Peggy had been ill and I wanted to show her a good time. We own a sailboat and actually sail competitively about every month but usually a leisurely sail on a lake is not on the agenda. So without telling her I had a friend pack morning meals and lunches for a long three-day weekend. Then I had the boat cleaned up by a kid at the boatyard, where we kept the craft, stuff Peggy does to get ready when we sail. I got home late from “work” on Thursday so I could launch the boat on Crescent Lake and check the boat out and make sure there would be no problems with the sails or the motor should we need it.

I told Peggy I wanted to go down to the boat early on Friday since we had not sailed in a while due to her illness. So we were out the door by eight-thirty and she was surprised to learn the boat was at the lake. When we got there I said, “Surprise; All aboard for the weekend cruise!” and we were off and out on the lake by nine-fifteen. When I say lake to some of you folks might be thinking “big deal a sail on a lake” but Crescent Lake is a large body of water that’s half as wide as it is long and when your in the middle of it it’s like being on a calm ocean of fresh water with no shoreline in sight. I thought I had packed everything we would need to stay on the lake all weekend only needing to head for a shoreline for dinner. But other than the clothes on our backs I had neglected to pack anything else to wear, so much for my dinner plans. You see packing is also something that Peggy handles when we sail. So when she went below to change out of her jeans and shirt to a bathing suit she soon returned to inform me of my faux pas.

I was busy kicking myself and dreading turning back to get to our car when my wife of twenty odd years surprised me back by emerging from the cabin with nothing on but a smile and two glasses of wine. Now Peggy being a former competitive body builder has always kept herself in great shape and while her illness was a terrible ordeal it had left her even leaner than usual. Needless to say she looked slender and sexy gliding toward me with hand outstretched to give me my glass of wine.

My wife is usually pretty modest and this was a huge departure for her. However she wasn’t finished surprising me yet. She handed me the wine and placing hers down she snuggled behind me and said, “What’s good for the goose . . .” she pulled my pants and underwear down to my feet in one quick tug “…is good for the gander.” She finished. She held my cloths so I could step out of them; fortunately I had removed my shoes and socks when I first came aboard. She stood and pealed my button-down shirt off my back one arm at a time so I was also in the altogether. The feeling of the wind blowing over my body was almost as arousing as the sensation of my wife’s naked form pressed against my backside. Her hand rubbed sensuously from my chest to my groin repeatedly, stopping at my pubic area above my quickly thickening penis.

She sipped her wine and whispered reassurances that while I forgot the cloths this may be exactly what she needed to celebrate her return to life, as it should be. We sailed on enjoying the wind and sun on our naked bodies, my wife working to maintain my aroused state while at the same time not doing anything overtly sexual. She nibbled my ear and continued her massage of my skin, with both hands now, and after she applied tanning butter; rubbing my back in a very clinical way did nothing to alter my turgid penis. She then started to slide her body over mine saying this was her way of transferring the tanning butter to her own skin. First she turns her back to me and slid her backside against my back and then she turned and along with the little kisses she trailed there she raked her tiny breasts and long nipples from my back down to my legs. When I felt her hard nipples glide over my butt cheeks it caused me to raise on my toes for just an instant like I’d received an electrical shock.

This was all I could stand; I quickly dropped the sails and the anchor. I rushed to embrace my partner in my arms and kissed her with all the passion of a bridegroom. Holding on roughly to her firm onion butt I pulled her toward me letting my erection press hard to her engorged and protruding clitoris. Did I mention that when my wife is aroused she has a clit that looks like a tiny cock? It is so hot when she gets going because it literally throbs. Although she seems to have a neat well shaven pussy her inner lips flower in excitement and then protrude out. I like to pull down on her lips and listen to her breathing as she sucks it in when I reach the point between pleasurable and painful.

But today all I really wanted was to sink my cock into her dripping cunt. I backed her toward the stern and laid her down on the seat, roughly pushing her legs to the hard nipples on her flat little tits, exposing her pussy and asshole to the lake and me. I rubbed my cock over her fuck hole then positioned the tip of her swollen clit on the hole in the tip of my dick and pressed upward. This got her attention and she asked, no pleaded for me to shove my cock into her. Well, I’m an obliging guy so I rammed it in balls deep as hard as I could and the air rushed from her lungs as I did so.

I fucked her at a furious pace and impressed myself with the speed and force with which I battered her tight cunt. She clawed my back and dug her heels into my shoulders. At one point she reached down and roughly grasped my scrotum with her thumb and forefinger above my balls pulling me into her until she could not match the speed of my pounding hips. Then I felt the gush as she came and it seemed like buckets of pussy juice washed over my cock and balls and onto the deck. This was followed; by my feeling my impeding climax and I said so. My wife pushed me back and slid quickly to land on her ass with a thump on the deck and take my cock deep into her mouth in one smooth motion. I could feel the back of her throat as it closed around my dick and then I was cumming deep in her throat. She never missed a drop, how could she my cock was lodged in her throat and I could actually feel her heart beating with the tip of my dick. I must have spurted seven times and when that was over she still held my cock in her mouth and suckled for more.

She released my cock from her lips and I knelt down on the deck kissing her lips and then trailed down her body to suck on her long sexy nipples and down again to her sopping pussy, cleaning her juices from her before taking her cock like clit into my lips and sucking it, licking it and even giving it a nibble till again she came copiously and I pressed my face deep into her cunt to bath in it. She sat up and licked my face clean of her juices causing my cock to even greater rigidity than it had gotten to be from eating her pussy.

I rose and had her up on “all fours” and began pressing my cock into her cunt but she topped me. “In my ass Jamie” she pleaded. I sat back, on my heels, leaned forward and licked her pretty asshole, working my tongue as deep as I could, causing her to shiver conspicuously. I then brought my cock to her tight brown eye and pushed my cock slowly in. Inch by inch my prick disappeared into her ass and it was so tight I feared I would cum before ever giving a full stroke. But I stopped and waited for her to relax and her hole soon loosened enough for me to press onward and inward. When my cock was scrotum deep in her ass I waited again and merely wiggled my cock around in her bowels. She began to moan and I knew it was time to really fuck her ass. I drew back and slowly slid into her, then faster the next stroke. Still faster on the third and so on until I was methodically sawing my cock in and out of her ass like it was a cunt. “Fuck my ass harder,” she said, “fuck me deeply.” I began pounding as I did before in her cunt; she grunted with every forward thrust and hummed on each withdrawal.

I would like to say I lasted a long time but even though I had just dumped the biggest load of cum I think I ever had down her throat it was very soon that I felt the need to fill her ass with my spunk. I shot maybe three or four spurts into her bowels and collapsed back on my heels as I withdrew. She turned and engulfed my prick with her mouth and cleaned my sperm and her ass flavoring from my cock like a practiced whore on a workday. To be honest this was without a doubt the hottest sex session we ever had in all our years together and in the afterglow I pondered the fact that it will probably be the only one like it. But who cared I knew that I would see a glimpse of this afternoon at other times and I love this woman no matter how nasty she does or doesn’t get.

Looking up into the night sky, stars twinkle and planets wink. The moon is a white sliver above us. On a blanket in the grass; our nakedness is hidden by the late hour. My fingers slowly trace figure eights across your belly.

Your nose is nuzzled in my hair and I hear you inhale deeply. Contented and full of bliss, I prop up on my elbow and gaze into your eyes. Like the stars, they twinkle in the dim light.

The night is full of noises; crickets chirping, frogs croaking, whippoorwills calling. A symphony playing for just the two of us. I bend my head down and kiss you gently on the lips. Your smile parts, and your tongue gently follows the outline of my mouth.

Kissing the edge of my lips, my mouth opens and we slowly explore each other. Just a small, sweet kiss sends electricity throughout my body. You entwine your fingers through my hair and pull me closer. Our tongues fight each other in an enticing dance that has us both gasping.

I pull away from you long enough to swing my leg over your torso and sit; my sex against your warm belly. The wetness emanating from my pussy is slipping silently down my thigh, onto your skin.

My hips, which have a mind of their own, are ever so slowly gyrating against you. I throw my head back and look into the night sky. The air is full of fireflies, silently suspended just above our heads.

Turning back to you, my hands cup your face as I approach you for another kiss. Grabbing my wrists, you hold me at arms length. Always the one that likes to be in control, I’m frustrated that you won’t allow me to do as I please. I struggle against your hold, but you have me totally at your mercy.

Your mischievous smile says,

“What’s the rush, Baby?”

I stop struggling against your hold and look at the surreal beauty before us. This night could not be more perfect.

Rolling me over onto my back, you continue to hold my arms as you kiss the soft skin of my neck. Your tongue trails down to the tender flesh of my shoulder. Nibbling and licking along my collar bone, my skin becomes gooseflesh under your touch.

I try to kiss you again, but you avoid my lips as you make your way down my chest, to my erect nipples. The prickly hair on your chin grazes across them, and I sigh with longing.

I want you inside me so badly. My body aches at the thought of you entering my wet pussy. Almost involuntarily, I arch my hips toward you; hungry to have you.

You laugh your evil little laugh and ask,

“Is there something you want?” as you bite down on my nipple, and a fresh bolt of electricity courses through me.

Your cock is hard, dripping pre-cum on my belly. Our eyes are locked and I silently plead with you to fuck me. Still holding my arms, you nip at my other nipple and then make your way down my tummy; kissing and licking my voltaic skin.

You let my arms go as you near my mound. Your fingers hold my hips as you bury your nose into my slit. My hips thrust as your tongue parts my lips. You make quick work of my clit; circling and pulsing, while you move your hand down my thigh.

Continuing with my clit, you slide two fingers into my opening. Dipping them in slowly, just a few inches, you pull back and my wetness covers them. My hand is cupping a breast as my other hand finds your naked scalp and pulls your head further into me.

The moon reflects pale white light off of our bodies as we continue writhing and wriggling under its bright face. Fucking me with fingers and tongue, I revel in your attention and your body merging with mine. Your wet fingers slide in and out of me at a frenetic pace while your tongue continues titillating me past all reason.

My hips buck and my hand firmly grasps your head as my orgasm hits me full on. I gasp and thrash under your grip. You keep probing me, past orgasm, and my sensitive quim twitches and convulses at the over stimulation.

“Stop!” I giggle and squirm out from under you.

“That was breathtaking,” I whisper as I lean into to kiss your drenched face.

After I’ve caught my breath, we get on our knees, facing each other. We kiss deeply, allowing our bodies to touch, our fingers to explore one other. While your cock pokes persistently at my belly, copious amounts of pre-cum ooze from the tip, and I grasp you in my palm.

I caress you slowly and firmly as you kiss me with more hunger and urgency. You lean into my hand and moan at the sensations. Our tongues flick together and then your mouth engulfs mine in lustful need.

I want your cock in my mouth. I want to taste your essence and watch you take pleasure from me. Disengaging from your mouth, I continue to stroke your engorged maleness and coyly ask permission,

“May I put your cock in my mouth?”

“Oh God yes,” is your reply.

Sitting on my knees, my face is just inches away from your throbbing cock. I bury my nose in your balls, then lick and suckle the soft skin there. As I run my tongue from your inner thigh and back to your sack, you moan your approval.

I continue to bath you with my wet tongue and caress your cock with my fist until you stop my hand and thrust yourself towards my mouth. My lips part slightly as the tip demands entrance. Instinctively my tongue darts out to flick the head. Your lips part, so that a silent O forms.

Very slowly, you ease into my mouth until your cock is pressing rigidly against my throat. Closing my lips around you, I wait for a moment to build pressure.

Your eyes never leave my face, as you watch your cock disappear with fascination. Finally, sensing your sweet anguish, I create suction and slide down your length, leaving just the tip inside my wet cavity. I can taste the juices flowing from the tip.

Your hips press towards me, and I allow the head to touch the back of my throat once more. The pressure around your member is exquisite, and you grip my hair and start sliding in and out of my mouth pussy. You are precariously close to releasing your load as you piston more quickly.

I grab your hips and stall your rhythm. You groan inwardly and pant as your cock pops out of my mouth. Turning away, I present my ass to you in the soft moon light. Still slick from being in my mouth, you nuzzle the head against my pussy and grasp my hips, unceremoniously sliding your length into me with one hard stroke.

Your balls slap against my mound as your cock is buried inside me. Anticipation of this moment has made me slick with wetness, and you stroke into me with careless abandon.

Your fingers leave indentations on my sides from gripping my body. I am on fire with the need to cum, and I want so badly to shudder on your cock while you fill me with your seed.

My ass is bouncing against you as you start slowing your strokes. You tell me how much you love fucking my pussy, but I know there’s something else you want tonight.

You coat your fingers with my wetness, and rub the juices on my asshole, making sure the opening is well lubricated. Slipping just the tip of your finger inside, I groan with pleasure at your touch.

Still stroking my pussy, your finger begins to penetrate and caress my rear. The intense sensations of what your doing make my skin bump with gooseflesh. You continue the double penetration for awhile longer, and then gradually come to a stop. Your cock and finger still inside me, I push against you, hoping you’ll continue.

I look back at you and see your smiling face, mesmerized at the sight of your cock and finger buried inside me. I wiggle my rear, but you refuse to move.

“Please fuck me baby.” I am extremely close to the edge, and just need a few more strokes.

Finally, with your free hand, you gently push my back down, so that my face is inches from the blanket. Unsheathing your cock from my slit, you push the wet tip against my ass hole, allowing just the head to enter me.

I’m panting with unbearable excitement knowing that you’re about to slide fully into my rear entrance.

You withdraw the tip, and then bump it back into place at my opening, sliding only the head in once more. I am thrumming with urgency, but you’re still very poised and in control.

“Please,” is all that I can manage to say.

Again, you remove your cock and then place just the head inside me. This goes on for what seems like eons, until finally, you slide in the tip and continue the journey until you are all the way inside. You fill me up and make me tremble.

“Are you ready for me to fuck your ass, Baby?”

You don’t wait for my answer as you start moving your hips. With one hand, you grip my side, and with the other, you reach between my thighs and rub circles against my clit.

Our bodies are perfectly in tune with each other as your stroking and fingering increase. Your breathing is becoming more rapid with each successive caress. I am completely focused on the thrilling sensations between my legs, galloping closer and closer to release.

My entire body begins to tingle and the swell of my orgasm bursts over the invisible levy that was somehow holding it back. My asshole tightens and then undulates around your prick, and I buck against you, letting the intense sensations sweep over me.

As my ass clenches around your cock, you plow into me with increased urgency; feeling your own release swiftly coming to fruition. You erupt into my recess; each stroke releasing a powerful stream of cum. I can feel your warm seed as it forcefully sprays my walls.

Finally coming to a stop, you rest your head against my back, catching your breath as you slowly slip out of me. We tumble onto the blanket and lie there panting as our heartbeats start to return to something close to normal.

The sounds of the night resume, and the melody bounces along the moonbeams that brush against our bodies. I reach for you and lightly kiss your fingertips, close my eyes and smile. No matter what may come, this time spent with you was perfect.

I love Thailand. Being on holiday there is like being in a warm bath. It’s relaxing, comfortable, and you can spend a lot of time almost naked. I love taking a week, going to one of the smaller islands and spending my days lying on the sand, reading trashy novels. When you start to get too uncomfortably hot, you just wander off to the ocean for a dip to cool down. When you start to get a little thirsty, that’s exactly when, it seems, the drink seller comes buy with cold juices and water. When you start to feel a little hungry, why, then there’s the fruit seller wandering over with fresh mango and pineapple, and it doesn’t matter if you get juice all over you as you eat; you just dive back into the ocean again and clean off. And later, towards the end of the day, the older Thai women come around, offering hour long massages under the shade of a tree. Their hands are hard and strong, yet smooth from all the oil they’ve massaged into countless bodies over their years. Feels so good.

It was just after one of these perfect days on the beach. I had picked up a cold beer from the little store in the hotel, and gone back to my hut on the beach to shower off the salt and sand from my day on the beach. Now I was relaxing on the porch, watching the waves and sipping the cold beer. Though the sun was setting, the air was still warm, and I was dressed in a thin cotton tank top and wore a sarong as a skirt. I felt relaxed and content.

The hut next door to me had been empty the night before, but now I noticed damp towels hanging out to dry on the railing of the porch, and two pairs of trunks. New neighbors, obviously, though no one was in sight. I decided it was time for dinner, and wandered off to the hotel’s restaurant, also on the beach, to enjoy fresh fish and coconut curry. As I walked to my table, I noticed two men sitting a few tables over. They were both attractive, one dark, one fair, well-built and both were watching me appreciatively as I walked to a table. I smiled over at them, feeling rather sexy in my thin sarong skirt and skimpy tank, the breeze gently caressing my skin.

After a delicious dinner, I bought another beer at the little store and wandered back to my hut. Once again I sat on the porch, listening to the waves and looking up at the stars. Soon I heard the low murmur of male voices. The two men I had seen at dinner wandered up the path beside my hut.

“Hi there,” the dark one said, as he noticed me.


“I guess we’re your neighbors,” said the blonde.


“Have you been here long?” the dark one asked.

“A couple of days. I’m here till the weekend.” I replied.

“We’ve been trekking up in Chiang Mai,” he volunteered. “Now we’re in the need of some serious down time.”

“Well, you’ve come to the right island,” I told them. “No midnight raves here; it’s very peaceful.”

“Perfect,” he said, grinning up at me. “We’ll leave you to the peace of the evening, then.”

“See you tomorrow, probably,” I smiled back. “Good night”

“Good night.” And they walked on past, to their hut. I watched them go, admiring the view of broad shoulders and nice legs. They both wore rather baggy shorts, so sadly, I couldn’t really check out their asses…

I continued to sip my beer and gaze up at the stars. I squirmed a little restlessly… Warm nights and beaches and wearing scanty clothes always make me a little bit horny. Having two rather delicious neighbors was making all kinds of salacious thoughts drift through my mind. I’d never had two men at once but it was a fantasy of mine. Just the idea of being sandwiched between those big, muscular bodies, four hands roaming my body, two mouths kissing and licking and sucking various parts of me and two cocks…..


I jumped visibly; I hadn’t even heard him approach. It was the dark haired guy from next door.

“Sorry!! I didn’t mean to scare you.”

“No, it’s okay, I was miles away.” Well, not really miles…. more like yards… in bed, with him, and his friend…

“My buddy’s tired and is heading for bed, but I was thinking I wouldn’t mind another drink. Would you mind if I joined you?”

“No, not at all.”

“Can I get you another?”

“No, I’m good, thanks. But you go ahead.”

With a grin he loped down the path to the little store. I quickly used the opportunity to dart inside and use the bathroom. No question I was already wet and mildly aroused from my fantasizing. I looked at myself in the mirror as I washed my hands, and licked my lips.

He was back in a few minutes, and settled down in the chair beside me. His eyes ran over me, again with appreciation, as he leaned back and took a sip of his beer. My dark chestnut hair was hanging free, long waves swirling around my shoulders. Though I usually need to wear a bra, because I was on vacation I had done without and my tank had a bit of spandex, for support. My breasts moved freely though, as I leaned forward to reach for my drink. I saw his eyes drift down my chest before they snapped back to my face. I smiled knowingly, and leaned back, aware that my nipples were poking visibly through the thin material.

“So, I’m Jake,” he said.

“Caroline.” I replied.

“Nice to meet you. What brings you to Thailand?”

We chatted for a long while, about our jobs and hometowns, and favorite vacation spots. We both kept silently flirting with each other, though. His eyes would drop down to gaze at my tits, I’d arch my back just a little more, and squirm just a bit in my chair. I’d play with my hair, gazing up at him through my lashes, smiling as he’d adjust his shorts and lick his lips.

“It’s so beautiful here,” he breathed. “Feel like walking down to the water, checking out the waves?”

“Sure,” I said, and slid my feet into my flip flops.

We wandered down the sand, past all the huts towards a more secluded spot. His arm brushed mine occasionally, sending little sparks of lust through my veins. We both knew what was going to happen.

When we got past all the huts, he sat down in the sand and, reaching up for my hand, pulled me down next to him. He leaned in to kiss me, and I melted. He was a gooood kisser; his lips firm yet soft and his tongue gently teasing mine. We slowly sank backwards onto the sand, his mouth never leaving mine. His hands moved down my arms and raised them up, over my head. He broke off the kiss then, and raised his head to look down at me. His lips curved in a smile as his gaze slid down to my tits, blatantly now. He released my arms, and lowered his head again, tongue grazing my clavicle, his lips tracing over the tops of my breasts, then down and around to my belly, avoiding my hard nipples as I bit my lip.

“Please,” I whispered, as he continued his caresses.

“Please, what?” he asked. “What do you want? This?” And then his mouth closed over one nipple, through my tank top, while his fingers slid up under my tank on the other side, and began toying with my other nipple. I moaned and twisted my hips beneath him, feeling his hard cock pressing against my belly, the heat of his mouth on one nipple and his fingers on the other driving me wild.

He raised his head and grinned down at me. “I want to take your top off,” he said, fingers still teasing my nipple. I sat up, and in one quick motion pulled my tank over my head and off, my large breasts bouncing freely as I did. My hands almost involuntarily found their way to my tits, and I sat there, playing with my own nipples while he watched me, his eyes darkening with lust.

“I need to get a condom. Yes?” he asked thickly.

“Yes,” I answered, and watched as he walked rather stiffly but quickly over to his hut. He was back in an instant, to find me still sitting up, hair fluttering in the breeze, and my hands still caressing my tits. I dropped my hands as he walked up, and leaned back, bending my arms a bit. My tits were thrust up and out, and he dropped down beside me and quickly lowered his head, as I collapsed onto the ground and his tongue found my nipple. He sucked on it, and very gently used his teeth. I put two fingers in my mouth, and then onto my other nipple, my own saliva allowing my fingers to slide easily over the hard, pink nub. He grinned, watching me, then lowered his mouth yet again, and trailed his tongue down my belly, while his hand reached down to my calf and began trailing up my leg, moving the fabric of my sarong out of the way. When his mouth reached the top of my sarong around my hips, he gave it a tug with his teeth and pulled it loose, and brushed it out of the way.

His hands were now on the insides of my knees and he pushed my legs apart, drinking in the sight and smell of my pussy. His lips lowered to graze the inside of my thigh, his tongue tracing its way up towards the juncture of my thigh and hip, his slight stubble scratching provocatively against my soft skin. It felt so good, and I grew wetter and wetter, as I continued to play with my tits and nipples.

My hips began to squirm, as I mindlessly moved my body against his. I wanted his mouth on my clit and his tongue in my cunt, but he continued to tease me, holding my legs apart, and moving his lips and tongue and teeth up and down the insides of my thighs. Every time he moved upwards, he came slightly closer to my wet pussy, brushing against my labia with his chin, or blowing softly on my damp curls.

“Pleeeeease” I moaned. “Please touch me.” I raised my hips towards his mouth as he grinned at me.

“This is what I like to see: a woman all hot and wet and wanting and begging me to touch her.”

“Shut up, you bastard” I ground out. “Just shut up and make me cum.”

Without another word he lowered his head. When his tongue brushed my clit I screamed. Encouraged, he applied more pressure and soon was lapping and sucking and slipping one, then two, then three fingers up into my sopping wet cunt. He knit them together and the sensation of this rather knobbly shape inside me was mind blowing. I arched my back, bucked up against his mouth and came with a great, shuddering moan. He slowed his fingers as my spasms passed, and continued to gently lick and kiss my clit and inner thighs.

I flung out my arms to either side of me and stretched luxuriously beneath him. “That was amazing” I told him. “It seems only fair that I return the favor.”

He lifted himself up my body until he was lying on top of me, chest to breasts, again pinning my hands above my head. His mouth found mine and I could taste myself on his tongue.

Raising his head, he considered my mouth thoughtfully. “While there is nothing I’d like better than to see those lips wrapped round my cock,” he said, “I don’t think I’d last more than a second and baby, I need to sink myself into your tight cunt first.” And with that he nudged his cock against my clit, sending a frisson of excitement along my nerve endings. He reared back suddenly, and reached for his shorts, grabbing the condom from his pocket. He deftly unwrapped it and, kneeling between my spread legs, rolled it down onto his jutting cock. I licked my lips as I watched; I couldn’t help it. His cock was beautiful, thick and veined and so, so hard. I wanted more than anything to feel its weight in my hands, but when I made to reach for him, he shook his head and pushed me back down onto the sand. “I won’t last if you do that,” he warned, and then he pulled my legs up onto his thighs, leaned forward and positioned his cock at the entrance to my pussy. He paused for a moment, the tip just inside me. I began to squirm again, and he groaned and pushed forward, sinking into me.

I was sopping wet from cumming earlier and he slid in easily. “Oh, god” he moaned, and we again paused, letting the sensations of his cock in my cunt wash over both of us. I squeezed my pussy muscles and his eyes flew open. “Holy fuck!” he gasped. “Baby, this is going to be much quicker than I wanted.”

I smiled and squeezed again. “We’re just getting started, aren’t we?” I asked innocently. He groaned again and began to thrust in and out of my slippery cunt. “Yes,” he grunted. “I’m going to fuck you all night. I’m going to fuck you now and then later you’re going to suck my cock and you’ll ride me I’ll eat you out again and I haven’t even begun to explore your ass yet….”

I felt myself getting even wetter as he continued to tell me what he was going to do to me over the coming hours, thrusting harder and faster and even deeper into me. I could feel another orgasm beginning to spiral through my body, and raised my hips to meet his thrusts, my toes curling involuntarily. He was hitting some amazing spots in my pussy, and his pubic bone was nudging my clit with every thrust.

“Oh, please,” I gasped. “I can’t, I’m cumming, I’m….” and I writhed beneath him as another orgasm washed over me.

“Fucking hell!” he panted, feeling my pussy contracting around his cock. “Can’t.. last…” I pulled him even tighter into me, my hands raking his back, sliding down to his ass. I toyed a little bit with the rim of his asshole and that was it — he pushed into me one last time, his face grimacing as he came with a shout. “Oh, god, babe” he muttered, and collapsed on top of me. I smiled, feeling him soften inside me, and he reached down to pull out and take off the condom.

“How many of those did you get?” I asked curiously.

“Stupid me, just the one,” he replied, looking sheepish.

“One?” I raised an eyebrow. “I guess we’ll just have to be rather more inventive about where you cum for the rest of the night then.”

He grinned, and rolled over, pulling me with him. We lay looking up at the stars for a few moments, our breathing and heart rates returning to normal.

“Well,” he said, “I did say I wanted your lips round my cock.”

“Yes, yes, you did. And wasn’t there something about my ass?” I asked.

He laughed and pulled me on top of me. “This,” he said, “is going to be an amazing vacation…”

“Ken? Ken, are you out there?” Came a cry from inside the tent.

“I’m right here, Kim,” I responded.

“I yelled a few minutes ago and you didn’t answer.”

“I’m sorry. I went down to get some water. I figured you were still sleeping.”

Kim’s head emerged through the tent entrance with one eye open and a very messy head of hair. Boy, she looked good even after waking up, I thought to myself.

“How’s your ankle feel this morning?” I asked.

“It feels fine right now but I won’t really know ’til I stand on it.”

“Well, we better get packed up. I want to get started as soon as possible. There’s a plastic bag in there next to my camera. Just throw the towels and your t-shirt along with anything else that needs to be washed. My red shirt is in there too. You can wear it on the way out. Your shorts and socks are dry.

Kim packed up everything inside while I folded the tarp. Within half an hour we were ready to head down the trail.

“Let’s have a look at that ankle.” I said. “There’s not a lot of swelling, but I’ll put this ace bandage on it. That, hopefully, will give you more support.”

I wrapped her foot and carefully slipped her sock over it. She laced her boot on her own, as not to turn her ankle the wrong way.

“Sorry about your towel.” She cringed. “It got a little messy.”

I looked her square in the eye, “Well, I’m not sorry at all.”

She gave me a smile that would melt the bark off a tree. What was it about this girl? She had everything……….At least everything that interested me. Looks, personality, and seemed very mature for her age…. Ah, her age. The college- and I, for that matter, have strict rules about student/staff relationships. Though she wasn’t a student, she was only 18. I had just turned 30.

I put it all out of my head. “C’mon, let’s get out of here.” I said, and with that we started out and down the overgrown trail. We stopped for a few minutes while I got some pictures of the chestnut trees about 30 yards off the trail. On the way back, I saw Kim staring up at the treetops and took a few candid shots of her before helping her to her feet and continuing our trek.

She did quite well on her bad ankle, but I could see, after an hour or so, it was becoming more painful. We rested often. I would inquire about the pain, but she never complained. “It’ll be alright,” She would say. I would tell her stories, jokes, and try to engage in some conversation hoping to take her mind off her injury. We were about two hours on the trail; Kim was telling me about her family.

“I remember on my birthday my mom would…………..”

“Shhhhh,” I cut her off and stopped.

“What’s the matter?” She said with a frightened tone in her voice.

“Did you hear that? ………….There it is again.”

“What is it?” She whispered.

I stood quiet. “Someone’s coming up the trail.”

We walked as softly as we could as the voice I was hearing got louder. I then smiled and nodded to Kim, “It’s a rescue party. They’re calling your name.”

Within a minute, they were in sight. I waved both arms and they quickly came running up the trail.

“You Doc Palmer?” said the first one who met us.

“Yeah,” I said, shaking his hand.

“Barry Wagoner. What do we have here?”

“A sprained ankle, though it’s not an emergency. It’s pretty painful to walk on.” I told him.

These guys were very professional. One guy popped open a collapsible stretcher while another got on the radio and reported the find to Jim at the parking lot. Barry and I shot the breeze while they got Kim on the stretcher.

“Oh God, this is so embarrassing,” She said, covering her face.

Barry and I smiled. “You’re gonna be okay.” Barry reassured her and we started off to the parking lot.

“Jim told us you were in here and that you might have come across the girl. Where did you find her?” Barry asked.

“Up on the rock pile,” I replied.

“You know, you’re not supposed to be up there,” Came a voice from the front of the group. “That’s a closed off area.”

“I’ll try to remember that.” I shouted ahead while rolling my eyes.

“Ah, cut him some slack,” Said Barry with a half laugh. “It’s his rookie year.”

I held Kim’s hand all the way back and she looked a little scared as she kept commenting on her “embarrassing situation.” The pace was pretty quick; we made the parking lot in a little over an hour. Jim was there to greet us.

“Jeez, Doc- In one weekend you write a book and rescue a damsel in distress.”

I placed my hands on my hips. “All in a day’s work Jimmy.”

Kim sat up and slapped my arm as she laughed, but never let go of my hand. We walked over to the guard shack and filled out some papers. I guess when you are rescued they want your life history.

“Is there a charge for this?” I asked Jim.

“He shook his head, “Nah, Not for you, Doc. After all, you’re the one who rescued her. Kim, do you want to wait here for your friends? They’re with a party over on the Avery Trail. I called over and told them we located you.”

Kim looked at me as some tears started to appear. “Can you just take me home?”

“Sure,” I nodded and looked at Jim. “I’ll take it from here. If she needs medical attention I’ll make sure she gets it.”

Jim smiled. “Good to see you again, Doc. Take care of her and I’ll see you again somewhere on the trail.”

I got Kim into the truck and walked around to the driver’s side. I was barely behind the wheel when Kim started on me.

“DOC? I didn’t know you were a doctor!”

“Well, I have a PhD in Ecology.”

“Oh,” she replied.

“Does that disappoint you?”

“Oh No,” She said with a very concerned look. “I just…………..”

“Hey, I was just being sarcastic,” I interrupted.

“I don’t think you could ever disappoint me. I’ll never forget this weekend,” She said, putting her hand on my leg.

We pulled out of the parking area and headed south as Kim’s hand gently caressed my thigh. A rush of excitement ran through me. Kim knew it, as her hand moved up to the crotch of my shorts, feeling my hardness. I never resisted as she looked at me with that wonderful smile and made a futile attempt at opening my fly.

“Wait a few minutes,” I told her.

She sat up, looking a bit confused. No words were spoken until I turned off the road and into a rest area. I drove all the way to the end and parked the truck.

“Ooooo,” She giggled and unbuttoned my red shirt that she was still wearing. Her bra was in the bag of wet clothes. One look at her tits put my cock back into an extremely hardened state. She undid the button on my shorts and I raised my hips to give her better angle to the zipper. My hardness sprang into her hand as she pushed my underwear down and before I knew it; her sweet lips were clamped around my shaft. I reached for her lovely breast and started pinching her nipple, lightly at first, then harder as she urged me on with moans of pleasure. Kim’s mouth kept sucking, never coming up for air. She took my cock in her free hand and slid the other to my balls, gently fondling them.

“Give it to me, Ken. I want every drop of your fucking cum. Feed it to me, babe. C’mon, give it up.”

I grabbed a handful of her auburn hair and held it to my face, kissing it and running it through my fingers. My head fell back and I pushed my rock hard cock deep between her lips. Soon her head stopped its piston-like motion as ropes of cum splashed in her mouth.

“Mmmmm,” She groaned, trying not to spill a drop.

She squeezed the base of my shaft and sucked hard on its head, desperately trying to get every last drop before raising her head and swallowing my huge load. She cleaned me with her tongue, then rose and kissed me. I could taste my own cum on her lips. Sitting forward, I released the breath I had taken moments before.

There was no smile on Kim’s face. She just stared at me. Her mouth opened as if she wanted to say something, but the words never came. A few cars pulled in near us as I reached for Kim’s shorts. I wanted to return the favor, but she held my hand.

“No not now. Please, take me home.”

There was that smile again, as I got back on the road. A few hours later, Kim was pointing out her home to me.

The A’s had just lost to the Seattle Mariners 3-2.

I would have been more upset about the loss if I hadn’t just spent 3 hours in the best seats I’ve ever watched a game from.. Sitting just 7 rows behind the bullpen, I got to watch the pitchers warm up, and got to see Seth SMith very up close… close enough I could stare during most of the game.

PLUS!!! There was a fireworks show after the game; much needed consolation after such a disappointing loss.

The coliseum was nearly empty; most of the audience choosing to sit on the field, while we remained in our seats. The first BOOM set off the beginning of the fireworks display and I was taken back to our first 4th of July together.

You took me to see the fireworks, we laid together in the back of your pickup truck. It was so… nice. So sweet to lie in each other’s arms, kissing and murmuring sweet things while the sky lit up in bright hues of red, white, and blue.

There’s loud, superhero themed music playing in the coliseum. I look around; everyone’s faces turned up to the sky. Each firework is more impressive, more extravagant than the one before, and I feel butterflies in my tummy as my mind is taken back to that night in the back of your truck, the confession i made to you… the electricity between us palpable…. the heat, oh how hot it got…

“What are you thinking about, baby?” You ask me, my eyes have that ‘faraway’ look that gives me away almost every time. I love that you can look at me and know exactly where I am, and am not, at any given moment.

I smile and lean into you, my face buried in your chest as i laugh softly. “I can’t watch a fireworks show without remembering that 4th of July, parked in the dark, watching the fireworks show…” I look at you, your eyes are twinkling with those fond memories.

“Hmmm,” You sigh, placing my hand on your… bulging crotch!

“You dog, you!” I laugh out loud, as your cock twitches in your pants, pressing hard against the seam.

“What are you thinking about, baby?” You whispered into my ear as I lay with my leg crossed over you, my head reasting in the crook of your neck. You stroke down my arm, down my tummy, down my thigh, then inch your fingers back up, pulling my skirt with it.

“Well…” I kiss your neck, lick you, teasingly. “Just thinking about how sexy it would be if we got naughty… right now…”

I feel your fingers stiffen on the hem of my skirt. You bunch the fabric in your hand and then let go, shift out from underneath me.

“Lie down.” Your voice is gruff, hoarse with lust. I oblige you, curious and slightly scared about what i’ve gotten myself into… “It was just a joke, honey.. I didn’t mean..”

“Stop talking and take your panties off.” Your hands are under my ass, pulling at the elastic of my white cotton panties as you cut me off mid sentence. I lift my ass so you can take my panties. You pull them up to your nose and inhale deeply. This vulgar act causes a stir inside me… i feel hot and wet between my legs…

You push my legs apart and lean down, your face inches from my mound. I inhale sharply with anticipation. I know what’s coming, but it doesn’t make it any less exciting. You were the first I ever let down there; the first tongue to lick me, taste me, the first lips to suck on me…

You don’t stop until I’m gushing, until a steady stream of my pleasure juices are flowing from my lower lips. I’ve been moaning, working hard to keep quiet, paranoid about who will hear my cries…


Huge blossoms fill the night sky. Ooohs and Ahhhs can be heard throughout the stadium as the superhero themed fireworks closes in the biggest, largest, loudest display I’ve ever witnessed completes the finale.

“You got me thinking about that first Independence Day, baby, I’ve been hard since the show started… let’s go home.”

With gusto, I jump up from my seat, the heat between my thighs so warm, it’s almost uncomfortable. We dance through the crowd, trying to get the car out before we’re stuck in traffic.

“What was your favorite part about that night, our first fireworks show?” Your hand is rubbing up and down my thigh, tracing u further and further.


“Baby… it’s your turn now… lie down here.” I unzip your pants, and your cock is standing tall, like a flag pole! I grin up at you, your eyes shining adoringly, your mouth curled in a tight smile…

“I thought you said you could never do it in public,” you stroke my hair, pushing it behind my ears. “what changed baby girl?” Your eyes are searching my face as I pull your throbbing cock from its restraining clothing, and stroke you lovingly up and down, pulling on your thick, meaty cock… teasing you.

“Baby, stop. Look at me. You don’t HAVE to do this. I don’t ever want you to feel pressured to do-” I wrap my mouth around the red, swollen tip of your engorged daddy dick. It silences you quickly, which makes me smile with your thick dick in between my lips.

“I WANT to do this,” i say while i massage your big juicy balls with my nimble fingers. “I think a part of me is an exhibitionist. It’s thrilling to think that we could be caught at any moment by a passerby… caught with your fat cock in my mouth. Lie down, let me do what i do best.”

Your sigh is one of contentment, as you relax again, and i can work my magic.

I descend on your cock like a pro, watching your face contort with pleasure, watching as your eyes sometimes get wide and your hands frantically pull on my hair, pull my face down lower, pull me up higher, your hips thrusting occasionally.

“Oh baby, you got that pussymouth. mmm so fucking good. ohhh fuck!” You pull my head down again, harder this time. “Open that pretty slut mouth,” you growl at me, “Open up wide, take my daddy dick deep down that slut throat. Do It!” I open wider, and you buck into me, deeper, harder, feeling longer and thicker than ive ever felt you go.

You grab my hair and hold me down, moving my face side to side as you fuck me deep, moaning and growling. Your hand tightens around the back of my neck as you cum, thick hot ropes of your daddy cream sliding down my open throat.

We merge onto the freeway, my pussy aflame with passion. “It was all my favorite part. All of it.”

Once again I’d like to thank meanblackjack – he prefers BlackJack – for his help and guidance with translating this story from German into English. It’s actually the first story I ever published at Literotica.

This series consists of three parts, and will not be continued…

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If you are from a family like mine, the idea of intimate encounters between relatives isn’t that far off.

My family is insanely huge — like it was common with old families at the Balkan ever since. Just to start with the fact, my grandmother had 14 siblings, with each of them having at least four children of their own. These children again had at least three descendents which also already have their own kids and by now, some of them also have babies — leaving me and two of my female cousins the only ones in our family to be born as an only child for the last 200 years… And me and one female cousin of mine the only ones without children.

You can really say, my family is big.

Being sort of a family chronicler, it’s up to me, to keep an eye on the family, and to be informed about births, marriages and deaths.

A pretty hard task, considering that my relatives live all over the world.

Having my meshpoke living in all four corners of the world is also the reason for incidental — and sometimes even amatory — encounters every now and then.

The stories, I’ll present you in this line-up, have been told to me by several members of my closer or wider family, and were pretty much authentic — as far as I took the freedom to change minor details in order to protect the involved ones from being discovered.

This is one of these stories:


He’d been looking forward for this vacation for months already, and finally the time had come!

Alexander, Ace for short, couldn’t find any sleep the night before the departure. That’s the reason, he had stood up, went to the balcony in the middle of the night, and lit a joint to calm down. The chilling breeze helped, along with the weed, to relax and come down a little. Fortunately he didn’t have to drive — well at least not the first part of the way — so it wouldn’t be a problem, if he sleeps until Munich or even Graz.

He finally felt calmer and more relaxed after the doobie, and was sure, he would be able to sleep.


The reason for the 21 year old to be nervous, was quite simple: In about 24 hours, he’d see her again; the girl always showing up in his dreams.

Kristina, Tina for short, was the kind of girl or woman, a man could only dream about: Raven haired with piercing blue eyes, almost six foot tall, not too skinny, cup size 34B or 34C — depending on the type of bra — and a happy person, you would never find again. And she was the first girl he had ever slept with.

Her being his cousin, didn’t bother him in this context at all.

Tina and Ace had been inseparable since the earliest childhood, because her cousin Ace, who was two years younger than her, had been one heart and one soul since the boy was born, and if she have could, she would have cut the umbilical cord herself. So she “adopted” him, as soon as she could, and it was hard to convince her to give him back. Also Ace had totally fallen for his “big cousin”.

When they were little, they always pretended to be brother and sister. They were so close, despite the fact that both of them had step siblings of their own..

Even if separated — like, when he was back home in Germany — they actively stayed in touch: first via phone and mail, and later via Skype and e-mail.

As they grew over the years, their parent’s worries also grew because of them. Be it nightly excursions to the neighborhood, spontaneous trips to the baths of Belgrade without parental guidance or later — when puberty kicked in — tours through the nightlife of Belgrade. Whenever they got caught, they covered each others back and nothing ever could come between them…

So what eventually happened was only a logical consequence.


It actually started comparatively innocent, on this summer night four years ago. Tina, Ace and some of the kids from the neighborhood had gathered in a rec room, spinning the bottle, they had emptied before — along with some other bottles.

There was a lot of giggling, kissing, smooching and fondling involved, except for Tina and Ace. When their turns came, they had light dares respecting the impossibility of them making out.

They got a special status, although they weren’t really relatives by blood. Tina’s mother brought her from her first marriage into the marriage with Ace’s uncle, but this didn’t matter at all, because even such an relation wouldn’t have been considered appropriate.

In the course of the game, Ace had to confess being a virgin, and therefore the not-for-much-longer 16 years old had to suffer through a lot of jokes and malice. As the night went on, and the booze had been flowing a lot, Ace heard a very familiar — although now pretty tipsy — voice right at his ear. His beloved cousin’s voice, whispering: “If you’re a virgin next year at this time, I’ll take your cherry myself.”

Her grin made him believe, she’s only joking — he was just about to learn, how wrong he was. The night went on pretty civilized and without serious damages and both of them were still responsive and sane, when they fell into their beds… Right before their parents had returned from their tour to the nightlife of Belgrade.


When Ace arrived the next year, only a few days after his 18th birthday, she pulled him aside and whispered: “Now? Still using this cock of yours only for pissing?”

Her straight and pictographic language had always excited him, and it was Tina, from whom he had learned his first swear words.

When he answered her question with a confused “Yes”, she commented dead pan: “So you know what’s coming up. You won’t leave this town as a virgin anyway… Even if I have to pluck you myself.”

Ace must have looked quite dumbfounded because Tina burst into laughter and hugged him tightly. Then she became stern again and whispered: “I’m not joking.” hugging him some more and pulling him back to the family.

Tina didn’t act unselfish at all, because she knew his body, since he left his mother’s womb, had — like most of the children in the world — played “doctor” with him, and the — admittedly big (24 inches long and over eight pounds heavy) — newborn baby had over the years turned into a handsome and strong young man of over six feet and about 180 pounds; with broad shoulders a strong chest and powerful, lean runner’s legs.

Additionally she had lusted for him, since he had turned 15, and her yearning had become stronger every following year. Every time, she had seen him, her pussy started to tingle, and her juices started to flow. Tina now had the opportunity to kill two birds with one stone: Making her beloved cousin a real man — and finally be filled with his man-meat.

Because of her being two years older, it always was her “chore” to look after the “little one”, when the parental fraction was downtown. Some time ago Tina had started to intersperse ideas casually, where the parents could go for a couple of hours every now and then, and leaving the young folks on their own — with the possibility of making planes on their own.

Finally the special evening came, and Ace could hardly have known anything about his good luck at hand. He only knew, they will have the later afternoon and the evening for themselves — and most likely half of the night, because their parents trips to downtown Belgrade usually ended around three o’clock in the morning.

The old folks had hardly disappeared down the street, when Tina sent her cousin to the next kiosk to get them some cigarettes. She knew very well, he wouldn’t come back until he got the cigarettes, and the next stand, open at that time, was about twenty minutes away — enough time to shave properly.

She managed to be back dressed up and sitting in the living room, when he returned a little sweaty, triumphantly waving two boxes of cigarettes.

“Sweaty as you are, you should get your skinny ass under the shower, kid!” she said, faking seriousness.

“All right. So I also can shave — you don’t want to help me with that, maybe, do you?” Although they always used to fool around like this, her jaw dropped for an instant in surprise — maybe because his suggestion totally met her deeper thoughts.

‘You little devil! Oh… Just you wait, little smart-ass.’ went through her mind, but she just answered: “I think you’ll be able to do it on your own, don’t you? I don’t have to hold your hand all the time, do I?”

He laughed out in a pretty sassy way, indicating that she might even like it, and closed the bathroom door right the moment, Tina had thrown a pillow at him.

During the time, he occupied the bathroom, she prepared a meal for them and slipped into a beautiful dress — It paid off wearing the same size his mother did.

When he stepped out of the bathroom, he first registered the scent of the meal, and the blink of an eye later the perfume, Tina had put on — and then he saw her. He knew the dress, but his mother never looked that good in it, not like the way, Tina looked.

Tina stood there in a light, off-white cocktail dress, that, due to the back light, seemed transparent — transparent enough to show, she didn’t bother putting neither his mother’s nor her own underwear on — and was completed by a likewise off-white pair of peep-toed high heels.

Her blue eyes sparkled when she saw the towel around his hips definitely rising up front.

“You look at me like I’m some kind of candy you’d like to taste, bad boy.” she teased him.

He just nodded so hard, it almost looked like he wanted to shake his head off, when he continued the game from earlier.

“No way! We’ll behave and enjoy our meal, so you grow big and strong.”

At “big” and “strong” she involuntary grinned, but got herself together and served the dinner.

He sat down and ate his meal with dignity and style — of course exaggerating it to the max — and made her — also exaggerated — compliments. She had to laugh hard because of his silliness. It was one of his features, she loved the most. As long as she could remember, it has been his talent to make her laugh, no matter how dark the clouds ahead were.

She was now laughing too, but beneath the laughter a certain arousal grew, and she slid close to him, putting one hand on his lap. When he tried to turn to her with an puzzled look on the face, she pressed her lips on his and kissed him, purring: “I’ve promised you something, remember?”

He stopped short, and when it finally sunk in, he looked nervously at her, but it was too late: Their lips connected inseparable and she pushed her body against his. She reached down and pulled the towel away, cocky reaching for his dick and fondling it, while her tongue explored his mouth. The idea of doing something forbidden and immoral came to them, but rather boosted their passion. They have known each other all of their lives so this was almost a logic consequence.

Tina straddled his lap, and, due to the fact her pleasant anticipation had made her soaking wet, Ace slid perfectly and without any resistance inside her. She hugged him, kissing him breathlessly, while she moved on his lap and aroused him even more.

Ever faster and harder she rode him and felt, he didn’t had only energy reserves — his dick seemed to be stretching even more. She let him slip out — just for a sec — and looked keenly at his pole. He really grew bigger! Where after showering — and in her memory — “only” six and a half inches were standing, now almost nine inches plowed back into her pussy.

‘And he’s only like 2′ when he’s limp…’ went through her mind, but not for long, because his next stroke was quite hard — and deep.

“Oh my God!!! That’s so hot! You know how to fuck me!”

With a high pitched scream she came, and dragged the heavily moaning and hard panting Ace with her over the edge of the cliff into an overwhelming climax, able to white out every thought.

She collapsed in his embrace, and Ace listened stunned and with racing heart, how her heavy breathing slowed down and calmed under his caressing fingers and gentle touches.

After what seemed a small eternity she lifted her head, whispered: “How do you feel, honey?” and smiled lovingly and with sparkling blue eyes.

Instead of an answer, he just kissed her long and gentle and breathed: “It was incredible. How can I make this up to you?”

Tina smiled warm and tenderly, took his hand and with the other hand opened her dress.

“Help me with the dress please.”

She stepped out of her shoes and stood naked before him. Softly she pushed him on the bed, laid next to him, guiding his hand to her sex.

“Stroke me there gently.”

This hadn’t to be told him twice. He started to softly caress her lips with his fingertips.

After a while he became bolder, fondled her clit and inserted a finger inside, licking his finger clean afterward.

“There is even more, where this came from.” she purred, and after he realized her sly smile, something “clicked” in his mind and he finally got it.

He slid down on her body ’til he reached her thighs, and started licking her pussy first slowly and hesitantly, then swiftly and aptly. Gentle nibbles alternated with swift licks and deep tongue plunging, and he really started liking the taste of her. He also alternated between licking her clit and poking his tongue deep in her folds in an irregular pattern, purposefully driving her crazy.

After a while, literal screams of joy echoed through the apartment and slightly indicated to Ace that he might do something right.

He was obviously doing something right, because with a strong push she had thrown him on his back and was all over him devouring his best parts with untamed desire. She swallowed his dick in one single move, guiding his shaft with her wet and hot tongue, and every now and then flicking the tip of it over his bulbous head.

Ace had got blow jobs before, but her tongue-flicking blew his mind and he was hard as a steel rod in no time. When he felt his climax approaching, he gently pushed her back and almost ashamed, he came on her breasts.

Smiling indulgently at him, she pulled him into the bathroom, where they washed each other before they raided the fridge.

While they enjoyed their snacks, she softly whispered into his ear: “I would have swallowed, if you’d come in my mouth.” She lovingly smiled at him, while he even forgot to swallow his bite.

‘This can’t be real’ he thought, but he was up to learn, this actually was real.

A couple of hours later, after they had again made love twice, they dozed off uncovered, naked as they were, exhausted and cuddled into each others arms.

They were startled from their sleep in the middle of the night, when they heard their respective parents at the apartment’s door.

‘Shit! They’ll catch us.’ went through their minds, but fortunately the elders had met some neighbors downtown and were now heading to their place for a night cap.

Ace and Tina rose quickly, cleaned the place up, taking care of dishes and discarded clothes, and eventually returned to bed, covering up with the sheets.

As they had done so for the last 18 years, no-one would have wondered about them sleeping in the same bed — although them being stark naked beneath the sheets was something that didn’t happen for the last ten years, but no-one ever learned about it.

For the remainder of summer, they were, as usual, inseparable, and when the parental fraction wasn’t around, they behaved like the couple freshly in love they were. When the occasion rose, they even extensively shared their passion.

When his holiday’s end came closer, the two of them made a pact. When they meet, they belong to each other, except one of them is in a serious relationship. A pact, both paid tribute to dearly.


The next year, Ace was even more excited about the holiday than ever. Although his parents didn’t quite understand why, they were happy that a 19 year old still liked spending his holidays with his “boring” family.

Because he still had some work to do, he couldn’t drive with his parents, but that wasn’t a problem at all.

“You can torture yourself for 16 or 18 hours in the car, while I can jump into the plane from Zurich, when I’m done, and I’ll be there in about one hour. You can surely entertain yourself for a while without me, don’t you?”

No sooner said then done. 36 hours after his parents had started, his plane was landing at the airport Surćin in Belgrade.

He was surprised at first to see Tina standing at the gate, waiting for him, instead of his parents, but she explained:

“They had been on the road for more than 24 hours, getting from one jam to the next. They’re done, so I suggested, I could pick you up and they can rest.”

“Tina is such a practical person and so selfless…” he mocked his mother’s voice and burst into laughter, but then looked closer at her.

Adequate to the weather she had dressed light. Summerly strappy sandals with high heels — ‘If she can drive with that, who am I to complain?’ went through his mind, as he took in the sexy sight — a feathery mid-thigh skirt and a light and tight tie-waist shirt — with her nipples poking through like two bullets.

When she finally caught him staring, she posed with a wicked smile, showing off her beautiful long legs.

“Have you seen enough? Can we drive?” she laughed, pulling him with her out of the airport building.

It was just after they had stowed his stuff in the trunk and sat in the car, that she stomped onto the accelerator and he got pushed into his seat like sitting in a starting jet.

“Slow down! You aren’t usually that much into rushing, do you?” he bawled her out smiling. “Or do you have some urgent plans?”

She just smiled at him — definitely a smile to say she was up to no good.

So he wasn’t very surprised, when they left the city’s highway and drove through a park on the edge of the new town of Belgrade.

“You ARE up to something, aren’t you?” he asked.

Again she just smiled — almost grinning.

It drove him insane.

Eventually, she slowed down and turned onto a small, almost hidden, path, where she stopped, opened the windows and reached underneath her seat. He would have expected anything, but not this:

Tina pulled out a small, transparent plastic bag, and without any doubts he recognized the weed inside.

“Ever tried?” she asked, while she expertly rolled a joint.

“Yeah… Sure… Wasn’t bad…” He reluctantly admitted.

“But sure as hell you hadn’t had one like mine.” she answered, pulled her skirt up — of course without wearing anything underneath — and dragged the spliff through her wet folds. She stuck the doobie between his gaping lips and lit it up.

The scent of weed and the odor of her juices reached his nostrils, and he couldn’t have decided, which sensation flashed him more. While he enjoyed smoking his joint, she opened his pants, pulled his cock out and already had inhaled the whole length, before he even realized her hand nestling on his zipper.

She treated him, alternating between soft tongue batting and hungry sucking, while he took toke after toke from the spliff. Her lips and tongue were all over his bell-end, shaft and even balls while she pleased him and at the same time rubbed herself.

“Relax and enjoy the show, kid. It’s only a preview for what’s waiting for you.” she hummed around his dick.

Leaning back, he realized that he had both a good view down her cleavage and at her fingers, feverishly playing with her pussy. He decided to relax and just enjoy what’s happening.

Almost as if it was planed that way, he opulently came in her mouth when he took his last — very shivery toke, and released the smoke with a long, deep moan.

She licked her lips, scooped up a small remainder that had escaped from the corner of her mouth, purred with pleasure when she licked it up, put in a gear and drove off.

“That’s what I call a warm “well-come”.” Ace joked, leaned back and stuffed his semi-hard boner back in his pants.

For the next couple of weeks there were many opportunities for Tina and Ace to spend time together on their own, sometimes smoking weed, but more often having sex when ever an occasion rose.

Their agreement was fully valid, and with both being young and not interested in long term relationships anyway, the regulations of the arrangement weren’t a problem at all. A reason for their single status, that shouldn’t be underestimated, was their immense mutual attraction, so neither of them were actually looking for a partner but rather for some mates to bridge the time between the summer holidays.

The holiday ended about four weeks later and with a heavy heart they had to take a leave from each other, but not without renewing their promise to “come together” the next summer.


The next year, Ace’s physical attributes were requested, but not only in the way, he and Tina wanted and longed for.

Four weeks before the summer holiday, Tina had broke up with her boyfriend — it may not have been the one big love, but she could have imagined it becoming long-term. She could have imagined, but only until he showed his rude and jealous side.

Tina was pretty much the “happy-go-lucky” type of person, and following her lead, Ace also become such a person, more than glad to help his beloved cousin, when she asked for his assistance with her little revenge plot.

On an exceptional hot evening a party was set to take place at “Ada Ciganlija” — an artificial lake at the Sava river — and Tina knew very well, her ex would be there.

That night, Tina and Ace followed the motto “Dress to get laid”, and when they left the house, several approving wolf whistles from the adolescent kids in the neighborhood echoed through the nighty air.

Tina was wearing a breathtaking crimson red silken dress ending right above the knee — accentuated by four inch heeled peep-toe sandals — and, as she wanted to dance in public, a deep red nothing of a g-string. The jewelry was perfectly harmonized with the dress and consisted of a pair of garnet earrings and a two rowed garnet necklace, one row tight around the throat and the second hanging loosely, almost like showing the way down the cleavage, the dress’ neckline revealed. Even her nails followed the theme and were painted likewise crimson red.

Ace’s outfit was elegant, too, but not that spectacular. Jet black linen pants with a slim black leather belt, black leather shoes, a blazing red silken shirt with the first three buttons open, showing off his smooth and defined chest, and finally a jet black linen jacket.

When they entered the party, there were several admiring glares, and when their friends — who knew about the plan, but didn’t know about what went on between the two of them for the last three years — had spotted them, there were some more wolf whistles and cheers.

Immediately, some of them gathered around the young couple, making sure, Tina’s ex wouldn’t miss them.

Though the show wasn’t necessary at all, because the moment, the two entered the dance floor, the ex was there to confront Ace.

Ace and his cousin though ignored him totally, and pulled off a tantalizing show, making their audience’s blood boil. Deep and sensual kisses and sexy touches led to intense fondling and very intimate contacts on the dance floor, making not only few of the other guests yelling and demanding more.

Their friends, not aware of their intimate relationship, were amazed and fascinated by their “acting skills” and jeered the loudest.

Tina’s ex couldn’t hold back any longer, stomped onto the dance floor and with the words: “The bitch is mine, take your hands off her!” tried to yank Ace away from his cousin.

“First of all, she’s no bitch, second, she’s here with me and third and last; take your hands off me, as long as you still have hands.” Ace answered in an absolute calm tone.

Jovan, the ex’s name, was build like a boulder: almost six feet seven and massive; messing with him usually meant risking serious beating. That’s at least what the legend said.

But Ace had been doing Karate since he was nine, and a couple of years ago discovered several martial arts more for himself.

That’s the reason, Jovan only could land one single hit, catching Ace by surprise.

But less than two minutes later two guys had to help Jovan getting up from the floor and searching for the teeth he had lost in the fight.

With his tail tucked in, he sneaked away, and Tina hugged her “savior”, while others applauded and a girl said: “Finally he met his match.”

Unseen by the others, Tina whispered into Ace’s ear: “Talking ’bout a match… You’ve lit my fire, you know. I’ll have to make this up to you.”

Ace just nodded briefly, his wink only visible to Tina, and turned to the others. “Listen, we don’t want this asshole to have ruined our night, do we? He’s gone, we’re still here! Let’s have fun!”

He grabbed Tina and twirled her over the dance floor ’till she pleaded for a break, two hours later.

They took a walk along the beach of Ada, and found a quiet place behind some upturned canoes on freshly spread pea gravel next to a couple of freshly cleaned and dried pads. The young couple sat down on the pads to rest a bit, but resting was quite unlikely, because due to dancing — and each others presence — both were in heat and very much aroused.

“Incredible, how you kicked his ass. You’ve never told me, you’re such a good fighter.” she beamed at him.

“There wasn’t any need ’till now. We always got our ways out without it before, but when he called you a bitch, I had to rearrange his face.”

Tina chuckled. “How protective. One could think, you fell in love with me, kid.” She said, humming tunes resembling pretty much ABBA’s song “Does your mother know”.

“Twenty years ago.” he smiled and cut off her humming and every possible answer by kissing her deep and lovingly. His tongue explored the mouth he loved so much, be it when they kissed or when she discovered his body with her lips or engulfed his hard cock with hot and hungry greed, and caressed her body through the silky fabric of her dress.

Before they had realized doing it, they already had stripped each other’s clothes off and were laying next to each other leaning to the boat.

“Show me, loverboy.” she lewdly whispered in his ear.

Like in a dream, his cock found his way into her snatch on it’s own, the way he knew so well for so long, and every time enjoyed anew. He pulled her closer and onto his lap. She now actually sat on his lap, with his dick buried deep in her pussy.

The harder he thrust into her, the wilder she dug her crimson nails into his back, and her screams of lust rose to the nighty sky together with his groans of passion.

Suddenly, they heard voices nearby, coming closer. Anxiously, they stopped and listened. Soon it became evident that there was another couple up to have some fun and minutes later the air was filled with their sounds of joy.

Tina and Ace looked at each other with shit-eating grins, and it was clear what was on their mind: ‘We can do much better than them!’

Tina now started riding him in earnest, taking his cock deeper with every stroke. His lips were all over her tits and his tongue felt incredible on her nipples.

One of his hands sneaked between their bodies and he began rubbing her clit, boosting her passion and arousal.

After a while, the girls were moaning a duet, while the guys were groaning like belling stags, when they — upped by the sensation of experiencing and hearing it at the same time — opulently came with their respective partners.

Tina collapsed into a heap on Ace, breathing hard and with a radiant grin.

“I’d say, it’s a tie.” she whispered, casting her bright smile at him.

A couple of minutes later a female voice came from behind another boat.

“You don’t happen to have some spare cigarettes? We have left ours with our friends.”

“Sure, come over when you’re presentable again.” he answered, chuckling.

The couple, Sava and Diana, both in their mid-thirties, really came over a couple of minutes later, and they talked shop until Diana suggested them returning to the party before any of the friend groups starts a rescue mission.

As it turned out, while they walked and talked on the way back, Diana and her husband were looking for a young girl or a couple to have fun with, so they chatted about it and much more on their way — only Ace’s and Tina’s secret was still kept.

When Diana mentioned being really into anal, Tina pricked ears, especially since Ace seemed very interested in the topic.

As they returned to the party, their ways parted, but in Tina’s mind, an idea started to grow.

Around dawn the youngsters arrived home. They had left the party around three in the morning, but on their way back they passed an empty park with an inviting swing. An opportunity impossible to miss.

After a brief shower — each on his or her own, as the parents were sleeping next door and could wake up to any sound — they went to bed, sharing a sensuous and loving kiss good night.

The following weeks flew by and when Ace’s holiday was over, he and Tina had quite a lot of new and pleasing memories — and Ace a couple of new scratches and bite marks that won’t vanish until Christmas.

Due to urgent appointments, he had to leave for Germany three days before his parents, that’s why he took the plane and the whole family escorted him to the airport. While they waited for boarding, it accidentally happened that both Ace and Tina had to head to the restrooms within a couple of minutes of each other.

The restroom doors of both men’s and women’s restroom were opposing each other and were obscured by a screen, and the moment Ace approached the men’s room, the ladies’ restroom’s door opened, and Tina’s hand pulled him inside.

“It’s no one in here and I put an “out-of-order-sign” at the door, so we’ll have a couple of minutes.”

She pulled him with her to the sinks — in the ladies’ room connected by a vanity — turned around and bend over the vanity.

“Please one more time, so I won’t miss you so much.” she purred like a kitten in heat, looking at him in the mirror over the sinks.

Ace showed a broad grin, put her skirt up, pulled the string aside and impaled her with a long, strong stroke from behind.

“Yeesss… C’mon… Fuck me like this… That’s so hot!” she moaned. She knew pretty well how her talking like that would make him cum faster. Although she wanted to enjoy this for much longer, she knew well that their time was limited now.

Just when they came, the boarding of his plane was announced.

While she watched his plane disappear in the sky, she felt his cum dripping out of her and into her string.

She looked forward for the next year.


While he had let the gone years past his inner eye, Ace got more and more excited and aroused, and he couldn’t wait for their departure. He stood up and released his lust right there on the balcony — purposely praying his cum all over the roses in the garden.

‘And mom is wondering, why her roses grow so good’ he briefly thought and eventually returned to bed.

Less than two hours later the alarm on his clock went, and he and his parents packed the car.

They had just entered the federal motorway A8 towards Salzburg and left Munich behind, when his mother’s cell phone started ringing. It was Tina, telling them that she currently was job-related in Maribor, and they could meet there and drive to Belgrade together. All of them were game, and Ace was happy to spend some more time with his beloved one.

He forced himself to take a nap, and eventually slept almost through all of Austria, waking up only a couple of kilometers before they passed the Austrian-Slovenian border. Hastily, he straightened up, tried to fix his hair and make himself a little more presentable.

Soon they were in Maribor and easily had found Tina. They decided that Ace should drive with Tina, so in both cars would be two drivers who could take turns driving, if necessary.

Of course both were happy about this decision for many reasons — most of them unbeknownst to his parents. They even amused the two youngsters by remarking: “You’re such a cute couple. Even siblings aren’t as close as you are.”

Tina and Ace were laughing about the remark even after crossing the Slovenian-Croatian border and passing Zagreb. They had lost sight of his parents even before the border, but as all of the four knew the way, they would meet at the coffee table the latest.

Just before the Croatian-Serbian border, Tina took an exit leading to a tiny hotel in the woods. When Ace saw the hotel, he just smiled and said nothing.

They took a room for two hours — that would be the shortest it took to reduce their enjoyment of reunion to a family friendly level — and could hardly stifle a grin, when they saw the condemnatory look the hotel owner shot at them.

Sleeping with her was like coming home. He slid into her and knew every fold, every nook and cranny so well, he instinctively knew how to please her the way she liked it.

When they left the hotel about two hours later, he had to drive because she wasn’t capable of anything but a blissful smile.

Around evening — about one and a half hours after his parents — they arrived in Belgrade, and the reminder of the evening was spent with chatting and tittle-tattle.

Fortunately, Tina had recovered from the “reunion” and could participate in the talking and joking.

Every now and then the two would look at each other, and when the old folks announced they’ll retire, the young folks took their leave and headed downtown Belgrade to celebrate being back together.

“Did you know, our parents won’t be there the whole of next week?” Tina remarked.

“Yeah… Sure… Mom told me something like that. The four of them are flying to Montenegro, because your father wants to buy a house there. Why?” he asked, all innocence.

Tina just looked at him, her glare full of disbelieve about so much ignorance. Then he laughed out loud.

“You should see yourself right now! Of course I know, we’ll have run of the house the whole week.”

She elbowed him in the ribs. “Jackass!”

“I bet you’ve already made plans for that period, haven’t you?”

She indeed had planed something, but, as John Lennon had already stated decades ago, live is, what actually happens, while we are busy making plans.

She had planed for them to visit different tourist features every day and just to chill out, but no matter where they went to, it usually ended with her sucking him off, him eating her in a secluded corner or them just fucking right outside any tourist’s view.

So the time went by, and the parental fraction’s return dawned at the horizon.

Tina decided to turn what she had been thinking about for almost a whole year into action. It matched with her plans well so that Ace one morning announced: “Listen, I’ll need your car for a while today. I have to run some red tape stuff and you surely don’t want to be standing in waiting lines all day. You could make us a delicate and luring bite, couldn’t you?”

Tina called him a macho due to his tone, but basically agreed.

The moment Ace had steered the car out of sight, Tina rang at the neighbor’s door.

“Could I borrow your car, Gordana?” she asked her neighbor. “Ace got mine and I totally forgot to buy groceries.”

Of course the neighbor borrowed her the car as they were friends.

Five minutes later, Tina drove off the yard and really ran some errands for the evening. Less than an hour later she returned, carrying a sports bag.

While Ace struggled with bureaucracy, his sexy cousin treated herself to a day of wellness, shaved thoroughly, took a long hot bath, applied body lotion all over her body, made some snacks, putting them in the fridge, and rolled a couple of joints for her and Ace.

Afterwards she slowly started to get dressed for the night — not completely, but only what could be hidden beneath the comfy kimono, the rest would come later. Then she took a seat and waited for him to return soon, as she had calculated the waiting times he would be faced with.

Around seven in the evening he returned, in a good mood and broadly smiling.

“Greetings from our parents. They’ll be back the day after tomorrow and have some good news.”

“Did they call you?”

“No… They’ve sent a pigeon. Of course they had called… More precisely my dad called.”

“Fine… You’ll go now take a shower, you reek of waiting room!”

He raised his arms with ostentation and sniffed at his armpits, pretending to faint and stated: “Right… I stink. Take your time, I always need my time in the bath room.”

He didn’t hear her murmured comment: “During sex you don’t hurry either…” as he had disappeared into the tiled room already.

Telling by the sounds coming from the bath room, she knew he was going to shave his private parts, giving her plenty of time to get the snacks from the fridge, arrange them and complete her attire.

He came from the bath room about half an hour later, with wet hair and a towel wrapped around his hips, asking if he could help with something.

“You can lay the table.” Tina answered from behind the curtain to the kitchen, leaving ‘And afterwards me’ unsaid.

Minutes later, the meal was served and both grabbed some. Due to the long kimono and the table, Ace couldn’t really see that Tina had chosen some special outfit, but this was about to change soon.

After the dinner, he cleared the table, while she kept seated and just watched him. When he took the last few things to the kitchen, she stood up and slowly loosened the kimono’s belt.

The young man’s jaw dropped to the floor, when he returned from the kitchen and saw Tina:

Beneath the silky robe she wore a silky shining black corsage, black hold-up stockings and black shiny high heels.

“Remember the couple, we met last year on that party?” she asked almost shyly.

“Sure…” and after a pause: “But I’m not gonna share you, you know that.” he said low, but stern.

“You don’t have to.” she smiled and added: “But Diana gave me an idea… I’ve always wanted to have a cock up my ass, but I don’t trust any man to do it right — but you.”

Now she really seemed shy and vulnerable. “Have you ever…?” she asked, lowering her eyes.

“No, I haven’t… But I have quite a good idea how I would do it to you.” he smiled, took her in his arms and kissed her.

She let him lead her to the bed and lay her down, then he kneeled down, pleasing her thighs and pussy. He started with nibbling on her inner thighs and slowly moved closer her damp and hot pussy lips.

“Hmmm… That’s so good! You always had the best tongue in the world.” she moaned, while he made her juices flow.

Bit by bit, he slid a finger inside her and pleasured her sensitive spots arduously and intensely. So intense, that there was literally a puddle of her juices beneath her, pouring from her aroused sex, while her moaning and sighing turned deeper and more demanding.

“I want to feel him now… Please Ace… Fuck me!” she pleaded

He didn’t know why he ended up in Charlotte, it was hours away from home and he was pretty sure he had better things to do with his time. But here he was, shooting some pool in some seedy, dive pool hall bar. There was no one else here and he had a corner table away from the door. He barely had line of sight on the bar, which was something he usually hated, needing to see everyone who came in and out of some perverse sense of paranoia.

He headed to the bar to get another beer when she walked in. Taller than him, which he used to hate in a woman but lately found himself becoming interested in, long blonde hair, a skimpy black skirt and five inch heels that made her very attractive calves even more so. She looked around at the empty bar and seemed as if she would turn to leave. Then she saw him.

He recognized her. It had been more than a decade but she had changed little except to get even more beautiful than he remembered. Most men would have remembered her for what they felt was her most memorable feature, or features. She was very well endowed. But not him. He remembered her for her hair and her beautiful smile. A smile much like the one that even now seem to light up her face.

He wasn’t sure why she remembered him. To his own thinking, he didn’t really stand out that much back then. But she did and that was all that really mattered. She crossed the room, wrapping him in a tight hug that threatened to cut off his air. He returned the hug and kissed her cheek. He ordered a couple beers and they went to his table to catch up on old times.

Soon enough, the talk wandered into sensitive territory, girlfriends and boyfriends, sex lives… She made him blush a few times and he managed to return the favor. Not quite sure how it happened, he leaned in and kissed her, her lips warm and soft on his. He felt her tongue caress his.

Their hands quickly began to roam, oblivious to the fact that they were still in a public place. Suddenly, overcome with a desire he had long thought gone, he pushed her back onto the pool table, lifting up her skirt and pulling her panties aside. With no warning, he plunged his tongue into her wetness, licking and kissing her lips and clit until she was writhing and softly moaning.

She pulled him up, kissing him deeply, savoring the taste of herself on his lips. She wrapped her legs around his waist, guiding him into her in one smooth motion. A groan escaped his lips as he entered her tight womanhood. He began with soft, slow strokes at first, but the insistent pulling of her legs let him know she wanted more. With a grunt that almost animalistic, he began to pound into her with fast, hard motions.

Without knowing why, he gently placed his hand on her throat, slowly applying pressure. Not enough to cut off the air, to choke her, but just enough to let her know it was there. This sent her into a shudder of pleasure. He pounded harder and harder, fighting his mounting explosion and striving to give her the pleasure. She exploded around his length and he pulled out, shooting his fluid all over the green felt of the pool table and the floor.

They quickly cleaned up and rearranged their clothing. With a whispered laugh, they rushed out of the bar into the night. They reached his car, which by some cosmic coincidence, was parked near hers. He pulled her into his arms and began to kiss her, his hands pulling her into a tight embrace. Her hands ran through his long hair and he pushed her back against the hood of the car.

She turned around, laying out over the hood. Reaching back, she lifted her skirt, inviting him in once again. Without hesitation, he took the offer. He slid himself out his jeans and then entered her, pounding in with the same force she had found enjoyable not moments before. She moaned loudly, no longer caring who heard. His pounding continued and she savored every thrust.

For some unknown reason, a stray thought entered his mind. Without knowing why, he pulled out of her and slowly placed himself on her nether entrance. Gently, he pushed himself in and her back arched in pleasure. He began slow and smooth, wanting to ensure that she was ready. Her movements and her deep, breathy moans told him she was more than ready.

His pace picked up, each stroke more forceful than the last. Her moans grew louder with each thrust. Finally, he could hold back no longer. He began to pull out just before he came, but a moaned no told him not to. With a shudder and grunt more animalistic than human, he exploded within her. The heat of his semen set her off and she climaxed mere moments behind him.

He withdrew, limp and spent. She struggled to stand, a languid smile on her face. As she headed to her car, she kissed him and told him he needed to come to town more often. He nodded his head, coherent thought barely possible. He was suddenly glad he had ended up here.

I watched Rachel’s toned backside as she strode uphill, her shorts pulling tight with each step. It was a good view and I felt a tingle in my cock. I hitched my rucksack up; Rachel had put some extra things in it, lunch she said, and it felt heavy.

‘Are you going to tell me where we’re going?’ I asked.

She patted the map that was tucked into her rucksack’s waist belt. ‘All in good time,’ she said. ‘But I promise you’ll enjoy it.’

Rachel was like that. She knew what she was doing and she didn’t need any reassurance from me. And that applied in the bedroom too. The thought of what I let her do to me sent a flush of heat through my pelvis. But she was bloody good with a map and compass as well and I trusted her to plan our hikes in the mountains. We might indulge in a little light bondage at home, but out here we were just a regular couple, saying a cheery hello to all the other walkers we passed.

Rachel stepped off the uphill path and began to follow the contours of the mountainside. I followed, onto the rough grass. It might have been a sheep track but no more. The sky was bright blue, with just a few wispy clouds. A perfect summer’s day and not too hot yet. I could hear a skylark’s shrill song but that was all. It was so peaceful.

The ground levelled out into a grassy plateau with a rocky stream tumbling through it. ‘Let’s stop here for a while,’ Rachel said.

‘All right, it must be time for a cuppa,’ I replied.

‘I have more in mind than a flask of coffee,’ she said, winking. She was up to something and I felt a touch of irritation at her halting our walk on such a beautiful day. It must have shown in my face. She stepped over and stretched up to kiss me. I couldn’t stay annoyed at her.

‘I’ve brought us here because it’s well off the path and no one has any reason to come here at all. Unless, like us, they want their own private bit of the great outdoors to play in. If you prefer, we can carry on walking and we’ll eventually get back to the path and have a pleasant day out. Or, we can stay here and you can find out what you’ve been carrying in your rucksack and what I’ve been planning for you. I promise you will love it.’

That was always our deal when we played. I might be bigger and stronger than her but I did what I was told. In return, she looked after me. Though not without making me wait. I thought it was a good deal. I got all of the pleasure without any of the effort.

‘Okay, let’s stay here,’ I said.

‘Take your rucksack off and kneel down,’ she told me. I did as I was ordered. The ground was cool and the knees of my cotton trousers felt dampened as the blades of grass were crushed beneath them.

She went behind me and I felt her pull at the bottom of my t-shirt. ‘Arms up,’ she said and she tugged it off over my head. I heard her rummaging in her bag. Then she drew a blindfold over my eyes and tightened it. My cock started to throb and I wondered what she had in store for me.

‘Now stand up and take the rest of your clothes off,’ she ordered. ‘And try not to fall over.’

I did as I was told, bending to undo my laces. I didn’t know where she was. The blindfold fitted well and I couldn’t see a thing. I stumbled as I kicked off my boots and had to fight the urge to reach up and free my eyes. All I could hear was the stream gurgling. All I could feel was the warm sun and a gentle breeze on my bare skin.

As I stepped out of my boxers, I felt her lips on my chest. She kissed and nibbled, then gave one nipple a tweak with her teeth. I gasped.

‘I’ve not even started yet,’ she said softly, her breath on my skin. She brushed her hand across my hard cock and it bobbed in response.

She moved away and I stood there, not knowing where she was or what she was doing. A shiver ran through me. But it was not from the breeze. I felt alone and vulnerable, standing naked out here in the open. What if someone did come this way?

‘Rachel?’ I said quietly. I was almost ready to tear away the blindfold and call off the game.

‘Shh,’ she said. Her voice was right there in front me. ‘I want you to lie down on your back and put your arms up above your head,’ she said.

I hesitated for a moment. ‘I can see you’re not sure,’ Rachel said. And suddenly my cock was in her mouth. I groaned. Her tongue ran gently around its head and she sucked, teasingly. Then she was gone.

I lay down, as ordered. I wanted her to be in control. Of my body, my senses, my sensations. I needed to give up my whole being to her.

The ground was cool, and hard. I felt her hands on mine. She wrapped something tight around each wrist and I felt a tug on each arm as she pulled them apart and somehow anchored them to the ground. I pulled, testing the strength of my bonds. They held.

‘I think the trick is in the angle,’ Rachel said. Suddenly, she pulled the blindfold away. I blinked and turned my head to the side. The bright sky was blinding. Rachel stepped over my body, one foot on each side, blocking some of the light so I could look up at her. She held two aluminium tent pegs in her hand. ‘I’ve angled them so you can’t pull them out of the ground. Not from the direction you’re pulling in anyway.’

I pulled again. They didn’t budge. ‘Good,’ she said. And she took two more lengths of webbing and wrapped them around my ankles. ‘Shimmy down,’ she said. I knew what she wanted. I wiggled down so my body was stretched taut. She pulled on my ankles, moving my legs until I was spread-eagled. She fixed the straps down with the pegs, pushing them into the ground with her boot.

She took a narrow rope and knelt down by my side. My chest heaved with anticipation as I realised what she was doing. She looped it round my balls and twisted it tight. I winced. She wound it round the base of my cock, trapping all that hot blood that was throbbing inside it.

‘Tell me how you feel,’ she ordered, standing back. I stared up into the vast blue sky and felt very small and very exposed.

‘Er, very turned on but a little apprehensive,’ I said.

‘You can do better than that,’ she said. She always made me tell her how I felt when she had tied me up. It added to the humiliation. To have to voice for her my desire to surrender, to be toyed with and teased, to have my body used and abused.

‘How do you feel?’ she asked.

I thought about it. ‘I’m worried someone will come,’ I said quietly. ‘And then again, I don’t care if they do because I want this so much. I’m scared at being stretched out here, helpless. But I’m glad I’m tied down, because if I wasn’t I feel like I might float off into that big blue sky. I’m excited about finding out what you’re going to do to me now you’ve got me like this. My cock is screaming, it’s so hard. And there’s a stone digging into my buttock.’

She knelt down beside me and trailed a finger down the centre of my torso. My body arched to meet her light touch. ‘No one’s going to come,’ she said, reassuringly. ‘Although there might be a few spy satellites up there watching you. As for what I’m going to do to you, you’ll find out in good time. First I’m going to have that coffee. Oh, and you’ll have to put up with the stone. That’s the great outdoors for you.’

And she went. I turned my head to see her bending over her bag and pulling out a flask. She sat on a flat rock by the stream and calmly sipped coffee, gazing out over the hillside. I didn’t dare to speak again, to ask her for a drink. We had a few rules, and one was that I didn’t speak unless she told me to. If I did, she gagged me. I wondered if she had brought a gag.

But I didn’t speak. I gazed up at the little cotton wool clouds and wondered if some MI5 computer geek was focusing in on me. On my erect pink cock standing out from the green and grey of the mountain.

My arms and legs were well stretched out so that although I could shift my weight a little, I couldn’t move off the stones and lumps and bumps that were starting to dig into my shoulder blades and arse. As I wriggled in expectation of what Rachel would do, I let out a moan.

‘Still awake are you?’ she asked, putting the top back on the flask. ‘I’d better make sure.’ She bent over the stream and filled a water bottle. Then she leaned over me and tipped up the bottle, trickling water over my chest. I cried out. ‘Oh yes, still awake.’

The water was icy. She concentrated the trickle on one nipple and it burned with the cold. I could feel goosebumps emerging on my chest. She stopped, knelt and licked my nipple instead. Her tongue felt so hot. I gasped as she bit it, sensitised by the changing temperatures. Then she turned her attention to my cock.

‘You’ve been dribbling,’ she said. ‘You need a good wash.’ And she poured the icy stream over the tip, aiming it directly on the slit where my pre-cum had been oozing. Water dribbled down the sides of my belly, making me shiver. I realised I’d been holding my breath and gasped for air, my breath stuttering with the shock of the cold liquid.

Suddenly her mouth was around me. Her hot, soft lips caressed my shaft, tongue playing over my frozen tip. I thrust my pelvis up as far as I could, straining against the straps to meet her. And just as suddenly, she was gone again.

She stood up and looked down at me. I turned my head to the side, trying to bury my face into my shoulder, groaning as my body writhed with desire. I wanted to beg her to fuck me. But I managed to say nothing, wanting to know what she would do to me next. I was sure she would have some way of prolonging the agonising wait for satisfaction.

I looked up as she started to move. She took off her t-shirt and bra and I admired her round breasts, longing to suck those firm nipples. She undid her shorts and slid them down, along with her knickers. She left her hiking boots on. Presumably she didn’t want any of these little stones digging in her feet. She slid a finger down through her dark pubic hair and into the crack where I hoped she was wet and longing for me as much as I wanted her.

‘Would you like me to sit on your face?’ she asked. There was only one possible answer.

‘Yes,’ I groaned, as she lowered herself. She knelt so I could suck her clitoris and push my tongue into her cunt. The taste of sweat from our walk in the heat was delicious. She dropped lower and I struggled for breath. Even then I wanted her closer. I wanted her warm, swollen folds to smother me. Above me, her breasts bobbed as she wiggled onto me. I whimpered just a little as she pressed herself hard onto my face. My mouth was forced open. Filled with her flesh. Her cunt was my entire world. But I was desperate for breath and I started to panic.

She saw it in my eyes and lifted. Just enough to free my nose for a gasping breath in. And to free my tongue to swirl around her clit. I played over it, chasing it as it danced away.

‘Oh god, that’s good,’ she said, letting her head drop back. ‘Too good.’ And she lifted herself away. She slithered down and brushed her open mouth across mine, her nipples sliding against my chest before she stood up. ‘Tell me how you feel now,’ she said.

‘Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck,’ I groaned, finally allowed to break my silence. ‘Oh god, I need you. I need you so much. I love you. Oh fuck…’ I babbled, my body out of control, pulling against my restraints, the straps cutting into my skin. Even my balls struggled against the rope tying them tight. ‘I love you,’ I whined. ‘I love you. I want you.’

I looked up into her eyes. She smiled and lifted her arms to pull her dark hair away from her neck and shoulders. I moaned. She sat down on her rock and sipped water, crossing her naked legs so I couldn’t see what it was I wanted so much. My breathing slowed slightly as she sat there so calmly. I relaxed my arms and legs into my bonds, easing the pressure where the straps had been cutting into me. I moaned again, a whimper of despair as my body craved hers.

‘You’re making rather a lot of noise,’ Rachel said. I groaned. ‘I think you need to be punished for it. Let’s see how much noise you can really make.’

I didn’t know what she meant. But despite my urgent desire for her to fuck me, I was eager to find out.

‘I haven’t planned your whipping in detail,’ she said. ‘I had to see what was available. I can see a patch of nettles. But maybe some twigs from that willow would be better. Then there’s the issue of position. As you are, I would have to whip your thighs and chest. Or I could turn you over and whip your ass and shoulders. But if I unpeg you, you’d have to promise to be good and take it.’

Rachel had only whipped me once before. And that was just a week ago. I still had bruises on my backside where the new riding crop had thrashed into me. She had bent me over the dining table, my face pressed into the wooden surface, my wrists and elbows bound tight behind my back. She had beaten me as I howled. For more. For mercy. For more.

‘You decide,’ she said.

I closed my eyes as I tried to relive the moments as each stroke had sent a wave of pure ecstasy right up my spine to explode in my brain. Willow,’ I whispered. ‘On the ass.’

‘As you wish,’ she said. She took a pocket knife out of her bag and went over to the shrubby willow growing on the bank of the stream. She sliced through the fine twigs, bunching them in her hand. Reaching back into her bag, she took out a roll of electrical tape. She wound it around the bunch of twigs to create a handle. I was suddenly frightened. I had no idea how this would feel.

‘Remember,’ Rachel said, ‘if you really want me to stop you know what to say. But you won’t get what you want either.’ My full name. That was the safe word we’d decided on. James Michael Blake. I was determined not to say it.

Rachel took a spare tent peg and hooked it under one of those pinning my arms down. The strap briefly pulled tighter against my wrist as she yanked it out at the correct angle. I barely had strength to move my aching arm as she freed the other one. She pushed me up into a sitting position, my legs still spread apart, my cock and balls still tightly bound. I was stiff and my shoulders hurt.

Rachel kissed my back as I hunched over trying to ease some of the tension that had built up. She rubbed my arms. Then she drew them behind my back and tied the straps around my wrists together. I tried to put my hands down behind me to hold myself up but my muscles gave way. Rachel eased me back to the ground, my hands pinned beneath me so they pushed my hips up.

‘Oh god, Rachel, oh god, I’m so, I…’ I couldn’t stay silent. But I was incoherent. I couldn’t think. I was a whimpering mass of sensations. My torso twisted and writhed uncontrollably.

‘Talk again and I’ll gag you,’ Rachel snapped. ‘Although I’d rather hear your cries as I whip your ass. My cunt is dripping at the thought of it.’

She pulled out the pegs trapping my ankles and I eased my stiff legs up, bending my knees and rolling onto my side, off my sore arms. I wanted to moan and babble but didn’t want to be gagged for what was to come. I pressed my lips together and forced my fast breaths through my nose.

Rachel yanked at the strap between my wrists and she had me on my front, knees tucked up under me, one cheek pressed into the damp grass, arms hanging helpless at the small of my back. My ass was high, expectant. She tied the straps at my ankles together.

I shuddered as I felt the tips of the willow twigs brush down my spine. She ran them lightly over my butt cheeks, then down the crack of my ass. My thighs tensed, pushing my backside higher. I closed my eyes.


The blow stung. My body lurched, pressing my face harder into the damp grass. I pressed my lips together but grunted deep in my throat.


I opened my mouth and let out a muffled cry. My butt cheeks burned. I struggled to hold my position.

Rachel thrashed me over and over. I yelled out as each blow hit my raw flesh until I was crying in pain and it was so good I could have come just from the whipping if my balls hadn’t been tied up so tight. I lost count of the number of times she whipped me. My mind was soaring away into the blue. I felt free despite my bonds. My very being was being stripped to its core.

And in one smooth motion, Rachel pushed me onto my back, slipped open the knot binding my cock and balls and slid onto me. Her warm cunt enveloped my exposed cock. She grounded my soaring body.

She rubbed her clitoris as she slowly moved up and down on my shaft. But I couldn’t wait. And she knew it. She pumped herself against me faster and I let go, thrusting into her and filling her with my cum. My tied arms tensed beneath me, thrusting my torso off the ground as my balls emptied. I felt her cunt tense around me, squeezing out every last drop, as she climaxed.

She clambered off me and pushed me over so she could reach behind me to free my wrists. I lay on the hard ground, weak and still. She rubbed where the straps had dug into me. She undid my ankles. Then she lay down beside me, took me in her arms and held me close, gently stroking my hair as I tried to recover the ability to move. Or even to think coherently.

‘I don’t want to rush you,’ she whispered in my ear. ‘But I can hear voices coming our way.’

09 Another rainy day.

As usual, Ashley woke up by the sound of Jennifer’s happy voice.

“Rise and shine, rise and shine! Breakfast is ready!”

Ashley had a hard time waking up. Last night had been so intense, so many new emotions, the sex with Phoebe, with all the other men – she was still rather exhausted, and fell back to sleep.

Bang, bang, bang! Ashley jumped up hearing the sudden loud noise.

“Wakey wakey, sleeping beauties!”

“Dammit, Jennifer! No need to start banging pan covers together!”

“Well you guys wouldn’t wake up otherwise… everyone is having breakfast already, except the three of you,” the redhead said. “I know you must have had a hard time yesterday, but the men are not going to wait for you. Better get moving now.”


Half asleep she walked down to the kitchen and deposited herself on a chair, dropping her head on the table.

“I’m done for,” she said, “Too tired.”

Ruby sat down next to hear and said, “Hey, hey, now don’t you quit girl! That was a great performance you gave last night. I enjoyed watching Phoebe and you on the stage. The men too. I’d love to see that again. They were sometimes so engrossed that they even forgot that I was lying on their laps.

Now you just have to find yourself a good place to hide and you’ll be fine. Have a nap during lunch break and you’re back up again.”

Lifting her head a bit, looking at Ruby, she answered, “Yeah, yeah, I know, I’m not quitting, don’t you worry, I’m just <yawn> too tired. And you don’t have to tell everyone everything that happened over there, you make me feel embarrassed. What I’m concerned, what happens in the mansion stays in the mansion, OK?”

She looked up, and out of the window. “Oh great, heavy rain again. More fun.” Her head dropped down on the table again. “Oh well, what do we have for breakfast? I really need to eat. That’ll help too.”

Phoebe came down too. She sat down and grabbed some food. “Thanks to whoever prepared it. I hereby volunteer for preparing lunch. I’m so hungry! Hey Ashley, get up man, you can’t eat like that!”

They all had breakfast, cleaned up, put on their shoes and left the cabin. It was raining really hard, another dark day looming.

“We can’t go back to the same place, they will check that one out for sure,” Ashley said to Phoebe. “Today I’m afraid we’re on our own. Good luck.”

She hugged and kissed Phoebe, and the women went their own way. Ashley slowly walked towards a possible hideout she had seen before. Under a big overhanging rock, well covered by bushes. She would have to lie down on the hard rock but at least she was covered from the rain and maybe she could catch some sleep even.

She lay down in her hiding spot, making herself as comfortable as possible, which was not really comfortable but which would have to do for the two hours the hunt lasted. The horn sounded. The hunt was on. Ashley closed her eyes, knowing that if she were found she had lost there and then, so better just try to rest as much as possible.

She thought about the previous days. How many men had violated her body. How often she had been fucked. The unexpected love she found with Phoebe. The sex with Phoebe, their first time being forced on stage with an audience. So much happened, she was just exhausted. She felt her mind getting thoroughly messed up with all those emotions. Thinking about it all she slowly dozed off.

And then, suddenly, a jerk on her arm.

“Hey, wake up beauty, I’ve some bad news for you. We got you!” said a man. “We got you again, I may have to say. Nice seeing you again, I really enjoyed fucking you yesterday, especially after that show you gave us. Where’s your hot girlfriend of yours gone to, by the way? You two didn’t break up now, did you?”

Ashley woke up, feeling somewhat disoriented. No, not again, was her first thought, hoping so much she would be spared at least for today. She had no idea how long she had been sleeping there, only that she did manage to doze off.

The man started to pull her arm, harder now. “You getting up or what?”

Ashley slowly got out of the niche. It was still raining hard, the man who found her was soaked. It didn’t take long before water was running down all over her body, filling up her shoes again. She was handcuffed, and led to the gate.

Arriving at the gate, Ashley noticed a female figure sitting in the rain, leaning back against the fence. Blonde, shoulder length hair, and a full build. Water was running all over her body, she looked quite miserable. Getting closer she recognised Judith.

“Hi Judith, they got me again,” she said.

“You’re lucky, they got me long time ago. I’ve been sitting here in this continuous rain for well over an hour now. I’m pissed off. Can’t they at least give me some shelter? This constant rain is just torture, and I’m freezing by now too. But it can’t be too long now, the game should be over soon.

“Oh hey, Jennifer. Welcome, join the club.” Judith said bitterly.

Jennifer was brought in, and chained down as well. Her long ginger hair was hanging in streaks over her soaking wet body, hanging down over her breasts and almost reaching her belly button. She commented, “They must have a hard time finding us. It was so long, I thought they’d just have me there and then when I was found, but instead they took me here.”

“It seems so,” answered Judith. “I was found after hiding for what must have been almost an hour, and then I was the first. Oh well, their loss, our win I’d say. Though not much of a win for me personally.”

So she must have been sleeping for at least an hour and a half, Ashley figured. No wonder she was sleeping so deep when found, and why she was so mighty stiff.

Indeed they did not have to wait for much longer, as some ten minutes later the horn sounded, and the men returned from the hunt to take the bus back to the mansion.

“As everyone is soaked, please leave your wet clothes at the door. Here is a pile of towels,” William said, standing at the door welcoming them.

This changed the whole playing field, Ashley realised, as unless the men were going to put on some clothes again, everyone would be naked from the get-go. Now the lunch session was much shorter than the evening session of course, so they had to move a bit faster, this was anyway a serious change. Indeed the men remained naked, and after towelling off moved to the dining room for lunch. Ashley saw several of them had their dicks slightly erect, obviously anticipating what was coming next.

The girls in their high heels carried the food to the table. It included soup, an assortment of sandwiches and bread rolls, and various fruits and other goodies.

As expected there were only seats for the men, not for the women. When she just put down her last order on the table, a man grabbed Ashley’s arm and pulled her towards here. His dick standing upright, he was obviously aroused and ready for some pussy.

“Please share some lunch with me,” he said.

Ashley proceeded to sit on his lap.

“No no, turn around. Yes, face me. Good girl. Now you see that hard stick down there? Please mind it when sitting down.”

It was obvious to Ashley what he wanted, so she straddled him, then grabbed his cock with one hand while supporting herself with her other, and sat down slowly, letting the hard meat slowly enter her pussy. She was still rather dry so it was a bit painful and she had to take it slowly but soon enough he was in.

The man let out a sigh, and said, “You’re feeling great, girl”.

Then he grabbed a sandwich, offered it to Ashley, and asked her, “Care for some soup?”

“Yes, please.”

“There you go, but please be careful, OK?”


Ashley carefully sipped her soup and took a bite of her sandwich. It felt strange to eat while sitting on a cock. Very strange.

A few minutes later the guy next to them asked whether she would care to share some lunch with him, too. And so she had her second cock of the day. Now it was much easier as she was getting wet, so he slid right in. She realised she did not have any serious feelings about it. Yes there was a cock in her pussy, but was it really her pussy now? She had no feelings for that cock or its owner to begin with, and she knew the guy attached to that cock had no feelings for her as a woman, and was only interested in her sex.

The man sucked her tits, nibbled her nipples, and caressed her body with his hands. And all the while Ashley was trying to eat a bit, pretending everything was normal, and knowing she just had to eat now, as she would need the energy soon enough. She was getting rather aroused again. She did not like it, but also did not try to fight those feelings. She started to feel detached from her body. And then she was moved to the next lap.

When lunch was finished, the girls cleared the table. When they returned, two men grabbed Ashley and put her on the table. One of them handed her a banana. “Yesterday you gave us a great show – unfortunately we didn’t catch your girlfriend this time, but I’m sure you can manage by yourself too.”

She was shocked. She knew of course what was expected of her, but it was not something she had never done before. Well she had of course been masturbating, and sometimes been playing with fruits but never with an audience. Not even a boyfriend.

After a while she gained her composure, knowing she had no choice but to comply with their request. She sat down on her knees on the table, took the banana, and put it in her mouth. She pushed her head forward a bit as if she was giving a blow job to someone standing in front of her. Holding the banana steady she moved her head back and forward, slowly sucking it in and out of her mouth, pulling dimples in her cheeks and making occasional slurping sounds while doing so.

She moved her head backward, away from the banana, and then started licking the sides while holding it more or less steady, as if she was licking a dick. She noticed all the men were watching her, as were Judith and Jennifer, who were sitting on some guys’ laps. It was quiet around her, and Ashley was very aware of all the eyes on her body. She continued the sucking and licking of the banana for a while, partly to put up a show, partly to put off the inevitable moment that she would have to actually masturbate in front of them. It took her a lot of willpower to overcome herself, but the pressure from all the people looking at her, and the expectations they had, made her finally overcome her reluctance.

She slowly lay down on her back, and spread her legs a bit, fully exposing her pussy to anyone who cared to watch. She gave the banana a final lick to make sure it was all wet and that there were really no rough bits on it, and then slowly brought it down to her pussy. With one hand she pushed open her labia, with the other she gently rubbed the banana over her exposed slit, rubbing her clit, and lubricating it even more. Rubbing the banana over her pussy felt quite good, it made her feel more aroused and she felt her juices starting to run again.

She put the tip of the banana against her opening and slowly started to work it in. This was going easily now, but still she took her time. Moving it slowly in, then out again, in the meantime rubbing her breasts with her other hand. And every time she moved in the banana a bit further. She felt herself getting more and more aroused, breathing faster, sometimes letting out a soft moan. Having overcome the initial embarrassment she started to feel good now. She slowly moved the banana in completely, and started to fuck herself.

Looking around she saw Jennifer and Judith had joined the action. Jennifer was sitting face to face on a man’s lap, while he was sucking her nipples. Ashley was not sure whether she had his cock inside of her, but they were clearly not fucking. Judith was sitting slumped on another man’s lap, playing with her pussy, while the man had his hands on her breasts. She looked highly aroused, too.

While Ashley continued to move the banana in and out of her pussy, and massaging her breasts, she saw that Judith and Jennifer were being passed around, just as had happened during lunch. It was very mesmerising. All these men, and the two women, were all looking at her while having sex themselves. She was at the midst of the attention, the instigator of what was likely to become a big orgy. She slowly increased her pace, and felt her arousal increase. Watching the other people having sex did not leave her unaffected, too.

Ashley watched as Judith was grabbed by another man, who bent her over face forward on the table, and started fucking her from behind. It wasn’t long before another took the opportunity, grabbed her hair to lift her head, and stuck his hard dick in her mouth.

Ashley started to masturbate faster. Looking around she saw Jennifer had also moved to another lap, and was now bobbing up and down, obviously fucking the man under her hard. She was moaning loud, while arching her back thrusting out her boobs, it seemed she was trying to reach orgasm for herself but only moments later the man she was having could not control himself any longer and came inside of her. When he was finished, Jennifer quickly moved to the next one and fucked herself to orgasm on the next dick.

The man doing Judith’s cunt also started to pump harder, and when he was almost done he pulled out and shot his load over her back. His place was quickly taken by another.

Ashley closed her eyes, listening to the action around her, and thought about last night, how she was forced to have sex with Phoebe on the stage. Oh she would have loved that girl to be here too. Thinking back to the smell and taste of Phoebe’s pussy she now worked her banana even harder, and she also felt her own orgasm coming soon. Very soon. Moments later she screamed out loud, shaking hard, letting her orgasm take over.

She was barely finished or a man grabbed her legs and pulled her to the edge of the table, and started fucking her pussy hard, pushing her over the edge again. When he was done another dick entered her, and another, and another. When all were finally done her pussy was overflowing with cum, and she felt really exhausted. And, strangely, rather satisfied. Particularly her first, self-inflicted orgasm was a very satisfying one.

After a few minutes of rest, William showed up. “That was a fantastic show, miss. We all really enjoyed it. It’d be great if you could do that again for us, sometimes. But for now it’s high time for you ladies to return to the grounds. We’re late already, so unfortunately no time for showers. We now have less than an hour before the next hunt session starts, and I’d like to give you all enough time to hide. I’m sorry about that part.”

They were sent out, back on the bus to the gate, and into the hunting grounds. With so little time to spare before the next session Ashley decided to immediately start searching for a new hideout, without even having a dip in the pond to clean up, or going back to the cabin to say hi to the rest of the girls. She was just too worn out, too anxious to not be caught again, too ashamed to look Phoebe in the eye after she got off on a banana while thinking of her.

She found a good place, between some rocks, under some branches, a bit away from the trails – but without much protection from the rain. This just has to do, she thought, in the rain is not so comfortable but they will not expect me to hide in such a place either. It is at least somewhat covered.

She was right, no-one came near her hideout this time. It was as if she was in a completely forgotten corner. Not that she cared of course, being caught two times in a row is really exhausting.

It also allowed her time to think about her relationship with Phoebe. What would come of that after this event was over? Were these feelings real or just given in by the stress of the whole situation? She really felt for the girl, thinking about Phoebe gave her warm feelings all over. Just as when she was in love before, but that were guys, and Phoebe obviously is not a guy. But she really did feel in love with her.

The rain stopped and Ashley started to doze off again. She was awaken by the sound of the horn, and slowly removed herself from the branches and slowly made her way back to the cabin for dinner.

10 Phoebe.


She suddenly heard a voice calling her name, halfway her way back. She turned around.


Phoebe came running towards her. She looked up, and felt a lot better again seeing her lover.

When Phoebe arrived she began pouncing her fists on Ashley’s shoulders.

“Dammit, Ashley, I hate you! Where were you? What happened? I was so worried! You weren’t there for lunch, didn’t come back either, I hate you! I was afraid you suddenly left, or worse!” she cried.

Ashley was standing there not knowing what to do at first, but then put her arms around the girl and gave her a big hug.

“I’m so sorry Phoebe. I didn’t realise you’d be so worried. I was caught again, we were returned late, and when coming back I just started looking for new spot to hide, not wanting to be caught yet again. So sorry. Didn’t Judith and Jennifer go back to the cabin and tell you anything?”

Phoebe stopped hitting, but was still crying. Her eyes were red and a bit swollen.

She said, “I don’t care about them, I care about you! I just wanted to see you, know you’re OK, that’s all. I was so worried.”

“I’m so sorry, I really didn’t realise. I’m OK, really, don’t you worry about me so much. Come, please give me a kiss, and let’s go back. Next time I’ll try to get back to you as soon as I can, promise.”

Phoebe looked at Ashley, and then give her a hard deep kiss and a big hug. After that they walked hand in hand back to the cabin, both relieved not to have been caught again.

After dinner Angel hopped by with fresh supplies, and some words of encouragement for the girls. It was still odd to see one dressed woman between all the naked women, even though she didn’t wear much: just a simple tight tank top and a short skirt. She really seemed to enjoy showing off her figure, the outline of her breasts and nipples clearly visible under the stretchy fabric.

“The project is just over halfway, and the clients are very happy with you girls so far,” Angel told. “Unfortunately the weather was not that nice these days but but upcoming days the weather is predicted to improve: far less rain, more sun and higher temperatures.”

That sounded good to the girls, the rainy days made them pretty cold, being wet and naked all the time while staying hidden and motionless.

Angel also mentioned that she had heard that two of the girls had apparently started a relationship well beyond just friendship. She added that this was fine as long as they did not let it get in the way of their work here. But then considering what she had heard about events of the previous night it seemed that this was not at all a concern.

When the discussion was finished, some of the girls went for a game of volleyball, while others continued to chit chat with Angel and a few went to watch some TV and just relax.

Phoebe walked to Ashley, and said, “Care for an evening walk?”

Which of course Ashley happily agreed to.

They put on their shoes and left the cabin. The nearly full moon was hidden behind some clouds, yet some stars were visible. The rain had stopped a few hours ago, and the temperature was rather comfortable. The girls walked slowly, hand in hand, not saying much. Phoebe led them to the top of a small hill that was open, and covered in grass. She lay down on the grass, and Ashley lay down next to her. The moon appeared from behind the clouds, covering the forest in a faint light.

“Beautiful night isn’t it?” Phoebe said.

“Sure it is. Lovely,” Ashley answered.

Part 7 — Swinging

It wasn’t just the ‘Dear John’ E-mail the next day, it wasn’t the ‘Tom incident’ but the fact Jerry had beaten her to it. Sally was incandescent; it was she who had been going to end it: not him. An attachment undone.

Obviously it was another woman; so not only had he had another man fuck her but was already going out with someone else. He had just used her and was now discarding her. Sally was furious. Who was this other woman?

Just an E-mail and that was that. No more seeing Jerry, no more meals out, no more sun-drenched holidays, no more fun sex, no more riding his lovely long dick, no more Jerry… the bastard. The end of a romance but a romance she had been planning to end; end because she was getting bored with him but how dare he get bored with her!

It was not a good few days, it all kept going around and around in Sally’s mind. She slept but fitfully (eventually) and looked drawn and haggard at work. Her colleagues left her alone. A difficult choice on their part, do you leave someone to their own private thoughts or ask what is wrong? Sally might have thought Katrina would have said something; not that she really wanted sympathy or talk about it, but she was her closest friend at work: yet she seemed distant.

Was it the fact she’d lost Jerry that had really upset her, given she was probably about to do it to him (but only probably), the Tom incident (probably not) or the fact Jerry had got in first that really got to her?

Perhaps surprisingly it was the guard who came up trumps and lifted her mood. Late night shifts had kept him away for a few days but he had already pencilled in the Saturday. Sally hadn’t expected him so early, was not even out of bed when he arrived at her door but the guard was in such an infectiously jolly mood she could not be cross with him for long and to turn up in a blazer like that!

“Thought we’d go to the coast, forecast is for a perfect day, grab some things and we’ll be off.”

And they were, before the traffic built up, heading out on the open road to the coast under a gloriously blue sky. The sunshine and fresh air lifted Sally like a tonic and the pleasant chatter of the guard kept her amused. It was not simply a day on the beach, the guard had an itinerary all planned, a visit to a castle looking out to sea, coffee and a nose around an historic house and then lunch in a seafood restaurant overlooking a harbour full of boats. It had all been lovely. Somewhat replete the beach did beckon in the afternoon for swim­ming and lazing. Once more the guard had his camera out and Sally found her­self draped over breakwaters and the like as if on a fashion shoot. He did take his photography seriously.

Even the fun of such a glorious day did not keep Sally’s mind completely from her breakup.

“And I don’t even know who she is.”

“Does it matter?”

“Not really but…”

“Shall I find out?”

“Um, yes please.”

The day wore on and the sun began sinking low, people were packing up going home to tea, supper or dinner; taking their tired offspring home to be tucked up in bed; the light was changing as the beach emptied; Sally and the guard were walking far down the beach, away from the town; it was warm, quiet, peaceful and empty of people. They walked along until they came to a small playground next to the beach with swings and the like.

“I should like to take your photograph on the swing; you look such a pic­ture in that dress, just so summery.” He was so good with the flattery.

Sally hadn’t used a swing since she was a little girl but, like riding a bicy­cle, you don’t forget and soon she was riding high and laughing, her brown legs flying.

“The light is wonderful, I wonder if you would object if I asked you to be a bit more revealing, I’d like to catch a glimpse of….”

“Oh yes, you want me to take my knickers off?”

“If you don’t mind, you see the light is coming just right, a hint of curls could work just right, more suggestive than blatant I’m thinking, will you?”

Sally was amused — why not, it was not exactly his first picture of her in a revealed or erotic pose. She slowed, jumped off the swing on the rise, just as she had when she was ten and, with a quick look around, slipped off her panties before hopping back on the swing. It was slightly funny, pulling her­self back into motion and swinging higher and higher, to know on each for­ward swing she was revealing herself to the guard and his waiting camera. It felt both naughty and nice; she pulled hard as the guard snapped away. Sally felt really happy just swinging away in the warm evening sunshine.

“These are good.” The guard was evidently pleased with his photographs. She would see them later.

A couple strolling hand in hand along the Promenade were coming closer; the guard turned, looked and said,

“No problem there, just carry on.”

Sally kept swinging and the guard kept going with his camera. The couple wandered up and watched. A pleasant looking couple, red headed girl in sun dress and tall, sandy haired boy in tee shirt and jeans.

There was an, “Oh,” from the girl and a, “You get a lovely view from here,” from the boy. It was evident they had spotted Sally’s nakedness under her dress.

“I haven’t swung for years,” said the girl, “shall I try?”

The boy was not going to stop her. The girl looked up at Sally, then down at Sally’s panties and said, “Is it a requirement to leave these here?”

Sally replied with a laugh, “No, but it helps, frees your legs!”

A pair of thin white panties fluttered down the girl’s long legs to the ground to lie beside Sally’s discarded pair. The girl got on the swing next to Sally and started off, gradually going higher and higher and not being as care­ful as Sally about keeping her legs closed.

“Ooh doesn’t it feel free, you are right and the air rush so cooling and… nice.”

Sally was amused, it was obvious the guard had been at his tricks, whis­pering in ears whilst stopping time and she hadn’t even noticed him move; his ability to make suggestions and influence people’s thoughts and actions was a little creepy but she hadn’t seen him be bad, well not really bad, with it. She watched him taking his photographs looking all serious trying to get the best shot, take advantage of the low sun, now photographing the red headed girl as well, no doubt catching the sun making her auburn curls even redder..

The girl was swinging higher than Sally and making a lot more noise about it, she seemed to be having a great time.

“Do you think,” she turned to Sally, “it would be even better swinging with nothing on at all.”

“Naughty,” said Sally, “certainly naughty and what will the boys think?”

“Come on Sam, you’re to go swinging too!” She was slowing as she spoke and no sooner than she had stopped she was wriggling out of her dress, slip­ping out of her bra, standing for a moment naked in the park, before hopping back on the swing dressed in nothing more than a pair of sandals and a wrist­watch. “You too, Sam,” she said as she started to swing again.

Sally winked conspiratorially at the guard. It was clear to her how much he was enjoying the swing of Sam’s friend’s boobs as she pulled herself back up to speed, the flow of her long hair and the flash of her curly red hair be­tween her thighs as she moved to and fro.

“Better?” asked Sally.

“So free,” said the girl, “come on Sam, and join me.”

Sam seemed reluctant but complied. The guard was not alone in admiring bodies, the boy was well built, fine chest, fine limbs, tight little bottom and re­spectable penis amusingly at half mast. Evidently the sight of Sally and the girl had had an effect and presumably accounted in part for his reluctance to swing—naked that is. But he joined them, his long legs easily pulling him up­wards. Sally’s glance kept returning to his working body and his penis bounc­ing around as he worked the swing.

Swinging in the sunshine of an evening is a pleasure remembered from childhood but these were grown-ups and thoughts of grown-up pleasures took hold. Of course the guard had a lot to do with it but, in the absence of further evening walkers, the two couples walked away from the playground towards the sea and the golden sand merely carrying their clothes when they weren’t wearing them. The evening was warm and the sun still casting a golden glow over the sand. They sat on the sand staring out to sea and then gradually the touching started and before long there was more intimate touching. Sally looked across at the others, finding it strange to be watching another couple having sex, not on the video screen, but right next to her, in the flesh. To watch another woman fellate a man, see the lips close and take hold; it was different and rather companionable in a way she would not have expected. She turned and did the same to the guard; the eyes of the girl and hers met sharing the ex­perience.

Intercourse was unhurried, the motion relaxed and in time with the surf, the endless pull and push of the tide on the shore. Sally relaxed, on her back with the guard above her, lying upon her, lying between her open legs, his short but rather thick cock working her as she simply lay back enjoying the feel of man, sun and sand. A perfect end to a perfect day.

Afterwards they swam. The trouble with sex on the beach, and perhaps half the pleasure, is the warm sand soft beneath you but it does get in the most surprising places; it gets there even when you are just having a day on the beach, let alone when you engage in intercourse. It did need washing away and how better than a dip in the sea, swimming in the (not really warm) English water as the sun settled red gold to the west.

It had been nice to go back to the guard’s house that evening, after the drive back, and collapse after the excitement and fun of the day at the coast. It really had been a fabulous and memorable day. Early to bed and Sally had snuggled up against the guard a bit puzzled at her role: was she just a play­thing or a friend?

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