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Emmy and I make it home to my front door unseen, much to my relief, our crotches are still soaking wet from Emmy pissing on me not more than 5 minutes before. We stumble in the house punch drunk with passion and I make my way straight to the drinks cabinet to pour us both a stiff drink. I notice Emmy wandering into the kitchen and when I walk through to hand her the drink I’m surprised to see she is looking in my fridge.

“Hungry?” I ask.

“Oh Humphry, I saw you had a trifle and I hoped you would still have some squirty cream left.” she said with a wink. “Oh yay, here it is!” She says holding the can high with a big grin on her face.

I hand her the drink, we both take large gulps and nearly finish them in one. She leans forward and kisses me on the lips and then makes me jump as a large glob of cream from the can hits me in the face. Emmy giggles and playfully runs off as I wipe it from my cheeks. I gladly chase her as she darts for the stairs. As I reach the top of the stairs I just catch glimpse of her dashing into my bedroom. I run in after her and my eyes scan the room quickly trying to find her but she is nowhere to be seen. I stand there momentarily flabbergasted until I hear the door slam shut behind me. I spin around to see Emmy stood against the door and she has that look in her eye again. The look that tells me she is planning something naughty.

“Lay on the bed, my little pantie boy.” She commands.

I sit on the edge of the bed and lay back. My crotch still feels damp with all the mess we made of it earlier but it only serves to wash wave after wave of randiness over me each time I think of it. Emmy walks decisively over towards me and leans over placing her hands on the bed beside me. Her face is above my crotch and she is looking up towards me.

“Take your top off, I’ll deal with your trousers.” She says as she starts to unbuckle my belt.

I throw my top off the bed and look down to see Emmy unzipping my flies and start sliding my trousers out from under me. Her breasts have fallen forward in her top because of how she is bending over and I can see her rock hard nipples poking through her silky shirt. The sight sends a randy shiver down my spine and into my cock and it twitches hard against the inside of my soaking wet lace panties.

“Oh my, now that is a beautiful mess.” She says, admiring my lace panties.

I look down too and can see that they look a darker blue than before because they are soaking wet with her piss and there is an even darker patch where my cum had soaked in too. She takes a moment to stroke my cock softly over the lace. It twitches with eagerness. She runs her fingers up the inside edge of the panties as she leans forward and starts kissing them. She tilts her head slightly so she can look me straight in the eye as she sticks her tongue out and licks me, through the lace, from my balls to the tip of my shaft.

“Oh my god, Emmy you looks so fucking hot.” I say, taking it all in.

“Shhh.” Emmy says. “I don’t want you to talk. I want you lay back, relax and just go with it.”

“OK.” I say intriguingly, not knowing quite what ‘it’ is but understanding enough now to place my full trust in the hands of this sensual woman.

Emmy tugs at my panties and eases them down over my cock and slides them off of my legs. I look down and see her rise up with that look on her face again. She kneels on the bed either side of my legs and leans forward towards my face.

“I said shhh.” she says as she places a finger on my lips. “Now, open up your mouth, pantie lover.”

I open my mouth and Emmy starts feeding my soaking wet, cum drenched panties into my mouth. I am initially horrified but that quickly turns to an altogether different feeling when I look her in the eyes and see that this is what she wants. I am her experiment and she is doing thorough research, pushing all my buttons and seeing how far I will let her go. I think she knows I will go to places she has never been before and I think this is what is turning her on.

“That’s a good boy, Humph. I bet you can taste your own cum now. I just had a lick and it tastes so good.” Emmy says with a glint in her eye.

I smile, as best I could with a mouth full of cum and piss soaked lace, to let her know I am in on her game and want to continue. I close my eyes, relax and let my tongue press up against the lace, feeling around for textures and tastes. I can smell them just as much as I can taste them and it is nothing quite like anything I have ever come across. It just smells and tastes of sex and my cock twitches eagerly in response.

Emmy leans close once again and licks me from my bottom lip, up over the lace poking out of my mouth to my top lip and all around once more before kneeling back up again. She walks on her knees, shifting up the bed until her crotch is directly above my face. I can see up her skirt to her white cotton panties, soaking wet from before and clinging to every contour of her pussy lips.

“Humph,” she says with a whimper. “All of this play has got me so fucking horny I need a quick release.”

She reaches down under her skirt and pulls her panties to one side exposing her plump, swollen clitoris and with her other hand starts to vigorously rub it side to side. She lets out a little moan as she pushes two of her fingers up inside of herself. She doesn’t leave them in long, she is just lubricating her fingers so she can get back to rubbing herself off, not much more than an inch from my panty filled mouth.

I reach up to try and touch this beautiful woman’s body with a view to helping her reach orgasm but find it difficult to move my arms due to her kneeling over my shoulders and her legs pressing my upper arms to the bed. I am able to reach her arse though with my hands and I eagerly cup her cheeks and give her a passionate squeeze. She lets out another whimper as I fumble around with her arse and push her even closer on to my face. I watch intently as her fingers do their work on her pussy, which by now is making a wet slapping noise. I feel helpless as I grope and work my hands all over her arse until I find I can twist my hands and work my fingers down the crack of her buttcheeks and underneath to her asshole.

“Oh yes, Humph, finger my ass!” She cries out.

That is all the encouragement I need and I start to press my finger to her asshole. I start rubbing across her hole with gentle strokes at first and find that her fingers meet mine as she reaches back with her sopping wet cum soaked hand. She rubs her fingers all over her asshole and all over my fingers too which lubricate them slightly.

“Do it now! Finger fuck my asshole as I wank myself off onto your pantie mouthed face.” She says with emphasis through gritted teeth.

I push my finger into her asshole which receives it without any objection and I immediately start working it in and out at a pace to match her own finger play.

“Oh fuck yes!” She bleats.

I can’t help but to let out a moan and feel my hot breath warming the panties in my mouth. Emmy is still furiously working her clitoris and I can feel her adjust herself so she can get a little bit lower to my face again. She lowers her pussy lips right onto the panties in my mouth. These panties are a real focus for Emmys delight. She seems to want to be in contact with them and leave her own stain on them too. She starts rocking back and forth, each time pushing down harder onto my fingers in her asshole, and as she rocks forward her pussy lips come up on my face and over my nose. I revel in this and take a deep breath each time I am enveloped in her labia.

“Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck.” Emmy cries repeatedly, each time with more pitch and earnest. “I’m gonna cum!”

She sits down with full force on my mouth, her pussy pressed hard against the lace and cries out a release as she orgasms. I can feel spatterings of her cum hitting my face and eyes making me blink rapidly. I force my eyes open to savour the moment and take in what is happening. I can feel her body go limp and her asshole stop clutching at my fingers which I pull out slowly.

“Oh god yes.” She says with relief as she lifts herself off my face.

She looks down at me and wipes her wet fingers across the lace in my mouth. She wriggles back down the bed on her knees and stops lo lick my lips and panties, now soaked in her own cum too.

“Humphry, look at that cock of yours. It’s got a mind of it’s own and it looks like it is desperate to cum too!” She says, now kneeling either side of my knees.

I look down and can see my cock jumping all over the place and twitching. I have leaked so much precum it is creating a string bridge to my stomach. Emmy reaches down between my thighs and pushes my legs outwards and lifts her legs over so she is between them. She looks at me and that look of hers is there again. She brushes her hands over my arse cheeks and up and down my perineum as she slowly but surely works her way in ever decreasing circles to my asshole. Her finger lightly tickles my hole and it makes me moan uncontrollably. I drop my head back down onto the bed and just look up toward the ceiling focusing on the hands exploring my body.

“Humph, I am going to do something a little naughty and you are to just go with it. OK?” She says.

I know this is a rhetorical question, I was told not to talk and anyway I still have my cum soaked panties in my mouth which I take a moment to saviour once more with my tongue. I think I can taste Emmys pussy juices but I can’t be certain so I just tell myself I can and go with it. I can feel Emmy’s knees now nudging at the base of my bum as she says,

“Humph, lift your hot little ass up a bit for me.”

I oblige and as soon as I do I can feel Emmy has shifted closer and further under me. She keeps wiggling and wedging under me until my arse is up to her stomach. She reaches down and lifts my legs up over her shoulders and says to me,

“Humphry, I am going to fill your ass with cream and fuck it until you cum all over your panty filled mouth.”

My eyes open wide in wonder and amazement and no sooner had I had chance to absorb what she had just said I can feel something cold pressing against my asshole. I know what it is, the squirty cream can from earlier and she proceeds to empty it inside of me.

“Oh fuck, yes.” Emmy says with a thrill. This is turning her on, using me as a toy for her sexual games.

I can feel the cream pour into my ass, cold at first, enough to make my wide eyes even wider. After a second or two it stops being a bit of a shock and starts to feel great. Emmy looks down at me shooting me a wicked look through narrowed eyes. She looks smoking hot and she has a certain glow about her. Being in control suits her and she is basking in it.

I can now feel Emmy liberally spreading the cream about between my cheeks and she starts to work right away with two of her fingers pushing into my ass. It is a glorious feeling, the cream is lubricating my asshole so well her fingers are sliding in and out of me effortlessly. I am a clean guy and I shave everywhere so it is just cream on skin. I feel that if she just keeps on finger fucking me I could reach orgasm without even touching my cock.

“Humphry, my little pantie eater. Can you feel the cream in your ass? It feels great doesn’t it?” I nodded in agreement. “In fact your ass looks good enough to eat!” Emmy says with a certain conviction.

She pulls her fingers slowly from my ass and wraps her arms around my legs pulling me even further up towards her. She nudges under me even more and now only my shoulders are touching the bed. Emmy places her hand on the back of my my left thigh and pushes it off her shoulder and over the top of my head. I feel a little uncomfortable and strained but that all disappears as Emmy buries her face between my ass cheeks and starts to lick my asshole. Her tongue is rigid and moving rapidly, darting across my hole. She licks me up between my legs and my balls where the cream had began to run and then returns to my asshole. My hands are underneath my back on her thighs which I grip in approval as I feel her tongue press on inside my cream filled ass. I can see the top of her eyes, which were closed, just above my balls. It looks like she is concentrating hard on really tongue fucking my asshole.

I suddenly become aware of my cock, just hanging in front of my face, as a bead of precum drips off the tip and lands on my cheek. Emmy notices it too and reaches down with her free hand to dab it up with her finger and wipes it on my lace panties. It seems that every ounce of cum, precum or pussy juice just has to be collected on these panties in my mouth. She brings her hand up and clasps it around my straining cock. She pauses for a moment and returns her hand up to my cream filled ass smearing some on her hand and returns it back down to my cock covering it in the milky white foam. She starts wanking me off with long sloppy strokes, cream is dripping off and hitting my face. Emmy pulls her tongue from inside my ass and starts licking across my hole in unison with her hand movements on my cock.

I think she only manages about eight or nine strokes before I am feeling a full orgasm rising from within. It is making me moan uncontrollably and it makes Emmy stop licking my ass and peer over the top of my balls. She has cream all over her face and yet she still looks fucking hot making me just want to lick it all off of her.

“Right, my little pantie eater. When you cum I want you to spurt it all over your panties in your mouth, understand?” Emmy says with a cheeky grin.

I nod, and just in time too as a huge wave of orgasm rises up over me and I can feel convulsion after convulsion resulting in splash after splash of cum hitting the panties in my mouth. Emmy’s expert guidance ensures all but a few drops land where she wants them to. All the while her other fingers are back on my asshole and she is rapidly pushing them in and out so fast I can feel the cream squirting out of my ass with every thrust.

“That’s it, creamy ass. Cum on your panties while I fuck your hole.” She cries.

I close my eyes in ecstasy and savour the moment. I feel like I have been completely emptied yet the orgasm had not completely passed. Emmys fingers are still in my ass but she is slowing down the fucking to remove them.

“My god, that was amazing!” I try to shout, but it just comes out all muffled through the lace.

“Shhh!” She commands. “Oh Humph, you do look good with your cum on your face, and those panties, oh my well they have been through a lot haven’t they?” She says with a caring whisper as she lets me slip back down onto the bed.

She takes a moment to collect up the beads of cum from my face and wipe them on the panties in my mouth before leaning in and giving it all a big slow lick while looking me straight in my eyes.

“Hmm, I love cum Humph, don’t you?” She says wryly.

She reaches for the panties in my mouth and pulls them out slowly. They are absolutely sopping wet and I can clearly see big globs of my cum on them already starting to soak in.

“Humph, I would like to keep these if I may?” She asks.

“Of course!” I say reassuringly. “What are you going to do with them?”

“Oh, I am going to put them on and wear them home. I haven’t quite finished with them yet.” She says causing my eyebrow to raise.

She stands up off the bed and slips off her white cotton panties and proceeds to slowly and purposefully step into my soaking wet panties. She seems delighted as she pulls them up over her knees to her crotch and as they touch her pussy lips she bites her bottom lip and lets out a little whimper.

“Oh these feel good Humphry. Don’t worry though because I am going to leave you with mine.” She says as she picks up her cotton panties, handing them to me. “I have an idea for how I would like you to use these. I’m going to leave now for home and I want you to wait for me to text you instructions on what I want you to do with them. Are you game?”

“I am game.” I say enthusiastically, a huge grin upon my face.

“Good boy.” She says just before kissing me on the lips.

She turns and starts to walk out of the room. As she opens the door she pauses. She turns back to me with a cheeky grin, lifts up her skirt and shows me my panties she has just put on, they are glistening with all the cum that was soaking in to them. The very tops of her thighs are too where the cum has started to roll down her legs. She giggles, looks me in the eyes and says,

“The game is on, my little pantie slut.”

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