orgasm denial

Revka fussed over Sarah in the bathing room as she prepared her for the party at the Macian embassy. “I know it’s a small private party, not an official affair, but I want you to reflect well on the House of Asher,” she said, smoothing a final bit of lotion onto Sarah’s newly shaved mound. Lady Miriam had ordered Sarah’s body shaved completely. The air currents felt strange against her bare skin. Revka had coaxed Sarah’s naturally wavy dark hair into curls and dyed her lips two shades darker than their normal tone. She showed Sarah the results in a bronze hand mirror. “There, don’t you look delicious?”

Sarah didn’t reply. She was nervous. Her experience at the last party she’d been required to attend had left her sore for five days. Her mind flashed back to the unbearably pleasurable series of orgasms that had been forced out of her, and to the seemingly unending abuse that had followed. Her clit twitched of its own volition.

Revka broke into her thoughts. “I’m sorry, Sarah, but I have to put this on you.” She held up the stimulation belt. Her eyes were sympathetic, because she knew firsthand how frustrating it was to wear.

“It’s alright, Revka. It’s not your fault,” Sarah said.

Revka buckled the belt around Sarah’s waist. “I can’t seal it like Lady Miriam does, but don’t take it off, all right?” she said. “She’ll punish me if you do.” Impersonally, she began to roll the shaft of Sarah’s clit between her fingers and thumb, ensuring that it was hard. Then she fastened the strap that ran front to back between Sarah’s vulva and buttocks. The girl’s straining clitoris poked through a slot in the strap.

When Revka rubbed a drop of ki-on extract on Sarah’s clit, Sarah embarrassed herself by whimpering. Her clit was burning, and it would get more intense before the sensation faded. Worse, wetness was already flowing out of her, enough to soak the strap. She was grateful that Revka ignored her obvious arousal.

Revka helped her dress in a skimpy frock and left her to wait in the front hall. Sarah waited, trying not to think about what indignities she might be subjected to tonight. She squeezed her thighs together in a vain attempt to quell the burning between her legs.

Lady Miriam arrived in an evening cloak. She fastened a leash to the slave collar on Sarah’s neck and led the girl out to her carriage. Every step slid Sarah’s clit through the slot in the strap. The ride to the embassy was too short for Sarah’s taste. Her cheeks burned with shame as Lady Miriam led her past the footmen on the leash.

They were directed to a small room in the private section of the embassy. Ambassador Delan herself greeted them, wearing an eyecatching black leather bustier and shiny boots. “Lady Miriam, I’m so glad you’re here. And you’ve brought sweet little Sarah.”

Sarah shivered under the woman’s hungry gaze. She recognized her from the party at Asher House. There were several other people in the room. One, the only man, lounged on a couch sipping dark wine. A diminutive blonde woman in a silk dress leaned against one paneled wall. And another slave girl was shackled spreadeagled to a tilt table on the far side of the room.

As Lady Miriam tugged her unwilling slave farther into the room, Sarah’s eyes focused on racks and racks of toys and implements. She swallowed hard. Struggling would not stop these people from doing whatever they wanted to her. But her gut was still screaming at her to run, to fight, to do anything to avoid having those tools used on her soft flesh.

An empty tilt table stood opposite the one with the helpless naked slave. Sarah’s gaze was drawn towards it with sick fascination. When the door thunked closed behind her, she jumped.

Lady Miriam cast aside her cloak and came around behind Sarah. She lifted Sarah’s breasts out over the top of her dress and began kneading her nipples. “Sarah, dear,” she spoke in her slave’s ear. “I’d like you to meet Ruth. Before I bought you, Ruth was my personal slave. I used that hot body of hers for my pleasure. Oh, that girl can scream. When I tired of her, I sold her to my friend Ambassador Delan.”

Ruth looked terrified. Her eyes were wide, and quick breaths jiggled her breasts.

“Now,” Lady Miriam continued, “Ambassador Delan’s tastes are a bit different from my own. We both like to force slave girls. But, while I prefer to make a girl scream and moan with pleasure, she likes to hurt girls to extract the same sounds.” Lady Miriam’s insistent fingers rolled and pulled Sarah’s hardened nipples. Her warm lips brushed Sarah’s ear as she spoke. “It makes her all hard and wet to see a girl in pain. And so we thought of a fun little game.”

Still holding Sarah’s trembling body back against herself, Lady Miriam tugged at the stimulator strap through Sarah’s dress. The girl’s head fell back. “Aren’t you going to ask me what kind of game?” she taunted.

“What–what kind of game, mistress?”

“It’s called tit for tat, and I think you’ll catch on quite quickly.” Lady Miriam tugged on the strap again. “But where are my manners? Before we start, would anyone like to make use of this slut’s mouth?”

“I’d like to give her a try,” the blonde woman said. “Sophie said she ate pussy like she was born for it at your party.”

“By all means, Eva,” Lady Miriam said. She propelled Sarah towards the woman with a shove. Sarah stumbled, her breasts dangling free over the top of her bodice.

Eva sat down on the couch, and Sarah knelt obediently before her. The blonde woman pulled her dress up to reveal a dainty pussy with a small clitoris and neat labia. Sarah didn’t get much of a chance to look, though, because Eva threw her legs over the slave’s shoulders and brutally pulled her mouth down. Sarah sucked and licked frenziedly, trying to satisfy Eva before the woman suffocated her. Drawing the tiny clitoris out of its hood, she swirled her tongue around its head over and over. Sarah’s rhythm faltered slightly when someone began to pluck at the stimulator strap where it met the belt in the back, forcing her swollen clit through the slot. She didn’t have much attention to spare for her own arousal, though, as she licked and struggled for breath. Eva came silently, her whole body rigid as her clit twitched in Sarah’s mouth. She released Sarah’s head and sat back with a sigh. “Mmm. That was nice. Anyone else want a go?”

The tall man with the wineglass shook his head, although he had an erection that was clearly straining against his pants. “I want to be hard enough later,” he explained.

Ambassador Delan chuckled. “Oh, poor Matthew. It’s such an inconvenience being male, isn’t it?” She rubbed her hands together briskly. “Now, I think it’s time we got started here. You.” She pointed at Sarah. “Strip.”

Sarah unlaced her bodice and let her dress fall to the floor. She wore nothing underneath it but the stimulator belt. The man, Matthew, came closer to examine it. “You’re so ingenious, Lady Miriam.” He slid two thick fingers along Sarah’s belly, under the belt. She bit her lip. “Look at that clitoris. It’s so swollen it’s purple.”

“Yes,” Lady Miriam said. “In the interests of not letting the slut come too soon, perhaps you’d better take it off her instead of me. She’s far too sensitive to my touch.”

Matthew freed Sarah from the belt, and she stood naked before all of them.

“Restrain your slut, please,” the Ambassador said to Lady Miriam.

Lady Miriam shackled Sarah to the tilt table and pivoted it up until Sarah and Ruth were mirror images: two scared slave girls, strapped down and helpless, staring into each other’s faces.

Lady Miriam took one of Sarah’s swollen nipples into her mouth, sucking and massaging it with her tongue until Sarah writhed against her restraints. Ambassador Delan pinched one of Ruth’s nipples and placed a jagged clamp on it, causing the girl to arch her back in pain.

“I see you understand our game,” Ambassador Delan said to Sarah. “Your mistress said you were a quick study. For however much pleasure you receive, Ruth will suffer the same amount of pain, or as near as we can gauge it. She has a sensitivity-enhancing collar just like you do. Your mistress and I will have to strive to outdo each other. Since Lady Miriam is my guest, I have allowed her to take the lead.”

Lady Miriam stroked the vulnerable flesh of Sarah’s inner thighs tantalizingly, up and down. On the opposite table, Ruth received stinging slaps on the same area. When Sarah’s other nipple was teased, Ruth’s was cruelly clamped.

Sarah hated to see the other girl suffer, but there was nothing she could do about it. Both of them were toys for their mistresses’ depraved pleasures.

When Ambassador Delan picked up a small whip with a few flexible leather strands, Ruth cringed. Lady Miriam spread Sarah’s swollen pussy lips wide and caressed their inner surfaces, avoiding her engorged clitoris. It felt so good; wetness leaked from Sarah’s cunt even as Ambassador Delan snapped the whip against Ruth’s pussy. Lady Miriam’s fingertip flicked the tip of Sarah’s clit, up under the hood. Sarah’s cry mingled with Ruth’s as Ruth’s mistress pitilessly pushed back her clitoral hood and struck her with the whip.

“You might be interested to know that Ruth is a lot like you,” Lady Miriam murmured to Sarah as her fingers circled the opening to the girl’s hungry cunt. Ruth’s cunt was being pulled open by more clamps. “She was sold into slavery to cover her father’s debts. A nice, innocent girl I took pleasure in violating.”

Sarah’s hips were churning involuntarily as her arousal built. “You’d like me to violate you now, wouldn’t you?” A teasing finger dipped into Sarah’s wet channel. Ruth cried out at another lash to her clitoris. “But I think I’ll let Matthew do that this time,” Lady Miriam said.

She stepped back, and Matthew took her place in front of Sarah. He dropped his pants, and his cock sprang free. Sarah’s eyes widened. It was huge and thick, as big as Lady Miriam’s largest toy. He smiled at her surprise as he smoothed pre-come over it. “For every thrust, Ruth over there gets a lash on her clit or her nipples,” he said. “Just think about that while I’m fucking you.” He shoved himself roughly into Sarah, but her body welcomed him.

Sarah’s cunt clasped greedily at Matthew. Over his shoulder, she could see Ruth, thrashing in pain each time Matthew drove home in Sarah. Sarah knew Matthew couldn’t make her come, but the fullness was so satisfying that she was disappointed when his cock abandoned her pussy. She lifted her head in confusion; she knew he hadn’t come yet. Why was he pulling out?

Her attention was pulled away from Matthew by Eva. The small blonde woman pushed three fingers into Sarah. Behind Eva, Ruth squealed in pain. Four fingers. Another cry from Ruth. Eva’s thumb pressed into Sarah’s sloppy hole. Sarah was thrusting back at her, uncontrollably aroused. As Eva’s hand pressed inward, approaching the widening of her knuckles, Sarah saw Matthew position his huge member at Ruth’s anus. Eva pushed hard, stretching Sarah’s cunt wider than it had ever been opened, until her entire hand slid inside. Sarah screamed. She writhed around Eva’s hand like a puppet. Eva’s fingers curling inside her pressed against her g-spot and brushed her cervix.

At the same time, Matthew thrust brutally into Ruth’s unprepared ass, Sarah’s juices his only lubricant. His face contorted as the girl’s muscles contracted in pain, trying to expel him. Ruth’s hoarse screams had her mistress smiling. The girl begged and pleaded for him to withdraw, but he fucked her relentlessly. Her pain was his pleasure as her resistance tightened her around his cock, pulling his orgasm from him.

Sarah, too, was pleading as Eva’s fist fucked her. She met Lady Miriam’s eyes over Eva’s shoulder. “Please, mistress, I have to come so bad it hurts. Please let me come.”

“But if I let you come, poor little Ruth will have to pay the price,” Lady Miriam said. “If I let you come, Ambassador Delan is going to pierce the hood of her clitoris with that needle you see her preparing. I’m sure you wouldn’t want to be responsible for causing the girl such terrible pain. Look at her. She could so easily be you.”

Ambassador Delan held up a clamp and a thick, curved needle for Sarah to see. Sarah’s stomach clenched at the thought of how much it would hurt to have her genitals pierced. Inside her, Eva’s fingers wriggled. Sarah was finding it hard to think, but she knew she couldn’t take much more of this.

“You’ve always hated me for using your body for my pleasure,” Lady Miriam said. “Don’t think I can’t see the way you look at me when I take you. You think I’m the bad one and you’re the innocent victim. But you like it.” Just for an instant, her finger pressed the rock-hard tip of Sarah’s clit. Ruth grunted as her own clit was clamped.

“You’re just as bad as I am, because you’re willing to do anything to come. Including hurting this girl.”

Sarah felt tears running down her face, because she knew it was true. She was desperate to come. “Yes, please. Make me come, mistress. Make me–” Lady Miriam was stroking Sarah’s clit in time to the pounding of Eva’s hand inside her cunt, and Sarah was wailing and coming and trying to block out the sounds of Ruth’s agony. Sarah came hard, bruising herself against her restraints and clamping down so firmly on Eva’s fist that it was some time before the woman could remove it. Opposite her, Ruth was sobbing as her mistress threaded a ring through her fresh piercing.

Eventually, both slaves stilled, sagging in their bonds. Lady Miriam wiped the tears from Sarah’s cheeks. “Good girl. That’s my slut.” She gently circled Sarah’s clitoris with her fingers, and the girl was horrified to feel it begin to swell again. “Well, it looks like she might have some more in her,” Lady Miriam said, pleased. “What about yours?”

Ambassador Delan flicked Ruth’s piercing with her finger. Ruth flinched and yelped. “Not catatonic yet.” The Ambassador moved to one of the racks to select new torture implements.

Sarah thrust her clit shamelessly into her mistress’s fingers. Eva removed the clamps on Ruth’s nipples, allowing the circulation to return with a flood of pain. The Ambassador was doing something at the fireplace that Sarah was trying to ignore. Lady Miriam milked Sarah’s clit, and Sarah had no resistance left.

“Please, I need to come,” Sarah begged.

“What, again?” Lady Miriam feigned surprise. “You must be an insatiable slut.”

“Yes, I’m a slut, I’m your slut.” Sarah’s clit was throbbing.

“But, Sarah, think of poor Ruth. If I let you come, her mistress is going to brand her ass with that hot iron.”

Ruth went pale. “Please, Sarah, no. Please don’t let them do this to me.”

The tip of the iron in Ambassador Delan’s hands glowed cherry red. Sarah dangled on the precipice of a crushing orgasm.

“Do it,” Sarah said. “Do it.”

The disgustingly appetizing smell of sizzling flesh filled the room. Ruth mercifully lost consciousness. And Lady Miriam dropped her hand, leaving Sarah in unfulfilled agony.

“That was great fun,” Sarah heard Ambassador Delan say.

“The pleasure’s in the breaking, though,” Lady Miriam replied. “Now that she’s utterly abased herself, the bloom is off the rose. I think it’s time for me to find a new toy.”

“I’ll take her off your hands,” Ambassador Delan said.

I woke from a restless night horny and wet, just the way I’m sure my new owners designed. Erotic dreams filled my subconscious and the remote butterfly made sure I’d be teased, but not experience the sexual release I craved. Master Peter had told me I would serve him until noon. Looking at the alarm clock I was horrified to realize it was already 9am. But bound to the bed as I was, there was little I could do about it.

Fortunately Mistress Dasha walked into my room shortly after I woke up. She unhooked the cuffs and took off the maddening butterfly. She also rubbed my slit to confirm what she undoubtedly expected. Next was the bathroom. I really had to pee as I was accustomed to getting up much earlier. My Mistress couldn’t help but use my stop in the bathroom to further torment and train me. I sat on the toilet, naked, while she stood in the doorway and stared at me. Her instructions made it clear I was to hold my pee until she gave me permission to use the toilet. She told me to squeeze my Kegel muscles to hold back my urine. She said she would give me exercises to do during the week to strengthen them and that even though my pussy was tight, she would teach me how to use my muscles to milk a cock and make any man shoot. Yeah, any man but Master Peter I thought.

Satisfied that I had held it long enough or that I had been suitably humiliated having her watch me, Mistress gave me permission to satisfy my bodily functions. I really wanted to satisfy a different function but she didn’t have to tell me that was off limits. I already knew that rule. She then told me to shower, “because I smelled like a whorehouse at low tide,” and that she would set out my clothes. I was to meet them in the kitchen when I was done. I had 15 minutes. Fortunately she didn’t stay to watch and I was able to give my clit a few quick rubs in the shower and use the shower head for some pleasurable high pressure spray, but I didn’t dare cum and I didn’t dare waste too much time.

Emerging from the shower and walking back into the bedroom I realized it wouldn’t take long to get “dressed” if that is what you could call it. Of course I expected to be naked while I served them breakfast and in truth I basically would be. Gone was the chainmail halter-top. In its place was a leather dog collar with a nametag that said “princess,” leather wrist and ankle cuffs (no surprise) a thin leather dog leash instead of the metal one from last night and of course a butt plug. This wasn’t like yesterday’s plugs, however. This one had a tail. Flowing from the back of the plug were long strands of real hair. They looked like horsehair to me. I knew Mistress wanted me to be her pet and both of them had treated me like you would treat a dog. I guess now they wanted me to look like one as well.

This plug was a little wider than the second one from last night so it took a good push and some grunting on my part to get it in. But as my ass snapped around it I felt wonderfully full. Looking at myself in the mirror I wiggled my butt to watch my tail flip back and forth. It was deliciously kinky. I wondered what other treats my Mistress and Master had in store for me. I knew they expected me to be dressed by now so I quickly crawled out of the room and toward the living room. I didn’t find them there so I tried the kitchen next. It was empty but I did find a note that told me to serve them coffee on the patio and to be sure to bring a glass of milk. It also said I was allowed to walk as crawling with two cups of coffee would not work out too well.

There were two cups on a tray and a full pot of coffee on the countertop. They didn’t specify whether they used sugar so I quickly searched the cabinets for a pair of small dispensers and filled one with sugar and then poured some milk in the other. I didn’t find cream in the refrigerator so I figured I was good to go. I poured the coffee and then carried the tray out to the patio.

My Master and Mistress were sitting at a table reading the Sunday paper. They were wearing robes, greeted me warmly and did not mention whether I took too long getting ready or not. I stood next to them not sure what was expected of me or what I should do next. My master took a sip of his coffee (he took it black) and then put his hand on my rear caressing it firmly. He then reached between my legs and began rubbing his fingers along the outside folds of my pussy. My Mistress was the first to speak.

“Good morning pet,” she began. We would like scrambled eggs with cheese, bacon, toast and fresh squeezed orange juice for breakfast. There is an apron hanging in the pantry you may wear while you prepare the food but take it off before you return.”

“Yes, Mistress,” I replied. I then turned and walked back into the house. As the cool air conditioned air hit my body I realized I had just been outside naked again, this time in broad daylight, and it didn’t bother me. Heck I had not even realized it. I hurried back into the kitchen and got all the ingredients out needed to prepare the meal. I didn’t bother putting the apron on as I had begun to enjoy being naked in their house. I had to be careful when the bacon grease began to splatter a little, but I managed. Within 15 minutes I had our breakfast ready and I put everything on another tray and brought it outside.

“Thank you pet,” my Master greeted me. I was glad he seemed pleased with my efforts.

“Yes, thank you, pet,” my Mistress added. “Before you eat however, I need an orgasm and you need your pussy eating practice.”

I watched as my Mistress opened her robe to reveal her perfect body was naked underneath it. She spread her legs and I immediately took a position between them. My Master and Mistress carried on their Sunday breakfast conversation as if there was nothing weird that I was eating her out. She gave me a few instructions, but mostly seemed content to sit there, eat breakfast and read the paper while I pleasured her. Master Peter ignored me. They discussed having the neighbors over later (I wondered if it would be before I left at noon) and also going over to my house to introduce my mom to Mistress Dasha. I tried not to listen and just concentrate on pleasuring my Mistress. After about 10 minutes I estimated, I was rewarded with giving her an orgasm. She made sure I understood how much pleasure and satisfaction I should feel because I made her cum. She then stood up and said she had to get something in the house and I should see to my Master’s needs next. Then I would be allowed to eat.

I turned toward Master Peter. Obviously I was not shocked when he opened his robe and he too was naked underneath. Taking his cock in my mouth certainly was a pleasure. One that I hoped would end in a creamy reward. I diligently did my duty licking and sucking his manhood. I also nibbled the tip while stroking his shaft (taking advantage of having free hands for a change) to try and finally make him cum in my mouth. I heard my Mistress return, but I didn’t stop to look up. Master Peter continued to read the paper almost oblivious to the fact that I was giving him a killer blowjob. Finally I felt his cock swell. I was excited to say the least, although I half expected him to pull out and give me a facial. But he didn’t. He did fill my mouth with sweet, salty cum. And yes, I did feel pleasure as my Mistress had instructed me that I should. I also felt pride at finally getting him off. I licked him clean without being told and then turned to look at my Mistress for further instructions.

“Crawl over here,” she said, “and get your breakfast.”

I crawled around the table. Apparently when she went back into the house she retrieved a dog dish because I know it wasn’t on the table when I first brought the food out. But it was there now and my breakfast, it looked like Special K, was in it. Mistress poured the milk into the bowl, put it on the patio and left me to stick my head down while on my hands and knees and eat.

Wave after wave of humiliation washed through my body. She had told me she wouldn’t make me go to the bathroom in the yard, but after this could that be far behind? She reached down and patted my head as I moved my mouth around trying to eat. If you have never put your head in a bowl like that and tried to eat it is not easy. But I had to admit, with every new method she chose to express her dominance over me, I fell deeper and deeper under her spell. I admit I had never told any of my boyfriends that I loved them, but I was dangerously close to telling Mistress Dasha I loved her.

When I finished eating I looked up at her. She looked down at the bowl. Apparently satisfied she told me to stand up and get into the inspection position. Of course I did without hesitation. Standing next to her with my legs spread it was simple for her to slide a finger into my pussy. We both knew she would find it wet.

“Your face is a mess,” she began. I was disappointed because I interpreted that as a criticism. “But that is to be expected when you eat like an animal. Crawl back to your bathroom and wash up. There are some new accessories for your outfit. We will be having guests soon so hurry up.”

With a wave of her hand she dismissed me. Master Peter, apart from cumming in my mouth, was still reading the paper and didn’t seem interested in what his wife was doing. I truly had become a toy to be used for their kinky pleasure and I loved it. I wondered what I would be doing for their friends and what new accessories Mistress had put out for me.

I hurried into the house and back to my bedroom. I saw an outfit on the bed, but I didn’t take time to stop and admire it, yet. I quickly washed up in the bathroom. I was about to walk back to the bed to grab the outfit when I caught myself and dropped to my knees. Nobody was watching (I think) but I wanted to crawl anyway. When I reached the bed I stood back up and picked up an unusual outfit. Then I recognized it. It looked like the suit I’d seen in the locker downstairs. It was made of a shimmering white material.

“It’s latex,” I heard my Mistress call out from the bedroom door.

I looked up to see her standing in the door. She had lost her robe between the pool and my door. I practically started drooling as I drank in her beauty. I examined the suit. I’d see catsuits before and had even worn one for working out. In a way, other than the material, it wasn’t that different from the tech suit I wore for swim meets. But this one was different. (duh) Along the head were fake ears and by the hands and feet were fury paws. The back also had white fur. When I picked it up I also noticed the knees had a built in gel pad. I looked back at my Mistress.

“You didn’t think I’d just give you a tail plug and that would be the end, did you?” she asked. “I know you saw Susan’s suit in her locker. It is similar to yours, but it is a cat. You two are my pets.”

I nodded that I understood, although I’m not sure I did. Mistress Dasha then walked into the room.

“I’ll help you this time to get dressed,” she said. “It can be tricky if you have never worn latex.”

Mistress removed my collar and cuffs first. The second step was to liberally apply talcum powder over my body to allow the latex to slide a bit on my skin. Without it I think it would have been impossible to get the skintight material to slide up my legs. I’d never worn anything so constricting. My Mistress had me sit on the edge of the bed. The feeling of her hands caressing my legs was so sensual as she tugged and then smoothed the suit that I know my breathing became more shallow and rapid and I’m sure she could smell my appreciation, as her head was right in front of my pussy.

As she continued to work the suit up my body I continued to become more excited. God how I wanted her to bury her mouth in my crotch as she worked the thin, skintight material over my thighs. Her face was perfected positioned. All she had to do was lean forward. I could feel her hot breath over my pussy, but she ignored my needs. As the suit reached the back of my thigh, she had me stand up. My legs were a little wobbly, not from the cat suit but from the heat and ache in my pussy. Mistress was now kneeling in front of me. That was a switch in positions. She obviously knew the effect she was having on me. But unlike me, who would have never been able to resist grabbing her ass and pressing my lips to her wet, smelly pussy, my Mistress seemed unfazed by the aroused woman standing before her. She had me turn around and with little fanfare or care for my need to stretch, pulled my butt plug tail out of my ass.

She then had to tug the suit with force to get it over my swimmer’s muscular ass. I wondered how I’d ever be able to do this by myself in the garage. As she tugged I “accidentally” leaned forward making contact with her face. For just a split second, I felt like my Mistress was eating me. Oh how I wanted her to bury her tongue in my pussy. I continued to sway accidentally on purpose as she tugged the latex over my backside. I’m sure she knew what I was doing, but she seemed amused more than upset and did not give me an order to stop it.

When the suit reached the small of my back she stood up. The suit had a long zipper up the back so it was more flexible now. She told me to bend forward and slid my arms into the sleeves. This was easier, but still a little bit of a challenge. When I stood back up the suit stretched pulling tightly against my crotch. Mistress then told me to exhale had squeeze my core while she zipped up the back. If I thought the suit was tight before it was nothing like it felt as she struggled to get the zipper all the way to my neck. But once it was in place, I had to admit as she had me spin in front of a mirror and look at myself, the suit looked incredibly sexy as it hugged my curves. OK, the fake dog parts were weird, but the painted on look of the latex was amazing and the sensory feel of it becoming a second skin had me tingling.

Mistress rubbed her hands over my chest “checking the fit” and the sensation was immediately transferred to my nipples. Looking again in the mirror I noticed that my small breasts had basically disappeared beneath the tight pressure of the suit, but my nipples were still prominent as she continued to rub her hands over my body. When Mistress slid her hand between my legs I gasped. This must have pleased her because she continued to rub me there with increasing pressure.

“I see my puppy likes her new suit,” she cooed in a condescending tone. I knew she was asking me that rhetorically. There was no way to hide what I was feeling.

“Would doggie like her balls to play with?” she asked. At first I thought she was talking about a real ball she would throw and I would fetch. Then I realized she was talking about my Ben Wa balls. I nodded. This suit was much tighter than my swimsuit and I’d cum from the balls wearing that so wearing them now would be better, I theorized.

I wondered how she could put the balls inside of me after encasing me in my latex skin, but a hidden access flap built into the suit running from my pussy to my asshole easily remedied the problem. I guess I had been too focused on looking at my Mistress kneeling in front of me to notice it. When it was unhooked (I think it was Velcro) the suit lost just a little bit of its tension against my body, but not much. A strong whiff of my arousal reached my nose as she pulled the suit open. Instead of the balls, however, Mistress grabbed the butterfly I had slept with last night.

“I need to go get your balls. This will keep you occupied for a few minutes.”

She put the butterfly on my clit, ran the control wire to the top of the opening, shut the suit and had me lay down on the bed. She must have reprogrammed the control box from sleep mode to tease mode. With me laying on the bed, the butterfly kept turning on and off in a pulse mode. On for 5 seconds, off for 5 second, over and over again. The latex kept the butterfly pressed hard against my clit. Much harder in fact than its straps had done last night. With this setting I felt like I could cum, but Mistress was far to skilled in teasing and controlling a submissive to allow that to happen. Still I could dream for a few seconds before she returned holding my devil balls. The butterfly control was switched off and I whimpered in disappointment. But I knew better than to complain. It wouldn’t get me any nearer the orgasm I was craving.

With little pomp Mistress replaced the butterfly with the balls. My smell was even more overpowering when she opened the crotch access of the suit. By the time she was finally done with me I knew everyone in the house would be able to smell how excited I was from this treatment. Mistress then had me stand up and she put my collar and leash back on. As I was crawling behind her back to the living room I wondered how my ass looked encased in the shimmering latex. It must look great I imagined. Peter looked very pleased with how I looked when we entered the room.

Mistress ordered me to “sit” and I rocked back so my ass was on my feet, but my hands were still on the ground. This tightened the suit and my nipples really appreciated the motion. So did my clit. The act of crawling was so derogatory and humiliating, but the position also caused the balls to dance in my pussy. I would have followed them anywhere at that moment in order to get that stimulation. Master Peter walked around me to check me from all angles.

“Where’s her tail?” he asked my Mistress.

“Oops, I forgot,” she told him.

I never thought for a minute she had really forgotten. I’m sure it was just part of their game. Master Peter had me stand for inspection while Mistress went back to the bedroom to retrieve my tail. He’d already looked at me but I know he enjoyed running his hands over my body as I stood in front of him. He made sure to rub my nipples and then put his leg between mine and allowed me to rub myself against him. Much like when wearing the butterfly I’m sure I could have cum from this stimulation. But also much like when my Mistress was teasing me I knew he was too much in control to allow that to happen. He allowed me to put my arms around his neck for better balance so I could really start to hump his leg. Mistress seemed to be taking a long time retrieving my tail or maybe time was standing still has I humped and grinded myself shamelessly on his leg. I was getting close. I was whimpering and pleading with my eyes for permission to cum like the shameless slut I’d become in just two weeks. But of course they would have none of that.

Master Peter took my wrists in his hands. For a brief moment I thought he was going to drop my hands to his crotch and have me fish out his cock. After all what man could resist such as sexy young girl humping him? Instead he let go and pulled his leg back. Unprepared to support myself I fell to the floor. I was a crumpled mess of aroused slut when Mistress returned. She was holding my tail as I had expected but had also changed to what I would learn to call “full bitch mode” meaning a cat suit of her own (leather instead of latex though) with high heeled boots and holding a riding crop. She ordered me back to my hands and knees and kneeling in front of her. She then told me to hand her my leash, which I did quickly. She then led me to the couch where I stayed on my hands and knees in front of her when she sat down. She put her feet on my back and used me as a footrest.

“Do you know why I treat you this way?” she asked in a simple and direct way. I wasn’t sure what kind of answer she was expecting so I just turned my head and looked at her inquisitively.

“Because I can,” she answered her own question. “You are a needy little slut and I am your physical and emotional superior. You will do whatever I say without question and you will love me for it. The more sick and demented I treat you, the more you will love me and the more you will crave me.”

“Yes Mistress,” I said. I had to agree with her. I knew she was right.

“Peter,” she continued. “Grab the lube and let’s get our whore’s tail back in her before our guests arrive.”

I held my head down in shame as I remembered they had mentioned having guests this morning. My slutty ways were going to be seen by others. My humiliation would increase tenfold. But my stupid pussy didn’t think that was a problem somehow. It was churning with need and I knew my juices were leaking out into the suit, a fact that would soon be discovered to my horror.

There was little ceremony to opening the access flap, greasing up the plug and pushing it back into my rectum. I was getting pretty good at taking that size although I was still worried about increasing it. As I knew she would, Mistress ran her hand forward after skewering with the plug and laughed at how wet I had become.

“We’ve got a live of here, Peter,” she said proudly. “You did good bringing her to me instead of trying to keep her for yourself. This slut would do anything right now if I promised her an orgasm or a big dick. Isn’t that right puppy?”

I didn’t like being called puppy, but I had to admit my Mistress was 100% correct.

“With your tail in I can’t close the access panel so my guest are going to be able to smell that pungent fuck hole you have. I wouldn’t be surprised if they choose to check it for themselves. If they do be sure not to act surprised or try to stop them in any way. Also you may struggle to keep the balls in, but it is good exercise to keep that pussy nice and tight. If you drop the balls though, I will tan that ass of yours before sending you back to the dorm. You’ll feel my wrath for a week every time you sit down. If you’re a good girl, you’ll get a reward, the memory of which will last a lifetime. Do you understand?”

“Yes Mistress,” I replied.

For their amusement, Master Peter had me put my leash into my mouth and crawl around the room. I’m sure they just wanted me to struggle holding in the balls. They were doing their best to make my pussy gush and it was a challenge to hold them tight enough not to fall out. Part of me was assuming they wanted me to fail as an excuse to punish me. Part of me wanted to fail as an excuse to see what they would do. I didn’t like the idea of having my ass hurt so much that I couldn’t sit down for a week, but I also found it exciting that I would be forced to remember what was happening as well. My Master and Mistress were sitting on the couch watching my every move. I could see my Mistress’ hand rubbing over my master’s crotch. I could tell his cock was hard through his pants. He had is right arm around his wife’s shoulder and his left hand was busy cupping her ample left breast. I assumed both were being turned on by watching me, so I added a little wiggle of my tail for their enjoyment. Then the doorbell rang.

“Please open the door slave,” Mistress Dasha commanded. “After our guests enter I want you to be sure to greet them like a doggie would do.”

I tried to think about how a dog would greet someone. Panting and wagging my tail I figured. I crawled toward the front door. The doorbell rang again. Fortunately I got to the door before they rang a third time. I hoped they wouldn’t be upset that I took so long. I reached up and turned the doorknob. Pulling the door open I was greeted with the site of what I could only describe as a 100% normal looking suburban couple with a late teenage son. I’m not certain how I was expecting them to be dressed but they certainly did not look like they belonged inside this kinky house.

“I see Dasha has a new puppy,” the older man who introduced himself as Robert exclaimed as he help out the back of his hand toward my face. I quickly realized he was making the gesture that you would when you meet a new dog so it can get your scent. This must not have been the first time they were introduced to one of Mistress’ pets. As I had been instructed to greet them properly I leaned forward and took a strong whiff of his hand. I didn’t smell anything. I leaned backward again and he patted my head.

Their son, Thomas, was next through the door and the process repeated. When he pat my head I turned slightly to see if his dad was watching but he was disappearing through the foyer as if this was the most natural thing in the world. Oh well. On to the mom, Carol, as she introduced herself. She was wearing a modest skirt and blouse combo. After I sniffed her hand she didn’t pat my head. I looked up and her attention wasn’t on me as she scanned the entryway for what I did not know. I soon found out. Apparently she was looking whether we were alone or not because instead of petting me she grabbed my head with one hand and lifted her skirt with the other. Heck, all she had to do was ask. Force wasn’t necessary. But maybe that was her thing. She wasn’t wearing panties and her pussy was already wet with anticipation. She pulled my head firmly against her mound and rubbed her juices on me. Then she pulled me away, dropped her skirt and walked around me leaving me stunned. I watched her disappear to join the group. I shook my head to clear my thoughts and shut the door. I then crawled back to the living room.

The group was conversing as if nothing was strange with having me dressed like a dog and Mistress Dasha dressed, well, like a Mistress. I wasn’t sure what to do when I entered the room so I did the only thing I could think of and knelt down next to my Mistress. She barely acknowledged me for the first minute and then she asked our guests if I had greeted them properly. I was prepared to be praised and I was surprised when they said I had not. Mistress Dasha told Thomas to stand up, which he did without delay.

“Dog Brittney,” my Mistress began. I felt humiliated being referred to that way. I would have much rather she just said Brittney or even Slave Brittney. Heck even slut Brittney would have been fine. “You’ve seen two dogs meet. What does a dog do when it meets another dog?”

I watched as Thomas turned his back to me and bent forward slightly. Now I understood. I crawled over to him and stuck my face against his ass. I then made an exaggerated sniffing sound. I saw Mistress Dasha begin to stand up so I sniffed again.

“No no no, you dumb bitch,” she exclaimed. “Thomas, drop your pants.”

I sat upright on my haunches as he began to unbuckle is pants. I assumed he would want his cock sucked. OK, I know he would want his cock sucked but I hoped that was what Mistress Dasha meant. Instead she grabbed my hair with her right hand and yanked down his underwear with her left. She then pulled my head forward and pushed it hard against his ass.

“Really get in there slut. Stick out your tongue. Rim his hole.”

I stuck out my tongue immediately, but I wasn’t digging what she was doing. Mistress Dasha laughed and asked Thomas if he had to fart. At least I didn’t have to endure that as he said no. Thomas’ mom and dad were laughing at our joint discomfort. When Mistress pulled me back and told Thomas to pull up his pants I noticed that he had started to get a hard on. He had a nice looking cock. I hoped I would get better acquainted to it soon.

Master Peter asked if our guests were hungry. They said they had been running late for church that morning so they skipped breakfast. He then ordered me to cook another breakfast for them. I crawled into the kitchen. I could feel all of their eyes on me. Throughout the trip I was clenching my pussy trying to keep the balls from falling out. As wet as I was it wasn’t easy. I was relieved when I made it to the kitchen because I could stand for a few minutes. I set about making more eggs, bacon and toast. As I was working, Master Peter came into the kitchen.

“We will be in the dining room,” he told me. “I want you to make 4 plates of food. You will serve our guests and your Mistress. At some point I will signal you.” He made a nodding motion. “When you see that you are to crawl under the table and make our guests happy. Start with Carol. You looked so cute crawling around with her slime on your face I’m sure she would appreciate it. Plus since her husband fucked your Mistress last night we owe her one. Then do Robert and if there is time you can do Thomas.”

I looked at the clock to see what time it was. It was already 11:15 and I had already decided that Master Peter was serious about cutting me off at noon. It was just like him for me to pleasure his friend right up until the time I was told our encounter would be over leaving me high and dry. Although he didn’t say it, I knew I had to make his friends cum first if I wanted any pleasure for myself. Even if there was time he would probably say I had to do him and my Mistress again before I’d be allowed any pleasure. Such is the life of a sex slave I mused.

I walked into the dining room carrying two plates of food. Carol and her son were sitting on one side of the table so I served them first. My Master and Mistress were sitting opposite of each other on the ends. I looked at my Mistress for a hint of whether I was doing good or not, but couldn’t get a read on her. Robert was sitting by himself opposite his wife. I brought his plate and the extra plate for Mistress Dasha. I then asked for permission to speak. When that was granted I asked what they would like to drink and hurriedly brought one coffee, one OJ and one Coke. I had forgotten about the balls as I had been focused on everything else until I had hurried to the kitchen. Their motion when I was moving fast hit just the right spot and I gushed a little. I had to cheat and push them back in with a finger as they threatened to fall out. I didn’t get caught so no harm, no foul. I hurried back with the drinks. As I arrived I noticed the plate of food in front of my Mistress was empty already. I knew she couldn’t have eaten that fast, especially since nobody else had eaten anything yet. Simultaneous to that thought I knew what had happened. I looked toward the living room and saw the dog bowl about 15 feet away from the table. My short time standing had come to an end.

I’m not sure I can adequately describe the feeling of crawling away from the table. My tail was hanging between my ass checks and my face was burning with shame. I couldn’t see them but I’m sure all eyes were on me. My damn pussy didn’t know that I shouldn’t be enjoying this as it continued to leak juices down my thighs and the balls became harder and harder to hold inside of me. When I got to the bowl and confirmed the bacon and eggs were there I lowered my head. Of course my ass stayed high and on display. I felt wanton at that moment. I wanted any of the guys to step up and fuck me. Hell, I wanted all the guys to step up and fuck me. Carol and Mistress Dasha too. Mistress’ strap-on would be fine. Heck, everyone fuck the slut. Why not? Come on everybody. Gangbang the whore.

While my mind was filled with nasty thoughts as I ate my second breakfast, my heart knew that wasn’t going to happen. At least not yet. Master Peter had made it clear what he expected for me and I knew his friends would have to cum first before I got used. I ate as fast as I could trying to save as many minutes as possible in hopes of still getting myself good and fucked. I crawled back to the table when I was done. Thankfully I didn’t have to wait long for the signal from Master Peter to crawl under the table. Carol must have been privy to his plans because she had already hiked up her skirt and was sitting slouched down so her pussy was hanging off the chair for easy access. Until that moment I’d only sucked my Mistress’ pussy (I didn’t count Carol just rubbing herself on my face) but I attacked Carol’s with gusto. I wanted to prove myself and show I deserved a reward.

Fortunately Carol must have been equally excited about the prospect of have a girl less than half her age (I estimated based on Robert’s age that she must be in her early 40′s at least.) Her pussy was at least as wet as when she had rubbed it on my face. I knew my Mistress could exercise tremendous control over her orgasm and I hoped that Carol did not have that talent. I sucked her clit veraciously, darted my tongue in and out of her soft folds and licked up and down the length of her pussy. I even dared to go a bit south and rim her bunghole. Whether it was my improving skills, my unrivaled enthusiasm or her general level of horniness I’m not sure, but within a few minutes she had a noisy and juicy orgasm. I felt very proud of myself, but I knew my personal celebration would be short lived.

I quickly spun around and crawled between Robert’s legs. He was already hard, although he had not pulled his cock out of his pants. Maybe he was a little shy. I figured he would have been jacking himself knowing I was eating his wife, but no matter. I fished out an average sized tool. At least average in my admittedly still limited experience. I set to work bringing him off. It was a “normal” blowjob, at least as normal as could be given the circumstances, until I felt Carol’s foot between my legs. I’d forgotten about everyone else at the table in my quest to bring Robert off. But now the tip of her shoe was rubbing against my pussy. It goes without saying she was exciting me more than I had already been exciting myself.

Like his wife he turned out to be a quick shooter. He also didn’t have a very big load. I guess having filled my mistress the night before left him in a slightly empty state. Either way I had two down and one to go. But before I could take care of Thomas, Mistress told me to come out from under the table. She pointed to the clock on the wall. It was five minutes to noon. She instructed me to go back to my room and remove the plug. She also had me turn around and unzipped the cat suit. She told me to strip down and return to us naked.

I was dejected. Not so much because I didn’t get to cum, although I desperately wanted to do so, but because I had failed my task and not finished Thomas. They told me he was a high school senior who had turned 18 in the spring. How many 18 year old do you know who would turn down a blowjob even if the girl was dressed like a dog? No matter. He was a neighbor so I’m sure I’ll get the opportunity to suck him off another time.

The butt plug came out easier than I thought it would. I was really starting to become accustomed to having my ass full. Similarly the cat suit came off easier than it went on as I could peel it down. I tried to smooth it back out and I laid it on the bed. I then took a deep breath, dropped back to my hands and knees and crawled back to the dining room. If I was lucky I’d still get to suck off Thomas. Luck was not on my side though as his chair was empty. Master Peter seemed pleased by my return though, although the clock clearly showed it was two minutes past noon. I also looked worse for wear as my body was covered in splotches of talcum powder and I’m sure my hair was a fright.

“Brittney,” my new Master began in an affectionate tone. “You have come a long way in just 17 short hours. I am very proud of you. Usually it takes weeks or months to get a woman to dress in the suit and suck off our neighbors. You are born to be submissive. That is something you should take great pride in being. I know I promised you a reward but I also told you your session would end at noon. If you want to continue in this relationship I will give you 30 more minutes today, but from here on out we own you. We will control every aspect of your life, including, if we deem it necessary for your training, to drop out of school and becoming our full time fuck slut. If you are not ready you can go back to the dorm and your life will go back to normal. At least as normal as it could be having experienced this weekend. You have changed, even if you don’t recognize it yet.”

I didn’t have to think to answer that question. “I would like my reward Master,” I replied.

“Then let us all head out to the patio,” Master Peter exclaimed while clapping his hands once.

Everyone at the table stood up. Mistress Dasha took my leash. She said I could walk. Of course I stayed just behind her and to the right. As we exited the house I noticed Thomas was sitting at the patio table where earlier I’d serviced my Master and Mistress. I guessed it was my time to serve him. He was sitting looking at the pool. He was wearing his shirt but his pants were gone. So far so good I thought. He was slowly stroking his cock. Good, good part two I mused. He was bigger in stature than his dad. Even better for me. Yeah. Then Master Peter set down a tube of lube on the table. Oops. Maybe dad would have been better for this. It was obvious the time of my anal deflowers was at hand.

The situation was surreal. My Master and Mistress along with Thomas’ mother and father watched as I handed him my leash and then began slathering lube on his cock. The way Thomas reacted when Mistress Dasha instructed him to do something led me to wonder if he too was a sub. I would soon learn that was not the case. He just lacked confidence. Also Mistress could make most men do whatever she wanted. In this case, she wanted to control exactly how my anal cherry would be taken, how much teasing I could endure and finally wanted to send me back to the dorm with a very special gift.

Thomas was sitting on a chair facing the adults who had pulled chairs around us in a semi-circle. I was instructed to mount him facing the group as well. My legs were spread wide with the backs of my thighs over the armrests of the chair. It was not comfortable, but I dared not complain. Fortunately Thomas’ cock was long enough to make this position work as all the adults seemed to enjoy seeing me spread so wide. I did my best to relax. His cock wasn’t any wider than the tail plug I had been wearing, although the plug was short. Doing it for real was also a totally different sensation. Our audience was paying close attention to every contorted expression on my face as Thomas filled my bum. I couldn’t see his face, but I’m sure he was enjoying himself. When I was finally bayonetted as far as I could go given our position, I started to hump his cock. I was unlike anything I had ever felt before as lust began to course through my body.

By now it should not have been a surprise that my Master and Mistress would not allow me the simple pleasure of a straight up fuck. Especially when I really needed to just get pounded. Master Peter told me to stop and Mistress Dasha told Thomas to just sit there and not thrust. I could hear his disappointment through an exasperated breath. While my Mistress rarely seemed concerned with my being left sexually hanging, she did take pity him.

“Brittney, I want you to milk him with your ass. Squeeze and release his cock to keep him hard. I know I told you the balls would help you learn how to do that with your slut cunt, you have to know how to do it with your ass as well.”

I tried to relax my legs a bit and slide all the way down his shaft as best I could. I then leaned back so I was resting against his chest. He reached around me and cupped my breasts. I doubt he knew that teasing my nipples make me go wild, or maybe he did, but I think he wanted to make me suffer as much as he was at that moment. What was worse is what Carol and Robert did next.

Robert announced that since he and Thomas had fucked my Mistress last night it was only right that Carol get to sample Peter’s special talents. Thus it came to pass that I had to watch my Master fuck another woman, this time with my ass crammed full of cock. Everyone knew I wanted to fuck Master Peter most of all. Instead I got my nipples squeezed and had a front row seat to watch another woman rut on the patio in front of me as his massive dick penetrated her over and over again. Looking down on her as she lay on the ground I was struck by the expression of pure bliss on her face. Master Peter was taking things slow allowing her to acclimate to his girth. Mistress Dasha was talking to her like this was the most normal thing that could happen. She also fished Richard’s cock out of his pants and started stroking it. It didn’t take him long to get hard. Soon after Mistress Dasha announced “It was time.”

I debated whether or not to put this up here but was encouraged… I had done an audio in response to Playful Little One’s audio she posted on the Lit forums and it got me pretty worked up… Of course then I decided to work myself up even more.

So there really no story here – just me being me. :)


*kisses and hugs*


P.S. Thank you for all the amazing feedback on the Boundary piece… it was a departure for me, but also pushed me creatively and that is always a good thing for me.

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Although this story could stand alone, it will make much more sense if you read the first part. That story is called “Teased and Denied, the Beginning” and was posted recently. This chapter commences the morning after we had decided to make our new lifestyle a permanent arrangement.


The next morning after showers and normal morning things, my Mistress/wife told me that when we were alone at home, I was to be nude at all times. I nodded in agreement and removed my clothing which left me wearing nothing but my chastity device and a smile.

My wife was also wearing a smile as she parted her robe, spread her legs, and ordered me to lick her to orgasm. I immediately knelt between her legs and buried my tongue in her hot pussy. I gently licked her cunt lips, sucked her clit, and tongue fucked her pussy over and over. Her juices were literally flowing out of her hot hole and very soon I could feel her tense up and explode in orgasm flooding my mouth with her creamy secretions. I lapped them up like a kitten after milk smacking my lips as I finished. Her breathing returned to normal and she patted the couch beside her.

I took my seat and watched as she took a deck of card. She told me that we would now figure out when my next O-day (what she called my release day) would be. She instructed me to pick two cards from the deck but not look at them. I did so and she looked at them and returned them to the deck. She told me that the cards would have different values. Number cards would be face value. Face cards would be worth 10, Aces worth 11, and a Joker worth 20. She told me she had added my two cards together but that I would not be told the value. She then sorted through the cards and pulled out 5 cards, a 2,3,4,5, and a 10, and quickly shuffled them together. I was to draw one of them and again not look which I did. She took it and looked at the card with a gasp. I was then told that that card was the multiplier and that the sum from my two previous cards would be multiplied by that value to see how long I would be denied.

She reminded me that I wanted more of the unknown in my denial period so I would not be given the value of any of the cards but that my fate had been decided and I was in trouble. She quickly re-shuffled the cards and had me draw one more which she told me to look at. It was a 9. I was then informed that I would be teased to the edge of orgasm 9 times each day until my O-day arrived and since I had no idea how long that would be I would probably be almost insane with desire in no time. She just grinned and told me to clean up the kitchen and meet her by the pool when I finished.

As I did the dishes and cleaned the kitchen, my mind kept wandering to the cards I had drawn. My wife had truly come up with a very simple yet devious game to calculate my days of denial. What were my numbers, the possibilities were really endless. Let’s see, worst case scenario would be if I drew an Ace and a Joker then a 10 for the multiplier. Oh Hell that would mean I would be in denial for 310 days, almost a year. No, surely she wouldn’t do that would she? Hell yes she would.

I suddenly felt sick. The most she had denied me in the previous year had been a stretch of 37 days and I was truly a basket case when she finally gave me relief. No way could I go 310 or even 110. All of a sudden, I realized this was no longer a game, it was real. (I would find out later that I had drawn a 3 and a 7 and had drawn the 5 for the multiplier for a total of 50 days. More than I had ever done but at least it wasn’t in the hundreds. Of course I had no way of knowing this and for the next fifty days, I was really wondering how I would cope.)

I went out to the pool as my wife was climbing up the ladder. She looked so sexy with the water glistening on her nude body that I immediately tried to get an erection, but of course I couldn’t. I held out a towel and dried the water from her. She handed me a bottle of suntan oil and lay down on her back and told me to oil her up. Rubbing oil into her naked body was absolute torture. God I wanted to rip the chastity device off and plunge my cock into her pussy so bad, but that wasn’t allowed. She told me to make sure I got her breasts and pussy area covered well because they were not as tanned as the rest of her body and she didn’t want to burn. Finally I finished and took a swim myself.

The cool water help tame my raging “not hard” hard-on. In a little while I heard her tell me to come and do her back and again I was running my hands over her naked body which again caused the familiar feeling in my groin. Boy, she was pulling out all stops and making me miserable. As she lay there she asked if I was having fun and I just grunted.

I decided to try and coerce some info out of her and told her that since we were just starting out on this new game that maybe she should give me a hint as to my fate. She rolled over with a grin and just shook her head. I knew then that I was in trouble. She rolled back over and said nothing else.

We had lunch and I cleaned up while my wife dressed and sat down at her computer. Being nude while your partner is fully dressed may not seem like much, but it does amplify the feeling of being submissive and is slightly humiliating.

Anyway she came into the kitchen and handed me a couple of printed pages. Both had pictures and I noticed that one was a type of frame or rack and the other looked like a large sawhorse. They were labeled bondage frame and bondage horse respectfully. My wife asked if I thought I could build them and I told her no problem. I was informed that she didn’t like securing me to the bed because access to my cock, balls, and ass, was hindered by the softness of the mattress. She also said that the horse would come in handy for my weekly prostate milking.

I told her I could do it, but where would we store them. She then said that she had been thinking that we could turn one of the upstairs bedrooms into a “playroom” where we could have all our toys available for easy access. I was then told to have both finished by tomorrow afternoon.

My wife left for the store to get some padding and vinyl upholstery to cover the two devices. I quickly dressed and headed for the hardware store to buy the materials I needed. When I returned home, I started on the bondage frame first. It was shaped like a “Y”. A post at the bottom of the “Y” would be used to secure my wrists. It was adjustable so that I could be stretched tightly once secured to the bench. The arms of the “Y” were to be used to secure my ankles and legs. They had a bend at the level of the knee so that my legs would be bent upward causing more exposure and access to my genital area. A large strap would also secure me to the bench. My ass would hang out into open space with the support starting at the small of my back. On each side up by the head of the frame I place a step so that my wife could climb up and support herself while straddling my face receiving oral service to her pussy and clit.

The work went quickly and I was finished in a few hours. I went downstairs to the den to tell my wife to check my work. When she saw me she was angry and sternly asked, “What the Hell are you doing?” I stammered that I was finished and wanted her to check my work. She told me that I had on clothing and that was now forbidden. Damn, in my excitement to get the job done I had forgotten to strip when I got home. I apologized and quickly disrobed.

Softening a little, she told me that I had now committed two infractions (the first was trying to coerce info about my period of denial from her and now wearing clothing) and that I would be severely punished later tonight. I told her I understood as I took the padding and coverings and headed back upstairs to the bedroom/playroom. She was extremely happy about the frame and quickly started covering it.

I began work on the horse and had it finished by the time she was done with the frame. She was happy with it also and covered it quickly. It had attachments on all four legs for securing my wrists and ankles. At the business end, the top platform stuck out about 2 feet so that when laying on it, my cock, balls, and ass were totally accessible. My legs would be spread out and pulled forward to attach to the legs. This would cause my cock to actually point in a downward angle.

I was told I had done well and received a good kiss. I was told to get something together for supper while she took a shower. After eating, I cleaned up and then was ordered to take a shower of my own then meet her in the playroom.

I felt butterflies in my stomach, I had 9 edges without orgasm to look forward to not to mention the promised punishment for my earlier infractions.

When I entered the playroom, I noticed that my lovely wife had moved the frame to one wall and the horse to another. They were both arranged so that when I was secured to them, my genital area would be pointed to the center of the room. I also notice a small chest of drawers in one corner. On top were ankle and wrist cuffs, some shoestrings, lube, and the dreaded wooden spoon. I was handed the cuffs and quickly attached them to my ankles and wrists. My lovely Mistress led me to the bondage frame and I climbed aboard.

Lying back I stretched my arms over my head and they were secured. My ankles were secured and then a strap was wrapped around my legs just above the knee. The larger strap was placed across my stomach pinning me to the bench. By using the tensioning lever, my arms were stretched tightly upward. I could barely move. The necklace and key were used and my cock sprang free of its prison jumping almost immediately to attention. My wife just laughed. Her soft hand gripped me and gave me a few strokes causing me to try and thrust which was greeted with a cruel laugh.

I watched as she picked up a shoestring then moved between my legs. The slipknot was looped around my balls and pulled tight. She began winding it tightly around my balls until they were forced to the bottom of the sac. Almost immediately an old familiar ache started up in them. I don’t thing my balls had ever been bound this tightly before.

My Mistress then began lightly bouncing them back and forth, not hard but causing enough pain to make me grunt. Again that cruel laugh greeted me. She told me that from now own any infractions would result in punishment. Said punishment would be severe enough to make me think twice before committing them again. Since we had limited equipment at this time (something that we would remedy very soon) she would just punish me by whipping my balls. That didn’t sound too bad; after all she had regularly used the wooden spoon on my balls while riding my mouth to orgasm. That fantasy was destroyed when she told me that the whipping would be somewhat more intense than any in the past. I swallowed hard but steeled myself when she picked up the spoon and told me I would receive 10 swats per infraction for a total of 20.

The first lick caused me to let out a loud groan and actually took my breath away. After the 5th I was in agony and moaning uncontrollably while frantically trying to get loose. The pain continued until mercifully I heard her say 20 and the beating stopped. I was still moaning in pain and could hardly catch my breath when she moved to my head and gave me a very deep kiss then mounted the frame and lowered her dripping pussy to my mouth.

I immediately started licking and sucking her as never before. In the recesses of my mind I felt that I had to make amends for my transgressions and the punishment I had just received only amplified that. I think I loved her more at that moment than I ever had. I soon had her moaning in pleasure and very quickly she tensed up and flooded my mouth with her sweet cream as she exploded in orgasm. I felt her slump down and collapse on my chest until she recovered.

When she got off of me I couldn’t control myself and started telling her how sorry I was and how I really appreciated her punishing me. I babbled on and on about how much I loved her and who knows what else. My reward was a huge smile on her face. She later told me she was afraid she had gone too far. I assured her that the punishment was indeed severe and I hoped that I never experienced it again but that she had not gone too far.

My very tender and aching balls were unwound and I was allowed to recover before I felt her coat my hard (yes it was very hard) cock with lube and start slow stroking me towards orgasm. True to her word, just before I went over the edge, her hand was removed and I was allowed to calm down only to have her start up again. By the time I reach my 9th plateau, I was a basket case, but at least it was over for that day. One down and who knows how many to go.

My cock was iced and returned to its prison and I was released. We made our way to the bedroom where I gave my Mistress another orgasm with my tongue. I held her in my arms and told her how much I loved her as she drifted off to sleep. I lay there with aching balls promising myself to not break any more rules. I don’t think my poor balls could stand another beating like that anytime soon. I drifted off to sleep a very happy, teased, denied, and tortured, husband.

To be continued…

“Oh god, oh my….,” Jason said, in pure pleasure, trying with every ounce of his body to hold back from cuming.

Lindsay was sitting next to Jason, slowly stroking his penis. Jason was completely naked laying on Lindsay’s bed. Lindsay was fully clothed in a tank top and a pair of jeans.

“Its only been 50 seconds Jay, hold on, you still got a little over two minutes,” Lindsay encouraged him.

Lindsay continued to stroke Jason’s little penis, now picking up the speed and concentrating on full strokes of his penis. Lindsay was an expert at giving hand jobs, she had given her first one at 14 years old.

Jason, meanwhile, was trying as hard as he could to ignore the immense pleasure that was surrounding his dick. He was practicing for the bet that was now only 4 days away. He needed to hold out from cuming for 3 minutes, while Cindy gave him a hand job. He had his eyes closed and was picturing baseball, his grandma, anything he could to take his mind of the gorgeous girl jerking his dick.

“One minute and fifteen seconds, you broke your record sweetie,” Lindsay shouted as she now picked up the pace even more, this time concentrating on the head of his penis.

“I can’t hold out…nooooo,” Jason screamed as his dick exploded. Rope after rope of semen shot onto his stomach. The feeling was soo amazing.

“I cant believe you Jason, you are barely getting any better at this, and this is the third time we’ve tried today. You really want to see me get fucked by Tom, don’t you?” Lindsay asked.

“No, I don’t, trust me, that’s the last thing I want to see,” Jason responded, still getting over the mind blowing orgasm he just had.

“Ok well, get on your knees, we gotta train your mind to think cuming quick is not OK,” Lindsay said.

Jason, with his cum still all over his stomach, got onto his knees and got ready to suck Lindsay’s strap on for the third time today. Lindsay had offered to help Jason train for the bet. She would give him 3 hand jobs a day, and if at any point he could hold out for 3 minutes before cuming, she would finally allow him to see and play with her amazing tits. If he shot his load before 3 minutes, he had to suck the strap on for 5 minutes

Lindsay dropped her jeans, revealing her perfectly tanned legs, and cute pink underwear. She then slipped the plastic cock on and forced it into Jason’s mouth. As usual, she verbally encouraged him as he sucked.

“Good job my little cock sucker, you really are getting so good at this, I may have to let you try a real one some day,” Lindsay said to him. Her hands were on the back of his head, just in case he tried to stop.

Jason continued to suck away at it. He was almost starting to enjoy these little sessions. He wasn’t sure why, but afterwards he would always have a raging hard on, and no matter how recently he just came, would be extremely horny. Lindsay also took notice at Jason’s love of sucking her plastic cock.

After the five minutes was over, Lindsay pulled Jason up, and gave him a small kiss. She then grabbed a towel and through it at him so that he could clean himself off.

“Jay…don’t you think it’s kind of weird that you get a raging boner every time you suck my dick,” Lindsay asked him.

“I…uh…it’s just from being around you, you are soo hot,” Jason tried to play it off.

“Hmmm…maybe that’s it, or maybe you secretly think it would be hot to suck a dick,” Lindsay said. “Either way, its pretty cute. See you tomorrow, 9 am for the first practice session,” she finished, before heading into the bathroom.

Jason quickly got dressed and headed down stairs. On the way out, he saw Cindy, in her robe, watching TV. Cindy immediately noticed Jason walking down.

“Oh, hey little guy. You ready for our bet?” Cindy asked as she made the jerk off motion with her hand.

“I really don’t think the bet is such a good idea Cindy, I mean, what’s the point, really?” Jason asked.

“THE POINT, LITTLE DICK is that I would much rather see my gorgeous step daughter with a big sexy man like Tom, then a little dicked nerd like you. I need to prove to her that you can’t even last 3 minutes during a hand job, let alone sex. Then I need to prove to her that Tom is 10 times the lover you will ever be. What better way to do that then a threesome with both of you?” Cindy explained.

Jason was shocked to hear this come out of her mouth. Cindy had really been nothing but nice to him. He couldn’t believe that she thought like this. The look of sadness on his face must have been apparent to Cindy.

“But…on the other hand, if you last longer then 3 minutes, you will prove me wrong, and will have the night of your life. I am a sexual goddess Jason. A threesome with Lindsay and I would be a miracle for you. You should thank me actually. I don’t think Lindsay will let you near her tits or her pussy for a long long time, unless you win that is,” Cindy explained, this time as sweet as ever.

“Well I hope I can prove you wrong,” Jason responded with confidence.

Cindy smiled, stood up, and opened her robe, exposing Jason once again to her breathtaking body. Her breasts looked even bigger then the last time and the light showed off the cuts in her stomach perfectly. Before Jason could even get down to her vagina, she closed her robe back up.

“I don’t think you stand a chance, mini meat,” Cindy said before turning her attention back to the TV.

Jason sighed deeply and walked out the front door. He walked over to his house and into his room. He jerked off, cumming for the fourth time that day, before he went to sleep. His new plan was to wear his dick out so much, it wouldn’t be able to shoot off in less then three minutes no matter what was happening to it.

Once again the next morning Jason showed up at 9am, eagerly awaiting his first handjob. He knocked on the door and Cindy opened it and welcomed him inside. As usual, she sported just a small robe.

“Lindsay’s asleep. She was up late last night talking to Tom,” Cindy said to him.

“What?” Jason replied.

“Yeah, he came over late last night and said he really needed to talk to her. I don’t know what time he left,” Cindy continued. “On a good note though, I’ve been thinking about the bet and I’ve decided to help you out,” Cindy finished, quickly changing the subject.

“Oh? How is that?” Jason questioned, fearing it was a trick.

“If you do a favor for Mr. Mac and I, I will agree to change the length of the hand job from 3 minutes, to 40 seconds,” Cindy proposed.

Jason immediately got very excited. He held out for 1:15 last night, surely he could last 40 seconds.

“What’s the favor?” Jason asked.

“Just come with me for now,” Cindy instructed him.

He followed her into the master bedroom where Mr. Mac was laying asleep on the bed. She got up on the other side of the bed and removed her robe, revealing her spectacular body. She quickly grabbed Jason’s head and pulled it to her breast. He sucked on it like it was going to save his life.

“Good job sweetie, suck on my big tits,” Cindy encouraged him.

Next she pushed him off and started to take off Jason’s pants.

“Take them off, I wanna play with it,” Cindy said to him, Mr. Mac sleeping in his robe only feet away.

Jason didn’t care and wanted Cindy so badly. He took off his pants, and stood proudly, all 5 inches sticking straight up in the air. Cindy rubbed his penis expertly, even leaning down and sucking on the head of his penis for a minute here and there. Jason was on edge, and once again his only concern was getting to cum.

Cindy slowed her stroke to a slower pace as she began to fully explain the deal to him.

“Mr. Mac is awake now, has been the whole time. All you have to do, in order to change the bet to 40 seconds, ensuring a 3 some with Lindsay and myself for a whole night, and receive a mind blowing blowjob from me right now is…suck Mr. Macs dick for 3 minutes,” Cindy told him as she opened up his robe, revealing what looked to be a 9 inch penis.

“It’s just like with Lindsay and the strap on. I will be right here waiting to suck your cock once the 3 minutes are up,” Cindy said as she continued to expertly manipulate Jason’s tiny penis.

“Like Lindsay, Cindy didn’t wait for an answer and just pushed Jason’s mouth to Mr. Mac’s large cock. Jason parted his lips and accepted it into his mouth. He really never had a choice, his dick once again controlled his brain.

Jason opened up his lips and took the large mushroom head into his mouth. He just imagined a night with Lindsay and Cindy and bobbed up and down on Mr. Mac’s dick.

“Good boy. That is so fucking hot. Keep sucking and you will have the best night ever. Keep going little dick, worship this man meat,” Cindy continued encouraging him.

Cindy grabbed Jason’s hair and controlled the pace as which he sucked. She was now bobbing his head up and down pretty steadily. Mr. Mac was groaning and began thrusting his hips into Jason’s face.

Jason was a little freaked out, and a little turned on at the same time. It was somehow strange and sexual to be sucking the dick of a man who had twice as much of a “package” as he did. It didn’t taste that bad, and it kind of was just like with Lindsay and the strap on. Cindy was right here, naked, stroking his dick, how gay could this be. He was starting to get into it, sucking away at the large cock, still he wanted it to be over with.

“Time,” Cindy shouted out.

Jason was ecstatic. He rolled over and watched as Cindy began to suck his cock. She used her mouth and breasts to tease Jason for 15 minutes before she looked up at him and said, “Get ready to black out from pleasure.”

Cindy’s mouth flew up and down Jason’s cock. He was 2 seconds away from release when Lindsay busted opened the door and Cindy quickly shot up.

“What is going on in here?!?!” Lindsay asked.

Jason’s heart dropped as he realized that not only was he not going to cum, but his girlfriend just walked in on him getting a blow job from her stepmom.

“I, uh…we…,” Jason stumbled, quickly putting his clothes back on and running after her as she stormed out the door.

Jason walked into lindsay’s room and tired his best to explain.

“Sweetie, I just went in there because she said she would shorten the bet if I did something and…” Jason stopped as Lindsay cut him off.

“I don’t care Jason, I really don’t. You are just like every other guy I’ve ever dated. You can’t keep your dick in your pants,” shouted Lindsay.

“NO, I CAN!” Shouted Jason. “I promise, I will never do anything like that ever again without you allowing it,” Jason continued.

“You have made a promise like that before. How do I know I can trust you?” Lindsay asked.

Jason just stared as the girl of his dreams and realized that he may lost her forever.

“PLEASE!” Jason begged.

“Well…I guess there is one way,” Lindsay said as she reached into her drawer to pull out the penis cage. “You have to wear this whenever your not with me,” Lindsay added.

Jason was so under her spell, he didn’t even need to think before agreeing.

Lindsay walked over to Jason, dropped his pants, revealing his little dick. She clicked the cage on tightly before he even had a chance to get hard again.

“I’m still so upset with you Jason. I really think you should go home,” Lindsay said.

Jason stared at her in shock. He had just put the cage on? Didn’t this get him back to even, at least so he could stay.

“When will I see you again?” Jason asked.

“I don’t know. I may need a few days to get over this Jason. I just caught you getting a blow job from my stepmom!” She screamed at him before locking herself in her bathroom.

Jason walked out of the house and back to his. He felt as if he could cry at any moment. The bet was a little over 48 hours away and he was now horny as ever and locked in a cage. Not only that, but he had just sucked a huge penis in order to get the bet shortened, which at this point didn’t matter because Jason would never last even 15 seconds after 2 days of being locked up in this cage.

Thursday, Jason tried to get Lindsay to see him, but no one would even let him in the house.

Friday rolled around and Jason was ready to break the cage with a screwdriver. Luckily for him, Lindsay sent him a text telling him to come over.

Jason jumped out of bed and ran to her house as quickly as possible.

She was in a tiny silk robe and from what Jason could tell, she was completely naked underneath it. She then proceeded to undress Jason, take off him cage, and lastly slip a blindfold over his eyes.

Jason was now laying on the bed, naked, with a raging hard on, not able to see a thing.

Suddenly Jason felt a thin piece of silk material fall onto his penis, sending chills down his body. He then felt his hands being cuffed to the bed posts. Finally he felt the weight of her tiny body and huge breasts being pressed against his chest.

She slid her body up and down his, driving his penis insane with pleasure, but not quite enough to achieve release. Lindsay did this for at least 40 minutes, Keeping him on edge the whole time.

Lindsay slid down and wrapped her breasts around Jason’s dick, the pleasure was so great. Jason would do anything to get this blindfold off and see what she was doing to his penis. Finally, she took his dick into her mouth and slowly sucked. Jason was almost weeping at this point, begging Lindsay to let him cum.

“Pleasseeee Lindsay, please, I need…” Jason started.

“I don’t really care what you need,” Lindsay interrupted him. I have decided what I need from you in order for us to stay together,” she began.

Lindsay slid up so that her mouth was right next to his ear. Her huge breasts were squashed against his chest and the head of his penis was pressing, just slightly, into her vagina. He could barely breathe.

“If you want to stay with me, you are going to have to do whatever I say for the next week. No matter what is it,” Lindsay whispered into his ear. “If you so much as question one demand, it’s over. I will never speak to you again,” she continued.

“O…ooo…kkk,” Jason barely could speak he was in the most sexually gratifying and frustrating position of his life.

“The first thing you are going to do for me…,” Lindsay started to explain her first request. As she did, she pushed down a little on his dick so the head slipped into her soaking wet pussy. “…is lose the bet tomorrow,” Lindsay finished.

Jason’s mind was blown. He thought more about trying to win this bet then anything else in his entire life and now she told him he had to lose. He wanted to argue, but couldn’t risk losing this beautiful girl, whom he was so close to having sex with. He just shook his head in acceptance.

“Good boy, not like you would have a choice anyway, you won’t last 15 seconds tomorrow. Especially since I plan on teasing your little penis all night long,” Lindsay laughed as her control over Jason finally escalated to it’s highest possible point.

Lindsay pulled the head of his dick out of her pussy and got up off him completely. Jason heard some shuffling around a minute later Lindsay was taking his blindfold off. Lindsay was back in her robe, and lubing up her hands. She spend the next couple hours brining Jason as close to orgasm as possible without cuming, and then taking a 10 minute break before doing it again. At one point she spent 40 minutes riding Jason’s face. She came four times as he sucked and licked her pussy and ass. Finally, she shoved some panties into his mouth so he couldn’t even beg her to let him cum. He was becoming delirious.

Finally Lindsay announced she was stopping, before she put the cage back on. She then turned off the lights, and crawled in bed with Jason. Lindsay fell asleep with in 5 minutes, but Jason was so horny, he didn’t sleep a wink all night.

At 10am, her alarm went off. The bet was 30 minutes away. Lindsay took off Jason’s cage and teased his dick for 15 minutes, getting it good and ready to shoot off in less then 40 seconds. Jason was as horny, and as depressed as he had ever been in his life.

Finally it was time, Jason walked downstairs in just a robe, awaiting his fate. As he walked down, he saw Cindy and Lindsay’s dad sitting on the couch. They were also both dressed in a robe.

The room was all set up, a spot for him to sit, with some towels laid out on the floor where he would soon shoot his load, a stopwatch on the table, some tissues for Cindy’s hands. Jason took his spot on the chair and dropped his robe. He was sitting there naked, on display for 3 robed voyeurs. It didn’t matter though, because of the situation, Jason’s cock was already hard and dripping precum.

The crowd collectively smiled at how small Jason’s penis looked paired with the fact that this was actually going to be easier then any of them had imagined. Jason was surprised to see Cindy stand up and take off her robe. Her body was even better then Jason remembered. Perfect large breasts with a sexy cut stomach. Her pussy was shaved completely.

Lindsay grabbed the stopwatch as Cindy squirted some lotion into her hands.

“On your mark, get set, go!” Lindsay announced.

Cindy pushed her perfect breasts into Jason’s shoulder as she grabbed his dick and within 3 seconds of her hand touching his penis, Jason came. He screamed out in pleasure as cindy milked his little penis for a sold 30 seconds, emptying out 4 days of frustration.

“Oh my god, that was a fucking joke,” Cindy laughed as she wiped off little globs of Jason’s cum that had gotten on her hands and arms.

Cindy and Lindsay’s dad almost immediately walked up stairs, Cindy still laughing to herself. Lindsay’s dad hadn’t said a word, but was smiling the entire time.

Lindsay’s dad’s smile was nothing compared to Lindsay’s smile. She was giddy. Jason was so confused as to why she so was so happy.

As if on cue, Lindsay chimed in, “I’m so happy you did what I said Jason, I really didn’t want to break up with you, I like you a lot,” she said, looking amazing in her little robe.

Jason smiled back at her with a look of acceptance.

“Now let’s go upstairs, we need to lock you back up. Then I want you call Tom, tell him that you want him to come over and help you fuck your girlfriend on Saturday. Say it word for word,” Lindsay instructed.

“But, that’s ridiculous…,” Jason began.

“What did I say Jason?” Lindsay swiftly interrupted him. “Just for that Tom will be going first on Saturday. And if you question me again or I find out it wasn’t word for word, the threesome will become a twosome, and I will never talk to you again,” Lindsay said

Jason simply shook his head. He then walked upstairs to have his penis locked up in a cage, and invite another guy to fuck his girlfriend.

Please read ‘My Pet Sam’ before this story, to understand exactly how Sam came to be my little toy!


Poor Sam. Poor, poor Sam. I thought I should add a little more to his story, considering the fun I’ve just had with him. I did something I told him many, many times over the past few months I could never do.

I’ve teased him, fucked him, bound him tighter, sucked his dick, stroked his dick, forced him to listen to the erotic stories I write, playing with him, made him cry with frustration. I would tickle and nip his pink nipples, lubing my fingers and running the very tips lightly over those sensitive little points. I bought a vibrating fleshlight, so both his dick and his ass would be buzzing all night and all day. In short, I control his world, his feelings, his pleasure and pain.

One day, I even tortured him by pretending I was finally going to allow him to cum. After weeks of being helplessly kept at the edge of climax, I was finally going to fuck him, take off his cock ring, and feel him cum deep inside me. When I reached down to his balls to take it off, however, I pretended it was stuck. I told him I couldn’t get it off. I went as far as to go get some lube to stroke over him (god did he moan when I did that) to try and ease it off, still pretending there was no luck. He groaned and whimpered and bucked his hips while I pretended to panic. I even pulled him onto my lap and apologised, promising if I could let him free I would, but since there was no way, I’d take the best care of him I could… Stroking his hair and feeling him weakly jolt and shudder, I couldn’t help but wonder how helpless he must be feeling.

***The day she tortured me like that, oh man I still remember it when I’m lying awake at night struggling… how she held me close and whispered to me if she could let me cum she would, but now it was impossible… Knowing it was no longer in anyone’s control, not mine, not hers… It turned me on more than I could believe. Stupid thing to say for someone in my situation, I know, but honestly I think even if I wasn’t being repeatedly pleasured to the brink of orgasm multiple times daily, I think I’d get off on it. Either that or she’s turned me into a massive masochist…

She kept it up for days, bringing me my favourite food, talking sweet to me, not teasing me… which, in my situation, kind of just made things worse. However, for those few days, I felt like I was in heaven – I was the ultimate toy, plaything of fate, nobody or nothing could end this eternal subspace of pleasure and torture and feeling… so so close… forever…

When she finally laughed at me, telling me she was still in total control and could free me whenever she chose, I felt myself jerked back to reality harshly. What a cruel trick to play on me… but I loved her for it… It gave me a wave of both relief and arousal – she was very much in command, and I was as much under her control as I ever was. She wouldn’t let any harm come to me… but, no matter how much I begged, she still wouldn’t let me cum… ****

But, finally, one day a fortnight ago, on a whim, I let Sam climax. I went in his little room, as usual, bringing him something warm to drink (I’d got in the habit of bottle-feeding him… it made even mealtimes feel like an exercise in teaching him who controlled his life, and meant I didn’t have to unbind him in the slightest). Those big brown eyes met mine and he greeted me with his usual whine and wriggle to try to make the simple task of replacing the batteries in his vibrator a chore. He nuzzled me as I fed him, and I worried for a moment he was getting too comfortable with his routine. I was also struck by curiosity – what does he think about? When he’s ungagged, he usually just howls my name, or begs “please… please…” over and over, but what about when he’s alone? I wondered if Sam was still in there, Sam who brought me coffee every morning with a cheeky grin and a flirty wink, who tried to impress me with stories about Peru and the mountains he was planning on trekking.

So, on a spontaneous whim, when he was finished drinking and rubbing his cheek against my arm softly, I pushed him away. I climbed between the bar holding his knees apart and his dick, and pulled off the fleshlight. This wasn’t unusual, I often got into this position before sucking him off, so he didn’t squirm too much. Then, his eyes found mine. I don’t know why, he must have realised something was about to happen, as he suddenly panicked. He began thrashing – or, at least, as much as he could, being tied wrist to ankle and shin to thigh. It was more of a weak rocking than a thrashing, but I knew the amount of effort that required.

“Stop.” I ordered him, and his eyes went wide with terror. I took hold of his erection, and rubbed my hand up and down. He struggled against me, clenching his fists, pushing his hips upwards through my hand to maximise the sensation… thinking, as usual, that it would all be for nothing when I decided his torture was through.

Instead, I sat up higher so his dick pointed straight at his face, rubbed him at a pace I knew was driving him mad, and slipped off the cock ring.

The effect was explosive. With a hoarse yelp of shock, pain and overwhelming pleasure, he shot his load hard onto his face, chest, and mattress.

“Nooooo!” He howled, still thrusting helplessly through my hand, tears streaming down his face. “Noooo!” His cum was streaming, I could feel the powerful throbs of his cock pushing against me, his balls tensed.

“No…” The amount of cum in each shot gradually lessened. He must have climaxed for at least thirty seconds, and still more jizz gently pooled on his stomach as I slid out from under him and started to unbind him. “Why…?”

“Because, Sam, I’ve always wanted a toy to keep forever for-”

“No… Why did… you let me… cum?”

For the first time, I wasn’t sure what to say to him. I took the vibrator, still buzzing, from his ass and chucked it next to him, then unbuckled his ankles and wrists, helping him ease his stiff legs straight.

“How… long?”

“Three weeks.”

“I… need…” He had gone helplessly limp, so I decided to let him sleep. Without saying another word, I got up, stared at the floppy half-naked man trembling with orgasmic aftershocks beneath me, snuck out, and shut the door.

**** I must have slept for hours. At first I didn’t even have the energy to clean myself so I lay in my own mess, hardly able to think or feel anything, but so so tired. I woke with my head still spinning, and cleaned myself weakly with a blanket, pulling up my pants which had been forced down all that time ago. My muscles hardly seemed to work. My cock was still throbbing and wet and red, semi-hard, my ass felt achingly empty. It was too light in that little room, my head pounded, but I soon slept again.

I wondered why. Why she had pushed me over the edge I’d trained myself to believe was never coming. What did I do to deserve that? To be on the edge of heaven, of ecstasy, perfection… only to feel it, to have the one thing my mind obsessed over, have it forced upon me then to bring me back to cold, dark, scary reality. Had it really only been three weeks? I kept waking in shock, reliving the moment she squeezed my balls and slid the ring over them, the sudden rush of intense heat and pleasure and pain and helplessness… the hard relentless contractions of my dick, the hot fluid splashing over my face, my eyes… Every time I woke I’d find I’d climaxed a little more, a little more cum squeezed from my aching body. I longed for my owner to return, she would understand, she would make everything better again, surely…****

I returned that evening with another bottle. I was a little wary of opening the door – I worried my moment of weakness would mean I no longer had a little toy to play with whenever I chose. Maybe he would attack me when I went down there. I checked on my little camera I had installed to keep an eye on him… he was curled in a ball, awake but not moving, cuddling his little vibrator close to his chest like a child may hold a teddy bear.

I opened the door carefully, as quietly as I could. His body didn’t move but his eyes followed me warily.


“Uhh.” His attempt to move towards me was weak, so I scooped his shoulders onto my lap and cradled his head, letting him drink. For a few minutes, the only sound was him suckling. His knees bent into his chest and he held his hands limply like paws over his stomach – he was so used to lying in that position, it must have become instinctive. Finally he finished, and he gazed up into my eyes.

“You’re my owner.” He said at last.

“Yes.” I replied firmly.

“I love you, Owner.”

“Don’t get soppy with me.” I snapped, and he cringed in my arms.

“Please… please don’t make me leave.”


“I want to stay with you. Don’t make me leave.”

“I’m not letting you go, Sam.” I saw the relief flood over him, and I felt a twinge of arousal. He was giving himself to me, totally, he wanted me to control him, he wanted to be mine…

“Why… did you let me cum?”

“I felt like it.” I shrugged. “You’re just my little plaything, I can do with you whatever I want. I used to think of you as a pet, but you’re less than that. No decent person could leave a pet tied up here alone all day and all night. No, you’re lower than a pet – you’re a toy. If I chose to fuck you, you’ll have no choice but to give in. If I chose to deny you the chance to ever climax again, then you’ll never climax again. Ever. If I want to make you into my helpless, hopeless, pathetic little plaything, then that’s what you’ll be.”

“Uhhhh…” Sam groaned, and I noticed the damp patch on the front of his pants growing. He’d cum. Just a tiny bit, just a few drops of cream, but he’d still orgasmed to the sound of my voice. I loved the waved of power I felt.

“Sam, you’re not going anywhere. You’re staying here until you get your strength back, and then your training will start.” I smirked at the look on his face, helpless, weak yet filled with hope.

“Yes… Owner.”

“Now. Clean yourself up. No blanket this time, use your tongue. I’ll be down here tomorrow morning, and then, then you’ll know what it feels like to truly belong to me.”

Her plan to really make him suffer was coming along nicely. The first four of the six orgasms she required of him were almost identical.

First she had him give her a massage from head to toe. This was followed by foreplay, heavy petting and a lot of incidental contact with his dripping shaft. Then only after bringing her to orgasm with his tongue was he allowed to ask for the opportunity to enter her. Each time she could see the look of frustration swell within him and hear the tone in his voice grow more and more desperate.

Only after she was thoroughly convinced that he was ready to please her would she mount him and slowly use her soaked pussy to bring him to the edge, adding another edge for each time he was to give her an orgasm.

She was rather pleased with herself as he struggled to control himself underneath her as she pumped and gyrated herself on top of him. It got to the point where she had to tell him he was to hold onto the headboard of the bed and not let go until she said; also no pumping of his hips or bucking with his legs. This left him just thrashing his head about moaning, groaning and begging.

All of this stimulation without release left his cock hypersensitive and his balls swollen and aching. Just walking around would generate enough friction to cause an arousal in him. Which in turn would get him thinking about the teasing and denial she was dolling out. Which in turn would get him hornier. Eventually leading to him being even more frustrated.

It was Thursday night that she decided to tell him she wasn’t convinced and he would have to think about his poor performance over the night.

Panic spread across his face. She drifted off to sleep as he was left to think about having to give her two orgasms tomorrow. Rest all too difficult as it was, now with the prospect of not completing this task hanging over him he was a wreck.

Friday morning he ever so gently and subtly worked his head between her legs. He tenderly used his oral skills to rouse her out of her sleep. “My, my” she said dreamily. “Look at what you can do when you apply yourself.” He soon had her lathered up and exploding with a massive orgasm.

He lay there for a while allowing her to compose herself and soon began to plead his case for entry into her swollen mound.

She feigned hesitation and, after some time, relented to him. This time though she picked up her soiled panties and stuffed them in his mouth. “I’m growing weary of hearing your begging.” she said as she mounted him.

She took extra care this time to ensure the five edges she was giving him were excruciatingly slow and frustrating. Which at this point was not that hard. In fact she now found herself walking a fine line between keeping him on edge and pushing him over. He’ll pay for this effort she thought off handedly to herself. Having had her fill of fun for the morning, she began grinding her clit into his pelvis and bringing herself to a pleasurable climax.

She rolled off him and waved him off. As wandered off to the bathroom he took out the panties and wondered, seriously, if he should just quit and go for the year in chastity now or wait for the accident that was bound to happen should she continue like this.

His mind was turning to mush. He wanted to cum so very bad. He made his way off to work and spent the day wondering about tonight and his aching balls.

When he came home he found her on the couch watching TV. “Sorry there’s no dinner hun.” she said laboriously. “I’m so, so tired. I don’t know what’s come over me. Maybe I’ll feel better in the morning. I hope you don’t mind.”

Her words had the desired effect on him. His mind was racing as he thought of the prospect of not getting in one more orgasm tonight. She bit her lip as she fought back the urge to laugh. He was a whirlwind of activity. Cooking, cleaning, setting and clearing the table and waiting on her hand and foot for the remainder of the night.

Later that night when she went to bed he followed right behind her like a lost puppy dog. Using all of his powers of persuasion he tempted her and coaxed her; careful not to come across as begging.

Then, after waiting for him to go through the necessary steps of massaging, foreplay oral and groveling for permission, did she relent. She shocked him by getting up on all fours. “OK, let’s go. This is your final one. Rock my world!”

He was mortified. What? She could only come when she was on top. She knew that. What in the hell is going on? Why?!?! “Please, I cant…”

“Can’t? Why not?” she said and began shaking her ass in front of him. “Don’t you want this? Look at how wet I am” She started fingering herself and then brought it up to her mouth. “Mmmm. Soooo good. You should really stick your cock in there.” She paused and looked back, her tone changed. “Fuck me. NOW! Or else.”

He grabbed her hips and guided his swollen shaft into her. He almost collapsed when she unexpectedly thrust back into him. “Come on. Fuck me hard. Show me how much of a man you are!” He lasted maybe all of a dozen hard thrusts, before pulling out and tensing up, trying desperately to hold back his pending climax. “I can’t.” he mumbled.

“Can’t what? Let’s go already, what are you waiting for? Don’t tell me that’s the best you can do. You haven’t fucked me good and hard in how long now and you pull out after a few strokes!”

She flipped over and pulled her lags back into her chest. “OK, how about this? You wanna fuck me like this. Tell me what man in is right mind would pass this up?” “Sweetheart, it’s not that I don’t want to fuck; it’s just I don’t want to cum.” He couldn’t believe what he was saying, yet he found himself moving towards her even though he knew that he wouldn’t even last as long as he just did.

“I’m not asking you to cum. I’m asking you to fuck me. I want you to satisfy me!”

“Please, honey. Please just tease me like you did the other nights. Please, I don’t want to cum.”

“At all?”

“Uh?” Shock spread across his face. She was playing him like a fiddle.

“Cum. At all. Never.”

“No, I….uh…..what I mean is…….I want to….just not. I want to make sure you’re satisfied first.”

“That’s very sweet of you. Now; are you sure you want me to just tease you and not let you cum?”

“Yes, I’m sure. I don’t deserve the pleasure of release. My happiness comes from knowing you are satisfied.”

She smiled as she pushed him over onto his back and mounted him. She waited a few seconds to make sure he wasn’t too excited. “I’m glad to see you understand the value of my pleasure.” As she slowly lowered herself onto his shaft he whimpered like a puppy. This earned him a mouthful of her panties.

She knew coaxing a few edges out of him was dangerous, but she patiently rose and lowered herself at his expense. He struggled to keep still as she mercilessly rode him. “Oh, yes. You are so pliable when your balls are this swollen and your cock this hard. How bad do want to please me?”

His muffled grunts fell on deaf ears as she picked up the pace. Then without warning she stopped and simply ground herself to a gigantic climax. She rolled herself off of him and lay there panting. “My, my that was good. I needed that. I wish you would rolled a ten.”

She reached over and traced a finger up and down his cock. Phase three is going to be a blast.” She paused and chuckled. “Trust me!”

* Author’s note: all characters, events and protocols are fictional. *

The streets were empty, as they should be. The city was under martial law as a result of the economy failing and riots in the streets. Sergeant Alyssa Chapman and Master corporal Rebecca Black were on the evening patrol around the former red district of the city. It was just becoming dark and while there was sometimes the occasional resident trying to sneak around somewhere, for the most part, they never encountered anyone.

The people kind of got the message in this area that the lock down meant no raunchy strip bars where anything went, no happy-ending massage parlors, no drugs, nothing. They took a little longer to learn than the rest of the city, but the message was finally through that if you were caught, you would be dealt with severely.

So they patrolled the streets, each carrying a C-7 (M-16), 5 30 round mags each and a sidearm, as well as their own personal knives clipped to their belts in case things got really nasty. It was an intimidating sight to see, two incredibly fit women walking silently down the street, complete with flack jackets, tac vest, helmet etc., heads constantly on a swivel for the slightest movement.

Kisten shuddered as he peeked from around the corner at them, wondering if he could make the sprint across if he went now. He fidgeted nervously, nearly dancing on the spot. There was a underground club that he was trying to get to. He was a dancer there and he couldn’t miss another night of work. But as confident as he was on the stage, these two women intimidated the hell out of him.

Kisten decided to go for it, knowing if they saw him, he was done. He took a deep breath, gathered his courage and stepped around the corner only to find himself face to muzzle with Rebecca’s rifle. He whimpered involuntarily and swallowed hard. “Erm, hi, I guess you’re wondering what I’m doing out…I uh…..” He turned suddenly to run, only to be tackled 10 metres later by Alyssa.

As soon as he was on the ground she was up again telling him in a calm voice to stay down or they would use force, Rebecca meanwhile zap-strapping his hands behind his back.

He groaned and tried to roll over, only to feel the toe of a boot nudge him back. “Did you really think that we didn’t see you poking your fucking nose around the corner?” Rebecca said with disgust as she stood up, slinging her weapon.

His wrists struggled uselessly against his bindings, feeling it was best to remain silent. Rebecca and Alyssa looked at each other, an entire conversation in just a few head nods and looks. They were in an alley now, surrounded by abandoned buildings and they were bored.

Alyssa bent over and hauled him to his feet before pressing him against the wall “Alright, we have to search you, we don’t have a male counterpart, so we’ll have to do it ourselves, are you comfortable with that?” He nodded sullenly “Ok then, do you have any weapons, needles or anything else that might harm myself or Mcpl Black here?” He thought for a moment before shaking his head.

Alyssa nodded and kicked his feet out wider and wider, telling him to point his toes out. He complied and was surprised when she continued talking “Ok then, good, continue to be compliant like this and things will go well for you, what’s your name?” He tried to tell her, but found he couldn’t speak.

He swallowed and tried again, this time getting out a weak and dejected word “Kisten.” he muttered.

Alyssa nodded “Kisten then.” she proceeded to slowly and carefully run her gloved hands up his left arm, smiling inwardly at the muscle definition. ‘This is going to be fun’ she thought.

Kisten was dressed in regular clothes: nice fitting jeans, a form-fitting t-shirt which showcased his well defined muscles, and a pair of what were presumably black boots. Something seemed off to Rebecca about his attire however, while it was tight, the lines and bulges were in the wrong spots. She frowned, but continued to cover her partner.

Alyssa finished his arm and moved down his left side, her left hand keeping his arm against the wall and her right hand searching his back and sides, before switching and doing his right side. She found nothing as she expected, but made an audible noise as she started her search on his pants.

Being searched was making Kisten hard, and her noise was made upon encountering said erection. “He has a weapon Beck,” she said winking.

Rebecca nodded and slung her weapon, grabbing Kisten by the arm, she swung him around. “Spread your legs shoulder distance and raise your arms above your head, and don’t fucking move!!”.

Rebecca and Alyssa both grab a side of his shirt and pull up, it had a high tight collar like a workout shirt would have so they had an issue removing it at first, but when they finally did they saw that he was wearing a black stretchy collar, a cheapie, but it looked good on him. The women shared knowing glances and Rebecca asks “dude, what’s with the collar, were you going somewhere special?”

He blushes and shakes his head “No ma’am, I work at a bar a—” he trailed off, remembering it was supposed to be a secret.

Alyssa’s eyebrows raised and she questioned him further while they continued stripping him down, now doing his boots. “What bar and what do you do there that you have to wear a collar?”

She looked up to see his face while he replied. “I won’t tell you the name or where it is, but I am a dancer there.”

Rebecca played stupid “what like street dancing? Ballet? What kind of dancing do you do?”

He shuddered in embarrassment but sighed “No ma’am, I’m an exotic dancer there. The prostitutes who can’t work anymore come to see me dance and…..stuff.” He ended lamely.

“Pole dancing and what? Fucking the patrons?” She chuckled “Is that why you’re so shy to tell us?” Moving with Alyssa to work on his pants.

He nodded then noticed where they were headed “No please don’t, I don’t have a weapon I just….I– please don’t.” he trailed away again and Rebecca chuckled again.

“You what, tell me what it is if it’s not a weapon”.

He blushed and slowly brought his hands down, showing them he meant no harm, then undid his pants, and showing him his dilemma. He had a raging hard on now and while he was wearing a pair of black leather briefs that matched his collar, they did nothing to hide it. Alyssa let out a small whistle and Rebecca just stared, both standing up now, having completely removed his pants and briefs. He stood there stark naked, cock standing proud.

“And I guess you would like us to let you go to end your humiliation?” Alyssa asked “Where is it that you live?”

His head down he gestured down the alley “2 blocks that way ma’am.” She chuckled and winked at Rebecca “So it’s close enough really.” He didn’t get her hint and just nodded, completely embarrassed and yet totally turned on that two completely combat ready, intimidating women saw him so vulnerable.

Now something to note here is that Rebecca and Alyssa knew each other very well, they ‘grew up together’ so to speak, in terms of their military careers. They were both in the same recruit training class, and they careers both progressed pretty much together, so there was nothing that they hadn’t been through together, including many drunken experiment filled nights.

Alyssa looked at Rebecca, Rebecca looked at Alyssa and they both started removing their gear. When they were down to only their combats, they started kissing each other, separated slightly as Alyssa worked the buttons on Rebecca’s shirt and Rebecca doing the same after.

Kisten just watched, mesmerized, thinking that they drugged him somehow and this was all a hallucination. He decided that if he was hallucinating that he shouldn’t break it and enjoy it as long as possible, so he stood frozen for now, eyes drinking in every detail.

The ladies were now down to sports bras, combat pants and boots, everything else tossed aside. They shared one last lingering kiss and then both turned to face him. “What do you think of that?” Alyssa asked, rubbing her now ungloved hands on his cock.

He swallowed hard, twice, before responding, rather boldly “I think I missed some of it, coul—-could you do it again in more detail?” Rebecca chuckled sexily and they began to kiss again, Alyssa’s hands now roaming her friends body, one entwined in her hair, the other slipping down Rebecca’s crotch, underneath the pants, making Rebecca gasp slightly.

Kisten licked his lips, still not believing it to be real. He was seeing two combat hardened female soldiers making out and in fact damn near having sex in front of him, in an alley way, during a lock-down of the city. What the fuck was going on here?! He licked his lips again. His hand absentmindedly going to his cock, only to be slapped away, then replaced by Rebecca’s firm hand.

Kisten’s head fell back in the classic “my cock is getting attention” way and he groaned loudly, his eyes closing. The ladies broke the kiss and started to focus their attentions on him a little more, with little flicks and licks of his nipples, bringing one of his hands to cup a tit or to feel how wet they were. The build up was driving him insane as he began to thrust into the hand.

He was oblivious to anything, feeling his passion rise, not noticing that only one was near to him now. Minutes later his breath coming in gasps he neared climax, only to feel the sudden cold of a hand being taken away. His eyes flew open and looked unseeingly at the women. By playing tag team with his dick, they had managed to get almost completely dressed again and stood with helmets and tac vests in hand, looking at him, amused. “Alright, you’ve had your fun Kisten, now go home. You have 20 seconds to get out of our sight.” Rebecca started counting and Kisten reached for his clothes and found that Alyssa was holding them.

“I need my clothes!! Please!” He whined and she grinned

“Kisten, you have another 8 seconds remaining and it’s a long alley.”

He pauses another second then takes off down the alley, disappearing as Rebecca reached 0. The women look at each other and start laughing uncontrollably. When they finally wind down, they finished getting dressed and shared a final long kiss before going back out on patrol. “I wonder if we’ll see him again.” Asks Alyssa. “I hope so, we should find out where the club is and look at his reaction when we show up there one night.”

They rounded the corned and see their replacements, who look a little confused “show up where one night?” The man asks.

The girls giggle “nowhere you would want to go!” And with that their patrol, and adventures were over.

“Oh, God, please, I can’t take anymore!” I begged. I was tied tightly to the four corners of the bed, so escape was no option. My naked body glistened with sweat from her tortuous ministrations, and my chest heaved as I panted in desperation. “Please! I’m begging you! Please!” She knelt next to me on the bed, looking considerably less frayed than I felt. She wore a red latex corset, her breasts looking like they intended to break free at any moment. Her nipples were just out of sight, barely contained by the slick material. The matching skirt was tiny, and her long luscious legs were wrapped in black fishnets. Her pale skin was a sharp contrast to the crimson red and the black netting. Her face, like an angel, was slightly heart happed, her lips red and full. Hair so blond that it was nearly silver cascaded around her like a halo, crashing down her back and around her bare shoulders.

My wife looked at me and grinned, my throbbing cock clutched firmly in her unmoving hand, the look in her eyes mischievous. She held a finger against my lips in a shushing motion, never letting go of my swollen member with her other hand. She leaned forward, her hair tickling my chest tantalizingly, and her lips brushed my ear. “Baby,” she whispered, her tone filled with lust, “You wanted this. And I’m just getting started.”

I had created a monster, and I was her plaything.


We had been together for nearly ten years, Natalie and I, and we were both in our late twenties. Sex had always been a pretty regular thing for us; three or four times a week. Nothing that I would have considered kinky, although I suppose Natalie might disagree. A few toys here and there, some very light spur of the moment bondage.

Being a man, in this age, I was of course extremely familiar with porn on the net, in all its flavors and varieties. Somewhere along the line a couple years ago, I developed an interest in bondage. I wasn’t sure at the time what it was that drew me to it, but I never expected it to go anywhere beyond fantasy. Sure, she let me tie her up and do a bit of light petting; snap a couple pictures. She didn’t really like the feeling of being tied up, so sex was ruled out. After a couple tries, there was such a list of things I wasn’t allowed to do with her restrained, that I was kind of losing interest, outside of fantasy.

But somewhere along the line, my thinking changed. Maybe she could tie me up. I certainly wasn’t nervous about what she would do to me. I trusted her completely. Maybe the reversal of roles could be fun. So I approached her, and mentioned that it might be fun if she was the one on top.

“So you want me to tie you up and have sex with you?” She asked.

I nodded. “Sure. You can do whatever you want.”

“Like what?”

“I don’t know. Tease me or something. Make me pleasure you; make sure you get off before I do. Whatever you want, I guess.” I grinned, and jokingly added “Make me your sex slave.”

She thought about it for a minute. I was getting turned on more and more by the idea, just thinking of the possibilities. I wouldn’t exactly say she was shy in bed, but she certainly wasn’t the adventurous one; so I was surprised when she at last said “Sure, I could try that.”

We decided to wait till Saturday, so we would have plenty of time to play. Well, that week was torture, waiting for the weekend to arrive. To make matters worse, she had decided to enact a no sex rule until Saturday. By the time Friday arrived, my mind was anywhere but on my work, and I was out of my mind with impatience. Friday night I barely slept, so excited for the morning. And I think Natalie knew it. All week, even though I was cut off, she kept brushing against me innocently; just a bit of breast here, or a hip there. She seemed to change in front of me more than usual, and she kept calling me in to chat while she bathed, and it always seemed to be at the exact time she was soaping up her breasts or between her legs. At first I thought it was just a coincidence, but I caught one or two mirthful smiles throughout the week. She was teasing me!

Saturday morning, I awoke with a low moan. Natalie was underneath the sheet, and my cock was in her mouth. I lifted the sheet, and she let it pop out of her mouth. “Good morning,” she said with a smile. She immediately went back to sucking on my member, twirling her tongue around the head and slurping away noisily.

“Good morning,” I answered. “I thought we had some errands to run?”

She let my cock slip free again, but her hands were massaging me gently. She was gently fondling my balls with one hand, while her other slowly moved up and down my shaft. “We do,” she grinned. Her mouth fell on me again, devouring my head. I groaned. She kept licking and sucking the head while her hands worked over the shaft and balls, and she gradually increased the pace. My balls were just drawing tight against me when she released all contact suddenly. She jumped out of bed, and looked down at me, giggling at my horrified expression. “Well, get out of bed lazybones, we have to get going!” She darted into the bathroom before I could object, and I heard the shower turn on.

I glanced down at my dick. It was sticking straight up, quivering slightly. I had been so close to cumming! I couldn’t believe she would leave me like this! I gingerly touched myself, and considered finishing myself off. Somehow, it felt like that would be cheating, and I left it alone. I felt incredibly horny, and my balls were a bit achy, but I think I enjoyed the feeling.

I got up, and went downstairs to make breakfast. Natalie joined me, and I noticed she kept smiling at me through the meal. At one point, I thought I caught her with her hand between her legs. When I opened my mouth to say something, she arched an eyebrow at me, and I fell silent. She giggled again, and moved to clean up the dishes as I headed up for my shower.

We had some shopping to do; time flew by, and dragged slowly at the same time. Natalie kept whispering in my ear, promising an amazing afternoon. She told me how excited she was, and she couldn’t wait to tie me down and have her way with me. My cock was throbbing in my pants, and I doubt it had a chance to grow soft all morning. In the car on the way home, she idly reached over, and fondled me through me jeans. By the time we got home and put everything away, I was ready to blow. We rushed upstairs to the bedroom.

“Strip,” she ordered me. “And lay down on the bed. I need to freshen up.” She slipped away into the bathroom.

I was naked in about two seconds. I lay down on my back in the center of the bed and waited; my hard cock was stiff as a pole, and I noticed a bead of precum drip free, a sure sign of my excitement. She left me waiting a good ten minutes, but when she returned, the wait was worth it. It seemed my dear wife had done some shopping during the week.

“Hello, slave,” she said in a husky voice. I didn’t think it was possible, but I felt myself grow even harder.

She stood tall in a pair of red heels. My gaze took her all in, moving upwards; black fishnets; a short red skirt, just barley long enough to cover her butt cheeks; a matching red latex corset, drawn tight, cupping her bulging breasts. She had put on a bit of makeup, red lipstick and some dark eyeliner. She wore a beaming smile, her blonde hair cascading down around her. In her hand, she held a leather riding crop.

“On your knees, slave,” she commanded.

I rushed to obey, turning so that my rear was facing her. My cock felt heavy dangling between my legs. “Yes, ma’am” I answered with a smile.

She pointed at my erection. “You have been naughty, I see. I don’t recall giving you permission for that. Can’t you control yourself?”

“Sorry,” I mumbled. “I guess I can’t.”

She grinned. “Well, slave, I guess I will have to punish you.”

We had never played with spanking before. I had never really thought about it either. But after the first few light taps on my ass, I knew I was a fan. I felt a sticky thread of precum against my leg as my dick waggled back and forth after another blow. She paused in her attack, and reached out to grab my cock. She stroked it slowly, downwards and away from my body as if she were milking me. “So hard,” she murmured. “I still did not give you permission for this, slave. Naughty, naughty.” She let go, and swatted my ass again, this time hard enough that I flinched. “Hmm, I think you are enjoying this a bit too much.” Five or six quick hard strikes on my cheeks actually made me gasp out loud. “Do you like getting spanked, slave?”

“I guess so,” I murmured.

She struck again, landing a solid blow that really hurt, and I cried out. “What kind of answer is that, slave?” She said sternly, her dominating tone turning me on. “I said, do you like getting spanked, slave?”

“Yes, ma’am!” I cried out as she struck again, a little lighter this time. I heard her giggling behind me.

“Get on your back,” she ordered, and I scrambled to obey. She set the crop down next to me, and moved to one corner of the bed. She produced some rope, and proceeded to tie my wrist to the corner of the bed. She moved around me, and repeated the procedure for all my limbs, until I was sure I could not escape even if I wanted to.

She settled herself on the bed next to me, and smiled down at me. “That’s better, slave. Now you are mine.”

She reached over and grabbed the lube from the night stand. She opened it, and poured a generous amount onto my cock and balls. She took my cock in hand, and started slowly stroking it, from base to tip, up and down. It felt wonderful. All my nerves were firing, and I could feel the pleasure rush through my whole body. She increased the pace a bit. “You like it when I tease you, don’t you slave?” She asked. I nodded, my eyes closed as I let the feelings envelop me.

She let go with a giggle, and my eyes shot open as I felt her move about on the bed. “Mmmm,” she purred. “I know I love teasing you. It gets me hot, makes me wet.” She unzipped her skirt, and tossed it aside. She positioned herself between my legs, sitting with her legs spread so I could see her beautiful shaved pussy, glistening with moisture; her legs, she draped over mine, and she sat back leaning on her elbow. “I’m afraid I can’t wait for you,” she smiled. “And I don’t think I can help myself any longer.”

She touched herself, rubbing a hand over her pussy slowly, and a sigh escaped her lips. I groaned, staring at her most intimate place, as if willing it to come closer. She closed her eyes, and let her hand explore her nethers. Her palm was rubbing her clit in circular motions, while her fingers danced a little lower. Her aroma was intoxicating, and I wanted nothing more at that moment than to be able to dive right in, but my bindings prevented it. She curled one finger, and pushed it in slowly, moaning as she did. I whimpered a bit in response. I wanted her SO bad.

Another finger slipped in, and she began moving them in and out steadily, her palm still keeping pressure on her button. She was moaning with each thrust, her cries growing a little higher. Her hips moved upwards to meet her fingers, and her pace gradually increased.

When her orgasm hit, she suddenly went quiet; her back arched, her fingers now plunging in and out furiously. Small splashes of her cum rained down on the sheet, and her motions made slurpy squishy noises that were driving me mad. At last she cried out, and her legs clamped together with her hand trapped between. I thought I might cry.

She stayed still for long moments, and then let her legs fall open again. She nudged my aching balls with her foot, and grinned at me, her face flushed from her orgasm. “Awww, poor baby needs some attention too.”

I nodded, and made a sound somewhere between a grunt and a groan, in agreement.

She pressed my balls against me with her foot, not hard enough to cause discomfort, and I moaned. She pushed my cock so it lay against my belly, and rubbed her foot up and down its length. I wasn’t overly fond of feet, and was miles away from any kind of foot fetish, but the feeling against my cock was heavenly. I let me head fall back and moaned as she fondled me with her toes.

As suddenly as she started, she stopped again. She sat forward, and took me in her hands; one hand gently held my balls, gently squeezing; the other hand firmly took my cock, and she started stroking faster and faster. “I bet you’re ready to cum, slave,” she commented, and I groaned in response. She switched tactics, her hand cupping the head of my penis; it danced on my most sensitive organ, gently grinding, slipping around in the lube. She took her other hand from my balls, and began stroking, even as her other continued to massage my head. My orgasm rushed towards me like a truck, and she let go with a laugh. “No!” I cried out, my hips rising rapidly, thrusting my cock uselessly into the air, desperate for that final contact that would push me over the edge.

And Natalie laughed at me. “Aww, slave, you look so cute when you’re desperate. But I’m still not done. You can cum when I’m good and ready, and not before!”

She crawled up the bed, careful to avoid my cock. Her breasts dragged along my body as she went, and I felt like screaming in desperation. When she reached my face, she leaned down and kissed me deeply. I moaned into her mouth as hers attacked mine with wild passion. Our tongues entangled, and she nibbled at my lips almost hard enough to hurt. The whole time, I was painfully aware of her breasts pressed against my chest, still trapped in their latex confines. She pulled away; “That was nice.”

She stood up next to the bed, and started walking slowly around me. Her hand trailed across my body, over my chest, down my stomach. Her fingernails scratched at me lightly. She squeezed one of my nipples hard enough to make me wince. When she had travelled all the way around, she climbed back onto the bed, next to my head. She stood above me, her feet to either side of my head, swaying slowly side to side, her pussy waving above me tantalizing. I groaned, knowing there was no way I could reach it. Suddenly, she dropped to her knees over my face. I felt like cheering.

If I pulled on my bonds and stuck my neck out as far as I could, my tongue could just reach her pussy. I licked it tentatively, and she sighed in appreciation. Slowly, she lowered herself until she was sitting on my face. “You know what to do,” she ordered, though I could barely hear her with my head between her wonderful thighs. Her pussy pressed against me, and she started to grind against me. I stuck out my tongue, and let her ride me. Above, I heard her cries, louder than last time. She fucked my face frantically, my tongue was going numb and my jaw hurt, but I wouldn’t give it up for anything. Her thighs abruptly clamped tight on my face, and her pussy slammed down on me hard, cutting off all light, sound, and air. I felt as much as heard her orgasm for the second time, her cries much louder than last time. I felt like I was drowning in her fluids, and I lapped away at as much as I could get, loving the sweet flavor.

Eventually, she flopped forward, her pussy leaving my face a sopping mess. She leaned over me, giving me a fantastic view of her glowing pussy and tight puckered asshole. She reached out, and I moaned as she again stroked my cock. Slowly, agonizing slowly, she moved her hand up and down me. The head of my cock was throbbing as if it had a heartbeat of its own.

She let go, and slithered down my body. She rose up on her knees, and lifted her leg; she was positioning herself over my desperate cock. “pleasepleasepleaseplease” I begged nearly incoherently. She looked back at me over her shoulder, and threw me a knowing smile. She lowered herself onto me. My head penetrated her, just an inch or so, and she pulled off again! “Noooo!” I cried.

“Does the slave want to feel my pussy?” She asked with a smile in her tone.

“God yeeeeeeeess!” I moaned.

Again, she let the head slip in, and I raised my hips trying to push it in further. She pulled away again, and I thought I would die. “Don’t move slave, or no pussy for you!” I whimpered, but she lowered herself back onto my cocks head. She stopped, holding it just inside her. I stayed perfectly still; afraid she would pull away again. I felt my thighs twitching, my body shaking, and I knew she felt it too when she laughed. Suddenly, she slammed down onto me; my cock thrust up into her, our crotches slamming together. I cried out with pure pleasure, perhaps the greatest I had ever felt, as at last I felt my cock embraced in that hot, wet tunnel, gripped tightly.

Slowly at first, she started to grind against me, leaning forward so I could still see her ass. My cock moved inside her slowly, and I started to shake my head frantically side to side. It was almost more pleasure than I could stand; after all the teasing, my cock felt more sensitive than it had ever been before. Each movement of her hips caused such intense pleasure it felt only a short step away from plain. I felt my orgasm coming, slowly, building. It seemed to start in my fingers and toes, moving down my limbs towards my body; when it reached my cock, I knew I would explode like never before. Time seemed to slow down at its approach. I wanted to cum like I had never wanted anything before. And… It… Was… Coming….

She jumped off of me, and I screamed in horror. “So close!” I cried. One more second and I would have cum! One more damn second! Oh god, my balls were throbbing, and I could feel cum boiling around at the base of my penis, ready to make that last journey up the shaft. I actually thought I might cry, and Natalie’s laughing as she stood next to me did not help.

“Oh, God, please, I can’t take anymore!” I begged. I was still tied tightly to the four corners of the bed, so escape was no option. My naked body glistened with sweat from her tortuous ministrations, and my chest heaved as I panted in desperation. “Please! I’m begging you! Please!” She knelt next to me on the bed, looking considerably less frayed than I felt.

My wife looked at me and grinned, my throbbing cock clutched firmly in her unmoving hand, the look in her eyes mischievous. She held a finger against my lips in a shushing motion, never letting go of my swollen member with her other hand. She leaned forward, her hair tickling my chest tantalizingly, and her lips brushed my ear. “Baby,” she whispered, her tone filled with lust, “You wanted this. And I’m just getting started.”

“Please,” I whimpered. “Please.”

She smiled again. She let go of my cock, and took hold of her corset. She pulled down, and her breasts popped free. Her nipples were hard, and she squeezed them lightly with her fingers. She hefted her breasts, cradled them; caressed them. She leaned forward, and let them hang over my face. I watched them bob and sway above me like I was in trance. She lowered them, crushing them into my face. I kissed them frantically, desperate. I thought I might be losing my mind.

“Poor baby,” she whispered. “I thought you loved being teased by me?” I didn’t answer. I did love being teased. But I needed to come so bad. The feeling had me confused and unable to think straight, let alone speak. I whimpered again instead. “You made me feel so good slave, and I am so hot seeing you like this. Do you think you deserve to cum, now, baby?” All I could see were her breasts, as she swished them back and forth over my face.

“Please.” Barely a whisper. I could not muster anything else.

A hand on my cock. I could not even hope anymore. I was sure it was another tease, more torture. She said she was just getting started. I let the feeling of pleasure take me as the hand began to move, slowly, not trying to guess when it would stop. It squeezed tightly, and I squirmed beneath her. Her hand moved again, a little faster. Already, I could again feel my orgasm approaching. She moved her hand faster, and my hips lifted off the bed. I felt my balls drawing tight, and tightly closed my eyes, waiting for her to stop. She didn’t. She increased her pace again, and whispered, “Cum for me, baby”.

**A/N- Story based on a strange fantasy of mine. Enjoy.**

I awake to a bright white light.

Hmmm. that’s not normal. I never sleep with a light on. I try to cover my eyes, but find that I can’t move. It’s not that I can’t move, it’s that my arm is restrained…

And suddenly I’m wide awake, thrashing at my restraints. But it only takes thirty seconds before I realize that it’s useless. I’m locked to a white table by metal loops around my ankles and wrists. I’m forced in a semi-upright position, as the table slants upwards with my wrists locked above my head. I’m only wearing boxers, as that’s all I sleep in, but this is not the place I feel asleep in. The room appears to be a large white dome, with one door set in front of me. The door slides open, and two women enter.

But they don’t fit the typical definition of women. They are so pale, they are almost a light blue color, and they are wearing shiny metal bikinis that mold perfectly to their flesh. They have small tits and blonde hair, and are about five foot seven. And identical twins.

They walk up on either side of the table. The one on my right speaks in a soft voice, with a strange accent that sounds almost French. “Hello, human. You have been selected as part of our research on your race. We will conduct a series of experiments on you, focusing on your genitals and sex habits.” At those words, I calm down a little. Alien women want to play with my dick and determine my sex habits? I could get behind that.

The one on my left speaks next. “We will do so with or without your consent, and using a number of machines after we have conducted a number of tests, you may choose two paths- one, you may become a rare sex slave for our race, or you can be used on numerous documentaries that would display your genitals and sex habits to the world using similar experiments as those we do today.”

As the alien on my left was talking, the second one had brought in a cart with various tools and machines in through the door. The alien on my left continued. “You may call me Annalyse, and my sister Bellayre. If you should ever need to talk to us, which you shouldn’t.”

With that, Annalyse picked up a small scalpel off the cart and cut off my boxers. My cock started to rise, going from about four inches flaccid to almost seven and a half inches. Annalyse grabbed my cock and jerked it, causing me to go harder, reaching my full length. She took a measuring tale off the cart and measured… “14 daerts, or about eight Earth inches.” she said to her sister, who took a note on a tablet. “Hand me the tube.” Bellayre said, and Annalyse handed her a hollow tube with various buttons on it. Bellayre slipped it over my hard cock and pressed a button. It immediately suctioned around my dick and created an airtight area inside the tube. She took another note, and then pressed another button. My cock started to tingle as the sides of the tube lit up. Small shocks leapt from the top of the tube to the head of my dick, causing me to jump and yelp. Annalyse took a note as her sister pressed another button, causing the shocks to stop.

Next she slid a ring around the base of my cock and tightened it. she picked up a remote as Annalyse looked on and took notes. Turning a knob, the ring began to vibrate, sending small surges of pleasure through me. Another knob caused the ring to slide up and down my shaft, milking and vibrating my cock. Soon I was twitching and groaning with pleasure, almost to the peak of orgasm when…

Click. Bellarye turned the ring off and I moaned, humping the air for some sort of release. The sisters laughed maliciously at me, and I yelled at them. “Let me cum, you sadistic alien bitches!!!” Annalyse made a tutting sound. “None of that.” She smacked my balls lightly, but just hard enough to cause me to groan. “Do that again and i get to punish you.” She said, and the look she gave me said that she really wanted to punish me…

Bellayre now picked up a new piece of equipment from the cart. It was made of two metal bars that moved closer together and further apart when you turned a knob.

She slid my balls through the two bars and tightened it, so my balls were pressed right up to my sack. From there she proceeded to give me small shocks with an electric wand. Every time she shocked me I jerked or yelped, and the pair giggled.

After they removed the double barred device, they brought in another machine. It was bulky and had a long arm with a tube at the end. This tube lowered down over my cock and suctioned just like the last one. The machine hummed for a moment, and then the tube started to heat up, warming my cock. For a while it felt good, but soon the heat was intense and I was thrashing and yelling. Then it cooled down to normal. Annalyse took notes, and pressed another button. This time the tube became very cold and my cock was soon freezing. Another note and the temperature returned to normal.

Once that machine was removed from my cock, a device was attached to my head. Bellayre spoke as she typed in something on her tablet. “This device will subject you to various sexual experiences to allow us to learn how you respond to different stimuli.” With that, she pressed a button, and the world dissolved into blackness.

I awoke in a room, strapped to a bed, naked. A slim woman approached me and spoke in a sultry voice. “Hello my slave…” She climbed onto the bed and grabbed my cock, roughly jerking it until it was hard and upright. Then she climbed on my face and pushed a shaved pussy onto my mouth. “Lick me, slave.” I lapped at her pussy as she pinched and rubbed my nipples. Then I felt her lean over and pick something up as I licked her. I heard a “whoosh” sound as a whip whistled through the air to crack against my balls, I yelped, and the room dissolved.

I awoke again to what appeared to be a young girl’s bedroom. I sat on the bed wearing nothing, as a nude teen girl came in. She was stunning. Her perfect tits were round and beautiful, and she had long, shapely legs. Her features were flawless and I wanted to fuck her above all else. She walked up to me as I stood, my cock slowly gaining height. She grabbed it as we kissed and slowly milked it with her hands until I was rock-hard. Then she pushed me down onto the bed and slowly pushed herself onto my cock, her wet cunt sliding open for me. Her slick pussy was tight and warm, and she began to thrust up and down on my cock, her perfect tits jiggling as she rode me. Soon cum began to boil up from my balls and I thrust into her, preparing to fill her with my cum…

The room dissolved.

I awoke back in the white dome-room, and the two alien women were leaving laughing as I tried to orgasm on the table, to no avail.

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