Alicia opened her mouth just enough to accept the tip of Rick’s seven inch cock. She began to suck the pre-cum off his tip as he leaned over her forcing his meat further down her throat. “Oh yeah, baby. That’s it, suck it.”

Alicia’s mind raced. She lay completely naked, tied and spread wide, helpless as her best friend was eating her pussy. The vibrations from the vibe were relentless as Rick was fucking her face with his enormous cock. She knew that she was building to an orgasm, and soon.

Rick pulled his cock out and kissed Alicia passionately. He squeezed her right nipple firmly and sucked on her left. He ran his hands over stomach and lightly tapped above her clit. “So hot.”

He got up and walked behind Jen. “You are done with this,” He said as he pulled the antenna of the vibe that laid deep within her.

“Ohhhhh….. Noooooo.”

“Didn’t I tell you to make her cum?” Rick asked as he slapped Jen’s tender ass.


“Yes, I’m trying.”

“You need motivation”

Rick began to finger Jen vigorously. First one finger, than two. “Want three?”

“Something bigger?” He asked as he plunged all seven inches of his hard cock deep into her.

“Ahhhh, fuck, Ohhhhhh fuck………”

Rick took long hard strokes while pressing hard on her plug deep in her ass. “Fuck her, lick her……. Make her cum now!!!”

Jen lost all control and began to finger Alicia hard while concentrating on her clit. “Cum for me Alicia, ooooh, please cum, oh my God…. I’m gonna cum, Alicia.?”

Jen’s fingering put her over the edge. “Stop, stop, stop…..” Alicia begged, but her whines were unheard as Jen began to convulse. Rick continued to pound Jen as she fell forward falling on top of Alicia. As his cock slipped out, He exploded with a release that was harder and further than he had ever experienced. “Aarrg , ohh oooooo, fuck.”

He knelt there exhausted looking over the carnage. His cum was splattered on Jen’s back, ass and it shimmered in the candle light all over Alicia. Jen laid next to Alicia with the evidence of her massive orgasm on the back of her thighs. The plug still was planted firmly in her ass. Alicia still shook laying in a puddle of her own cum. The sound of her vibrator was the only sound as it emitted the tell tale story of her wetness.

Rick reached down and firmly pulled out the vibe. “Ohhh, thank-you,” Alicia said gasping for breath.

Rick laid on the other side of Alicia and rolled on his back. His heart felt like it was going to come out of his chest. He stared at the ceiling for a short time trying to regain his composure and watched the light flickering from the candles.

Rick glanced over at Alicia still in her restraints. He got up slowly, “Let’s get these off, shall we?” Rick unhooked Alicia’s right ankle cuff from the spreader bar, then the left. Alicia was finally able to move her legs.

Jen sat up holding her cuffs outwards and quickly realized that her plug was still in place. “Ow. Do you have the key for these?”

“Can I trust you?” Rick asked.


Rick grabbed the key from the case. “I’ll take off the cuff, but you leave in that plug. Deal?”

With the silence, Rick unlocked Alicia’s cuffs from her wrists. He looked at Jen as he rubbed Alicia’s wrists. “Do we have a deal?”

Jen, in a very soft voice, “Yes.”

Rick unbuckled Alicia’s right ankle cuff, then the left. Alicia was finally free.

Jen again reached out to Rick with her cuffs, “Please?”

Rick stood up directly in front of Jen, His semi -hard cock still throbbing. “Suck me hard.”

Jen reached up with her hands before she opened her mouth to accept his cock. Rick quickly cuffed her other wrist. “No hands. You are not ready to be trusted yet. When I feel that you can be trusted, I will remove the cuffs. Now, what are you suppose to be doing?” Jen slowly took Rick’s cock in her mouth as Rick guided her further and further on his shaft. Rick would rock her back and forth forcing the plug in her ass deeper and deeper. Alicia watched Jen take Rick completely over and over until he let go of the back of her head and let her catch her breath. Rick squatted down and kissed Jen softly. “Good girl.”

“Anyone thirsty?” Rick asked as he got up and walked to the kitchen.

“Water.” Alicia cried out, “I’ll get it. Jen, do you want anything?”

“Water is fine, Jen said.

As Rick got the glasses from the cupboard, he directed Alicia to the fridge where the containers of ice water were. Alicia shook as she poured the three glasses of water. Rick was standing directly behind her and she could feel the heat of his erect cock on her ass.

“Still cold,” He said as he ran his fingers on the outside of the sweaty glass. Rick’s hand then found their way to Alicia’s nipples and breasts.

Alicia’s shivered and her nipples immediately got hard as she stood there frozen as Rick explored her body from behind. He stuck his fingers in his glass then touched her hot body with his cold fingers above her clit. Her hands met his on her newly shave skin. “Spread those hot legs,” He whispered as he rubbed his cool fingers between her legs.

As she complied, Alicia felt her lips open wide as Rick embedded his cock within her completely. “Oh fuck, your pussy is so tight.”

“Oh yes,” Alicia immediately bent forward resting her arms on the counter top to allow him take her completely.

Rick stood her back up fondling her firm breasts then held her tight from behind. “I want you to taste Jen’s little pussy for me. Would you like that?”

He could feel her heart beat faster as she reached up and touched the side of Rick’s face. “Yes.”

Alicia’s legs got weak as he slowly pulled out of her. “Ooooooooh.”

He playfully tapped her on the ass, “Take Jen her water and tell her that you want to eat her pussy.”

“What took you two so long out there?” Jen asked as Alicia handed her the water.

Alicia knelt in front of Jen. “Can I taste you. I’ve never…… I want to please you.”

Jen smiled, took a sip of water and kissed Alicia on the lips softly. “oh yes…. I’ve dreamed of this day.”

Jen sat the glass aside and lowered herself to her back and spread her legs.

“Hands and knees,” Rick said as he guided Alicia into place.

Alicia moved close to Jen’s awaiting wetness. She could smell her sweet perfume and began to explore her many folds with her fingers. This was all so new to her. She had watched herself masturbate in a mirror before, but now she was satisfying someone else.

Rick rubbed Alicia’s back, then slowly caressed her ass down to her wetness. He reached in the case and pulled out a small box containing two “Ben Wa” balls. These were heavy metal balls about a half inch in diameter.

Alicia gently touched Jen’s labia for the first time with her tongue. The taste was sweet and her labia were extremely slippery as she tried to roll them in her mouth. As she explored Jen’s wetness, Alicia felt something cold parting her lips and being pushed deep within her. Again she began to lick Jen and was interrupted by Rick’s fingers and the sensation of something cold.

Rick had inserted both of the balls and with two fingers deep within her, he began to wiggle his fingers clicking the balls against one another causing a deep vibration.

“Oooooooh, Mmmmm,,,,,”

Rick removed his fingers very slowly, then tasted her juices. “One more toy for you.” He reached in the case and pulled out the smallest of the plugs. With a little lube, Rick guided it to Alicia’s virgin hole. “Just relax.”

“Nooooooooo………….” Alicia moaned, but it was already too late. Rick had slid the narrow plug all the way in.

Jen’s cuffed hands found their way to the back of Alicia’s head guiding her to her swollen lips. Her best friend was finally servicing her just like she had fantasized.

“No hands, Jen. You aren’t learning. Here, ” Rick got up and grabbed a pair of nipple clamps. “Put your arms over your head and don’t move. “Understand why you are being punished?”

“Yes,” she murmured softly.

Rick carefully applied each of the nipple clamps to Jen’s hard nipples and adjusted them tight. “Play nice.”

“How are you doing? as he checked on Alicia. “She tastes so good.”

“I think that you are ready for your reward,” Rick said as he knelt behind Alicia.

Alicia felt Rick’s hot cock open her wide and plunge deep inside. With every thrust, the Ben Wa balls would click against one another and with the added plug, she had never felt this full. “Good girl” Rick praised as she met his every thrust.

“Oh… my Gawd….. Oooooooh…. Rick? Oomph…yes…. Yes …. YES!!! RICK…. I’m coming!! Aaaaaaahhhhhhh!”

Rick pulled out to witness a strong spray of clear liquid and immediately filled her full again.

“No… no…. stop, stop, stop…… Rick?”

Rick again pulled out to watch Alicia violently shake and squirt again. Jen comforted Alicia with her cuffed hands as Alicia squirted twice more before collapsing on top of her.

“Good girl,” Rick praised Alicia as he rubbed her sopping wet pussy up and down.

“Oooooh, ooooh, ooh,” Alicia moaned as her body still convulsed.

Rick helped Alicia off of Jen and roll on her back. She laid there weak as he kissed her softly.

“Jen, I want you to roll over…. On your knees.”

Jen looked at Rick and wanted to question his authority, but she also wanted his hard cock inside of her.

“That’s it, just gonna tie this rope around your waist… That’s right.” He said as she felt the cotton rope slide under her and around her back. She then felt his hands on her ass. “I don’t think you need this anymore,” as he slowly removed the large plug in her ass. Jen whimpered as it slipped from her .

“How about this instead,” Rick said as he forced open her closing hole with his massive cock.

“No, Rick… It’s too big, It’s too big! Ooooooh…….. Nooooooooo……”

Jen tried to lean forward, but Rick held the rope like the reins on a horse. “Come back here.! Just relax, just a little more.” Rick eased his cock into her tight ass, then slowly pulled it almost out. In and out he worked it slowly until Jen began to match his rhythm pushing back to meet his thrusts.

Alicia looked on with disbelief as she watched Rick take her best friend in the ass.

“Rub her pussy, Alicia. Rub her clit.” Rick said breathing heavily.

Alicia sat up and one of the Ben Wa balls slipped from inside her. She reached between Jen’s legs and touched her dripping pussy. With every stroke that Rick made, her pussy seemed to swell and move. Rick’s balls slapped the back of Alicia’s hand as she began to rub on her wetness.

“oooooooooooh,..” Jen moaned as she touched her.

With Jen’s approval, Alicia started to rub her pussy harder, applying pressure to her clit.

“Rick…. Oooh , please stop, oh, please stop, Ooooh, please, please…….”

The more Jen begged him to stop, the harder and deeper he took her.

“Oh my God, Please Rick, I’m gonna cum, Aaahh, stop,…. stop,…. stop,…. STOP!” With one last high pitched scream, Jen opened the flood gates soaking Alicia and Rick.

“How is that even possible?” Alicia questioned by what had just transpired.

“Fuck yeah,” Rick said as he grabbed the rope tighter and used his final strength. He continued to drive his cock into Jen’s convulsing body only four more strokes before collapsing on top of Jen and both to the floor. “Aaaarrrrg………..”

Rick lay still on top of Jen for more than a minute before he lifted up and slid out of her cum filled ass. He knelt there spreading Jen’s ass cheeks watching his load work it’s way out with Jen’s involuntary muscle movements.

Rick rolled off to Jen’s side and onto his back. Alicia pulled the plug that still remained in her ass and laid her head on Rick’s arm. No more words were needed as silence filled the air.

Copyright 2012 Christopher D.B.

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I slipped out of work a little early in order to drive across town to meet Miss Julia for lunch. She had called me earlier in the week to see if I was available. Considering that the last time we spent together was at a trailer located in the middle of nowhere and she had repeatedly spanked my bare ass with a wooden paddle, the opportunity to have a normal lunch date with her was something that I couldn’t pass up.

She worked on the eastern edge of town for a sheet metal fabricator that was located on a vast industrial strip. I spotted her familiar yellow jeep in the parking lot as I walked up to the front door of the low glass and stone office wing of the building.

A hot young lady was seated behind the reception desk, showing an unprofessional amount of cleavage with her snug cami top. She gave me a friendly smile and asked,

“May I help you?”

I cleared my throat softly and told her I had come to meet Miss Julia for lunch. She gave me a private smile and a quick once over glance, then told me to have a seat and wait.

When making the lunch date, Julia had insisted that I ask for her at work by the title, Miss Julia. It was how she had me address her when she dominated me, but those few times had always been in private. I was a little uncomfortable asking the receptionist for a Miss Julia, but I didn’t dare disobey the instructions I had been given earlier. Judging by the young lady’s smile and the few prairie dog peeks over office partitions I had gotten from eavesdroppers as I waited, I could only assume that her coworkers were aware of her dominant nature.

For all I knew, she might be the boss and everyone in the company had to call her Miss Julia. It was easy to envision her as a real office disciplinarian, administering harsh spankings to burly factory men who were caught loafing on the job, or geeks from the office that she caught surfing the internet on company time. She would be both worshiped and feared.

The clicking of high heels on the tile floor tore me from my pornographic fantasy and I looked up as Miss Julia walked out of an adjacent hallway. She was dressed in a dark gray business suit, the skirt a few inches above her knees, with a shimmering satin blouse and black pumps sporting what looked like four or five inch heels.

“Let’s go,” she said bluntly, barely glancing at me as she walked towards the front door. I had planned on offering to drive but she moved surprisingly fast in her tall heels, and when I caught up with her outside she was halfway to her jeep, her long dark wavy hair blowing softly in the light breeze.

“Where would you like to go?” I asked, now in the passenger seat, as she shifted gears pulling out of the lot. There were plenty of fast food restaurants in the area, but I was ready to pick up the bill if she wanted to go to a nicer place.

“I’ve made arrangements already,” she said. “You’ll see when we get there. If you have a cell phone with you, turn it off. I don’t want to be disturbed by an annoying ring tone or it buzzing like a vibrator up your ass.”

After shutting off my phone I tried to make some conversation but her answers were short and then she turned on a heavy metal radio station, drowning out any hope of talking to her.

I felt the familiar anxiety of being with Miss Julia. As always, she seemed to have an agenda planned out, and the only thing I could do was go along with it and do as I was told. A friend and neighbor of mine named Mike had dated her once and recently I was able to get his story of the events, after plying him with a number of beers. His tale would have made a good erotic story if he had given it more detail and embellishment.

Like me, Mike had met Julia when he went four wheeling. Over a year ago he had been invited by his friend Dave, whom he had known since high school. Dave was there with his wife Sue, and there was some stoner guy there driving a rusty Scout. Julia was there as well and the two ladies spent a lot of time chatting any time they stopped.

At first Mike thought that the other guy might be Julia’s boyfriend but it quickly became obvious that he wasn’t. For one thing they were driving separate vehicles, and any time the dude fired up a joint she looked down her nose at him in a disapproving stare.

Mike thought that Julia was hot, describing her as dressed in a tank top, a pair of cutoff jeans, and boots. It sounded as though she was dressed the same as when I had first met her, with the Daisy Duke shorts and knee high black rubber riding boots, sexy yet perfect for getting out in the mud.

Any chance he got, he tried to make conversation with her, but she always seemed to brush him off. To his surprise, by the end of the day when everyone was ready to part ways and go home, she asked for his phone number but didn’t offer hers in return. A few days later she called him and before he could suggest it, she asked him out to dinner.

He didn’t think it was an aggressive move on her part to ask him out on a date since she appeared to be a confident independent woman. He said they met a day later at a Chinese restaurant on the east side of town. I imagined that restaurant was close by right now and might be our destination for lunch.

When I asked Mike what Julia had worn on their date, he simply said jeans, fuck-me boots, and a top that sort of showed her boobs. I envisioned her beautiful ass sheathed in a pair of tight jeans with the legs tucked into a pair of some black knee high leather boots with tall heels. She probably wore a satin blouse that might normally be worn under a suit jacket to work, an extra button or two undone to show some cleavage.

Everything seemed to go well for him at first, but then he said the interrogation started. Julia asked him numerous questions about his past relationships and how they had ended. She wanted to know how close he was with his family, and his long term plans for his future. It was one question after another with barely time for him to answer, and no time for him to ask her any questions in return.

Then he was really disturbed when she asked him when he last got laid, and for details of the last time he jerked off. I got the impression that he tried to evade those questions and that pissed her off. When their dinner was over, Mike was ready to get the hell out of there and go home, never wanting to go out with Julia again. That’s when she asked him if he’d like to dance.

The restaurant had an adjoining lounge and near the end of their dinner he could hear a deejay playing some dance music. Mike said he doesn’t like to dance, but thought it might be a way to salvage the evening, and maybe he’d get a chance to snuggle up to her hot body on the dance floor.

It was still a bit early so the lounge wasn’t very full, with most people seated at the bar, and the dance floor was empty. Just as they got to the edge of the dance floor, to Mike’s surprise Julia sat down at a table.

“Did you change your mind about dancing?” he asked her.

“I asked if you wanted to dance,” she told him. “I didn’t say that I was going to dance with you. Now get out there and do a dance for me,” she ordered, pointing towards the open dance floor.

Mike was a bit pissed off by that, but he got an idea. He started dancing out in the middle of the floor, I envisioned him doing some cheesy disco moves, but then he worked his way towards the table where Julia was sitting.

He then started doing a slow grinding pelvic motion and some Chippendale style moves, trying to flex his muscles seductively while dancing slowly. A few hoots rose up from the small crowd at the bar and Julia was smiling, clearly entertained. When the song ended and another one started, he tried to get her up on the dance floor, but instead she flagged down a cocktail waitress to order a drink and told Mike to get back out on the dance floor.

He continued his routine, popping open a few buttons on his shirt, and then tried to give Julia a lap dance. She forcefully pushed him away and pointed out towards the center of the floor. Rejected, the game started getting old fast. When the song ended and he started to leave the dance floor, Julia told him that he wasn’t done yet and commanded him to dance for her some more. Mike told her it was time to go, and headed for the door.

Outside in the parking lot, she confronted him by his truck, saying that he had disrespected her and he would have to be punished. He said she reached into her purse and pulled out a paddle. Mike just laughed at her but when he tried to unlock his truck she knocked his keys from his hand. In another quick motion she had him pinned up against the side of his truck and began to swat his ass hard with the paddle. Being taken by surprise, Mike confessed that he froze up in disbelief that he was actually being spanked by his date, like a bad little boy.

It hurt like hell, he said, and when he tried to break away she used some sort of nerve pinching grip on his arm that rendered him helpless so he was forced to take the rest of the paddling.

Finally she released him and simply walked away without saying a word. By the time he found his keys under the dim parking lot lights, Julia had driven off in her jeep and would never be seen or heard from again until another day of four wheeling, during which they only spoke to one another when necessary. Clearly any interest she had in him was gone, and that was fine with him.

Now here I was, about to have lunch with a dominatrix. I was sure I could handle any interrogation, and though I didn’t think I could dance, if she ordered me to get out on the floor I was willing to do my best.

To my surprise we pulled into the parking lot of a motel, which I quickly noticed had no restaurant. Perhaps she was interested in a lunchtime romp instead. Hot as she looked, I had no objections and my cock started to get hard in my khaki trousers as she pulled up in front of the door to room number seven and shut off the engine.

It seemed that she had checked into the room earlier in the day because she pulled a key card from her purse and opened the door, motioning for me to go inside.

“Take off your clothes, fold them neatly, and place them on the bed,” she ordered, closing the door behind us.

“Yes, Miss Julia,” I responded, quickly removing my tie and stripping off the rest of my clothing. However, I realized it wasn’t a quick tumble in the sack that she wanted when I saw her taking a paddle from her purse.

“Do you remember this paddle?” she asked in a challenging tone, slapping the face of it against an open palm of her hand. It was a light colored varnished wood, roughly the length of a ping pong paddle, but narrower and much thicker, and a single large hole had been bored in the center of the face. It was the same paddle that she had spanked me with almost two weeks ago when I had met her at the trailer in the boondocks.

“Yes, Miss Julia,” I said humbly, confirming that I remembered the paddle all too well.

“I’m sure you do,” she said quietly. “Now, before we enjoy our lunch, I need to give you a quick spanking just to make sure I have your complete attention and to encourage you to be obedient.”

I was more than willing to obey without being paddled, but I assumed that begging would only piss her off, so I bent over as she instructed, with my hands resting on a small table by the window.

Five hard swats landed on my left butt cheek, quickly followed by another five on the opposite cheek. I had winced and grit my teeth, fighting back the urge to groan or cry out. I expected her to mock me and spank me some more, but instead she ordered me to go to the small kitchenette alcove.

One frozen entrée was in the refrigerator and I started heating it up in the microwave for her. A single place setting with nice silverware, a wine glass, and china plate was on the counter, and I was instructed to serve her food on that when it was ready.

“Pour me a drink,” she ordered, now having taken a seat in a comfortable chair at the table. I removed what I thought was a bottle of champagne from the refrigerator. It turned out to be a non-alcoholic sparkling grape juice. Thinking she would want to be served as if I were a waiter, I took the wine glass to her, popped the cork and poured her a glass with as much finesse as I could manage.

When her food was heated, I dished it out onto the china plate and brought it to her, along with the silverware and some napkins. I felt very awkward serving her while being naked, but I didn’t linger at the table because then she ordered me to prepare my lunch.

Miss Julia’s entrée consisted of a seafood and pasta dish, and as far as frozen meals go it was one of the more expensive gourmet brands. My meal was a sharp contrast, a cheap frozen pita or pot pie thing, which I was supposed to place on a lone paper plate. There wasn’t even a plastic fork for me to use.

When my food was heated, Miss Julia ordered me to get down on all fours and set my plate at her feet. At first I thought that she was going to have me eat it like a dog, without using my hands. Instead she punctured a row of holes in the breaded crust with her stiletto heels, each time pulling them out slowly to reveal the tips covered with thick gravy.

“I’ll be feeding you,” she told me, holding first one heel of her shoe and then the other up to my face and telling me to lick them clean.

After she ate some of her food and took a drink from her wine glass, she slowly mashed the pointed toe of one black leather pump into my food, the now perforated crust easily parting and spilling out the steaming contents.

She raised her foot to my face, the toe and sole of her shoe coated in the sticky gravy with several clumps of chicken and a single pea, and I tried to lick all the food off of her shoe before it could drip back onto the paper plate.

I thought that I could smell a hint of a soft perfume at her ankles, and her beautiful legs were sheathed in a fine nylon. Most likely she was wearing pantyhose, but I imagined that they were stockings, and that under her sexy skirt she wore a lace garter belt. Up close I could see that her shoes had a few light scuffs and the soles were worn as if she had walked a lot of miles in them.

Sipping her sparkling grape juice, Miss Julia swirled the toe of her other shoe into the mashed contents of my lunch, and again presented me with a pump dripping with meat, vegetables, and gravy, which I gladly licked clean.

“I’m sure you were expecting a more conventional lunch date,” she taunted. “But I like this better. I can see you’ve got a hard-on, so you don’t have any objections, do you?”

“No, Miss Julia,” I responded as she raised the gravy smeared toe of her shoe to my lips.

“Do you like to see women in high heels?” she asked, bringing the tip of a stiletto heel to my mouth, which I seductively licked even though it only had a dab of meat and gravy on the tip.

“Yes, Miss Julia,” I said, my lips not breaking contact with her heel until she pulled it away to scrape it in the remains of my lunch.

“I love heels too. They make me feel sexy and powerful,” she explained. “I’m not allowed to wear shoes like these with a skirt this short into the shop at work. The foreman is afraid that one of his men might lose a finger in the press brake. What sort of work do you do, Eric? From the clothes you were wearing earlier it seems you have a white collar job.”

While she ate her lunch, Miss Julia listened attentively as I explained that I designed heating and air conditioning systems for an engineering firm.

“We do a lot of work for hospitals and laboratories, Miss Julia.” I had made it a point to punctuate each sentence with, Miss Julia, and that seemed to please her.

When the last of my food was gone, Miss Julia placed one spiked heel on the edge of the paper plate to hold it in place while she scraped up the remains of the gravy with the sole of her other pump. Crossing her legs seductively, she ordered me to lick up the last bits from the bottom of her shoe, and then lick her shoe over completely to make sure that it was spotless.

“I have an image to maintain at my office and it wouldn’t look good for me to return with food smeared on my shoes,” she explained. When I had finished she crossed her legs the opposite way, presenting me with her other shoe to clean while she relaxed and sipped her grape juice. Then she told me to refill her glass, which I did without getting off my knees.

“When we first met, Eric, you told me that it was your fantasy to be dominated by a woman. You especially wanted to be spanked, isn’t that right?” she asked.

“Yes, Miss Julia,” I answered.

“Well, we’ve spent some quality time together since then. I assume there were a few moments when you thought you had gotten more than you bargained for. Isn’t that correct?” she asked, now leaning forward to caress my hair and twirl a lock of it through her fingers.

“Yes, Miss Julia,” I said.

“You really intrigue me. Your body is free of piercings and tattoos, you probably work out a bit and keep yourself in shape. All very clean and firm,” she said, nudging the tip of my painfully straining erection with the pointed toe of her high heeled shoe.

“You also wear your hair a bit longer than most men your age, which I like a lot,” she continued. “It seems that you have a good job, and from what I’ve observed since the day we first met, it seems that you have your act together.”

“I know that I’ve hurt you and degraded you, and I’ll honestly tell you that I’ve enjoyed every minute of that, but it’s important that any man that I consider letting into my life know his place. You take very willingly to submitting yourself to me, and I am very pleased.” There was a long pause and I wasn’t sure if she expected me to say anything in return.

“Thank you, Miss Julia,” I dared to say at last.

“Now, our lunch hour is running out,” she said. “You’ve been very well behaved but before we go, would you like a spanking? Just for fun?” she asked.

“No, Miss Julia,” I replied. The last thing I wanted was a hard paddling before returning to the office.

“Come on,” Miss Julia beckoned, standing up and taking her wooden paddle off the table. “Normally I give hard spankings for disciplinary reasons,” she explained. “But I know the type of spanking that you really want, with just enough pain to be real, but not so hard that the fun is over too soon. When you’re done getting spanked, I’ll allow you to jerk off and finally get some sexual relief. Are you interested now?” she asked seductively.

I considered that she might be setting me up for a rough paddling and then tell me I only had a few seconds to get dressed before we left. However, I was so aroused from having been at the feet of a dominant goddess and worshiping her stiletto heeled shoes. Even if there was a chance that I might be denied an orgasm, I felt I had to take it.

Miss Julia instructed me to get on the bed on all fours. She stood beside the bed and first caressed my bare ass with her paddle. Then there were several swats of random intensity, landing on either butt cheek unpredictably.

“You like that, don’t you?” she asked with a low growl, lightly rubbing my now stinging buttocks with her paddle.

“Yes Miss Julia,” I said. I received several hard swats, followed by a few light smacks, and then one on each cheek that hurt just right. My scrotum was tightened with arousal to the point I thought that just a few more swats would make me cum.

She was saying how much she loved to spank me and have me at her feet, all the while rubbing the blade of the paddle in soft circles over my reddened ass. After the next few swats I started moaning, not in pain but with pleasure.

Brandy rolled over and nuzzled deeper into her pillow. She was so warm and comfortable in her bed that she just couldn’t bear to rise. The sound and smell of a steady spring rain lulled her back to sleep every time she attempted to try to climb out of bed.

The shrill ring of the telephone jarred her slightly awake, reaching over she fumbled with the receiver and mumbled a barely intelligible “hullo”.

“Brandy Lynn, do NOT tell me you still have your ass in bed!!!!”, her husband, Colby, bellowed over the line. She instantly bolted upright in bed trying to get her mind to focus so she could come up with the perfect excuse for her still being there.

“Hi…umm…hello darling, ummm, of course I’m not still in bed. I was just..”, Her mind whirled trying to come up with anything to tell him about what she was doing with her day. She knew that there were things that she was responsible to see done before this evening.

“Do NOT lie to me, missy, I know from the tone of your voice and the stammering that you are still in bed. I’m not going to let that little lie go unpunished either, I assure you. Now tell me why you are still in bed when you have things to do today. Things that NEED done considering we are having my boss and his wife for dinner this evening! Did you forget that little fact? Did you get the groceries for the meal? Did you see that the house was immaculate? Did you pick up my suit from the cleaners? Well, little miss, I am waiting for an answer!”

“Ummmm….Colby, I will get everything done on time, I promise….It slipped my…”

“Damn it, girl! You know this is an important evening and there you are with your ass still in bed! Get your ass up and get busy. After the dinner is over, we will have a little chat about the importance of time management. You’d better get a move on and things better be perfect or things will be worse than you can imagine for that bottom of yours. NOW MOVE!”

With that ultimatum said, there was a click as he hung up the phone. Her heart was racing and she knew she was in for a very painful evening and didn’t even want to think about what would happen to her bottom if things turned out less than what he expected. The dinner totally slipped her mind and the peaceful feeling she had while lazing in bed quickly dissipated.

Colby was a very good, kind husband, but was also very strict. At the onset of their relationship he told her what he expected from her. Theirs was a 50/50 deal. He believed strongly in domestic discipline; not just delivering it but also receiving it. He believed that instead of arguing and being upset with one another for days on end things could be better dealt with by administering discipline and giving immediate forgiveness. In the course of the discipline being meted out, the receiver had no say in what was given; they must give total control over to the disciplinarian. On occasion that included sexual favors, so to speak. Often, he found himself on the stinging end of the paddle, belt, cane, hairbrush or any of the other implements they had in their arsenal, but, more often than not, she was the one on the receiving end. She just couldn’t manage to stay out of trouble longer than a week. She just got over a blistering session with his strop and paddle and now she was in for more!

Putting on her clothes, she raced around town getting the makings for dinner, picking up his suit, making it home in time to start dinner, do a quick cleaning of the house and get herself bathed. By the time Colby came home at 5:15 all she had to do was her makeup and throw on her outfit. She could tell by the look in his eyes as he surveyed the house that he was less than pleased with its appearance but there was nothing that could be done. Their guests would arrive within 45 minutes and there was still much to do. The table looked beautiful with white candles, that when lit would cast soft, dancing shadows on the walls. A beautiful vase with a simple arrangement of white calla lilies graced the center of a table that was set with their finest Limoge china.

“We haven’t much time, so go and get ready. Wear the black dress I like so well. I’m hopping in the shower.” Colby said, without as much as a glimpse at her. She could feel the disappointment he still felt towards her. She turned and went to her room to get ready. She wound her long hair into a simple French knot and applied her makeup simply and elegantly. She heard the shower start as she finished and went to finalize the dinner preparations.

Colby sauntered downstairs looking resplendent in his charcoal grey, Inghirami suit.

“Well, at least the table looks beautiful and the food smells delicious….we will discuss your housekeeping later this evening. Now, we have 5 minutes before our guests arrive and I believe that those minutes will be well spent giving you a sore bottom to sit upon while we entertain and to give you thought as to what you will be getting later.”

She stood in stunned silence for a second before sighing and waiting for further instructions. She could tell by his demeanor that there would be no negotiating. She did not relish the idea of trying not to squirm all evening while trying to keep up small talk.

“Go get me the wooden spatula…you know the one you hate so much. Present it to me then hike up the dress, drop the panties and get yourself bent over the counter top.” He said, gruffly. He was fed up with her carefree attitude concerning the house and his business contacts. This dinner was the last opportunity he had to impress his boss and get the promotion of his dreams. The decision would be final within the week and there were 4 other men and women up for it. And she pulls this!!!!! Her bottom was definitely going to pay the price for this little stunt.

Brandy went and retrieved the spatula from the drawer and cringed just at the sight of it. This was an implement she dreaded; each stroke seemed to feel like a branding iron pressed to her bottom.

She went and stood before him with the spatula, bowing her head and handing it to him; she requested that he use it to punish her bare bottom.

“Please, Sir, use this to punish my naughty, bare bottom so I will learn my lesson about disappointing you.”

“I certainly shall, young lady, now prepare yourself as I instructed.”

“Yes, Sir.”

She walked over and stood before the counter. She pulled her dress up around her waist and lowered her panties to her knees where they immediately fell and pooled around her feet. Bending over she spread her legs wide and thrust her bottom out, exposing all of her private areas to his view.

Colby walked up and stood behind her, eyeing her freshly shaven pussy and the tight ring of her anus. MMMmmm…he wished he had time to partake in one..or both..of those treasures. However, he had a job to do and he only had a few short minutes to do it in.

Raising his arm high he brought the spatula whizzing down to land with a loud slap on her bottom. He watched her bottom cheek dent in deeply as it hit. A perfect, scarlet imprint rose up quickly on her bottom as she let out a loud moan. He raised his arm again and started raining the strokes down, one after another. Only a second or two passed before another stroke would land.

Brandy tried to stand as still as possible while Colby harshly spanked her bottom. It felt like a swarm of hornets had landed and kept stinging her bottom over and over again. For 3 minutes she stood squirming and crying while he rained down stroke after stroke of the hard wooden spatula onto her tender bare bottom.

Finally he stopped after making sure her entire bottom and tops of her thighs were painted a bright red. He put the spatula away and started rubbing her bottom. Her pussy was soaked with her juices, as he knew it would be because she always got turned on while being punished no matter how painful of an ordeal it was for her. He refused to touch her private areas though; she hadn’t earned the privilege of his touch yet.

Brandy stayed were she was and let him rub and comfort her bottom. She wished he would rub another area a little lower down because she was so incredibly horny but she knew that any chance of her having an orgasm was a long ways away. Not until he gave permission, which she knew all too well would not be given until after the rest of her punishment this evening had ended.

“Stay as you are, Brandy, I’ll be back”

“Yes, Sir”

She didn’t have long to wait, mere seconds after he walked out he was back. He walked behind her and spread her bottom cheeks with his left hand. She felt something cool and slick on her anus and then felt his finger slide into her to the hilt, bringing her up onto her tiptoes. She hated anything to do with anal play. He usually demanded it when she was being punished but she always hated it. It hurt her so bad, just his finger hurt her, his cock was damn near unbearable. After a few seconds, she felt his finger withdraw and felt something much larger starting to stretch her anus wide.

“Please, stop, Sir, it hurts. IT HURTS”

“You are being punished, things are supposed to hurt. I think an evening entertaining our guests with this nice, big butt plug in that tight bottom of yours will serve as a good reminder of what you did to deserve punishment and just what other punishments you are to receive. But think of it this way, my dear, this butt plug will also stretch you out a bit, so when I go to stick my cock into this nice ass later, it won’t hurt nearly as much.”

With that being said, he gave a final push on the plug, watching it stretch her anus wide before it clamped down on the plugs more slender stem when it was fully inserted.

“Ok, they will be here any minute, go straighten yourself out and come back here to check on dinner.” Colby said, in passing as he went and sat in the living room to await his guests.

Brandy reached slowly down and pulled up her panties. She could feel the butt plug shift inside of her with every movement she made. Her bottom hole felt raw and her ass felt like it was on fire from the paddling. She gingerly walked to her bedroom and checked on her appearance. Other than having to fix her eye makeup a bit she didn’t look any worse for wear. She just had to keep reminding herself to try her best to walk normally so that their guests wouldn’t think there was something wrong with her. Colby would have no qualms what so ever in telling them that she was spanked if asked. They may already know about their lifestyle, as far as she knew.

The guests arrived and after a pre-dinner cocktail, she served their meal. Soup, salad, herbed chicken breasts with white wine sauce, wild rice, and glazed baby carrots was the best she could do on the time she allotted herself. It wasn’t the elegant meal the Colby had anticipated and she knew that she would also pay the price for that this evening. All in all, though, the dinner went off without a hitch. She managed not to squirm too much and made intelligent small talk with both of their guests. She served dessert and was proud of how things were going. After the dessert was finished, the men asked to be excused and made their way into the living room to “talk shop” and have a drink. Brandy sat and had coffee with the boss’s wife and quite enjoyed the conversation. She was a very intelligent woman to talk to and before she knew it, they were preparing to leave. She could tell by the mannerisms of the boss that he was impressed with Colby and she had a good feeling that he would be getting the promotion he longed for.

Immediately after their guests left, Colby turned to her, loosening his tie. She knew the time had come to pay the piper. From the look in his eyes, she could tell it wasn’t going to be a simple hand spanking.

“Brandy, I am going to go and change now. After that, you will be punished for your antics this afternoon. Right now, all you have to do is go strip out of those clothes and get into the living room corner. Don’t bother putting anything else on, I want you nude. I’ll be down shortly to begin. Get a move on, young lady”.

His voice was calm and steady, the look in his eyes said, quite clearly, that there was not room for discussion; she had just better follow his directions and make no argument.

She did as she was told, and stood naked in the corner. The butt plug still firmly lodged in her behind, making her increasingly uncomfortable. She longed to remove it, but knew the punishment she was about to get would greatly increase if she did so.

It seemed like she stood in the corner for an hour before Colby finally came into the room and sat on the couch, staring at her.

He couldn’t help but admire how beautiful she looked standing there. Her long graceful legs seemed to go on for miles before reaching the smooth, soft, peachy globes of her bottom which still showed a faint pink glow from their earlier meeting with the spatula. Her hair’s soft, auburn curls cascaded down her back like a silken waterfall.

He sat mesmerized by her beauty for a few minutes before shaking himself out of it so he could get to the task at hand.

“Come over here, Brandy Lynn, and stand before me.”

She did as she was beckoned to do, taking the stance that she knew he required. She stood tall and straight; hands behind her back, breasts thrust out and legs widely spread, giving him full access to her most private places.

“Very good, my girl. At least now you are doing as I say. Too bad you didn’t see fit to do that this morning, then we wouldn’t be here right now. We would be upstairs instead, making love for hours….but as it is, you didn’t, and here you are, about to get your bottom blistered. I’m really disappointed in you, Brandy.”

She could feel her face growing hot as he spoke. A feeling of shame and disappointment overcame her and made her stomach feel like one huge knot.

“I’m sorry, Sir”, she whispered.

“Yes, yes, yes, I’m sure you are,” Colby said, “but not as sorry as you will be shortly, I can assure you.”

“Turn and bend over, young lady, spread those butt cheeks for me.” Colby ordered.

Feeling embarrassment flood over her, she did as he said. Turning and reaching back, she spread her bottom cheeks as far apart as she could.

“Hmmm, the plug seems to have stayed in nicely, I see” Colby stated, matter of factly.

Taking hold of the plug he gave it a few good twists, watching her body tense with each movement. He knew how much she hated anal play, but as much as she hated it; he loved it so he made sure to always include some in her discipline. After twisting the plug around and getting her used to the feeling, he took firm grasp of it and started plunging it in and out of her, slowly at first but getting faster and faster until he had it rocketing back and forth inside her.

“oooh, oh, Please don’t Colby, please!” Brandy exclaimed, as he started screwing it in and out of her. :”Please! It hurts!”

She squirmed, and moaned, and begged to no avail. For 5 minutes, Colby made sure to fuck her with the plug. By then, Brandy felt like her anus had been rubbed raw.

With a quick shove, Colby lodged the butt plug deeply into her and left it there. He was not planning to remove it until he replaced it with his cock. This would not be until her session was almost completed.

Standing up, Colby went and retrieved a heavy duffel bag that housed most of their implements.

“All right, Brandy, lay on your back on the couch. It’s time to start heating up that ass of yours. Lift your legs up and back to your chest.”

Brandy hated this position. It exposed all of her private areas and she knew that this position meant that not only would her bottom be getting spanked but also her pussy and anus. This was going to be a more serious session than she had earlier thought.

Taking a small oak paddle and short, thick leather strap from the bag, Colby set them beside her on the couch cushion. He braced his arm under her legs so she wouldn’t be able to lower them during her spanking. He couldn’t help but admire her smooth, slick pussy and the plug peeking out of her anus had his cock straining to burst out of his pants. After a few seconds of trying to get his libido in check he started slapping her thighs and bottom cheeks hard with his hand. Over and over, his hand fell, leaving perfect hand prints that turned white then quickly red after each blow.

Brandy squirmed each time his hand fell but he had her firmly pinned so any idea she may have had of trying to get away from the hurtful swats were quickly diminished.

For five minutes he spanked, getting harder with every minute that passed until the final 30 seconds had him bringing his hand down machine gun style. He meant to teach her a lesson that she wouldn’t soon forget. She was constantly getting in trouble for the same things and he was getting tired of the lesson not sinking in. He fully intended for this lesson to finally break her cycle of laziness. If it didn’t, woes betide her the next time!

By the end of the five minutes, Brandy had tears welling up in her eyes. She was tough, it took a lot to make her cry and even more to make her sob. Colby knew this and always made sure that he spanked her until at least some tears fell. Usually, she just got a hand-spanking and it ended, but that was only for minor things…this was no minor thing and she knew that she would not be sitting comfortably for days to come.

Immediately following the end of her hand-spanking, Colby picked up the wooden paddle.

“You’re getting twenty-five spanks with this paddle, young lady. I want to hear you count them out, thank me after each one, and ask for the next. If you fail to do any of these things the stroke will not count. If I have to remind you more than twice we will start over from the beginning. Do you understand, Brandy Lynn?”

“Yes, Sir, I understand”

“Good, then lets begin, shall we? Start the count.”

“Please sir, give me the first stroke of the paddle.” Brandy said, trying to brace herself for the pain that he was making her ask for.

Raising his hand high, Colby swiftly brought the paddle down to land with a splat on her left bottom globe. Brandy couldn’t help but utter a startled yelp. The pain was intense on her already sore backside. It seemed to explode across her bottom and reverberate across every nerve in her body.

“Please, Colby, not so hard. It hurts so bad! I promise I will be good. I’ve learned my lesson and won’t mess up again, just please don’t spank me any more.” Brandy implored him, hoping against hope that just this one time he would stop.

“Brandy, I hear the same promises from you every time you are being punished. If your promises were sincere then you wouldn’t be finding yourself in your current position, now would you? I fully intend for that to change tonight. I am going to give you a punishment that I hope will make you think twice in the future. Apparently, I have been too lenient in past lessons as they do not seem to have gotten through to you…but this one will or the next one will last an entire weekend. Now, are you going to ask for the next stroke or should I just double the count to fifty?”

“No, NO, don’t double it, PLEASE. I’ll count!”

“Good, then let’s get on with it.”

“Thank you Sir, for the first stroke, please give me the second so I will learn my lesson.”

Again, Colby raised his hand and delivered a blistering stroke to her right bottom cheek. Two matching scarlet blotches could now be seen super imposed on the lighter red coloring imposed upon her from the hand-spanking..

The paddling continued her thanking him and asking for the next stroke, he delivering stroke after harsh stroke until the entire twenty-five had been given; leaving her bottom and thighs an intense shade of scarlet.

“You took those very well, Brandy Lynn, but we aren’t quite done with this position. Lift your legs high and spread them as wide as you can, it’s time to punish that naughty pussy and anus, my dear.”

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