While we were living in our cozy little duplex on the military post, we got new neighbors in the single residence that faced the street behind our place (we had a corner lot). It sat more or less behind us, and was normally allocated for use by someone of the highest NCO ranks, like a First Sergeant or Sergeant Major. In this case, though, a guy who was my rank was assigned the house. He said later he was assigned that one because they didn’t have any other empty quarters and there was no one higher ranking slated to be coming in for a while that would need those quarters. So he got a nice, three bedroom single unit all his own.

The guy’s name was Benny, and his wife was named Chen. When they were first moving in, Mandi and I didn’t get a very good look at them. We noted that there were two kids, a boy and girl. The boy appeared to be about junior high age, the girl maybe 6th grade. We figured we would meet them eventually, and took our dogs out to the woods for a nice run. No one was around when we got home, and we didn’t pay much attention after that.

About a week later, they reappeared at the house, and I walked out back out of curiosity. They came around the house, and waved at me. I could just make out that the wife was Oriental, and I was able to get a closer look at the kids, both definitely Oriental mix. Benny introduced himself to me and told me his story.

He had broken his back in a helicopter crash in which 4 people had been killed, and the rest had been seriously hurt. He was apparently the lucky one of the bunch. He wore a back brace and had limited physical capability. He was assigned to this post as an instructor in one of the advanced training schools. He would spend his last two years working as an instructor before retiring.

Mandi came out of the house with some beers, and I offered him one as I introduced Mandi. He took a beer, opened it and nursed it a while as we chatted. After a while, his wife came out and waved to us, but didn’t come over. He turned and told her he would be inside shortly, and she left. She had on some loose, floppy sweats and had her hair tucked into a baseball cap.

Benny told us she liked to make her own kimchi, and asked if we liked it. We both eagerly agreed and told him it would be a delight to have fresh, homemade kimchi.

We didn’t talk for almost another month. We would occasionally see them come and go, and they finally got their own household goods shipped in from his previous duty assignment. About three weeks after that, I was out in the back yard when Benny came out back and called to me. He wanted to know if Mandi and I would come over later to see the house and have a drink with them. I told him that we would be happy to come by after Mandi came home from work.

She got home about an hour later and I told her about the invite. She freshened up and I when I saw Benny behind his house again I went out and asked if it was too early to come over. He said no and waved me over. Mandi and I walked around the fence and over to their front door.

Benny opened the door before we knocked and invited us in. Our first impression was stunned silence. They had some absolutely gorgeous furniture, beautiful colors, a finely tuned Oriental touch, and some accessory pieces that were obviously extremely expensive. We tried not to gape as Benny asked what we wanted to drink. Mandi settled for some wine, and I got a beer, and we continued to stand in the living room with our drinks.

I heard a female voice call to Benny, and he went down the hallway for a minute and returned to tell us that Chen would join us in a couple of minutes. He invited us to sit, and we made ourselves comfortable, marveling at some of the Oriental artwork on the walls.

Sure enough, Chen came in the living room after just a couple of minutes, and I was once again left speechless. She was without a doubt one of the most beautiful Oriental women I had ever seen in my life. She was flat, stone gorgeous. My tongue got hard. I almost chocked on my beer. Mandi reached over and pinched me on the leg. I stood up and shook hands, noting she had a light, delicate touch like shaking hands with a summer cloud. She had a faint but tantalizing air of perfume that was both stimulating and intriguing. She wore a silk lounge set of pants and top, with sandals. She definitely put a lot of Oriental women to shame with her body. She had tits that pushed the silk top out and ass like there was no tomorrow. No skinny girl, this one.

We decided to let them take us for a tour of the house. I went with Benny, and Mandi left with Chen. I was disappointed but the look I got from Mandi said that I had better be very nice and watch my manners.

We got back together after looking through the entire place, including the kids’ bedrooms. The son was the older of the two, in the 9th grade. The younger daughter was, as we figured, a 6th grader. Both apparently made straight A’s and were into all kinds of academic achievement.

Chen, as it turned out, had a 4-year college degree from a university in Seoul, Korea. She had worked in accounting with an architectural firm that specialized in interior design. She had let some of the discipline rub off on her, from the looks of her house and the furnishings. I marveled that such a beautiful woman could have fallen for a guy like Benny. He was rather plain looking, tall, already gray hair he told me he had for several years. I couldn’t help but think that I hoped he had a really big cock, because that appeared to me to be the only thing he could have had going for him. He had a high school education, a broken back, and had to be the luckiest guy in the world.

After Mandi and I got home, she dived all over me.

“I saw you drooling over Chen. You couldn’t have been more obvious! I thought you were going to drop your lower jaw, and I figured a hard on would be next,” she raved. “You just better keep your eyes, and hands off her.”

I was a bit surprised by the heated reaction, but softly said, “I love it when you’re jealous.”

Mandi glared at me and snarled, “What makes you think I’m jealous?”

I laughed and told her, “I saw that look you gave her when she walked in, and you couldn’t have been looking too closely at me since you almost bit your tongue off. And you had the audacity to pinch me on the leg like I was the one who was gaping like a fool!”

Mandi didn’t like being caught, especially since she had already started to get jealous when there was absolutely no reason to. She laughed it off, though, and we decided to open up a bottle of wine. Later that evening, Mandi and I went to bed and had a killer romp. I think Mandi was in a bit of a competitive mood, and she really went at it for me. She seemed awfully enthusiastic and did a masterful job sucking my cock while we were in a 69. I actually thought that maybe I should try to get her around beautiful women more often.

I saw Chen occasionally working around her house, and then one day I saw her digging up some dirt by the patio in the back. I asked her if she was planting some new shrubs or something, and she stood up and laughed.

“It’s for kimchi,” she told me.

I understood completely, since it was traditionally buried in the ground while it fermented. She walked over and asked me if I really liked kimchi, and I told her that the hotter, the better. She laughed again, and just when I asked how long it would take for it to be edible, Mandi came blasting out the door and ran over to my side.

“We’ll soon have fresh kimchi,” I told Mandi.

She smiled a tight lipped smile, and told Chen how much I liked Korean food, and especially kimchi. She also told Mandi she had started taking an aerobics class at one of the gyms on post and asked her if she wanted to go with her.

“I would love to but I work, and I have trouble keeping up with the exercises,” Mandi told her.

I found this a bit odd since she and I did aerobics at home daily from her taped sessions off ESPN. Mandi wasn’t one to just blow someone of like that. Chen seemed disappointed, and told Mandi it was really fun.

Mandi bowed out again, and Chen suddenly looked down, and then after a second said, “Well OK. See you later.”

Mandi and I went back in the house, and I told her, “She would really have liked for you to go with her to an aerobics class. I doubt she knows anyone else, and probably likes you.”

Mandi just shook her head and told me, “I don’t need a new friend right now, I have plenty.”

This surprised me since Mandi was usually outgoing and liked meeting new people. But I let it go.

A couple of weeks later, I was home with Mandi early in the afternoon after not having to close my training site. Chen drove into their driveway, jumped out and ran in the house. I really didn’t pay much attention until she popped out of the back door and headed over to the kimchi pots. She was wearing a canary yellow spandex aerobics set, with a sleeveless top and Capri length pants. It had black trim and highlights, and clung to her body like second skin. She waved at me, and after freeing one of the pots from the ground, dashed into the house with it.

A short time later, as I was starting back into the house, Chen came back out and came down through the yard to my fence. She had a couple of small bowls in her hand and a small bundle of something wrapped in a cloth. Mandi came out about that time, which gave me the opportunity to look away, since the spandex outfit was wet with sweat and was damn near transparent. I could see Chen’s tits and rock hard nipples through the top. Had she been totally naked I don’t think it would have been any more appealing.

Chen handed us each a bowl, and then unwrapped some silver chop sticks with Koroean writing at the top, giving each of us a set.

“It’s ready,” Chen told us with a big smile.

I sat down in the grass on my side of the fence, and Chen told us she would be right back. She turned and headed toward her house, and I got a killer view of her luscious ass in the skin tight pants, and watched her cheeks jiggle and shake all the way to the door.

Mandi poked me with her chopsticks and said, “Put your eyes back in your head!”

I laughed and told her to mind her own business. Chen came back with a bowl for herself, and sat down cross legged by the fence. She sat just a foot or so from me, with a wire fence between us. I could see the lines of her pussy lips through the pants. She didn’t have much for pubic hair.

We ate our kimchi in relative silence for a couple of minutes until Mandi said, “Wow, this is really hot. I didn’t think so at first but it is burning me up now.”

Chen and I laughed and I told Mandi to get her some wine, and bring a couple of beers for us and she rambled off to cool her tongue. Chen and I kept eating and I kept enjoying the view of her body through the semi-transparent spandex outfit.

Mandi came back with the beers and some wine, handed Chen a beer over the fence, and we continued to work on the kimchi. It was delicious, just the right amount of heat, and a delightful flavor, not too much garlic, nicely chopped cabbage without any big, tough pieces. She did a wonderful job.

“You like?” Chen finally asked.

“Wonderful,” I replied though a mouthful, “The best I have ever eaten.”

Chen blushed slightly and I noticed that her nipples, previously having settled down, got rock hard again. Fortunately, Mandi didn’t notice as she was trying to cool down with a sip of wine. We finished our kimchi and thanked her. She told us to keep the chopsticks as a gift from her to use since we liked Oriental food so much. I thanked her profusely for the kindness, especially since they were beautiful. Chen acknowledged our thanks with a smile and went back into her house.

Later, she brought us a quart jar of her kimchi for our personal consumption. She had changed into one of her lounge sets and looked just ravishing. I tried not to be too obvious but I couldn’t help but think I would really love to suck on her pussy until her brown eyes turned blue.

One morning when my training site was down and Mandi had to work an early shift, I wandered out back of the house and sat under the tree with a beer. The dogs wandered around the yard, sniffing and generally doing dog stuff. It was a quiet morning, and as I sat there, I saw Chen come out of her house. She was wearing a large t-shirt, and some clog sandals. The t-shirt came down to her mid-thighs.

She had set some flowers in pots, and proceeded to water the flowers, and pick at them. When she got to one of them on the far side of the patio, she bent over and I almost choked on my beer. She wasn’t wearing any underwear, and I got a nice shot of her pussy and ass when the shirt rode up on her back. I enjoyed the view for a few seconds, and watched as she moved from plant to plant. She didn’t have a bra on either, because I could see her tits shaking around under the shirt, and with it being a mild day, her nipples were at attention. She went on with her work for a few more minutes, and when she got around to the side closest to me, I was disappointed since I wasn’t getting a good ass shot occasionally.

As she stooped to pull a weed from one of the pots, she realized I was sitting outside, watching her. Just about the time we made eye contact, she had squatted down and I had a full view of her pussy. I casually waved at her, and she stood up, looked a bit embarrassed, and waved back and went on watering the plants. After she finished, she went back in the house, only to reappear a minute or so later and came down to the fence with a coffee mug in her hand. I walked over to the fence and noticed she was drinking tea, not coffee.

I asked how Benny was doing, since I hadn’t seen him in a while. She told me that he had returned to the post where he had his original surgery, for another operation to try and free up a couple of his spinal disks that had started to fuse together and cause him a lot of pain. She also asked what I was doing home. I told her my site was down that day and I didn’t have to do any maintenance.

She gave me a curious look, and then said, “Can you move some boxes and some furniture for me?”

I told her it would be no problem, and she said, “Come on over.”

I went back in the house, grabbed a couple of beers and went over to her house. I went in the back door, and sat down in the kitchen. Chen walked back in, having lost the sandals, but was still wearing the t-shirt. From the looks of things, she hadn’t put anything on under it.

She took my hand and pulled me out of the chair.

“Come on, lazy man!” she told me, and dragged me toward the living room.

She showed me where she wanted to move things to, and we spent about a half-hour getting things moved around to her liking. Then she told me to follow her and she headed into her bedroom. She had some boxes packed up and needed them taken out to her storage building. I took them out and stashed them and we returned to the kitchen. She opened another beer for me and sat down.

She looked at me with a little girl pout and began to tear up. I was flabbergasted, but reached over and rubbed her shoulder, and asked her what was up. She explained that she was worried about Benny, and she was sad that she couldn’t go to the hospital with him. She had to stay with the kids. I told her it was okay, and tried to assure that things would be fine. She shook her head, and wiped her eyes. She made some noise about looking a mess with her teary eyes. I told her she still looked wonderful to me. She lifted a foot onto her chair, and rubbed at it as she began to speak again.

I asked her, “Does your foot hurt?”

She replied, “I think I hurt it doing aerobics the other day. It doesn’t feel right, and when I move it a certain way, it really stabs me with pain.”

I told her she should let me massage it, and she seemed grateful for the opportunity. We went into the living room, and I had her get some lotion for her feet. I sat down and she put her foot in my lap. Her shirt had ridden up high on her thighs, just short of where I could see her pussy.

She laid out on the couch on her back with those fine tits thrust straight up in the air, nipples starting to harden. I began working on her foot and she sighed with pain and relief. I worked on her foot for a few minutes until I finally felt the area that had been injured. There was some slight swelling, and about 4 bones that had been moved out of place.

I asked her if she minded a bit of pain if I made her foot feel better. She looked squeamish, but gave me the go ahead. I told her to close her eyes, and added some more lotion to my hands. I lifted the ball of her foot with one hand and started gripping and turning her foot with the other. The stretch and turn made the bones pop and crack, and she gasped sharply, but quickly settled back as she felt the pain began go away. She opened her eyes and smiled at me, and asked if I could work on the other foot.

I agreed and began to massage the other foot, causing her t-shirt to ride up a little higher until I had a bird’s eye view of her pussy. Her legs were smooth and hairless, and totally unblemished. I worked on the other foot until she sighed with delight.

I figured that since I was here, I would have to ask her, “Would you like the rest of you massaged?”

She looked at me for a second, and my heart shrank when I saw her knot her brow, and give me a dirty look.

But after a second or so, she smiled and said, “If you can make me feel as good as my feet, I would love to.”

Well, I figured the door was open now so I had her turn over and started with her legs. I massaged them up to the break of her butt cheeks, and worked her calf muscles until she was sighing with painful pleasure. After I finished her legs and calves, I grabbed the t-shirt hem and pulled it upward over her butt toward her shoulders. She raised up and slipped it off. By now I was getting half hard in my shorts, with no underwear to hide it.

I worked her back and buttocks, again eliciting moans of delight. When I finally finished I pulled her over to where she rolled over on her back. She was totally unabashed and lay out naked for me. I rubbed some lotion in my hands to warm it and started with her neck, worked down to her breasts and massaged them with a firm but gentle touch. Her nipples sprang to life with the touch. I worked her stomach and abdomen, finally finishing with her thighs.

She was laying there with her eyes shut, legs ajar, and looked just purely beautiful. I had never seen anything so perfect, not a flaw, wonderful tits, bigger than a mouthful but not by too much (call her a small C-cup), sparse, silky fine pubic hair, lovely little slit, I was in heaven just looking at her. But not wanting to leave the stoned unturned if she was ready, I slid down the couch, and began to kiss her thighs.

I kissed up to her pussy and gave it a preliminary kiss. She opened her legs a bit, and kept her eyes closed tightly shut. I took this as a good sign and began to lick at her pussy lips, slowly parting them with my tongue. I probed into her vaginal opening with my tongue, and worked up to her clit. It was small and delicate but popped out with little effort. I pushed her legs open even further and when I went to work on her clit, she let out a loud sigh. I started my tongue and lip trick on her clit, and was rewarded with some movement of her hips, and then a hand on my head, followed closely by the other hand.

She pressed my head down hard, and I worked my tongue and lips in response. I stayed with it for another couple of minutes until I felt her tighten up even more, and she started lifting her ass off the couch. I felt the beginnings of a good orgasm coming, and sure enough, she started bucking around and pushing my head away only to drag it right back. She gasped out loud and then suddenly went into a shaking spasm, making a sound under her breath that I could have sworn wasn’t human. She rode my face hard for a few more seconds until collapsing back onto the couch and suddenly, almost violently, pushed my head away.

She was panting heavily and hadn’t yet opened her eyes. I figured I would see what else would work, so I moved on up her body, taking a tit in my mouth and rolling the nipple with my tongue. I slid my shorts out of the way as I went up, and began to gently push the head of my cock against her now soaking pussy lips. She pushed my head down on her tit, and when I pushed against her pussy in earnest, she suddenly squirmed away so I couldn’t get immediate penetration.

I thought she was suddenly going to back out on me when she pressed my head onto the other tit, squirmed around again, and I found myself back where I started, pushing into her pussy. She was really flexible from all the aerobics and stretching, and she spread her legs out, putting one up onto the back of the couch and the other at almost 90° out from the couch. I teased her pussy with the head of my cock, slipping in and then pulling back out. I worked a couple of inches in and kept my body positioned to where she couldn’t make a sudden lurch and take my cock completely. I wanted to tease her a while.

I started stroking the first couple of inches in and out with a steady rhythm, watching her reaction. Aside from the eyes tightly shut, she looked positively ecstatic. I worked her tits some more with my tongue, and she began to buck against me a little harder. I could feel her building toward another orgasm, and so I waited until she was almost there and slowed down a bit. She pushed urgently toward me and I fought the urge to impale her completely until she began to claw at my ass cheeks, and I was afraid she would leave marks on me.

I decided to let it all go and picked up the speed, waiting until I saw her face began to twitch, and suddenly, without warning, plunged my entire cock into her pussy. She gasped, and her eyes flew open wide. I pounded her pussy hard and fast, and she closed her eyes again and rocked through another orgasm. I could feel pussy juice running down my balls, and she was getting slipperier by the second. I rolled with her and let her get a couple of little follow-up spasms, and finally came to a stop. I stayed completely still and let her move against me, slowly and easily.

She finally opened her eyes, and smiled at me, and then scowled.

“This wasn’t supposed to happen,” she said almost defiantly.

“Well if you hadn’t needed this then it wouldn’t have happened,” I shot back.

She looked angry for a second, and then her look softened again.

“I love my Benny,” she told me, “and I should not be doing this.”

I was still hard, not having cum yet, and while she went on about how she wasn’t sure why she had decided to have sex with me, I kept slowly moving my cock in and out of her pussy, just an inch or so, letting her feel the entire length in her pussy.

I finally told her, “Look, I love Mandi, but sometimes you just need some sex. It’s like aerobics, a good exercise that makes you feel better. Afterwards you can take a shower and enjoy the feeling.”

She looked at me oddly and finally said, “You have a funny way of looking at things.”

I chuckled and said, “And you are beautiful and sexy, and make me so horny I don’t want to stop for days.”

It was her turn to chuckle, and she said, “What you did to me with your mouth was insane. I have never done it like that, and didn’t ever have an orgasm.”

I was proud to have provided her first oral orgasm, but I still needed to cum. I whispered in her ear and asked her if she was going to let me have my own orgasm.

She looked at me with a funny look and said, “You haven’t yet?”

“No,” I replied, “you couldn’t tell.”

She looked at me with wide eyes and said, “My Benny would have been through after two or three minutes. We sometimes do it twice so I can have my fun.”

I decided that this was interesting but not necessarily pertinent, and asked her if she would get on her knees on the couch. I pulled out and leaned back and she quickly turned around with that wonderful butt facing me. I climbed in behind and slid in with little effort. That’s when I got my first good view of her butthole.

It was cute, a small hairless hole, and had gaped open about the size of my pinky. I grabbed each cheek and spread her ass wider, and began to slowly stroke into her pussy. As I hit the bottom of my stroke, her asshole would spasm and flinch. I began a slow steady rhythm and noticed that it wasn’t long before she was getting to the swing of the doggy fuck.

I felt the balls tighten and knew I had a good orgasm headed my way, and began to pound into her faster. She started moaning and I held on for another minute or so to let her get another orgasm. She managed it rather well, suddenly burying her face into a pillow and crying loudly, albeit muffled. This finally set me off, and I cut loose with a blast of cum.

I gradually slowed to a stop, let my cock soften, and finally slid from her pussy. I sat back on the couch and reached for my beer. Chen was still on her knees, so after a sip of beer, I leaned over and stuck my tongue into her little butthole. She jumped away, only to land right back where she started, and I went for the butthole again. This time she made a little mewing noise and wiggled her butt. I kept at it until she finally wiggled away from me.

She turned over and with a little laugh told me that Benny would occasionally “put it up me back there.”

I asked her if she liked that, and she said it was okay, but no big deal.

“But my Benny likes it,” she added.

I told her maybe she should let me try it sometime, and she shyly said, “Maybe.”

As she slipped her t-shirt on, I asked her if we could get together again.

She leaned over and whispered, “I know I shouldn’t, but if you won’t tell Mandi, then maybe we might.”

I whispered back, “Mandi will never know,” and I kissed her forehead.

She smiled and then told me she had things to do, so I should go home. As I headed out through the kitchen, she called out, “Soon.”

I turned in time to see her scurry off through the house.

She came over to our house a couple of weeks later and brought Mandi and I some Korean food. We sat down and she waited for us to sample everything until she was satisfied that we were enjoying ourselves. She excused herself and went home.

Next day after I got home from work, I was out back playing with the dogs when she suddenly appeared by the fence. She was wearing a different aerobics outfit, an almost sheer white leotard, and she must have had quite a workout because she was wringing wet. It was better than a wet t-shirt contest. I made no attempt to hide my ogling this time.

She laughed at me and turned around, and looking over her shoulder, said, “You must like what you see.”

“Every time I see you,” I answered.

She smiled and turned back around and pressed toward me. We still had the fence between us but she pressed those wonderful breasts almost into my chest. I eased back a bit in case some the neighbors were watching. This wasn’t exactly a secluded area.

I asked, “You said you wanted to get together soon. You look like you need a massage from head to toe. So have you changed your mind?”

She frowned slightly replied, “No. I haven’t. When are you going to be off all day without Mandi home?”

I thought about things for a minute, and told her, “Can you stay here for a minute? I need to check my schedule.”

She told me she would wait, and started talking to the dogs, reaching through the fence to play with them. I went in, checked Mandi’s work schedule, and made a quick phone call to my supervisor. I told him I needed to take a day of personal leave in a couple of days. He didn’t have anyone else on leave, so he said it would be all right. I returned and asked Chen if two days from now was good for her. She smiled brightly and said it would be great. I told her to call me when she was ready for her massage.

I went in for physical training and came home to clean up. My supervisor was curious about my coming in to exercise, but I told him I was going to be busy later but didn’t want to miss a training day since we had a physical training test coming up. I showered quickly, and hot swapped with Mandi. She got out of the shower and when she saw I hadn’t put on a uniform yet, asked what was up.

“We have a late start today, so I don’t have to hurry.”

She said, “Must be nice. Make me some coffee.”

I got her some coffee and made her a quick egg sandwich. She finished her make-up and dressed, and headed toward the door. She gave me a quick kiss, thanked me for the breakfast and left. I watched her pull out of the driveway, and before I could head for the bedroom to change into some comfortable shorts, the phone rang.

It was Chen calling me already. She asked if I was ready to come over to her house. I told her to leave the back door open (and thought to myself, ‘Your backdoor too!’) and grabbed some beers, tossed them in a small cooler, locked up and walked over to her house.

When I came in, she was in the kitchen wearing one of those slinky silk pants and top things, with one hook keeping the top from falling open. She took my cooler and set it on the counter, and wrapped her arms around my waist and pressed against me.

“I am very sore all over from working so hard. I need a massage,” she whispered.

“Well, if you will get some nice lotion, I can probably be persuaded to spend some time trying to make the hurt go away,” I whispered back.

She smiled, pulled away and without another word headed through the house. I walked into the living room in time to see her look around the corner and motion me to follow her. I followed into her bedroom, and she had the bed covered with a vinyl tablecloth or something. It was smooth and shiny.

She said, “Feel.”

She made a rubbing motion with her hand and I followed her lead. The covering was not only really smooth, it was delightfully warm.

“I don’t want to get cold,” she told me.

“I’ll keep you warm, so don’t get this thing too hot,” I shot back.

She smiled and said, “Don’t worry.”

She handed me some lotion, and I asked her if she could take a couple of minutes to boil some water. She was curious until I told her I would put the lotion in the water after we took it off the stove so it would be warm too. She heated some water, and I grabbed a beer.

We took the water back to the bedroom, put the lotion in it, and I reached over to her shirt and unhooked the only hook keeping it closed. It slid off her shoulders and into the floor in one fluid motion. She stood motionless, nipples hardening quickly, and I untied the drawstring and let the pants drop to the floor. She stepped out of the pants and lay down on the bed. I had a difficult time tearing my gaze away from her and getting on to the matter at hand.

I began my massage at her neck, and gradually worked my way all the way down to finally work on her feet. She had made little noise over the previous 20 minutes of massage, aside from the occasionally low moan. But as I curled her foot with both hands, I got three or four audible pops and cracks and she let out a loud groan.

I asked if she was okay, and got a muffled, “Uh-huh.”

I received the same response when I got even more popping from the other foot. I finished and while I was very much enjoying the view of her naked bottom and a pussy that was getting moist, I had her turn over. Her tits were just their usual healthy bit more than a mouth full luscious and stayed up high on her chest even as she was lying on her back. I worked her left arm, slowly massaging down to her hand, and then gave her hand a work over. I got almost as many pops and cracks as when I rubbed her feet. She groaned again, eyes closed, but with a slight smile on her lips.

I worked the right arm the same way, finally working her hand. It was a little better but still popped and cracked. I worked her upper chest first, and finally began to gently massage her left breast. Her little nipple was rock hard, and I massaged and rolled my fingers around the breast tissue, almost dancing both sets of fingers around it. She moaned again, but lay motionless. I did likewise for the other breast, and then down her stomach, abdomen, and finally her thighs. When I finally stopped, probably some 50 minutes later, she opened her eyes lazily and asked me if she could take a nap.

I said, “Sure, just don’t pay any attention to me.”

She looked at me suspiciously and closed her eyes. I eased down between her thighs, which were wide open now, and kissed her thighs lightly and gently, working my way to her pussy. She smelled sweet and slightly musky, and I noticed immediately after landing my tongue on her outer lips that she was wet already. She moaned with pleasure and squirmed under the pressure of my tongue on her labia. I parted the waters, as it were, slowly tonguing her vaginal opening. She opened her legs wider and sighed. I worked my tongue up and down her pussy, lingering at her clit and teasing it enough to start coming out of hiding.

She slowly moved her ass around, as I reached under and grabbed a double handful of her cute butt and concentrated on her clit. She finally got her hands off the bed and grabbed the back of my head. As I worked her clit between my lips and pushed it back out again, not too quickly and very gently, she began a little moan deep in her throat. That when I figured it was about time to pick up the pace and get a little stronger with the pressure on her clit.

As I did, she got louder and pressed down on the back of my head. I began to work her clit like a miniature penis, sucking it between my lips only to plunge it back out with my tongue. I got a strong rhythm going and she locked her legs around me for a moment only to break away and with them partially bent, pressed into the bed with her heels. I hoped that if I kept this going, I might get her into a three-point stance, one of my favorite reactions (both heels and the back of her head touching, and nothing else).

I wondered what would happen if I introduced some finger into her, so I started by easing my index finger into her pussy, slowly, while never breaking the action on her clit. She squirmed onto my finger, so I added another. She seemed to like it so I stroked them in and out and kept the clit action working. After another couple of minutes, she was really flowing with pussy juice, and it was dripping out onto my hand.

I used some of the juice to slowly lube her asshole with my ring finger, and when stroking back into her pussy with my fingers, added the ring finger to her ass. I began working my hand in the same rhythm as my tongue and lips action, and she began to groan loudly. I added the pinky to her ass and she reached underneath and pulled my arm tighter into her.

I got to an almost frantic rhythm on her clit as she started huffing and groaning, and as I felt her pussy and asshole begin to spasm, I pressed my lips a little harder down onto her clit. Within seconds after that, she exploded with an orgasm, spasms racking her lower body as she bounced her ass up and down on the bed.

She rocked through several more spasms until she finally shrieked and jerked a couple of more times, and then started pushing my head away. I took the lip grip off her clit, but kept my fingers in her pussy and ass until she settled down, and then slowly slipped them out as well. She lay there panting, and I sat up and grabbed a sip of beer.

I let her calm down, and kept my comments to myself. She was just fucking gorgeous, her body glowing in the aftermath of a killer orgasm, nipples beginning to slowly return to normal, and my cock was rock hard. What a babe!

When she finally opened her eyes, she smiled a little Mona Lisa smile and said, “That was so good!”

I returned the smile and said, “Thank you. Would you like some more?”

She looked at me with a little bit of a leer, and said, “What ever you want to do.”

I enjoyed an invitation like that, and set my beer down. I kissed my way from her feet up her thighs, studiously bypassing her pussy and worked my way up her body to linger between those fine tits, alternating between a deep suck on each while I tongued the nipple.

I waited until she reacted to the sucking and then moved to the other. After a bit of this teasing, I began playing with her pussy, probing gently with my fingers. She opened up easily and after a short bit of finger play, I pushed her arms above her head, holding them tightly and slid between her legs.

I began to tease her pussy with the tip of my cock and got her moving around trying to take more into her pussy. I let this go on for a while, not letting more than two or three inches into her pussy. She moaned and moved her hips around, enjoying what penetration she could get. I kept her in total control, not releasing her arms, taking my time, not setting up much of a rhythmic stroke.

I started sucking on a tit again, getting a little rougher with the tongue on her nipples, and sucking a rock hard nipple in between my lips where I would flick it with my tongue like I did her clit, except I got a little rougher. She really started squirming around then, and when I felt she was about ready, I let go of the nipple I was chewing and plunged my cock in to the hilt.

She bucked up off the bed against me and started humping back like a fiend. She took about 20 seconds to blast into another orgasm. I let her ride my cock through the aftermath, eventually letting her settle back down some. I slid out of her pussy, and grabbing her legs, swung her around and pulled her up on her knees.

After a second or so of enjoying the view of a sopping wet pussy, and that cute little butthole just beginning to gape open enough for me see that she was really relaxed, I returned my cock to her nether lips and began a steady motion in and out of her sopping pussy. For someone who had two children, she had a nice, tight pussy, and apparently knew something about using the muscles to try and tighten down on my cock.

I kept a steady pace going for a few minutes as she slowly rode with me. As I picked up the pace, she began rocking back against me a little harder. Once she started doing that, I carefully reached over and got some lotion onto my hand and let it run down onto my fingers. As I continued to pound into her pussy, I worked two fingers into her cute little butthole. She groaned a bit at first, but only a few seconds later was starting to really back into me hard, rolling with me to make sure I pounded my cock deep in her pussy and my fingers deep into her ass.

She rolled around for a few more minutes, enjoying the feeling until she finally almost froze up, and then wailed through another orgasm. I kept the same stroke in and out and fingers working her butt until she settled back down. I took my fingers out, slowly pulled my cock out and slid it upwards to rest at her butthole, still partially open from my fingers. I poured a bit more lotion onto the head, and bumped it up against her back hole.

She had her hands pulled underneath her, but managed to push backwards toward my cock. She gasped loudly when my cock head slipped into her butt. I kept my hands away from her and let her move around on her own. She cried out from a bit of initial pain, but pushed right back again. That push took about half my cock.

She continued to groan a bit painfully, but kept pushing a bit at a time. Her asshole was really tight, and was absolutely scalding hot. I don’t think I had never felt a rectum this hot before, but she kept pushing on until she had taken most of it in her ass. She stopped for minute, breathing hard, and raised up on her hands.

She looked over her shoulder with a frown and said, “It’s so big!”

I smiled and said, “Thank you.”

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