orgasm control

He watched her as her trembling hands gripped the edge of her desk, her dark eyes pleading with him. His thumb hovered above the button on the remote, waiting, waiting. Her body slammed back into her chair and her hips thrust upwards and just at the moment, he flicked the button, the vibrator falling silent immediately. She bit her lip hard against the sob that welled up inside her, gingerly settling back down onto her plugged ass and quietly catching her breath for the third time in 30 minutes. He continued to watch her intently, as she settled back into the conference call she had been on. Since she didn’t have to actively participate, he decided it was a good time to get some edging back in again, as they hadn’t done it in so long. Now that they shared a home office, it made it easier for him to exert the control she readily granted him, though he was pretty sure at the moment she was wishing she hadn’t.

He decided not to allow her to mute her mic at all, forcing her to put into practice all the years of training they’d implemented together. So far, she was doing quite well. Not a moan, squeak or cry had escaped her lips and he was quite proud of her. The call was to last for at least another half an hour and he wondered if she’d be able to maintain her silence. He typed into the IM window to her, “Tell me about your clit.” She did her best not to glare at him, knowing it would only add fuel to his fire, and typed back, “Harder than ever, swollen, throbbing and feels like it’s still vibrating.” He nodded and knew it was time to give it a short rest. He picked up another remote and showed it to her. He chuckled as her eyes widened and her head slowly started to shake back and forth, realizing just then that the thick plug that held his cum inside her tight ass, since early that morning, was a vibrating one.

Her eyes shifted to the clock. It had only been two minutes since the butterfly vibe on her clit had turned off; he couldn’t already be thinking it was time to…oh fuck. Her body jerked as it came to life inside her ass. “Sit harder,” came his command in her window. She lifted her eyes to his as she obeyed, her legs spreading wider so she more easily push down against the hard chair beneath her. “Grind on it, just how you rode my cock this morning.” Again, she complied and soon was rocking back and forth, fucking the long plug, knowing it was churning his cum inside her slutty ass. Her hands moved to her spread thighs, gripping onto them as she rode the plug, barely catching the loud gasp as he turned the speed up. His hand reached down to tug at his cock through his shorts. Watching his slut perform for him, put all her training into action right before his eyes was making it very difficult for him sit still.

He rose from his chair to walk over and stand in front of her. He reached down and shoved up her tank top to reveal her full tits, the thick nipples still red from his teeth that morning. His fingers latched onto them, tugging them at the base, squeezing as she rode the plug. He sent it up to highest speed and watched as she started to bounce. He knew it had to hurt, somewhat. It was the biggest plug they’d ever used and while it wasn’t huge, it was substantial and she had been wearing it for hours before they even started playing. He watched in admiration as she fought through the pain, using it to add to her lust, her desire to please him. He leaned down and whispered in the ear that wasn’t covered by her headset, “Good girl.” He turned off the vibrator and slid his hand to the back of her hair, pressing her cheek against his cock through his shorts. He rubbed his thick length against her face, letting her inhale his scent, letting her know what her compliance was doing to him. He stepped back and took in the site of her. Her thighs were wide open, her panties utterly soaked already, the outline of the butterfly pressed against the thin pink material. Her tits hung out beneath her pushed up tank and he reached into his other pocket to withdraw the clamps. He flipped them onto her desk before heading back to his.

The words appeared as he typed, “Not yet, but you will wear them, soon. Tug aside your panties and shove three fingers in. Right against your gspot and don’t touch that buttefly. NOW!” She shoved the material over and worked in three fingers immediately, her head dropping back in utter pleasure as the tips of them rolled over the swollen spot. “Press, then rub, 10 seconds then stop for 30. Do this 10 times.” She did nothing to stop the glare this time and he mentally noted to remind her with the cat to her cunt that her glares only served to make it worse and extend her torment. His cock thumped as he remembered the screams she let out for him last time he used it on her tormented unrelieved pussy before forcing her to cum so much she passed out. He refocused his attention on her current task, noting it only took her 6 times before her thighs started shaking. She was panting, silently each time the 10 seconds came to an end. By the time she finished with all 10 rounds, she was shivering, simmering in lust. He knew damn well that gspot play alone wouldn’t be enough to make her cum but it would ratchet up her need to even more once he turned the butterfly back on.

“You have a choice,” He typed to her. “I can start the butterfly now and edge you on and off for the next ten minutes, and yeah, I know you’re about a second away from orgasm. Or you can bend over your desk, take out that plug and I’ll fill you with another load, right now, while you’re on the call. No orgasm, no noises and it’s going right back in.” She looked at him, truly torn. He held up 10 fingers and started counting them down. At the last moment, she quickly stood up and shoved her panties down, her eyes on his as she reached back to tug at the plug tightly embedded inside her. He groaned inwardly, and quickly stood up and went to her, watching as she shook her tush to help ease out the plug. Finally, with the softest of gasps, she freed it and she put it up right on the desk. She glanced back at him, biting her lip again, hard against the moan as his thick cock came into view. He spit down on his head and she gripped onto the desk, forcing herself to relax, her ass sore from keeping the plug inside for the past few hours.

With a solid but gentle push, his cock sank into her ass. As always, he loved how he fit inside her ass. Tight but not painfully so and he knew her cunt was dripping from the mix of pain and pleasure she was experiencing. She had ridden him hard that morning, which wasn’t a surprise considering his hand was spanking her wide open cunt while she did. He leaned over a bit, gripping hard onto her thick dark hair and tugged her back to him, forcing an arch in her back. Slowly, he eased back and forth, not wanting to hurt her but his need to cum was great. His heavy balls swung forward to slap against her slippery cunt and the sound of it spurred him on to move faster, deeper, harder. Somehow, she maintained her silence, though he noticed her knuckles were white as she gripped the desk edge. He played with the idea of flipping on the butterfly, forcing her to cum but even he didn’t want to humiliate her like that, knowing full well she’d scream herself hoarse. Instead, as he neared his orgasm, he leaned and whispered, “My good ass slut, take it baby, gonna cum right in this thirsty ass of yours and we’re not nearly done. Hours of torment ahead of you, you won’t be cumming for a long damn time. Your pleasure is mine. Every. Single. Bit.” He punctuated the last words with hard pounding thrusts and with a hard grip on her hair, drove in deep and filled her ass with an even bigger load of cum than he had earlier.

Sometime during the fucking, her call had ended, and she reached over to hit the button on the phone and then throw off her headset, just as he emptied his balls. She cried out, slamming back to ride out the moments with him, feeling his cock twitch, urging him to fuck her through it, use her hard, bring her to the edge again just by doing so. His hand eased up to wrap against her throat and he drove his cock entirely into her, stretching the tight rim to its maximum, pulling her mouth to his, their groans meeting loudly. Finally, he eased out of her, and grabbed the plug quickly, not wanting a single drop to escape her, and guided it right back into her stretched ass. He gave her a moment to adjust to the rubber, growling softer as he heard her sob softly, knowing it was from the discomfort of it, and her insane need to cum. He tugged her off the desk and eased her onto a more comfortable chair, though right back onto that plug. His hand reached down and pushed her thighs open, even as she was doing it herself. He stood in front of her, his cock smeared in cum, his balls soaked with her juices. She leaned in and started lapping at his flesh, moaning at the taste of them on his cock, then let out a loud cry as the butterfly came to life. Her eyes raised up, smeared with tears as her body started responding, rocking on the plug while her mouth slurped his cock and balls clean.

“Hours…” he whispered as his thumb eased up the speed, smirking as she cried out, her mouth on his balls, her sore ass bouncing on the plug, her torment only beginning.

Today’s assignment from my Master was to conduct seven 99% near-cums between the hours of 12:00 pm to 7:00 pm on a dreary snow-falling Saturday. Sir also told his slave to keep thinking about the subject from the prior night, which was a possible bondage predicament scenario. The following is the journal submitted to my Master:

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Sir, girl decided to perform your first required near-cum on the living room sofa (like yesterday on the arm of the couch) … girl’s only attire being white boy short panties and matching white bra. She was on her back with one leg over the back of the couch and the other leg resting on the floor.

Girl had a pillow up against her pussy, laying on her belly and going for a dry run to reach her second near-cum. She was squeezing her legs together and humping the pillow through her panties as her panting increased and her pussy was self lubing.

Girl uses her formal living room for a piano room. There is a white baby grand in front of the largest window of the house. Girl went in with the white curtains open, sat down at the keyboard and while looking straight out the window at any possible passersby, brought herself to a 99% near-cum with the squeezing of her thighs and ass muscles. This one took a little longer due to not having any stimulus against her clit . . . but was so worth it sitting there in only a tank top showing over her bra and panties.

Checking emails in girl’s office allowed her to bring in a vibrator to put against the glass plug (Sir ordered the large glass plug inserted this morning into “his” pussy, along with three pieces of medium sandpaper against each nipple and “his” clit) in her pussy — yes, her pussy was as full as can be. The vibration went through the plug and was felt on all sides of the imbedded proxy. Girl leaned back, legs up on her desktop and just left the vibrator sitting against the glass … over time, it felt warmer and warmer and then a heated rumble began deep in her core. It made it up to a good 98-99% near-cum.

Girl decided to take her glass cucumber and warm it in water this afternoon, Sir. She kept it in tap water as hot as it would go — not boiling, of course. She then took her hot cucumber and set it in the crack of Sir’s ass . . . OMG! It felt good as girl squeezed her ass cheeks around the glass beauty! Two glass toys being squeezed by “Sir’s” body! Girl touched her asshole with it, but didn’t enter. Didn’t need to. The warm tube was just a reminder to the warm pussy plug to get going and help girl accomplish Sir’s assignment. Girl took the platform on the bottom of the glass plug (DJ) and turned him in slow circles, while pressing against today’s much played with clit. Mmmm… Sir’s chair was the perfect spot for this play. Girl’s feet were planted on his ottoman while thinking about last night’s predicament of hands being tied; ass being up and on view and other’s slapping and making her ass pink then bright red. Laughing gents enjoying the reddened ass cheeks and standing back while Sir royally fucked his two holes.

Girl has read about and decided to experiment today with pole dancing, while the washing machine is in full-spin mode … three forced full spin modes!! A pillow case was put on top of the washer (glass plug is in pussy — girl didn’t want the direct glass contact with the metal) and girl jumped up (ass naked) to see what kind of a ride it really gives to the receiver. Yes, Sir! If you sit on a washer with a large load of towels and open your legs and ass cheeks, you definitely will get a thrill…in order for girl to get as far as possible (without going over the orgasm cliff), she needed 3 spin modes . . . towels almost didn’t need to go into the dryer!! LOL Mmmm.

Of course, girl’s last 99% near-cum of the day is going to provide two things . . . an amazing near-cum (using girl’s favorite utensil) and a way to wash off the sweat that Sir’s assignments produced during this fast-moving day. Girl’s showerhead on full pulse is always so quick to bring her to that place in her mind where she is floating … but, not screaming — yet. Sir knows that girl hit that 99% near-cum . . . so fast, so amazingly good!! (She almost opted to finish up her last near-cum in the Jacuzzi, but that is saved for special occasions that are more drawn out with numerous jets and positions and toys.)

As Sir told girl to do, she did think about possible bondage predicament scenarios…

1. Girl was tied front facing to a tree, in a short skirt and spiked sandals … no undies. It happened to be in a golf resort area. Sir chose a string of trees that would be visible should a golfer slice his ball to the right side. Upon a quick ball search, the potential golfers would see girl’s ass cheeks just peaking below her grey and black plaid skirt . . . one or two guys who were upset over the requirement of taking an extra stroke, actually got a feel and a slap or two for their lack of golf skill . . . girl was embarrassed and scared that the rogue golfers might call in others after they enjoyed feeling girl up and down and slapping her ass and breasts — as egged on by Master. One even touched the milky dew visible at girl’s pussy opening.

2. While walking along the lake, a van pulled up, door opened and girl was dragged into the van. Girl was quickly relieved of her shorts and tee. The van was equipped with a padded saw horse and girl was flung over and all four limbs tied to the legs of the saw horse. She was trussed up like a turkey. Her mint green lace thong and bra were left on — but moved aside while fingers touched, squeezed, invaded at will. The van was parked along a scenic lake view, while Sir fucked his slave over and over, gave her a red hot birch rod ass beating, and forced his cock in her mouth and fucked her throat until he flooded her tongue and throat with his hot juices. Of course, the van was backed toward the lake and possible viewings by the sailboats or jet skiers made Sir all the fiercer in his forceful taking of his property.

3. Girl was alone in her company office, not expecting any visitors. She hears the sound the alarm makes when a door has been opened. Seeing no one at the front door, girl can only assume someone has entered at the rear with or without a key. She gets up and starts down the hall to see who has come into the storage room. Upon going into the area, she sees the passenger door to the Jag open and a male leg and shoe hanging out … she calls out a greeting, asking who is there and his hand comes out and motions her closer. As she nears the luxury sports car, her arm is yanked forward and she is pulled/pushed across the open car door. Her pantyhose are ripped to shreds and his finger is instantly forced up her pussy. He tells her he is going to bring in her neighbors for a “sample” party. He ties her hands to her feet at the bottom of the open door. The assortment of local neighborhood men eagerly come in to see the equipment Sir will be using in his advance BDSM training classes. He informs the gents that they too can own a slave and use her in the same or not same manner. He gives them the run down on his normal training sessions with varied subs and shows the men what they can expect when they have their property correctly trained and mind-fucked to serve a Dom. Some of them appear to be taking notes as Sir masterfully uses and abuses his property in front of them.

4. Taking a shower should be a private thing … or so girl thought. When taking her shower today, she was bent over, shaving her right leg on the built-in seat when she felt a hand on the small of her back — pressing and holding her down. She slightly turned and saw a large, naked body entering the shower with her. A towel was dropped on her head, covering her face to prevent her from seeing who was with her. (But, being her Master … she “felt” him.) He tells her that what is going to happen to her is totally for his pleasure and she is to take it and appreciate what is being given to her. He proceeds to fuck her ass over and over. He near-cums several times to prolong the pleasure for him and intensify the ass pounding for her. They move out of the shower and over to his chair after she has dried both of them. He orders his slave onto her knees and tells her to demonstrate her recently-trained cock and ball sucking skills … he tells her she had better do it right and give him the ultimate pleasure he expects.

5. Sir takes girl to his friend’s place and tells her that she is to do everything he tells her to do. No complaints, no hesitating — follow every order as her Master demands. When they get inside, there are 5-6 men waiting. Sir has told them that they are permitted to beat his slave, fondle his slave and bid on her, with the highest three winning a gang-bang (as he oversees to make sure there is no permanent damage to his property). The men are more than ready to see her stripped and made ready for their bidding and abuse. Sir has her blindfolded, so that she is unaware who does or doesn’t touch and unaware of the winners who fuck her 3 holes. Girl feels like all hands are touching her at some point, and since objects going in at different times are ‘cold’ with lubricant, she suspects it was more than 3 “winners” who may have partaken of Sir’s chattel.

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