Although it was against the rules, we were able to exchange enough information on Mygirlfund to meet in person. I was in Las Vegas for a teacher’s conference and instead of taking a regular room; I splurged for the suite at the Riviera. It was nice, large room with an excellent view of the strip, kitchen and my favorite, a large whirlpool tub. I’ll call her Sugar to protect her identity and I am Tony (to protect mine).

She arrived later that evening and entered the suite with the key that was left for her at the desk. I was expecting her so I had prepared. The room lights were out, the suite lit with scented candles (coconut – my favorite). I guess I should describe myself. I am 5’8″, 49 years old, and a history teacher at a high school. I am also a veteran, having served 20 years in the Army as a tank crewman. I am still fit, although I am not a 20 year old with washboard abs. I coach the girls soccer team and can hold my own with them. I have blond hair, where I have hair (I am balding, but will always have “fuzz” there) that is starting to turn white (not gray). I have an average cock I guess, about 7 inches, but thicker than most others. I seem to be horny all the time, even for an “old man” and I usually jack off 3-5 times a day – especially after being around the hotties at school and on the soccer pitch!

Sugar is a brunette with brown eyes and wears glasses. I find that so sexy! Her lips seemed, to me, to be made for kissing and other things! She was busty, but not overly busty, and they are real! (40DD!) She is 5’7″ and has a perfect round ass! Although she is only 20 and attending college, we still hit it off based on our mutual likes and our desires for long, passionate kisses, hugs, followed by slow intimate sex (okay in every hole – but still slow and intimate!)!

So, Sugar arrives and I, sitting on the couch in my swimming suit (a special purchase) and a t-shirt welcome her. I tell her to freshen up in the bathroom (the tub is already filled, rose petals floating on the hot water, scented oils and candle lit).

She goes in and, poking her head out, tells me “Very Nice.” _

Once refreshed, she comes to the living room, wearing a sheer bikini (one of those really tiny ones) and high heels. I stand and walk to meet her, embracing in a friendly hug, at first, then tighter, and then our lips meet. This kiss is soft, sensuous, and passionate, not to mention long. Kissing has always been a special turn on for me, just the idea of kissing, and then touching tongues in an erotic playful wrestle makes me hard. As close as we were pressed together, my cock got even harder.

She pressed it against her mound. I could smell her arousal. I told her to come with me to the bathroom.

I led her by the hand, and we both stepped into the tub. I opened the champagne and poured us a glass. We sat close to each other, sipped our champagne and kissed. For a long time.

Eventually we had finished our champagne and were slowly and gently caressing each other, exploring the sexy bodies of each other.

I was gently fondling her large breasts and she was slowly rubbing my hard cock, gently stroking and using her thumb and fingers on the head. I gently pinched her hard nipples, twisting, extracting soft moans from her pink lips. She tasted good, her mouth was wet and so was her pussy.

She straddled me next. Her wet mound pressed on my hard cock. She was grinding her pussy on me as we kissed and caressed, our bodies becoming one. I felt her hand on my hard on, and then felt my swimsuit being pulled down and out of the way. My cock was released.

Sugar told me to sit on the side of the bed that she wanted to suck me.

When I sat down, my manhood was fully erect, hard as a rock, and pointing straight into the air, ready for her luscious lips. She kissed the head, then the sides, then the entire length. Finally she took the head into her hot mouth, her tongues swirling around the head and tickling the underside.

Pleasure beyond belief as she slowly and sensuously took my length into her mouth then throat. I had never had a woman do that to me before. It was unbelievable and the best I had ever had. She continued to suck me, then sensing my desire and closeness to orgasm stopped. She pulled the bikini top off of her large breasts and wrapped them around my length, and began a slow tit fucking.

WOW! After a few minutes of this (I couldn’t take any more or I would cum all over her tits) I switched places with her. I spread her legs, and got between them, but not before kissing her some more, tasting my precum on her lips and on her tongue. I worked my way down, kissing and fondling her tits, eventually making it to her pussy. She smelled wonderful and after I pulled her panties to the side, she tasted just as good. I spent a lot of time there, licking her wetness, both her pussy and her ass. Such a pleasure for me to taste her, and I know she had at least one orgasm on my mouth!!!!

Now it was time, I got between her legs and pressed myself into her wetness. She was tight, and her velvety smoothness was amazing on my hard cock. We fucked, just for a few minutes, then I picked her up and I sat down in the tub with her riding me. I reached around her and grasped the soft sexy mounds of her ass, caressing and spreading, touching her anus with my fingers.

Sugar was moaning and kissing as we fucked for what seemed like forever, or at least I wanted it to be forever.

The she told me, “My ass, put it in my ass Tony!”

I pulled out of her pussy, not wanting to leave as if felt like “home” but complied and pulled out anyway. She then guided it to her asshole. She pressed down, ever so slowly, until my head “popped” into her. Then she slowly sat, taking more and more of my 7 inches into her ass.

Once all the way in, I began to suck her breasts, licking her nipples, gently tugging on them. Sugar began to bounce on my cock and she filled her ass with me. I had never had such a sensuous fuck in my life!

I couldn’t take any more and announced that I was about to cum!!

“Oh Tony, cum inside me, cum inside of my ass!”

It was more that I could take, and I filled her with my cum, pulling her head to mine and kissing her soft lips. I moaned into her mouth and she moaned into mine, cumming once more with my cock in her ass.

I was going be a very sexy week in Vegas!!!!!!

We rested and chatted, drank some wine, and then we were ready, again. We left the tub and I retired to the bed while she stayed in the bathroom to change. I changed as well. I put on my mantyhose, as she had requested in our letters, and she put on a bodystocking.

She came out of the bath and joined me on the bed. As we were talking, Sugar was gently playing with my cock, which was now fully erect. Her hands and her touch were magnificent, and I loved each and every second of her ministrations.

“I want to suck your cock.” Was all she said.

She got between my legs, took hold of my hard cock and began to stroke me, slowly and sensuously. He lips were so close to my cock I could feel her breath on my head. Her lips, full, red, spread and she took me in her mouth. Just the head. Her talented tongue swirled, teasing and massaging.

This woman was a great cock sucker! As she toyed with the head of my cock, she was stroking my length and fondling my balls. I don’t know how long she kept this up, I had my eyes closed most of the time in ecstasy, and the rest watching this beautiful woman work her magic on my cock.

Eventually she began to take more of my length into her wanton mouth. Over my pantyhose. By this time, my mantyhose sheath was soaked in her saliva and made for the most erotic feeling I have ever experienced.

Sugar began to slowly suck my cock, in and out my length went into her mouth. She used her hands, fingers, tongue, teeth and lips to pleasure me. This was the best cock sucking I had EVER had! She sucked and sucked, teasing me to the brink, then stopping, letting me calm down, then taking me to the brink again and again! I couldn’t take it anymore.

I told her it was time for out other fantasy. She smiled.

I laid flat on the bed, my cock sticking straight up. Sugar then lay on top of me, her legs spread, then with my cock between her crotch, she closed her legs, using her hand to keep it tight against her wet pantyhose crotch.

“Fuck me like this Tony!” Sumata. I LOVE IT!

I slowly started fucking her pantyhose thighs with my pantyhose cock. Pantyhose against pantyhose was an extremely sensuous feeling!

We fucked. For a long time. She played with my cock and I played with her tits.

Then I had her lay on her front. She put her legs together, making her sexy ass bubble. I licked it. All over. WHAT AN ASS!

Then I tore a hole in the gusset. I straddled her, and held the hole open for my cock. In I pushed. But not in her pussy or asshole this time. This time I wanted to fuck her ass cheeks.

As my cock was well lubed with her saliva and my precum from our thigh fucking, it slid easily between her ass cheeks. It felt every bit as good as her pussy. I fucked her ass like this. It was just amazing. So amazing that I couldn’t contain my load anymore and soaked her ass cheeks with my cum, at the same time, Sugar, who had been rubbing her clit under her, came with me.

We slept. Close; our bodies rubbing throughout the night. I woke several times, my hard cock pressed between Sugars ass cheeks, and we rubbed each other until we fell asleep again.

When I woke up in the morning Sugar was gone.

There was a note on the table, “I have to go and get a few things; I’ll be back – shower and change into what I have laid out for you.”

I went into the bathroom and took a nice hot shower, soaping up my body. I washed my cock good. I became erect. I soaped myself and stroked. I couldn’t help it – remembering last night with Sugar was too much for me. I really got into it. I put my foot up on the rim of the tub and added more soap. My cock was so fucking hard and so fucking slippery. My hand was good. I stroked and twisted, cupping my balls and even sliding a finger into my asshole a few times. I was so turned on. I kept stroking, precum oozing from the head. I imagined Sugar there watching me, her red lips inches from my face as I pumped my hard cock for her. I imagined her giving me instructions, telling me what to do, how to stroke, all the while playing with her magnificent tits.

“Come out here and do that for me!” She had been watching me as I had been fantasizing!!!

I put on what she laid out for me. A cock ring! It was metal and had an attachment that reached back and entered my ass, massaging my prostate. When I came, I was going to explode!!!!!

She had me sit on the big plush chair. Sugar knelt in front of me. She was wearing a pink camisole and a bra underneath. The bra was too small. It pushed her already big tits together and upwards, threatening to explode from the straining fabric.

My cock throbbed, causing the prostate massager to flex as well. It felt wonderful. Sugar then started playing with her tits. I had never seen such a sight. This young lady knew how to tease. Her hands pushed and kneaded, tweaked, pressed, spread, and massaged her tits. She put them close to my cock, sometimes letting my cock head touch her flesh, and then quickly pulling away. It was the most wonderful tease!

She did this for what seemed like an eternity. And she wouldn’t let me stroke my cock anymore. She pulled her nipples out of the bra, and then used them to rub on my cock. Eroticism at its best!

She smeared my precum all over her tits. I want to cum so bad, and told her as much.

“Not yet!” She stood and went to the refrigerator. She returned with some ice cream. “Wanna lick?” She asked.

“Yes, please!”

She then turned and began to tease me with her sexy round ass. She danced it and twisted it, she rubbed it, and she pressed it against my cock. What a great ass!!!!

She then pulled her tight boy shorts down, now only wearing a thong bikini. Again, her ass is amazing. She continued her sexy tease, occasionally letting me rub my cock on her ass, and in between the ass cheeks, pressing her asshole on the head, but not letting me penetrate.

Then she put some ice cream on her ass, rubbing it all over, then pressed her ass close to my face, allowing me to lick it off.

“More, Sugar, More!!!!!”

We used more ice cream, sometimes I licked it off, and sometimes I smeared it all over her ass with my hard cock, mixing ice cream with pre cum.

Once my cock was covered with ice cream and pre cum, Sugar would turn and lick my cock clean. I wanted to cum so badly.

“Oh yes, cum on my tits Tony.” She knelt and pulled the camisole and bra down, fully exposing her big tits, and then she wrapped them around my cock. It didn’t take long. I exploded cum, shot after shot, all over her tits, covering them, soaking them, between the cleavage and all over her hard erect nipples.

We smeared the cum with my cock. Then I licked her tits clean, adding ice cream to her already erect nipples.

I pulled her onto my lap, my still erect cock (thanks to the cock ring) pressing against her mound.

She started rubbing her pussy on my hard cock, her lips spreading and her juiced making my cock slippery. This was more Sumata, and I was loving it!

I was sucking her hard nipples, squeezing her tits, and making love to them with my mouth as she was getting herself off on my cock. I felt her cum before I heard it and when her pussy convulsed it provided the stimulation needed to make me cum again. I shot my second load of the morning onto my stomach, and Sugar played with it, rubbing it and scooping some onto her fingers and then eating it.

We kissed. My cum tasted like ice cream. It was good. The sex was good. Life was good!

But our week was far from over. That evening Sugar had another surprise for me.

When I returned from my conference, she was waiting in the room.

She told me to get dressed again (my outfit was in the bathroom).

This time it was black silky shiny pantyhose, without a gusset, and another cock ring, this one without a prostate massager.

When I went into the room, she had me lie on the bed. She was wearing a fishnet body stocking with spike heels. Sugar crawled between my legs and began to massage my ever hardening cock with her hands, her big tits, and her puffy lips. I was in heaven.

Then she told me to turn over. I flipped over, knowing my ass was exposed.

“Mmmmmmm, I love your ass in pantyhose Tony. So sexy.”

I felt her hands on my cheeks, then caressing, then she spread my legs. I felt her hot breath on my ass next. Then her tongue. Then she began to lick my puckered hole. It was pure ecstasy. Her wet tongue probed my nether regions, causing my cock to become more erect that ever.

Sugar inserted her tongue. Heaven. She tongue fucked my asshole, eventually inserting a finger, fucking my ass.

I loved it, and I begged for more, “Oh Sugar, fuck my ass with your fingers, give me more! Open me up and take my virgin ass!”

She did, adding a second finger then a third. “Are you ready for more Tony? Are you ready for my cock?”

I looked back and saw that she had added a strap on cock at some point. It was lovely, about six inches, thick (like my cock), and veiny. It even had balls!

“Oh Sugar, yes, baby, I want that in my ass! Fuck me baby, fuck me like I fucked you!”

“Turn over again. I want you to watch me fuck your ass!”

So I did. I lay on my back and spread my legs, opening my ass to her.

My hard cock was pointing straight up, oozing precum begging to be sucked or stroked. Sugar positioned herself between my legs, then pressed her cock against my hole. Slowly and deliberately she pressed forward, reaching up and grasping my hard cock.

“Oh Tony this is so fucking erotic! Your cock is so hard and so hot! And your ass is so open for me!”

The cock head popped through my anal ring. Damn it felt good!

She continued to slide her cock in my ass, well lubed from her tongue and saliva. It went in easily, and all the way. Then she started to slowly fuck my ass as she stroked my cock. My view of her huge tits, her erect nipples added to my excitement. She fucked me good. She stroked me good.

Then Sugar got on her knees behind me after I got in a doggie position, resting on my elbows. She again inserted her hard cock in my ass and started fucking me.

I loved it and told her so. Damn it was good. I was finally being fucked be the sexiest woman I’d ever met.

She fucked me for a very long time, and I never complained, only asking her to fuck me again and again.

But I was ready to cum. Sugar pulled out of me and went down on my asshole with her tongue again, this time pulling my cock backwards and stroking it. She alternated between stroking my cock and licking my asshole to sucking my cock and fingering my asshole.

I couldn’t hold out any more and blew my load in her mouth.

After I was finished cumming, she spit my cum into my asshole, licking me and smearing it around. When we kissed, the taste of my hole and my cum made me rock hard right away. This time, we reversed roles and Sugar took my cock in her asshole, making me cum as she came.

After our session, it was time to get some dinner, rejuvenate, and get ready for a night of hot fucking and sucking, and, as I told Sugar, more Sumata, which was fast becoming my favorite!

Authors note:

I recommend that you read Yuko’s Punishment and Yuko’s Punishment 1, 2 & 3 first before reading this next installment.

It was now three months since her last ordeal in the conference room at work. Three months since her last humiliating experience with her boss and ten businessmen. Even now, as she enjoyed a lazy Sunday morning in bed, just the thought of what she had done that afternoon at the office made her blush and feel embarrassed.

However the main cause of her acute embarrassment was the fact of having to admit that each time her mind flashed back to the events in the conference room it made her feel aroused. Lying there in bed alone that Sunday morning, images and memories flashed through her head of the ten businessmen taking turns to use her mouth and ejaculate all over her head filled her mind. Guilty excitement filled her senses as she thrust her hand between her open thighs to seek out the wetness and get some relief.

Later that evening she received an email from her boss to tell her of a business trip he wanted her to undertake. Despite her boss’s delight in sexually humiliating her from time to time she knew that she was a conscientious capable assistant.

This fact was confirmed by her boss’s email which told her he had booked her on a flight to London, business class, and a room in an up market hotel, and wanted her to deputize for him at an important conference. He explained that he would arrange for all the relevant documents to be emailed later.

Attached to the email was a return ‘E’ ticket and confirmation of the hotel reservation.

She had attended many meetings to discus this forth coming conference and now felt very flattered and honored that her boss had asked her to attend on his behalf.

Yuko spent the next week preparing and packing a case in preparation for her flight.

The flight was comfortable and she was soon checking into the hotel. She was impressed by her room which her boss had already upgraded to a suite.

As she unpacked her clothes she felt that she had achieved a good position in the company and felt determined to prove her self at the conference and hence impress her boss and demonstrate that she was a good business woman.

The following morning after a room service breakfast and a long shower Yuko prepared for the day at the conference. She chose some simple white underwear and sheer fifteen denier tights under a very conservative dark blue business suit; knee length skirt, matching jacket and a plain white blouse buttoned up to her neck.

Yuko checked her self in the mirror and felt happy that she had achieved the look she was after which was that of a smart young professional business woman.

She felt nervous as she pulled on a pair of low two inch heeled shoes, left the room clutching a large briefcase and headed for the elevator. She felt confident that her nervousness would soon go once she was in the conference room and chairing the meeting.

As she waited for the elevator she felt a cold shudder run through her body as she heard a male voice behind her ask, “Yuko?”

She recognized it immediately as her old boss from the UK office. The same boss who had been instrumental in her initial humiliation and punishment.

She turned to face him and to confirm that it was him.

“Hi Yuko,” he said cheerfully, I thought I recognized you. What are you doing back here in the UK?”

“I’m chairing a global conference on behalf of my boss in Japan,” she replied rather proudly, trying to remain calm and dignified. “So what are you doing here, I thought you left the company a while back?”

“I did,” he replied, “but I was invited back to act as a consultant for one of your delegates.”

She heard the elevator ‘ding’ to announce its arrival and waited for the doors to open. As they slid open her old boss said, “After you, Yuko.” She entered the elevator thinking how gentlemanly her old boss was being until, as the doors closed, he said, I only let you go first so that I could check out your backside.” As he spoke he slapped her bottom firmly, causing her to wince at the indignity of his actions.

While the elevator was descending he said, “I’m thinking that in your new managerial role you would prefer your adventurous past to remain a secret?”

Yuko just gazed down at her feet as she replied, “Please, I just want to move on and make a success of my career.”

Her old boss chuckled, reveling in the situation. “I’ll keep your secret quiet,” he said, “but it will cost you.”

“Anything,” Yuko pleaded, “just tell me how much and I’ll arrange it.”

He chuckled again as the elevator slowed and stopped. “I don’t want any money from you Yuko I just want the use of your body for my pleasure.”

As the doors slid open he grabbed her hand saying, “Come with me.”

She felt she had no choice as he led her down a deserted and dimly lit corridor to some gentlemen’s toilets.

He pushed the door open and then pulled her inside.

“Please,” she begged, I must not be late and cannot afford the time to return to my room if I need to change my clothes.”

“Don’t worry Yuko; all you’ll need to do is re-apply your lipstick provided that you swallow like a good obedient girl. Now unzip me.”

She placed the brief case on one of the wash stands and then reluctantly reached for the zip on his trousers. She paused briefly, but knowing that she had little choice if she was to avoid everyone in the conference hearing about her sordid past, she pulled it down and then delved inside his trousers and underpants and pulled out his penis.

She felt terrified that at any moment someone might walk in and find them but knew that any objection would be pointless.

She soon had her small hand wrapped around his manhood and pulled it free from his clothing.

“Now suck it Yuko and make sure you do not leave any mess on my trousers.”

She stooped down until her head was level with his crotch. She could both feel and see that he was fully erect. Her fingers barely reached around the thick shaft. Pulling his foreskin back she then opened her mouth and licked the head before taking the first inch inside. She tasted the familiar saltiness immediately and knew that the quicker she got on with it the quicker she could leave and go to the conference.

As she gripped the shaft with her lips she felt his hands briefly caress her ears before gripping the back of her head and forcing toward him. She quickly and repeatedly swallowed to try and avoid the gagging reflex as her old boss proceeded to fuck her head.

He was thrusting into her mouth, forcing her nose to squash against his pubic hair. She could sense that he would not take long as his thrusts increased in speed and she felt his body tensing. She felt the familiar pulsating of his shaft in her mouth as a brief warning of the sudden flood of semen as he ejaculated into her throat.

She withdrew her mouth a little as he released his grip on her head and sucked hard on him, making sure she drained every drop. Finally she pulled back a little further and cleaned the remaining seepage with her tongue.

“MMMmm, you have improved with time Yuko,” he said, “Your Japanese boss must be giving you plenty of practice.”

She looked up at him from her crouched position and saw the mean look in his eyes. She hated him for having just humiliated her like that. He made her feel cheap having just used her for his selfish pleasure but her body told a different story. She felt disgusted as the taste of his spunk lingered in her mouth but her nipples felt erect and alive. She felt used and abused as she licked him clean but could feel a growing wetness between her legs.

He then wiped the sticky head of his softening penis over her nose and lips before putting it away and zipping up his trousers. “You have my silence Yuko,” he said, causing her to a momentary sigh of relief, before adding, “for now.”

Chuckling to him self he then finished checking his trousers and left.

Yuko quickly grabbed her brief case and, checking that the coast was clear, quickly walked across to the ladies toilet. Upon entering she opened the brief case to retrieve a small make up bag as she checked her self in the mirror. Other than her lipstick being smudged and a few runs in her eye makeup caused when her eyes had watered while she tried to suppress her gagging reflex, she looked fine.

She fixed her eye makeup and lipstick and, realizing that the whole experience had only lasted ten minutes, she then tried to push the experience to the back of her mind as she set off for the conference rooms in the grounds of the hotel.

Throughout the conference she succeeded in ignoring the stares from her old boss and felt that she had conducted the conference competently as the chair person. One of her biggest fears before entering the conference room was that there might be other delegates that she recognized from the old UK office but as she settled in front of them all and glanced around at their faces the only one she recognized was her old boss. She felt relief as she started the proceedings, confident that at last she might be able to concentrate on her career.

Later, as she wound up the proceedings she looked forward to the gala dinner that was to be held later; a time to mix with the other delegates and perhaps forge some new business relationships to boost her career.

Yuko gathered up her papers, placed them in her brief case and made her way back to her suite.

She had only been back in her room for a few moments when the door bell rang.

She cursed under her breath and went to the door.

“Sorry to trouble you,” said a large scruffy looking guy dressed in working overalls and carrying a tool box, but our security systems are reporting a possible problem relating to your room. If it is convenient we need to quickly come inside and check.”

Yuko glanced at the man and his equally large colleague before replying, “Well OK, if you are quick then I suppose it will be OK. I have to get ready for an important dinner later this evening so please come in but I say again, please be quick.”

The two men entered the room, the last one closing the door behind him.

“So what is this security problem?” she enquired.

As she spoke the first and largest of the men reached for the TV remote and switched on the TV. “We have security cameras covering most of the hotel miss, and we spotted something earlier that could affect you. If you wait a minute I’ll bring up the security channel on your TV and we can check.”

Yuko watched, slightly puzzled as the maintenance guy entered a channel number and then a password via the TV remote control.

The large screen TV then showed a clear view of one of the corridors in the hotel.

He pressed a few more buttons causing the scene to change and then Yuko suddenly froze.

There on the screen was a recording showing her entering the men’s toilets with her old boss.

The scene then switched to the inside of the toilet. Yuko glanced at the two men and felt her self start to panic. In one swift pre-rehearsed move the two men grabbed her, pulled her over to her bed and then forced her to sit between them.

“What do you think your doing!” she protested, wriggling and fighting to free her self. She realized that to fight was useless. The men were leering at her and forcing her to look at the TV as the recording of this morning’s encounter with her old boss replayed on the screen.

Yuko watched with horror and a feeling of helplessness at the image of her self on the TV, getting out her old bosses penis and then stooping down in front of him to take him into her mouth.

The TV was still showing the recording of her earlier ordeal as the men started to rip off her clothes.

“No! No! You bastards, stop!” she protested already knowing that she was powerless to stop them.

She both heard and felt the buttons fly from her jacket as one of them held her and the other one just gripped the front and ripped it open. Her jacket was soon tossed onto the floor. She then felt his strong hands grip the neck line of her blouse and gasped as he just ripped it off her; the buttons flew across the room and the fabric tore and ripped easily. The men then swapped roles. As the other man now held her wriggling body the first one grabbed at the hem of her skirt. She heard the loud ripping noise as he tore it from the hem all the way up to her waist. It was now little more than a scrap of cloth as he finally ripped it from her body leaving her wearing just her bra, pantyhose and panties.

She still struggled as one of them held her whilst the other went to his tool box.

Yuko’s eyes were now wide with expectation and terror as she watched him come back toward her with four lengths of rope in his hands.

First they tied her legs; a rope around each ankle tied to opposite feet of the bed. With her legs tied and stretched wide open it made her struggling very difficult. Next they tied both her arms above her head and to each corner of the bed leaving her spread semi naked in the shape of a cross.

She stopped struggling and just looked at them defiantly as they leered back at her.

“I thought you wanted us to be quick,” the first guy said, “we’ll be as quick as we can and it will help if you stop struggling.” He then grabbed at her bra, pulling it violently away from her body. She could feel the fabric refusing to yield as it dug painfully into the flesh of her back and shoulders stretching away from her body to partially expose each breast.

She shouted, “No, please don’t hurt me,” when she saw the other man had fetched a knife from the tool box. As he approached she felt beads of sweat break out all over body. She watched him grinning at her as he approached and then with a few swift cuts she felt the pain of the bra digging into her vanish as it was reduced to scraps of useless fabric and tossed away onto the floor.

Each of them then grabbed a breast, squeezing them painfully and then, gripping her nipples between finger and thumb, they pinched her hard causing her to cry out.

“We were told that you liked it a little rough,” said one of them, “maybe we should now kiss them better.”

Yuko tried to ignore the aroused feelings in her body as they released their painful grip on her nipples. She then suppressed a sigh as they both surprised her by dipping their heads onto her breasts to lick her swollen and painful buds.

The gentleness did not last. After a few licks they moved down and she felt a hand grip the waistband of her panties which she had worn over her pantyhose. The panties were nowhere near as strong as her bra and with a strong powerful tug she felt them being ripped from her body.

She could almost physically feel their lustful gazes as though they were actually running their hands all over her. The only thing protecting what was left of her modesty was the fine nylon of her 15 denier pantyhose. She gasped as the one who had just ripped off her panties thrust his hand, palm upwards, into her crotch, pressing the fine nylon against the delicate moist folds of her labia. She felt him cupping her engorged lips in the palm of his hand knowing that he could now feel her wetness.

Her cheeks flushed crimson with shame as he announced to his colleague, “she’s wet! Her lovely little Asian cunt is soaking wet!”

“Let me feel,” said the other one as he pushed the other’s hand away and pressed his own inquisitive fingers into the wet nylon between her wide open legs.

She felt the pressure of the nylon against her tender lips as he pressed it partially into her wetness with his fingers. She whimpered as the pressure built in intensity as he pushed harder and harder trying to forcing more of the fine nylon into her wetness with his finger. He paused and she found her self gazing into his lust filled eyes. He stared into her eyes as he added a second finger and she then felt both moving in a sawing action up and down her nylon covered wet slit.

She saw the glint in his eye as he suddenly pressed both fingers hard against the resisting nylon. She felt the pain in her pussy lips as they were crushed by the nylon and then she howled with both the relief and the sudden invasion of her vagina as the nylon finally gave way and the maintenance man’s two fingers slid completely into her up to his knuckles.

She lay there impaled on his two fingers, feeling his knuckles pressed hard against her tender, engorged lips and his fingers moving deep inside her.

Any hint of her struggling had now stopped as he withdrew his fingers, gripped the frayed edges of the hole he had just made and tore the pantyhose further to expose all of the flesh between her thighs.

Yuko was now fully exposed as she watched the two of them hastily unfasten the flies of their overalls.

She gasped as they both pulled out huge erections knowing that they would both soon be forcing them selves inside her.

The first man was soon climbing on top of her and groping between her thighs. She felt the head of his huge cock nudge against her wet opening.

The air rushed out of her lungs when, without any further warning the guy thrust the whole length of his huge penis up inside her. It felt initially painful as her small Asian vagina was forced to stretch around and accommodate this large invader. The pain was short lived as he started to thrust selfishly into her. She then felt ashamed to realize that she was starting to thrust back against him.

It was quite obvious he was just seeking his own animal satisfaction as he pounded into her relentlessly.

Knowing that the other guy was waiting his turn just seemed to add to Yuko’s torment of trying to suppress her own arousal. She could feel her previously abused and swollen nipples tingling with desire as the man thrust between her legs. His whole weight was now on top of her and she could feel his hot urgent breath in her ear. It felt as though he was trying to split her in half with his huge cock as he pressed it into her as deep as he could get. With each pussy stretching thrust she felt her clit, aroused and swelling, being stimulated.

As he huskily breathed in her ear, “I hope you’re on the fucking pill,” Yuko’s body arched and thrashed on the bed and her screams of pleasure echoed around the room. Before her climax had subsided she felt his cock swell and throb inside her before releasing a gush of hot cum.

Embarrassed by her feelings she felt disappointed as he pulled out from her leaving her feeling empty.

The feelings were short lived as the other man took his place. He briefly and roughly squeezed both breasts as he positioned the head of his big erection against her puffy and dripping lips. She felt his weight on her as he released her breasts and, with one big powerful thrust entered her completely.

Again she felt her self being stretched to accommodate his manhood and then gasped again as he reached beneath her, gripped her buttocks and pushed a finger into her anus.

She protested, but only half heartedly as he quickly used her for his own pleasure, pushing his finger deep into her rectum as he erupted deep inside her vagina.

Once he had ejaculated he withdrew and wiped the head of his dripping penis over her thigh.

They were both staring between her stretched open thighs as she felt their collective cum trickling from her.

The whole of her body was still tingling with arousal and she pleaded, no, please don’t as both of them reached between her legs. She felt one of them briefly dip his finger into her dripping hole and then swiftly push it up her anus. The other started to flick her clitoris with the tip of his finger. She knew that another orgasm was not far away and as they took turns to finger fuck her anus and play with her clit she closed her eyes and submitted to her overwhelming desire for relief.

She felt both shame and embarrassment as the pair of them made her cum two more times referring to her as a horny Asian bitch as they abused both holes between her thighs with their fingers.

Finally they stopped, both of them grinning as one said, “I think that has solved the problem miss, you had better get showered and ready for your gala dinner this evening. They then untied her, zipped up their overalls and left her alone in her room.

Yuko lay on the bed for a while her ripped pantyhose still clinging to her legs and thighs but torn and shredded between her legs.

She reached down between her legs and touched her tender lips. They felt swollen but not as tender or sore as she had expected. She realized she was still aroused and for a moment felt tempted to pleasure her self once more using her fingers. She checked the time. There were still two hours before the Gala dinner and, as the hostess she knew she had to get some rest and then be ready in plenty of time.

She climbed off of the bed and removed the ruined pantyhose. She gathered up the remains of her ripped and torn clothes and then tossed them into the waste bin.

She glanced at the TV screen and saw the security movie repeating over and over at the point where her old boss had ejaculated into her throat. The two security guys had obviously left that as there farewell reminder. She turned off the TV, went to the bathroom and ran a deep hot bath.

She tried to relax in the hot bath but her mind was in turmoil. Earlier that day her old boss had effectively blackmailed her in order to force her to suck him off. Any normal woman would have run screaming and reported him but Yuko didn’t. Later the two guys had entered her room and roughly raped her. Again any normal woman would have called the police but she didn’t.

Feeling dirty and ashamed she could not resist sliding her hand down over belly and then down between her legs as she replayed the events of the day in her head. Subconsciously checking that her pubis and labia were baby smooth and hair free as always these days, she watched and felt her nipples stiffen and tingle as she remembered the maintenance guy’s huge cock stretching her as he entered her. Her finger tips were already dancing over her labia and seeking out her clit as she replayed the scene where they had literally ripped off her clothes and abused her. She felt the wonderful and familiar sensations start to radiate through her body both physically and mentally as she shuddered in the hot water with another orgasm.

She lay there for a while, exhausted and for the moment satisfied. Later she awoke with a start. The water felt cold as she realized she must have dozed off.

She quickly got out of the bath. Dried her self and then, seeing she still had a comfortable amount of time left before the gala dinner, she started to dress for the evening ahead.

Before she had left Japan her boss had stressed the importance of how elegantly she must be dressed for the gala dinner because she was the representing him and was the hostess. He had given her a generous allowance to go and buy a very expensive silk evening gown and shoes.

Yuko went to the wardrobe and took out the gown. She held it up and admired the fine patterned crimson red silk of the Kimono style dress, excited by the prospect of wearing such a beautiful and exquisite evening gown.

She had also bought a matching set of red silk underwear together with some fifteen denier sheer black hold up stockings.

She pushed the events of the day into the back of her mind as she started to get dressed.

She pulled on the red silk panties enjoying the luxury feel of the fine silk against her hairless pussy and then put on the bra. The soft silk cups were not under-wired or padded and so left her pert B cup breasts looking quite natural with a delicately small cleavage and slightly upward and outward facing nipples.

Finally she pulled on the stockings, rolling them carefully up and over her knees until the supporting thicker band was positioned high on each thigh. Before putting on the dress she checked her reflection in a full length mirror. She turned one way and then the other, feeling sexy but at the same time happy in the knowledge that the long gown would cover her and only she would know what was under it.

Finally she put on the dress. It had a long zip fastener on the back. Having fully opened the zip she stepped into the dress placed her arms into each sleeve and then, reaching behind, she pulled the zip right up to the top of the high neck line.

Yuko had loved the dress from the moment she had seen it the shop. Now, as she checked her self out in the full length mirror she felt pleased with her choice. The sleeves were three quarter length and the bodice reached right up to her slender neck. The hem of the skirt section was ankle length with open slits on each side reaching to just past the knee. The fine silk hugged her body, revealing the slim but curvy shape of her body beneath. As she walked across the room to fetch her shoes she felt the tightness of the skirt restricting her stride to very short but elegant steps. The shoes were red satin sling backs with a heel of about three inches; fashionable and definitely elegant.

She kept her make up simple but elegant with red lipstick and just a hint of eye shadow and mascara.

Finally realizing that time had passed quicker than she imagined she picked up her clutch bag, gave one last glance in the mirror, left her room and made her way to the private room which the hotel had reserved for the conference gala dinner which was on the first floor.

As she entered the room Yuko took a glass of champagne from a waiter and then looked around at the other delegates that had already arrived. There would be thirty in total, mostly men and two women.

She walked across and greeted them thinking how handsome all of the men looked dressed formally in dinner jackets and black bow ties.

Gradually the room filled and all of the delegates were there. Although she had chaired the conference her old boss took her to one side and said he was willing to make the welcome speech. Yuko readily agreed, pleased to avoid her self-conscious shyness of addressing the people again.

The room was quite intimate but large enough to accommodate three tables of ten people comfortably.

As they all took their places Yuko found her self seated with her old boss and eight other men. The all chatted to her politely but she was aware of them all trying to subtly check her out.

Her old boss stood and called for silence before saying, “Ladies and gentlemen, On behalf of the company I would like to welcome you all to our gala dinner. I think you will all agree that Yuko here did a great job of chairing the conference.”

Yuko blushed and glanced down shyly as the room burst into a round of applause.

Her old boss continued, “After the meal I will be holding an auction of various items to raise money for charity. I hope you are all feeling generous as it is for a very good cause, but more about that later after we have enjoyed our meal.”

The delegates applauded and then the waiters started to serve the meal.

The meal was delicious and for the first time that day Yuko was starting to feel relaxed.

As they were drinking their coffee her old boss stood and asked for silence.

“Before I start the auction I would like to show you all a video recording which I hope will encourage you all to be as generous as possible.”

Yuko was puzzled. This was the first time any mention had been made of an auction or video and she wondered what the charity was.

He then continued, “Yuko, I’ll need your help with the auction so will you please go and stand between the three tables.”

The three tables had been arranged in a triangle leaving an area in the centre.

Yuko felt eager to be involved, to help raise money for a good cause and help raise the company image. She left her chair and walked to the centre of the group. She was never at ease in front of people because of her inherent shyness but after chairing the conference earlier she felt that she had found a new self confidence.

Her old boss continued, “Ladies and gentlemen I’m sure you will all agree that the dress Yuko is wearing this evening looks exquisite. The company chairman back in Tokyo purchased the dress for Yuko specifically for this evening’s event and left me instructions that it should be first item to be auctioned.”

Yuko felt disappointed that she would not be keeping the beautiful dress for her self but consoled her self with the fact that it would be going for a good cause.

Continuing he said, now if you would all please watch the video I’m sure that afterwards we can raise a lot of cash.

The lights in the room dimmed and a large projection screen lowered almost silently from the ceiling, Yuko felt keen to watch and learn about the charity that her company was supporting.

The screen came to life and suddenly Yuko came close to bringing up the meal she had just eaten. She felt frozen to the spot as she and all of her conference colleagues watched her in the men’s toilet, stooped down in front of her old boss sucking his erect penis. The video had been cut to last just twenty seconds or so and quickly ended leaving the audience in no doubt that he had just ejaculated into her throat and that she had swallowed the lot.

Yuko felt her body tremble as she wished the floor would open and swallow her whole. Any relief from her acute embarrassment was short lived as within seconds of the toilet scene closing another even more explicit scene started.

There on the screen for all to see was Yuko. Completely naked except for her torn tights and tied spread eagled to a bed. In the hushed silence of the room Yuko watched and re-lived the moment in her head as the two maintenance men crudely fingered her fully exposed pussy and anus. She cringed with acute shame while her screams of pleasure filled the room as the two men made her cum. Like the last video, this one had also been cut short and suddenly the screen was receding back to the ceiling and the lights were coming back to full brightness.

Yuko just stood there motionless; her cheeks flushed crimson red, gazing down at her feet knowing that all eyes in the room were on her.

She could feel the expectant excitement in the room as her old boss continued, “Ladies and gentlemen I think that you will all agree that despite her shy exterior, Yuko is a very sexy and accommodating lady. You have all previously seen the full length video of Yuko’s punishment that I distributed before applying to take part in this fake conference. I have instructions from our company chairman that after the auction of the dress Yuko is available for what he has called, the sex orgy of the year during which she will be available for any of your sexual desires.”

Yuko was almost deafened by the loud instantaneous applause as the delegates made their delight at the prospect of her complete humiliation very obvious.

“Perhaps two of you ladies could help me with the auction by assisting Yuko,” her old boss said.

Yuko raised her head a little to see the two female delegates eagerly moving toward her and then joining her in the centre space between the tables. Yuko glanced at each of them noting their appearance. Both were attractive and slim, taller than her but with short cropped hair. One had dark haired whilst the other was obviously died red.

“Thank you ladies, now let’s start the auction.”

Who’ll start me at £500 for the dress?

500, thank you sir. 600 anywhere.

As the auction progressed with the price quickly ramping up the two short haired ladies encouraged Yuko to slowly turn around so that everyone could see her from different angles. As they turned her one of them forced her chin up making her face the delegates instead of gazing down at her feet.

The price was already at £1200 and as her old boss continued his selling pitch saying, “any advance on 1200, for this beautiful figure hugging dress,” Yuko tensed as the red haired lady ran her hand boldly over her from her neck down over her breasts to the gentle swell of her belly as if to show how it hugged her figure.

The auction was getting louder as the bids kept coming until the price reached £2100.

Yuko listened as her old boss continued, “Is there any advance on £2100,” going once, going twice, sold to the man at the back.”

The delegates cheered loudly and then the noise in the room slowly subdued to complete silence. Yuko felt a little sad that she would not be able to keep the fabulous silk dress but consoled her self by the fact that it had raised a reasonable amount of money for charity. She looked around at the delegates gathered together in the room. She sensed a mood of anticipation and could not help but notice how the men nearest to her were quite openly appraising her with their eyes roaming over her from head to toe. Suddenly she froze as her old boss said, “Ladies, please take off Yuko’s dress so we can give it to its proud new owner.”

Yuko tried to protest and get away but the two women held her firmly. She then felt the zipper being swiftly pulled all the way down.

She tried to suppress the now contradictory but familiar feelings of shame and arousal as the two women eased first one arm and then the other from her dress before finally pulling it from her completely.

The room erupted with loud cheering as the silk dress was passed to the highest bidder leaving Yuko, staring down at her feet dressed in just her red silk bra and panties together with her sheer fifteen denier hold ups.

Without looking up she could feel every pair of eyes looking at her and, with a strong submissive feeling of defeat, knew that her latest ordeal had only just begun.

One of the women lifted her chin again, forcing her to look at the men all around.

Her old boss then called for silence. The room was now completely quiet as he said, “As you have all seen from the video taken this morning, Yuko is very good at sucking cock as well as chairing a conference. I know that all of you have also seen the video of her punishment when she worked in the UK office and judging by your reactions here I know you are all keen to sample Yuko’s skills for your selves.

Before I give her to you I think you would all appreciate seeing what delights she has waiting for us to both see and use so I will now auction the bra and then the panties which match the beautiful silk dress.”

Yuko listened to the enthusiastic noise of the crowd as they bid for her bra. The price was already at £1200. She waited with nervous anticipation knowing that in the next few minutes her breasts would be displayed to the delegates.

“Any advance on £1200; £1500, thank you sir.

Yuko felt her body starting to tingle with arousal and at the same time deep shame that she should react in such a way.

“£1600; any more? Going once, going twice; sold to the gentleman on my right.”

Yuko felt her cheeks flush deeper as one of the women reached behind and swiftly unfastened the bra. “Time to show us all your tits,” she said with a slightly threatening tone to her voice.

Yuko winced as one of the women held her whilst the other pulled off her bra.

Her natural reaction was to try and cover her self but the women quickly grabbed her hands and held them behind her back.

She winced as both women painfully pinched her nipples, pulling them outward and upward as though trying to pull them off. When her nipples were released, Yuko felt ashamed again as they looked both erect and aroused and at the same time her breasts tingled with pleasure.

Again one of the women forced Yuko’s chin up to make her look at the lecherous male faces all looking directly at her exposed breasts.

She knew the time would come soon but still felt her body tense and fill with shame as her old boss announced, “And now I’ll auction Yuko’s panties.”

The crowd went wild but then the noise subsided and the room was silent as her old boss continued, “I think you’ll all agree that Yuko has a sexy body and the combination of the red silk panties and the dark holdup stockings have the effect of focusing our eyes onto her crotch. As you have all seen from the video, Yuko shaves her pussy.”

Yuko’s cheeks were nearly as red as the silk panties as he continued, “So, for the chance to own the panties and of course the bonus of seeing Yuko displaying all of her shaved charms who’ll start me at £2000?”

There was a flurry of bids and Yuko just stared down at her feet as she heard the bids rise to £3000.

She felt her heart rate increase as the bidding slowed to a halt at £3250 knowing that the time was rapidly approaching when she would lose her panties and be naked.

“£3250; any advance on £3250?” Yuko just stared at her feet and then felt a feeling of dread fill her senses as a man shouted, “£3500 if there is a wet patch!”

Her old boss continued, “Any advance on £3500?”

Going once, going twice, sold to the man to my right.”

The two women glanced at each other and then, as one of them cupped one of Yuko’s breasts, the other slowly and sensuously ran her hand down over the front of Yuko’s body. Yuko tried to suppress the feelings of arousal but as the woman’s hand slipped down over her belly and then inside the waistband of her panties she let out an anguished gasp as the intruding fingers brushed over her wet lips.

Yuko pleaded, “Stop, please stop,” but even as she spoke she knew her pleas sounded far from convincing. She felt humiliated and deeply embarrassed but as the woman deftly slipped a finger into Yuko’s vagina she just moaned softly and felt her whole crotch becoming saturated.

The woman was obviously pleased to have discovered Yuko’s aroused state as she announced to the crowd, “This shy Asian slut’s pussy is already wet and ready!”

As the crowd cheered the woman withdrew her hand but then proceeded to press the crotch of the silk panties against Yuko’s wetness. Finally, satisfied with the result she removed her hand, turned to Yuko’s old boss and said, “Her panties are definitely wet now.”

Yuko dreaded what might happen next as the two women stood on either side of her and lifted her off of the ground. She struggled half heartedly as they each reached for a leg and before she knew it they were turning her around slowly with her legs pulled open so that the large dark wet patch on the crotch of her panties could be seen by all of the men.

The men cheered loudly and then the one who had bid for the wet panties stood up and approached.

The women held on to Yuko but let her legs close; for the moment.

Yuko looked around at the many faces surrounding her as the man said, “I think you are wearing something that now belongs to me.”

He then reached for the waist of her panties and swiftly pulled them off, sliding them down over her sheer hold ups and then easing them from her feet.

To add to her shame he held them up displaying the obvious wet patch in the crotch to the crowd before placing them over his nose and breathing in deeply.

“MMmm, he exclaimed, you smell divine.”

As he stuffed the soiled panties into his pocket the women reached down and lifted Yuko’s legs up and apart again. Like before they turned around slowly but this time displaying her completely to the crowd. Yuko could feel her moist labia opening as her legs were pulled apart. She felt ashamed by the wetness she could feel between her legs but felt powerless to stop her body becoming more and more aroused as the women humiliated her.

The men had cleared one of the tables and the women carried Yuko over to it and laid her down on her back. She had given up any fight that was left in her and just groaned with shame as they lifted her knees, folding each of them back and apart. Laying there, exposed in the most obscene way, Yuko watched the men start to gather round and heard the unmistakable sound of zips being unfastened.

You get cheered up after being called into work Saturday.

* * * * *

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* * * * *

I originally posted this story almost two years ago, but lost the other parts of the story when my computer crashed. I am reposting this part and will be posting the other parts of the story over the next few weeks as I finish retyping them. While I may post some fictional stories in the future, all of the events in this one and the other parts to follow are completely true. My wife hopes you enjoy a peek into my sexual life. It may not be for everyone, but it is the path that my wife has chosen for us. She instructed me to ask for your feedback and to ask in each part of the story for suggestions from you as to cruelties and humiliations that her sissy should be forced to endure in service to her and for her pleasure. She thanks you for your input.


My wife is a classy and refined southern lady, who happens to be extremely beautiful and sexy in a very polished, professional way. From the beginning of our relationship, she has been very adventurous sexually, which was a very happy surprise initially as she was, for all anyone else knew, a proper sorority girl, well bred and gracious. As a result, we have always had a lot of fun in bed and out. We also have developed a deep comfort level that allows us to be very open and honest with each other concerning our quirks and desires without fear of rejection or ridicule.

Early in our marriage, I confessed to her that I had always enjoyed wearing women’s panties, stockings, and clothing, going back to trying on my older sister’s clothes as a child and continuing through my teens into adulthood. I adore the feeling of wearing silky, feminine things. I also gradually revealed to her that I have a submissive side despite my success in a very competitive business environment. She indulged me reluctantly at first, letting me dress up from time to time. It started slowly with a few of her things and then she eventually bought me a few pairs of tights and other fun things. Those purchases led to very sexy high heeled shoes, nothing trashy, but rather something like she would wear. You cannot imagine my delight with her and with my situation.

As we progressed further down this path of indulgence of my feminine side, she became more comfortable dominating me and using me for her pleasure. Nothing cheesy like in bad novels or porno movies, but more subtle and sexy– making me dress up, making me confess my most humiliating desires, and using my mouth and body for her pussy’s satisfaction. She is now in total control, which is the ultimate bondage.

She has commanded me to tell you the latest story of my loss of control. So here I sit dressed in black panties, black cable knit tights, a control brief, black camisole shaper top, and a black knit dress, wearing trendy black booties with 4 inch heels, ready to share my humiliation.

Her latest cruelty is to take total control over my orgasms. I am not allowed to cum without her permission for weeks at a time, never knowing when, or even if, I will be allowed to cum again. There is no chastity device involved I am just supposed to control it no matter how she touches me, sucks me, or rides my cock to multiple orgasms in her rightful place on top. No masturbation. No orgasm, period. I am fairly good at controlling myself, but, after several days of stimulation by this beautiful woman while she takes her pleasure, the tension is deliciously unbearable. As I work during the day, I have the most perverse thoughts. She makes me shave my legs and body every morning to further my feminization under her control. When I get home I am made to immediately put panties on over my shaved legs, adding to my heightened state of sexual awareness. I am also made to fully dress in panties, stockings or tights, dresses, and heels, when it suits her mood. Imagine being able to intensely feel the presence of your cock and balls with every movement throughout the day.

One night, only about two weeks into one of her periods of orgasm control, she had me go down on her for an extended period of licking her delightful pussy and then climbed on me and impaling herself on my cock to take her pleasure in her favorite way. As she rocked on my cock, grinding her clit into my body, she shivered and moaned with her first powerful orgasm. I grabbed her hips and squeezed her tight with my hands, pushing her down onto my body as she came again with a gasp. I was doing fine, enjoying her pleasure and resisting the urge to cum. Then, pushing my arms above my head, she continued her assault on my cock, rocking back and forth in furious rhythm. As she was riding the wave of her fourth climax, I felt her orgasmic juices dripping down my balls. All of a sudden from deep inside me came that familiar urge. I fought to hold back the spasms as she was clearly past the point of no return, hoping I could make it until she stopped. As she finished her orgasm, I began to spasm, coaxed by her final strokes back and forth on my cock. I tried desperately to resist, but could not and semen dribbled out of me as she came to a stop, ruining my orgasm, removing any pleasure, but not my transgression.

Ashamed, I confessed my loss of control. She admonished me for my weakness and informed me that, since I could not control myself, I would have no stimulation, not so much as a touch or a breath until she decided I had paid for my failure. She instructed me to think about my failure and to come up with my own suggestions as to proper punishment for my loss of control. As I tried to go to sleep that night and into the next morning I began to imagine what might show her my regret and impress upon her how truly sorry I was for my failure.

In an attempt to satisfy her demand, I developed the following list of tasks to please her and show my contrition. In a further attempt to entertain her I wrote them in verse emailing her one at a time as she requested. My “grovel” read like this:

I love you my beautiful queen princess.
I want you to know how sorry I am for my failure to suppress.

This novice “girl” wants to apologize for her sudden male emission.
She is ashamed that she dribbled without your permission.

Your teasing and control had me in such exquisite tension.
Your wanton beauty rocking conquered all powers of retention.

For that I am very remorseful and if it is any consolation,
this accident had no pleasurable sensation.

My release was ruined by your merciful finish and my shame.
The erotic edge remains as if my failure never came,

but that does not excuse my failure to sustain.
I deserve every punishment, deeply sorry, in your control I remain.

I know and accept that my punishment will include some time without touch.
A girl can only hope it will not be too much.

In the verses that follow I will suggest paths of sissy penitence.
In an attempt to please you into lightening my sentence.

The first task is to show you how wonderful a long massage feels.
My sissy punishment is to do it “butt plugged” in an outfit, hose, and heels.

I am sorry that I disappointed you and failed you I fear.
For your pleasure I will keep my tongue in your rear.

As often and long as you want licking your ass, no stopping, I am clear.
I want to show you my contrition and serve you my dear.

This sissy needs to learn her pleasure to resist,
by taking your hand in my ass all the way to the wrist.

Corseted and stockinged like a true strumpet,
made to perform as your anal hand puppet.

Perhaps some prideful dignity could be removed by a full bag enema detox.
You laugh as I struggle to take it all in my pumps and knee sox.

Or maybe a dance fully dressed and made up for ballet.
Stretched and rehearsed to dance any male pride away.

I will bring you your Magic Wand and Trigasm.
And suck on your toes,

while you enjoy every spasm.
Your humiliated sissy in panties, tights, and stilettos.

This girl’s shame is great for having failed,
for your entertainment I should be dressed and impaled.

On objects selected by you to be seen,
I am sure you will test this sissy size queen.

Maybe you just need to get straight down to it,
right to the real culprit and punish my clit.

Strapped tightly to the spreader bar.
Black stockinged high heeled legs stretched apart very far,
you torture my parts while I beg you to stop.

When I arrived home from work that day, my wife was still disappointed in my weakness, but she said she liked the thought and effort. She said that, after one week of punishment by total denial, we could begin working through the list to complete my sentence.

So in the next part of the story you will see my deliciously cruel wife uses these tasks to humiliate me.

Disclaimer: This story is purely fictional and is a segue into the darker part of the human psyche where forced sex fantasises dwell. The author also does not condone non-consensual or physically forced sex, but acknowledges that men and women do have these fantasises. I certainly do; and I sometimes act them out in real life in my female persona when dressed as Michele. In fact as a transvestite I identify more with the female characters in my stories than I do the male. That said, being bisexual, I am turned on by both the male and female characters; and of course my nylon fetish is self-evident.

Part Two

Detective Mike Harris tipped up Michele Bouvier’s black leather shoulder bag and spilled out the contents onto the desk in his bedroom. It was now two days since he forced himself Michele Bouvier in the railway station workshop but this was the first chance he had to explore the contents of her bag.

He and detective sergeant Janine Munner had been busy working the Pantyhose Stalker case, waiting for the forensic evidence and poring over the statements they had taken. He knew that nothing would come of it; when they ran the prints and DNA from the crime scene they matched the other prints and DNA from the other Pantyhose Stalker cases but they didn’t match anything on file.

Mike had replaced his own fingerprints and DNA in the all of the law enforcement databases with those of an unknown bum who had died long ago, so even if they ran the crime scene forensics through the police databases for elimination purposes they would not be able to match them to him.

Including Michele Bouvier, Mike Harris had taken ten women; but only five of the women had reported the crime. As an SVU specialist Mike knew that only about fifty percent of crimes actually got reported to the police. He was now on a twenty-four hour off-shift rotation so he had some time on his hands.

He opened Michele’s notebook computer but as he expected it was password protected. He knew people in the underworld who could easily hack into the computer but the risk of exposing himself was too great. He shut it down and put it aside to be disposed of later. He opened her cell phone and checked her contact list and scrolled through it. He found an entry for Nadine, Michele’s daughter, and smiled.

“Now this will come in useful,” he said to himself.

Her purse contained some cash and credit cards; he put the cash in his wallet and threw the credit cards onto the bed with the laptop. He rifled through the other compartments of the purse and found a key. It looked like a deadlock key and he guessed it might be a spare key to the Bouvier residence. Would she think to change the locks? Her key ring was not in the bag so maybe she kept her keys in her jacket pocket and she still had them? Maybe she wouldn’t remember the spare key in her purse? He placed it beside the mobile phone. The rest of the contents of the bag held no interest for him. He stuffed the computer, the credit cards and the purse back in the shoulder bag.

Mike decided to go out for a drink; he thought better when he was alone in a bar. He went out of his apartment building via the basement car park and threw Michele’s shoulder bag into the furnace on the way to his car. He stopped at a local hangout and had a couple of drinks while he planned his next move and then went home and slept soundly. Before he nodded off he masturbated using a pair of pantyhose he had taken from one of his victims. He wished now he had taken Michele Bouvier’s; he recalled how she had thrust against him during the sex; how she had enjoyed being fucked by the anonymous assailant.

“We need to speak to the Bouvier woman again,” Janine Munner said to him when he arrived at the station the next day.

“I’m still not convinced we got everything from her,” she went on.

“Ok with me,” Mike replied.

“I’d like to speak to her alone this time; I’d like you to interview the husband and also I’d like to interview the daughter if she’s home. Michele might have told them something that she hasn’t told us,” Janine said as they drove out to the Bouvier house.

Mike smiled. It would be fun to interview the poor sap whose wife he had taken; and if he could get some time alone with that sweet little daughter of hers it might help him consolidate the plans he had for her.

Mike checked out his partner. ‘Fucking lipstick lesbians! They all need a good fucking!’ he thought.

Today she was wearing a light coloured skirt and jacket combo; the skirt was short enough that he could see right up her long legs. Those long well defined limbs were clad in sheer taupe pantyhose and her feet were shod in beige high-heels. Her makeup was perfect as usual and a miasma of perfume surrounded her. She wore her long blonde hair in a braid. She had big tits too! If she weren’t his partner she would definitely be on his victim list!

They were ushered into the Bouvier house but they received a reluctant welcome. Janine explained that they just needed to follow up on some facts and Michele ushered her into the lounge. Michele was once again impeccably dressed in skirt, blouse, hose and heels; her makeup was heavy but discerningly applied. Mike would have fucked her again in a heartbeat. He followed Harold Bouvier into the den.

“I’m sorry to have to do this again Mister Bouvier,” he began.

Harold waived dismissively at a chair.

“Let’s just get this over with so my family can get on with our lives,” he sighed.

Mike sat down and pulled out his notebook; Harold Bouvier continued to pace back and forth.

“I understand the dreadful situation in which your family finds itself but I have to ask you some questions. Your wife may have held back vital information; which is of course understandable given the ordeal she has been through, and the delicacies involved.”

“Is there anything that your wife told you in confidence that you think may help us,” Mike asked.

“Not really. In the past she has mentioned that some of the guys in the office where she works have come on to her; but surely she would have recognised one of her colleagues if he were the perpetrator. Besides, really? With all that young skirt parading around the office where she works why would one of them go for Michele?”

Mike was taken aback at the callousness of her husband. He obviously didn’t have that much respect for his wife and he certainly didn’t appreciate her. No wonder she became turned on when she was taken; her husband probably hadn’t fucked for quiet some time.

“So there is nothing that you can add that would help our investigation?” Mike went on.

“Well not really. But I just don’t understand it,” Harold ran his fingers through his hair despondently.

“Understand what Mister Bouvier?”

“Well her hair and makeup were mussed, her skirt was torn and her pantyhose had a hole ripped in them and her ass had a few scratches but she wasn’t hurt,” Harold said.

“Not all sex perverts beat their victims,” Mike explained.

“Yeah; but if she had put up a fight, wouldn’t she be battered and bruised? He had her in that workshop for over half an hour; why didn’t someone hear her screaming? You heard what she said; she said he took her twice!”

“Jesus! How could she let him?” Harold whined.

‘Because she enjoyed being impaled on my long thick cock?’ Mike was thinking to himself and suppressed a smile.

“How could she? How could she let that man fuck her! I told her that dressing the way she does, she’s asking for it!” Harold was angry now; his voice raised.

“I saw her underwear and her skirt in those plastic evidence bags; they were soaked! The asshole must have come on her; so imagine how much of his stuff she must have had inside of her! Christ!” Harold’s disgust was evident.

“Mister Bouvier; he had a knife, your wife probably saved herself from severe injuries by not fighting or resisting the man who attacked her,” Mike tried to diffuse the situation and stop Harold from shouting.

“Bullshit! I bet the bitch begged for it! That asshole violated my wife; came all over her and then fucked her! And what did she do? She did nothing! She probably gave him a fucking blowjob!” Harold screeched.

The door was slightly ajar and suddenly it opened fully and Michele Bouvier stepped into the room carrying coffee, cream, and sugar on a silver tray. Mike could see the tears in her eyes and his heart softened. How could her husband be such an asshole; how could he not appreciate her beauty. Sure she was a buxom woman, but she was sexy as all hell!

“Coffee gentlemen?” Michele asked; her voice quivering.

She had obviously overheard her husband ranting and his accusations.

She walked over to the desk and put down the tray. As she bent over Mike got a tantalising glimpse of the back of her legs. She poured coffee and Mike got out of his chair and went over to the table. Her breasts strained against the buttons on her cream chiffon blouse; he could see she wore a white satin camisole under her blouse.

“Thanks,” Mike said as she offered him a cup, he noticed the red nailpolish on her long manicured fingernails; her fingers were long and delicate.

She turned on her heels and took a pace towards her husband offering him a cup of coffee.

Harold exploded and slapped the coffee out of his wife’s hand; the cup flew across the room. Some of the coffee spilled on her blouse.

“You let some stranger fuck you in a railway workshop and you think coffee’s going to make it better! You stupid cunt!” Harold stormed out of the room.

Michele began to sob and Mike went over to her. She fell into his arms and put her head on his shoulder and cried. Mike held her gently and let her cry; her body felt wonderful and she smelled delightful. His cock began to thicken.

Janine Munner stuck her head around the door to see what the commotion was all about. She saw Mike comforting Michele and she made hand gestures indicating for him to continue to comfort Michele while she talked to her husband. Mike nodded.

He heard Janine and Harold talking in hushed tones in the hallway and then their voices trailed off; they must have gone into another room.

Mike still held Michele in his arms and she was leaning against him. Although she was a big woman she felt delicate; her breasts pressed against his chest and her belly brushed his. She heaved as she sobbed and her breasts and abdomen rubbed against his body. He held her tightly and his cock became erect. Her perfume enveloped them as they held onto each other for what for him seemed like an eternity.

Michele felt safe in the embrace of this young policeman; his body was hard but his touch soft and considerate; he stroked her back soothingly and then caressed her hair. Michele let the man comfort her for a while and allowed herself to be calmed and soothed by his gentle embrace. She absentmindedly lifted one foot off the ground and leaned into the man’s toned body. She suddenly became aware of how close they were; her belly was pressing against his groin and she realised he had an erection.

Her initial reaction was to break the embrace and push him away from her but it felt so marvellous to be held by someone who obviously appreciated her. Also she had been in a state of semi-arousal ever since she had been violated and the feel of the man’s hard member pressing against her through her clothing was quiet erotic.

Michele lifted her head off his shoulders and stared at him; her face inches from his. Mike gazed into her pretty eyes and his cock pulsed; he knew she could feel it. She suddenly smiled. She leaned forward and pecked him gently on the lips.

“Naughty boy,” she smiled and stepped back out of his embrace.

Mike could taste her lipstick and smell her perfume.

They heard footsteps approaching.

“Will that be all officer?” Michele asked, dabbing at her eyes with a handkerchief as Janine Munner and her husband entered the room.

“Detective actually; but yes for now Mrs Bouvier,” Mike replied; her eyes registered his amusement at their private joke.

“And I’d just like to apologise. To my wife and to you two detectives,” Harold Bouvier said somewhat pompously.

“Oh go fuck yourself Harold!” Michele Bouvier sneered and spun on her heels.

Now she looked a lot more composed and in control. Her ass, constrained nicely in her tight skirt, sashayed from side to side provocatively as she strode purposely out of the room.

“Michele! Honey! I’m sorry!” Harold called after her as he followed in her wake.

“What a fucking dweeb!” Janine Munner muttered.

“Yep,” Mike replied, thankful that his suit jacket hid his boner.

“Did you learn anything else?” Janine asked Mike as they drove back to the station.

“Other than the fact that her husband is a complete, unappreciative, asshole; no!” Mike replied.

“Unappreciative? Be careful Mike your chauvinism is slipping,” Janine jibed him.

“Well even a complete misogynist like myself can see that Harold is blaming his wife for what happened to her. She seems like a very nice lady to me.”

“Jesus Mike! You’re the one who told me to harden up; you’re not sweet on the broad are you?” Janine continued to rib her partner.

“Nah! You’re more my type. Too bad you’re a rug-munching lipstick-lezzo!”

“Ah, that’s more like the partner I know and love. I didn’t get much else out of her either and I doubt she told her daughter anything. I don’t know though; I still get the feeling she isn’t telling us everything,” Janine mused.

The following evening Mike was parked outside of the Graham Academy; the community college where Michele’s nineteen year old daughter Nadine attended school. The boys were practicing football and the cheerleaders were practicing their cheer routines on the playing field under the floodlights.

Mike had his binoculars fixed on Nadine Bouvier. Just like the last time he has seen her she was dressed in her cheerleader outfit; a white pleated skirt, a figure-hugging spandex top, white with the letters GA in blue and red emblazoned on it, sheer flesh-tone tights and white gym shoes. Her brunette hair was worn in a ponytail.

She pranced around; her skirt flying up and her chest heaving in the tight spandex top as she went through her cheer routines. Mike had a huge erection that he stroked through his pants. He saw that the practice was about to finish and watched as she went over to the bleachers to where her tote bag lay. He quickly dialled a number in his cell phone and smiled as he watched Nadine rummage around in her bag for her phone.

Mike had got Nadine’s number from her mother’s cell phone.

“Hello?” Mike heard Nadine pant into the phone; she was still catching her breath after the workout.

“Hi. Nadine Bouvier? This is detective Harris; I was at your place a few days ago.”

“Oh, hello detective; what can I do for you?”

Mike went on to explain how he would like to talk to her to see if there was anything that she might be able to help them with regarding her mother’s case. He definitely did not tell her that if anyone should be talking to her, it should be his partner, who incidentally, was of a mind that Nadine had nothing to add to the facts of the case.

“I guess so; sure. I want to help. When?” she asked.

“Well I’m parked across the street here; maybe I can give you a ride home and we can talk on the way?”

“Sure,” she replied; why should a nineteen-year-old girl be suspicious of a cop?

Mike reached into the glove compartment and took out a small digital voice recorder. He switched it on and slid it under his seat. He unclipped the pancake holster containing his weapon and slid that under the seat too.

Mike watched Nadine approach and his cock pulsated; goddamn she was hot! Her little skirt flicked around her thighs and her firm tits were moulded to her spandex top. She waved as she approached his car and gave him a big smile. He reached across and pushed open the door for her. She tossed her tote bag on the back seat and climbed in the front. His eyes went straight to her legs as she carelessly allowed the little skirt to ride right up her thighs. She was wearing white spandex gym panties; what he thought were flesh-tone tights were in fact tan pantyhose. She saw him looking and smiled innocently.

“I don’t wear my good tights to practice; its bad enough they made us wear the uniform and full makeup, I must look a mess,” she said.

Her face was fully made up; lipstick, powder, blush, eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara; the whole shebang. Her makeup was only slightly smeared by the workout and she smelled like bubblegum and perfume overlaid with a scintilla of perspiration.

“Yeah it was a full dress rehearsal for the game this weekend but I’ll be fucked if I’m going to ruin my good tights so I wear these old things,” Nadine pulled the sheer nylon away from her thigh and Mike’s cock thickened.

“Em; rather strong language for a schoolgirl,” he smiled at her.

“Bullshit, I’m a college freshman,” she beamed back at him.

He was amazed at how brazen she was with him and how attractive she looked. She was a younger version of her mother; all curves, and tits to die for.

She deftly spun around, and kneeling on the seat, she leaned over and rummaged around in her bag. Her skirt rode right up her ample ass and Mike could see all of her white spandex panties. They were moulded to her taut buttocks; the crevice of her ass crack clearly visible through the almost transparent material. The gym panties covered her ass from the tops of her thighs to her trim waist; the waistband of her pantyhose was also tantalisingly visible.

Nadine adeptly spun around and caught him looking. She smiled again.

“What is about guys with girls dressed in cheerleader outfits? Its just gym clothes worn with a short skirt!” she flopped back in her seat.

Mike saw that she had taken a package of cigarettes and a lighter from her bag.

“Well not all girls fill their cheerleader outfits like you,” Mike smiled back at her.

Nadine looked at him quizzically.

“You’re pretty fresh for a cop who’s supposed to be interviewing me about my mother,” she said.

“And you’re pretty fresh for a co-ed in her first year of college,” he replied.

“That’s why they call us freshmen,” she beamed back at him and shook out a cigarette and offered it to him.

“We aren’t supposed to smoke in municipal vehicles,” Mike said, taking the offered cigarette.

“You aren’t supposed to look up the skirts of teenage college girls either I bet?” she sniggered.

She offered him a light and then lit her own cigarette.

“It’s a cheerleader outfit; you’re not showing me anything I couldn’t see sitting on the fifty yard line,” Mike smiled back.

“Sure Mike,” Nadine replied and deliberately hiked up her skirt to the top of her thighs.

“Flirt!” he said playfully.

Nadine got serious.

“So. About mom?”

“Well my partner and I were wondering if she might have told you something that she wouldn’t tell us. A lot of sexual assault victims confide in their close family members things they are too embarrassed to tell the cops.”

“Like what?”

“Like anything,” Mike replied.

“Ok. She told you that he came twice right? Is that relevant? That he came twice? Mom said he panty-popped her first before he fucked her,” she drew on her cigarette.

“You can get the DNA off her underwear because he panty-popped her,” she said earnestly.

Mike was amazed at how forthright and unemotional this young woman was. Hearing her talk this way was turning him on tremendously.

“Err………Panty-popped?” Mike asked.

“Oh. That’s what we girls do for our boyfriends if we really like them. The boys want to fuck us but some of the girls don’t want to give up their cherries. Most girls will let a guy finger-bang them and some of the more adventurous girls let the guys panty-pop them.”

“Your generation probably called it dry-humping; but this is a little bit more daring. You let the guy climb on top of you and rub his cock on the crotch of your panties or pantyhose. Hence the term ‘panty-pop’ get it?”

“Jesus!” Mike exhaled, blowing a long plume of cigarette smoke out the window.

“So is that any help?” she smiled at him again and ran her tongue seductively across her teeth.

“Well we know about the DNA on your mother’s underwear. Is there anything else?” Mike asked.

“Apart from the fact that she enjoyed it,” Nadine said matter-of-factly.

“Whaaat?” Mike coughed and nearly dropped his cigarette.

“She told me last night. Came into my room and spilled her guts. Said my father had accused her of being a trollop who got what she asked for. Said dad hadn’t fucked her for months. Said her attacker’s cock was bigger and thicker than dad’s and that he knew how to use it.”

“Said she stood on her high-heels, spread her legs, and rutted like a whore. Said she enjoyed every minute of it and that as soon as I leave college she’s giving the old man the boot.”

“Jesus!” Mike repeated himself, incredulous at this girl’s candid responses.

“She really said all that?”

“Yep she did. Says the guy forced himself on her but that she got hot only when he started you to…you know…do her.”

“And what do you think of all that?” Mike asked.

“I love my mom and I hate my dad. I’m glad she’s leaving the old bastard. I’m sad she got violated but if she was forced to enjoy it; that’s not really such a bad thing.”

“Jesus,” Mike repeated himself yet again.

Nadine flicked her cigarette out of the window and pulled on her seat belt.

“So are you still going to give me a ride home?” she smiled at him again.

“Sure,” Mike started the car.

“How old are you?” Nadine asked, aimlessly staring out the window.

“Jesus! I’m thirty something,” he smiled trying to concentrate on the road ahead but he kept stealing furtive glances at the teenager’s long legs and firm tits.

“Mom says you’re hot,” she rambled on.


“She says you hugged her when dad ranted and raved at her. Says you were really kind.”

“Well its part of the service,” Mike joked.

“She says you had a serious boner too.”


Before Mike could retort she turned and faced him.

“You think my mom’s hot?”

“I think your mom is sophisticated and attractive. I think your old man is nuts not to be more attentive to her. But you couldn’t get me to say that in a court of law,” Mike concluded.

“Would you fuck her? She gave you a boner when you hugged her. I bet you would.”

“Let’s change the subject I think,” Mike said.

This encounter was not going at all to plan.

“Do you think I’m hot?” Nadine asked and glared at him.


“I think you’re also sophisticated and attractive; a younger version of your mother.”

“I also think you are nineteen and have far too much to say,” he chided her.

“Bullshit! You think I’m hot. Mom’s right though; you’re pretty hot yourself for an older guy,” Nadine was still staring at him.

“I bet you have a boner right now don’t you?”

“Jesus Nadine; do you ever shut up!” Mike snapped.

Nadine smiled at him again, parted her red lipsticked lips and raked her tongue over her teeth seductively. She slowly and deliberately pulled up the hem of her little skirt exposing her panties.

“Do you wanna panty-pop me detective? All this sex talk is making me hot,” Nadine smirked and looked deliberately at his crotch.

She knew Mike was horny as hell with all the talk about sex; she could see the outline of his long thick cock through his pants.

“Ok girly; you asked for it!”

Mike pulled off the road into a dark parking area next to a nature reserve. It was deserted.

Without even being asked Nadine climbed over into the back seat and threw her tote bag onto the floor. Mike got out of the driver’s seat and climbed into the back.

He pulled Nadine Bouvier roughly to him and began to kiss her; he slid his tongue into her mouth and she kissed him back. She tasted of bubblegum and cigarettes. His hands explored her tits; he squeezed them through the spandex cheerleader outfit.

“Here; let me,” Nadine gasped and pulled off her top.

Her magnificent tits were now available for Mike to play with. He eased them out of the cups of her sports bra and sucked on one nipple while his fingers tweaked the other. Nadine moaned and her hands fumbled around in his lap until her fingers found his rampant hard on and she began to stroke it through his pants.

Mike knew this was dangerous territory; but he had a plan. He hadn’t expected Nadine Bouvier to be so easy but then she didn’t know what was coming. He smiled to himself and continued to caress her full breasts and suck her nipples, which were now rock hard. He wished he had more light so he could see more of the teenage girl but he made the most of the situation.

He took his hand off her tit and caressed her body; he stroked her flat belly and worked his way down into her lap. He slowly lifted her skirt; the hem creeping up her nylon-clad thighs. The material of the skirt hissed softly on Nadine’s sheer hose. He found the clasp at the side of the skirt and undid it. Nadine assisted him by lifting her ass off the seat so he could pull the skirt down her legs. She kicked it off then she kicked off her shoes.

She was now dressed only in her bra, panties and nylons. Her breasts hung free of her bra cups. Mike groaned and reached down and stroked her legs. Their kisses became more passionate as he traced a finger up her leg and tickled the crease where her thigh met her body. He followed the crease until his fingers rested on the front panel of her gym panties.

Mike traced the outline of Nadine’s pubis through the warm slick fabric of her panties. Nadine’s pussy began to moisten. Mike dropped to the floor of the car and spread Nadine’s legs wide and put his head between them. He pushed his hands under her ass and caressed her buttocks; digging his fingers into her panty-clad cheeks; he lifted her ass up and pulled her closer until her crotch was only inches from his face.

He leaned forward and kissed her pubic mound; inhaling her perfume. Her crotch smelled of perspiration, perfume, and a hint of vaginal secretions. His hot breath on her mound was making her wet.

“Are you going to lick me? You can if you want,” she sighed.

“Do you want me to?” he smiled up at her.

“Oh God yes!” she threw back her head in lustful anticipation.

Mike stripped off his coat and pulled off his shirt without even fully unbuttoning it. He kicked off his shoes and sox. He was now naked except for his jockey shorts.

He looked down at the girls legs spread wide before him; her panties were glued to her pubic mound. Her legs clad in the sheer tan pantyhose rose up from seat like a Y-shaped feast. He lowered his head.

“Oh yes! Do it detective!” Nadine spurned him on.

He licked her mound and raked his fingers across her firm flat belly. Mike slathered at Nadine’s panty crotch; his lips traced the outline of her pubic mound. He could taste her juices now and hear her panting as he used his mouth to excite her through her panties and hose. The spandex panties felt nice but the fabric was too thick to really appreciate the subtleties of her young cunt. He removed his face from her crotch and slammed her legs shut.

Nadine gave a moan of despair until she realised what he was doing. He pulled her panties off and pushed her legs wide open again; her feet were still high in the air and he had a magnificent view of the young girl’s nylon sheathed pussy. Her pantyhose were sheer to the waist and they didn’t even have a seam running down the centre of the gusset. Only a gossamer thin film of sheer tan nylon covered her sweet pussy.

He buried his face again and this time he could explore her cunt with his tongue, he traced her lips and found her clitty. He sucked on it through the translucent fabric and she slammed her legs shut around his head and pushed his face into her groin. Her hose were sodden with cunny juice and spittle; her cunt was sweet; her lips and clitoris engorged with lust.

Nadine opened her legs for him and his hands once again found her buttocks and squeezed them as his lips and tongue traced her slit through her pantyhose.

“Oh fuck you are good at this; those college boys haven’t a clue,” Nadine moaned.

She thrust her hips upwards and put her hands on Mike’s head and pulled his face harder into her groin. Mike gave Nadine ten minutes of cunnilingus bringing her to the peak many times and then easing off so she couldn’t come.

Nadine was writhing all over the back seat and moaning like a banshee.

“Jesus mister when are you going to make me come?” she moaned.

“Soon; I want to try that panty-pop thing you told me about,” Mike grinned; his mouth wet with pussy juice.

“Ok Mike; you can put your cock on my pussy.”

“But only through my pantyhose; not inside them,” she warned.

“Ok honey,” Mike said and rose over her spread legs and lowered his face to hers.

He kissed her; slowly at first and then he slipped his tongue into her mouth and she responded and allowed Mike to ease her into position so he could climb on top of her. He kissed her passionately and his hands roamed all over her body. His hands once again found her breasts but they didn’t linger there very long. His hands ran down her tight youthful body and then he found her thighs and began to caress them; his fingers hissed on her sleek nylon-clad legs as he explored them from the tops of her thighs down to her knees.

She felt his red-hot penis against her flesh as he began to hump her legs and she closed them and trapped his cock between her thighs and kissed him back. Their muffled cried echoed in the dark quiet car.

Mike was humping away like crazy; she was the youngest girl he had taken and he wasn’t sure how long he would last. Nadine’s pantyhose were soaking wet and her cunt was hot and wet; he was ready for release knowing that he would be able to get hard again soon after.

“Panty-pop me mister! Make me come!” Nadine begged.

She put her hand between their bodies and pushed Mike off her a little. They were still frantically kissing each other, moaning and mewing as their lust began to peak.

Nadine took hold of Mike’s cock and rubbed the glans against the front of her pantyhose; his cock slithered on the silky fabric covering her belly.

“Now we’re panty-popping Mike; do you like it?” she moaned.

“Nadine this is so lovely but I want you to put it on your pussy!” he begged.

“Shhh………….Easy Mike; let me do it,” she crooned into his ear and then kissed him again.

She positioned his cock in the folds of her nylon-sheathed pussy; the sheer gossamer nylon enfolded his shaft. Nadine wriggled underneath him and re-positioned his cock so that his glans massaged her clitty. Waves of pleasure washed over her as Mike humped her. She lifted her legs and wrapped them around his waist, making sure her nylons rubbed against his sensitive skin.

Mike moaned and began to slowly hump the teenaged girl, they kissed feverishly. He slid his hands under her buttocks and he lifted her ass up to meet his thrusts.

The friction of his shaft against Nadine’s tender clit was incredibly stimulating. She was close to coming.

Mike’s thrusts were getting harder and faster and the head of his penis was getting dangerously close to penetrating her vagina; only her translucent pantyhose prevented him from entering her.

“Easy Mike; its just a panty-pop, you ain’t gonna fuck me!” Nadine warned him again.

She reached down and placed the shaft of his penis inside the folds of her young cunny, ensuring the head maintained its vigorous massaging of her clitoris but stayed clear of the entrance to her vagina. She locked her legs around Mike’s back and raised her ass up off the car seat to meet his thrusts.

“Come for me Mike!” she panted in his ear.

“I’m coming with you Mike! Come on my young slick cunt!”

Nadine smashed her mouth against his and rubbed her silken-clad legs along his flanks and ground her pussy against his rock-hard penis. She drove her tongue deep into his mouth, her tits squashed against his chest, her nipples felt like rock-hard buds. She drummed her heels against his back as her orgasm raged through her body.

Mike panted and moaned; he frantically pounded his pulsing penis against Nadine’s sodden cunt and then she felt his cock throb and quiver as scalding hot semen flooded the gusset of her pantyhose; his juices intermingled with hers.

They ground against each other frantically kissing, groping and grinding their bodies together. Mike’s fingernails dug into her firm buttocks. His cock quivered and pulsed as his seed continued to flood Nadine’s pussy; the head of his cock rubbed and ground against her clitty and their bodies convulsed and contorted as they writhed together in an orgy of lust.

Eventually their orgasms subsided and Mike lay on top of Nadine; his slowly deflating penis enfolded in her come-soaked, gauzy-hosed cunt. Mike nuzzled Nadine and kissed her lips with soft tender kisses; he stroked her thigh with one hand while his other hand stroked her cheek.

“So that was a panty-pop?” he smiled down at her.

“Yeah; you didn’t do too bad for old guy,” she slapped him playfully on the ass and then wrapped her arms around him.

“Don’t move. I love lying like this in the afterglow but I really want a cigarette; do you mind?” she asked.

“Great idea,” Mike replied and managed to reach down and found them in her tote bag without too much difficulty.

He lit a cigarette for each of them as they lay in each other’s arms.

One of the reasons the FBI profilers at Quantico described the Pantyhose Stalker as having ‘remarkable recovery time’ was because he took Viagra. Mike was horny most of the time anyway but popping a Viagra when he was on the hunt ensured he always managed to get off on his victims at least twice.

Mike had put an empty soda can on the floor to use as an ashtray and had cracked the window to let some of the smoke escape. He lay on top of Nadine as they smoked their cigarettes and contentedly stroked each other.

“I gotta get home soon detective,” Nadine giggled and squirmed underneath him.

“No rush honey,” Mike smiled back.

“Wow mister; you sure like them panty-pops,” Nadine giggled as she felt Mike become erect again against her sodden quim.

“But no more tonight; like I said, I gotta get home.”

Mike didn’t move. In fact he pressed his body down on Nadine.

“Hey mister! Enough already! Get off me!” she whined.

“I haven’t finished with you yet!” Mike growled.

“No! No more! I gotta get home!” Nadine pleaded.

Nadine began to wriggle and struggle underneath his bulk. She suddenly realised that she was in serious trouble and had lost control of the situation.

“But you’re a policeman; you’re supposed to protect me, not violate me,” she begged.

“I am what I am. And you’re a haughty teenage prick-teaser who is about to get what she deserves,” Mike gnarled.

Nadine realised that fighting this man was out of the question. She was not a virgin; she had given away her virginity quite some time ago to a boyfriend she no longer saw or cared about. She had not had coital sex for over year though, limiting her sexual activity to the odd panty-pop here and there. She realised that Mike was going to take her; the irony of the situation was not lost on her. Her mother having been violated only a few days earlier.

She decided not to fight. There was a slim chance that if she didn’t respond maybe the detective would lose interest. She lay still on the back seat.

“Coward! Go on take what you want; I’ll not fight you, but you will be fucking a rag doll!”

Mike didn’t care. He just wanted to fuck this young teen-queen. Some of his other victims had responded the same way when they knew the inevitable was about to happen. It sort of turned him on as much as when they fought back.

Nadine didn’t respond and she didn’t fight; she just lay there with Mike on top, her legs spread. Lying prone and not offering any response at all only served to inflame Mike’s lust. He put his hand between Nadine’s legs and positioned his cock over her pantyhose covered pussy and started to thrust slowly against her.

Mike continued to kiss Nadine’s unresponsive lips as he humped her pantyhose crotch, the sensation was magnificent. He could feel the outline of his Nadine’s pussy lips through the hose and he adjusted himself so that his cock was between her puffy labia. The sheer nylon was saturated with semen and pussy juices from their panty-pop session so he couldn’t tell if Nadine was aroused or not but she continued to lie still and impassive.

He reached down and put a fingernail against the nylon covering her cunt and pushed until he felt her pantyhose tear. Nadine still didn’t move so he pushed forward with his hips. The tip of his cock forced its way through the hole in her pantyhose and was nestled in her pussy lips against the entrance to her cunt. He pushed forward again slowly but firmly and felt the head of his cock penetrate her.

“Gnuhhh!” Nadine grunted she felt his cock enter her.

Nadine flinched but she made no effort to stop him; he pushed his shaft in further and found no resistance. She was wet! It was obvious Nadine was not going to become a willing participant; but she couldn’t stop her body from responding.

“Ohhh!” Nadine grunted again as Mike’s cock snaked further inside her.

Although she was unwilling; Mike’s cock was turning her on. It was long and thick; far bigger than any of her boyfriends. Her pussy began to lubricate and exquisite little sparks of sexual excitement began to surge from inside her vagina.

“Oh please stop! Please stop! Don’t do this!” she begged.

Mike ignored her and he started to slowly thrust, hardly moving his cock at all, just enough to push his cock further inside her, millimetre by millimetre.

“Mmmm…You’re tighter than your mother,” Mike whispered in her ear.

Nadine was shocked. Then it sort of made sense. This man was the same man who had attacked her mother! And she had willingly given him with a panty-pop!

“Oh my God!” Nadine gasped as the realisation hit her.

Not only was she being fucked by the man who had violated her mother; just like her mother, she was beginning to enjoy it!

Eventually Mike was fully inside Nadine and his balls came to rest against the silken gusset of her pantyhose, he was trying to delay his orgasm. He was close to coming but entering her slowly had helped prevent his climax. But he knew the inevitable would happen soon, regardless of how slowly he fucked her.

Nadine felt Mike’s cock fully enter her, filling and stretching her vagina; the base of his cock ground against her clit and she could do nothing to stop the sexual energy radiating from her cunt. She tried, but couldn’t stifle another moan.

“Ohhhh,” she whimpered.

Mike lifted her silken hosed legs up and put them around his body. Nadine didn’t fight him; she was just like a rag doll. Mike could feel her silky pantyhose legs on his back and thighs; he pulled his throbbing cock all the way out and then thrust deeply, once, twice, three times.

“Yes! Yes! Yes!” he cried out in the cool dark car.

“Oh! Oh! Oh!” Nadine cried each time that he plunged his cock deep inside her, she grunted with the force of his thrusts.

On the final thrust he pushed his cock in as far it would go and his scrotum nestled on her pantyhose clad ass.

He exploded.

Mike crushed Nadine’s lips and she began to respond. She opened her lips and allowed his tongue to explore her mouth. She kissed him back and suddenly her legs came to life and she wrapped them around his body, rubbing her silken-sheathed claves along his torso. She wrapped her arms around him and lifted her ass up and arched her back to meet his thrusts.

“Yes! Yes! Yes!” she wailed and ground her pussy against him.

She felt her vagina flood with scalding semen; Mike’s cock jackhammered in and out of her; her clitty felt like it was on fire and the walls of her vagina throbbed and squeezed the quivering member impaling her and filling her with seed.

We had won an all expenses trip to New York for three days. My wife Kim was excited, because we haven’t had a trip alone since our son was born. The trip included airfare, hotel, a shopping spree, and a dinner at an expensive restaurant night before we were departing home. Kim had put on a little weight since giving birth, but still looked beautiful at 28.

Kim stands at 5’6″ without heels, and has beautiful legs. Kim had long brunette hair, but decided to get it cut before the trip. She didn’t want to waste time with it while on vacation. Kim had started to wear 34DD bras since the birth, and I was not complaining. Kim has large areolas and nipples that were always at attention. I loved playing with her nipples, especially in public.

Kim hated when I did that, because she was a bit shy and never liked people staring at her. Kim gained a little extra weight in the butt, and was working out to get rid of the little extra she was carrying. Kim always kept her pussy area neatly trimmed. She never shaved it completely bald, but kept it a tiny landing strip above her lips

The first day we were there we went shopping. Kim couldn’t believe all the stores that were around our hotel. Kim picked out some pretty conservative clothing to buy, except when we hit a fancy dress store. Kim sent me away to do some shopping on my own when she was in this store. I had remembered her checking it out on the internet before we left. She was very excited to see the store in person. I returned an hour later to see Kim getting ready to check out with a big smile on her face.

We decided to get an early dinner and drinks, and relax for a busy tomorrow. The dinner was at the hotel restaurant, and we decided to dress a little casual. Kim told me to go down to the bar have a couple of drinks, and she would meet me down there. Kim picked out the clothes I was to wear and went to take a shower.

She just finished with her shower when I was ready to leave. I went to say goodbye, but the bathroom door was locked. Kim yelled through the door to go down to the bar, and she would be there in a half hour. I waited for about forty five minutes when Kim finally made it down.

She was wearing a new blue dress that came down to just above her knees. The material was thin, and I could see her nipples poking through. Either she did not have a bra on, or it is really thin bra. My eyes wandered farther down and see she was wearing pantyhose or stockings. I was unable to tell which because the dress hung a little loose on her body.

The shiny material covered her legs really turned me on. I loved it when she wore pantyhose, and especially loved it when she wore a garter belt and stockings. I looked lower and see Kim was wearing a new pair of high heels. They are a little higher than what she normally wore, and it made her calves look wonderful. I couldn’t wait until latter and see how beautiful the heels made her ass look.

We got a few drinks at the bar, and put in for a table. The people were starting to pack into the bar, and Kim and I are pushed together against the bar. Kim breasts were smashed against my chest, and I could feel her nipples poking me. Kim was getting nervous. She never liked crowded areas, and she started to panic a little bit.

Two guys moved on either side of us, and I could see another guy moving in behind my wife. Her breasts moved back and forth across my chest as she looked around looking for an escape. Her nipples were getting harder as they got stimulated from the movement. She stopped looking around, and looked into my eyes and a smile crossed her face. She leaned in and whispers “not now you are going to have to wait for that.” I had no clue at what she was talking about. Her mouth was next to my ear as she moaned how good that felt.

I looked down her back and see the back of dress bunched up, and an arm sticking out the back. The arm was moving back and forth, and I could only guess that this stranger is rubbing my wife’s pussy from between her now spread legs. My wife told me to stop again, because she was getting turned on and was afraid she would scream out. I didn’t want her freaking out, so I kept it to myself that it was not me rubbing her pussy.

I grabbed the guys arm, and he stopped the rubbing action. The guy removed his hand, and my wife thanked me for relieving her anxiety about crowds. She grabbed my crotch and gave it a little squeeze. She told me she was disappointed that her secret got revealed sooner than what she expected. I was about to ask what the secret was when our name was called for a table, and we made our way through the crowd.

When we reached the table I could see that Kim was mad. She was pissed that as we were going to the table several men took advantage, and grabbed her all over. She had her ass and tits mauled by these perverts, and she made sure the hostess knew how pissed she was. I was now glad that I didn’t say anything about the stranger that rubbed her pussy. It would have been a big scene, and I am sure it would have lasted the rest of the trip.

Throughout the whole dinner all that I could think about was my wife being manhandle, and how she almost came on a strangers fingers. We finally finished dinner and made our way to the elevator. Once the elevator doors closed I was all over her. I grabbed the back of her dress and pulled it up, so I had access to her ass. My hands felt her bare ass, and a thin piece of material that disappeared into her ass crack.

I now knew that she was wearing stockings, and I felt around to see if she was wearing a garter belt. I hit pay dirt as I felt the straps holding up the stockings. I made a comment how surprised she was wearing a garter belt and stockings. Kim gave me a funny look as she tells me that I already knew that in the bar. I covered it up by saying I could not get a good feel with so many people around.

Kim states that I got a good enough feel on her pussy, and ruined the second surprise. I am still lost, but I know better than to say anything now. We practically run to the room. Both of us were hotter than hell, and I couldn’t wait to get at that wet pussy. Once we were through the door I started ripping off my clothes until I was completely naked.

I jumped on the bed as Kim stood at the foot of the bed. Kim slid the zipper down her dress, and let it fall down her body. My mouth dropped open as I looked at my stunning wife. Her 34DDs were clad in a black see thru bra. I could see why her nipples were on display at the bar. The bra left nothing to the imagination. I could see her large areolas on display, and her nipples were almost ripped through the fabric.

My eyes wandered down, and see that her workouts had done wonders to her body. Her stomach had tightened up, and there was very little fat left on her body. Farther down I can see the black garter belt, and just below that was a black thong made of the same material that the bra was made of. What really got my attention was that I could not see any hair behind the thong. That was her second secret.

She had shaved herself bald for me. It hit me that a perfect stranger knew this before me, but I know if I would have told her this would not be happening now. I looked even lower to her bare thighs, and reached the tops of the stockings. My eyes kept going down her stocking clad legs until I reached the high heels she is wearing.

She cleared her throat and brought my attention back up to her face. She told me the show starts up here as she unclasped her bra, and let it drop to the floor. Her breasts dropped a little bit, but they were as firm as the day in married her. Her nipples called out to me to play with them, but she stopped me as I try to move.

She told me the show was not over as she turned around, and grabbed the sides of her thong. She bent at the waist as she pulled the thong down her legs. Her legs were slightly parted and I could see her bald pussy lips from behind. She stood up straight and faced me again. My eyes could not leave her pussy. I had never seen her like this, and I just wanted to dive right in.

Kim climbed on the bed and pushed me back. She climbed between my legs and started to lick my raging hard on. Kim opened her mouth and took it all the way in. Her head started to bob up and down as she gave me the greatest blow job I have ever had.

She suddenly stopped and switched her position. She had rotated her body, and had her legs on each side of my head. The view was beautiful. I had a close up look of my wife’s bare pussy. I could not wait, and I started working over her pussy with my tongue as she started sucking my dick again. Kim was wet before I even stuck my tongue in her, but now her juices were flowing. She came quickly, and her juices were all over my face. I pushed her off me and climbed on top of her, and positioned myself between her spread legs.

I pushed my dick into her wet pussy, and all that I could think about was the guy in the bar that rubbed her pussy lips to the point of orgasm. I took her stocking clad ankles in my hands and put them on my shoulders. I drove into her hard and fast. I took my hands and played with her nipples. They were hard as rocks. My dick was pounding her without mercy, and she loved it.

Kim came again, and the sensation sent me over edge as my sperm coated her pussy. I leaned down and took a hard nipple in my mouth while my soft dick stayed inside of her. Kim loved it when I played with her nipples. She started rocking her hips back and forth on my soft dick. She wanted more and I hoped I could give it to her.

I started to think of the guys grabbing her on the way to the table. I pictured multiple hands all over her at once. My dick responded by growing harder as the scene played in my head. I got off Kim and rolled her over. She responded by getting on all fours with her head on the bed, and her ass in the air. I knelt behind her as my dick is now completely hard again.

I pushed into her pussy from behind, and started thrusting back and forth. One hand went to her tits and played with her nipples. The other hand found her clit, and I started to play with it. Kim was going nuts. I knew everyone in the rooms around us could hear what was going on. Kim came twice in a row with some muffled screams as she put her head into the pillows. I had filled her pussy for a second time tonight.

Kim was exhausted, and laid face down on the bed. I got good look at her tight ass, and her gaping pussy. Our combined juices were oozing out from her parted lips, and started to soak into the sheets. I decided to take advantage of her tired state, and scooped up some of cum that was leaking out. I used one hand to separate her ass cheeks, and the other hand to spread cum around her tiny opening. Kim had never let me touch her there before. She had anal before and never liked it. Now with her tired state, and still coming down from her last orgasm she was letting me have my way.

I inserted one finger in her ass, and started to move it around. Kim wiggled a little bit, but she did not resist me. I inserted a second finger and started moving them in and out of her ass. Kim started rocking her body like she was dry humping the bed. She seemed to be hitting the right spot, because her moans grew louder as she got closer to another orgasm. My dick was hard again, and I could not believe it. It must be the thought of fucking my wife in the ass for the first time that was doing it. I grabbed some more cum, and lubed up my dick.

Once I thought I had enough on my dick I slowly started to push it in her tight ass. The fingers must have stretched her enough to allow me access. I slowly started pumping, pushing more and more of my dick inside of her until I was all the way in. Once I was fully inside of her I moved in and out picking up the pace. I couldn’t take it anymore, and I was about ready to explode. It felt so good being inside her tight ass, and it seemed that Kim liked it too. Her body tensed as another orgasm hit her.

I had enough and dump another load of cum into her body. Kim fell instantly asleep as cum dripped from her ass. I got up and grabbed a towel to clean up my wife. I cleaned her up as much as possible, and reluctantly removed the garter belt, high heels, and stockings. I eventually fell asleep with a smile on my face.

The next morning Kim woke up a little sore, and scolded me for being too rough. I told her I heard no complaining, but we may get some from our neighbors. Kim turned red as she made her way to bathroom. She needed a shower to wash off what I missed the night before. Once both of us were showered and dressed we hit the city for some sightseeing. Kim wore an oversized shirt with some white leggings and tennis shoes with ankle socks.

Most of what we want to see was a ways from our hotel, so we decided to take the subway. I figured it would be good practice for tonight. The dinner was all the way on the other side of city, and we were told the subway was the best way to travel. The ride to our sightseeing adventure went smoothly, but the ride back was anything but.

First, it was crowded since work was letting out, and Kim and I were squished together like in the bar. Second, several of guys around us took advantage of the closeness and copped some feels on my wife. I could see several hands moving around. I looked at Kim, and was just standing there with her eyes clamped shut. She was taking it without screaming out. I could tell she wanted to get out of there, but we were trapped within the wall of bodies. I saw Kim’s body tense, so I looked down and see someone had raised the back her shirt up to her waist and I could see a hand between her ass cheeks getting close to her pussy.

The subway came to a stop, and the hands disappeared. Kim asked if this was our stop, and I informed her we had one more to go. I could see a tear roll down her face as she held me close. The rest of trip nothing else happened and we made it to our stop. Kim was relieved and ran out the doors. When we were safely in the hotel room she told me what happened. During the first part of the trip there was only rubbing of bodies together, but as the train continued they got bolder. She felt several hands on her ass, and a couple tried to feel her pussy.

I asked her why she didn’t tell me, or put a stop it herself. She broke down crying that she didn’t want to make a scene in front of everyone. Kim took off her shirt to take another shower. I took a quick look at her white leggings before she could make it to the bathroom. Kim was not wearing any panties, and the fabric covering her pussy was soaked. The wet fabric was clinging to her bald pussy lips. It gave me best view of camel toe I had ever seen. No wonder she didn’t try to stop it. She was embarrassed it was turning her on.

Kim didn’t want to take the subway to the restaurant. I told her that it the only way to avoid traffic and it would be less crowded at night. She finally agreed, and we started getting dressed. Again she did this in the bathroom with the door locked. I waited on the bed with my new suit on. She finally emerged from the bathroom wearing a dress she purchased at that fancy dress shop. I loved it.

It went half down hear thigh and clung to her body. The front of the dress was very low cut showing plenty of flesh, and from the way her nipples were sticking out I could tell she was not wearing a bra. I wanted a picture of her in it, so I grabbed the camera and snapped a few pictures with the flash on. I checked out the pictures on the camera and noticed that with the flash the dress was see- thru.

Looking at the pictures I could pick out her areolas and nipples. I could see she was wearing a thong with stay up stockings. She wanted to see the picture, but told her it didn’t turn out. I told her to put on her heels, and I would take some more pictures without the flash. She posed a little bit as I took a few more. We grabbed our coats, and we headed towards the subway. To Kim’s relief the subway was near empty. We found some seats, and talked as we head to the restaurant.

Once at the restaurant we were told it will be a little wait for our table to be ready, so they directed us the bar for some free drinks. An hour later we got seated. We were both feeling the booze a little bit, but had a wonderful dinner. A few more glasses of wine and Kim and I were really feeling the effects of the alcohol.

As we walked back to the subway Kim told me I am in for the night of my life. I knew it was the booze talking, and I also knew that it would be hard to top last night. We made it to the platform to wait for the next subway when a large group came down the stairs. The place got crowded in a hurry. I looked around and see mostly men in business suits.

The men that had women with them were holding them tight as they wait for the next subway. I was about to grab Kim when the subway pulled up, and we were swept through the doors. Kim and I were separated. I looked around and see Kim’s arms as she was grabbing the handrail above her. I tried to make my way over, but could only make it a few feet. I could see her through the crowd a little bit, but she couldn’t seem to see me. Kim was completely surrounded by men, and I could see their bodies as they rubbed up against her.

An announcement blared over the speakers that there was a ten minute delay due to something on the track. Everyone moaned, but they knew there is nothing they could do. It started getting hot in the compartment with all those bodies. Everyone started to remove their coats to get a little more comfortable. Kim did the same. As soon as her hands hit the handrail I could see other hands moving around her.

I tried to get closer, but the subway started to move and I was thrown back. I could see that Kim has lost her balance also, and had dropped her coat. She tried to bend over to pick it up, but instead stood straight up with her eyes clamped shut. I could see through the bodies that someone had grabbed her ass.

The other men around her saw that she was not trying to stop the first man, so their hands joined in the fun. I saw several hands playing with her tits through her dress. Other hands were grabbing and pinching her ass. I noticed a couple of hands moving to the front of her trying to get a feel of her pussy. Kim didn’t like this, and lowered her hands to stop the assault. This turned out to be a big mistake. Two men on either side of her grabbed her wrists and held them down by her side. Kim was about to say something when the man from behind her removed his tie and gagged her with it.

This made it open game on my wife’s body. Hands were flying everywhere. Someone grabbed the thin straps of her dress and pulled them down her shoulders. The lower the straps got the more of her breasts got exposed. Finally both her breasts were exposed to everyone, and two men latched on to her nipples with their mouths. The other hands were working their way under her dress feeling as much skin as possible.

Kim was shaking her head back and forth as the hands and mouths continue the assault. The men holding her wrist got tired of being left out, and slipped Kim’s arms through the straps of her dress. Another man took his tie and bound Kim to the overhead handrail. Now with her arm secured above her head there was nothing she could do to stop the men.

I looked on in amazement as wife was tied up topless on a subway. Part of me wanted to stop it, but another part was getting turned on. I watched as the hem of her dress was raised to her waist. As she struggled to free herself I could see the thong she wore come into view. My dick was rock hard seeing my wife’s tits and ass exposed, and being played with by strangers.

All of sudden the train stopped at the first station, and a few people get off. No one that was assaulting my wife left. They resumed as soon as the subway started moving again. I could see one hand had moved the front of her thong to the side, and his fingers were rubbing her pussy lips. Before the guys fingers could enter her pussy. All hands and mouths moved away.

Kim’s dress was pulled down off her body. She was now standing a subway train in only a thong, stockings, and heels. At least with the dress around her waist I could have dressed her quickly. Someone decided the thong was too much and ripped it from her body. My wife was now only dressed in stockings and heels. We had one more stop before ours, and I started to make a plan to get her out.

As we about to reach the next stop the subway screeched to a halt. The only person not hit the floor was Kim. Luckily the men realized this and quickly stood up to make sure no one saw their prize. The announcement came that there is a situation at the next platform, and they could not move until it was clear. I saw tears stream down Kim’s face as she realized she is not going anywhere. You couldn’t wipe the smiles off the men’s faces as the assault continued.

I watched my wife scream into her gag as the first finger penetrated her pussy. As he pulled it back out I could see it was covered in her juices. The guy then inserted two fingers into my wife as she just stared at the ceiling. The man started to finger fuck my wife. I watched as she closes her eyes, and spread her legs apart to give him better access. Kim’s body started to rock back and forth as the finger moved faster in and out of her pussy. Two guys latched onto her nipples, and her hips started to move faster. I could see what was going to happen next.

A man behind her was spiting on his fingers lubing them up for insertion. Two other men grabbed Kim’s ass cheeks and separated them. Kim’s eyes flew open as the finger entered her ass. Kim tried to move her hips forward to stop the guy from entering her ass, but was stopped by the guy’s fingers in her pussy. I could see the guys thumb started to move in circles on her clit. Kim bucked her hips back to stop the assault on her clit, and the finger in her ass was pushed all the way in the knuckle.

Kim started moving back and forth to get rid of the fingers. To anyone watching it looked like Kim was enjoying all the fingers that penetrated her body. A few bystanders moved in to get a closer view of the show. The only clue that she was not enjoying it was the tears running down her face.

The guys watching started to get bored, and wanted to do more than just watching. Someone reached up and untied one of Kim’s wrists, and brought her hands down. The guys directed her to one of the empty seats near me. They sat Kim down on the edge of the seat facing out. They forced her down on her back, and someone tied her hands to a metal bar above her head. I had a great view of my wife from the waist down. Kim’s legs were clamped shut, but you could still her wet bald pussy lips. I could see a couple of guys leaning over the back of the seat.

Their arms were moving all over the place. I could just imagine them playing with her tits and nipples. I watched as a guy stepped up to my wife in the isle. The guy placed his hands on Kim’s stocking covered legs, and tried to spread them. Kim put up a fight, but lost the battle as her legs were parted. I now had a great shot of her bald pussy. I could see her lips shiny from the juices that have escaped her pussy. The guy grabbed Kim’s legs and raised them above her body, and spread her even farther. As he did this her pussy started to open, and I could see her clit poking out a little bit.

I was rock hard watching the whole scene unfold. I looked around to see if anyone else was watching, and I was surprised to see everyone in our car staring at my wife’s exposed pussy. Two of the watchers stuck out from the rest. Two young ladies not more than 21 were watching with looks of disgust on their faces. I could hear them talking about how much of a slut my wife was, and if she wanted to get gang banged she should have gotten a room.

One of the ladies is a small blonde wearing a short black cocktail dress with bare legs. Her tits were smaller than my wife’s, but were decent size. I could tell she was a little turned by the way her nipples were straining against her dress. The other lady was a brunette wearing a silver cocktail dress. She had smaller tits than the first, and I tried to see if her nipples were hard, but her dress was too thick.

Looking at her legs I could see they were covered in nylon. I doubted that she was wearing stockings. This younger generation hardly ever wore stockings unless they were going to a costume party. She kept moving uncomfortably in her seat, and her dress rode up enough for me to confirm that she had on pantyhose. I was working on a plan to free my wife, and maybe get a little action myself. I just needed to separate the two women for what I was thinking.

I turned to watch my wife just in time. The man between Kim’s spread legs placed them on his shoulders and was dropping his pants. I watched in amazement as he leaned in closer to my wife. His dick was about the same size as mine, so I knew it would not hurt her. As the tip hit my Kim’s lips she started to struggle.

The guys playing with her tits were holding her down, and the guy on top just grabbed her hips, and forced his dick in to the hilt. The only sound you heard in the entire car was coming from Kim. You could hear her muffled screams as the guy started fucking my wife. He started pounding in and out picking up the pace with each stroke.

Kim’s screams started to turn into moans as the guy kept pumping. The guy suddenly stopped pumping, and buried is dick to the hilt in Kim’s pussy. I knew what was going to happen, and by Kim’s reaction she also knew. I could barely make out through the gag “No, not in me.” Kim struggled harder trying to push the guy away with her legs.

All of a sudden she stopped, and I knew he was dumping his load in her. The guy pulled out his deflated dick, and I could see it was covered with both of their juices. The guy dropped her legs, and the heels made a sharp sound as they hit the floor. Kim never tried to close her legs as the next guys took his position. I could see his cum escaping her gapping pussy and running down her ass crack.

The next guy was ready, so he grabbed her legs and put her in the same position as the first guy. He was a bit larger, but had no trouble entering my wife’s wet pussy. This was too much for Kim. I watched as she started rocking her hips back and forth. From the muffled moans I knew she was close to an orgasm. Kim’s body tensed as she arched her back.

The moans turned to screams of ecstasy as I saw her cum escape her pussy from around the guy’s dick. The guy kept pumping away as a second orgasm racked my wife’s body. He finally buried his dick to the hilt, and came in my wife. She never tried to struggle as she took all of his cum in her pussy.

The third guy wanted a new position. He picked up Kim and placed her so she was kneeling on the seat with her ass in the air. The guy spread her stocking clad legs enough to step between them. I could see her pussy lips were still parted, and cum was dripping down her thighs. I looked over at the blonde and brunette to see their reaction. The blonde was staring at my wife’s dripping pussy with her legs spread a little bit. Her dress had ridden up, and I had a great view of her silky thighs. The brunette still had a look of disgust on her face, but I noticed her legs also parted and she was rubbing her nylon covered inner thigh.

The third guy entered Kim from behind and started pumping away. The brunette had enough and stood to leave. She tried to get the blonde to join her, but the blonde wanted to watch some more. The brunette stood there trying to convince her, but the blonde just stared at the guy’s dick pumping in and out of my wife. The brunette turned and walked towards me calling my wife every name in the book. As she passed me I could see why she was upset. Her juices were running down her legs making her nylons shiny on her inner thighs. I also noticed a wet patch on the back of her dress.

Now my plan could go into effect. I moved a little closer to the blonde and my wife. I could see the man’s dick pounding my wife’s pussy better. I could also see the a couple more guys playing with Kim’s swinging 34DDs. I watched as she threw her head back with another orgasm. I turned and watched the blonde as she was mesmerized by my wife’s fucking. I watched as she had her two hands under her dress as she squeezed her legs together.

There were a couple guys off to the side watching the blonde as she put on her own show. I leaned into the blonde and warned her about the guys watching her. I didn’t want her to stop, but in order to save my wife I needed the blonde in my control. I told her we should move a little farther away before they decided to put her in the mix. As we moved a couple of seats away I heard the two guys talking about taking Kim in the ass. I had to move fast before their turn came up. The blonde sat down next to me, and resumed watching my wife take it doggy style.

As before the blonde’s legs started to part, but her hands remained at her side. I made my move, and place my hand on her thigh and started rubbing it. She didn’t respond at first, but looked at me as my hand went higher up her leg. She wanted to know what I am doing. I told her that was my wife getting raped and if she doesn’t do what I say I would rip off her dress, and let her get gang banged instead. I could see the fear in her eyes as my hand went even higher up her leg. My hand made contact with soaked panties, and she let out a little whimper.

My finger traced her wet pussy lips, and I pushed her panties into her pussy as I search for her clit. I rubbed her clit as she grinded her pussy into my hand. I pulled her on top of me with her legs on either side of mine. I watched my wife as my hands went up the back of the blonde’s dress to feel her tight little ass. I now found out she was wearing a thong as my hand felt bare flesh. The third guy came in Kim’s pussy and a fourth guy was getting behind my wife and put his dick in my wife’s sloppy pussy.

I knew my wife couldn’t take anymore, but I wanted to fuck this young blonde before I stopped it. I reached up and pulled the straps of the blonde’s dress down exposing her tits to me. I had her perky tits directly in front of my face. Her small nipples were standing straight out inviting me. My mouth went directly to her nipples sucking each one, and then I used my teeth on them. I felt the blonde start to grind my dick as she was getting hotter and hotter.

My hand reached behind her, and starts playing with her ass. As my finger traced her crack the grinding got harder. I few people that were watching my wife notice the new show, and start watching the blonde. I didn’t want her freaking out, so I took off my tie and blindfolded her. I ordered her to stand, and she immediately complied. I yanked her dress down, and left her standing in only her black lacey thong and heels.

The blonde flinched when my hands went to the waistband of her thong. I peeled the wet thong down her legs. When it reached her ankles she instinctively raised one leg at a time for me to remove them. I placed them in my pocket. I wanted a trophy from tonight. Here was this young blonde woman standing in front of me wearing nothing but heels. My eyes wandered down her body until I reached a neatly trimmed patch of blonde pubic hair, and a little lower were her bald pussy lips.

Her pussy lips were shiny from her juices, and I barely even touched her yet. My fingers traced her outer lips as she gave a little shutter and spread her legs. My fingers separated her lips, and I could see her clit poking out, and I could see how wet she was. I grabbed her hips and turned her around.

I quickly undid my pants and pulled them down with my boxers. My hard on was sticking straight up as I pulled her down to my lap. Her body tensed as she fells bare flesh, and a hard on poking her in the ass. I reach around and start playing with her nipples with one hand, as the other plays with her clit. The blonde body relaxed a little bit until another orgasm hit her body.

I couldn’t wait anymore. Guy number five was getting close, and the guys that talked about taking Kim’s ass were coming up. I quickly stood the blonde up and turn her around. As I grabbed her hips and pulled her back down on my lap, but this time my dick was pointed right at her pussy. My dick made contact with her outer lips, and it easily slid into her wet pussy. I took a nipple into my mouth as I bounced her up and down.

Since the blonde is not gagged her moans echo in the subway car. This gets everyone attention. Even the guy fucking my wife stopped to take it in. The blonde screamed out with another orgasm. I couldn’t hold it back anymore and exploded inside of her. The blonde’s head slumped to my shoulder as she was exhausted. I stood up with her in my arms, and my soft dick still in her pussy.

Guy number five came into my wife’s pussy, and pulled out his limp dick. I pushed the Blonde towards the waiting crowd and yell “fresh meat.” The blonde has no time to react before the remaining guys attacked her body. They laid her on the ground, and before her head touched the ground there was a guy between her spread legs sticking his dick into her pussy.

This gave me the break I needed as I went to my wife. As I got to her I could see her hands were still tied, and her legs were still spread wide open. I noticed the large amount of cum that was leaking out of her pussy. I quickly untied her hands, and looked for her dress. I found it on the next seat, and saw that it was still in great shape. I found myself still staring at her gaping pussy, but I knew that I had to get her out of there.

I stood her up and put her dress on, as I pulled the bottom of the dress down I found my hands running down her bare thighs and stocking clad legs. I looked around and found her coat. I didn’t bother looking for her thong, and started walking her towards the front of the car. I looked back to see they changed the blonde’s position. She was now on riding on top of one guy while giving another guy a blow job. I watched as a third guy lined his dick up to shove it in her ass. We made it to the front to see the brunette sitting there by herself. She was still rubbing her thigh through soaked pantyhose.

I sat Kim down and walked up to the brunette. She stopped rubbing immediately and looked up at me. I tried to look as angry as I could as I scolded her on what she called my wife, and stated the fact that they were raping my wife, and she did nothing about it. I told her my wife did not enjoy any of it, and tried to get away. Unlike her who seemed to enjoy watching my wife get raped.

Her face turned red and her head dropped. She knew she was caught. I told her that she was going to apologizes to my wife and then go and try to save her friend. The brunette’s head snapped up and looked to the back as three more guys where getting in position to fuck her friend. The brunette started to stand up to help, but I stopped her and told her the apology first.

The brunette was in a hurry to save her friend, so she quickly apologized and turned towards the back. I told her that is not good enough, and should do it proper. The brunette was confused as I stood my tired wife up, and laid her coat on the ground. As I was putting my wife down on her back I raised her dress to her waist, so her bare pussy was showing through her spread legs. Kim didn’t move as her sloppy pussy was on display. I told the brunette that she was to clean my wife’s pussy by using her mouth.

I brunette refused to do this, and got angry at the suggestion. I reminded her that her friend needs her before more guys join the fun. I made the point that I hoped the blonde is on the pill, because they were not using protection. The brunette’s eyes got wide as she knew the blonde was unprotected. She tried to move by me, but I kept getting in her way. The brunette finally relented as the next group took its turn with her friend. The brunette knelt between Kim’s legs, and started using her tongue to clean her out. The brunette only had one a lesbian encounter before.

In fact, it was with her blonde friend, so eating pussy was not that bad. The only thing she disliked was the taste of the guys cum that was in my wife’s pussy. The brunette was starting to get into it, and by Kim’s reaction so was she. Kim never had been with another woman, but I think she was changing her mind by the way she started moaning. I was getting hard watching all the action around me. I decided to see how good this brunette’s pussy really was.

I lifted up the back of dress to see her pantyhose clad ass. The brunette was not wearing any panties. I guessed that was why her juices were flowing down her legs earlier. I love the feel of nylon, so I started rubbing her ass, and between her legs to feel her wet pussy. I got no resistance from the brunette as I continue to rub everywhere the pantyhose covered. I stopped my hand between her legs cupping her pussy. The brunette couldn’t stand it, and started to rock back and forth on my hand.

I was rock hard again, and I need some relief. I pulled down the brunette’s pantyhose, and gave her ass a nice slap. The brunette jumped, but continued to eat out my wife. As my dick separated her outer lips the brunette had an orgasm. She forced her ass back, and my dick easily slid into her wet pussy. I reached around with one hand and start playing with her clit. While the other hand ripped the front of dress, so I could play with her tits. Her tits were small, but her nipples seemed to be super sensitive. As soon as I tweaked one nipple she went nuts.

She must have been going to town on my wife. Kim’s stocking clad legs were wrapped around the brunette’s head, and her hips were thrashing around. I took this opportunity to see how good this brunette’s ass felt. I pulled out of her pussy, and lined my dick up with her ass. As soon as my dick hit her ass the brunette screamed. With her mouth being covered by Kim’s pussy no one could hear her. The scream had an effect on Kim.

The scream sent waves of pleasure through my wife as she had a mind blowing orgasm. I slowly worked my dick into her ass, and started pumping away. The brunette was struggling, but my wife is holding fast with her legs. The excitement was too much for me, and I came in her ass. I pulled my dick out, and looked at my handy work. I could see cum dripping out as her ass slowly closed.

I took off the brunette’s shoes, and yanked off her pantyhose. I already had the blonde’s thong as a trophy. I figured I might as well take a trophy from this one too. I looked to the back of the car and saw the blonde still getting raped. In fact, it looked like the guys that started with my wife were getting back in line for another go around.

I grabbed Kim’s ankles, and removed her legs from the brunette’s head. As I did this I heard the blonde scream that she could not take anymore. The brunette also heard this, and jumped up to save her friend. Apparently the brunette did not realize that her top was ripped, and she was running topless into a group of horny men. As she made it to her friend she must have realized her mistake, but it was too late. The men were on her like wolves. The last thing I saw was a silver dress flying through the air as she was pulled into a mass of bodies.

I turned to tend to Kim. As I looked down I could see Kim still lying on her back with her legs still spread wide open. I looked at her pussy which was red and puffy. It looked sore, but it was clean as could be. The brunette did a good job of getting every little bit of cum my wife took. I picked up Kim and sat her in one of the seats. Kim rested her head on my shoulder as the blonde’s and brunette’s screams echoed throughout the car.

After another ten minutes the subway was starting to move. It took another ten minutes to reach our stop. I quickly ushered Kim out of the subway never looking back at the gang bang that was probably still occurring in the car. We made it back to our room, and I stripped Kim of her shoes and dress. I was reluctant to take off her stockings, but I knew I had to clean her up a bit more. I guided a now naked Kim to the bathroom for a needed shower.

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