It’s another unseasonably hot, humid day here in Alabama. I’m here on business and I’ve suddenly found myself with a couple of days off to do some sight-seeing. I’ve had somewhat of a grueling schedule here and I welcomed the opportunity to get out and get away from things for a couple of days to relax by myself. Attending meeting after meeting doesn’t always accomplish much I’ve found over the years.

As always, when I travel I’m as horny as hell and this hot, humid weather doesn’t help my situation. I love getting sweaty with someone and having sex when it’s hot and sticky out and that’s all that I have on my mind as I walk around town looking for something to do. I’ve had great, sweaty sex with both men and women, even at the same time. At this point I could care less what type of hole I slide my cock into or what slides into my hole, I just know that I need to find a tight hole to shove my big cock into or find someone to shove their big cock into my tight hole.

Since I’m a Yankee (from up north), I’m wearing short pants which not many other men have on here. It probably makes me look like a bonehead to the locals, but come on, it’s 91 degrees today with a dew point in the low-70′s. If we get to 85 degrees in August where I’m from it would be rare, and this is only March! It’s definitely tropical heat here and I’m already wringing wet. And, just to make myself even more horny, I didn’t wear any underwear today. It’s hot enough out here today and that would have been too constricting for this damn Yankee.

Since I stay in hotels almost half of the year I have access to their fitness rooms and I’m in great shape, if I do say so myself. I’m not hugely pumped-up like a body-builder, but more like a normal guy with definition and a super tight 6′-5″ body. I pride myself on my abs, shoulders, and also my tight rear end. Men and women alike often stare at my figure-skater-like butt cheeks. I’ve had guys almost fighting each other to be able to slide their cocks up my ass and bounce against my butt cheeks.

I’m walking around in an historic area just away from the downtown core and I came upon a little reconstructed historic village taking up an entire city block. It looked interesting and even more important, it looked like there were some shady areas in there to be able to get out of the sun.

Since it’s a weekday in late-spring, this whole complex is literally like a ghost town. I’m not even sure if they’re open for the season yet because nobody is parked out in front and it doesn’t even look like it’s set up yet. But, the tiny, historic-looking doorknob turns and the door opens with a squeak and I walk into the gift shop. It seems like the gift shop is always the first place you enter and the last place you walk through on your way out. That must be a good way to squeeze the most money out of tourists that you can, I guess.

There is only one woman working inside the gift shop which is also where you get the tickets for the tour of the historic village out in back. She’s super nice, but even in my uber-horny state she isn’t someone that I even fantasize about fucking. That’s rare for me because, being the typical male (from what I hear), we ALL fantasize about fucking everything and everybody we meet or anything that moves. In my case, it doesn’t even have to be moving for me to fantasize about fucking it.

I bought a ticket to see the little reconstructed village and the woman asked me to go in back and wait for my tour guide. I had no idea that I’d have to have someone lead me around! Since the tour group consisted of one person, me; I assumed that they’d just have me walk around by myself rather than waste someone’s time for a $10 ticket. No such luck. Now I’m regretting my decision to take this tour. I didn’t really have any interest in following someone around who was dressed in fake colonial garb talking about this village. I was hoping to be in the hot buildings by myself and maybe finding a secluded area to hump something while I fantasized about having some hot, sweaty body in there with me and then shooting my cum onto the dirt floor. Oh well, I’ll take the tour I guess, I already paid for it so I might as well learn something while I’m here.

I walked through the door to “Exit the Present and Enter the Past”. I wanted to enter something, that’s for sure. I was just standing around outside in back, waiting for the tour guide to show up, getting hotter and hotter. Even in the shade it was so hot it was ridiculous and there wasn’t even a breeze to help move the air. After about ten minutes of standing there and sweating, a middle-aged woman with a flowing, and surprisingly see-through, colonial-looking white linen dress and one of those stretchy head cover things on walks over and says, “I’m sorry, this is my first tour of the season and I’m a little behind, I’ll be with you in a minute.”

Being the typical horny male, I thought of her saying, “.. a little behind..” and as she turned to go into the main building to get something, I was staring at her not-too-little behind in her see-through dress. She was walking toward the sun and I could see the outline of her hourglass figure and thought, man, it’s been a while since I’ve fucked an ass that big. But, from that point on, that’s literally all I could think of; slipping between those sweaty, sweet cheeks and fucking that older woman’s asshole. If it would have been a hot guy in loose-fitting colonial pants I probably would have thought the same thing, but it happened to be a woman in her early to mid-50′s with a great, full figure and piercing blue eyes. She had smallish tits but I’m not really a tit man anyway; I’m the original ass-man. Something about her in that costume really turned me on. She had beautiful lips and as she spoke, I thought of what it would be like to kiss her on that sexy mouth.

She came back in a couple of minutes and introduced herself as “Leslie” and I still couldn’t believe that she was going to do the full tour for just one person. I was determined to see if I could get through this tour without forcing myself on her back, pulling that dress up over her head, and fucking that luscious ass until I unloaded my hot cum in her. Man, this wasn’t starting off the way I thought it would. My cock was already starting to plump up just thinking of sliding between those big cheeks and sliding in and out of that ass; like fucking between two pillows.

We went in the first building and I knew that this was going to be a harder task than I thought to not take her right then and there. As you can imagine, it was even hotter inside the buildings than it was outside in the courtyard so the instant we stepped in that first building we both really started sweating. I could feel sweat drops falling down my back and rolling down into the crack of my ass and I knew the same thing was happening to her. As she talked, I was looking into her eyes and at those luscious lips but my mind was picturing myself following the trail of one of those sweat drops down her sweaty back with my tongue. Chasing it right down to her sweaty butt cheeks and in-between them. I fantasized about putting my head up underneath her big, flowing dress and licking a trail right down the middle of her sexy, sweaty back and continuing down in-between her big, sweaty, luscious, hot cheeks and into her hot, puckered asshole. Flicking my tongue around her tight rosebud, circling her hole with just the tip of my tongue and licking in-between those beautiful, round, smooth pillows.

Then I pictured myself putting my head under her dress and starting at the bottom of her cheeks and licking a trail right up through her plump, sweet ass and over her quivering asshole, right up the middle of her sweaty back on her spine, all the way up to the back of her neck, as she stood there facing away from me talking about some historic saw or something in this woodshop. I could picture her head moving down to one side at an angle and could almost hear her moaning as I licked and nibbled on the back of her neck; my cock pressing into her cheeks through her dress, leaving a wet mark on her dress where it was jammed into her sweaty asshole with my cock all full of pre-cum like it is now. I pictured my hands on the sides of her hips, gliding up and down over her curves, as I worked on her neck and dry humped her ass through our clothes until we couldn’t take it anymore and I pictured myself just butt-fucking her right then and there.

All I could think about at that moment was orchestrating one big movement with my tongue, with my head up underneath her dress. She would be just standing there facing away from me, her knees shaking, her butt cheeks quivering, her voice lightly moaning as my tongue attempted to dry off the sweat drops rolling down her curvaceous back and ass. Her light, flowing dress was starting to cling to the outline of her perfectly-formed, sweaty, bulbous butt cheeks. It was a sight to behold and I was picturing myself “beholding” onto them and ramming in-between them with my tongue and then my cock.

She had already started the tour, talking about the history of the city and how the leaders met in this building and how it was a woodshop and yadda, yadda.. I kept nodding my head and looking into her eyes but all I was thinking about was bending her over that historic desk and playing with her asshole with the feather on that historic quill pen she had in her hand and tickling her to orgasm. And, then sliding my hard cock up in-between her plump, sweaty butt cheeks and ramming in and out and in and out and in and out of her tight, sweaty asshole, slapping our two hot, sweaty bodies together until I shot my sperm up in her dirty, middle-aged ass.

She then sat on a wooden bench, straddling it with her legs on either side of it, pulling up her dress a bit so her legs could go over the the bench. She was demonstrating how to use a draw-knife or some wood carving tool. I was wishing that my face would have been that bench that she was sitting on. She was straddling that bench with her big, sweaty cheeks on it, holding onto that tool and drawing it towards her, curling little pieces of wood off almost like pubic hairs. They were falling on the floor almost like her own pubic hairs would do as I pictured her shaving herself smooth. I was picturing myself licking and fucking her smoothly-shaved body.

I wasn’t even remotely interested in her memorized speech about the wood carving, I was concentrating on not going over that roped-off area where she was straddling that bench and getting on that bench behind her and pushing her forward so I could slide my hard cock up that fat, sweaty, beautiful ass. Or, pulling her down on my lap and bouncing her up and down on my cock, spearing her asshole and having her squishing back down into me with her big, soft ass cheeks slapping against me as she landed on my lap over and over again until I shot my cum deep up inside her ass.

In my mind, I could almost hear the sweaty, wet, crisp spanking she was receiving from my hand as I pictured her bent over my sweaty lap. I was fantasizing about pulling a shaker chair off of one of the wall pegs and sitting down on it. Then, when she came over to tell me to please put it back up on the wall, I’d pull her down over my lap, pull her white dress up over her head, exposing her sweaty legs, ass, and back, and I’d start slapping her big, sweaty butt cheeks. I could literally almost feel that. My cock was getting bigger by the minute. I could almost feel her writhing and wiggling on my lap with her dress pulled up over her head as I’m working over her nice, big, sweaty cheeks, looking down on her superb middle-aged smooth skin. Rubbing her sweaty legs and back and finally, rubbing her beautiful ass. Rubbing, rubbing, one hand on each cheek wiggling them around in circles, exposing her tight asshole as her big cheeks wiggle and jiggle around in circles, her hidden hole winking at me.

Her cheeks would be turning pink from both the temperature and from my spanking them. I could almost feel my middle finger plunging into her tight hole, squeezing between those two plump globes. I just wanted to bury my face in there and lick that thing right now! She had to have a thong on because I couldn’t see any underwear or panty lines when the silhouette of her form showed through in the sunlight. She couldn’t possibly be naked under that dress; there’s no way, this is the South and ladies here are prim and proper.

She was really starting to get to me. And, I think my mind was playing tricks on me as well because I started to get the feeling that she was sort of on the same wave length as I was. She definitely looked at me in a different way, almost like she was thinking the same thing about me. Her piercing blue eyes were lingering a little too long on mine, almost twinkling and slightly squinting as she spoke. She would slowly lick her sexy lips. Her hands were running over things in a sensual way, brushing against things almost like she was running the backs of her fingernails over them like they were human. Like she was teasing and tickling the chair or tool or historic book cover with her fingernails as she was talking about it. There’s no way though, absolutely no way. My horniness was taking over my rational thought process; or maybe it was just the heat. Either way, there’s absolutely no way she was thinking the same thoughts that I was, that just doesn’t happen in real life.

She finished her speech in the first building and came back around the roped off display area and got a little too close to me as she passed by on her way out the door to the next building. My cock was already starting to get a mind of its own and if she would have bumped into it with her big, jiggling, sweaty ass cheeks, she would have known that it was getting hard. I wanted to throw her on those rough pine floor boards right there and get down on her back and pull that damn dress up over her sweaty back and shove my cock right up in that teasing big ass of hers and fuck the hell out of her! I was starting to have my doubts that I could finish this tour without getting into trouble. Her lips were incredibly sexy and I pictured them wrapped around my sweaty cock every time she spoke.

I stared at the back of her shiny, exposed neck and the silhouette of her swaying figure as we walked to the next building. She talked the whole way there but I don’t have a clue what she said. Something about a surveying office to mark the territory or something. All I could think about was marking her territory with my cum. Her hips swayed as she walked, almost like she was putting on a show for me. Almost like she was trying to make me even more horny than I already was. Again, it had to be my mind playing tricks on me.

This second building was especially painful because it involved steep stairs. There were two levels to this building and I couldn’t bear the thought of her incredibly sexy ass in front of me walking up those narrow, steep stairs; her sweaty butt cheeks clinging to her dress, her ass swaying back and forth with each step she took up those stairs. All I’d want to do is to stick my head up under her dress and bury my face in her ass and lick her cheeks and asshole and her sweaty back and neck until she was a quivering, orgasmic mess and then push her down on the stairs and ram my cock up her ass so far that my balls would be pressed up between her slippery cheeks I’d be so deep in her. I knew the second floor portion of this tour was coming soon and I knew that it would be painful.

She finished talking about the main level historic office for someone who was famous for something, and then she said, “Now I’ll take you up to the next level.” The next level!? Again, my mind was playing dirty tricks on me, there was NO way she meant that the way that I heard it. To get up the stairs, she had to pass by me in the narrow hallway of the downstairs level and as she went by me, she brushed up against me as I was standing with my back up against the wall, trying to give her enough room to pass. I could feel her beautiful, gorgeous, edible butt cheeks brush against my cock and I knew that she could feel my hard on. I didn’t have a full-on erection but my shorts were definitely showing some rise to them in the front.

Was this intentional? Did she mean to purposely brush her big ass against me knowing that it would drive me wild? Did she want to get fucked right here and right now?! I was close to doing just that as she passed in front of me, facing the wall the other way, with her back to me so she could pass by me in this narrow hallway. It was all I could do to not grab onto her arms and pull her back onto me and pull her dress up and start hammering in that teasing ass of hers. She had to know that she was on the verge of getting something rammed up that thing.

Her “excuse me..” didn’t hold too much water after rubbing against me, but maybe I was reading her all wrong. Maybe she was just there doing her job after all and had no interest in me what so ever. No interest in getting that protruding ass of hers fucked. The stairs would be the test; I hoped I could pass that test.

As she started up the steep stairs, being the gentleman that I am (if she could only read my mind!), or, at least that I pretended to be, I let her go up a few steps before following up too closely behind her. That’s always an awkward thing when a woman goes up the stairs in front of me, I never know if I should be looking straight ahead or down or where my eyes should be. If I look straight ahead I’ll automatically be looking at her (or, his, if it’s a guy in front of me) ass the whole time. That would have definitely been the case here with those beautiful, big, jiggling ass cheeks moving around back and forth, swaying as she climbed that narrow, steep stairway up to the second floor.

As she got about halfway up the stairs she stopped, but because I wasn’t looking ahead of me, I ran right into her ass with my head! My head bounced off of her soft, fleshy globes of perfection and needless to say, we were both sort of in shock! It felt great, I finally knew just how soft they were and I wanted to sink between them even more now. I instinctively looked up and that made it even worse because then my face was buried directly in-between her ass cheeks with only her white, sweat-drenched dress between my face and her naked ass! I didn’t know what to do, I just sort of moved my head back and she said, “I’m sorry about that, I had to rest for a minute, I should have warned you that I was stopping.”

I said, “I’m sorry, I was trying not to look up as you were walking, I didn’t think that would be proper of me.”

She followed with, “I was quite surprised to feel something bump against me like that, I should have told you that I was stopping for a second. Oh boy, it really is getting hot in here, isn’t it?” Little did she know how close I was to forcing my way into that asshole right then.

She finished the climb up to the second floor and it was even hotter up there. The windows were all closed to keep the rain and flies out and it was stifling. It was hard to even breathe. She started talking about the survey office that was up there in the 1800′s and was showing me how to work the tripod and transom pole. The way she handled that transom pole, looking at me as she was moving it around, and then the way she walked over to the tripod and bent over from the waist to look through the scope thing.. wow. She had to know that she was teasing me bending over like that. Her beautiful cheeks were as round as basketballs and were pressed against that white dress. I could picture myself walking over and jamming my tongue up her ass and then fucking her in both holes as she stood right there. This was getting more and more painful, mentally and physically. She was teasing me and I knew it. I wondered if I should teach her a lesson or just let it go. She deserved a good spanking and I could picture my hand smacking against that ass as she bent over to look in that survey scope.

Over the internet I have told you about a favorite place I know of, a magical, romantic, special place. It’s about an hour drive from my place, and ten miles off the highway. Not too many people know of it’s whereabouts, mostly locals, so there’s a good chance of having the place to yourself. When others are there, most of the time they are naked, so it’s always an interesting time there.

We have planned to meet for some time now, and just before I picked you up I have bought some sub sandwiches and pop. I also have beer and wine and candles. We kiss and hug and get in my van and head out on the highway. As we drive we talk and get to know each other, although it seems like we’ve know each other for a long time from our chats on the internet. We are grinning and giggling most of the time like young teenagers! I ask you to show me the swimsuit you have brought, and you open your bag and pull out a few inches of black material that totally impresses me! I ask you to put it on as we drive, and with a giggle you go into the rear of the van and start taking off your clothes. I realize how dangerous it makes my driving as I’m spending more time looking in the rear view mirror than on the road. When you finish adjusting the tiny bikini you make your way back to the front of the van and as you bend over to get in the front I get a great view of your swaying breasts and wide hips. Your near naked body takes my breath away and produces a wide grin on my face, and a familiar stirring in my crotch. You get settled in the passenger seat and ask me if I like what I see. I nod my head repeatedly and shout “Yes!” and you laugh. We drive like that whenever there is traffic coming towards us, but when the road is clear you flash your breast and pussy at me driving me wild. I have my cock sticking out of my swimsuit and you occasionally reach over and give it a rub which really affects my driving.

Soon we are off the highway and on the final part of the trip, but as the road is pretty bumpy you have to hang onto the dash and door we behave decently. At the very last part, you put on shorts and a blouse in case there is a family at the hot springs. If there is, we only have to wait until they leave, then we’ll have the place to ourselves. When we get there, there are a few vehicles there, but that’s okay. We can pass the time eating our sandwiches.

We grab our bags and walk up the short trail toward some bushes. The trail goes through the bushes like a little tunnel and as I follow you I look at your bum and feel it. You like my hands there and giggle as I do so. On the other side of the tunnel it opens up and you let out a pleasant and surprised “OOOH!” It’s two pools surrounded by rocks next to a small creek.

Each pool is about thirty feet in diameter, one about three feet lower than the other. We drop our bags and take off our shoes and socks as we approach the edge. There is a family there, about six of them, with kids, so we keep our clothes on for now. I hold your hand as we approach the edge and you dip your foot in the water and you exclaim “OOoooo, that’s nice!” I follow you into the water and lead you to one side where we can sit on a flat rock and the water is up to our necks. We feel like we are floating here and the water is exactly body temperature and the feeling is like you are floating. This hot spring is totally odorless, unlike a lot of other springs. I can see that you are already in love with this place and are getting quite comfortable already.

The young kids are laughing and splashing and keeping us on good behavior, so I take the opportunity to get the sandwiches out. We need to eat them now as I think the family will be leaving soon, and we won’t have time to eat then. It’s approaching suppertime, and although the sun will be up for a few more hours, it’s behind a mountain, so it’s still light but not bright sunshine where we are.

We are in the upper pool, and after we eat our sandwiches we get a little braver and dress down to our swimsuits. You are a little nervous at first but realize than while in the water, you’re mostly safe from leering eyes. I produce a cool beer for us and I also have a bottle of wine if you’d prefer it, but you’ll have some of that later you say.

Luckily, the family prepares to leave and we are glad. As soon as they are out of sight and hear their voices going down the trail I whip my swimsuit off and am tugging at yours! You giggle and laugh and express concern about getting caught by newcomers. I take your hand and lead you to the lower pool. From the lower edge we can see the parked cars and anyone coming our way. I also move our bags closer so we can easily reach drinks and cigarettes.

I sit on another flat rock and pull you towards me. You’re floating; just your neck and head above water and you open your legs and effortlessly wrap them around my waist as you guide your pussy towards my rigid cock. My hands are on your waist and you glide onto my hard shaft, slowly but fully until I am completely inside you. My hands reach around to your back and pull you towards me and I feel your breasts on my chest and notice your nipples are hard and erect. I grab your hips and begin to slide you back and forth creating a mutual rhythm that creates waves that splash and gurgle all around the pool. I kiss and nibble your neck and earlobe and lips, amidst pants and moans. We are both so excited that it doesn’t take long before we approach orgasm together, you are surprised how easy it is to fuck like this, and it’s almost like being in outer space. As we start to cum I grunt and groan out loud and you are nearly shrieking! I feel your pussy clamp around my cock as you shudder and tremble on my pole. I pump and pump into you, it seems eternal, but does eventually ease up and slow down. Your arms are around my neck and now your forehead is resting on mine as our movements slow down to a pleasant stop.

The afterglow for us both is wonderful and the warm water seems to make it last even longer. Still on my cock, you hold my hands and lean back, your head going back to get your hair wet. I raise you up a little so that your breasts are above water and I can lick and suck them, running my tongue around your hard nipples! I slide you off my horny cock and as you raise your head upright I ask you to stand. My eyes are glued on your wet naked body as you stand up, the water running off you, dripping off your breasts and nipples as you pull your hair back and down your back. I turn you around, facing the lower edge of the pool and bend you over. In this position your head is over the edge so that you can see the cars below. I am a little higher and can also see them. It’s quite a turn on, like semi public sex. I approach you from the rear and push my throbbing cock into your cunt again. I hear you gasp, but not loud enough for the people below to hear. I’m sure they heard us earlier and that they are fully aware of what we are doing. I slam into you all the way and love the feeling of my pubic hairs when they press hard against your wet, naked bum! I alternate between running my hands over your ass, bare back and around to grope your delicious boobs. We both tell each other that we are going to cum again and I speed up the stroking and my cock gushes gobs of cum deep into your steaming hot cunt again! We watch as the cars start moving out of the parking place, and when we think they can’t see us to well, we both stand up and wave goodbye. We are both laughing; this is such a great place!

I produce another beer for us both and we sip on them while we relax a bit. We’ll be doing a lot of this, so little rests will be helpful. We take turns with different sitting position, she on me, me on her. Weight is not a problem here so there are many positions possible that would be difficult on a bed. I also show her little things about the pools. Where the deepest places are, the pipe that someone has stuck in the bank to make a kind of shower, where the hot water comes into the pool and the small cold creek at one side.

I tell her to be totally quiet for a while and listen. There is no sound except for birds chirping and water bubbling. It’s so peaceful and pleasant here, you never want to leave. And I tell you to lie back and float in the water, your ears underwater. I put my hands under your bum and with the slightest effort take your weight so that you don’t have to kick your legs or move your arms. This is so totally relaxing it’s easy to fall asleep. If you don’t, it’s very invigorating. And if it’s raining, with your ears underwater, there’s and amazing song of the raindrops on the water as they plinck , plonck into the water, each with a slightly different sound!

We screw like young teenagers several more times and the sun finally sets. Darkness is approaching now, and I notice you feel a bit nervous. I surprise you by producing a candle from my bag, and jamming it into a beer can half full of water. I light it and set it adrift in the pool. A couple others I melt the bottom and stick them to the surrounding rocks. This produces a soft romantic glow all around and is truly delightful! I see your wide smile of approval, and it’s all we need to continue our sensual erotic games! After placing the candles, I walk back towards you, my cock and balls out of the water. You take the opportunity to suck my cock into your wanting mouth. I gasp with surprise as I’m not expecting it but welcome it wholeheartedly! I see you looking into my eyes as you bob your head on my cock, and know that you love doing that and if your lips weren’t around my cock you would be smiling with pleasure! You alternate sucking with running your tongue up and down the seam and sucking my balls into your mouth, one at a time and both, running your tongue around them, then back up the seam, tickling the underside of the tip, into the slit, around the head and back to fucking my cock with your mouth. You do this so exquisitely that I’m ready to blow a load of cum into your mouth and tell you so. I hear, or feel you moan in approval, and I shoot loads of cum into your milking mouth. My legs are weak after such a strong orgasm and settle back into the warm waters. You hold me close and cuddle me as I gradually float back to earth. When I regain my composure, I tell her that now it’s her turn. She giggles and releases me to float on my back. She gets a kick out of how my cock points straight up like a mast!

I float over to the flat rock, she guides me into place by grabbing my cock and pulling me into position! As I reach it, I sit and she stands up in front of me, legs apart. The sight of her tits, nipples, shave pussy and lips are fantastic, and my hands reach behind her and grab her cheeks, pulling her pussy towards my face. She steps closer to me, legs straddling mine and places her hands on the sides of my head, guiding me to where she wants attention the most. I flatten out my tongue and lick the length of her slit and feel her shudder. I suck her pussy lips roughly into my mouth and flick them around. Making my tongue into a hard shaft I search for her clit. I lick up and down and around. I love the feeling of her clit getting hard from the attention! I here her gasp and moan as my slimy tongue finds its target. She starts to tell me how good it feels, to lick that clit, suck that cunt, and that she’s going to cum all over my face. I massage her bum, tickle her butt hole with a finger and urge her to blow off on my face! Her hands go to the back of my head and push my face hard into her as she screams out loud and I taste her juices flooding out of her very core! We both relax in each others arms again, the warm waters covering us like a warm eiderdown quilt.

As we drink another beer, we hear a vehicle driving up the mountain road. We are so disappointed and even angry that soon we won’t be alone anymore. We know it will be about five minutes before they’re in the pool with us, so we decide to have one more fuck before we’re done. I lean back as if to float, she stands and straddles me, impaling herself on my throbbing cock. She slowly lies on top of me and starts fucking me while on top. I see her ass bobbing in the water and feel her tits on my chest. I love the feeling of her velvet cunt surrounding and squeezing my cock as she has her way with me. We hear car doors slamming, and we hurry our movements to cum quicker. She tries to stifle her screams this time and I try to quieten my moans as we cum one last time in this wonderful place. We both quiver in each others arms as we cum together and kiss each other, hands roaming all over each other.

Now we have to quickly find our clothes and get dressed. Just as we manage this, people are coming through the bush, laughing, talking and carrying lots of beer. All young guys. I know this is a dangerous situation for her and need to get her out of there before they get drunk, so we are putting on our shoes an packing our bags as they are getting undressed. They take delight in showing off their cocks to her and asking her to stay, and she looks embarrassed and is as anxious as I to leave. We reluctantly leave our special place and head down the trail to the van. At least we know that we can stop at any convenient place and screw again, but feel very sad because we have to leave. We realize that if we were with another couple, or group that we all knew that we would not have left and fucked all night long!

Most people cannot realize how devastating it can be to your confidence as a woman, a sexual being to live for years in an unfulfilling marriage: coming down in bustier, stockings and heels so high that I should have fallen a broken my fucking neck on the stairs, I was most often greeted with a laugh or a chuckle. He swore it was not me, but damn…what was it then? Things got so bad that combined with a couple of life’s other surprises, I ended up severely depressed and with anxiety so bad that I could barely leave the house.

Problem was that after almost a year and half since separating from my ex, I was horribly, terribly demoralized by my marriage. I still lacked the confidence in myself as a woman. I took me sixteen months to have my first real fling. Then my oldest son gets stuck in a dead end job and as a Mom I encourage him to think outside the box, telling him that he can do/have anything, if he wants it enough. Except that made Mommy realize that she was not listening to her own advice. I had let someone else’s opinion undermine what I knew about myself. I was still one hot Mama and my mojo was mine for the taking.

Give you three guesses what I did. And the first two don’t count. That is right I did an advert on a popular hook up site. I poured my heart and soul into it. Even though I specifically said I was not looking for a nasty pic with two lines, I got plenty of those. There are still some nice cocks out there, girls. But I also received some very nice and amazing responses.

One in particular sparked an interest. Mario was around my age, in his mid-forties and a retired Marine. Yes, United States Marine Corps…Hoorah, ladies. He was in London for a few weeks as part of the Olympics security detail. I immediately wrote back, being terribly homesick, I figured if nothing else it would be nice to chat to someone from home.

We never did get around to much chatting though. I could only manage to get my older sons to watch their little sister for a couple of hours. So we met at the biker pub that I can just about see out of my kitchen window. This is going to sound as pathetic as it is, I actually had my adult daughter giving me ‘dating’ tips on the phone. But even with her pep talk, I almost chickened out.

I am glad I did not. When I walked into the pub he had taken a table close to the door. Now like the old me, I figured might as well get that awkward first kiss out of the way to begin with. The boy knew how to use those lips and tongue. In fact, we only finished one drink each, sprinkled with enough deep kisses in between to make those stiff British upper lips around us curl upwards in disapproval. Damn, I had forgotten how fabulous PDA’s (public displays of affection) could be.

That was not all that I had forgotten how amazing it could be. As we drained the last drops from our glasses and headed out the door less than half an hour later, I was about to find out. Now I knew that I was on a strict clock here; the most I had was another hour. His hotel was half an hour away and even though my house was right there, it was after nine and I had a grown son and young daughter at mine. The horrible thing about London is that everything closes early, even the public parks get locked up tight after dark. Damn it, what is a girl to do?

There is a dark parking lot just behind my apartment building. So we snuck over there, kissing every few feet like a couple of teens. I pulled him into the darkest corner I could find and we continued the kissing hot and heavy. It took his hands only moments to find their way inside the cup of my brand one bustier. My breasts have always been sensitive but after being neglected for years it took only seconds for me to start moaning into his mouth. My hips began that ancient dance against him. It did not take me long to remember the next step in this age old tango as my hands snuck between us and started to rub his hard cock through his jeans.

I knew I had found my mojo a few minutes later when I came up with the bright idea of checking on my phone that I had tossed to the ground. I was busy trying to work on his belt when he stopped me. Damn, but those Marines are great at re-con. He had found an even better location behind an SUV that was parked in the corner. It was a virtual oasis of privacy and we were going to need it.

I did not waste anytime with preliminary kisses as I picked up where I had left off. Within heart beats his cock was between my lips and I was staring up into his eyes as his strong fingers laced through my hair and guided my head in just the tempo that he wanted. It felt surprisingly liberating to just be a woman, to choose to submit to a strong, dominate male and at the same time know that I was in total control. He was after all a complete gentleman to the Corps.

Now I figured that was about as far as things would go, a quick blow job in the parking lot. Was this high school again? Except I had been one of those goody-good girls back then so I was making up for lost experiences. But my lover had other ideas as he tugged my hair and pulled me back to standing. He spun me around so fast I could not think and practically ripped my thong off as he pushed it aside.

Oh wait, that’s right, I had been especially naughty and not worn one. A surprise for him. Of course, we all know how awkward sex is standing up and finding the right position so bits align up perfectly. I actually had to lift my leg onto the brick wall to get this one just right. Hell, at forty-not-telling, it was an amazing fete, let those little gymnasts he is guarding try getting into that position.

I was coming almost as soon as his cock was inside me. I’m not going to lie. I’ve had bigger, the ex asshole’s included. But it really is the motion in the ocean and that Marine knew plenty about how to ‘Be all he could be.’

Within minutes I was biting my lower lip to keep from moaning. His re-con skills might have found a secluded spot where no one could see, but there were plenty of people around that could hear…including my own children just about ten feet on the other side of that brick wall. So I tried real hard not to scream or moan as he slammed his cock inside of me and squeezed my bare tit.

Now I am one of those, you know them, squirters. But only for truly special occasions. What could be more special that re-discovering my mojo? I was getting seriously wet and more than a little worried about his jeans and how he was going to get back to his hotel on the Tube was my pussy juices staining the front of them.

But in a minute I was very glad for the lubrication as I felt his hard cock seeking out my back door. Now I suppose this might have been a bit much, anal sex in a parking lot and not even in a car but behind it. But damn it, I felt amazing. The glass of wine, the handsome Marine and just the thrill of doing it like this.

So I took one of those deep breaths and willed myself to relax. I was glad I did too. He was a perfect fit. Actually, he is only the third guy that I have ever really enjoyed anal sex with him. But it was like he was hitting my magic sweet spot from the other side and I was going through the roof. It got harder not to moan.

But standing up just was not doing it in terms of finishing off this spectacular fireworks display. I had a jacket and he has two (smart boy had already learned about the London weather). So we threw those on the ground. Being the true gentleman that he was, he took bottom and bore the brunt of the hard, cold rocks in his back.

Oh, I forgot one thing…he had the most fucking glorious chest. Firm pectorals that felt like warm steel under my fingers as I straddled him and took his cock inside my dripping wet cunt once more.

Of course, five inch heels make it hard to ride cock like a good cow girl. Besides my favorite finishing off position is always doggy. There is something so primal and ferocious about being taken like a bitch in heat by your masterful lover. And Mario was not about to disappoint me as he slammed his hard cock into my squishy pussy. I was scratching at the rocks as he pounded into me.

When he switched back to my ass, I thought I would lose it for sure. One of his hands on my ass, his fingers digging into its soft flesh, while his other fingers were laced through my hair pulling me back to meet each of those waves of the pounding surf. I was definitely hanging ten.

But he did not want to finish in my tight ass (it did not get much use for the past seven years after all). He wanted back inside that soggy pussy. I was in no mood to argue, either way he was taking me places that I had forgot existed. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the tsunami as I rode those mega-waves that were raking through my trembling body.

There was no doubt as we straightened our clothes afterwards…my mojo was back. Thanks to the good old United States Marine Corps. He joked that he had not done something that wild since high school and I told him that according to my daughter’s long list of rules I could not be the first to text him…after this. We parted with a kiss, but not for long. That’s another story though.

I did though get to feeling bad about my older daughter’s stupid British rules of dating. So I texted Mario saying…I know what my daughter said. But I’m a good Southern girl and we always say thank you for an amazing fuck. Obviously, I got a quick text back. By the end of the night, we were discussing something more comfortable and longer.

This is a continuation of a story called “A New Home: Morning.” It is a work of fiction and not based on any experience I have had. I believe in openness and honesty in a marriage. A marriage is founded on a promise between two people. I hope people keep their promises whatever they may be. Enjoy the fantasy and let me know what you think and what it inspires!

A New Home: Hidden Lake

Standing on the long sloping green lawn that runs up to their home, Drew and June felt the heat of the day. The leaves had changed color into brilliant red and gold. Some leaves blew across the hill in the warm breeze. A chilly autumn morning has turned into a brilliant sunny day. The color of the leaves explode in the sunshine off the tops of the trees. Drew and June both felt the heat of the sun. June fell onto the grass with the drama of a an Oscar winner. Her husband watched and laughed a loud boisterous laugh. His laugh was a sound that June always loved to hear. It just made her feel happy.

“What are you doing?” Drew asks as he looks down at his wife laying on her back. Her gorgeous tanned legs falling out of the short denim skirt. A favorite skirt that just putting it on makes her feel good.

“It feels good and I’m hot. How about that sexy?” June responds with flirtatious banter. June spreads her legs and Drew’s eyes open wide. Her laughter echoes across the lawn.

“Come on, give me a hand up …. I’ve got an idea,” June says with her outreached hand. Drew responds and reaches down with an open hand. “What is your idea?” Drew asks his wife and she smiles. June bends forward and puts her hands under her skirt. Hips wiggle a little and she pulls her panties down her thighs. Drew looks at her with a “what the fuck” look on his face! “I need a blindfold and I …. well …. Thought these might be fun,” June says to her flabbergasted husband. “Oh come on Mister Prude we just fucked in front of the neighbors. What else could happen,” June says and she has a point. This morning they discovered a garden on their property and had an amazing fuck behind their garden wall … all the while being watched by their neighbors! “Ok lets cover your eyes,” June says to her husband.

June moves over behind Drew. “It is clear you are serious. What is this all about?” June responds to Drew’s reticent statement in saying, “it will be a lot of fun. I guarantee it!” With that June slips her panties over her mans eyes. She takes his hand and they start walking slowly. Drew is surprised by how unsteady he has gotten just by covering his eyes. His wife has delicate panties and the thin fabric allows the light to come in. He can tell if something is in front of him. The scent of her sex fills his head as the panties cover his nose as well. He breaths deep and squeezes her hand.

Drew pulls her closer to him. His bare arm wrapping around her thin waist. Whispering in June’s ear … feels so good to both of them. They are lost in their time together. The words and his breath overwhelm her. Hot breath on her ear and salacious talk … both send a tingle through her body. June makes an audible sigh, “soooo good.” The sun shines down on her face. She closes her eyes and feels the warmth on her face. It is almost as if she is soaking up the sun to store for the long winter ahead. Her eyes close and she is thinking of nothing. She is in the moment and it is a delicious moment that she will think back on for years to come.

Drew married a passionate woman. She has matured from that time they fell in love. A young struggling professional with tremendous intelligence but low confidence. She always succeeded through her simple refusal to fail at anything. She hated losing far more than a desire to win. That fear is gone now and there is a gentle confidence. The deep history they have together is something they both cherish. History is something everyone wants as long as it is a history of being wanted, valued and loved.

They slowly walk past the garden and June can see the door is closed tight now. June squeezes his hand and prattles on about how lucky they got in getting this amazing place. “Maybe that couple didn’t sell us the place but chose us for it,” Drew says and they talk about that possibility. “Grant sure gave us a deal,” Drew says summing it all up and June agrees with a hug.

“I love walking and leading you on an adventure. Isn’t it great to get a break like this? Just nothing to do, no work or kids or anything!” June talks on and is just bubbly from the wonderful day taking place. So much is going right that Drew just couldn’t imagine what would happen next.

Moving down the path they reach the rocks and the small hut. June climbs up on the granite boulder. The rocks are big with some the size of cars. They are stacked high. The pines growing up into them except for this one spot at the path. June remembers that they should see the pond just beyond the boulders. Inside the cute little house is a sauna.

Her neighbor Helen told her it would be all ready to go. The fire in the stove would be hot and the water tank and bucket right inside. June can hear the instructions in her head, “there will be towels right inside the door on the hooks. Leave your clothes there and go for a quick cool dip. Then head into the sauna for some heat. Do the cycle a few times and you will feel fantastic!” Helen had told her about it and said they are welcome to use it anytime. They had just built it last year and it is bigger than it looks!

The sauna is in a small cedar board house that even has a small porch. The smell of the pines around the lake is wonderful. June looks down at Drew and says, “OK big man … you can take off your panties now!” Drew laughs loudly and so does June. He lifts the panties off the top of his head and has a look of surprise on his face. Drew looks at his wife up on the boulder. “The lake is beyond the rocks and that is the sauna,” she explains to Drew. June hops down off the boulder and explains how Helen had pulled her aside this morning and told her she had an idea for them. Her idea was that they should go down to the lake and take a sauna with a swim in the lake before they meet up for lunch.

“What great neighbors,” Drew says as June takes his hand to lead them into the sauna. There are benches on the porch. The wood is a solid and really looks great. He opens the door and can feel the warmth inside. There is a small area with some benches and hooks on the wall. Another door just inside leads into the hot area with broad wooden benches down both sides of the room. There is a big furnace in the middle giving off heat. He shuts the door.

“Lets go swimming,” June says and her nimble fingers unfasten her denim skirt. Drew watches her ease her skirt down to expose her little patch of hair just above that gorgeous pussy. Drew lift his shirt above his head and hangs it on a thick wooden peg up on the wall. Naked above the waist, Drew unfastens his pants as June hangs her top up on the wall. Her full C cup breasts hang as she reaches to the peg.

“Hmmm,” June purrs as Drew hangs his pants on the wall peg. Her light touch gently wanders over Drew’s cock and balls. Her other hand runs down over his bare ass. Drew strokes his wife’s breast. Her nipples responding quickly to his touch and the heat. June steps back and says, “how about that swim?” She is a master at foreplay with the rise and fall of both their libido. The day is all about waves of pleasure.

He reaches down and pulls June up onto the rock. She steps up onto the rock with Drew and they stand naked looking out over the mountain lake.

The sun glistens off the water. Green pine trees ring the pond. Granite boulders look as though they are stacked up on the sandy beach. “Oh my God this is incredible. They said there was a pond back here. This is a lake!” June exclaims. “I knew there was water back here but it is on the neighbors land so I didn’t pay much attention to it. I guess this is another surprise from Grant who sold us the house. He said there was a pond back here but didn’t say much else. I just figured it was a retention area where the water drained down from the house and barn. This looks more like it was mined for rock at one time.” he finishes. They both are looking about the lake.

The lake is at least 5 acres. The water is a brilliant, clean and clear. The granite boulders ring the water to the cut walls on the other side. Sheared granite walls lead down to the water. They look like somebody was cutting granite slabs at some point in time.

“Well … lets go swimming,” Drew announces. “This is going to be cold,” June gasps! The cool nights of autumn have probably ensured that fact. Her husband is just smiling ear to ear. “Come on June … lets jump!” Drew never takes his eyes off his wife. “Its hot out here and this might be the last warm day of the year. Lets go skinny dipping! Embrace the cold and the heat of that sauna will feel even better …” Drew says with his always positive perspective.

“This day just keeps getting better … for you,” June says with a laugh. Her eyes taking in her husband. His thick cock handing pendulously between his thighs. June’s nipples point outward and up as the sun caresses her supple flesh. They can hear the lapping of the water on the sand. A warm breeze is Summer’s way of fighting for one last day against the oncoming autumn.

“Wait … over here,” June jogs over the rocks and climbs up. She moves like a gymnast over the boulders. She is out over the water now. It is clearly deep enough to jump. “Here goes,” says June “Wait! It could be shallow …” Drew calls out as he climbs after her. Its too late and her nude form knifes into the water.

June feels so alive as her flesh meets the chilly water. She is submerged … naked … the water rippling over every inch of her body. She plunges down deep into the water. Her nipples swell instantly. She opens her eyes and looks up at the surface. Streams of light coming down through the water. She reaches out … up toward the surface and pulls back. Her body rises with the swimming stroke. Her body reacts to the clear cold mountain water.

“WOW!!! OH MY GOD …. that was great! Oh Drew you have to jump in!” She calls out to her husband poised up on the boulder. Her legs peddling beneath the surface and her lean arms pushing water away as she treads water.

Drew holds his cock and balls. He leaps out and into the hidden lake.

June laughs aloud. “Ha ha ha ha haaaaa,” she howls with laughter before her body slides under the water. She kicks and water rushes over her naked flesh. The freedom, the sensations, the desires are all coming together for her. Naked and exposed … she slides through the water. June is absolutely loving the water … the outdoors … the nudity …. and even the coldness. The water is still very cold and her body is not adapting nor warming to it.

“HOLY FUCK ….. WOW …. you are right! SO COLD but feels fantastic … wow!” Drew proclaims to his doggy paddling wife who swims right up to him. The cold water feeling like an iceberg had just melted. “We better be careful of polar bears,” June jokes.

They play and frolic awhile until the constant swimming wears them down and they swim to the shore. The chill coming out of the water has obvious effects. “It seems that somebody has some shrinkage!” June squeals and laughs. The two of them climb off the sand and up onto the boulders. They make their way back to the sauna. Quickly walking to get into the warmth of the wooden paradise … goose bumps, shivering and buck naked.

Inside the door, June grabs two towels off a wooden peg on the wall. Drew holds the door for her. The heat of the room feels amazing. The fire from the ice! Towels ensconce and they both take a seat on the bench. June quickly moves to the higher bench and lays back over the wood. “It is warmer up here,” she says and closes her eyes. The quiet is broken only by the crackling of the flames burning in the stove, and the hiss of the steam. Drew uses the wooden ladle to throw water on the heated stones. The soothing tendrils of steam deliver heat and warm moisture to them as they gaze at the flickering flames. The glow of the fire soothes.

June arches her back and lets the towel fall away from her body. Her skin is warm now and it draws Drew’s attention. A bead of sweat runs down the center of Drew’s back as he watches his wife. His cock now warmed by the heat of the sauna and inspired by his woman. A long hard cock has risen in desire. His towel is pulled aside and his fingers wrap around the shaft of his cock. He leans back against the bench and she watches him while he strokes his rock-solid cock. Gleaming now … the sweat glistening on their bodies in the heat and glow of the fire.

June opens her eyes in a haze. She is relaxed and languid in her repose. Delicate and nimble fingers slide over her breasts. Bushing her nipples and stroking her skin elicits a purr from her open mouth. Thighs squeeze together and her excitement begins to flow. Ribbons of color crackle in the flames of the fire. The furnace door is tightly closed but June opens her legs. Ravenous longing has built as her fingers probe down across her belly. Her pussy flowers open and ready to be sated and satisfied. A fog of desire has taken her into her self exploration. His hand gripping his cock as it slides up and down. The resplendent and luminous eyes of his wife never missing a stroke.

A strong hand lands on her thigh that she spreads willingly … eagerly. His tongue cleaves the lips of her pussy. Her mouth opens wide and she moans out … in unambiguous and unmistakable pleasure. His eyes and mouth feasting as they move about. Her hips move to his touch … responsive. Her body drips with excitement and pleasure. The arch of her back grows and her own hands stroke and kneed at her breasts. The steam rises off the rocks and their bodies. The eager sexual wants are pulsing and glistening on the head of his cock.

“OH YES,” she moans out as orgasm builds … and rises up within in her. Her ass cheeks tighten together as she clenches in response to that delicious feeling. Her pussy is pulsing with desire. A torrent of moisture runs down her steaming thighs and the crack of her ass. “Oh .. Oh … oh,” she moans out … desperate for release and yet transported in the pleasure of the moment. It is with full knowledge … and premeditated that he moves in to lick and suck her melting pussy. His talented finger slides into her. She writhes with lack of inhibition on the bench surrounded by the steam. Her body tightens as she cums on his tongue. “OH DREW!” June screams out in the sauna that is so deep in the forest.

She is panting … breathing heavily. “This heat is too much … lets get outside … cant breathe,” June says and Drew reaches under her. With little effort she is scooped into his arms. He moves outside … through the door and then the exterior door. The sunshine is bright and they squint. Drew sets her down and they stand on the porch. Steam is rising off their bodies in the cooler autumn air.

“Sit,” June commands her husband and puts a hand on his chest to guide him down onto the wooden bench. In the open air, Drew sits with legs astride the bench. His thick hard cock pointing upwards and his smooth balls touch the wood. Reaching down, June takes his cock in hand. Slick and wet, she lowers herself down onto him … guiding his cock into her dripping pussy. Penetrated and full with her husband’s throbbing cock … never felt so good to June.

Her body quivers as she slides down his slick hard shaft. Her lithe legs astride his muscular thighs. “Ohh … oh …. sooooo good ….,” she moans loudly as her body shakes in pleasure. She is halfway down as a second and even more intense orgasm hits her. Strong arms wrap her trembling orgasmic body. Lush breasts press to his chest. “Oh God I just came … again,” she says with a breathy panting voice. June’s slippery body slides down through his arms.

She leans back on the bench placing her hands on the wood. Drew does the same as his eyes look down between her spread thighs watching their glistening sex. His very slippery cock slides in and out of her insatiable pussy. Their bodies still flush with the heat of the sauna. The surreal effect of the autumn air hitting their heated bodies … steam rising from their skin. He grips her ass and slams his dick up into her. Drew is doing the fucking now!

“AHHHHHHHHHHHHH FUCK YES,” Drew grunts out as he arches up into her. June is thrusting back into him quickly in an obedient way. She is urging him on. “Oh Drew … cum … cum in me … give it to me … oh yess… I need your cum,” she prattles and moans. Her voice rising with urgency and Drew gives her what they both want. “UMPH,” he grunts and cum flys from his cock. June kisses him hungrily. His cock swelling and dumping repeatedly. Their juices running out of her soaking wet pussy and down over his cock and balls.

From a distance and through the trees is Jim and Helen, the neighbors and owners of the sauna. They both look at each other and smile. The voices of June and Drew carried clearly in the mountain air. “OK … we better go up and get lunch ready. I think our neighbors have worked up an appetite and we promised them lunch. Heck after the show they have put on for us, we owe them lunch,” June says with a smile.

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