We walked into the small, dimly lit Chinese restaurant and were immediately seated. It looked like it was a quiet night for them; only two other couples and a group of four strapping young men, probably not much older than I was, were seated about the place.

We were led directly past the four guys and Mr P’s hand squeezed my waist as we walked past them. I saw one of the guys’ eyes widen as he saw my panties sticking out the top of Mr P’s jeans, and could have died of embarrassment as I saw him from the corner of my eye, leaning over to whisper to his friends. My face flushed pink as Becky’s father squeezed my ass before allowing me to sit down in my chair. I was sure the blokes at the other table had a clear view, and knew I was right when I risked a peek over at them to see them smiling and staring at me. My blush deepened.

Mr P sat me in the chair adjacent to me but opposite the table of four young guys. I tried to sit demurely, tucking my short skirt under my bottom and keeping my knees pressed firmly together, but I could still feel their eyes on me and I squirmed in my seat. Mr P ordered for both of us and I barely tasted my food as we sat and dined. The conversation got off to a shaky start, but eventually we fell into an easy rhythm and I began to relax and enjoy myself.

About midway through the meal, Mr P stopped talking and just stared at me with a strange look in his eyes for a long while. I began to get nervous. I had come to recognise that look. It was the look he got when he was aroused and wanted something from me. I gulped and wriggled in my seat as I felt my pussy begin to moisten once more. To my increasing embarrassment, my nipples hardened, peaking beneath my tight, white singlet and announcing to the world that I was excited.

My face flushed as I distinctly heard whispered comments coming from the other table. “Oh man, check out her nipples! She ain’t wearing any bra and it’s definitely not cold in here!” One voice said. Then, “Well you know she ain’t wearing any panties ’cause that guy’s got ‘em poking out the top of his pocket!” Then they laughed and my face coloured even more.

“Erika.” Mr P’s low voice drifted over the table and drew my eyes towards his. He was sitting on my left hand side, and his eyes seemed to drown out all the noise in the restaurant. The rest of the world shrank away as I lost myself in his gaze and it seemed it was just he and I staring at each other. His hand took hold of mine, his fingers stroking up and down along the top, and he smiled at me. “Come here, honey,” he said softly, and without even thinking about it I leant towards him.

His lips felt so incredibly soft against mine as he lightly brushed a kiss across them; smooth, pliant. I shivered and my lips parted slightly, yearning for more to happen. He pressed his mouth more fully against mine and I felt his tongue glide inside my mouth. Our tongues danced against each other softly, lusciously, until my breathing was haphazard and my nipples were again hard and aching. My breasts hung close to our joined hands, as I leant towards Mr P’s face, and I gasped against his lips as I felt his fingertip flick slowly across the sensitive tip of my left bud.

He sat back slowly and smiled at me. “Take a look now and tell me if they’re laughing?” Mr P whispered softly to me.

I glanced their way to see a look of shock on all their faces before they all turned their heads away from me and pretended to be looking at anything but our table. They seemed to have started squirming in their seats, uncomfortable bulges beginning to make themselves known in their jeans. I covered my mouth and giggled as I looked back at Mr P. He smiled at me and winked.

The restaurant’s tablecloths were very short and I had no doubt that the guys had a clear view under our table, so I almost gasped as I felt his hand touch my knee. Mr P leaned in close again and brushed a light kiss across my lips before he brought his mouth close to my ear. “Erika, this just won’t do.” He told me softly, feeling my knees pressed tightly together, as he gently ran a finger up and down the skin of my lower thigh. “I want you to open your knees, honey.”

I gasped and then blushed a deep crimson, lowering my eyes as I stammered quietly, “Mr P, I… I… I… can’t.”

He drew back from me and stared into my eyes. “Erika,” he whispered, “of course you can, honey. Just keep looking at me, don’t think about anything else, just me, and you can do it.”

I gulped again as his hand still stroked up and down on my knee, and his eyes bored into mine. He brought his other hand up to my face to brush his fingers across my lips ever so slightly, making my eyes flutter in sexual need. I could feel my pussy getting wetter by the second, knowing that if I parted my thighs I would be exposing myself to the full scrutiny of the four guys sitting across the way from us.

His eyes held me captive as he stared at me, and I felt myself giving in to his suggestion. His voice whispered to me once more, low and deep, hypnotizing; he said, “Open your knees, honey.”

As if I was powerless to prevent it, I felt my knees beginning to part. Nothing existed except his eyes and his words, and my eyes rolled up into my head as I felt his hand travelling higher along my inner thigh towards my wet centre. His fingers dipped down between my legs and a small orgasm shot through me as he lightly caressed my clit. A few seconds was all it lasted, in truth, but to me it felt almost like an eternity, and I never wanted it to end. I felt like a complete slut, like some sexual junkie that just couldn’t get enough of these debaucheries.

When he drew back his hand and gently pressed my knees back together, I blinked and the spell was broken. I started to breathe again and very nearly hyperventilated. Mr P clasped my chin and spoke gently to me.

“Calm down, baby.” He said softly. “Breathe deeper, slow it down.”

I eventually got my breathing under control, and my whole body gave a shuddered as a wave of sensation rolled over me. When I was finally able to function normally again, Mr P smiled broadly at me. “Well done, honey, you did great.”

I felt my skin flush in pleasure once again and I grinned as my heart skipped a beat.

“Are you horny, Erika?” He asked me forthrightly, his thumb stroking along my jaw line.

I chewed on my bottom lip as I nodded and then answered, “Yes Mr P.”

“Good. Let’s go home so I can fuck you until you pass out.”

“Yes, please,” I responded breathlessly.

“But first…” He said, as his hand disappeared beneath the table again, only to return with my panties in it. He brushed them lightly across his lips and inhaled deeply. “…I think you should put these on. It may be a bit chilly outside and I wouldn’t want your cute little pussy to get too cold.”

My hand trembled noticeably as I took my panties from his grasp, blushing as I did so. “I’ll just go to the bathroom.”

“No,” he told me, “put them on here, please.”

“But…” I began, glancing over at the other table quickly and noting that all four guys were staring our way, their gaze riveted. My voice trailed off, my eyes flicking back to Mr P as I realised it would be useless to argue. I knew one way or another I would give in and do as he asked. He’d catch me with those eyes and that damnable voice and I’d be helpless to do anything other than obey. I began to look around…

“Don’t…” He said. “No one can see you other than those four boys at the other table. And I honestly think they don’t mind watching what you’re doing. Put your panties on, Erika.”

I swallowed hard. My pussy was saturated and throbbing with need. Once again I wondered how one man could do this to me, turn me into a tramp, a harlot, some kind of sex-crazed slut capable of such blatantly debaucherous acts? And as all these thoughts whirled through my mind, I found at the end of it all, I didn’t really care. I loved it all.

I liked bad boys because of the excitement they offered me. Well Mr P was the baddest boy… no, he was the baddest “Man” I had ever met and he offered me so much excitement, I felt breathless nearly all of the time. I loved the way he took control of me, just with his eyes and his voice. How he made me do the things I did tonight, though he never forced me. He simply asked me, knowing somehow that deep down it was what I really wanted to do, and that all I needed was a bit of gentle persuasion.

I kicked my sandals off and leant forward, dropping my panties beneath the table for the last time, and quickly lifted my feet to pull them on. “Slowly,” Mr P ordered.

I bit my lip as I stared at him. His eyes never left my face. He didn’t really care about watching me pull my panties up; he just wanted to watch my face, and see there my acceptance of what I was doing for him. I put my feet back in my sandals and slowed my pace. I dragged my underwear slowly up my calves, over my knees, and along my lower thighs.

“Now stand and pull them the rest of the way up. I want those boys to get a good look,” Mr P said quietly, with a small smile. I shuddered, my heart rate tripling, as the blood rushed through my veins, threatening to make me pass out.

I stood and did as he asked me, slowly pulling the panties up the rest of the way. My skirt lifted as my hands came higher and the guys sitting across the way all gasped or groaned when they got an eyeful of my waxed pussy; as it was covered up by black lace.

Two of them squirmed uncomfortably, one had a hand pressed hard against his crotch and was squeezing himself, and the last guy actually stood up and made his way to the bathroom.

I smoothed my skirt and remained standing, still staring at Mr P. “Good girl,” he told me as he rose too. Pulling his wallet from his pocket, he dropped enough money on the table to cover dinner and left a generous tip. “Come on, honey, let’s go.”

He shifted around me and put his body between me and the three guys left at the table as we walked out of the restaurant. He paid them no attention. It was like they weren’t even there as he slung his arm around my waist and guided me out of the place.

We were in his car and headed home in no time. Mr P barely kept to the speed limit as we wove in and out of traffic. There was no pit stop for a quick head job as had happened on the way to the restaurant, there was no conversation, just Mr P’s determined driving. I was half worried that he would get a ticket for reckless driving, if not for speeding. I needn’t have worried, though, as we made it back to his house without incident.

Pulling to a stop in the driveway, we were out of the car and along the path in seconds, both of us anxious to get right to it. As Mr P opened the door, I noticed with some surprise that his hands trembled slightly. And as I thought about it, in the back of my mind the knowledge that Mr P was going to fuck my ass tonight threatened to undo me, but I pushed the thought deeper into some dark recess of my brain and walked through the door.

As the door slammed behind us, Mr P’s arm wrapped around my waist and pulled me towards him. He spun me around and pushed me hard up against the wall. His hot mouth found mine in an urgent kiss, his tongue probing deep and long. His hands roamed roughly over me, his nails catching at my skin as he drew the strings of my singlet down my arms, tugging the shirt down around my waist and exposing my full breasts. His hand kneaded at my mounds, tightly moulding them in his palms as his thumb and forefinger tugged relentlessly at my nipples, causing me to gasp against his lips.

His mouth burnt a trail along my chin to my ear, his lips and teeth sucking and nibbling on the lobe before his soft voice filled my head. “God Erika, I’ve never been so fucking horny in all my life. You have no idea what you do to me.”

My body shivered as my own hands roamed urgently over his body, finding his belt and yanking at it to get it free. “Me either…” I was going to say Mr P, but at the last moment remembered his reaction in the car and changed that last word. “…Sir!”

I heard him growl as he sank his teeth into the soft flesh of my shoulder, making me jump and cry out in painful ecstasy. I got his belt loose and wasted no time in getting his button and zipper undone as well. I grabbed at his shirt and tried to get the buttons undone, wanting to feel his skin against my bare breasts, but there were too many buttons and they were too small. With a frustrated growl I grabbed the shirt at the centre and ripped my arms apart, tearing the buttons loose, before pushing the shirt from his shoulders until it stopped at his elbows.

I heard Mr P’s hard groan as his mouth came back to mine to assault my lips once more. His hands skimmed down my back, over my ass, and along the backs of my thighs until they could move under my skirt and come back up to grip my panty-covered ass properly. His hands massaged my ass cheeks in a circular motion, pulling them apart and then mashing them back together as my hands eagerly roamed over his shoulders, down his chest and then along his sides to his back. I raked my nails lightly down his spine, making Mr P hiss as his fingers dug into my ass hard. He lifted me effortlessly off the floor, thumping my body back against the wall with his own.

My arms came up around his neck as my legs intuitively wrapped themselves around his waist. The urgency was building to monumental proportions as I felt one of his arms reach under my thigh to push down the front of his boxer briefs and free his monster erection. I felt his other hand shift under me and grab the crotch of my wet panties, yanking them aside. I felt the tip of his incredibly thick cock poised at my juicy pussy.

He broke from our heated kiss. “Tell me you want it, honey, beg me for it.” He said in a breathless growl.

“Oh God Mr P!” I nearly screamed. “I want your cock!! Please Sir, please fuck me, fuck me hard! Pleeaase…”

“Fuck yeah!” He swore as his grip on my ass tightened and his hips thrust upward, impaling me on his tremendous rod in one fluid stroke.

I think I let out a scream of pleasure and pain as his cock filled me completely. Recklessly throwing my head back in ecstasy, my skull slammed hard against the wall and white stars of pain burst behind my eyes. I felt dazed but managed to hold onto consciousness as the pain shocked through my young body, intensifying the carnal desire that gripped me and sent my body careening towards a massive orgasm.

Becky’s father’s rhythm faltered as he breathlessly asked if I was okay. “I’m fine,” I gasped, “just don’t stop, please, Sir,” I begged.

I heard his guttural response and his hands dug into my ass harshly as he rammed himself into me over and over again. “Yes! Yes!” I screamed. “Oh fuck, I’m going to cum, I’m going to cum!!!!” I felt my tight, wet pussy contract savagely, clenching down on Mr P”s engorged shaft with so much force I felt my cum almost fire out of me to coat his pelvis and balls. An earth-shattering orgasm erupted, sending a hot flush of blood rushing from my clit out to the tips of my fingers and toes. My scalp prickled and the hair on the nape of my neck stood on end. My breath caught in my throat, and I think my face may have turned a tad blue as my whole body tensed up, my thighs tightening around Mr P’s waist so much I think I heard him grunt. My whole body became so rigid I prevented Mr P from even moving.

The air exploded from my lungs in a great gasp as the final throes of intense pleasure shuddered its way out of my body, and I felt myself slump.

“Fucking horny little slut!” Mr P’s voice spat at me through clenched teeth. His hands shifted to my hips as he pulled back and slammed himself forward. He pounded into me like a jackhammer, his cock driving deeper and deeper with every thrust, filling me with every last inch of his fat cock, until I heard my screams of pleasure echoing off the walls of the hallway.

My ass and hips were repeatedly pummelled back against the wall, Mr P exerting so much force that a small, nearby painting fell from its hook and hit the floor with a loud thud. My hips and pussy were being brutalised and all I could do was beg for more as I felt another orgasm building.

Mr P’s grunts were becoming louder and louder. I knew he was getting close and I raised my voice in encouragement. “Oh God, Mr P, yes, oh Sir, please cum. Cum inside me, please, I want to feel your hot, sticky load shoot inside my cunt!”

“Oh Fuck!” Mr P groaned. “You’re such a dirty little cum slut, aren’t you Erika?”

“Yes Sir!”

“And whose slut are you?” He growled, his hips still ramming into me.

“Yours! I’m your slut, Mr P. Only yours!” I cried out.

“You’d better fucking believe it!” He yelled, as he thrust forward so savagely I felt my breath being forced out of my lungs. “Oh fuck, here I cum, honey. I’m going to fill your tight little cunt up till it overflows!”

“Oh yes, yes Sir,” I gasped as I felt my climax peak and then break over me, causing my body to tense up again.

“Oh yeah, slut, cum with me, baby,” Mr P groaned fiercely as he drove his cock hard into me for the final time.

I heard a definitive “crack” as he drove his last stroke home, and the wall behind my back caved in under the pressure and force. A jagged split shot from beneath my ass all the way to the ceiling. Small bits of plaster rained down on us, as we both tried to catch our breaths. Mr P groaned and his knees buckled.

We fell to the floor in a heap, his cock still planted firmly inside me; sweat pouring from our bodies, clothes askew. My body continued to convulse as I lay atop Mr P trembling, my breathing ragged, my body spent. I could feel myself sinking, my awareness fading as Mr P’s hand gently stroked my hair back from my brow.

“I think we nearly brought the house down,” he said breathlessly and chuckled. I think I giggled in response and then sighed in contentment, my whole body relaxing, as I passed out.

I awakened briefly at being jostled, my eyes opening for a split second and my awareness rising up just long enough to realise that Mr P was carrying me again, before sinking back into oblivion.

I awoke sometime later to the feel of fingers tentatively examining my head. I hissed as they touched a tender spot and my hand came up to grasp at a wrist. “Ow,” I croaked; my throat parched and scratchy. “That hurts.”

“I know, honey.” Mr P’s deep, gravelly voice said softly from behind me. “But I have to check. You hit your head pretty hard. I need to make sure you didn’t give yourself a concussion.” I withdrew my hand and meekly submitted to the exploring fingers. They gently probed the back of my skull, pressing lightly on the painful lump. I whimpered a little. “Do you have a headache?” Mr P asked as his fingers retreated from my hair to lightly slide over the skin of my back.

“I don’t think so,” I answered with a shiver, opening my eyes. My vision was a little blurry to begin with, but soon enough everything came back into focus. One by one my senses reasserted themselves, and I found myself lying naked on a soft comforter with a black satin-covered pillow beneath my head. I inhaled deeply, sucking Mr P’s manly scents deep into my lungs. I could almost taste his aftershave, his shampoo and the light tang of his sweat. I sighed and snuggled deeper into his pillow as I floated in an aromatic heaven.

I was quickly brought back to reality, as I felt something wet and extremely cold being pressed against the back of my head. I cringed away from it. “Keep still. This will help with the swelling. You are going to have a lump the size of an ostrich egg on the back of your head.” Mr P told me gently as his warm lips pressed themselves against the back of my bare shoulder. I shivered and my nipples screwed themselves up in reaction. “You’ll have to be more careful next time.”

My stomach thrilled at the mention of a “next time” and I smiled into the pillow. “Yes Sir,” I said unthinkingly.

I felt a light slap on my buttocks, then his fingers as they caressed my skin. “None of that now,” Mr P warned, though I could tell from his tone that he was smiling. “You’re injured.”

“I’m fine, Mr P, honestly. No blurry vision, no headache… well none except the ice-cream headache I’m getting now from the ice pack,” I joked. “Really Sir, I’m okay, just a little bruised.” I noted that my hips and lower back were beginning to ache but ignored it. I felt his lips caress the spot between my shoulder blades and quietly moaned, my body shivering again as goose flesh pimpled my skin. I reached up and pulled the ice pack away from my head. “Do I really have to keep this on?” I complained.

“Yes,” Mr P answered, replacing the pack. “At least for another few minutes anyway.”

I pouted, not that he saw it as my face was still tucked into the pillow, and resigned myself to having the cold pack sit on my head.

“Just relax.” He told me as his fingers lightly brushed a path along my ribs, over my waist and down onto my thigh. His mouth soon followed, his lips scalding my skin with hot kisses as he worked his way down my body. His mouth stopped where his fingers had. Mr P began to work his way up again, kissing along the back of my thigh, making me whimper as pleasure slowly built. I felt his teeth grate against the curve of my ass cheek where it met my thigh and I gasped loudly, praying to whichever God might be listening that he would tongue my ass like he did the other night.

He teased me for what seemed like ages, gently stroking my butt with his hands, massaging my round cheeks softly, spreading my fleshy mounds to expose my puckered opening as he kissed and licked me everywhere except where I wanted it. Eventually, though, my prayers were answered and I felt his tongue glide between my cheeks. Up and down he licked me, his tongue working like a painter’s brush back and forth over my little starburst. Every now and then the tip of his tongue would draw a circle around my asshole before lightly stabbing into its centre, teasing me, making me whimper.

Too soon, it seemed, I felt him draw away from my ass and I let out a little moan of protest. I heard his chuckle as his mouth came alongside my ear. “Did my little slut like that?” He asked softly as his hand slid along my belly to cup my breast. His finger and thumb wrapped themselves around my nipple and gently squeezed down on it.

Yes!” I groaned in answer as I felt the tip of his hard cock poking into the back of my thigh. I pushed my butt back against him, making the tip dig further into the flesh of my leg. I sighed, and whether it was the head injury or the cold pack freezing my brain and addling my thoughts, I felt words falling out of my mouth and I just couldn’t seem to stop them. “Mr P, how is it you do this to me? How can you treat me like a slut, like a common whore, and yet make me feel so good? How? Why? I even love the embarrassment, the pain! God, is there something wrong with me?”

I shuddered as his warm lips planted themselves on the back of my neck and his hands stroked down from my breast, along my hip and over my leg till his fingers found my moist centre and began sliding up and down along my slit from behind. “There is nothing common about you, honey. And there isn’t a damn thing wrong with you either.” Mr P”s low voice informed me softly as his lips kept working on my neck and shoulders. I squirmed against his hand, wanting his fingers to slide inside my pussy.

“Tell me you understand what it is that’s going on between us?” He said; his voice soft though serious.

I took a small breath as thought about his question. “I… I think I understand, but I’m not entirely sure, Mr P.” I answered him with only a slight stutter. It was a confusing situation for me. I had to remind myself that I was only young, and hadn’t had an enormous range of experience. I’d had a few boyfriends in the past but all those relationships had been pretty standard stuff. What was happening between Mr P and myself was something entirely new to me and I found myself not quite sure of where I stood in the whole scheme of things. I wasn’t stupid; I had an internet connection, so I’d read about sexual kinks and such. I knew he liked to be in charge and that he liked treating me like his personal slut and fuck toy but what was really going on between us?

“It’s all about trust, honey,” he continued, his fingers probing. “You trust me, don’t you, Erika?”

“Yes Sir,” I moaned as I felt a finger penetrate my slick folds. “Oh yes.”

“Mmm… So when you trust someone, you feel secure, safe; safe enough to let yourself go and just be you, to soak up the experience and maybe learn a few things about yourself as well.”

I nodded. “Mmm-hmm.”

“I think you get that I like to be in charge?” He spoke gently, his lips still brushing small kisses on the back of my neck as his hand left my moist cleft and came to rest on my hip. I nodded against the pillow, silently disappointed that he’d stopped stroking my hot pussy. “And that I like to have a certain amount of control over you and that if I give you orders, I like to have them obeyed, yes?” I nodded again. He raised his head removing his warm mouth from my skin, I whimpered in protest and I heard him chuckle. “Patience.”

Brushing the hair back from my cheek he tucked it behind my ear and leant over me to see my face. I opened my eyes and stared up at him. This was going to be a serious conversation if it required eye contact I thought.

“What I like is not quite what one would call full Domination or Sadomasochism. I’m somewhere at a halfway point. I’m not totally Dom, but I’m not quite vanilla either if you get what I mean. Do you know anything about BDSM?” He tried to explain to me.

“I’ve read some stuff on it.” I answered.

“Good so you understand the premise?” He said as he trailed his fingers up over my ribs and down again. I nodded chewing on my bottom lip again. “Okay, so I like a little bit of domination and I like to be obeyed in most things. But that said; I don’t expect you to just blindly do as you’re told either. I’m not that into it that I require you to kneel on the floor, naked, with a collar about your neck and worship me as your master. Or to have you trussed up and bound uncomfortably for hours on end either.” At that I screwed my nose up, I don’t think I would have enjoyed that either. He noticed my reaction and smiled. He raised his hand and ran a finger over my bottom lip. I inhaled the scent of my pussy and had to close my eyes.

“Although I can’t say as I’d be overly upset if you wanted to walk around naked most of the time. I’d love to see your naked body as much as I could.” He added with a smirk which made me blush; he continued. “Also, I’m not much into sharing so while I might like to show you off a little here and there; like at the restaurant, I will never ever ask you to sleep with anyone else. I’m much too possessive for that. Okay?” At that statement I felt a knot of tension I didn’t even know was there loosen. I had been worried about that. Hell from the moment he mentioned domination and sadomasochism I had been a little worried. But he was reassuring me of the worst things. I honestly didn’t think I could go so far as to have a collar about my neck or be tied, bound and gagged like I’d seen in some of the photo’s online. That said; a little pain never hurt anyone and I liked a little slap and tickle as much as the next nymph, so; so far I could live with what Mr P was telling me.

“Thank you for clearing that up for me.” I said softly; looking up at him again.

“One more thing,” Mr P added his brown eyes earnest as they stared down at me. “I will never force you to do anything that you truly do not want to do. If ever there is a time, where you truly don’t feel comfortable with what I’ve asked; you are to tell me and mean it; in no uncertain terms. You have to be frank with me on this one, or we must choose a safe word to use. But either way it must be in a concise and precise manner so I don’t misconstrue the simple ‘no’ of wanting to be pushed to do it, with the outright ‘no’ of ‘not on your life’.”

I bit my bottom lip again and immediately tasted my pussy juice. I shivered and inhaled deeply through my nose, Mr P simply smiled down at me. I tried to clear my head as I thought about what he was saying. I understood where he was coming from of course, and it only made me want him even more. But this was a serious issue and one that I had to consider in its entirety. As I lay there looking at him, contemplating his world I was currently entering, a word popped into my head from seemingly nowhere and it struck me as very apt.

Before my brain filter could kick in, before I had time to truly think it though, I blurted, “Explorer.” And then blushed.

He blinked at me for a second in confusion and then a large smile broke across his face as he realised that I’d given him the word that was about to seal my fate. “‘Explorer’ it is.” He said softly as he squeezed my hip lightly. He leant forward and kissed me softly, his mouth caressing my lips with his own. His tongue darted in and teased at mine, swirling around and eliciting a soft moan from me.

He pulled back to stare at me with another soft smile and I savoured that moment like no other. Being a realist though I knew it wouldn’t last long; and so I gulped down a swallow, as I watched his wonderful brown eyes change from that soft wondrous look to something that was a little more calculating, a little more intense, and I knew that I was back to being his little slut!

His head dropped again and his hot tongue lapped against my skin and I felt his teeth lightly grate across my shoulder. He moaned softly as his hand returned to the hot, aching cleft between my thighs and he pressed his fingers deeper into my pussy once again. He thrust them deeply, in and out, sliding then slowly between my slick folds, rubbing me on the inside. I moaned. It felt so damn good, he really did know where all my buttons were. My hips rolled forward every time his fingers dug deeper and I ached for him to rub my throbbing clit.

He drew his fingers out of me and I whined in protest, making him chuckle. “Patience.” He told me again, and he dipped his fingers forward and answered my prayers as he rubbed my clit round and around. I groaned hard, my pelvis jerking against his fingertips, my juices flowing freely, wet and slick. He fingered me for a while; eliciting soft moans and hard groans of pleasure from me before his fingers slid away. They slid back along my pussy, dipping inside briefly and becoming saturated with my juices before I felt them trail further back and began stroking my tight rear hole, circling my tight, puckered opening. I gasped sharply.

“You didn’t think I’d forgotten did you?” He chided me teasingly.

I moaned, “No Sir,” as a finger pressed against my ass. Wet with my juices, his finger slipped inside me with ease and I groaned hard as I felt him push it all the way inside of me.

“God that’s going to be a tight fit!” He growled. He pulled his finger from me quickly, making me gasp as my pussy and clit spasmed at the sensation. He shifted away from me and I raised my head to see what he was doing.

“Stay still,” he ordered, and I put my head back down on the pillow. My ears strained and I heard him pulling open his bedside drawer. There was the rustle of clothes and then the drawer closed once more. He settled back beside me. He began kissing me again, his hand stroking along my body. He pushed my hips forward, rolling me onto my tummy, and I moaned as I felt him straddle my lower legs. “Spread those gorgeous cheeks for me, honey.” He ordered, and though I was nervous as hell I quickly did his bidding, spreading my cheeks as wide as I could.

I gasped loudly in shock as I felt something cold and wet hit my puckered starburst and then groaned as Mr P’s fingers gently massaged it into me. He smeared the lube all around my tight opening, being sure to dip his fingers deep inside me to spread the lube around there too. I was whimpering in need by the time he’d finished, more than ready for my ass to get fucked.

“Honey, I’m not going to play this down for you, this is going to hurt.” He told me. He began rubbing the tip of his hard, thick cock back and forth over my asshole as he leaned over me. “But the pain will pass and you’ll end up loving it, I think.” He said it knowing that I enjoyed the pain. “If it gets to be too much for you though, tell me and I will stop.” He added not needing to tell me that I should use my safe word with him.

“Yes Sir.” I replied, my voice muffled by the pillow, the cold pack still atop my head. If I wasn’t so damned horny at that stage, I would have laughed outright at my predicament. As it was, I turned my face into the pillow more fully to hide the smile that broke across my lips. I could just imagine how I looked, lying there as I was, and the thought made me giggle a little.

Nervousness did strange things to people and I was no exception. Focusing on the absurdity of my situation, I couldn’t help but smile. I was injured, all my own fault, I had an ice pack stuck to the top of my head, I was naked and eagerly spreading my ass cheeks, waiting to be fucked. Another giggle erupted.

“Are you all right?” Mr P asked me, a hint of annoyance in his tone.

I bit the inside of my cheek, trying to sober myself. “Yes Sir,” I said through clenched teeth, though the smile kept trying to reassert itself.

Mr P had been slowly rubbing his cock back and forth over my asshole. Now, though, he must have thought that I was ready enough. “Time to pop that cherry, slut,” he said, and I heard the hard grin in his voice.

He began pressing the tip of his hard cock against my tight back door, and my giggles turned to gasps as I felt the pain blossom. I buried my face in the pillow, opening my mouth to bite down on the soft cushion; a squeal ripping from my throat as just the tip of Mr P’s fat cock worked its way inside my virgin ass.

It’s too big, it isn’t going to fit, it’s going to split me in half! My thoughts screamed in my head as I lay there just allowing him to do as he was. I didn’t utter a word, only high-pitched moans of pain, as the pressure built and built, as the pain grew and grew. I don’t think he even had half an inch inside my ass and already I was close to telling him to stop. I gritted my teeth and kept my mouth shut. There was no way in the world I was going to ask him to stop so soon. Not because I thought he’d be disappointed in me, well not really, but because I knew I would be disappointed in myself. I wanted this! I had craved this ever since Mr P had told me this is what he was going to do to me. And I wasn’t going to wimp out now just because of a little pain… excruciating pain, true… but I liked pain, this was just a little different to what I was used to, and I could get used to it, I told myself.

My breath heaved in and out of my chest, my gasps muffled by the pillow, my little screams of pain letting Mr P know just how much it hurt. But I never once told him to stop as I felt every single millimetre of his cock slowly sliding inside my virgin asshole. Finally, I heard Mr P grunt as he gave a little thrust of his hips and his big cockhead popped past my tight barrier and seated itself snugly inside my butt. I let out a big sigh of relief, thinking that the worst was over as Mr P stopped still and let me adjust. He was being gentle with me, knowing how thick his cock was; he was taking his time so I didn’t tear.

I felt his body shudder over the top of me and heard his laboured breathing. “Fuck, that’s tight,” he groaned as his fingers dug into the mattress beside my shoulder. I shivered beneath him; my body laid out full length on my stomach. Mr P held himself over me on his hands, his thighs alongside my own. Slowly he dropped down onto his left elbow before stroking his right hand down over my back and across my hip. He tucked his hand under me, his fingers searching for my instant love button and then twiddled it with expert precision. I gasped and moaned, trying to grind my pussy down harder on his fingers, but every time I did, I felt his cock moving infinitesimally inside me even though he held himself motionless. All my grinding was doing his job for him.

He moaned softly above me and I felt his lips and teeth press lightly against my right shoulder. I groaned hard, again trying to mash my clit against his fingers, rotating my hips in small circles.

The pain had dissipated, pleasure rushing in to take its place. I sank my nails into his sheets, my hands like claws, as I struggled for breath. It all felt so incredibly good, I totally forgot that Mr P’s cock was seven inches long, and so far he’d be lucky if he had an inch inside my ass.

It was then that the world of pain and pleasure really opened up to me.

Mr P’s fingers slid a little lower, stroking back and forth across my inner lips before drawing back to circle my clit, playing me like an expert musician strummed a guitar. Each time he would shift his fingers back, I would grind my pussy down onto them, as he diddled my clit, and then as I drew my hips back he would push his down a bit further. I gasped loudly the first time he did that, crying out at the shock of pain that lanced through my ass and shot straight into my clit. My head jerked up all by itself and the cold pack fell off, coming to rest against my left shoulder. I reached up awkwardly and grabbed it, throwing it away from me.

I nearly buckled, nearly gave in and asked him to stop, but his damn fingers just wouldn’t quit. I found myself unable to stop my hips from grinding forward, and each time they drew back, Mr P would thrust his hips forward just a little more. I panted and groaned and gasped in pain, but my hips kept moving of their own volition. I was being filled up slowly, centimetre by centimetre, and it felt painfully glorious.

I soon felt his lightly haired balls come to rest against the lower curve of my buttocks and knew that he was almost all the way inside me. I ached with a vengeance, pain shooting off through my body in little waves of sensation. My breath was heavy and laboured, my body quivering, and still Mr P kept entering me. Finally I felt his pelvis press against my butt cheeks and sighed in relief as he remained still, letting me adjust. His fingers, trapped between the mattress and my body, kept up their merry dance, circling my clit, around and round, stroking along my slick lips back and forth, as he whispered in my ear. “Oh God, Erika, your ass is so tight!”

I shuddered once more and then screamed into the pillow as he drew back his full length and drove himself back into my tight rear hole slowly. My body convulsed as pain lanced through my body, follow a split second later by pleasure. I moaned hard as his fingers kept working me. He pulled back and drove forward again and then again, his speed and pressure slowly increasing with each thrust, and all I could do was sink my fingers into his mattress and scream through my clenched jaw. Again and again he reared back and drove forward; again and again I screamed in pain and pleasure.

I felt his chest press against my back as he brought his mouth close to my ear. “Do you want me to stop, my little slut?” He asked; his tone implying he already knew what my answer would be. His fingers driving me mad as they swirled around my clit. “Is it too painful for you to bear? Just say the word and I’ll pull out…”

“NO!!” I growled viciously through my teeth, my head rising up off the pillow.

“Are you sure, my little slut? Are you sure you can take it?” He tormented me, thrusting into me harder, deeper.

The past few weeks had been such a brutal and sudden change. But he knew that it was ultimately for the best. It had happened so much sooner than he had planned, but the combination of his failing health and other concerns finally pushed him over the edge and he signed the lease for a nice apartment in a senior community.

Geez, I’m so not ready for this, he kept thinking as the days were spent putting stuff away and organizing the place as he wanted it. Each day was filled with constant reminders that he was the youngest person in the building. The talk at mealtime was constantly filled with discussions about grandchildren and past exploits rather than today’s events or plans to enjoy their last days to the fullest.

So the days passed as he settled in and made new friends. At least he wasn’t the only one walking around with a cane and he wasn’t ready for a rolling walker just yet. A few of the ladies were even young enough to contemplate what a bedroom excursion might be like. But he knew it would be fruitless. His tastes had always run to the extreme end and even more so since his prostate problems. No one here could possibly be in to that.

So even though it was nice to occasionally dream of Marilyn’s huge breasts being subjected to various torments, her deep religious convictions were a definite turnoff. His neighbor next door, Julie was still attractive and looked firm under her dowdy clothes. But her docile and sweet personality masked a brain injury and mental disabilities that became apparent in just a few minutes of conversation. While his physical sadism knew no bounds, his emotional side did and it just didn’t feel right to flirt with her at all let alone do more than that.

So his days were now spent enjoying his non-structured life; minor errands for his acquaintances here in the senior village, basic domestic chores and spending way too much time on the computer looking at porn or reminiscing about his past glory days as a sadistic dominant Master.

So helping Julie with various activities became a weekly routine whether it was taking her and her little dogs to the groomer or finding websites on the net or answering a plethora of simple questions that most people took for granted.

Today seemed no different as he waited at the door for her to answer his knock to see what her problem was now.

“Hey, come on in,” she said. He noticed that she was wearing the same blouse as the past 2 days.

“I’ve decided to go on a diet and I wanted you to have some of these snacks since you can obviously eat what you want and not worry about it.”

Yeah, like she wasn’t already the skinniest women here. He could play with that apple shaped ass all day if she didn’t giggle like a 12 year old at the mention of sex.

So they looked through her cabinet and he picked out a variety of chips, cookies and other junk food to help her get started on her new Weight Watcher’s diet plan.

“I found something that I wanted to show you about my divorce. But here, I found some old pictures of my dogs too. So sit down and take a look.”

The two toy Maltese yapped and jumped around on the couch as he took a seat and started leafing through the photo album. There she was over the past 40 years with a wide collection of dogs ranging from huge Great Danes to previous toy Maltese yappers and almost everything in between. Still, she always looked nice with a big smile in each picture.

“I’ll be out in a minute; I can’t find what I was looking for.”

“No problem, take your time.”

Ooooh, very nice. The skimpy bikini left nothing to the imagination. She sure had the California beach body back then.

Holy shit!! The next page showed the same bikini bottom, but no top. And those big tits looked so sexy and white next to her tanned skin. Oh no, the next pages were even worse with no bottoms at all and as he quickly flipped through the album, it was a menagerie of her in various poses by herself and eventually with men doing those things that people have done throughout the ages.

He nervously glanced at the bedroom door, but still he flipped on and couldn’t believe his eyes as it progressed to increasingly harder play from double penetrations, huge toys, her gaping asshole (hmm, a natural redhead, who would have thought?) and bondage as her mouth was stuffed full with a huge cock while she was tied to a chair.

“I used to be so skinny, didn’t I?”

He looked up and there she was standing outside the bedroom door. The silky negligee was tight in all the right places particularly her big breasts which the stretched the thin material so her nipples looked like they’d poke through.

“I know that I’m kind of stupid compared to the way I used to be, but just because I forget some things doesn’t mean that I haven’t noticed or felt your eyes on me.”

His brain raced through all kinds of response, but he decided that the truth might be needed here. “Well, I just didn’t want to start anything. We’re neighbors and friends and I didn’t want to complicate the situation.”

“I do appreciate that along with all the little things that you do to help me get through my day. But I still remember how good it felt to have a man wrap his arms around me along with other stuff.”

I then noticed that her necklace was a Triskele, the BDSM symbol.

“Well, maybe we could at least talk about it.”

She stepped across the room and then straddled his lap putting her breasts right at mouth level and he inhaled the scent of her perfume and of her body in heat.

“Yes, ever since I caught a glimpse of your girlfriend’s Story of O ring, I knew we’d end up having this conversation…Sir.”

She reached up and started fondling her breasts in a rather seductive manner. He kept staring at those big nipples and incredibly they got even bigger. His own hands moved up and started squeezing and pinching her nipples resulting in a low moan from her. Then she lowered the straps and the negligee feel free and at once he started licking and sucking them. Using his teeth to lightly nip at her nipples, she kept encouraging him to do more and harder.

His other hand slipped underneath her gown to fondle her wet slit and pinch her rock hard clit. He was too dazed and surprised to react any other way.

Finally, he grabbed her hair and pulled her face away from his.

“Look, this isn’t such a good idea. There’s no sense in confusing things. We’re neighbors here and we need to get along as long as we live here.”

“Maybe that’s true, but I know I’m bored to death without enough to do. I’ve thought about you often and figured that maybe you would enjoy having a sex slave to do your bidding once in awhile. Besides, the way my mind is going, I’ll just forget about it eventually.”

Well, she had a point and besides, she was so docile most of the time, certainly, a nice prerequisite for a submissive. She felt nice enough in his lap, what could it really hurt?

“I do promise to be a very good girl, Sir.”

“Good? My definition might be different than yours. Stand up and take that gown off.”

He stood up as she pulled the gown over her head and stood there waiting for instructions.

“Sit down and show me that well used hole.”

Her face flushed red, but she did as told and spread her legs wide and pulled her labia far apart.

“Come on, touch it and make it wetter.”

Her fingers rubbed her clit furiously and then she started sticking her fingers in her cunt, first one, and then two; eventually, she had four sliding in easily.

“My late husband taught me the pleasures of fisting, Sir. Before he died, I was able to take a wine bottle all the way in to entertain him and his friends. I can take as much as you want, Sir.”

“Be quiet and get up on your knees and show me that big butt of yours.”

As she did that, he walked over to the table and picked up a hand shaped fly swatter.

“Keep playing with your pussy, but I’m going to punish that white ass for being such a brazen slut today.”

“Yes, sir, I was very naughty to do this to you.”

So she continued to rub her clit and insert her fingers as deep as they would go. He started slapping her ass with the flyswatter and as her butt turned pink, her breathing grew more rapid and the wet sounds from her cunt grew louder. Her four fingers and hand was easily sliding all the way in to her thumb. So he turned the fly swatter around and started using the long thin plastic handle to smack her ass.

“Aaaaah, that hurts, Sir.”

“Yeah, but you’re enjoying it, aren’t you, cunt?”

“Oh, yes, sir. Don’t stop.”

“My arm is getting tired, so you have 2 minutes to come or I’m laying you on the floor so I can beat that nasty big hole of yours.”

“Yes, Sir.”

Her fingers moved rapidly and circled her clit and her gasps and moans grew louder as she worked herself to a frenzy. His arm rose and fell harder creating such delightful stripes and welts on her now very pink ass.

Just when he thought she was close enough to her orgasm, he stepped over and quickly slipped his fingers inside of her steaming wet cunt and with just a little effort forced his whole hand deep inside. Her cry of ecstasy was immediate and he could feel her cunt spasm and clench around his wrist as she came.”

“Oh, my God. Oh, my God!!”

Her cunt continued to throb and spasm uncontrollably around his fist, but he eventually withdrew it from her with a loud slurping noise and her exclamation of delight.

Looking down at her as she curled into the fetal position, he thought that maybe this move might work out for the best after all.


As the weeks turned into months and time passed by, he became more accustomed to the routine of his new life in the retirement community. He wasn’t sure if everyone was enjoying life here the way he was, but you just never knew what went on behind closed doors. He kind of wondered what that couple who always ate together got up to by themselves.

He had been nervous at first with his new relationship with his neighbor. She was such a sweet person and everybody loved her. He wasn’t too sure how long he’d get to stay if the community knew the games they played together during these long boring afternoons and nights. She may have forgotten a lot about her life, but her tastes for degradation and pain seemed to have stayed with her.

His heart always skipped a beat or two whenever they ate together and she’d catch his eye and burst into a fit of giggles and blushes. The rest of the table seemed to put it off to her mental disabilities.

Still, she would occasionally walk back to their wing and with a red face and a girlish giggle asking if he would come over for a bit later. Despite telling himself that he shouldn’t, he always gave in to temptation and resumed their sick games.

Today was no exception as he walked down the hall towards her apartment. He wondered what toy she’d pull out of her big box. He couldn’t believe that her ex-husband had packed all this stuff for her when she moved from Texas. Considering what shape she was in at the time, he failed to understand how Tommy thought she’d ever get back to that level of play. But then again she was, wasn’t she?

The dogs started barking even before he knocked on the door. He could hear her fussing at them to shut up which never worked, but then there she was wearing a bathrobe over some kind of outfit. He could see the stockings on her fit legs and wondered what creation from Neiman-Marcus she had pulled out of her closet.

“Come on in.”

Grabbing his hand, she pulled him into the bedroom and closed the door before the dogs could get in.

He immediately noticed a large bottle of Astrolube on the bed along with rope and the quirt she had used to use when she had owned horses. A ball gag and blindfold rounded out the toys for the day.

“I bought that quirt in a western store so many years ago. I actually had with me the day I fell off the horse and broke my head. I can’t believe that it made the move.”

She pulled off her robe and he admired the tight black and red wasp corset that encircled her ribs. It accentuated her round ass and big boobs just right. Her legs were covered by lovely black stockings attached by snaps and as she turned around, he noticed the flare of a butt plug between her cheeks.

“Does that feel nice stuck up your tight asshole?”

“I don’t think it’s very tight anymore. I’ve been trying to us this big one and finally got it in yesterday and left it in for an hour. Then worked my way back up to it right after lunch today.”

Holy shit, he remembered that King Kong of a butt plug and couldn’t believe she had that monster stuck up her pretty white ass. He felt his dick stir at the thought.

As she slowly knelt on the floor, she whispered, “Use me anyway you want today as long as it’s hard, Sir.”

He walked over to the bed and picked up the bundle of rope that she had laid out.

“Stand up and come over here.”

She did as she was told and he had her stand at the end of the bed between the two large end posts. It was a heavy wooden structure that had survived the move from Texas. He started looping an end up near the top then grabbing one hand, he quickly fastened her wrist securely. In moments the other was secured as well to the other post so she was standing with her legs spread and both arms held up so her body formed a nice X.

Since there was rope left over, he started wrapping it around one large breast attaching it the post as well and yanking hard on it he managed to pull her right tit apart from its twin so it looked toward the side. Her other breast was manhandled in a similar manner. Then he placed the blindfold over her eyes.

He noticed that her breathing was speeding up so he assumed that she enjoying herself a little.

“No one’s going to hear you down at this end of the hall so I’m not gagging you today. I want to hear your whimpers as I beat you.”

“Yes, Sir.”

A quick flick of his wrist landed a nice little smack on her ass with a quickly reddening blotch. Stepping to one side, he started slow pausing to rub the welts that he was creating on her white butt cheeks.

She flinched a lot and started moving her ass around in a circle as he upped the ante with harder blows. He could see her ass cheeks tightening as her anus gripped and squeezed the huge plug in her ass. He slowly moved up her back with the quirt until her whole back and ass was red with a mass of welts and marks.

Stepping around so she could see him, he looked at her restrained breasts with their slightly bluish color.

Catching her eyes, he watched as they flickered between his and the quirt in his hand. With a slight yes nod from her, he raised his arm and landed it right across her left tit. Other than a quick jerk backwards and a gasp, she said nothing. Just closed her eyes as she enjoyed the intense sensations. So he continued hitting her breasts harder and harder until she was moaning out loud yet never asking for him to stop.

But finally, he did as he felt she was reaching the edge of her endurance. He stood behind her and let his fingers roam through her bush and felt the wetness that was starting to seep down her thigh. She panted hard as he rubbed her clit and stuck his finger in her sopping wet cunt.

Kneeling, he slid his fingers deep inside of her and felt the intruder in her ass through the vaginal wall. Pushing against it elicited a sharp cry of pleasure from her.

“More, Sir, please more.”

So he kept finger fucking her hole pushing against the plug in her ass. He could get four fingers deep inside, but no more.

With his other hand, he moved the plug around in her butt. He could feel it slowly slide out a bit and he wondered, could he…?

Taking a few seconds to rub her wet juices over his left hand, he gripped the flare tightly and pulled it out quickly. He heard her sharp gasp, but paid it no mind as he swiftly cupped his thumb against his palm and slowly yet firmly slid his fingers then his whole hand up inside her rectum.

“AAAaaaaaaagh, nooooooooooo!”

As he felt her anus tighten around his wrist, he kept rubbing her stiff clit furiously. Eventually, he felt her body relax and start shoving her ass against his arm.

He braced himself as he held his arm up so she could ass fuck herself with his hand and she quickly moved towards her climax. Within seconds, he heard her scream as her body trembled and shook from her intense orgasm.

Her legs were shaking so he slowly withdrew his fist with a loud slurping sound and a soft moan from her. Then he stood up and quickly untied her hands and helped her lay down across the bed.

They lay there together as he spooned her and felt her breathing get back to normal rhythm

He cupped her breast in his hand and idly rubbed her nipple. I guess the “Golden years may have some meaning after all.

Chapter 5 Cindy’s Ass Beating

“Get out here, cunt.”

I was already naked. I had just opened Cindy’s door and I was ready to beat her ass. Sometimes I just want to hurt her. I removed her gag but didn’t even bother with her bra.

“Suck me.”

On her knees, my slave began to bob her head but that wasn’t going to satisfy me.

“Not good enough you fucking retard. Come with me.”

Dragging her by the hair, I pulled Cindy to the punishment room. I arranged her on a whipping bench that’s built like a saw horse. Her torso lay along a padded center board and her knees and shins had padded rests parallel to the top and close to her body. Her ass hung out into space and she looked straight forward as her arms were secured to the front legs. She was strapped tightly in place.

I slowly drew her best friend out of her asshole and replaced it with an ass hook. It’s a large metal hook with a ball on the end that went up my unwilling toy’s tight rear passage. The other end went up her lower back and ended in a ring. I pulled her hair into a ponytail and tied it to the ass hook so that her head was pulled up and the ball was forced deep into her tender insides. I put the video camera right in her beautiful face to capture her expressions of agony.

I stood behind her and rubbed her butt, sometimes fingering her pussy or pressing the hook further into her asshole. She silently accepted my attentions. By now she knows when I’m in the mood to give her pain and she doesn’t do anything to give me a reason to increase her torture.

“That half-assed blowjob was unacceptable, whore. Pleasuring me is your one fucking purpose in life and you failed to do that. I’m going to give you fifty and you better count them out loud or we’ll start over.”

I took a wide leather strap from the wall and laid a blow across Cindy’s vulnerable ass. The loud slap relieved some of the need that had built up inside of me. While I was starting to feel satisfied, my slave yelped and counted,


I continued beating her bottom and for her part, Cindy continued yelling out and crying. Still, she managed to keep count,

“Aieeeee! Twenty-six!”

I laid into her, giving her six blows as hard and fast as I could. She screamed her heart out and there was no way she could keep counting. When I paused to catch my breath Cindy choked out,

“Unghhh. Twenty-nine, thirty, thirty-one, thirty-two.”

I was impressed that she had managed to keep track during the assault but it wasn’t a time for compliments.

“Too late slut, back to zero.”

“No! Please, master! I can’t, please don’t!”

“What the fuck do you mean, ‘no’? I wasn’t asking you a question, whore!”

I yelled at my desperate slavegirl and emphasized the last word with another smack.

I gave her ten more while she screamed and begged. Walking around to her other end, I squatted down in front of Cindy and cupped her chin, making her look straight at me.

“Calm down and listen to me, slave. You haven’t been counting so your dumb ass still has at least fifty strokes left to go. I’m going to help you. I’ll make sure you have enough time to count between each one. Do a good job and your punishment will be over.”

“Yes, master, thank you.”

I returned to her red ass and admired my work. I resumed the strapping, this time counting out three seconds in my head between each impact. I didn’t take it easy on her but I definitely wasn’t hitting her as hard as I had been. She has to be able to see that her cooperation can affect her punishment or she has no incentive to keep up the interaction that I love, making her partially responsible for the pain I inflict.

She cried throughout this but wasn’t screaming at the top of her lungs like she had been. She was clearly determined count every stroke. Then it happened. After counting 38 strokes perfectly, Cindy counted the next stroke as 40. My heart leapt with joy. I went to a drawer for a gag then came back and told Cindy coldly,

“You skipped thirty-nine, cunt. Since you can’t count correctly you don’t need to speak anymore.”

I put a penis gag in her face hole before she had a chance to reply and strapped it tight around her skull. The head of the fake penis was in her throat, causing her to choke and making it difficult to breathe. I would have to remove it if she passed out.

Back at Cindy’s ass I squatted down and inspected her battered rear. As always it was gorgeous but even more so with its stripes, welts and weals. I had the urge to taste her and while I ran my tongue through her wonderful little slit I could feel the heat radiating from her ass cheeks. After that delicious break I stood up and positioned myself next to her ass again.

I rained hell on her firm tush. I went straight across, hit her from below, squatted behind her and slung the strap over my shoulder. Every way I could think of to beat her ass I incorporated into the next fifty strokes.

My poor little Cindy was exhausted but she found a reserve of energy somewhere. She screeched around the gag and thrashed in her bonds so much that she managed to move the bench a few inches forward. At the end of the fifty my appetite for hurting her had been sated. I took the rubber cock from her mouth, rinsed it off in the bathroom and put it away. I went back to her with a few tissues and wiped the tears, drool and snot off her beautiful face. She was still breathing heavily as I kissed her flushed cheek.

“Are you going to do better next time you suck my dick, sweetheart?”

She looked down submissively and answered quietly,

“Yes, master.”

“Good girl.”

I unfastened her from the bench but she didn’t move. My toy was broken for the moment. Knowing that she was in no condition to walk, I scooped her up in my arms and carried her back to the play room. Placing her on the mattress I unhooked her bra and tossed it on the floor. It would need to go in the wash as it was damp with sweat. I pushed my naked little slave onto her side and she curled up. I lay down behind her and spooned her perfect body against me. My left arm was under her pillow and my right hugged her side as I cupped a breast in my palm. Kissing her neck gently I whispered,

“I love you my cute little sex slave.”

“I love you too, master”,

she replied and then her frame shook slightly while she had herself a little cry. She would get a bigger butt plug for that later. I drifted off thinking how lucky I was.

Waking a few hours later I ran my hand over Cindy’s nude form until I got to her pussy. I massaged the lips and played with her clit until she started humping forward against my hand and I could feel her getting wet.

“You’re a dirty girl, aren’t you?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Get on top of me. Reverse cowgirl.”

“Yes, sir.”

I rolled onto my back, my cock at attention. Cindy climbed on top of me, facing my feet and guided me into her vagina. I gasped as her slick warmth wrapped around me. Slowly she began to rise and fall, pumping down on my erection. I watched her bruised and welted booty moving in front of me, the end of the butt plug close against her back door. She had one hand on my leg for support and the other was frigging her clit. She managed two orgasms before I felt myself building up to the edge. Clamping my hands on her waist and pushing her down onto my penis, I sprayed my seed deep into her belly. In that moment I truly owned her.

This story goes pretty much straight to the point and stays there, so if you’re looking for an erotic novel with a slow build-up and lots vivid description, this might not be your thing.


The Setting

My girlfriend and I were on a walk in the woods near my place. I had brought the discussion to something I had had in mind for a while; ending our relationship. To cut a long story really short, she wanted to continue being a couple and one of the many arguments she used was that our sex life was really good. I decided to try to take advantage of this, since, after all, I had nothing to lose.

– –

“The sex is good”, I admitted, “but it’s not enough to keep this relationship going – unless some serious changes are made. To keep this going, I want you to submit to me. Basically, that is, I want you to become my sex toy. This means that from now on, what we do and when we do it, is completely up to me. Submitting to me will also be of great pleasure to you, but it’s going to be completely on my terms.”

She looked dumbfounded. I don’t think she completely realized what I was going for and after a short pause answered surprisingly lightly “Well, that does sound quite harsh when you put it that way, but I’ve enjoyed the, you know, kinkier stuff we have done so far.”

Our sex life had been rather uninhibited, though probably not really that far from pretty ordinary conduct. I had spanked her a bit every now and then and tied her up a couple of times. She had enjoyed it, so I guess she figured this submission would just add a bit more of the same – and that’s why it seemed like she was going to answer my request in the affirmative. It was, however, the submission part she’d have the most trouble with. She had often enjoyed the idea of being “forced” to, say, endure a spanking but she would never want to just drop on all fours to be punished, on my command.

“I know you’ve loved getting fucked roughly but this is another level I’m talking about. I want you to do what I say, exactly the way I tell you to. I’m going to punish you, hurt you, make you do humiliating things. Do you want that? Do you want to submit to me sexually?”

“I…” she started “I’m not sure if that sounds like something I wish for, but if that’s what it takes to keep us from breaking apart, then, yes. I… I will submit to you.”


Before going further, it’s time to tell you something about her. She is 25 years old. She has long brown hair and she’s somewhat taller than average. Her body is not petite, but it’s definitely not plump either. I’m sure the fact that she’s not skinny is responsible for her ass, which has a really nice character: it gives her body much needed curve, sticking out beautifully but not in the wide, round, bubble butt way. I love that ass and her figure in general.

Her breasts are almost girlishly small and not round but slightly pointy or cone shaped; they stick out invitingly from her chest and are of the perfect size for cupping the whole thing in my palm. I’m usually into bigger breasts but hers have something uniquely interesting to them. One of the the lovely details is that those small tits feature beautiful, large responsive nipples. Her chest looks stunning when those long, brownish to dark red nipples are erect. I had twisted those buds and handled her tits somewhat roughly during sex before – but nothing close to the intensity with which I was going to give them.

In its natural state, her pussy is covered in dark, long, soft hair. The hair doesn’t look bad but she had started shaving most of it after I had commented I’d prefer it that way. I love to have her pussy hairless since it brings out the beautiful details better. She has long inner labia that stick out between her lips and they are a bit darker than her bright red inside. Their length is most visible when she is aroused and they block some of the view inside her when, for example, pulling my cock out from her. Those lips would be perfect for stretching, for hanging some weights on them.

Her pussy does not gape much after it’s been used, so to see inside her at all, I have had to insert a couple of fingers and pull her open. She hasn’t protested to this but I know it has made her at least slightly uncomfortable. All the more reason to open her cunt wide with a speculum in the near future, for my pleasure – and hopefully for her humiliation as well.

Her clit is small, sensitive and it takes time to make it swell. Her pussy grabs my dick just perfectly and, like her clit, needs some time to respond. This means that she always really feels the first entry – and that it had hurt her some of those times I had just decided to ram my cock in roughly. I enjoyed doing that every now and then. I had tried fisting her a couple of times to no avail; four fingers was the maximum and even though she was curious to see – or feel – whether it would work, it had always hurt her a bit too much to allow me to keep on pushing. This, of course, was going to change now that she accepted to become my toy. I would no longer have to ask for her permission for hurting her cunt.

Her mouth and jaw muscles would need some more work to make her even better in blowing me. Her gag reflex is active, to say the least, so this is something to practice in order to have her experience what it feels like to be properly face fucked. Her asshole, on the other hand, is just perfect. Her anus is a beautiful light brown star with some pink in the center, it’s tight and she actually loves to get some cock in there. Ass fucking, however, is something she does not want too often since it’s sometimes been a real pain (pun intended) to get my dick inside her bowels – and often her sensitive insides have hurt even hours after the fucking. I’m sure it has not helped that pretty much every time I’ve gotten the chance to fuck her ass, I’ve made sure there’s enough pressure and friction to make her really feel it. Now, I could of course start to fuck and toy with her ass as often as I wanted to, so I’m sure she has to learn to get used to feel sore in her ass.

And, I almost forgot, her name is Adele.

The submission begins

Since Adele replied that she would be willing to submit to me, I decided to test her right away and led us a bit further from the path we were walking on. I took a birch twig, swished it a few times and told her “Turn around, your ass facing me. Drop your panties and raise your skirt. Keep it up as long as I tell you to.” Surprisingly, she complied with very little hesitation and soon she stood there with her slender legs and deliciously plump buttocks on display for me. I immediately brought the stinging twig down on her buttocks, which elicited some familiar moaning. I increased the pace and intensity of the blows, which soon made her cover her ass with her hands and turn around, looking angry.

“Keep the skirt up, I said! If you want to go on with this, you will do exactly what I tell you to do. Also, you’ll get 20 extra strikes for that.” After some hesitation she assumed the previous position. I went on with the birching and she moaned and winced rather vocally. She seemed to have a hard time deciding on whether she should say something or protest, or whether just try to play along this game of mine. The blows seemed to hurt but probably not too much to scare her out of this, so she played along.

Still, I figured her ass must already hurt a lot more than on our previous spanking sessions, which had all been rather mild. Now I had actually used some, though not yet much, force. There were nice, red marks all over her ass. Most importantly, the look on her face was different from the previous spankings. She now looked both intrigued and a bit scared.

“Take off your shirt and bra. It’s time to whip those titties of yours.” I commanded. “My tits? They’re really sensitive…” she commented and didn’t seem to know whether to comply or not.

“You have 20 seconds to get that shirt off and to present your breasts for my amusement. If you’re not done in the time given, it’s either a tit– whipping and an extra punishment – or then you can just pull your panties back up and leave. ”

She looked at me, hesitated a moment but then quickly removed her shirt.

Now her beautiful, girlishly small breasts were going to get their first taste of pain for my pleasure. I started to birch her tits with firm, stinging blows. She really had a hard time enduring the hits; her comment on the sensitivity of her breasts seemed, to my great pleasure, to be true. Each hit elicited a small, muffled scream and by the first dozen, she was sobbing. After her breasts and her cute nubs had received enough marks, I finished by forcefully rubbing the pointy twig on them to make sure every centimeter had got its share of the abuse.

Before going on with the pain, I wanted to start adding elements of humiliation, starting from small things. “Turn around, lift your leg up and show me your pussy. Open your labia with your fingers. Spread it, fondle it, make me want it.” Still shocked from the breast– birching, she complied and nervously fingered her cunt for me.

This wasn’t asking much in terms of humiliation – I’d seen her cunt from close range dozens of times before – but she didn’t enjoy the idea of parading it on command. I, on the other hand, found her pussy, shaven for the most part yet with some short brownish hair in a few spots, now sexier than ever.

I roughly shoved a few fingers inside, which had her moaning. I took my fingers out, lifted them to her face and said “Lick them clean.” She hates the taste of her own juices somewhat but she obeyed surprisingly easily. I took enjoyment in shoving them down her throat as well. I was ready explode at this point. I dropped my pants and pushed her down on her knees to blow me. I started face– fucking her rather roughly to make her gag but didn’t go as far as making her vomit or anything. With my cock in her mouth I started to tell her what I was planning to do to her next. “

When we get to my place, this won’t be a game anymore. You will drop your skirt and panties and get down on the floor. Ass up, face down. I will go on with the birching we started here, yet this time it’s going to hurt a lot more, in places you have not been hit before. You will obediently offer your pussy and asshole for the twig, and you will do this quietly, keeping your legs spread wide. You will not move or close your legs. After I have hit your cunt and tight pucker for some time, you will reach back and spread your labia wide to allow me to hit you straight on your most tender spots, unshielded, as hard as I want to. Do you understand?” She seemed terrified.

To my surprise, after a moment’s hesitation, she looked me in the eye, turned her gaze away and silently nodded.

I soon came in her mouth feeling really, really excited. After the blow job I said “You’ll get your reward later, if, and only if, you keep on obediently doing what I tell you to. You’ll be both punished and pleasured.”

We were soon heading back to my place. She said she needed to pee and proceeded to walk a bit further, away from the path. I told her to stop. “I’m not sure if water sports are my thing or not” I said “but I’d like to find out and I’ll start by watching you pee. There will be more interesting things in the future, too, which we’ll do if I feel like it. Now, I want you to pee here, facing me and keeping your legs spread to allow me a nice view.”

The look on her face was a confused one since this was something we had never even discussed. “Now!” I quickly added, since I didn’t want to give her too much time to ponder on the situation. She knelt, blushed a bit but managed to get the liquid streaming from her beautiful pussy. I’m not sure how she must have felt at the moment; with the taste of sperm still fresh in her mouth, she was now peeing on command, with someone watching right in front of her. I brought my face close to her cunt and ideas – from peeing on her to making her drink her own piss – started pouring in. “All in good time” I thought, “all in good time”.

I picked some nice, fresh twigs on our way home. Since it was the first time her cunt was going to get punished, I wanted to have her sensitive genitals experience the same stinging instrument as her tits and ass previously had. When we arrived, I reminded Adele “Now, it’s time to punish you properly.”

She knew what I meant and after a few seconds of hesitation she removed her skirt and got down on her knees, with her beautiful pussy facing me. “Please don’t be too harsh, I’ve never been hit down there and…” I stopped her pleas by smacking her ass hard with my hand. “I’ll do as I wish. It’s either that or you get out for good. Now, ask me to punish you.”

She felt humiliated and just blurted “Punish me.” I smacked her ass again. “Ask me properly or it’s going to be a lot worse. How should I punish you?” “Please whip me” Adele said. I gave another smack on her ass, harder than the previous ones. “Where, and how?” She seemed to realize what I wanted to hear and said, in a defeated tone, “Please whip my pussy, with those birch twigs, with your belt, with anything you want to, as hard as you like.”

I spread her legs some more, allowing better access, took the twigs and made the first hit, right on her labia. She screamed a bit. I made five more hits, adding some force to hear her shout louder. “Aagh, please don’t…” I immediately shut her up by giving one considerably harder hit, which made her shout and curse. “You may scream and moan all you like but if you try to tell me what to do, I’ll replace these twigs with sharp electric wires.”

Nice red marks were starting to show on her lips and around her cunt. “It seems we’re getting some nice marks here but there’s still a lot of areas I have not hit. To be better able to hit your clit, turn around, on your hands and legs, lift your cunt in the air, facing me. And open those legs as wide as you can.” She did and I now saw there were some tears in her eyes. She was scared and anxious for the punishment.

I took off my belt. “I think I’m going to give you some warming up with this one. Keep still or I’ll use the buckled end.” I smacked her cunt hard, right on her clitoral area. I gave her five good hits and she struggled to keep still. I spread her labia with my fingers and commented “It seems this clitty of yours is starting to get really red and it has swollen a bit, probably just due to you getting aroused from all this. Does it hurt?” “Yes” she answered. “How does it hurt? How does it feel to get the belt on your sensitive little clit and do you think the birch twigs would hurt it more?” She must have felt defeated having to answer.

“It stings when you hit it and now it feels like it’s burning a bit. The belt does not hurt as much as the twigs, it’s not as sharp” She was sobbing mildly, though she was trying to hide it.

“I’ll give you a choice, Adele. You can either have the next five clit strikes with the belt – but you’ll have to spread your lips wide to allow me to hit it directly. It will pull your clit from under its hood and have it unshielded for the belt. The other choice is to spread your labia far apart and take five hits with the twig, aimed at the sensitive insides of your pussy. Some of these might or might not hit your clit as well” She seemed scared and failed to produce an answer. I soon added: “Make a quick choice or you’ll get both.”

“Please whip my open pussy, my clit hurts as it is.” It was an inspiring thing to hear. “Good, get back on the kneeling position and spread your lips with your both hands.” She complied. Her pussy, partially covered in red marks seemed to glisten now, she was definitely getting wet from this.

I took the twigs and swung hard, right in the center of her cunt hole. She screamed. I made the rest of the hits fall on different areas between her spread labia. After the five strikes she was sobbing openly and I could see I had hit the insides of her cunt pretty hard. “For taking this without too much fuss, I won’t whip your cunt any more – this time. Your anus, however, has not been hit and I’m sure you’d love to have it taste the belt. Get up, lean on the sofa and open your ass cheeks as wide as you can.” Adele complied surprisingly fast.

She looked so submissive, leaning forward and spreading her ass for my punishment. “Your asshole sure looks inviting. Maybe I’ll fuck it after this.” I took the belt and brought it down hard on her anus, three strikes in a row. She screamed, at least as much as before. “Let’s see if we get some swelling around here in a while” I commented, and landed three more hits on her pucker. I took the twigs again, a big bunch of them and told her this would probably hit both of her delicious holes at the same time. Adele let out a scared moan but kept herself from saying anything. I took a huge swing, harder than any of the previous ones and hit her directly on the perineum. She shouted loud and started crying some. I gave her five more hits like that and eventually she was really crying, her pussy and anus all red, covered in hit marks. It must have burned.

I couldn’t hold it any longer. I started to rub her pussy and pushed her down on the sofa. I was raging hard. I took down my pants and entered her in one furious thrust. She was even wetter than I had expected and my cock was immediately buried in her, to the hilt. “Please, may I touch myself?” Adele moaned. I gave her permission to rub her clit and pounded her like never before.

Dinner time

The next day, I had her over for dinner. This was going to be an evening of humiliating my sex toy. Once we had finished eating, I told her: “Adele, come here, drop your pants and lift one leg on the table. I want to have some fun with that pussy of yours.” She complied and soon stood there with her cunny on display.

I stroked her labia and tugged lightly on some small bits of hair left. “This hair must be gone from now on. I want your cunt to remain completely bald. Now turn around and show me your ass.” She turned and as I expected, there was some hair too, mostly close to her anus. “You must shave here too. As often as it takes to have both your cunt and ass ready for me, whenever I wish to use them.”

“But it’s so difficult to reach some of those places”, Adele commented. I answered by slapping her ass hard and said “You’ll have those holes shaven or I’ll come up with some nasty ways of removing any excess hair I come across. Do you understand?” She nodded and said “yes” in a defeated tone.

“Now it’s time to play. Turn around and spread your pussy for me.” She turned and soon stood there with her sweet cunt open. There was some food left on the pan. I had on one previous occasion inserted a cucumber in her pussy but she had insisted on having a condom on it. This time, I grabbed a few odd shaped, gravy covered veggies from the pan and asked her: “Can you guess where I’m going to put these?” She was startled.

“Please don’t, it’s so degrading and”, this is how much she managed to say before I swiftly responded by shoving the two smallish broccoli bits in her dry cunt in one hard thrust. “Ouch!” she exclaimed and winced. Smiling, I added: “Let’s see how much stuff we will put there.” She was getting red from embarrassment.

I inserted a few other smaller bits, left them inside her and then took a relatively big potato and said “Do you think this would be a fun thing to have inside you? Take out the smaller things. Food should not be wasted, so put them directly in your mouth.” She was disgusted by the idea – even bringing a finger that had been previously in her cunt close to her face usually made her uncomfortable.

“Stop hesitating and do as I say. If you go on questioning my orders, you’ll soon have that potato in your ass, covered with tabasco.” Adele started to scoop veggies from her pussy with her fingers and slowly brought the cunt juiced mash in front of her face. After gathering courage for a few seconds, she put them in her mouth, trying to swallow them as fast as she could, to taste as little as possible.

“Good. Now hold your pussy open and stay still while I try to accommodate a potato inside you.” It was no easy task and it took some strong pushing and twisting to get it even half way in. “Please stop, it hurts, please”, Adele complained and squirmed. “Shut up!” I said and kept pushing, until the whole potato disappeared inside her. I kept twisting it inside for a while, before rapidly pulling it out. Judging by the look on her face, the odd shaped veggie seemed to have hurt more than I had expected.

I held the potato in front of her and said: “Once again, instead of obeying you tried to tell me what to do. Now, remember what I said I’d do if you misbehaved? Get that tabasco bottle for me.” She got really scared. “No, please, that’s too much, my bum is sore and I couldn’t take it. Please, I’ll do anything else you tell me to. I’m sorry. ” I decided that since this time I was more interested in humiliating than hurting her, I’d actually give her a choice and make her do something she’d never dream of doing.

“Anything? Normally I wouldn’t consider bargaining with you but I’ll give you a choice this time: you can either have this potato previously lodged in your cunt, laced with tabasco and painfully inserted in your ass – or you can service my asshole with your tongue. Which one will it be?” Adele was shocked. She obviously couldn’t take the painful punishment but this was a horrific, disgusting thing for her. I took down my pants and told her: “First, you can service my cock for a while. Then when I turn, you will spread my buttocks and pleasure me by licking my asshole with gentle, deep licks.” She took my cock in her mouth, looking dumbfounded and strangely blank.

After having her blow me for a while I turned around. She first spread my buttocks, then hesitated for a while but eventually managed to touch my anus with her tongue. “Lick it properly, and deeply. You may even thrust that tongue inside my ass, if you want to.” Adele managed to overcome her disgust and having gone this far, started to lick. It felt amazing, especially knowing how bad this was for her and how far I could actually take this. I had her massage my cock at the same time and kept her there licking me for several minutes, commenting on how good her tongue felt.

“Would you like to be fucked now?” I asked. Adele stopped licking and answered “Please fuck me. Fuck my pussy.” I had her lie on her back on the table. “This messy pussy’s wet I’m sure, from all the attention I’ve been giving you.” “Yes, I want to cum.” Adele answered. I entered her in a straight, rough thrust, cupped her tits and leaned on her, pinning her down to the table. I gave her permission to finger her clit. She was moaning. “Aaah, I love your cock. It’s like it’s shaped to feel perfect inside of me.”

“It’s going to be in your ass next but not before I cum in your pussy first. That way, I can give your butt the good, long fucking it deserves.” I soon came and left my dick lodged inside her for a moment, while she was staring at me with a look of both desperation and bliss, at the same time frantically fingering her clit. I waited for her climax, to be able to feel her pussy muscles pulsating around my cock. It felt beautiful.

“Now, go take a shower to get all that cum and food from your cunt. It’s gonna be time for a good ass fucking and some pictures”. “What pictures?” she asked. “I’ll tell you soon enough.”

She got out of the shower and I ordered her to get my cock hard again. I lay on my back and had her lick my cock and finger my ass until I was ready to pound her. “I want some pictures of my sex toy, Adele. And I want them dirty. What we’re going to do, is that I’ll bang your ass for a while, pull out, and take your picture. That way, it’s clearly visible that you’ve just had a cock up your ass. You’re gonna be gaping open.” She, of course didn’t like the idea. “Please, what if someone sees those pictures. You don’t want anyone to see them, do you? I can’t be seen like that.”

“I’m not intending to show them around but I’ll of course do with them as I please. You have the same options as before; comply, be punished and comply or get out.”

She didn’t know what to say and thinking about it took her too long. “It’s time for a punishment, then. Unless your going to leave, that is.” I got a small, stinging whip I had made from a few thin electric wires. “It’s going to be 5 on your both nipples first. Present your tits for punishment by cupping them. Now!”

She did what I told her to and held her little titties in her hands, biting her lip. I smacked her tits hard, aiming at her nipples. She yelped loudly. “Now, lie on your back and look directly at me. Spread your legs, hands under your back. It’s going to be your pussy and your tender inner thighs.” I gave both of her thighs 5 hard smacks, and let her scream after each. She had some tears in her eyes already. “Now, ask me nicely to punish your pussy and to let you have my dick inside you.”

Sobbing a bit, and again feeling embarrassed she said “Please whip my pussy and fuck my ass.” “And then what?” I asked. “Take dirty pictures of me, getting fucked in my butt.” I then gave her cunt five good hits, which she took surprisingly quietly.

I had her lie on her back and took my camera ready. I gave her a bit of lube and told her to get ready for me. She lubed her inviting hole and I took the first pictures, commenting on how dirty it looks like, when she’s lying on her back with a finger up her ass. She was blushing red and tried to look the other way. I guided my cock on her sweet hole and started pushing rather heavily. It seemed to hurt, as it almost always did at the first entry. Her pussy had a few clear whip marks and I slapped it some while gathering pace for fucking. Her ass felt really tight. Maybe she was having trouble relaxing, with the idea of having those humiliating pictures taken soon. I, of course, didn’t mind making this hurt more than usual. Soon enough, my cock felt the usual, warm tightness of her bowels and I proceeded to fuck her.

“I’m gonna pull out for a while. When I do, spread your buttocks with your hands and lift your ass up a bit.” I pulled out and her hole gaped some, a centimeter or so, for the camera. “Nice but not enough. Better fuck you some more.” I slammed my cock back in and roughly handled her tits while banging her. She seemed more relaxed and probably started to feel more aroused. I tried getting a better picture a couple of times and I managed to get a decent shot that shows both her face and her nice asshole opened up. I also tried to get those shots by fucking her from behind for a while. Her ass must have been getting pretty sore from all the attention by this. The camera didn’t bother her much anymore since I had already taken quite a few ass shots. I still didn’t have everything I wanted so it was time to try another thing.

I went to the kitchen and got a huge carrot from the fridge. “It’s difficult to fuck and to take pictures at the same time. Now you do the job. Fuck your ass with this carrot and pull it out quickly when I tell you to.” Now she was looking humiliated again, but complied. She didn’t like how the cold, hard carrot felt like but I made sure she took it deep. I had her fuck herself in a number of positions, always going for a nasty gape. Some of the images looked really dirty, with her asshole dilated wide. I took time commenting on this and made sure she really felt like a sex toy, something to be used with no concern for her feelings.

I ached for release after all this hard work. I told her to lie on her back, entered her ass once more and gave her permission to finger herself. “Your ass is amazing. Even though it’s been fucked for the previous hour, it still grips me tightly. How does it feel?” “It’s really sore but it still feels good.” she replied.

“First, I want to feel your ass grip me some more. I want you to come, since it makes both of your holes pulsate wildly. I want you to come soon, with my cock still in your bowels.” She started masturbating furiously and when I felt the first spasms, I told her: “I’m not gonna cum inside your ass this time. You will open your mouth for my dick, now.”

In the midst of her orgasm, before she had time to think, I quickly pulled out of her ass and shoved my cock in her mouth. It took her a few seconds to realize, that the cock had come directly from her ass. She almost pulled it out, gagging a bit but decided to take keep it in. I soon came in her mouth and commented :”Earlier today you lusciously licked my anus and now you’ve got a cock in your mouth that’s been in your ass for the last hour. You’re a wonderful toy.” She must have felt really strange, still feeling the wonderful orgasm and yet having been humiliated in ways she never thought she’d allow herself to be used.

Pussy play

The next morning I told Adele “Last night you, and especially your ass, got a taste of what all this will be like from now on; you’re my toy and I’ll play with your body whenever I feel like it.” I took my camera, searched for a nice image from last night, featuring Adele’s gaping asshole and showed it to her from the camera display. She looked away in embarrassment.

“Now, aren’t you a real slut? See how wide that asshole of yours is opened, and there you are parading it for the camera, even spreading your cheeks to give a good view. How do you feel? Is your ass still sore from taking my dick? ” She stayed silent for a while and then said “My butt is really sore, you did it for such a long time and with too little lube.”

“Do you feel like a slut? Is a sex toy something you want to be from now on?” “Yes” she said, “I’ll be your toy if that’s what you want of me. Just please don’t take it too far, I feel bad…”

I put on a little smile and shoved my hand in her pants, grabbing her labia roughly. “Today is a day for getting to really know your pussy. I’m gonna open it wide and push it to the limits. You’ll finally get this fist of mine inside you and I’m also going to take a deep look inside you.”

“Now, go get me some lube and ask me to really use that cunt of yours” She retrieved the lube and managed to quietly ask, without even looking me in the eye “Please put your fist inside me. In my pussy.”

“I should expect more enthusiasm but that will do for now. Take off the rest of your clothes and lie down on your back, on the couch”. She complied and I parted her beautiful labia and slowly slid a few fingers inside. She felt tight and not too aroused, which was to be expected since she obviously dislikes the idea of having her pussy painfully stretched. I lubed my fingers and started to insert them one by one, easily getting to the four fingers I had had inside her before. I cupped my hand to an easier position and started pushing. “You may comment on how it feels but don’t think it’s going to make a difference.”

Her insides felt like a silky smooth pouch. My hand wasn’t going to enter past the knuckles easily so I started adding some force. “Ouch, please oww” She winced and moaned and I could easily see from her face that even each minor thrust hurt. This turned me on even more and took one big push, forcing my fingers past the knuckles and then making my hand into a fist. “Aaaah! Oww, take it out, aaah!” She immediately screamed and twitched but after some seconds the pain seemed to go away. “Remind me to punish you for trying to tell me what to do. Now, as you must have felt, my whole fist is inside that little cunny of yours. Be a good girl and say thank you.”

“Please don’t punish me, I didn’t mean to, I just – when it hurt, that’s all. Thank you for putting your fist inside me, inside my pussy.”

I started fucking her with slow thrusts which seemed to produce mild discomfort but not much more. Her pussy felt surprisingly large and I was sure it could take a lot bigger things as well. I noticed a plastic ruler close to me on the table and grabbed it with my free hand. “Now, for your punishment, I’m going to smack your tits with this ruler, while simultaneously having my fist work your cunt, of course. Put your hands behind your back and lie still, watching me in the eye while I slap those perky titties of yours.

I slapped her right on her nipple and felt a nice twitch in her pussy when the hit landed. She bit her teeth, trying to manage to keep her hands behind her to avoid further punishment. I first gave 20 smacks to both of her breasts, trying to cover the whole area of her cute, smallish titties in red marks. “Now, here’s the final five. Scream if you want to because they’re going to be a lot harder”

I hit her left nipple hard, and she almost jumped which must have felt bad with my fist still inside her. I increased pressure to the fisting as well and gave four more bad blows. “Aaah, it’s too much please…” She had tears in her eyes again.

“I’m going to take my fist out now. Be a good toy and spread your lips for me. I’d like to see how wide your hole looks now.” She placed her hands on her labia and I worked my hand out. It was quite a sight, Adele having a painful expression, obediently spreading her pussy, wider than ever before.

“That wide open hole of yours does look nice and you’re obediently parading it for me. But still, that’s not deep enough.” I went to my drawer and produced a plastic speculum and held it in front of her. “This is what I’ll use to really see inside you.” She looked horrified. “Keep those legs spread.”

The speculum slid into her recently fisted cunt easily and I started working it wider. The previous signs of discomfort soon came back after having dilated her past the some of the first, maybe five, centimeters. I pushed the speculum a bit over her comfort zone and locked it. “You look unbelievably dirty when your cunt’s been stretched like this. I can see your cervix now. I bet you haven’t even seen it yourself! That pussy could take two fists, that’s for sure”

She was really, really embarrassed now. “There’s your cute little pisshole too. Have you ever inserted anything there?” She replied “No. Or, well, once a tip of the finger but it felt really bad.” I fingered the opening of her uretha a bit and added “Maybe we’ll have to try it, then.”

I lubed my little finger in her cunt and put it on the entrance of her urethra. “Would you like me to penetrate this little hole of yours, too?” She looked alarmed and mumbled “Please, be careful. Do what you want but please don’t be rough, I’ll be a good toy.”

I lay down on the couch and said “Turn around and come lie on top of me, like a 69 position. Then take my dick in your mouth while I play with this intriguing hole of yours” She did what she was told and I started by slowly removing the speculum. Even after removing the instrument, her pussy was still gaping more than ever. “Take my cock deep in your throat while your peehole gets fingerfucked for the first time.”

I slowly inserted the tip of my little finger while simultaneously feeling my cock slide in her delicious mouth. She moaned some and I proceeded in slowly inserting the finger a few centimeters in her uretha, the furthest it seemed to go. I started to make slow thrusts, which had her whine and wriggle a bit. “Does it sting?” “Yes, it hurts and really burns”, she quietly replied, while releasing my dick from her mouth and taking a deep breath. She now started to blow me with surprising speed and enthusiasm.

After a while hurting her urethra no longer felt that interesting. “Since you’re such a good slut, I’ll leave this smallest hole of yours for now. I’m going to cum soon, in your mouth, of course, but since this clit of yours is so nicely here on front of my face, I can’t help not to twist it some. So, the faster you get me to cum, the quicker I’ll stop hurting your clittie.”

That said, I took her clitoris between my thumb and my index finger and started to twist, until hearing a proper shout from Adele’s dick– filled mouth. “Oooo, pfease, aaaaa”. I then pulled the hood back as far as I could and started to flick her unshielded, tender button with my index finger. This seemed to hurt a lot more than expected, she screamed deliciously straight to my cock. Her blowjob was really picking pace and intensity now. Just before I came, I gave her clit really rough hit, and at the same moment she screamed, I shot my load in the back of her throat. This made her gag and cough.

There she was, cum and saliva dripping from her mouth, eyes red from gagging and even crying a bit. “Now that’s a good toy. Don’t worry, I’m not going to forget that cunny of yours – it’s gonna get this cock soon enough.”

After a moment Adele asked shyly “Can I cum?” I answered “I guess you can. Just hold that dick of mine in your mouth while you finger yourself to completion. I do also enjoy watching your pussy here, close to my face. It’s a wonderful hole you’ve got here.”

“Thank you” she said and soon proceeded to furiously finger her punished clit.


I met her the next day at a cafeteria. After we had sat down at a quiet table I asked “Have you shaven your little pussy and your asshole today?” Adele nodded. “Let’s go to the toilet and check. Go to the one on the left, take your panties off and open the door on my knock.”

I went to Adele, who was now standing half– naked in a cafeteria restroom. “Sit on the toilet, grab your legs to your shoulders so that I can inspect your holes.” She did and I could immediately tell she had done a good job. Her pussy was still a bit red from the razor and there was no hair, not even around her anus. “Very good, you’re completely hairless down here. Even your little butthole is as clean and pretty as it gets!” She didn’t look happy about all this inspecting.

“Now, one of the reasons for insisting that you keep your holes hairless is to keep you reminded of them more often. Whose holes are they?” She understood what I was getting at answered “They’re yours.”

“That’s right, they’re my little cunny and asshole. They’re the main reason for having you around. You should thank me for giving them so much attention.” After a while she submissively added “Thank you for appreciating my cunny and butthole. Would you consider fucking my cunny?” I was positively surprised by the question and inserted a finger to feel her cunt.

“My, you’re all wet! It must be the sound of normal people chatting just outside that door, while you’re here spreading your legs. I will fuck you in a moment but I want to try something out first.”

I produced a small whip with six, sharp tails from my bag. I picked Adele’s panties from the floor and said: “I’m going to try this new whip on you. It’s a small one, so it’s easy to wield in crammed places like this. It’s has sharp, tiny tails so that it hurts nicely even if I’m not using much force. This makes it ideal for situations when you don’t want to make noise. You’re, however, likely to scream or yelp, so would you like to get these panties in your mouth while I test this on your thighs?” Adele opened her mouth and I stuffed her white panties inside.

“Open your legs really wide. I’m going to whip your inner thighs. As you’ll soon feel, the skin is not very thick so it’s going to hurt a lot more than, say, whipping your beautifully plump ass”

Adele spread her legs wide, trying to keep balance in a semi– sitting position on the toilet. I started smacking her thighs, giving somewhat hard strikes in a quick succession. She whined and moaned. I then gave her thighs five hard hits to see, if this whip leaves marks easily. She screamed, probably loud enough for people outside the door to hear, and almost fell from the toilet bowl. “Beautiful, look at these deep red marks forming here! Let’s try another place. I think I’ll try the whip on your belly. Lift you shirt”

Adele lifted the helm of her shirt. The idea of whipping her slightly plumpish little belly felt, for some reason, really exciting. I stroke hard, aiming right on her belly button. Her abdomen muscles twitched and she let out a wince. I caressed her belly with my hand and said “I think this belly whipping would make a great exercise, since it gets your muscles to work. Let’s give you, say, 30 or 40 strikes, until your belly is all red, beginning from this mound above your cunt all the way up to your little titties. That’s pretty much the opposite of our previous sessions.”

I brought the whip down on her belly, striking wherever there was a completely white spot left. Adele screamed, moaned and whined – depending on the harshness of the strike. I soon lost count but it became one of the longest continuous whippings I had given her, with dozens and dozens of hits landing her tender belly. A few tears rand down her cheeks and the whole area was red and covered in whip marks.

“You took it beautifully, so I’m soon going to reward you with a good fucking. Get that shirt off, stand up and pose for me. You can also stop sucking on those dirty panties now.” I took Adele to the mirror above the washing basin, where she could see her reflection; with nothing but her bra on, her belly completely red and covered in welts. “See, you can study all these marks to see how hard hits I gave you. This one seems like a painful example, and it almost hit your cunt. Should I whip your little pussy with this whip some day?” Adele had that defeated look on her face. “Whip my pussy if you want to. I can take it.”

“It’s time to get this dick of mine inside you. Bend over the toilet, ass up.” Adele’s hairless pussy and asshole looked great from behind and I touched, marveled and fingered these holes for a while before entering her with a deep, steady thrust. I took my finger to her clit, which was swollen beyond belief. “This clit of yours feels like it could use some attention.” I commented. Adele answered, panting and moaning “Please, please touch my clit while you fuck me. I’ll do anything!”

I kept fucking her in deep, rewarding thrusts, started to finger her clit and told her “Tonight you’re going to be doing some more things you’d probably never have thought you’d do. I’m going to humiliate you for my pleasure, hurt you for my pleasure. Would you like that?”

“Use me however you want to, just let me come afterward”, Adele panted. She was breathing heavily and was about to reach climax soon. I put on more pace, banging her as fast and deep as I could. Her pussy gripped me magnificiently, it felt absolutely perfect. I felt her orgasm and soon literally exploded inside her. She looked content and happy.

– –

After fucking Adele in the cafeteria restroom, I took four small metal clamps from my pocket – those that are used for hanging curtains. “I have to take care of some things now, so you’re going to head to my place and wait for me. I realized that I’ve never clamped your nipples or your labia so I brought these four small nasty ones for you to try.” I took off her bra, grabbed her left breast squeezed her nipple and clipped the clamp on tightly.

“Oww, it hurts please, oww…” Adele moaned. I took her other nipple between my fingers and clipped that one as well.

“The next two are going on your pussy lips. I won’t put one on your clit just yet since you took the whipping without much fuss. Do you see the small hook– shaped things on the other end of the clamp?” Adele nodded. “They’re there for hanging weights on them”

I immediately pulled on her very long inner labia and, instead of clipping each lip separately, I used both clamps to attach her lips together. She winced and pleaded “Please, they hurt so much… I can’t have these on any longer and I can’t take any weights”

“You’ll have them as long as I want you to. Now, put your clothes back on. You’re going home wearing the clamps – and don’t even think about taking them off before your there. It will give you something to think about on the bus trip. And, the ones on your cunt will probably keep some of my cum from dripping on the seat.”

Adele looked like she was in pain again but she complied and put her clothes back on. I told her not to bother with the bra, so she had two small pointy things, the clamps, visibly poking under her shirt. “Which ones hurt more? The ones on your nipples or the clamps closing your little cunny?”

“The nipples, I guess. But the ones on my… cunny, they hurt a lot, too.”

“I wonder if they will hurt more after you’ve walked for a while wearing them. Well, you can tell me tonight. I’m also going to hang some weights from them so you’re going to have stretched and sore pussy lips and nipples by the time I’m done. Now, go to my place and wait for me, naked. We’re going to have some more fun”

After a few hours I arrived at my place. Adele was reading on the sofa naked. “Good. Did you enjoy your ride home?” Adele had a dissatisfied look on her face and she said “No, my nipples hurt so bad and the ones on my nether lips kept rubbing all over while walking.”

“That’s nice. Come here, stand with your legs spread and put your hands behind your head. Which body parts would you like me to clamp now, with a few weights added this time? If you don’t give a proper answer I’ll clamp all the places I can think of.”

Adele walked up to me, lifted her arms behind her head and answered: “Clamp my pussy. I mean my outer labia. Please.”

“That’s a good idea. First, you’ll get the same ones that were on your inner cunt lips.” I took the clamps and put one on each lip. She winced but didn’t react much more than that. I produced some small lead fishing weights from my bag.

“I got these for you today.” I said and I put one medium– sized weight on each of the clamps. “Oww, thank you… ” Adele said when the weights pulled her lips a few centimeters down. “That’s not much but don’t worry, you’ll get more. Stand still and get used to those two for a few minutes.”

I walked to the kitchen and put the kettle on to make some tea. After brewing the tea and having it cool down a bit, I returned to Adele, standing there with a few small weights hanging from her labia, carrying a huge mug which I placed on a table for a moment.

“Now it’s time to replace those two with bigger ones. Would you like another two clamps on your nipples or on your inner cunt lips?”

“On my nipples.” Adele answered, surprisingly quickly, indicating that her inner labia might be more sensitive a place now. I took two clamps, put them on her nipples and got four weights, a bit bigger than the first ones. “I’ll put two of these on your nips but your pussy can easily take the previous ones in addition to these two.”

Adele’s face twisted and she grunted when I hung the two weights from her nipples. They seemed to be pretty sensitive by now. Her labia stretched a number of centimeters more when the additional weights were in place.

“See that mug on the table? Get down on the floor, ass up, take the mug and start drinking the tea. While your at it, I’m gonna fuck this pussy of yours roughly to dangle the weights on your body.” Adele probably had no idea why I’d want her to drink tea while being fucked but she just complied without asking.

Her pussy looked delicious, her outer labia stretched by weights hanging from them. It was easy to ram into her past the weights and I immediately picked up pace and force to have the weights dangling. I occasionally reached to the ones on her tits to slap the weights, to swing them wildly. Adele, drinking at the same time made strange, gurgling sounds of pain. I kept fucking her for a good while but avoided coming just yet.

“Turn around. It’s time to return all these favors I’ve been giving you today. Crawl behind me, part my buttocks and lick my anus. Do also gently stroke my dick while licking.”

“Can I take the weights off? I’d do a better job if my nipples didn’t hurt so much.” Adele asked.

“No, you’re required to do a good job regardless and you will be punished if I’m not happy with your performance. Do you understand?”

“Yes, I understand” she added and soon placed her tongue on my anus, seeming less hesitant than the first time. Her rimjob felt marvelous and I had her lick me for quite a while. “You can take off the clamps now, though they’re going to be replaced soon. It’s sure going to hurt when blood rushes back to your nipples, isn’t it? Now, come use that mouth of yours on my cock”

Adele winced after removing the clamps. Her nipples were nice and flat under the clamps and her labia had deep marks as well. She was on her knees and took my dick in her mouth. I fondled her small and lovely breasts and told her to blow me slow and deep.

After a while she took my cock out of her mouth and pleaded “I really have to pee soon, may I?”

“Sure”, I Answered, “I have a nice surprise planned for that”.

I led Adele to the bathroom and took out a wide plastic cup with short ropes attached to four holes on the sides. Without explaining it any further, I commanded “Spread your legs wide!” and after seeing her comply, I went for the clamps again. I put the ones with two weights back on her outer labia and the ones previously on her nipples to her inner lips. This seemed to hurt and her long inner labia were hanging nicely futher than her outer lips.

I took the plastic cup and tied the rope to the for clamps so that the wide cup was just underneath her cunt. “Now you can pee. I’m interested to see whether you’ll pee so much that the whole thing’s gonna come down. I’m sure that would hurt. I wouldn’t recommend peeing just a bit since I won’t be letting you do it again for a while!”

She looked terrified and humiliated. “Squat down a bit and pee, right now. I’ll get a whip to help you stay focused, if you’re getting hesitant.” Soon, a trickle was slowly filling the cup.

The weights stretched her labia further and further down as her pee slowly increased the weight of the vessel hanging between her legs. Adele was clearly in pain again. “Ahh, please my lips can’t take any more, please take it off!”

It did seem that the clamps held on tighter than I had expected since they had not come off even with all this weight. Adele’s inner labia were already stretched further than I had thought they’d come. They definitely were really long, beautiful lips.

“Are you done peeing?” I asked. “Yes, yes – please, it hurts!” she quickly responded, visibly shaking and anxious to get the weights off. “I’d like to end this stretching exercise properly by having the whole thing just snap off. I can, if you want to, pee on you so that some of it reaches the cup as well. It is, however, a pleasant sight for me here so I’m not in a hurry. You look great, your cunny lips stretched so nicely that they’ll soon reach your knees.”

Adele would have never thought to ask someone to pee on her. The pain between her legs was, however, too much to bear: “Please pee on me. Pee on your sex toy!” She didn’t look me in the eye when she said this but I decided it was still good enough, for now.

I started peeing on her, first on her chest and lower belly so that the cup would get heavier. She was disgusted and the pain, of course, increased by the second. “Oooowwwaaagghhh! ” It didn’t take long until Adele let out a long scream and the contents of the cup fell on the floor. The clamps had come off in a nice, sharp snap. I now directed the rest of my stream on her face, which had her quickly close her mouth.

Her lips, especially the inner ones hung significantly lower than usual and they had painful looking marks on the sides. I gave her labia a little tug and said “That looks so nice. Would like to have some more stretching orjust get my dick in your ass?”

“Please put your dick in my butt, I want it there.” Adele quickly said, knowing that it would mean an end to hurting her. “Good. Go get the lube, kneel face down in that piss on the floor and lube your hole ready for me.”

She soon kneeled, seeming hesitant so I helped her by pushing her head right down to the urine. She didn’t fight back and proceeded to finger her asshole with her lube– glistening fingers.

Without saying a word, I soon led her fingers away from her ass and positioned my cock on her anus. I entered her slowly, letting her feel every centimeter. “Rub your clit and think about where you are now: getting turned on by lying face down in piss, having your ass fucked after your cunt has been painfully punished again. You sure love strange things.” Adele didn’t answer but her fingers seemed to be moving frantically on her clit.

A trip to the countryside

Days passed. I had made sure Adele’s pussy and ass had gotten enough attention; in addition to the usual routine of taking my cock, I enjoyed stretching her cunt and ass close to the limit. I would, for example, insert all five fingers in her pussy, tucked closely together, and then forcefully open them, like an umbrella, to push her tender, silky pouch as far it extended. Adele’s yells and pleads sounded sometimes pretty panicked when my fingers were reaching the verges of her physique. A good routine involved countless times of pushing, making a quick release by tucking the fingers back together and then pushing again. Her pussy looked really used – almost ruined – afterward, contracting really slowly from its huge gaping state. Nevertheless, it always felt as good as ever.

More strict punishment was, of course, a constant part of the fun, too.

One morning Adele had not shaved her pubic hair properly, so after having her shave her hole as smooth as I demand it to be, she got a pussy spanking to remember. I first had her lying on her back on the bed, and then tied her legs to the bed poles to keep her still and spread as open as possible. I then roughly fucked her with four fingers, simultaneously rubbing her clit, to have her cunt tender, excited and ready for punishment. I always wanted her clitoris to be properly out of its sheath before taking a beating. A hairbrush, with a stern wooden paddle on the other end, was my instrument of choice. I climbed on top of her, landed my ass pretty much on her face, and slammed the brush right on her pussy. “Aaaghh!”, she screamed. I inspected the red mark and it seemed that the paddle covered just about everything it was supposed to, including her clit, proudly protruded from its sheath and shelter. Before proceeding, I moved my ass closer to her face and told her:

“While I spank your pussy raw, I want you to pleasure me. Use one of your hands on my cock, and the other to gently finger my asshole.”

She cautiously slid a finger inside me and grabbed my cock between her fingers. I then brought the brush harshly down on her cunt, which made her finger twitch nicely inside me. She, of course screamed, which gave me an idea.

“If you can take 10 hits without making more noise than a slight whimper, your punishment will be over. Otherwise, it’s going to be 20 hits.”

This really made her concentrate on keeping quiet. After five hits had passed, I had not heard a thing. Her labia was turning bright red. I added some force to the next three and heard screams muted to a whimper – she was really close to breaking. There was a small bruise forming on the inside of her left outer labia, and I was sure her pussy was on fire. She was stroking my cock mechanically, and the finger in my ass had twitched wildly on each hit.

I decided I wanted her to break, so I took the eighth hit to the next level, unexpectedly hitting probably twice as hard as before. “Aaaaggh! Awwwgod aaaaah!”, she screamed, unable to control it anymore.

“Looks like you want another ten, then? This cunt looks really raw already, and I’m sure that last one will leave a black and blue bruise that lasts for days. Do you enjoy this so much that you just had to scream for more?”

“No please”, she pleaded, “Please, it’s too much. Please give me another punishment instead. It’s burning, my… cunt, your cunt, it’s really bad.”

I answered, in a mildly sarcastic tone: “What do you think could be a suitable replacement for punishing your cunt, then? Don’t think a simple spanking to your thighs and ass cheeks will do.”

She squirmed a bit and blurted without looking at me in the eye: “Umm, maybe if you hit my, you know, anus. Please, anything else.”

I looked at her pussy again, and boy, was it swollen like never before. Two blackish bruises had formed on her labia on both sides. It was lovely to realize that we had gotten this far – that I could actually give her a punishment that hurt, that I really felt like I owned her body now. It was, of course, an invitation to push further.

“Your anus, your nice and tight little butt hole? This hairbrush wouldn’t even hit it properly. Any other suggestions?”

“You could, well, cane it. Please cane my butt hole, please cane it sharply.”

“Cane your butt hole? That does sound intriguing.”

“Please, untie my legs, and I’ll get on my knees and spread my cheeks for your punishment. I’ll spread my butt hole for the cane.”

She was pleading more elaborately than ever before, so either she was really desperate to spare her cunt from more beating, or she was truly submitting to me. In any case, it was a beautiful offer. I untied her legs and Adele quickly crawled into position. Her red, swollen pussy stuck out like a baboon’s ass. Her light brown, star– shaped anus stood out beautifully, just waiting to be hurt. I got a small wooden cane and she seemed to tremble a bit upon seeing it.

Whack! I gave her anus a good hit, right on the target. She had buried her mouth in the blanket and a muted scream was heard. Whack, whack, whack! I hit her hole three more times, waiting between hits only for that second or two, that it took her buttocks to unclench. This resulted in more muted screaming, but no protests or unnecessary squirming. After three more properly taken hits, I grabbed her hair and took her mouth to my cock.

“Take it deep and slow, no hands. Rub your beautiful clit while your at it, and insert a finger in your ass. I want your punished holes to pulse, I want you to cum.”

She sucked me wildly, taking short deep breaths while constantly pressing my cock as deep as she could – and fingered herself to a violent, trembling orgasm that had her collapse, shaking and panting, on the bed.

“Tomorrow, were gonna go on a weekend trip and we’re going to be doing some nice new things. These will include punishment, humiliation and pleasure. Do you want to go?”, I asked.

She was still breathing heavily and gave a tired answer “Yes, I really want to go.”

– –

The next day, we packed our stuff in a small car and set forth for a small place in the country. After driving for a good few hours I took a left turn away from the highway and eventually stopped the car to an extension. We were close to some small lake surrounded by alder forest, with practically no one in sight. I told Adele “Get out of the car, take your jeans and panties off and bend over on the hood of the car, legs spread.” She got out, quickly stripped waist down, and was now bent over with her plump buttocks facing me. I was pleasantly surprised to see the black and blue marks on her labia. I went behind her and touched her nether lips – she twitched – then spread them open to have a good look at her clit. It, too, had some reddish reminders of yesterday’s punishment but I would surely have to give that big sensitive nub a beating of its own one day.

I started to rub her clit and simultaneously produced a a medium sized plastic plug with a very wide base from my bag. “This is going up your butt for the remainder of the drive. It’s got a wide base so it will keep you squirming on the seat, especially when we hit any bumps on the road. Would you like to lube it before taking it in?” I said, and brought the plug closer to her face. She opened her mouth, leaned closer to the plug and tried to produce as much spit on it as she could, drooling like an idiot.

Chapter 6 Busy Work

Cindy must be kept occupied. There’s plenty of sucking and fucking for her to do but there’s so much time in the day that I need to invent ways to keep her busy. She often finds herself working away at pointless tasks and of course, if she doesn’t perform well enough, she must be punished.

My toy was wearing a single sleeve armbinder which locked her arms behind her back, making them useless to her and, incidentally, displaying her naked breasts quite nicely. She was also holding a large butt plug in her bottom. This was a result of her crying earlier when we re-watched news reports of her disappearance that I had recorded back when I made her mine. Every time someone said “Cindy Laine” I had replaced the audio with a recording of Cindy’s own voice saying “worthless cunt”.

She had been sitting on my lap while I played with, pinched and sucked on her tits. Seeing her family pleading for her safe return had set her off so I made her go get the big plug then insert and remove it over and over while we finished watching. Every time she pushed it up her butt she repeated the phrase,

“Slave girls don’t have mommies or daddies.”

That kept the tears flowing and when the video was finished, Cindy knelt in front of my chair and sucked me off, big wet drops still rolling down her cheeks. After she swallowed my gift I allowed her to lay her head on my thigh, my cock still in her mouth of course. I brushed my hand over her hair which seems to soothe her and she eventually calmed down.

I had placed a stack of one hundred bricks next to the wall of the playroom. Each one had a wire tied around it and a small loop on top. It had taken a while to prepare this. The bricks were stacked in a pyramid with space between each brick for the loops of the lower level to stick up. The things I do for Cindy.

“Sweetie, I need those bricks moved. Would you help me with that?”

“Yes, master.”

“Thank you, dear. Go to the punishment room and get the clover clamps for your nipples.”

“But my arms are tied, sir.”

“Well you’ll just have to figure it out you stupid whore.”

“Yes, sir.”

Sometimes it’s like she’s not even trying. The clover clamps are connected by a chain about 18 inches long. She came back holding the chain in her mouth.

“Good, now go put on your black high heels, honey.”

The shoes she stepped into were black and shiny, about four inches tall. Cindy’s had plenty of practice in high heels but these slow her down some. I locked the heels on her feet using the built in straps so I wouldn’t have to worry about her cheating while I was gone.

“Face me and bend over at the waist. Jiggle them for me. Good, now hold still.”

I secured the clamps to her sensitive nipples and adjusted them several times, making my slave grimace and bite her lower lip. I’ve never found clover clamps that hold on tight enough so I always keep rubber bands wrapped around the prongs that do the pinching. These would practically pull her nipples off before letting go.

“Jiggle them for me again. That’s nice, you can stop now and stand up straight.”

I clipped a hook onto the chain between the clamps. It slid down to the lowest point on the chain and hung with the hook pointing away from Cindy.

“You look fantastic. We need to get some pictures for your scrapbook.”

She really did look amazing and I took several photos of her dressed up in her heels, armbinder, collar, nipple clamps and of course the large butt plug.

“Enough posing, slave. Time to get to work. You’re going to pick up each brick with the hook between your tits and carry it to the other wall, inside the area marked out with tape. I want them stacked neatly. Do you think you can do that?”

“Yes, sir. I’ll do my best.”

“Good, I know you will. Now, I don’t want you getting lazy so I’m going to give you a time limit. I want those bricks moved in an hour. For every brick not moved you will receive a punishment. I’ve written it down on this index card and I’m leaving it on the table. You can flip it over to see what will happen or, if you’re smart, use that time to move bricks.”

“Yes, sir.”

Cindy spoke with a worried look on her face. She knows that sometimes I give her a reasonable task and other times an impossible task in order to punish her.

“Since I love you so much, I’ll coach you through the first brick and it won’t even count towards the hour.”

“Thank you so much master!”

“Get your ass over to the wall.”

As Cindy tottered over to the bricks and bent over to hook and lift the first one I kindly encouraged her with the riding crop. The frown and pouty lip she gave while taking the weight on her nipples was priceless. Smack, smack!

“Get your worthless ass over there, cunt!”

I prodded her towards success with the crop while she continued to make pathetic whining sounds. After about 3 minutes from her start, she set the brick in the defined area and I gave her a particularly vicious blow and said,

“That won’t be fast enough, sweetheart. I guess you’ll find out the punishment whether you lift the card or not.”

I waked to the table next to my chair and pressed start on the timer. As it started down from 60 minutes, Cindy scampered back to the stack of bricks. I went upstairs to get some work done.

I checked in on my toiling slave from time to time over the video system. She would hustle over to the stack of bricks but once she had one on the hook she moved much more slowly. The swaying weight must have hurt her delicious nips quite a bit. Even watching by camera I could tell they were being stretched towards the floor.

When I came back down, she was failing miserably, much to my delight. I watched most of a circuit and when the timer sounded I stopped her as she was carrying a brick to the far wall.

“Hold it there, slave.”

I counted the bricks in the destination since there were clearly fewer there and found thirty had been moved.

“That’s 70 bricks you didn’t move, slave. What did you do, take a nap? Tell me, what do you think the punishment will be?”

Cindy was pleading with her eyes but that day I was going to hurt her sexy little body and nothing she could do would change that.

“A stroke for each brick I didn’t move, master?”

“Bad guess, darling, but a good idea. Wait there.”

I went into the punishment room and came back with a rope and a cane. I tied the end of Cindy’s single sleeve to an eyebolt in the ceiling, forcing her to bend over in a painful strappado. I instructed her to count and thank me for each stroke then I drew back and slammed the cane into her smooth white bottom. Jerking forward pulled on her arms and set the brick hanging from her nipples swinging. Still, she managed to obey,

“One. Thank, you sir.”

After thanking me for the twentieth blow, Cindy asked,

“Master, will you please take the brick off? My nipples hurt so much.”

“Okay, sweetheart, but we’ll have to change the rules a little. Now kiss me while I take off your pretty clamps.”

I squatted down in front of her and she lifted her head, pressing her soft lips against mine. As I made out with my gorgeous slave I reached down to her breasts and removed both clamps at the same time. I pinched and pulled her nipples as the fresh blood flowed back into them. Our mouths never parted as she groaned. Finally pulling away I told her,

“Your lazy ass has taken the punishment so far but it was your tits that failed to move all the bricks so they need some attention too, slut. From now on, instead of thanking me, you will count and then tell me if you want the next one on your titties or ass.”

Cindy chose to take most of the last 50 on her ass but whenever I felt like beating her hanging breasts I would lay several strokes in a row on the same spot until she elected to take some on her lovely chest.

By the end of the caning I was rock hard. When I presented my penis front of her face she got straight to work. After enjoying her attentions for a few minutes I backed up and ordered her to turn around. I took the plug out and explained,

“I need to use your asshole, slave. Your best friend needs another hole to stay cozy and warm in. Turn back to me.”

I slid the plug into her reluctantly opened mouth. Her bright blue eyes were brimming with tears. Turning her again I penetrated her tight shit hole.

“That’s wonderful slave. Squeeze me in your nasty asshole. Oh yes, good girl. I can tell why your best friend likes it so much in here.”

I moved in and out of Cindy’s butt relishing the fact that I was taking my pleasure from something that used to be so privately hers. I could almost feel the shame burning inside her.

I pulled myself out and ordered her around. I took the plug from her mouth, spun her, put it back in its place, spun her and allowed her to suck me. The plug and I made so many circuits between her ass and mouth she must have been getting dizzy.

When I was ready to cum I pushed into her recently caned ass, reached around and cupped her tits and finally filled her with my semen.

“Thank you, slave. That was nice. Let’s get your friend back where it belongs. There, now look what a mess you’ve made on my cock. You’re such a dirty thing. I don’t know how you can put it in your mouth right after anal sex like this.”

After Cindy had washed me spotless I untied her armbinder from the ceiling. I took her to the bathroom and cleaned her up. Walking back into the play room I asked her,

“Well, honey, shall we take a look at the card and see what your punishment will be?”

“But you just punished me, master!”

“That was your idea, remember? Now it’s time for your real punishment.”

“Oh, I can’t take any more, master! Please. Please no more. No more punishment, please?”

I took her in my arms and held her while she wept into my shoulder. I stroked her hair while I spoke.

“I know you can’t take any more, dear. But you’re going to have to. You were a bad slave and you must be punished. Now let’s see what the card says.”

I held the card out so she could read it and the poor thing just collapsed into a sobbing puddle of slave girl. Her sentence was 5 minutes riding the wooden pony for each brick not moved. I love the wooden pony but I only subject Cindy to it on rare occasions. I wouldn’t want it to lose any of its magic in my mind with overuse. This would only be her second experience with it.

The first time I asked Cindy to suck me clean after fucking her ass, she had refused. I put her on the wooden pony and after riding for 15 minutes she was begging to wash my cock. I kept her on for 15 more minutes while making her describe in detail how she wanted to taste her own filth and please me. That innocent young girl desperately pleading for such degrading and horrible treatment is a very special memory.

I knew she wouldn’t be able to walk herself to the dreaded torture devide so I attached a leash to her collar. I half dragged her on her hands and knees to the punishment room, telling her,

“Stop your blubbering, you brought this on yourself. You’ll have plenty of time to cry during your pony ride.”

My wooden pony is a rod, one inch in diameter and three feet long. At each end it is clamped to a vertical pole which reaches from floor to ceiling. The clamps can be loosened to slide up or down the poles so the wooden rod can be adjusted to the proper height.

I lifted Cindy up and placed her straddling the wooden pony. It was a few inches below her slit. I shackled her ankles to the short chains connected to rings set into the floor, keeping her feet shoulder-width apart. The single-sleeve was once again tied to the ceiling. Her shoulders must have been aching but her tits stood out so wonderfully. Additionally, pulling her arms up behind her forced her to lean forward, ensuring a good ride.

“You’ve earned yourself 350 minutes on the wooden pony, slave. Now, tippy toes!”

I lifted the rod into the cleft of her womanhood and locked it in place. Even with the heels on she had to raise herself up. Standing as high as she could, there was no pressure on her precious vagina. If she relaxed her calves, her weight would be placed mainly on her clit, thanks to her bent forward posture. In the relaxed position, the heels would provide some support, preventing permanent damage even if she were all the way down on them for a long time.

“Oh god! You can’t leave me here, sir! How could you do this to another person?”

“Silly cunt, you’re not a person. You’re a set of holes to be used. That’s how I can do this to you. Since you’ve forgotten your place and questioned me I’m going to round your punishment up to an even six hours.”

As I spoke, I set a large digital timer, started it and hung it on the wall where Cindy could see it. I also found her a pretty pink ball gag. I stuffed it into her beautiful, tear-stained face and buckled it tightly behind her head. Then I stood back a waited for the ride to begin.

Poor Cindy was tired from all her fun earlier and it was only a few minutes before her legs were unable to hold her up. With a tortured groan from behind her gag, she used the last of her strength to lower herself slowly onto the pony. The pain was written on her adorable face. This was going to be hell for her.

She soon found the energy to raise herself off the cruel rod again but she couldn’t last long. The second time she dropped onto the pony she shifted herself slightly to avoid more pain in the same place that had been hurt before. It was the beginning of a beautiful process in which Cindy would torture her own pussy as thoroughly as possible, hurt joining hurt until it was one big source of agony.

“Have a good ride, sweetie. I’ll be back to check on you.”

I left her to suffer alone for a couple hours. When I returned her entire body was covered in a thin sheen of sweat. She was rising and falling more frequently now, her legs spent but the resting position unbearable. I stood next to my slave, lightly resting one hand on her abdomen and the other on the curve of her ass. Her body moved up and down between my hands, continuing to ride the wooden pony. My hand moved gently over the welts on her sexy behind.

Looking over at me, her eyes begged for mercy but found no reprieve. Cindy had managed to lean back a bit, choosing to wrench her shoulders further in order to protect her clitoris. It was all part of the torture as this only served to expose the lower parts of her womanhood to the pony’s effects.

I decided that her clit had been given enough of a break. I brought over two steel rods, a quarter inch in diameter, 18 inches long and a pair of steel rings. The rings just fit both rods so that when the rods were parallel with a ring at each end, there was no space between them. With just one ring in place, I was able to separate the bars into a narrow, sideways “V” shape. Situating the rods in front of Cindy’s tits, I captured both nipples between then and closed down.

Her sweet buds were crushed as I forced the ends together and put the ring in place. There was now a narrow space between the rods where the nipples held them apart. For her part, Cindy held fairly still, not that she had much choice, but what had been a constant groaning became a full-throated scream from behind her ball gag.

I secured a heavy wire around the bars, in between her clamped tips. As I drew the wire towards the vertical post in front of her, she shook her head pleadingly. I calmly returned her stare and nodded. I pulled her forward by her nipples until she was back in the position I wanted, hurting the sensitive nub between her thighs that gives other girls so much pleasure.

Bending down to her I kissed her softly on the cheek and whispered,

“Look, honey, it’s been two and a half hours. You’re almost halfway done.”

I walked away again, leaving Cindy to entertain herself on the wooden pony.

After she had been riding for a couple more hours I returned.

“I’ve been thinking, slave. It wasn’t very fair of me to make you wear those heels while you worked. They must have slowed you down and been very uncomfortable. Well, I can’t change what happened but I can correct the situation now.”

To Cindy’s dismay, I knelt down and removed her high heels. Now when she came down from her tip-toes, there was absolutely no support for her legs. With a pat on the ass, I left her again.

I got back to the punishment room with 30 minutes left on the timer. I expected to see my slave broken, just slumped forward and unresponsive. To my amazement, she was still as upright as possible. I observed her for a few minutes and, god knows how, she wasn’t riding anymore. Her legs were locked in that tension-filled position which kept her off the wooden pony.

I was certainly impressed but I wasn’t about to allow her to avoid the rest of her torture. I released the chains of her ankle cuffs from the floor and fastened them together around the vertical post behind her. With her legs pulled back from under her, there was no escaping the unrelenting rod pressing into her snatch.

This brought about a wonderful reaction from my slave. She shook her head as if she could deny the pain and screamed her pleas at me, spittle flying from around her gag. In her desperation she even thrashed her entire body as much as her bonds would allow but this must have made things worse as she quickly stilled herself.

I brought the master’s chair into the punishment room. I sat down and put my feet up on Cindy’s whipping bench to view the rest of her wooden pony ride and enjoyed her suffering while the timer ran down. At times like this I wish I had a second slave to suck my cock. While I thought about how difficult my situation was, Cindy cried her eyes out. At the end of her ordeal I went to her and said,

“It’s over, slave. All we need to do is get some pictures for you to remember the experience by.”

I put a small, pink cowgirl hat on her and took several shots. The agony etched on her face was gorgeous. She was clearly trying to communicate something to me. Removing her gag from her slobber covered lips unleashed a torrent of pleas,

“Oh master, please let me off! It hurts so bad, please!. The timer stopped, it’s time to let me off sir, the timer, master, the clock!”

“Sh sh sh, I know sweetie but I just need a good picture of your worthless, lazy ass riding the pony before I take you off. Give me a good smile, dear.”

Cindy sobbed and pulled her cheeks back in a pathetic attempt at a smile. I took several pictures but her lips stretched back in pain ruined her usually charming smile. I told her,

“Slave, you need to show me how much you love your pony and give me a real smile or you can just stay there. Is that what you want?”

“No sir, you said no more, it’s time now, the timer ended! Please let me off, please now?”

“Oh sweetie, I want to let you off of your pony but I need a pretty picture first. Give me a good smile!”

Poor Cindy actually managed a decent smile. I took several pictures, each capturing the forced expression and the suffering in her eyes. After a minute or so I told her,

“See, you just have to cooperate and you’re done with the punishment.”

I removed her restraints and squeezed her tight buttocks in my hands as I lifted her clear of the wooden pony. She let out a sigh and went slack.

She was nearly unconscious as I carried her upstairs. There was a hospital bed in the guest room and I laid her limp body down, securing her arms and legs with locking straps. I started an IV to replenish her fluids and provide some nutrition. There was a pain-killer as well.

She would need a few weeks of recovery. During that time she would not be tortured and her only responsibility would be getting me off. I planned to make good use of her battered pussy, starting first thing the next morning. For now though, I pulled up the blankets, brushed a few stray hairs from her face and kissed my sleeping slave on the forehead.

“You have got to be fucking kidding me.” Katie had just finished a long day at the office working on several high-profile client accounts. All she’d wanted was to go home and make a nice quiet meal with a good strong drink before hitting the sack to rest up for what would inevitably be an even more stressful day tomorrow. Now this. Her car shook and rattled violently, white steam billowed out from under the hood; and of course her cell phone was sitting, dead, on the front seat cushion. She pulled to the shoulder and let out a guttural scream. “FUCK MY ASS!!” Her hand slapped the rim of the steering wheel, slipped, and accidentally laid into the car horn. “Great,” she thought. “Now every weirdo within twenty miles knows I’m here.”

She lay her head down on the backs of her hands where they rested on the steering wheel, and took a moment to compose herself. She wasn’t scared or helpless by any means; in fact she knew exactly what she had to do. The whole situation just irritated her so much, that she felt like simply letting loose and throwing a screaming fit before getting her shit together and taking care of the problem. Instead she took a few deep breaths, then lifted her head and got ready to deal with the situation.

She popped the hood lever, and stepped out of the car. Not that she knew much about cars, but she figured it wouldn’t hurt to look under the hood. Maybe it was going to be a quick thing she could take care of; if not, she’d need to walk back to the gas station a few miles back. She propped up the hood and peered in. Nothing seemed obviously wrong with the car, no loose hoses or plugs … so the fix wasn’t going to be quick, and it was clearly beyond her mechanical skill level. As she peered into the engine compartment, the lights of a car shone down from a rise up over a hill. “Maybe they’ll stop….” Nope, the car sped past her. “Awesome.” Suddenly she heard the unmistakable sound of tires slowing to a halt on the gravel roadside. There had been two cars coming over the hill; she just hadn’t seen the second car what with her car’s hood obstructing the view and the blinding brightness of the blue lights of the first.

Jake had worked a long day, but overall it hadn’t been bad. Most of his students had turned in their term papers, a good portion of which he’d already graded before finally leaving his office to head home. After all, he’d reasoned, why not stay late and grade them there? There was no one to go home to; no one relying on him. The internet speed at the University was far better than at home, so his porn didn’t lag while uploading or buffer for an eternity in the middle of the fun. Overall, he’d spent a fairly pleasant evening. He’d let off some steam in his office earlier, but still felt randy. It had been a long time since he’d really enjoyed himself. The floozies at the bars were good for a quickie or sometimes a one-night stand, but he hadn’t found a good pet since Naomi had moved away. Nothing compared to the thrill of bending a strong woman to his will; having her completely submit to him, begging for his command. That control, that power, was intoxicating; and tonight he longed for it.

As he drove he tuned the radio to a nondescript show. The host’s patter was nothing special, but at least the music was decent. The car in front of him suddenly slowed. “What the fuck, buddy?” At the top of the rise he saw the reason: there was a car stopped on the shoulder, smoke emanating from the propped hood, a light on in the cabin. The car ahead sped away; apparently this stranded person wasn’t worth their time. “Asshole,” he thought. While he wasn’t especially handy or good with cars, his own worked. So at the very least he could offer a ride to the gas station he’d just passed. Good karma and all that nonsense…. He slowed and pulled off the the road, tires grinding along the gravel shoulder until he came to a stop.

He opened his car door and stepped out onto the asphalt. Confidently, he walked over to the broken car. “Hey buddy. Need a hand…?” Just at that moment he caught a glimpse of her. She was tall, about 5’8″, athletic. Her magnificent breasts, perfect and firm, swayed as she bent over the engine, her cleavage peeking out from the top of her blouse. A quarter-sleeve tattoo on her left arm peeked out too. “She must like pain,” he found himself thinking. On the other hand, clearly she was a businesswoman. Her blouse was tucked neatly into a dark, knee-length pencil skirt, her long perfectly toned legs stretched beneath. She exuded confidence and professionalism … except for her shoes and hair. On her feet were neon green running shoes with no socks. Long strands of dark wavy hair came loose from her neat up-do and fell gently around her face, then down to trace around her perfect cleavage.

The woman looked up at him from her position bent over the engine, then slowly straightened and closed the hood. The sharpness of her blue-eyed stare seemed to cut into him as she wiped her hands lightly along the sides of her skirt and answered with a confident, playful little smile. “Buddy?”

Katie looked calculatingly at this man who’d pulled over to offer help to a stranger. She felt instant attraction, not only because of his kind action but because he was hot. Really fucking sexy. He stood about six inches taller than her, well built with broad shoulders and a wide chest. Not at all like the awkward tall guys with whom she worked, the ones with lanky hair, slender arms, and almost concave bodies. No, here was a man. A solid, muscular, tanned man … easily eight years her senior. She felt a twinge of excitement zing through her body, a trickle of fluid moistening her slit. She took a step toward him and placed her hand on the hood of her car, strategically positioning her arm to make her blouse gape open further, watching his face. Standing this close, she noted his distinguished appearance: an intellectual Adonis. His vibrant green eyes looked her over; his strong jaw flexed as he did so, working to control the sudden intense desire to be completely socially inappropriate.

“Holy gods, she’s fine,” Jake thought to himself, gazing at her as she advanced and addressed him, then stood before him posing alluringly.

“Sorry ma’am, I thought you were … well I didn’t think I was addressing such a beautiful woman.” Shit! That was so cheesy, his self-confidence almost gave way to self-doubt given his unexpected poor choice of words. This stunning, confident woman was making him lose his wits. This had never happened to him, not since Naomi. He felt his substantial cock throb in his jeans.

“I’m Jake, by the way. Is there anything I can do to help?” He smiled, mustering his trademark casual confidence,

and saw her smile brightly in return. He wanted to know her.

“I’m Katie, and yes I could really use a lift to the gas station up the road.”

“Sure thing, beautiful.”

Katie grabbed her purse and dead cell phone from the front seat, walked along the shoulder, and slid into the passenger seat of Jake’s Mazda. They drove back to the gas station, exchanging pleasantries. She told Jake about her job as a marketing executive in the city, and he told her about his job as a professor of medieval history and martial arts at the university. She talked about the craziness of her day and laughed a little, thinking back and confiding about how all she’d wanted to do was relax for a bit. He told her about the god-awful writing his students had submitted and even quoted a couple of notably bad phrases used. By the time they had reached the gas station, Katie’s stress had melted away. She found herself laughing and enjoying Jake’s company. Not only had he lent a much-appreciated hand in the middle of the night, but he’d also solved her stress problem. As Jake pulled into the gas station, he felt her put a hand on his thigh.

“I will only be a minute. Do you think you could wait with me until the tow-truck gets here?”

“Absolutely, darling.” He grabbed her hand and pulled her closer, planting a kiss on her soft, naturally full lips, and then just as suddenly he released her. She sat up, surprised and simultaneously excited. There was nothing sexier to her than a man who knew what he wanted and took it, without apology.

“Be right back.”

Moments later Katie returned, looking flustered. “Apparently the tow-truck can’t get here until tomorrow.”

Before she had time to get upset, Jake interjected. “Looks like I will just have to give you a ride home, then.”

Katie smiled. “Looks like.” She directed him toward her house, and as they rode along together she placed her hand in his lap, idly rubbing his jeans between his legs. She didn’t look at him as they continued to carry on their conversation. Jake’s cock throbbed against her hand. It quickly became clear to him that he was not going directly to her house; he was going to pull off the road at the next exit, find a mostly empty parking lot, and have his way with her. Katie could sense it too.

She unbuttoned her shirt and untucked it, tossing it on the stack of term papers in the back seat. With the shirt gone her quarter-sleeve tattoo was clearly visible, vibrant and colorful and depicting a giant orange octopus taking a steampunk airship down into the turbulent ocean. The first of three other tatts was now unveiled from between her shoulder blades; it depicted three simple mountains and a row of dark green pines below them.The image seemed to streak down her back to just above her bra line. A line of tattoed script in latin stretched horizontally along her right collarbone to the joint where her arm met her body, and the third art-piece was just barely peeking out from below the rim of her skirt and streaked with vibrant colors up her rib cage. Jake couldn’t quite tell what the third tattoo depicted, but he yearned to find out and the revelation of finding the additional tattoos confirmed his earlier suspicion that this woman liked pain.

They reached the next exit and pulled into the parking lot of a nondescript strip mall. A few cars occupied parking spaces throughout the respectably lit lot, but that wasn’t going to stop them. Jake’s erection pressed tightly against his jeans, uncomfortably so. He looked over at Katie as he moved the seat back as far as it would go. Unbuckling her seatbelt, she leaned her seat back as well. Her fingers worked nimbly at the zipper of her skirt and she pushed it down to her ankles. She pushed her shoes off then turned to Jake, now displaying for him her perfectly sculpted body: her stomach flat and firm, hips curved out from her tiny waist, and a black thong covering her smooth mound and revealing her tight round ass. The final tattoo was clearly visible now. A masterpiece stretching from the front of her right hip and wrapping clear up and around to her ribcage finishing just below her bra line, it was a battle scene. A wispy-looking blue dragon spat out a breath of fire that transformed into a fearsome orange and red phoenix that twisted around, turning to attack the dragon its maker.

Jake could not contain himself; he reached over and grabbed her, one large hand on either side, and pulled her across the seat’s center console and onto his lap. Pressing her close, he reached around and skillfully unhooked her bra, sliding a strap down each shoulder to finally let loose those perfect tits he’d been catching glances of for the past hour. He watched as her nipples stiffened, the skin of her areolas crinkling up with a faint twitch in the night air. He leaned in to suck and nibble at those magnificent nipples as she ran her hands through his hair and ground her dripping wet cunt against his erection. She moved her hands down to set it free from the constraints of his jeans. He pulled her thong down to her ankles and off, tossing it out of the way. She was now totally nude, straddling him, sliding his rock-hard cock along her cuntlips, moistening it and rubbing the tip against her clit.

He ran his hands down her back, lightly scratching his nails against her skin as she undulated her hips on his cock, and pulled her hips down into him. When he kissed her neck and nibbled her ear, she threw her head back and let out a moan. He decided to test her malleability, needing to know if she would submit to him and needed to see if she could be his next pet. He slapped her ass. Hard. She let out a quick little scream and ground harder against his erection. He reached his hand up to her hair, twisted his fingers around her soft locks, and pulled her head back firmly.

Katie moaned. Jake’s taking control made her body ache for more, and the pain made her skin tingle with pleasure. She decided then and there that whatever he wanted to do to her, she would allow. But first she needed him inside her. She reached down, lifted his erection, and pressed it to the opening of her inner lips. Slowly lowering onto him, she gasped. His cock felt so hard and thick inside her, and she could feel the blood pulsing through each of his veins as her tight walls squeezed around him.

His breath quickened. Katie felt so fucking good bouncing her perfect body on his cock, but his movement was restricted, and he wanted so badly to ravage her. He pushed her back and lifted her tight ass up and off of him. Opening the car door he instructed her with a smile, “Get out.”

Katie felt a jolt of anxiety rush through her, but she complied. Was he going to leave her there, naked, stranded in this parking lot? But no, he was a nice guy who had helped her out of a bad spot, brightened her night, and who was clearly enjoying their coitus. But why on earth would he want her out of the car?

Jake next directed her to kneel on the asphalt facing the driver’s seat. Little stones dug into her kneecaps as she complied, sharp little rocks cut into her knees, and she could feel drops of warm blood start to drip out over them. The thrill of being completely exposed in the parking lot of a strip mall overrode her discomfort; instead, the pain of the rocks digging deeply into her flesh felt intoxicating. She looked up from her kneeling position into the face of the stranger who had delivered her from misery and who was now taking his reward, and waited for his next command.

“Suck it.”

His words were all she needed to hear. She eagerly obeyed. Her tongue lapped at his cock, licking her juices from his shaft, tracing his rim. She squeezed her lips tight around his veiny cock and twisted her tongue in spirals as she plunged it deep into her throat. When her lips reached the base she extended her tongue as far as she could and traced his sac, massaging each testicle in passing and retracting it back into her mouth. Tilting her head back she looked up at Jake’s face hoping to be rewarded by a glimpse of his enjoyment, but judging from his features he was unmoved. She worked harder, sucking and twisting, pushing her tongue against his tip then using it to flick his frenulum.

With much effort, Jake forced himself to continue to seem unmoved.

“You like that, don’t you my little slut?”

Katie moaned. “Yes.” It came out muffled, her mouth full of cock.

“Are you ready to accept me inside those delicious cuntlips of yours?”

“Ummphuhh” Katie mumbled quietly.

“Answer me, slut!”

“Oh yes, Professor!!” She pulled her mouth off of his cock to gasp her answer, then lustfully returned to continue where she’d left off.

With one smooth motion he pulled his cock from her mouth, slapped it across her face firmly, and pushed her back on her haunches, turning and rising from his seat to stand towering above her. He picked her up and tossed her over his shoulder as easily as he would a bag of sand, and carried her over to the hood of his car. Roughly he flipped her over and shoved her down onto the hood. Her nipples hardened the instant they touched the smooth heated metal and her legs shook with anticipation. With his right hand he held her head to the car and with his left he spread her legs wide. He rubbed her slit with his still hard cock, then positioned the tip and unforgivingly rammed it to the hilt into her cunt. Again and again he ravaged her, slamming his body into her as she writhed in pain and ecstasy. His right hand released her head only to grab her hair and pull her head toward him. Her chest rose a little with the force of his pull.

“Keep those tits on the car, slut.”

“Yes, Professor,” she answered and bent her body down to make her breasts press firmly back against the hood. As Jake plowed her she struggled to stay that way, but finally she could not sustain the pose any longer and her breasts rose up slightly.

“I told you to keep those on the car. You disobeyed me.” Jake pulled out from her dripping cunt and took a step back.

“NO! NO! I’m sorry, I’m so sorry. Please keep going.”

Jake smiled. He’d done it. He’d bent this stunningly beautiful, confident woman to his desires. He had her literally begging for more. He decided a fitting punishment would be to fuck her ass with the same vigor as he had her cunt. Without warning he angled his cock to the rim of her tight little hole and gave a brutal thrust. She let out a scream of agony, but quickly cupped her hand over her mouth to stifle the noise. Jake pushed further in, forcefully, unrelentingly, pulling her back onto him with both hands on her hips. She groaned and moaned with each impact, but her juices betrayed her. They ran down her thighs like flooding rivers, spilling out over his jeans, and coating her legs.

He was building to orgasm quickly, enjoying the thrill of power and the intense pleasure of Katie’s ass. With a final brutal pump into her, he suddenly pulled out and flipped her over onto her back, watching her face contorted by a host of emotions. He lifted her off of the car to a standing position, then pushed her back down onto her knees. There in front of him knelt a gorgeous woman, dripping juices down her legs, nipples sharp as pins, submitting herself to his desires … looking up at him and smiling. It was too much. Jake threw his head back, took hold of his cock and aimed it, unleashing all his pent-up longing. Wave after wave of thick hot cum shot out and onto her waiting face. It dripped into her eyes, down her chin, and coated her mouth, finally dripping down onto her ripe breasts.

“Leave it there, beautiful,” he said gently as he helped her up from her knees and back into the car. He tucked his sated cock back into his jeans and zipped up. Then he climbed in, started up the car, and drove her to her apartment. As he pulled into her parking complex, Katie started to reach for her clothes, but Jake firmly placed a hand on her arm. “No.”

She sat back in the seat and complied. “Can we do this again?” She reached into her purse and pulled out her business card.

Jake opened the door and took Katie by the hand, aiding her chivalrously from the car. He pulled her still-naked body, clutching her belongings, close to him and whispered in her ear, “I will call you, and when I do you will drop everything and come to me.” With that he kissed her on her forehead, released her, and drove away leaving Katie standing in the parking lot of her apartment complex naked, excited and bewildered.

- This story is an incest piece between a brother and a sister in a difficult power struggle. However, it features strong nonconsensual and humiliation themes. There is no romance here, no love story, no happy ending. Thanks to DontBlink88 for the edit. Good and bad comments are always encouraged. I hope you enjoy it. -


“He’s fucking pathetic,” Rachel said, her drunken brother’s arm slung over her shoulder.

“Leave him alone,” Sarah said from under her brother’s other arm.

“Don’t come to his rescue,” Rachel said. “He’s a loser. Mom and Dad shouldn’t let him live here.”

“Will you just shut up and open the door.”

Rachel opened the door to the basement, and the two girls had a time getting Jake down the stairs. It was cold and damp down here, with no windows and unforgiving concrete floors and walls. The bed was in the middle of the room. There was a ratty old sofa off to one side, and a toilet and bathtub on the other without an enclosure.

“It stinks like sweat and piss down here,” Rachel said.

“Stop talking and walk!” Sarah said.

Together, the two girls heaved their brother face first into bed. Jake just snorted, didn’t even move.

“I’m not doing this again,” Rachel said. “That’s the last fucking time.”

“Mom and Dad are going to be so pissed when they see him.”

“Whatever,” Rachel said, storming up the stairs.

Sarah sat down next to Jake. She turned his head and made sure his mouth was clear, just in case. She stared at him. He looked so beaten down. He was only 24, but the drugs made him look like he was 40. His eyes used to be so blue, now there was a red ring around them. Even his physique, which used to be so strong and perfect, was thin and worn. His brown hair was a greasy mess. He really needed a shower.

She sighed as she stood up and left her brother alone, wondering if this might be it for him. Two weeks ago, there had been an intervention and he agreed to go to rehab. He skipped out after only a week, claiming he was better. That had supposedly been his last chance, according to her parents, but now, he was back with his old friends, doing exactly the same thing.

The next morning, Sarah woke up to the familiar sound of her family arguing. She glanced at herself in the mirror, running a hand through her long brown hair and wiping the sleep out of her bright blue eyes. She was a petite girl, very thin, bony, with small breasts and no hips to speak of, but she did have a pretty face, which she counted as her only asset. She often padded her bra. Still, as she was 18, she supposed she was done growing and might as well get used to it.

She headed out to the living room in long pajamas. Her mother, Joan, and her father, Ben, were arguing with her sister, Rachel. She knew Jake was probably still downstairs, sleeping off his pain while his problems tore the rest of them apart. She sat down on the end of the sofa next to her mother. They were all too busy arguing to notice her.

“It’s not fair! You give him everything, but Sarah and I don’t get shit!” Rachel shouted. “It’s like because he was the first fucking born, he gets away with murder!”

“Oh, you don’t get anything?” Joan asked. “How many cars have you crashed, Rachel? When’s the last time you paid for your insurance? How about college? Do you enjoy getting an education? Oh, no, you don’t get anything.”

“How about personal fucking freedom?” Rachel came back. “You won’t even let me bring my boyfriend home. I’m 21, and I have to live in a fucking monastery.”

“Excuse me for not wanting my daughter to start screwing in my house!” Ben shouted. “Move out if you don’t like the rules!”

“You let Sarah’s friend Lori stay over!”

“What does that have to do with anything?” Ben asked.

Sarah froze up, shooting a look at her sister. Rachel did not even glance her way.

“Your daughter is a dyke! She’s eating Lori’s pussy!”

Ben and Joan both gasped.

Sarah jumped up. “That’s not true! And Lori moved away! I don’t even see her anymore!”

“Sarah, is that true?” Ben asked. “Are you…”

“I’m not, Daddy!” Sarah said. “I swear!”

“She’s lying. I caught her. I even have a video.”

“Fuck you, Rachel. I can’t believe you. Have you told them about your abortion?”

Rachel gasped. “That’s a lie! Daddy, you know I’m pro-life! I would never!”

“All right, enough!” Ben shouted. “Your mother and I don’t have time for this. It’s our 25th anniversary, and our plane leaves at noon. You three kids are not going to spoil our vacation. We’ll deal with your brother when we get back.”

“How are you going to deal with him?” Rachel demanded.

Ben exhaled, looking at his wife. Joan hung her head. “Fine,” Ben said. “He’s had his chance. We’ll have to evict him.”

Rachel smiled. “About fucking time.”

“Just don’t tell him until we get back,” Ben said. “It’s going to be hard enough. And I don’t want you two fighting with him while we’re gone. Is that understood?”

“Whatever,” Rachel said.

“Yes,” Sarah said meekly, keeping her head down.

“And no boys in the house!” Ben added, then he glanced at Sarah. “Or girls.”

Their parents left directly after.

Sarah stared at Rachel. “You know you just got him kicked out.”

“Good. He deserves to be on the street,” Rachel said.

“He could get hurt, or worse. Don’t you care?”

“I stopped caring when he stole my jewelry and sold it for drugs.”

“I still care,” Sarah said.

“Grow up,” Rachel spat. “I can’t believe you told them about the abortion.”

“I can’t believe you either! I’m not a lesbian. I was just…experimenting.”

“Just keep your tongue away from me, dyke.”

“Fuck you,” Sarah said.

Rachel stormed off, slamming her bedroom door. Sarah went into the kitchen and opened the basement door. Down the stairs, she found her brother still snoring. He had rolled over in the middle of the night and was on his back.

“Jake?” she said, shaking him once. “Jake?”

“Huh?” he grunted. “Wha? Who the fuck are you? Oh, Sarah. Shit. How’d I get home?”

“You called us, remember, said you got thrown out of a bar? Rachel and I picked you up?”

“If you say so.”

He put his head back into his pillow and started to fall back to sleep.

“Jake,” Sarah said, “Mom and Dad, um, they’re mad. They left on vacation, but I’m worried they might kick you out when they get back if you don’t get yourself clean. I was thinking if we got you back into rehab—”

“Jesus, shut the fuck up, Sarah!” he shouted. “I’m fucking sleeping! Beat it! Fucking bitch.”

Sarah hung her head and started to leave.

“Wait,” Jake called as she was at the foot of the steps. “Wake me up at 3:00. I gotta meet a guy for some stuff.”


“Just fucking wake me up! Shit. You’re turning into Mom.”

Back upstairs, Sarah felt like crying. Maybe everyone else had given up on her brother, but she hadn’t. She had to help him, somehow. She paced around the kitchen, nibbling on her thumb, thinking. She kept glancing at that door down to the basement.

“I could lock him in,” she mumbled to herself.

The idea stopped her right in her tracks. It seemed so simple, yet so…complicated. She couldn’t very well keep her brother prisoner. It was technically a crime, wasn’t it? How would she feed him? How would she keep him from going stir crazy? And how did she know he wouldn’t beat the crap out of her when she finally opened the door to let him out?

But what if it worked? It could. She had all his prescription pills to help him with the withdrawals. She could lock him up, make him take his pills, keep him company. But she couldn’t very well keep him company from the other side of the door. She would have to lock herself inside with him.

It could really work though, right? Sarah ran out of the kitchen and straight to her sister’s room. She opened the door to find her chatting with her boyfriend on the phone.

“…and she was tongue-deep in this girl’s pussy. She’s a total lesbo. Ew, no, I would never. Don’t be disgusting.”

“Rachel!” Sarah shouted.

“What? I’m on the phone.”

“I have to talk to you. It’s important.”

“No, you cannot eat my pussy. Jesus.” Rachel put the phone back to her ear. “Yup, you were right. She asked.”

Sarah marched across the room, grabbed the phone, and disconnected the call.


“It’s important!”

“What the fuck?”

“I think I’ve thought of a way to fix Jake.”

“Oh, here we go again.”

“Just hear me out. What if we locked him the basement for the next two weeks while Mom and Dad are away? We could force him to take his meds and stuff.”

“Are you a lunatic?” Rachel said. “He’d probably kill himself down there. You know he’s crazy.”

“Well, I was thinking you could lock me in there with him, so I could keep him company, make sure he takes his medication, and make him food, all that. What do you think?”

“That’s nuts. Don’t you have anything better to do with your time?”

“It’s summer. I don’t start college until September, and like you keep telling everyone, my lesbian girlfriend moved away, so, no, I guess I don’t.”

“Well, dyke,” Rachel said, “I do have something better to do. I’m going over to Chad’s apartment and staying there.”

“What about Jake?”

“What about him? I’ve bent over backwards for that piece of shit, and I am done.”

“What about my plan?”

“You were serious about that?”

“Yes! We can save him, Rachel! Two weeks in that basement would be a wakeup call, and it would finally get him clean, well, halfway clean, at least for a little while. Please? This is so important. This is our family.”

“He’s just going to go back to his old ways the moment you let him out.”

“Maybe he will. And you know what, you’re probably right, but at least I’ll know I didn’t write him off without trying everything I could.”

Rachel sighed. “I don’t want any part of this, and I have plans with Chad.”

“Look, you don’t have to do anything. You just have to lock us in and not tell anyone, and check up on us. If he gets sick or hurt or anything, I’ll need your help.”

“This is insane,” Rachel said. “But you know what? I don’t care. If you want to do it, it’s on you. I’ll lock you in there, but you can take your phone. Just put a passlock on it. He won’t be able to use it. I wouldn’t tell him you have it though. If you need me, call me, otherwise, you’re on your own. “

Sarah sighed. “Good enough. Help me take some stuff down there while he’s sleeping. Now’s our only chance.”

“I still think this is crazy,” Rachel said. “I’m telling you, he’s going to want out, and the whole thing will be over by tomorrow.”

“We’ll see.”

Together, Rachel and Sarah took boxes of dry goods down to the basement, as well as some fresh food for the refrigerator that was so rarely used. They were quiet as they worked, but Jake snored through all of it, even when Rachel dropped a jar of pasta sauce and it shattered. They also had to remove a few things from the basement, like tools and a crowbar, just in case Jake tried to break his way out. Then the girls did their best to install a heavy duty latch on the outside of the door. The drill was loud, but at the top of the stairs, the noise didn’t seem to disturb Jake. When Rachel closed the door and Sarah tested the latch, it felt foreboding somehow, like she was stepping into a prison cell.

“You’re sure about this?” Rachel said to Sarah in the kitchen.

“I’m sure,” Sarah said. “It’s for the best. Trading two weeks of my life for the rest of his is a bargain.”

Rachel shook her head. “Okay. I have a date at 5:00, so I’m gone after that.”

“I know,” Sarah said.

“Um, hey,” Rachel said, “Jake…he can get crazy, you know? So if he gets violent, just do what he says. Call me and I’ll let you out. Okay?”

“I know.”

“And,” Rachel said with a sigh, “this is nice of you. I mean, you’re a better sister than I am. I wouldn’t do this.”

Sarah shrugged. “Family is family.”

Rachel nodded. “Sorry I told Mom and Dad you’re a dyke.”

“Yeah… See you in two weeks.”

Rachel hugged her sister and Sarah stepped behind the door. She heard the hasp close and then the door was locked.

—Day 1—

Sarah was sitting on the sofa, her feet curled up under her butt as she read one of the books she had brought downstairs with her. Jake suddenly groaned and rolled over in bed. He pushed himself up slowly, slumping back down, coughing, and mumbling.

“Fuck,” he said, rubbing his eyes. “Fuck. What time is it?”

He reached for the bedside table where his phone used to be. It was gone now.

“Ugh?” he said, rolling over, looking at the wall clock. “It’s 6:00? That bitch didn’t wake me up.” He sat up, his eyes finding Sarah across the basement. “Sarah? What the fuck? You didn’t wake me up. What the fuck are you doing down here?”

“Um, I was going to wake you, but I didn’t want you to go out and get drugs, so I let you sleep instead.”

“Jesus, shut up,” he said. He swung his legs off the side of the bed and grabbed his cigarettes off the end table, which Sarah had left for him. He pulled one out between his teeth, lighting it. “You know you seriously fucked me over.”

“How so?” she asked, putting her book down.

“I was going to do a job.”

“A job for drugs?”

“Shut the fuck up!” He put his shoes on and stood up, stretching. He started toward the stairs. “See you later.”

“Sooner than you think,” Sarah whispered to herself as Jake climbed the stairs. She heard him turn the handle to open the door. He began rattling it, shoving against it.

“What the fuck? The door’s stuck!” He was banging on it now. “Mom, Dad, Rachel? The fucking door is stuck! Is there something in front if it? Where the fuck are they?”

“They’re gone,” Sarah said, standing at the foot of the steps. “Mom and Dad went on vacation.”

“Oh, shit, that’s right,” Jake said, trying the door again. “Rachel, stupid bitch must be fucking with us. Rachel! Open the fucking door!”

“She’s gone too,” Sarah said. “She’s staying over at Chad’s place for the next couple of weeks. She said she’d check up on us when she had time.”

“Huh?” he said, turning around. “What do you mean, check up on us?”

Sarah swallowed. “I installed a lock on the other side. And then I made her lock us in.”

Jake’s eyes turned dark as he started down the steps toward his sister. “Why the fuck would you want to lock us down here?”

Sarah took a nervous step back. “Welcome to rehab.”

“This isn’t fucking funny.”

“It’s not a joke. Look around. We have food, water, a hotplate, a microwave, TV, books. We’re not going anywhere.”

Jake clenched his teeth. “Open that fucking door right now or I’m going to get nasty.”

“I can’t open the door. Only Rachel has the key, and she’s gone.”

“This is a joke, isn’t it? Fine, I get it. I’ll go back to rehab. You made your fucking point.”

“No, I’ll make my point in two weeks, when you’re clean.”

“Sarah, I’m not fucking with you anymore. Open the door.”

“How?” Sarah asked. “I’m in here, with you. We’re cellmates. I can’t go anywhere either.”

“You and Rachel planned this. When’s she coming back, an hour, two hours? How long?”

“It doesn’t matter. She won’t open the door even when she comes back. I told her not to.”

“Give me your phone.”

“What phone? I don’t have a phone.”

“I’m not a fucking idiot. You have a phone. You always carry around your phone. Give it to me.”

“I don’t have one.”

“Give it to me now or I’ll fucking smack the shit out of you.”

“I don’t have one,” she repeated.

Jake suddenly lurched toward her, grabbing her wrist. Sarah struggled with him but he spun her around, shoving her face down into the sofa. He was on her back. His hands began exploring her body, frisking her.

“Stop it, Jake! I don’t have a phone!”

“Shut the fuck up!”

He grabbed at her butt, clenching the pocket of her jeans. His hands slipped around her waist, grabbing her thighs.

“Let me go! I don’t have a phone! You’re hurting me!”

“I haven’t begun to hurt you yet, stupid bitch. Where the fuck is it?”

His hands moved up her waist, slipping under her t-shirt, touching her stomach. His other hand came over her shoulder, slipping into the neck of her shirt.

“Stop it, you fucking pervert!”

“Oh, shut up!”

Jake’s hand slipped into her bra, but then he immediately pulled away with her cell phone in his grip.

“Stupid bitch,” he said, climbing up and turning his back. “Stuffed your bra with it. Think I haven’t seen that before?”

Sarah sat up, exhaling.

Jake was shaking his head as he turned on the phone. “Call my buddy, have him break the fucking door down. You’re lucky I don’t kick your…” He spun around. “What is the goddamn code to your phone?”

“Four numbers, or maybe four letters. Starts with F, ends with U, sounds like fuck you.”

Jake jumped at her again, his hand flying toward her neck. Sarah gasped as he grabbed her throat. He shoved the phone in her face.

“The fucking code!”

“One two fuck you!”

“You want me to strangle you?” he shouted. “You want to fucking die down here?”

Sarah just glared up at him. “Talk all you want, you’re not going to hurt me.”

“Oh, you don’t think I will?”

“No, I don’t. I’m your sister. You taught me how to throw a softball. You beat up my ex-boyfriend for grabbing my breasts. And even if you’re wasted half the time, you still care about me! So, no, you won’t kill me, and if you do, you’re so far gone, you’re not even worth saving.”

He shoved her back, taking his hand away from her neck. “The code.”

“Figure it out yourself, jerk,” she said, crossing her legs and folding her arms.

“You are really pissing me off.”

“I’m making dinner,” Sarah said, jumping up and passing him. “Do you want chicken noodle soup or mac and cheese?”

“Why the hell are you doing this to me?” he demanded from behind her. “I thought you were the cool one. I thought you had my back. Mom and Dad treat me like shit, but I thought you were cool. You’re a fucking punk-ass bitch.”

Sarah shook her head and turned around. “Are you really that stupid? I am doing this exactly for you, because I don’t want you to end up dead under a bridge. You think I want to spend my summer vacation locked down here with you? Fuck you, Jake, I am the cool one. Everyone else is ready to write you off. Mom and Dad are done. You’re out on the street when they get back. I’m the only one left in your corner. So I only have one question to ask you, chicken noodle soup or mac and cheese?”

He scoffed and stormed away, punching numbers into the phone, trying to break the code. Sarah prayed he didn’t get lucky.

—Day 2—

Sarah fell asleep curled up on the sofa, leaving Jake with the phone. She would probably have slept all day, but Jake woke her up.

“Open this fucking door!”

Sarah started. “God! You scared me.”

“Open the fucking door now!”

“I am trying to sleep!”

Jake reached for her hair, grabbing it, pulling her head back, thrusting the phone in front of her face.

“Put in the code. I’m going to start slapping you around, Sarah. I’m not joking. Put it in.”

“No!” she said angrily, glaring at him with her hair stuck in his fist.

Jake’s hand suddenly flew up and crossed her face. She gasped. She couldn’t believe he really hit her.

“The code.”

“You fucking bastard. I hope you remember you did that.”

“I’ll fucking remember it!”

He slapped her again, rocking her whole face to the side. She screamed and held her cheek.

“You jerk,” she whispered. “You stupid jerk.”

Jake shouted in frustration and threw her face into the sofa cushion. He climbed up, pacing. “You are driving me fucking nuts!”

She was rubbing her jaw. “I can’t believe you hit me.”

“I’ll fucking hit you again!” he shouted, lifting his fist in threat.

Sarah cringed, putting her arms up. “Don’t. Please. I’m just trying to take care of you.”

Jake quickly sat down next to her. She recoiled when he lifted his hand, but he only held it out straight. She stared at it. It was shaking.

“I’m fucking jonesing, Sarah. I can’t take it. I need a hit.”

Sarah climbed up, hurrying across the basement to his bedside table, picking up his pill bottle. “Take a pill. You have all your meds down here. They’ll help you.”

“You don’t fucking know what it’s like!” he screamed, coming after her, slapping the bottle out of her hand and throwing it across the room. “I don’t want fucking pills!”

“Look, do you want to end up some loser on the street, sucking dick for drugs? I saw Basketball Diaries! It’s a shitty life! Why not get yourself clean?”

“You don’t know shit, you stupid bitch.”

“Oh, yeah, I’m the stupid one. You’re a fucking loser. You lost your girlfriend, you lost your job, you lost your whole fam—” He slapped her across the face and she stumbled. Her lower lip trembled but she held back her tears. “Hit me all you want, it doesn’t change your reflection.”

“Fuck you, dyke. You think I’m the fucked up one? Yeah, Rachel told me all about what you do.”

Sarah just walked away from him, sitting on the sofa. Jake marched to the other side of the basement and began pulling open boxes, digging through them, throwing out old photos, books, decorations, even plates.

Sarah climbed up from the sofa, moving toward the toilet. She hadn’t gone to the bathroom since she had come down here, but there was nothing to give her privacy. She had expected Jake to be civil, but now she was worried he wouldn’t be very cooperative. Maybe she could pee just real quickly. She unbuttoned her jeans and unzipped them.

“What the fuck are you doing?” Jake said, storming back across the basement.

She zipped them back up quickly. “Um, nothing. I just have to use the bathroom.”

“That’s my fucking toilet. I installed it.”

“And I have to go.”

“You want to go?” He held out the phone. “Put in the number.”

“Jake, please, I have to go really bad. Don’t be a jerk.”

“You’re the one keeping me fucking prisoner! Put in the fucking code or piss in your pants!”

“Jake, please, come on. I’ve been a good sister to you. Treat me with a little bit of respect.”

“Fine, you want to piss. Go ahead.” He folded his arms across his chest, just watching her. “Well, go.”

“Can you turn around, please?”

“No fucking way.”

“You’re going to make me pull my pants down in front of you? That’s sick. What’s wrong with you?”

“Fucking pull them down, or give me the code. I don’t care which.”

“I’m not giving it to you.”

“Then fucking pull them down and piss! You want to humiliate me, I’ll humiliate you, bitch! Fucking piss!”


“I said fucking piss!” He grabbed her shoulders and shoved her butt down into the toilet, grabbing at her waist.

“Jake! Stop!”

“Fucking piss, you stuck up bitch!”

He yanked on her pants, snapping the button and breaking the zipper as he ripped them down her thighs.


He reached for her panties next, grasping at the hip. She desperately pushed her shirt down, covering her crotch just as he ripped her panties off her thighs.

“Stop it!” she shouted at him.

He stood back up. “Fucking piss!”

She did feel humiliated, sitting there naked in front of her big brother, but at least her shirt was hiding her pussy.


“I’m trying! You’re scaring me!”

“I’m going to get a lot fucking scarier if you don’t piss, bitch,” he said.

She pinched her eyes shut and peed, the sound embarrassing her even as he loomed over her.

“I peed,” she reported.

He scoffed at her. “Fucking drama queen.”

He stormed off back to the boxes, rummaging around through them. Sarah shyly grabbed some toilet paper and cleaned her pussy. Then she pulled up her pants, being careful that nothing was exposed.

“Ah-hah!” Jake suddenly said, holding up a baseball bat. Sarah ran across the room and hid behind the sofa, but Jake charged up the stairs and began beating the door with the bat. Suddenly, the bat cracked and the top came rolling down. He came after it, shouting. “Ah, fucking bitch! Give me the fucking code!”

Sarah was terrified as he charged at her.

“Come here, you fucker,” he said, grabbing her wrist. He yanked her across the basement, dragging her into the dark, dirty area underneath the staircase. There were spider webs everywhere, even a handful of mousetraps, one was triggered with a dead mouse.

“No! Please, no!”

She was struggling now, trying to twist her wrist out of his hold, pushing and pulling. He picked her up around the waist, carrying her kicking and screaming.

“Stop it! Put me down! Please, Jake, I’m just trying to help!”

He stopped right in the corner. “Give me the fucking code.”

“Jake, I’m just trying—”

He dropped her. She hit the concrete floor hard. Two mousetraps snapped shut on her bottom, making her cry out. Spider webs stuck all over her body, between her fingers and in her hair. She began screaming and flailing, jumping up and running away. She was swatting at her skin. When she saw a spider crawling on her arm, she nearly fainted, slapping at it. She rushed to the bathtub, jumping in fully clothed, spinning the handle, the shower exploding with ice cold water, coming down on her head. She began crying as she desperately tried to get the webbing off her hands and out of her hair. Pulling the mousetraps off her rear was the least of her worries.

Jake was laughing loud and hard. “Sarah, catch!”

She screamed as he threw the dead mouse at her. It hit her chest. She jumped, slipping and falling back in the tub, hitting her sore backside. The dead mouse circled the drain but didn’t go down. She desperately scooted to the other end of the tub as the water crashed down around her.

“You, you fucking jerk!” she said, sniveling and wiping her eyes with the backs of her hands. She jumped when she saw another spider, slapping her wrist. “I can’t believe you did that.”

Jake was wearing a smirk, his arms folded as he watched her. “Ready to give me the code?”

“Give me a towel then turn around. I have to get out of these clothes.”

He grabbed the towel from one of the laundry baskets. He held it out to her, but when she reached for it, he pulled back.

“The code.”

“Please, Jake. My skin is crawling. Just let me change.”

He shook his head. “Code.”

“You jerk. Don’t.”

He draped the towel over his shoulder and folded his arms across his chest. “Your choice. Take off your wet clothes, walk over to your bag naked, or give me the code and I give you this nice, soft, dry towel, and all the privacy you want.”

“You would really do that to me?”


She glared at him and then stepped out of the tub, leaving wet footprints on the unforgiving concrete floor from her socks. He followed her, keeping his arms folded, just watching. She angrily ripped open her duffle bag, taking out a new pair of jeans and a t-shirt.

“Are you going to turn around?” she asked.

“Nope,” he said, keeping his eyes on her back.

“You’re disgusting, you know that? I’m your sister.”

“Just give me what I want, and you can have this whole basement to yourself.”

“Go to hell,” Sarah said. She reached for the bottom of her shirt. She had to change. She pulled her shirt up over her head, dropping the soaking wet garment to the ground at her feet. She still had her bra though. That could stay on. Next, her pants, which were broken now anyway. She pushed them down, hating that her brother was watching her in her soaking wet panties. They were white, and there was no way he wouldn’t be able to see her ass through them. She stepped out of her pants and then took off her socks.

However, before she could change into her new clothes, Jake suddenly shoved her from behind. She lost her footing and fell into the sofa. She scrambled around to see him picking up all her clothes, even the duffle bag. She shyly covered her breasts, her nipples stiff and cold and visible through the wet whiteness of her bra.

“What are you doing?” she asked.

He just smirked, backing away, going to the corner of the basement. She ran after him, keeping one hand on her pussy, trying to shield it, while her other hand covered her chest.

“Jake? No, don’t!

He threw the clothes into the corner, even pulling out those in the duffle bag. She gulped, but still she thought she could salvage something…until Jake, with his back to her, unzipped his pants. She couldn’t see what he was doing, but she could see the stream of urine. It coated her clothes, drenching them in piss.

“You fucking bastard!”

He laughed, snorting, rubbing his nose. He zipped up and turned around, holding up the phone. “Better call Rachel if you want clothes.”

“You are the biggest fucking jerk in the world!”

He licked his teeth as he stared her. She was still soaking wet in panties and a bra. The way his eyes seemed to crawl over her body made her feel like the spiders were back.

“Jake, please…”

He tossed her the towel, hitting her in the face. She caught it, quickly wrapping it around her chest, her bra straps still visible over her shoulders.

“Give me the code or you’re wearing that towel for the next two weeks.”

Sarah turned around, marching back to the sofa, her bare feet cold on the floor. She sat down, avoiding eye contact.

Jake sauntered across the basement. He took his cigarettes from the end table and came over to the sofa. He sat next to her, pulling one out and lighting it. He took a long drag and blew the smoke in her face. She coughed.


“You know I don’t smoke,” she said. “You can be an asshole all you want. I’m not letting you out. So see if the code is JERK, because that’s all you’re getting from me.”

He took another drag, once again blowing the smoke in her face. “So, Sarah…”


“What turned you away from cock?”

She sighed. “I’m not a lesbian. I was just fooling around.”

“Really?” he said, nodding, inhaling and blowing again. “I can dig that.”

“I really don’t care.”

He snorted, clearing his throat, and then he spit, hitting her foot, his slime slipping between her toes.

“Oh my fucking god! You are so disgusting! Ugh! You know, I have half a mind to give you the code, you jerk! You should be thrown to the wolves.”

“I think you got that turned around, honey,” he said, leaning in closer, exhaling smoke again. “I am the wolf.”

—Day 4—

Water was running. Sarah blinked a few times as she woke up. Then her eyes flew open. Jake was standing in the shower, water running down his nude body. She could see everything, his tattooed chest, his arms, his legs, and of course, his penis. It hung heavily between his legs, long and thick. It didn’t even look hard, and it was already bigger than her dildo. She knew she should look away immediately, but she was in a trance.

“What the fuck are you looking at?” Jake said.

She immediately looked down. “Nothing! What are you doing?”

“What the fuck do you think I’m doing?”

“You should have told me so I could have, like, hidden or something.”

“You were sleeping.”


“What, this makes you uncomfortable?” he asked.

“Of course it does! You’re my brother. I don’t want to see your…you know, thing.”

“Because you’re a lesbian,” he said. “Die hard dyke after all.”

“God, you’re so crass,” Sarah said. She stood up and turned her back to him, tightening the towel around her chest.

“Are you gonna shower while you’re down here?” Jake asked.

“I’ll wait the ten more days.”

Jake chuckled. “Come on, hop in.”

“Excuse me?” she said. “I hope you’re joking.”

She waited for him to say something but heard nothing. Then Jake grabbed her by the back, his hand hooking around her bra strap like a handle.


He pulled her along like she was a dog on a leash. She stumbled beside him, losing her towel. He was completely naked beside her, no shame whatsoever.

“Let me go!”

Jake did let her go, throwing her forward. She stumbled, her shins hitting the rim of the tub. She cried out as she plunged into the porcelain, slipping on the wet surface, the shower raining hot water down on her.

“Jake, you fucking jerk!”

“Come on, you dirty fucking bitch,” Jake said, yanking her up by her bra strap again. He grabbed the back of her neck, holding her head under the shower stream. “Let’s get you clean, dyke.”

“Ow, you’re hurting me!”

“Am I?” He wrapped his arm around her neck, taking her in a chokehold, the water spraying her right in face. With his chest was pressed up against her back, the length of his penis was touching her butt. She was glad she was still wearing panties.

“Jake, please!” she said with her eyes closed, spitting out water. “Let me go!”

“You know my price.”

“Go to hell!”

“You know, I don’t think you’re quite clean enough yet.” Jake grabbed her bra strap again. This time, he pulled until it snapped.

“Jake, no!”

He ripped it off her chest, her petite breasts spilling out, and her pink nipples standing up as the water rained down over them. She desperately tried to cover herself with her hands.

“Stop it! What is wrong with you, you sick fuck? I’m your sister!”

Jake wasn’t done. Keeping her in a chokehold, he grabbed at the waistline of her panties, pulling them back toward him. Sarah cried out as the fabric strained against clit, riding up between her pussy lips.

“Are you crazy!?” Sarah cried.

Jake was laughing in her ear, pulling harder and harder, the fabric tearing against her pussy, splitting until the crotch of the panties ripped clean in two, but Jake kept pulling, the fabric cutting into her waist until it too tore free.

“There you go, dyke!” Jake shouted in her ear. Then his hand came around her torso, grabbing her pubic mound, his fingers touching her pussy, squeezing her sex in his fist. “Clean your fucking dirty snatch for your whore lesbo friends!”

“Don’t fucking touch me, you psycho! I’m your sister!”

Sarah was trying to push his hand away from her pussy, but he was so strong, and he was crushing her clit in his palm. It was lighting up every nerve ending in her body, sapping her strength somehow. She couldn’t believe he was touching her like this. Even if he was trying to hurt her, this was wrong.

“Let me go, please!”

“Give me that fucking number!”

“This is sick! You’re hurting my vagina, please!”

Jake released her pussy, grabbing the hot water knob and turning it off. Sarah screamed as freezing water hit her face and chest, running over her very stiff nipples, dripping all the way down to her pussy. Jake held her tight as she struggled, letting her take the brunt of the cold water.

“The fucking number!”

“I can’t,” she whimpered. “Please, it’s so cold.”

Jake scoffed, shoving her forward. She slipped, falling on her knees, desperately reaching for the water and turning it off. When she looked back, she saw Jake climbing out of the tub. Her eyes found his cock. Now she could see that it was hard, hanging even longer and thicker than it was a moment ago. She just stared at him as he walked away, grabbing a towel, wrapping it around his waist, hiding that hard cock of his.

She quickly climbed out of the shower, covering her breasts and pussy as best as she could with just her hands, going for her own towel. She snatched it up, wrapping it around her wet, freezing body. Her teeth were chattering as she shyly sat on the sofa, crossing her legs and folding her arms over her chest. She felt so embarrassed. Her brother had seen her naked. It didn’t even seem to bother him, abusing her like that. His cock had been hard too. She was worried he had enjoyed it.

—Day 6—

Sarah woke up on the sofa to the sound of Jake shouting about something. She guessed going through withdrawals kept a person up. She was still naked, with nothing but a towel to cover herself, not that it mattered. He had seen everything. She did not know how she was going to survive eight more days like this. Maybe when he calmed down he would give her some clothes.

“I’m out of fucking cigarettes!” Jake continued. “I’m fucking out!”

She rubbed her eyes with one hand, holding her towel with the other. “What time is it? Did you take your pills yet?”

Sarah had at least convinced him to take the pills to help control his withdrawals. She supposed they were working, as he had only slapped her a few times since yesterday.

“I said cigarettes! Are you listening, you stupid bitch?”

He threw the empty carton at her, hitting her in the head. It didn’t hurt, but she held her head like it did, just so he wouldn’t have an excuse to do real damage.


“It’s a fucking box! Get over yourself! I need a fucking smoke! Open the goddamn door!”

“I’m sorry. I didn’t think about cigarettes.”

“I need them! Open it!”

“I can’t!”

“Open the fucking door now.”

“Look, if you give me the phone, I’ll call Rachel.”

“Oh, about fucking time!”

“But I’m just calling her quick and relocking the phone.”

“You fucking whore…”

“Do you want cigarettes or not? I’ll have her slip a few under the door for you.”

“No! I want a carton!”

“She’s not gonna open the door. I already told her not to.”

“You are pissing me off!” he shouted, but he took the phone out of his jeans and threw it at her. It hit her in the chest and it hurt, but she picked it up, looking at it.

“Stand on the other side of the room.”

“Fuck you, call.”

“No, go over there or I won’t.”

Jake growled, marching across the room, folding his arms, pacing like a lion in a cage. Sarah carefully unlocked the phone as she kept an eye on him, dialing Rachel.

“Hello?” Rachel said.

“Rachel, it’s me.”

“Sarah, are you okay? I was getting worried.”

“Actually, I—Jake, no!”

Jake charged across the basement. Sarah quickly hung up and locked the phone, just as he rammed into her, ripping it out of her hand and looking at it. He slapped her across the face when he saw it was locked.

“Fucking unlock it!”

“No!” she screamed. “And now you get no cigarettes!”

Jake roared and stomped off. “I fucking hate you!”

“Fuck you. Smoke the box, jerk!”

Sarah tossed the box at him. It landed on the concrete floor, rolling on its side. Something small fell out, a little baggie with white powder. Sarah didn’t immediately realize what it was, but when she saw Jake’s eyes sparkle, she knew.

“Jake, no!”

Sarah jumped up; the towel she had so fastidiously kept around her chest fell in hopes of reaching the cocaine before Jake did. He dove for it, but she snatched it up first. She ran naked to the toilet, but Jake grabbed her hair. She yelped as she was pulled down to the floor, stretching her arm to keep the baggie out of reach.

“Give it to me!”

“No!” She was struggling, trying to crawl to the toilet as he grasped after her. She could feel the cold air on her delicate little nipples, but her only focus was dumping this before her brother undid all the work she had done over the last six days.

“I’ll fucking kill you!”

“You’re killing yourself, you idiot!”

She made it to the toilet crawling and struggling, her knees bloody from the concrete floor. She threw the little baggie in the toilet and Jake stopped fighting with her to reach for it. She quickly pulled the handle to flush it, and just as his hand plunged into the water, it disappeared.

Sarah was panting as she watched it vanish. She did it. She really did it. Jake turned his furious eyes on her. Sarah had no time to escape before he grabbed her hair, yanking her head down, ramming her whole face into the toilet. She was suddenly plunged into the water, gasping, swallowing a mouthful of toilet water, her arms struggling. He yanked her up.

“You stupid fucking bitch!”

He rammed her face back into the water. He held her down longer this time, all while her arms were flailing. He yanked her back up, letting her go. He was up, running off. She didn’t know where he expected to go, but she was glad something had distracted him. She fell back on the ground, coughing and panting. Suddenly, she was yanked up and dragged across the basement, stumbling to keep pace. Jake pulled her up the stairs and pushed her down at the foot of the door.

“Tell her!” Jake shouted in Sarah’s ear. “Tell her to open the door!”

“Tell who?” Sarah said, coughing again.

“Sarah?” Rachel said. “Do you want me to open it?”

“Rachel?” Sarah said.

“Tell her!” Jake roared.

“Don’t, don’t open the door,” Sarah said, coughing again. “Don’t, Rachel! Don’t!”

Jake grabbed Sarah and pulled her into a headlock, his arm right under her neck, taking her air. “Fucking tell her to open it!”

“Sarah, are you okay?” Rachel asked.

Jake shoved Sarah forward. “Tell her!”

She coughed. “I’m, I’m okay. Rachel, just go! You’re pissing him off!”

“You bitch!”

Jake didn’t grab her neck. Instead, he grabbed her breasts, clamping down on her nipples. She had nearly forgotten she was exposed, but when he crushed her nipples between his fingers, twisting and pulling.

“Ow, god! Stop!”

“Sarah? What the hell is going on in there?”

“Tell her what I’m doing!” Jake shouted. “Tell her!”

“God!” Sarah cried, trying to pry his hands off her sensitive nipples. It was sending pain and sensitively through her whole body like lightning. “He’s crushing my nipples! Fuck! Let go! Please! God!”

“He’s what?” Rachel said. “Jake, what the fuck are you doing to her?”

“Open the door, Rachel!” Jake said.

He took his hands off Sarah’s nipples. She collapsed on the stairs, sitting on the step, holding her tender nipples, whimpering. Then Jake lifted her up off the floor, shoving her up against the door, pressing himself right up against her back.

“Tell her to open it, Sarah.”

Sarah swallowed. “Jake, please stop.”

“Jake?” Rachel said. “Let her go! Whatever you’re doing, stop!”

Then Sarah felt Jake’s hand on her lower back. At first, he was slow, but his fingers ran over her butt. She closed her eyes. It felt like she was being violated, being touched like this.

“Please, Jake.”

He pulled his hand away, only to swing it back, slapping her ass. She cried out.


He slapped her ass again, hard. She whimpered. At least when he had slapped her across the face, he had not used his full strength. Now, her ass felt like it was on fire as slap after slap landed on her tender cheeks.

“Jake, what are you doing?” Rachel demanded from the other side of the door.

“He’s slapping my ass!” Sarah cried.

“That’s it, I’m calling the police!” Rachel said.

“No! Ow!” Sarah cried as Jake slapped her cheeks. They were undoubtedly blazing red now. “No! You can’t! They’ll let him out! And they’ll arrest us for kidnapping him!”

“Damn fucking right!” Jake said, smacking her ass. “Open the fucking door or I’ll beat her ass bloody!”

“Don’t do it!” Sarah cried as another slap landed on her butt cheek. She was nearly dancing in place from the pain. “Rachel, I don’t care what he does, just don’t open the door!”

“Does it fucking hurt, you bitch?” Jake asked, smacking her ass.

“You’re a sick fuck, Jake!” Rachel said.

“That’s it!” Jake said.

Sarah lost her breath ad Jake took his belt off. He stepped down from her, holding the back of her neck in place. She turned her head and watched out of the corner of her eye as he pulled the belt back and let it fly. She screamed as it struck her red ass, leaving a long mark across her cheeks.

“Ow! Ow, fuck! Please, no! Oww!”

Jake walloped her ass again. Tears were running from her eyes as she sniveled and cried. Hit after hit landed on her ass, and she cried out for each one. Her knees felt weak. She just wanted to collapse. Jake spun her around, still holding her by the neck, pinning her against the door. He held the belt loosely in his hand.

“You ready for the front? I’ll slap your fucking tits next.”

“For god’s sake, please stop,” Sarah cried.

“Jake! Stop, okay? I’ll open the door!” Rachel said.

“No!” Sarah said, shaking her head. “Don’t do it, please, Rachel. It’s not that bad. I won’t cry. Just don’t open it. Ahhh!”

Jake struck her breast with the belt. She felt the welt all across her ribs and over her nipple. Her arms were shaking. He struck her other breast, and she screamed again.

“Just open the fucking door!” Jake shouted.

“You’re a sick fucker, Jake! You’re torturing her!” Rachel said.

Sarah sniveled. “Just go, Rachel! Please, leave! He’s just gonna keep doing it! Please, go!”

Jake growled and reached for her legs, pushing her knees apart. Her legs felt like Jell-O as she spread them. Her pussy was out in the open to see, but she had no strength to shield herself. Jake swung the belt up between her legs. The hot leather burned like fire as it smacked her pussy. She was shrieking now. Jake smacked her pussy again, her clit burning in pain, but then he released her neck, banging on the door.

“Rachel? Rachel, you bitch? Did you leave? You fucking whore, I’ll do the same to you when I get out of here! You hear me? You fucking hear me? I’ll fucking strangle you, bitch!”

Jake roared in anger and charged down the stairs. Sarah sunk to the step, her body shaking. She would never survive eight more days. Never.

—Day 8—

“Wake the fuck up,” Jake said, water tricking down on her. Sarah covered her face as the water hit her, opening her eyes, looking up. That wasn’t water. Jake was standing over her, his cock in his hand as aimed, pissing on her like trash.


“Take it, you fucking whore. You deserve it.”

As Jake finished pissing on her, Sarah sat up against the cold concrete wall. He had taken the sofa away from her, as well as the towel. She spent her time sitting quietly in the corner, shivering while he stormed around the basement.

“Make me breakfast, cunt.”

“Okay,” she whispered.

“Okay, sir!” Jake corrected, grabbing her hair, bending her head and growling down at her. “Fucking call me sir, you fucking dyke!”

“Yes, sir, sorry! Please, that hurts!”

He threw her forward and she quickly crawled across the basement. Jake slapped her ass as she went, making her cringe. There were bruises all along her bottom and thighs where he had hit her, as well as her breasts. Her pussy still ached too. She took some eggs from the refrigerator and started to prepare them on the hot plate.

“Are you a virgin, Sarah?”

She looked up. “No, I mean, not really. Well, technically, maybe, but you know, not really.”

“Hey, stupid whore, this isn’t a complicated question. Have you ever been fucked by a man?”

“No, but I have a dildo and I’ve been with a girl, so it’s not like I don’t know what it feels like.”

He laughed. “Yeah, right. Just cook, bitch.”

Sarah swallowed, turning her attention to the hot plate. She did not like that line of questioning. It embarrassed her and scared her. She would never have felt comfortable enough to talk about that sort of thing with Jake a week ago. Now, walking around naked in front him, being touched by him, spanked, it was as if there was no point in secrets. But it also worried her because she didn’t think he was above raping her, not anymore.

When she finished with the eggs, she put them on two plates, carrying one to him as he sat on the edge of his bed. She was going to take hers back to the cold concrete, but he took both plates from her.


She sat, holding her hands out for the plate. He didn’t give it to her.

“Hungry?” he asked.

“Oh, come on, Jake. You took my clothes. You don’t let me sit on the sofa. You slap me and spank me. What the hell else do you want? You’re going to starve me too?”

He dumped her eggs on the floor. “Eat.”

Her jaw dropped. “Fuck you.”

That was not the right response. He grabbed the back of her head and pushed her down, shoving her face into the moist eggs. “Fucking eat, bitch!” He slapped her ass hard to motivate her.

Sarah tried not to cry as she began eating the eggs off the disgusting floor. There were crunchy pieces of dirt grinding in her teeth. She had to swallow hard, suppressing her gag reflex. Jake was standing over her the whole time, watching her eat. When she stopped, he put his foot on her neck, pushing her down.

“Eat! Fucking do it!”

Now, she was crying. He made her eat every last bit of it, not one scrap of yellow left against the black floor. Her reward was another slap on her bare ass, but his hand lingered. He started to stroke in a circle as he kneeled down beside her. She felt his fingers brush over her sensitive pussy lips.


“You know, Sarah, I’m starting to have some un-brotherly thoughts about you, running around naked all the time.”

“Then let me dress. Please don’t touch me like that.”

“Like this?” He rammed two fingers into her cunt without warning. She cringed and moved forward.


He wasn’t done. He bent his thumb to her little asshole and pushed it in without so much as a drop of lubricant. She cried out as he penetrated her ass, squirming and trying to get away. Then he started to rub his fingers inside her cunt.

“Stop it, Jake! Isn’t it enough to humiliate me, you have to touch me too?”

Jake grabbed her head with his other hand, turning her face to him as his fingers kept wiggling inside her asshole and pussy.

“If I raped you, Sarah, do you think you’d open the door?”

“Oh, god, no, Jake, please. Not that. You can’t do that. For god’s sake, I’ve already lost all respect for you, but at least if you get clean, maybe I can forgive you, one day, but not if you rape me.”

“Do you think you’d open the door?” he repeated.

“Please, Jake, don’t.”

He took the phone out of his pocket, placing it on the ground in front of Sarah’s face. Then he pulled his fingers out of her ass and pussy, standing up.

“Tell Rachel to bring me cigarettes within the hour, or I will rape you.”

He lied in his bed, relaxing, flipping open a dirty magazine. Sarah was shaking as she stood up, taking the phone to the other side of the basement, punching in the code to dial her sister.


“Rachel, I need a favor.”

“Sarah, there you are. Are you done? Can I open it? Hasn’t this gone on long enough? What’s he doing to you?”

“Just listen. He said he’d…hurt me if you don’t bring him cigarettes. I need you to bring me some, soon, in an hour, or it’ll get bad.”

“Sarah, just give it up.”

“No, please, I’m so close. Just six more days. His withdrawals, I think they’re getting better too. Just bring the cigarettes. Please?”

Rachel sighed. “Fine, an hour.”



“Fifty-eight minutes. Don’t be even a second late. Please.”


The time crawled. Sarah tried to keep out of Jake’s eye line, but every time she looked up from the floor, he was staring at her, smirking, like he wanted an excuse to rape her. She was shivering, so scared her sister was going to be late and her brother was going to fuck her, actually fuck her. She knew he wasn’t bluffing. He didn’t care anymore. Hell, he wanted to do it.

“So, how do you want it?” Jake said casually, looking at her from the bed. “Missionary, doggy, cowgirl, what?”

“Jake, that’s not funny. I’m your sister. Doesn’t that mean anything?”

“I think doggy, since I’ll probably have to hold you down.”

“Jake, stop. Look, okay, I’m just trying to help you. It’s bad enough you’ve done this much to me. Don’t ruin whatever relationship we have left.”

“Have you ever put your dildo up your ass?”

“Wh, what?” Sarah said. “No, of course not.”

“Hmm. Well, maybe I’ll break your ass in first.”


“You know, my cock was a little weak when I was on the shit, but now, I think I’m ready to fuck like a rock star again. It’s all thanks you to, sis.”

“That’s not funny.”

“Do you hear me laughing?”

Thankfully, it only took 45 minutes for Rachel to arrive. She knocked on the door. Sarah climbed off the floor and ascended the stairs. Jake just grinned, his eyes on her naked body as he followed.

Sarah collected the cigarettes as Rachel slid them under the door one by one. Jake was standing over her. He snatched one up, lighting it and taking a drag. Sarah looked up at him, swallowing, nervous.


He looked down at her and then glanced at the door. “Rachel?”

“What?” she said from the other side.

“Are these menthol?”

“I don’t know. I don’t smoke.”

“I like menthol.”

“Well, fuck you, Jake.”

Jake grinned, looking down at Sarah, taking another drag. Then with the cigarette between his lips, he took his t-shirt and lifted it over his head, tossing it down the stairs, leaving him bare-chested. Then he unbuckled his belt.

“Oh, no, Jake, please,” Sarah said, pressing her back up against the door. “Please don’t…”

He chuckled as he unbuttoned his pants and unzipped his fly.

“What’s happening?” Rachel asked.

“Oh, god, Jake, please!” Sarah said.

“Sarah?” Rachel said. “What’s going on? Should I open the door?”

Jake was laughing. “Rachel, hold off on that. Give us an hour.”

“Why? What’s happening? Sarah?”

Sarah was watching as Jake pushed his pants down. He wasn’t wearing any underwear. His long cock flopped out, already half hard. He stepped out of his pants, kicking them down the steps.

Sarah shook her head, gulping, more terrified of her brother than ever. With her back pressed up against the door, she pinned her legs closed as she sat on the step, putting her hand between them, trying to cover her pussy, her arm trying to shield her aching nipples.

“Don’t open the door, Rachel!” Sarah said. “Just leave! Go! I don’t want you to hear this!”

“Why, what’s he doing?”

“Tell her,” Jake said, taking his cock in his hand, stroking it a few times. It grew larger and larger in his palm.

“No, I won’t,” Sarah said. “Just leave, Rachel, please!”

Jake grabbed Sarah’s hair, pulling her up and spinning her around. He shoved her face into the top step, right at the crack of the door. Sarah could see her sister’s feet on the other side, but Jake was behind her. Her ass and pussy were on full display to him. She could feel the head of his cock touch her thigh.

“Oh, god,” she whispered. “Jake, don’t do it. You’re not going to do this. You’re not.”

“Tell her what I’m about to do,” Jake said. “Tell her.”

Sarah closed her eyes. “You’re bluffing. You won’t.”

“Tell her to open that door or I’ll fucking do it.”

“Sarah? What’s he going to do? Okay, that’s it. I’m opening the door.”

“No! Don’t!” Sarah said. “He’s bluffing. He is. He…oh, my god!”

She felt the head of his penis touch her pussy. He slapped between her legs with it, tapping her perineum.

“Jake, please! This isn’t you. You’d never do this to me.”

“Do what?” Rachel shouted.

“I’m going to fuck her,” Jake called through the door. “Tell her, Sarah!”

Sarah pinched her eyes shut. “I’m naked, and he’s standing behind me. He’s going to do it if you don’t open the door.”

“Oh my god, Jake. What the hell is wrong with you? Just leave her alone, okay? I’m opening it.”

“No!” Sarah said, looking back at Jake. “Don’t open that door. Fuck him. If he has to fuck his own sister to realize he’s hit rock bottom, then he can fuck me. But you know what? I know my brother, and I know he won’t ever, ever do it. I know you won’t.”

She turned her head back, looking at that crack in the door. She heard the stair creak, and she thought Jake was going to back down, but she lost her breath when his cock rammed into her pussy, tearing through her, his shaft stiff and spreading her open.

She cried out, reaching back, trying to push him away, but he grabbed her arms, bending them up her back, forcing her face down into the top step, her eye looking on her sister’s feet.

“Oh god!”


“Uuhhn!’ she cried as Jake withdrew and shoved forward, burying his cock deeper into her cunt. “No! God please help me!”

“Sarah, what’s he doing?” Rachel asked in a panic.

“He’s….he’s fucking me!” Sarah cried as Jake withdrew and plowed into her again, shoving her whole face into the bottom of the door. “Oh, god, he’s fucking me! Nnnuh!”

“Oh my god,” Rachel whispered. “Jake, how could you?”

“Just open the door,” Jake said calmly. “Fuck… I’ll stop the minute you open it.”

“No,” Sarah said, whimpering as Jake plowed hard into her cunt. “No. It’s too late. It’s too late. Just let him…unnnh, fuck me! Oh, god! Not so hard, please, god, Jake!”

“Open the fucking door or I’ll fuck her every day she’s down here!” Jake shouted, picking up the pace of his thrusting, ramming into his little sister’s delicate cunt. “I’ll fuck her in the ass, in the mouth, in her cunt. I’ll fucking torture her pussy! Open the fucking door, Rachel.”

“Don’t do it, Rachel,” Sarah cried. “Oh, god. Oh god.”

“Jesus,” Rachel said. “I can’t believe this.”

“Open the door, Rachel, or I’ll fuck you when I get out!” Jake roared, plowing into Sarah, making her cry out. “Open it!”

“Just go, Rachel, please! God, please go!”

Sarah heard Rachel run off, but it did not stop Jake. He grabbed her by the neck, lifting her up so her back was up against his chest, all while his cock was buried deep in her sweet little cunt.

“You like how that feels, dyke?”

“You bastard,” she whispered.

“Mmm,” he grunted, grinding his cock deep inside her. “You’re the onw who’ll have a bastard in your belly.” He held her neck straight as he kissed her cheek from the side. His other hand wrapped around her body, running over her tummy, up to her breast. She squeaked when he tugged on her nipples. They were still sore from the belt. “Like that?”


“Uh huh,” he said, picking a rhythm, sliding his cock in and out of her pussy.

Sarah groaned, closing her eyes, just taking it. “Oh, god. Oh, god.”

“Yeah, you like it. Your dyke bitch can’t compare to this, can she?”

“You’re a fucking monster,” she said, swallowing. “You’re fucking your sister and you don’t even care.”

“Nope,” he said, crushing her nipple in his hand as he started to bang into her pussy.

Sarah was crying out in pain and pleasure. She was not used to this type of vigorous thrusting with her dildo. No, she was used to slowly sliding it in and out. Jake was an animal. He let go of her nipple, only to reach down and rub her clit as his cock penetrated her.

“Say you fucking love it, whore. Admit you’re a whore for your brother’s cock.”

“Fuck you, you pig,” she said, turning her head. She tried to spit on him, but the angle was too sharp. “Go to hell.”

“You’re in hell now, bitch. Your pussy is mine.”

Jake shoved her face back down into the step, holding her down with his hands on her back, and started humping into her, driving his cock deep inside. Sarah’s knees were shaking against the wooden staircase as her brother plowed into her. She was screaming and moaning into the wood. She flat out refused to acknowledge any pleasure in this, despite her watering pussy and tingling clit.

“I’m gonna give you one last chance,” Jake said. “Give me that code, or I’m going to cum in your pussy.”

“No, you can’t! I’ll get pregnant!”

“Yeah, let’s see if you want to run off to Planned Parenthood tomorrow. That’ll get you to open the door! Haha!”

“Jake, please! You’ll ruin my life!”

“Fuck, I can’t hold it!”

“No,” Sarah cried. She felt the wet spurt of cum inside her pussy and whimpered, closing her eyes. Jake was moaning and grunting as he emptied his balls into her cunt, thrusting like a mad man to push his fat cock deeper and deeper inside her as he climaxed.

“Yessss!” he hissed.

Finally, he pulled out, and it was over. Or so she thought. He grabbed her head and yanked her around. She saw his cock flying toward her face. He held it in his hand, tugging on it in long strokes. She closed her eyes and felt his mushroom head touching her mouth, prodding her lips.

“Suck it,” he said. “Suck it.”

“No, please,” she begged.

He laughed, forcing it into her mouth. She gagged, tasting a man’s cum for the first time. It was so gross, salty, smelly, and thick. She wanted to vomit. His cock was sliding along her tongue, punching the back of her throat. She could do nothing but give him what he wanted. She closed her mouth and sucked and licked, swallowing the gross cum just to get the taste out of her mouth.

“Yes, that’s a good little whore sister,” Jake said. “You fucking piece of trash. I own your cunt now. I am going to rape you every day you’re down here. Hell, even after I get out, I’m going to start fucking you. What do you think of that?”

She shook her head, keeping his cock in her mouth. She dare not take it out. Jake just laughed and laughed and laughed.

—Day 10—

Sarah woke up to her hair getting pulled, her head lifted up to Jake’s crotch. She didn’t even have a chance to open her eyes before his cock was in her mouth. She immediately closed her lips, licking the underside of his shaft, pushing her head up and down as his cock grew harder and harder.

“Good morning, whore,” Jake said.

Sarah had started sleeping at the foot of Jake’s bed. She was on sucking duty, a job that he warned her if she ever failed, would graduate her to anal-sex duty. At least he had not fucked her pussy again. The best she could do was just obey him until the two weeks were up, and hope that blowjobs were enough to keep his cock out of her.

“I like waking up like this,” Jake said, stroking the back of her head, pushing her throat down on his cock.

Sarah gagged, struggling to pull back enough to breathe, but Jake held her head down. His other hand pinched her nose shut, and she fought to breathe, all while Jake laughed.

“Fuck, yes, scream with that cock in your throat. You’re a great fucking sister.”

Sarah was starting to panic. She had never been very good at holding her breath. She felt like she was going to black out, maybe even suffocate. She grabbed Jake’s balls in her hand, desperately crushing them.

“Ah, you bitch!”

He ripped her mouth off his cock, slapping her hand away from his balls. Sarah was gasping, trying to catch her breath. Jake shoved her on her back. He was on top of her in an instant, crawling between her legs.

“No, wait, I’m sorry! I couldn’t breathe!”

Jake grabbed her neck, holding her down, strangling her. “Can you breathe now, cunt?”

Sarah was struggling, kicking her legs as she wrestled with his unmovable grip. She felt the head of his cock touching her cunt and she knew he was going to fuck her again. She closed her eyes, feeling his long shaft penetrating her pussy, her hole opening up to take his girth.

“Fuck, you feel good,” Jake said. He was leaning all his weight down on his one hand, crushing her neck while forcing his cock inside her little hole. Her eyes were fluttering, but he didn’t even notice. He started sliding his cock in and out of her pussy. “You’re a little dry, bitch. Give me some spit.”

He pulled his hand away from her throat, and she gasped for air. His fingers rammed into her mouth, rubbing all over her tongue. She gagged and he pulled his hand away, only to rub the shaft of his cock with her saliva.

He quickly pushed back in, ramming his dick hard and deep into her cunt. Sarah was coughing and groaning, holding her tummy. “Not, not so, so deep, please.”

“Shut the fuck up, whore!” he said, slapping her across the face. “You’re mine to use. You want it in the ass?”

“No, no, not there.”

“Then be quiet,” he said, pumping harder and faster in and out of her cunt.

Sarah lay there motionless, trying not to cry as she looked down at her brother’s big cock slipping in and out of her cunt. She felt less than human, like an animal he was fucking in a barn. All she could do was moo in protest, but no one cared.

“I hate you so much,” she whispered.

“Hmm? What are you talking about? You can leave anytime. You know what your problem is?” He leaned down over her, putting his hand on her jaw. She cringed, thinking he was going to slap her again, but he simply stroked her cheek, all while his cock slid in and out of her in rhythm. “Your problem is you fucking like it. You’ve had enough tongue to last you a lifetime. Now you want a real, live cock. That’s why you really came down here, isn’t it, to keep my dick happy while you cleaned me up? You’re such a good sister.”

“Fuck you, you animal.”

“Mmm, no you’re the animal, whore. I fucking own you.”

He put his hand over her mouth, letting her breathe through her nose as he started to pound his cock harder and longer into her pussy. She took it without a word, trying to slow him as best she could with her hands.

“Fuck, are you ready for some more cum, baby?”

She glared at him with his hand over her mouth. She did not know what she was going to do if she got pregnant…from her own brother of all people. All she could think of was to get an abortion, like her sister had done. She knew that was the price she was going to have pay down the road. It just disgusted her to think her brother would’ve been the father.

Jake groaned as his cock started to spew hot cum inside her pussy, filling her up. She closed her eyes, praying somehow all that sperm would not find her womb. He pulled his cock out, all slimy and gross. He rolled over, sighing. He immediately grabbed her head and forced her down. She obediently opened her mouth, taking his disgusting cock in. She hated how cum tasted but swallowed it anyway, sucking on it like a straw, pulling sperm out from deep inside his balls.

“That’s a good cum bucket,” Jake said. He walloped her ass with his hand.

“Ow!” she said, pulling her mouth off his cock.

“Go make me breakfast, cunt.”

She frowned but climbed out of bed, obeying her brother. She prepared scrambled eggs and put them on a plate, enough for two, if he would be willing to share. He hadn’t given her much to eat over the last couple of days. She brought the eggs back with her head down, sitting on the bed beside him.

“Your eggs.”

He sat up, taking a fork and sampling them. “Are you hungry?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Want a bite?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Come sit in front of me, spread your legs.”


“Don’t ask me why. Fucking obey or I’ll spread them myself.”

Sarah meekly sat in front of him, putting her legs on either side of his, spreading them nice and wide, her pussy gaping, his cum dripping out. He put his hand down between her legs and pushed two fingers into her pussy. She bit her lower lip as he wiggled them around. When he pulled out, they were both coated in cum. He picked up the eggs with his slimy fingers, rolling them in his palm.


“Jake, please. I’m not a dog. I’m not going to eat out of your hand.”

“Eat or starve, bitch. We still have four days in this fucking basement.”

Sarah leaned forward, keeping her legs spread open as she dipped down and ate out of Jake’s palm, using her tongue to scoop up the eggs. She didn’t even care about the taste of cum on his fingers anymore; she was so hungry. She licked his palm clean, even between his fingers before looking up at him.

“More please?”

“I guess you’ve earned it,” he said. He put his hand between her legs again, once again dipping his fingers into her slimy snatch, picked up the eggs, and she ate from his palm like a dog, even sucking his fingers until there was nothing left.

“Good?” he said.

“Yes, sir,” she said.

He chuckled. “Well, that’s how you’ll eat from now on, like a fucking dog.”

—Day 12—

Jake was standing outside the tub, his arms folded, watching Sarah bathe. She was shivering, freezing under cold water. Jake wouldn’t let her use the hot water.

“I’m cl-clean. C-can I get out now?”

“Your ass, you didn’t clean it enough. Stick your finger inside.”

“Th-this is sick, Jake. M-my butt is clean.”

“Do it.”

Sarah was humiliated as she bent over, reaching around and pushing her soapy finger inside her butt, moving it in and out as the water cascaded down her back. She didn’t like how it felt having her finger inside her butt. It felt dirty and gross. She quickly took it out.

“A-am I done?” she said, her teeth chattering.

“No, deeper!” he barked. “I want to see your fingers pushing in and out of that asshole! Scrub inside!”

“No, Jake,” she said, standing up. “I-I’m clean.”

He took a step forward, unfolded his arms. Sarah cringed, her back up against the wall.

“O-okay, I’ll do it. I-I just, just don’t understand why.”

“Do it,” he said.

Sarah bent over again, squaring her feet so she didn’t slip. She spread her ass cheeks open with one hand and used the other to rub some soap against her little asshole. She slipped her middle finger in with ease, squirming in discomfort, but she did as she was told, rubbing her finger around inside her butt, pumping it in and out. She wondered how long she would have to do this.

“Put in two fingers,” Jake directed.


“Don’t fucking take that tone with me or I’ll do it myself!”

“Okay, okay, just don’t yell at me,” she said.

She added some extra soap to her hand and reached back, sliding her index and middle finger inside her ass. She did not like how that felt at all. She was pinching her eyes shut as she rubbed the soap in and out, getting a thrusting rhythm going.

“Pl-please, Jake, I’m freezing. I’m going to c-catch a cold.”

“Fine, get out,” Jake said.

Sarah pulled her fingers out of her butt and quickly turned off the cold water, jumping out of the shower, standing barefoot on the concrete floor, holding herself as she stood there naked and cold and dripping wet. Her nipples were rocks, standing straight up. She felt numb from the neck down.

“Please, a towel? I’m so cold.”

“No towel,” he said.

“J-Jake, I could get really sick.”

He grinned. “You’d probably have to call 911, huh?”

“You wouldn’t…”

He just stared at her for a moment. “All right, come here.”

He put his arm around her shoulder, more tender than she expected from him, and walked her over to the bed. He opened the covers and let her get in. Usually, he made her sleep on top of the covers, at the foot of the bed, like a dog. Maybe he was finally getting better, becoming Jake again. Then he took off his clothes. Sarah watched with big eyes as his t-shirt came off, followed by his jeans, leaving him naked, his long cock in full view. Then he climbed in bed after her.

“G-gonna fuck me again?” she said, shaking beside him. She was used to it by now, but this time, she may not have minded, if only to share body warmth while he had his way with her.

“Soon,” he said, opening his arm to her. “Get warm first.”

She didn’t argue. She just cuddled right up next to him.

“Fuck, you’re freezing.”

“Th-that’s what happens when you take a cold shower in a freezing basement, you jerk.”

Jake chuckled as if she had made a joke, but she was in agony, her nipples so stiff and hard she couldn’t feel them pressed up against his ribcage. She put her leg between his legs.

“Careful, you’re freezing my dick off.”

Sarah put her face on his chest, holding him tight as she tried to warm up. “Th-thanks.”

“Rub my cock,” he directed.

“Just let me get warm first.”

“Rub my cock, bitch. It wasn’t a request.”

Sarah wrapped her cold hand around Jake’s long cock. She could tell she was making him cold too, but she gently began stroking up and down.

“That’s better,” Jake said. “I’d make you suck it, but you’d probably bite it off with those chattering teeth.”

“I probably would,” Sarah said, exhaling. She was getting warmer now, and with Jake being uncharacteristically nice, she thought she would try to smooth over their fucked up relationship. “Jake, I hope you’re not mad at me for locking you down here. You know I just did it because I love you.”

“Yeah, whatever.”

“And, you know, maybe I could forgive you for what you’ve done to me, if you promise to stay clean.”

He laughed. “What did I do to you? I just treated you like the whore you are.”

“I’m not a whore.”

“You are now. You’re my fucking whore.”

“I am not,” she said, slowing her stroking. “I’m your sister, and once your head is on straight, you’re going to regret raping me.”

“My head is on straight. Stroke that cock, and if you slow down again, I’ll fucking slap your ass until you shit blood.”

Sarah looked down and returned to stroking her brother’s cock. He was so cruel to her, not how he used to be, not like when they were growing up.

“You know, Sarah,” Jake said. “I’m going to keep fucking you even when I get out of here.”

“What?” she said, looking up again. “Jake, you can’t.”

“You’re my property now. I’ll fucking use you all I want.”

“I won’t let you.”

“How are you going to stop me?”

“Jake, maybe I can chalk all this up to desperation, but it’s sick and wrong and gross. You’re using my body. I’m not a whore. And I’m certainly not my brother’s whore.”

“Oh, but you are. Maybe I’ll even pimp you out for some cash. I’ve got a habit to support.”

“Fuck you,” she said, taking her hand off his cock, sitting up defiantly.

“What a good idea,” he said, smirking as he climbed up to his knees, looking down at her. He got off the bed, taking a coil of rope out of a crate in the corner. “You know what this is for?”

She shook her head.

“Turn around, get on all fours.”


“Yes,” he said.

“No,” she repeated.

“Oh, yes,” he said again.

“No, Jake, I mean it. You’re not tying me up.”

“I’m going to count to five, and then I’m going to get my belt and count to fifty. One. Two. Three…”

Sarah got down on all fours as quickly as she could. Fine, if he wanted to tie her up and fuck her, let him. It’s not as if she hadn’t been degraded enough, and it’s not as if she could stop him from raping her whenever he wanted anyway.

Jake came around behind her, taking her wrist. She thought he was just going to tie her hands together. Instead, he pulled her arm down and began tying her wrists to her ankles.


He slapped her ass, hard. “Shut up.”

Sarah’s face was stuck in the mattress as her ass stuck high in the air. She tried to keep her legs together, but he grabbed her thighs, pinching her flesh. She opened them. Then his fingers began to rub along her slit. She supposed it was time to get fucked again. She just hoped he untied her when he was done. Then he wrapped the rope around her neck, tying it to the headboard. He took up the slack, and she was forced to balance precariously on her knees.

“Jake! I can’t breathe! Take this off!”

She turned her head just enough to watch him, strutting around naked in the basement, his cock slapping his thighs. She was very confused. Why had he not just started fucking her yet? He came back a moment later, carrying three mousetraps in his hand.

“What are those for?” she asked hoarsely.

He smirked at her, opening the first one with his thumb.

“No!” Sarah cried. “Please don’t, Jake!”

She started to struggle but there was nowhere to go with her wrists tied to her ankles and her neck in the rope. She could do nothing but whine and beg as Jake eased the cold metal clamp down on her nipple. It stung like fire.

“Take it off! Please take it off! God it hurts! Jake, please!”

“One more,” he said, easing the second mousetrap down on her other nipple. She was shaking her chest from side to side, but all it did was swing the little mousetraps on her nipples, tugging and pinching them.

“Oh, god! Fuck fuck fuck!”

“You think that’s bad, wait for this…” He reached down between her legs, his fingers spreading her pussy lips open. Sarah couldn’t look down, but when she felt his fingers pinching her clit, she knew what he was going to do.

“God no! Jake, don’t do it! It hurts so much, I can’t take anymore! Please don’t!”

Jake was laughing as he opened the last mousetrap and eased the clamp down on her clit. He let it go and the wooden piece hung between her legs as she thrashed.

“It’s fucking horrible!” she cried. “Jake, I’m begging, please! Take it off! Take it off!”

The more she struggled, the worse it felt, all three mousetraps swinging and tugging on her sensitive nipples and her poor clit. She felt heat all through her pussy and down her thighs, in her chest and arms, sapping all her strength. Tears were running down her cheeks as she simpered and begged, but Jake simply walked away.

“Please, come back,” she whined.

He stood in front of his dresser, digging around. Sarah continued to cry, but she was adjusting to the pain now, growing numb to it.

“You’re a monster,” she whimpered.

Jake came back with a pencil that had a long needle attached to the head, as well as a bottle of black ink and a lighter. “Got everything I need here… not exactly sanitary, but I did make you wash up.”

“What?” Sarah said, a little delirious from the pain she was going through. “What do you need that stuff for?” Sarah struggled against the rope, but it only made the mousetraps hurt more, and the rope choked her neck and burned her wrists and ankles. Jake climbed on the bed behind her. “Jake, please, let me out, get these things off me! What the hell are you doing?”

“I’m going to tattoo a memory of these two weeks onto your ass.”

“What?” she screamed.

Then she felt the soft touch of a felt-tip marker on her butt, drawing a large heart shape on her left cheek. Inside the heart, he wrote something.

“It says ‘Jake’s Whore,’” Jake said. “Now, whoever you fuck for the rest of your life will know you belong to me.”

“Stop it, Jake, this isn’t funny! You made your point!”

Then he poked her ass with the cold needle. She thrashed, the mousetraps swinging again, sending fresh waves of pain through her cunt and tits. She had had enough.

“I’ll tell you the code!” Sarah cried. “I don’t care anymore! Just let me go!”

“I really have no where else to be at the moment, Sarah.”

“You’re bluffing! You have to be!”

Then Sarah screamed as she felt the hot needle burn into her ass cheek. She struggled against the rope, but there was no slack to get away, and every movement punished her aching body.

“Careful, I’m going outside the lines,” Jake said.

“Stop, please! It’s 5253! 5253!”

“I can wait a couple days. It’ll take time for this to heal anyway…”

Sarah was crying and whimpering as the needle carved a black line into her flesh. She couldn’t believe her brother was doing this, branding her as his property.

“I hate you so much! I fucking hate you!”

Jake suddenly slapped her sore ass, right over the half-finished tattoo. “Don’t be rude, or I’ll do both cheeks.”

“You bastard,” she whimpered, tears running off her nose.

Jake kept digging his needle into her skin, following the outline. The lettering hurt the most, but Sarah could do nothing to stop him.

“This looks great,” Jake said, kneeling behind her. “You’ll love it when you see it. Mmm, Jake’s whore… don’t mind if I do.”

Sarah yelped as she felt his fingers probing her asshole. She struggled again, but the mousetraps on her nipples reminded her that every movement was rewarded with punishment.

“Let me go,” she whimpered.

“Your ass is mine, Sarah. I’m going to fuck you hard. I bet your little lesbian friend never did that.”

“Oh, god, no not there, Jake! Please!”

He shoved his fingers hard into her ass, burying them up to the knuckle. He wiggled them around inside her. “Fuck, this is a tight little hole.” Then he slapped her tattoo again, making her cry out.

“Goddamn you, Jake! I hope you overdose and die, you fucking monster!”

“Oh, little bitch, if I go, I’ll take you with me. I’ll shove a needle right into your arm with me. You’ll be my little crack whore. How about that?”

He slapped her ass again, but this time he did it with his long, thick cock, right against her sore tattoo. She cringed as she felt the head of his dick start to probe along her ass crack. A wet glob of spit dripped down her over her hole. The head of his cock started to push against her. She pinched her eyes shut tight as she felt his long, fat cock start to spread her butthole open. She couldn’t even feel the mousetraps anymore.

“God!” she screamed. “Ow, god!”

She tried to keep her head up so the rope wouldn’t strangle her, but the pain of her asshole being invaded by this gigantic cock was far too much for her to bear. She screamed as his shaft disappeared deeper and deeper into her ass. Jake was groaning in pleasure, telling her how perfect her asshole was, but all she could do was cry, her neck sagging against the rope, taking her air.

This is the sequel to “Penance Day Prologue”, and “Siesta for two?”. Feel free to read those first or directly go into the story. And please do leave me your comments.


“So, what do you want me to do?”

I just stepped out of the shower, naked, my dick still half hard and I look expectantly at my wife.

“I told you, nothing special. Just you wait and see how the day develops. You could start by getting dressed. Put on the red posing slip and your bubble butt jeans.”

Ahhh, the red posing slip, legend among her friends, the ultimate show-off underwear for him.

It is a fire red wet-look slip. The front is cut like a pouch and makes even small dicks look good. Big ones look just amazing, especially when half hard as mine is now.

The sides are cut very high, and the back covers your crack but not even half of your cheeks.

In short, they make an average man look like a stud, somebody fit and hung looks like an ancient fertility god.

During a hike with friends in France, we came to a lake. As none had any swimsuit with them, I suggested to swim naked.

Obviously, they refused and we swam in our underwear. Since then, my posing slip (and its content) is a legend among my wife’s friends.

I reach into the shelf, put on the red posing slip, then search for the jeans.

“They must be in the laundry.”

“In the garage, with the washed and ironed stuff.”

I walk away tightening my butt muscles and can feel her eyes fondling my asset while I walk up the stairs.

The sun is shining brightly through the large panorama windows, it feels good on my skin. I can feel my half hard dick and nut sack move in my pouch, hmmm, pleasant feeling.

“Good morning, Mister Alex.”

Arghh, Friday morning, I totally forgot Gorzata, our cleaning woman. She is at the end of the long corridor that leads to the garage, in a niche where the iron board stands.

I have to get past her, half naked. No, worse, more than naked, because the slip shows off all my goods very favorably.

I try to act cool, mumble,

“Hi there!”

She stares straight at my hardening dick, the bulging pouch. I force myself to walk down the corridor, speed up a little to get to the garage and out of her eyes, while her insolent eyes fondle my heavy balls and my stiffening rod.

Blushing, I brush past her, reach the door to the garage and close it behind me.

Anja must have set me up! She knows I always forget when Gorzata comes and used this to make me walk down the hallway worse than naked in front of her. Ahh, the bitch!

The bubble butt jeans is draped tidily over the edge of a washing crate. A normal pair of Levi’s, they make my bum look particularly round and muscled, they are one of Anja’s favorites in my cupboard.

I am fuming, but also strangely excited by this situation.

“So you think you are clever! But wait, two can play this game. You want me to strut my stuff in front of our cleaning woman? You think I am embarrassed? Watch me do it!”

I slowly contract my sphincter muscle, and release again, contract and release, squeezing hard thereby pumping blood in my dick.

The weirdness of the situation helps and in seconds, I have a raging hardon that stretches the thin material of the slip to its bursting point.

I take the jeans, drape it over my arm, open the door into the corridor and walk towards Gorzata again, my dick now fully erect under the straining material very, very visible.

She turns around, her eyes glide down my body and widen slightly.

“Gotcha!” I think and walk on, feeling the blood rush through my veins, my dick pumping and jumping.

Then I hear her say: “Mister Alex?”

Ah, she wants to play… Never one to hide from a challenge, I decide to play along …

I turn around, making a show of it, slowly, giving her time to watch as my big hardon comes into view.


I look at her, manage a little grin.

“Could I have a cup of coffee, please? Thanks.”

I am speechless, the cleaning woman asks for a coffee?

My superior grin crumbles and disappears entirely when she adds,

“Ah, yes: Mutabor.”

She dismisses me with a negligent little gesture of her hand.

My head spins while I trundle away to the kitchen, and all along the corridor, I can feel her eyes fondling my ass cheeks.

When I get to the kitchen, my monster erection diminished to a slightly swollen after-sex hanger, Anja is already there.

Looking me up and down she says,

“I knew you would not resist the temptation to show off. Coffee is ready, go bring her a cup.”

The bitch, this was planned all along. I turn to the coffee machine.

While I pour the coffee, I her a loud smack and a stinging pain sets my left ass cheek on fire.

I nearly drop the coffee jar when spinning around. Anja smiles broadly, holding up a long flat metal pan scraper, waving it around.

“I have to make sure you do not have too much fun, don’t I. Shall we make both sides look the same?” She waves the scraper ominously.

“No no, I’ll go quickly bring the coffee.”

I hastily leave the kitchen with the coffee in hand. In the corridor, I look over my shoulder and see my ass in the mirror, crimson red marks in the shape of the scraper …

More embarrassed than ever, I bring the coffee to Gorzata.

She gives me an appreciating nod, but without any comment. I turn around, try to get away, but I can feel her eyes on my stinging ass cheek, her burning eyes tracing the contours of the pan scraper on my ass … and suddenly Anja stands in front of me.



“I’ll take Alex down to the bedroom for a minute to make sure you can work in peace and are no longer molested by him, ok?”

“Ok, Mrs Anja.”

“What are you doing? You can’t ….. ”

“Shhhhhht,” she says “or I use the ‘M word’. Come on, bedroom, now!”

I precede her down the stairs but see that she leaves the door open … What the hell is she up to?

“Kneel on the bed!”

I climb on the bed, get on all fours and she steps behind me.

“Will you be a good boy?”

“Shht, Gorzata will hear you.”

Smack! The burning sensation again, she has brought down the scraper hard on my other ass cheek.

“Ouch, dammit, Anja!”

She steps around the bed, scraper in hand and hisses at me “Listen up, I’ll say this once: Mutabor, and you obey, no buts, no bullshit. Clear?”

I mumble something, impressed by her fury.

“What did you say?”


“Ouch, yes ok, ok, I heard you.”

“That’s better, big boy.” she purrs with her best pussycat voice, “You will enjoy, promised.”

She lets her hands trail all over my body, my hips, legs, then suddenly over my ass checks, slaps lightly the red marks.

I hiss through my teeth.

“Ahh, you felt that. I like it when you express your feelings.”

She plays on with me, her hand sliding over my belly and disappearing in the pouch.

Impatiently, she pushes it down, ripping it in the process, my dick and sack now bumble between my legs. She slightly slaps my sack, then grips my cock, lays her hand around its stiffening heat, slowly stroking it to its former stiffness and size.

Her other hand forms a ring around my nut sack, squeezing it slightly, stretching it, once, twice… I moan with pain.

“Come on, let us hear that.”

She stretches it again, harder. I moan louder.

“I want to hear you!”

She wanks me very fast, very roughly. I moan some more.

“That’s good, let it go, moan for me, my hunky little dirt bag, moan for me.”

While she milks my rock hard cock, she squeezes my nut sack again, making me moan and howl at once. Feeling her let go of my balls, I sigh a sigh of relief, her hand on my dick now a flash, racing up and down, pumping like an engine. Her other hand steals itself up between my thighs, I feel her thumb rubbing against my ass.

“Come on, let me hear you, big boy” she whispers in my ear. I breathe heavily, wheezing, moaning as her hand wanks my big dick, squeezing it, pumping up my life juice.

I feel my sack tightening, my dick begins to twitch.

“Ahh, that’s a good boy, come now, loud and hard” she pumps my dick even faster and then presses her thumb hard against my asshole, her finger tip scraping past my ring muscle …..

I scream, shudder and spew a huge load, a ropey squirt of semen on the bed, moaning, trembling while I try to get away from her probing thumb.

While I still am in the last spasms of the big O, she carelessly drops my dick and walks away.

At the stairs, she turns around “Siesta day’s not over yet” and disappears above.

While I slowly try to get up from all fours, I hear them chat,

“Ahh, men! Always moaning. You press the wrong buttons and all hell breaks loose.”

Oh god, Gorzata has heard my moaning and screaming and knows what just happened.

I hear her reply with her heavy Eastern accent,

“You just have to know how to handle them though, and you can have years of pleasure.”

I am not sure I like the way they both start laughing ….


Continued under “Penance Day: Two” If you cannot find it, click at the top of the story on my username which should be underlined and highlighted in blue; this takes you to my user page, where you find all my stories

It had been a month since I had seen my sub. We had dated for a couple of months, touched on him submitting. He always claimed to want it, but rebuked when it came down to game time. The time away had opened our eyes, both or our eyes. I seen him for the true pain slut he is. Me for the desire to control, push limits, mentally break brains.

With this one it was sweet, he is so vulnerable. Almost to the point of naive. Giving me maybe too much power, too much control.

When he was dismissed before, my mind stayed on my Texan. Waiting long enough to give him time to fully ache for my touch, I pined for him. Until the time I could truly possess his body. I missed that rock hard body, quivering underneath mine. Could still see him kneeling between my legs, looking up at me after a hard orgasm. Could almost feel his tongue on me, hands roaming over me. The feel of his large erection inside of me, finally drove me to contact him. I missed my willing bitch.

I got ready in front of the large vanity. Curling my long tresses around my face. Letting it fall over my shoulder, down my back. The red in the locks, popping the green in my eyes. Applying gloss to my lips, puckering them to my reflection. Dark green eyes shadow, fading to ice color at the edges. Circled in black eyeliner and mascara. Dark green silk kimono, black panties underneath.

Getting up from the chair I go to the bedroom, spritzing my scent in the air. Repeating this throughout the house, lighting candles in the living room. A few more in the hallway and bedroom.

Picking a few belts out of the closet, setting them aside in a bag. Placing assorted toys and tools inside for the night ahead. Slamming back a couple shots of vodka and smoking a J. Getting relaxed, in the mind set to play. I knew that he needed true pain to get off. He requires what I normally would not care to admit I would enjoy, something so rough. That is the great thing with this one, true deep dark secrets can be realized. So open is his mind, you could almost think of him as a guinea pig. Willing to let me do anything, fully trusting in me.

I await his arrival on the couch sipping another vodka neat. Fingers touching my already engorged clit. Phone conversations had drove me wild the last week. Plans not coming together for awhile after our contact, my core was dying for some attention. Already weeping juices aiding to my fingers slow strokes. Just one finger dipping inside to feel the heated walls, tightening around the slim finger.

I hear him walk across the porch, boots scuffing the wooden porch. Knocking gently twice, I call him in.

He walks in, beautiful and delicious as always. Tight shorts over his firm ass and thighs. Cutoff T-shirt showing off tan muscled arms. Coming towards me I stop him with my voice.

“Stop there stud, strip now bitch. I have no need for your clothes tonight.”

I watch his eyes widen as he watches my hand fuck myself. Another look sends his hands reeling in to action. Clothes coming off quickly, pink panties last to crumple to the ground. The ones he was told to wear. I wanted him to feel the soft satin against his skin the long drive up.

“On your knees, crawl to me. Take your place between my legs.”

Dropping to the ground crawling to me, eyes never leaving mine. He doesn’t stop till his mouth is inches from my mound. I could feel his hot damp breath on my pussy, inches from me driving me crazy.

“Lick me now, please your Mistress boy.”

His tongue delving in quickly, lapping up my sweet nectar. A low moan escaping his throat, vibrating against me. I grab the back of his head, pressing him hard against my clit. Telling him to insert his tongue deeper in my hole. Riding his tongue to orgasms, spasming in his mouth. Crying out I push him off of me.

“Now get back, middle of the room. Face the bedroom door.”

Waiting for him to do so, I stand up. Walking in to the kitchen pouring cold water in to a small ceramic bowl. Dropping several pieces of ice in to the cool water, water line half an inch from the top.

Back in the living room, he is now in place. Looking straight ahead towards the wall, I can see his body slightly shivering.

“Are you nervous boy? This is what you have been asking for all these months.”


A smile at his tone of voice, very soft. I lightly trace my finger nails over his flesh. Trailing up his thighs, buttocks and back. Kneeling in front of his head, I wrap the lace around his eyes. Tying it securely behind his head.

“Good boy, can you see?”

“No, Ma’am.”

Standing back up, I go to the couch. Lighting a cigarette drawing in a breath, I watch his body still shivering. Finishing my cigarette, not saying a word. Wanting him to sit and stew, anticipate.

His experience was supposedly vast in this game. Boasted of hour long sessions, chastity belts, whips, gags. He always did have the affinity for leather and toys, props. My style being more simplistic, I was interested to see how he would handle the differences. How he would adapt.

I walk back up behind him. Swinging back, I hit his ass cheek, very hard. His body rocks forward with my contact.

“Do not move bitch, I do not use ropes. You will have to learn to control your urge to move.”

Coming down hard on the other cheek, leaving two identical marks on each. I trail the raised edges of the print with my fingers, completing both. Pushing on his lower back, he ass rising higher in the air. I retrieve my bag, silver bullet quickly being pressed in his ass hole dry. Other hand on his shoulder blade, pulling him back on it until he was fully penetrated. Turning the power on low, he moans with the vibration. Taking the a larger dildo, I press it through his tight anal ring, penetrating several more inches. Pushing the bullet deeper inside of him. Withdrawing rapidly, a cry escapes his lips.

Letting him enjoy the toy for a moment, I rifle in the bag for my belts. Pulling out two, one with thick leather and wide metal buckles connecting the lengths of material. The other a lighten woven style completely covered in very small metal circular studs. Folding them twice in half, greatly increasing their widths and shortening their lengths.

“Are you ready boy?”

“Yes.” His voice cracking with emotion, pleasure.

“Very good boy.”

Starting at the top of his left ass cheek, I spank him hard with my hand. Moving to the right side, red covering both ass cheeks to my liking. Radio up, I watch more than hear his jerking. Grabbing the thick leather belt, I spank him hard on his upper back left thigh. He screams loudly, body almost crumpling in to itself.

I laugh a bit. “I am just getting started, get up now.”

He struggles to get back up on his hands and knees, thigh screaming from my recent lash.

Going back to the kitchen I grab the bowl with now frigid water and ice cubes. I set it in the middle of his back. He arched in response to the freezing bowl on his hot body.

“I suggest you not move boy, you spill this bowl you will be punished instead of pleasured. You Understand?”

“Yes Ma’am.”

His body was shivering worse now. Condensation rolling down his skin as the ice melted above his hot flesh. Groans racking his body as another drop rolled.

Belt in hand, I go behind him once more. Focusing on his ass I swing several times. Lining his ass from top to bottom. The bowl of ice jiggling more violent the lower I got. Belt licking his tender underside of his ass cheek, he bucks. Water splashes over him. He whimpers loudly. Frigid water dripping down his burning red ass.

“What did I tell you? Now you will see why I said so.”

Not waiting for an answer, I strike again on his now wet skin. Water aiding in the sting, blood blister rushing to the top quickly. He jerks hard with contact and splashes more. Skin soaked fully with the cool water, I remove the cold ceramic placing it to the side.

“Now you will regret your inability to control yourself. The water will aid my belt, the leather will soak up the moisture and grow very heavy. I pity you now bitch.”

I hit the same angry mark again and again with the water laden leather. He screams, moans, whimpers. Five strokes in all, very precisely over the same lash. Body jerking hard, I let him settle.

“How did that feel?”

“Great Mistress.”

“Would you like some more you worthless pain slut?”


Looking down at his ass, the red mark is very dark. Purple shades are already showing, blood just mere layers from the top of the skin. Knowing the belt will leave too many deep marks, I trade for the lighter woven one. The studs are rounded and small, but the belt itself had a lot less weight.

Straightening the folds, tightening the creasing to help it stay together. I reach out and gently rub his bruised ass. Fingers lightly touching the heated skin. I hear him moan when my full palm brushes over the lash marks and hand prints. Gasps when I squeeze the area hard, digging my nails into his flesh slightly. Very careful not to break the already fragile skin.

Getting up, climbing on top of him. I settle fully on him, my pussy wet and hot on his still cool back. Bending down I whisper in his ear how pleased I am with him. How much he has turned me on. I ask if he can feel the wetness he has created.

“Oh yes, Mistress. Thank you for letting me feel it.”

I squirm on his back, sliding in my own wetness on his skin heating it up. Hearing his grunts of pleasure flooded my pussy further. Turning around on him, I bend over with the belt in hand. Leaning down, taking the top of the belt on one hand. Pulling the bottom down hard releasing the top, in essence sling shotting the metal laden belt across his top upper thigh. Repeating this down one full thigh stopping at the knee crease. His body jerking and bucking hard underneath me, exciting me further. Wasting no time I continue my ministrations down the other. His body was shuddering hard now.

Rising off of him, I move to stand in front of him. Getting down to the ground, I scooted my ass closer to him. My pussy inches from his face now I enjoy his haggard hot breath against my core.

“Lick me now, bring me to orgasm and I will show you your limit.”

Guiding his head to the desired area, I gasp with contact. His tongue pushing in, mouth closing over my slit fully. Sucking greedily on my nub I cry out with the beginnings of my orgasm. Climaxing hard I hold him to me, pinning him for a moment. Riding his tongue for the other one to come quickly. Hands off his head, I scoot back out of his reach. Getting up slowly, trying to compose my raging body.

“Did you enjoy my taste?”

“Yes Mistress, thank you.”

“That will be all you are allowed to feel of her tonight. Now to your limit.”

I circle around his body, reveling in his marks from my hand. Eyes closing at the dark reds and purples of his ass. Inspecting his thighs I am pleased to see perfect circular upraised red whelps forming on his back thighs. Row after row of these wonderful patterns. A surge of pride at the perfect symmetry of them, I enjoy my works results.

“Now listen carefully. We will do fifty this first round, you will count them out to me as I go. I do not desire to keep count. Do you understand?”

Watching the effect my words have on his face, I am pleased to see a brief smile. I know that he has been dying for this for a long time. I had been holding back in fear of liking it too much. Bowing away for years from the more painful side of dominance, I was nervous about this first time back. Knowing the pain that can truly be caused, I proceed as such. Moving around to the side of him, dropping the belt down on his back mid ways up. His body was not ready and he violently moved with the belt’s bite. Waiting moments, finally I hear him utter one.

“If you wish me to continue you are going to have to speak up, you understand boy?”

“Yes Mistress.”

Continuing the circular patterns down one side of his back, I return back the way I came harder than before. Around twelve or so he went silent. Patiently giving him a minute to compose himself.

“Mistress is unsure of the number, would you like to start back over?”


Continuing on the same side. Pressure of my swing increasing with each strike. He calls out the numbers loud, voice cracked and broken. He starts gasping for air around 24-25. Walking over to the other side, starting at the top. Pattern continued till thirty. Voice was now several octaves lower than before. Breath coming in short burst, whining quality to the last five numbers.

“Are you done my love, have you found your limit?”

Minutes pass as he slumps to the carpet.

“Have we found your limit my love?”

I increase my volume in my voice. Closing my eyes at the one word.


“Very good, when have collected yourself, meet me in the bedroom. Mistress still desires you.”

Reaching back behind him I pull the bullet out gently, turning it off and setting it aside. I enjoyed viewing his broken body laying there on the floor. All energy left from his limbs, just sprawled out. Eyes closed with a very contented smile on his face.

I walk in to the bedroom, lying down on the cool cotton sheets. Placing the desired dildo and vibrating egg from my bag, setting them beside me on the bed. I waited several minutes patiently for him to get his wits about him. Finally he walked in the room slowly, wincing with each step. Obviously in a whole lot of pain at the moment. Looking at the sparkle in his eyes I almost can bet he was milking it just a bit. The brief surge of guilt is pushed back as quickly as it had waved in.

“Come please me now, fuck me with this dildo hard. Your unworthy cock is still not ready for my velvet folds. You will have to work for it, understood?”

“Yes, Ma’am.”

He comes closer to me, bowing his head and bending to his knees between my long shapely thighs. Taking the large dildo out of my hands, immediately feeling it press between my soaking wet lips. I cry out as he drives it into my fully, three strokes later cumming hard. I look up to see him looking in a trance at the point of penetration. Look of pure desire in his eyes as he stroked me hard with the large cock. The three big balls perfect point to grip hard, stretching the walls of my pussy. He pushes my climax to the brink over and over again. I watch him watching me transfixed. I place the egg on my hard nub turning it on high. Arching up matching him stroke for stroke, ordering him to go faster. Gripping hard, egg buzzing away I saw the end once more.

“Enter me now bitch cum with Mistress now.”

Withdrawing the cock sharply and rapidly I exclaim loudly. Climbing on top of me, he enters swiftly. His huge prick plummets inside of me stretching me further. I tighten my soaked walls around his cock, reveling in the drawn out response it creates. Pulling my legs high up on his shoulders allowing him to do deeper than before. Grabbing my hips, he drags me to his body again and again. My orgasms were becoming one massive moment of sensations. My body was shaking violently against him, no longer able to grip him the last climax taking the last of my strength. I am only slightly aware as he tightens his body above me, shouting out his release. Rocking hard a few times, milking the orgasm, spilling every drop of seed deep within.

He pulls out slowly, steam rising from his member in the cool air. Gleaming in the candle light with our juices, he gets up. In the bathroom I hear the water running, coming back dipping between my legs. He washes my battered pussy lightly, I jump with the contact anyway. Pussy engorged and so damn tender to the touch. Pulling him up against me, holding me in his solid comforting arms I drift off. Waking up later to his moans and whimpers in the middle of the night. Looking at his still face I wonder if it was the dreams or the bruises making him call out in such a way. Knowing I shouldn’t but unable to stop, guilt once again fleetingly crosses my mind. Touching his face a smile tipping his lips up.

“What a crazy bitch you are.” I whisper gently in to the night air. To him, me and to no one.

This is a fantasy my wife and I share. We often talk about it as we play with each other, taking it in turns to describe what happens next.

It is about control and although we fantasise about the idea of making people do whatever we want it only works for us if there’s consent, this is not about abuse, everyone freely engages in our fantasy world.

We’re writing this together and as I tap the keys on my laptop, Jenn is laying next to me on the bed, telling her side of the story and stroking her body.

This involves a degree of bisexual activity, watersports and pain. If that’s not your thing then move along, it is not my intention to offend.


Part 1

“Let’s do it.” Jenn said enthusiastically.

It’s that moment when an idea shifts from being something contained, something owned to actually making it happen, it being released and the anticipation of it evolving as it is imagined.

My wife runs a successful business. She’s a good boss and, due to the nature of her work, has a high turnover of staff, mainly students and backpackers passing through on their adventures and needing to pull in cash before the next leg.

Around a year ago a Portuguese backpacker joined her team. She was on her gap year and midway around the world and although from a wealthy family, refused their support and had just ran out of cash. She worked for Jenn for a few weeks before she showed an aptitude that took her away from the promo work and into the office. She was in her early twenties, dark brown skin with huge brown eyes, black hair and small, pert breasts with disproportionately large nipples. She was reasonably trim, always showed off her tight calf muscles and had just a hint of orange peel at the top of her thighs.

She and Jenn got on well and I knew that Jenn would be sorry to see this one go, she was very hard working and always keen to go the extra mile when they were busy. This wasn’t true of all of her staff and one pretty major cock-up meant that Jenn was staring at a weekend of work instead of spending time at home. Madalena volunteered to help as always and Jenn agreed to pay her a considerable bonus for her efforts.

On the Sunday afternoon they’d clawed back the work and were looking at turning it into a positive result and as they’d spent the weekend alone and had time to get to know each other better in a less formal way Jenn suggested she grab them a late lunch and a bottle of bubbles to celebrate. They ate in the office and drank champagne and had laugh together. Conversation turned to family, travels and Madalena’s love life.

“I find it difficult to find the right person, you know?” she asked, looking for empathy, “I enjoy the start of a relationship but then get bored very quickly, there aren’t many people who like the same things as me.”

Jenn was intrigued, “What do you mean, you seem to have an interest in lots of things. You’ve told me about liking bands and creative things, I imagine there must be plenty of guys that like that too?”

Madalena smiled, “It’s not boys, Jenn, I like girls.” she smiled wider gauging Jenn’s reaction.

“Oh.” she paused, “Well girls then, this town has a pretty big gay scene.”

“There are plenty if girls, yes. I’ve had a good time here but when I start to open up and tell girls what I like they seem to like the idea but then just get bored or something.”

This was beginning to sound interesting, there was no way Jenn could leave the conversation there, she had to know.

“What do you mean? What do you like?” she could feel herself trembling a little, nervous of what the answer might be, worried that knowing might change their relationship and she’d end up losing a great member of staff.

“I like to be dominated.” Madalena said

“Phew,” thought Jenn, “what a relief.”

Jenn laughed, “God, what’s the problem with that?”

Madalena smiled at her, “Nothing, well I don’t think so and sometimes my girlfriends like it too but they just get tired of ordering me around, even though I love it.”

“Bloody hell, I wish I could find someone to order around, it would be great to find someone who does everything that I want.” Jenn had said it without really thinking.

“I’d do that.” Madalena said looking deep into Jenn’s eyes and suddenly the space became small, deathly quiet and incredibly tense.

Jenn was perched on the side of her desk in the small office. She’d gone into work in more relaxed clothing, a light, summer dress that crossed over and wrapped around her. She had flat shoes on, bare legs and plain underwear. Madalena was dressed in a more business like white blouse and knee length skirt.

Holding the glass of champagne still, unable to move, not really thinking about what was happening Jenn looked down at Madalena sitting on a swivel chair a couple of metres in front of her.

“Take off your clothes.” she said quietly.

Madalena sucked in a breath and placed her glass on the desk beside her. Without breaking eye contact she began to unbutton her blouse. She pulled it from the waistband of her skirt and dropped it onto the floor. She stood and twisted the skirt round, undid the fastening and dropped that on top of her blouse. She kicked off her shoes, pulled down her knickers and sat back down on the chair, her bra, the last thing to join the rest of her clothing.

This was done in silence and without either of them breaking eye contact.

Jenn realised she didn’t know what to do next, moments before she’d just said the first thing that popped into her head but now, where was this going? Did she want to go further? What did she want?

“Stand up and kiss me.” She said, finally.

Madalena did as she was told and stepped up to the desk. Jenn turned to face her and put her glass down, the first time she’d taken her eyes away from Madalena’s and when she turned back, there were her soft, dark lips, her large brown eyes, a goose pimpled young body with enormous brown nipples looking painfully hard just millimetres away. Their kiss was soft, an apprehensive and exploratory peck at first, growing more erotic and hungry until they shared a breath and their tongues met. Jenn pulled away and looked at her young worker.

“Give me your tongue.” she said and Madalena did as she was told, closing her eyes and offering her pink tongue for Jenn to suck.

They kissed for some time, enjoying the new taste, the smell of each other and the tension. Jenn bought her hand up and stroked Madalena’s arm and she gasped and moaned and my wife’s fingers stroked up to her shoulder. Madalena shuddered as Jenn traced her fingers down her spine and stroked the crack at the top of her arse, then round, over her bottom and back up her waist.

They pressed their lips harder together as Jenn cupped Madalena’s small, firm breast and then heard the girls moan as she squeezed her nipple. It was so hard, almost as big as her breast with tight rippled skin around the firm, rubbery point. Jenn wanted it in her mouth and broke the kiss to suck and lick each one in turn and Madalena began gasping words in her native Portuguese.

The delicate scent of Madalena’s pussy caught Jenn’s nostrils and she wanted to explore more, bury her face in the young girls cunt to smell and taste her but she also knew Madalena wanted something too and she broke away from sucking her nipples, pushed her back slightly and stood up.

“Undress me.” she ordered

Madalena undid the sash at my wife’s waist and pulled the dress open. Jenn has a nice round belly, very large breasts that have kept their shape beautifully for a 40 year old woman, incredibly toned legs and a gorgeous arse.

When the dress was pulled away from her body Madalena dropped to her knees and lifted Jenn’s foot to remove her shoe. Jenn looked down and saw her draw breath, smelling the scent from her pussy, an odour of sweat and stale urine mixed with perfume from her clean underwear.

As she removed the other shoes Jenn stared down at her and asked, “Do you like the way I smell?”

Madalena smiled and nodded, “Yes, very much.”

“Press your face into me then.” she said and Madalena leaned forward and placed her face into the vee formed at the top of Jenn’s thighs. Jenn placed her hand on the back of Madalena’s head, squatted down slightly, opened her legs a little and applied pressure to her head. She felt the cool rush of air around her thighs and pussy as she took a deep breath in through her nose, then the warmth of her breath as she exhaled.

Jenn pulled her up and told her to finish undressing her. When she was naked she leaned back on the desk again, parted her legs slightly and told Madalena to kiss her breasts and suck her nipples. The dark haired girl did as she was told and as she moved to the next one Jenn told her to stroke her pussy at the same time.

Her fingers were light and delicate and caressed her outer lips first with big circles, then, parted them to explore just inside as my wife’s pussy began to make the desk sticky with her sex.

Madalena pushed two fingers into Jenn, just up to the knuckle and then withdraw them and spread the fluid around her pussy.

“Wipe them on my nipple and lick it off.” she told her

Madalena did exactly as she was asked.

“Now let me taste you,” she said and Madalena pushed the same fingers into her own wet pussy and offered them to Jenn. She took them and sucked hard on them, tasting a thick, metallic cream.

“More,” she said, “push them all the way in.”

Again she complied and Jenn sucked hard on them, swallowing down her beautiful pussy juice.

“I want us to cum together.” she said and directed Madalena to stand and place one foot on the chair. Jenn stood before her, close enough for their nipples to brush each other and then told her exactly how she wanted to be touched. Madalena followed every word, expertly stroking Jenn’s pussy, fingering her deep, pressing her G spot, pulling on her lips and rubbing her clit hard and softly, exactly as directed.

Jenn did the same to Madalena and they both stood, staring into each others eyes, occasionally kissing or licking each other, enjoying the scent that drifted up and the thrill of their nipples brushing.

Madalena began her orgasm first. Jenn watched as she bit her lip hard, trying to hold it back but Jenn knew it was coming and wanted to watch this beautiful girls face. The knuckle of her thumb was pressed to her clit, two fingers pushed just inside her pussy and one finger at the entrance of her tight, dark arsehole and suddenly she screamed, unable to keep it in any longer.

She threw her head back and cried out as Jenn felt her pussy tighten then the rush of hot fluid all over her hand. This triggered Jenn’s own orgasm, snapping Madalena back out of her trance and focussing her attention on Jenn’s pussy once more they stared at each other as they came hard together. Jenn grabbed Madalena’s hand and drove down on it, forcing her two fingers deep inside her. Jenn began to squirt and bucked onto her arm.

As their orgasms died down they kissed, finally holding each other and calming with their heads on each others shoulders.

That was the start of a short but very erotic relationship. I loved the stories Jenn would tell me after working late. Jenn became bolder and Madalena more submissive. Jenn would end the day locking up the studio and return to the office and Madalena. The final hour or so at work would be spent with Jenn talking dirty to Madalena and telling her to masturbate for her or have her pleasure Jenn in more outrageous and filthy ways.

One time Jenn made Madalena go in early and masturbate herself and cum with her knickers still on. She soaked them and Jenn told her to keep them on all day, then, after everyone went home she made her do the same again. Jenn bought the knickers home and wanked me, telling me what they did together as she held them fabric to my face for me to smell. Another time, she invited me to watch, something Madalena was not entirely sure about, she was certainly not interested in men but she did seem to enjoy watching Jenn make me cum into her mouth while Madalena sat back on the desk and masturbated for us.

It lasted just another month before Madalena moved on but she and Jenn stay in touch, share stories and Jenn tells her what she wants to see her do when they Skype each other.

The experience also started something for us and that’s really where the next stage begins.

Part 2

Jenn felt there was something of avoid when Madalena left. We talked a lot about her finding someone else, a playmate, someone she could dominate. Despite making advances to a few attractive young girls the most she’d experienced was a one night stand with a bar maid for a hotel she was staying at while away on business.

These conversations developed into fantasy and after almost a year of talk I suggested we look online to have our desires fulfilled. Jenn told Madalena of our plans and it was she who suggested a website specialising in our particular area of interest. We browsed through the members and found many possibles but few that we actually thought would agree to our proposal. We thought we may have more luck if we placed an ad, in which we would be very clear about our expectations, set the tone right from the start.

It read;

- Playthings wanted by middle aged couple. You will come to our house to play for and with us. You must be bi, younger than 30, older than 20, willing to do anything we tell you. We are not into scat, you may be one of many guests on the night and must have an open mind –

We had a surprising number of takers, rejected many but after a month we had emailed and swapped photos with three girls and one man. Of course, there were many responses from men but this would be my first time doing anything with another man and I was being very choosy.

We all agreed a date and Jenn and I took the day off, set the house how we wanted it and shopped for essentials such as condoms and lube. In the afternoon we browsed through the photos of our visitors before they arrived.

Monica was the eldest at 28, she had red hair, a round figure, a hairy pussy, freckles and large breasts with pink nipples.

Dee was very plain looking, average breast size, mousy brown hair in a bob, unshaved also but a number of tattoos and a creative background suggested someone quite adventurous. She was the youngest at 21 and what stood out was the size of her hips and behind. She looked like she’d have a lovely sway, those hips would need a fair pair of hands to hold on.

Sandy, 25, also had brown hair but longer and in all her photos it was tied back. She had reasonably large breasts but hers seemed to be losing their battle with gravity and her very large, puffy, brown nipples pointed down towards the ground a little. She had sent us a close up photo of her clean shaven pussy and she had the most gorgeous, large brown labia and, when she pulled her lips apart, a very large clit that she said stood out like a small cock when aroused.

James was quite thin but well toned. He looked completely hairless and shaved his cock and balls clean. His cock looked huge and in the one photo he’d sent us in which he was hard it just looked lovely. James was 23 and said he was shy, and had little experience. He’d always fantasised about older women and had had a few experiences with other men but nothing too far.

All had agreed to do whatever we told them, stick to our rules and so Jenn and I sat and discussed what we would like to happen.

“I’d love to see you slide down on that lovely big cock.” I told her.

“Mmm, that would be good but only after I’ve watched you suck him.”

I’d often thought about feeling another mans cock in my mouth, wanking him and feeling him cum on my tongue. I’d never done it and didn’t want to go any further, I just liked the idea and tonight would be a chance to see if it was as good in reality as it was in my mind.

“Do you think any of them will back out?” I asked

“Depends how far we push it, they all know the codeword.”

We’d agreed a codeword so that if at any time one of them wanted to stop everyone would respect their wishes.

“How far shall we push it?” I asked, wondering how far Jenn wanted to take this.

“Well I want to go all the way and I know you do.”

“Yes, but, what would you like them to do that you think they might bail out of? What’s the dirties thing you can think of?”

Jenn smiled then playfully chewed her lip and frowned in thought. After a few moments she said,

“I’d be interested in some watersports, maybe.” she said coyly. “Madalena squirted when she came hard, a bit like me, but one time she did it in my face. I held her open and watched it spurt out of her and it was very sexy. I think I’d like to be up close as one of them pee’s so I can watch.”

This was a surprise and one the thought of made me hard.

“What about you?”

“Huh?” I was deep in thought about Jenn on her knees watching a girl pee for her, “Oh, er, that sounds cool, you can do that.”

“No, what’s the dirtiest thing you can think of?”

“I’d like to watch him cum over your body and then get the girls to lick it off you.”

“Pah, pretty vanilla I say.” Jenn laughed, jumped up, “Come on, we need to shower.”

Part 3

Sandy was the first to arrive. Jenn had emailed them all instructions that were designed to create a sense of theatre and anticipation, a little mystery. Each of them came into our house and followed the corridor to the middle of the house and into our home theatre. We have a large house with lots of space and we planned to use the atrium area at the back as it is always warm, has a table and chairs as well as a comfortable lounge suite but a lot of space which we use for entertaining. The roof and rear facing walls are all glass, it was dark when they arrived and Jenn thought it would add a little more excitement if they thought people outside might be able to see in. In fact the rear of our house backs onto the side of a hill that drops away from us and the gardens are well established, there was no way anyone would be able to see.

I waited for them in the theatre and offered drinks and the bathroom if they wanted to freshen up. Jenn stayed out of sight, this was to be her night more than anyone else’s and she was looking forward to playing queen.

I gave them a final brief, cracked a few jokes and tried to put them at ease and gave them a final chance to bail out, they all refused and grinned with excitement.

I told them we’d file out into the atrium and they’d line up in front of Jenn who wanted to get a good look at them first and that Jenn and I would tell them exactly what to do. The first instruction was for them all to kick off their shoes and socks, simply to make it easier for them defrocking later. They all did as they were told then swallowed their drinks, followed me out, stepped down into the atrium onto the polished stone floor and lined up in front of Jenn who was sat on one of the lounges.

Jenn wore her usual fifties style dress; tight at the waist and across her full breast, flowing and long in the leg. Underneath she wore an expensive set of delicate floral underwear and black hold-up stockings. I wore a plain black linen shirt and linen pants with a drawstring waist and bare feet.

I sat on the arm of the lounge and Jenn looked them up and down before asking, “No one dropped out then? That’s good, you all look so delicious.”

She got up and stood in front of each of them, staring them in the eye then a long look up and down. She walked along them, stepped behind and did the same at their backs like a DI inspecting the troops. She walked slowly and when she got to Dee she leaned into her, so very close her lips were almost touching the hairs on the back of her neck, she took a deep breath, smelling her skin, perfume and body. Dee closed her eyes and tried to remain steady. The room was deathly silent but for the sound of Jenn’s breath and feet padding on the stone.

I’d not seen it before but when she got to Monica at the end of the line she produced a riding crop in her hand and very lightly brushed down her freckled arm. Monica shuddered and her skin reacted with goose bumps which made Jenn smile.

“Does your cunt have the same freckles?” she asked. She emphasised the word cunt, trying to make it sound dirty and shocking.

“Yes.” Monica replied, a slight smile appearing.

Jenn stepped in front of her, her face so close they exchanged the same breath “I’ll tell you a secret,” she whispered, staring into her eyes, “I’ve never licked a ginger cunt before.”

“You can lick mine,.” Monica replied.

Jenn took the bulbous handle end of the leather riding crop and pressed it against Monica’s jean clad mound making her draw her breath sharply “I’ll do whatever the fuck I like, thank you.”

She sidestepped back to James, the next in line.

“Would you like to see Monica’s cunt?” she asked James

He smiled nervously, “Er, yeah, yes.” he answered hesitantly

Jenn returned to the lounge and sat down.

“Do you want a closer look, dear?” she asked me in a very matter of fact way.

I smiled and stood up, following her lead. I started with Monica who stood in jeans and a tee, her hair a gorgeous rich copper and her pale skin covered with a billion dots of red, brown and orange. She looked better than in her photo’s, they all did and I thought she must have lost some weight since they had been taken. The fibres of her tee stretched and distorted from her breasts and just a hint of nipple pressed against the cotton. Her plump belly still pushed out over the waistband of her jeans but it did seem smaller than the photo’s we’d seen.

James was also in jeans but wore a scruffy, cool looking shirt which was unbuttoned at the cuffs and untucked from the denim. He’d shaved, I could smell his cologne and he had boyish, good looking features but nervous smirk on his face.

Dee was utterly gorgeous, a real girl-next-door type, no make-up and stunning, big, brown eyes. She was wearing a very tight, short black dress which was stretched to the limit by her hips and arse. Her right leg revealed the hint of a tattoo poking from beneath the hem and from her photo’s I knew she had more. I could have told the others to go home and spent the whole night with just her and Jenn and I hoped we’d have the chance to play a lot more in the future.

Sandy wore jeans and a vest top and was the slimmest of the three girls with just a hint of a belly. The straps of her top just covered the fabric of a white bra and her nipples were clearly hard and pushed the material out some way. I wished she’d worn a skirt or dress for me to see her legs but all in good time.

I walked behind the line and stopped to admire Dee. The hem of her dress was a few inches from the curve of her arse and I dropped to one knee behind her and took it between my thumb and forefinger lifting it up slightly. Dee jumped when she felt it being pulled up but it was no use, I wasn’t going to get a better view without her help.

“Put your hands on your knees and bend over.” I told her and she did so.

I pulled her dress up higher and moved closer to her until my nose was almost nestled in the crease of her arse. I took a deep breath and drew her scent into my nostrils and smelt a light floral of soap and just a hint of unwashed pussy. I just wanted to pull her arse cheeks apart and push my tongue in to taste her but the game was control and I had to wait for that.

I stood up and told her to do the same and her face looked red and flushed as I finished my inspection. I sat next to Jenn again and she turned and quietly asked,

“How did she smell?”

“Good enough to eat.”

Jenn turned to look at Dee and the rest of the group, “Now there’s an idea,” she said to them, “maybe some of you will have an opportunity to eat Dee’s cunt tonight, I know I’m going to.” she stared straight at Dee’s big brown eyes as she said that and the young girl chewed her cheek and took a deep breath. “One of you will volunteer.” she continued.

There was a pause as they all hesitated but it was Monica who raised her hand first.

“Good, I’m glad it was you since I think we’re all keen to see your red cunt. Step in front of us and take your clothes off.” she said firmly.

Monica did exactly as instructed and stood a couple of paces away from us with her back to the rest of the group. She pulled her jeans down over her bare feet then held the hem of her Tee and pulled it up over her head, a slight smirk on her face as she watched the two of us examine her body, the others also enjoying her from behind. In a matching black bra and briefs she looked fabulous, a lovely curvy body with wide hips, freckles dusting every inch of her pale skin. She reached behind and unsnapped her bra and in one movement it was off and tossed onto the pile of clothes, She hooked her thumbs into the waistband of her briefs and pulled them down, her belly gathered into a smooth roll as she bent over and I wished I was standing behind to watch her but when she stood back up my eyes fixed on the dense mass of ginger hair and I imagined burying my face into her and smelling her sex.

She didn’t seem even slightly uncomfortable, only the cool air on her body made her nipples harden and they stood out, tight and dark pink on her large, round freckled breasts.

Jenn kept quiet for a second, pausing for effect and enjoying the silence and the view.

“Hmmm.” she started, “Step forward, come closer.” Jenn didn’t move a muscle as Monica stepped so her toes were touching Jenn’s feet.

“Now turn around.” she told her and once again Monica did as she was told.

Her arse had a wonderful shape, large and dimpled, her figure made my heart skip as I thought about holding her, tasting her, the smell of her.

“Bend over and pull yourself open.” Jenn demanded

Monica seemed to hesitate but then placed each of her hands onto the cheeks of her arse and bent over, pulling herself wide open in front of us. Her lips parted to reveal a bright red pussy covered in lots of long, red hair which thinned and shortened as it reached her pink arsehole.

I love the way women smell, particularly if they’ve a day or so’s sweat and dried urine on their lips or that strong smell of sex and cum the morning after a night of passion.

I shifted a little in my chair and moved my face close to her to catch her scent. She smelt cleaner than Dee, she’d obviously washed just before she’d left home. I wanted to lick her arsehole, push my tongue inside it and fuck her but again, I resisted and sat back in my chair. Dee whispered into my ear, asking me how she smelt and we had a whispered conversation about what we wanted to do, all the while with Monica exposed in front of us.

“You can go back.” Jenn told her in a matter of fact way and Monica stood back up and rejoined the line. “You two,” she nodded to Dee and Sandy, “Step forward and undress each other.”

The two younger girls stepped out of line and faced each other. They looked a little awkward at first but as Dee unbuttoned Sandy’s jeans, Sandy waited, stepped out of them as Dee slid them down to her ankles and then pulled the other girls dress up over her head. When they got down to underwear they were smiling at each other and enjoying the experience, they seemed to have forgotten for a moment that anyone else was in the room as Dee let out a slight giggle when Sandy reached around and unclipped her bra. When they stood naked before each other they looked each other up and down and we watched as Dee’s nipples began to harden on her average sized but fine looking breasts. Sandy’s looked painfully hard, they stuck out a good inch or so and the nipple tip to the edge of her areola took up most of her breast with just a small ring of pink skin blending into her chest. They looked swollen like a pregnant woman’s breasts, stretched and bloated with milk, desperate for relief. Jenn bought them back to reality.

“Keep facing each other.” she said and stood up and walked towards them.

She walked around them looking over every inch of them. The mood returned to a more serious air as the only sound was Jenn’s delicate footsteps on the stone. She stopped behind Dee and looked down at her large arse and wide hips then back up to her shoulder where a small and beautifully illustrated unicorn was inked into her skin. Jenn lifted the leather crop and stroked it over the tattoo making Dee shudder.

“Did this hurt?” she asked

“A little.” the young girls answered in a quiet voice.

“Do you like pain?”

“Sometimes.” her voice became clearer with a little playful flirt to it.

“What sort of pain do you like?”

“Erm, I don’t know, what do you mean?”

“Well, do you like this?” Jenn asked and reached around to her left nipple, taking it between her thumb and finger and pinching it and pulling it away from her body at the same time.

Dee closed her eyes and moaned which quickly turned to an ‘aaahhh’ and then an ouch as Jenn pinched and dug her nail into her skin. Jenn let go.

“Too much?”

“Yes, no, a little.” she said unsure about how far it would go but clearly liking the experience.

“How about this?” she asked and gave the girl a firm tap on her large arse with the length of the riding crop.

“That’s okay.” Dee said, still staring at Sandy

“This?” Jenn smacked her harder, a light red line appeared across her arse.

“That’s nice.”

“This?” Jenn flicked the leather onto her flesh, just the tip making contact, making a sharp smacking sound and instantly forming a raised, red welt.

“Ow! Fuck,” she said, “that’s nice.” then closed her eyes.

“What about if I do it together?” Jenn asked and rolled the girls nipple in her fingers, dug her nails into her flesh, pulled it hard and flicked it all the while smacking her with sharp, stinging swipes of leather. She kept it going for long enough that Dee’s arse was red, her breast and nipple looking sore with long nail marks impressed into her skin.

Dee swore and moaned as she did it, her eyes closed and her body swaying and flinching as she enjoyed the pain. When Jenn finished she stood panting and opened her eyes looking wantonly at Jenn but saying nothing.

Jenn smiled and let out a little laugh, enjoying her power. “Why don’t you suck this gently and make it better.” she said to Sandy.

Sandy smiled and bent forward licking and then closing her mouth over the hard, tingling nipple. Dee moaned again and swore as Sandy’s warm, wet mouth soothed the sting. Jenn didn’t want them to get carried away.

“That’s enough.” she ordered and Sandy stood straight up as Dee exhaled in a sigh. “I think you should return the favour,” she said to Dee, “did you know Sandy has a very large clit?” she asked, pausing on the last few words for emphasis.

Dee looked back at Jenn briefly and then met Sandy’s eyes.

“She also has large pussy lips and I’m sure she’d love to feel you stroke them.” Dee didn’t move, either because she didn’t want to do anything until told or because she was afraid. We weren’t sure how much experience she’d had, she was quite young and although we’d been clear that everyone should be bi, we didn’t know if she’d even been with another girl.

When she didn’t move Jenn became impatient, “Well Dee, I told you to stroke her pussy.”

Dee reached out her hand, she was trembling slightly and as she felt Sandy’s smooth, warm skin against her fingers both of them gasped and Sandy opened her legs slightly. I watched as Dee dropped her shoulder to reach lower and Sandy closed her eyes and then moaned quietly and took a deep breath as Dee’s fingers explored her pussy.

“Describe to us how she feels.” Jenn told her.

Dee took a deep breath and started with the obvious, “Nice,” she said and then relaxed and smiled at Sandy, “and smooth and full with lots of folds.” she paused and explored more, using the whole of her hand. “Oh my god, that is big.” she said and Sandy swore as Dee’s fingers pressed against her growing clit. “It’s like a hard little cock, about the size of the tip of my little finger and she’s wet, very wet.”

“Taste her.” Jenn ordered and Dee pulled her hand away, glanced at the shiny coating on her fingers and then pushed them into her mouth.

“Do you like the taste?” Jenn asked

“Yes.” Dee said as she pulled the cleaned fingers from her mouth

“Good, you’re going to lick my cunt tonight, have you ever licked a woman’s cunt before?”

Dee shook her head.

“Do you want to lick my cunt?”

Dee turned her head and looked Jenn in the eye, “Yes.”

“Back in line.” Jenn snapped. “Now James,” she span around and looked at the young man, an obvious bulge in his jeans and a nervous but excited look on his face. “out front and get naked.” she said.

James stepped out of line, next to Jenn and pulled his shirt over his head, then his jeans and shorts came off together. He was naked in seconds and his semi-hard cock pointed down at a forty five degree angle.

“Now that is a nice cock.” Jenn said and stepped closer. With just her thumb and forefinger she pulled his skin back to reveal a large, shiny, almost purple head that twitched and jerked in her hand. He gasped and sucked air then puffed it out when she let him go.

“Oh, look at that dear,” she said to me, “he’s leaking already.”

I stood up and walked over and could see a thread of clear, glucose like fluid trailing from his tip. I dropped to my knees, moved my head to the tip of his cock and licked the cool fluid from him. He looked down at me, holding his breath as I opened my mouth and closed my lips around him. The heat and wetness of my mouth made him jump and his hips jerked his cock out of my mouth for a second until he composed himself and stood upright again, his cock harder now and millimetres from my mouth. I wrapped my fingers around the base of his naked cock, opened my mouth again and as I closed my lips over him I squeezed him, milking more of his fluid into my mouth as I pulled my hand close to meet my lips. A nice stream of pre-cum coated my tongue and I moved it around to savour the lightly salty taste.

I stood up and smiled at Jenn who hadn’t moved and I realised the room was silent as everyone had been watching us. Only Jenn and I were still clothed, something I was keen to change, I was achingly hard and desperate to touch, taste, smell any one of the girls.

Either Jenn read my mind or was keen to move this to another level because she pushed James back with her fingertip looked up and down the line, tapping her finger playfully against the leather crop and pondered over where to begin.

“I think it is time,” she started, “for one of you to cum for me.” she paused and then turned to Dee, “You.” she used her finger to beckon the young girl over to her like a parent might do to a naughty child.

“Dee, have you ever been fucked in the arse?”


“Would you like to?”

“Er, I’m not sure.”

“Have you ever had anything in your arse, a tongue or finger perhaps?”


“Good, watching you in pain turns me on and your virgin arse should be very tight.” Jenn stepped in front of the young girl, forcefully took a handful of her hair and pulled her lips to hers. They kissed for a few moments before Jenn began to pinch and pull Dee’s nipples. As she did it harder Dee forgot the kiss and opened her mouth as if to cry out but nothing came. Jenn released her, stepped away and called the other two girls over.

“We are going to make Dee cum,” she told them, “you’re going to play with her nipples, kiss her and let her touch you, my husband is going to play with her cunt and arse.”

“I’m sorry,” Dee squeaked nervously, “can I use the bathroom first?”

Smack! Jenn striped her arse with the crop causing Dee to yelp.

“What the fuck do you mean, you slut?” Jenn suddenly changed into a stern disciplinarian.

Dee looked worried, “I need to pee,” she pleaded, “I’ve been holding it for ages.”

“Why didn’t you go when you arrived?” Jenn hissed

“It was the drink, I had a drink before I arrived and he gave me another when I got here, it goes straight through me.” she sounded like a little girl begging with her school teacher.

“Well that’s just tough,” Jenn sounded calmer again, “you’ll just have to hold it.”

I pulled of my clothes and dropped to my knees behind Dee’s amazing, wide arse. As my face got close to the red marks from Jenn’s crop I could feel heat radiating from them. I kissed them delicately and Dee jumped and then relaxed as Monica took her head and they began kissing. Sandy lent forward and took Dee’s nipple into her mouth and moaned as she began sucking and licking it to hardness.

I sat down to get lower and pulled Dee’s cheeks apart and she responded by bending slightly and pushing herself back giving me a better view and access to her pussy.

Her hair was matted and wet with sweat and pussy juice, she smelt lovely and I pulled her open wider and could see her arsehole was dark brown and smooth. I flicked my tongue across it and licked down to her hairy lips, tasting the saltiness as I licked all around her. As I moved my hands and pulled her open more I could see she was shining and wet and I pushed my tongue out and into her as deep as I could go tasting her metallic, thick juice which I smeared over her lips and arsehole. I flicked my tongue over her arse, loving the thought that I might have been the first person ever to lick her there, something I didn’t want to rush and I felt her push back against me and moan as I forced my tongue past her tight sphincter and into her arse.

“Hurt her.” I heard Jenn order the two girls and Monica broke her kiss and began pinching Dee’s nipples hard as Sandy began biting her other one. Dee was breathing heavy and started to moan and Jenn told her to make as much noise as she wanted, no-one would hear. Dee responded by swearing out loud and crying with the pain.

I moved down again and pushed my tongue into her pussy which was getting wetter with a thin, less bitter tasting fluid. Jenn smacked her arse with the crop just inches from my head and the girl cried out and a new flavour trickled onto my tongue. The sudden shock of the smack had made her lose control and a little of her pee had been released. I could feel a little run down my chin and neck, cooling as it went. I pulled my tongue from inside her and pressed it to her swollen clit and Sandy stopped biting Dee’s nipple and stood up to pinch it as Monica was. Dee reached her arms out onto the girls shoulders to steady herself and squatted slightly. Suddenly her pussy became much easier to access and I pushed my tongue back into her and began fucking her with it, my fingers massaging her lips and up over her belly. Another whack from above and another release of pee onto my face and Dee cried out even louder.

Jenn, standing to the side of Sandy, lifted up the front of her dress and took Sandy’s spare hand and pushed it into her knickers. She fed her fingers into her pussy, held them inside and gyrated onto them.

“You wanted to eat my cunt,” she said to Dee, “well taste me now.” and she pulled Sandy’s hand out of her and rubbed it all over Dee’s face, covering her with sex.

Dee breathed deeply and the two girls leant forward to bite and suck her nipples again. Jenn did the same thing with Sandy’s hand but this time fed the wet fingers into Dee’s mouth and she sucked and licked them clean.

Jenn pulled her head to one side and they kissed and Jenn licked her own sex from Dee’s face and gave the girl her tongue. I began to massage her clit as I licked her pussy and then I noticed Jenn had placed the handle of the crop against Dee’s tight, brown arse and was pushing it hard against her. I stopped licking and pushed the tip of my finger into her pussy, still rubbing her clit as I did so and watched as Dee tensed up against the pressure on her tight hole. Although the handle was smooth, polished leather Jenn had to push hard to get the bulb at the end inside her. With my other hand I pulled her cheeks open and suddenly it was gone, sucked into her arse, the handle slowly being swallowed by her as Dee’s legs began to shake.

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