I had barely had time to bask in the glow of my orgasm before Bryan’s finger began once again slowly moving against my swollen clit. I’m always super sensitive in the moments right after I come, and today was no exception. Each of his touches caused my ass to lift off the bed. Not that I didn’t enjoy what he was doing, but the pleasure was mixed with just a bit of pain each time he stroked me.

After all these years, though, he knew all too well what he was doing. The caresses, while being a bit painful, were keeping me from relaxing too much. He shifted his finger a bit and started to slowly glide the pad of his index finger up and down the shaft directly beneath my nub. My breath caught and I moaned lightly. There was no pain when he did this, and I could feel just about ever inch of my poor pussy swelling again as he worked me like a master musician would his favorite instrument.

My hands were still laying lifeless over my breasts. But it didn’t take long before my fingers were again playing with my nipples. He must have noticed and shook his head. “Bad girl, none of that this time.” He took his free hand and grabbed my right wrist, pulling my arm above my head. He then repeated this with my left arm. He positioned me until I had my hands clasped together. He grinned. “Now keep them there, sweetheart.” His hand traced a hot path down my face and playfully tapped my lips before planting a quick kiss.

He removed his hand from inside of me and threw the covers completely off the bed. I felt a chill breeze on my legs and feet. He slid off the bed and knelt at the foot of it. He then reached up and pulled me down towards him, until my legs draped over and my ass was on the edge of the mattress. Quickly, he peeled my panties off, exposing myself to the soft morning light creeping through the windows.

Like lightning, his mouth moved over my pussy and gave it a quick kiss. My back arched and my head twisted to the side. He repeated this a few times, making sure to kiss every inch of my aching, swollen lips. I knew I was extremely wet already from my first orgasm, and he was just making things worse. Teasingly, he stuck his tongue out and flattened it against my sex, licking once slowly, yet forcefully top to bottom. My hands parted and flew to the top of his head, trying to urge him on.

He sighed and stood up, once again moving my hands back above my head. He looked down at me with his head tilted. “Are you going to be a bad girl this morning, or behave yourself?”

There was a tone of command in his voice that he didn’t use often during our lovemaking. But when he did, it was a huge turn-on for me! I gazed up at him innocently and whispered, “Yes dear, I’ll be good.” He stared at me for a few seconds, then resumed his position between my legs.

This time, almost as a punishment, he started my running his hands up and down the outside of my thighs. At the same time, he kissed my inner thighs just below my pussy. But instead of resuming his oral ministrations, he moved down away from me. I groaned in frustration and I could feel his lips curl up in an evil smile. The bastard was going to make me wait now for moving my hands.

He kissed all the way down to my feet and ran his tongue over the sole of my left foot. I began to chuckle, as my feet were really ticklish. He repeated it a few times, making me laugh a bit harder each pass. Then switching to my right foot, he repeated his torture. By now my body was shaking with laughter. I had all I could do to keep my hands clasped above my head.

As if testing my further, he ran his fingers up and down between my heel and toes. This had the dual effect of tickling me even more, while making my pussy even wetter. Unable to stand it anymore, I sat up tried to stop him. It had the desired effect at first, but he frowned at me.

Shaking his finger at me, he breathed, “Well, looks like you asked for this!” With that, he grabbed my sides and tickled me for all he was worth. I was helpless in his grasp! The best I could do was scoot up the bed, trying to get away from the tickling. I didn’t realize this was exactly what he was after.

He reached with one hand into the bedside drawer and pulled up a pair of my pantyhose. My eyes went wide as I quickly made the connection with his intentions. Before I could move, though, he straddled my hips and pinned my body to the bed. It only took seconds for him to once again force my hands above my head. (Not that I was really fighting him at this point!) He took the pantyhose and quickly tied my hands together at the wrist, then to the wrought-iron headboard.

He simply stood over me for a moment. I could easily see his hard on pressing against his boxer shorts. Oh, how I wanted to set it free and have my way with him! But he was in control and I shivered in anticipation. “Now we’ll see if my bad girl can behave herself.” He lowered his face down and kissed me deeply, my eyes closing as I savored the feel of his short, soft beard against my face. Our tongues darted for a moment in a well practiced dance before he broke the kiss and his lips moved down my neck.

He quickly licked his way down to my heaving breasts. I thought he might spend a long time there, but after a quick stop at each nipple, he quickly slipped down between my legs. I could feel his hot breath hovering over my minimal public hair, and I squirmed, lifting my rear end to reach his mouth. But the son of a bitch placed his hands on my thighs and pressed them down onto the bed, immobilizing me!

He actually chuckled as I struggled against being bound. I acted towards him as if I was upset, but this was such a HUGE turn on for me! He looked up at me and asked, “Do you wanna cum, bad girl?” I nodded my head up and down. “No, I wanna hear you say it.” I pretended to hesitate, turn both of us on. Playing his part, he bent down and spread my lower lips with his fingers and blew a stream of air directly against my throbbing clitoris. I drew in a sharp breath and whimpered. After he did this a couple of times, I finally panting, “Oh God Bryan, please make me cum!” He did a quick mock bow and said, “Your wish is my command.”

I realized then that playtime was over! His mouth descended on me in a frenzy. His tongue dipped deep inside of me, causing my breath to catch. He sucked on my lips, swelling them with each action. I could feel my juices starting to flow out of me as his lips wrapped around my poor clitty. I closed my eyes and saw stars explode behind the lids. Two fingers quickly joined his tongue in assaulting my pussy.

My hands grasped onto the headboard and held on as I hurtled towards my second orgasm of the young morning. Unlike the first, which had been relatively slow and steady, this one raced through my insides. My entire body shook with the force, moans and gasps turning to an almost constant yell that announced my release. My ass lifted off the bed and my muscles locked as my body short-circuited itself in pleasure.

Expecting Bryan to allow me to come down from my peak turned out to be a mistake. I had barely crested when his tongue lashed again at my poor abused clit. “What…. oh God Bryan….. What are you…. fuck!… doing?” I managed to pant out. In response, the two fingers inside of me, coated with my juices, slide a bit further inside and found my G spot. I could feel my vaginal walls nearly slap together as they spasmed around his digits, milking them much as they would his cock when he was inside of me.

I threw my head back and panted “Fuck me…. gonna cum again!” The third orgasm wasn’t as explosive or as long as the last one, but it caused my toes to curl and my hands to lock. I couldn’t recall the last time I’d been this excited, or had this many orgasms in one session, but at that exact moment I truly didn’t care! I closed my eyes and simply savored the pleasure!

To Be Concluded…

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Well, here it is. The final chapter of Island Discipline! I’d like to thank everyone who has stuck with me through the story and hope the ending doesn’t disappoint!

Kristy made her way back to her bedroom. She grimaced at the state of her face & immediately began to repair the damage. She smoothed cleanser over her face & cleaned off the mess with soft cotton pads. Then she reapplied her make-up, taking care to match the earlier look. She finished with a light dusting of powder & looked at herself critically in the mirror. A flawless complexion reflected back at her.

She did her best to also remove the semen from her pussy, using moist tissues that she found in the bathroom cabinet. She also carefully cleaned all traces from the insides of her thighs & stockings. She scrutinised herself once more in the mirror & satisfied that she was a clean as she could manage, she made her way to the dining room and sank into position 1, awaiting the entrance of her Master, Mistress & their guests.

It wasn’t long before she heard the murmur of voices echoing down the corridor & approaching the dining room. Kristy made sure to keep her eyes downcast as the door opened and she heard her Master’s voice ushering his guests inside. Sue paused beside where Kristy knelt.

“Follow us to the table and then seat your Master & then myself” she ordered quietly.

Kristy complied and dutifully followed David & Sue to the dining table. Once there, she held out the chair for David to seat himself, repeating the action for Sue. She could hear the sound of chairs being drawn back around the table & noticed that the other subs were performing the same service for their Masters & Mistresses.

Once everyone was seated, David turned his head slightly towards Kristy.

“You may bring the first course,” he instructed.

Completely spontaneously, Kristy dropped into a shallow curtsey before moving towards the kitchen. This elicited a small murmur of appreciation from those seated around the table & greatly surprised both David & Sue, although they were careful not to show it!

As Kristy entered the kitchen, she saw that a large silver platter had been set on the counter. On it were small plates that contained a variety of red & black caviar delicately placed on wafer thin slices of crisp toast. Kristy picked up the heavy platter and carefully made sure it was balanced before making her way back into the dining room. David indicated that she was to serve the guests first. Moving carefully Kristy took each plate in turn from the platter & gracefully placed it in front of each guest, making sure neither she nor the platter wobbled in the process. When the final guest was served, she approached David, who indicated she should serve first Sue, then himself. When she had finished, he quietly instructed her to bring the bottles of Dom Perignon that had been set to chill in the wine cooler.

Kristy retired to the kitchen, put the platter on the counter & moved to the cooler. Inside were several bottles of white wine & champagne. Kristy retrieved 2 bottles of the Dom Perignon & placing them on a silver server, made her way back to the dining room. She placed the server on the table beside David, then proceeded to remove the foil from around the cork. Working carefully, she then inched the cork upwards until with a small pop, it was free. She contained its upward motion in her hand then handed it to her Master. He brought it to his nose & carefully sniffed, then indicated she should pour a small amount into the champagne flute. Once she had done this, Kristy handed the glass to her Master and waited as he tested for colour, scent & taste. When he was satisfied, David indicated that she was to serve the guests. Moving gracefully & quietly, Kristy efficiently filled each guest’s glass, returning to open the second bottle when the first ran out. Finally, she poured for her Master & Mistress, then set the bottle into a wine cooler placed at her Master’s side. She moved to his other side & knelt as previously instructed, knees apart, hands placed on her knees, eyes downcast.

David rose to his feet and spoke to the assembled guests. “Ladies & gentlemen, I thank you for attending this event tonight. You do me a great honour with your presence and I trust you will find that the evening more than adequately repays you for your time & effort. Now please, enjoy the meal & the rest of the evening.”

The guests raised their glasses to David in acknowledgement before starting to eat. There were definite murmurs of appreciation rising from the guests. It was apparent that no expense had been spared! The caviar and champagne were of the finest quality and blended superbly to create a tingle of taste on the tongue.

They took their time, discussing many topics, including the current state of affairs and the worrying evidence of the worldwide financial downturn. David let his guests talk, occasionally offering succinct words when asked for his opinion. It was obvious to Kristy that her Master was a man whose opinion was often sought and always listened to with respect. Equally obvious was that her Mistress also held her own and was not afraid to venture an opinion, even if it was contrary to those held around the table!

Finally, each guest indicated that they had finished. David gently tapped Kristy on the shoulder, instructing her to clear away. Kristy went to the kitchen, picked up the original platter and returned to the table, collecting the plates from each guest before once again entering the kitchen. She returned to her Master’s side and waited patiently for his next instructions. At a gesture from their respective Masters & Mistresses, 4 of the subs rose from where they had been kneeling at the side of the room. David indicated that Kristy should lead them to the kitchen where the main course awaited.

With the subs in tow, Kristy entered the kitchen where there now lay a steaming array of dishes. In the centre was a covered silver platter, from which emanated a dark, rich aroma. Kristy directed each sub in turn to retrieve a dish. Leading the way, she returned to the dining room. She placed the cover on the sideboard and proceeded to place thin slices on venison onto each guest’s plate. She was followed by the other subs who each served gratin dauphinoise, baby carrots, roasted peppers & oyster mushrooms respectively. Kristy had meanwhile retraced her steps to the kitchen, and now returned with a gravy boat containing a port wine & redcurrant jus. She poured the jus according to each guest’s taste and once more repaired to the kitchen.

On the counter were several bottles of a 2007 Seghesio Old Vine Zinfandel that had been uncorked and set to breathe. She two bottles with her back to the dining room. She placed one on the sideboard & brought the other to her Master’s side, pouring a small amount into the wine glass for his inspection. David swirled the glass, watching in satisfaction as the dark red liquid clung to the sides. He inhaled the rich aroma before taking a small sip, running the wine over his tongue, tasting its dark, complex flavour. He nodded to Kristy and she proceeded to serve each guest, returning to open the 2nd bottle of wine when the first ran out. As she served David, he quietly advised her to bring another couple of bottles from the kitchen. She did as he requested and placed them on the sideboard, ready for any guest who indicated they required more. Once again, she sank down into her place at David’s side.

The meal resumed with many of the guests complimenting David on the meal & wines. The clinking of cutlery on plates finally slowed and then stopped as each guest finished. It was once again time to clear. Kristy brought in a tray and carefully balanced each plate on it as she cleared away. By now her feet were killing her, but she gave no sign as she walked with a graceful sway back to the kitchen. She returned to David’s side and stood quietly as he asked whether any of the guests required a refill of their glasses. One or two indicated that they did and Kristy moved to pour the rich, dark wine. She waited in place as conversation resumed, this time there was a more relaxed, desultory feel to the talking. Finally, a tap on her shoulder from David indicated that Kristy was to serve dessert.

She rose from her place at his side and entered the kitchen. Laid out on the counter were dishes containing individual panna cotta with fresh raspberries and matching coulis. She placed the dishes onto a serving platter and returned to the dining room. She placed each dish carefully in front of the guests, finishing, as always, with her Master. He smiled slightly & murmured that she was to fetch a bottle of the 2001 Chateau d’ Yquem from the wine cooler. Kristy dared to dart a glance at her Master. This was an exceptional wine to be serving, one only true (and wealthy) connoisseurs would stock in their cellars. Nevertheless, she moved off dutifully and located the required bottle in the kitchen. This time she also collected a corkscrew and placed both in front of her Master with a hand that trembled very slightly. For her Master to serve a wine this rare & expensive must mean that there was a lot at stake this evening & Kristy became even more resolved to do her very best. She truly wanted to be a credit to her Master!

David smoothly removed the wrapping & uncorked the bottle. He nodded at Kristy, who poured a small amount into the glass reserved for dessert wine. He swirled the golden liquid in the glass, then bent his nose & inhaled the incredible, complex aromas that included amongst others, rich notes of raisin, maple, peach, coconut and acacia. He took a sip & let the wonderful tastes of dried apricots and peaches, mango, marmalade, pineapple and a hint of vanilla roll across his tongue. The wine had an incredible depth & a very long finish. Satisfied, David nodded for Kristy to serve. When she had done so, the guests took up their glasses and took a sip. Silence descended in the room as each was taken by surprise by the incredible flavour & complexity of the wine. Finally, the large, dark complexioned Master spoke up.

“I think we should all thank our host for the honour he has done us this evening,” he began. “This is obviously a wine of the finest vintage!” He looked across at David. “May I venture a guess that you have provided us with the 2001 Chateau d’ Yquem?” he asked.

David smiled slightly. “You would be correct.” He replied.

“Then ladies & gentlemen, I feel it only right to propose a toast ….. to our host!” the Master declared.

“To our host” echoed around the room in heartfelt voices.

The guests took their time over dessert, many of them keeping the wine to savour afterward. Eventually David signalled that Kristy could clear away and bade his guests return to the library where his trainee would serve them coffee.

Kristy cleared away the dishes & glasses from the dining room table, placing them near the sink in the kitchen. There was a tray laid out with a coffee pot, cream jug & sugar bowl. Kristy picked this up and carried it into the library where the guests were all standing around chatting. Kristy served each guest with their preferred choice then knelt obediently beside David’s chair. When Sue finished her coffee, David nodded at her. All talk stopped as Sue stepped up to Kristy & commanded her to follow her from the room. Kristy gracefully rose from where she had knelt & followed Sue as she led the way back to Kristy’s room.

Sue ordered Kristy to stand in Position 3 and not move. When Kristy obeyed, Sue proceeded to unlace the corset & remove the stockings from the suspenders. Kristy suppressed a sigh of relief as the tightly confining garment was removed. Sue told Kristy to sit on the bed & once she had complied, Sue removed the shoes & stockings from her feet & legs. Kristy was now naked except for her collar & wrist cuffs. Sue wrapped a set of wide leather cuffs around Kristy’s ankles, securing them with titanium padlocks. She also removed the cuffs from around Kristy’s wrists, replacing them with a different set. The leather in both sets of cuffs was thick & strong.

Next Sue ordered Kristy to stand up. Kristy obeyed but almost fell as cramps shot through her abused calf muscles. She grabbed hold of the bed & stood there trembling as Sue briskly massaged the pain away. When Sue was sure that Kristy could stand without assistance, she ordered her to bend over. When Kristy complied, Sue to a length of soft rope & proceeded to tightly bind Kristy’s breasts. When she was finished, each stood out completely round, skin stretched tight as the rope cinched in each breast at its base. Finally, Sue removed Kristy’s collar & replaced it with a high, stiff posture collar which forced Kristy to look up & ahead and prevented any downwards movement. Sue attached a leash to the collar and led the way out from Kristy’s bedroom, this time entering the punishment room.

David was waiting for them in the centre of the room. Sue led Kristy up to him & then stood holding the leash as he proceeded to ready Kristy for her next test.

David placed a blindfold over Kristy’s eyes then pressed a switch in a remote that he was holding. Chains descended from the ceiling, which he attached to Kristy’s wrist cuffs. A third chain descended complete with a small hook, which David threaded through the plait on the top of Kristy’s head. He then raised the chains until she stood almost on tiptoe & her head was immobilised. More chains were brought out, this time two short lengths. These were attached to hoops set in the floor & spaced widely apart. He then secured her ankles to the other end of the chains, ensuring she was tightly locked to the floor. Kristy was now held in a spread-eagled position.

David gestured to Sue, who brought a special set of nipple clamps to him. Each clamp was in two pieces with a small hole through the centre. He placed & tightened these until Kristy’s nipples formed an almost hourglass shape. From these clamps, heavy weights were then hung. A pair of thick, leather cuffs were placed around her thighs to which two male subs attached chains & then increased tension until each chain was held taut. Kristy’s pussy was now completely open. Sue held out one further clamp to David. He placed this onto Kristy’s clit & tightened it to it’s most severe setting. Kristy desperately clamped down to prevent a whimper escaping her throat. David ran a fine gold chain from the clamp on Kristy’s clit to the clamps on her nipples, tightening it until any move she might make would result in pain both to her nipples and to her clit. The two male subs braced themselves, ensuring that there was no way Kristy could try & deny access to her pussy or ass.

David now addresses the assembled guests.

“The trainee is now ready for the punishment session,” he announced. “You will each be given your choice of punishment implement and will be allowed to deliver a total of 10 strokes. However,” he paused and looked at them all sternly, “I want to make it very clear that if anyone looks as if they are going to draw blood or do permanent damage to the trainee, their privileges will be suspended and they will be asked to leave. They will not participate in further proceedings. Do I make myself clear?”

The guests all acknowledged his conditions and moved to avail themselves of their favourite implements.

David turned to Kristy. “When each of the 10 strokes have been delivered, you will thank the Master or Mistress for giving you what you deserve,” he told her.

The dark complexioned Master was the first to step up. He had chosen a soft, suede leather flogger with multiple thin strands. He was well aware of his powerful physique and had chosen his tool accordingly. With his powerful blows, the flogger stung as badly as if a more severe implement had been used. He used his ten strokes carefully, placing 5 across Kristy’s ass, 2 blows to each of her breasts and the final one between her legs, catching clit, pussy & ass in one stroke.

“I am satisfied,” he said.

“T-thank you Master for giving me what I deserve,” Kristy managed to say, although her pussy was burning from that last blow.

Next to step up was Mistress C. She chose a leather paddle with metal studs embedded into it. She delivered 10 short, sharp strokes to Kristy’s ass, imprinting deep red marks into the skin. Mistress C had not pulled her blows and Kristy’s ass felt bruised afterwards. Nevertheless, she managed to maintain an even tone as she thanked her.

The second Master stepped up. He too had selected a flogger, but this one had thin leather strands which stung fiercely as they hit Kristy’s skin. This Master concentrated his blows over the front of her body, moving down from her breasts down across her belly & finally to her thighs. Kristy whimpered slightly as the thin strands bit into her crotch & pussy but managed to keep the sound fairly muffled. Only David & Sue, who were standing either side of her heard the sound. Sue looked at David and raised an eyebrow in query. As the Master finished his ten strokes David looked at Kristy and spoke loudly enough for the rest of the assembled guests to hear.

“As the punishment becomes more severe, you will be allowed to react,” he told her. “However, any sound you make will be directly judged according to the severity of the punishment,” he continued.

The second Mistress stepped up & murmured something to David. He considered her request and then nodded. The Mistress beckoned to the third Master, who joined her. They both held riding crops in their hands.

Kristy desperately tried to stop herself flinching as the Master & Mistress landed blows across both her front & back at the same time. The Mistress concentrated her blows across Kristy’s ass & the backs of her thighs, whilst the Master targeted her breasts, clit & pussy. Kristy couldn’t prevent a moan as pain shot through her but folded her lips about making any further sounds. She had to take a moment to catch her breath when both had finished but still managed to thank them for punishing her.

The last Mistress stepped forward. In her hand she held a cane. It was slim & flexible & just looking at it, the guests knew it would hurt!

David held up his hand before she could start her turn.

“Remember what I said!” he advised her warningly.

She nodded before flexing the whip. Taking care, she laid the first blow across Kristy’s breasts. A line of fire followed the blow. The Mistress took her time, spacing out each blow, varying the period of time between each one so that Kristy could not anticipate when the next blow would fall. By the time she had finished, tears were leaking from beneath Kristy’s blindfold but she had managed to contain her reactions to a couple of small yelps as the cane had landed across her clamped nipples & clit.

Sue now stepped in front of Kristy. She looked at the sub, whose body was now criss-crossed with red welts and felt a great pride in how she had coped with the punishment doled out. However, Kristy’s greatest test now lay ahead & she would need all her hard earned control to come through it.

She looked at David, who had moved behind Kristy. In their hands they held thin, flexible schooling whips. These were fierce and would cut painfully when used. At a nod from David, Sue began. Using strong but controlled strokes, she started to lay blows across the front of Kristy’s body. She set up a rhythm with David who was concentrating his blows across the back of Kristy’s body. Kristy gasped as thin lines of fire cut across her skin. She counted twenty strokes & was about to sigh in relief when the next one caught her by surprise. This one was harder than the ones that had come before. The next sharp blow was across her shoulders. Again she gasped. She suffered through another six blows of similar intensity but screamed as the next one landed directly between her legs, biting into her clit & pussy. She felt hands parting her ass cheeks then once more she screamed as the next blow landed directly across her asshole with burning pain. Then the blows stopped. If it hadn’t been for the chains holding her taut, she would have collapsed to the floor & tears were rolling down her cheeks. Sue & David cast aside their whips and as one began to soothe & massage Kristy’s body, relieving some of the pain. Sue leaned in towards Kristy’s head.

The change happened quickly and I still don’t really know why.

After twenty years of marriage, working hard and raising children, our sex life was a near total loss. When Jennifer and I got around to it, if the stars were properly aligned in ways I do not quite understand, the sex was great. However for the most part, it was infrequent and uninspired.

I love to watch my wife pleasured. I am inspired by her moans, her groans and her orgasms. When she gets to it, her orgasms are fierce. Her screams are loud and her legs and chest quiver with electric motion. The look on her face is inspired as her pleasure reaches sensory overload. Nothing would make me happier than to watch her orgasm daily. Just a fantasy of mine I supposed, at least until . . .

Several months ago something changed. I could write an entire treatise speculating as to why, but truthfully it does not matter. Suddenly sex captivated Jennifer.

It started one morning. I was fast asleep until a vague sensation began to bring me out of it. My body woke before my mind and something felt wonderful. I opened my eyes a little and saw Jennifer’s scalp on my stomach while she gently sucked my hardening cock.

She realized I was awakening and, removing my cock from her mouth and turning to me, said, “I love when your cock gets hard and long in my mouth.”

Then she moved her mouth back over my cock and started to suck on it like there was no tomorrow. She had a purpose and passion that I had not seen in years. She made loud slurping noises, hummed her pleasure and drooled mightily all over my straining organ. Soon I was about to blow a huge load of cum.

“I’m about to make a huge mess,” I warned her.

“Wonderful,” Jennifer said, briefly lifting off my aching cock. “I really want it. Give me your cum. Give me your cum. Give me your hot blast of cum. Now!”

Well, that did it. I exploded in her mouth, losing virtually all of my body fluid in a series of shots. In turn my cum flowed out of the corners of her mouth and covered her mouth and chin, dripping slowly onto my balls. Jennifer swallowed and cooed and we fell asleep.

Later I asked her what gotten into her, to which she slowly replied “I don’t know.”

Not one to bite the hand that feeds me, I left it at that.

Jennifer’s transformation continued. A few days later she announced we should bring in dinner. While I called, she went upstairs and emerged a few minutes later in the sexiest lingerie I had ever seen. The lacy black bra presented her breasts beautifully and was largely transparent. Her large, hard nipples were obvious to see. She wore a sheer cover up that hid little as well as very thin, black fishnet stocking. She left her pussy uncovered and I quickly learned why. She pushed me onto the large footstool in the living room, grabbed my rock hard cock and lowered her pussy onto it. Jennifer was soaked, her pussy lips wide-open and bright red. She first briefly moaned then deeply groaned. She fucked herself on my cock very fast and very hard. After about ten minutes she began to quickly rub her engorged clit. Her groans grew louder until she suddenly stiffened and her eyes rolled up into her head. Then her entire body shuddered and jerked as she screamed at the top of her lungs, loud enough to bring on the police. Well, that got me and I shot a huge load of cum into her dripping, clutching pussy.

Of course the doorbell range just as Jennifer collapsed onto my chest. I joked that she should answer the door since she was on top. She looked calmly at me, giggled for a moment, then rose and answered the door. The pizza deliveryman walked into our kitchen, looking in a state of shock. After leaving the pizza on our counter, he followed Jennifer back to the front door. Cum was running freely down both of her legs, scarcely concealed by the cover up. We couldn’t stop laughing as we gorged on dinner.

Then two weeks ago she really got me going. Jennifer had been at a local social event and was wearing a very pretty blue dress as we cleaned up the dinner dishes. She excused herself to the restroom and I finished drying the dishes. She walked back in a moment later, grabbed my hand and placed it onto her bare pussy. It was already soaking wet and super heated.

“Finger fuck me – hard,” Jennifer said.

I rubbed three fingers along her slit, adjusting the pressure I applied as I went. Jennifer immediately began to moan. I stuck my fingers into her pussy and tried to rub her G-spot, which sometimes works and sometimes does not. That night it worked.

Jennifer started groaning and mumbling, “Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Oh God!”

After about five minutes of this Jennifer screamed, “My clit. God, my clit.”

So I roughly rubbed her clit with three fingers and Jennifer quickly exploded. At the top of her longs she screamed, “So good. So good. So fucking good.”

She lost the strength in her legs and held onto me. I walked her over to the sofa in the den. As her breathing normalized, she looked me right in the eyes and said, “I need your cock in my ass.”

“Say no more,” I responded.

I took out my tungsten steel cock as I fingered her ass, which was soaked as a result of the fluids from her explosive orgasm flowing out of her pussy. I shot my cock into her ass and my balls slammed into the back of her thighs. Jennifer screamed again. She was still incredibly sensitive from her orgasm and got right back to waking the neighbors and alerting the police.

“Fuck my ass harder! Harder!” she screamed.

I slammed my beautiful wife in the ass and she exploded into another orgasm. Within a few seconds I shot the biggest load ever into her clenching ass. As we lay on the sofa and tried to breathe, I again asked her what had gotten into her.

“Sorry, I just don’t know. It’s just, well, the idea of sex seems much more captivating now and I really want to feel pleasure that I can barely contain,” explained Jennifer. “No clue,” she continued, “but surely you’re not complaining?”

“No no no!,” I agreed, as fast as my mouth could move. “So in your present incarnation, you are enjoying raw sexual stimulation.”

“Yes,” said Jennifer. “That seems to be working for me. In the past few weeks I have had the best orgasms of my life. It seems to be getting you harder and me more stimulated by it. I like it.”

I continued slowly. “If I can get you even more stimulation, are you interested?”

“Sure,” Jennifer gently responded right away. “Why not? This is definitely a flow I am going with. Now come fuck me some more.”

I did.

*** Club Massive Mystique

What Jennifer did not know is that I had learned about a highly restricted sex club at this stage.

A kid I work with had learned about it from an entertainer at a bachelor party. The party featured two women who had sex together for the men, and who together blew the groom-to-be. My co-worker had won a raffle at the party that entitled him to be the one partier who could fuck one of the entertainers. He picked the blond with the great blowjob mouth, took her into the bedroom and slammed his dick into her. As they screwed he told her how well both women had performed.

“We get loads of practice at Club Massive,” she had explained. “It is an invitation only club that features men with, well, massive cocks. The pay is really good and the customers are nice, and loads of fun. The waiters and the entertainers really stimulate the audience and we help them get off like never before.”

Well, my little friend must have done a good job with this woman because she gave him four passes for entry, and he gave me two of them.

So a week later, with the passes in hand, I told Jennifer about Club Massive Mystique. The Club is located about an hour away in a very private residential neighborhood. We might have run into people we know there, but likely not. In any event, Jennifer was not inclined to get lost in logistical details. She said it sounded like fun and wanted to make sure we would be free simply to watch the entertainers. I confirmed that this was the case, and that I would follow her lead in choosing our level of participation, including none.

“Let’s do it!” Jennifer concluded.

That was last Sunday today. The next Saturday at 7:00pm we were dressing for the 9:00pm performance. I chose light weight, tan linen slacks, a sporty, island-themed shirt and my best Italian leather slip-on shoes. Jennifer had shopped for an unusual dress. She chose a rose gown with long slits on both sides and a low scoop neckline. She bought a shelf bra that presented her spectacular 38D breasts up and slightly over the aggressive neckline. She added Italian leather sandals with straps that wrapped around her legs from ankle to knee. She applied slightly more pronounced makeup than normal, making her look more exotic but not whorish. When ready she sidled up to me, kissed my cheek and announced that here pussy already was dripping wet. She was ready all right.

During the drive we were quiet. She asked me a few more questions about the Club and I answered what I knew, which wasn’t much. She gently rubbed my cock, which already was very hard. It throbbed to her touch. From time to time she rubbing her pussy and let me lick her steaming juices from her hand. Jennifer tasted delicious as always and hotter than ever. Yup, ready.

We pulled up to the club at 8:30pm and turned over our car to the valet. We entered an enormous classic Tudor mansion and presented our passes. The hostess, dressed like a high-end hooker, gave us a small Rule Sheet and asked us to read it:

“Welcome to Club Massive Mystique. Our goal is to provide the highest quality entertainment and stimulation from our well-endowed staff. Please observe a few simple rules:

1. At all times be polite and respectful to performers, service staff and patrons.

2. Sex of all kinds is permissible with all present, provided it is consensual.

3. Please readily ask for any needs you may have; our staff is here to help.

4. Join the stage only upon request by a performer.”

That was it, nice and simple. The hostess learned we had no questions then seated us at a very large, luxurious curved booth facing a round, raised stage. Similar booths surrounded the stage, which was brightly lit and decorated as a Victorian bedroom incorporating a large seating area featuring an enormous wing-backed chair with an oversized footstool.

Our waiter emerged from a large black door and asked us for our drink order. He was shirtless and wore black spandex slacks. Through the slacks we could see the clear outline of a very thick, short cock. It seemed to me to be impossibly fat. It occurred to me that perhaps it grew much longer when the waiter was fully engorged. If so, he would be incredibly impressive. I shared my thoughts with Jennifer, who decided to find out. She asked the waiter to draw closer and, with two hands, roughly rubbed the man’s cock through his slacks. As he moaned his cock grew thicker but not much longer. Our question answered, Jennifer withdrew and we ordered celebratory champagne. Our waiter thanked us with gusto.

Halfway through the bottle, the stage darkened. Unusual, low volume new age music eased into the room. The use of unusual instruments and synthesizer created a highly exotic setting. Slowly the lights rose and there, lying on the bed, was a tall, good-looking man sporting a huge erection. His cock was easily 12″ long and so thick his hand barely worked around it. He used his hand to slowly squeeze his cock such that it was very red and hard. The tip of his cock was wide and thick; I thought the tip alone probably drove women crazy.

After a few minutes a very pretty redhead walked onstage. She wore a thin, green bra that showed off her moderately sized breasts very nicely. She wore sheer black panties that revealed her fire red bush. She dropped onto the bed and immediately began to suck on the performer’s enormous cock. She stretched her mouth greatly and still could take only about half the cock into her drooling mouth. She used both hands in a sliding, twisting motion around the lower half of the cock that she had not managed to engulf in her mouth. Her hands now were covered in her saliva and the male performer groaned with intense pleasure.

The male performer soon grabbed the woman’s rear and shifted her body so that her pussy faced us directly. As she attempted to suck the life out of the monster cock before her, the man slid his hand under the woman’s panties and, as we watched through the sheer material, inserted three long fingers into her pussy. The woman jumped and moaned all at once as her pleasure began to match that of the male performer.

At this point Jennifer stared at me with a look of intense lust. She was starting to display the out-of-control horniness that she had been increasingly demonstrating over the past month. She reached for my slacks, dropped the zipper and pulled out my steel cock. She rubbed it slowly and firmly as she repeatedly licked her lips. My cock was drooling pre-cum that covered Jennifer’s fingers. She let go for a moment, licked my pre-cum off her fingers, and then returned to tugging my cock.

I took a long drag from my glass to finish the champagne. Jennifer looked at the empty bottle and said she was incredibly thirsty. I called over the waiter and ordered a second bottle. His cock, if possible now even thicker, looked to be attempting to burst form his slacks. The spandex was being pushed to its expansive limits.

Jennifer returned to watching the mutual stimulation on the stage, her eyes glazed and remote. I looked around the room to see many patrons in various stages of sexual endeavor. In an odd way, the patrons were very private in their booths, which offered a slight bit of privacy in this public setting. Many couples were stimulating one another by hand so that they could continue to watch the stage show. A brunette with relatively small tits, sitting about 15 feet to our right, sat on her companion’s hard cock while slowly and carefully raising and lowering herself on that pleasure stick. She looked in heaven and in no rush to climax. Her companion looked happy as can be, watching the brunette and the stage performers at the same time. Across the aisle, near the corner entrance, a blond held two cocks and alternately sucked on both. Her face was sloppy as hell. One of those cocks apparently already had blown a load on her as I observed that a few streams of cum highlighted her long, strait hair. I thought it was unfair that she was doing all the work until another man sat up from under the table, gave the blond a long, wet kiss, then returned to below the table to continue licking the blonde’s no doubt soaking pussy. I felt better; fair is fair. The blonde must have been a very good girl this year.

As I heard our waiter return and begin opening the next bottle, Jennifer slid close to me.

“Honey, I am so thirsty. I am desperate for a load of cum,” she whispered.

Well, I thought I was in for another memorable moment. She then asked the waiter to move closer, pulled down the front of his slacks and sucked his granite cock into her mouth. Because it was only about 4-5″ in length Jennifer’s mouth could engulf his entire cock, though her mouth still was stretched greatly. She aggressively sucked and sucked on the cock. After about five minutes the waiter pressed his cock into Jennifer’s mouth and shot fresh, steaming hot cum into it. Jennifer’s eyes grew instantly. She opened her mouth and a flood of cum shot from her mouth down onto her chest. The waiter then shot an even dozen large, fast rockets of cum onto Jennifer’s heaving breasts. She stuffed his still hard cock back into her mouth for the last blast and took a large swallow, looking very satisfied. She cleaned the waiter’s cock with her mouth and stuffed it back into his slacks.

“Thank you,” the waiter said to Jennifer, “Sometimes it is tough to work here.”

“I understand,” replied Jennifer. “I’ll try to make it easier. The night is young and you taste delicious.”

As the waiter returned to the kitchen bearing a huge smile, Jennifer slid over to give me a long, deep kiss. Her mouth reeked of cum, which turned me on greatly.

“Thanks for sharing,” I said.

“That was wonderful. This is my kind of place,” Jennifer said, her tits still covered with warm, sticky cum. “I am heading to the restroom. Be back in a jiffy.”

Five minutes later I saw Jennifer begin to walk back to our table. A couple of women stopped her, made a few comments, and kissed her on the cheek. To my great surprise, when she came back her face and tits still were slathered with cum.

“I only used the toilet,” she offered to address my confused look. “I like the cum-drenched look. It got lots of attention on my walk back here. A couple of women held me so they could lick some of the cum off my neck. What a friendly group!” she giggled.

Because of Jennifer’s shelf bra and scoop neck dress combination, her cum bath stayed well in place and on clear display. She looked so hot I could barely contain myself. She sat and drank deeply from her newly filled champagne flute.

On stage the male performer had move his partner onto the large chair and was slamming his huge cock into the female performer. The woman began screaming in outrageously out of control passion. If anything, his cock was larger than before and the woman’s pussy could barely contain it. Her sounds were growing in frequency and intensity as she appeared ready to go into orbit.

Jennifer leaned over and started to lick and suck my cock, which was a drooling mess. Every couple of minutes she sat up to deep kiss me, then returned to her oral assault. She was outstandingly oral at that moment, alternating between licking my cock and her fingers and sticking her tongue into my mouth.

On stage the woman was about at the end of her road. She made the sounds of a woman giving birth and seeming scarcely able to breathe. Finally she exploded, screaming obscenities at the top of her lungs and shaking as if living at the epicenter of an earthquake. She collapsed onto the chair, unable to move, hoping to begin drawing an even breath. That would be quite awhile.

The male performer’s cock amazingly was still long and hard. He walked down the steps of the stage and began slowly moving table to table. The closer he moved toward us, the more impressed I was with his remarkable cock. Several women grabbed his cock and pulled on it while a few licked or sucked on it. One woman wanted a go at deep throating him. The performer rubbing her clit while she tried, however she simply could not do it.

As he approached our table, he did a double take. It took him a moment to identify that my wife’s tits presented a large cum bath. He drew closer.

“Now you’re a woman who loves cum. No doubt about that!! You’re a lucky man,” he said to me.

Jennifer smiled. “I do. I’m not sure I can handle that huge cock any more than anyone else here who has tried it. Can anyone deep throat you?”

“Not many over the years,” he replied.

“Well I’m still happy to help as I can,” Jennifer replied. “Please jam that monstrous thing into my pussy.”

Jennifer did not wait for a response. She slid to the end of the booth bench, bent over with her rear end facing the aisle and threw the bottom of her dress up onto her back. Her soaking, swollen pussy lay directly in front of the performer. He moved forward and began inserting his cock into her pussy.

Jennifer moaned like no one I have heard in my life. She was shaking and sweat began to appear on her forehead. She was working hard to absorb this new cock. Her breathing immediately became shallow and labored. I slid over on the bench until I was right next to Jennifer’s head. I lifted her face and kissed her deeply.

“Not now,” she whispered. “I need to concentrate on getting this cock all the way into me. Somehow.”

When I arrived at the hotel room, you met me at the door with a smile and a blindfold.

“Close your eyes.” You tell me as you tie the blindfold securely in place. I do as I’m told and suddenly find myself in darkness. You kiss me deeply and lead me into the room, dropping my keys, bag, and sunglasses on the table. I step out of my sandals and then you lead me farther into the room. I envisioned you leading to the bed, but we go farther than that, and I am left to trust you completely. You are quiet as you move me with you, having me walk directly in front of you, close enough that I can feel your body heat but not your body. I try to slow down and stop to make you touch me, but you press me ahead of you, not saying a word.

“Stand here.” you say, as you step away from me. I can not see anything, but I can hear you moving around. The sounds in the room are loud as you left me standing alone, wanting you. Within moments, however, I feel you in front of me, then I feel your mouth on mine, kissing me deeply. I move my arms up to you and feel your naked skin under my hands. The sounds I heard were you removing your clothing. My body is suddenly on fire with the thought of you standing there naked and me not able to see you. Your hands move to my waist and you grab my shirt, pulling it up over my head. With my arms above my head, you lean down and kiss my breasts, trailing your hands lightly down my arms, almost tickling with the light touch. You reach around me and unclasp my bra, sliding the straps down my arms and off my body.

Once again you kiss me before leaning down and taking my hardened nipple into your mouth. My body arches instinctively toward your mouth, sounds of pleasure escaping my throat. I run my fingers through your hair and along your shoulders as you suck on my nipple and knead my breasts. My body continues to move into you, undulating with the stimulation. I can feel the heat build in me, the first twinges of orgasm already starting. You recognize the sounds that escape me and continue to suck on my nipples, bringing me to my first orgasm. As my body starts to relax, you stand up and kiss me softly. “One.” I hear you say and I start to giggle. I now know what your objective is, and can’t help but laugh.

You trail kisses down my mouth, my neck, between my breasts, and down my stomach as you unbutton my shorts and slide them down my hips and legs. You help me step out of them, and I assume you toss them into the pile of clothing that inevitably ends up on the floor when we’re together. I know that you are kneeling before me, and I want to see you, but as I reach up for the blindfold, you simply say “don’t”. I put my arms down as I feel your magical and talented tongue slide between my hot wet lips. I gasp with the sensation and moan with pleasure. My body is already sensitized from my first orgasm, and your mouth on my pussy makes me writhe with pleasure. My breathing quickens and more moans escape me, getting louder with my increased pleasure. I can’t help but to squirm as I feel your tongue and mouth on me, bringing me closer and closer to another climax. You grab my hips firmly, holding me in place as best you can. The tight grip on my hips sends me over the edge and I scream my pleasure into the room, my body spasming, my sex hot and wet and trembling under your tongue.

You move back up to kiss me, and I taste myself on your mouth. “Two.” you say to me and I giggle once again. “How many are you shooting for?” I ask. You don’t answer me, but you grab my hair tightly, controlling my head with your hand and I feel myself smile with pleasure and gasp with anticipation. The grip you have is just slightly painful, and the sharp sensation is almost enough to send me over the edge once again. My breathing quickens and I can sense you watching my face, reading my emotions.

“You like that?” you ask.

“Oh yes,” I breathe in reply, “very much.”

“Good.” You say as you move your hand down, guiding me to the floor in front of you. I smile as I get on my knees in front of you, reaching out to take a hold of you. I wrap my hand around your hard cock and guide you into my mouth, taking your swollen tip past my lips and into my throat. You keep your grip on my hair, pushing my head towards you, forcing yourself deeper into my throat. I work my tongue along your shaft, sliding you in and out of my mouth. You use your grasp on my head to guide me, achieving a quick and deep rhythm. I feel my body working up to another climax and moans escape my throat when able. Suddenly, my body convulses in orgasm and you pull my head away from you, making me stop sucking you.

You pull me to my feet and I smile, “three” I say, and hear you chuckle. You take the blindfold off me as you kiss me, holding my body to yours. I realize that we had been standing in front of a table that has a mirror behind it. I smile at you and you turn me around, facing the wall away from you, pulling my hips to you. I feel your cock press against my behind and bend over, leaning on the table. You guide yourself into me and grab my hips, smiling at me in the mirror as you thrust yourself deep into me. I’ve never watched myself in a mirror before, and it is mesmerizing as I watch you thrusting behind me, my body moving into yours, my breasts bouncing with the movement.

You thrust deeper and harder into me, watching me in the mirror as I watch you. My body is already extremely sensitized, the feeling of you pounding into me is wonderful, and the images in the mirror are amazing and I feel myself building up once again. I see my face showing the pleasure that I am feeling, no hiding from the raw emotions in my body. The sensations begin to overload me again and I cum, screaming hard and loud. I glance at your face and see pleasure in your eyes. “Four.” you say, as you pull out of me and throw me onto the bed.

I scramble up onto the bed and you climb on top of me, pausing to lick my sensitive and swollen pussy as before moving up my body. I open my legs to you and you slide into me again, rubbing along my sweet spot and quickly sending me into climax. My body shudders again and again as you begin a slow rhythm on top of me. I can see you trying to count in your head as you feel my cunt clamp onto you with each orgasm, milking you into me. Your rhythm quickens and I raise my hips to move you deeper into me, loving the feeling of you thrusting deep and hard in me. I cum a couple more times and you thrust one last hard time and I feel your hot juices explode into me, sending me over the edge yet again. You kiss me as we climax together, mouths and tongues working while our bodies shutter with pleasure.

“Did you lose count?” I asked, giggling as you move off me and next to me. Our bodies are covered with sweat, both of us thoroughly spent and satisfied.

Sophie’s Christmas spirit could best be described as combining the optimism of Winnie-the-Pooh’s Eeyore with Ebenezer Scrooge, pre-ghostly visits. Olivia Johnson was stunned with her roommate’s attitude. “You don’t like Christmas?”

“Thanks for noticing,” Sophie said as she helped to hang garland over the faux fireplace of their corporate lodging. The plastic garland simulated pine boughs.

“Who doesn’t love Christmas?” Olivia asked as she stepped back to admire the plastic greenery. It felt perfect to her; plastic greenery for a fake fireplace. “It’s bright, tacky and about as twisted of a holiday as you can get.”

“You try blowing Santa and see how you feel about Christmas,” Sophie said. She shivered before plugging in the lights wrapped around the garland greenery.

“No way,” Olivia laughed. She rummaged in the plastic shopping bag on the floor for the bright pink ornaments she had bought. Each pink tinted ornament included the outline of a bright pink breast cancer awareness ribbon. She dangled them from the bough across the gas fireplace mantel. “You did not blow Santa Claus.”

“He tasted like eggnog when he came in my mouth. Give me an eggnog shake from McDonald’s and I’ll hurl.”

“Bullshit!” Olivia howled. She didn’t know how she would have survived this work assignment without Sophie. Six months away from home was expected, but six months that straddled Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s Eve was tough. Neither tried to go home for Thanksgiving, it was easier to stay than wrestle with the traffic on the roads and in the airports. Besides, after falling into bed together following the Halloween party, Olivia wanted every extra moment she could get with the petite and sexy Sophie. It felt like college all over. Why worry about finding a boyfriend (or a one-night stand) when all the orgasms one could want were as far close as her roommate. Unlike college, Sophie didn’t mind the play. They were assigned to provide the customer six months of in-house, expert support and they joked about their nights together being the “hands-on” part of the support.

“I’m serious,” Sophie said as she helped with the tacky ornaments. “And one of his elves took pictures.”

“Stop it, you’re killing me,” Olivia laughed. She went to the kitchen for a knife to use on the box for their fake Christmas tree. “You’ve got the ornaments for the tree?” she called. It was a small tree, under four feet and it made no effort to look natural beyond its shape. After setting up the stick for the tree’s “trunk,” Olivia began stabbing the silver shiny sticks in place to form its triangular shape. Olivia loved how sparse the tree looked.

Sophie dropped the bag of ornaments on the floor near the tree. They had spent the last two weeks buying Happy Meals for the plastic toys. “Should we keep them inside their plastic?”

“Nah, I think it looks better if you can see what they are,” Olivia said. Mixed into the bag were the other logo ornaments they had found, from John Deere to Harley Davidson. Olivia’s favorite was Aetna Insurance ornament. “Whoa, what’s that?” she asked when she saw Sophie dangling a pocket rocket vibrator from one of the lower branches.

“To see if anyone notices,” Sophie grinned. It felt good to see her smile.

“What if I want to use it on you later?”

“You know where to find it.”

“Fine,” Olivia said as she darted to her room for an adult decoration of her own. It was a foil wrapped glow-in-the-dark condom left over from Halloween. She poked a corner of the package on the end of a branch. When they stepped back to admire their tree, Olivia couldn’t be happier, but she noticed how Sophie wasn’t smiling. Instead, Sophie gave Olivia a measured, serious look that prompted Olivia to ask, “You really don’t like Christmas, do you?”

“I had a bad experience watching the movie ‘Gremlins’ as a kid. It scared me so bad, I peed on the carpet and my mom beat me with a roll of wrapping paper.”

“That did NOT happen!”

“You’re right. It wasn’t a roll of wrapping paper. It was the empty roll from a roll of wrapping paper. Could have been worse. She could have rubbing my nose in it like she did with the dog.”

“You are made wrong,” Olivia said, laughing so hard she had tears in the corners of her eyes. “I had bought a surprise for you, but now I’m not sure if I should give it to you. It sounds as if you’ve been a bad girl.”

“A surprise? Like a present? I don’t do presents,” she said, though the way Sophie’s face lit up suggested otherwise.

“Why not?”

Sophie frowned. “Because one year I was going to give my girlfriend a big dildo I had bought. I put it in a shoebox and wrapped it up really pretty. I mean, I went all out. I used ribbons and bows and made a fancy card for the outside. I even put it underneath the tree for when she came over after Christmas.”

“So what happened?”

“How was I supposed to know my Grandma Elizabeth used to be called ‘Lizzie’ as a little girl?”

“Bullshit,” Olivia cried again. She could guess then end of the story.

“On Christmas morning, my mom handed Grandma Elizabeth the box for my Lizzie. The worst part was, the old bitch kept the damn thing!”

“You are so full of lies!”

“It’s true! All of it!” Sophie insisted. “Well, maybe not the eggnog part. Santa’s dick tasted like eggnog, but his cum tasted the same as always.”

“And the part about the elf taking pictures?”

“How do you think I met Lizzie? We were working as elves for the department store Santa. I would show you the pictures except Santa kept them.”

“Why did Santa’s dick taste like eggnog?”

“You know, I’ve wondered that for two years in row.”

Olivia shook her head and laughed again. “Well, I don’t know. Maybe I should make you wait for your present.”

“I trimmed my bush to look like an upside down Christmas tree for you,” Sophie teased.

“Let me go get it,” Olivia said. She ran back to the room she still thought of as her bedroom even though they had been sharing the bed in the master bedroom most nights since Halloween. She had bought two of them, one of each, but decided sharing only one of them might be more fun. They weren’t wrapped. Instead of going through the trouble, she held one of them behind her back. If it was as much fun as she hoped then she had a backup. Sophie stood in the middle of the living room, waiting. “Before I give this to you, I think you have to get naked.”

“Again? There’s not an elf with a camera somewhere, is there?”

“Do it or I’ll hire a Santa stripper.”

“Fine,” Sophie said. She wasn’t wearing much. She stripped off her t-shirt, the sports bra that had little to hold in place and she pushed down her thong underwear with her jeans. “Happy?”

“Almost. Maybe we should turn off some lights, too. It would be more romantic.” Olivia watched her friend, temporary co-worker and lover prancing around the room naked. She admired Sophie’s tiny butt and the way her small breasts fit her small frame. She was the right size to be an elf. Sophie left on the Christmas lights wrapped within the garland on the fireplace. The room blinked with red, then green and then yellow as the lights flashed through their sequence. The flashing lights added a merry glow to the indirect light from the parking lot two stories below.

“Okay, give me!” Sophie said as she stood in front of Olivia.

“Well, I know how much you like dick.”

“I love dick.”

“And I know how much you miss your toys.”

“I miss all my dildos and vibrators.”

“And this one doesn’t vibrate and it’s not floppy like a dildo…”

“Give me, give me, give me!” Sophie said, bouncing up and down. Her breasts jumped with her, distracting Olivia for a moment.

“Close your eyes,” Olivia said and she held out the two inch thick, twelve inch long, red and white striped rod of peppermint candy. It was the biggest candy cane she had ever seen, even without having a hooked shaped end to it. “Okay, open your eyes bad girl!”

“Oh-my-God!” Sophie squealed the moment she saw it. “Where did you find it?”


“They sell vibrators at Walgreens? Who knew?”

“Not a vibrator,” she explained as she unwrapped the cellophane. “All candy.”

“You are lying.”

“You don’t have a bad memory attached to peppermint, do you?”

“No, but I have a funny story involving Altoids,” she said with a grin as she accepted Olivia’s gift. “Someone else needs to get naked so I can try this out.” She gave the big, fat rod of candy a porn star quality licking as she waited for Olivia to get naked, too. “I wonder if it’s going to make your pussy tingle?”

“Try it out.”

“Sit down and I will,” Sophie said, nodding at the couch.

Olivia sat with her legs parted. Her nipples were hard and she cupped her large breasts as Sophie knelt in front of her. She liked being naked with Sophie. She liked being sexual with Sophie. Like Olivia, Sophie enjoyed getting down to business. They kissed, but only briefly. The real fun was more explicit than lips on lips. “Did you have to wear pointy ears when you were an elf?

“Both Lizzie and me did. You haven’t been eaten until you’ve had a Vulcan do it,” Sophie said. She bent her head and kissed each of Olivia’s breasts. She left behind wet nipples. After rolling the candy cane rod over each nipple, she left behind wet, sticky nipples that that felt tingly. She pushed Olivia’s legs wider apart as she worked her way done. She played the red and white striped piece of candy across Olivia’s shaved pussy lips a few times before she pressed in and sucked on each bare lip. “Mm, minty,” she reported. She repeated the process several times.

Olivia squirmed. The stiff piece of candy felt good. It didn’t make her tingle. She didn’t care. That wasn’t the point. Sophie played the fat toy against her pussy, teasing her with it as she licked and sucked her bare pussy lips. Finally, Sophie pressed it inside. The fat candy toy was unyielding with its girth. It pulled and stretched Olivia wide and wider as it filled her. She cried out in pleasure and when Sophie added her tongue to Olivia’s clit that was all it took. Olivia exploded in waves of pleasure that curled her toes in the opposite direction of an elf’s curly toed shoes.

Sophie replaced the toy with her tongue. “Who knew peppermint and pussy tasted so good together?” Olivia and her hypersensitive, post orgasm girl parts had to climb away from her roommate’s efforts to savor the flavor.

“My turn!” Olivia cried, laughing, squirming and still feeling the knee weakening effects of her orgasm. She rolled around on the couch, laughing and naked as Sophie tried to chase her for one more lick.

“But you taste like Christmas!” Sophie laughed.

“Shut up or I’ll get the eggnog!”

“Wouldn’t dare!”

“I’ll beat you with a wrapping paper tube!” Olivia threatened.

“You can’t, you don’t believe in wrapping paper,” Sophie said. She had been laughing as hard as Olivia, but their laughter was cut short as Sophie realized she had said too much. She stared at her friend and waited.

Olivia knew Sophie didn’t mean anything by it. It had slipped out and Sophie had been so careful not to let that happen. She stared at her naked friend and the pensive look she wore. Olivia had a choice to make and it took her a long moment to do it. When Sophie winced, bracing herself for what was to come; Olivia realized that wasn’t where she wanted to go. A big smile filled her face as she snatched the candy cane turned sex toy from her friend. “Like taking candy from a baby,” she giggled. It was a real giggle and it felt good. Olivia climbed on top of the small, petite Sophie, kissing her lips. “You’re right, minty fresh pussy.”

Sophie kissed her back and they paused to gaze into each other’s eyes. “Did I tell you about the time I fucked a reindeer?”

“Bullshit,” Olivia said, a smile tugging at the corner of her lips.

“Okay, not a reindeer, but my boyfriend and I did do it reindeer style.”

“What’s reindeer style?”

“Doggie style, in the snow. He got frost bite of the balls. When he came, he shot cum-sicles inside of me.”

“Shut up,” Olivia said and they kissed again before Olivia began kissing her way down Sophie’s tiny body. She slipped to the floor to get in a good position between Sophie’s legs. As Sophie had done to her, Olivia twirled the red and striped candy cane between Sophie’s pussy lips. She tasted the candy first. “This candy tastes like pussy.”

“See if my pussy tastes like candy!”

Olivia did and, for that matter, Sophie’s pussy did, too. As she licked Sophie’s pussy, she began fucking her friend with the candy. The fat candy was a tight fit and Sophie seemed to like it. Olivia lost herself in the joy of the moment, pushing away last year’s visit by the two somber soldiers. She pushed away the news that had ruined Christmas while she had been wrapping gifts for her family. While feeling Sophie’s body quivering with her orgasm, Olivia forgot for a moment to be sad.

“Don’t stop,” Sophie cried out as she rode the wave of her orgasm. She was getting warmed up. The first one was always big. The next one could turn into a wave of multiple orgasms.

“No,” Olivia said pulling away from her friend. “Just one.”

“Wha-? Why?” a squirming and frustrated Sophie asked.

“It’s Christmas. One today. Two tomorrow. Three the day after that.”

“You’re not suggesting the twelve orgasms of Christmas, are you? That’s so trite,” Sophie said. “Did I tell you about the time my dad caught my mom with twelve pipers piping her?”

Sophie had said the words before she could stop herself. As soon as her joke had left her mouth, her eyes went wide and she clamped her hand over her mouth.

“Oh-my-God! I’m so sorry!” Sophie panicked.

“It’s okay,” Olivia said and knew without stopping that she meant it. “My dad would have liked you.”

“You think so?” Sophie asked, with a concerned and worried look on her face.

“He liked all my lesbian girlfriends,” she said. “Two years ago, at Christmas, he let Molly spend the break with me in my room.”

“You mean Molly, your roommate from college? Did he know the two of you were, you know, lovers?”

“He was the one who told me to look out for her. She had crazy written all over her. He told me, and I quote, ‘No pussy is worth crazy.’” Olivia said and she laughed. It felt good to laugh. It felt better to laugh at a story about her dad instead of all the “I hate Christmas” jokes Sophie had been telling.

“Thank you for the tree, even if it is fake,” Sophie said, leaning in a risking a kiss. Olivia kissed her back.

“Hey, just because I lost my dad at Christmas time doesn’t mean I should shit on your Christmas. We can get a real one if you want. But no wrapped presents, okay?”

“No, I like this one.” Sophie stood up, snatched the candy away from Olivia and placed it on the tree. “For tomorrow,” she said.

“Ew, it’s still sticky!”

“And used. It looks more like a dildo now,” Sophie pointed out. She was right; the tip of it had been worn down by their mouths and pussies. “Now take a shower with me and let’s wash the sticky off of us.”

In the shower they took turns soaping each other’s bodies and resisting the urge to do more until tomorrow and for the first time that Christmas, Olivia felt filled with something close Christmas cheer.

I hope you enjoyed my little story. I hope the little twist didn’t throw things off for you. Enjoy your holiday season! Now then… orgasms for everyone! BD

Okay, from a guy perspective, I love doing anal. Is it because of the taboo thing? Probably somewhat. But it also feels so damn good! Mostly, I’ve been the penetrater, but lately I’ve also been getting the urge to get fucked myself. I’ve never been able to stimulate my prostrate from the inside (had my partners’ fingers and a dildo up there before to try it), but I’m hoping someday to find out what it feels like.

Anyway, orgasms from anal…. do you get them? how do they feel? same/stronger/weaker/different than vaginal/clitoral orgasms? My experience has been that there are a lot more women that enjoy anal than people would think. I know it’s not for everyone, and that’s cool too. But here are some of the things I’ve done that’s helped to result in orgasms (sometimes multiple ones) from my female partners….

Let her set the pace, and pay explicit attention to her, what you’re doing, and how she’s reacting. In order for it to be good for you, it has to be good for her FIRST.

The way I tend to start off is when I’m going down on her. I use my tongue/mouth on her clit, the fingers from one hand to massage her G-spot, and take a finger from the other hand (lubricated) and just start by gently stroking and making circles around the outside of the anus. Eventually, I put a subtle amount of pressure on the anus while massaging it in a circular motion. My finger is not pointed in towards her ass, but actually the pad of the fingertip (where your fingerprint is) is what makes contact with her opening, and usually the tip is pointed towards the vagina.

With subtle pressure and circles, and plenty of lube, eventually her anus relaxes and the end of the finger starts to enter her ass. As this does, I start to reposition my finger so it’s pointing into her ass. The motion starts to change to more of an in/out than circular motion, making sure that it stays well lubricated. As she loosens up and takes more of my finger in, I position my hand/finger and move it in a direction that follows the natural shape of her rectum (so I am not stretching her anus too much or poking her inside). I slide it out, relubricate and slide it back in periodically. If she loosens up enough, I will introduce a second finger. If it’s too tight to fit a second finger inside, then I just let the other finger or fingers rest against the outside of her anus, rubbing it.

When she feels ready, we can choose several different positions (whichever is most comfortable for her). She can be on her back w/her knees pulled up towards her chest, rubbing her clit with one hand. Or she can be on her side, with the leg not on the bed bent and the knee pulled up towards her chest. Or on her hands and knees with her ass angled in such a way that my cock will follow the natural shape of her ass/rectum. Or (my favorite), her lying on her stomach, legs together, with me lying on top of her, supported by my elbows and knees (which are straddling her ass).

I then make sure more lube is applied in and around her ass, and a lot on my cock. I hold my cock by the base with one hand, rub the tip in a circular motion around her ass w/subtle pressure while massaging her clit with the other hand (or she does that herself). I add just a little more pressure while making the circles smaller. Then (very important) I have HER start to slowly push back against me until the tip slides inside. Usually (unless she’s loosened up or pushes all the way back onto me), we stay in that position for some time until she’s comfortable with it and adjusts to it being inside. Then she slowly (with my help pushing if she wants) pushes more back, and we both rock as its slides in and out deeper and deeper until I’m all the way in. I let her set the pace in terms of movement (fast/slow, deeper/more shallow penetration, harder thrusts, etc.). I also try to simulate other areas of her (neck, nipples, ears, clit, thighs, breasts, collarbones, etc.).

The key is lots of lube, lots of time, let her set the pace. Sometimes, I’ll just massage her anus, and the following times we have sex we’ll add a little more. Sometimes we’ll do everything. WHATEVER SHE WANTS is fine by me. If she wants me to rim her, I will (works best either in or just out of the shower). The big thing for me is: getting her off turns me on.

I’ve found that when done properly, anal stimulation/sex can be incredible. One previous GF had hated it before me, b/c the two times she tried it with her ex before it hurt like hell. But after we tried the above method, she started having orgasms before I was even all the way inside her, and she also has multiple anal orgasms. My last ex completely swore it off before we hooked up as she was raped (sodomized) many years before. She was willing to give it another shot, and the first two sessions, the only thing I did was rub her anus during oral and rim her on a second occasion. The third time around, she came from oral w/my finger in her ass. The forth time, she had multiple orgasms when we finally had anal intercourse, and now she swears she can come from anal stimulation alone and her anal orgasms are stronger than any other types. The last time we did anal, she actually passed out after her 3rd orgasm in a row.

Who knew?

Anyway, just thought sharing our experiences might be helpful to others….

PS: remember, Lube, Patience, Let her run the show….

PPS: Safe sex: if you use condoms, use a water based lubricant (and lots of it) if you are using latex condoms. Oils will start to dissolve latex condoms…a BAD thing.

If you choose to go bareback, just remember that besides the disease issue, if you come in her ass, there is still a small possibility she can get pregnant if your cum leaks out of her ass and drips down and makes contact with her vaginal opening. Be extra careful when you withdraw after cumming that she is on her side or in such a way that gravity will not cause any leaking cum to run down into/across her pussy.

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