When Brandon & I rented the cottage property for a weekend, we thought it was a nice little place for a romantic getaway. Little did we know that it was going to be even better than that.

Once a month, for the past two years, we would fulfill a sexual fantasy. Well, for the last three months we’ve been trying to fulfill the latest one, sex in a thunderstorm. We made a rule that we wouldn’t move on to a new fantasy until the current one was achieved.

Let me tell you something, if you like variety, don’t make that rule. I thrive on variety and after three months of the norm, I was ready to pull my hair out. That’s why we ended up at the cottage. It was at least different but still within the dreaded rule.

On Saturday, I decided we should go on a picnic. The owner told me that about a mile behind the cottage was a waterfall with a clearing. So I packed a some food, a blanket, and some champagne and told Brandon to get ready.

“Ready for what?” he asked as he was coming off the balcony.

“For a picnic. There’s a nice place about a mile in the woods.”

” Now? But it looks like rain.”

“Come on. For me.” I said as I wrapped my arms around him and kissed his neck.

“All right, let me get my shoes on.”

“I’m just gonna change.” I said as I walked to the bedroom.

As I was slipping on my new sundress, I thought I could here thunder in the distance. A chill rose up my spine and I started to get aroused with the thought of fulfilling this latest fantasy. I didn’t have on a bra with the dress and decided to leave my underwear behind. Even if it didn’t rain, we could still have some fun.

I took a look in the full length mirror before leaving the room. The dress was about mid thigh and had buttons down the front. I took my waist length red hair out of the pony tail and unbuttoned the first two buttons on the dress to show off a little bit on my large breasts. Satisfied, I left the room.

As I entered the kitchen, I saw Brandon bent over and looking though the basket. “Nosey?”

He turned around and looked me up and down. “Good enough to eat.”

“What’s in the basket or me?”

“Actually, both.” He grabbed the basket and we headed out.

We walked down the path holding hands and not saying much to each other. When we were about twenty feet away, we could here the roar of the waterfall.

“What’s that?” Brandon asked.

“The waterfall!” I said as I ran to the end.

I burst through the opening and stopped dead in my tracks. I was in awe at the sight that was before me. The waterfall was a little over ten feet in height, fell into a small pond and ran off into a small stream. The grass I was standing on was greener than any that I’ve ever seen and neatly trimmed. A huge maple tree was off to the side offering shade, but the rest of the are was covered in sunshine.

When Brandon came up behind me, I looked at him and exclaimed, “It’s beautiful!”

“Sure is. Let’s get settled.”

We decided to set up the blanket in the sun and settled down. Within a few minutes, I noticed the sky started to get cloudy. Brandon looked up and stated, “I told you it might rain.”

“So what,” I said, “Let it.”

We finished eating and I put the basket off to the side. Brandon laid down next to me and asked, “What, no dessert?”

“Like what?”

“I don’t know. Something sweet?”

I looked at him with a devious grin and stated “Sorry sweetie, all I can offer is pie.”

“Sounds sweet to me.” He said as he pushed me to the ground.

He covered my mouth and kissed me deeply. As our tongues danced, I could feel his hands roaming my body, which sent shivers through me. He broke the kiss and moved to my neck, where he would nip and lick it, starting to make me squirm with arousal. His hand stopped roaming and went to the buttons on my dress, where he started to undo them one by one.

As his kisses started to move towards my chest, my nipples hardened, and I couldn’t stop the soft little groans of excitement escaping my lips. As he undid the last button, located just above my navel, he started to lick the top of my breasts and moved his hand slowly up my stomach to a breast. My breaths became faster as he stroked my already pebbled nipple making it harden even further. My only thought was how I wanted to feel his tongue on my nipples.

As though he read my thought, he stared to circle my nipple with his tongue but didn’t touch it. With each circle, my arousal grew so much that I could feel myself dripping between my legs. As he started to roll my nipple between his finger and thumb, he grabbed my other one between his teeth and began flicked it with his tongue. I let out a small shriek of excitement and arched my back to the pleasure. This made his motions faster and I thought I would orgasm if he kept it up any longer.

Again, as if reading my thoughts, he stopped. I opened my eyes to see he was removing his shirt to reveal his well toned muscles. I leaned forward an let my tongue roam his chest and nipped his nipple. He cupped my face and leaned down to kiss me hard.

Brandon pulled himself away and said, ” Now, just lay back and enjoy.” I decided to comply, but grudgingly.

As I laid down, I saw cloud filled the sky and grew more excited at the prospect of rain. I closed my eyes and felt Brandon’s lips on my stomach and his hand on my breast. As he pinched my nipple, he ran his tongue up to my free breast. He barely touch my nipple and ran it back down again. By his third pass, I wanted to feel him inside me, but he wanted his dessert.

As he left my body, I opened my eyes and bent my legs. He put his hands on the inside of my knees to spread my legs. I let them fall wide and heard him let out a hiss as his hands moved down my inner thighs.

I could feel his eyes staring at my wet pussy and the more he stared the wetter I became.

Soon his mouth followed the same path his hands were just on. As his mouth got closer to my pulsing clit, he put my feet on his back and spread my legs wider. He started to circle my dripping wet pussy with his tongue and I shrieked my pleasure loudly. As he moved his tongue to my clit, his hands grabbed my breasts and squeezed. Then he started to suck on my clit and flick it with his tongue, and I knew I was going to orgasm at any moment, but held it back.

Sensing I was holding back, Brandon went faster with his tongue, moved his fingers to my nipples and pinched them hard. My whole body started to tremble and I knew I couldn’t hold back any longer. My hips started to rise, which made him go faster and pinch harder. Just as I started to climax, he moved his tongue down to my pussy and slipped inside of me. All of the sudden I felt raindrops hit my heated skin and I came with the force of a freight train and let my juices flow. Brandon started to groan as he swallowed my taste.

Once my body stopped trembling and Brandon licked every drop of my orgasm, I thought he would enter me, but I guess he had other plans. He covered my clit with his mouth and slipped his finger deep into my pussy.

As the rain came down harder, my legs started to tremble and my hips began to rise to meet his finger. He slowly pulled his finger out and slipped another finger in. I started to shriek my excitement and felt a third finger slip into my asshole. My whole world blew apart and I came again. I screamed my pleasure and his movements grew faster dragging out the very intense orgasm. Finally, I had no more to give and he withdrew from my trembling body.

By now it was raining pretty hard and we were both soaked. I heard a clap of thunder over us and I started to get aroused again. I knelt on front of Brandon, undid his shorts, and pulled them down to his ankles. To my surprise, he wasn’t wearing any underwear either. Wanting to give him the same amount of pleasure he gave me, I placed my lips around his cock and sucked him deep into my throat. Only moving slightly in and out, I clenched and loosened my throat around his cock while moving my tongue around the head. As Brandon started to moan with the pleasure he was receiving, I placed my hands on his ass cheeks and moved him in and out of my mouth faster. Within a couple of minutes, his body tensed and he exploded deep in my throat. I kept my throat muscles moving until every last drop of him slid down my throat.

I withdrew him from my mouth, stood up, and kissed him still tasting my own cum on his lips. By now, the rain was coming down hard, soaking our bodies, as the thunder was at full peak above us.

Brandon slowly removed my wet dress from my body, leaned down to kiss my rain soaked breasts and guided our bodies to the ground. He flipped me over, spread my legs apart and slammed into my eager pussy. He grabbed my hips and started to pump faster in to me and I started to come again.

As a very loud clap of thunder erupted above us, we both released a loud cry as our orgasms exploded. We both fell to the ground breathing heavily and didn’t move for a few moments.

When we finally had enough energy to get our wet clothes on and gather our stuff, the rain had stopped and the sun was coming back out. We raced back to the cottage and headed straight to the bedroom for more fun.

Out of all the fantasies Brandon and I have brought to life together, that one day at Thunder Cottage was going to be difficult to forget and maybe even top. But that’s a story for another time.

Chapter 1

I still live in the small city that I grew up in. My father had started a small car dealership which I now run and, even though there are ups and downs, it has done pretty well.

I’ve had my own ups and downs as well, I suppose most of us have. My biggest up, I think was the birth of my son seven years ago and my biggest down, by far, was the death of my wife a couple of years ago when he was in preschool.

Of course, everyone around us, my son and I, my parents, hers, business friends, high school and college friends, the parents in my son’s preschool, they were all great and all tried in their own ways to help.

Only time does help heal such a wound and it has helped a lot. I’m busy at work and being both a father and mother to my son so I’ve really not done much dating since. I did try two websites, a regional one and a big, famous one and did have a few dates but nothing spectacular. It was probably too soon.

So, my sex life was pretty close to hand if you get my meaning. I had little idea just how much that was going to change which is what this story is really about.

It was just the beginning of summer and my son was still in school so I called the school office to substitute my parents for me so I could just take a day off for myself. I’d decided to go back to a beach that my wife and I had gone to quite a number of times when we were first together and then first married. A nude beach.

Yes, Olivia and I were a bit unconventional, she was really the one who pushed the limits more than I did. Just one of the things I loved about her but there were many. And, I wanted to remember her and our many happy times at that beach and the effect on our libidos were wonderful memories I wanted to relive. Not to mention some innocent ogling to help my masturbatory fantasies as the days and weeks went on.

So, as we had so many times in the past, I parked, got out a beach chair, my towel, a book and suntan lotion and went through the dunes and out onto the beach. I looked both ways and headed to the part which seemed a bit more populous, especially scanning for women, and settled down with my book to screen my ogling and make it just a bit less obvious.

I disrobed and put on fresh lotion and sat there with my book and a reasonably-soft cock, not trying to scare people away and began reading my book as I peered over it at times for approaching women. There were four young girls, upper high school- or college-age, definitely off-limits as far as I was concerned. A few rather large women, several guys, two attractive women, probably near my age, somewhere in their thirties, holding hands. Well, I smiled anyway but they kept walking.

More reading, more looking, more reading, you get the picture. I finally got up and went down for a dip and the water seemed just right, a bit on the cool side, perfect for me. I came back up and reapplied some lotion and was just turning to sit back down when I saw walking along the water’s edge, three women I recognized from my son’s preschool, three of the mothers of my boy’s classmates.

What were the chances? I thought. Yes, it was them, it was only just a few years ago, we all haven’t changed that much. I was sure they were as uncomfortable as I was but we had now seen each other and even made half-hearted waves of acknowledgement as they began walking up toward me.

As they approached, I said hello and the tallest one said, “You’re Mikey’s dad, right? Funny place to meet? I’m Cleo, Danielle’s mom. Do you remember Dena and Shana? Dena’s son Eddie was a good friend of your boy and Shana’s girl is Louisa, remember her.”

“Yeah, sure, hi, well, kind of glad they’re not here with us,” I jested.

They all laughed somewhat nervously and smiled.

“So, why are you here today, Michael?” Dena asked me.

“Oh, just wanted a day off from working and parenting and, well, to be honest, maybe ogle some pretty ladies.”

“Have you seen any,” Shana asked me grinning.

“Yes, a few but the best so far are three lovely young women who have just walked over to talk with me,” I lobbed, trying to be gallant, though it was true.

Perhaps, since I was there and you weren’t, I should try to describe these three for you. They are all about my age, lower thirties pretty much.

Dena was the shortest, say about five-two, nice curvy figure with very nice boobs. They were perfectly round and full, capped with light pink nipples which were aroused from the look of them. She had short, curly blond hair, just perky, all around. Oh, and a narrow pencil-line of pubic hair above a pretty plump pussy. Yes, very nice.

Cleo was the tallest, about five-nine or ten, statuesque with large breasts, maybe even D-cups with a bit of undercurve and small, tight brown nipples, also erect. She was shaven clean. Cleo was a brunette with wavy hair just past her shoulders.

Shana was also fairly tall, maybe five-seven or so, brownish hair with glints of red, the smallest breasts of the three women though they were perfectly-formed and tipped with dark red nipples, also popped-out. Above her pretty pussy was a full tuft of matching hair which was neatly trimmed.

I had just told them that the three of them were the prettiest ladies I’d seen on the beach.

“You’re just buttering us up. So you just come her to look at the babes,” Cleo asked.

“Well, yes, but it’s really more than that. My wife and I used to come here even before we were married and for quite a while after. Just reminiscing, mostly, to tell the truth.”

They all looked at each other, then Shana asked me, “Why don’t you join us, Michael. We’d like that very much.” So, I picked up my things and followed them to their spot where they had blankets down on the sand. It was lovely following them, all three were quite lovely to look at and Cleo, the tallest, had a stunning ass though the other two were close seconds.

“You know, Michael, you really look good, I just want to tell you that,” Cleo said as Dena added, “She’s right, you’re looking pretty fine in your birthday suit.”

Shana put in her two cents with, “I have to say you’re more interesting here on the beach than in the pick-up line after preschool,” that said with a grin, but a rather sexy grin.

I could feel my cock growing so I quickly stood and told them I was in for a dip and jogged to the water and started going out. Once I got to waist level I slowed down and when I turned, there was Shana right behind me.

“I was wondering if you were going to jerk-off?” she asked just as if she asked this question every day.

“Um, well, actually, yes, I had planned on it,” I admitted somewhat sheepishly.

She moved closed as said softly, “I’ll help you with it,” then offered me a big smile as her arm reached toward me. She quickly had her hand wrapped around me and began stroking me back and forth under the water.

“Mmm, you’re really hard. And nice and big, too. Am I making you feel good?”

“You’re making me feel wonderful, Shana, and I couldn’t have a sexier, more beautiful woman doing it. It feels wonderful,” and I leaned forward to give her a peck on the lips as she masturbated me under the shallow waves.

She turned so her back was toward the shore and reached over with her free hand to grip mine and brought it up to her breasts as she smiled at me. Her breasts were nice, not real large but very firm and youthful, feeling them was helping me get closer to adding a bit of pollution to our nation’s shoreline as my breathing increased.

“I love doing you, you’re so hard, mmm, you must be fun in bed, Michael. Is it good?”

“Mmm, it’s wonderful and, well, it hasn’t had much practice in bed lately except with my own hand so this is quite lovely.”

“Can you rub my pussy, I am so hot doing this?” she asked as I ran my hand down and felt her widen her stance. I began rubbing my fingers up and down along her pussy when I could feel the tingly feeling I get right before I cum.

“Mmm, oh, I’m really close, it’s so good.”

“Put your finger in, Michael, put it in my pussy, mmm,” she moaned as I pushed my middle finger up into her. Suddenly, I arched my back and felt the throbs of my cock cumming under the water.

“Mmm, mmm, oh, Shana, mmm, oh, it feels so good, mmm, that’s wonderful,” I moaned softly.

“Keep fucking me, Michael, I’m close, oh, god, don’t stop, mmm, yes, just like that, oh, oh, oh, mmm, mmm, oh, I think we both needed that. Thank you,” she said and leaned forward and kissed me sliding her tongue in my mouth as her hand still went back and forth.

We parted from our kiss as we heard the other two wading out to us. I looked down and started to laugh as here were a few globs floating between us and when Shana looked down, she said, “Looks like you’re leaving DNA evidence of a good time, Michael,” grinning at me.

“We had to come out, you two looked pretty suspicious out here. Have a good time, you two?” Cleo asked.

Before either of us answered, Dena popped in with, “You both got off didn’t you? Sure looked like it from where we were.”

“Well, we did have some fun,” Shana told her friends.

“Well, how about us, Michael? We don’t want to be left out,” Cleo said as she took my hand and brought it right to her pussy as she stood on one leg with the other propped open.

“Me, too, Michael,” Dena asked so I put my other hand down under the water and began on both of them. I wasn’t sure who had my cock but wasn’t caring much at the moment, either.

“Mmm, oh, that’s nice, Michael. You’re making me feel so good. I’m so glad we came to the beach today. Mmm,” Cleo moaned.

“Put your finger in, can you get two inside? Mmm, oh, yeah, you’re so good, mmm,” Dena mumbled softly as the small waves washed past the four of us out in the water all bunched together.

“If you just got off, Michael, well, you’re pretty hard again. Nice, I’d say,” offered Cleo who I thought was now stroking me.

“Well, there hasn’t been much activity down there in a while, well, except for what I provide myself and the presence of three sexy, naked women does make things happen.”

“What if we wanted some more of what I have in my hand, Michael?” Cleo asked. “We might like to have you over for coffee some morning after all our children are in school. This has been a wonderful reunion, right girls?”

“Oh, yes, and I’m so close, mmm,” whimpered Dena.

Shana agreed, “Yes, it’s made my day for sure. I never dreamed it would be this nice and finding Michael here was just wonderful. Yes, when can you come for coffee, Michael?”

“Oh, I think I’ll try to make time for it, so whenever you wonderful ladies want.”

“Oh, oh, oh, I’m cumming, mmm, keep going, Michael, mmm, yes, oh, fuck, that’s good, mmm,” Dena groaned as I felt her shake and tremble in the water. She leaned up and kissed me. I almost lost my balance since I was also fingering Cleo who was standing there next to me, holding herself upright with her eyes closed softly moaning.

“Ummm, mmm, oh, mmm, oh, yes, rub my clit, oh, god, right there. Oh, Michael, oh, you’re right on it, oh, man, I might just have to fuck you right here in the water. Mmmm, oh, oh, uh, uh, uh, mmm, oh, feels so good, oh, Michael, thank you, that was lovely. Whew, what a day,” Dena moaned.

“Looks like we all had some fun today, what luck to find Michael here. Could you come to coffee at my place on Thursday, say nine, the kids are well in school by then and won’t be home until after two. Plenty of time for coffee, right girls?” Shana offered.

Now, I really didn’t know for sure about any of these women’s marital status. It was either that or perhaps they, like me, were free of obligations or, well, were willing to indulge in a bit on the side. But, it seemed too good to turn away, three rather beautiful women wanting to have coffee and who knows what else with me next Thursday morning. So, I said yes.

We slowly went back to our spot on the beach, each a little happier than when we went in the water and, I think, all of us rather looking forward to Thursday’s coffee get-together at Shana’s. She wrote out her address and each of them gave me their cell numbers and email addresses in case I couldn’t make it, or as Dena said, “In case I wanted anything in the meantime.” Well.

So, we all gathered up our things and pulled on the minimum clothes required for the outside world and walked back out to the parking area. They all got in one van and I got in my car and we all waved and said we’d see each other on Thursday morning. Then, Dena added, “Or before, call me if you need me.”

Later that day, checking my emails, I found one from each of them complete with an attachment of the sender beautifully naked. They each said they didn’t want me to forget how they each looked and to use it if I needed some inspiration taking things into hand. Which I happily did right then.

Running my business as I do, there are managers in sales, finance, parts, and service who really do give me the leeway to take some time away from the business and on this beautiful, sunny Thursday morning, I took great advantage of that as I pulled up in front of Shana’s and parked next to a BMW and a Lexus in her drive.

Chapter 2

As the door opened, there was Shana in a pretty, yellow, flowered sundress, looking as lovely as a summer morning which it was. She reached out to hug me as she welcomed me with a kiss, sliding her tongue in as a promise of things to come.

I looked down as we separated and was certain that she had no bra on, an even better portent to the day.

Up jumped Dena and Cleo to come over also welcoming me with nice hugs, kisses and tongues. Dena was in a tube top, a very narrow tube top, and short shorts, both brilliant white. Cleo was also in shorts topped with a cutoff tee which easily showed her lack of underwear, her large breasts showing their curves underneath the fabric of the tee where it was trimmed.

Did I have a hard-on? Oh, yes, yes, indeed.

“We were just discussing on whether or not we should have our coffee like this or the way we were dressed when we last met. What do you think?” Shana asked me.

“Do you really think you have to ask a guy that when he’s surrounded by such beautiful women?”

“Aw. he’s so sweet. Well, girls?” she said as she pulled off her sundress and stood naked in front of me. In seconds the other two had joined her and they now gathered around me, unbuttoning, loosening my belt, sliding zippers down, pulling off socks and shoes until I had joined them.

“Now for coffee?” Shana asked as I sat on the sofa with Cleo and Dena on either side.

“Isn’t this cozy, just the perfect way to entertain a ‘gentleman caller?’” said Cleo in a put-on Southern drawl which got laughs all around as Shana was passing out our coffee. Then, cookies and various pastries were passed around much like I’m sure at dozens of coffees going on right then in our city except that we were naked.

Dena reached over and took my cock in her hand saying, “I hope you don’t mind, Michael, but having your handsome cock right next to me, well, I can’t resist.”

“Quite all right, in fact, quite appreciated, my dear,” I told her as Cleo’s hand rubbed up and down my bare back. Across from me, pulled up to the coffee table, Shana sat there watching Dena playing with me as she parted her legs and reached down to slide her index finger up and down along her damp slit.

“We’ve been wondering, Michael, if you’ve been dating much, seeing any women these days? Well, other than us, you’re certainly seeing quite a lot of us,” Shana asked bringing a laugh all around.

“Well, no, not really. Busy with raising Mikey and running the family business. I’ve done a few of the dating service things but, well, it seems more trouble than it’s been worth. Though I am greatly enjoying seeing the three of you,” I said as Cleo took my hand and brought it around her shoulder and onto her breast. “Yes, greatly enjoying it,” I added as I looked sideways at Cleo as I softly pinched her nipple.

“That’s what we thought. You seem like too nice a guy to live like that, rather like a monk. I mean you prepare your own meals, change your own sheets, it’s a shame you have to provide your own sex,” Dena said.

“Oh, it’s not the same, for sure, but, well, it’s convenient,” I joked as I lifted up my hand.

“Well, perhaps we have a better offer…one of us?” Cleo said.

“I certainly enjoyed the handjob in the water the other day, that’s for sure,” I replied, grinning.

“Our offer is more than that. We thought that one of us would offer herself to you each week for your pleasure. And our own, too, we’re not all that altruistic. You see, after seeing you, all of you, at the beach the other day, we decided that we each wanted you as a lover,” Shana said.

I sat there, highly aroused as you can imagine and somewhat shocked, happily shocked, that they were offering to be my lovers, all thee of them.

“I’m just astonished. I mean it was wonderful seeing you three the other day, especially the way I saw you. It, of course, made my day. But this…this is incredible, just incredible. Each of you wanting to do this, it’s like a dream come true. You’re all so beautiful and, well, hot and sexy. Any of you could have any man you want.”

“We want you, Michael. And this first time, we all want you. How much time can you take off work today?” Cleo asked.

“Um, for you three? All day. Well, until Mikey gets home, like three. I just need to call the office,” and Shana handed me her phone but I told her I’d use my cell phone so my receptionist didn’t see her name on the caller ID. So, I called and quickly told her I’d be in the next day.

“Now that you can be with us, we need to figure out how we can get the most out of one man and how we can give the most to one man. It’s not that you’re not just wonderful, Michael, but there are three of us and, sadly, only one of you.”

“I can’t believe I’m in such an enviable position, ladies, I never dared to dream I could be so fortunate.”

Shana stood up and took my hand and said that we were headed for her bedroom as we all rose and went down the hall and got into her bed.

I was immediately swarmed over, being kissed, rubbed on, sucked, oh, yes, Cleo had her mouth on my cock pleasuring it greatly as Dena kissed and tongued my mouth and Shana was rubbing my chest.

Then Cleo got up over me and Shana held my cock as Cleo wriggled down on me and began fucking me while Dena moved up to put her nipple in my mouth as Shana massaged me. I have never been so throughly pleasured in my life, it was stunning.

“Oh, does Michael look happy,” Cleo said as she scissored up and down on my cock.

“What guy wouldn’t be, I guess, but you look pretty happy, too, Cleo,” Shana told her.

“Oh, you’ll see for yourself. Michael’s cock feels so good inside. Nice and hard. Maybe you didn’t jack-off last night, Michael? Did you save it for us?” Cleo asked.

“Well, I had a pretty good idea that my semen would get extracted one way or another today so I left it for today. With your nice pictures, that wasn’t easy.”

“Oh, you liked our pics? We thought we’d give you some rather naughty eye candy to help you get off,” Dena told me.

“Yes, and I certainly appreciate it, it does help,” I added.

“I’ll bet this is better, though,” Cleo said as she rocked back and forth on my cock.

“Indescribably better and you’re gonna get me off pretty soon, too. I’m trying to hold off so you can get closer but I just don’t know if I can do it.”

Cleo answered, “We want to make you happy, Michael, just cum when you want to, that all I want, it’s all we want. Don’t worry about us, we’ll be happy if you’re happy,” and she went about making me happy, very happy.

She lifted up off me some, maybe three inches or so and began moving around in a circle which was fabulous.

“Oh, Cleo, where on earth did you learn to do this?” I asked as she transported me right up to heaven.

(This story was supposed to be my entry for the Summer Loving contest but computer problems prevented my being able to enter the story. It’s a little late but I hope you enjoy it.)


The weather forecast was for clear skies and temperatures in the nineties. In an attempt to beat the heat, I got up earlier than usual on a Sunday and finished the yard work before eleven AM.

As I entered the house, my daughter came into the kitchen. Her dark, shoulder length hair was pulled back in a ponytail. She was wearing eyeliner, mascara and pink lipstick. She had on a red tank top, a blue denim skirt and white, laced-up running shoes. A blue baseball cap, with red C on it’s front, sat atop her head. Her ponytail stuck out of the opening in the back of the hat. A brown bag hung from her shoulder.

“Going out?” I asked.

“I’m going to the mall with my girlfriend,” Kirsten told me, “you don’t mind, do you?”

“Of course not,” I said, wiping the sweat from my head and shoulders with a hand towel.

“I need your credit card,” my daughter told me.

I hung the towel around my neck and sat down at the kitchen table. “Of course you do,” I said, “its upstairs, in my wallet, on the dresser.”

“I know,” Kirsten said, smiling and holding the card up between her fingers.

“You’re lucky I love you,” I told her, snapping the towel at her.

“I know I am,” Kirsten said, “I love you, too.” She leaned over and kissed my cheek. “I’ll be back around three,”

After Kirsten left, I made myself a sandwich which I ate while standing by the sink, drinking a beer.

My daughter was twelve when her mother and I got divorced. For some reason, she wanted to live with me. Her mother did not object and even though I was not crazy about the idea, I agreed to it with my fingers crossed.

Over the next six years, Kirsten and I became very close. I was with her when she got her first bra. I told her about the birds and bees. I warned her about guys who wanted only one thing from girls and I taught her some self defense moves in case she met a guy who wouldn’t take no for an answer.

Not everything was perfect. We had a few problems but nothing that sank the ship. We could argue, even yell at each other and still remain friends. Something my ex and I could never do.

To be honest, Kirsten usually got her way. It was very difficult for me to say no to her. She would put on her pouty face and look at me with her big, brown, puppy dog eyes and I would cave. I knew what she was doing but I was powerless to stop it. She had me wrapped around her little finger and I knew it. So did she.

I finished my sandwich and beer and went upstairs to shave and shower.

Since the divorce, I dated occasionally but nothing that turned into a long term relationship. I liked women, a lot, but I was never a Don Juan or Casanova. After my ex-wife and I split up, I concerned myself with taking care of Kirsten. I was four days away from my forty first birthday and sex was still high on my list of wants and desires but I found it very difficult to make a commitment. Now that Kirsten was eighteen, out of high school and ready to start college, I hoped things would change.

As far as I was concerned, Kirsten was gorgeous. But I was bias. In reality, my dark complected daughter was more cute than beautiful. She was small, five feet, four inches tall and she weighed a little more than a hundred pounds. In high school, she had been on the gymnastics team and the cheerleading squad. Her breasts were small, but full and firm, high and straight. Her nipples were a half inch long and thick. I knew that because she never wore a bra around the house and her nipples were usually hard. Her body was narrow and flat except for a perfectly formed, heart shaped ass and sleek, muscular legs.

After my shower, as I toweled my body dry, I studied myself in the full length mirror on the back of the bathroom door. I was just over six feet tall and I weighed a little more than two hundred pounds. I probably could have lost a few pounds but I was still in good shape, more muscular than fat. I had all my hair and showed just a hint of gray at the temples.

I shaved and patted on lotion then walked into my bedroom naked. After putting on a pair of khaki, cargo shorts, that I usually wore just around the house, I went downstairs and walked out of the french door in the kitchen onto the deck.

The deck was raised nine feet off the ground.. It was level with the main floor of the house with the entrance to the basement, which was even with the ground, below it. The house was on a ½ acre lot so there were no neighbors close enough to see what happened on the deck. Kirsten and I liked our privacy and we spent a lot outside.

I moved the chaise-lounge into the shade and stretched out on the thick, body length cushion. The air was warm but there was a pleasant cool breeze blowing. I didn’t mean to but I promptly fell asleep.

When I awoke, I looked at my wristwatch. It was 3:16 PM. I had been asleep for three hours. Luckily, I was still in the shade.

I became aware of a second person on the deck.. I raised my head and saw Kirsten, standing by my feet, wearing sunglasses and a white, very skimpy bikini I had never seen before. “Hi,” I said, groggily, “what are you wearing?”

“My new bikini,” Kirsten said, “Do you like it?” She turned slowly, showing off her purchase.

The top covered her breasts but just barely. The bottom covered just enough skin to keep her out of jail. The backside of the bottom was molded to her rounded ass cheeks. “Its nice,” I told her, “but I’m not sure, as your father, I want you wearing it in public.”

“Don’t worry,” she said, casually, “I’ll only wear it to and from the nude beach.” I wondered if she was joking.

“Is that you?” she asked. I realized my daughter was staring at my crotch. I had awakened from my nap with an erection and looking at my daughter’s young, gorgeous body, covered only by a tiny bikini didn’t help. I had a killer hard-on and it was bulging out against the fabric of my shorts. I grabbed the pillow from under my head and used it to cover myself.

“You don’t have to be shy,” my daughter told me, “I’ve seen guys with hard-ons before.”

“That’s what every father wants to hear his daughter say,” I told her.

“I’m sorry,” Kirsten said. “Did you think I was a virgin?”

“In reality, no,” I told her,”but everyone has a fantasy.”

“Are you mad at me?” she asked.

“Of course not,” I said. Finding out she was a virgin would have surprised me a lot more than finding out she wasn’t.

“Can I see it?” my daughter asked.

“See what?” I asked, even though I knew.

“You know,” Kirsten said, “your cock.”

Kirsten’s easy use of the word was like a punch in the gut but I tried to hide my surprise. “No,” I answered.

“Why not?” she asked.

“I’m your father,” I told her, “Why do you want to see it?”

“It looks really big,” she told me, “bigger than the other ones I’ve seen.”

“Do you like big ones?” I asked, with a hint of sarcasm..

“Yeah, I do,” my daughter replied, apparently not noticing the tone of my voice, “a lot more than I like little ones.”

“Sorry,” I said, holding the pillow against me as I sat up and swung my feet down to the deck.

“You’d let me see your arm,” she said, moving to stand in front of me, “or your leg.”

“Showing you my arm or leg doesn’t involve me pulling my shorts down,” I told her, trying to ignore her near nakedness.

“Let me pull them down,” Kirsten said.

I knew I couldn’t talk her out of it so maybe, I thought, I could shock her out of it. “I’ll show you my cock,” I told her, tossing the pillow aside, “but first, you have to show me your tits. And your pussy.”

Without hesitation, my daughter reached up behind her back, unhooked the bikini top and let fall to the deck. Smiling at me, a small smile on her lovely face, she hooked her thumbs in the elastic band of the bottom and quickly, easily, pushed it down around her ankles. She stood in front of me, completely naked.

I stared at her small, perfect, naked body, her small, full, straight breasts, tipped with quarter size circle of brown, surrounding fat, little nipples, her tapered torso and flared hips, her flat stomach and bulging, shaved, pubic mound. It was all I could not to reach out and touch her smooth, dark skin. My prick was so hard it hurt. “Now you,” my daughter said.

“Not yet,” I told her, trying to make it as difficult as I could, “put one foot up here on the chaise so your legs are spread and I can see your slit.”

Kirsten placed one bare foot on the forward edge of the cushion. Her thighs were widely separated and her hairless pussy was fully exposed to me. “Like this?” she asked. Kirsten put both hands between her legs and separated the thick lips of her pussy, showing me the wet, glistening inner flesh of her slit.

I suddenly felt as if I had been cruel to her. I was overcome by desire and lust. I leaned towards her and, placing one hand on her firm, naked ass, pushed my face between her legs.

“Ooohhh, daddy,” Kirsten moaned, surprised as I pressed my lips to her slit. In the back of my mind, I knew I had crossed a line I could never un-cross but I really did not care.

Her hands gripped my head, pulling it to her crotch as I thrust my tongue into her, licking the hot, wet slit, probing her hole, sucking her clitoris, tasting her young pussy.

“Stop, daddy,” my daughter said, pushing my head away, “wait, stop, please daddy.”

I pulled my head away from her crotch and looked up at her lovely face. “Sit back,” she said ,pushing back on my shoulders, “I want to do you, too.”

I leaned back, supporting myself with straight arms. Kirsten took off her sunglasses, dropped to her knees and pulled my shorts down and off. Without speaking, my daughter took my cock in her hand and stared at it, as though inspecting it. Kneeling between my legs, Kirsten stared into my eyes and smiled as she slowly licked the underside of the shaft with the flat of her tongue. Then she closed her eyes, parted her lips and lowered her head, taking more than half my cock into the wet warmth of her mouth.

I reached out to cup the back of her head, as a wave of pleasure surged through me. “I guess you’ve done this before, too.”

“Uh-huh,” Kirsten’s head bo up and down slowly, her mouth sucking, her tongue licking, her hand stroking my cock. She continued to stroke my cock as she lowered her head between my thighs and began sucking and licking my balls, all the time looking at me.

“You’re kind of a slut, aren’t you?” I said, watching her press her face into my crotch.

Kirsten looked up at me, smiling. “I guess I am,” my daughter said, “but I’m your slut.”

She raised her head and began licking my cock, licking it and sliding her lips up and down the sides of the shaft, covering the entire length with her saliva.

“Do you want to fuck me?” Kirsten asked, her hand moving up and down the spit covered shaft of my cock, “or should I suck you off?”

“What do you want?” I asked.

“I want you to fuck me,” Kirsten said, “I want to feel your cock inside my pussy.” She took my hands in her’s and pulled me forward onto my feet. Then she knelt down on the foot chaise-lounge with her head and shoulders on the cushion and her ass up. “Fuck me doggy style,” she said.

I stepped into the sun and stood behind her, putting my hands on her hips. Kirsten reached back between her legs and gripped my cock, pulling it towards her pussy.

My mind was reeling, spinning wildly. I knew what I was doing was wrong but I also knew I was not going to stop. I was about to fuck my daughter, my young, beautiful, eager daughter.

Kirsten pushed her hips back as my cock entered her hot, wet, tight cunt. ‘Ooohhh, fuck,” she moaned. I slid into her easily and completely.

“Ooohhh, daddy,” she groaned, “you’re so deep. You’re in so fucking deep.”

I had my cock inside my daughter’s cunt, her burning hot, soaking wet, squeezing tight cunt. It was the most exciting, pleasurable, intense sensation I ever experienced.

“Fuck me, daddy,” Kirsten begged, “Please fuck me.”

I could feel the heat of the sun on my shoulders as the heat of my daughter’s pussy engulfed my cock. I began moving my hips, slowly at first, then faster and faster. Kirsten squealed, almost screamed, as I rammed the entire length of my cock in and out of her pussy, “Ooohhh, yes,” Kirsten moaned, “yesyesyesyes. FUCK ME, DADDY! MAKE ME CUM! YES, DADDY, I’M CUMMING––I’M CUMMING—OH, FUCK—I’M CUUUMMMMMING!”

I felt the muscles of her cunt tighten around my cock. She pushed back against me as I pushed my cock into her. I groaned loudly as my body stiffened and my cum poured into her.


Kirsten was on her back on the chaise-lounge, her naked body glistening with perspiration. She had her eyes closed and a pleased smile on her face as she lightly fingered her own pussy. My cum was slowly dripping out of her.

I stood, leaning against the railing of the deck. A layer of perspiration covered my body and sweat dripped off my face. “I’m going to take a shower,” I said as I grabbed my shorts and went from the heat of the deck to the air-conditioned coolness of the kitchen.

The cooled air felt great on my over heated body. I walked through the house, up the stairs and into the master bathroom.

I stood under the spray of cool water, grateful to be out of the heat on the deck. I was not sure how I felt about what had happened out on the deck. I knew that fucking my own daughter was wrong but I did not regret it. I should have felt guilt and shame but i didn’t. It was just something that happened. If that made me a bad father, so be it. Kirsten was old enough to make her own choices and decisions and God knows I couldn’t get her to change her mind about anything she wanted to do, anyway. I just hoped my daughter had enjoyed it as much as I had. Considering how happy she looked the last time I saw her I was pretty sure she did.

The door opened and my naked daughter entered the bathroom. “May I join you?”


They lay together, squashed in a hammock. She’d found it hidden in the hayloft and secured it, hopefully, between an apple with fruitlets and a recently cropped cherry. Getting in had been a challenge as a lot of tipping and rocking seemed to occur. Lucky it was close to the ground. They’d laughed so much that her eyes watered and they were still chuckling as they lay there.

Eventually, by sitting on it together and opposite, then swinging legs over, they managed it and were now lying facing each other, legs entwined. She was wearing his shirt, over sized on her, more like a mini dress, unbuttoned just enough to let him glimpse the entrancing valley between her breasts. He’d brought a bottle of the rough dry cider with them and they were swigging from the bottle, comfortable in the sun and in each other.

She’d noticed in the last three days that the tightness of his skin had begun to relax, he was more playful, open. The side was leaving him. She enjoyed seeing his skin take on a burnt umber, whilst she stayed as shaded as possible, the curse of the Celt.

How they came to be spending two weeks out of life in a French Manoir together was interesting, had required serendipity and and the nod of a god.

That first meeting ended unsatisfactorily for a variety of reasons

She’d laughed at some of his practised word, not the lines, but the fact that he’d mistakenly thought that would work on her..

She’d left the small bar alone that night.. But unsettled, a niggling of unfinished business and a flicker of opportunity..

She had a fey feeling for the man.

As soon as he’d laid eyes on her, he knew he needed to have her, not because of her looks. They were OK. It was the turn of her head, the way she stared out his look and challenged him. A more visceral emotion, a primitive yearning. A few hundred years ago he would have thrown her to the ground and ravished her then and there. God, he wanted that woman.

But they were together now, briefly, a delicious interval. Two people enjoying what living should be before life interrupts and asks it to cut the grass and take the bins out.

So back to now,

She’s rubbing her foot up his thigh, burrowing in the crotch and letting it rest there.

Don’t start if you’re not prepared to finish.. He warns..

What do you think? I think it’s time for a taste test, I want to assess the mouth feel..

He raises an eyebrow….

Lie back and you’ll see…

She takes a deep draught from the bottle lifting the bottom in the air, fully aware of the reaction the sight of her swallowing, cold liquid coursing down her throat, is having on his body. She reaches over to pass the cider.

Carefully, so as not to rock the boat, she flips so her head is between his thighs, propped up on elbows. Just so.

With an overly studied attitude, she pushes aside the dressing gown and looks at him. Her face is close to his groin and he can feel the wet warmth of her breath and the heat of her eyes.

She is looking at his unfurling cock coming to life, swelling under her gaze reaching, up to her. A flower stem looking for the sun?

She still looks, appraising from all angles, assessing, sizing up almost.

Something wrong?

Oh no, it’s perfect, beautiful, delicious. I’m just planning.

She looks up and stares into his eyes, he sees his cockhead level with her mouth. She holds his gaze and says softly but clearly.

I’m going to take you in my mouth, this is my lesson for today, you must educate me. I need to find out what you enjoy the most. I want to give you pleasure with my lips and my tongue and in doing that I will be satisfied. Today, now, it it all about you. Is that acceptable?

She is serious

Her words explode in his head, he hears them and feels them on his body. His shaft responds delightedly, ramrod hard and throbbing towards her. He puts his legs either side of the hammock, for stability, and the action thrusts his member even further towards her face.


He watches as her quick pink tongue swiftly licks the two pearls that have emerged and at her touch he knows that he is lost in her.

She holds him gently at first, teasing him with quick catlike licks on the tip. Then her lapping gets longer and deeper, a leopardess drinking at a water hole. Her tongue is spiralling up and down the length, sometimes quickly other times slower, concentrating on the underneath and flicking and lapping at his tightening balls.

She looks up at him, smiling, wanton. Shall I carry on?

He nods, smiling too, entranced too by the dipping movement of her chestnut curls against his skin.

Her delicate, soft fingers collect his tumescent end, like the bud of a freesia as she kisses the sides of his shaft, as if kissing firmly his lips. She continues alternating this with the flicking and licking, her own lips engorged and her hot spit providing all the lubrication needed. She keeps glancing up at him, gauging his face. His breath is ragged and small sounds of pleasure escape, he tries to calm his breathing and not bring an early end to the dance.

Too much..the teasing and tempting arousal has to end.. He has a primitive need to be inside this vixen of a woman,

For God’s sake woman, will you suck me off? He half shouts..

She looks up, and smiles, feline again. Pursing her lips, as if to kiss him, she lowers her head to his cock, pushing him into her hot, wet mouth… He thrusts up, instinctively taking her by surprise. Her tongue is circling again, all around the rim as she lifts her head up and down , slowly ,quickly, the pace changing maddeningly.

Enough, he can stand no more, he puts his fingers in her curls, lifting her face, then holds her head as her fucks her mouth, hard and deep.

When he comes, his spunk shoots into her throat in long hot spurts. She swallows joyfully, and grins into his eyes as he pulls her up the length of his body and kisses her deeply for the longest time.

She snuggles next to him, head on his chest, his fingers stroking and curling her hair as they whisper each other to sleep in the soft dappled Normandy sun.

This is my first attempt at writing something like this… so I hope you like it! Based on a true story.


I didn’t feel the cold December wind, even when my jacket rose up to press my skin against the freezing brick. All I felt was the warmth of his body, pressed hard against mine. His hand on my breast, his breath on my neck…

The sound of footsteps and voices made us jump and pull apart. I tried to pull my oversized jacket down and look innocent. A group of our fellow students turned the corner, saw us, and burst out laughing without ever breaking stride. I knew my face was burning red as I watched them pass, but I couldn’t keep the smile away for long.

“Dammit, isn’t there anywhere private?” I grumbled self-consciously after they’d gone. It was dark, cold as hell, and we were behind a building. Apparently that wasn’t enough.

“Well, we could try the baseball field. I was walking over there the other day… it’s pretty out of the way, and there’s this little hidden spot by the bleachers…”

“The baseball field? But that whole side of the campus is closed after dark… how are we gonna get over there without getting caught?” That was my good girl side. I never did like breaking the rules.

“We’ll just have to go the long way around,” he replied confidently. “Any place private is gonna be closed anyway. And I wanna be alone with you.” His voice turned silky and his lips returned to my neck.

“I dunno…” my breathing sped up and I leaned into him, allowing myself to be persuaded. “Seems risky…”

He persisted, grinding against me, nibbling my ear. I was putty in his hands.

“Well… I guess we could…”

He pulled away, triumphant. We held hands as he led me out of our dark corner and towards the other side of the campus. We went slowly, trying to stay out of the light and behind trees. One time we saw a security cart and he pulled me into the grass behind a hill. My heart raced as I wondered if we would be discovered. Once he had confirmed that they had moved on, we continued towards the field.

The baseball field was well lit, but far enough away from the rest of campus that we didn’t have to worry about being seen anymore. There was also a convenient equipment shed blocking a certain section of bleachers from view. We tried the shed, but it was locked, so he led me behind it to the bleachers.

We snuggled together on the concrete bench, our legs tangled up in each other as we tried to get as close as we could. He kissed me, gently at first, and then more passionately. The tip of his tongue played with mine, and his hand brushed my cheek. He unzipped my jacket and let his other hand trail down my neck, tracing my collar bone and then falling to my breast. I made a sound of approval, loving the sensation. He pulled my shirt down, exposing my full C cup breasts. This was the first time he had seen them, and I knew he was impressed.

I leaned back, resting on my hands, to give him better access. My breasts were soft and pale, and both perfectly pink nipples were hard. He started kissing my neck, playing with a nipple with each hand. I squirmed under him, my virgin pussy already soaked. It felt so good, being with him out in the open like this.

He let one hand slide down to play with me through my jeans. I groaned at the tease. “Damn tight jeans.” He laughed at me and moved his mouth to one of my hard, pink nipples. His tongue felt amazing flicking over and around the nipple, teasing it, and I gasped in pleasure, rising to meet his mouth. He alternated sucking and licking, all the while still rubbing my clit through my jeans. His other hand was now holding me up at the small of my back. I reached up and ran my hands through his hair, holding him to my breast and moaning softly. I slid one hand down his arm, enjoying the feel of his muscles as he held me up, and then down to feel his hard cock through his jeans.

We teased each other like this until I thought I would explode. We’d never had so long to explore each other like this. He unbuttoned my jeans, looking at me for approval. I nodded, too excited to speak. He slid his hand inside and under my panties. I gasped as his freezing fingers first touched my pussy.

“You’re so wet…” he said softly, sliding his finger up and down my lips. “I bet you would feel amazing…”

I just moaned in reply as his fingers found my clit. His fingers were great. It felt better than any time I had tried to pleasure myself, and better than my ex had ever been at it. I bit his neck, sucking it to keep from making too much noise. He moaned and pressed harder against me, his finger moving faster against my clit. I could feel his bulge as he pressed against me, and it made me want him that much more. I was lost in pleasure, no longer caring if anyone found us, outside and half undressed.

My eyes widened as he slipped a finger inside my tight pussy. He paused as he heard the intake of breath. I was still a virgin, and had barely even fingered myself before. But he continued, gently, and soon I was rising and falling under the movement of his hand.

He stopped after a while, making me protest. “Is it… okay if I taste you?” he asked, his voice halting.

This question caught me off guard. “Are you sure? I’ve… I’ve never done that before.” I looked away, embarrased at my lack of experience.

He looked surprised. “Really? Your ex never…?”

“No. I went down on him several times.. but all he ever did was touch me.”

“Well, I’d love to be your first, if you’d let me.”

“Ok.” I tried to sound more confident than I felt. We made a sort of blanket out of our jackets for me to lay on. He pulled my jeans and soaked panties down, admiring this first glimpse of me. I could feel his warm breath on my pussy, and shuddered in anticipation.

He didn’t start right away, as I’d expected. Instead he kissed and nibbled at the hollow of my hip, then licked and kissed everywhere BUT my pussy. He teased, kissing my thigh and then blowing, very gently, across my moist clit. I moaned, wanting him more than I had ever wanted anything.

When his tongue first caressed my soft pink lips, it was heaven. I had never felt anything like it. All my imagined scenarios were nothing compared to the real thing. He licked up and down my lips, and then around my clit. When I moaned in pleasure, he sat up for a moment to look at me with a smile.

“I… I don’t taste bad, do I?” I asked, doubt and worry coming back in spite of the pleasure.

“No, you taste great!” he assured me. “It’s sweet.”

“Sweet?” I asked, not believing him.

“Yeah… kind of like sour skittles.”

I laughed, not really believing him, but then his mouth was at my clit again and I didn’t care anymore.

He started nibbling it, and I moaned and thrusted upward. My hands were dug in his short dark hair, pressing him to me. He slipped a finger back inside me as he sucked at my clit.

I moaned, wimpered, and purred under his touch. He kept going until I couldn’t take it anymore. I started jerking under his touch, the sensation too much for me. I pulled him up to my mouth and kissed him, tasting myself on his lips. “I.. I can’t handle anymore,” I panted. He smiled and reached down to touch me again, but I bucked under his touch. “Too much.” I pressed against him, still kissing him all over. “Besides,” I said after a moment, pulling away. “Now it’s your turn.”

“You don’t have to, just cause I did you,” he started to protest.

“I WANT to.” I said, interrupting him. “I want to make you feel as amazing as you made me.”

I moved so he could take my spot on our makeshift bed. After fighting with his belt for a moment, my fingers fumbling in the cold, I eagerly pulled his pants and boxers away. His 6 inch cock was hard and thick — thicker than I was used to. Just looking at it turned me on, as I imagined how it might feel to have it inside me…

I knelt in front of him, remembering how he had teased me. I started at his left thigh, kissing and nibbling my way up until I was next to his balls. Then I did the same to the other side. I kissed his pelvis above his dick, rubbing my hands along his thighs and his firm ass. Then I started licking his balls, still not touching his cock, which was quivering with anticipation.

I licked and sucked, and his cock twitching every time I came near it. Finally I couldn’t wait anymore. I licked the very tip of his head, and he moaned in pleasure. I swirled my tongue along his head, and it felt smooth and soft. Then I took him by surprise when I took him all the way in my mouth, moving hard and fast all the way from the tip to the base and back again. I held his balls in one hand, kneading and massaging. My other hand was at the base of his dick, moving up and down in rhythym where my lips could not reach.

“Holy shit you’re good at that,” he moaned, holding my hair back and watching me as I sucked him. “Are you SURE you’re a virigin?”

I looked up at laughed. “Pretty sure. But I used to do this for my ex a lot…” I moved back to sucking his dick, and he leaned back to enjoy it.

His cock was warm in my mouth, and tasted amazing. I truly loved sucking dick… the very thought of it got me wet. I loved making him moan, and feeling him squirm under my touch…

He tried to push me away. I looked up, confused. “What’s wrong?”

“If you don’t stop soon I’m gonna cum,” he explained.

I grinned. “Well that’s kind of the idea isn’t it?” He looked shocked, and I just pushed him back down and continued sucking him. I licked the underside of his shaft while I sucked him, and used both hands to move up and down on him. Before long I felt him twitching. I could feel his cum starting to build inside him, and started moving faster.

“I’m… I’m gonna cum..” he mumbled a few seconds after I had already realized it. I kept going as he started cumming, and felt his hot cum explode in my mouth. He held me still as he finished, and I swallowed every drop. He panted, looking at me with love, admiration, and surprise. I crawled up so I was level with him, giving him my best sultry smile. I kissed him and snuggled against his chest, both of us still half dressed, and completely satisfied.

It’s a very warm summer night and we are both feeling a little restless, so we decide to go for a nice slow walk through the park. We walk the couple blocks down to the park and set off on the path that leads around the lake. I take my shoes off and carry them, preferring to walk on the side of the path through the grass. The sun has started to set, and people are beginning to clear out of the park. After we have walked a little ways, we hear the bells of an ice cream cart. It being a warm night, I decide I would like to have a popsicle to cool me down as we stroll along the path. We stop the cart driver, and I ask him for a cherry popsicle. I break it in half so that we can share, and we set out again.

You don’t touch your half of the popsicle, instead you watch me begin to eat my half. I know you are watching, so I decide to make it fun. My pink tongue swirls around the tip of the popsicle in slow lazy circles, then languidly brushes up and down the length of it, catching the drops as they melt, turning my tongue a deep red.

Then I take the tip of the popsicle between my lips and with deliberate precision I insert it all the way into my mouth, slurping loudly as I pull it back out. I look over at you and grin at the rapt look of attention on your face. I know you are thinking about me giving the same treatment to your cock.

I purposely let a few melting red drops of popsicle fall across the tops of my soft round breasts, watch them trickle down inside the front of my sundress before reaching down and scooping them up with my fingers and bringing them to my now cherry-red lips, licking them off of my fingertips slowly.

The cold drops felt so good against my skin, so I take my half of the popsicle and run it over the swell of my tits, dipping into the deep cleft between them and leaving a sweet sticky red trail along them. You can see my nipples harden through my thin dress at the coldness

You lean over and growl in my ear “I can think of better things to do with that mouth of yours, and with that popsicle”. You grab my hand and pull me into the dark bushes just off the trail. You pull down the thin straps of my dress, exposing my full breasts and erect nipples to the warm night air. You bend towards my chest, your tongue following the sticky trail the popsicle has left across them.

With my half of the popsicle still in my hand, I make slow circles around each nipple. Your tongue follows the sticky path I am making. You suck hard on my puckered nipples, each in turn, cleaning the sticky sweetness from them, making them even harder.

Since you are following the directions of the popsicle so well, I decide to wiggle out of my dress completely, and trace a path down my belly towards my smooth, waxed pussy, stopping just shy of my now tingling clit. You pull me to the ground and your tongue follows the sticky trail. Shivers run through my body as your mouth closes over my pussy lips and sucks gently at them.

Then suddenly your mouth is gone and I cry out as I feel the cold wetness of your popsicle touching my pussy lips. You give a little evil laugh, and then move the popsicle down farther, running it slowly around the opening of my pussy, making me squirm before replacing it with your tongue and lapping up the sweet melted stickiness.

I moan softly, and then I realize that you are still fully dressed. I must remedy this. I pull myself into a sitting position and grab at your shirt, then greedily pull your shorts down, exposing your beautiful hardening cock to me. I push you onto your back and make a trail down the front of your chest with my popsicle before swinging my leg over you, and licking my way slowly down towards your cock, leaving us in a perfect 69 position.

As my popsicle chilled mouth closes over the tip of your hard cock, I feel the cold stickiness of your popsicle again being applied to my pussy lips, running in between them before circling around my opening and dipping ever so slightly inside of it. My hips buck at the sensation and I gasp again before closing my lips tightly around the head of your cock and flicking my cold tongue around the tip.

You begin to alternate between running the popsicle around my pussy and lapping at it gently with your warm mouth, inserting the popsicle into my hot pussy and then replacing it with your tongue or your fingers. Every changing sensation gets me more and more aroused, and soon my pussy is slick and wet and sticky.

In response, I begin to suck harder on your hard slippery cock, taking it deep into my throat, pulling back only to flick my tongue against the precum beginning to seep from the tip, spreading it around the head, tasting it greedily.

I let a few melting drops of popsicle fall onto your aching balls before taking them in my mouth one by one, sucking the cherry sweetness from them, massaging them with my lips, my mouth, my tongue before turning my attention back to your beautiful cock. Running my tongue up and down the shaft again before sucking you hard and deep into my throat

You have three fingers buried inside my hot wet pussy now, massaging my g-spot, thrusting hard against it. My legs start to quiver, then I jump suddenly as I feel the popsicle against my hot skin again, this time trailing a path from my pussy opening up to my tight little asshole, running it around the rim.

I moan loudly around your cock still buried deep inside my throat as your tongue again follows the sticky sweet path the popsicle has made, flicking slow circles around the tight opening of my ass, pushing it’s way a little bit inside. Your fingers come out of my pussy and bring with them the slick hot wetness, rubbing it around my tiny puckered asshole before returning to fuck my hot wet pussy.

As you slowly massage one finger into my asshole, my legs start quivering crazily, and my pace increases on your cock. My mouth is hungrily sucking up and down the length, one hand massaging your balls and the other stroking you when my mouth comes up to the head of your cock.

My hips are grinding down furiously against your hands. You have one finger in my ass, and three in my tight pussy banging against my g-spot. I pull my mouth away from your cock long enough to beg you to touch my clit, telling you I need to cum so badly. The finger disappears from my ass, and I feel the cold melting popsicle being applied directly to my clit, and it drives me crazy.

I instantly begin to cum, your three fingers still pounding my g-spot as my orgasm spasms wave after wave through my body and my warm fluid gushes over your hand, running down my thighs and into your waiting mouth. I pull my mouth away from your cock again, screaming “fuck fuck fuck” over and over again as I lose all control.

You quickly climb out from under me and pull me up onto all fours, one arm around my waist to hold me up as my orgasm continues to send shock after shock through my body. “I’m going to cum in your ass” you tell me. All I can get out is a desperate yes as you spit on my asshole a couple of times to lube it up enough before easing your hard cock inch by inch deeply into my ass.

You stroke hard against my ass, your balls slapping against my pussy. My orgasm builds again and I slam back against you desperately, crying out “fuck my ass, fuck it hard!” The tightness of my asshole gripping your hard dick feels too good, and you bury your cock deep in my ass as you begin to cum. I reach down and rub my sensitive clit a little and begin a second orgasm.

My ass tightens even more around your cock, milking the cum out of it as I cum hard again, shaking uncontrollably. I collapse against the soft grass as your hot load is finally spent inside my ass. You pull out and fall to the ground beside me, pulling me on top of you and holding me as my shakes subside.

We lay there for a while, both spent, happy, content to let the warm wind brush against our naked bodies. I lift my head up to give you a smile and tell you that that was the BEST popsicle I have EVER had.

This is my first go at a story. I welcome ALL comments, positive or negative. How else will I learn?

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