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A single sunbeam slipped between the curtains and illuminated the crumpled sheets on the bed. The fabric shifted slightly as one of the occupants moved.

“Happy Birthday,” Fiona cooed as she lay on her side, looking at Frank.

“Thank you,” Frank replied.

Fiona slipped out of bed. Frank could see the silhouette of her body as she stepped into the sunbeam and it passed through her translucent sleepwear. He watched her walk to the closet and retrieved a neatly wrapped box with a red bow on top of it. She brought it back to the bed and offered it to him.

Frank took the box from her and examined it, then carefully removed the bow. He lifted Fiona’s top and stuck the adhesive pad to her skin just above her navel.

“You aren’t going to open it?” Fiona asked.

“Later, there’s nothing in that box that can be better than what’s in front of me,” Frank replied.

“That’s true, but there are a few things that might prove useful for what you have in mind,” Fiona advised.

“How do you know what’s on my mind?” he asked.

“Trust me, I know,” she replied.

“Okay, how about I unwrap what’s in front of me and we hop in the shower, then I will open the box,” Frank offered.

“I have a better idea,” Fiona said, “How about I hop in the shower and you watch? You do like to watch, don’t you?”

“That is an offer I can’t refuse,” he conceded.

Fiona turned and walked towards her dresser.

Frank raised his arm and pointed towards the bathroom, “Uh, the shower is that way.”

She turned to him and smiled, “I didn’t say I was going to shower alone.” Fiona opened the drawer that contained her sex toys. One at a time she picked up each toy and examined it. She could feel Frank’s eyes watching her every move. She stroked one of the dildos, and then put it back in the drawer. She picked up another and turned it on, then touched it to her breast before placing it back in the drawer. Finally, she selected her companion for the shower, a smooth, thin vibrator with a suction cup on the base. Fiona also discreetly palmed a bottle of lube before turning and walking to the bathroom.

It took a great deal of willpower to remain on the bed as he watched Fiona put on her little show. Contrary to popular belief, Fiona’s toys did not intimidate Frank. In fact he had bought several of them and had encouraged her to use them. At first she had insisted that he look away or be blindfolded, but eventually the seed of exhibitionism Frank had planted blossomed, and she regularly let him watch her masturbate to orgasm as part of foreplay. He was a little disappointed with her choice; he had been hoping to see her select one of the larger toys so he could see her labia stretch around it.

Once in the bathroom she placed the vibrator and lube in the jumble of shampoo, conditioner, and body wash bottles, then turned on the water. As she waited for it to warm up she performed an impromptu striptease until she was naked. She put her hair into a bun and turned towards the shower.

Frank followed Fiona into the bathroom. When she stepped into the shower stall she left the door open, giving him an unobstructed view of the water cascading off her breasts and flowing over her body. She slowly pirouetted, pausing when the water hit the small over her back and flowed over her ass. She picked up the body wash and poured the milky liquid on to her tits. When the thick fluid had covered both her nipples and started to drain into her cleavage, she quickly worked it into a thick lather. Fiona spread the white foam all over her body, recalling that Frank had once mentioned how much he liked the way it made her skin feel and smell.

Once again she was testing his willpower. Frank was very tempted to strip off his clothes and join Fiona in the shower, but instead he stood still and watched. He watched as the thick, white lather covered her tits and ass. He watched at the jets of water rinsed the soap away and revealed her body again. And he watched as she picked up the vibrator. The soft buzz was barely audible over the sound of the shower. Even if he had not heard it, the expression on Fiona’s face when the buzzing tip touched her swollen nipple would have told him she had turned it on. He was a bit disappointed when she turned her back to him.

It was impossible for her to stop grinning. There was no doubt that Frank was turned on by what she was doing, but it was nothing compared to how aroused he would be if he knew what her plan was. Fiona pressed the vibrator against the cool, wet tile of the shower until the suction cup gripped the surface; the she poured a generous amount of lube on it. With her back to Frank she got on her knees, carefully positioning herself so that Frank could see the toy on the wall, but not the bottle of lube concealed by her thigh. Starting with one hand but quickly adding a second, she began to stroke the toy, knowing that he would be imagining her hands on his cock. Once the toy was completely coated she stood up. When she turned to face Frank, she was careful to conceal the small bottle from his sight. She poured a bit more between her ass cheeks, and then snapped the lid shut. Arching her back she waited until she was certain Frank’s full attention was on her tits, and then she dropped the bottle in the corner of the shower. Fiona pushed her hips back until she felt the tip of the vibrator begin to penetrate her ass.

Frank was in awe as he watched Fiona in the shower. She was leaning forward with one hand on each side of the doorway. Her full breasts swung back and forth at a languid pace. It took a few moments for him to realize she was not holding the vibrator any more. Frank realized the reason she had selected one with a suction cup on the base. He locked eyes with her as she began to rock back and forth. Even thought he could not see it, just the thought of her fucking the toy drove him wild with desire. Her breasts were slapping together as she began to move faster and faster.

The vibrator felt small. It felt good, but she had prepared herself for something larger. This was the first time she had let Frank watch her get fucked in the ass, and the fact he didn’t know what he was witnessing made it even better. Fiona wasn’t sure what was more arousing, the toy buzzing in her ass or Frank’s lustful stare. She raised her left arm so it was no longer blocking the shower. Needle-like jets of hot water pounded against her nipple as her breasts swung back and forth. She could see by the expression on his face that Frank was aroused. There was no doubt if she lowered her gaze she would see a distinct bulge in his shorts, but she preferred to maintain eye contact with him. His lustful stare only added to her arousal as she rocked back and forth, impaling her body over and over on the toy. It wasn’t quite enough to bring her to climax, but it certainly started her down that path. She could see that his willpower was slipping, it would not be long before he joined her in the shower, and that was something she did not want.

The scene was almost overwhelming. The sight of her wet, naked body surging back and forth made his cock ache and his balls feel like they were going to explode. There was a familiar look in her eyes, one of lust and arousal. He had watched her masturbate herself to orgasm before, but this time he wanted to be the reason she shudder with ecstasy, not some plastic toy. He wanted to feel her warm, soft flesh around his throbbing erection. He wanted to touch her, smell her, taste her, but he stood fast. The way her breasts swayed back and forth was hypnotic, he felt like he was slipping into a trance.

Fiona slowed down and finally stopped, she leaned forward just a bit and freed herself from the toy, pointing the shower in its direction. She let the water flow over it for a moment, and then twisted the knob and the flow stopped. Dripping wet in more than one way she exited the shower.

Just when he thought he could not stand it any longer Fiona turned off the water and stepped out of the shower. She quickly toweled off and walked right past him. Fiona padded back into the bedroom and picked up the box again, then returned to the bathroom and presented it to Frank. He took it from her but his eyes remained on her breasts.

“Frank, box,” Fiona chided, “I promise my tits will still be here after you open it.”

Frank removed the lid. Inside were a silk blindfold and a folded piece of paper. Frank set down the box and removed the note. He unfolded it. Written in Fiona’s handwriting were the words “Do anything you want to me”.

“Since the old one got lost,” Fiona said, pointing to the blindfold. It has probably been left in a hotel room somewhere. She hoped whoever found it got as much pleasure out of it as she did.

“And the note?” Frank asked.

“I want you to use me for your pleasure,” she said, bowing slightly.

“So you are ready for anything?” Frank asked.

“If any part of my body pleases you, I want you to have it,” Fiona said, twirling slowly in front of him.

“All of your body pleases me,” Frank replied.

“Then I guess you have a busy day ahead of you,” Fiona said.

Frank reached into the box and picked up the blindfold, then pressed it against Fiona’s face. He stepped behind her and tied it snugly on her head.

Everything was dark. The blindfold blocked all light; there was no peeking around the edge. Fiona heard Frank walking away. She was puzzled for a moment, wondering why he would leave her in the bathroom blindfolded and naked. Then she heard music. It was soft and sensual, Barry White or something similar. It was not quite loud enough for her to make out the words.

Frank quietly walked back into the bathroom. Fiona was in the same spot, but she did not appear to know he was back. She had a smile on her face and was swaying slowing to the beat of the music. He never tired of seeing her, especially when she was naked. Frank quietly circled Fiona as he considered her offer. Any part of her body. Her hair was tied in a bun, revealing the sensitive skin on the back of her neck. The only part of her body that was covered was her eyes.

More than once Frank raised his hand to touch her, but then changed his mind. He just wanted to admire her for a few moments. He looked at the way her lips curled into a seductive grin. There was a spot just below her ear that was essentially the start button for her climax. He knew that pressing his lips against that spot was guaranteed to cause her to moan with pleasure. Frank’s eyes drifted down Fiona’s body, and as they did he had to double his efforts to resist touching her. Frank’s favorite part of Fiona’s body was her breasts. They complied with the laws of gravity just enough to establish the fact they were not artificially enhanced. The skin of her breasts was noticeably lighter than the rest of upper body, testament to Fiona’s reluctance to lay out topless. In fact she didn’t really lie out at all; her tan was a result of recreational activities, most of which involved long hours in the sun.

The sound of his feet was the only way she could tell he had returned. The desire to be touched grew with each passing second. Fiona wanted to reach out and grab Frank, but she did not. If this was the birthday sex he wanted, then he would get it. As she waited Fiona clenched and relaxed the muscles in her belly, imagining she was squeezing Frank’s throbbing erection. She pursued her lips and blew a stream of air on to her erect nipples. Lastly she tensed and relaxed her ass, hoping to draw Frank’s eye to it. She took a deep breath and felt her breasts shift slightly as her lungs filled with air. She could not imagine being more aroused. Fiona wondered if he could see that her pussy was dripping wet.

It wasn’t logical, Frank thought. She was standing in front of him completely naked, willing to do anything he wanted, but all he was doing was looking at her. Mostly he was looking at her tits. With great effort he pried his eyes away and examined the rest of her body. She was flexing the muscles in her ass, showing off the results of her time at the gym. He stepped behind Fiona and put his hands on her ass cheeks, then kissed her on the neck.

“The things I want to do to you,” he whispered.

“What are you waiting for?” she asked.

“One does not simply rush into birthday sex,” Frank teased.

“Even if I beg?” she replied.

Frank moved his hands on to her hips, and then slowly encroached onto her ribs. At the same time he took a step closer, pressing his erection between her ass cheeks. When his fingers pressed against the bottom of her tits both of them moaned.

“You have spectacular breasts,” Frank said.

Fiona squeezed his cock between her cheeks, “There are some parts of you that aren’t too shabby.”

Frank cupped her breasts in his hands and pulled her off balance, so her back was pressed against his chest. Fiona could feel the head of his cock in the small of her back. She was tempted to put her hand between her legs, but she remained still. She felt his fingers moving closer and closer to her nipples. Fiona bit her lip to stop herself from begging Frank to start fucking her. She desperately wanted to be penetrated, but she resigned herself to waiting for Frank to decide when it would happen.

The word that came to mind was delicious. That word described the moment perfectly. Frank lifted her breasts up slightly, feeling the weight of her fleshy globes. He squeezed her nipples between his thumb and forefinger, then tugged on them until a satisfied moan escaped her lips. He rocked his hips, rubbing the full length of his erection against her ass and lower back. It would be easy to come from doing just that, but there were better ways to reach orgasm.

“Turn left and take two steps forward,” he said to her. He regretted it the moment his body lost contact with hers. Once again assuming his position behind her Frank put his hands on her shoulders then began to caress her arms, slowly working his way down until her hands were in his.

“Lean forward,” he instructed, guiding her hands to the edge of the bathroom counter top. Frank looked in the mirror, focusing on Fiona’s reflection. His eyes ran along the smooth arc of her breasts, pausing briefly to admire her swollen nipples. Frank leaned forward and kissed her on the neck, then the shoulder.

Fiona wondered where the trail of kisses he was blazing across her back would lead. She wondered if she had missed rinsing away any of the lube, and if she did would Frank figure out what she had been doing in the shower. She felt nervous; she wanted to keep her secret. His fingers were stroking the sides of her tits and his mouth moved closer and closer to her ass. Her entire body had started to tingle with anticipation. When he reached the small over her back his mouth strayed from the straight path and moved towards her left hip. Fiona grinned; it looked like her secret was safe for now.

Frank moved his hands from her tits to her ass. He stopped kissing her for a moment to admire her derriere. It was firm and had a bit of a curve to it. Fiona complained that it lacked the shape needed to look good in yoga pants, but he liked her muscular rear end. He spread his fingers out and put his thumbs between her thighs. He could feel the heat from her sex.

The cold countertop told her where she was. Even though she was blindfolded she knew exactly what the scene looked like. Fiona knew Frank was watching her reflection in the mirror. Without a doubt his eyes would be on her breasts, or at least the reflection of them in the mirror. One of his hands was gripping her hair, pulling her head back. The other was probably on his cock, guiding it towards her wet slit. She wanted him to bury his throbbing erection between her legs, to fill her completely, but she remained silent and motionless, relishing every moment of anticipation.

The mirror was a mixed blessing for Frank. He certainly enjoyed being able to see Fiona’s naked body from the front and back at the same time, but he was having trouble deciding what to do next. He was just about to ram his cock into her when his eye caught sight of her breasts in the mirror. The flesh colored orbs beckoned to him. He was tempted to let go of his cock and her hair and scoop them up in his hands, or turn her around have Fiona wrap her tits around his throbbing erection. Frank let his eyes wander over her entire body, following the slow taper to her waist and the gentle flair of her hips. He released his cock and extended his fingers towards her pussy. The instant he felt the slick skin of her labia his focus returned. It was clear she wanted to be fucked. He briefly considered teasing her, making her beg for his cock, but the desire to be inside her was too strong. Frank thrust his hips towards her, his hand funneling his cock into her dripping wet cunt.

“Oh, oh, oh, yes,” Fiona moaned as Frank’s dick filled her. He had pushed the limits of her patience, but it was worth the wait. Her lips curled into a smile. All the teasing and foreplay had ignited the fuse of her climax. She had no doubt that she was going to come quickly, and when she did she would have her revenge.

“Harder, fuck me harder,” Fiona begged. She received exactly what she wanted as Frank’s hips slammed against her ass with a loud slap. Her breasts were no longer gently swaying back and forth, now they were banging against each other and flailing wildly in every direction as Frank’s cock continued to pound into her. Fiona reached back and grabbed Frank’s hand, then guided it to her breast. He seemed to know just what she wanted as he pinched her nipple, stretching the amber nub out.

The sound of Fiona’s sultry voice pushed him closer to the point of no return. Frank slowed down, savoring the feeling of her pussy wrapped around his cock. He kept his erection buried inside her as he pressed his fingers into her breast. He opened his mouth but all he could manage were two words, “Oh Fiona.” As her named rolled of his tongue his balls tightened, they were ready to explode, but he wasn’t ready. Frank wanted it to last just a few moments longer.

“Oh fuck baby that feels so good. You’re going to make me come,” Fiona said as she balanced on the edge of her climax. The next time his cock sank into her wet slit she tumbled over the edge into euphoria. She gripped the counter top tightly and struggled to keep her knees from buckling as endorphins flooded through her body. As her climax tapered off she changed her focus, she was going to make Frank come. She clenched her muscles, squeezing his cock tight inside her body.

“I want you to come inside me Frank, I want to feel your cum dripping out of my pussy, fuck me just a little bit longer,” she moaned. She lifted one hand off the counter and put it between her legs, pressing her finger against Frank’s erection.

Although he was standing still, she was not. In the mirror Frank could see her writhing on his cock, he could hear her moaning with pleasure. Frank realized that only one of her hands was still on the counter, the other was between her legs. Her finger was stroking her pussy and pressing against his dick. The thought of Fiona masturbating while he fucked her was the final straw.

“Ahh! Ahh! Fiona, I’m going to come,” he said loudly. Frank’s orgasm ripped through his body and erupted out of his cock, flooding her pussy with cum.

The intensity of his climax stoked the embers of her own. She began to use more of her hand, sliding one finger on each side of Frank’s erection and using the one on the middle to tease her clit. Although it was Frank’s birthday she did not see anything wrong with giving herself a present.

“Don’t stop,” she moaned, “I’m going to come again.”

Kiki’s eyes were closed, her pretty face relaxed and her fetching, pale, and slender naked body almost limp. She was lying on the mussed bed, resting for a moment after her modestly arduous evening. Soon she would have her final visitor, she thought, and she could go home to her own bed. It had been an excellent dinner party for her and it was nice of Henderson to let her sit at the table for the meal, but she had spent the last four hours in bed, naked or nearly so, entertaining the guests and they had been unusually demanding tonight. Not that she minded!

Kiki’s view was that if everyone had a good time with her body, why shouldn’t she enjoy it just as much herself? The whole fun was all in attracting a lover, getting into a sexual situation, then letting go of control and seeing what they would do to her this time!

The reaming she had just taken in her butt from Ghislain was nothing compared to being penetrated by Lipschitz, who had the biggest dick of any economist on the College’s faculty. But it was an unusual night. She had met that dreamy younger guy, who was a little short on foreplay skills but sure knew how to fuck, and then got her twat thoroughly detailed by a horny woman! That was hot! She couldn’t remember that ever happening before but she hoped it would happen again!

She heard a shuffle at the door as Henderson walked in. “Hello, Kiki! You got rave reviews tonight!” He was carrying an envelope that he put on the bedside table. “The guests were very generous tonight.”

Kiki smiled her trademark smirk — mouth flat but with the ends curled up. “What did they say about me downstairs?” She noticed that he hesitated. “Seriously — I want to know so I can figure out how to do even better!” She did not look at the envelope. She knew it contained “gifts” from the guests at the dinner party and from the thickness of it Henderson was right!

Henderson looked her straight in her gorgeous blue eyes. “As soon as each one finished, they told the others what happened! Everyone said they had never fucked anyone as good as you — you were responsive, cooperative, sexy, tight in the cunt, terrific ass…. I think Wistler is in love with you! Henderson had loosened his belt and kicked off his shoes. “Do you find him attractive?”

“Yes, very! He has a romantic air about him, with that curly black hair and mischievous smile. He can also fuck, I can tell you that.” Kiki had turned on her side, facing him with her head resting on her hand, legs closed and tits gently hanging to the right. “He was so excited tonight he went straight for it. If he was a little more used to me I think he would have diddled me a lot more.”

“He made up some excuse to stay after the other guests left — a book he found in my library. I told him he could let himself out but I suspect he’ll come up here to see you tonight after I’m gone.”

“How would you feel about that?” Kiki asked. She sat on the side of the bed. She honestly didn’t think it was likely. Wistler was a good-looking man who could get lovers easily enough.

“Oh I don’t mind, you know,” Henderson said, as he took off his clothes. “I’m too old to be possessive. If he wants to see you on his own, I’m all for it. It’s your satisfaction — I’m happy for the favors you give me, Kiki, and your willingness to entertain at my “stimulating” dinner parties. You deserve to have as many lovers as you want who can bang your little cunny till it rings like a bell.” He reached out and lifted one of her lovely breasts, feeling its firm gravity.

“Don’t diss yourself for being old,” Kiki chided. She had her hand on his penis now, gently tugging. “Older guys last longer and they know better what feels good to a woman!” She didn’t add that they were profoundly grateful for a shot at a hot young woman and so were very generous.

“Thanks for saying that, Kiki,” Henderson said as she stood up. He put his hands on her hips and brought her mound to his mouth. In spite of all the fucking, she smelled clean to him and he licked her clit with enthusiasm and inserted a finger up inside her, then another. Kiki couldn’t tell how she felt to him but she felt tight again to herself — her vagina obviously wasn’t gaping any more. “But, you know, when it’s hard for us older guys to keep it up and keep going the regular way, sometimes we get kinky!” He stopped talking and nuzzled her mons, smelling her fragrance.

Kiki wondered for a minute, when he said that, if he was going to tie her up again. She would not have minded too much but it was really too late to go down that path, after the long dinner party. She was pleasantly tired after pulling her slow-motion train and she knew he wouldn’t want to stay up all night, even to ravish her body. When Henderson was done fingering her, she went to her knees and took his dick in her mouth without being asked. She gave excellent head, with skillful tongue and throat action, and within four or five minutes (very fast for him, at his age) he was spurting into her mouth, without even getting fully hard. Henderson tasted salty, slightly bitter, as always. She swallowed, licked the glans, stroked him a couple more times to get all the semen, licked the last drop that came out of the little eye, and then looked up at him.

“Feel better now?” Kiki asked. Henderson might call her later in the week for a one-on-one, she guessed.

“I’m going to sleep so much better, now! This certainly beats a glass of warm milk.” Henderson was getting visibly sleepy now that his climax was over. “I’m going to bed. Feel free to stay the night if you want. If Wistler comes up he can join you.” Then he stood up, gathered his clothes, and shuffled naked out the door and upstairs, to his own bed down the hall.

Kiki looked in the envelope. Wow! They were generous — unbelievably generous! There was usually a couple thousand dollars in the kitty after a party like this, but this time there was lots more! All a gift, all cash, all off the books and without tax deductions at the source!

Kiki’s basic finances were fairly simple as far as revenue was concerned: she put out and the men (and occasionally women) who liked her gave her gifts, usually cash or jewelry. There was more to it on the investment side. Her accountant had helped her set things up. As far as the tax collector knew, she had a decent-paying full-time job with a real estate escrow firm, paid out of revenue earned from fees, interest, and forfeited deposits. Of course, if any employee of that firm had ever been asked, they would have had a hard time describing what she looked like because she was never there. And all that revenue from obscure transactions in real estate concealed a healthy incoming stream of money transfers that got laundered in order to pay her what was on the books as a respectable but not suspiciously high taxable income for a young woman, even if the amount she “earned” was a little generous for the work that she really wasn’t doing. Between that cover, to keep the taxman happy that she had a visible means of support, and all the cash coming in that did not appear on anybody’s books and that the IRS didn’t know about, Kiki lived pretty well. Still, she kept the entrance to her apartment modest and stayed in a middle-class neighborhood so that nobody would suspect that she had money way beyond her declared income.

Kiki was showering now, which included scrubbing her slightly red, well-used crotch and around her asshole to get the lube Ghislain used out of her buttcrack. The big wad of semen inside her rectum would come out tomorrow, no hurry. Until then, it would froth and simmer inside her guts, as warm as the moment it flew out of Ghislain’s dick. She wondered whether her cunt was still gaping. Henderson’s finger had felt tight, but it was hard to tell. She stuck a finger up her twat to test herself. Her vagina – which earlier had been well stretched by Lipschitz and gaped for at least half an hour! – had definitely returned to its normal tightness. Thank heaven for her discipline in past few years, with her alternating Kegel and dildo stretching exercises.

She didn’t wash her hair — it was too late — but it got slightly damp from the water anyway. It would be dry by the time she got home, she thought. She didn’t have anything much happening tomorrow — oh wait! It was past midnight, so it was already the next day. That meant that her regular Monday lover was coming tomorrow (because it’s already the day after the party), but she had this day free, she thought to herself.

She toweled herself dry, brushed her teeth, and pulled her hair back with an elastic hair band. This made her look even younger. One last look in the mirror at her face and naked torso and she turned to go into back into the bedroom. The servants would strip the bedsheets and pick up her naughty gown, which was lying on the floor. All she had to do was get her own clothes out of the closet and leave. This time of night, in the sleepy college town, she probably wouldn’t even have to get dressed! If she got pulled over by the cops for some traffic violation, chances are the cop would be an old friend — or even a gentleman caller!

As she walked out of the bathroom she stopped short — startled. There, sitting on the edge of the mussed bed, looking longingly at her nakedness, was Wistler! He was grinning in his boyish, very attractive way, showing his excellent teeth. “Hello, Kiki!” He said.

“You startled me! I didn’t expect to see anyone else!” Kiki wasn’t about to let on that Henderson had already figured out that Wistler would make a play that very night.

“I couldn’t bear to leave without seeing you again.” He was smooth, all right. And with Kiki standing there naked, without even a towel around her shoulders, he was certainly seeing her again, every part of her that could be seen from the front.

“Well, it’s late. Shouldn’t you be going home?” Implied in Kiki’s question was the possibility of a home, a wife, and a family but phrased as a question it also implied that he could stay.

“Why? I live alone and you’re here.” Implied in that question was the message that there were no entanglements tonight, that he wanted her and that she would naturally allow it.

Kiki smiled her patented smirk, with the sides of her mouth curling upward. “So does that mean that I’m not going home tonight, either? That I’m going to spend the night on this mussed-up bed with you?”

“Pretty much,” Wistler said, with supreme self confidence. He was taking off his tie, as he spoke. “Why change the sheets when we’ll only muss them up again?”

Kiki leaned on the doorway, hands on her hip. The motion thrust her pelvis forward and her pretty, long labia were visible in the gap between her legs. “One condition: you’re going to be more romantic this time. You took me like a meatloaf tonight.” She was exaggerating, of course, but the one thing her lovers hadn’t given her much of that night was foreplay.

“Come here and I’ll show you romantic!” he cooed, now shirtless, as he took her in his arms and nuzzled her neck, while stroking the sides of her breasts and up into her naked armpits with his fingernails. Her ample and firm breasts rubbed against his hairy chest and the pink nipples that capped them went erect and stayed that way. She had her hands on his broad shoulders and feeling the strength of his pecs and upper arms. She could feel that his cock was rigid through his pants and because they were about the same height it bumped against her mons when he moved in between her naked legs. That sneak preview raised her temperature another notch and she pulled back and unfastened his belt for him.

Kiki grinned her trademark smile, with the ends of her mouth curled up.

In short order, they were both nude and lying on the now-hopelessly mussed bed, sheets pulled out from under the mattress and bedspread pushed down to the foot of the bed. He kissed her boobs all over and sucked on her nipples, hard and soft, tongued and straight suction, for what seemed like hours, taking time out to kiss her mouth passionately and to lick the deep valley of her cleavage. Then he kissed his way down her belly to her cunt, where he spent a long time with his tongue, bringing excitement back to Kiki’s weary clitoris and bringing sweet pussy juice back to her freshly-washed opening. Kiki responded by opening her legs as wide as they would go.

Even though, and maybe even because, Kiki’s pelvis was sore inside, both from her heavy use that night and from the beating it had taken from Lipschitz’s oversized schlong, Kiki soon felt the urge to be penetrated again and physically manipulated inside. She raised her arms over her head and let her head fall back on the pillow with her eyes shut. This was the wonderful moment where Kiki gave up control and let her lover do whatever he wanted.

When he sensed that she was ready, Wistler moved up her body, letting his cock and balls drag on her leg, dribbling a little precum on her thighs, until he was in line with her opening. A little positioning, a little adjustment, and in one thrust he mounted her, both of them gasping in unison at the penetration!

This time he was slower and more deliberate. He had already come once inside Kiki that night; now he could take his time and savor her body’s pleasures. And what pleasures they were! He felt so deep in her! Her cunt was gripping him tightly but he was still moving freely because she had juiced so much. They switched to the doggie position, so that his dick could penetrate her even more deeply, and then back, so he could play with her tits again. Kiki was breathing heavily now and seemed close to climax. She wrapped her legs around him and put her hands around his neck. Her excitement fueled his passion and before long he found himself staring into her open, excited eyes as his come rose right at the time her orgasm hit her! She spasmed and her vagina twitched and she almost seemed to vibrate for a long time, while he went rigid, bucked a couple of times, and then spurt a fountain of semen deep into her, filling every corner and crevice of her most talented vaginal passage and maybe into her uterus itself! (The thought that she was wide open, unprotected, and, who knows, possibly fertile was a big turn on for Wistler!)

He recovered first and started to feel drowsy. She felt a little dopy but very satisfied. The two of them fell asleep in each others’ arms and neither of them gave a thought to the gobs of semen that dripped out of her orifice and onto the dirty sheets as they slept.

Early in the morning, they did it again. This time, Kiki used her talented mouth to arouse Wistler to hardness. They did it in cowgirl position and Kiki took him with excruciating slowness, knowing that it would take time for him to come again. What happened later the next morning was not as important — it involved mostly fondling and cunnilingus, whereby Wistler proved that he was not prudish about sucking on a well-used cunt. Then they each left but not before Wistler took down her email address. Kiki clearly had another regular gentleman caller lined up.

Henderson had known exactly what would happen — there was no need to leave him a note. Once she was out of the house (which Henderson kept no smoking), she lit a cigarette and drove home. It was still morning but she needed to sleep more, so she made herself a daiquiri at 10:25 am and went to bed after she drank it.

In Shadowed Silence: Chapter 4

Elton Fend had answered his door naked.

Aulric sat at the very table at which the old man had performed a feat that should have been impossible at his age. The cottage was an awful mess; it looked as though he and the milkmaid had fucked on or against every available surface. The small bed was rumpled, its mattress askew on its frame, one of the doors of the antique armoire was hanging by one hinge, and the contents of several tables, the dresser top, and even a books from an upturned bookcase lay scattered over the floor.

There was a wet spot on the table before him. This he eyed with great trepidation… and scooted his chair back a bit.

The old wizard had righted the dressing screen, under which he had found his green robe. He whistled merrily as he dressed. The young thief tried to scrub the image of the skinny, bony old man’s naked body off his brain. It was useless. Some things you just can’t un-see.

Elton Fend picked his unsteady way over the debris, still grinning like an idiot. “Worked like a charm, didn’t it?” At Aulric’s blank, but slightly fearful look, he said, “The potion, boy.” The old man waited for a reaction, but Aulric wasn’t sure what he wanted.

Fend sighed impatiently. “The potion of vitality,” he exclaimed, his frail frame puffing up with pride. “Granted,” he admitted, “It was just supposed to give me energy, sharpen my focus, keep me up at night, but…” he broke off, muttering, as he righted a chair to sit upon. He suddenly cackled madly. “It certainly kept me up, didn’t it, boy?” His crazed laughter subsided. “Happy accident, and all.” The old man grinned.

It began to dawn on Aulric what the crazy old geezer was talking about.

“So the potion was responsible for…” Aulric gestured around the room, speechless.

The hedge wizard nodded smugly. “Sure was. But mind you,” he pointed sternly at the young man, “what the Llyn got?” He jerked his gnarled old thumb back at his chest, pointing to himself. “All me.”

Llyn? Ah the milkmaid. “She did seem… thrilled,” he replied. He had to laugh, in spite of it all. “You had to have been quite the man in your younger years.”

Elton grinned broadly. “You don’t know the half of it, sonny. I could tell you stories that’d straighten your shorties, and then curl ‘em right back up.” He winked and chuckled.

The old hedge wizard waved it all off. “But never you mind all that. What brings you here today, Aulric? Lessons?” He looked slightly hopeful.

He stood and fished the note from his pocket. Failing to find a clean spot on the table, he sidestepped a fallen chair and handed it directly to his sometimes-mentor. “That. I… I don’t read well enough to…” Embarrassed, he waved vaguely at the parchment.

The old man squinted at him, the wrinkles around his bright blue eyes bunching up. He considered the young thief with a pointed gaze. “Ohhh, you don’t say?”

The bastard’s making fun of me, Aulric thought.

He spoke before thinking. “Go fuck yourself, old man,” and instantly regretted his words, but the elderly wizard seemed unruffled.

“Oh, I think I’m maybe a bit too tired yet for all that,” he quipped, his eyes sparkling with good humor. “But let’s see about this lot.” He raised the note to the light to better see it, holding it near arm’s length. He cast a quick wink in Aulric’s direction.

“Well, I’d say it was someone’s doctored books,” he posed. “Or part of them, at least.” He wrinkled his nose at the leaf of parchment. “Atrocious penmanship,” he snorted with disgust.

Aulric had put his face in his hand. He made a circling gesture with his free hand, motioning with exasperation for the old man to turn the sheet over, and so didn’t see the hedge wizard’s sly glance at him, nor his mischievous grin while he turned the parchment over.

“Ah, well. This side isn’t like the other,” Elton noted obtusely. “Thought maybe you were finally losing your marbles, skulking about in the dark as you do.”

Aulric groaned. “Can we please make this a little less painful,” he pleaded. “Get on with it, you kooky old geezer!”

“Bah,” the old man scolded. “You’re no fun at all, are you, young master Crabbypants?”

Aulric glared. “If you’re going to waste my time…”

Elton interrupted him gently. “It’s that important to you, is it?” His bright eyes held Aulric fast.

The young thief fixed a shocked stare upon the venerable hedge wizard.

Son of a bitch. He’s doing this on purpose, Aulric realized. He couldn’t just write the old man off as just an amusing kind of crazy anymore. Fend was learning every bit as much from Aulric as he had been teaching. It was a sobering revelation.

Just how much does he know about me that I didn’t know he’d learned?, Aulric wondered. He felt more and more uncomfortable with each passing second under the wily old man’s gaze.

“You want me to read it to you, boy,” he quipped, “or are you going to jump out the window and run?” He arched a bushy, scraggly brow at Aulric. “You look as nervous as a thief in… Wait. No. Bad analogy… How about…” He fell to muttering, something about cats, tails, and rocking chairs. Something of the dotty old fool was returning in his countenance.

Finally he waved it off, and pointed to the mysterious note brightly. “Shall I?”

Aulric sighed in exasperated defeat.

* * *

Thydara’s full lips wrapped around the thick shaft of Retik’s cock. His gasp sounded breathless in the storeroom of The Waterside Inn he had stolen away with her to. She slowly sucked his pulsing member into her mouth, reveling in its strong taste. As she withdrew his length, her cheeks hollowed with the suction and her tongue twirled and writhed like a serpent against the sensitive frenulum and glans. His low whimper of pleasure was music to her ears.

She sank his member into her mouth to the root. She’d had thicker, and longer, but the feeling of absolute power was exactly the same with each. Her lips bottomed out at the base of his cock and she drew back again, varying the suction on each stroke, her tongue doing the lion’s share of the work.

Gods, but he’s hard! Against her better judgment, she was actually enjoying this simple, common man’s dick. The sounds he made were heavenly, and his thick, calloused fingers tangled in her black hair were arousing in a way she’d not experienced in a long while. She could almost forget her purpose here, as fun as the muscled, well-formed innkeeper was turning out to be. She had only planned on drinking with him, being charming, and milking him for information, but her sopping pussy was having none of that.

He had surprised her, turned her on, and that was just unacceptable; no one was supposed to get the better of a Sister of the Wyrm. He had charmed her instead, and here she was, sucking his dick, and thoroughly enjoying it. How the wyrm has turned, she thought. He’ll pay for this.

Of course, fucking him stupid in his store room hardly qualified as revenge, or did it? Thydara’s aching womanhood was lobbying with her rational mind that, yes, indeed, that would show him. Her mind argued that it would accomplish little, but might just loosen his tongue enough that the original purpose of this visit wouldn’t be a total wash. Still, she rankled at the idea that he’d played her like a harp.

And, to show just the publican how angry she was with him, she snarled as she took his rock hard cock back into her mouth, to the root.

Hopeless, she finally admitted to herself. This just isn’t going to go my way. Her wet womanhood, however, argued that it was going exactly her way.

So why not have fun with it? She threw caution to the wind and increased her pace, and her pussy leaked more juices down her cream-and-coffee-toned thighs in anticipation of giving up that control. Besides, after the flawless execution with Lord Amburgey, she deserved to indulge herself. Common men were apparently more fun, anyway.

She released his throbbing length from her mouth, taking it in hand. She stroked it while looking up into Retik’s smiling face. She felt his cock jump in her hand as she made eye contact with him, and she grinned wickedly, diving upon his reddened, engorged head. She licked and sucked his glans, the strokes of her hand quick, urgent. His breath had quickened, and he threw his head back with another low moan. The innkeeper leaned against the barrels of mead behind him.

“Nine Hells, Kareena,” he exclaimed; he wasn’t bad with names, she’d introduced herself to him as such. He tried to say something else, she thought, but his words came out as another groan.

She licked Retik’s shaft from base to head, her own breath coming in pants and gasps. Thydara couldn’t believe how turned on she was. Desire overtook her, and she forced his length down her throat, starting to whimper with her own need. Her inner thighs were running with her juices, and the heat radiating from her sex was almost unbearable. An electric thrill was running up her spine, from her tailbone to the base of her skull, leaving her scalp tingling and her stomach fluttering. She was close to coming, just from this.

That was it. He was unexpected, unknown… and part of the mystery. She had followed the thief from Amburgey’s estates in the high fane, but still did not know his identity. Retik was connected to him though; of that she was certain.

But how? In what capacity did they work together? Were they guildsmen? Was Retik the thief’s mentor, his doyen? If they were indeed in the guild, then Fennen should know of them. And, that being the case, the footpad should never have hit Amburgey’s manor in the Fane.

But what was it about this man? She couldn’t sense any sort of magical aura about him; Thydara didn’t know why she was so attracted to him. Perhaps it was his own personal magnetism. He was bold and open, and thoroughly unashamed of himself. He had little to hide, by comparison to others she had seduced and conquered in the Lyrran Chain, and nothing to gain by bedding her, other than the pleasure it would bring. That Retik had gotten the better of her, all on his own, surprised her, and that, she supposed, could be draw enough.

And he felt and tasted so damned good! She licked a glistening drop of precum from the head of his dick, savoring its salty and slightly sweet taste. “Mmmm,” she moaned.

Retik bent to raise Thydara to her feet. “Come here,” he said in his husky baritone. She rose, obeying a man for the first time in a decade, and he looped a strong arm around her waist. He lifted and swung her around, taking a couple of easy steps to set her down on a stack of linens atop a narrow counter top. She let out a laugh, wild and genuine.

She’d never been manhandled like this before, and it made her lightheaded with lust, and not just a little afraid. He stepped between her wet thighs, looking her in the eyes with a heated, lusty glare. She thought he would just impale her then on his cock.

He surprised her yet again.

He dragged the head of his cock down through the folds of her pussy, over her clit, bringing stars to her vision a tearing a gasp from her throat. He played about, teasing her pussy, poised at the brink of entering her. Thydara’s pussy was on fire. He rubbed her clit with the head of his cock, pressing against her. He ground against her with slow strokes of his cock against her sensitive nub. Then the sweet pressure subsided and his cock dropped away from her sex.

He kissed her hungrily. Thydara’s eyes flew open and she sagged into his kiss, trembling from the intensity of it. The innkeeper made his way down between her breasts, kissing, licking and suckling the skin over her sternum, pulling yet another gasp out of her. His strong hands cupped her breasts gently; he didn’t try to rip her tits off, like a lot of men did.

Refreshing, that, she thought happily.

He nibbled and licked the dark skin of her breasts gently, exploring every inch of skin. Thydara threw her head back and rode the sensations. She jumped as his tongue shot over a nipple, quick and wet, and he chuckled. His tongue twirled over the other nipple and set her nerves on fire. He sucked the nipple into his mouth, swiping his tongue back and forth over the sensitive nub. Her scattered brain registered nothing but sensation, shrouded in a fog of sheer pleasure.

A joyous laugh bubbled in her throat as he continued his ministrations on her breasts. His mouth dipped lower, sampling the flesh of her toned stomach, and drawing a whimper from her throat. His fingers toyed still with her nipples, and he tugged them gently, eliciting a squeal and twitch from her.

She cut the squeal off in shocked horror. She hadn’t squealed like that with a man for… Well, for so long she didn’t care to make the accounting.

She could scarcely believe it when his tongue swiped across her hip, down the soft hollow of her pelvis, and along the inside of her thigh. No man she’d been with had done that in literally years. Such was the service she did for her sisters. No noble she’d ever seduced would lower himself to such an act, the fools. Retik licked and sucked the other thigh, groaning out his desire as he cleaned her skin of her juices. Was he going to do it? Her mind and heart raced. Closer his mouth drifted, then back down her thigh, teasing, maddening. She shifted and whimpered, her nectar streaming from her swollen, hungry pussy. She had to have it. It had been so long…

“Gods, Retik! Do it,” she moaned. “You’re going to drive me mad!”

He chuckled somewhat evilly and continued to tease, but as she was groaning out her frustration, he struck, sliding his tongue from her thigh straight up her labia. She tensed, and his tongue flicked her clit deliberately, once.

She shuddered and came. Messily. Retik’s face was splashed with her juices as she sprayed his face. She was instantly embarrassed and shamed, but he only laughed gleefully. She had thought he’d be sickened, like the last man to eat her was. She thought Retik would call her a freak, forsake her.

He hadn’t been trying to get the better of her; he wanted her to enjoy herself, she realized. There was no domination, no points to prove. The publican of this dingy little inn wanted her pleasure as much as she did. It was plain and simple fun. She found herself very grateful to him.

Her orgasm played out in dizzying waves, perhaps intensified by the sincerity of it all, and electric thrills raced over her skin. While her head still spun, her muscles clenching with a toe-curling, mind-bending orgasm, he slid his hard, smooth cock home.

Thydara’s senses, already afire, went white-hot, as though someone had taken a bellows to the flame within her. She screamed and bucked against Retik, all sense of reason or place evaporating in the tremulous rush of writhing sinew and tingling skin. Retik fought to hold on, to establish order out of the mess he’d made her, and at first it seemed futile. Somehow, he managed to get purchase around her slick waist and force her convulsing body onto his in something resembling a rhythm.

Thydara’s hands sought out Retik’s hair, and she caught hold, pulling him into a kiss. The taste of her own juices only heightened her desire, and she licked them from the innkeep’s chiseled cheekbones, his jaw. The barest hint of stubble rasped over her tongue, making it tingle pleasantly.

The wet sound of their bodies colliding brought to mind the ocean’s waves breaking upon the shore for the islander woman, and the roaring in her ears reinforced the illusion of surf; she could almost smell the brine, and the sun-on-sand scents of her homeland.

“So good,” she panted. “So godsdamned good! By the Great Wyrm!”

He yanked roughly on her nipples then, sending pleasurable waves of pain through her, providing a sharp counterpoint to the wracking ecstasy that infused her every fibre. Retik growled as he slammed into her, animalistic as he lost himself in pounding her pussy relentlessly. Thydara hoped it would never end; or that she would die of this torturous rapture.

“Come for me, come for me, come for me! Great Wyrm, Retik,” she babbled, nearly incoherent. “Pur i im galsha theldisig!” Waves of another orgasm shook her, and her thoughts shattered, obliterating her ability to think, or to speak any tongue but her own. That soft noble had nothing on this simple innkeep. Nothing!

Retik responded with a snarl, his body tensing, and his cock twitching inside her as he poured his seed into her. Thydara’s eyes flew open once more and she threw her arms around his strong back, her legs wrapping around his waist. She ground her sopping mound against Retik’s pelvis, milking him dry. He shivered and staggered under the force of his climax, his eyes squeezed shut and his hands gripping the counter the linens were folded upon almost desperately. The Trigandoi looked into his face with wonder, until an aftershock stole the strength from her legs and she nearly fell.

Retik shakily lowered her to the floor, where the linens had been scattered in their intense coupling. He fell beside her, his chest heaving, and struggled into position to find her lips with his. The kiss was soft and almost reverent. As pillow talk went, that left nothing to be desired. They lay tangled together for a long while, catching their runaway breath and returning to Loria from whatever blissful plane whence they had been.

Retik sighed happily beside her, choosing to look her in the eyes for a long moment instead of speaking. To his credit, probably. Men had the habit of saying the most foolish things after sex.

Retik, it turned out, was pleasing, then, in all regards.

“We love lesbians!” Risking being caught, Susan and Crystal do one another.

Unable to control their sexual attraction and lustful desire for one another anymore, Susan and Crystal snuck away from the bridal shower to play in the spare bedroom. With most of the women already gone and the others leaving, Julie, the soon to be bride, was too busy saying good-bye to her friends to notice that her best friend, Susan, the maid of honor, and Crystal, one of the bridesmaids were missing. Surely, no one would notice them disappearing for a quickie behind a closed, spare bedroom door.

Only with Susan drunker than she thought she was and Crystal in the same inebriated condition, what started out as a quickie quickly turned into a full, lesbian, love making affair. With one helping to strip the other one naked while kissing, touching, and feeling each other’s body, it was obvious that Crystal was more into Susan than Susan was into Crystal. Nonetheless her reluctance to have a lesbian affair, Susan was horny enough to allow Crystal access to her naked body.

It all started with both woman sitting in Julie’s living room across from one another for hours. With one too many boring women talking at the same time, they started making eyes at one another while licking their lips long and slow. Sexually teasing one another while flashing each other their panties in slow, seductive leg crosses, Susan was as horny as she was drunk. Not lesbian, not even bi-sexual, Crystal was just a distraction for Susan. Only, what started out as a tease, a touch, a grope, and a long, wet kiss in the kitchen quickly escalated and developed into sexually passion and so much more.

Crystal was the type of woman who always got her own way. Crystal was the type of woman who got what she wanted. Crystal was the type of woman who hated to be disappointed and/or rejected. Crystal didn’t take well to teasing and then left unattended to be sexually frustrated. If Crystal started something sexual, she expected to be rewarded for her efforts. She expected to be given and to have an orgasm.

Even though Susan only had one brief lesbian affair with her roommate after being high on Marijuana and when away at college, she knew that whatever she started with Crystal, her redheaded diva of a friend, she had to finish. Just as, no doubt, Crystal would be licking and fingering her blonde, trimmed pussy, Susan was compelled to return the sexual favor. Drunk enough and horny enough to do whatever her friend wanted and needed her to do, what Susan wanted was just a sexual release.

“Oh my God, Crystal. I can’t believe we’re really doing this.”

“A long time coming, Susan. I’ve always wanted to do you.”

Kissing her while unbuttoning her blouse and unhooking her bra, not even taking the time that a guy would take to have extended foreplay before wanting to receive his prerequisite blowjob, Crystal stripped off Susan’s blouse and bra to get at her huge double D tits.

“Maybe we shouldn’t remove all of our clothes Crystal. Someone might come. What if we just removed our panties and you licked and fingered me and I licked and fingered you? Maybe we should just have a quickie sixty-nine,” said Susan.

“Now that I finally have you alone Susan, I want all of you. I need to see, touch, feel, and suck your big tits,” said Crystal stripping Susan topless as if she was the man and Susan was the woman.

Susan removed Crystal’s top and bra before they each removed their skirts and panties. With each of them only wearing four articles of clothes, not counting their shoes, they were both naked in just a minute. Knowing that she better not disappoint her friend, Susan went down on Crystal first. Falling between her legs, as soon as they fell back on the bed, Susan fingered and licked her friend.

Perhaps because of all the pent up lust she had for Susan, it didn’t take Crystal very long to have an orgasm from her friend’s fingers and tongue. Glad that part of their affair was over, Susan scooted up on the bed and spread her legs wide for Crystal to have her wicked way with her body. Crystal wasted no time in getting comfortable between Susan’s long legs. Fingering her clit, she licked her pussy before finger fucking her hole. She had Susan squirming in no time.

“I love your blonde, trimmed pussy Susan. I love rubbing your clit while licking you before finger fucking you as I play with your giant breasts and finger your hard nipples,” said Crystal. “Can you tell that I like talking dirty in bed?”

“I like pillow talk too,” said Susan. “Not shut the fuck up and lick my pussy bitch,” she said with a laugh that made Crystal laugh too.

Without doubt, Crystal knew her way around a pussy and Susan had an orgasm loud enough to disturb the hostess of the house. Both women fell on their backs and covered their nakedness with the sheet while kissing, feeling, and touching one another. Julie threw open the spare bedroom door as if she was SWAT breaking up a drug ring.

“What the fuck are you two doing? Are you two nuts? What are you drunk? I know you’re not lesbian Susan, so what’s your excuse?” She looked from Susan to direct her tongue lashing to Crystal. “You’re like a dog in heat Crystal. You’d do anyone and anything that has a pulse,” said Julie. “It’s time for both of you to leave my house before my father finds you in bed together. I’m so very disappointed in you Susan,” she said giving her best friend an angry look.

“We just got comfortable,” said Crystal snuggling up against Susan’s big breasts and sucking on her erect nipple. “We not ready to go yet,” she said giving Susan another long, wet kiss while feeling her breasts and fingering her nipples.

“Eww. Gross. You’re disgusting Crystal,” said Julie slamming shut the bedroom door.

* * * * *

Dave, Marty, Doug, and Wayne sat off in the corner of the backyard playing cards and drinking beer as Randy’s daughter, Julie, emerged from the house. Slamming shut the back door, she appeared terribly upset.

“Are you okay Julie?” Randy got up from the table to walk over to his 30-year-old daughter that he still thought of as his little girl.

With all eyes upon Julie, all four of his friends had often declared their desire to do Randy’s daughter one time or another, especially when they were drinking in the way they were now. Tall and shapely, just like her mother, Julie was a good looking woman. Only, Julie knew enough never to be alone with any of his friends. All of his friends were perverts. Moreover, if only merely judging her father by the company he kept, she knew her Dad was a pervert too. Going along with the flow when drinking and drunk, even Randy confessed to his friends that he’d love to do his daughter too. Only, she was engaged to be married and the wedding was just a couple of months away.

He had given up hope of incestuously bedding his daughter long ago. The only sexual memory he had of his sexy daughter was seeing her sunbathing topless in the backyard by the pool and catching her naked once when she accidentally dropped her towel when brushing her hair and talking on the cell phone. Having lived with her since she graduated college, he had also had dozens of up skirts of her panties and down blouses of her bra while she relaxed in the living room. Oblivious to the stares of her father’s horny, incestuous eyes, she had inadvertently given her father plenty to think about while masturbating over the incestuous thoughts of having sex with her.

Feeling embarrassed about his inappropriate behavior now, he thought of all the times he walked around the house in his underwear or naked while pretending he was drunk but his daughter never took his dangling bait. Even though he wanted her to cross the incestuous line with him, not once did she reach out and touch him before stroking him. Hoping she’d fall to her knees and suck him before fucking him, she didn’t even look at his exposed cock. Instead, she’d just put him to bed and cover his nakedness with a sheet.

“Thank you for allowing me the use of your house Daddy for my bridal shower,” she said beginning to cry.

“What’s the matter Julie?” He held her in his arms while his four friends watched from the distance. Perhaps his attraction to his daughter was because she reminded him so much of her mother when she was her age. “Are you nervous about the wedding? Are you having second thoughts? That happens to everyone. Everyone gets cold feet,” he said reassuring her with a fatherly rub of her shoulders. “Don’t worry. Everything will be okay.”

“No, that’s not it Daddy,” she said looking at him with foreboding.

“What is it then Honey? Tell me. You can tell Daddy anything. Just as I’ve always done for you in the past, Daddy will make everything better,” he said.

He remembered when he paid for her to have an abortion, paid for her to have substance abuse rehab treatment, bought her a car, repaired the car after she crashed it, paid for her college and her excessive cell phone charges and everything else in between.

“Susan, my maid of honor or more correctly, my maid of dishonor, and Crystal, my slut of a bridesmaid are upstairs in the guest bedroom,” she said looking at her father with awkwardness before blurting out her predicament. “They’re drunk Daddy and…” she said with her look of embarrassment that quickly turned to humiliation.

The thought of Susan and Crystal drunk and upstairs in his house, especially Susan, made his cock throb in his pants.

“And what?”

Already excited over the fact that there were two, young, beautiful, drunken women in his guest bedroom, Randy gave his daughter a fatherly look of understanding. Instead of having to deal with more of Julie’s issues, he just wanted to run upstairs to see what Susan and Crystal were doing upstairs in his guest bedroom.

“They’re naked Daddy. They’re in bed in the guest bedroom and they’re naked,” said Julie starting to cry.

The image of Susan and Crystal naked filled Randy’s horny brain with sexual lust. Naked, naked, naked, there’s young naked women in his house. Naked, naked, naked, his beloved Susan the woman he’s been infatuated with ever since she turned 18-years-old and developed huge breasts, was in his house and upstairs in his guest bedroom naked. No longer able to focus on his daughter, he just wished she’d leave so that he could deal with her two naked friends.

Having already seen Crystal topless, he always wanted to see Susan naked. Over the years, Crystal was always flashing him her panties with up skirts and her bra with down blouses. She was a slut but Susan was a nice woman. She’d be the type of woman that if he was rich, he’d ask her to marry him. Only, his daughter wouldn’t take well to her father marrying her best friend.

“Naked? Seriously?” He looked at his daughter while trying not to show his sexual excitement. “They’re both in the bed in the guest bedroom naked?”

“Yes Daddy.”

“There, there, don’t cry,” he said hugging her while comforting his daughter.

“I’m sorry Daddy.”

The image of Susan and Crystal naked in his house took hold of his mind and he couldn’t think of anything else but Susan’s double D size breasts, her round, firm ass, and, no doubt, being that she was a natural blonde, her blonde pussy. Guessing she was trimmed, he wondered if she was bushy, bald, or trimmed. The imagined image of her melon size breasts that he finally pictured in his mind’s eye after seeing her long line of cleavage so many times before filled his mind with lust for her. Already suspecting the answer to his question, he asked anyway.

“Why are they naked?”

She looked at him with trepidation.

“I’m sorry Daddy, I’m so sorry, truly I am but…” she said.

“But what Julie. Tell me. Don’t be afraid. I’m your father and I love you. You can tell me anything and I’ll–”

“I think they just had sex,” said Julie.

“Pardon? I’m sorry. I’m getting old and don’t always hear correctly,” he said figuring that what he heard his daughter saying was what he wanted to hear his daughter say.

“They just had sex Daddy,” she said again.

“Sex? Susan and Crystal had sex…in my spare bedroom?”

Randy imagined Susan’s long legs draped over Crystal’s back while her best friend licked her pussy. The image of the two women having naked lesbian sex filled him with passion for both women.

“Yes,” said Julie with embarrassment.

“Sex with who?” Wanting just to hear her say the words and playing Mickey the Dunce while knowing full well that Susan and Crystal must have had sex with one another for his daughter to be so upset, he knew the answer to his question when Julie shot him a sneer. Hoping that she’d tell him all of the lurid details but unable to get her to play his game, he asked the question to show his naiveté for such things. “They had sex with one another?

“Yes Daddy,” she said with shame. “They had sex with one another.”

“Lesbian sex? They had lesbian sex?”

“Yes,” she said hiding her face in her hands. “Only we don’t call it having lesbian sex,” she said looking up at him and blushing to suggest that she’s had lesbian sex too. “We call it taking a walk on the wild side or experimenting. Some women have sex with a close female friend after they’ve been dumped by a man, get drunk or high, and are horny,” she said brushing back her hair as if she was giving her reasons why she’s had lesbian sex in the past without admitting that she had.

“So, just so that I understand, lemme get this straight. You’re childhood friends are lesbians?”

“Apparently so Daddy for them to be upstairs in your house and in your guest bedroom having sex,” she said talking to him as if he was stupid. “Besides, we’re not children anymore Daddy. We’re all 30-year-old women,” said Julie.

Even though she said she was a 30-year-old woman, he wondered why she still called him Daddy instead of Dad or Father in the way that all of her friends addressed their fathers. He wondered if what happened with her mother leaving stunted her maturity. Just as he wondered if his daughter’s immaturity was his fault, he wondered if his wife leaving him was his fault too. Most women her age don’t get along with their fathers but because of his wife leaving him for the Avon woman years ago, he always had a close relationship with his daughter.

As if there was a big bug in her room and she needed him to save her from being bitten, he’d do anything for her. Even if it meant him going upstairs to see what the Hell was going on in his spare bedroom, he’d sacrifice himself for Julie’s sake anything, especially when it had the reward of possibly seeing Susan naked. Naked, naked, naked, yes, of course, he’d force himself to deal with two naked, young, beautiful women in his house. It’s the least that he can do for his daughter. What horny, perverted father wouldn’t?

“Yes, yes, of course I realize you’re all adults, which is why I don’t understand why your two best friends had lesbian sex in my house Julie. You know how I feel about lesbians, especially after your mother left me for the Avon lady. I was the butt of jokes, fodder for teasing, and the laughing stock of all my friends and family. Wouldn’t lesbian sex be something they’d do in private or in their own closet instead of doing it in public and in my guest bedroom?”

“Other than both of them being drunk, I don’t know what their problems are Daddy,” said Julie.

Not expecting her to answer, he looked at her as if she was still his little girl. He only wished she was up there drunk and naked with Susan. Wow! How hot would that be if he could have incestuous sex with his daughter and lustful sex with her best friend.

“I still think of you and your friends as kids who played in this very backyard every day,” he said looking over to his four friends and giving them the thumbs up behind his daughter’s back.

“Routinely inviting the Avon lady over, on the pretense of always needing to buy more makeup and perfume while Mom carried on an affair with Tiffany, I know how you detest lesbians Daddy. I’m so very sorry that lesbianism comes knocking at your door again. I had no idea they were lesbians, bisexuals, or whatever the Hell they were doing in the guest bedroom,” said Julie wringing her hands. “I asked them to come down, but they wouldn’t. I asked to leave, but they won’t.”

“So what’s the problem?”

As soon as he blurted that stupid question, he felt so obviously transparent. A father would never ask his daughter that question, unless he felt that Susan and Crystal being in his spare bedroom naked wasn’t a problem and it wasn’t. It was a blessing. As far as he was concerned, having Susan and Crystal in his house drunk and naked was divine intervention. A wish he had been asking God to grant him for years in wanting to see Susan naked and now his prayers have been answered.

‘Thank you Jesus’, he thought to himself. ‘Thank you Jesus!’

“The problem is that I can’t get them to come down Daddy. I can’t get them to leave. They’re too drunk. They just keep kissing and touching one another. Eww, gross,” she said. “I don’t know how they’re going to drive home in that condition,” she said with a face full of consternation.

“Don’t worry about them driving home. I’ll let them sleep it off and I’ll give them breakfast tomorrow morning before kicking them to the curb,” he said with a laugh to cover his ulterior motives. “I’ll make sure they get home safe. Don’t you worry your pretty head about anything,” he said kissing her on her forehead. “You go home. Drive carefully,” he said.

“Thank you Daddy,” she said giving him a kiss on the cheek. “Bye Daddy.”

“Bye, Julie. Take care,” he said waving until she drove out of sight. “Hot diggity dog,” he said stomping his foot.

Always there to clean up his daughter’s messes, he was always helping her out of jams. Glad that she was finally getting married and going to be her husband’s problem, nonetheless, this was one mess that he looked forward to fixing. Randy walked over to his four friends with a big smile.

“What’s up?” Dave looked at Randy. “I bet you’re glad they’re all gone. Is that why you’re smiling?”

“No, that’s not why I’m smiling and, actually, they’re not all gone,” he said rubbing his hands together as if he had just won the lottery.

“What do you mean they’re not all gone?” Marty looked from Dave to Randy. “Who’s left?”

“Two of my daughter friends, Susan and Crystal, are still here in my spare bedroom…drunk and naked.”

“Drunk and naked?” Dave looked at Randy with immediate sexual excitement.

“Yep, I have two drunken, young, beautiful women in my spare bedroom naked,” said Randy.

“Wait,” said Marty with a look of hopefulness. “Is Susan the tall, beautiful, blonde with the big tits?”

“Oh yeah, she’s the one,” said Randy with a chuckle while grabbing his crotch. “I always wanted to do her. You guys can have Crystal but Susan is all mine.”

“Is Crystal the pretty redhead with the nice, tight ass?” Doug looked to Randy with a look of excited expectancy.

“That’s the one,” said Randy. “She’s the one who was swimming topless in the pool just before you guys arrived.”

“No way,” said Wayne. “Topless? In front of you?”

“It gets better,” said Randy smiling at his three friends. “They just had sex.”

“Who just had sex?” Marty stared at Randy with his mouth open.

“Susan and Crystal just had sex with one another,” said Randy.

“Lesbian sex?” Marty looked from Randy to look at his two friends. “Are you serious? Those two hot women just had lesbian sex? I never would have pegged them for lesbians.”

“Yes,” said Randy chuckling. “Moreover, Julie thinks that I don’t like lesbians but I love lesbians,” he said with a laugh. “We all love lesbians. All men love lesbians,” said Randy with another laugh.

“What are you going to do?” Even after taking a long sip of his beer, Wayne looked at Randy as if he was a man dying of thirst.

Everybody in this is at least 18. Obviously.


A lot of people have commented on my recent new look. Well…it was something I think I’ve always had inside me, but it’s how it got out that I wanna talk about. People have speculated a lot on my relationship with my daddy, and a lot of their theories are just…gross. If they knew the truth, though, they’d forget all about that.

Any of you girls with little brothers knows this story; my little brother, Braison, or Bray, as I like to call him, is a little pervert. When he started peeping on me, it didn’t really bother me, because I figured it was just a phase, and he’d get over it. Well, he didn’t. Now that he’s older, though, I have a different reason why I don’t do anything about it. This is something I’d never tell anyone, but, the way Bray has grown up, well, not only do I secretly want him to look, I keep wishing he would just come in, and, well, do what I know he’s been fantasizing about. Some of you might be wondering why I don’t just invite him in. Well, the truth is, I don’t have that much confidence. I know, that sounds strange, but the truth is, most of my career, hell, most of my life so far, has been daddy’s idea. I’ve wanted for so long to break out and do my own thing, but I just haven’t been confident enough to do it. Here’s where that changed, though.

I was home from another tour, and changing out of my flight clothes, when I saw him. Bray has never caught on to the fact that my bedroom door is fully visible from my mirror, so I always see him watching me. As usual, I wanted him to come in, but he didn’t.

That night, I had a dream, where he finally did what I’ve wanted him to do, and, well, you can guess where it went from there. When I woke up, I finally realized something; he was never gonna make his move. It was all up to me. I thought on that for what seemed like an hour, before I forced myself to get up.

I cracked his door, and found him sleeping. He was covered up to his waist, and he was lying there, bare chest rising and sinking as he breathed. I crept in, closed the door behind me, and walked quietly up to his bed.

“Bray? Bray, wake up.” I reached over and shook him. “Bray!” Bray finally awoke, blinking and rubbing his eyes. He yawned.

“Miley? What is it?”

“Bray, why do you peep on me?”

“What? What are you talking about?”

“Bray, I’ve seen you. I know.”


“Bray, I’m your goddamn sister. Why do you wanna see me naked so badly?”

“I don’t know what-”

“Is it because you wanna fuck me, Bray?” The look on his face when I reached down and took off my night shirt was priceless. All of a sudden, his big sister was standing in front of him, completely naked except for a pair of purple panties. “Is that it?” I whispered. “Do you wanna fuck me?” The audible gulp told me all I needed to know.

I crawled onto the bed with him, and pressed my lips to his. He immediately got into it, making out with me. My brother is a really good kisser. I hadn’t realized just how badly he’d wanted me though, as he quickly moved to my neck, which caused me to shiver a little, then down to my shoulders, before cupping my breasts in his hands, and kissing between them. Something I’ll bet y’all didn’t know, my breasts are very sensitive, and the way Bray was feeling me up was making me very wet. I got even wetter when he started licking and sucking on my nipples.

As he scooted up a little, I discovered not only was he sleeping naked, but his cock was very big, and hard as a rock. I reached down, wrapped my hand around it, and started to slowly stroke it. He groaned his approval, and I started moving down, kissing down his chest, down his stomach. Bray’s groaning got more vocal as I wrapped my lips around his practically throbbing cock, and began to suck him off. “Oh, God, yes…” he whispered. “Fffuck, Miley…”

I took his cock out of my mouth, and wrapped my titties around it. “Yeah…that feel good, Bray? You like feeling my titties around your big, hard dick?” Bray nodded. I put his cock back in my mouth, and continued licking and sucking on his swollen head. When I sensed he was getting close to coming, I looked up at him. “Wanna lick my pussy, Bray?” He again nodded.

I slipped out of my panties, crawled up him until I was hovering over his face, and leaned on his headboard. He grabbed my thighs, and lowered me onto his face, and began eating me out. I immediately grimaced with pleasure as he buried his tongue deep inside my snatch. “Oh…Oh, God, Bray! Yes…just like that.” I started to squeal a little as he probed deeper. All the while, his hands had a vice-like grip on my butt-cheeks. By the time he started sucking on my little clitty, I knew I was gonna come, and, not wanting to wake the rest of the house, I bit down hard on his headboard. This muffled the high-pitched squeal I let out, as the orgasm hit me, and moved through my entire body.

Once my pussy calmed down, I moved backed down, and kissed Bray. I could taste my pussy juices on his lips, and I licked the rest of them from around his mouth.

We looked at each other silently, as I once again hovered, this time over his cock. Bray held his cock steady, and I lowered myself onto it, straddling him. I’d be lying if I said I’d never done anything like this before, but the feeling of my brother’s big cock sliding into me, filling me up, felt like my first time all over again. I grimaced and bit my lip as I began slowly moving up and down on it, causing my boobs to slowly bounce. Bray now tightly gripped my hips, and slowly thrust into me. “Oh, God, Bray, I’ve wanted this for soooo loooong.” I smirked a little. “Bet you have, too, huh?” The only answer I got was his manly grunts as we grinded against each other. I had my hands on his chest, and the look he was giving me was so hot, I couldn’t stand it. “God, fuck me harder, baby!” He sped up his thrusts, and I knew I was close to coming again. When I did, I had to stuff my fist into my mouth to keep from crying out.

After about the third orgasm, I knew he was getting close, so I leaned down, and whispered to him, “Bray…when you come, I want you to come in me. Can you do that?” He didn’t respond, but I knew he would comply. When it finally came, we both climaxed together. I felt extremely satisfied, as I felt my brother’s hot jism flowing inside me. I slid off him, and we made out for what felt like ten minutes after that, before I realized I should probably get back to my room, before we’re caught.

It was soon after that that I adopted my new look. The confidence I gained from making love to my brother inspired me to try something new, and Bray says he loves my new image. And I believe him, because we’ve started fucking pretty much every chance we get since then.

This is the story of what happened to us —- the mistakes we made, and the things we learned. The others involved have asked me to write it, so I’ll speak for them, as well as myself. I’ll tell you how an unlikely arrangement reshaped our definitions of sex, pleasure, and love.

Part One – Gifts Between Friends

I could barely breathe as I watched her. Dim yellow light seemed to turn her pale flesh bronze, and it glistened off the sweat that was covering her body. She seemed helpless, her hands clutching at the sheets and the comforter as she tried to hold on.

Her body rose off the bed, and fell down again. My eyes traveled over her tight stomach —- so young and firm, yet soft —- down to the elegant hand that was covering her pussy. Long fingers were sliding in and out of her, and her breathing matched the cadence.

My eyes traveled up over her young breasts, now bouncing freely. They were perfect. She’d feared them too small, but she wasn’t self-conscious of them any more… she wasn’t anything but enraptured. I looked up to her neck, which was slim and fine, and watched as Kate nuzzled it, and licked the sensitive skin beneath her ear,

She whispered: “It’s okay, just let it happen. One more time, Leah…”

Leah might have heard the words, but she didn’t respond to them. No, she responded instead to the tips of the fingers sliding into her, and the palm of the hand that was crushing her clit.

Her face told the story. Her eyes were open, but her lids were heavy. She stared lifelessly, like she knew this was wrong —- like she knew a woman wasn’t supposed to make her feel this. Like the past two hours of Sapphic passion had destroyed something innocent inside her.

Her blond hair plunged across her face, but using her free hand Kate brushed it away, “Come on, baby. Just one more.”

Leah’s body was rising and falling faster and faster, like a countdown closer to an explosion. I was mesmerized. Her breathing got shallower, and harder. Her mouth hung open, her expression stayed blank. She was lost in a world of exhausted ecstasy.

Then her eyes found mine. Peeping out from under her heavy lids, they just caught me, and I felt electricity in my body. I wasn’t the only one who felt it. As soon as she met my stare she shivered. I felt suddenly like the trigger, because in that second she exploded.

Kate held her tight, but she came off the bed as if gravity didn’t matter anymore. Around Kate’s fingers a jet of clear fluid escaped Leah’s young pussy, and the scream she let out was powerful, even hoarse. She cried out against the power of the pleasure that was bursting from her body, and I stopped breathing as I watched.

Even as she writhed, her eyes never left mine.

As she fell back against the older woman who had spent two hours mentoring her —- teaching her the potential of her own body —- Leah continued to stare at me. She seemed barely conscious, sweat was dripping off her brow, but she stared at me.

“Good girl,” Kate whispered gently into her ear, and then kissed the side of her face as she slide her fingers free. “You were wonderful.”

Kate was gentle with her —- wrapped her arms around her. You could tell, in a perverse way, that she was a teacher, and that she dealt with younger people all the time. I’d always thought she would make a good mother… now she held Leah like with all the care a mother would have, while the young girl —- just eighteen, too young for this bedroom —- stared at me.

I only slowly began to realize how hard I was as my ability to breath returned. My cock had been patient for two hours, true to my promise, but now there was no amount of self control in the world for me. It was all I could do to keep myself from grasping my shaft through my pants… I had to go relieve myself. I had promised these girls tonight was about them, not about a guy with money trying to exploit them…

Leah was young, but she was intelligent. She knew what the look on my face meant. Even as her body melted into the soaked hotel sheets, she reached out a hand towards me. And her eyes told me she wanted revenge.

Revenge for what my money had taken from her…


They say money changes people. It certainly changed me.

The first million I ever took under management was a big deal. I had become a success, and I was only twenty-six. I was serving my clients and making money doing it. The next ten million… the next twenty… they stopped being a big deal. I was suddenly swimming in cash, able to buy anything I wanted… except the thing they say money can’t buy.

Because I was alone.

I had never been good at dating. This wasn’t because I was working too much —- once I got good at my job, I was working surprisingly little. No, it was how I was raised: the nice guy, and never really lamenting it. I was the friend —- the reliable and trusted one. The one who’d never hurt any of them. That’s why so many of my friends were women… and why, quite honestly, I never thought about any of them inappropriately, except for in those last blinding few seconds before I stroked myself to climax. Those last seconds when the façade dropped, and I stopped pretending I was masturbating about a faceless porn star.

The girls trusted me. They came to me with their problems. They asked me for help. And I never took advantage. That wouldn’t have been right.

But now, as money started to numb everything that had once made me happy… as it took away the struggle to achieve that had fueled me for so long, I was desperate to find something to do with it.

And I didn’t have to look far for incentive.

I’d always been fascinated by the way money attracted women of a certain kind. When I turned up in a three-piece suit and a Land Rover, the women who came to me were the kind I wanted least. Orange spray tans, barely-existent sparkly dresses, impossible heels, and bleached blond… I could never understand why a woman would want her skin to be more orange —- not tanned, but orange —- than her hair.

These girls wanted to spend time with me, but they weren’t my type. So I spent my time alone instead of in bed with them. I contemplated hiring escorts but that just seemed wrong.

I liked the girls I was friends with. I liked them a lot, but no matter my success, they didn’t seem to be interested in me. Maybe that was my fault —- maybe I needed to learn to be more forward. But it wasn’t in me.

I needed to force myself to change.

I can’t explain the logic that yielded the arrangement. I don’t know if it could even be called logic.

I think one too many of my clients —- a lot of them young men, working in tech companies, with money to invest and wives who they treated poorly —- winked and nodded and said I must ‘get a lot of pussy’. I never really answered when they said that. I think some of them assumed I was gay.

But one night, sitting alone in my house I started to wonder why those people… those assholes… could have the women I wanted. I was a good man and I had money, certainly I could outplay them.

I could buy women. That was the revelation I went to bed on. The sort that only makes sense at night, when you’re alone and desperate.

In the morning I dismissed it —- on to worrying about work… until mid-afternoon, when my student assistant arrived in the office.

Leah was in her first year of university, a tall blond dancer who had decided at the last minute that she wanted to pursue higher education, and whose parents didn’t think she was up to it.

Her parents, I have to say, were fools. She’d interned in my office before —- a high school co-op position she’d secured because I’d been looking for filing help the day her co-op coordinator had called around. She’d previously been posted at an Insurance Company in town, but she hadn’t liked it there. As she’d confided in me later, the blue-haired ladies she’d worked with had patted her on the head and told her she’d be good eye-candy for the men.

Leah was a beautiful young kid… everything about her was youthful and attractive, especially her mind. She was sharp, she was responsible, and she deserved to be treated as an adult, even if she told some stories about her boyfriend which made me and the other folks at our office think: One day you’ll regret the ‘date a guy because he’s in a band’ phase.

I liked Leah a lot, and right up until she turned eighteen, I refused to think of her as anything but a kid.

But when her high school work term finished, and she decided to go to university in town, she’d needed every dime she could scrounge. She’d come to me for hours, and being the reliable friend I’d delivered: she was great when it came to the endless regulatory paperwork of wealth management, I could trust her, and so she started at ten hours a week.

She was at twenty hours by the end of the first month, and then classes started, and she began keeping the most difficult schedule, trying to make everything work.

It did work, at least for a while. But as September bled into October, problems started to arise. This gets back to where my idea came from: one Tuesday night, I came into the office late after an appointment with one of my high-roller clients, and found her at her desk sobbing.

Stereotypical, I’m sure you’d say. Teen girl in crisis, her twenty-eight-year-old boss sweeps in, comforts her, then lays her back on the desk and fucks her.

Hardly. It was the most awkward half hour of my life. She was embarrassed that I was there. She was embarrassed that she was crying. I was embarrassed for her, because I knew how much she prided herself on keeping things together.

But eventually she explained that her parents were getting a divorce, and she wasn’t sure if she was going to be able to keep living at home because her dad was moving to Detroit with a woman, and her mom was talking about suicide…

It was about as bad as that scenario could get, and being someone who’d made millions managing peoples’ money, one of my first thoughts was: I need to find her more hours.

I comforted her, even hugged her, and eventually got her on her way home. I didn’t drive her — that would have been an insult to her independence. But I did notice the tightness of her body when I hugged her. Of course I did. Emotions were high and I could feel every firm curve when she pressed against me for reassurance.

It was the wrongest feeling, but after she left I sat down at my desk and had an illogical thought. I could have her. She was ten years younger than me, but I could pay her way, just as all the girls I didn’t want hoped I would do for them.

For a moment the thought intoxicated me. But then I stopped it. To do so… no, it was wrong. Using my money to make her service me was simply wrong. If only… if only I could give her money and use it as a way to force her to feel good, something she never took the time for.

That wouldn’t be exploitation, that’d be a… a gift between friends.

I’d like to think that I was pretty good at justifying things. Maybe I wasn’t even completely lying. Either way, so began the idea.


When Leah beckoned to me, I could barely move. I watched her face, and saw her hand wave me towards her. I didn’t want to go near her perfect and pure body, not in such a state as I was in. My hard cock was vibrating, it was going to explode and I needed to get it to a safe distance.

Kate saw that I was being summoned, and she purred into Leah’s ear, “You want him? I want him too.”

She was every inch the seductress I’d always thought she might be. It was hard to picture her doing a parent-teacher interview now… her hand reached out and beckoned me as well.

“Come on, Nate.”

I must have started to shake my head, because she insisted, “Can you really control yourself with the two of us begging for you?”

I couldn’t. I tried, but somehow I ended up beside the bed, and my eyes stayed on Leah’s face. Her expression hadn’t changed, or at least not much. It looked as though she could think a little again, but like she was underwater. Too much pleasure had inundated her…

Her fingers worked my belt buckle, and pulled it open while Kate’s free hand pulled down my fly. The smell of my precum was suddenly released —- my boxer-briefs had been soaked through by my arousal, and Kate responded with a breathy sound of desire.

The teacher loved sex. It was an admirable quality, truly.

Leah’s fingers opened the button to my pants, and then slowly pushed them down around my hips. The tails of my button-up shirt were pushed to either side, like curtains, and then it was Kate’s hands that pulled down my underwear, just enough so that my cock sprang free.

I was an average-size man —- six inches and somewhat thick. My foreskin was fully back, and the precum was dripping off the head of my penis as though it was a running tap. The removal of my underwear had released the immediate pressure on my cockhead, though; the feeling of instant explosion seemed to subside.

Until Kate cuddled around Leah, her cheek pressing up against the eighteen-year-old’s. She saw my head pulsating, and knew what it meant.

“Open your mouth and touch it,” she said softly, with a smile. “See how a man cums.”

All I could think when Leah’s hands reached out again was that she looked like a puppy, tired but determined to learn a new toy. Her face was a picture of innocent focus, and her eyes were now focused on my crotch.

When she touched me, any pretense that the pressure was off ended. My knees nearly buckled —- it was good I could grip the bed-head —- and I came.

I cum a lot, and I shoot my cum a long way. Surprises have happened in my history of sex and masturbation —- on one occasion early on, I learned how my cum tastes. That hadn’t been my plan.

Kate and Leah’s faces were pressed together, sideways on the bed, but Leah was steering with her hands. The first shots went right over Kate’s shoulder in the air; the last three hit them both, one going straight into Kate’s mouth, another into Leah’s.

Powerful ropes, as though they’d come from a watergun, and when they subsided I lowered myself to my knees, immediately feeling overcome with guilt. My eyes fell to the floor, and I tried not to think about having truly just become the thing I despised —- having cum in the mouth of the student working in my office, allowed to do so because I was paying her way through school.

I was exploiting her after all… and that very thought stirred my exhausted cock. I didn’t soften, so I pulled my underwear up to conceal my continued arousal.

When I looked up again, Kate was lying on top of Leah, licking the cum off her face, then kissing. Kate was acting like a porn star. Leah was an angel. I didn’t know what the hell I had done.


“What’s the catch?”

Kate sat across from me at the coffee shop where we occasionally met, leaning back in our usual booth and breathing a little differently than she had been seconds before.

I always appreciated Kate. She’d played volleyball at university when I’d been there, and we’d become friends —- of course —- over the years since. I’d wanted her for a lot of that time… wished we could be in a relationship… but she’d always resisted that.

She was twenty-five and not yet ready to settle down… at least not during the nights.

By day, you’d never know, and that’s one thing I loved about her. Naughty teacher, another cliché, but Kate did it differently. Her daytime attire always complimented her perfect volleyball-player’s body, and her long-bobbed brown hair. She wore cool glasses that added an air of sophistication, and if you ever saw her with her students, you could tell that they were the thing she loved most about living.

She’d be a great mother, exactly the sort of woman you wanted to raise your kids, because she’d never let them down, never stop taking care of them, as long as they needed it.

And yet at night she ran wild.

I had written insurance on her in my first year in the business, before moving over to wealth management, and when the requisite question about STDs came up during her health history, I got the first hint.

When I didn’t judge her for having been hit with Chlamydia by a cheating boyfriend —- something that really hadn’t been her fault —- a new comfort level settled between us. I became the friend she could talk to… ask about why her boyfriends back then seemed incapable of finding her clit… when her girlfriends could.

Our conversations were always fascinating. She’d glow with pride talking about her students, always so perfectly affectionate about them —- never inappropriately, believe me… she’d kill anyone who thought about them in that way —- and then she’d shift conversation into how she still couldn’t get behind the idea of taking someone in her ass.

I wondered if I was the only one she spoke to about these things. I wondered if she was trying to proposition me, and I just wasn’t getting the message. Aloof friends sometimes don’t.

At one point she’d explained that her then-boyfriend had declared he was adventurous, and that she’d always wanted to have two men at the same time… I believe I said: “Make sure you talk to him about jealousy issues… it’s easy to say something like that, and not be ready for it.”

Hey, everybody needs friends. Maybe I should have taken my own advice…

Now, though, I wasn’t being just a friend, and my proposed arrangement had caught Kate off guard. It was the change in breathing that really tipped me off, and I was flooded by anticipation for a few seconds.

“What catch?” I finally answered her question with one of my own, and she licked her lips a bit nervously.

“Well. You’re saying it’s $10,000…” she leaned forward and lowered her voice, “…per orgasm.”

My breathing was starting to be affected too —- so much for being the cool money man, looking to exploit women…

“Yes,” I answered.

“You’ll pay me… the other girl…”

“Once we find her,” I interjected, and Kate held up her hand with a nod.

“You’ll pay me $10,000 every time I cum.”

I was hard by the time she finished saying it. I had flashes of her getting up on this table and me drawing my hard cock… I was suddenly so aroused, but I wrestled down those feelings.

“And deduct $25,000 any time you fake it,” I added, because I knew some conditions would be required.

She sat back. A smile tried to come to her face, but with her mouth open in surprise, all she could do was shake her head. The arrangement was too good to be true: I wanted girls I liked to spend time with each other… having orgasms.

I loved watching girls come. I thought it was the most beautiful thing in the world… that if there was a heaven —- which I now wouldn’t be going to, because I was exploiting girls for sex —- it would truly be filled with beautiful angels, constantly in a state of Sapphic ecstasy.

So now that was the deal: Kate would go to bed with another woman —- something she’d done often —- and every time she came, I’d pay her $10,000.

Admittedly, it was an arrangement that favored women who were able to experience multiple orgasms very quickly… and it relied on me to find two women skilled enough to give each other real, consistent pleasure… but as easy money went…

“I never fake it,” Kate said a little raspily, and then her hand dropped beneath the table for a second, only to return as she shook her head. “You’re going to make me cum… and pay off my student loans…”

She was as aroused by this as I was. That was the sort of person she was… she loved sex. It was impossibly attractive.

“And… what’s in it for you?” she asked before gently biting the tip of her tongue, to keep from licking her lips. “I mean… I don’t mind pulling my weight if you need to make some money…”

A big thank you to my editor, curi0us7r4nny, who helped me so much.

My parents thought I was spending the night with Amy, a friend from school. Cody asked me to get out from under my parents’ thumb for just one night. We had been snatching odd moments alone, depending on Michael and Neil’s schedules, but we hadn’t had much time with just the two of us. It wasn’t the easiest thing, to fake a sleep over with Amy, and it was risky, but he really wanted me to do it. I showed up Thursday afternoon with a packed bag. All the guys were at work, so I let myself in with the spare key. It was another hot day and I had opted for a yellow rayon sundress, short and with thin straps. My hair was in its usual hot weather bun.

Cody came home early and seemed unusually happy. He kissed me energetically and picked me up off the floor in a bear hug.

“Let’s go out tonight,” he suggested.

I was game, although I had no idea where we would go. Cody and I had never gone anywhere more formal than McDonald’s. But apparently he had somewhere in mind, as he put on a real shirt with actual buttons, albeit black. He had given himself a close shave and his goatee looked tidy and trimmed. He kept his skull head belt buckle and black leather vest, but looked much more respectable than usual.

What he had in mind was a tiny Italian restaurant with dining in one of the ubiquitous courtyards the older part of town sported. We were seated near a door draped with wisteria and surrounded by climbing plants and potted trees. The effect was lovely. The service was discreet and attentive without being in any way formal. My light dress was quite appropriate. Cody, being an outlaw, made his own place in a world that had no place for him. He carried himself as if he belonged everywhere and rarely did anyone challenge him. He didn’t care if he was appropriate.

Veal Parmesan dispatched, we lingered over tiramisu, then were ready to go home. I was surprised Michael and Neil weren’t home. Cody, in an off-hand manner that did not fool me, mentioned they had gone to the Miller stadium in a city a few hours away for a concert, and would be staying overnight with some friends.

I was touched. Cody had done all of this for me. I was further surprised when he put in my favorite mix tape, which started with Don’t Fear the Reaper. (Overplayed and annoying, in his opinion.) When he put his arms around me, I responded with an ardent kiss. We somehow made it to the couch. When I started fumbling with his shirt buttons, Cody gently pulled away and led me to the bedroom. He lit the candles on his mantle and dimmed the torchiere. We were in a softly glowing cave. I pulled him into bed with me, working at his buttons again. He slipped out of the shirt and I could not get enough of his bare skin. I feverishly ran my hands over him, stomach, chest, shoulders, biceps. I wiggled up so I could kiss his neck, drape one leg over his, pull his mouth to mine. As my palm crossed over a nipple I felt him quiver, and went back, rubbed my fingers over his nipple again, another quiver. I broke our kiss to investigate this discovery. I experimentally licked at it and Cody murmured my name. I thought about what I liked, and bent to suck and nip at his nipple. Then I returned to kissing him, one finger alternately rubbing and circling it. Cody continued to respond, his heat matching mine, spiraling up. I pulled him closer and his exploring hands found my zipper, pulled it down. I shrugged one shoulder out of my dress exposing a breast. He eagerly fastened on it, first with his hand, then with his mouth. He pressed me back and searched for the other strap of my dress, pushing that one down too. I submitted to his attention, a flutter rising in my stomach, escaping as a sigh. I kneaded his shoulders as he made love to my breasts, licking and sucking and nibbling. I was becoming frenzied, calling his name, arching my back, now grabbing at any part I could reach. He made his way down my flank, abandoning my breasts for the tender flesh there, the spot on my side only he knew. He pushed down my dress as he went, finally pulling it off with my panties. Then he nestled himself between my legs, chest to chest, his jeans against my bare sex. Our kisses sent me further up, leveling at a new plane of pleasure. I wrapped my legs around him, pulling him as close as close could be, squirming with a frenzy to somehow meld with him.

“Off, off, take them off,” I demanded, scrabbling at his jeans button.

Cody unzipped his jeans, revealing navy briefs, his penis clearly outlined. He slid back between my legs. I felt his erection against my thigh, now only covered by the thin fabric of his briefs, hot and hard, the cloth damp and clinging. My heart stopped as he eased it up against me, pressed the length against my outer lips. I had never felt something so raw and sexual. Now it terrified me, this out of control feeling. He saw my fear.

“Shhh, Amber, it’s ok sweetheart.”

He kissed me gently on the mouth, warm and soft. Kissed me once, twice. Stroked my hair back. Imperceptibly he had allowed his weight to rest on me and his member was lodged between us. My breath caught and then a guttural moan came out of me. He kissed me again and I opened my mouth to him, invited him in. I quickly found myself enmeshed in a passionate exchange of thrusting tongues, all thought lost. I involuntarily jerked against him, emitting an animal sound. I could feel him throb against me.

He pulled away and then had a condom in his hand.

“I think we need this,” he said.

He rolled it down his long veined shaft. I was suddenly up on my elbows, alarmed. He pressed me back with a kiss, murmured, “We don’t have to, not inside. Just touch. That’s all, just touch.”

I allowed myself to be urged back, allowed myself to be reassured. “Just touch,” I whispered. My blood was coursing with the rush of fear and excitement at once.

Cody guided his head into the cleft between my sex and my thigh, so close to my wet entrance yet not there. I felt the heat, the hardness. He rubbed his head against the tender skin there until I was moaning. Then he began teasing my outer lips, caressing them at just the edge where neatly trimmed pubic hair stopped and sweet pink slippery flesh began. I forgot my flash of fear. Molten ecstasy coursed up, through my pulsing center right up into my sternum. I was crying out. Slowly he slid the head of his member inside my outer labia. Continuing his teasing, he rubbed all around my clitoris, never touching it but indirectly stimulating it. I was writhing under his attentions, moving my hips, trying to grind against him, but he wouldn’t let me, pressing me back. Finally he relented and pulled his head across my clit. I let out a sound of anguished pleasure. He pulled it back and forth as I gasped in rhythm to his movements. It all came crashing through, my hands bunched in the sheets, as my orgasm fountained up, gushing through my whole self. Then he was at my entrance. While I was still shuddering from release, he firmly rubbed his head against my inner lips, not entering me but so close, so close.

It was torture. I couldn’t. I couldn’t do it. Somewhere inside all the shuddering spasms of pleasure, I was afraid.

“Amber, honey, it’s ok,” Cody said, withdrawing from between my legs. “You don’t have to.”

He gathered me up in his undemanding arms.

“Cody, will it hurt?”

“I don’t think so, Amber. I think I popped your cherry when we… when I was using my fingers on you. You felt sore the next day?”

I had.

I thought about it. Or rather, I sensed all my shifting emotions and fears, inhibitions and desires.

“Cody, I want to do it.”

“Are you sure, sweetheart?”

“Yes, I’m sure.” I wanted to give him everything and take all of him into me.

After rubbing his head up and down my lips again, he slowly pushed into me. No pain, only a stretching feeling. Then he was all the way in. He stopped there, groaning.

“Are you OK?” he asked.

I gasped “Yes.”

“Baby you’re so tight.” He groaned again. “This doesn’t hurt?’

I shook my head, biting my lip.

Then he began to move slowly. He inched his way out, just a little bit, then returned. Repeated it. The stretching feeling was competing with a wonderful sliding feeling. My sex was spasming and he must have felt this because he groaned again. He let himself down to kiss me, then began moving. The sliding feeling caused me to spasm again and it was incredible. He slowly increased the amount he withdrew, until he was stroking me with his entire length.

“Oh god, you’re so good.”

I gradually lost extreme consciousness of exactly what was happening — Sex! Oh my god, the real thing! — and fell into sensation again, letting the sliding and stretching take over. Soon I was moving against him, breathing harder. I was lost in it, gasping, moaning, crying out his name. Then he stopped, pulled all the way out. I whimpered, tried to pull him back. But instead he nudged me onto my side and pressed against me from behind. He lifted up my leg and somehow he pushed inside me from behind. His shaft stroked me from a new angle, increasing the slippery feeling.

“Amber, touch yourself,” he encouraged me.

I did so. My clitoris was slick from my juices and sensitive from my earlier orgasm. Now I was being assaulted by so many feelings I lost track and it all blended together, one huge coursing river of sensation carrying me away. All thought, all consciousness was driven out of me and somehow I was at a peak again, orgasm building, building, finally breaking over me and I cried out. Every muscle pulled tight around that moment. Nothing had prepared me for this… it made my previous experiences seem puny. I was distantly aware Cody was thrusting into me faster, and then he was adding his sounds to mine. Slowly he came to rest and let go of my leg, which he had been supporting all this time. I subsided and he withdrew. He curled up behind me, caressing my belly, pulling me closer. I was exhausted. And quickly slipping away. He kissed my shoulder and murmured “Amber, you wild woman.”

I had never slept in the same bed with a man. It was delicious waking up to a warm body curled around mine. Cody had pulled the sheet up and I was comfortably cool under the ceiling fan. I hadn’t actually been asleep for that long, only 45 minutes. I slipped out of bed and grabbed a t-shirt of Cody’s (Iron Maiden) and went off to shower. When I finished, I smelled different, having none of my normal girly soaps and lotions, but I felt great. My entire body was alive in a way it had never been before, alive and relaxed at the same time. I crawled back in bed with Cody. It dawned on me. I was no longer a virgin. Cody had taken my virginity. I felt gleeful, as if this was the best news ever. I snuggled back into his arms.


Nothing can last forever, and Cody and I came to an end in August.

He was a true gentleman. I was crushed when he broke up with me, but it couldn’t have gone on. I was going away to college. It was inevitable and he took the burden on himself, saving me from the guilt of leaving him behind. I have always been grateful to him for awakening me and then letting me go.

Dale thought Ruby was a dream come true, but dreams quickly turn into nightmares. Not the insufferable kind you wouldn’t wish on your worst enemy, but the seductive kind. The kind you know you deserve deep down.

Ruby came out of the hotel bathroom wearing only a white, see-through gown. He was stunned that he should have the honor of seeing the promise of her naked body, peaking for the first time through her thin clothing. She was ready to bear herself to him. That thought shook him.

She had her hair down and was wearing his favorite red lipstick. She was an angel, and he could hardly believe she was his.

He felt ashamed.

There he sat on the edge of the bed, a skinny, pale-faced yuppie in his briefs, slumped as if to hide the erection guys like him can’t afford to show to beautiful women like Ruby. He has been with women, but always with a price. He once thought about saving up for one of the high-end, Girlfriend Experience kind, but he’s just a cashier at a gas station.

If she knew this, there’s no way she would be his wife. But he had to tell her. Because of what she is about to do, he must tell her.

After all, it would be her first time.

She stood before him and stroked the back of his head gently. Her nearly naked body was now closer to him than ever, and he’d waited a long time. He watched her nipples as her gown slowly slide around on them. He was so awestruck, he hadn’t noticed her reach her hand down into his underwear and touch his penis. It wasn’t the first time she did that, but they hadn’t seen each other fully naked and the thought sent a powerful surge through him. She was stroking it and looking sweetly into his eyes as she did so.

She really has no clue, he thought. She is about to regret this if I say nothing. It hasn’t been consummated, she can still back out.

He decided to say nothing.

She pushed him down and climbed onto him. She grabbed his penis behind her with her hand, and knowing nothing of its secrets. He ran his hands up her gown and felt her breasts. Yet the harder it made him, the more wrong he felt. She mustn’t begin what she can’t take back. Not with him. Not with measly, pimple-faced him.

Then a slight twitch appeared on her face. Or so Dale thought. It looked a bit like apprehension.

I knew it. She’s second-guessing. Good for her.

She continued rubbing his penis, but did so with less energy.

“Is something wrong?” he finally asked her.

She lit up immediately, as if to erase a dirty thought. “Fine. Very fine.” He knew what it was immediately. He’d seen that look once before. In a dark movie theater nonetheless, but he’d seen it clear enough. Just before going down on him for the first time, she had that look. Only, she explained later that she still had feelings for Dirk. Her ex.

Was she having feelings for him now? Dale always thought he was a scumbag, but then so was Dale. He said to her twice that she could go back to Dirk if she wanted, but she said she didn’t want to. He found out later than it was merely because he didn’t want her. Some guy.

She kept her hand on his penis while he played with her nipples. It felt very wrong to him. Like they were avoiding something, and vainly pleasuring each other to avoid it as long as possible.

He caught himself staring at her pussy, but she didn’t notice. The sight made him feel all the dirtier for not telling her about the other women. And he felt her growing distant. He wasn’t even sure he loved her. It wouldn’t matter if he did. Not now.

“I’m the luckiest person in the world right now,” he said. The words just came out.

She offered a feigned smile and a sigh, then began caressing his chest with both hands. Her motions said it all. She had resolved herself to marrying him. She still had second thoughts, but thought it too late to back out. She was committed, and not necessarily in a good way.

But before Dale could think about it too much, she slid down his body until he felt her pussy touching his member for the first time. She wasn’t wet. He thought about rubbing her, but before he could she sat up slightly, put her fingers between her and did it herself. She tried licking her fingers and closing her eyes, and Dale was unsure what to do or say.

In the process, he felt himself going limp as she tried to stimulate herself. She wasn’t sure she had done so when she grabbed his penis to get it started anyway. She shot him a disappointed look when she discovered he was limp, and the look made it nearly impossible for him to start again.

When she realized this, she slid off of him and sat facing away from him with her knees to her chest. Neither knew what to say.

She began biting her nails and staring straight ahead in thought, and Dale considered whether to pull his underwear back up or not. They still clung to him just below his scrotum. It shamed him to still be exposed, but didn’t want to cover himself because he felt that would surely put an end to it.

“Do you want to leave me?” She turned to acknowledge him, and he instantly regretted saying it. He didn’t want to know the answer.

She spun around to sit with one leg crossed and the other hanging off the end of the bed. He was drawn to her curves once more as her eyes locked on his. Her gentleness returned, and she replied, “no.”

She stroked his leg and smiled, and it was enough for him to start getting aroused again. She began to move in on him, sliding her hand up his leg to his thigh.

But just before she touched his penis once more, there was a knock at the door. Dale froze, while Ruby got up and looked through the peephole.

She gasped and darted backward to sit on the edge of the bed. She stared at the ground and began to breath heavy.

“Who is it,” Dale whispered to her.

“No one. It’s… no one.”


Then, a voice said, “You know who it is. Open up so we can talk. You’ll wanna hear what I have to say.” After a moment, the stranger knocked again and said, “I promise you, if you don’t open up, you will never see me again.” Ruby had become quite anxious, and after looking slightly to the right to see Dale out of the corner of her eye, she looked at the door once more.

All at once, she got up, ran to the door to unlock it and flew it open. It wasn’t enough time for Dale to even think about covering himself first, and so the stranger saw him and his nearly naked almost-wife.

It was Dirk.

He was much taller than Dale, with broader shoulders and a baseball cap turned to the side. He was wearing a tank-top which revealed the sharp tone of his arms and abs. He stepped into her and into the room without saying anything.

She looked up at him, still shocked by his mere presence. He closed the door with ease and smiled. He gave Dale a quick smirk before looking back down at Ruby.

Her legs found the bed and she sat down, still in a daze. “You shouldn’t be here,” she said. Her voice sounded like she might as well have said, “I’m so glad you’re here.”

“I want you, and it has to be now.”

Ruby’s eyes were wide, but she couldn’t find the words to respond. She couldn’t say no. She couldn’t say yes.

Dirk stood before her and ran his hand through her hair and then held her head with ease. She couldn’t look away from him, and her eyes filled with desire.

“But we waited!” Dale blurted out to Ruby. “I thought you’ve never been with… anyone…”

Not looking away from Dirk and talking softly, Ruby said, “I haven’t.”

Dirk leaned in and kissed her and she threw her arms around him and kissed him back. He put his hand between her legs, which opened slightly for him. He rubbed her pussy and she started to moan.

Then he stopped and pulled back. “No,” she said. “I want you.”

“I’m not stopping you,” he quipped, tossing his sandals off. She unbuttoned his jean shorts and brought the zipper down quickly. The jeans fell and revealed a bulge in his boxers, which she feverishly removed.

Dale knew he should protest, but didn’t want to challenge Dirk. He had already seen his limp penis, and now he was about to see his Ruby suck his dick. And it wasn’t small either.

Ruby hadn’t seen or sucked his dick before, and Dale could tell by the way she looked at Dirk right after she pulled his boxers down and revealed it. Dirk took a step forward and guided Ruby’s lips to the head of his penis, and she opened them for him.

She sucked it for several minutes in silence while Dirk grinned at Dale. His eyes said everything. He was going to fuck Ruby, and she was going to love it.

He pulled her back and pushed her onto the bed and knelt down. He spread her legs apart and then bent over, putting his lips to her pussy. She held her legs apart for him and he slid his tongue in. She was already wet and her skin was flush. Her breathing quickened and her moans rose to a sharp scream that was cut off.

She just had her first orgasm.

He pushed her body back and got onto the bed, and she was still somewhat delirious. Her legs were like putty in his hands, and he spread them apart as far as they would go. He placed the large shaft of his penis on her pussy, teasing her with it. She yearned for him to put it inside her, but he just waited and stared at Dale, who said nothing.

“Please,” she said, still lost in a daze, eyes closed. She grabbed at the penis and tried to put it in herself. She had to move up the bed to bring the tip to meet her lips, and tried in vain to put it in. Dirk was still staring at Dale and smiling while she did all of this.

Then Dirk laughed, and Dale realized something that rather surprised him: he was hard as a rock.

“Don’t do this,” Dale finally said evenly.

“It’s too late, she wants it too much,” Dirk responded. He positioned himself to penetrate her and said, “She is mine now.”

Then he gripped Ruby’s legs once more and entered her for the first time. Dale was studying Ruby’s pleasure, but wished it were him. He knew that he could not give her this pleasure. He saw now that his penis was barely half the size of Dirk’s, and she would never forget it. She would always be his from now on.

Dirk was slow at first, and had full control of every movement. She winced a couple of times before he began a more moderate pace. She bled briefly onto the bed sheets, but he didn’t skip a beat. Before too long, she was moaning his name. He repositioned her legs between his arms and held her knees to her chest. He started going deeper and pushing her limits even further.

After he had penetrated her as deep as he could go a couple of times, he really began to fuck her. And he really enjoyed himself.

She began shouting his name, and he spoke hers back to her as well. “You like that, Ruby? It’s all for you, baby. You feel that? You feel me inside you?” He started to groan louder and louder, saying, “Yes, I’m gonna come. You wanna feel me come inside you? Oh God, I’m gonna come! Oh, here it is baby! All for you!”

He slowed his movements and then stopped deep inside her while his come flowed into her. She reached up with all her might and held him while he remained deep within, still coming.

Finally he sat up and took at deep breath. He enjoyed the sensation of a few more playful thrusts before pulling out slowly, to the sound of her gasping. Once his glossy penis was out, he put two fingers into Ruby’s now-shiny clit and pressed down on the bottom. White beads of him and her dripped out onto his fingers and he turned again to smile at Dale, who was still erect.

He licked one of his fingers and returned them to the same spot. Ruby simply lay there, barely aware of this and clearly in euphoria.

Dirk put his fingers all the way in and made a scooping motion with them, leaving them covered when he pulled them out. He held them up proudly and then used them to play with her nipples. She giggled and slid toward him again.

He responded by getting out of bed. He went to put his clothes back on and Ruby sat up, puzzled. “But I’m coming with you, right?”

“You’re staying here with him. That was fun, Rube, but you had to know it ends here.”

“But I’m yours now!”

“Yes, you are. And I’m giving Dale my permission to be your husband.”

“I don’t understand. I thought…” A moment later, Dirk was out the door and gone for good.

The two sat in silence for two whole minutes, neither moving a muscle or looking at each other. Dale still had a pounding erection, but didn’t know why. He couldn’t make sense of what had just happened, or how to feel about his wife. Why would he still be aroused when another man has just had his way with her.

He gave into the urge to have her. He wanted her, and couldn’t explain why he only now felt the urge.

He removed his underwear and moved to meet her on the bed before Ruby even noticed him. He took her face in his hands and made her look him in the eyes.

She was surprised by what she saw in his eyes, and could not understand the feeling of joy she felt when he finally kissed her.

He removed her gown and lay her down on a pillow at the head of the bed. When he leaned over her, she opened her legs to him and smiled. This time, he didn’t think. He didn’t have to.

She guided him in, and he felt her warmth for the first time. She didn’t scream like before, but she smiled all the same when he came. He decided to come on her breasts, and she enjoyed the thought very much. He delighted in rubbing the come on her breasts, and she giggled while he did.

When he finished, he kissed her passionately, feeling their wet bodies touching. When this made him hard, they made love once more, and neither of them wanted to stop.

My hands run up and down your body, sliding over every curve. My right hand twirling your hair between my fingers. Our lips meet in a fiery, passionate embrace, my hands drop down and down to your shorts. My hands gently squeeze your luscious cheeks, you can feel that warm throbbing in your midriff bursting into life. I gently push you onto the bed as I gently take your top off revealing your pink lacy bra underneath. Our lips press against each others, we break apart, close enough you can still feel my breath on your neck. I now kiss your ear and whisper “Don’t move, don’t make a sound.” I hear you let out a long excited sigh in answer, as a smile now spreads across my face. My hand now traces a line from your shoulder down your spine, until I reach the clasp on your bra, where I prize it open.

Your bra now falls off your body. The cold air quickly firming up your nipples, my lips meet them, they grow firmer almost to the point of pain and yet, you love every kiss on them. That warmth in your midriff now radiates out to your toes, making you want to curl them. You can feel yourself getting wetter and wetter. Now my mouth sucks your nipples. A pant escapes your lips, your back arches slightly making your pussy ache all the more.

My hands now slide down, away from caressing your nipples down to the top of your shorts they find and open the button. You feel them guide your shorts off leaving you in you red and black pokadot panties. You let out a whimper of expectancy while my fingers now trace lines on your inner thighs. My fingers slowly reach the lacy outskirts of your panties and they gently run in circles on top of your panties, just a millimeter above your slit. Your clit tingles as my fingers slowly draw closer to it, the warmth begins to throb harder and fiercer as my fingers draw ever closer. You push your hips outwards searching for my fingers, longing for me to touch it. I teasingly slide them away and then draw them back, I finally give in and my fingers glide over the soft material covering your clit, a loud sharp gasp escapes your lips as my fingers cause a lightning bolt of pleasure race up through your body. My hands now slowly slide up to the top of your panties reaching the lace at the top and slowly gently pull them down. You feel your clit get harder and the throbbing intensify. As you know that the pleasures not far away. Your dark sensual smell reaches out and fills the air, casting a spell on me to reach down and taste it. My fingers now slither to your opening, my fingers now once again tease you as they circle around your clit. I see your wetness glistening in the light, my fingers now brush your clit. Your body shudders but this time no noise escapes your lips, my fingers now slide over your clit the tingling throbbing growing to a new height.

My fingers now enter your wetness, you feel your muscles contract and relax on my fingers, they slowly exit your opening. My fingers glistening from your wetness, I taste your flavour sweet and sour, making my tongue tingle. I offer them for you to try and you slowly allow my fingers into your mouth. I remove my fingers from your mouth and gently enter your slit, sliding in and out, your body adapting to every time they enter. My lips meet you hips kissing slowly downwards towards your clit. They inch their way closer, my tongue now gently reaches out and reaches your hard clit.

I too can now feel the throbbing in your clit, my tongue now continues to snake its way in circles over your clit, my lips then leave to gently press them selves over that spot which you love but nobody but me knows where. My fingers continue to enter and slide out slowing, gaining speed and then decreasing making you ache for more, my tongue copying my fingers varies the speed teasing you all the more. Until every time I slow down another whimper escapes your lips, every exhale becoming a pant as I reach peak of speed, but this time you feel a difference, my hand starts off slower than normal and gently increases, my lips increases in pressure causing your back to arch and your hips press into me, my fingers continue to slide in and out. I can feel your opening pulse and contract on my fingers, my fingers become wet in your juices, my lips press against your pelvic bone just above your clit for the final time, I tentatively kiss a line down. Now my lips press against your clit and now suck it you gasp at the sudden increase in pleasure racing through your body. My fingers on my right hand continue to glide in and out of your opening, I replace my lips with my left hand, the change in pressure causing your clit to throb faster.

My fingers continue to rub, gaining speed and before losing it again. My hand however, never stops, just circling at the perfect pace for teasing; faster enough to drive you insane, but, not fast enough to drive you over the edge. This time you feel me apply more pressure rub that much faster, my other hand’s fingers keeps on thrusting in to your opening, pumping in and out. You can feel that warm throbbing build up behind the opening of your pussy, you feel it draw closer and closer. As I continue to rub with more vigorously, you can feel the tidal wave of pleasure building, rearing its head, you can feel yourself ride the pleasure. It breaks, the waves of ecstasy rush round your body; making your toes curl. your hands to grip the sheets, without realizing your back arches, and you groan out. as you feel the pleasure subside, you collapse exhausted on to the bed.

The end.

This personal log belongs to

Name: Sarah M. Jameson

Sex: Female

Age: 20

Race: Caucasian

Status: single

Job: physics undergraduate

Height: 5ft 4in (162.5 cm)

Weight: 131 pounds (59.4 kg)

Body: size 12, curvaceous (BMI: 22.5, I’m not fat!… but I wouldn’t mind losing a few pounds…especially around the hips)

Breasts: 32C, somewhat firm, luckily not sagging, brown nipples and areolas. Probably my strong point.

Hair: mid-back length, straight, dark brown hair. Usually I wear it in a ponytail.

Eyes: Brown, nearsighted (corrective glasses (-3 diopters)).

Personality: intellectual, introverted

On a late Wednesday evening, after a long day at school, I was sitting on my dorm bed, dressed in blue sweatpants and a loose white T-shirt, browsing the web on my laptop. The heat from the laptop on my stomach and thighs felt nice, making me realize I was a bit horny. Being the recluse I am, I was used to taking care of myself.

I closed the laptop and put it on the night table next to the bed. Then I took off my metal framed glasses, putting them on the laptop as I rubbed my eyes. I stretched and yawned, meowing like a kitten and laying back, closing my eyes. I imagined a well built guy holding me, but as always, I let my thoughts drift to whatever came to my mind.

I liked to play with my breasts first, running my hands over the T-shirt, feeling the soft C-cup bra and my fullness underneath. I slid my right hand underneath my shirt, running it over my ticklish stomach, now flat thanks to me laying on my back. I ran my fingers upwards between by breasts, lightly, teasingly. I wanted to feel them. I sat up, reached back and unhooked my bra. I pulled the straps off my arms and pulled out the white garment without taking off my T-shirt. That way I could stay comfortably warm.

Laying back again, I took a deep breath, enjoying the new freedom, as I put both of my hands beneath the shirt, putting each hand on the opposite hip and slowly moved them upwards, until I reached my breasts. First moving all around my soft, full curves, massaging the smooth skin, gradually working higher and higher, enjoying the sensations and the growing warmth between my legs. Wait for it, there’s no hurry. By the time I was teasing my nipples, I was breathing hard and I could feel a few drops of juice exit my pussy, flowing towards my bottom, being soaked in by my panties before arriving there.

I was ready. I lifted my bottom and pulled down my sweatpants, then lifted my legs to toss them aside. I put my left hand back under my shirt to continue on my right nipple, as my right hand wandered down, over my panties, stroking my mons in small circles. Then I continued lower, splitting my fingers to circle around the most sensitive area, instead stroking my soft lips. I was starting to breathe hard as I was slowly, but confidently, moving my fingers over my nipple and lips.

In a quick motion I slipped the right hand beneath my panties, into direct contact with my engorged lips, causing a soft sigh to escape my lips.

My inner voice commanded me – ‘Slip a finger between those lips, feel the slick wetness collecting at the bottom. Bring the wetness up, stroke it all between those lips, all the way up to the most beautiful area, but stop just before you get there.’

As I moved my fingers around, the squishy sounds were delightful. I felt the definite smell of my own arousal ascending from beneath my panties. I touched my clit.

‘Wait!’ – my mind reacted – ‘Too soon. Just keep rubbing around it.’

Oh, how I wish I had a mouth pleasuring me down there. But men are rough and clumsy. Several have tried and a few times successfully, but more often than not something was off. And some of them are not willing to even try.

Of course, being enterprising and horny, I searched for alternatives. A woman’s mouth could feel better, but I’m not into girls at all and even the thought of having sex with one is a major turn off. Even if from a purely physical point of view it might be nice, thinking realistically, I don’t think I’d enjoy it or be able to come.

Then there’s the problem that my body is far from perfect. From a numbers point of view, my weight and measures are no worse than most of my peers, but I feel fatter and less attractive. And I’m ashamed, even grossed out by the fluids and smells that I produce. Knowing my lover will judge me, as we all do, I’ve never been able to relax while receiving oral. The fact, that most guys that did it to me, didn’t try to repeat it, only makes it worse. They say they don’t mind, but I could see their disgust.

So what? If neither men or women are acceptable, what’s left? Animals? Not even a consideration. That leaves non-living objects. But I could never really find anything with similar properties. I want something smooth but textured, something soft but also firm, warm but not hot, something agile and wet. And it has to be able to suck. A mouth and tongue would be perfect.

If I have to be honest, and what probably complicates matters the most is, I also like the thought of it being somewhat depraved. It may not be as shocking these days, but when you really think about it, there’s something fundamentally wrong with the very idea of oral sex. A mouth is used for eating and speaking. Sometimes breathing too, just like I’m doing right now, excited as I am. The mouth, in fact the whole face area is also a very public part of your body – you’re constantly presenting it to everyone around you. It follows naturally that such an area should be kept very clean and proper. Now, when you put your face between someone’s legs, you’re interacting with an area that’s probably the least clean, least proper and least public on your whole body. It’s just wrong.

“So very wrong.” – I whisper, eyes closed, twisting in pleasure as I continue to massage my intimate areas.

‘It has to be a mouth. There’s nothing quite like it.’ – I thought, touching my lips with my left hand.

So soft and full. Warm, wet, versatile. These lips and tongue know best what I like. And they are always there, available and willing, no questions asked, no explanations necessary. But I could never reach-

I stopped and opened my eyes with a sudden realization. Turning my head to my left I looked at Marky, sitting on my desk, now looking like a white blob because of my nearsightedness. I grabbed a tissue from the night table, wiping the fingers of my right hand as I sat up on the bed, facing the desk. I put on my glasses and looked at the white video projector-looking device.

Marky is my nickname for Mark II of the wormhole generator from the project I’ve been working on as a research assistant for two months now. From the first day I got to use it at the lab, I fell in love with this little device. It’s a bit smaller than a shoe box, being housed inside the white plastic case of an old video projector, with the lens and all the guts removed and replaced by the generator itself. It features vents in the back, a blue LCD status display on top and a USB connector for configuration. Now, when the more powerful Mark III is available, professor May, Marky’s designer, has allowed me to take him home so that I was able to use him 24/7 if necessary.

Marky can be configured to create various wormholes, ending at two roughly circular portals of variable size, in close proximity to the generator. Any matter and energy that enters the first portal passes through the wormhole and almost immediately exits the other one and vice versa. I’ve been running experiments on Marky’s portals for a week now, trying to confirm the professor’s theories that their existence breaks neither special relativity nor the first law of thermodynamics.

Some of the experiments involve lab mice. When trying it out, I myself grabbed things through the portal. At the maximum setting, Marky can construct portals around three feet in diameter, so even a grown human can go through if crouched. Some of the experiments involve doing exactly that. So Marky is generally considered safe for transportation of living things too. However, the wormhole cannot extend further than around 10 feet from the generator. Mark III’s performance is slightly better, both in wormhole width and length, but the professor says there are fundamental limits set by the physics itself more than the actual generator.

In the middle of May, as summer was approaching, I was more horny than usual. I was lucky to get my own dorm room, so those days I masturbated often, almost daily. I’ve been doing it since I was 12 and despite my inquisitive nature, in sexual matters I’ve always been more conservative. I never had close friends to share such intimate knowledge with them. I was too shy to talk about it, even to any of my boyfriends. That’s probably why until now I never realized how much Marky could help me. Using a wormhole, I could touch myself in ways that would be pretty much impossible otherwise.

Excited by the possibilities, I jumped up from the bed and ran to the bathroom to wash my dirty hand. Then I took my laptop, put it on my desk and opened it. After plugging Marky into the mains, connecting him to the laptop and turning him on, I sat down on the soft chair, still dressed just in shirt and panties, feeling delightfully naughty. No reason to put on pants for just a few minutes, right?

I ran the configuration application and stared at the blank form for the wormhole parameters determining the position, orientation and size of both portals. I knew that I wanted to get my mouth to my pussy, but there were several ways to achieve that.

Most importantly, I had to work within the limits of my knowledge of how to configure the generator to create the appropriate wormhole. Until now, I only used two predefined wormhole shapes for the experiments – a straight line of variable length and a circular arc of variable angle and size. The portal diameter was always exactly 40 cm, or just over one foot. I had no idea how to change the diameter, or twist the wormhole, to rotate one of the portals, or how to move the portals to an arbitrary location.

The straight line shape would probably be of no use to me, since it would only allow me to reach further away from my body.

The arc shape was more interesting since I might be able to reach it, but also more complicated. It could take me hours to compute a custom one. Horny as I was, I decided to browse through some of the experimental configurations instead.

The dropping ball experiment caught my eye right away. It created an almost circular wormhole, starting at about three feet above the ground with an almost horizontally aligned portal and ending with a horizontal portal laying on the ground just under the starting portal, next to Marky.

I quickly entered the parameters and disconnected Marky from the laptop, laying him on the pale yellow carpet down at the foot of my bed. I pushed the execution button and he started humming in an increasing tone. After a few seconds both portals started opening up next to him, in the middle of the room, growing in size the humming still increasing in tone, until, 10 seconds later, the portals reached the 40 cm diameter. Marky fell silent, emitting just two quick high beeps, indicating he was done.

I crawled on my knees over to the portals, looking down into the bottom one. My long hair did its best to obstruct my view, but I could clearly see the back of my head as if looking out of the top portal.

‘How do I do this?’ – I wondered for a second.

I had to get my crotch next to one of the portals, then my mouth next to the other.

‘And then those two will connect, resulting in a most pleasurable experience.’ – I thought with a smile. Just thinking about it made me wet again.

I tried to crouch over the bottom portal. Looking up gave me a close view of my wet panties, but that position would probably result more in me kissing my ass, rather than contact with my pussy. I looked down again and spread my legs sitting down on them, so that my shins were against the ground on both sides of the portal, my crotch positioned right above it. I looked up again to see my panties just on the border of the portal. I straightened my back, which made my pussy more pronounced in the top portal and brought my face closer to it at the same time. My crotch was now hovering just under half a foot from my face, stretching the wet panties.

I considered removing the white garment, but the smells coming from there were already difficult enough to handle as it was. Furthermore, with the arc an almost 360 degrees, the orientation of the portals was the same, meaning if I could connect my lips with that other set of lips usually kept behind panties, it turned out my nose would probably be dangerously close to my anus. I didn’t find the prospect very appealing and didn’t plan on doing such a thing originally, but was now too horny and too close to my dream to change the plan. I’d manage somehow, but the panties would stay on for the time being.

I tried stretching my neck, but I couldn’t get close enough even with my tongue outstretched. Of course standing up to get closer moved the crotch away too, as I realized after a few tries. I groaned in a frustrated tone after realizing the portals were just too far away from each other. I slumped down again, sighing. I was so close.

However all was not lost. I remembered you could tune the configuration on the fly too, using the controls on Marky himself. It’s a bit risky, but at this point I didn’t care anymore. I looked down at him to find the scale dial. It can be used to make the arc smaller, essentially bringing the top portal lower. Putting my finger on it, I looked up again, opening my mouth and stretching out my tongue. I didn’t know what to expect, but the moment was there. If I wasn’t wearing panties, right now my face would probably be already soiled from my own juices.

I slowly turned the dial, to see my crotch get farther.

“No!” – I whined. I was turning it the wrong way, making the arc larger.

I straightened my back, pushing my pussy down as far as possible, then turned the dial the other way. My crotch collapsed against my face, my ass cheeks twisting my glasses. The first thing I felt was my nose against my anus, producing discomfort on both ends. Then I realized my face was now wrapped in soft, wet warmth, cheeks against cheeks, lips against lips. That feeling was pretty nice actually. Somehow, it felt comforting. I opened my mouth to try to push my tongue against the lips, taking a breath in the process.

That’s when the smell hit me, twisting my insides. The arousal was somewhat sweet smelling but it was mixed with old fish, sweat, pee and even poo.

‘Oh no.’ – I thought, shutting my eyes as I started gagging. I slumped forward and away from the top portal as I fell on the carpet, gagging and coughing for several seconds, almost vomiting out my dinner. I haven’t had a shower since yesterday and the day was long and tiring, which, together with the evening session, probably explained my odor. It was too late to think of that now though, because the incident left me feeling sick, laying in a shaking bundle on the floor, coughing again whenever I remembered the smell. I was done for the evening.

‘Note to self.’ – I thought as I crawled away from the portals to wash up in the bathroom – ‘Hygiene.’

The next day, on Thursday, I was trying to keep busy with school projects. When I got back to the dorm in the evening, I just laid back, watching TV. Yesterday’s incident took away my appetite for masturbation. Marky was sitting in the corner of my desk where I’d left him the day before.

In the night though, I couldn’t sleep too well. My thoughts kept coming back to what I was missing. This was such a great opportunity at self stimulation and I was just wasting it. I had to try it again tomorrow. I’d clean up properly before the deed and I’d be more careful. I still wasn’t sure if I’d enjoy it, or if I could come, but the idea was too intriguing to just let it go.

On Friday, I couldn’t keep my thoughts from it. With my mind on my intentions for the evening, I was horny as hell the whole day. I’d have looked for relief at one of the toilets otherwise, but today I wanted to delay my pleasure. I wanted the date with myself to be perfect. I used the time at the lab to study new ways to configure the wormholes. I wanted to know how to change the portal diameter. The other thing I tried to get hold of was twisting of the wormhole, so that I could rotate the entry and exit portals any way I like. I thought I grasped the concepts, but the only way to make sure would be to try it out on Marky.

On the way back to the dorm, I stopped at the supermarket. Among other things I bought a pack of disposable, orange-scented douches. I knew those may not be the healthiest of things, but I just wanted to make sure everything goes all right this time. Putting it into my basket, my heart skipped a beat from the mix of shame and arousal. I looked around carefully to see if anyone noticed. If they only knew why I really wanted to be clean.

When I arrived at my room, it was almost six o’clock in the evening. I connected Marky right away and sat down at my desk to configure him with my laptop. Last night I remembered another arc wormhole that might work better. The first one was just too uncomfortable and overwhelming, no wonder I freaked. I found a wormhole that formed half a circle, with the ending portals oriented vertically, hanging in the air above each other. If I stood in front of them, the lower one would be in front of my crotch, the top one in front of my face, giving me somewhat easy access. I still wasn’t sure about the specific geometry, but it was definitely worth a try.

I wanted to test it immediately, but realized I was still in my jeans and shirt from school. Also, remembering the previous incident, this time I’d make sure to be clean. I took out the douche and walked over to the bathroom to take a shower. I took my time, cleaning every part of my body, taking special care of the intimate areas between my legs. I thought about using the douche right there, but decided to dry first, so I stepped out of the shower and used a towel. I didn’t want to put on the pajamas yet, because I’ve worn them for a few days already and wanted to keep my body pristine before the sex. Instead I chose my red satin robe, reserved for special occasions. I was glad I didn’t use the douche yet, since by the time I was done with drying and brushing my long hair I could feel my pussy leaking again, the juice already dripping down my thighs. I was unbelievably horny.

When my hair was finally dry, I undressed again and entered the shower, this time with my glasses on. I washed away the juice from my thighs and pussy and used one douche. The liquid dripping out, I was basking in the clean feeling as much as the gentle orange scent. I didn’t know if it was the scent, or the image of what I was going to do in a few minutes, but I felt more than a little perverted when I realized I was salivating and had to swallow a few times. As soon as the douche ran out, I dried myself lightly with the towel and quickly put on the robe again. I knew in this state it was just a matter of minutes before my juices would start flowing out again and I wanted to try it out before then.

I walked over to the room again, putting Marky on the floor and turning on the generator. While the portals appeared, I took off my robe, my heart beating wildly. I knew I it was going to happen tonight and I was so excited I was almost shaking. The two beeps took me back to reality. I slowly walked over to the two portals in front of me. Focused on the top portal directly in front of my eyes, I saw a mesmerizing sight of an upside down girl’s pelvis walking straight towards me, swinging the shapely hips.

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