It was at that time that his very special relationship with his mother would resume. It had been six years since the two of them last were together. Now they would go further than ever before.

When Brian got back to campus, he found a very small one bedroom wheelchair accessible apartment. It was in a quiet part of town where he could still easily roll his electric wheelchair to class, but in most cases he drove his van.

It was great to be back on campus. Granted, it still was stressful. He was now full time student in a full time masters degree program. Nevertheless, it still seemed to him that the stress level was much less than it was when he was working.

The apartment building he lived in was simply four units. There were two one bedroom apartments downstairs, and two more directly above them. Brian had become best friends with the student directly next door. Although Mike was an undergraduate, he was the same age as Brian. After high school, Mike ended up in the Marines. He also served in the first Desert Storm. Now, he was out of the service and wanted to get his degree.

Mike was a sharp, well rounded individual. He was also very sarcastic and he and Brian got along almost immediately. When the two of them were not studying, one of them was at the other’s house having a beer. Many of the weekend nights they were at the bars trying to pick up women. Many times, they were lucky enough to bring them home.

Brian’s mom had a very different five years since their “encounters” in 1987. About two years after Brian went back to school, Pam ended up separating from her husband. Brian did not officially take sides, however he did support his mother and understood exactly why she was doing so. Frankly, even his father understood why. Brian’s parents did not get along very well for many years and it was about time that they ended up separating.

Brian’s mother was with his brother and sister most of the time. She raised them almost as a single mom throughout high school. After his little brother finished high school, Pam was able to breathe a little sigh of relief. Her daughter, Brian’s sister, was at a school out of state. Her youngest son was at a junior college. He was still living at home, but he was very independent and was gone most of the time between work and school.

It was early fall of 1992 and Brian recommended that his mother get away and come visit him down on campus. At first, he suggested she come down for a football weekend and go to the game. She had done that in the past with his father but not really interested. The campus would be crowded, and she thought it would be better if she came down when there were not so many people there. She suggested that by doing so, it would be easier for her and Brian to get reacquainted. Little did either of them know how re acquainted they would get.

“So, is she still coming this weekend?” Mike asked Brian.

“Yes,” Brian replied after sipping his beer. “She’ll get here about five tomorrow.”

“I’m anxious to meet her.” He told Brian.

Mike truly was. He had heard a lot about her through his conversations with his new friend Brian. Of course, he did not hear the whole story. Brian did not want to tell his buddy that he and his mother had sex numerous times during a wild two-week period several years ago.

Since their wild weekend six years ago, Brian only saw his mother occasional holiday weekends and for about a week or so over Christmas. Even during that time he usually did not last all week. He had grown up, and had a life of his own. Even through his parents divorced, he talked to his mother on the phone quite a bit but the long distance between them did not allow them to see each other very often.

So the relationship with his mother that he characterized for Mike was typical of any other twenty-five-year-old man. Mike did not need to know that after Brian broke his neck, he was reintroduced to sex by his pregnant personal care attendant as well as his mother. The three of them experimented as much as they possibly could sexually. It had been a wild time.

Now, nothing like that has occurred in the last five years. Nevertheless, Brian did spend many times fantasizing about it once again. On numerous occasions, it was the image of his mother in his head as he masturbated his seven inch cock to orgasm.

Even over the last five years, his mother continued to look great. Pam was now forty-seven years old; but she seriously looked like she was about thirty-five. She was not very tall, nor was her chest very big. That attribute many times in the past seemed to be a detriment in her mind. Now however, she was reaping the rewards because the extra pounds that plagued many other women did not seem to find their way to the rest of Pam’s body. She still had her, slender figure from her younger years. Brian thought overall her face had also maintained a very youthful look. And she still colored her hair to avoid the miscellaneous gray hairs that obviously had become present.

Overall, he was excited for this weekend because it was going to be the first time that the two of them could actually spend some time alone. He could find out how she really is doing. He promised her that she could get away from all her troubles and stress and simply come down and party on campus with him and his friend. In all actuality, that was why he had returned to school during this time.

Chapter 2

Pam had been on the road for nearly four hours. It was now four o’clock, and it looked like she was pretty much on time to arrive at 5 PM. She took the day off and had gotten a few things done in the morning before she had to leave. She packed for three days and was really looking forward to this time to simply relax. She was going to forget about work and all the other stress of the recent years.

She and Brian had grown very close ever since they were physically together five years ago. Although they were not able to be together very often, their relationship was still very solid. There were many long conversations on the phone, especially throughout the divorce. Actually, there were numerous times throughout these past years that Pam sat in the bathtub or laid in bed and masturbated while still thinking about her son. She could not avoid it. That time five years ago had still been the most sexually arousing and amazing experience of her life.

Now that she did not have a man with her all the time, she had to satisfy urges somehow. She did not want to be with strangers all the time, so she found that sexually pleasing herself was just fine. She tried not to think about Brian, and many times there were other men on her mind as she played with her pussy. But more often than not, as her orgasms overtook her body, it was her son that was completely on her mind.

Nevertheless, in terms of their relationship, it had become as normal as can be. She appreciated the way he stood behind her throughout the divorce and he was very strong support for her. Even though she was unable to physically cry on his shoulder many times, the tears came through the phone as he willingly listened. Ironically, for a long time over the last few years it seemed like she was in more need of support from her life given the divorce then he needed from his disability. He took his accident and disability in stride. Now she was going to join him for the weekend and they both are going to have some fun. Anyway, she was hoping that perhaps there might be more fun than they had had in a long time.

Pam pulled her car in the parking lot. There was only one building there and it was about the size of a four unit building. So she figured she was in the right place. She turned off the engine and checked her hair and face in the rearview mirror. She looked a little tired, but overall she was pleased with what she saw. Not just for that day, but overall she was very proud of the way she looked for her age.

She got out of the car, unwrinkled her skirt down below her knees and stood up straight while raising her arms to stretch. Other than one-stop to fill the tank, she had sat in the car the whole 5 hour drive. She closed the door behind her and walked towards the side of the building. As she rounded the corner she saw apartment 101. She followed with two quick knocks.

“Come in!” She heard her son holler. She knew that would be the case, it would be much easier than him coming to the door in his wheelchair.

She opened the door and could immediately see most of the one-bedroom apartment. It was decorated nicely, much better than your average campus apartment. This would be obvious considering he had already spent two years as a professional. There in the family room in front of the TV was her son.

She had not seen him since the previous Christmas. He had not lost or gained any weight. He was still thin with just a slight belly. She realized that he could not exercise and so that would be obvious. In fact, she was surprised he had not gained any weight. He still looked young. He also was still very attractive. His light brown hair was thinning but yet not enough to make him look “old”. In fact, he could easily pass as any college student despite the fact he was about five years older than most.

There was a big smile on his face as he first saw his mother. “Hi,” he said gently. He wheeled his chair towards his mother.

“Hi, sweetie,” She replied as she walked towards him.

“How was the trip?” He asked as they finally reached each other and began their embrace.

“A little long, but not too bad,” Pam replied. She was not focusing on her words, instead she was enjoying the touch of her son’s arms around her neck as she stood next to him and he pulled her close.

“I’m so glad you’re here.” Brian reassured her as she now put her arms around him and pulled him even closer. They had not hugged like this in a while. She felt so safe already in his arms. Furthermore, his words were also reassuring, “I really missed you.” He continued to say.

“Me too honey, me too” she replied.

She wanted to continue to hold him longer; but it was just about the point where they should separate before it seemed perhaps uneasy.

“So, what type of fun do we have planned?” She lightened the mood and genuinely asked in an excited tone.

“Nothing fancy, Brian told her, “just pizza and then we’ll go out drinking at a few of the bars. My buddy Mike is going to join us, remember?”

Pam remembered that they had discussed this before. In many ways she was looking forward to time alone with her son; but she knew they would get that at some point. She also was looking forward to having fun, and going out with two young guys to bar hop throughout the campus sounded like fun. Ultimately, it would be more than just fun.

“Okay,” let me get my bag and freshen up a bit and we can be out of here in about a half-hour or so.

“No hurry mom. Take your time.” Brian reassured her.

Yet Pam was excited to get the activities started, whatever they may be.

Chapter 3

“I say we go to O’Malley’s.” Mike suggested as he paid for the pizza.

“Sounds good to me. Looks like I’ve got the first couple rounds since you got the pizza” Brian replied

“Where is O’Malley’s? Pam asked

Both guys were about to reply, but Mike beat Brian to the punch,” it’s only a couple blocks from here.”

As Pam looked at Mike she realized how cute he was. Like her son, he was half her age. Nevertheless, it did not stop her from being attracted to him. He had a young, baby face type look. It made him look younger than he already was. That seemed to make her even more attracted to him. His blue eyes and light brown hair along with his almost continual smile really put her at ease.

“Let’s go, ’cause I’m ready for another beer.” Pam told them.

That certainly was the truth too. She had already had one and a half beers while eating pizza and she was starting to feel a little bit buzzed. You knew if she simply drank steadily throughout the night she could keep this feeling going for a long time. Based on her experience if she paced herself right she would feel good throughout the night. She also tended to find herself very horny in such a situation. It seemed that night would not be any different.

The three of them walked together, Pam between the two of them. The small talk continued and the three of them got along wonderfully. There was more conversation between Mike and Pam. The two of them had never spoken, so there was the usual get to know each other conversation. It also was obvious to Brian that the two of them got along. He was happy. The last thing he wanted was for it to be an uncomfortable evening and then he would feel guilty for inviting Mike.

They arrived at O’Malley’s and had gotten there early enough to actually find a table. They ordered a pitcher of beer and continued to drink, and talk. For Pam and Brian the talk was reminiscing and catching up. Mike enjoyed this as he learned a lot more about Brian through that conversation. For Mike and Pam, the conversations went on allowing them both to learn more about each other.

As the night progressed, Pam was finding herself feeling young, excited, and still horny. She did not know if this was fortunate, or unfortunate. She was going to assume it was fortunate. She began to wonder if perhaps she should, or could, be with Mike. What would her son think? Would Mike even want to do something like that? She was twice his age.

It was now about 12:30 AM, and the bars would close at 1 AM. All of them had just enough beer that they were happy and had lost some inhibition. Yet none of them were sloppy drunk so they knew they were able to continue throughout close and beyond.

“I have had such a great time tonight, guys.” Pam told them as she put her arm around Mike and looked across the table at her son.

Pam continued, “you can tell it’s getting close to closing time. Look at the guys starting to really get on everyone.” It was a pretty obvious routine on campus bars between 1230 and 1 AM.

With the beer in her system, Pam continued to speak freely, “they are all trying to get someone to go home with them. I doubt if anybody would come over here.” She was fishing for compliments. She got one.

“If you wanted to, you could go home with any guy in this bar.” Mike told her.

Pam quickly replied, “yeah, but I’m going to go home with the two good-looking guys at this table!”

There was a brief pause as both Mike and Brian looked at each other. On the one hand, what she said was true and was innocent enough. On the other hand, there was something about the way she said it that definitely made both Brian and Mike pause. Mike looked at Brian not really knowing what to make of the situation.

“Plenty of beer and wine back home, let’s go keep partying,” Brian said. He realized in the back of his mind that his mother was seducing the two of them. Considering their past history, coupled with the fact that they had been involved in a threesome together once before led him to believe this was her ultimate goal once again. Only this time, it was obvious that his mother was anxious to share him with another man rather than a woman.

Pam continued to excite Brian and make Mike wonder,” told you I was going to take both of you home,” she told them as she grabbed each of their hands and started to walk out the door.

The three of them walked home together and Pam was putting her arm around both men intermittently throughout the walk. Then when they were getting rather close to the apartment, she told him that she wanted a ride.

“Hop on,” Brian told her while patting his lap.

She sat with her back to his joystick and her left side was closest to him. He set his hand down on her stockings legs while she wrapped her left arm around his shoulder.

“Home for more fun and drinks!” She told both of them.

As soon as they got home Pam immediately started to head to the restroom.

“Beer, or wine?” Mike asked her before she disappeared. He knew Brian’s apartment just as well. He was also the one that taught Brian to always have two bottles of white and two bottles of red in the house for such an occasion.

“Oooo, wine sounds good.” Pam gently said as she continued on. It’d been a while since she drank so much beer.

“White or red?” This was exactly the reason he trained Brian to stock both.

“Red, honey,” she told him as she closed the bathroom door.

Mike grabbed a bottle off the small wine rack on the counter and of course newer the corkscrew was as well .

“Your mom’s having a good time,” Mike commented.

“Yeah, she’s had her share. That’s a good thing. She needs to let loose. It’s been rough on her lately.”

Mike reassured Brian right away, “oh I know! I think it’s great!”

Just then, the bathroom door opened and Pam came out. She quickly turned to the guys, “I’m going to slip into something more comfortable.” She said it seductively but jokingly with a smile. The problem is, Brian was pretty sure that there was no joke about the seductive tone.

Brian knew for sure she was serious when she came out and he saw what she was wearing. It was a pink camisole and very skimpy panties. It was very clear that Brian was correct in what was going to happen tonight. Mike as well could not take his eyes off of her. Brian recognized the lingerie from that amazing time before he returned to school. He knew that he had taken those undergarments off her body before. He assumed he would be doing so once again.

Her outfit was a wonderful tactic of seduction back then, and he knew it was definitely going to work now. This outfit was certainly more than what should be worn by the mother of a college aged son and her friend. Yet of course she knew her son was not the worry. Mike stood there in awe.

Pam was holding the robe in her hand and it seemed that perhaps she had some regret for just a brief minute. She put her left arm in the robe and was working on the second as she spoke.

“I’m sorry, I should of put this on back there…” She said with a slight tone of embarrassment

Mike immediately interrupted her, “no, no… that’s fine. You look comfortable.” He waited several more seconds for perfect effect, “… and beautiful.”

“Damn, he’s good.” Brian thought to himself. He knew from experience that Mike was always better with the women and in fact Brian had learned quite a bit on how to handle these situations after closing time. But it really turned him on to watch Mike work his magic on his own mother.

Pam immediately relaxed with his comment. In fact, she took it a step further.

“So you like?” And she slowly turned her body around several times. The robe was on but it was still wide open.

As she turned, both men were able to thoroughly absorb what they saw. The neckline of the camisole did drop down exposing a large amount of skin down between her breasts. There was not a large amount of cleavage because of her petite size. However, what was large was her erect nipples which were already visible. One of her wonderful assets was the fact that her nipples were extremely large. They were even larger when she was excited. This was an extreme turn on for Brian even as a young boy. He could see that her nipples were sticking out almost like fingertips.

Below her breasts you could see the skin of her abdomen through the material. And just at the bottom of the camisole you could actually see her skin and her navel because of how short the cami was. Just a bit below the camisole is where the panties started. And it was obvious through the material that his mother still had a extremely hairy bush. The actual amount of hair could be seen pushing through the material and lots of stray hair was visible along her inner leg.

The view lasted for about 10-15 seconds as she slowly turned around twice. At this point, it was obvious she allowed this view for both men simply to tease them. Brian probably was able to appreciate it more because he had already seen it in the past. She then grabbed the sides of the robe and pulled it closed tying it shut. It was at this point that Brian then was able to avert his eyes and take a look at Mike. Mike was still staring at his mother. Brian wondered how Mike would react but he was much more comfortable when Mike was the first to say something.

“You really are stunning, Pam.” Mike told her. Brian again was impressed with Mike’s charm. He could only imagine what his mother felt.

Pam replied in a tone that was obvious she was flattered, “thanks sweetie. It means a lot coming from a young man like you.”

About fifteen minutes later the three of them were finishing off a bottle of wine talking about what a great night it was in more about Brian’s past. There was a silent lull conversation and Pam looked at Brian with a very serious look.

“Does he know?” She asked Brian.

Brian shook his head no. But the look on his face made it clear that it was okay she was starting to ask these questions. He knew that since she was bringing it up in front of Mike it was her way of asking for permission for a threesome. He and his mother had already been with a woman originally. Now it sounded like mom wanted to include another man.

Brian had to think about this immediately, but it took no time at all. The idea excited him.

“Know what?” Mike asked.

Pam looked at Brian and asked, “You want to tell him, or should I?”

“You look like you’re ready to bust. Go ahead and tell him,” he confirmed. The smile on his mother’s face made him very happy. It also made him very hard because he knew what was coming soon — him, as well as both of them.

Chapter 4

Brian sat in his wheelchair and watched his mother’s evil grin. She took a large sip for courage and then set her wine glass down on the table next to the sofa. Then she immediately slid closer to Mike and sat directly beside him. Mike was dying to know what they were talking about. But he was too intimidated to ask. He didn’t need to.

“Brian wants me to tell you.” She teased Mike.

“Tell me what?” He inquired with such a desperate tone.

She didn’t make him wait for long. She put her left arm around him and then moved her right leg up over his.

“We want to have a threesome sweetie.” She immediately kissed him as she wrapped her arms completely around his neck and pulled him tightly towards her.

Brian stood there and was somewhat jealous. He was not so sure he could handle this. He had figured all along that his mother and he would get together this weekend. He didn’t anticipate sharing her with someone else. But he knew how stressful things have been for her. He knew how wild she could be at times. And he knew that ultimately this would be good for her. Overall, it was a new experience for him as well. It definitely turned him on.

About the time his thoughts finished wondering was when his mom let Mike up for air. She finished her kiss and then backed away and sat back down next to him. She reached over and grabbed her glass once again. The look on Mike’s face was priceless.

Mike was completely speechless. He was looking at Brian for some sense of direction. Brian rescued him.

“It’s okay, dude.” He reassured Mike. “The last time we did this was with my pregnant personal care attendant shortly after I got hurt.”

“Seriously?” He was somewhat startled.

“There’s always been an attraction between us.” She started to explain. “After he came home we ended up getting closer. I had thought about it before and so had he. When I heard the two of them having sex I couldn’t help it. I watched them through the crack in the door.”

She stopped long enough to take another big sip of wine. All the while Mike sat there motionless. She finished the sip and continued.

“The next day I had to have him myself. I think it was the next day that we had a wild three-way love affair for about a week and a half before he went back to school.” You could hear the lust in her voice as she talked about it.

“When he went back to school, it was over.” She wrapped up the sensual talk. “Everything went back to normal.”

Brian then interrupted, “until the divorce.”

“True,” she agreed.

Brian then continued the story, “we got very close again as she told me the many problems she and dad had. ” It was here he looked at his mother directly in the eye even though he was still talking to Mike. “All that time on the phone and our relationship has grown into so much more again. I was hoping to God this would happen again this weekend.” His statement was genuine and ultimately directed at her.

Pam set the glass down and stood up. She removed the robe from over her shoulders and stood there now in the nearly see-through camisole. She walked over to her son while Mike watched in a flabbergasted state. Again, Pam sat on Brian’s lap just as she had done before. Immediately the pressure from her ass on his cock brought it to attention. She placed her left arm around his shoulder making sure that it was going to be a very clear view for Mike.

Pam moved in towards her son’s lips with her tongue slightly leading the way. The kiss was deep and passionate. Brian used his left arm to pull her close. It felt so good for both of them to once again begin to consummate their relationship. Each had always wondered if they were going to ever do it again. It felt so good. Both of them wanted to continue.

Brian’s other hand now dropped from her shoulder and started to caress her right breast. He felt her erect nipples that he absolutely loved. He started to pinch them and she immediately breathed in deep. His eyes were still closed but then curiosity made him wonder.

He opened his eyes while continuing to kiss his mother and fondle her breasts. He wanted to see what his friend was doing on the sofa. Sure enough, he was now caressing his crotch and an erection was obvious in his shorts.

Apparently Pam must’ve gotten the same idea about then. The kiss broke once again she pulled away looking into Brian’s eyes. At that point she saw where he was looking. She turned around to see Mike rubbing the outside of his shorts. He had now leaned back on the sofa and lifted his shirt up. His bare belly was showing and the tip of his cock was peeking out from the waistband.

“I’ll be back, sweetie.” She said to Brian, then she gave him one final kiss.

She got up off his lap and quickly kneeled down between Mike’s knees looking up into his face. Brian wished he could see her eyes. It had been so long since he had seen that devious sexual look, and now was focused on his best friend. Yet he still was finding this seemed to be amazingly erotic and satisfying.

Pam ran her hands up Mike’s inner thighs. Her fingernails slightly caressed his skin as she worked her way up to his shorts. She then used her right hand and placed it directly on his package. Mike twitched and let out a slight gasp.

“It feels good,” she said gently.

She moved her hand upward right next to the tip of his cock. Her left hand then joined and grabbed the waistband of his shorts. She started to pull and Mike instantly lifted his ass off the sofa enough so that she could quickly remove this barrier between his desperate cock and what lie ahead.

Brian saw the black shorts and tighty whities get thrown to the side. He turned his head to watch them fly across the room, and by the time he turned his head back, Mike’s cock was already deep inside his mother’s throat. He remembered how talented she was.

Mike however was in awe, and couldn’t help publicly commenting immediately.

“Jesus Christ!” It obviously felt wonderful.

Brian began to stroke his own cock as he watched his mother’s head bob up and down the shaft. This was another new experience. He had shared her with Marlene but now to watch her actually suck another man’s cock was a whole new turn on.

It was then he noticed his mother’s right hand. She had already begun to reach down under her panties and finger herself. It was obvious because the material covering her ass was moving rapidly back and forth the same pace as her arm on the other side. He decided to stroke at the same pace.

He looked again and saw that Pam’s left hand was wrapped completely around Mike’s cock. So when it was not enveloped by her mouth and throat it was being quickly rubbed up and down with her left hand. Two or three strokes with her left hand each time and then instantaneously it was back inside her warm mouth. Her technique was flawless.

Brian was so horny and wanted to get involved somehow but he also wanted to continue to watch. It became obvious that Mike was nearing climax. His assumption had always been that Mike was a pretty good lover. But then again he knew how magical his mother’s mouth really was.

Just then he heard another moan from Mike. Pam let his cock escape from her mouth just in time for the first load to hit her on the face. It ended up just below her left eye dripping along her cheek. She stood there with her mouth open and continued to stroke his cock with her left hand.

This was definitely a new view for Brian. Due to his injury, he didn’t really ejaculate. All the times that his mother had sucked his cock he did have an orgasm. Yet he never ultimately ejaculated. So now that view of semen spilled all over his mother’s face was quite a turn on.

Just then the second shot came out and her aim was perfect. She was able to catch it in her mouth as it sat on the tip of her tongue. She stuck her tongue out and wiggled it back and forth with the glob of cum showing in all its glory. Then, he pulled back further awaiting the next shot. When it came, it hit his mother on her exposed chest and dripped down into her cleavage. Of course, there was very little cleavage because the small size of her breasts. But she instantly compensated by using her hands to smear the come all over her upper chest and in between her tits.

It seemed Mike was probably done. But just to be sure Pam totally enveloped his cock once again. She brought her lips down to the base and it was such an amazing sight. Once again Mike had to say something.

“Oh my God,” he uttered. “That truly was the best ever.” His voice was genuine.

Brian saw his mother grin, “with age comes experience darling,” as she removed his cock from her mouth. It was obvious how proud she was.

There was not much time for Mike to rest before Pam stood up and pulled her camisole over her head. She now stood there topless with the hair of her pussy poking out around the extremely low cut panties. All of the hair was showing through the sheer material in front.

“Let’s get in the bedroom. I’ve never had two cocks at once.” And she started to head directly down the hall.

Brian looked at his friend and hoped that everything would be okay between the two of them. In fact, he even decided to go ahead and ask.

Mike started to get up. As he was doing so, Brian asked, “you okay with this?”

“Shit yeah! Who wouldn’t be? I’ve always wondered. But are you okay?” He asked Brian in return wondering how his friend felt about the two of them fucking his mother for the next several hours.

“It’s a turn on. I enjoy being with her no matter what.” He paused briefly, and then continued, “It was early this evening when I kind of saw this coming.” Brian reassured Mike through his statement.

As he was talking he was rolling down the hall just beside Mike. The two young men were anxiously following Brian’s 47-year-old mother.

Chapter 5

When they got into the room it was obvious Brian would have to be the first to get into bed. He pulled his wheelchair beside the bed and removed his armrest. Just before he scooted into bed he took a quick look at the others. His mother stood directly in front of him. She was topless and the light pink panties were so sheer. Therefore, he was able to clearly see the two things he had remembered so vividly from when they were together six years ago. Her very small and petite breasts were beautiful; but it was her huge nipples pointing at him that he had loved so much. They’re like little fingertips on the end of her average size breasts. He he could not wait to get them back in his mouth again. Although he guessed that it may be a fight with Mike to see who does it first. Then again, he realized there were two.

He quickly looked a little slower and saw through the sheer pink material the massive amount of hair covering her crotch. Again, something he loved dearly and remembered so well from the last time.

After about 10 seconds of fantasizing he realized how close he was to the real thing. He put his hands down on the bed and the wheelchair and immediately scooted himself into bed. He was going to start lifting his own legs when his mother grabbed him by the ankles and lifted both up onto the bed.

Brian was about to lie back on the bed and he noticed Mike to his left. It was obviously the first time he had seen naked man in this context. Locker rooms, sure. But even then he did everything he could to keep his eyes away from every other guy. He was completely heterosexual and the idea of the male body had pretty much given him the willies in any context. Nevertheless, as he saw his friend standing there admiring his mother, he was able to appreciate what a good looking guy he was. He noticed that he was muscular enough and that there really was no punch or fat on his midriff. Brian was slightly jealous because obviously he had a belly now because there was no way to exercise.

He did not spend much time looking at Mike but during his glance he watched Mike as he was holding his hard cock in his hand and stroking slowly. From what Brian could tell it was pretty much about the same size as his own. Depending on how you measure, Brian’s cock was perhaps 8 inches long. It also had enough thickness to help pleasure his partner even further. Mike’s dick appeared to be about the same. The one thing that was obvious with our director was in bed Mike was anxious to get started.

“Let’s get you naked.” His mom said firmly, but jokingly. as she pushed his chest. With very little balance outside of his wheelchair he immediately fell back and laid flat on the bed. She then seductively moved up his body and looked him in the eyes as she undid his pants and his zipper. For a long time she was fine with removing his pants simply from caring for him after his injury. Even after their last sexual encounter they had gone back to normal and she simply helped him with his care and helped him dress and undress quite often when they were together.

It felt good for both of them as she pulled off his pants seductively knowing once again that her motives were sexual. Several slight tugs and now Brian was naked. Because of the injury, his cock was still flaccid. Thoughts alone could not bring an erection. He needed direct stimulation. That was not a problem for much longer.

Pam took his flaccid dick and put the entire thing in her mouth. In less than 10 seconds the magic of her tongue and lips had his penis erect once again. And now she started her deliberate and wonderful process of bobbing her head up and down the shaft. She used her left hand to continue stroking whenever her mouth left his cock. But it was not long before she would once again bring it down. Meanwhile, her right hand now started to find its way under her underwear and on top of her pussy. Just as she had done earlier, she was now pleasing herself with her fingers and yet still focusing on her cock sucking.

This lasted for about for several minutes longer when she realized that Mike was standing there stroking his cock watching. She instantly knew it was very easy to get him involved. Pam stopped sucking Brian’s cock and moved her knees onto the bed. She turned herself around and now straddled his face. Brian looked up and saw the dampness through her pink sheer material. It was here when Pam began to give commands.

“Take my panties off honey,” she sweetly asked her son.

“And you… Bring that cock back over here,” she told Mike.

Both young men immediately obeyed. Brian used his hands to bring his fingers to the waistband on her hips. Although he had very little dexterity, he was able to grab them enough and start to pull. The process was moving along, but she decided to help him and quickly stood up, pulled them down, and kicked them to the floor in no time. As she knelt back down she then made sure her other lover was following orders.

He started to move around the bed in front of her; but was obviously not quick enough. She grabbed his hard cock with her left hand and literally pulled him in front of her. In one smooth motion she guided his cock into her mouth as she leaned down placing her sopping wet pussy on her son’s face. Now was the start of her first threesome with two men.

It’d been so long since she felt the excitement of being with her son sexually. And now the feeling of his tongue was unique enough to remind her of the last time. Quivers went through her body. At the same time she felt the shaking and quivering of Mike’s body as he started to fuck her mouth. The room was getting noisy now. She knew that there was only one apartment next door and it was Mike’s. So there was going to be no reservation in the sounds she made.

There was heavy breathing from all three participants. Even louder was the sound of Pam’s very wet mouth as she moved up and down Mike’s cock while her dripping wet pussy made sloshing sounds as it moved back and forth over Brian’s face. In addition to the sounds, the smell of sex was throughout the room. She was intoxicated. She knew she would not last long.

Brian was in heaven. His mother had just now placed her soaking wet pussy directly on his mouth and face. He was able to work his tongue inside and flick it back and forth along the labia. The juices were flowing and they were all over his nose and mouth. He had wished she was facing the other direction because he would have more access to her clitoris and he could use his nose on her pubic bone. So now he was not sure the best way to please her orally.

It was then he realized he would try something new. He moved both hands up to her cheeks and pushed her slightly forward towards Mike. She accepted the prompting and moved slightly forward. Mike was able to benefit because his cock now went deeper into her throat. Brian figured she did not know what he was going to do. It was then that his tongue instantly found her ass hole. Her butt cheeks clenched and she twitched. At the same time she moaned. It was obvious she liked it.

He could not believe he was doing this. The idea of anything anally never excited him. But now he was taken in. Anything he could do to please his mother was fair game. In the fact that she moved as she did once his tongue touched her sphincter meant that this was the right thing to do. So he continued to move his tongue up and down the entire crack and jamming the tip of his tongue into her ass hole as much is possible. Then he surprised her.

Despite his poor dexterity, his thumb was rather rigid. He managed to take the tip of his thumb and now shoved it inside her ass hole. This is the first time anything had ever been inside her ass and she loved it. It was obvious by more additional moans. Brian still continued to lick the inside of her pussy and she pushed down hard on his face to increase the pressure, and thus the pleasure.

Their motions continued together and he shoved his thumb deep inside her ass at the same rate that her mouth was enveloping Mike’s cock. All three were now fucking each other in synchronized bliss. It was not going to last much longer. Brian noticed Pam’s thighs starting to clinch. The muscles throughout her buttocks were now getting tighter and her sphincter was clamping down on his thumb. Within seconds all the muscles of her body stopped for a brief second and then she started to shake and convulse.

Meanwhile he could hear Mike with the obvious moan of an orgasm. While Brian licked Pam’s pussy and fucked her ass with his thumb, he tried to picture Mike’s come as it was shooting all over his mother’s face. He also was in heaven. Pam collapsed on Brian’s body and smothered his face with her wet hairy crotch. A whirlwind of new sensation had overtaken Pam’s body and she could take no more. He started to move his tongue once again all over her pussy. She instantly rise and moved her hips away from his mouth in a definite signal that she could handle it right now. The effect of his thumb in her ass had figured something she’d never felt before. This orgasm was different. She couldn’t specifically think how was different except to know that she was enjoying every minute as she still lay motionless on top of her son and below his friend. It was then that could feel her son pushing slightly on her cheeks and he realized he should move now. She rolled over and beckoned Mike to lay down next to them.

Brian could see Mike as he lay down next to his mom. Even though Brian did not directly feel anything he noticed that Mike was touching his lower body in several places as he did so. It felt rather strange being so close to a naked man. There was definitely no feeling of attraction or homosexuality. There was going to be none of that. But what he was amazed at was how comfortable he was with the nudity of his best friend. This was going to be a long night together and he enjoyed watching his friend and his mother as well as himself in all their naked glory.

The three of them lay together side-by-side touching each other ever so slightly. They were all recovering from what had just happened. Furthermore, they all knew they were preparing for what was about to come. Pam turned on her side facing her son and kissed him on the shoulder leading up to his cheeks. She ran her hands over his chest. Brian was in heaven to be this close to his mother once again.

Meanwhile, Mike scooted closer behind her and now did the same. She felt his fingers as they ran up and down her side and she could feel his body nuzzle up against her back. The sensation was wonderful. She now was in bed with two men and it was surprised at how uninhibited she felt.

Brian interrupted her pleasure, “help me prop up on my side.” He asked.

It did not take much. His mother pulled away just briefly and grabbed his right arm to pull him over on his side. Brian now was propped up on his left elbow giving him his right hand free to do whatever he wanted. Pam lay down flat on her back to allow his now free right hand to begin its exploration.

Brian started to caress her right breast. Mike now was comfortable on the other side of her and followed his best friend’s lead. His left hand began to caress Pam’s left breast. She now was being fondled by two men at the same time. Her eyes closed tightly and she breathed a very deep and satisfying sigh.

Both men then began to tweak and play with her incredibly erect nipples. Brian was the first to bring his lips to his mother’s skin. She felt him as he kissed just above her right breast. His tongue was circling above the top of her breasts when she felt the lips of her other partner begin to kiss the outside of her left mammary. Within several seconds neither man could resist her very large and erect nipples. Each of them was now sucking intently. Consequently, there was much more than a sigh emanating from her mouth. Her breathing was heavy and deep. It was rapid and consistent. She was now an extreme heat and satisfaction.

She continued to enjoy this for what seemed like an eternity. Each man moved his mouth over every inch of her body from her forehead to her midriff. While she lay there simply absorbing all the attention, she was at least able to focus some attention on Mike. Her left hand had found his cock and had been stroking it consistently for some time. It was now fully erect and she realized it was time for more.

She rolled a little to the left signaling for Mike to exit the bed.

“Excuse me, honey,” she said to him as she slid past. And she moved down to the foot of the bed standing where Mike had stood earlier when she sucked his cock. It was obvious she was now taking control. She looked down at her son from the foot of the bed.

“It’s your turn, sweetie.” She told her son.

Brian looked up and saw her beautiful naked body. Again, it was the nipples and the hairy pussy that caused a flashback to all the times he watched her coming out of the shower as a child. He remembered how the water from the shower would drip from the hair on her crotch. Now the dampness on that pussy was her come and his saliva. She started to play with his flaccid penis in hopes that it would quickly become erect.

It did not take long. She managed a few good strokes along the foreskin and up and down the shaft coupled with her tongue along the head. Consequently, within no time Brian was again erect. Once he was, she immediately started her magic. Brian loved to see this. He looked into her eyes as she looked up with the first full downward motion. Their glance had to break though so that she could bring her lips all the way down to hair at the base of his cock. She held it there for several seconds and he could feel a wave of excitement over take him. She then pulled it out once again and looked him in the eyes. In no time the process repeated.

Meanwhile, Mike decided to not wait for his next order. He moved from the side of the bed and started to walk back around behind Pam. Brian turned his head and saw that his friend was fully erect. He was certain of what was about to happen next. Pam was straddling at the foot of the bed as she sucked Brian’s cock with her ass up in the air and her pussy dripping below. This had doggy style written all over it.

Mike came around back and put his hands on her hip and cheeks. It was then that he broke the silence for a brief second.

“Do I need a condom?” He asked.

Pam found it to be a wonderful gesture that he did so. After three kids she had her tubes tied long ago. Yet she also realized he did not know Mike very well and she decided to take him up on the offer. She answered him in a reassuring and grateful tone.

“If you don’t mind baby,” She said without looking at him.

Mike looked at Brian, “top drawer?” He said as he moved his head in the direction of the dresser.

Brian nodded affirmatively as he grabbed the remote control of his electric bed and raised the head so that now he was propped up and could see everything. His mother continued to suck his cock but now he would be able to see Mike’s dick as it was just below her ass. His friend had the condom on in no time. He had his hard cock in his right hand and he was now guiding it in. It was obvious as it slid in because Pam froze briefly. She could not concentrate on anything about her mouth for that time that Mike’s shaft was sliding inside her vagina.

It felt so good. The idea of such a young stud fucking her made her so hot. Coupled with the fact that she was sucking her own boys cock once again, she knew that multiple orgasms were about to come. Then the pace quickened. Mike put both hands on her hips and started fucking her with reckless abandon.

For Mike, fucking a woman doggy style was not a unique situation. Yet he wasn’t sure how long he would last. This was because of the fact that it was now best friend’s mother he was going to plunge into while she was sucking her son’s cock. That thought alone almost made him ready to come.

Instead, he continued to push hard and fast. Brian was jealous that he was unable to do such a thing. His lovemaking sessions were always under the full control of the woman. She was always able to rock up and down his cock at whatever pace she wanted. Yet it excited Brian completely to watch Mike take full control and fuck her as hard as he was. It was obvious that this was more rapid than what it would’ve wanted. This was a good thing. He could tell she was going to come faster and probably harder.

Amazingly, his mother seemed to regain some control and once again focused on his cock. It was interesting though because she seemed to have all the right motions to bring him to orgasm as quickly as possible. Brian assumed that this was because she knew she did not have long before she was going to collapse on top of him. He did not mind because every stroke up and down at this rapid pace felt wonderful.

Just minutes later his body clenched and his belly started to quiver as the semen left his cock and went into his mother’s mouth. She did not take it out and let it spit all over her face. Instead, she was going to take every drop deep inside her throat. As he lay there in ecstasy with his eyes closed briefly he had to take a look. He could tell the reason why she maintained her tight grip on his cock. She was once again frozen in her own orgasm.

Mike also was leaning back and the moan he made while doing so made it obvious that he was shooting his come deep inside Brian’s mother. They had done it. As Brian finished his last slight convulsions he watched his mother quiver with excitement and he could tell by her numerous shakes that this was a series of orgasms. He wondered how many times Mike was shooting his seed inside his mother.

After a minute or so, his mother collapsed on his chest. He felt her sweaty breasts and pointy nipples just on his skin. Mike then pulled out and his cock and it was for the most part flaccid. But it glistened with the juices of Pam’s pussy. Brian grabbed the remote control and laid his head back. Pam crawled up further and lay close to Brian nuzzling next to him. The two of them kissed passionately. It’d been a while since he was able to feel so close to her. He wanted more. He held her tight and close and squeezed her. He did not want to let her go. Nevertheless, both of them realized that tonight she had to be shared.

So they broke their embrace and she leaned to the side still nuzzling up against his neck and cheek. She used her left hand to pull him closer and he spooned her from behind. She couldn’t believe that at her age she was in such a position. As Mike nuzzled closer she felt his cock between her cheeks. It was still flaccid. Everything was comfortable, and she felt warm and secure between these two young men. She was so amazed and flattered that at her age she was now in bed with two young college kids. All right, so it was grad school. Nevertheless, she still realized she was old enough to be both their mothers.

Pam wanted to stay like this forever. Yet only minutes later she felt Mike’s penis as it began to grow and push against her backside. As his erection grew and was pushing up between the cheeks of her ass she realized what she wanted to do next.

She propped herself up on her right arm and looked at Brian in the face. She kissed him on the lips.

Chapter 6

“I love you,” she reminded him.

“I love you too,” he obviously replied.

“Are you sure you’re okay with all of this?” She wanted to make sure all this did not go too fast for him. She wondered if his feelings might be different than hers right now. She also thought that perhaps his feelings might have changed just during this brief lull.

“God, yes!” He happily reassured her. “I can tell how much you’re enjoying this, and my guess is you fantasized about two men once or twice in your life.” Although it was a statement, his eyes made it a question.

Pam confirmed that he was correct with a simple nod. Meanwhile, Mike had scooted a little closer and was still spooning Pam. His hand was running up and down her left thigh. His touches went up her body.

“Well then if it makes you happy, it makes me happy. And believe me, this is pretty damn hot.” She needed no more convincing.

Pam quickly replied, “Then I know what I want next.”


Pam came closer and whispered in his ear.

“Are you sure?” He now asked her to confirm the big news he just heard.

With that she grinned and with her left hand reached back to grab Mike’s cock. She pulled away from her buttocks enough to grab it completely. As she turned she started to stroke it back and forth. She then sat up in bed between both men.

“If I’m going to be in bed with two men, we’ve got to make it official.” She said to both with pride and excitement.

She did not want Mike to leave the bed just yet. So, she started to scoot her bottom down the bed so she could exit at the foot. As her hand let go of Mike’s cock she gave him an order, “keep that thing hard for me baby.”

Mike immediately took over after she let go and he continued to stroke his cock. Pam scooted herself to the end of the bed and stood up and turned around. She couldn’t believe her eyes. There was her beautiful son that she’s always admired and cherished. And next to him was one gorgeous twenty-something man stroking his cock as he fantasized about her. Her pussy started dripping immediately.

She looked at Brian’s cock, “for this to happen we need to do something about this,” she said as she knelt down and put his penis back in her mouth.

As usual, it took no more than 30 seconds to be erect. It was here that she really took control. Brian knew what was coming, Mike laid there with his rock hard cock in his hand wondering what was next.

Pam grabbed Brian’s ankles and pulled him further down the bed so that his knees were hanging off and feet were touching the ground. This was a strange position for Brian, but it seemed comfortable and stable. At this point, Mike pretty much knew what was coming. However, he also saw she was calling the shots and he wasn’t going to move until she told him to. Pam went over to Brian’s dresser and opened the bottom drawer where his medical supplies were. She reached in and pulled out a tube of KY jelly. Now Mike knew for sure what was coming.

Both men watched her squeeze the tube of KY and ooze it over the tip of Brian’s hard cock. She actually wondered why she was even doing this because her pussy was so damn wet with anticipation. She turned around to set tube to the side. It was here she decided to tease these “boys” one final time. She bent completely over and touched her toes. The view that they had was of her ass and her dripping wet hairy pussy. She shook her ass seductively and spread her legs slightly showing both of them the two orifices that were about to be violated.

She turned and looked at Mike. He had already started masturbating himself in his cock was rock hard.

“Come over here and let me watch you,” she told him as she stood back up and backed up closer to Brian.

She waited until Mike was in front of her and she could see him slowly stroke himself up and down. She was extremely turned on at the site this young man pleasing his muscular body on his own. Pam then grabbed Brian’s fully erect penis in her right hand. She started to bring herself down slowly and seductively. Next she brought the tip of his member between her cheeks and started to move down further. The sensation was fabulous.

It was just a while ago that her son stuck his thumb in her ass she had never felt anything similar. But that was enough to make her feel comfortable with what she was about to complete. The tip of his head was now inside of her ass hole and she stopped and took a deep breath. There was a lot of pressure, but there was a lot of excitement and stimulation. She could feel it throughout her body.

She then moved down a little bit more taking another 2 inches or so. Again she stopped midway and this time with her breaths came a guttural moan. Almost immediately came the next motion where she now sat completely on her sons cock. It felt so good for both. Brian had never experienced such a tight sensation enough to affect him in the way he was now feeling. Meanwhile, Pam was enjoying this and breathing heavily from what she had just done, and more so from what was about to come.

At this point she moved back up his cock and without much hesitation she moved back down. Her son was now fucking her in the ass and she loved it.

After about three strokes Pam gave the command that Mike had been waiting for, “what are you waiting for Mike? Come fill me up!”

She didn’t need to say it twice. Mike reached for the box of condoms now sitting on the dresser to his right.

“Don’t worry about it. Just fuck me now.” She told him.

As he moved closer, she leaned back and put her hands on the bed beside Brian. Now her pussy was gaping and ready to take Mike’s cock.

Mike couldn’t believe this. Earlier when he was fucking her doggy style it was such a turn on simply because of who she was. Now it was a complete turn on because of what he was about to do.

He had never done this before. He teased her slightly and placed the tip of his cock right near the entrance of her pussy. In order to keep it here he had to move up and down slightly. This is because now her pace quickened and she was truly making sure Brian was fucking her ass with good rhythm.

Mike couldn’t take it anymore and decided it was time. He also decided to take the same approach as before and shoved his entire cock inside her pussy in one fell swoop. Pam screamed. Brian had never heard such a primal sound from her. It was such a turn on for her as well. She felt so full. The sensation of both cocks moving in and out of her was something beyond description. She never in a million years thought she would experience something like this. And now here she was enjoying it to the fullest.

She could see Mike was now ramming his dick deep inside her pussy. He was holding her hips tightly and she loved the sensation of his fingertips as he grabbed her. Meanwhile, she continued rhythmic motion up-and-down as her son’s penis entered and reentered her backside again and again. The only thing she was upset about was the fact that she could not see the look on her son’s face right now. She could imagine it, but that was all. The way she imagined it is how it actually was. Brian was also experiencing something he had never felt before. The tightness of her ass hole as it enveloped his cock was a totally all-encompassing feeling to him.

After several minutes the three of them figured out a rhythm that was perfect. Each was able to move in continuous bliss. Each stroke allowed their manhood to fully enter her from both sides. She never wanted it to end; but she felt the end coming. This experience was more than she ever had ever imagined.

She watched the look on Mike’s face as he continued to fuck her. His look was changing and it was obvious he was nearing orgasm. At this point now the pace with which the cocks were violating her was so rapid. This was it, she could not take it anymore. And suddenly Pam let out a scream like never before. She was completely unaware of how it sounded. It was completely raw and uninhibited. She felt safe because no neighbors could hear her. In fact, she remembered that Mike WAS the neighbor. Neither of the young men had ever heard anything like that before. It was enough for each of them to reach the same point of climax.

Brian’s entire body shivered underneath Pam’s ass. His muscles flexed and his head went back with eyes closed. Meanwhile, the other young stud rammed his final thrust home and ended up pleasing his conquest to the fullest. She expected he would probably withdraw and spray it all over her like before. Instead, Mike felt the need to remain within her. He couldn’t help himself. And so the next three thrusts went inside her vagina and filled her with his semen. It was with the final push that he fell on top of her and came so deeply in her. His arms wrapped around her and she collapsed completely on her son. Brian also wrapped his arms around his mother.

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