panty poop

“Eat me Sammy. Eat my shitty pussy. Ohhh fuck yes.” Sammy looked up at Steph from between her legs, juices dripping down, leaving clear streaks on her shit-caked chin. Steph had her eyes closed, her head thrown back. Her hands were holding on tight to Sammy’s hair, pulling the girl’s face back between her legs. The scent and taste of Steph’s creamy shit made Sammy’s mouth water as she ran her tongue up her slit, feeling the soft strip of hair tickle her nose. The bitter, earthy taste of Steph’s waste washed over her tongue, forming a gooey mess in her mouth which she swallowed eagerly.

Sammy’s eyes opened slowly to see her bedside table. “Damn. A dream again.” Thoughts and memories started to creep into her mind of last night. “Whoa…did that happen?” Sammy remembered her last words to Steph before she fell asleep. “Oh shit. Steph didn’t hear me did she?” She looked around for Steph’s things, but didn’t see any trace of them. Sammy suddenly felt a rush of fear. Did she scare her away? Was she even here last night? Was she losing her mind? It all felt so real…she was here. She was definitely here!

Sammy jumped as the bathroom door swung open. “Holy shit you scared me!”

Steph laughed as she walked into the room. Sammy’s mouth opened slightly at the site of her love standing in only a towel, her hair hanging in wet strands down her back. Steph’s legs disappeared seductively into the soft fabric covering the intimate parts of her body.

“Sorry. I didn’t want to wake you up. Hope you don’t mind that I showered.” Steph put down her overnight bag and started rummaging through it for some clean clothes.

“Naw that’s fine. I’ll go downstairs and start making some breakfast.” Sammy stood up and started to walk towards the door.

“No wait up. I’ll be ready in just a minute. I’ll come down with you. There’s a bathroom downstairs where I can blow dry my hair right?” Sammy’s eyes widened as Steph dropped her towel and turned around.

Thoughts raced through Sammy’s mind as she tried not to stare. Steph was here. Naked in her room. Not more than ten hours ago she was pissing herself. Not more than ten hours ago Sammy was shitting herself in front of her. Now she is naked. Here. Unbelievable. Sammy watched as Steph slid her panties up her long legs. Her eyes focused on the smooth curves and silk lines of Steph’s ass as the panties slid in place. They were tiny on her, with a straight waist showing off her sexy hips and cute dimples on her lower back. Sammy stared up at Steph’s eyes as she turned around, her beautiful tits fully in view. Don’t look down Sammy. Keep eye contact. Don’t look down.

“So waddya have to eat?” Sammy struggled to see what she could with her peripheral vision. Her beautiful smooth tits, her whole body, her nipples. Focus Sammy focus. Steph started putting on her bra, snapping the closure on the front before spinning it around and sliding the straps over her shoulders.

“Uhh…we…food. We have food to eat.” Both girls started laughing at Sammy’s awkward response. “Sorry. Yeah, we have a lot of stuff.” Steph slid up her jeans and put on a yellow t-shirt.

“Where’s your hairdryer?”

“Under the sink.”

Steph grabbed the dryer as both girls walked downstairs. “Oh yeah. Can I get a bag to put my pajama pants in? I still can’t believe I did that. I still can’t believe what YOU did!” Steph laughed as they walked into the kitchen.

“I’m sorry! I was drunk! You laughed!” Sammy gave Steph the best pouting face she could, sticking out her lower lip and looking up with big puppy dog eyes.

Steph laughed hard. “I know. It was pretty funny. And I definitely admit that you’ve got some balls. Maybe not as much as me, but still.”

“Not as much as you? I’m the one who actually did it!” Sammy turned around and smiled at Steph, putting her hands on her hips and trying her best to look tough. “You wanna cook something together or make cereal or what? Do you want coffee?”

“Coffee? Hell no. I work in a coffee shop, remember? I’m tired of being around it. And I don’t really care about what we eat. I’m really hungry though, so you decide.”

“Well personally I still love coffee. If I didn’t have it every day I think I would die. Actually, I’m pretty sure I’d die. Let’s make eggs and toast. You can have orange juice or milk or something.” Sammy started getting the eggs and butter out of the fridge, putting them on the


Steph walked over to the fridge and took out the carton of orange juice. “Where’re your glasses?” She started randomly opening cabinets. “Never mind, I found one.” Steph started pouring herself a glass and cleared her throat. “You know, honestly, last night I was going to do what you did. I didn’t want to be upstaged. You’re lucky I didn’t have to go!”

Sammy’s heart jumped to her throat. The room was spinning as she whipped her head around, looking at Steph’s vibrant jade eyes. “You’re full of shit. No way would you do it. You’re Princess Stephanie!” Steph laughed at the childhood nickname she had told Sammy about.

“You did it, didn’t you? And I’m not Princess Stephanie anymore. I’m Queen Stephanie now.”

“It doesn’t work that way. You don’t just become queen because you get older. Your mom has to die first, and she’s alive and well. Actually, so’s your grandma! And of course I did it. I’m weird. And I have more balls than you.” Sammy scrambled the eggs in the pan and added some salt. The warm smell of breakfast filled the large kitchen.

“First of all, shut up. I can be queen when I want. Second, you aren’t weird. Third, you definitely don’t have more balls than me. And fourth, that smells really good.”

Sammy put the bread in the toaster as the eggs sizzled on the stove. “Prove it to me then tough girl! I still don’t believe you’d ever do that.”

Steph laughed again. “Alright fine. Next time we have a sleep over.”

Sammy looked at her, trying so hard to see if she was telling the truth or if she was just kidding. “We’ll see,” Sammy replied, trying her best to hide her excitement. Please, please, please don’t be joking.

Steph giggled as she stood up and walked to the bathroom, drying her hair. She got back a few minutes later, her sunset-colored hair pulled back in a ponytail. Pulling out a stool, she sat down with Sammy at the island. “Thank you Miss Sammy. This looks wonderful.”

“You are most welcome. So what do you have planned today?” Sammy started eating, trying to make small talk to keep her mind off of the incredible things that have happened and have been said in the last day.

“I’m supposed to meet my mom a little later for lunch, and then hang out with Matt I think.”

Sammy felt sick when she heard those words. Shit. Her boyfriend. The guy she loved. Reality set in like a ton of bricks. Sammy choked back tears as she struggled to maintain her poker face. “I think I’m home alone all day again. My parents are at my grandparents’ lake house.” Why did she have to have a boyfriend? Why? Why can’t she see how much I care for her? That I love her?

Steph finished up her food and put her plate in the sink. “Alrighty, well, if you got that bag I gotta get going.”

“Oh yeah sorry. Right.” Sammy stood up and got a small garbage bag out of the pantry. “That should do ya.”

Steph went upstairs again as Sammy numbly put the dishes in the dishwasher. Sammy what have you gotten yourself into? You’re in love with someone who is happy. You can’t do anything. But you want to so bad. You want to just tell her. To grab her arms and look up into her eyes and kiss her. To run your hands through her hair. To hold her against you. You want to do so much more with her. You want to taste her, to smell her. You want to share every secret. Every. Dirty. Secret.

“Alright well I’m taking off.” Sammy turned around and walked with Steph to the front door, opening it for her.

“Well, I hope we can hang out again soon.” Sammy looked at Steph, her hand shaking as it held the door open. Tell her Sammy. Tell her now. Do it! Don’t be a coward! You said you had balls, now prove it!

Steph stepped out the door and began walking off of the porch. “Buh bye Samantha Leigh. I’ll call you sometime soon!” Fuck. There she goes. It’s not too late. Say it Sammy! Say it! Goddammit just tell her.

Sammy stood in silence as Steph got into her car and started making a phone call on her cell. She waved one last time as she backed out of the driveway. As Steph started driving away, Sammy walked back inside, collapsing to the floor in the entryway, her back against the wall. She started crying, her brown eyes welling with tears. She sobbed hard as she sat on the floor, her legs spread slightly. Sammy was breathing hard as her morning piss began hissing into her panties. She slid her hand under her pajama pants and over her panties, her fingers instantly finding her clit through the rapidly soaking material.

Sammy was a wreck, a barrage of emotions clouding her every thought and movement. She was furious at herself for being a coward, depressed because Steph doesn’t know how she feels. Faster and faster Sammy’s fingers moved rapidly over her panties as her puddle spread further and further across the tile floor. Perhaps more than any other feeling, Sammy felt afraid. She was terrified. Terrified about how badly she ached to be dirty, how she needed to be naughty. She couldn’t get herself off without being filthy first, without feeling the warmth and comforting embrace of letting herself go. Sammy couldn’t be normal anymore. Not in the strictest sense of the word. Sammy had redefined normal. This was normal. This was now her life, for better or for worse.

She came hard into her hand, her pee filtering through the material and across her palm. Tears continued to run down her cheek. Tears of intense pleasure. Tears of pain. Tears of sadness. Sammy sighed and relaxed as best as she could. Her piss slowed to a trickle and then squirted a few times before finally stopping. Sammy stood up and walked over to the mirror that hung near the base of the stairs. Slowly she turned, checking out the huge dark pattern across her ass, admiring how transparent the fabric now was. She could clearly see her panties underneath, clinging like a new layer of skin. Sammy pulled her pants halfway down her thighs, spreading her legs slightly and bending over. The puffy lips of her bald pussy were clearly evident as the wet material stretched thin. She looked over her shoulder as her hand ran over her mound. Sammy slowly brought herself to orgasm as she ran her middle finger up and down her slit, thrusting, moving her hips.

She sat down on the stairs, wiping her wet fingers on one of the few remaining dry spots on her panties. Resting her chin in the palm of her hands, elbows on her knees, Sammy looked out and surveyed the damage. A huge puddle remained where she let loose, small drops of pee serving as a trail of breadcrumbs to where she now sat. Sammy stood up and walked over to the mess on the floor. She got on her hands and knees and brushed her hair behind her ears. Leaning down, Sammy pursed her lips and began slurping the salty, sour fluid from the floor. God what am I doing? She slurped as hard as she could, swallowing her own brine. Sammy lowered her tits into the piss puddles, feeling them soak into the material. Her nipples were like ice, visible through the drenched fabric. Sammy rolled on her back, scooping up handfuls of piss and rubbing it all over herself, leaving wet marks across her legs, her tummy, liquid pooling in her belly button. She cupped her hands and let the yellow fluid run through her fingers into her mouth. Throwing her head back, Sammy gargled, feeling her pee foam up in her throat before finally sliding down, filling her belly.

Leaning back on her elbows and licking her lips, Sammy was only partially satisfied. She sighed to herself, frustrated that she can’t say what she wanted to say. Frustrated that she can’t stop touching herself. As if on cue, Sammy’s hand went down the front of her panties. “Well, I’ve got a while to think about things. Might as well make the best of the situation.”

Steph waved goodbye to Sammy as she waited for Matt to pick up his phone. “Hey baby. I’m leaving Sammy’s house now. What’s that? Yeah it was fun. We didn’t really do much. Just got drunk and watched a movie. Can you come over for lunch today? I wanna talk to you about something. OK, see you then. Love you too. Buh-bye.”

Reaching down and fiddling with the radio to find a station, Steph scolded herself for the thoughts going through her mind. Why am I so fucking horny all of a sudden? Images of last night kept running through her head. Lewd thoughts. Bad thoughts. Steph thought of herself peeing, and instead of finding herself grossed out, she kept feeling tingles. Little pings of feelings deep inside her. Steph could feel small tingles of pleasure between her legs. Stop it Stephanie. Don’t be gross. But Steph couldn’t stop. More and more pictures and memories replayed. Sammy pooping herself. Steph saying this morning that she would do it. No way would I do that. No fucking way. It is so wrong and so disgusting. No way. Would I? No! No! No! No! Try as hard as she could, Steph couldn’t stop thinking about it. Couldn’t stop how her body was reacting. What the fuck is wrong with me?

Steph’s fingers worked quickly. She lifted her butt off of the car seat and unbuttoned her pants. Her right hand went into her panties, her index and ring fingers running small circles in the cramped space. Steph spread her legs as wide as she could, her left hand still on the wheel, her eyes glued to the road. She brought her right hand up to her nose, sniffing gently, smelling the sweet and musky fragrance of her pussy. Steph sucked on her fingers quickly and put them back down the front of her panties. What the fuck is wrong with me? What am I doing? What am I doing? Steph came hard, gasping for air as she struggled to maintain composure. She could feel every muscle in her body tense up as her pussy contracted, sending wave after wave of warm butterflies through her body.

Steph didn’t know what was going on. She just knew she had to get home right away. Had to get off the road. She needed more. She needed to be touched. She needed to be bad. If Steph was worried about her mental state before, now she was in a near panic. She couldn’t stop herself as she pulled her jeans down further, wriggling and squirming to get them off of her legs. What did I just do? Steph tossed her jeans into her passenger seat and looked down. Yup. There are my panties. I just took off my pants. In broad daylight. In my car. While driving down the road. Steph could feel the car’s air conditioning cooling the dampness between her legs, but she still felt hot. She put both hands back on the wheel, staring forward, feeling herself remain in a constant state of arousal. She knew that people could see her, but that made it better. Steph felt different now. Like a monumental paradigm shift had occurred in her sexuality. Something changed her in the last few days. Something was different.

The rest of the drive proceeded without much incident, except for the occasional horn honk. Pulling into her driveway, Steph paused for a moment and looked up and down the street. Seeing nobody milling around, she got out of her car, grabbing her bag and jeans. She walked to the front door in nothing but her panties, t-shirt, and sandals. Worried, but somehow excited that her neighbors might see, Steph stripped the rest of her clothes off on the front porch, now completely naked as she walked inside.

Steph ran up the stairs and sat down on the toilet in her bathroom. She immediately began playing with herself, cumming again quickly as she heard the front door open. “Babe you here?” Steph struggled breathing as she called down to Matt.

“I’m up here. Hurry.”

Steph sat and waited a few moments as Matt walked into her room and towards the bathroom. “What did you want to sh…” His voice trailed off as he took in the site before him. Steph walked up to him and grabbed him by the shirt, pulling him towards her as she sat back down on the toilet. She quickly undid his pants and slid them to the floor, seeing that he was already hard at the site of her nude body. Steph grabbed his cock and wrapped her lips around it, sliding down slowly at first, bobbing her head back and forth. Matt put his hands in her hair as she sucked him, running her tongue expertly up and down his shaft. Without warning, the sound of water trickling filled the air as Matt realized that Steph was peeing. She could feel his cock jump as she pissed hard into the toilet, still sucking, still stroking. “Babe…wow…fuck I’m gonna cum.”

Steph pulled off and leaned back on the seat. She spread her lips wide, giving a clear view of her hot piss streaming into the toilet. Matt came hard, shooting his load across Steph’s neck, on her tits. She grabbed his cock at the last second and directed some of his cum right onto her pussy, stroking her clit with the other hand. Steph came again, panting and moaning loudly as she finished her piss. “What the hell was that all about?”

Steph giggled as she looked up at him, cum glistening on her flushed skin. “I honestly don’t know. Just thought you might like that.” She stood up and kissed him. “OK now back to work for you. I’ve gotta get ready to go meet my mom.” Steph kissed him again and toweled herself off. As she shut the door behind Matt, Steph couldn’t help but smile. Yeah something is definitely different. Something has changed in me, I think I like it.

The sky was navy, occasionally punctuated with distant flashes of lightning. Sammy smiled as she picked out her outfit. She was excited. All day long, no matter how many times she came, she still was aching for this moment. Sammy slowly slid the black lace garter belt up her legs, feeling it slide into place around her waist. Next, she put on matching black lace panties, satin bikini cut. Sammy sat on the edge of her bed, pulling her black thigh-high stockings, attaching them to the garter belt. She put on a black bra that pushed up her breasts slightly, admiring herself briefly in the mirror before sliding on a sky blue blouse. She buttoned it up, leaving the top two undone to expose a bit of cleavage. Sammy then put on her light gray business slacks, followed by the matching jacket.

Steph yawned as she put down her book, looking at the clock. Only 9:00, but I’m already tired. She moved her legs off of the edge of the bed and put her feet on the floor. Standing up, she suddenly felt a movement in her stomach. Like a slowly spreading fire, Steph could feel warmth creep through her body. She could hear herself speaking…”You know, honestly, last night I was going to do what you did…” Steph shook her head and walked to the bathroom, pulling down her light green pajama pants. She looked in the mirror and ran her hands on her stomach, standing sideways, admiring her curves. Steph felt another cramp hit her. “You know, honestly, last night I was going to do what you did…” No I can’t do that. I can’t. No way.

Sammy clasped the thin gold necklace around her neck, letting it drape seductively above her cleavage. She looked good. Her hair was in loose curls, framing her face elegantly. She wore just a little bit of makeup, not enough to appear trashy, but enough to catch the boys’ eyes. Sammy bit her lip and leaned forward, putting her hands on the bathroom counter. Ohhh Sammy you are so bad. So naughty. Look at how sexy you look. Look at how much you need this. She picked up a pair of black low-heel shoes and put them on, her outfit finally complete.

Steph pulled her panties down and sat on the toilet. She started to squeeze but stopped. “You know, honestly, last night I was going to do what you did…” She shuddered again. No way. No way Stephanie. It’s disgusting and wrong in so many ways. Steph stood up, her head spinning, legs weak. She walked over to her dresser and rummaged through her drawer, pulling out a pair of old blue cotton bikini cut panties. “You know, honestly, last night I was going to do what you did…” Steph pulled the panties up her legs and took off her shirt and bra. She walked back into the bathroom and looked at the toilet. You’re not really doing this. You seriously can’t be doing this. Steph stop. Don’t.

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