Thug sex Part I

I’d been a bit of a geek at school and was bullied quite badly for always at the top of the class so; when I went to University at 18 I deliberately lost touch with everyone from school and our small village and successfully re-invented myself in the ‘Big City.’ I went wild; fucking anything with a pulse and after leaving with a very good Degree I subsequently lived on and off with 3 different boyfriends and shared a house with two female work colleagues until I eventually got married. I had been drawn to ‘exciting guys’ since leaving home and some of them were quite volatile especially my marriage which ended when I had to move back to live with my parents, 100 miles away after his latest violent episode.

Mum and Dad are lovely people but more than a little bit old fashioned. Mum wanted to know the details of my every move and Dad constantly poked his nose into my internet activity too, so not only was I not getting ‘any’ but my DIY fun was curtailed too because I slept in the next room to my parents; leaving me gradually more and more frustrated.

Thankfully the company I work for had organised a transfer to a factory about 10 miles from home; so at least I was still earning money and looking for my own flat.

After a month my position at work changed meaning I had more day to day contact with the guys in the warehouse and necessitated regular meetings with the team leaders.

Not much fazes me, so walking around the huge warehouse and hearing their lewd comments was a nice experience after the jealousy I’d put up with over the last two years. I never really dressed provocatively, it’s not that type of company, but I usually wore bras that gave me plenty of uplift and made my 30c boobs bounce as I walk around in my highish heels. As you would expect the factory and warehouse was full of life’s waifs and strays with most men being married, in relationships or just plain dull.

One particular guy did catch my eye. Not because of what he did but probably because of what he didn’t do. Nelson was one of the fork-lift truck drivers and while not exactly ignoring me; he was so cool he would just arrogantly smile whenever I walked past him; exuding a feeling that he could have me any time he wanted; which was just patently big-headed, so I always gave an extra wiggle when he was in my presence.

Another thing about Nelson is that he is black; skinny as a stick and he had styled himself on the Rapper Snoop Doggy Dogg; with braided corn rows and pigtails in his hair, a scruffy non-beard and a gold tooth, plus he always wore extra baggy clothes, especially his jeans which always looked like they were going to fall down. Every available square inch of skin looked like it was covered in tattoos, even his neck. They were all good ones – professional; but only added to his air of mystery and pretend menace.

It didn’t take much research in the office and canteen to find out that he was 22 and a bit of a stud muffin that liked the ladies; especially the married ones. I wasn’t surprised to hear he treat them badly and may have made one pregnant the previous year.

One evening as I was driving through the factory gates in the rain I saw Nelson running down the street to catch a bus that was pulling out of the stop. I sniggered as he threw an imaginary punch at the bus as it drove away. I noted that it was the number 50 and vaguely remembered that it went in the direction of my parents’ house.

‘Toot-toot’ I blasted the car horn as I pulled up next to him and wound the window down.

“Where are you going?” I smiled as I tried to avoid the rain.

He didn’t recognise me at first, then flashed his extra wide toothy smile when he did, before looking suspiciously around the empty car. “South Grisholm; why?”

“I’m going that way; do you want a lift?” I shouted over the traffic noises.

“Okay.” Nelson grinned at the thought of getting into my car, “cool.”

Neither of us said anything for the first few minutes as I concentrated on the heavy traffic; but we kept looking at each other and nervously chuckling.

As soon as we left the city centre the rain began to ease off as did the slow moving traffic.

I was suddenly unsure as to whether I’d done the right thing as his lanky black frame filled the front of the car and began to intimidate me as I’m only 5ft 2 and just over 7 stones.

“So?” Nelson slowly asked as he chewed on his fingernails, “You sure don’t live on the Southside; so where do you live?”

“My parents live in Whitley but I’m looking for a own place, nearer the City Centre.” I replied a little too quickly. I was still edgy as we chatted, but Nelson seemed quite relaxed and we chatted for the next 10 minutes or so; basically introducing ourselves. He pointed to my wedding ring and asked what my husband would think about me giving a black man a lift home. Suddenly my hands became clammy as I replied that I was separated and it was none of his business who I had in my car.

The only time he sounded uneasy was when he admitted to living with a girlfriend and their sons. I wasn’t sure why he was uneasy; after all this wasn’t a date or anything, just one colleague doing a good turn for another; wasn’t it?

Soon we were driving along a row of run down and boarded up shops in South Grisholm and Nelson suggested he should get out here; as he didn’t want his girlfriend to get jealous or anything. I was flattered and blushed.

As he was about to close the car door I coughed and timidly asked if he wanted a lift in the morning seeing as I would be virtually passing by anyway.

His eyes instantly twinkled and he flashed his trademark smile; “That would be cool; pick me up over there….at 8?” I looked across the road and saw a derelict pub car park, and then nodded my agreement.

I giggled all the way home like a teenage schoolgirl would, after attracting the attention of the coolest guy in the football team. Even Mum noticed that I was in a good mood as we ate dinner; but I only admitted that ‘someone was showing some interest in me at work”

As I lay in bed I couldn’t stop myself playing with my pussy; regardless of any noises I might make! Of course I couldn’t use a sex toy but my fingers would still be able to do a good job; and they did. My pussy was already puffed up as I stroked the inside of my thighs and along my labia before dipping a finger into my sticky hole. My first orgasm didn’t take long at all and was very intense as I twirled my finger around and frantically rubbed my clit with the palm of my hand. The second one took much longer and was a ‘slow burn’. I normally use a toy for the second and third but tonight it was just my fingers; just like 12 years ago when I first discovered masturbation. It was even funny as I desperately tried not to noisily grunt or cry out like I normally do when I climax; but that would keep for another day.

I had been waiting in the car park for 10 minutes when Nelson nonchalantly crossed the road. I tried to look as composed as possible when he climbed into the passenger seat of my Renault Clio but my heart was racing and my stomach was in knots.

“Hi hunny,” my black co-worker greeted me as he ran his eyes over my body. Without realising it I’d dressed a little bit racier than normal knowing he was getting a lift. My skirt was a little shorter than usual and I knew that he could see my white lace bra through my nylon blouse.

I greeted him and chatted about nothing all the way to the factory. Nelson interjected when necessary but it was mostly me doing the talking as he was still half asleep; but kept looking at me out of the corner of his eye and smiling; which gave me a bit of a buzz.

As we approached the factory; he suggested that he should get out near a newsagent in the next street.

“I’ve got your reputation to think of; haven’t I?” He winked and smiled, “We don’t want to start them tongues wagging, do we?”

He was just about to walk away when he motioned for me to open the window.

“Are you gonna pick me up tonight?” He asked as his gold tooth glistened in the morning sunshine. I helplessly nodded.

Our paths crossed a couple of times during the morning but Nelson never showed anything other than his normal cool arrogance as his friends laughed and whistled as I walked through the warehouse. Only he knew why my boobs were bouncing a little more than usual and why my arse was rolling from side to side.

It was my turn to be late after work, but Nelson was nonchalantly smoking a cigarette on a wall beside the newsagent shop when I arrived. The arrogant sod motioned that he was going to finish his smoke before getting into the car.

When he did get in the atmosphere was electric. I tried talking about work things; but he soon stopped me by telling me that he ‘had enough of that shit’. I got the message but couldn’t think of anything else to talk about.

He quickly broke the ice.

“Are these stockings or tights?” Nelson cackled as he placed his hand on my knee and slowly stroked my nylon covered thigh.

I got such a shock I swerved the car and it took a second or two to get it back under control.

“Tights!” I gasped as I slapped his hand before changing gear.

He shrugged and placed his hand back into the same spot.

“It’s just….I know you white girls like the whole stockings and suspenders thing.” He laughed as I swiped his hand again; “it’s a cool thing; vey, very sexy.”

“I sometimes wear stockings; but it has to be tights at work.” I giggled as I slapped his hand much harder and he finally removed it from my leg. “Can you imagine the effect wearing stockings would have walking up that open staircase in the warehouse?” We both laughed at the thought; “Christ knows how many heart attacks that would cause.”

“You’re looking good, anyway.” Nelson told me in a husky voice; “very sexy; but you are always look very sexy.”

“Thank you.” I replied as we stopped at traffic lights; “but what would your girlfriend say if she heard you say that?”

“She doesn’t have to know; does she?” He laughed as his hand went back to my knee and up my skirt. I couldn’t stop him or answer as I had to concentrate on crossing a double carriageway. By the time it was safe to respond he was eagerly squeezing my thigh and his pinkie finger was touching my pubic area, making me shiver with excitement.

“Stop that!” I laughed as I pulled his hand away and threw it back into his own lap. “You’ll cause an accident doing things like that!”

The biggest threat of an accident was now me wetting my pants!

We spent the last 5 minutes of the journey with him trying to get his hand up my skirt and me trying in vain to stop him. As we approached the derelict pub, Nelson told me to pull into the car park; then he pointed to the far corner and told me to go there and turn right. I followed his instructions until my car was behind the building and completely out of sight. I presumed he’d been here before.

As I stopped the car I heard him unlock his seat belt and before I knew what was happening his left hand was up my skirt and his right was around my shoulders pulling me towards him. My seat belt constrained me but couldn’t stop him kissing me. His big brown rubbery lips smothered mine; but that first kiss was incredibly soft and sensitive and lasted forever.

My brain was on the verge of overload as he pulled my thighs apart and began stroking my pussy through my panties and tights with one hand and the other was squeezing my tit from across my shoulder.

As Nelson leant forward to kiss me again I pulled back. He looked surprised; until I smiled and unlocked my seat belt too. He moved his right hand until the belt sprang into its holder then he automatically went back to mauling my boob. We kissed and kissed and kissed as he stroked and fondled my covered mound with one hand as the other snaked inside my blouse and bra fondling my fleshy boob and stiff nipple.

It took a little bit of manoeuvring until my right knee was up against the steering wheel, allowing him better access to my hot and willing sexual area. By now his long pink nicotine flavoured tongue was swirling around inside my mouth, which allowed me to do my ‘party trick’ which is to ‘suck it’. I’ve never known a guy that didn’t get his mind blown when I did this, and Nelson was no different as he began breathing through his flared nostrils as he roughly shook and manhandled my tit.

Eventually we had to come up for air and broke off the kiss. As we both gulped air into our lungs he looked me in the eyes and ordered me to take my blouse off and ‘get my tits out.’ I complied and dropped my blouse and bra on the back seat.

He looked suitably impressed as my boobs stand proud and firm and look huge against my tiny frame.

I grinned as I pulled the lever on my seat and it quickly fell back. Without a word he bent forward and began planting kisses all over them before licking my nipples and rubbing his face across them. I took hold of my boobs by the sides and playfully slapped his stubble covered face. Cackling with laughter Nelson licked and sucked my tingling nipples as his hand went back between my legs. This time his fingers made straight for the waistband of my tights and knickers and he pulled the front down. The angle wasn’t great as he tried to get his hand between my legs so I lifted my arse for him to pull my tights down. In one swift movement they were around my knees and his fingers were pulling my labia apart and his long middle finger easily slid into my crack.

I flung my head back and let out a sigh as his finger poked and prodded my inner workings like a gynaecologist as he continued nuzzling my nipples and boobs at the same time as I stroked his coarse hair and corn rows. I was moaning and groaning while Nelson was now on his side with one knee on his seat while he worked his black magic on my prickling body.

He moved again and was now nearly lying on top of me; but his stomach was still in the air. I couldn’t resist and slid my hand down the front of his baggy jeans and grabbed his dick through his boxers. My eyes lit up as I tried to gauge its size. It was my turn to be impressed; there was a lot of cock down there and it was my job to free Willy.

Now fingering my neatly trimmed cunt with two digits Nelson stopped sucking my tits and raised himself up until his head was against the roof of the car and he steadied himself by gripping the back of his seat.

“Mmmm.” I purred as I ran my hand along his cock, then with my other hand began pulling his jeans down over his skinny arse. His eyes were wide open and he had a serious look on his face as he shuffled his jeans down to his knees. I took my hand off his rod of steel then placed my sweaty fingers on the waistband for a few seconds. Then I dragged them down and ta-da! His long black cock sprang into view.

“Jesus!” I gasped as it pointed straight at me. I’ve had more than my fair share of cock over the years but had never been with a black man before and boy; did Nelson live up to the stereotype. It was about 7 inches long and shaped like a Cuban cigar. His dark brown knob was already poking out of the foreskin as I took hold of it; wrapping my lily white hand around the girth and pulling the skin back until his magnificent knob was on fully show. Nelson didn’t say a word as I tugged his cock, but his breathing became deeper and shallower and his fingering became firmer and faster.

I eventually moved forward and licked the velvet knob; which made him sigh and draw breath as I then planted a series of kisses along the taught shaft. This was my first taste of black cock and I wanted to savour every last second. Still wanking him I kissed the tip again then swallowed three inches in one gulp.

“Shit!” Nelson gasped as he grabbed the back of my head as I feverously sucked as much of his cock as humanly possible. I love cock sucking and was now desperate to show this black stud exactly how good I was. I gargled, sucked, blew, kissed and even managed to get the knob into the top of my throat (which impressed him) all the while furiously rubbing his shaft and tickling his balls.

My black colleague now had a tight grip on my head as I sucked his long black cock as if my life depended on it and his fingering was as good as a few fucks I’d had!

Eventually his breathing became very shallow and he started banging his cock deep into my mouth. I knew what was coming next and sucked as hard as his mouth-fucking would allow.

“Ugh, ugh…..ohhhhhh…..uuuggGGHHHHH…..FUCKFUCKFUCK!” He panted as stream after stream of warm cum filled my mouth. With his cock still filling my cavity it was difficult to actually swallow it so it just kept filling up what little space there was.

Nelson’s adrenaline soon sank into his toes and he slowly slid back onto his calf’s as his cock slowly rolled out of my aching mouth. With sweat running down his cheeks he managed a thin smile when I kept my mouth wide open so he could see how much spunk was in my mouth. Then I tipped my head backwards and swallowed the lot. It really did feel like a huge salty oyster as it smeared my throat and ended up in my belly.

“Fucking Hell, Lucy……you’re a helluva fucking cocksucker!” Nelson sniggered as he scooped his spent cock back inside his pants. “Every body thinks you’re so fucking innocent…..a real fucking cock teaser; but…but…fucking hell! You dirty bitch; you sure can suck cock!”

“I have my moments.” I giggled as I found my bra and blouse under my seat. I managed to put my bra on in the car but not my blouse and tights so had to clamber outside and with no shame pulled my knickers and tights up before putting my blouse back on in the open air.

When I was finally smart again Nelson looked like he was desperate to get away.

‘No kiss goodbye, then.’ I told myself as he gave a wave and said ‘same time tomorrow.’

The final drive home was quite funny in its own way; as I relived what I’d just done and kept swirling my tongue around my mouth in a mission to keep tasting his spunk.

I was so sweaty that I had to have a shower before dinner and managed to bring myself off three times as the hot soapy water cascaded over my soft skin.

Sure enough Nelson arrived 10 minutes late the next morning as he was to do every morning afterwards, and as I didn’t wear tights or panties that day, I let him stroke and finger me all the way to work.

On Friday the factory closes at 1pm so we went straight back to the Pub car park and I sucked him dry again only this time I made him finger me to orgasm.

Over the weekend Mum subtly mentioned something about ‘strange noises’ coming from my bedroom and was I feeling alright. I got the message and kept my masturbation for the shower on the Sunday.

I don’t know why, but I wore trousers for work on Monday. Nelson wasn’t impressed on the morning ride to work, so contented himself by playing with my tits, much to the amusement of a couple of lorry drivers.

When we got to the pub on the evening he wasted no time in taking my sweater and bra off and soon had his cock out for a fun titty-wank then I began giving him another marvellous blow job; taking as much black cock into my throat as I could. But after a few minutes Nelson stopped me and told me to get out of the car. There was something arrogant about him that I knew I would comply with his every request. Topless, I got out of the car and waited for him to join me.

Even though the pub was derelict there was always the possibility that some kids or metal thieves could appear at any moment; but that just added to the thrill of what we were doing.

“Get your drawers down.” Nelson instructed me as he pulled his own jeans and boxers down to his ankles, “then bend over the bonnet and spread your legs.”

My heart was pounding as I unbuckled my trousers and pulled them down to my ankles and kicked them off before placing them on the front seat. I’d done some things in my time but I’d never had sex in a public place and it was rather thrilling to do it with a young black thug.

I was now naked apart from my shoes as I turned away from him and lay across the bonnet, legs splayed wide apart as instructed. Nelson took hold of my left hip and pulled my arse slightly into the air then spread my arse cheeks before guiding his rocket into my pussy for the first time.

I braced myself as the fat knob bumped against my labia; then as I arched my back the knob eased past the folds and with one almighty plunge his mighty 7 ½ inches rattled my box.

“Oh fuck.” I gasped as it filled my cunt in one swift thrust. Nelson then took hold of my other hip and began fucking me ragged while giving my arse the occasional slap.

The sensations that his massive cock were causing were out of this world. At one stage I swear that he was growling as he fucked me so hard he made me whimper and grind my teeth.

“Huh, huh, huh……that hurts………fucking Hell….your cock is fucking huge!” I panted with each pump of his long cock.

My hands were now so greasy I couldn’t grip onto the bonnet and my big and bouncy titties were soon sliding across the metal as he pounded my cunt from behind like a man possessed.

“Yes…yes…yes….harder…..fuck me harder!” I was gasping for air as his cock nearly split me in two.

My arse was soon sore from the spanking and the powerful fucking had me light-headed but I still recognised the tell-tale signs when he began panting and his fucking became harder and faster.

“Don’t cum!” I suddenly cried out, “don’t cum inside me! Please don’t.” But it was too late; his last two enormous thrusts lifted me off my feet and I felt my cunt fill with hot spunk in just the way my mouth had the previous week. Three small jerks later he pulled his cock out of my stretched cunt and then he took hold of my forearm.

“Get down there and clean it up for me.” He directed me as he turned me around to face him. Still slightly groggy; I fell to my knees on the cracked concrete and licked the excess spunk and pussy juice off his long dangling cock. It tasted absolutely delicious and felt gloriously humiliating as I lifted his soft cock up to get at the bits clinging to his ball sack.

Satisfied and sated Nelson stroked my cheek to let me know he was finished and I should stop and get dressed. It took him a couple of seconds to pull his jeans up but I was still naked in the car park and could feel his spunk running out of my battered cunt and down my thighs.

“Gotta go hunny,” he smiled as he wobbled one of my tits. “See you in the morning?” I nodded, as he turned to walk away.

Unceremoniously I scooped as much spunk as possible out of my tattered cunt then wiped my still sopping pussy with a tissue before tearfully getting dressed. Thankfully I was still on the pill; but letting him cum inside me was something I hadn’t really bargained for; but if that’s what he wanted to do I knew I was helpless to stop him.

The next couple of weeks followed the same pattern with Nelson filling my mouth with spunk most nights. We did fuck a couple of times but the rain and wind made it difficult most nights. I loved the raw gratuitous sex and to some degree loved his horrible selfish attitude towards me but after a couple of weeks it became apparent that the novelty of only getting his cock blown was wearing off for him and as we couldn’t go back to his place or mine; for the obvious reasons regular fucking was out of the question.

I suggested going to a hotel; but he was too cheap to pay for a room and even though I was becoming infatuated and desperate thought better of spending my own limited cash.

Thug Sex Part II

I knew my relationship with Nelson was nearly over when he started texting on the way to work rather than fondling my tits. It was probably for the best really as the relationship was purely based on sex – fantastic sex and knew if I played it right he would still fuck me occasionally; just not every day. Is that sad of me?

It was raining on the Tuesday night so we stayed inside the car and I gave him a long lingering blow job. By now I was deep throating him regularly which really impressed my well hung black lover and tonight he was spanking my arse while I sucked him. Without warning he pulled my head back by my hair and sprayed his spunk onto my face and tits. As I masturbated in front of him told me to rub it in. As usual I was as horny as fuck and my pussy was already very juicy as I smeared his cream into my tits and licked it off my fingers as I fingered myself. My legs were already as wide as possible as I vigorously stroked my kitty as I licked his spunk off my fingers. Nelson was grinning as he tugged at his deflated cock; making me shout out ‘how much I loved big black cock’ but the grin became a look of astonishment as one by one I slid all four fingers into my snatch. I thought his eyes were going to pop out of his head as I eased my thumb in too and pumped my fist in and out. I had taught myself to do it years earlier and the feeling is out of this world.

I continued screaming how much ‘I loved big black cocks’ and wanted ‘as much black mans spunk as possible’ as I fisted my sloppy cunt.

I was soon puffing my cheeks out as my orgasm neared. My fingers were a blur as I rubbed my clit with my other hand and at the final second I pulled my hand out. As my intense orgasm made me look like I was convulsing I squirted a few ounces of pussy juice in an arc into his direction. At first he was horrified then his cock got rock hard again. When my shaking subsided I got the giggles as Nelson was full of questions about what had happened while he wanked himself senseless.

I explained that I sometimes ‘squirted’ and it was quite common if not a regular thing. He wanted to see me to do it again; but I told him that it’s not that easy. Visibly disappointed he tucked his cock away and began a sulk as I got dressed.

“I want a proper fuck next time.” I told him as I fastened my bra. “In a room somewhere; preferably with a bed.”

He shrugged his shoulders and made that annoying ‘tsk’ sound with his teeth. “What do I get, if I organise something?” He asked.

“I’m serious.” I tried to sound as firm as possible, “A drink would be nice too; not a cocktail, just a beer or glass of wine.”

“Fucking Hell.” He sighed, “I’ll see what I can do.” Still sulking he got out of the car and left me to finish getting dressed on my own.

The following morning he was in a good mood and told me that he’d organised ‘something’ for the following Friday night.

I was impressed.

I was on a training course for the next couple of days so didn’t see him until Friday morning; when he outlined his plan.

“Do you know the Cockatoo?” he asked and I nodded that I did. “I’ll see you there at 8. My Uncle lives a couple of streets away and it’s his poker night, so he said we can use his bedroom.”

The Cockatoo was a bit upmarket by Nelson’s standards but I presumed it would only be for one drink anyway. I was like a bitch on heat for the rest of the day; especially when I walked past him in the warehouse.

As we were meeting later in the evening Nelson went for a drink with some pals after work. I went shopping straight after work; buying some new undies; a tiny black, sheer g-string and matching balconette bra which would push up my already large tits, a very short red pleated mini skirt and a low cut, black chiffon and mesh top that was virtually see through. Not forgetting a pair of red patent platform shoes with silver heels that wouldn’t have looked out of place on a lapdancer.

After a shower and a shave; making sure that my pussy was as bald as the day I was born. I then put my hair up; until it resembled a pineapple with my long red, white and black highlights falling away to the sides. I then got dressed into my new clothes and as I applied the finishing touches to my bright scarlet lipstick I admired my look in the mirror – very slutty!

As I left the house I saw Mum’s disapproving look as I waddled down the path in my new shoes; but it was too late and I was soon in the back of the taxi. I sat in the middle seat and the driver made no pretence of looking in his rear view mirror as he made flirty conversation; about ‘my lucky boyfriend.’

It was no surprise to find Nelson not in the bar when I arrived so I bought a cocktail and sat at a table away from the bar and enjoyed the leering looks I was getting from a couple of groups of men as tried to look as alluring as possible while I sipped my drink.

I was just becoming annoyed as I finished the cocktail when he arrived at quarter past; sauntering into the bar as if he owned it. There were a few other black guys around but none looked like Nelson. He was wearing a pair of denim dungarees with one strap hanging loose and a tight white t-shirt that emphasised his muscles. Everyone else was ‘smart-casual’. When he saw me he grinned then gave me a big kiss before sitting down and making me go to the bar to get him a beer. I did as I was told and bought another large cocktail for myself.

All eyes appeared to be on me as I made my way too and from the long bar. I realised that some looks were disapproving but I couldn’t give a shit now that he was here and my night was just starting.

We stayed for half an hour; hardly chatting but I managed another cocktail (that I bought with my own money) before he looked at his watch and decided it was time to go to his Uncle’s flat.

I was nervous, excited and incredibly horny as I linked arms with my young black lover and he paraded me through the crowd to the big doors. Once outside the cold wind hit me and I suddenly felt more than a little drunk. I expected to get a taxi but he was correct when he’d said that the flat was only a couple of streets away. It was above a bakery in a small row of shops and we had to enter from behind. Once up the stairs he just opened the door and walked in.

“But I thought your Uncle was going out.” I queried as I followed him down a passage that led to a room with a light on and voices.

“No.” Nelson laughed as he held the door open and ushered me into the living-room. “I said it was his poker night!”

My mind was fuddled from the mix of strong drinks and sexual excitement, so I struggled to take in the sight that met me.

Five or six older black men were smoking and playing cards at a small dining table while, heavy reggae pumped out of a stereo on a sideboard.

I froze to the spot as a big man spoke to Nelson.

“Hiya kid,” He greeted him then looked at his watch; “right on time too.” I was baffled and turned to look at Nelson who was behind me and now held me by the waist.

“What do you think?” He cackled as his hands slid over my blouse and cupped my boobs.

“She’s a honey.” One of the others called out.

“Sure is; Snoopy.” Another laughed; “You’ve got better taste than your Uncle!”

“Fuck off!” The first man told him as threw a screwed up piece of paper in his direction before turning his attention to me.

With a grin on his face he said; “The kid tells me you can’t get enough black cock.”

The drink was taking its effect and my head was spinning as Nelson caressed my boobs through my new bra making me unconsciously roll my hips against his crotch.

“Well,” I giggled; “I like his.” Then giggled again as Nelson’s hand slid under the bra and scooped my boobs out, “I’ve not seen any others.”

“Tonight’s your lucky night, then!” A bald fat man dripping in gold chains and rings cackled from the back.

Nelson was now pulling my blouse over my head and without a second thought I unclipped my bra and let it fall to the floor. Nelson’s hands went straight back to my naked boobs and began tugging at my stiffening nipples and making my boobs bounce as I rubbed my arse against his hard dick.

“Hey,” A younger mixed race guy grunted. He was in a white vest that highlighted his muscles and tattoos, “Are we gonna finish this hand of cards?”

The Uncle howled with laughter and agreed that they should, before turning back to me; “Get me a beer out of the fridge sweetie?”

I turned my head to see Nelson who just winked and asked for one for himself. Without a care in the world I walked past the table towards the kitchen, wiggling my hips and knowing my shoes would make my naked boobs bounce, which all got whistles and hoots from the men at the table. Others shouted for beer too once I was bending over in front of the fridge, making sure they all got a look up my micro mini-skirt.

I could only manage to carry four bottles and clutched them to my chest on the return journey. Back at the table only three men were still playing as I distributed the beer.

As I walked past the fat man with the gold chains his hand stroked my legs and when I didn’t complain went straight up to my buttock which he squeezed and patted as the man next to him grabbed an unfettered boob. I was in my element but looked over at Nelson who was grinning from ear to ear as he supped his beer.

When I arrived back from the kitchen the second time the Uncle took my wrist and pulled me towards him.

“Sit on my knee sweetie and bring me some luck.” He told me as he guided me to his muscular legs. I sat side-saddle with my boobs parallel to his face.

“I don’t know if I can concentrate with these sweet titties so close to my mouth!” He laughed as he threw two £10 notes onto the kitty; then nuzzled my nipples as I swigged from my beer bottle.

As I sat on Uncles knees I took the opportunity to take a look at the others in the room.

There was the fat man who looked about 50; the muscle man in the vest that looked deadly serious and scarily tough, two younger men in their late 30′s or early 40′s wearing tracksuits. One was sporting a tight afro and a goatee beard and the other a pork pie had and droopy moustache. Then there was Uncle who was the biggest of all, over 6ft tall and naturally quite muscular. He was wearing smart black trousers and a black shirt.

Not a lot was said as the game finished but all eyes in the room were on me as Uncle’s massive black hand played with my bouncing tits as he kept shaking his thighs.

Uncle scooped the pot and laughed that I had ‘brought him good luck;’ and he would have to think up a suitable reward.

I was soon despatched for more beer and some rum & cokes from the kitchen. As soon as I set off for the kitchen Uncle called Nelson over to the table. I made a great show of bending over when I got the beer out of the fridge only this time I handed the drinks out two at a time meaning I got to walk all around the room in only my tiny skirt and soaking g-string which was now buried deep inside my hot snatch. Most of the men took the opportunity to grope my tits or arse as I performed my waitress service.

Although he’d never asked to some degree this was my own personal sex fantasy; being at the whims of a group of men and willing to do absolutely anything that they wanted.

When everyone had a drink I was standing in the centre of the small room lapping up the attention as I slurped my large rum and coke.

Without beating about the bush, Uncle called over to me; “The kid tells me that you can swallow all of his meat in one go.”

I made eye contact with Nelson who winked as he swigged a mouthful of Red Stripe.

“That I’d like to see.” The fat man laughed as the Afro guy shouted over to Nelson, “What are you packing down there?”

Nelson grabbed his crotch and responded, “8 inches.”

“She can swallow the lot? Seriously?” Afro tried to confirm.

“I trained her good.” Nelson cackled and high-fived his Uncle.

“So,” Uncle pursed his mouth and leaned forward; “are you gonna show us how you do it?”

I sipped more rum and considered the situation before replying; “would you like me to?”

“I’d fucking love it!” Uncle howled.


“Here.” Uncle waved his hand to show he meant the living room.

“In front of everyone?” I asked suspiciously.

“Of course.” He laughed again; “we are all men of the World.”

“Shit.” I gasped; suddenly realising what might be in store.

There was a silence as I gulped the remnants of my drink down.

“Okay.” I nodded with a big smile on my face.

“Can he get it up in front of an audience?” The muscleman asked Nelson with a hint of malice in his voice.

“Don’t fucking worry about me.” Nelson told him firmly, after having his manhood challenged. A second later he was dropping his pants and tugging his already long cock in front of the crowd.

“Come here,” he instructed me and curled his finger. “And get this fucker really hard.” As usual I complied. I unfastened my mini-skirt and let it drop to the floor and kicked it towards the sofa before I sank to my knees and replaced his hand with mine and started licking his balls and the thick veins on his big black dick.

“That’s the way.” Nelson sighed as I pulled his foreskin back while nibbling his scrotum. “Now suck the fucker real good.”

As the old men gathered around I slowly fed a few inches of his big black cock past my scarlet lips and began sucking it as I crushed his bollocks. Soon Nelson was holding my head and moving his hips backwards and forwards. I wanted to take a little bit of time but he seemed in a hurry to impress Uncle and his friends.

It took me a few seconds to get my breathing right then with a mouth full of saliva as lubricant I slowly swallowed all 7 inches of his young black cock. As my chin rested on his balls I gurgled as I eased a couple of inches back out…..then back in again and out again and in again.

The men were laughing and clapping as I put on a real humdinger of a show for them; deep-throating Nelsons long cock for 2 or 3 minutes, until I could tell that he was getting over excited and tugging on my hair as he started panting and forcing his cock in to my throat too roughly. As quickly as possible I let it slide out and as I was gulping in air he began firing spunk bullets onto my face. He could always produce a very healthy amount of spunk but this time it seemed to go on forever until it was in my eyes and hair and running down my face onto my swollen boobs.

“Fucking Hell! That was fucking amazing!” Someone shouted.

“I can’t spunk that much in a month!” Another laughed.

“I told you she was the best fucking cocksucker I’ve ever had; didn’t I?” Nelson looked at his Uncle.

“You did boy; you did.” Uncle grinned as he unbuckled his belt and began loosening his trousers, “You were right and now its my turn.”

I wiped some spunk from my eye and tried to work out Uncles age – at least 50 and possibly 60 and he must have been a handsome man in his younger days. Soon his pants were around his ankles and he lifted his shirt to expose a big soft belly and a big fat black cock. It must have been about the same length as Nelsons’ but much, much fatter. Uncle shuffled forward and dangled it over my face.

“Can you swallow that then; sweetie?” He maliciously grinned as he rubbed it across my nose.

“It’s too big.” I admitted as I curled my soft white fingers around the shaft and kissed the tip as I pulled the foreskin back.

The men were now all guffawing as they dropped their own trousers and they too offered their cocks to me. I soon took two or three inches of Uncles big dick into my mouth and began feverishly sucking it as I tightly gripped another two either side of him. My mouth and hands were quickly working in unison as I tugged and sucked all three cocks in turn.

After a few minutes I felt someone kneel behind me and jiggle my tits with one hand as he caressed my peachy arse with the other. I smiled as I realised that I had been so busy sucking and wanking that I’d forgotten about my own needs. The hand caressing my arse soon slid between the cheeks and began stroking my ravenous cunt.

“It’s like fucking jelly down here!” I recognised the voice as the Afro guy who had just slid a finger into my hole. If I’d been in ecstasy sucking on three black cocks, getting fingered at the same time was making my heart skip a beat.

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Paul and Stacy got into their car and waited for us just outside the entrance of the club, Terry flashed his lights to let them know we were ready to follow.

About a mile away from the club they pulled off the road onto an industrial estate. Most of the units were empty and they stopped in the car park of what looked like a deserted office block, situated in the far corner of the estate set back far from the road.

Paul started to walk towards us, shielding his eyes and blinking in the bright head lights as Terry pulled up facing their car sideways on so that it was lit up.

“Let me chat to Paul and just make sure we all know what the rules are and how far Stacy wants to take this” I said. “We don’t want to spoil things with any misunderstandings do we?”

Terry and Jake both agreed it was the best thing to do.

As I opened the door a grinning Paul came over, I took his arm and said.

“Are you both sure this is what you want.”

He nodded. “Stacy can’t wait, she’s so excited.”

“And you?”

He laughed, “Yea I’m cool with it, as I said it was something my ex was into.”

“Ok then,” I said “I hate to bore you with questions but just so we are all clear, how far does Stacy want to go?”

He looked puzzled, “How do you mean?”

“Well the guys and I have played around before but usually it is just a little teasing and touching then I let them cum on me, tonight was a bit special and that is the first time I have allowed Jake to go all the way.”

“She wants them to do pretty much the same as we saw them do to you in the club; she’s excited at the thought of both of them fucking her.”

“She’s never been with two guys.” He added.

“And are you sure you want to watch?” I asked again.

“Can’t wait,” he grinned.

I patted his arm, “Ok just making absolutely sure, some guys like to fantasise about things then change their mind when it happens.”

I went back to the car, “Ok guys they are both up for this so have fun.”

Terry and Jake walked over to where Stacy was leaning waiting, Jake noticed Paul take his phone out, “Hey just one thing before we start, we don’t want you taking pictures, Ok?”

Yeah said Terry “We are both professional guys and the last thing we would want is for our faces to be all over the internet.”

“No worries,” said Paul as he put the phone away.

Stacy pushed away from the side of the car.

“Do you want me or are you going to chat all night?” she said, standing with her head cocked to one side, hand on hip.

Jake and Terry went to her, standing so that she was sandwiched between them as I had been at the club. “Wow you’re an impatient little madam aren’t you?” Jake said as he ran his hands over her shoulders and down her arms, moving them up her sides to cup her breasts. Mmmm Stacy moaned at Jakes touch, she arched her back pressing her breasts into his hands and her ass tight against Terry’s groin grinding her hips.

In response Jake squeezed her breasts with one hand, the other moved down her over stomach tugging her blouse free from the waist band of her skirt and unbuttoning it.

Terry had his hands on her thighs hitching her skirt up exposing smooth pale flesh, pulling her back into him as he pushed his groin into her.

Stacy moaned and wiggled her hips really getting into it “Oh yes baby!”

After a few minutes of slowly grinding against her ass Terry stepped back.

Running his hands down the outside of Stacy’s legs he paused just a moment then eased his left hand up the inside of her thigh until it disappeared under her skirt.

I could just imagine his fingers gently touching and exploring as she gave a throaty moan and moved her hips.

Jake had undone her blouse and parted the flimsy material exposing her tender skin to the night air, a girl after my own heart she had not bothered to wear a bra, her young breasts firm and small not really needing one.

Jake slipped the blouse from her shoulders and popped it through the open car window and I wasn’t sure if it was the slight chill of the night air on her hard nipples or Terry’s hand between her legs that made her shudder.

Terry took his hand from between her legs and unfastened her skirt letting it drop to the ground, ever the gentleman he picked it up and put it the car next to her blouse. Stacy was now down to a pair of skimpy pale blue panties cut high on the leg and her heels. Not a bit embarrassed she stood facing them, hands on hips breasts proudly thrust out as they looked her over.

She spread her legs and I could see that her panties had ridden up slightly, outlining the shape of her pussy where Terry had been playing.

A little damp spot, dark against the light material told of her excitement.

Hooking her thumbs in the side of her panties she smiled at Terry and Jake.

“Do you like really naughty girls?”

They grinned at one another, “Oh yes we love naughty girl’s.” said Terry

“The naughtier the better,” Jake added, he nodded in my direction. “Just ask Jules.”

With that she pulled her panties all the way down in one swift movement, bending from the waist while keeping her knees together.

She straightened back up with her hands hanging loose, cupped in front of her pussy and stood for a moment, giving nothing away.

The atmosphere was tense, electric, and I was holding my breath waiting to see what she was going to do next, looking over at the guys saw I wasn’t the only one.

Terry, Jake and Paul were all mesmerised, frozen to the spot by this petite beauty as she let her hands drop to her sides and slowly moved first one foot then the other so that they were just over shoulder width apart.

As she stood exposed to them for the first time Terry and Jake let out a gasp; she was pale and waxed smooth, her bare slit drawing the eye down to where a tiny little peek of darker pink flesh stuck out. It had probably been tugged free as she removed her damp panties, her labia slightly puffed out with excitement being stuck to the material with her own juices.

She hesitated just a moment then trailed the index finger of her right hand down over her flat belly and touched it between her legs, bringing it up to her mouth she placed the tip of the finger between her lips and sucked the wet juices off it.

With a sexy grin she winked at the guys blowing them a kiss, turned and bent over the bonnet of the car presenting a nicely rounded ass.

She then pushed her hips back and spread her legs wide and I wondered if she knew just how much of herself she was exposing to them.

I couldn’t believe how wild and sexy I was finding this; my heart was racing as I slipped my hand through the split in my skirt and along the inside of my thigh until the tips of my fingers brushed over my damp slit.

Although I had cleaned up the best I could in the toilets I was still a little wet from Jakes load, a little tickle of butterflies ran through my stomach when I thought of how naughty I had been in the club, the tremor of excitement causing a muscle in my inner thigh to twitch as I used my fingers to massage the residue of his excitement over my pussy making the lips slick and swollen.

I was as horny as hell, no wonder my little games were so popular if this was how they made the guys feel when we played around.

In fact it was almost unreal watching Stacy, for a brief moment I felt as if I had stepped out of myself and was witnessing one of the many occasions when I had teased the guys. She obviously enjoyed the attention as she exposed herself, taking her time to savour the moment; it would seem that being sexually adventurous was something we had in common, both of us with strong voyeuristic and exhibitionist tendencies.

The guys walked over to Stacy who stayed where she was, bent over the car with her ass facing them. When they were close enough to touch her she spread her feet a little wider and pushed her hips right back opening absolutely everything up to them, the tight lips of her cute little pussy parting slightly showing a hint of the smooth inner flesh, her labia glistened with expectation, the darker flesh swollen and puffed out.

She let out an appreciative moan as Jake ran his hand over her buttocks in one slow lingering stroke, jumping a little when the tips of his fingers dipped between her legs opening her up even more as he lightly teased the damp folds apart.

Stacy let out a gasp as he suddenly pushed his middle finger all the way inside her, pulled it slowly out then pushed it back fast and hard working up a rhythm getting her nice and wet, adding his index finger as she started to push back at him, burying both fingers up to the last knuckle.

She groaned as he withdrew them then sucked in air with a loud hiss as he replaced the fingers with his thick thumb while curling the very wet, very slick fingers forward through her folds, making her jump as he reached past her hip with his other hand and touched a finger to her clit.

The effect was electrifying; Stacy let out a yelp and began humping her hips grinding her pussy against his hand. Jake was forced to stop playing with her clit so that he could push down on her lower back just above her buttocks to try and keep her still.

She got the message and stopped moving instead collapsing forward with her head on her arms, little murmurs of pleasure escaping her lips as Jake gently massaged her pussy, fingering her towards orgasm with a gentle but urgent rhythm.

As her breath began to quicken he slipped the hand resting on her back down over her buttocks, cupping and caressing them in turn.

My hand was now between my legs, almost subconsciously I rubbed it back and forth over my pussy mimicking Jakes movements, fully aware of how turned I was getting. Looking over at Paul I could see that he was in pretty much the same state as he rubbed a hand over his jeans tracing the shape of his erection as he watched the show.

Walking over I pushed his hand away, snapped the fastener on his jeans, unzipped him and pulled them down in one swift movement along with his shorts, freeing his cock. It immediately sprang up against his belly swelling to life.

He jumped a little as I took it in my hand but after the initial shock he mouthed the words, “thank you.”

My pussy was sopping wet and I whispered to Paul that he should stand on my other side. He stepped out of his jeans and stood close at a slight angle towards me as I gently gripped his cock with the hand that had been pressed to my pussy.

It was slick with my juices, the palm and fingers so wet that I was able to lubricate his cock from the tip to the base making it easier to slide my hand over his thick shaft as I slowly masturbated him, first curling my fingers over the tip then working them slowly up and down in long lingering strokes.

Not wanting to be left out I reached through the slit in my skirt and rubbed the tip of my finger in little circles around my clit pausing each time the sensation became too much, only starting up again as my breathing calmed a little and the delicious feeling between my legs subsided, touching and stopping, letting the heat build then allowing it to ebb as I turned my attention to the show Jake was putting on with Stacy.

He was fingering her pussy with one hand while making slick little trails between her buttocks with the other, alternating hands to spread as much of her juices there as possible, wetting his fingers by rubbing gently between her lips then making her gasp by pushing the index and middle finger up into her hard, burying them all the way in holding them still then working them back and forth with a slight twist of the hand making her cry out and rock her hips with the movement.

When his fingers were wet enough he would trail the soaking digits between her firm cheeks, immediately bringing his other hand back to her pussy not giving her a moments respite so that she had no time to catch her breath.

It didn’t take a genius to see that he was craftily lubricating around her tight little hole and I wondered just how naughty a girl Stacy was.

She was now breathing hard, panting and circling her hips in time to his fingering. Jake must have sensed she was getting close to losing it and shifted position a little as he changed tactics, once again pushing his thumb deep into her while rubbing his fingers back and forth on the outside of her pussy, massaging her delicate flesh in a pinching motion, his other hand resting lightly on her buttocks.

She started moaning loudly as her orgasm built sucking in a breath as pushed a his finger between her cheeks then lightly circled the tip over her tiny puckered hole.

He paused.

Paul was wide eyed at my side seemingly hypnotised by the whole scene.

I was holding him in a light grip and his cock pulsed in my hand, I guessed in time with his heart beat, I wondered if this was the first time that anyone had touched Stacy in this way.

Everyone seemed to be holding their breath.

Stacy seemed to tense and for a second I thought that she would pull away but she didn’t. Instead she seemed to push back against Jake a little, perhaps involuntary as she was grinding back against the hand working between her legs, gasping at the fingers deep in her pussy.

Suddenly she threw her head back and let out a loud moan as the first wave of her orgasm washed over her, I could see the muscles in the back of her legs trembling as she tensed up holding her breath, letting it out in a loud drawn out hiss as she shuddered and bucked back against him.

Jake pressed his slick digit against her asshole slipping it in up to the first knuckle, timing it to perfection with the waves of her orgasm as he buried the finger almost all the way in, working it back and forth in time with the fingers of his other hand as he rubbed them in short, quick movements through her puffy outer lips and over her clit.

Her orgasm was so intense she flopped forward with her head on her arms too weak to support herself on her hands any longer, making little gasping and panting sounds.

The muscles in her legs and buttocks twitched and quivered as her juices flooded over Jakes hand, he held it almost still making just the tiniest of movements over her sopping lips, teasing then with a feather light touch as she climaxed.

He let his finger slip gently from her ass and stroked it between her cheeks until her breathing returned to normal.

The whole thing had been incredible and I found myself wishing that Jake had just made me cum with that intensity.

When I am ‘playing around’ I sometimes allow the guys a little ‘soft’ ass play for my own pleasure as the skin between my butt cheeks is really sensitive and ticklish.

Any kind of attention there really turns me on.

But I have rules.

Touching is fine as long as they don’t try and finger my ass and I love the feel of having a hard cock nestled between my cheeks as they move back and forth rubbing the shaft over my skin, ‘butt crack sliding.’

And of course they can cum on me as much as they like.

But any kind of real anal sex is reserved for Steve as a special treat and I have never done that with anyone else. However after seeing the way Jake brought Stacy off with his fingers and the intensity of her orgasm I was seriously considering a ‘one off’ just to see if it felt as good as she made it look.

Slowly, on shaky legs, Stacy pushed herself up off the bonnet and turned to face us.

She looked sexy as hell.

Her face was flushed; the nipples of her tiny breasts rock hard standing proud while the inside of her thighs glistened wet with her juices.

And it was more than just hint of dark pink labia that poked out from her tight slit now, the tender flesh drawn out by Jakes fingers.

She stood with her legs apart still trembling slightly but before she could compose herself enough to speak Terry moved in front of her and touched his fingers between her legs; she immediately stiffened biting her bottom lip.

“Give me a minute, it’s too sensitive yet” She whispered in a throaty voice.

Terry didn’t answer; instead he dropped his hands to her hips and lifted her up onto the bonnet of the car, laid her back, grabbed her knees and gently pushed them up and apart until the heels of her shoes rested on the car, spreading her legs wide.

He then slid his hands under Stacy’s buttocks pulling her pussy up to his mouth as he dipped his head and buried his face between her legs.

At first Stacy tried to push him away letting out a squeal.

“Don’t, it’s too sensitive for that.” She cried.

Terry ignored her and she gave in too weak to protest, gasping out loud as Terry’s tongue moved over her sensitive slit.

He must have buried his tongue deep between her folds as she suddenly cried out and grabbed a handful of hair, holding him tight to her as she flopped from side to side gasping and biting the back of her hand from the pleasure he was giving her with his mouth.

Stacy had been given no chance to come down fully from her last orgasm, her eye lids fluttered and her head lolled from side to side each time Terry ran his tongue along her slit, letting out a little “Oh” sound as it touched her clit.

I knew from experience that her pussy would be hyper sensitive; any contact there however brief would send a ripple through her like an electric shock

Steve loved to tease me until his touch was almost too pleasurable, keeping me hanging on until I was begging for release.

To make things worse Jake had now moved to the other side car and was playing with her breasts, cupping them and massaging her small mounds while rubbing the nipples gently with his thumb. She started to respond with little ‘mmmm’ noises that turned to squeaks of surprise and pleasure as he started pulling and twisting them.

He took each nipple in turn into his mouth, sucking and licking them as she arched her back moaning and begging for him to leave them alone, she pushed at his head trying to move him away but he just clamped his lips down and sucked harder making her cry out.

“Please no more.” She gasped and twisted her hips from side to side trying to dislodge Terry from between her legs.

In response he pushed her legs flat down gripping her hips holding her still as he pressed his tongue directly down onto her clit. She shuddered and pushed her buttocks up in a violent spasm, Terry took the opportunity to scoop his hands right under them and hold her tight to his mouth, his tongue lapping at the juices flooding from her while his lips nibbled the sensitive flesh, making her gasp and plead.

“No more please, I can’t take it.”

He ignored her clamping his mouth down on her sopping pussy, keeping it there until the wild spasms that were making her shake all over became little twitches.

Stacy rocked her hips gently back and forth on him as she came down from her second explosive orgasm of the night.

Terry helped her sit up and she slipped off the car, leaning heavily against it as she got her breath back and once again waited for her legs to stop shaking.

She looked over at Paul for the first time and a huge grin spread across her face when she saw that I was stroking his cock while he watched.

Stacy opened the car door and I thought for a moment she was getting her clothes, ending the night’s fun. Instead she pulled out one of the little mats from the foot well and dropped it at Terry’s feet, he looked over at Jake who shrugged but before he could ask what she was doing Stacy had knelt on the mat and reached for his zipper slowly pulling it down.

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It had been almost six months since Jacob and Natalie had their first encounter. Since then they had been meeting regularly, about three or four times a month, for Natalie’s erotic tutelage. Jacob, now twenty years old had become well versed in sexual activity thanks to Natalie’s lessons, but he still sometimes felt a little wet behind the ears.

On this particular day, Natalie was driving home from work. She smiled to herself as her mind was in overdrive. She thought back to earlier in the day, to her lunch break. The now twenty-nine year old brunette was having lunch with a young intern who was at the radio station where she worked.

The intern had been there about two months and she and Natalie had taken to having their lunch together. Natalie first noticed how young she looked; later learning that she was twenty, the same age as Jacob. At first, their conversations had been innocent, just learning about each other. The girl, Veronica, was eager to be working at a radio station, believing it to be a boost to her ambitions of a career in broadcasting. As the weeks passed their conversations became more intimate. Natalie had learned that Veronica was not a virgin but still very inexperienced, only having one serious boyfriend, now an ex, and only having sex three times. Natalie felt the girl had been so trustful of her that she had to reciprocate. She somehow let it slip the situation she had going with Jacob. Natalie took notice of Veronica’s green eyes brightening as she divulged the details of her and Jacob’s first encounter and their subsequent lessons.

This particular lunch meeting was about a week after Natalie had shared her exploits. Veronica seemed extra curious on this day, questioning Natalie as to whether she still instructed Jacob and how kinky they got. She seemed almost disappointed when Natalie told her that they mostly kept it tame. Natalie looked as the young blonde seemed to be psyching herself up for something extreme. Veronica finally looked Natalie in the face,

“This might be crossing a line or something, but I feel I can tell you this. Although I’m still inexperienced, I’ve always had this one fantasy,” she whispered.

Natalie was taken aback.

Veronica continued, “I’ve always had a fetish for submission, not anything extreme, no ball gags or full leather suits or stuff like that. But the idea of someone telling me what to do, when to do it, and how…it’s so exciting to me.”

Natalie smiled to Veronica, “Wow, I’d never take you for the type.”

“I know, everyone always pictures me as the innocent one.”

“You know, I have to admit, I’ve fantasized about similar stuff…maybe we should get together and experiment a little,” Natalie boldly proposed.

Veronica blushed profusely, “Oh I could never, I’d be so embarrassed; to be with someone I work with in a situation like that.”

Natalie took Veronica’s hand in hers, comforting her, “I’ll tell you what, what if I convinced Jacob to go along, it would be like a shared experience, the first time for you both, you wouldn’t have to be worried about being shy then.”

“Well I supposed if I wasn’t the only one. . .” Veronica began to reply before being cut off by Natalie.

“Great! I’ll talk to Jacob tonight and let you know tomorrow. “

The two women smiled at each other while they finished up their lunch and went back to work.

Natalie pulled into her driveway, unable to stop smiling as numerous thoughts swirled through her mind. Sat in her car, she retrieved her Blackberry and texted Jacob, “Need to see you tonight.” She headed inside and went about her evening.

Jacob was up in his room, researching for a college paper when his phone beeped. He read the message and smiled. He got up and walked to his window. Looking out, he saw Natalie’s blue mini cooper in her driveway. Excited at the prospects of an afternoon quickie, he rushed downstairs and into the backyard. Jacob made his way over to Natalie’s and to her kitchen door. He retrieved the hidden key from beneath a plant pot that Natalie had showed him. He entered the house and casually walked up to Natalie’s bedroom. Jacob was pleased to be greeted by Natalie’s almost naked body, bending over as she removed her skirt. He admired the sight of her ass, held snugly in her red lace panties. He faked coughed, alerting Natalie to his presence.

“Getting started without me?” he quipped.

A startled Natalie spun around swiftly,

“Don’t you know what tonight means? What if your parents come home early and see you gone?”

Jacob smiled and stepped closer to Natalie,

“Don’t you ever listen when I talk; I told you they’re in California for a week, at my aunt’s to see her new baby.”

“Oh yeah…must have slipped my mind, you’re so distracting when you come over,” she teased.

Jacob leaned in, planting a kiss on Natalie.

As their moist tongues swirled around each other, Natalie could feel herself heating up. Before she got caught up in the moment, Natalie abruptly broke their embrace,

“Wait, that’s not why I texted you.”

Natalie proceeded to sit Jacob down on the bed and explain to him the situation with Veronica. She went over her lunch time conversation almost word for word. Giving him a minute to understand it all she followed up,

“So. . .what do you think?”

Jacob wasn’t quite sure what to think; he had a great thing going with Natalie and didn’t want to alter it.

Natalie sensed the hesitation in his eyes. “I promise, it will be lots of fun for everyone involved,” she whispered in her best tempting sultry voice.

Jacob had to admit that the idea of this other girl intrigued him, “So is this Veronica hot?”

Natalie chuckled, “She’s a knockout…sweetest thing you’ve ever seen, apart from me of course.”

Jacob smiled, “Okay then, I guess it could be fun, I mean, you already boss me around anyways.”

“You do understand what this means right? The next time you step into this house will be completely different from anything we’ve ever done. I will be different, and you will have to listen and obey every instruction I give,” Natalie clarified.

“Yeah, I get it, I’m game if you are,” he replied.

“Great, well I’ll tell Veronica tomorrow. I want you to come over on Friday, six in the evening….sharp! See you then.”

“See me then? I’m here now,” Jacob protested.

Natalie smiled. She looked down to Jacob’s crotch, noticing the slight bulge.

“Is that from hearing about Veronica or coming over to see me?” she asked.

“Both I guess.”

“Well I don’t think we should start without Veronica, but I could help you out, for old times’ sake,” she joked.

Natalie got up, dressed in just her black lace bra and red panties, and kneeled between Jacob’s legs. She wasted no time, expertly undoing his belt buckle and pulling his pants to the floor. She looked up to him as she fished his hardening cock out from his boxers. Jacob looked down and smiled as he saw the beautiful face staring up at him. He groaned as Natalie extended her tongue, licking the base of his penis, up its length and swirled around the tip. In an instant she had his entire manhood in her mouth, her tongue dragging along every inch as she bobbed her head up and down. Jacob ran his hand through Natalie’s hair as she continued to suck him. Minutes passed like seconds and before long, Jacob could feel himself on the edge,

“Nat…I’m cumming,” he groaned.

Natalie popped his cock out of her mouth and proceeded to stroked him vigorously with her hand. Not ten seconds had passed before Jacob’s cock began erupting with sperm. The white globs covered Natalie’s face and chest. She smiled as she squeezed every last drop out of Jacob. Licking her thumb and index finger she stood up and smiled to Jacob,

“Okay, why don’t you let me go get cleaned up. You should get home and make sure all your work is done so your weekend will be free.”

Jacob, still recovering from his orgasm, slowly pulled up his pants as he watched Natalie’s swaying body walk into the bathroom. He let himself out and went back to his research.

The next day, Natalie was excited for lunch to arrive. She strolled into the lunchroom, pleased to see Veronica already there. She took a seat next to the blonde,

“Okay, it’s all set, Jacob agreed, he’s coming over on Friday, 6pm. You should come for the same time.”

Veronica sheepishly smiled. This is in fact exactly what she wanted, but now it seemed so real, and a sense of nervousness overcame her.

Natalie, ever this intuitive one sensed the unease,

“Sweetie, listen, this is all for you, so you need to be comfortable, we can stop at any time. If you walk in the door and don’t feel right we don’t have to do anything at all, you just tell me and that’s it. And I promise, Jacob is the sweetest guy, so you shouldn’t be worried about that.”

Natalie’s comforting words allowed Veronica to breathe a sigh of relief, “Okay then, six pm it is.”

“Great! I’ll email you my address later, I can’t wait till Friday!!”

“I know, as much as I am nervous, I’m equally excited,” Veronica confided.

The girls went about their day as normally as they could, secretly exchanging winks and smiles every time they cross paths.

For the three involved, Friday couldn’t arrive soon enough, it seemed to take ages. The day itself seemed to drag on forever. Natalie sat fidgeting at her desk, hoping she had made enough preparations, wondering if the plans she made would go as smoothly as she imagined them in her mind. Finally it was four o’ clock and Natalie found herself almost running to her car. She made it home in record time, had a quick bite to eat and took a shower. She slipped on a black silk bathrobe that reached just above her knees, and nothing else. She headed down to the living room placing a black cardboard box on a side table. Then, she positioned a single wooden chair facing her couch, about three feet away. She took a seat on the chair and watched over to the clock . . . 5:49pm.

Minutes later, there was a knock at the door. Natalie excitedly rushed over. She took a deep breath before opening it. She coyly smiled at an anxious looking Jacob. He was dressed in a white shirt and jeans.

“Go sit on the couch and wait for me,” she said, trying her best to sound stern, “Don’t touch or do anything, just sit and wait.”

Jacob walked passed her, silent and obedient.

Natalie stood around in the foyer, patiently awaiting her next guest. It wasn’t too long till she heard the hum of an engine in the driveway, then moments later, another knock at the door. She paused a moment then opened the door. Veronica stood in the doorway, dressed in a light red summer dress. Natalie offered Veronica a friendlier smile that she did Jacob, but her instructions were just as stern,

“Walk through that hallway and into the living room, Jacob is waiting there. I want you to sit on his lap and for you two to wait for me. Don’t say a word to each other.”

Veronica didn’t hesitate for a second, not to say that her heart wasn’t pounding as she walked down the hallway. She walked around the corner, into a large room, the center at which, sat a young handsome man. She immediately began blushing.

Jacob sat up in his seat when he saw the beautiful blonde enter the room. He was taken aback by her. Her face looked so sweet, so young, and so innocent. He immediately took notice of her body, her petite breasts, cupped gently by her summer dress, and her skinny long legs, displayed perfectly by the shortness of her attire. As if he wasn’t startled before, Jacob was in shock as the young woman kept walking towards him, then proceeded to sit right on his lap. He didn’t know what to say, or if in fact he could say anything. He stared blankly at Veronica’s back, her blonde hair ending just below her shoulders, enjoying the sweet girlish aroma her body exuded. Veronica did her best to pat her dress down which had ridden up her leg as she took her seat. They both sat in the deafening silence . . . waiting.

Natalie stood silent in the hallway, smiling to herself, imagining the awkwardness of the situation in the living room. Finally, she walked into the room, pleased to see her orders being obeyed. She took a seat in the chair facing the couch. She noticed Jacob’s eyes dart directly to her legs. She uncrossed her legs, her bathrobe parting gently. She smiled deviously to herself, knowing the effect the sight would have on Jacob.

Both Jacob and Veronica took immediate notice of the slight opening of Natalie’s robe. Jacob’s eyes were fixed, he could see right between her thighs, with just the slightest glance at the lips of her pussy. He couldn’t help the effect of the sight; he grew nervous as he felt his cock slowly hardening. Seconds later, Veronica was caught off guard at the distinctive new feeling beneath her. She shifted slightly on Jacob’s lap, then there it was, the unmistakable feel of Jacob’s hardened penis, pressing against her ass cheek. Jacob was embarrassed but he couldn’t help it.

“Jacob, this is Veronica, Veronica, Jacob,” Natalie said authoritatively. “I felt the need for you two to be comfortable with each other as soon as possible.”

“Can you feel him Veronica?” she continued.

“Yes,” Veronica sheepishly replied.

“Yes Ms. Winters! That goes for you too Jacob” Natalie scolded.

“Yes Ms. Winters,” the pair replied in unison.

“Tell me what you feel Veronica.”

“Umm, I feel his penis,”

Veronica saw Natalie stare at her sternly,

“I feel his cock….his cock, pressing against my ass,” she clarified.

“Very good,” Natalie said with a smile, “Now, I want you both to stand, strip naked and then return to your seated position.”

Jacob and Veronica sat there, frozen.

“Now!” yelled Natalie.

The twosome were up immediately, Jacob standing a little further back than Veronica.

“Veronica, you first,” Natalie instructed.

Veronica stared at Natalie, and then looked over to Jacob. Her hand moved slowly to her sides, grabbing her dress and lifting it over her head. When Veronica tossed her dress to the floor, Jacob’s eyes focused immediately to her ass, two beautiful round mounds separated by the thin pink string of a lace thong. He couldn’t help but stare at her wonderfully round butt; it looked so smooth and firm. Veronica reached behind her and unclasped her matching pink bra. The garment slipped from her petite breasts with ease. Natalie smiled at the sight before her, Veronica’s pert breasts protruding upwards, her pink nipples just a bit puffy. Natalie stepped forward with an outstretched hand. She cupped Veronica’s right breast, feeling its firmness, and then gently tweaked her nipple. She smiled as she watched Veronica’s puffy nipples turn rock hard in front her eyes. She released her and Veronica continued, hands at her side, grasping the hem of her thong panties. Jacob stared in awe as Veronica tugged her panties down her legs, allowing it to pool at her ankles. Natalie, standing in front of the pair, had the view of Veronica’s pussy; again she stepped forward, this time with her hand lowered. Veronica closed her eyes as she felt Natalie’s fingers roam over her abdomen, slowly moving downwards. Now they were combing through the blonde curls of her pubes and over the lips of her pussy. When she was sufficiently satisfied, Natalie retrieved her hand and turned to Jacob,

“Now you.”

Jacob took his cue, undoing the buttons of his shirt and dropping it to the floor. Natalie noticed Veronica’s focused stare, like a laser beam on Jacob’s chest, who could blame her she thought, he’s quite the handsome fella. Both women looked on as Jacob undid the button on his jeans and bent over, lowering his denim confines. He used his feet to finally get them off, kicking them in a pile with his shirt. Natalie and Veronica stared at the young man, stood in his white boxer briefs, the distinctive curve of his hardened penis clearly on display.

“Come on Jacob, we’re wasting time here,” Natalie egged on.

A nervous Jacob grabbed his underwear and lowered them, feeling the cool rush of air hit his nether regions. Veronica looked on; admiring the young man’s astoundingly fit body. She blushed as he stood up, his fully erect penis coming into view, almost feeling his embarrassment. It was the same feeling she had when she removed her panties, she could almost feel his stare burning her ass.

Now the two stood stark naked before an approving Natalie, who had taken her seat back on the chair.

“Very good, now, please take your seats.”

Jacob and Veronica sat down on the couch.

“Is that how you were seated before?” Natalie asked in a calm yet stern voice.

The pair stood up and stared at each other in distress. Jacob almost apologetically moved behind Veronica and sat back down on the couch. Staring straight at Veronica’s splendid ass, he could just make out the hint of her pussy lips through her golden curls. The smell of her sex invaded his nostrils. The view had his cock throbbing and staring straight up. Veronica looked over her shoulder to Jacob, then back to Natalie. She lowered her body and sat on the edge of Jacob’s lap. She was basically sat on his knees.

“Am I going to have to administer some punishment Veronica?” Natalie questioned.

Veronica just stared sheepishly at Natalie.

“Is that how you were seated before?” Natalie continued her voice now a little harsher.

“No Ms. Winters,” Veronica squeaked.

“Then get up and sit back down like you were before,” Natalie’s words tender but firm.

Veronica was immediately to her feet. She inched back a bit, before lowering herself again. This time her ass came down right onto Jacob’s crotch. She squirmed as she felt the warm slickness of precum against her skin, his cock pressing into her ass cheek. Veronica wriggled her body around a little till Jacob’s cock came to rest right between her legs. She looked down at her crotch, seeing his manhood staring up at her, nestled against her pussy, its tip drooling with precum.

“Excellent,” stated Natalie, “For the most part you two are doing very well.”

“Veronica, please hand me the box to you right.”

Veronica retrieved the black cardboard box on the side table. Leaning forward, she handed it over to Natalie.

“While I’m glad to see you two getting so comfortable with each other, I have an activity that will acquaint everyone more . . . intimately,” Natalie said with a coy smile. “Please follow me.”

With that Natalie stood up, untied her robe, allowing it to fall to the floor, and then walked off into another room.

Veronica and Jacob had just enough time to savor the sight of Natalie’s naked body, her full breasts, decorated exquisitely with pink erect nipples. Her bare pussy didn’t go unnoticed, its glistening plump lips arousing them both.

The naked couple followed Natalie into the other room, finding the guest bedroom, but no one there. They ventured further, finally laying eyes on Natalie’s wondrous body once again in the bathroom. They noticed the black box sitting on the edge of the tub, open. It contained a razor, a can of shaving cream, and a tube of post shave lotion.

Natalie saw the look in the twosome’s eyes and then spoke,

“For some reason I thought Jacob would be the only one requiring a shave, it was a pleasant surprise to see that you will joining him Veronica. It should be a nice bonding exercise.”

Natalie stepped forward and took Jacob’s hand in hers.

“Jacob, I want you to make this,” Natalie was now passing Jacob’s palm over Veronica’s pussy, through her thick bush, Veronica just standing there, slowing becoming aroused as these practical strangers touched her so salaciously, “feel like this.” Natalie now switched Jacob’s hand over to her own pussy. Jacob almost groaned as his fingers traversed over her cunt, it was so smooth, her lips slick and moist.

“Veronica, when he is done, it will be your turn to return the favor,” Natalie said, playfully tugging on Jacob’s pubes. “I will be observing the whole thing; making sure you two stay on task. Now . . . please begin.”

By now, Jacob and Veronica were becoming used to following Natalie’s instructions. Veronica immediately stepped into the tub. Jacob turned on the lower faucet of the tub, alternating the hot and cold knobs till the water was lukewarm, if not, a little hotter. Jacob now stepped into the tub and knelt down, positioning himself between the running faucet and Veronica. He placed a hand on Veronica’s thigh, motioning her to sit. She understood his plea and sat down at the back of the tub, her knees crouched, and legs spread wide. Jacob cupped his hand in the running water, then quickly transferred it to Veronica’s crotch, letting the water run over her pussy.

“Too hot?” he innocently questioned, suddenly realizing he had spoken without Natalie’s permission.

He apologetically looked over to Natalie who just nodded approvingly, signaling that it was okay. Jacob now looked back to Veronica’s angelic face. She smiled, letting him know the water was fine. Jacob then took the can of shaving cream in his hand. He undid the cap and sprayed the white foam into his palm. He lowered his hand to Veronica’s abdomen, covering her pelvis with the foam. He ran his hand over her pussy, making sure every bit of the area was covered. Jacob quickly rinsed his hand and now held the razor. Veronica took a nervous breath as Jacob’s seemingly steady hand approached her body. Starting at her pelvis, Jacob, pressed the razor against Veronica’s skin and slowly moved it down, stripping the young woman’s blonde curls away. After a few strokes, more and more of Veronica was being revealed. It was then that Natalie interrupted.

“Jacob, I think you might have an easier time if you sat behind Veronica. Why don’t you try that?”

Without objection, Jacob stood up. Veronica scooted forward, and Jacob stepped behind her. He wasn’t quite sure how Natalie intended for him to sit. He looked over to her,

“Just sit behind her, your legs to her sides, it will be like you’re looking down, shaving your own self.”

Jacob looked back down to Veronica, it suddenly dawned on him what Natalie intended and he was all too happy to oblige. He took a seat behind Veronica, placing his legs on either side of her crouched feet. Jacob now jostled forward, causing the water flowing in the tub to splash about. He shifted forward again till his and Veronica’s wet bodies touched. His cock pressed up against her back. Veronica knew exactly what she felt the second contact was made. She leaned back into Jacob, squishing Jacob’s throbbing member between her back and his stomach. Jacob savored the moment but quickly moved on. He peered over Veronica’s shoulder and looked down. The view of her supple perk breasts, a few drops of water gently running down their curves, caused his cock to throb even more. With the razor still in his hand, Jacob resumed his task. Hunched around Veronica’s body, he continued gently swiping away. Soon, almost all of the hair at Veronica’s crotch was gone, the thin wavy lips of her pussy coming into view. Veronica couldn’t help but blush as Jacob boldly tugged on each of her lips, providing a greater surface on which to pass the razor, ensuring a smooth and complete shave.

Natalie stood up and walked over to view Jacob’s handiwork.

“Very nice job, but I want everywhere down there to be completely hairless. Veronica, please get on all fours, it will provide Jacob with proper access.”

Veronica looked up at Natalie; her face had turned red with embarrassment.

“Don’t worry, you’ll be giving Jacob the same treatment,” Natalie asserted.

Veronica, who was now almost lying down on Jacob, stood up, only to get back down again, now kneeling on all fours.

Jacob now stared at the wonderful sight before him, Veronica’s sweet dainty ass. He looked over to Natalie who had picked up the can of shaving cream and was holding it out. He opened his palm and reached out prompting Natalie to spray a generous amount of shaving cream. Jacob now began gently caressing Veronica’s ass with his hand full of foam. He worked his hand into the crease, between her terrifically soft cheeks, spreading the cream all over. His fingers passed over her precious anal rosebud, feeling the wisps of hair at its side.

Veronica’s eyes had rolled into the back of her head as the electric feel she was experiencing travelled through her body. She couldn’t believe the position she was in, with this stranger and her co-worker. What shocked her even more was how extremely turned on she was as Jacob’s fingers briefly pressed against her anus, then quickly moved along to now gliding over the lips of her pussy.

When Jacob was satisfied that Veronica was sufficiently lathered up, he retrieved his hand and washed away the excess shaving cream in the shallow water in the tub. Gripping the razor once more, Jacob moved in, this time with even more caution. Using his free hand to grip Veronica’s ass cheek, he spread it as best he could and moved the razor between her crack. He carefully glided the razor along her skin, washing a repeating when needed. When he thought he was done, Jacob laid the razor down and cupped some water from the tub into his hands. He passed his hands over Veronica’s ass once more, sliding his palm in-between her ass cheeks, feeling the smoothness, letting the water wash away any remaining cream. Natalie who was sat on the closed toilet seat observed Jacob’s every action with meticulous attention.

“Very good Jacob, looks like you did an excellent job. Veronica, please stand up and have a feel, tell me what you think?”

The petite blonde stood up in the tub, now looking down on Jacob whose eyes were glued to her body. She passed one hand down to her pussy, the other behind and between her ass cheeks,

“It feels wonderful Ms. Winters.”

“Great, now it’s time for you to get started on Jacob.”

With that, Natalie reached over to the cupboard beneath the sink. She retrieved a small black electric shaver.

“Jacob is going to need something a little more heavy-duty before you can use a razor,” she informed before handing the shaver over to Veronica.

With the shaver in hand, Veronica now turned to Jacob. She put a hand on his shoulder and motioned for him to stand. Jacob did as directed. Now Veronica placed her hand on Jacob’s hip and nudged slightly. She pushed until he got the hint and took a seat on the edge of the tub. Veronica sat indian styled in the tub, between Jacob’s legs, staring directly at his crotch. Once again Jacob had a sight that took his breath away. He was looking down at Veronica’s sweet adorable face smiling up at him. His cock ached at the sight of her B-cup handfuls and her now visible pussy. Veronica saw the admiration in Jacob’s eyes and blushed slightly. She now set her mind to the task at hand. Switching on the electric shaver, Veronica was slightly stunned, feeling the powerful vibrations emanating from the tiny device in her hand. With one hand positioned on Jacob’s thigh, Veronica moved her other hand over to Jacob’s body, lightly pressing the shaver against his pelvis and moving it down, watching the dark curls of hair fall into the tub.

“Don’t be afraid to get hands on,” Natalie advised.

When almost all the hair north of Jacob’s cock was trimmed, Veronica took heed to Natalie’s advice, boldly gripping Jacob’s erect penis and lifting it up. She pressed it lengthways against his stomach, allowing her to shave its base and surrounding areas. When she was pleased, Veronica released Jacob’s cock and now cupped his balls. She very carefully passed the shaver across his ball sack, barely allowing it to come in contact with his sensitive loose skin.

With a simple click, the bathroom that was echoing with loud vibrations suddenly became silent. Veronica placed the shaver on the floor outside the tub then turned her attention to the shaving cream and razor which were laid out on the edge of the bath tub. She first stood up and moved over to the running faucet of the tub. Pulling the lever, the faucet went dry quickly followed by water pouring down from the shower head. Feeling the water raining down on her, Veronica ran her hands through her hair. She took Jacob by the hand, bringing him to his feet. Veronica brought him close, so that they both stood under the sprinkling water. She felt Jacob’s cock poke against the lower regions of her freshly shaven pelvis. Veronica leaned back a little, allowing the water to wash over Jacob. She lowered her hand to his crotch, wiping it about so as to rinse away the tiny hair cuttings. Turning away from Jacob, Veronica adjusted the lever again so the water flowed through the faucet once more. She pushed Jacob back to the end of the tub then grabbed the shaving cream. Dispensing the foam into her hands, Veronica quickly applied it to Jacob’s body. Jacob couldn’t help but groan when the blonde took his manhood in her hands. With a firm grasp, she slipped his cock through her fingers. It slid with ease thanks to the slippery foam. Veronica smiled to herself as she stroked the young man’s cock.

“Ahem! This is not fun time young lady! There will be time for that later.” Natalie scolded.

A stunned Veronica immediately released Jacob’s cock. She dutifully took hold of the razor and proceeded in shaving Jacob. With steady considerate hands, she moved the razor in slow downward strokes against Jacob’s skin, then washed the razor under the stream of the faucet. Veronica was almost hesitant to hold Jacob’s cock again but it was needed. She raised his throbbing penis and pushed it against his stomach. Utilizing the razor she made sure every crevice was covered. Squeezing Jacob’s balls in her hands, Veronica was provided with a smooth almost flat surface on which to pass the razor. She did so, adjusting her grip, making sure no hair was left behind.

“Okay. Good job Veronica. Now, Jacob, please assume the position, it’s time for Veronica to repay the backdoor favor,” Natalie instructed.

Jacob knew exactly what Natalie meant and became extremely nervous. He looked down at Veronica. Her beautiful green eyes were staring back at him almost trying to convey comfort. It was strange, but the sight of her did have a calming effect on Jacob, and he felt that he could trust her. He turned around facing away from Veronica then knelt down on all fours. Like he had done with her moments before, Veronica rinsed Jacob behind then applied shaving cream to his ass. She felt the presence of hair between Jacob’s ass crack as she slid her palm between his cheeks, spreading the white foam. Using Jacob’s method of gripping one cheek and passing the razor, Veronica soon found herself staring at Jacob’s asshole, shaved clean, devoid of any hair.

“Excellent, now why don’t you two shower each other off, and then apply the aftershave cream. Don’t worry, it’s not going to burn it’s not that kind of cream. Then we can move into the bedroom,” said Natalie.

Veronica helped Jacob to his feet then turn on the shower. The twosome stood beneath the water letting all the hair and cream wash away. Natalie handed Jacob a bar of soap,

“Lather up Veronica then you can do the same to yourself.”

Jacob excitedly began caressing Veronica’s skin with the bar of soap. He stole quick opportunities, kneading her breasts in his hands, feeling her erect nipples press against his palm. Moving south, Jacob let his lathered hands pass across Veronica’s taut stomach, and then down along her crotch. He didn’t spend as much time as he would have like, for fear of drawing Natalie ire. He bent down, soaping Veronica’s thighs and legs. The blonde turned, allowing Jacob to soap her back. She blushed as he grabbed both her ass cheeks in his hands, squeezing them, at the same time lathering them up with soap. When he was done, Jacob soaped his own body as Veronica rinsed hers.

Soon Jacob and Veronica were stood outside the tub, damp towels on the floor. Natalie handed a tube of post shave cream to Veronica.

“You know what to do.”

Veronica took her cue, squeezing some of the cool lotion into her palm. She rubbed her hands together and then approached Jacob. After applying the lotion to Jacob’s crotch, Veronica once again found herself stroking a throbbing cock, watching it shine under the light as it became covered in moisturizer. She had to force herself to stop, not wanting to hear Natalie’s scolding voice. Jacob turned and Veronica applied some lotion to his ass cheeks.

“Okay, now give the lotion to Jacob.”

Veronica smiled as she placed the tube into Jacob’s hand.

Jacob covered his hands in moisturizer and begun rubbing down Veronica. Natalie took notice of Veronica’s face as Jacob slid his fingers along her pussy.

“Veronica, turn around and bend over so Jacob can do your behind.”

The petite blonde spun round. Resting her hands on the edge of the bathtub, Veronica bent her body at the waist so her ass was sticking out. Jacob kneeled down, squeezed more lotion into his hands and begun massaging Veronica’s butt. Just as he was sliding his palm between Veronica’s ass cheeks, Natalie approached Jacob and whispered something into his ear. Natalie then walked over and into the tub, standing right in front of Veronica. Jacob now had his palm pressed between the cheeks of Veronica’s ass. He rubbed up and down till the entire area was slick.

Natalie, who stood just slightly higher than Veronica’s arched body, raised her hand, cradling the blonde’s adorable face. Natalie leaned and kissed Veronica, letting her tongue part her pursed lips. Just then, Jacob had his middle finger pressed against the puckered ring of Veronica’s asshole. As Natalie had just instructed, he began to penetrate Veronica, gently letting his finger slip into the tight opening. He wasn’t forceful, letting the lubrication of the moisturizer do most of the work. Feeling this new sensation, Veronica gasped into Natalie’s mouth.

Natalie broke the kiss, but kept her face right up against Veronica’s.

“Do you like what you feel?”

Veronica just slightly nodded her head.

“Good, just a little precursor of what might come later,” Natalie responded.

After planting another kiss on Veronica, Natalie spoke again, this time with a somewhat forceful tone,

“Now be a good girl and help out Jacob, I want you to reach behind you and spread your butt cheeks apart.”

Veronica hesitantly obeyed Natalie’s command, reaching behind, grasping her youthful cheeks with both hands and pulling them apart.

“Okay Veronica, I want you to take a deep breath and hold it,” Natalie instructed.

Veronica did as she was told. Natalie turned to Jacob and nodded. Jacob, with his now unobstructed view and more space, added his index finger to his already inserted middle finger. He pushed both fingers as deep as he could then wiggled them around, stretching Veronica’s anus.

“Now breathe out Veronica.”

The blonde let her breath out as she tried to grow accustom to Jacob’s probing.

Jacob now began sliding his fingers in and out of Veronica’s snug opening, watching as the crinkled skin stretched and contracted to accommodate his insertions. Natalie again planted a kiss on Veronica, this time a gentle peck on her lips. She leaned down a little then moved her hand down the blonde’s body, till her palm covered her cunt. Natalie enjoyed the smooth slick feel of Veronica’s freshly shaven skin. With her index, middle, and ring fingers pressed together, Natalie began rubbing Veronica’s pussy. When she felt the slippery stiffness of Veronica’s clit emerge, Natalie’s fingers immediately made it their focus.

With her hands still gripping her ass cheeks, Veronica pressed her head on the curve of Natalie’s shoulder for support. She moaned in ecstasy as her body came to terms with the different sensations she was experiencing. Jacob’s gentle exploration of her ass was a stark contrast to Natalie’s vigorous massaging of her pussy. Soon it was all too much; she could feel the rush of blood and cursed in delight,

“Ahhh Fuckkk!! Mhmmm,” moaned Veronica as her pussy drooled cum over Natalie’s fingers, and her asshole contracted tightly around Jacob’s. Her orgasm was sublime, leaving her body trembling. Jacob and Natalie removed their hands, allowing Veronica to stand upright, her body glowing. On either side of her, Jacob and Natalie also stood up. Natalie brought her hand up to Veronica’s face. She slid her fingers, wet with Veronica’s juices, along the blonde’s pouty lips and then inside her mouth. Natalie smiled over to Jacob. They both leaned in, and over Veronica’s shoulder, shard a passionate kiss.

As Jacob and Natalie explored each other mouths with their tongues, Veronica sucked on Natalie’s fingers, tasting her own secretions. She was pressed between two warm embracing bodies, still recovering from a shuddering orgasm, feeling Natalie’s breasts press against her own, and Jacob’s cock crush against her ass cheek.

Natalie initiated a break from her kiss with Jacob. She pulled her fingers from Veronica’s mouth and stepped out of the tub.

Standing in the doorway of the bathroom, Natalie turned to Jacob and Veronica,

“Please join me upstairs in my bedroom.”

As Natalie walked out, Jacob and Veronica followed. Navigating their way upstairs, Jacob and Veronica couldn’t help but stare and Veronica’s firm ass and smooth shapely legs. Entering the bedroom, Natalie walked over and sat on the end of her bed and waited for the twosome to stand before her.

“Veronica, I forgot to ask, but please go get your underwear that you left on the floor of my living room.”

Veronica obeyed her instructions and exited the room. Natalie and Jacob just waited patiently, both acutely aware of Jacob’s throbbing cock bobbing up and down.

It wasn’t too long before Veronica returned. She walked up to Natalie and placed her pink thong in her hand.

“Thank you Veronica. Now. . .do you remember me telling you about Jacob’s and I first encounter?”

“Yes Ms. Winters,” Veronica replied.

“Good, please tell me what I said I caught Jacob doing?”

Veronica looked up to the ceiling, trying to recall the story, then responded,

“You said you caught him rifling through your underwear.”

Natalie who now stood up, continued,

“Do you think Jacob likes your underwear?”

Veronica didn’t respond, just sheepishly lowered her head.

Natalie forgave Veronica’s silence, then walked over to Jacob. She held the crotch of Veronica’s panties up to Jacob’s nose.

“Breath in sweetie,” she instructed.

Jacob took a deep breath, inhaling Veronica’s feminine scent. The sensual odor intoxicated him and only heightened his perpetual arousal.

Veronica blushed profusely. She was so embarrassed at having Jacob smell her in this way.

Natalie smiled,

“No reason to feel shy Veronica, after all, this man just had his fingers up your ass; I thought we were all comfortable with each other now.”

Veronica seemed even more embarrassed by Natalie’s coarse words.

Natalie continued,

“Now Veronica, do you think Jacob would enjoy wearing your panties?”

Veronica smiled and then looked over to Jacob. Now he was the one slightly blushing.

“Yes, I think he would,” Veronica chirped.

“Great, why don’t you put them on for him,” Natalie proposed, then tossed the garment in Veronica’s direction.

After catching her underwear, Veronica approached Jacob. She stooped down and held the panties open, then looked up to Jacob. Staring down at Veronica’s smiling face; Jacob reluctantly stepped into the lace thong. He looked on as Veronica slowly pulled them up his legs, then his thighs and up around his waist. Jacob stifled a groan as Veronica reached behind him, tugging on the thong, making sure it’s string had lodged itself between his ass cheeks. It was a weird new feeling for Jacob, one that he was surprised to discover made him extremely aroused. Veronica turned her attention to the front now, Jacob’s engorged cock just stood out, unable to be confined by the scant frilly lingerie. She held his erect penis in her hands and pressed it lengthways against his stomach, then pulled her panties up across it. Her effort proved futile because as soon as she released his member, it just stuck back out, pushing against the thong.

Natalie smiled at Jacob’s state of arousal, watching as a small bead of precum trickled from his cock.

“There’s only one way to get him to fit,” she said, as she walked over to Jacob. She dropped her hand to his penis and with just her index finger wiped the precum from its tip. Raising her finger to Veronica’s mouth, allowing her to suck on it, Natalie continued,

“Veronica, I think it’s time you offered Jacob some relief. I’m afraid he’s going to explode soon.”

Natalie was pleased when she saw Veronica’s eyes brighten, sensing the girl’s excitement.

Still knelt in in front of Jacob, Veronica extended her hand and tugged his cock through the side of her lace panties. She smiled up to the young man as she slowly stroked him.

This is where Natalie interrupted,

“I think Jacob can do that himself Veronica. Why don’t you do something for him that he can’t?”

Veronica took the hint. She moved her face closer to Jacob’s crotch. When she was in close proximity, she extended her tongue and let the tip slowly drag over the head of Jacob’s penis.

Jacob couldn’t hold back his groans as the sweet pleasure of Veronica’s warm moist tongue on his cock overcame him. He looked over to Natalie who smiled back at him, then they both turned their attentions to observing Veronica.

Satisfied that she had built enough tension, Veronica slowly slid Jacob’s throbbing cock into her mouth. She let the head of his cock drag against the roof of her mouth while she used her tongue to lick the underside of his shaft. The blonde began bobbing her head, sliding Jacob in and out of her over and over. Whilst sucking on him, Veronica ran her hands up Jacob’s thighs, grazing her fingernails along his skin. Then, before she knew it she was playing with his balls all the while giving an expert blowjob. She almost smiled to herself when she heard Jacob’s moans growing louder and louder.

“Ohh GOD…uhhh……mhmm, I’m gonna cummm!” Jacob groaned.

Veronica paid no attention, instead choosing to quicken her pace. Then, moments later, she began to slow down when she felt warm globs of liquid hit the back of her throat. With his cock still in her mouth, Veronica used her hand to gently stroke every last drop out of Jacob. When she felt Jacob’s totally deflated cock, she slipped him out of her. Standing up, Veronica looked over to Natalie.

Natalie could see that Veronica was still holding Jacob’s seed in her mouth. She moved her head besides Veronica’s so she could whisper in her ear,

“Swallow baby.”

With lightly waterlogged eyes, Veronica took a big gulp, shuddering slightly as the salty yogurt-like substance made its way down her throat.

Natalie now stood before Veronica. She leaned in gently allowing their lips to touch. The two girls let their lips part slightly. Natalie let her tongue slip past her lips and made contact with Veronica’s. Veronica parted her lips more, allowing Natalie’s exploration. Natalie pushed her tongue into Veronica’s mouth. She was pleased when she felt Veronica’s tongue extend to push against her own. The two swirled their tongues around, Natalie tasting the slight hint of Jacob’s semen. After Natalie had traced her tongue over almost every area of Veronica’s mouth, she retracted, breaking their passionate kiss.

“Very good sweetie. Now, try to see if Jacob can fit now.”

Veronica turned to face Jacob. She stepped up before him and stared up to his face. They both smiled at each other, and with their eyes locked, Veronica reached below, finding Jacob’s limp penis. In its depleted state, there was no problem for Veronica as she tucked him in under her pink panties. She looked down and grinned at the sight of the young man’s crotch, clad in her girly underwear.

Veronica turned around to face Natalie, but she was no longer standing behind her. Instead, Natalie was sat at the head of the bed. Her back was pressed against the bed’s headboard, her legs, bent at the knee and spread wide.

“Judging by satisfied look on Jacob’s face, you seem to know how to use that tongue of yours. Jacob needs a little time to recover and I’d like see just how good you are,” Natalie said in a sultry voice, a wide grin plastered on her face.

Jacob was a bit disappointed not to be taking part but he obeyed Natalie’s wishes, who nodded over to the chair that was in the corner of the room. He took a seat and observed the erotic scene before him. He had a wonderful view of Veronica’s faultless toned ass staring back at him as she crawled on all fours on the king sized bed over to Natalie.

As Veronica neared Natalie she lowered her head between the brunette’s legs. She stared in admiration at the beautiful pussy below her, plump labia lips swollen to arousal. Veronica stuck out her tongue and began licking along the outer lips of Natalie’s pussy.

“Mhmmm,” moaned Natalie as she felt Veronica’s warm moist tongue circle the areas around her pussy.

Veronica breathed in deep, inhaling Natalie’s delectable aroma. Then, using her hands, she spread Natalie’s fleshy lips apart, exposing her pink insides. With her tongue stuck out, Veronica dived right in, burying her face in Natalie’s cunt. She darted her tongue in and out of Natalie’s opening reveling in the slightly sweet, slight sour taste. When she saw the emergence of Natalie’s erect clit, Veronica moved up a bit till her tongue was now swirling around the slippery nub.

“Ahhh fuckkk mhmm yessss!!,” continued Natalie’s groans.

Natalie looked down to observe the wonderful view, Veronica’s beautiful green eyes staring back at her, the rest of her face covered by her crotch. While still tonguing away, Veronica inserted a finger into Natalie’s cunt and began sliding it in and out with a steady rhythm. Natalie pressed her head hard against the headboard and dug her nails into the bed sheets, clutching them tightly as she continued moaning. Veronica was now flicking Natalie’s clit back and forth with her tongue. The blonde inserted a second finger and began pumping more vigorously. It was when Veronica began sucking on Natalie’s clit that the screams began,

“Ohhh god!!!!! FUCK!!! Yessssss!!! Mhmmm.”

Veronica felt Natalie’s body clench down around her fingers, then the warm squirts of her girlcum against her face. Natalie, with eyes shut, was grinding her crotch against Veronica’s face as a shuddering orgasm traversed through her body.

The room was filled with the sound of Natalie’s heavy breathing as she tried the regain her breath. She finally opened her eyes and saw Veronica sitting indian style. Her face covered with fluid as she calmly licked her fingers, her lips forming the most innocent smile imaginable.

“Wow Veronica, I have to say, that was fucking fantastic.”

Veronica just smiled, appreciative of the complement.

Natalie, still panting, continued,

“I think your performance has given Jacob some newfound zest, looks like he’s ready to go.”

Veronica turned her head to see what Natalie meant, Jacob was still sat on the chair, but his cock was rock hard again, and sticking out the sides of his panties.

“I want you get back on all fours, rest your head down on this pillow and stick that tight ass of yours in the air,” Natalie instructed, placing pillow before Veronica.

Veronica got on her knees and laid the pillow lengthways in front of her. She rest her arms on either side of the pillow, hugging it gently, and laid down her head. The position left her as Natalie had wanted, with her butt stuck up in the air.

Natalie got off the bed and walked over to a dresser,

“Today is about new experiences and adventures, I’m sure what happens next is going to be just that for you two.”

Natalie opened the top dresser drawer and retrieved a clear blue bottle. With a devious smile on her face she walked over to Jacob.

Natalie pulled on the lace thong, tugging it down his legs then leaving it on the floor. Jacob just sat there anxiously; watching Natalie pour what he deduced was some sort of lube into the palm of her hand. He shifted in his chair as Natalie began slowly stroking his cock, making sure the greasy liquid completely covered his shaft. When she was satisfied, Natalie held on to Jacob’s cock firmly and pulled him to his feet, leading him over to the bed. She sat at Veronica’s side and positioned Jacob to kneel just behind the blonde. Natalie then turned her attention to Veronica. She poured a little more lube into her hand and tossed the bottle to the floor. She began sliding her hand all over Veronica’s ass cheeks but soon focused on the crease of her ass. Veronica moaned as Natalie’s palm pressed between her ass cheeks making the entire area slick.

“Okay, I think you’re ready. Now Veronica, I’m going to make sure everything goes nice and slow, but there still might be a little pain, try to. . . uhh. . . ride it out, so to speak. If you really need to stop, just say and we will, no questions asked.”

Veronica felt comforted by Natalie’s words and smiled back at her.

Natalie then turned back to Jacob; she smiled at him before taking hold of his cock. She pulled on him and he shuffled forward so that he was now right up against Veronica. Natalie guided Jacob’s throbbing penis down along the crack of Veronica’s ass. About halfway down she pushed with more force so Jacob’s cock slid between the soft cheeks. Natalie lingered a bit, moving his manhood up and down just slightly, letting the tip rub against Veronica’s puckered asshole. Finally, Natalie held Jacob’s cock in place, pressed against the blonde’s virginal opening. She looked up to Jacob with a steady stare,

“Just ease in Jacob, not hard, not fast.”

Veronica held her breath when she felt the slow penetration. She couldn’t help the few brief high pitched moans that escaped her as she felt her anus stretching to accommodate Jacob’s sizeable manhood. Veronica clutched the pillow tightly beneath her as Jacob continued to slide in.

Finally he was all the way in. Jacob looked down admiring the beautiful ass that had swallowed his cock. The feeling was amazing; his pelvis was pressed against Veronica’s soft ass cheeks, his cock buried deep inside her. He relished the warm snug feeling of Veronica’s insides hugging his entire shaft.

Natalie leaned down to Veronica’s level, she brushed the girl’s hair from in front her face and found her eyes tightly shut. Whispering in the blonde’s ear, Natalie offered some words of comfort,

“Okay sweetie, most of the hard stuff is over, there might be a little more discomfort for a few seconds but after that, I promise, it’s gonna feel soooo good.”

Natalie sat back up and looked over to Jacob. All she had to do was nod and Jacob knew what to do. As gently as he could, Jacob began sliding his cock out then in, out then in.

Veronica’s shrieks became louder as her virgin asshole expanded and contracted over and over again.

As Jacob got into a steady rhythm, Veronica was pleased to notice the once painful discomfort had slowly dissipated. It was now replaced by a very pleasurable sensation, as evidenced by the now joyful tone her screams had undertaken.

Natalie ran her hands over Veronica’s perspiring back enjoying the feel her smooth damp skin, but more so the view of her petite body being fucked. Her hands soon travelled to the side and then below to Veronica’s taut stomach. Natalie’s fingers eventually found their way to Veronica’s cunt and she began vigorously rubbing against her slick lips as Jacob continued thrusting in and out of her ass.

Veronica moaned loudly into the pillow as she now began pushing her ass back against Jacob, ecstatic to meet his thrusts. She was fully enthralled by the erotic assault she was experiencing at the hands of the twosome. It was surprising to her that she loved the feeling of Jacob’s cock filling her ass, stretching her, deflowering her, making her feel this uttermost bliss. Natalie’s intense rubbing was quickly driving Veronica to an orgasm. She could feel the tension in her body build and build.

“AHHAHHH!!!! FUCKKK!! Mhmmmmm. OH GOD! OH GOD!. . .. more more more!” she screamed.

Seconds later Jacob felt Veronica’s rectal muscles clench down on his cock. He slowed his thrusting, thoroughly enjoying the feel of her ass squeezing his prick. Veronica’s screams became higher pitched, if that was even possible, and Natalie felt a rush of warm liquid on her fingers. Veronica’s body thrashed about ,her ass and pussy convulsing, as a mind altering orgasm overcame her. When Jacob felt the vice grip on his cock ease, he began thrusting once more, but that didn’t last long. After a few quick pumps, Jacob felt a pleasurable surge in his body,

“Ghahahhhh!” was the only sound he could muster as he plunged his cock deep into Veronica’s ass one final time before he began cumming.

Jacob hunched over Veronica’s body, grasping at her sides as her ass milked his cock. He was pushed to the hilt and still trying to get deeper. Eventually both their bodies came to a soothing rest. Jacob slowly eased back, his flaccid and now sensitive cock slipping out of Veronica with ease.

Veronica immediately collapsed onto her stomach, he body sore and exhausted. Jacob did the same, falling to his back besides Veronica. The room was filled with nothing but the sound of heavy breathing. Natalie admired the two naked bodies before her. She got up and went into her bathroom. Minutes later she emerged with two warm, damp hand towels. She found Jacob and Veronica both sitting next to each other on the edge of the bed.

“I want you two to know that I had a great deal of fun, and I hope you did as well. Anytime you want to do something like this again, I’ll be game, maybe someone else can take control next time, I think I might enjoy following your orders. You’re welcome to stay the night, or even the weekend, whatever you want.”

Natalie then walked over to Veronica and stood her up. She knelt down on the floor before the perspiring blonde and proceeded to wipe her crotch with the towel. She gently brushed the towel against her pussy and surrounding areas, swabbing away any sweat or sexual juices. Placing her hands on Veronica’s waist, she spun her around so she was now facing her ass. Natalie reached out to Jacob’s nearby hand, placing it on one of Veronica’s ass cheek, while she held the other. They both gently spread Veronica’s ass cheeks. Natalie, with the towel over her free hand, was now able to wipe the cum oozing out of Veronica’s recently virgin asshole. With every pass of the towel, Natalie paused and waited as more semen dribbled out. When there was no sign of anymore cum, Natalie did a final swab with the towel, up and down Veronica’s ass crack. The two finally released Veronica’s butt.

Natalie stood up and Veronica turned towards her. The two smiled affectionately at each other. Natalie leaned in and planted a simple loving kiss on Veronica’s lips,

“You were sooo great today, I hope you enjoyed yourself.”

Veronica, unable to conceal her beaming smile, replied, “I had great time Nat, it was everything and more that I had hoped for.”

Pleased, Natalie now turned to Jacob. She dropped the hand towel she used on Veronica to the floor and picked up the other. Kneeling between Jacob’s legs, she wiped his deflated penis, from tip to scrotum. As she finished up the area, Jacob reached out and cupped Natalie’s face with his hand,

“Thanks for this Natalie, today was amazing, you did a great job.”

Natalie replied with a smile. She gathered the used towels and tossed them into her laundry basket which sat near the doorway of the bathroom.

“Well, I don’t know about you two but I’m starving. How about we order some takeout,” Natalie commented.

They all agreed, got up and headed downstairs. Natalie had re-donned her robe and Veronica and Jacob gathered their clothes and got dressed, Veronica opting to go without panties,

“I thought you’d’ like to keep them, as a little reminder of this wonderful evening,” the bubbly blonde said, holding out the very much used pink thong for Jacob.

Jacob reached out and grabbed the garment which he had become so accustomed to,

“Thanks Veronica, I’ll think of you always when I wear them,” Jacob said, winking his eye charmingly.

After having dinner, the three ended up watching a movie downstairs in the living room. As midnight approached, Veronica and Jacob had decided to stay the night.

“Jacob you can have the guest room, Veronica and I will share my room . . . if that’s alright with everyone?” Natalie asked.

“Sounds good to me,” Veronica chirped.

With that, Jacob headed to the guest bedroom. It did occur to him that there might have been more activities tonight but he felt totally exhausted. He imagined that if he was this tired then Veronica and Natalie must be feeling the same. He went straight to the bathroom to shower and then to bed. Within minutes he was deep asleep.

When Jacob headed off to the guest room, Natalie and Veronica made their way upstairs. While Veronica showered, Natalie changed the sheets on her bed which were left reeking of the day’s activities. Veronica emerged from the bathroom dressed only in a red terrycloth robe.

“I’ve laid some clothes out or you to sleep in….if you want,” Natalie said, pointing to the bed where a blue boyshorts panty and white camisole laid.

Natalie walked past Veronica, enjoying the sweet aroma of her freshly cleaned body, and proceeded to take a shower. When she re-entered her bedroom, dressed also in a bathrobe, Natalie found Veronica already under the covers, but the clothes she had laid out still where she left them.

Veronica just smiled when Natalie walked over to the side of the bed. The blonde raised the sheets for Natalie to get in, revealing her naked body beneath,

“I figured you were all I needed to keep warm tonight,” Veronica stated.

Natalie happily stripped off her robe and got under the covers. The two naked women cradled each other in their arms and fell fast asleep.

The next morning, Jacob awoke to a cool chill blowing across his body. He tried to roll over but found himself somewhat immobilized. Still groggy from a good night’s sleep he tried again and realized he could not move his hands or feet. Jacob squinted till his eyes adjusted to the light shining through the window. He could make out the stark naked bodies of Veronica and Natalie kneeling on the bed, one beauty on either side of his outstretched body. Jacob could move his head just barely, but enough to see that his hands were tied to the bed posts with silk scarves, the same for his feet. The girls remained silent, just smiling down at him. The final thing to dawn on Jacob was the fact that his was naked, he had been stripped, and his morning wood was proudly pointing to the ceiling.

When it seemed to her that Jacob had grasped the consciousness of his predicament, Natalie finally spoke,

“Morning sleepy head!” she said with a beaming smile. Laying down at his side and resting her head on his shoulder, Natalie began tip-toeing her fingers on Jacob’s chest. She continued,

“You’re not the only one waking up to a surprise. You see, when I got up, it was due to the wonderful sensation of a wet slick cunt grinding against my thigh. I looked over to the most angelic beauty lying next to me, apparently unaware of what she was doing. I woke her up with a sweet kiss and we started to get all worked up. The fact that you hadn’t fucked us yet wasn’t lost on us, at least not fucked in the traditional sense,” she said smiling over to Veronica who had begun twirling her fingers around the tip of Jacobs cock, referring to Jacob’s and Veronica’s anal ecstasy the previous evening.

Natalie stretched her hand down and joined Veronica in gently playing with Jacob’s generously sized manhood.

“I guess we still urged for more, and that’s why Veronica was a horny little minx this morning. It also dawned on us that you were down here all alone. When I told her about your notorious morning stiffies we decided to come play. The scarves were totally her idea, I just obliged,” Natalie continued to explain.

During the Christmas season there are so many stores that try to be creative to sell their products. Plenty of lingerie is sold during the Christmas season. My wife and I take a weekly walk together through Victoria Secret. We don’t always buy things, but if we see something new or special we buy it immediately. My wife loves seeing what I enjoy and then wearing it for me.

I wrote about my Physical Therapist who also works at VS part time. She is young, sexy and has very large, beautiful tits that look massive with her flat stomach and athletic build. One day she mentioned to me that a locally owned lingerie shop was having an invitation only fashion show and said, “I know you and Jessie will enjoy this show. Do you want to go? It’s next Saturday evening.”

I told Jessie and of course she was interested. Nobody loves panties and lace top stockings more than we do. Jessie asked me to wear a garter belt, stockings and satin panties to the event under my khaki pants. I agreed and picked out her panties and bra for her. I love it so much when we pick the panties we want each other two wear. It starts the anticipation of sex long before the sex happens. Sexual anticipation is energizing.

We arrived at the store and there was a doorman waiting. He had our name on his list so we were invited to enjoy the show. The store is a regular store like any strip center store. The owners had creatively made a runway in the store and placed seats along the runway. We approached the runway and saw our PT, Gabbi sitting up front. She waved to us to join her.

There was a small cash bar set up where the cash register normally is. Jessie asked me to get some wine, so I purchased three wines for us.

Soon the MC and owner of the store, an attractive lady in a very sexy short dress walked out on the runway. The entire store was full with plenty of people standing. Some of the crowd was ladies with female friends. Others were boyfriend girlfriend or married couples. The runway was elevated just enough and the MC’s skirt was just short enough to see both the tops of her lace top stockings and to get a slight glimpse of her panties.

She welcomed everyone to the special event and made special note to say the event was not open to the public and was by invitation only. Then surprisingly, she said, “I hope you enjoy the view of my stockings and panties. Panties and bras were made to be seen.”

Jessie and I looked at each other. I whispered to Jessie, “We are in the right place. Tell Gabbi we appreciate the invite.”

Then the MC went on to say, “Here at our store we believe that lingerie has a very special place in our lives. We believe in enjoyable, adventurous sex and we also believe it is our job to sell panties that are made for sex. Some people believe bras were made to be seen. We also believe that and hope you show your bra in sexy clothes and wear see through blouses that show your entire bra. Most importantly we believe that panties were made for everyone, not just women. We believe panties were made to soak up ladies wet juices and to be cummed on by men and we hope you believe the same. And now please enjoy the show.”

The first person out was a very sexy African American lady dressed in white panties and bra, garter belt and white stockings. She was beautiful. Her big ass was so inviting.

Next a couple walked out. The lady had sexy pink lace tanga panties, a matching pink lace bra, dark lace top stockings holding hands with her man who was dressed in identical panties and stockings. You could hear the excitement in the crowd as first you heard a “Wow” and then a clapping of hands. Just as the couple turned to walk back the runway they kissed as they squeezed each other’s ass in panties. The crowd cheered.

I said to Jessie, “I guess our love of panties and especially my love of panties is more main stream than we thought. I love this fashion show.”

She said, “You are so correct. I love this show. Did you see the size of that guys cock in those pink panties.”

I replied, “I guess in the excitement to see the couple I didn’t notice.”

She whispered, “It was the same as our 9 inch dildo. It looked real good, especially in pink tanga panties.”

The next couple walked out in all leopard silk. The panties were hipsters with full bottom coverage. The bra was also silk and the woman’s nipples were gigantic and easily visible through the thin stretch material. The woman’s ass was tight, but big. This time I did see the bulge on the guy. He was obviously enjoying himself and the feel of the silk. This time at the turn this couple kissed and started rubbing each other’s pussy and cock. How erotic!!

The next couple that walked out was the original African American lady who was in all white, but she was with her man. This time she was in all black silk. She wore a thong that seemed so skimpy on her big ass. The husband wore the matching thong and also had a silk bra on. As they turned at the end of the runway they stopped to play with each other’s nipples. Both the man and woman’s nipples were very obvious as they returned to the dressing room.

There was a brief intermission. Jessie asked for another wine. Gabbi said, I’ll take a wine too, but what I really need is a hard cock in my cunt.”

Jessie said, “Maybe we can satisfy you after this show. I’m real wet too and it’s pretty obvious from Jason’s bulge that he is enjoying the show.”

After the intermission everyone seemed fired up. It seemed obvious that we were not the only couple feeling sexually energized. The first couple that walked out was the couple that had originally dressed in pink. This time the woman had on red panties and a matching bra and garter belt with fish net stockings. To everyone’s surprise she was also wearing a gigantic strapon cock. The strapon harness was red. The cock was flesh colored and bigger than any strapon cock we’d ever seen. When this couple reached the turnaround point the man bent over and grabbed his ankles and the woman pulled his panties to the side and pretended to fuck him. The crowd went crazy screaming with cheers.

Then the guy turned around got on knees and took the full dildo in his mouth. The crowd went crazy. Several more couples walked the runway, but nobody topped the guy sucking his wife’s cock in red panties.

Finally, the owner walked back out to thank everyone for coming. She announced the sales that we available only for that night. Her husband then joined her. She then pulled her skirt up and said, “My husband loves to fuck me in panties and as soon as we get home his cock will be filling my pussy and cumming in these exact panties. Thanks for coming to our event and thanks for cumming for your partner tonight. Now go buy something from us.”

Jessie said, “I want to look around, but I really want to go home and fuck your brains out. I need your cum.”

Gabbi asked if she could join us for a three-way. The three of us went to our house and had our own fashion show with our new purchases. Jessie purchased a very sexy corset. Gabbi had a very hot shelf bra. Her big tits and nipples were propped up and ready to be pleasured. Jessie and I love shelf bras. The nipples show through the blouse and you can fuck wearing it and still have your nipples pleasured.

The girls went after me pretty hard that night. I felt like I was getting an early Christmas present. Gabbi fucked my ass while Jessie kneeled in front of me to suck my cock. Both girls wanted DP so I fucked their pussies while they used the 9 in strapon. Both girls had at least five orgasms. The energy was very, very high.

Finally, after several hours Jessie said, “How do you want to cum, Jason.”

I said, “I want to cum in your ass Jessie. Gabbi can tease my nipples and then suck me dry after I pull out of your ass.”

Both girls said, “Great, Merry Christmas.”

Gabbi surprised me with the butt plug before she started working my nipples. I had a big load which Jessie allowed to drip out of her ass. I licked it for her and then said, “These panties deserve my cum, just like that owner said.” I placed her panties over her ass.

We laid on the bed enjoy the feeling of satisfaction. What a night! Our sex lives are more normal than we thought.

Ren escorted the two sorceresses through the lush grass field towards the large pools of water and chairs that stood above them.

Airi was a beautiful blonde blue-eyed woman with long flowing blonde hair, a flat chest but a firm, round luscious bottom. She wore a long dark blue Victorian dress with red trim and lace that covered her thin form.

Elisse was slightly taller, with shoulder-length white silky hair and extremely pale skin. Her womanly figure was covered by a flowing white dress.

When the girls reached the two chairs, Ren ran his hand gently over both their stomachs, holding his hand in place and looking over the two beauties.

“Okay, so when you girls sit down, you’ll have your panties off and use your magic to pump the water into each other from your buttholes. Whoever screams that they give up first loses, and has to chug a ton of water until she almost bursts, okay?”

The two blushing girls nodded, and Elisse bent over slightly while holding onto the chair to let Ren get her ready. He raised up the back of her dress to her waist, revealing her smooth creamy pale thighs and round ass, before slowly sliding her panties off to reveal her pink butthole and pussy. She sighed a little and looked back at Ren as he massaged her gorgeous ass a little, running his fingers through the crevice and near her tight little anus. He put his arm around the girl and helped her sit down, sliding his hand under the chair and through the hole in the bottom of it before touching Elisse’s butthole with his fingers.


“About as comfortable as I can be, knowing that my stomach is about to be pumped full.”

He kissed her on her neck gently before focusing his attention to Airi. He pulled the back of her dress up a bit, and slid off her black panties to reveal her gorgeous pale ass, exposing her tight butthole and pink slit. He helped her sit down, and massaged her asshole a little from under the chair, to make sure she was properly exposed for the water to come up.

“Alright, girls. When I say three, use your magic to pump water up each other’s asses.”

Airi solemnly nodded, whilst Elisse eyed her opponent.

As soon as Ren said three, he watched a spiral of water shoot up from underneath the two girls, forcing its way up their bowels.

Airi gave a sharp gasp and spread her legs a little bit, leaning back and clutching her knees whilst Elisse leaned forward, gritting her teeth and closing her eyes. Both the girls were sitting with their luscious thighs exposed and their dresses pulled up to their waists, bellies just started to bulge a little as they filled with water. Ren got down near Elisse and watched as her stomach began pushing against her dress, swelling rounder and rounder very slowly as the girl groaned softly and leaned back in her seat. Airi’s belly was a little bigger and more round than Elisse’s at this point, and she was pursing her lips and emitting long “ooohs” as her ass was pumped full of water. The rounded form beneath Airi’s dress continued the grow as the girl held her gorgeous pale creamy legs open a bit more to make room, one hand rubbing the sphere in her lap and the other holding her knee.

Elisse was groaning louder as her belly grew fuller, looking to be pregnant at this point. Ren went over to Airi and gently raised up the front of her dress to reveal a her beautiful round pale belly. He ran his ends gently across the water filled stomach, eying her cute innie belly-button as he stroked her luscious smooth skin. Her belly grew more taught as the water continued pumped her tight butt, the girl groaning loudly and holding Ren’s shoulders tightly as he kissed and massaged her water-bloated belly. Suddenly, he heard Elisse shout for him, and went over to her after kissing Airi’s big rounded belly a little more. Elisse had her legs open, and a big swollen belly bulging out between them which she held in both hands.

“Oh god, I’m going to burst!”

“Just relax, Elisse. Breathe.”

He raised up her dress to reveal the gorgeous sphere of pale flesh beneath and rubbed it gently, whilst kissing it. Her belly was extremely soft, and very full to bursting. Suddenly, he heard Airi scream in agony “Okay! I give up!”

Both the girls stopped using their magic and sat their, rubbing their swollen bare bellies and groaning in agony.

Ren helped Airi up first, holding her huge belly with one hand and massaging her tight pale ass with the other as she bent over and released a huge torrent of water all over the grass. Ren then helped Elisse stand up, holding her rounded belly as she bent over and released a huge torrent of water all over the grass.

Ren helped Airi get her panties back on before escorting her to the water hose that was spewing the clear fluid all over the grass. She blushed and scowled at the hose as Ren picked it up and placed it near her luscious pink lips. Elisse was still sore, but able to stand and watch as Ren gently pushed the hose into Airi’s mouth and held it there, while putting his arm around her. The bulges running down Airi’s pale throat were all the evidence Ren needed that this young beauty was going to have a big swollen belly soon.

Sure enough, the front of Airi’s dress began to round out as her belly pushed forward, slowly filling with water. Her face was still calm as she chugged and chugged from the hose, one hand held over her swollen belly that continued to balloon outwards. Elisse went in and began raising the front of Airi’s dress until her pregnant-looking stomach was bulging above her little black panties. The girl continued to grow until her stomach was as big as when she was getting water pumped up her butt a few minutes earlier, and then she could take no more. Water poured out of her mouth as Ren pulled out he hose and let it run over the girls huge round belly. He massaged her glistening stomach gently as she groaned and held it in both hands, running her fingers over the delicate skin.



When he was asked his opinion about which hand was best for masturbating, “Short-timer” Jimmy said to the other three soldiers in the Humvee, (a Jeep-like, armored, personnel carrier used in the Afghanistan War by the US Army),

“Hell, I always stroke my ‘meat’ with my right hand while wanking on my ‘tube steak,’ because I’m right-handed and it’s just natural…’Easy-Peasy’. You know the old Army saying:

KISS: Keep It Simple Stupid.”

His answer seemed to make a strong argument and it was weighed seriously by the other three members of his team. A silent pause ensued within the cab, while the two men and one woman contemplated his unusual wisdom.

Their current conversation was an extension from their previous dialog, two days earlier.

On that previous escort assignment, the four team members fought boredom during their tedious drive by sharing with each other their Literotica sign-on-names, and why they had chosen them.

Sergeant Jimmy “Short-timer” Cater had chosen his sign-on-name, “Short-timer,” for two reasons.

First, he now had less than two days before he started his discharge from the US Army after six years of service—he was a “short-timer” who already had a job as a policeman, arranged months earlier, in the small town he was returning to.

Second, he cherished the title, “Short-timer,” because he could consistently cum within 45 seconds when he masturbated—from start to finish—ever time. Once he even came in exactly eight seconds.

He could cum while standing, sitting or lying down. He could cum by the road- side after draining his bladder; he could cum in the shower, or, more often than not, in his own sleeping quarters.

Frequently, he would initiate his two-phase “pit-stop,” (a road-side stop used by soldiers to drain their bladders), by drawing a letter “J” onto the sands with his cock and flowing urine.

He fancied himself an artist; a real cutting-edge renegade of the arts.

A few times on previous pit-stops, Jimmy began standing with his butt pressed against the back of the Humvee for leverage. He would intermittently rock the heavy vehicle with his quick, masturbating, poundings, usually to the distains and consternations of his fellow riders.

Also, as if the rocking motion of the Humvee was not enough, anyone who was within the immediate hearing vicinity of Jimmy could tell when the MP, (Military Police Officer), was cumming. He always broke the desert silence with a pronounced shout of, “WHOOO-YAA;” holding up his left fist in the air while spewing his sexual juices.

He aimed his throbbing cock carefully, and generally hit the “Js” with his spewing semen, further tattooing the wet, desert sands with globs of glistening, pearly puddles of jizz.

One could say that this was a “standing ovation” to his orgasmic symphony.

“A good soldier needs plenty of target practice.” Jimmy was always quick to say.

He called his unique road-side mannerism: “Double-barreled relief” and the “Short-timer” was becoming an “expert marksman,’ as well as “master artist.”

His bodily releases were definitely a sight and sound to behold, (that is, if you had not recently eaten, or had a weak constitution).

It was easy to understand why the “Short-timer’s” opinion about masturbating dexterity carried more influence than the average opinion that waggled back and forth within the cab.

Understandably, however, Jimmy’s road-side spectacles were nothing anyone wanted to share with their loved ones back in the States. It was “battlefield information,” only; habits that were unique and then remained behind on the battlefield when individuals rotated back home.

After making his deposits of semen, he always smiled like a “cat-licking-out-of-a-cream-bowl” as he re-seated himself within the Humvee.

Jimmy always made sure that Bob, one of his team members, heard him sigh, as he seated himself, “Ahhhhhh, fuck, was that good!”

Bob inevitably responded with, “Fuck’in ‘A,’ and it sure smells like you shit your pants.”

The driver never let Jimmy ride up front.

Also, at this point, any unlucky soldiers riding next to him in the back of the Humvee usually pulled away, as far as possible, from the side of the cab that the “Short-timer” rode.

Team members thought that they could even smell his residual scent of sexual fluids, hours later—imaginary or not.

On this particular assignment, Jimmy rode in the back of the Humvee with Larry, (Larry had already pulled away from Jimmy out of an innate, survivor’s reflex forged over many previous assignments).

Jimmy did not care about his personal demeanor, or hygienically-projected aura to other team mates.

As physiologically obtrusive as his road-side manners could be, he was still revered as a legendary “Masturbation-Superstar” within the ranks of his fellow soldiers.

Yet, not everyone shared, unilaterally, that opinion.

Once, when a complaint was filed about his public “habit” by another unit’s commander, Jimmy stated to the panel at his inquiry: “Hell, I ought to get a ribbon or patch for ‘Duty performed beyond the call of nature.’” He was fined $375 and was demoted to Buck Sergeant for his surly attitude.

His personal reward was not professional promotion or comradely acceptance; his fist obligation was to himself—to achieve orgasmic gratifications. After all, he was a short-timer and artist—to hell with the rest; his sexual releases were the only sanity in his current life; his penis was the rudder that steered his ship.

Jimmy was suffering “burn-out” as a soldier and was also enduring mental torture from a domestic crisis in his personal life that was tearing him apart emotionally.

Jimmy needed to get out of the Army for both of these reasons.

Yet, masturbating was not the only thing that brought joy into Jimmy’s life.

“Short-timer” loved to access an erotic site that he, as well as most of the other soldiers stationed in Afghanistan, was a member of.

He particularly identified with the “Loving Wives” category of the adult site, and recently had become so consumed in the fictitious prose, that he had actually purchased a beat-up ’69′ Mustang, similar in brand to the “tricked out” ones he had read about in several stories published on the growing site.

Lately, Jimmy had a difficult time separating reality from fantasy.

“Boozer” Bob, (no question as to why Bob chose “Boozer” as his sign-in-name), ribbed Jimmy about buying the Ford product by saying, “What a fucking pussy car a Mustang is; what a discouraging and sad misappropriation of US green-backs. You should have bought a full-size Chevy.”

Bob, continued, “Back in the mid-sixties, those ponies were built for secretaries so they could pretend they had a sports-like car with the limited income from working girls budgets. Think about it. Why do you think they call them ‘Pony Cars’?”

Bob always “twisted the knife” into Jimmy’s ego by chuckling and then always saying, “Mustangs were Ford’s answer to the true American sports car: the Corvette!”

Bob just loved kidding Jimmy, only because Jimmy took his car so seriously and it always caused Jimmy to squint up his lips into an involuntary snarl.

If the truth was to be revealed, one of Bob’s favorite movies was Bullitt; a movie where Steve McQueen chases a pair of—Winchester Pump Shotgun—toting banditos around San Francisco driving his own green Mustang. Bob considered it his favorite movie-chase scenes of all time.

Jimmy retorted directly back to Bob, “Is that why they call you ‘Pencil Dick’? You’re nature’s inept answer to the true American Muscle Cock?” Jimmy also relished watching Bob twist uncomfortably in his seat.

“Touché,” Bob said.

Everyone laughed, (especially Bob, knowing he had gotten to Jimmy’s goat, again).

Yet, Jimmy faithfully sent his paychecks home to his father, to pay for his Mustang while he was concluding his service in the Army; he could hardly wait to get back to Iowa.

It was well known within his unit that Jimmy had a “slutty” and “sucking,” soon-to-be ex-wife, (Helga, married for 11 months), who got most of the remainder of his paycheck. Because she was his wife, according to his Army attorney, she was even entitled to the government insurance payment in case of his death, ($400,000).

Jimmy was just waiting to get back to Iowa and set the “Fucking Bitch” straight. He was a “real man,” like he read about in the Loving Wives, not some cum-slurping cuckold.


One time in confidence, “Short-timer” told his close friends that he received a letter from his mother saying that Helga had been arrested for lascivious behavior; she was caught in public copulating with her brother, Sterno.

The full moon that particular night had illuminated the city’s fountain and also alerted the patrolmen to the siblings’ lecherous activities.

The official police report stated:

“…the naked female then asked me if I wanted to have a ‘blow job and forget the whole thing,’ while the naked male acted like he was holding a erected penis to his mouth and pantomimed an action of in-and-out to both my partner and me . The male’s jester was not only lewd, but was offensive.

When I refused her offer and told her, again, to get out of the fountain, she then lifted her right hand up towards my face and extended a single, middle-finger; it was displayed in such a manner as to project an internationally recognized jester of intense distain and ill-will. The jester was accompanied by the naked female shouting, ‘Fuck you, you stinking pigs.’”

Helga, after her arrest, even had the audacity to call “Short-timer’s” mother, asking her to bail her out of jail. She said over the phone that she was so sorry and said she would never do it again. It was a mistake and she truly loved Jimmy.

“Short-timer” was understandably devastated when he found out; he loved Helga from the first time he saw her dancing naked in a sleazy strip bar in the Czech Republic. She sucked him off that first night for $50, (American).

As a precautionary measure, however, she insisted that Jimmy use a condom for her blow job and proceeded to remove one from her fanny pack, (free of charge). The wrapping was stamped on the outside with an American flag, (Helga got a bulk discount from her supplier, who had even thrown in the fanny pack on her first purchase).

Her brother had a stamp and ink pad set which he could stamp any country’s flag on the condom wrapper for Helga. Helga kept him busy with her unique trademark.

Obviously, Jimmy was so desperate for pussy, (or just was not the brightest crayon in the box), that he failed to notice

that there were scores of empty wrappers from almost every country in Europe and a dozen more from around the world scattered across the toilet’s floor—each printed with its customer’s respective flag.

It was a regular United Nations’ lunchroom. Helga prided herself on being an international ambassador.

Within thirty seconds of Helga’s mouth action, Jimmy came, blowing the rubber completely off the end of his cock; blasting it into Helga’s mouth, (he was, after all, a “Superstar”). Helga was caught off-guard and nearly swallowed the rubber.

Still, Helga reached into her toothless mouth and retrieved the over-sized rubber, tied the top of the rubber off in a knot and flushed it down the toilet.

Stuffing Jimmy’s money into her fanny pack, she said to Jimmy that she “loved him” and wanted to see him again, kissing him on his cheek.

Her blond wig had slipped off to the side, exposing her grey roots.

Jimmy thought that this was his woman sent from the Heavens and he now wanted to marry her.

The following night, when Jimmy came panting back for more, she led him into her “office stall” where six more additional “flags” had been scattered on the floor since the previous night—business had been brisk.

Coyly, she refused his money that second night, because she said, “I’m deeply in love with you—how could I possibly accept money for making love with you?”

She said all this to Jimmy while lifting her leg up upon the rim of the toilet so he had easier access from the backside.

She had the aroma of an Eastern Asia fish market—the slap of his cock against her drippy cunt’s side-walls made the same sound as a fish flopping on a butcher’s cutting-table.

She sensed Jimmy was her “meal-ticket” out of Europe—a real “catch.”

She ended up sleeping with Jimmy for the next three nights in an apartment in Prague, which she also shared with her brother.

After this whirl-wind romance, he married her two days later. Jimmy admitted to a friend that it was her soft gums and huge tits that were the “deal makers.”

Four days after his wedding, he noticed he had a series of clear blisters appear all around his mouth, tongue and lips. Also, his penis had developed a sore that later became painful; his penis also started dripping an unidentified substance, and urination became very unconfortable.

“A real man” or not, Jimmy had some serious self-esteem issues that he needed to address. Professional counseling was even suggested by several friends. Also, a visit to the clinic would not hurt.


All he ever wanted in life was love and affection.

It seemed that all he got was lust and infection!

Helga, however, got her childhood-dream-trip to America as Jimmy’s wife, and later, even had Jimmy pay for her brother’s airfare to America.

After receiving his mother’s letter, Jimmy often stated to his fellow soldiers his future plan, ” I’m going to drive my, (hot-rod?), Mustang over to Sterno’s trailer-trash home, beat the shit out of him, cut his dick and balls off, and then blow-up his barbeque grill, for fucking my ‘Loving Wife.’” He always concluded his ranting with the question: “…after all, isn’t that what ‘real men’ do?”

He continually read and fantasized about his vicarious exploits, idolizing the site’s “tough-men” heroes; he especially waited for Thursday’s stories and his favorite author who wrote about “Mustang-driving knights” who were idealistically forceful: Faster than a speeding bullet and more powerful than a locomotive.

He often said others, “Man, can that boy write.”

In the “pay-back” part of the “Loving Wives” tales, he envisioned how a real men dish out their own brand of judiciary compensation—how in only a few days he would be dishing out his own dose of “Jimmy Pain!”

He even considered the idea that he should submit his own story to the erotic site and encourage other fucked-over men.

Unfortunately, Bob convinced him that his educational level was only equal to that of a sixth grader, so Jimmy put his writing debut on “indefinite-hold.”

Bob just loved fucking with Jimmy’s head.

“Short-timer” continued losing touch with prescribed societal norms; he began mentally traveling down a very “slippery slope” of criminal behavior, so contrary to his career in law enforcement.

In the Humvee’s cab, he started up again about his hated nemesis: Sterno, the sister fucker.

Everyone in the Humvee had previously heard his ramblings about his macho-batman-routines so many times before; they just yawned and pretended to enjoy the scenic countryside.

Everyone yawned this time, except the Humvee’s driver, “PolarBareValsie, (not bear).

She only read the “Exhibitionist & Voyeur” stories and often fantasized about stripping completely nude on some tropical beach; her legs spread wide open for everyone to see. The idea simply made her wet.

Yet, lying naked seem so risqué and even scary to her. She was an absolute mystery; a paradox. She never dated during college.

Once, an economic major once compared her body and beauty to stacks of $1,000 bills.

He said to his buddies, “If you stack $1,000 dollar bills on top of each other, a four inch high pile would be equivalent to one million dollars.

Valerie’s “stack” would be 4,000 inches high, (a billion dollars).

Her body was “hotter” than a counterfeit $100 at a race tract, and her tits were sweeter than a train-roll-over of a Great Western Sugar shipment in the sugar beets fields of Colorado.

He also said that if you stack the same piles of $1,000 dollar bills the height of the United States’ national debt of $14 trillion; it would be a stack over 883 miles high.

The 26 year old joined the Army to help pay for her graduate degree in Criminal Justice, utilizing the government’s G.I. Bill. Becoming a M.P. was just a natural transition in a field she had majored in.

With her college degree, she could have had a career in the Army as an officer, but her personal agenda was simply a “splash and dash,” to pay for most of her remaining student loans. She wanted to return to her home in Anchorage and the wilds of Alaska where she had grown up.

Yet, as quiet and personable as she normally was, she was no longer able to bide her tongue.

Valerie, said to Jimmy, “You really need to be thinking about a ‘Roadrunner’ instead of your rusty, old, Mustang.”

Jimmy said, “What?” He was stunned to hear Valerie voice her opinion, because she was usually so introverted and withdrawn. In fact, everyone in the Humvee was instantly quieted when they heard her statement to Jimmy.

To Valerie’s understanding, Jimmy’s revenge sounded more like a Saturday re-run of a Looney Tunes’ cartoon.

Yet, even after all these past weeks of Jimmy’s ranting, she had remained silent—but no longer; she could not restrain herself.

She said to her fellow MP and friend, “Hey Jimmy: Reality Check! It sounds to me as if you’re the Wiley Coyote. Remember, he’s the one who ties a rocket on his ass and then sling-shots himself, face-first, into a cliff? He never wins in his effort to catch the Roadrunner—he’s a born loser; no biscuit for that doggie!”

She continued reiterating to her emotionally hurting friend, “Later in the cartoon, the Roadrunner then drops an anvil on his bony head? …’BEEP-BEEP;’ the coyote has a serious migraine and his tongue left skid-marks on the dirt.”

“Think of it this way, Jimmy,” Valerie said, driving home her point of argument, “When the Coyote had awaken that morning and decided he wanted a tasty, ‘roadrunner sandwich,’ he didn’t realize that he would be the ‘whipped omelet’ with a 100 pound anvil on his head that afternoon!”

Her words, unfortunately, fell upon deft ears; her penetrating insights lost to the GI whose facial features also resembled those of Wiley Coyote’s.

Perhaps, she thought to herself, he really did have a sixth grader’s understanding.

She felt sorry for her friend that had “emotionally lost it.” He was consumed by his pain, anger and revenge, and she could sincerely appreciate his sense of loss and feelings of betrayal. She understood!

Yet, he was sworn to uphold the law, not take it in his own hands.

Valerie just did not want Jimmy to throw away his opportunity to serve as a career policeman—a career that he truly loved, and besides, he also had a job waiting for him—while serving nine to twelve years in the state penitentiary.

She wanted him to wear a shield on a uniform, not a number across his prison work shirt.

“Why throw good money after bad?” She continued, and then said, taking a different direction of argument and playing the Devil’s Advocate, “It takes two to do the dirty ‘Tango.’ She cheated on you—freely of her own will—right?

Why is it always the cheating male who is singled out to receive the physical retributions for adultery, and almost never, the cheating wife? They both deserve karma: equally, right?”

Bob suddenly said, “Fucking “A.”

Larry said, “You’re damn straight.”

She even offered to Jimmy, for his consideration, the possibility of him, “…hiring someone to sew his whoring wife’s three holes shut with a rusty carpet needle and 28 gauge copper wire.”

The other’s mouths dropped open when they heard Valerie talk so defiantly and pragmatic, even raising eyebrows at each other; this gentle flower had had some serious vinegar in her nectar and none of her team members had ever heard her talk so… well… like a Dark Revenger.

Jimmy said, “My god, she’s a woman. Are you nuts? ‘Real men’ don’t hurt women. I love her and I don’t want to sew anything shut. How could you even suggest that? I thought you were my friend.”

“I am Jimmy. I’m just trying to get you to see how “off-the-wall” your anger is becoming.” Valerie said.

A large pothole suddenly shook the Humvee, also momentarily breaking the rising tensions, because Valerie had to attend to her driving.

Jimmy just sat in the back of the Humvee and sulked, and then a minute later, he muttered to no one in particular, (but hoping Valerie heard), “I’m going to cut a one inch hole in his throat and string his severed penis through it, giving him a ‘Sgt. Jimmy’s neck-tie;’ Beep-Beep, your own fucking ass.”

Emotions again were heating up to critical mass in the Humvee, especially between “Short-timer” and Valerie.


Meanwhile, “Boozer” Bob, eagerly hoping to defuse the “revenge-topic” of the “Loving Wives” conversation, spoke up,

“Hey guys, listen, you should always use your non-dominate hand to masturbate with, especially while watching porn on the lap-top.

Using the mouse and keyboard requires fast-forwarding, replay, and freeze framing.” (Computer activities every good masturbator understands). Also, you need a free, beer-drinking-hand.”

He continued, “You don’t want to gum up the keys with sloppy fingers dripping with baby oil, and you definitely don’t want to take your eyes off the screen while you hunt and peck for keys with your odd hand.”

He had his “K-bar,” (army slang for a knife), out and was cleaning his finger nails while he talked, (baby oil attracts the Afghanistan dust).

“Boozer’s” favorite, erotic, story-line segment on the popular adult site was, “Gay Male” and “Anal”: (Don’t ask; Don’t tell).

“Lick’in” Larry, who was also a “card-carrying member” of the same erotic site, loved the “Lesbian Sex” stories and, especially, the “Transsexuals & Crossdressers.”

Larry’s handsomeness was almost cruel; his sensuous mouth and lips were so beautiful, they could cut your heart with one smile. His exceedingly long tongue was like an Italian stiletto that could slice a clit every-which-way but loose. He LOVED to lick pussy and suck clits.

He was not particularly known for his skills with his cock. In truth, the occasional “finger licking good” he moaned, was only when his female partner and Humvee driver, Valerie, pressed her pussy-drenched fingers into his mouth; her digital dexterity was the only hand action he was familiar with; he never masturbated.

He chimed into their debate anyway, and said, “Nothing beats masturbating your woman with your tongue, especially while having her bounce up and down on your ‘rubber lady,’ (air mattress).”

Larry and Valerie had been oral lovers for the past two months, since stationed together in Afghanistan.

They had never carried “sexual servicing” any further than just “sucking him off” and “licking her pussy until orgasm”—she had never even kissed him, unable to tolerate the smell and tastes of the peppermint snuff he used.

She was also too repulsed by his tobacco habit to let him get close to her face. She had nice 36D tits, but again, to let him see her tits or let him fondle them, well, somehow, the association of his peppermint breath on her nipples was also repulsive.

No. Larry was her lover, but only in the lower region.

As silly as it may sound to the average person, she even made him brush his teeth and gargle before she let him eat her out. She simply could not tolerate his “nasty” habit of snuff and the residual smell and chunks of peppermint tobacco left on her pussy hairs.

On the other hand, she really, really loved the techniques of his “dining habits.” He could get her off almost as quickly as Jimmy could cum.

Yet, their relationship, including its peculiar and unorthodox arrangements, was mutually satisfying to both of them; it worked well on the battlefield, too.

Valerie then looked up and winked into the rear view mirror back at Larry, who was riding in the cab directly behind her.

He winked back, smiled, and then licked his lips very seductively and sensuously, curling his tongue against his upper lip in a lustful manner. His stiletto tongue caught and reflected the desert sun. He then held his portable toothbrush up for Valerie to see.

Valerie smiled and just shook her head: Yes, and then winked, again.

Meanwhile, Jimmy, who was still perturbed from the “roadrunner topic,” now retorted back at Larry, in a condescending fashion, as if he was also a self-appointed expert about sexual matters, and said, “That ain’t masturbating, that’s just plain pussy-kissing. Beep Beep your peppermint ass.”

Everyone started laughing; their communal humor had suddenly succeeded in breaking the previous, emotional tensions fostered over the “revenge” subject. A smile even emerged across Jimmy’s face.

“Just talking about all this pussy-kissing makes my mouth thirsty,” Larry lamented to no one. “Does anyone have some ‘H-twenty,’ (H²0; water)?”

Bob reached down and grabbed a plastic bottle out of the metal box and handed it back to Larry over the front seat; his knife still opened and in hand.

Larry said, “Thanks, Bobby Boy, I hope you washed your hands, first!” All four riders again laughed.

Larry playfully acted like the bottle was oily, slipping the bottle back and forth in his hands, nearly dropping it, as if it was too slick to hold. He then said, “Bob, what is this baby oil dripping all over the bottle from?” More laughter followed Larry’s final quip.

The Humvee bounced after hitting a very large pot-hole and dust flew around in the cab.

Larry then smiled and reciprocated Bob’s kindness by passing up to Bob his Copenhagen tin—only after he first stuffed a wad of snuff under his own lower lip.

The pungent, peppermint aroma of the wet tobacco permeated the entire cab, even de-sensitizing the not-to-subtle smells of Jimmy; however, both aromas mixed together and floated in the dusty air of the cab for miles afterwards.

Bob then asked, stuffing a hearty pinch of snuff under his own lip, “Valerie, which way do you like to masturbate?” Again, the Humvee suddenly bounced from one of the many potholes, nearly causing Bob to drop the opened, Copenhagen tin.

Valerie momentarily looked at Bob who was riding next to her, and said, “With all you hot studs around, who has time to masturbate?” There was a momentary pause before everyone started laughing.

Bob, feeling ornery, offered Valerie the tin of Copenhagen, knowing very well how she despised it.

Valerie again turned to Bob, grinned, twisted and pinched her lips together, as if she had bitten into an extremely sour lemon, and said, “No thanks, Bob, I’m trying to quit.”

Jimmy spoke up and said, “Valerie, I didn’t think you liked snuff,” being sincere.

Bob and Valerie began to snicker together; they both thought silently how naïve and gullible Jimmy could be.

Instantly, another huge pothole almost caused the vehicle to loose traction with the dirt road. The box of bottled water between Bob’s feet was nearly up-ended.

Valerie was forced to reduce her speed to only 30 MPH.


Valerie was the driver in the lead Humvee that was acting as an escort for the 25-NATO-TRUCK-CONVOY that had just traveled through the Khyber Pass and the Pakistan border.

They were approaching a small road-side village with brown, flat-chested walls of housing and the architectural similarity of a one-story strip mall.

Army policy officially stated that women were not to be deployed as combat personnel.

Yet, because she was a MP, her position allowed for the escort duties that she was currently assigned.

There were two more Humvees following her own vehicle; all three vehicles were in tandem.


The rocket-propelled grenade (RPG) slammed into second vehicle, exploding it into an instant fireball. All the crew members in the attacked Humvee were instantly killed.

The blast was so close to Valerie’s own rear-bumper-area that it momentarily lifted her entire Humvee’s rear axle two feet off the road; she nearly lost control.

Valerie, although thoroughly shaken from the initial blast and sequential fuel explosion of the Humvee behind her, was still able to swerve her own carrier off the road. Skillfully, she found refuge behind a burned-out building on the outer perimeter of the village.

Almost instantly, however, a second RPG was launched at them. It missed her vehicle by only a few feet, but it torn apart the walls that she had sought safety behind.

The resulting concussion from the second grenade blast was deafening; as well as the cab of her Humvee—which immediately began to fill with thick, choking, black smoke from their damaged engine compartment—now became a sitting death trap.

Disoriented from the force of the second explosion, and choking on the suffocating smoke, she evacuated the Humvee with the three other MPs, exposing themselves to instance and intense rifle fire. The ambush was well planned by their enemy.

Two of the soldiers, “Boozer” Bob and “Short-timer” Jimmy, were instantly cut down by the insurgent’s bullets as they were exiting the Humvee on the passenger’s side.

Jimmy was critically wounded in the neck, but yet, was able to crawl behind some of the debris from the shattered wall. Bob never felt what killed him.

Valerie and her lover, Larry, were able to use the Humvee as a barrier between themselves and the attacking insurgents.

Hitting the ground, they both rolled out of the direct rifle fire as they each disembarked from the cab on the driver’s side.

Larry suddenly shouted to Valerie, “I’m hit baby—in the calf. I can’t see where the shooting is coming from, either. Can you?”

He was behind the rear wheel; sitting with his M4 held upright between his knees, his head was resting against the Humvee’s tire.

Valerie had pressed her body closely behind the left front wheel, but still could look over towards Larry and easily see the profusion of blood pumping from his wound as he pressed his free hand over his calf.

From underneath the cab, Valerie had her M4 pointed to a building 50 yards away, when a bullet hit directly against the barrel/breech assembly, destroying her rifle. Her fingers were stung from the impact as the rifle was driven from her grip; even with her driving gloves on, her hands felt like they were on fire and burned.

Another bullet nicked her shirt and a third round cut a swath four inches long, grazing her armored vest at a spot just above her right tit. She remained unhurt, but shaken.

She then shouted out, “Jimmy, Bob, do you hear me. Are you okay?”

At first, nothing could be heard over the insurgent’s AK 47′s fire.

Then she heard and understood Jimmy saying to her, “‘Val……mustang………..

…..tell …………………” just before he died.

She also saw him stretch his hand out towards her as his eyes dimmed and then shut slowly. The blood pumping from his neck slowly stopped, too.

Valerie was instantly despondent; hearing the desperation of her friend’s last words; the abstemious plea caused her to loose focus momentarily and it also sucked the air from her heart. She immediately began to wonder what he was trying to tell her.

Yet, stoically shaking the image she just witnessed from her mind, she needed to help Larry and stay on course, and knew she had to stop thinking about Jimmy’s last words.

She then un-holstered her side-arm, a Beretta 9mm, and injected a cartridge into the chamber.

She cautiously began to ease her head around the Humvee’s front tire. Her fingers were still tingling from the M4 being shot from her hands.

She stopped and once more looked over towards Larry; he was alert and gave her the “Thumbs-up” as she began her own defense.

She shouted at Larry, “Stay where you are, lover. Don’t move. I’m coming to you.”

She was beginning to “buzz” from the adrenalin that was pulsing through her expanding arteries and veins. Her skin was clammy and her eyes were dilated. Her ears were ringing from the last RPG’s explosion, which made hearing difficult over the ringing in her ears.

From her perspective, Valerie could suddenly see an insurgent with a white and black scarf wrapped around his head; he was about 50 feet away and was squatting down behind a wall on an upper rooftop. He also was pointing a RPG launcher directly at their Humvee.

Valerie then lined up the sight of her automatic pistol onto the Scarf-man’s head, took a deep breath, let half of the air out from her lungs and squeezed the trigger—red blood started mixing with the black and white pattern of the insurgent’s scarf.

He dropped the RPG launcher into the open space of the market’s square, ten feet below. He then fell forward, off the rooftop, following the path of the launcher and landed face-downward over the weapon.

She shot him three more times into his head. She was becoming deeply peeved at this group’s rude behavior and terrible manners.

Larry again shouted, “Val, I just took another round in the arm and can’t get to my rifle, now. I see three of the snicky fuckers working their way over here to me; the motherfuckers.”

He coughed up some bile mixed within the fresh Copenhagen tobacco that he had earlier stuffed under his lip. He spat away a large glob of bile and snuff; some of it dribbled down his chin as he talked.

Valerie, as if in slow motion, jumped up and then rolled across the ground from the front end of the Humvee to the back end of the carrier where Larry was hunkered down.

She exposed herself to small-arms, weapon fire from beneath the under-carriage of the Humvee.

Although she had only momentarily exposed herself to the direct rifle fire, she heard over a dozen bullets “zing” and “splat” as she rolled. Yet, she still escaped injury.

She stopped next to Larry.

However, she was now in the open view of one of the insurgents that was flanking their position.

The two warriors both looked surprised at each other; the insurgent raised his weapon at Valerie’s face, and Valerie pointed her pistol at his.

She managed to shoot her pistol, first, just moments before he could discharge his own rifle at her. Four shots burst from his rifle, harmlessly into the air, as he fell forward.

Larry and her both heard a shout of pain, and then followed by a death rattle and gurgle. She then saw an AK 47 drop into a shallow ditch, followed by the shooter; he was gripping his chest between his neck and his heart. A lucky shot, she thought as she saw smoke whiff up from the muzzle of her pistol and blow into her face..

She pumped two more shots into his head as he withered across the sand, looking for cover.

She immediately placed her Beretta into Larry’s good hand. She told him it still had seven rounds left in it.

She quickly pressed the back side of her body over him as protection, letting her own body armor provide him additional layers of protection. She then quickly bent over and retrieved his rifle, chambering a round into the breech.

Oddly, with all the terrifying trauma, injuries and intermittent fire-fight happening around her, she temporarily became singularly-minded upon her tits—especially her nipples.

She felt the over-whelming pulse of her nipples pressing against her bra; they were puffed taunt and they were as excited as she was. Apparently, she was being sexually stimulated by the attack. She loved this sensation; the arousal.

She had to look down at her chest just to make sure the heat she felt was not caused from a bullet. She was not injured, yet her nipples had puffed and expanded with each shot she had fired.

She wanted to just stop and rub her nipples between her thumb and index finger—under her body armor and all.

She was also feeling aroused in her pussy area; her thong panties seemed to be jammed between her inner pussy lips and it was massaging them; they too, were being stimulated from weapons-fire and started swelling.

She looked down and saw a damp spot the size of an ash-tray over her fatigue’s crotch area. She was getting sexually turned on from the fire-fight and wanted more.

A series of ricocheting bullets suddenly “cracked” near her head, re-focusing her attention to the danger at hand.

Still pressing her body down farther onto Larry, and continuing to press both their bodies against the rear wheel, an inane thought suddenly “popped” into her head: It was about a “rhetorical-boot camp-training-chant” she had been taught and had to recite a dozen times.

The chant’s purpose was to train new soldiers into stop calling their weapons, “GUNS”

She remembered the words to the chant as she hummed it in a 4/4 cadence inside her head:

This is your weapon, (her Drill

Sergeant demonstrated to the new recruits, holding up a rifle);

this is your gun, (the Drill Sergeant then proceeding to grab his groin region and squeeze his penis with his hand, when he said the word, ‘gun‘).

This is for killing, (the rifle again was held high in mid-air and above his head);

this is for fun, (now shaking his cock and nuts with his hand vigorously).”

Valerie mulled over the chant for a brief second, thinking about it and then smiled to herself.

Her father had told her in Alaska, while they were hunting for moose in the Talkeetna Mountians, “If you see a bull moose run, loudly ‘grunt at it’ like a female moose. It will instantly stop and will look right at you. You can then take your shot.”

Her smile turned into a grin.

She leaned around the wheel-well and rear tire of the Humvee and then shouted at the two remaining insurgents as loud as she could:

“This is for killing, (pointing her rifle’s muzzle in their direction);

ain’t this fucking fun?”

Both young men looked at each other, curiously, and then lifted their heads up from behind their cover—culturally un-schooled to the battle cry of a screaming woman—they were confused and had to investigate what was happening.

Unfortunately for them, they had been tricked into exposing themselves to Valerie at a distance of only 25 feet.

The M4 carbine held 30 bullets and she equally divided the shots between the two men, until the weapon, (not gun), was empty.


Suddenly—before her rifle even stopped smoking—Valerie started to have a body-shaking, cervical orgasm: her breath was cryptic, her skin was covered with goose bumps, and her eyes became even more dilated than before. Her pussy was pulsating like a marching band and she wanted to scream!

She had just dropped her enemy in their tracks and now she was cumming in torrid waves into her fatigues.

The vaginal fluid was squirting out of her pussy in copious quantities—machine gun fast—and even running down into her combat boots.

Larry could feel her orgasm, too, as she now pressed her body into him,

He said, “Val, slow down girl.”

She was so aroused that she wanted to stick her gloved fingers into her dripping pussy and give it a good “once-over” for “Old Uncle Sam and the Red, White and Blue.”

She never had felt such a body rush of electricity!

Her nipples were ready to explode; her pussy lips were trying to chew her panties down the middle.

She found the aroma of the sulfur-like smell of spent gun powder lingering in the desert air: Intoxicating.

Yet, as intoxicating as the smell of spent gun powder was alone, the added mix of sulfur-smoke smell with the smell of her pussy juice running down her legs became ADDICTIVE.

Jeff’s mom was only 15 when she had him. He always felt like his mom was more of a friend than a mother. In fact, as he got older they looked more like brother and sister: the same blond hair and wide set blue eyes, the same tanned skin that stayed golden even in the winter. They were very close and Jeff always felt like he could tell his mom anything.

He had a few girlfriends during his teen years, nothing serious but fun and sexually fulfilling. When Jeff was around 19 he started looking at his mom in a new way. He realized how beautiful she was. She was only 34, and better looking than any of the girls he went out with. She was petite but with full breasts and a tiny waist.

To his embarrassment, he began to get aroused whenever his mom was near him. If she reached over him to put dinner on the table, if their hands accidentally brushed each other, Jeff’s cock immediately hardened.

One day, Jeff was walking past the bathroom and saw his mom getting out of the shower through the slightly opened bathroom door. He stood silently still and his breath caught in his throat. Was this sex goddess his mother?

He watched as she gently towel dried her supple body, drops of water still beaded on her tan skin. Her breasts were heavy and ripe with large pink nipples that his mouth watered to suck and lick. Her soft pussy was shaved on the sides, with the slightest bit of curling blond hair above her plump lips.

Jeff was enthralled. He wanted to bury his face in that pussy and taste her sweet juices. His cock was throbbing and he locked himself in his room, stroking his hard shaft until stream after stream of hot cum shot high in the air.

Months went by and Jeff’s lust for his mother grew even deeper. He went out of his way to touch her, hug her, and feel her breasts pressed against his chest. As they sat on the couch watching movies he would sometimes lay his head in her lap while she stroked his hair slowly. He would inhale deeply, trying to catch the scent of her sweet pussy between her legs.

When his mom was gone, Jeff would retrieve her worn panties from the hamper and sit on her bed. He would press his face against the crotch, smelling her musky scent, his cock in his hands, pumping it slowly and wishing his face was really in her pussy.

One day, Jeff’s mom went to the store and he headed to her room. He found a pair of white silky panties. The crotch was smooth white satin and the sides had bits of white lace. He pressed his face into the still damp fabric and breathed in his mom’s pussy scent. God, she smelled sweet, so musky and delicious. If only he could really have her.

He stroked his large, plump cock. It felt so good in his hand as he imagined his mom’s soft lips closing around it. A sudden sound made him look up and he saw his mom standing in the doorway of her bedroom.

“Jeff, what are you doing?” Her voice was shocked and confused.

Humiliated, Jeff’s face turned bright red and tears formed in his eyes.

“I’m so sorry mom. You just…don’t know how much I want you. You’re so beautiful and you smell so good. I know it’s wrong but I can’t help wanting you.”

He rose to leave, his cock still hard and bulging free from his unzipped pants.

His mom’s eyes fell on the rock hard shaft, the plump head of his stiff cock.

“Wait, Jeff,” she said.”Sit down for a minute.”

Jeff sat down on the bed and his mom walked toward him. Her small hands loosened his pants and slide them out from under him. Her palm encircled his cock and he gasped. Was his mom really taking his cock in her hand? It felt better than he had ever imagined. Jeff’s mom looked lovingly into his eyes as she dropped to her knees and slowly ran her tongue around his plump head. She licked the bead of clear fluid from the tip and worked her lips around his hardness. Oh god, it felt so wonderful. Jeff couldn’t believe his mom’s mouth was on his cock, that she was giving this precious gift to him. His breath became shallow as her mouth worked its magic. Her hand cupped his heavy balls and he felt like he couldn’t take much more.

“Mom, I’m gonna cum.” His mom’s soft blue eyes looked up at him and Jeff couldn’t hold back. Hot jets of sperm shot down his mom’s throat as she swallowed every drop of his creamy cum. Jeff sat there, stunned, unsure of what to do next.

His mom slowly stood and pulled her shirt up over her head. She had no bra on and her heavy breasts were beautiful. She slid her jeans down over her hips and all that was left was a tiny pair of black bikini panties. She was so gorgeous; looking Jeff in the eyes as she slowly slid the panties down.

“I want you to eat my pussy, baby.”

She lay down on the bed and parted her legs. Jeff’s limp cock started to come back to life as stood up and removed the rest of his clothes. He crawled up between her legs and his mom’s fingers twined through his hair, pulling his head toward her hot little cunt. Her mound was soft and plump.

Jeff took his fingers and felt the softly curly blond hair. He lowered his face and breathed deeply. Her scent was overwhelming. Never had he been filled with so much desire. He wanted to pleasure this woman, to take her to heights she’d never reached. Something so wrong felt amazingly right.

He moved his hand up to caress his mom’s breast. It was ripe and full in his hand, he had to kiss it. Jeff rose up and took her taut pink nipple in his mouth, sucking gently. His mom gasped and moaned and he switched to the other side and nursed there. Then he kissed down her soft belly, letting his tongue trail lazily on her skin until he reached her cunt.

Jeff gently kissed her soft mound and then let his tongue slide down her moist slit, diving inside her plump lips just a bit. His mom made a small sound of pleasure and surprise. Jeff looked up to see her head back and eyes closed. She arched her back and thrust her hips forward so that she could fuck his mouth.

Her juices were running freely now. She tasted so good. Jeff’s tongue slid further between her soft pussy lips, using his fingers to gently spread her. His mouth found his prize: his mom’s tiny pink clit. His lips closed around it as she moaned load and low.

“Oh god, yes baby. Suck mommy’s clit just like that. Oh god, it feels so good, Jeff! Oh my god!”

Jeff suckled hungrily, drinking in the taste and smell of her. His mom’s noises and movements became more urgent. Finally, her hips bucked and body stiffened as wave after wave of orgasm flooded her body. She pressed his head against her pussy and her juices ran down his lips and chin as he devoured her sweetness. Jeff couldn’t believe he’d just made his mom cum in his mouth. It was so wonderful, so heavenly.

Jeff’s cock was throbbing wildly. He wanted to take this woman so badly; this woman who had given birth to him, who had raised him and taken care of him. Now all he could think about was plunging his cock into that sweet pussy. His mom sat up and pushed him back gently. To Jeff’s surprise she straddled his hips, her cunt dripping juices onto his hot skin.

“Mom…oh god,” Jeff moaned.

“Hush baby,” she said. “I’m gonna make you feel so good. I need to have this big cock. We won’t tell anyone baby, but I want you so bad. My pussy needs my baby’s big gorgeous cock.”

She positioned her cunt over Jeff’s hard cock and slowly slid down on it, engulfing his throbbing manhood deep within the depths of her pussy. Oh my god, she was so tight and wet. Jeff had never experienced anything like this before. The girls he had been with were young and inexperienced, and here was this gorgeous woman, making love to him as he had never been made love to before.

Her soft pussy fit him like a sheath of silk. It felt like her pussy was made to take his cock, to fuck him so perfectly. Their moans became louder and Jeff knew his mom was close to cumming. He matched her strokes with his hips and thrust up into her. He felt her body stiffen and shudder with release as the delicious orgasm flooded her. It felt amazing as his mom’s pussy clamped down on his throbbing cock, squeezing and milking it. Jeff cried out and shot streams of his hot seed deep inside his mom’s pussy.

She cried out, “Yes, baby…cum inside my pussy. Give me all your cum, baby.”

After he released they lay panting in each other’s arms, sweat glistening on their skin, their bodies spent and satiated. Jeff had never felt so perfectly satisfied, so alive.

He couldn’t believe all this had happened. His mom had fucked him so good, like he’d never been fucked before. His fantasies had become reality, and they were even better than he could have ever imagined.

Morning. I blinked a few times and then opened my eyes, and lay there snug under the covers and listened to the pelting rain. I stretched my legs, and felt the delightful silky feeling of freshy waxed skin sliding against the sheets. It was a Tuesday, but I’d no intention of going to work – actually, I’d just about given up for the time being and told the office I was suffering from serious flu. What I was really suffering, of course, was from a surreal parallel life that I’d stumbled into, one where I dressed like a woman, acted and looked like a woman, and of course, went round to my neighbour’s house and had sex like a woman at just about every opportunity I could get. I smiled at the thought, running one hand down under the covers, feeling the silky nightclothes and panties that I’d gone to sleep in, and my freshly waxed crotch, which was swelling already.

Since that remarkable dinner at the Italian restaurant, I’d seen Gary each day – mostly at his house, sometimes at mine, and was already busy on the internet ordering up more and more makeup, lingerie and other clothes to help me more convincingly play the part of ‘Jane’. It wasn’t clear to me that I looked completely passable just yet, but that only seemed to encourage Gary, who took pleasure in reminding me – often – that the rest of the world thought I was still just a regular married guy.

I started at the thought, remembering my single biggest problem, which was that my wife Sam was due home from her work trip on Friday night. I imagined I could explain away the waxing – after all, it was becoming a bit of a trend among guys – and I’d made sure to send my internet purchases to a post office box, but it was going to be pretty hard to explain why I was spending all my time round at Gary’s place. I also hoped Gary wouldn’t be insisting on the “walk of shame” I’d had to do quite a number of times, tottering from my house to his and back in high heels and a coat which barely obscured the outrageous array of women’s clothing beneath – some of it torn and on more than one occasion, smeared with his cum and mine. I knew I would have to broach the subject sooner than later, and I dreaded it.

I got up, showered, and considered the day ahead. When I’d left Gary’s the night before, he said he would be at work the whole day, so I had some time to catch up on a few work things that I really couldn’t let slip – supposed flu or not – and do a bit of cleaning up. I checked that the right blinds were down, and then rifled through Sam’s wardrobe, coming up with a matching floral bra and panties that I’d always liked the looks of. I pulled them on, stuffing my cock down between my legs until it softened enough to get the panties fitting better. After a quick spin in the mirror, I also decided to practice my makeup, and splash on a little bit of perfume. The only dilemma now would be how long I could last before needing to masturbate – I didn’t like my chances of making it very far past breakfast.

But as I sat in the study and tried to concentrate on a set of spreadsheets, unexpectedly the doorbell rang. My heart leapt, wondering in rapid order whether Sam had come home early, whether Gary was paying me a surprise visit, or whether it was just the postman. I snuck to the window and peeked out, annoyed to see that it was Earl, a rather fat and greying retiree from across the road.

“Damn,” I said under my breath, because it was pretty obvious I was home. I raced to the bathroom and quickly scrubbed my face, whipped my bra off, and threw on a bathrobe. The doorbell went a second time, and I called “Coming!”.

“Hey John, how you doing?” said Earl, once I’d opened the door.

I coughed and put on my best impression of having just climbed off my sickbed.

“Not great actually,” I said, “Come down with the flu.”

“Yeah? Hey that’s no good,” he said. “Uh… hey can I come in for a few minutes? I needed to talk to you about something.”

I groaned inwardly. Earl was an OK guy, but I really didn’t want to get stuck with his company half the morning.

“Uh, sure – would you like some coffee?” I said, and he said he’d be glad. I took the opportunity to throw some clothes on en route to the kitchen, deciding to leave the floral panties on under my jeans, just for the thrill. We made small talk as I got the coffees sorted out.

“John,” he said eventually, “What’s troubling me is that I’ve got some problems with my business – you know the little start-up I’ve been running since I pulled out of Omcorp?”

I did know – he’d retired after many years at the software company, and with some pretty serious cash behind him, and was now amusing himself running a small development company that made business applications. I’d assumed it wasn’t making nor losing much money, but given my background in accounting, I now suspected things mightn’t be going too well.

“Did you want me to give you a hand with the accounts Earl?” I asked, but he shook his head.

“Oh no, not at all – it’s quite silly actually – I need some help with the admin. I’ve picked up a few clients recently, and hired a couple of people, and I want to get hold of someone to do the paperwork, grab the phone, that sort of thing.”

I frowned, and suddenly felt a prickling sense of unease.

“And the thing is,” he said, leaning forward conspiratorially, “I want to hire someone pretty good looking!”

I stared at him for a moment. “Um… I’m not sure that – you mean you want me to recommend a receptionist?”

“Well, yeah. But the thing is, I’ve been wondering lately who that chick is that’s been visiting you over here.”

I feigned confusion. “What, Sam?”

“No, no – I know she’s a away,” he said, and winked. “I mean that hottie I’ve seen coming in and out the last week – you don’t know if she’s looking for some work now, do you?”

It finally dawned on me what he was up to – he’d spotted me coming back from Gary’s, and obviously thought that I had a hooker paying me housecalls. One who would clearly be out of a job in about four days’ time. My mind raced – I was relieved on the one hand that he hadn’t worked out what was going on, but I didn’t exactly want our neighbours to think I’d been spending the time whoring. Although I barely suppressed a grin at the sudden thought: that’s exactly what I’ve been doing!

“Oh… uh I’ve had a family friend come round a few times, you probably mean her – Louisa,” I said, hoping this sounded convincing. Bloody dirty old man – I wished he would finish his coffee and go away.

“Louisa?” said Earl, “Well it could be, I don’t know. I’m not too troubled what you call yourself to be honest.”

I blinked and stared at him.

He gestured with his head at my coffee cup, and to my horror, when I looked down, there was a clearly visible lipstick smudge on the rim.

“Err…” I said, “Yes, she’s… used my, ah, she’s come for coffee…” but trailed off as he grinned at me.

“I have a lot of free time these days you know John,” he said, “so I like to sit by the window and watch the world going by. Some pretty interesting things go by, I reckon.”

Earl chuckled.

“Anyway, you’re a good guy, and I’m not trying to make life difficult for you. I just wanted to let you know I know – and it’s OK.”

“Great, well… thanks,” I said, “and look I don’t mean to be rude, but I’ve got a lot of things to get done today…”

“With your flu, you mean?”

“What?” I said, remembering too late to keep up the pretense. “Yes, well… I’m feeling a bit better today but…”

“Actually the other thing was, John,” he cut in, “I’m kind of starved for company these days, and you know that a guy can get kind of lonely.”

My eyes were probably widening comically at this point. I gripped the table with one hand.

“So… you know,” he went on, “I was thinking that we could come to an arrangement. I won’t tell anyone about what you’re up to, and you won’t tell anyone about my new lady friend – Louisa, or whatever her name is. Got ourselves a deal?”. He chuckled loudly to himself.

“Seriously, you’re a bit slow on the uptake,” he said, pushing his chair back. “How about you show me where the bedroom is, and get young Louisa to come pay me a visit?”

I was truly stunned… not caught by one neighbour, but now two? This seriously couldn’t be happening. And where Gary was a masculine, muscular domineering specimen of health, Earl was a disgusting old man, and a fat one at that. I shuddered to think what he’d look like with his clothes off, and then realised I was probably about to find out. I found myself walking to the bedroom in a daze, shutting myself in the bathroom, and trying not to think what I might see as I heard him walking into the room and settling onto the bed. I had a few things strewn in the hamper that I’d been planning to wash – some stockings, a skirt and various panties, so I fished them out and dressed myself, settling for a bra on the top, and a short skirt that barely covered my ass, leaving the floral panties on that I’d started the day in. After a pause, I decided to re-do the makeup as well.

I stepped out of the bathroom, and found him lying on the bed, fat stomach up in the air, and a surprisingly big cock protruding from beneath it. I was taken aback – Earl must have been nearing sixty, but he clearly wasn’t suffering from any problems down there. In fact, his penis was impressively thick, and I was shocked to realise I was getting a little hard myself.

I smiled then, because it seemed that one thing was pretty consistent in all of this – I truly fancied being dominated, and the dirtier the situation, the more it turned me on. Earl smiled at me, and I smiled back, trying my best to look pretty.

“That’s a very large fat cock you have there, sir,” I said, “does it need to be taken care of today?”

He grinned. “It certainly does,” he said, and waved me forward.

I knelt down beside the bed, and, looking him in the eye, reached out and brought it to my lips, kissing the top of his cock, which was already glistening with a bead of pre-cum. I made sure he could see it trailing from my lips as I lifted my head again. Earl’s eyes half closed, and he reached out and pushed my head down, hard, so that his cock slid deep into my mouth. It was thick and hot, and tasted much better than I’d expected, and I began to work it, sucking and licking as he lay back and gasped in pleasure.

“You have a great ass, you know,” he said as I bobbed up and down, “I’d like to see some more of it.”

“Mmm-hmm?” I mumbled, and climbed up onto the bed. After a thought, I crawled around him, lips still fastened round his cock, and then straddled his head, giving him a close-up view of it, right up my skirt. I felt his hands slide up the back of my thighs, and begin caressing my ass through the panties. I sucked and licked, and gyrated my hips, and tingled with pleasure as I felt him pull my hips downward and bury his face into my ass. There was a delicious wet feeling as he wasted no time getting to work with his tongue, and I fancy I squealed like a little girl when he pulled my panties to one side and wormed it directly into my asshole – I nearly blew a load in my panties right then.

After what seemed like a delightfully endless time – me writhing on his soft belly and inhaling his penis, him opening my anus and defiling me with his tongue – he began to push me down the bed, and I felt him struggling to get to his knees behind me as I ended up on all fours towards the bottom of the bed. I knew what was coming, of course, and I wasn’t disappointed.

With a few quick movements, he was kneeling behind me, and his big cock was forcing its way up into my ass – with me pushing back against him, perfectly happy to get as much as possible of it buried deep inside my chute. His stomach was literally weighing down on the small of my back, but I wasn’t so much appalled by this, as thoroughly turned on. In my head, I was the dirtiest of street hookers, being paid to take it from behind by this awful, fat old man, and it was sexy in the most sordid way possible. Even having got a little used to Gary by now, I felt a bit dizzy at the waves of pleasure I got as Earl’s cock slid in and out of my rectum, the sides stretching to accommodate, and I worried I might cum all over the bed before he’d even got close. But then I heard his breathing getting ragged, and with a gasp he clutched my hips, jammed my ass back against him as hard as he could, and bucked and bucked as he emptied his nuts into me with a shout. I was wrenched back and forth a few more times, amazed that an older guy could deliver so impressively.

When he was done, he pulled out and pulled my panties back into place, smiling as I looked over my shoulder at him.

“Well.. that certainly was worth the walk,” he said. “But what about you?” He nodded at my crotch, where I still had a raging hard-on that needed some attention.

“Uh… well…”, I said, “What would you… I mean…” I had no idea if he planned to go any further.

“Oh I like to watch, too,” he said, “So I’ll tell you what – just wait there a second, and I’ll be right back.”

I did that, lying on my side as he pulled on his pants and left the room. I could feel my ass twitching, and wondered how much of his cum I’d be draining back out of there shortly.

Clearly Earl had had similar thoughts, because he came back carrying a drinking glass, and I realised exactly what it was he liked watching. I grinned. There was no need for him to explain.

I squatted on the bed, skirt up around my waist now, and beckoned him over. He pressed the glass up under my ass cheeks, and with some careful pressure, I felt his jizz start to leak back out of me. I used one finger to help, and was startled at the volume that began to collect. I wondered how long he’d been saving it up. There was one particularly strong squirt, and in a few moments, I was holding the glass up, and it was holding a decent few mouthfuls of semen. I smiled at Earl, and pulled my cock free of my panties.

“Perhaps I should add a bit to this?” I asked, and he nodded.

“Yeah, you do that,” he said.

I reckon it took about eight strokes, before I blew a load so hard that my head span. The glass swam with both loads of cum, and before I had time to think too much about it, I looked him in the eye, and drained the lot of into the back of my throat, and swallowed.

“Fantastic!” he said, when I’d finished choking it down, “I’ll be looking forward to next time.”

As he got his clothes on and left, I looked at the clock and realised half the morning was gone. I’d got none of my work done, was no further advanced in my thinking about Sam, and now I had a much bigger problem on my hands – not only keeping Gary happy, but satisfying my dirty old neighbour as well, who unfortunately seemed to share a few tastes of my own. I stripped off and made my way to the shower. Those bigger problems could wait – for now I had some more immediate mess to clean up.

Austin was generally pretty patient person, but his ability to tolerate and wait was getting pretty thin after waiting in line for 8 minutes to check out at Target. Now, to top it all off, the girl in front of him was getting her credit card denied and was calling someone to straighten it out. The only thing that prevented him from losing his mind was the incredible sight that the girl provided. She was a stunning and tan dark-haired specimen, with phenomenal, pert, tits, and very nice and toned legs leading up to a short pair of shorts, which appeared to covering one of the nicest asses he had seen. After 2 straight months of working 80-100 hours a week as the new guy at the law firm, Austin was finally going to enjoy a Sunday off tomorrow. The only things on his agenda were climbing into a bottle of scotch and having mental of images of himself ravaging this beauty while he pleasured himself a few times. He had been too busy and tired to realize it, but he had not taken care of that need in a long-time, and staring at this girl he realized he was as horny as he had been in a very long time.

Austin and the clerk watched the girl pacing back and forth at the end of the checkout lane, the clerk to try to determine how long this would take, and Austin trying to picture her naked. Both could overhear portions of the conversation she was having, apparently with her father.

” … I get that. But why would you cut my credit card off without telling me? How am I supposed to get the stuff I need? Daddy, I need food and clothes for a presentation …”

The clerk decided that this was going to take too long, so she cleared the girl’s transaction, and began ringing up Austin’s purchases, which consisted of an assortment of groceries and a bottle of the most expensive Scotch he could find on the shelves. Austin was too busy watching the girl and trying to listen to the conversation to even hear the clerk give him his total.

“Sir? That will be $98.41, please,” the clerk repeated.

“Oh, sorry. Lost in thought,” Austin said with a smile. He swiped his card as the clerk bagged his purchases. As he moved to grab his bags, the beauty returned to address the clerk.

“Ma’am, I’m sorry, but you’ll have to put that stuff back. My father is apparently trying to teach me a lesson on my spending by cutting off my credit cards, and I don’t have any cash. He makes huge money, and gets mad at me for buying nice clothes and stuff. Geez,” she said.

Amazingly, she sounded fairly sweet, and did not come off as a bitch at all. Spoiled, yes, but otherwise she came across as nice.

She turned to leave, and Austin gathered his things and followed her, staring at her ass as she walked. He thought he saw the outlines of her panties, which only served to further fuel the horniness that was already overpowering him. He wanted desperately to see what panties this fox was wearing … he had always had a thing for panties, having used the panties of his sister and ex-girlfriends regularly in his masturbation sessions through high school and his undergrad studies. It had been a few years since he had utilized any in self-pleasuring …

Austin was suddenly overcome with an idea that he felt could serve him well, and be very beneficial to this mystery girl, also. He was walking a short distance behind her as she approached her car, which just happened to be a BMW convertible. Apparently she was not bullshitting about her dad being wealthy.

“Excuse me, miss?” Austin said to her. He could not believe that he was about to go through with this randomness.

She turned to look at him. Austin was a good looking, fit guy, clean cut, and wearing a suit and tie in the late afternoon of a Saturday. She regarded him with a smile, as he was no threat, and pleasant to look at.

“Oh, hi. Sorry about that back there. My daddy is trying to prove a point to me about how much I spend. Seems like I’ll have to scrimp by for a few days,” she said, frowning.

“Yeah, I kind of overheard that. Sorry about that. I –”

Austin felt his heart pounding in his chest. He didn’t know if he could say what he wanted, and if he managed to do so, he would stun himself at his forwardness in doing so.

The pause was long enough that mystery girl tilted her head at him, waiting for him to finish.

” – I heard you didn’t have any money to get by on for a bit. As I watched you in the store and here now, I couldn’t help but thinking that you are the most beautiful and sexy girl I have ever seen. And I want to buy your panties so you can get by for a few days.”

Holy shit, he couldn’t believe he had said it. He was trying to gauge her face for her reaction. He was ready to move very quickly to his car if he saw her pull out a cell phone to call the police. Instead, her lips curled up a bit into a far too cute smile.

“Wow. Um, thank you? But as far as the other goes …” she trailed off. If this was a dirty old man, or a homeless bum she probably would have screamed for help or called the police, but this was a good-looking young guy. She was ready to say “no” to his offer without a second thought, but reality set in. She didn’t have much food, was low on gas, and didn’t have any alcohol, and Daddy wasn’t paying her credit card bill until Wednesday … so it might be worth her while to see what he would be willing to pay. He appeared to have a good job and some money. Why else would he be in a suit at 5:30 on a Saturday afternoon? Besides, it felt devilishly naughty to sell her panties to a stranger, to wonder what he would do with them, for her to drive back to her apartment with no panties on …

” … I guess it would have to depend on what you would offer,” she finished.

When she had paused, Austin knew her answer was no. When she resumed, with a possible “yes”, he was pretty stunned. He felt that his cock had grown and shifted a little bit in his pants a bit as she finished her thoughts, and the way her eyes moved from looking at his face to glancing down at his crotch, he guessed she had noticed the movement that had just taken place. The small, wicked smile that appeared on her lips confirmed as much.

Austin really wasn’t prepared for the possibility of her responding in the affirmative. He only choked out his proposal to her because he was so ridiculously horny. He took a moment to compose himself before speaking again.

“I really hadn’t thought much about it. I figured you’d say no,” Austin said with a bit of a chuckle. “Obviously there is the replacement cost, plus the inconvenience for you, and so on. Will you tell me what they’re like? It would probably affect my offer.”

He could not believe he was haggling over purchasing a pair of panties in the parking lot of Target. He also could not believe how engorged his cock was at the thought of doing so. Being that he was blessed with a big penis, there really was no hiding his arousal from her, nor was she trying to hide the fact that was enjoying the view of the bulge in his pants. She was finding herself becoming excited thinking about this guy being so obviously horny at the thought of having, and undoubtedly, using her panties for devious and sexual things.

She let out a little giggle, then pulled the waistband of her shorts out so she could remember what panties she had pulled out of her drawer this morning for her shower after her workout. Austin leered, trying to catch a glimpse, but was unable to do so.

“Well, what I have on now is a bright red, satin, string bikini. Fullback. Size 5. And, I must admit, seeing you with what appears to be a world-class boner has got me dampening them just a little bit,” she said, with a little bit of a tease.

This overload of information caused Austin’s cock to twitch, and again, there was no hiding it.

“Oh, my. Those sound … nice,” he said. “I would love to purchase them off you. Literally so. How much will it take?”

“Make me an offer,” she purred.

Austin pulled out his wallet to check how much cash he had on him. He was making solid money, and working too much to spend a whole lot. He leafed through, and counted $165, plus he always carried $50 or $100 tucked away for emergencies. He thought for a moment, and looked back at her, as she was slowly turning around to give him another good long stare at her gorgeous ass. He realized he had no idea what her name was.

“First things first … I feel like I should know your name. I’m Austin.”

“I’m Brooke. My parents always taught me not to sell my panties to strangers,” she said playfully.

“Well, Brooke, I would love to buy your panties for thirty dollars,” Austin ventured, guessing it was low, but wanting room to negotiate.

“That’s pretty low-ball. I was hoping for quite a bit more than that,” she said.

They were pretty much alone in the parking lot, as she had apparently parked out a ways to keep away from other cars with her Beemer. She glanced around, and seeing no one nearby or watching, she unbuttoned her shorts and unzipped them just far enough to reveal the shiny red fabric of her panties. This got the desired reaction from him as he gawked, and she quickly re-zipped and buttoned her shorts.

“How about $300?” she said with confidence.

Austin was willing to pay good money to have these, as he was hornier than he had been in years, but $300 for a pair of panties, even sexy ones coming off this beauty was way more than he was willing to pay.

“Sorry, I can’t pay that much for just a pair of panties, much as I want to,” Austin said. “How about $60?” he said with hope.

“For just a pair of panties, did you say? Are you saying you’d be willing to pay more for something else?”

“I guess that depends,” he said cautiously. “Like what?”

“Here’s the deal. I really need to have $200 to make it until my credit card starts working again. How about if you watched me take them off, and you got to look at me while you did your jerking off?”

Austin had assumed that Brooke had a good idea what he would be doing with her intimates, but to hear her come right out and say it was quite erotic. Still, $200 was too much to pay, even though the though of seeing her naked, and having her watch him pleasure himself was enough to send a shiver through his body.

“That sounds more awesome than you can imagine, but I can’t justify spending that much for that. I would pay you $100 for it though. Gladly.”

Now it was Brooke’s turn to offer. She thought for a minute, then said “Give me $200, and I will take my panties off for you, and use them to give you a handjob,” she said. Austin’s knees nearly gave out.

“I have to be honest here. I can’t pay that much for that, but you have me almost ready to cum in my pants,” he said, then paused. “I will pay you $200 for your panties, if you will get so turned on that you perform oral sex on me.”

She had a dilemma now. She had the money she needed, but did not particularly enjoy giving head.

“I would say it’s a deal, but I’ve only given head a couple times, and it’s not my favorite thing to do,” she said, still not sure what she was going to do.

“Only a couple times? Why not more?” Austin blurted, before he could stop the words. “I’m sorry, none of my business,” he said.

“No, it’s fine. I’ve just never had a boyfriend that would reciprocate, is all. Give me a minute to think about it,” she said.

“When you say ‘never’, do you mean ‘very rarely’, or do you mean that you’ve never had a boyfriend go down on you?” Austin quizzed.

“I mean never. Now let me think about it,” she said, annoyed.

“Brooke, I have a proposition for you. I will pay you $200 for your panties if you give me oral sex, and allow me to be the first guy to go down on you.”

Brooke really didn’t have anything to think about anymore. She was getting the money she needed, she was going to get a look at this cute guy’s obviously impressive cock, and she was going to get her pussy licked for the first time ever. Her pussy was already slick with anticipation.

“Where do you live?” she asked.

Brooke asked for, and received, Austin’s driver’s license. She snapped a picture of it, and texted it to her roommate. It wouldn’t prevent him from doing something awful to her, but it was at least a deterrent to him from thinking about it. It was something her promiscuous roommate had come up with during freshman year.

She followed him to his apartment, which thankfully was just a short drive. Her heart was hammering in her chest. She was pretty incredulous that she was doing this. She enjoyed doing some things on occasion that felt a little naughty … going out without panties, intentionally letting guys see up her skirt, walking around the apartment with the blinds open just a bit while being scantily clad – or nude. But she was by no means a slut. She had dated 4 guys since high school, and made love to 2 of them after dating a long time. She had friends who would go home with a guy 10 or more times in a school year, and they thought nothing of it. She was still a little unsure of this, but she felt alive. Yes, she was definitely no slut, but doing this felt a little slutty … and it felt good.

She parked next to Austin, who had gathered his Target bags, and was moving towards a door. She fell in step with him. No words were exchanged between them. Both felt a need to speak, to break the silence, but neither knew the right thing to say, so they let it go.

She followed him to an elevator, where he instructed her to push 5. They rode in silence, and as they disembarked and started to walk down the hall, she felt an urge to turn and run, but other primal urges she felt overpowered them, and she followed Austin down the hall. She could not help but notice that he had nice, broad shoulders, and what appeared to be a tight bottom. He stopped at 528, and fumbled for his keys. He opened the door, and held it for her to walk in. He followed her, turning on the lights, and bringing the bags to the kitchen to put away the things that had to be kept cold. She took in his apartment, which was furnished nicely, and was kept neat and tidy. None of the odd posters you would find on the walls of a typical college guys apartment.

“Like something to drink?” he said from the kitchen. “Water, milk, lemonade, or I have something stronger if you please.”

She walked into the kitchen, where he was busily putting things away. This was so foreign to her, yet she felt quite at ease with this man who 30 minutes ago was a complete stranger.

“Got any vodka?” she asked.

“But of course,” he said with a grin. He pulled out a half empty bottle of Grey Goose on the counter, and opened the cabinets that contained the glasses. “I’ll let you pour your own, if you don’t mind. Ice in the freezer, there is cranberry and lemonade in the fridge, if one of those will work.”

She grabbed a tall glass, threw 4 ice cubes in the bottom, and filled the glass about half way with vodka. She chose lemonade, and topped off her glass. He grabbed a rocks glass for himself, and poured 3 fingers of scotch in the bottom. She gulped about a third of her drink, shuddering as the alcohol hit her system. He took a swig of his own drink as he watched her.

“Are you sure about this? I don’t want you to regret it,” he said sweetly.

“No, I’m sure. Quite sure,” she said. With that, she downed the rest of her drink, turned and walked out of the kitchen. “Which way to the bedroom?” she said, tailing off. Austin needed no more encouragement. He downed the rest of his drink, and led the way to his room.

“Nice place,” she said, sitting on the corner of the bed, as she watched him taking off and hanging up his suit coat, shirt and tie. He walked into the bathroom, and came out in a pair of shorts and a t-shirt. She was quite glad she’d had that drink, the effects of which were pummeling her right now. One of the few curses of being thin was that alcohol got to her quite quickly.

He approached the corner of the bed, and knelt down in front of her, taking her long-fingered hands in his. She had not realized before, but he had very large hands.

“Brooke, I want you to be positive about this. Please feel free to say no if you don’t feel comfortable,” he said, looking into her eyes.

“I’m good,” she slurred slightly. This guy randomly approaches her to buy her panties off her, and he turns out to be sweet and sensitive? Who would have thought it?

“Good. Are you ready?” he said, with a smile.

“Yes.” She started to stand, with the intention of disrobing and handing over her panties, but as she began to stand, he put his hands gently on her shoulders and pushed her back down on the bed.

“No. Let me,” he said. He grabbed the bottom of her shirt, and lifted. She took the cue, and raised her arms, so that he could get the shirt fully off her. He set it down on the ground, and went to the back of her bra to undo it. She sat, a little frozen by what was happening, but her nipples showed her approval of the events by firming up and pointing out. He pulled the bra off, and was not disappointed. Her tits were amazing, firm and symmetrical, with her nipples just perfect. He instructed, “Lay down,” and she obeyed.

His heart was pounding in his chest, and his cock was throbbing in his shorts. He unbuttoned her shorts, unzipped them, and she complied by lifting her hips off the bed to allow them to be removed. She was expecting him to remove her panties also, but he left them on. She had one knee in the air, and the other straight out, legs slightly spread. He removed his shirt, revealing a toned, athletic torso, and he moved between her legs. He kissed her forehead, then each of her cheeks. He nibbled on her right earlobe, then whispered in her ear, “Just lay back and enjoy, Brooke.”

The combination of him with her ear in his mouth and him saying that raised goose bumps on her body. He approached this as though they were long-time lovers, not strangers. He kissed her neck, intensifying the goose bumps. He then kissed her right shoulder, all the way down her arm, and then back up, moving across her sternum above her breasts, and doing the same on her left side. He kissed all around her breasts, and smiled a touch when he heard her breath escaping her. He worked his way down, kissing all over her toned and tanned abdomen. She was definitely the rare girl who looked better naked than clothed. He moved down to just above her pubic bone, then kissed her right hipbone, making his way down the top of her thigh, rubbing his hands on her sexy smooth (and of course, tanned) calves, kissing her feet, and briefly sucking on her toes. Rather than switching to her left leg, he went back up her right leg, but kissing, licking and sucking her inner thigh, stopping just short of her panties. Now he switched to her left leg, paying it the same attention he had the right. She was dripping with anticipation by now, hoping he would rip her panties off and dive in. Instead, he kissed his way back up her abdomen.

“Oh, right, my tits! Suck on my tits!” Brooke’s internal monologue intoned.

He did just that, alternately licking and gently sucking each nipple in turn, occasionally rolling the one not in his mouth between his fingers. She was dying of anticipation now. She could tell an orgasm was in her future, and he still had not even gotten close to her sweetest spot. He did this for a long time, and while she greatly appreciated the attention her nipples were receiving, she was ready to push his head down to her soaked panties. She couldn’t believe she was getting money for this, but she was more than ready to have a tongue on her sex for the first time. As if on cue, Austin began kissing his way down her tummy to her glorious twat, leaving his hands to explore her mounds as he did so. This time, there would be no teasing. He kissed her panties, where the gusset had wet through, then he raised his head and moved it to within a foot of her face and stared deeply into her eyes.

It was Memorial Day weekend when I and my wife went to visit her mother’s. It would be a full house as her sister and husband would be staying as well. I was told that we might go swimming and I secretly hoped my sister-in-law would pick a small bathing suit.

Her name was Brooke and I had a big crush on her. She was thirty years old which was about eight years older than I was. Brooke was a dark brunette with glimmering blue eyes and pale red lips. I would guess she was a couple inches over five feet and about 130 pounds. She had beautiful double-D breasts that didn’t drag like so many other busty women with a very luscious ass. She was a prime cut of woman.

Sometimes we kind of flirted. Nothing big but there were little things. For instance, I was sitting in the living room and she bent over to rummage through a magazine pile. She bent over in a way that tightened her dark blue jeans around her succulent ass and revealed an inch or so of her butt crack. With the fan on, she knew that her pants were pulling down but she kept both hands on the magazines.

Then there was another time when she came out of the shower with just a towel on. She walked around in front of me with her wonderful tits nearly popping out. I knew she was showing off and trying to make me uncomfortable. I just wanted to pull that towel off and start sucking her nipples.

The day came when we went swimming. She had chosen a two piece black bathing suit. As we swam I kept glancing at her tits and ass hoping that no one noticed. After we had swam for a couple hours we returned to my mother-in-law’s house. Brooke jumped into the shower and all I could think of was that she was naked in the same house I was in.

Eventually, she finished her shower and I heard her brushing her hair. At one point, she left the bathroom with the light on and her hygienic stuff out to go and talk to her mom. I stole into the bathroom under the guise of “having to go real bad”. Then I saw them hanging around the door handle. I knew I was seconds away from smelling the sweet cunt of my sister-in-law. In the meantime, I looked through her stuff on the counter.

I pulled my pants down and used her brush to comb my pubic hair. I unscrewed a bottle of lotion that had an opening about an inch and a half wide which allowed me to stick the very tip of my penis in it. It was fun putting by cock on her personal items (I had rubbed my dick on her sunglasses the night before). Finally, I grabbed her bathing suit and sat down on the toilet with my cock out.

I looked at the crotch and smiled. Thanks to the black fabric, there was some residue where her pussy juice had dried. I sniffed it and was instantly filled with the scent of her pussy. My cock throbbed and I felt my heart begin to beat faster. I draped the bathing suit piece around my face and began to stroke my cock. I took deep breaths through my nose and took in the superb smell of her moist pussy.

I knew that I would cum very quickly with Brooke’s cunt filling my nose. I moved the suit a bit to smell where her ass would be. I couldn’t really make out the smell of her ass this time and I felt a little disappointed. I moved it back to the crotch area and took another draught of my sister-in-law’s cunt. I licked the crotch a little bit trying to taste her.

With my hurried breathing hushed, I blew my hot load all over my hand. Some of my semen dripped down onto linoleum. I took some toilet paper and washed the cum off the floor before washing my hands. I carefully put her bathing suit back on the handle and left the restroom.

The next day, we returned to the house again from swimming. I knew I had to smell Brooke’s sugary pussy again. She decided to shower in her mother’s bedroom but I figured I could wait until someone was in the other bathroom and pretend like I needed to use the other one.

A few minutes after she was out of the shower, I went into the bathroom. I took down Brooke’s bathing suit from the back of the door. I sniffed the crotch and smiled. The smell of my sister-in-law’s vagina was stronger than ever before. Then I smelled the ass area of the bathing suit and almost came in my pants. I could smell my sister-in-law’s asshole. I had dreamed of her ass so many times while jerking off. It was gorgeous and curvy with nice plump butt cheeks.

As I smelled the seat of her bathing suit, I pictured my cock sliding up her warm butt hole. It was tight and hugged my penis affectionately. I spread her cheeks and the musky smell of her ass hole drifted up. I could feel my cock going deep into her ass and when I reached the base Brooke would let out a soft moan.

I imagined myself popping my dick out of her ass before ramming it right back in. I repeated that several times. Then I pushed my cock in her butthole all the way to the base and began humping wildly. My balls smacked her dripping wet pussy. Finally, I couldn’t take it anymore. I emptied stream after stream of hot, sticky cum in my sister-in-law’s ass.

Brooke turned to face me and squatted. She stuck her hand under her ass and began to push my cum out of her brown eye into her open hand. She put her pale red lips and nose up to her hand. She sniffed the mixture of my semen and her ass juice. Her tongue slid out and softly licked the mixture. Then she slurped it into her mouth and swallowed.

I placed her bathing suit back on the door and walked out.

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