Broken Tusk and One Eye were formidable orcs. Sometimes bandits, others mercenaries, they lived their life by their swords and had both the scars and the muscles to prove it.

Yaslana, Lana for short, had occasion to notice that their cocks could also be described as formidable. Other good words would be rock solid, huge, raging and powerful. Thankfully, One Eye, who arguably had the smaller of the two, was also the one who chose her ass. His thick, green member plunged deep between her ass cheeks while his rough hands, battle worn and more used to wielding a sword than caressing flesh, grasped at her breasts.

Broken Tusk, whose cock was so massive that it filled her up without even being half sheathed, was in front. His hands rested on her waist, holding her so that she was firmly sandwiched between two huge, green chests while they fucked her.

Lana was left with little to do but pant with the rebel pleasure her body was reveling in and try not to think about what these two might do with her afterward.


Earlier that day, Lana was sitting at a lonely table in a mostly deserted inn by the side of the road. It was a waystation between the nearest two major towns, and so didn’t get busy busy until the evening. The only people who stayed there during the day were the desperate or the lost. She was mostly the second.

“More ale?” The barkeep came around again, eyeing her half empty mug and the gold piece on the table in front of it. He’d never seen money that colour, and had absolutely no intention of letting her walk out of here without leaving it for him, even if that meant actually giving her decent service.

“No thanks.” Lana sighed and put a hand over the top of the mug to prevent him from ‘helping’ anyway.

She honestly didn’t know what she was doing out here. Life in the monastery had been nice. Pleasant, with days filled with learning the holy art of lovemaking and nights filled with practicing it. Being devoted to the goddess of sex was not a hard life, with the only trial possibly being having to practice the goddess’ healing arts on followers who could donate well. Not yet a full priestess, Lana hadn’t even done that yet.

Still, she’d spent so much of her life within those walls. She was born there, she grew up there, she didn’t know anything outside the walls of the monastery. For all she knew, there was nothing.

And, after a week on the road, she was beginning to suspect that that opinion was true. There was nothing out here but bare road and bad food.

Still, a longing for adventure rooted itself in her soul, and she wasn’t going to be satisfied until it was sated somehow. Maybe she would find some sort of map, or fall in with a rough and tumble group of tomb raiders exploring the untold wonders of ancient civilizations.


Broken Tusk grunted and shifted his grip on Lana’s hips. She sighed, her body responding greedily as this allowed him to slide even further within her. Being filled up from both ends by such huge cocks was incredible. If the situation were less dangerous, she would be totally lost in a sexual daze right now.

As it was, she was getting there pretty fast. They might be dirty and smelly, but they knew what they were doing when it came to this. Although they were both quite large, to the point where they could have caused her pain, they’d managed to avoid doing it so far. In fact, she was building to a climax so intense she didn’t know what to do with it.

“She likes it.” One Eye laughed, his hand squeezing her breast more tightly. Not too tightly, though, just enough that his skin rasped against her nipple and made her quiver.

“I…. nngh… told you. Pleasure priestesses…” Broken Tusk licked his lips as he looked down at her. “More like filthy whores.”

Not thinking clearly, Lana laughed too. Anyone who could fill her pussy so completely and wonderfully deserved to be humoured.


As Lana sat there, contemplating the wretched nothingness that was the road she was on, the door to the inn burst open. Two men, exhausted and bloody, stumbled through and collapsed at the closest table. Being that the inn only had four tables, they were close enough that Lana could hear their words.

“Thrice damned bandits!”

“Those orcs again?” The innkeeper, shaking his head, came over with his pitcher of ale and some mugs for the two newcomers. “They’re trouble… a damned nuisance.”

“Umm, excuse me?” Lana perked up at the mention of orcs. Her chance! “What orcs are these?”

“Broken Tusk and One Eye.” The innkeeper looked up at her and gave a condescending smile. “They’re bandits holed up in the woods near here… they make life miserable for anyone passing through.”

Hmm… Lana smiled to herself. One of the things she’d discovered while training at the monastery was that she was not ordinary… maybe this was the chance to see if her special abilities were good for anything other than delighting sex partners.

“What would you do if I could get rid of them for you?” All five feet of Lana stood bravely upright, thrusting perky breasts barely covered by moulded leather forward to give an air of being bigger than she really was.

The only response was laughter.


“You’re so tight.” Broken Tusk grunted and thrust, making Lana squirm with pleasure.

“By the Hells.” One Eye’s remaining eye was rolling back in his head. “You said it… I could fuck her all day!”

No one, not even Lana, noticed that as Lana’s cries of pleasure grew louder and more excited, her skin was starting to glow. Runes, intricate and mysterious, were lighting up all along her exposed flesh, illuminating the little grove where she and the orcs were currently engaged.


Lana grumbled to herself as she trudged along the road. The innkeeper shut up fairly quickly when she replaced her gold piece with a silver one, but the damage was done. They’d cautioned her about going out here, after all, the two orcs were known killers and vicious bandits.

“I’ll show them. Laugh at Yaslana will they…”

Lana tried to keep her head up while she walked, but it was hard while she was in the middle of grumbling. She wanted to look down and curse the ground. But she knew she was getting close to the last known location of the bandits… time to spring her trap.

“Ooops!” She gasped loudly and mimed a fumbling motion. Her pack spilled to the ground, the strip of leather which held it in place sliding across her shirt in the process and loosening the laces on the front. “How clumsy of me.”

Clucking at herself, Lana bent over at the waist to retrieve her pack. While she was ‘straightening’ it, she manually undid the laces all the way and then let out a mock cry of surprise when her breasts, already straining at the leather corset, suddenly spilled out into the open air. What she wasn’t counting on was the chill forest air making her nipples stand out, rock hard, but that seemed to help the image.

“Oh my.”



One Eye was the first to finish. With a final urgent thrust, he buried himself deeply in Lana’s ass and shuddered out a hot, steaming orgasm. Thick, milky fluid pumped out of his cock and spilled out around his member, dripping down Lana’s ass and onto her legs.

With a satisfied laugh, One Eye pulled himself out and gave her ass an appreciative slap.

Lana was momentarily shocked at the removal of his warm body from the threesome, but this seemed to be what Broken Tusk was waiting for the entire time. “Finally!” He grinned at her, before suddenly stopping his motion. In one swift motion, Lana found herself lying face first in the dirt, with quivering ass pointed high into the sky.

Broken Tusk didn’t let her get her bearings, though. Before she could pull her cheek out of the soil, firm hands grabbed her ass and thick cock slid into her moist pussy. The change in position changed the sensation, too, and she found herself writhing and nearly screaming with the increased feeling of being taken from behind.


“Well… look what we have here.”

Lana was busy trying, and dramatically failing, to stuff herself back into her corset when a huge orc stepped out, seemingly from nowhere. Lana couldn’t but gulp when she saw how huge he was, and how big the sword he carried was. No way out of this now, though.

“Sex priestess?”

Lana spun to see another orc, a little smaller and missing an eye, standing behind her. He, too, was disturbingly large and carrying a sword.

“I… I… what are you going to do?” Lana didn’t need to fake the fear in her voice.

“Hmm… well, we were going to rob you.” The first one laughed cruelly. The shattered canine jutting from his lip probably meant he was the one known as Broken Tusk.

“Or kill you.” One Eye also laughed.

“I… wait! You… you must have heard of priestesses like me?”

“Yes…” Broken Tusk stepped forward, eyeing the two perfect breasts which were still hanging out of Lana’s shirt.

“Well… I can, you know… ” Not knowing what else to do, Lana dropped to her knees. Luckily, Broken Tusk was right in front of her now and she could easily reach his trousers. With skill born of long practice, she unlaced his pants to reveal a huge, flaccid cock.

She only hesitated a moment upon seeing how big he was before using the incredible skill of her lips and hands to coax him into standing at attention for her.

Oral sex quickly progressed to being dragged off into the forest and stripped. This, further, lead to the sweaty threesome, thick orc fluids spilling pumping into Lana’s ass, and now having her face down in the dirt while a huge orc slapped her ass cheek and wildly fucked her from behind.

This was not as gentle as the threesome had been. Scarred talons drew blood along her back, and the dirt was grinding into her cheek. Despite that, Lana’s runes were glowing more brightly than ever and her ragged cries of pleasure seemed endless.

“Hey… she glows.” One Eye, who’d been busy stuffing himself back into his trousers, raised a hairy eyebrow now that he noticed her glowing.

“It’s a… hmmph… human… thing.” Broken Tusk would have shrugged, but he was busy.

It turned out that he didn’t last much longer than One Eye. Soon his cock swelled and his thrusting became even more frantic until, finally, he let loose with a single massive heave against Lana. She squinted her eyes closed and gasped as his hot cum filled her and then spilled out around his cock, joining the rest of the fluids now dripping down her legs.

Lana gasped when Broken Tusk pulled himself out, but couldn’t get up off the ground as he stood up and began to put himself away too.

“What should we do with her?” Broken Tusk looked down at the exhausted, glowing form of their human fuck toy.

“Kill her?”

“I was thinking keep her.”

Lana, who was so close to climax that she could feel herself shaking from the intensity of it, reached up surreptitiously and being stroking her sensitive clit while the two argued. She needed only to push herself over the edge, and then she would prove to everyone… the people at the inn and these orcs, that she was not helpless. That she could go on adventures.

“Maybe we should eat her?” One Eye, obviously the more violent of the two, made a noise like lips smacking.

“She’s so fuckable, though… seems a waste.”

Lana chose this moment to laugh. She was a little hoarse, and the nearing climax made the laughter unsteady. Almost crazy sounding.

“I have… an idea.” The runes on her body were flaring a brilliant azure now, and she was literally quivering from all the pleasure.

“What’s she doing?”

“Stop her!”

Too late. Yaslana cried out as the orgasm hit her. It was more than just physical pleasure, though. As she shook and creamed from the sex, energy rushed in to fill the places where the built up sexual tension was releasing from. The runes flared a hot white and she threw herself upright, her head and long hair flinging backwards.

Normally, at this point, she channeled the energy harmlessly away as she’d been taught, dispersing it back into the world.

Not this time.

This time, Lana let the energy build until she could feel it crawling beneath her skin. Then, when she felt like she should burst, she directed it violently outward. At that point, wracked by the exhausting sex and the flow of magic, she couldn’t choose where to send it, just let it pour forth from her in hot, rushing waves.

As if far in the distance, she heard the sounds of two orcs screaming.


Later, when Lana woke up and was able to pick herself up to her knees, she found herself naked in the middle of a burned circle on the ground. It extended about fifteen feet in every direction around her, like a bubble of destruction that had claimed trees, grass and bushes alike. Sitting very near to her were two smouldering skeletons, complete with tusks and the charred remainder of the swords they’d been trying to reclaim.

Fortunately, there were some scraps of clothing at the edge of the circle. Mostly orcish, but they were large enough for her to make some shoes and partially cover herself. Stumbling around, weary but feeling strangely good, Lana managed to make herself at least slightly decent. She even remembered, before leaving the clearing, to grab the two smoking skulls. One had deep gashes on either side of one eye socket, while the other sported a tusk broken in half.

This would show everyone.

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