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Great thanks to my editor Dr. Bob and for the insights of leftyloo and lancerval.

This is the continuing story of Chris Peters a young man who is beginning his life. If you are joing the story now, you’re gonna be lost. I’d suggest starting a little earlier.

For those who have been following along; thank you and welcome back.


I stood and watched Joni walk into the house, waiting for her to turn back and look over her shoulder. She never did and the door closed softly with a click behind her. I didn’t know how to process the information with which she left me. She would always be available to me? What did that mean?

I slowly walked to the car and got in. I looked one last time at the front of the house, then started the car and drove slowly home. I was still stewing over Joni’s last statement when I got home. I dragged my stuff out of the trunk and into the house. Mom still was not home. Had she moved in with Patti?

I went up to my room and threw myself on the bed. Mom had been worried about how Joni was going to take this; she never said that it would be a problem for me. The part of me that was in love with Joni wanted to run to her, but the rational part of me knew that would only end in disaster. I sat up and took a deep breath, determined to continue on my chosen path, the way I had explained it to Joni. The telephone started ringing and I went into Mom’s room to answer it.

It was Mom. “Chris? Where have you been?”

A thousand things flashed through my mind, before I decided to really fuck with her. “Hi, Mom. Joni and I were in Chicago, we were there on our honeymoon.”

I pulled the phone from my ear as soon as I finished speaking because I knew what her reaction would be. I heard a wordless scream followed by, “CHRISSSS! YOU DID WHAT?!?!?! YOU GOT MARRIED?!?!?! ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR MIND?!?!?!?”

I was laughing so hard I could barely breathe. I got myself under control and cautiously put the phone to my ear. “Mom?”

“Chris!” She shrieked as I jerked the phone away again.

“Mom, calm down.” I said quickly, “I was just messin’ with you.” I pulled the phone away again.

“What!?!?” Mom said not quite as loudly.

“I said; I was messin’ with you.” I explained. “Joni wanted to go away overnight and pretend it was a honeymoon and I thought it would be harmless. So, we went.”

Mom sighed in relief, “I’m glad, but I’m still going to kick your butt when I get home.”

I laughed, “Uh-huh. When’s that going to be? I want to be ready.”

Mom finally started laughing. “You little shit!”

“Impressive vocabulary Mom.” I chuckled. “No, seriously, when are you coming home?”

“Why, do you have another honeymoon lined up?” Mom teased.

“No, actually, Mrs. P. invited me for dinner.” I said. “Danny and his dad have been up north fishing this week and I’ve hardly seen him. She wanted to give us this opportunity to get together.”

“Oh, Ok.” She said quietly. “Are you going to be home tomorrow?”

“Yeah, all day.” I said. “I told everyone that I wanted to spend my last night at home with you, Mom.”

“Oh!” She sounded surprised.

“So are you coming home today or tomorrow?” I still hadn’t gotten an answer.

“I am going to be home in the morning.” She answered.

“Ok, I’ll see you then.” I hung up the phone.

I called Danny’s and Eva answered. “Hi, Mrs. P., is Danny home?”

“Hi, Chris,” she said warmly, “No, Danny and his dad aren’t home yet. I expect them at any time, though. Do you want me to have him call you?”

“Yeah,” I answered, “thanks, Eva.”

“Ok, Chris, see you tonight.” I could hear the smile in her voice.

I flopped down in front of the TV and flipped through the channels. There was nothing on, so I turned it back off. I lay down on the couch and promptly fell asleep.

I was dreaming of calling Joni and listening to the phone ringing through the receiver. Suddenly, I realized the ringing was real and struggled to wake up. I staggered to the phone and picked it up.

“Hello?” I mumbled.

“Chris? Chris, is that you?” Danny asked.

I cleared my throat. “Uhh, yeah Danny, sorry, I was asleep.”

“Man, you sounded terrible.” Danny laughed.

“Fuck you too, asshole!” I muttered.

Danny just laughed. “What, didn’t you get any this week?”

I was silent.

Danny was for a moment, too. Then, he realized what I was doing. “Holy shit! You did! Who? You gotta tell me!”

I was still silent.

“Asshole!” Danny grunted. “You’re not gonna say anything, are you?”

“What time is dinner?” I asked.

“Seven, asshole!” Danny was laughing again. “Do you think you can make space in your love life for us?”

“I’ll see you guys at seven, Danny.” I was trying to put him off.

“Ok, see ya.” Danny was still laughing as I hung up.

After being asleep for most of the afternoon, I felt grungy and decided to take a shower. I stripped, and got in the shower. While I was washing myself off, I started thinking about the last couple of weeks. Eva, Joni, Sara, Teddi and then Joni again danced through my head. All of their tits, pussies and asses danced behind my eyelids. My dick responded and it made me laugh. I had been fucking multiple times a day most days of the last couple of weeks and my dick was conditioned to be hard.

After a couple of minutes standing in the warm cascade of water, I realized that he was not to be denied. I grabbed mom’s hair conditioner and coated my dick with it. The sensation, after being in so many warm, inviting pussies was mildly disappointing. I slowly stroked myself, remembering every encounter, every lingering touch, every kiss, and every lick. My dick jumped when I remembered Eva snuggled in my lap in the rocking chair. I closed my eyes and she was here with me. Slowly rocking, deeply plugged into each other, both physically and emotionally. I thought of Joni revealing her luscious breasts to me the first time on the island.

I remembered Sara, so nervous, but allowing me to touch her and then wanting me to touch her and then joyously participating with Joni and me. I laughed and my dick jumped again thinking of Teddi showing herself at the restaurant. I thought of Joni with her slow striptease out of her cheerleader routine. I could feel my orgasm rising within me with every memory. I slowly stroked my hot, hard dick as my balls boiled, but I resisted the release. Finally, I thought of Joni standing in front of me a few short hours ago, telling me she loved me and she would be there for me whenever, wherever I was ready. That’s when I spilled over, blasting rope after rope of my seed onto the shower walls. My knees got weak and I crumpled to the floor of the shower. I knew I needed to be strong for the two of us, even though I wanted to break down and run to her. I stayed on the floor until the water was running cold. I cleaned up the mess I had made and climbed from the shower.

I went into my room and looked at the clock. It was a few minutes before seven. I dressed and slowly walked to Danny’s house. I knocked on the door and a few seconds later Eva opened it. We looked into each other’s eyes and each of us smiled a little. My eyes traveled down her body and I smiled some more, she had on the little orange sundress from our evening together. She was braless as she had been that night which surprised me. Her cleavage peaked in and out as she moved and I felt the familiar twitch in my pants. She stepped into me and hugged me tightly.

“Chris,” she whispered, “I’ve missed you. Kiss me, quick.”

I didn’t hesitate, kissing her quickly and fully on those wonderful lips. Even though I knew that I loved Joni, my love for Eva hadn’t diminished. Her warm, tiny body was crushed to mine and soon I was breathless. Eva seemed to suddenly remember where we were and she pushed back away from me.

I looked at her and grinned, “Wow!”

She tried not to smile back, but lost the struggle. She grinned and said, “Yeah, wow! You’ve learned a lot in the last couple of weeks.”

I couldn’t stop smiling, “Thanks!”

“Let’s go find Danny, OK?” She said, walking away.

“Uh-huh.” I mumbled, watching her ass sway nicely.

She turned her head and looked over her shoulder. Upon seeing me stare at her butt, she hissed, “Chris, stop that!”

I came back to earth, grinned in embarrassment, and followed her. Danny and his dad were sitting on the back patio drinking beers. (It was Wisconsin in the seventies and the drinking age was eighteen.)

Danny’s dad stood and shook my hand. “Hey, Mr. Navy man. Do you want a beer?”

“No thank you, Mr. Petrovic, I don’t really like beer.” I answered.

He started laughing. “Don’t like beer? You’re gonna have a tough time in the Navy, aren’t you?”

“Maybe,” I said, “but I’ll learn to get by.”

Eva walked out then and handed me a can of Coke. “Thanks, Mrs. P.”

“You guys ready to eat? Mike, get the brats and burgers off the grill, please.” Eva said.

We sat down for dinner and Mr. Petrovic asked many questions about my plans. I tried to explain about the airplane mechanic idea and he said I should consider electronics and computers. Even though I thought he was nuts, (again, the seventies) I told him I would.

Danny and I went back outside and sat on the patio after dinner. He asked about what I had been doing and I was as evasive as I could be. He laughed and said he figured I wouldn’t tell him anything.

“Sooo, Chris,” he said, “you’re really leaving on Saturday?”

“Yeah, I am.” I answered. “I get on the train at five fifteen Saturday morning. I guess that I’ll be with a bunch of guys that have also signed up and we will go to Chicago together. Then we’ll spend a night at a hotel that the Navy has reserved and first thing Sunday morning we’ll be taken by bus to Great Lakes.”

“Are you nervous?” Danny asked.

“Not really,” I said, “that might change later, but right now, no. I’m actually looking forward to it.”

“Wow,” Danny mused, “I’m think I would be scared shitless.”

I laughed, “Yeah, but that’s because you’re a chickenshit.”

“Asshole.” Danny muttered.

We talked for a little while and then we said goodbye. We shook hands and then Danny gave me a little hug and went upstairs while I said goodbye to his parents. Mr. Petrovic shook my hand again and told me that he was proud of me. Eva told him she wanted to walk home with me and he shrugged and sat down to watch television.

We walked through the front door and Eva slipped her hand into mine. We walked quietly to my house and I asked her inside.

Eva smiled sadly, “Chris, I don’t think that’s a good idea. It’s still a strain to keep from throwing myself at you. If we’re alone, I don’t think I could continue to restrain myself. I have thought of our evening together over and over and I want to repeat it so very much.”

She nudged me away from the sidewalk. We were on the patio and couldn’t be seen from the street. She stepped into me and slipped her arms around me. Her head with the perfect short black hair lay softly against my chest and we stood quietly holding one another. Eva seemed content to just stand there, so I didn’t interrupt her, I just enjoyed the feeling of her breasts against my stomach. After a few minutes she stirred, but didn’t pull away. Her head rose up to look at me and there were tears glistening in the moonlight.

“I’m sorry, Chris. I know this is wrong, but I don’t want to let go.” Eva murmured. “I know when you walk inside and I walk away, we will likely never see each other again.”

I started to protest and she shook her head.

“No, Chris,” Eva continued, “I’ll go back to Mike and Danny and you will go on with your life. You’ll probably come back to see your Mom, but your schedule and Danny’s will never match up. It would be best for me if I didn’t see you without Danny, so I’m going to ask you not to visit unless you know he’s there. Ok?”

I just nodded my agreement to her request.

Eva stepped back a little and slipped her hands in mine. She surprised me by pulling my hands to her breasts, allowing me to feel them one last time. Her nipples were hard and I brushed them with my thumbs. She watched my hands caress her, shivered as I did and raised her face again. This time she was presenting her lips for a kiss and I leaned back into her, crushing her breasts into my hands and her lips to mine. It was a deep, passionate, loving kiss that I could feel would be our last. Suddenly, Eva broke away, turned and ran towards her house. I stepped out to the parking lot and watched her run. She never looked back. It turned out to be the last time I would speak to her.

(I didn’t come home much from the Navy. When I did, it seemed that Danny and I were never home at the same time. I respected Eva’s request not to come around unless Danny was home. It seemed every time I called, Danny’s dad answered the phone. I never spoke to Eva or Danny. Several years later Mom sold her condo and I lost touch with the Petrovic family completely.)

Sadly, I turned and went into the house. I went around the house and made sure it was clean, because my mom would be home in the morning. I found the list of stuff that the Navy had sent and packed those items so I would be ready. I realized that it had gotten late and I went to bed. It occurred to me as I drifted off to sleep that tomorrow would be the last day I would live in my mother’s home. It felt weird.


I awoke to my nephews bouncing on my bed. “Unca Chris, Unca Chris! Take us swimmin’! Mommy said you take us swimmin’!”

I heard laughter from the door and I peered over there. Patti was there laughing at me. “Patti? What the hell?”

“I brought Mom home and the boys wanted to go swimming.” Patti explained. “Mom and I decided that you could take them.”

“Uh-huh.” I said drily.

One of the boys had scrambled around and was sitting on my head, the other was bouncing on my stomach, and Patti was still laughing. “OK, guys let Uncle Chris up and I’m sure he will take you in a few minutes.”

Patti took them downstairs while I got ready. I took them to the pool and spent the rest of the morning with them. Mom and Patti brought lunch and we had a nice picnic with the boys. After they ate, they started getting sleepy so we took the home and put them to bed in the guest room. I felt somewhat funny putting them in the bed where I had spent time with Joni, Sara and Teddi. They were asleep almost immediately.

Mom, Patti and I spent the rest of the day just talking and hanging around. It was nice and relaxed, though Mom kept tearing up. The boys slept for a long time so the relaxed atmosphere prevailed until late in the afternoon. Patti told me that she and the boys were going to eat with us and then spend the night. I asked her about Jake and she just shook her head. I didn’t press her.

Mom made stroganoff again and I enjoyed it. Mom told me I didn’t need to do the dishes and I went out to the living room and sat down to watch television. I drifted off to sleep. Sometime later, Patti woke me up and told me I had a visitor. I was a little disoriented when I opened my eyes. It was dark and it took a minute to focus. I was half expecting to see Joni and was stunned to see that it was Teddi. She was sitting in a chair, smiling at me. I looked at Mom and Patti, Mom was grinning like an idiot, and Patti was standing behind Mom and Teddi giving me the thumbs up sign and mouthing ‘Wow’.

Teddi had on a similar outfit to the one she wore for our date. It might have been the same shirt, a white scoop neck, though this time she was clearly braless. As then, her skirt was black, but instead of being very tight and short it was pleated and very, very short. I was lying on the couch, could clearly see up the skirt and I was pretty sure she wasn’t wearing panties, either. My dick, having become accustomed to a daily ration of pussy, took notice. When I realized that I was rapidly becoming hard, I sat up, trying to conceal my condition. Unfortunately, Patti noticed right away and started laughing. Mom turned to look at her quizzically and that made Patti laugh harder, so she took off for the kitchen with Mom on her heels. I heard Mom laugh and decided I needed to kill Patti. She peaked around the corner and I glared at her, which sent her into more gales of laughter, Mom once again joining her.

Teddi tilted her head to one side, quizzically, smiling at me. “What’s that about?”

“Let’s go out to the patio.” I said, struggling to my feet.

We got out there and sat down on the swing that up next to the patio door. It was tucked up closely enough to the wall and door that you couldn’t see anyone sitting on it from the door. Teddi sat next to me on the little swing and took my hand in hers. “To be truthful, when I woke up and saw you, I got excited; my sister saw it and she started laughing.” I said, miserably.

Teddi laughed and kissed me on the cheek. “I’m flattered, Chris, I really am.”

I was mortified and said nothing more.

Teddi said quietly, “I was hoping we could go do something, unless you have plans with Joni and Sara.”

“I don’t have plans with Joni and Sara,” I said, “but I promised my Mom that I would stay home and spend the day and evening with her. She’s been on the verge of tears all day and I don’t want to disappoint her.”

“That’s sweet of you, Chris. I understand.” Teddi said.

We sat there quietly for a few minutes, just holding hands. Teddi looked up and me, her expression clearly conveying that she wanted to ask me something else, but was hesitant for some reason.

“What is it, Teddi?” I asked softly.

“I…I… want…I… want,” she stopped.

“Teddi,” I said. “What do you want?”

I saw that there were tears running down her cheeks. Her head was down and I could see that she was flushed with embarrassment. But, she just shook her head.

“Teddi,” I said once again, “please tell me what you want.”

“Chris,” she whispered so softly that I barely heard her. “Please make love to me. I’ve thought of nothing else this week, but how sweet and loving you were to me.” She giggled, “Well, maybe not all that sweet and loving.”

“Teddi,” I whispered, “my sister and my mom are right there.”

“Why worry about it?” Teddi snickered. “You’re leaving tomorrow and I probably won’t ever see them again.”

Teddi lifted up her shirt and her magnificent tits glowed in the moonlight. Any hesitation I felt vanished with her shirt. I bent and kissed her and then knelt in front of her and buried my face between those resplendent orbs. She giggled and put her hand on the back of my head, running her fingers in the short hair there.

She pulled my head up and looked into my eyes before leaning down to kiss me deeply, her tongue seeking mine with an urgency that surprised me. She held me tightly to her lips until we broke, breathless.

“You taste like bratwurst!” She giggled.

“You taste like cotton candy.” I said with wonder.

She giggled. “Daddy found an old cotton candy machine and he put it in the pizza place. I can’t get enough of it!”

I shook my head and leaned in, saying, “Neither can I.”

Our lips met in a gentler kiss this time. I explored her lips, sliding down to suckle her lower lip, chewing a little.

She sighed, and slid her hands down my back and into the waistband of my shorts. I moaned into her mouth as she caressed my butt and slipped her hands around to the front, her fingertips finding the slippery, throbbing head of my manhood. She squeezed and stroked and caressed my aroused flesh until I was worried she might cause an accident. I pulled my lips from hers.

“Teddi,” I gasped. “Unless you want a handful; you’d better slow up.”

She giggled, “Sorry.”

She started unbuttoning my shorts and whispered, “Change places with me.”

As I sat down on the swing, she pulled my shorts to my knees. She pulled her skirt up and I glimpsed her pretty pussy before her knees glided on either side of mine. Suddenly, the pretty pussy was surrounding my cock with her warm wetness. She settled down until we were pelvic bone to pelvic bone. She bowed her head and touched her forehead to mine.

It was 10 days after seeing Becky that Jonah had his next encounter through the No Strings website. During that time, two potential ‘dates’ had turned into nothing – one had failed to turn up at all, while another had canceled the night before.

He didn’t blame them, didn’t feel bad about it. Jonah knew well enough how terrifying it was meeting up with complete strangers, even after introductions by email. It had to be worse for young women, too. Their vulnerability in these situations.

The killer Jonah was pursuing had been targeting young men, however. The police were now admitting that publicly. The newspapers had been going wild over it, naturally dubbing her the “Black Widow”. A few journalists had even contacted him, trying to get his word on developments in the case, as a close relative to one of the victims.

So far he’d refrained from talking to the press, though with the police apparently ignoring his hunch that the killer was finding her victims through the “No Strings” website, he was beginning to consider the possibility of taking up a reporter on an offer of a public platform.

His one phone call with the lovely DI Mulray, however, since she’d visited him at Nate’s apartment, had seen her strongly advising him against any public mention of the dating website angle. There wasn’t evidence, she argued, and the way the media twisted things, he could easily cause an unnecessary public panic.

So he was left to pursue the angle himself, still driven by the pain within him at losing Nate, and the burning desire to see justice, to ensure his brother’s death was not meaningless.

Tonight, Jonah was waiting for another date at a table in the enclosed area outside Brown’s, a bar-restaurant housed in a converted old brick warehouse on the gentrified dockside, just a stone’s throw from Nate’s actual apartment at 1 West India Quay. He was hopeful he wasn’t facing a third strike in a row.

From his correspondence with tonight’s date, someone who called herself Jessica, he was fully expecting her to show. She was more of a forceful type than others he had corresponded with so far through the website. Recently, he’d been actively seeking out a few dominant personalities in the women he’d been adding to his ‘interested’ list. Thinking he ought to be pushing the boundaries if he wanted any hope of catching up with Nate’s killer.

She had to be at least a little dominant if she was a “Black Widow” killer, right?

His two successful ‘dates’ so far had been fun, but he couldn’t see Emma or Becky in the role of murderer.

Tonight, he already had a feeling things were going to be different.

To start with, Jonah was projecting a sharper image this evening. He had spent the day carefully shopping to buy an outfit to fit the kind of City image his brother had projected. He now sat in a designer suit, smart tie and shirt, and spotless leather brogues.

Secondly, it was a much later start than his previous encounters – 9pm, on the dot.

Jonah was nervous again. It didn’t seem to get easier this online dating, though he wasn’t really very experienced in it yet. The waiting was the worst part – once she arrived, once he knew what he was up against, it wasn’t so bad. The uncertainty chewed into his stomach walls.

He examined the female faces walking by outside the restaurant, and the few wandering around the tables inside this little enclosure. Down here on the dockside, there was a row of relatively large restaurants, all converted from an old brick warehouse. Lots of people around, even for a mid-week night. None of them seemed to be looking for Jonah.

What did he know about her? She was called Jessica, she was 29 years old, two years older then he was, and worked in the City and had a team of 10 traders underneath her, revealing in her profile that she liked telling arrogant men what to do.

Their brief email exchange after he’d added her to his list had not added an awful lot of color to his knowledge of her. She’d ignored his questions for the most part, though asked him some: if he could handle a strong-willed woman, if he’d get scared off by someone telling him what to do, if he gave good head.

Faces drifting by – none of them looking for anyone.

She was ten minutes late. He’d already finished his beer, but couldn’t afford to leave his station to get another. There didn’t appear to be enough waiting staff to actually reach his table, either.

For a moment, he half-recognized the back of someone’s head, or thought he did. He knew it wasn’t Jessica, she being a blonde according to her website, not a brunette. She didn’t turn, didn’t show her face. Maybe he was just being paranoid. There had been a couple of times in the past week where he got the feeling he was being tailed, but when he’d turned to look, tried to alter his route to catch out his shadow, it had come to zip.


He turned to find a waiter – a male one at that – bearing a large tray with only a single shot glass perched in the middle of it. Not Jessica, then. Was someone playing a prank on him?

“Yes? That’s me.”

The waiter gave a quick nod. “I was asked to give you a message – and this drink.”


“She said you should drink this and then find her in the parking garage round back, across the street.”

The waiter leaned in to offer up the small glass of clear liquid, and Jonah felt no option but to take it.

“Thanks,” he said. “Did she say anything about where she’d be in the garage?”

“She only gave me this to give you,” he said, fumbling in a pocket in his white apron before handing a small silver-and-black object to Jonah.


It was a key, quite plainly a car ignition key, complete with a small black plastic unit for opening a vehicle’s central locking system.

“That’s all I got, mate,” the waiter said, holding up a palm to indicate he was now done, message passed, job complete.

“Thanks,” Jonah said, shaking his head at a final offer of another drink before the waiter withdrew to serve a nearby table.

Well, this was different. He had to go find her. In a parking lot. He vaguely knew there was one around the back of this building, attached to the Cineworld movie theater. What, was he supposed to go around pressing the button on the key, see which car it unlocked? Did this mean they were going to drive somewhere?

Jonah looked at the shot glass he held between thumb and forefinger. What if it was poison? Drugs, perhaps, to dull his senses, make him compliant.

He recalled nothing from any newspaper report or police interview on TV to suggest the Black Widow had used poison or drugs on her victims. Still, there wasn’t any hard and fast rule that a murderess had to stick to her exact same Modus Operandi all the way through a murder spree.

The fact that a waiter had handed him the glass seemed to suggest to Jonah it was just a drink.

He had to take it on trust. Do what he was told. She was softening him up, that was clear.

With a deep breath, he touched the glass to his bottom lip, then upended it, tilting his head back as he threw the ice-cold liquid into his mouth. Fire hit the back of his throat as he swallowed, wincing as much at the strong aniseed taste as at the bite of the strong alcohol.

Jonah sat for a few moments, waiting. Feeling the liquor warming his insides as it filtered through into his bloodstream. God, it had been strong. He didn’t remember drinking anything like that. Absinthe was green, though, wasn’t it? It couldn’t have been that.

If she’d drugged him, or poisoned him, how would it make him feel? It couldn’t be a fast-acting reagent, if she wanted him to go find her in the parking lot. But, sitting there a few minutes, he began to feel confident enough to make a move.

Rising to his feet, he felt the powerful alcohol take a little of the edge off his balance, though it had also softened some of the nervous flicker inside his stomach.

It was a short walk around the end of the building to the parking lot.

He entered via the most obvious entrance of the place, assuming this was where he would be expected to enter. It was beginning to get dark, lending the rows of cars and the stark concrete of the structure an air of menace.

A few paces inside, and he tried the button, not really expecting anything. Expecting her to want to put him in his place and make him search for her.

To his surprise, he heard a bleat from a car alarm, responding to the signal. It must have been a powerful system – it sounded as though the vehicle was a floor down, and some way away.

Jonah walked into the direction of the alarm, feeling more than a little intimidated by his surroundings. He could feel his heart pulsing inside his chest, his step seeming to fall in line with his pulse.

Then he rounded a concrete pillar and saw her. He caught his breath.

She was leaning up against a large silver Mercedes – a beautiful blonde with violent red lipstick, her hair tied back in a long, tidy ponytail, she appeared to be about Jonah’s age or thereabouts. Wearing clothes fit for the office – white blouse, suit skirt falling to just above her knees, black tights or stockings, and the kind of high-heeled shoes that could have killed a man.

Her picture on the website hardly did her justice.

She nodded her head once, twice, ordering him to her.

Jonah took a deep breath, wondering if this young woman could be a killer. Was she going to drive him somewhere? Somewhere he’d have no chance of defence? Suddenly, he longed for the bland comforts of a hotel room.


He nodded.

She gestured for him to approach her, and as he did, felt her eyes trailing all over him, assessing him, checking out his threads and what might lie underneath them.

“Hi,” he said, coming within a few feet of her, breathing in a chestful of her exotic perfume.

She did not return his greeting. There was no air-kiss, no pleasantries. She just pointed to the ground, face neutral, impassive. There was a beat where Jonah wrinkled his brow in confusion, but he hazarded a guess as to what she was telling him, and kneeled before her.

He felt like an obedient puppy, but there was something darkly thrilling to knee on the concrete floor, face inches away from her shapely nylon-clad legs, waiting for his next command.

It seemed to him that she was still deciding on him, perhaps there would be a test before she either took him somewhere, or rejected him.

Now she eased up the hem of her skirt ever so slowly, revealing that her upper thighs were clad in the elegant black lace of stocking tops, held by suspenders.

Jonah stifled a gasp as she continued drawing up her skirt, and he detected a hint of spice in the air along with her perfume. Jessica was not wearing panties, so there was her pussy, right in front of him, without so much as a ‘how do you do’.

If he hadn’t been hard before, he was now. Brutally so. She had a beautiful pussy to go along with everything else, with a tidy patch of blonde hair on her mound, and pink pussy lips glistening with her moisture. Jonah breathed in the scent of her arousal, gazing in awe at the sight before him.

“Show me what you can do,” she said firmly.

He leaned forward, hands flat to the ground in front of him, wondering for a moment whether he was in a position to cut and run if things did turn dangerous.

He took another long, slow breath filled with her scent, but whether or not she perceived it as hesitation, she clearly did not intend him to take his time. She grabbed him by the hair and now pulled him to her, his face colliding with the raw heat of her hot, wet pussy.

She tasted sharp and salty, but Jonah was given little time or space to appreciate her. He extended his tongue, but it was Jessica who controlled the movement of her pussy on his face – using him, caring little how forcefully she held his head, or crushed her searing folds against his face.

Jonah could only hang on and go with the flow, licking her, sucking her where he was able. He wondered if she worked out regulator – she seemed strong, and holding him with both her hands, it felt as though there was no way he could escape now other than fully satisfying her.

Was this what Nathan had experienced before the end? A loss of control?

All manner of dark thoughts passed through Jonah’s mind as he put every ounce of his energy into pleasuring this beautiful, frightening woman.

Then she was shuddering on top of him, the pressure of her weight on his face lightening, and her pussy was gliding over him lubricated by copious juices. She was quivering, trembling, rocking, and he could tell she was making special effort not to cry out.

“Thank you,” was all she said, pushing him away, allowing her skirt to fall back in place to cover her crotch.

Jonah watched in astonishment as she quietly stepped around to get in her car, and fire up the engine.

He had to get quickly out of the way to make sure she didn’t knock him as she made her exit.

Watching her drive off, her taste smeared over his face, Jonah felt a little used and somehow more alive than he’d felt in ages. His cock was so hard in his trousers, still, that it was a wonder he hadn’t had a leakage problem.


He took a moment to pull himself together, feeling a little unsteady as he straightened up on his feet once again, before he ventured back out of the parking lot. What a strange encounter. Perhaps that was all too common when you were using a website to arrange sexual encounters – it didn’t necessarily mean a romantic candle-lit dinner and a comfortable bed in a nice hotel.

As he wandered back towards the bar on the quayside, he licked his lips, tasting her again, bringing the sharp lines of her attractive face back to mind. Would he ever see her again? Would it be dangerous if he did see her again?

He’d never been with a woman like that before. What an amazing thrill it was to be used solely for her pleasure like that. Her pussy clamping down on his mouth so intimately.

And in the public public lot – it all seemed so wrong, yet so exhilarating.

If he went back into the bar, would other people detect her on him? The smell of her sex? Yet he needed a stiff drink. He spotted an empty table outside, and decided that since Brown’s had table service, he was safer to grab a seat and remain outside.

As he waited for his drink, he found himself thinking of ways to adjust his profile on the No Strings website to perhaps attract women like Jessica.

But was he thinking of doing that for his own sexual exploration, or because he genuinely thought the Black Widow, if that was what people were now calling Nate’s killer, was that kind of woman?

He felt a pang of guilt as a waitress made her way towards him, that his trawling through the seedy sex site was perhaps mainly about his own distractions – taking his mind off the terrible pain of losing his brother – than actively making a difference in the pursuit of justice.


The voice startled him.

He turned his head to see the familiar sight of Emma across a few tables, sitting with a gaggle of other people who looked like students. She was dressed in a fairly ordinary jacket and jeans combination – chic enough, though not like the little black dress he’d last seen her in.

As his eyes connected with hers, her face lit up at the confirmation it was him, and he felt a little tingle in his loins at the memory from the last time they’d met.

She uttered a few words of explanation to her group of friends, and hauled herself up to pick her way through the tables over to him.

He stood up to greet her, and suddenly feared she would be able to sense the lingering traces of Jessica on him as she approached. There was no avoiding her, though.

“What are you doing here?” she demanded, her mouth stretched wide in a broad smile. “You look very smart.”

“I live here,” he shrugged in return, as she now reached up to kiss his cheek as though he were an old friend, his lungs swamped with her coconut-tinged perfume.

“Or should I call you ‘Robert’?” she said under her breath, eyes sparkling with mischief.

He sat back down, but Emma stayed hovering on her feet beside him. She suddenly caught her breath, thinking of something, and said: “You’re not waiting for another… date… are you?”

Jonah smiled and shook his head. “No,” he said. “Honestly – I do live here. Over there, in fact.”

He nodded over towards the tall apartment building housing the Marriott Hotel over next to the Docklands Light Railway track.

“Very nice,” she said, and briefly glanced over at her friends, perhaps to check they weren’t demanding her back, before pulling out the chair next to Jonah’s and dropping herself down on it.

“It was my brother’s,” Jonah said, thinking it no longer such a problem to reveal his personal information to her, since she’d already had a peruse of his wallet to find out his real identity. “He… passed away recently. I’m just staying there until I can sort out his affairs.”

“Oh, I’m so sorry,” she said, offering him genuine pity.

He nodded appreciatively, said: “I suppose that’s why I tried that dating site, you know? Take my mind off things.”

The waitress now brought him a pint of beer as requested, and he asked Emma if she wanted a drink.

“Oh no, I’ve had plenty,” she said. “Far too much already tonight.”

Jonah gulped half his drink – desperately in need of the liquid.

“Don’t feel pressure to catch up,” Emma joked as he put the drink back down on the table. “So have you had any more… dates… since ours?”

“A couple,” he said. “It’s actually a lot harder to set them up than I first appreciated, I think. You must have been…”

“Beginner’s luck?”

“Something like that. Have you… had any more… dates?” he wondered if it was bad form to pry into her own affairs.

She smiled. “Actually no, but I was beginning to think about trying it again some time – you know, the fires a-burning!”

Now without asking, she took a sip from Jonah’s own drink.

“Are you here on your own, then?” she asked him.

“I was having a drink with a friend, but she had to leave.”

“Having a drink with a friend wearing a sophisticated suit?” Emma grinned, “Don’t tell me you didn’t measure up, Jonah! I don’t think I’d believe that.”

“It wasn’t – “

“Unless she was expecting someone like ‘Robert’ to appear, of course,” the blonde teased him. Jonah just drank some more beer. “I can’t say I was disappointed that ‘Robert’ didn’t turn up, though. You were quite a nice surprise.”

“Thank you,” he said, feeling a little warmth blooming inside his chest.

He saw now that Emma’s friends were getting up from their table, apparently readying to leave. Yet she wasn’t in the slightest bit put out when he warned her.

“They’re losers, that’s all,” she grinned. “I thought it might be nice to give you some company.”

“I wouldn’t say no.”

“You could show me your apartment if you liked,” she said.

Jonah took another gulp of beer, and felt the hardness throb between his thighs. Was she saying what he thought she was saying? It seemed ridiculous to him – this girl was so pretty, how could she possibly be interested in an average joe like him?

And if she was truly interested, he was worried she’d be able to tell he’d been with Jessica if she did start getting friendly with him back at the flat. Would he get away with saying he needed a shower?

He said: “I’d be happy to give you the tour – but you know what they’re saying in the newspapers at the moment?”

“What are they saying?” her eyes flashed with lust.

“There’s a dangerous, sexy woman going around killing guys she meets on dates.”

Emma giggled. “And you think I’m dangerous and sexy?”

For some reason best known to herself, Emma did accompany him back to his apartment. After the abrupt end to his ‘date’ with Jessica, if that was her name, Jonah did feel the hardness between his legs affecting his agenda to a large extent.

If Emma wanted a reprisal of their act together, what problem was there?

They left the bar some time after Emma’s friends had gone, and as it was getting late, there were no longer too many people around out there on the quay – at Brown’s or the other bars along the dockside.

Jonah caught that curious sense of being watched, or being followed again on the brief walk along to his building. It was just paranoia, though. Had to be. He had paranoid thoughts running rampant. Not least, as they rode the elevator up to his floor, there was the idea that it was most likely the killer had gone on more than one date with her victims, whether or not she’d met them online.

But Emma just seemed too petite to be a killer of men.


By the time the elevator had reached Nate’s apartment, Emma was all over him, and Jonah was too distracted to worry about her being a Black Widow, or detecting his evening’s activity with a mystery Mercedes driver.

Her kiss was so forceful, she pressed him back against the wall of the elevator, her hands sprawling over him as she sucked on his lips and delved her tongue into his mouth.

Only the bell and the opening elevator door could make her stop.

“Which one’s yours?” she demanded, dragging him out into the hallway, then prompted by a little flick of his head, pulling him over to the apartment front door where he could enter the code in the keypad.

“Very nice,” she said, letting go of his hand as she wandered into the cavernous apartment.

Jonah had got rid of a few pieces of furniture on eBay recently, and he thought it made the place seem even bigger.

He flicked on the lights, and Emma whirled on her feet and ordered him to turn them back off. “I like it when it’s all lit up by the city,” she said, now peeling off her jacket to drape it over the back of the nearest couch.

“Fair enough,” he said, extinguishing the lights as requested.

With the huge great floor-to-ceiling windows, there was still a lot of light in that apartment, albeit within a bluish tint. Canary Wharf and the buildings across the water had a lot of lights blazing, even though nobody was in there working at this hour.

He gave her a quick explanation of where things were – bedroom, bathroom, kitchen – though with the open plan layout, it was all fairly self explanatory.

Emma didn’t really seem interested in looking around much – instead, she simply launched herself on him again, nearly knocking him off his feet as she jumped on him, legs wrapping around his thighs, arms flung around his neck, her lips crushing against his as she tasted his mouth again.

Jonah held her and for the second time that evening felt he could do little but go with the flow, allow her to take what she wanted from him.

They were breathless as she eventually broke off. She said: “You taste a little funny, you know that? Salty.”

“It’s been a long night,” he fumbled. “I could take a shower…”

“No,” she said, stepping back, her eyes seeming to scan his face as her mind attempted to process the clues. She said: “One of your dates was tonight, wasn’t it?”

Jonah sighed. Well, he’d been greedy to suppose that his abbreviated ‘date’ could be made up thanks to a chance encounter with Emma. Now she’d find out the truth and high-tail it out of there.

“It wasn’t really a date…” he said, wondering how much he should tell her, if there was any way he could salvage this situation.

“She screwed you, didn’t she?”

“I… well…”

But Emma did not flee. He saw to his surprise a curious smile spread across her face as she stepped back towards him, pulling him to her by his lapels before saying: “You stink of sex, Jonah.”

Then she licked his face.

“I love it!” she declared, pulling him in for another kiss on the mouth, then mottling his face with more kisses. “Tell me about her – was she pretty?”

“Very,” he said, brow creasing in bemusement at her reaction.

“Let me guess – brunette?”

He shook his head. “Blonde, not too different from you, actually.”

She grinned, and now took hold of the bottom of her dark t-shirt, which had been red under the lights within the bar, but appeared gray in the blue tint of the apartment windows. Then she pulled it up and off over her head, revealing a simple white bra containing her small but shapely breasts, as though in punishment for a wrong guess.

“She was older than me, though, wasn’t she?” Emma asked him now.

“She was. About my age.”

The petite blonde looked satisfied she was right, and now pulled Jonah’s t-shirt up and over his head, dropping it to the floor. His skin rose up in goose bumps from the cool conditioned air.

“Did she take you to a hotel?”

Jonah shook his head. Emma kicked off her shoes to reveal little feet in little white socks.

“You brought her back here?”

Again, he shook his head, smiling this time at confirmation that this had turned into a game. This time, the blonde removed the belt from around her jeans for her wrong answer.

Emma grinned herself, asking: “She took you to her place?”

But he shook his head a third time, leaving her baffled, removing her socks for her penance.

“What then?” Emma demanded. “I know you licked her pussy, Jonah. You’re so filthy like that.”

Now, for a change, he nodded, and kicked off his shoes in recognition of her correct statement. It made her laugh.

Apparently delighted, she said: “God that’s so disgusting. I bet you went in the ladies’ in that bar or something, shoved her into a cubicle and devoured her.”

He shook his head, and this time Emma unfastened the fly of her jeans, and pulled them down her slender thighs to reveal a fairly plain but nevertheless sexy little pair of thong panties that matched her white bra.

Jonah thought he could see goose bumps on her skin as well, though it didn’t detract from her breathtaking beauty.

She was determined: “Where was it? Around here somewhere?”

“Yes,” he said, removing his jacket now, draping it over hers on the back of the couch. How long should this go on, this Q-and-A? He threw her a bone, saying: “It was in the parking lot, behind the cinema.”

She gasped, said: “By Cineworld? That’s revolting. Inside a parked car?”

Jonah shook his head. Emma reached behind her back and unfastened her bra, flashing him another mischievous smile as her perky breasts were exposed, complete with nipples that were seriously stiff.

God, she looked like a goddess standing in the half-light, in nothing but a pair of skimpy white panties.

“Outside of a parked car?” she said, one eyebrow raised in mock-outrage.

Jonah unfastened the buttons on his shirt, leaving her laughing at him.

“You licked her pussy out in the open, up against a parked car,” she said, hands on hips as though disapproving.

“It’s what she wanted,” he said, now removing his suit trousers to go along with the shirt over the back of the couch.

“And then you fucked her?” she asked, “Out there up against a car?”

“No,” he said, “It didn’t go that far. I made her come, and then she went.”

The pretty blonde was laughing as she slipped her panties down her thighs, to reveal her irresistibly cute little pussy under a light sprinkling of down. She tossed her panties to him, telling him he was obviously too much sweetness for some girls.

“Am I too much sweetness for you?” Jonah said, pressing her panties to his nose briefly to breathe in that dark tickle of her arousal that had moistened the soft cotton.

“Oh, I have a real sweet tooth,” she purred, and now grabbed hold of his hand once again, to pull him over to the bed.


She made him reenact his efforts with Jessica, of course, to more than satisfy her curiosity. It was fairly bizarre for a second time in one evening, yet as the pretty 22-year-old pointed out, other than her forcefulness it wasn’t too far from what he’d done with Emma the moment they’d gotten into the Thistle Hotel on their first date.

“Face it, dear, you just have a knack for it,” she said breathlessly after becoming the second woman in a night to come spectacularly over his face.

Had he enjoyed it more with Emma? Hard to say. It was different. He liked Emma more as a person, obviously, not knowing much at all about his first ‘date’ of the evening. That perhaps made it more pleasurable bringing her pleasure. Emma had a different scent, a different flavor. Softer, somehow; lighter, sweeter.

The blonde now pushed him away from her, as Jessica had before her, only this time he was happy to flop back on the mattress. Then she went over to the window to check out the impressive view over the West India Quay and across to the tall, crystal-and-steel towers of Canary Wharf.

“Your brother must have been pretty well-off,” she said, standing there, hands pressed up against the glass, apparently unconcerned that anyone out there might look up and see her nudity.

“He was,” Jonah said. “They’re paid quite well in the City, you know. He always said people burn out at 35 though, so it was a case of making hay while the sun was shining.”

“You probably don’t want to talk about him, huh?” she said, turning to him, an apology in her eyes.

Jonah shrugged, and now got up to stroll over to the central island of the kitchen. “It’s no problem,” he said, actually feeling good to talk to somebody, even a relative stranger. “It’s hard not to find a moment where I’m not thinking about him – avoiding talking about it isn’t going to stop me obsessing about it.”

“D’you mind if I ask how… how he passed away?”

Glass of iced water in hand, he approached her now. She was facing him, leaning back to press her naked butt up against the glass. If anyone was watching now, they’d be getting quite a sight. Perhaps with the subject of discussion, he felt there were more important things than worrying about whether anyone out there could see his nakedness as he now drew close to Emma again.

Answering her, he said simply, brutally: “He was stabbed four times.”

Emma gasped. “Like one of the – “

Jonah nodded, “Black Widow victims.”

“Oh God, I’m so sorry – “

“What can you do,” Jonah said.

She hugged him tight for a moment or two, before he suggested they talk about something else.

“What d’you want to talk about?” she asked.

“I don’t know,” he said, now he worried that any kind of jollity was now lost for good.

She said: “Before, you said you’d been on a couple of dates since ours.”

“That’s right,” he agreed.

“Who was the other one?”

“Becky,” he said, wondering if it was against the rules to talk about ‘No Strings’ dates with other dates from the same website. “She was a nurse from Tufnell Park.”

“A nurse!” the blonde grinned broadly, her eyes blazing. “Very saucy. How far did you go with her?”

“All the way,” he said, feeling funny about talking about it, but at the same time feeling his loins tingling again.

“What did you do with her?” she said, and now dropped down into a crouch in front of him, her hands sliding down the sides of his body to find his thickening cock.

“She took me to a mad house party,” he said, then let out a little moan as Emma licked his growing hardness from base to tip. “I had to pose briefly as her boyfriend – but then we went back to her place.”

“Her place? Wow. Very trusting. What happened when you got there?”

It was hard to concentrate on forming words as she planted long, lingering kisses over the tip of his cock and around his shaft. “Oh you know, this and that,” he said, but she looked up at him with a sharp expression.

“Well, she did a little of what you’re doing,” he said. He wasn’t really one to talk dirty.

She flashed her eyes, and then sank on his shaft, surrounding him in the impressive heat of her soft mouth.

“Was she wearing her uniform?” Emma asked him in a momentary break from sucking his cock.

“No – she’d been at aqua aerobics before we hooked up – she was still wearing her swimming stuff.”

“Shame. If you get a second date you should get her to wear her uniform. That would be hot. Was she attractive, your nurse?”

“Very. Redhead – lots of freckles, but I always liked that.”

“You’re going to make me jealous,” Emma teased, but then bobbing down on his cock again, all conversation halted as she now focused on his hardness.

She took him close to his peak, but not over it.

Then as he found himself trying to avoid coming in her mouth, he looked out of the window and on the far side of the quay, down by the Iberica restaurant, caught sight of a flash of light.

He gasped, and with Emma slowing down, it was clear he wasn’t gasping from her efforts.

“What is it?” she asked, turning to look in the direction he was gazing.

“Down there,” he said. “I thought I saw… I think someone’s looking up at us through binoculars.”

Then from where the flash had come, he saw a tiny dark figure dash into the shadows of the nearby building on Cabot Square.

Emma stood, and put her hands on the glass again as she peered down in the direction Jonah pointed.

“On that side of the water?” she asked.

“I think whoever it was has gone now.”

“You really think someone was watching this particular apartment?”

“It looked like they were.”

The delectable blonde now tilted her hips to offer up her shapely behind to him. She said: “Don’t you think we ought to give whoever it is a real show?”

How could Jonah resist such an offer?

He figured that whatever that flash had been, chances were it hadn’t been someone watching this flat. And if it was, what could they really see from so far away?

Sidling up to her now, he crouched briefly to take another taste of her succulent and soaking pussy before rising to guide the tip of his hard cock to her entrance, pausing to caress the hot, velvet flesh around her wetness before at last putting her out of her misery to lung forward, filling her with his swollen shaft.

Remembering how hard she liked it from behind, he thrust into her increasingly forcefully, until he was really hammering into her, his body beating a powerful rhythm against her firm behind as she cried out in the darkness.

The next time he caught another glint that he realized was light reflected off a lens that could well have been watching them, Jonah was too close to exploding his hot seed inside the petite blonde to really care.

As far as he was concerned, whoever it was could happily witness this moment as he fucked this seriously sexy little blonde hard, taking her to another riotous orgasm before he emptied his hot oil inside her.


Later, they lay awake in bed, and Emma asked him if his dating through the No Strings website was related to his brother’s murder.

Perhaps it was only an innocent question, but for some reason it disturbed him. Did Emma know something she wasn’t saying?

“What led you to that conclusion?” he asked her, concealing his surprise at her question.

“The newspapers say the Black Widow is some sexy chick that dates a lot of men – and after she killed your brother, you’re out there dating a lot of women through the website,” she said. “Doesn’t take a genius to join the dots, Jonah.”

“I suppose not.” He felt the dark sense of suspicion evaporating. It was a fair point – and he still had the strong feeling that Emma could not be a killer.

Besides – how could he have stumbled onto Nate’s killer on his first date through No Strings? The chances were astronomical.

He said: “You won’t tell anyone, will you?”

“Your secret’s safe with me – I don’t want anyone else knowing I use that website either, you know,” she said. “But how on Earth do you think you’re going to succeed in some madcap search for a killer? By dating every girl in London?”

He chuckled, “If I had to. No – one of the few things I know about Nate is which dating website he used. He told me about it once or twice.”

“Let me guess – No Strings, huh?”

“That’s right.”

“And you expect to date everyone on the website until you run into the Black Widow?”

Jonah sighed. “Well, I had hoped to narrow the field down a little, but I haven’t been able to get into Nate’s account. They won’t send me his log-in details – not even if I pretend I’m him and I forgot my password.”

“That’s what they sell themselves on, isn’t it? Confidentiality. So there’s no possible way a spouse could stumble onto your use of the site.”

“I guess I was pretty stupid to think I could find the killer, huh?”

Emma looked at him, and he thought he detected admiration, or something like it, in her eyes. She said: “It makes you feel you’re contributing, doesn’t it? Looking for Nate’s killer?”

“If I don’t do something, I just feel so… useless.”

“So what’s the harm? Worst that can happen is you get a load of random dates out of it,” she said, reaching down under the cover now.

As her fingers closed around his flaccid cock, Jonah was a little surprised to find him respond to her touch. Wasn’t it a little soon to be getting aroused again?

“I suppose you’ve checked Nate’s computer for any clues to his account?” she asked.

“The police have his computer. They’ve told me they examined it in detail but didn’t find anything.”

“They’re not going to give it back?”

“It’s still evidence apparently,” Jonah shrugged. “I could do with it – I have to go to Internet cafes to access the website myself. It’s a pain sometimes.”

“You don’t have a computer?”

“Just a poor bumbling Oxford academic,” Jonah smiled. He could tell Emma had noticed him responding physically to her hand groping his cock by now. Hard to miss it swelling in her fingers.

She said: “But your phone will have Internet access?”

Jonah shook his head. “One of the few people with a conventional phone, huh?”

Emma tut-tutted at that. She said: “I think you need a personal assistant.”

“A what?”

“A personal assistant,” she said, sitting up. “I have a laptop – I could help you organize your dating. You know – help with your investigation. I’d be like your sidekick.”

Even in the nocturnal gloom, the sight of her stiff little nipples made Jonah’s cock throb into full hardness. “Mmm… he likes the sound of that!” she said, pulling back the covers now to expose Jonah’s erection.

“What, so I’d just hand over control of my account?” he asked.

“Yeah – or I’d just start a new one for your. You know, two accounts searching for the killer might have better luck than one. And I reckon I might be better at getting you dates than you are. I have inside information.”

“You’d be like my pimp,” Jonah joked. “Wouldn’t girls be put out when my dinner conversation doesn’t match up to your emailing skills on a date?”

Emma now pulled herself up to straddle his hips, sitting back to press her hot pussy on his hardness now. She said: “You forget this isn’t Match.com. They’re not really meeting you for conversation.”

“And you’d just set up dates for me and, what, text me details of where to meet them?”

“Don’t you think it’d be fun?” she grinned, stirring her hips now, to slide her slick folds over his shaft. “I promise not to set up you with any donkeys.”

“And what would you get out of this deal?” he asked her, now gyrating his own hips, feeling a curious sense of power for being able to get hard like this so soon after climax.

“Well, you’d have to promise to tell me everything that happens on your dates,” she said, “all the filthy details.”

“I could probably handle that.”

“And when you tell me,” she said, slipping the tip of his cock inside her smoldering little pussy, “you’d have to show me as well.”

She suddenly pushed herself down on him, engulfing his hardness in her tight flesh, and with that he really did gain himself a sidekick.


It was only three days later that he received a text from Emma stating that she’d fixed him up with a first appointment. It was quick work for a brand new account on the No Strings website, Jonah thought.

On a cool spring night, you and I decide to enjoy a movie at a busy outdoor theatre/mall complex. We arrive early, giving us time for a leisurely stroll through some of the stores before the show starts. As you guide me on our stroll, people’s stares linger on us, and you are convinced they’re watching my short black leather shorts that allow my panty-less ass cheeks to peek out, a white fitted tank top allowing my nipples to show through and generously framing my braless breasts, and my black polka-dot pumps. I have a light leather jacket over my arm in case it gets too chilly.

While I’d always rather wear your jacket, tonight you have only your suit jacket and it’s too long for me to wear and still be a good sexy slut for you. Instead of hiding my ass from all of our spectators, you decide my jacket is ok.

During our walk, I gently move your hand from holding my hand and guide your fingers into your wet pussy. I ask permission to drink your sperm and quench my thirst, and thankfully you allow me to. You pull us off to one side, lean against the wall of the building, and put me on my knees in front of you so you can feed me your beautiful dick.

I devour your dick with the immense craving that is always with me, and you allow yourself to float away in the moment. Your dick grows bigger, thicker, heavier with the weight of your sperm, filling my mouth so completely that I can barely breathe around it. Time no longer matters. Discretion no longer matters. Privacy no longer matters.

I am glued to your dick, enjoying the taste and feel of your soft, smooth skin on my tongue and inside my cheeks; coaxing drops of sperm to the tip of your dick and relishing my favorite treat. Your hands are in my hair, guiding my head and my mouth up and down your dick. You thrust faster and faster, stopping just before you come. Your tuck your dick back in your pants, zip up, and take me by the hand back to the movie theatre.

We find a seat towards the back, snuggling into each other with your fingers in my pussy and my hand softly rubbing your dick, just as the movie begins. Because I simply can’t go more than fifteen minutes next to you without your dick in my mouth, I ask if I may suck your dick while we watch the movie.

I enjoy your perfect dick as you pay sporadic attention to the movie, allowing a brief distraction as you pull my shorts down to my knees so you can tickle your pussy and massage my breasts with your fingers wet from pussy juice. When you’re ready to come, you wrap my hair in your hands, lean your head back, and shoot a gallon of sperm in my mouth.

I drink every drop and keep your dick in my mouth, cleaning it on all sides, from base to tip, as it relaxes from this fantastic explosion. We watch the rest of the movie with your fingers still in your pussy, and my tongue dancing occasionally on your dick. As the movie winds down, you sit me on top of your dick, hard again from my nursing on it for the past hour.

You thrust deep inside me, and we feel it push against my lower ribs, filling your pussy from wall to wall. As the credits roll, I lick pussy juice and pre-cum from your dick, kiss you deeply and we prepare to leave the theatre.

Walking towards the exit, three young men thank us for the show and ask if they can have an encore. You and I exchange glances, and they let us know that they watched you enjoy me sucking your dick and wonder if I would be willing to suck their dicks as I did yours. You agree and we all walk to a park bench on a side of the mall with less foot traffic.

They eagerly present themselves to me, still somewhat stunned that we agreed to include them in our playtime. The first guy seems a bit shy but my quick rub on his dick gets rid of his shyness and brings his hard dick out of his pants. I kneel at his feet, take his dick in my mouth, and lick the tip to get him started. He quickly leans back in full enjoyment, and moans occasionally as I cater to his dick.

You stand behind me, stroking my hair and caressing my breasts as my tongue dances playfully over and around the head of his dick, down the shaft and circling his balls. I drip some saliva on his dick to keep it wet, holding the base with one hand and rolling his balls in my other hand.

I take his dick in my mouth, sucking deeply and running my tongue from base to tip along one side and circling the head repeatedly. I take his whole dick in my mouth again, and continue that pattern for ten minutes or so. I move to his balls, licking each one, rolling them in my mouth, and gently tugging at them with my tongue.

I return to sucking his dick and it’s grown noticeably thicker, his balls ready to burst. He reaches out to grab my breasts, squeezes my left nipple, and lets out a deep growl as he cums in my mouth. I swallow everything he gives me, lick him clean, and step away.

You show a sly smile as I walk towards you, and I know you’re enjoying this as much as I am. I dip a finger into my dripping wet pussy, feed it to you and kiss you deeply before moving on to guy number two. He has decided on the empty outdoor eating area and is already standing against a table, dick in hand and undressing me as I walk towards him.

He tells me to drop my shorts and tries to fuck me, but I take his dick in my mouth and watch his interest quickly change to fucking my mouth instead of my pussy. I go at his dick hungrily, even though I just had a mouthful from guy number one. There’s something electric about guy number two, and soon into sucking his dick my pussy juice is dripping down my legs.

I cover my fingers and rub my juices on his dick, licking them off and enjoying how hard he’s getting from being teased. He reaches again for my pussy, but by now you’ve joined us and start licking your pussy, letting him know clearly that this is not his to play with. Your tongue dances wildly in my pussy, making me beg you to fuck me while I continue to suck this stranger’s dick.

You squat me down in front of him, stand behind me, and stuff your big, beautiful dick in your pussy. I think I’ve discovered my new favorite activity- sucking a dick while you fuck me. Pure ecstasy.

I return my focus to sucking this nice new dick that came to play with us, and he’s enjoying it even more now, too, watching me get fucked in the pussy and the mouth at the same time. He thrusts harder and harder, almost in competition for who can control more of me. I keep up with him, covering his dick with my tongue and sucking with a new hunger.

He grabs my head, pushes it down, forcing his entire dick into my throat, and before I can get a breath, he cums with such force he almost loses his balance. I swallow most of his sperm, but allowing some to drip out of my mouth. I gently lick his dick, keeping it in my mouth briefly to soothe him. You stop fucking me, feed me your dick to clean my pussy juice off, and we leave guy number two to recover and regain his strength.

Guy number three sees me lick my juice off of your dick and kisses me to taste it for himself. I move down to his dick, rock hard now from watching the evening’s events, and enjoy the thought of giving him memories that will last a long time. He can barely contain his excitement and doesn’t mind at all being the fourth dick in my mouth that night.

He asks me to cover it in pussy juice and then lick it clean, and I gladly oblige. I love tasting my juice after you’ve been fucking me, and tonight I’m enjoying watching a complete stranger get so turned on. I suck his dick from side to side, dancing around the head and probing with my tongue to coax out the sperm he’s trying desperately to hold on to.

He finally lets himself sink down onto the park bench, enjoying the sexcapades of the evening. He stretches out, giving me easy access to his dick and his balls, and begging me not to stop licking and sucking. I gently squeeze his dick with my lips, then circle the head again with my tongue.

I take his balls in my mouth one at a time, sucking and teasing them, and suddenly he can’t hold on any longer. He puts his dick back in my mouth and I barely get my lips closed around it before he cries out and cums with such a rush that his dick continues to throb for almost ten seconds after he has cum his last drop. He lays there, panting to catch his breath, so you and I wish him good night and walk away.

You lead me back to the deserted eating area, bend me over a table and fuck me after a long night of anticipation. Your dick feels so good in my pussy, fitting perfectly and filling me up like only you can.

I am so turned on from sucking three strange dicks and from you joining in to fuck me during one of them. My pussy is soaking wet, and juice has dripped down my legs. I can’t control myself and beg you to fuck me harder, as my hips grind into you and I push my pussy as far down on your dick as it can possibly go.

You’re holding my breasts as you press me into your body, grinding us together and practically lifting me off my feet. My legs are spread and I’m still bent over the table, until you move us to the grass, put me on my knees and fuck me from behind.

I didn’t know that you had my leash with you tonight, but you put it on my collar and use it to keep your little pet in place while you fuck her. By now, the next movie has let out, and movie-goers are occasionally crossing where we are. I bark in sheer ecstasy, causing heads to turn and voices to comment. Being seen- again- and heard doesn’t stop us and I begin to wonder if we’ll make more new friends.

You tell me you don’t care who sees us or joins us, and you keep fucking your pet, because you own her and can use and control her anyway, anywhere, you choose to. The stream of movie-goers has slowed down, but there are enough people around that I just know many of them are watching us.

I can’t go on a moment longer, and I strain against my leash as I cum all over your dick and both of our legs. Your explosion follows, and I lock your dick in my pussy, loving how it feels when the cum rushes out and floods my pussy, and making sure that not a drop of cum will escape.

We lay quietly for a few moments, and after I lick your dick clean, we straighten up and work our way back to the car amid applause and murmurs of envy. Now to find somewhere to eat…

Here it is, finally the day we have been planning for weeks, our special bike ride. The weather is perfect, sunny with temps in the high 70′s low 80′s. Just as we planned I am wearing a low cut sun dress, but no panties. I get to the parking lot first, so I sit here in my car nervously await your arrival. Then I hear it, your bike, you turn in and just from seeing you my heart starts to race. I watch you pull up and get off your bike, you look amazing as always. You take off your helmet as I approach, you put your helmet down and we fall into a fiery embrace. You then hand be my helmet and say “Ready to go.”

“Always” I reply as I put on my helmet and we head out.

After a short ride you pull off the main street and start down a back road, you follow the road to a wooded area where you park the bike. We can’t keep our hands off each other any longer and we start kissing. I only want one thing right now and kissing isn’t it. So I reach for you belt, I take it off and begin to undo you pants. I slide my hand into your pants and take hold of you cock, you are already getting hard. While we continue to kiss I slide you pants down and sit you back down on the bike. I just can’t wait any longer, I need to taste you.

So I lean in and take you cock into my mouth. I slowly slide my lips past the head savoring every bit as I work my way down to the base. The feeling of the head of your cock on the back of my throat is amazing; I pause for a moment to enjoy it. Then I apply pressure with my tongue and begin sliding my mouth up and down your thick hard member, pausing to increase suction every time I reach the head. “God you taste so good” I think to myself. I continue to pick up the pace, you are now moaning rather loudly, which is just making me even hotter. I feel you begin to twitch, I know this means that you are about to cum. I’m so thrilled to feel your cum hitting my throat, I continue to suck your cock until you orgasm subsides. I release you from my mouth, look at you and say “I have been dying to do that.”

“Wow!” is all you can reply.

After a few minutes to recover we decide to continue our ride. We head to the beach and ride the seaside for a bit. You decide to stop for lunch; we have a light lunch, feeling each up under the table the whole time. When we finish eating we get back on the bike and head someplace else for dessert. You take me to a private secluded cove; you park the bike and grab a blanket out of the saddle bag, take me by the hand and walk me to a smooth sandy spot.

You spread the blanket and pull me down on to it. In the blink of an eye, you have managed to remove my dress. You lean over and start kissing me while squeezing my tits. Soon you start kissing and licking you way down my body, pausing to suck on my nipples. When you reached my cleanly waxed pussy you lightly lick my clit, making me squeal in delight. Slowly you slide you finger between my lips deep into my wet pussy. My head starts to spin, I can’t believe how good this feels or how quickly you are bringing me to orgasm. I grab you and pull you up to me, I kiss you deeply the roll us both over so I am on top of you. I position myself over you rock solid pick and plunge myself on to you I have to stop to give myself a chance to adjust to you thickness before I begin to fuck you wildly. You start to thrust yourself deeper inside me. I feel your cock start to twitch inside my as you approach your orgasm. The incredible feeling of you hot cum shooting inside me causes me to cum again. When our intense simultaneous orgasms end we collapse in each other’s arms.

You look me in the eyes and ask “Was it worth the wait?”

“Hell Yes!” I respond before dozing off in your arms.

Chapter 1

It was a warm early summer day, the kind of day you look forward to all winter long, so I cashed in a vacation day. A bike ride along the coast would be just the ticket on a day like today.

I stopped for a quick breakfast before heading out to one of my favorite areas, looking forward to cruising along the narrow cottage-lined streets. I was riding down one of the more secluded roads when the bike began to handle a little strangely. Looking down at the front tire, I could see it was almost flat, with a small nail poking out of the tire. I always carry a repair kit and small air pump, so I wasn’t too upset.

While I was searching through the tool kit for the proper wrench, a small car drove by me and pulled into the driveway across the street. I didn’t really pay any attention to the car until I heard a woman say “SHIT” under her breath but loud enough for anyone to hear. When I looked up, I saw this woman bent over picking up some fruit which had fallen from a ripped paper bag. A couple of melons managed to escape and were rolling down the driveway into the street before stopping in the grass not two feet from where I stood. I had to laugh, as the whole thing seemed pretty comical.

After rescuing the melons from the grass, I walked over to the woman, who was still bent over picking up some oranges. She didn’t notice my presence, so I cleared my throat to let her know I was behind her, but not before taking a moment to notice she was wearing a short pleated skirt that hinted at a very nice ass. I really couldn’t see much, what with her back to me and bent down, but what I could see looked pretty good. When I cleared my throat it must have startled her because she jumped up and let out a small scream.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you.”

She just stared at me, wide-eyed.

I hate those moments of silence that feel awkward, so I blurted out something stupid just to end that silence. “You have very nice melons.”

“What?” she asked, glancing down the front of her blouse.

I realized she mistakenly thought I was taking about her breasts, which did look very nice through her see-thru blouse (unfortunately, she was wearing a bra, but they looked good anyway). With a little chuckle I held out the melons. She looked at them and started to laugh.

“I’m sorry. You startled me, and I thought you meant …..” She blushed as her words trailed off.

“I did mean it,” I said handing her the melons; it was my turn to blush.

“Can I help you carry this stuff in?” I asked.

She just nodded and carried the ripped bag into the house. I grabbed the last couple of bags from the car and followed her in. As she walked I couldn’t help notice the sway of her hips, accentuated by the short pleated skirt. I’ve always been infatuated by a woman’s ass; I guess you could call me an ass man. She also had a great pair of legs, which the skirt showed off very nicely. I would have to guess her age to be somewhere between mid and upper thirties. She must have been about 130 pounds and about 5 feet 4 inches tall. Her hair was a streaked blonde, tied up in the back to show off a slender neck. She wasn’t classically beautiful but had a friendly face that I found pleasing and attractive without a lot of makeup.

“Thanks. I wish they didn’t put so much in one bag,” she said while placing the bags on the counter.

Holding out her hand she said, “My name is Susan.”

Taking her hand I said, “Kurt, pleased to meet you, Susan.”

There was another awkward moment of silence, neither one of us knowing what to say.

As she turned and bent down to put the food in the refrigerator’s lower drawer, I couldn’t help noticing how her dress rode up almost to her panties, giving me an urge to reach down and pull that skirt up just a couple of inches.

Instead I said, “I better go; I have a tire that needs fixing. It was nice meeting you, Susan.”

She turned back to me, smiled, and said, “The pleasure is mine, and thanks for the help.”

I walked back to the bike, feeling myself get hard thinking about her; she was definitely having an effect on me.

Chapter 2

“HELLLLOOOO! Anybody home?”

My eyes focused, and I could feel the blood rush to my head with embarrassment as I realized that I had been daydreaming of what would have happened if I did pull that skirt up to reveal what treasure lay hidden from view.

“I’m sorry; I guess I was daydreaming.”

“Would you like to fix that on the porch, out of the sun? It’s the least I can do after the way you came to my rescue,” she said pointing to the flat tire.

As Susan spoke, she squatted down in front of me to look at the tire and what I was doing. As I looked up, I couldn’t help but catch a look at her legs, which were exposed under her skirt as she squatted. In fact, she was so exposed to my gaze that I could see her white cotton bikini panties, and she wasn’t wearing the stockings she had on earlier. I couldn’t help but wonder why, but was very turned on by this wonderful sight! I’ve always wondered if women know how powerful a pair of panties can be.

“If you don’t mind, that would be nice,” I said looking into her large round, green eyes.

Susan led me through a gate at the end of the driveway along the side of the house, which gave us access through a tall stockade fence that separated the front and back yard. The rear yard was small but beautifully manicured, with gardens and a partially covered deck facing the ocean. Susan showed me where to set up shop: a spot out of the sun, on the deck.

“Would you like some ice tea?” she asked.

“Sure, that would be great,” I said while turning the bike over onto its handlebars for easier access to the tire.

She went into the house through the sliding glass doors, saying she would be right back. Fixing a flat isn’t a difficult job and should only take about ten minutes, but I was already trying to find ways to make this little project last longer than it should. I may not be 20 anymore, but an attractive woman still has that same affect on me. I guess some guys never grow up.

When Susan came back out, she had two large glasses of ice tea filled to the brim, which looked very tempting. After placing the ice tea on a small table, she sat down on a stool in front of me so we could talk while I worked.

We spent the next half hour or so learning a little about each other. She was married to a guy who worked in sales for an electronics firm which kept him away from home more often than she liked. Susan was a manager for a packaging company and enjoyed her work. Her schedule was a little more flexible than her husband’s, so on nice days like today she was able to work from home or just take the day off.

I told her that I was married also and worked for an environmental consulting firm, which didn’t allow much flex time, but occasionally I would take a “mental health” vacation day like I did today. My wife is a secretary and gets more time off than I do, but today she was not as lucky as I was and had to go into the office.

All the time we were talking, I was able to catch a glimpse of her panties as she unconsciously opened and closed her legs. With every glimpse concentrating on the conversation was becoming more and more difficult. In fact, I was enjoying the show a little too much and began to sport a noticeable bulge in my shorts. I couldn’t really hide it, sitting right in front of her, so I just let it happen.

“What do you do to keep yourself busy while your husband is away?” I asked.

“I have lots of things to do, but it does get a little lonely at times,” she admitted. “We make up for lost time when he’s home though.” She blushed a little, realizing what she said and how it could have been taken.

“I’ll bet you do,” I said.

There was another moment of quiet, and then she asked if I would like one of her famous chocolate chip cookies.

Chapter 3

“Hell yeah, chocolate chip just happens to be one of my favorites!”

Susan stood up and went back into the kitchen, with me watching every sway of her hips as she walked. Just before she slipped through the sliders, she glanced back and caught me looking. Not saying anything, she just smiled and continued into the house. She was really making me hot, and my imagination was visualizing her bent over a table with her skirt hiked up and her panties pulled down to her knees. This was beginning to drive me crazy.

All of a sudden I heard a crash and then “SHIT!” I ran into the house thinking Susan had fallen or something and stopped short in the kitchen doorway. There she was leaning over the counter with her back to me, reaching up to a shelf that was way too high for her. She was on her toes, stretching upward, with her skirt riding high. The cookie jar was in her hands but threatening to slip and fall onto the counter next to the top which had already fallen. It didn’t take long to realize she was in no danger but she was in a very vulnerable position.

“Could you grab the jar for me before it falls?” she asked with a little desperation in her voice.

“I could, but I’m rather enjoying the view,” I chuckled.

“You can enjoy the view later! Just help me out first!” she exclaimed.

“I don’t know Susan; I think this is the perfect time. I could pull that skirt up right now, and you wouldn’t be able to do a thing without dropping that jar.”

“Stop teasing me and grab this thing now,” she said so softly I could barely hear her.

I stood next to her and put one hand on her ass, gently massaging one cheek and then the other. With the other hand I slowly raised her skirt, exposing her panty clad bottom. Continuing my gentle assault on Susan’s ass, I ran my hand down between her legs, cupping her sex. Her crotch was damp and warm to the touch, and I could sense a very slight rocking motion.

“Please, the jar is slipping,” she pleaded with a whisper.

The jar was teetering on the edge and about to fall, so I stood behind Susan, reached up and took the jar from her hands. This position placed my cock in between the cheeks of her ass, and I had to press up against her while reaching up. She had to feel my cock pressing into her, but she didn’t say anything; in fact, she seemed to be pushing back into me.

I grabbed the cookie jar and pulled it down, placing it onto the counter. Without a second’s hesitation I brought both of my hands around the front of her in a hug and pulled her closer to me while kissing the back of her neck. Susan surprised me by dropping her head, exposing her neck to my kisses and moaning very softly. That one little action went straight to my cock and drove me to the next level of desire.

Raising my hands, which were wrapped around her belly, I cupped her breasts while continuing to kiss and lick her neck. She continued to whimper softly, but what really surprised me was the way she was rubbing her soft ass up and down along my now very hard cock. Taking this as a go-ahead sign, I began to push my cock back into her, rubbing against her soft cheeks while unbuttoning her blouse. Actually, it would be more accurate to say I ripped her blouse open, because I remember hearing the buttons bounce off the counter and onto the floor.

The next thing I knew, I had two hands full of her breasts, squeezing them, pulling and pinching her nipples. They stiffened and grew under my rough treatment. Susan began to groan and threw her head back against my shoulder, seeming to want this as much as I did. I brought my hands up to her face, touching every part of her, shoving one my fingers into her mouth which she began sucking on as though it were a little cock.

By this time I wanted her so badly that I picked her up and carried her to the living room, draping her over the arm of a huge overstuffed chair. This presented her ass to me in a perfect position for the taking. Just my earlier vision, I pulled her skirt up over her waist and her panties down to her knees, where they continued to fall to her feet.

This is when I had to stop and take in this intimate and erotic sight. Susan was looking back at me with her eyes half open and gleaming with lust. Her ass was beautiful, so full and round with a pink color spread all over. Her pussy was swollen and soaking wet, with her clit extending at least an inch from its hooded hiding place. This was a sight that would remain embedded in my memory for a long time!

Kneeling down behind her, I brought my face to her pussy, where I could smell her intoxicating aroma and even feel the heat radiating from her. I kissed her clit, and she jumped. I licked her lips, and she jumped again. I licked her tight little hole, and she groaned out load and pushed herself back, impaling her ass on my tongue. I attacked her with my mouth — sucking, licking, and nibbling every part of her that I could get to. I even sucked her clit into my mouth, wrapping my tongue all around it. Susan began humping herself up and down with her clit locked between my lips until I heard her scream and was rewarded with a huge gush of liquid, which drenched my face.

I’ve heard of women who could ejaculate a clear liquid when highly excited, but this was one of the few times I experienced it up close. It was a huge turn on! I lapped up as much of the liquid as I could but there was just too much, so I began spreading it all over Susan’s ass, licking her as I spread it all over her cheeks. Then I scooped a handful of this wonderful lube to her asshole and began working it in, sliding a single finger into her. Susan must have liked the feeling of my finger penetrating her ass, because she began to moan again while pushing herself back against me, sinking my finger completely inside her.

This was really sending me off into the land of no return, so while stroking my finger in and out of her ass, I peeled my shorts off with the other hand. My cock sprang up like a diving board; it was so hard it actually hurt! There was no way to hold back any more! Standing up with my finger still lodged inside her ass I placed the head of my cock against the entrance of her pussy and began to press forward, sinking further and further into her extremely hot and wet cunt. Susan’s eyes were closed, and she was shaking all over. I could feel more of her magical liquid engulf my cock and run down my legs as I stroked in and out of her.

I wanted to come inside Susan’s pussy so badly, to fill her up and watch it flow out of her, but there was something else I wanted even more. I think she wanted it as bad as I did but was either unwilling or unable to say it. I wanted to sink my cock deep inside Susan’s ass! I wanted to see and feel it disappear between those beautiful pink cheeks! I wanted to feel her ass grip my cock tight and milk the come out of it!

With a huge amount of regret and anticipation, I slowly pulled my cock out of her and rested it against her opening while moving my attention to the finger that was still knuckle deep inside her ass. Plunging first one and then a second finger into her extremely tight ass, I loosened her up and teased her at the same time. I have to admit to deriving a great deal of pleasure from teasing a woman during sex to increase her desire, and this was a perfect time to do just that. I had the strong impression that Susan was enjoying the tease a much as I was, so a plan began to form in my mind.

When she reached down, wrapping her hand around my cock and trying to pull it up to her anal opening, I grabbed her wrist and pulled her hand behind her back.

“Please, I want you inside me,” she said so low I just barely heard her. “Please!”

I withdrew my fingers, leaving her empty and exposed, and then with the palm of my hand I slapped her ass hard enough to sting my hand. She jumped, I’m sure from the surprise as well as the pain.

“What was that for?” she gasped.

“Because I was not ready to sodomize you yet, and you tried to put my cock into your ass!”

“I’m sorry. I won’t do it again!” she said with tears in her eyes.

I spanked her several more times, turning her ass a much brighter red. I took a few moments to lightly rub a hand over her beautiful cheeks and then down to her pussy, which was incredably wet. I pressed two fingers inside her pussy, up and towards her belly, trying to find her special spot. Susan began rocking her hips again like she was going to come, but I didn’t want that yet; I wanted to tease her, keep her on the edge.

Withdrawing from her pussy, I moved my attention back to her ass. I bent down and licked all around her anal opening, occasionally dipping my tongue inside her, and once again she started humping herself against the chair and my tongue. I wanted to drive my cock into her ass so badly the precum was dripping out of the slit at the end of my cock. But I knew in my mind that this was a once in a lifetime thing, and I wanted to take it as far as I could. I gave her ass another slap and then pulled Susan up to face me.

She had a surprised, questioning look on her face as I leaned in and gave her a huge open- mouthed kiss.

Then, looking right into her eyes, I said, “Go get your toys and bring them to me.”

“Toys?” she asked with a perplexed look.

“Yes, toys. Everyone has a box or bag of adult toys, dildos, vibrators, handcuffs, those kinds of toys. You do have toys, don’t you?”

She nodded her head yes.

“Then bring them to me along with a couple of your husband’s ties. Be quick about it!”

Chapter 4

Susan turned and scrambled into the bedroom. Her skirt, which she was still wearing, fell back into place and swayed with her hips as she went. Again I was taken by her beauty! She was only gone for a few minutes as I played out the plan in my mind. When she returned, I got my first good look at her from the front. Her blouse was open, and she had no bra on (I have no idea what happened to that). Her breasts were as beautiful as the rest of her, with long erect nipples topping large brown areolae that were puffy with excitement. I could very easily spend several hours playing with and sucking on her breasts!

Without looking up, as if she was embarrassed, she handed me what looked like an old handbag. I could understand her embarrassment. To my surprise, the bag was chock-full of goodies. Lying on top were two silk ties, just like I said.

“OK, Susan, now we go out onto the deck,” I said, watching for her reaction.

She quickly looked up at me with a very surprised expression. “But you’re half naked!” Then looking down at herself, “And so am I!”

“Don’t worry, Susan; nobody will be able to see us. Your deck isn’t visible to anyone except for that house around the corner, and it’s unlikely anyone is home at this time of day.”

“What about the beach?” she asked.

“There’s no one there; it’s a private beach. The only people that might come by would be joggers, and that’s highly improbable at this time of day.”

“What about the boats on the water?” she asked with a worried look on her face.

“They’re way to far away to actually see anything unless they are looking through binoculars. And if they do watch through binoculars, then I hope they enjoy the show!” I said with a laugh. “Now go, before I have to spank you again, and this time all those people on the boats will be watching you get spanked!”

Susan gave me a wild look while rubbing her ass. I really didn’t think anyone would be able to see what we were about to do, but the prospect of being seen made this even more exciting. I wondered if Susan felt the same way.

She walked to the sliding glass doors, stopping to poke her head out and see if anyone was around. I was right behind her and gave her ass a swat when she stopped, which caused her to hop outside into the open air.

“Wait right there, Susan; I’ll be right back.” I said, turning around. It occurred to me that she might think I was going to lock her outside half naked, but I just wanted to grab a throw rug to soften our adventure. The wood on a deck can be pretty rough.

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