The following is a fictional story from the mind of a bisexual male.

So I’d been sucking this guy I met on an online cruising site for a couple months. Six foot, well built, dark hair, and dark eyes with a long, thick cock he loved jamming into the back of my throat. I’m a submissive cocksucker by nature so he’d come by whenever he was horny and use me. I texted him my schedule, so he knew where I was at all times. When I was at home, he’d show up unannounced and ring my doorbell. I’d let him in, close the door, drop to my knees, and within seconds I’d have my mouth filled with his cock. He’d grab me by the hair and drag me all over the living room, fucking my face in different positions.

If I was at work or out at a movie or family gathering, he’d drive and park someplace close but without a lot of people around. He’d text me, I’d excuse myself and I’d come out to his truck and I’d climb in and suck his dick as he sat in the passenger’s seat. Sometimes he’d even come into the theater or park I was at and text me a command to go into the restroom or woods there and I’d suck him off that way. One time, when I was working late and no one else was at the office, he came by my work and I sucked him off in my office.

He completely and totally owned me. My mouth and throat were his to pleasure himself with. I belonged to him and I always hungered for his cock to fill my throat.

So one Saturday we decided to try a new venue: the porn theater at my local adult store. I’d never been there, but I told my Master that I was curious about it and we agreed to go there and I’d suck him in one of the private viewing rooms they advertise.

We met in the parking lot and went in and paid for our tickets separately. He went in as I paid for myself and he waited for me at the door. He firmly held my arm as we walked down the hall, reminding me he was in control. We parted the curtains to the dark theater and the sight and sound of a blonde woman sucking a large cock greeted us on the giant flat screen television in the theater. We stood there and watched the movie for a few minutes as our eyes adjusted to the stark darkness.

I began to be able to make out several black leather love seats situated all over the theater and several men sitting on them, while a couple others stood in the back. My Master pulled me to an empty one and we sat down. The blowjob in the movie had gotten harder, the woman was gagging and drool ran down her face as the guy shoved his hard, erect penis deeper and deeper into her mouth. I licked my lips.

My Master asked “You want that don’t you, fagot?”

“Yes, Master”

“I’ll be right back.”

He got up and left to rent the private room. I looked back and I could see two doors to private rooms both with windows that had blinds open, revealing a love seat and big screen TV in each. I also noticed the men in there. None of them were doing anything and I couldn’t see the bulges in their pants very well, so I had to imagine their cocks. And I did. I’ve never told Master this, but I wasn’t just a slave to his cock. I loved cock period. I glanced behind at the tall muscular bald black guy standing in the back. I bet he would have loved to have his cock fill my mouth. The fatter guy with the big belly sitting in the love seat near him, I wanted him too. I bet his cock was nice and thick. And the even old man, probably in his 70s or 80s in the love seat beside me, I bet I could get his cock hard and cumming inside my mouth. I wanted all of them, I wanted to shove every cock in that room in my mouth. I wanted to be every man’s cumslut.

My Master returned, grabbed my arm, and pulled me up.

“Come on,” he commanded.

All the guys looked at us as we went into the private room and shut the door. My Master closed blinds and sat down on the love seat. It was a tiny room. The TV, which was playing the same movie with the gagging blonde, was about five feet from the love seat and the blinds and door were within arm’s length of it. He let go of my arm and sat down. The light from the TV highlighted the delicious, massive erection forming in his shorts.

“Drop to your knees and strip, fagot!”

“Yes. Master!”

I anxiously took off my socks and shoes and then threw off my shirt and shorts. I had no underwear, so I was completely naked now as I kneeled before him. He grabbed my head and shoved it unto his crotch. I mouthed his hard dick through his pants as he moaned. I put my warm hungry mouth over it, licking it though his shorts until they were soaked with my saliva.

He unzipped his shorts and threw them off revealing his massive fuck tool. I craved it so bad as I sat there on my knees. He harshly grabbed my head and thrust his dick into my open, hungry mouth. He held my head firmly in place as he wildly thrust his massive cock into my mouth over and over. I choked, I gagged. My saliva dripped out of my mouth. I just closed my eyes and felt his cock go deeper into my throat with each thrust of his hips. He fucked my mouth like it was a pussy. He used me just like the whore in the movie was getting used. I was in heaven.

As he facefucked me he would yell at me:

“You like that cocksucker?! You like choking on my cock?”

All I could do was try to moan something that sounded like “yes” in between my gags.

Then he thrust it deep and yelled “Yes! Take it” and I could feel stream after stream of cum hit the back of my throat. I sucked all his cum for a couple minutes before he took his cock out of my mouth and rubbed it against my face.

“You liked that, didn’t you?” he asked.

“Yes,” I said with a big grin as I felt his hard wet cock rub against my cheek.

“Good, so did they,” he said.

I suddenly opened my eyes and looked over. The blinds were open! It was hard to see in the dark, but it looked like several guys, if not all of them, were gathered around the window looking in! I was shocked. I was horrified. I was naked on my knees. I had just sucked a cock in front of a room full of people, and I didn’t know what to do.

He grabbed my hair and looked me in the eye.

“You liked them watching, didn’t you? You liked entertaining them like the whore are?”

My shock wore off and I remembered I belonged to my Master. If he wanted others to watch as he used me then that was part of my purpose as his slave. Suddenly I realized that I was very turned on by the exhibitionism. I felt more in my Master’s power than ever before.

“Yes! I loved it!” I yelled back.

He then pulled my head down so my eyes were on his still hard cock.

“Good. I command you to let them use you like I do.”

“What?” I was shocked my Master would give me to others, much less complete strangers.

“If you want my cock, you’ll do it. You’ll let them use you. We agreed you’d do whatever I want didn’t we, slave?”

As I looked at his cock all my hesitation and fear faded. I was his. His to use. His to abuse. His to give away. I was his slave and now, at his command, I was the whore of every man in that room.

“Yes, Master!” I screamed.

I glanced up and saw him smile as he opened the door.

“Stay on your knees!” he commanded as he dragged me out by my hair. I crawled on my hands and knees him beside like I was his pet. All the guys in the theater were looking at me in wide eyed amazement.

Up close I could see the light catching the bulges in their pants. Some had their hands on the crotch, rubbing their erection. I wanted them all. All in my mouth.

I heard gagging noises from the movie. I think it had moved on to another throat fucking scene with another girl but I couldn’t see it through the men, nor did I want to.

“This is my slave,” my Master declared. “And he wanted to suck all of you at once.”

Anxiously belts were unbuckled, flies were unzipped, and some even threw off their pants and clothes. Immediately three men walked up to me, their naked cocks hanging just inches from my face as I kneeled there, naked at the back of the theater. My Master let go of my hair.

“Suck them!” he commanded.

I devoured the first one on my left, my warm hungry mouth took the length of it in. I could feel it growing inside my mouth, getting harder. I bobbed back and forth on it wildly. It wasn’t quite as big or wide as my Master’s cock, but I sucked it with abandon none the less.

I then felt the next cock rubbing against my right cheek, anxious to feel my hungry mouth on it. I was only too happy to oblige. I pulled back letting the first cock, which was now rock hard, out of my mouth with a trail of saliva going from it to my lips. I wrapped my hand around firmly around that wet, hard cock and stroked it as I consumed the next one. It was shorter but fatter. I took it all the way and stuck out my tongue so I could taste his balls. I sucked him, his thick cock slowly filling my mouth as I wildly stroked the first guy. As I worked the second guy’s newly hard cock with my warm hungry mouth, I felt another cock on top of my head!

The third guy had laid his long cock on my head. It much longer than the other two, which I now both had in my hands as I slowly tilted my back so my face was rubbing the third guy’s long, narrow cock. I licked down up the bottom of his shaft as I pulled back. I could hear him moan and felt him shake a little. Then I slowly began to take the long semi hard cock into my mouth. Slowly my lips devoured the shaft. Then suddenly I felt my Master’s strong hand grab the back of my head and shove me all the way down. I gagged on the long length of the cock as I heard the third man groan. My Master held me there as I chocked on the massive cock until he finally let me up for air.

The guys took a hint and took turns grabbing my head and shoving their cocks down my throat. I had a hard time even keeping track of which cock was which as my head was pulled between them and then shoved on to their cock for a merciless facefucking. Drool was streaming out my mouth. I gagged over and over. They just kept using me. It was wonderful.

As they did this my Master slapped my ass hard a couple times. The tinges of pain further turned me on. He roughly fondled my ass and I felt something wet working it’s way into my ass. I’d seen enough porn to know he was fingering my ass with lube. It felt wonderful. I groaned with pleasure as the cocks filled my mouth. I could feel a second finger go in and then a third.

“Mmmm” I groaned with a cock in my mouth.

“You like feeling me inside you, don’t you slave?” my Master asked.

“Mmmm” was the only response I could give.

He grabbed my hair and pulled me back from their cocks. I was panting, but barely had time to catch my breath before he pulled me to my feet.

“Enough foreplay!” he exclaimed as he walked me forward a couple steps towards the back of an empty love seat and bent my body over the top of it. He held my head down by the hair, the top of the love seat was pushing against my stomach and I could feel his hard cock rub against my ass.

“You want to me to fuck you, don’t you fagot?!”

I was turned on and scared at the time. I’d never had a cock in my ass before but at the moment I really, really wanted it. I couldn’t resist.

“Take me, make me yours!”

And with that he pushed his hard dick in my lubed up hole, forcing himself in me firmly, but slowly. I screamed from the sheer size of the cock that was entering me. It hurt but turned me on at the same time. He pushed it deeper into me.

“You like that don’t you?”

“Yes,” I tried to get out between my groans. Even in the midst of pain, I wasn’t lying. My cock was rock hard, As I felt him get deeper and deeper in, my submission to him was becoming even more total. I was his slave. To use. To fuck. To violate. I belonged completely and totally to him.

I could feel him moving his cock inside me, back and forth. Slowly at first. And then hard and faster. After a bit, the pain lessened and it started to feel good. I was enjoying having his hard dick ram my ass..

“Fuck me!” I yelled back to him.

“Take it, take my cock, slave!” He yelled jamming it harder into me as I yelled in pain and pleasure. My cock was so hard. As I was getting used to the cock pumping inside me, I noticed the guys I gave blow jobs to were stroking their dicks close to my face.

As I moved to my Master’s gyrations, being fucked like the whore I was, I wanted to complete the scene. I needed to take two men at once. I looked up at one of the guys and gave him a look of pure desire and hissed out “Give it to me!” between my groans.

He put his hard cock up to my lips and I devoured it. I could feel him pushing his cock deep into my throat as my Master’s cock pushed deep into my ass. I choked on his cock. He fucked my mouth. I was gagging, choking, drooling all over the place as my Master fucked me.

Then I heard my Master yell and felt stream after stream of warm wet cum shoot into my ass. It was too much for the guy that I was sucking and he sprayed cum into my throat. I was getting cum down my throat and my ass. It was incredible. I sucked the guy’s last drops of cum as my Master pulled out and wiped his last little bit of cum on my ass, marking it as his.

I just stayed there bent over the couch, using my hands to support my myself as I tried to recover from what had just happened. I panted, exhausted, but feeling good.

“It’s not over bitch. Not until ever man in this place cums in you,” my Master said.

I was surprised. I thought it was over. I barely had time to think about it when I felt another cock in my ass. I moaned and another guy grabbed by head and thrust his dick into my mouth.

I moaned as they fucked my face and ass. I could hear my Master laugh, He was enjoying the show. Then I felt another cock slapping the side of my face It was heavy and bigger than all the others. I opened my eyes and saw it was the black guy’s cock. He was now naked and had his cock in his hand. It was every bit as big as I thought it was. It was thick and much longer than anyone else’s in the room. The guy I was sucking pulled out and let the black guy put it in my mouth. He pushed it in as far as it’d go and I choked. I could only get it half way in my mouth but I tried to get more. I wanted to devour it all.

They took turns fucking my face as the third guy kept fucking me. I felt the guy in my ass him shoot his load into me, The guy I’d been sucking then circled around and started plowing away at my ass, leaving my mouth to the massive black cock, which kept thrusting itself into my mouth.

“You like being used, don’t you white boy? said the black stranger.

“Mmmm hmmm” I groaned.

I loved it. Getting used over and over. I just let him choke me repeatedly with his big black dick as the other guy pushed his cock inisde me over and over. Then I felt the cock in my ass cum. I had cum dripping out of my ass.

The black man pulled out of my mouth and he looked at me, smiled, and said, “My turn now.”

He slowly slide his massive cock into my cum soaked fuck hole. I could feel him stretching me as he went deeper and deeper. I groaned. It was so massive. The he began to fuck me, moving back forth inside me. Once I got adjusted to it and started to enjoy the large dick that was inside me, I looked around for another cock to suck.

My Master was standing there watching. Everyone else had cum in me and left, except for the old man. He was leaning on top of a love seat watching me while playing with himself. I motioned to him to come over. He did.

His cock was moderate sized and still not hard. I took into my mouth and felt it start to stiffen. He groaned. I sucked it a little and then let it out of my mouth.

I looked up at him and said, “Use me.”

He then shoved his now hard cock back into my mouth and went nuts facefucking me. He thrust himself into my mouth wildly. I think it turned on the black guy cause he started pounding me harder til he came in my ass with a mighty groan.

The old man pulled out and put his cock on my cheek and stroked it until he shot cum down my cheek. He quickly zipped up and left leaving me with cum dripping down my cheek and out of my ass.

Then my Master came up to me and shoved his hard cock in my face, stroking it fiercely. I took his balls into my mouth and sucked them.

“Do you like that? Did you like being their whore?”

“Mmm hmmm” I moaned sucking his balls.

He then grabbed my hair and held me with his hard dick right in front of my face.

“But you still belong to this! I am your master.”

“Yes Master. I am their whore but I’m your slave. I belong to you. I live to be used by you.”

“Good,” he said as he shot his cum unto me. It plastered my forehead and dripped down my face. It was a perfect ending. He’d turned me into a porn movie slut and I loved it. After he moved away, I could finally see the movie screen and their was an Asian woman choking on a cock.

“Amateur,” I said with a smirk as cum oozed down my face.

I grabbed one of the paper towel rolls that were lying around on the love seats and cleaned up. But as I was wiping Master told me to stop. He was wanted me to leave some cum on my face as his mark. I obeyed and put on my clothes.

He left the store first. And then I walked out, my face was glistening with a thin mask of still moist cum. I’m not sure anyone glanced at me or even knew why my face was wet, but I knew and I couldn’t have been prouder to be my Master’s theater whore.

My Jacob,

I knew that you would not understand my decision so I never confided in you. You would have tried to stop this and you’d probably have succeeded, but it would only be preventing the inevitable and this is just something that I have to do. Sometimes it feels as if even breathing is a chore to me and now that I have made my decision, I can only feel a sense of relief that I have finally found a path towards peace.

I know you thought that I was stronger than this and for that I am truly sorry. You did your best to help me — please don’t ever doubt that. I don’t think I ever told you how important you were to me but I hope you knew anyway. Sometimes I acted as if our friendship didn’t mean the world to me, when it was in fact one of the greatest things in my life. You were the only person I felt I could talk to over the last few months. You kept me holding on just that little bit longer. Please don’t hate me for this.

I love you, Jake.

Sandy xxx

I folded the letter and gently placed it back into my wallet. I didn’t need to read the thing to remember what it said. The words were ingrained in my mind so that I could never forget them, even if I had wanted to. The tragic suicide of my best friend Sandy at the tender age of 22 still crippled me with grief, even 12 months later. As I sat at her graveside on the first year anniversary of that fateful day in which I found her unconscious at her desk, I kept thinking about what might have happened if I had left college early that particular day. But I had been too late. Would Sandy still be alive if I hadn’t stopped by at Starbucks on the way home from a full day of lectures?

Sandy had been everything to me; I’d met her when we were both 14 years old and we’d become best friends instantly. She spent most of her time with me rather than going home to her abusive step-father and an absent alcoholic mother, and then we had left for college together. Sandy had been my roommate, my best friend, and perhaps the most important person in my life with the exception of my mother. Sandy’s life had been difficult but she had projected the image of being such a strong and independent young lady to the rest of the world. She could be herself with me, and I knew better than anyone how sad and alone she felt sometimes. I’d spent many hours comforting her or sleeping beside her when she didn’t want to be alone.

I leaned forward to rearrange the flowers against her headstone. I tried to shake off the memories of her downward spiral towards suicide and instead replayed the good times, memories that I had spent the past year trying to bury because it was too painful to know that those good memories were now all I had left. I recalled my 18th birthday when I came out to her. She had rolled her eyes and told me that she already knew, saying that she’d be more than willing to go to the local gay bar with me to help me find a guy who would take my cherry. I had blushed profusely and slapped the back of her head playfully before bursting into laughter.

I remembered the day when I introduced Sandy to my first boyfriend Jon. She’d not liked him very much but she’d been nice for my sake. She was the first person I called when he dumped me for some college football player. Sandy and I spent the evening eating ice-cream and watching bad horror movies until the early hours of the morning when I passed out in front of the TV.

I laughed out loud as I remembered when the two of us had started hunting for an apartment together in our second year of college and our current landlady had assumed we were partners. Sandy decided to go along with it, slapping my backside and calling me ‘baby’ and ‘honey’ at the end of every sentence. I had been so embarrassed but she had found it hilarious. She had also enjoyed embarrassing me.

Sandy would have been disappointed with the way my life had turned out since she had left me. I had been almost as dependent on our relationship as she had been. Without her I fell into the dull and repetitive pattern of college, eat, sleep, college, eat, sleep until graduation and then into a similar pattern of work, eat, sleep. My social life was now non-existent and I’d fallen out of touch with my college buddies. I rarely spoke to my mother — a brief phone call every couple of weeks simply to let her know that I was okay — and I never visited her. I still lived in the apartment that Sandy and I had rented together, paying the rent on my own with an empty room that I was too afraid to enter. Her step-dad Dirk had taken her stuff — probably binned it all too or sold it for drug money — and all I had left of her was a photo album that I had taken before Dirk had turned up, plus her sketchbooks. I should probably have advertised for a new roommate but it just didn’t seem right.

What really bugged me was my lack of tears. My life had fallen to shit in the last year but I hadn’t cried once. Maybe a tear or two at the funeral but nothing more. Surely that couldn’t be normal. What kind of person couldn’t even cry over the death of their best friend?

It was starting to get dark and the sound of the church bells woke me from my thoughts. I stood and brushed the grass off of my trousers before heading out through the rusty gates, turning left to head back to my apartment. I passed a bar on the way. I don’t know what compelled me to stop but I paused outside. I hadn’t been in there often but Sandy and I had been there a couple of times and she had always quite liked it. I peered through the window for a moment and then headed inside. A couple of drinks might do me some good, I thought.

I took a look around as I entered. The place wasn’t too busy, but there was still a steady crowd. I pulled my wallet out from my pocket to check how much cash I had on me. It was enough for a couple of drinks, at least. I ordered a double vodka and coke and sat down at the bar. I felt overdressed; I’d headed to the graveyard straight after work and so I was still in my black slacks, white shirt and navy tie. I took a look at myself in the mirror behind the bar. I looked tired too. My black hair was sticking up all over the place and I had slight bags under my eyes. I used to pride myself on my looks but I had definitely let myself go in the last several months.

“Cheer up, Sunshine.”

I looked up as a guy sat down on the stall next to me and shot me a grin. I took a second to appreciate how stunning he was before looking away and taking a swig of my drink.

“Scott.” He held his hand out towards me. I hesitated before putting down my drink and shaking it. Gosh, he was beautiful. For a brief moment I thought that I recognised him. His smile, those eyes, that gorgeous chocolate brown hair. He seemed so familiar. Had we met before?

“Jake.” I offered, before releasing his hand and looking back down at my drink.

“Yeah, I know who you are.” He laughed at my incredulous expression. “American history with Professor Lewis?” There was an awkward pause where I tried to place him, then nodded. “Don’t worry, I don’t think we ever really spoke to each other. You were always glued to that blonde chick’s hip. It’s been a while though, I wasn’t sure if it was you at first.”

I reeled at the casual mention of Sandy and simply nodded. I did remember him, although not too well. He’d not been part of my crowd and I hadn’t gone out of my way to talk to many of my classmates.

“So, how’s life treating you?”

I wondered why Scott was sitting here trying to make conversation with me. Now that I could place him, I couldn’t remember a single time when he’d spoken to me in class with anything more than a brief “hey” or a quick nod of the head. In fact, I was surprised he knew who I was at all. I’m not rude, though, so I put on my best smile and responded with a shrug.

“Oh, you know. Same old, same old. Work’s keeping me pretty busy.” He looked like he expected me to say more, so I continued. “I work over at the big law firm Smith & Sons around the corner from campus. It’s not really as good as it sounds though, mainly just proofreading documents and stuff. How about you?”

“Cool, man. I don’t work too far from there, actually — I’m working over at the museum.” I nodded. The only museum in this town was less than a ten minute walk from the offices of Smiths & Sons. “It’s not the best job I guess, but I’m hopefully up for a promotion soon.” He paused. “Still playing football?”

I was shocked by how much this guy remembered about me. I hadn’t played football on the college team, but I’d played at weekends with a bunch of friends. I’d never been any good but it had been a lot of fun. I felt slightly guilty that I remembered very little about Scott other than that he had always sat a few rows behind me in our American history lectures. How had I failed to notice him before? How had I been so oblivious to his striking good looks and those beautiful dark eyes, the kind that you could lose yourself in?

Scott ordered himself a beer, buying one for me, and I thanked him. We began to engage in small talk. I’d have called it ‘catching-up,’ but we hadn’t known each other well enough beforehand for that. It was nice to have the company, and I quickly learned that Scott was extremely funny and very smart. Good looks and intelligence? Some people got all the luck.

“So, are you still seeing that blonde girl from college? Sally, was it?”

I tensed at the question. A lot of people had assumed that Sandy and I had been an item, although it wasn’t deliberate on our part. I had never hidden my sexuality from anyone, but to passers-by and people who didn’t know us, I suppose we must have looked like a couple. It sounded like Scott had not heard the news of Sandy’s suicide, either.

“No, I’m not with Sandy. We were just friends, anyway.” I tried to keep my voice neutral.

“Oh. Okay. Sorry, dude.” He must have sensed that it was a sore topic, although I assumed for the wrong reasons. I had loved Sandy, but I hadn’t been in love with her. She had been like a sister to me.

“Don’t worry, it’s fine. Actually, I’m gay.” I had no idea why I told him this, it just came out (no pun intended). I guess I had been so keen to change the subject that I had said the first thing that popped into my head. Unfortunately the first thing to pop into my head had clearly been the subject of my sexuality. My insides clenched as I waited for Scott’s reaction.

Scott was quiet. I wondered if he was trying to plan his escape, perhaps debating the best way to leave without being too rude. Or perhaps he didn’t care about appearing rude and just wanted to get away from me as quickly as possible. The wide grin he sent my way threw me off a little and made me lose my train of thought.

“In that case, do you fancy going out for dinner some time?”

Well, that was unexpected.

“Um, sure.” As was that.

Scott smiled again. God, his smile was breathtaking. I started to feel aroused and shuffled in my seat nervously.

“Cool, man.” He downed the last of his beer and slammed the bottle down onto the bar before speaking again. “Well I have to get going, but can I get your number?”

I nodded and leaned across the bar to ask the barmaid for a pen. I jotted my number down on a beer mat and handed it over. Scott grabbed the pen from my hand and scrawled his own number onto another beer mat before leaned towards me to slide it into my shirt pocket, where his hand lingered gently for a moment. I gasped at the contact then blushed furiously. He was so close that I could feel his warm breath against my face. I was embarrassingly turned on.

“I’ll call you.” He pulled away from me and winked. He was gone before I even had a chance to react.

I finished my drink and then headed home. Scott was on my mind the entire time. I couldn’t stop picturing that astounding smile of his, those gorgeous full lips and that tall, muscled body. I’d always had a thing for taller, more muscular men. I stood at an average 5″10 and Scott had to be at least 6″3. I wouldn’t have said that I was skinny and I certainly had muscles — I used to work out on a daily basis — but it was clear that Scott was way more defined than I was. I shuddered as I remembered how good it had felt to have him lean in so close to me.

It wasn’t until I got back to my tiny third floor apartment before I remembered the reason I had been out late in the first place. My feelings of lust were suddenly replaced with guilt.


I didn’t hear from Scott the next day. I spent my Saturday tidying the apartment and then going for a run. I ordered pizza and ate alone, drinking cheap beer and watching Star Trek reruns on the television. I briefly considered heading out to a bar or club, but what was the point when I would be on my own? I could call one of my college buddies and invite them out but I suspected that they’d given up on me by now. I could phone Bill, one of my work colleagues, but I suspected that he’d be spending the evening with his pregnant fiancé and wouldn’t be particularly keen on the idea of going out drinking with me. I looked across my small living room at the beer mat which was sitting next to the phone. I could always call Scott but I was sure he’d be busy on a Saturday night. Besides, he’d said he would call me and I didn’t want to seem desperate. I headed to bed early.

I was lying in bed on Sunday morning, debating whether it was worth getting up and trying to decide what I needed to do. I thought I should probably head over to the gym since I was still paying for a membership that I barely used. I desperately needed to head over to the laundromat before I ran out of clean work clothes. My fridge needed cleaning out too, and I’d have to head to the store at some point. I sighed and looking over at the alarm clock. 8am. Perhaps another few hours of sleep….

I was woken up by the sound of my phone vibrating along the nightstand. I turned to take a quick look at the alarm clock. 11:15 am. Shit. I reached out for my phone and flipped it open, bringing it to my ear.

“What?” I answered groggily.

“Hey, Jake. It’s Scott.” He sounded amused. “I didn’t wake you, did I?”

“Oh, err, I mean, hi, Scott…” I could barely construct a sentence. Smooth. “No, I was awake. Well, I was earlier. I… fell back to sleep.” I felt like slapping myself. Just stop talking Jake, I thought.

Scott let out a small chuckle. “Well I was just calling to ask if you fancied going out to dinner tomorrow night?”

I sat up in bed and rubbed the sleep out of my eyes. “Yeah, sure. Where did you have in mind?” Phew, my power of speech had returned.

“Well there’s this great little place a few blocks over from my apartment. I could pick you up at your place at 6? That’s if you’ll be up then?” He joked.

“Ha ha,” I mocked, “but yeah, that sounds good.” I gave him the address to my apartment and then we said our goodbyes. I instantly felt nervous about our date, but hopeful too.

I dragged myself out of bed and headed over to the bathroom. I glanced towards the closed door that led to Sandy’s room. I paused outside it, tentatively reaching for the handle and opening the door a crack. I didn’t go in there often and the room was empty. I supposed I could use the space as a guest room or for storage, but I just couldn’t bring myself to do it. Sometimes I considered moving somewhere else, somewhere where I wasn’t haunted by the loss of Sandy, but I didn’t think that I could do that either. Besides, I knew that the loss of Sandy would stay with me no matter where I lived.

I briefly let myself remember the day we had moved into this place and how excited we had been. Sandy had dashed into this room to claim it as hers despite it being the smaller of the two bedrooms. She claimed she wanted it for the view but all you could see from the window was a dodgy looking alley, a bus stop and the apartment buildings across the street that mirrored our own. I found out pretty quickly that the real reason was because she didn’t have that much stuff — her step-dad Dirk hadn’t allowed her to take much from home when she’d left for college so all she’d had was her clothes, her art supplies and a few CDs — and she’d felt that this would have been more obvious in a bigger room. Naturally, I’d never been over to her place when she’d lived with her step-dad, and her roommate during the first year of college was so messy that it had been hard to decipher what belonged to whom. I was offended that Sandy had thought it would matter to me though and we had even argued about it. In the end I’d given her the ‘what’s mine is yours now’ speech and we’d made up.

I remembered the times that I had slept in here, just holding Sandy in my arms. Sometimes she’d have bad dreams and I’d stay with her because she said that she needed to know that someone was there to keep her safe. Sandy had been so petite that at first I was scared I’d break her but we got into something of a routine when I stayed with her, and I’d pull her against my chest and she’d sleep with her head resting on my shoulder and my arms wrapped around her. Sandy never really told me what she dreamt about those nights but I still knew that the nightmares were about Dirk. I also suspected that they were about her mother who was never around and who hadn’t thought twice about leaving her only daughter alone with a man like Dirk Winters.

I pulled the bedroom door shut and headed to the bathroom to take care of business, trying to concentrate on my upcoming date rather than wallowing in the loss that still felt so fresh. Jesus, what would I wear? I glanced in the bathroom mirror. I’d definitely need to shave and I’d have to make an attempt at taming my untidy hair. I was pretty sure that Scott wouldn’t go for the homeless look. But he’d already asked me out, so surely he must have liked something he saw. I stared at my reflection for a few more seconds, trying to figure out what had attracted him to me. I came up blank. I might have had something going for me during my college years but I’d graduated almost a year ago — just 6 weeks after Sandy’s suicide — and these days I was something of a mess.

I could think of nothing else but my date with Scott at work the next day. I kept making mistakes, which was completely unlike me. I was a pretty efficient worker, always keeping my head down and getting on with the tasks I had been set. I got very little done and kept swearing under my breath every time I noticed yet another mistake in the documents I was typing up. Bill kept quiet at first but eventually asked me what was wrong.

“It’s nothing, really. I’m just a little preoccupied. I’ve got a date tonight.”

“Way to go, man,” Bill exclaimed. “About time! What’s his name?”

“Scott. He’s… wait –” I paused. I’d never told Bill that I was gay. I hadn’t deliberately kept my sexuality from him but since I didn’t date, there had never been a suitable time to drop it into a conversation. “How did you know I was gay?”

“I know everything, dude,” Bill joked. “But seriously, tell me about him.” And just like that, my friendship with Bill seemed to solidify into something more real. We’d always got on well but I wouldn’t have considered us good friends until that point when he showed a genuine interest in my life outside of work and he seemed to really care about seeing me happy.

“You’ll have to let me know how it goes. Just, please, no sex details.” I laughed at the face that Bill pulled before he continued. “If it goes well, perhaps the two of you could come out to dinner with Scarlett and I some time. She’s always complaining that I don’t take her out enough, plus she’d love to meet one of my work colleagues.”

“Yeah, maybe.” I smiled and nodded, but I didn’t want to think that far ahead. It was only a first date, after all.

I ended up leaving work half an hour early and heading home to decide what to wear and to calm my nerves. Bill wished me luck and promised to cover for me if our boss noticed my absence. Bill was a good guy, and I suddenly felt very grateful to be working with him. I made a mental note to go out and buy him and his fiancé something nice for the baby shower I knew was coming up but had yet to RSVP for.

The walk home was lethal. I could have taken a taxi but it wasn’t a long walk and it would have felt like a waste of money. I dodged through traffic in an attempt to get home quicker but ended up having a couple of near-death experiences instead. It had been a while since I had gone out on a date or even hooked up with anyone so I was incredibly nervous. It was very strange; although Scott had asked me out and not the other way around, I feared that he wouldn’t find anything he liked about me and then lose interest. I was definitely attracted to Scott and prayed to God that I would make a good impression tonight but I was anxious and also worried about letting him — or anyone else for that matter — into my life. Since losing Sandy, letting anyone get that close again seemed wrong.


Scott arrived five minutes early but thankfully I had been ready in plenty of time, although that had only led to me pacing the apartment and wearing holes in the already shabby carpet. I’d shaved and combed my hair and even I had to admit that I looked a lot better than I had in months. The knock at the door startled me a little and I took a deep breath and tried to squash my nerves as I walked over to answer it.

Scott looked amazing. He was wearing a tight fitting pair of black jeans and a grey shirt that hung nicely and really showed off the definition of his chest and biceps. His brown hair was in a messy, jelled style that really suited him and he had fresh stubble on his cheeks since I’d last seen him. I loved a guy with a bit of facial hair. Scott’s dark eyes shined as he smiled and looked me over, nodding his approval.

“You look great, Jake.”

“Um, thanks. So do you.”

“I was thinking we could walk. I don’t live far from here and the restaurant is only a short walk away from there. It’ll only take us about fifteen minutes. If you want to call a taxi instead, that’s cool.” He grinned but looked slightly unsure of himself, which actually made me feel better. At least I wasn’t the only one feeling nervous.

“That’s cool, I don’t mind walking. I’ll just grab my jacket and then I’m set to go.” I didn’t invite Scott in to see the apartment even though I could sense that he wanted to. I just wasn’t comfortable with inviting anyone in to the place that he been mine and Sandy’s sanctuary, not after losing her here too. I grabbed my jacket then headed out.

The walk to the restaurant was nice. Scott walked by my side, his hand occasionally brushing against mine while we made small talk about our day at work. It wasn’t as awkward as I had feared and I found it pretty easy to talk and to ask questions. Scott made a few jokes about things that had happened at the museum. He was so animated when he talked and he really made me feel at ease.

When we arrived at the restaurant I was surprised to find that it was the same little place I had passed many times but never entered, called The Alcove. I’d always wondered if the food was any good but just hadn’t found the time to eat there and more recently I had not been too keen on the idea of eating out alone. The place was cosy and had a homey feel, with candles on all the tables and old black and white photos on the walls.

We went straight through and were seated at a table for two towards the back, where we would have a little privacy. After ordering drinks, the waitress left so that we could decide on our food order.

“You come here often, then?” I almost slapped myself. That was the lamest line ever, and I felt myself blush.

Scott just smiled and nodded. “I’ve been here a few times. I used to work here when I was at college so I know the owner pretty well.”

The waitress came back with our drinks and we both ordered the steak. Once we were alone again, Scott leaned forward in his seat and rested his arms against the sides of the table. “I’m glad I ran into you on Friday. What a coincidence, huh?”

“Yeah. Especially when you consider that I go to that bar about once a year,” I laughed.

“Really? I guess I was pretty lucky then.”

I blushed and laughed a little.

“You seemed a little down though.” Scott pointed out. I didn’t know how to respond and I really did not want to get into a discussion about Sandy and the past year I had spent without her, so I simply nodded and made my excuses.

“Oh yeah it was nothing really. It had just been one of those days at work.”

Scott nodded. “Ah, I feel you’re pain — we all have days like that. In fact, that about sums up most of my working life so far.”

We both laughed at that and then continued to make casual conversation. We chatted a little about college, our jobs and whatever else crossed our minds until the food arrived.

The food was delicious and we continued to make small talk throughout the meal. I was really enjoying my time with Scott and it felt great to be out at a restaurant rather than sitting in my apartment on my own. I was becoming increasingly attracted to him and I would often catch him admiring me and giving me heated glances that sent tingles down my spine. God, I wanted him.

We were just finishing up our food when Scott starting talking about how he had admired me from a distance around campus. I flushed a little at this but was very flattered to know that he been attracted to me even back then.

“I’m not sure why we never spoke but I suppose that doesn’t matter too much now, huh?” He smiled and took a sip of his wine. “So what about the girl you were always with? Sandy? Do you see much of her these days?”

I nearly chocked on my drink. I tried to regain my composure and act casual. “No, I don’t.”

“Oh.” Scott frowned a little. “That’s a shame. You two seemed really close. In fact, I don’t think I saw the two of you apart more than a handful of times.”

It was obvious that Scott was only trying to be nice and that he didn’t know the reality of the situation but I really didn’t want to talk about this. I didn’t talk about Sandy any more. I didn’t even discuss her during my bi-weekly telephone calls to my mother. I was reluctant to speak but Scott was looking at me expectantly. I knew that he had meant no harm with his question and was just trying to get to know me.

“Yeah, Sandy and I were very close. She was my best friend. We actually lived together during college.”

“She was your best friend? What happened? Do you want to talk about it?”

“No, not really.”

“Sometimes friends just grow apart, you know? I’m sure if –”

“I don’t want to talk about it, Scott,” I said, cutting him off mid-sentence. It came out harsher than I had planned and I sighed, rubbing my eyes with the heel of my palm. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to be rude. It’s just that it’s really not something I want to talk about. Please, just leave it.”

Scott nodded and took another sip of his wine, then changed the subject to movies. After that, the rest of the date went well and the conversation flowed nicely. It was easy to chat and joke with him — it seemed to be so natural, as if we had known each other for years. I suppose, technically, we had. Scott seemed to have an unlimited supply of funny stories and had me almost in tears with his stories about some of the customers he had encountered both working part-time at the restaurant and at the museum.

As we waited for our dessert, Scott moved his hand across the table to gentle stroke the back of mine. It felt so good.

“I like you, Jake.”

“I get that,” I laughed, “and I like you too.”

I felt kind of sad as we left the restaurant and started walking in the direction of my place. I didn’t want the night to end since I was having such a good time. Should I invite him back to my place, or would that make it seem like all I was after was a quick lay? I wasn’t sure if I wanted to invite him up. Not because I wasn’t interested — I definitely was — but because my apartment was a very private place for me these days and I wasn’t sure I liked the idea of letting anyone in. So what did I do now? Was there something I should say? I wondered briefly when the dating game had gotten so difficult. I was sure it hadn’t always been this confusing. I know it had been a while since I’d been on a date, but I couldn’t remember being this nervous before. Perhaps it was because I was genuinely attracted to Scott and I was so scared I would fuck it up.

We’d only been walking for about 5 minutes when Scott stopped. “This is me.” He pointed towards the entrance of an apartment building very similar to my own, except with a few more floors.

“Oh, umm –” I stuttered.

Scott gave a shy smile. “Do you want to come up?”

“Yes,” I answered too quickly and blushed, trying to recover with a more casual response. “I mean, sure, why not.”

Scott let out a small chuckle and reached for my hand. He laced his fingers through mine and gently tugged at my arm to lead the way. My hand was tingling from his touch and my heart started to beat a little faster. It felt wonderful holding his hand. I followed him as he led me to an elevator and pressed for the 5th floor.

Scott’s apartment was a bit bigger than mine and much better decorated. The front door led straight into an open living space, everything in very earthy shades. It seemed very minimalistic but still felt warm and cosy. The walls were lined with black and white photographs. Scott was in most of them, surrounded by what I could only assume was a very large family. I nervously jammed my hands into my pockets and continued to look around. Scott gave me a quick tour of the nice sized modern kitchen off to the left of the living space and the two bedrooms and small bathroom down a small corridor off to the right.

“Take a seat, I’ll grab us a couple of beers,” Scott said, nodding towards the couch.

When Scott returned he dropped down next to me on the couch, passing me a bottle and then taking a swig of his. The drinks from the meal had definitely affected me and I found myself openly checking him out as he drank. He’d stretched his long legs and his head was tilted back, his eyes closed a little. I felt the arousal in my jeans and reluctantly looked away as he lowered his bottle and turned to give me a cheeky smile. I blushed. He’d been fully aware that I was checking him out and I wasn’t used to getting caught. I fumbled for something to say.

“This is a great place, Scott.” I took a swig of my beer.

“Thanks. I can’t really take much credit for it though; my sister did all the decorating. She’s an interior designer and this became her first major project. I think she wanted to show off.”

“Well she did an amazing job. It puts my apartment to shame, which looks like it’s about ready to fall apart.”

“Just don’t say that to her, her ego is big enough as it is.” I laughed at that and Scott shifted a little closer in his seat, turning towards me.

“God, you’re beautiful,” he breathed.

The statement had seemingly come out of nowhere and I blushed, ducking my head a little. “Scott –” I started. I had no idea what I was going to say, but I was cut off anyway by his lips brushing lightly against mine. He pulled away all too quickly and I tried not to look disappointed. He took my beer and put it alongside his on the coffee table and then made to lean towards me again. This time I was prepared when Scott’s lips met mine.

Scott kissed me deeply and cupped my face in his hands as he leaned into me. His tongue slid in and brushed against the roof of my mouth. I kissed him back and intertwined by tongue with his. I was gasping for breath when we finally pulled away from each other. I stared into his eyes and I let my fingers gently caress the stubble across his jaw line. I was painfully hard in my jeans and Scott pulled himself into my lap to straddle me before reaching down to unbuckle my belt. I felt myself hesitate and pull away ever so slightly. Scott noticed.

“Hey,” Scott said softly, “what’s wrong, babe?”

“It’s been a while, and I don’t want to rush anything,” I mumbled. My body was betraying my words, however, with my hard on practically about to burst out of my jeans.

“I won’t push you into something you’re not comfortable with, Jake. All I want is to make you feel good, I promise.”

Scott slid down between my legs to the floor and I gasped as he made quick work of my jeans and then reached into my boxers to pull out my hard dick. Scott simply stared at it for a moment and I started to feel self-conscious. I wasn’t particularly huge or thick, but I was a good 7 inches when hard. I’d never been ashamed of it before but I found myself hoping that Scott liked what he saw.

“Beautiful,” he murmured.

Scott took my dick into his mouth and I gasped. My hesitation was forgotten and all I felt was intense pleasure as I arched my back and groaned. Scott was a master; he knew exactly what to do to bring me close to the edge and then pull me back from it. He began humming as he bobbed his head, the vibrations driving me crazy. I gasped in ecstasy as he began deep-throating me.

Scott made sure to taste every bit of my manhood and I was almost blind with pleasure as I teetered over the edge of my orgasm. I began to thrust forward, crying out incoherently. My balls drew up and I knew I was going to come. I tried to warn Scott and grabbed at his head to pull him off, but he gently pushed my hands away and continued to suck. He didn’t move away and I cried out his name as I came into his mouth. He looked up and into my eyes as he swallowed my load. The sight was too much and I groaned, closing my eyes as he swallowed the last of my come.

“Holy shit,” I gasped once I had caught my breath.

Scott chuckled and pulled himself up off of the floor, sitting back down next to me.

“Wow.” I couldn’t think of anything else to say. I turned to see Scott’s dick tenting his jeans. I reached over and palmed the bulge, causing him to hiss. My whole body felt exhausted, but I hauled myself over to straddle Scott’s lap and rested my face in the crook of his neck. I unbuckled his belt and Scott lifted us both up slightly so that he could pull down his jeans. I reached into his boxers to cup his balls in my hand. Scott groaned.

It didn’t take long to send Scott over the edge. The blowjob must have really turned him on because he was so close. I fondled his balls for a while before slowly jacking him off as I kissing along his jaw and his neck, and within a few minutes he was coming into my palm. He arched his back and groaned, before collapsing back into his seat and panting.

I slid out of his lap and into the seat next to him. My hand was covered in his come and I took my time licking it off as he watched. He let out another small groan and pulled me towards him so I could rest my head against his chest.

“You’re amazing,” Scott breathed before kissing the top of my head.

“You’re not so bad yourself,” I joked to cover my blush.

“So I suppose this is a good time to ask…” Scott said, before pausing. I tilted my head up to look at him. He seemed hesitant rather than his usual assured and confident self.

“Ask what?” I rested my hand on his thigh, squeezing it gently in what I hoped was a comforting gesture.

“Well, I was hoping you might want to, you know, give this a go and be my boyfriend?” Scott met my eyes and I could see the uncertainty in them. I moved my hand from his thigh to lace my fingers with his.

“Does it mean that I’ll get blowjobs as good as that one on a regular basis?” I joked.

“You’re such a dick,” he laughed.

“I’d like that Scott. To be your boyfriend, I mean.”

Scott squeezed my hand a little and leaned in for a kiss that started off slow but ended with tongues and both of us pawing at the other’s clothes. I reluctantly pulled away and sighed. I didn’t want to move too fast. I didn’t want to screw this up and I was afraid of what could happen if I let this go too far. I think, mostly, I was scared of getting hurt.

“I really ought to go.”

“Okay.” Scott didn’t seem ready to let me go just yet, still firmly grasping me in his arms. “Can I see you tomorrow?”

“Sure. I finish work at 5 so just give me a call.”

I extracted myself from Scott’s arms and stood. I tucked myself away and re-buckled my belt. Scott stood and pulled me towards him to give me a goodbye kiss. He nibbled along my jaw and then at my ear lobe. “See you tomorrow, gorgeous.”


After that first date, I began to see Scott on a regular basis. I learnt a lot about him and found that we had many things in common. We liked the same movies and music, and we’d talk for hours about gigs we’d been to or telling stories about our college experiences or funny things that had happened at work.

I spent the night at his place on the Saturday the weekend after our first date. He’d invited me over for pizza and a movie and we’d decided on X-Men: Origins before settling down on the couch. He pulled me into his arms so that I was leaning against him with my head on his shoulder and his arm around me, and he rested his feet up on the coffee table. In just a few days, I was feeling almost completely at ease around Scott. Sitting with him like this felt natural, as if it was the way things should be. After the movie we cuddled for a little before grabbing a few beers and getting to know each other better.

As we lay there on the couch, our legs tangled together, we asked each other questions about our past. I learnt a lot about his family. Scott had grown up in the countryside with his mother and father and 5 siblings; 3 older brothers, an older sister and a younger brother.

“I’m closest to my sister Emma, she’s only a year older than me and we did practically everything together when we were kids. She had the shitty end of the stick most of the time, being the only girl and all. She’s super smart though and she definitely knew how to run rings around us all. She still does, actually,” Scott laughed. “I actually came out to her first and she was truly amazing. She stood by me when I told the rest of my family and she defended me to anyone who said a word against it. My eldest brother Chris kinda reacted badly at first but it was Emma who talked some sense into him. He was full on prepared to beat the homosexuality out of me when I came out, but these days he’s cool with it.”

As Scott told me this, I kept thinking about Sandy. She had been close enough to be a sister and she’d been there for me in all the same ways that Emma had been there for Scott.

“What about you? Do you have any siblings?”

I answered with a shake of my head. Scott seemed to sense that this might be something that I didn’t want to talk about and a topic that he shouldn’t push. I told him a little about my mother and explained that it had just been me and her after my dad left. He held me and listened.

Scott and I went out to dinner several times over the next few weeks and most nights I ended up at his place where we would kiss and make out but nothing progressed further than oral, which I was eager to reciprocate after the amazing blowjob he had given me that first night. It felt amazing to be close to someone again, but not just anyone. I was with Scott, and I could already see how special he was. I stayed at Scott’s place a lot and he never seemed to mind that I wasn’t ready for sex yet. In fact, he didn’t even mention it.

One night, after the best blowjob of my life, I decided to say something. I was worried that he’d get fed up of waiting for me. I didn’t even know why I was so hesitant to go all the way. We were in bed and I was lying against his chest so I lifted my head to look at him. He was falling off to sleep, so I propped my head up on my arm and I reached my hand out to trail my fingers across his chest and took a moment to admire his beautiful face.

“What?” He mumbled, opening one eye to look at me.

“Are you annoyed that we haven’t gone all the way yet?”

Scott seemed to immediately wake up then. He turned onto his side so that he was looking straight at me and reached out to run his fingers through my hair and then hold my cheek in the palm of his hand. “Of course not, Jake. Why would you even think that? I can see that you don’t feel ready yet and I’m not going to push you into something you aren’t comfortable with. You’re taking this at your own pace, and I’m fine with that. I respect that.”

“Okay.” I leaned forward to plant a kiss on his forehead then pulled myself against his chest. He wrapped his arms around me and kissed my temple. I felt so good in his arms. I didn’t want him to ever let me go.

“Tell me a secret,” I whispered.

“Huh?” Scott rubbed his hands along my back in soothing motions and pulled me closer.

“Tell me something. Anything. Something that no one else knows.”

Scott was silent for a moment. “This one time, during college, I got off thinking about you.”

I laughed. “Just the once? I’m insulted.”

Scott laughed too. “Okay, maybe more than once. You didn’t seem to realise how hot you were and you were completely oblivious to the attention you got from others. In fact, I think that made me even more attracted to you. That’s why I never spoke to you — I was insanely attracted to you and I thought you’d be able to tell straight away. Although if I’d have known then that you were gay, maybe I would have.”

I was silent at that. I briefly wondered whether the loss of Sandy would have been easier if Scott had been around then to help me through. I quickly shook away that train of thought and lifted my head to kiss Scott passionately on the lips. Scott broke away, only to begin covering my face with lots of little kisses.

“Now you have to tell me something,” Scott muttered between kisses.

“This one time, during college, I got off thinking about Professor Lewis up there at the front of the class wearing that bow tie and those sexy suspenders.”

Scott’s laugh shook my whole body. I fell asleep to him whispering sweet words in my ear and soothingly running his fingers across my back.


After almost four weeks of dating, I felt ready to take things all the way with Scott. We were meeting for dinner at his place that night and I was impatient to get home from work. Bill gave me a knowing look and shooed me out of the office early with a “go get him, stud.”

My phone went off just as I walked through the front door of my apartment, and I dashed over to check the caller ID. Shit, it was my mother. I hadn’t called her in a while and she was bound to be worried. I glanced at the clock. I knew I would have to answer just to assure her that I was okay, but she had a habit of keeping me on the phone for ages.

“Hey, momma. How are things?”

“Jacob!” She started down the phone. “I have been worried sick about you! Why haven’t you called? It’s been weeks!”

“I’m really sorry momma, I’ve just been busy. I didn’t mean to worry you.” I felt guilty because I knew that she worried about me a lot as it was, even when I did manage to call her when I said I would. She seemed to worry enough for two people, but I guess that was because she had taken on the role of my dad once he had left us.

“Busy? That’s your excuse? Too damn busy to pick up a phone and give me peace of mind?! I didn’t know what had happened to you! I’ve been calling and calling but you haven’t been picking up. I wouldn’t have to worry if you would come and visit me once in a while, just to let me know that you’re taking care of yourself.” I couldn’t remember the last time she had been this angry. Her voice was high pitched and she sounded close to tears. I sighed deeply.

“I really am sorry; I wasn’t deliberately avoiding your calls. I’ve been out most evenings. I’m… well, I’m seeing someone.”

The anger was gone instantly. “Oh! Really?! Oh baby, I’m so pleased. Is he nice? Is he treating you right? What’s his name?”

I laughed. “He’s called Scott. And yes, he is treating me right. We’ve only been dating for about a month.”

“Oh, I’m so glad for you honey. I really am. After you lost Sandy, I was so scared you’d never let anyone in again.”

There was silence for a moment and I heard a quiet sniffle from the other end of the phone. “Yeah me too, momma.”

After assuring her that I would try and make time for a visit and telling her that I needed to get ready to go out, I managed to hang up the phone. I was surprised by how good I felt. I dashed to the bathroom to have a quick shower, then pulled on a comfy pair of jeans and a blue button up shirt, grabbed my wallet and keys from the counter and hurried out to Scott’s place.

Scott answered the door with his phone to his ear, talking hurriedly. “I have to go now, Emma. Yeah, I’ll call you. Yes. Okay. Yes. Love you too. Bye.” He hung up then pulled me into the apartment before I’d even had a chance to utter a greeting. Pressing me up against the door, Scott kissed me so passionately that my knees felt weak and my mind was in a jumble by the time he finally pulled away to rest his forehead against mine.

“I missed you,” he murmured before leaning down to kiss along my jaw.

“You saw me last night,” I laughed.

Scott pulled away and smiled at me. “How was work?”

“Thrilling,” I replied sarcastically.

“Emma wants to meet you.”

“She does?”

“Of course she does. She’s dying to meet the gorgeous man I can’t stop talking about.”

I blushed as he pulled back and grabbed my hand to pull me into the kitchen. His kitchen had a small dining table in the corner which he had set out with a candle in the middle and a single red rose across my plate.

“Wow, you’ve really pulled out the big guns,” I joked.

Scott rolled his eyes and turned away from me to check on the food. “Grab a beer and sit down. Dinner will be ready in a minute.”

Dinner was delicious. Scott was an amazing cook whereas I struggled to make toast without screwing it up. I told him so and he laughed. This wasn’t the first time he’d cooked for me, but he’d definitely gone to a lot of trouble tonight. I was just finishing up when I remembered the conversation with my mother. Scott must have noticed that something was on my mind because he reached across the table for my hand and asked if everything was alright. I told him that I had spoken to her.

“Oh?” Scott didn’t push for any more information but I could tell that he wanted me to go on.

“Yeah. She tore me a new one for not calling her in so long. I thought she was gonna jump down the phone and strangle me.”

Scott laughed, “Well it’s only because she loves you.”

“Yeah. I haven’t seen her in a while and I guess she worries about me.”

“You should definitely go see her,” Scott said.

I nodded. I hadn’t seen her since Sandy’s funeral. I felt horrible for leaving her to worry about me all this time. “Yeah, that’d probably be a good idea. Why don’t you come with me? I’m sure she’d love to meet you.”

“Really?” Scott’s grin spread across his whole face and I couldn’t help but laugh.


Scott nodded but said no more, finishing the last of his food before standing. I stood too, following him into the living room and sitting down on the couch with him. I leaned in for a kiss.

“Thanks for dinner, Scott.”

“No problem, babe.”

We began to make out on the couch. It started off gentle and slow, but rapidly became more heated and passionate. I was rock hard almost instantly and gasping for breath when Scott relocated to straddle my lap. He ducked his head to plant another kiss on my lips, pushing his tongue inside and swirling it erotically against mine. The intensity of our kiss shook me to my core. It was becoming more and more apparent that I was falling in love with Scott, but I wasn’t ready to say the words out loud yet. I didn’t want to ruin this.

Scott rubbed our denim clad erections together which caused us both to groan in pleasure. He reached for the hem of his t-shirt and pulled it up over his head. I reached over to tweak a nipple and he moaned before pulling my hand away so that he could reach down and undo the buttons on my shirt. As Scott undid each button, he kissed and nipped at the skin that he exposed. When my shirt had been removed, Scott clamped down on my left nipple and bit it slightly before sucking it into his mouth. I hissed in pleasure and arched my back a little, then grabbed hold of his hips.

“Scott…” I moaned.

Scott pulled off and looked down at me. “Shit, you look hot. Let’s take this into the bedroom, baby.”

Scott stood and held his hand out to help me up. We stumbled across to his bedroom and he pushed me down onto his bed where we lay on our sides facing each other. I stroked the stumble along his jaw line before he pulled me into his arms to lay kisses down my neck and across my collarbone. I met his lips before pulling away to speak.

“I need you, Scott,” I panted, “I need you inside me.”

Scott pulled away to look into my eyes. “Are you sure, Jake? I’m happy to wait, don’t feel like you have to –”

I cut him off. “I’m ready Scott, so don’t you dare deny me this.”

“Never,” he smiled, leaning in to kiss me. Our tongues battled it out for a moment until he pulled away and rolled us over till I was on my back and he was kneeling between my legs. He unbuckled my belt and unzipped my jeans, pulling them down with my boxers as I lifted my hips to make it easier. He pulled off my socks and then removed what was left of his own clothes.

“God, I love your body, it’s perfect,” Scott said as his fingers travelled down my chest then went further until he was cupping me in his hand. He reached across to his nightstand and pulled out a bottle of lube. He spread my legs further apart before positioning himself between them and raised my hips up by placing a pillow under my lower back. I pulled my legs up as far as I could to give him better access.

Scott coated his fingers with lube and teased at my hole before inserted the first finger into me. It had been so long and I was tight, but I quickly adjusted and started pushing myself onto his finger to get him further into me. Scott chuckled lightly and leaned up to pepper kisses across my chest. Without wasting any time he added a second finger and I moaned in pleasure as I felt him hit my prostate.

I was desperate to feel him inside me. This was good but I needed more. I needed to feel him filling me.

“More. I need more,” I could barely speak.

Scott didn’t reply but simply added a third finger and began scissoring them inside my tight hole. I wanted to say something, to tell him that I needed him now and not his fingers, but I was so lost in the sensations of his fingers rubbing against my prostate. He pulled his fingers out and I groaned.

“Hang on, baby,” Scott said as he leaned over to the nightstand and searched through the draw. “Shit, my condoms must be in the bathroom.” Scott pulled away to get up but I pulled him back down to me and nipped at his earlobe.

“I’ve got one,” I panted, “in my wallet.”

“Okay.” He kissed along my jaw before getting up and scooted to the end of the bed to rummage through my jeans for my wallet.

I lay there and gazed up at the ceiling, my heart beating so fast that I thought it might explode. I was in love with Scott, there was no denying it. I wanted him so much and it felt so great to be this close to someone after so long. I wasn’t alone anymore and I finally felt like me again. I smiled.

Scott seemed to be taking a while to get the condom but just as I was about to sit up and see what the problem was he crawled back up the bed and laid himself on top of me, looking straight into my eyes. His eyes seemed to sparkle and he held my gaze for what felt like an eternity. It was as if he could see right into my soul. He leaned down for a passionate kiss that made me moan with the anticipation of what was about to come.

“I want you so much, Jake.” It was barely more than a whisper and I shuddered with desire.

“Take me.”

I attempted to roll over onto my stomach but Scott stopped me and leaned down to brush his lips tenderly against mine. “I want to be able to see your face when I make love to you.”

That one sentence was enough to turn me into an emotional wreck. Pull yourself together Jake and don’t you dare cry, I thought. I nodded and spread my legs for Scott as he rolled on the condom and lubed up. He never broke eye contact as he lined himself up with my hole and started pushing forward.

It hurt at first but no more than I had expected. It had been over a year since I’d been with anyone and it took time to adjust to a cock as big as Scott’s. He held completely still but I could see that he was desperate to move. After a minute I nodded and he pushed forward again, slowly and slowly, inch by inch, until he had his whole length inside my tight passage. I moaned as intense pleasure replaced the pain.

“I’m in, baby. I’m in,” Scott moaned as he leaned down to kiss me deeply. The change of position meant that he brushed across my prostate and I moaned in ecstasy.

“You like that?” Scott asked as he nipped at my earlobe and began to pick up the pace, pulling his hips back to pull himself almost completely out and then slamming back in.

“God yes… harder, Scott… ahh,” I couldn’t speak after that and Scott began pounding into my ass harder and harder as I arched my back and lifted myself to meet each of his thrusts. He hit my prostate with every stroke and I was close to coming within minutes. I gripped his back and pulled him against me. His stomach rubbed against my erection and the friction sent me over the edge.

“That’s it baby, come for me,” Scott panted into my ear as his pace became even more frantic.

I couldn’t hold back and screamed out his name as I shot streams of come between us, coating my chest and hitting my chin. My ass muscles clenched around his cock as it pumped into me and Scott cried out as he joined me in release. Once we had both come down from our orgasms Scott kissed me, licking the come from my chin, and then slipped out of me. I groaned at the feeling and felt oddly empty. He rolled off of me.

“Don’t move, babe,” Scott whispered before swinging his legs over the side of the bed and standing. He removed the condom then headed in the direction of the bathroom, coming back moments later with a wet cloth. He gently washed the come from my chest before throwing the cloth to the floor and lying back down to spoon up behind me.

“That was fantastic. I mean… wow,” Scott gasped.

“Yeah… amazing,” I could barely speak.

“Jake. I –” Scott stopped mid-sentence and paused. “Babe, are you awake?”

“Mm?” I was too exhausted to speak and it felt so good to be wrapped up in Scott’s arms with his sweaty chest pressed against my back.

Scott chuckled and kissed the back on my neck. “Never mind. Go to sleep, babe.”

I didn’t think twice about what he had wanted to say. I was out like a light and had the best night’s sleep I’d had in well over a year.


“Can we go to your place tonight? I’ve never actually been inside and I’d really like to stay there with you.”

I looked up from my food. I hadn’t expected the question and it surprised me that he wanted to see my place so much. “Sure, I guess.”

I wasn’t sure why I had been so hesitant to let Scott into my apartment. I suspected that it was to do with Sandy. It had been her home too, and I’d rarely brought guys back because I’d always felt that it wouldn’t be fair on her. Plus my apartment had been my sanctuary for so long — it was where I had lost my best friend and where I grieved. It seemed too personal to let someone in, and yet I wanted to let Scott in. We had already had sex (and lots of it in the past few weeks), he was coming with me to visit my mother in a fortnight, and I was meeting his sister the coming weekend. Surely letting him see my apartment was only a tiny step in comparison?

After dinner I insisted on paying the bill, and then Scott held my hand as we headed back to his apartment so that he could pick up a change of clothes. Scott had only been to my place twice since picking me up on our first date and he hadn’t been inside either time. My palms started to sweat as we entered the building. I was nervous. Scott wrapped his arm around my waist as we walked up to my apartment.

Once we arrived at my door, I gave him a quick tour and then headed into the kitchen to fetch some drinks. I hadn’t shown him Sandy’s room and he hadn’t inquired. When I returned, Scott was holding a picture from the mantle. It was of me and Sandy the day we moved into the apartment — we were laughing and had our heads pressed together, there were stacks of boxes behind us and the photo was at a funny angle with the top of my head out of the shot because Sandy had taken it herself. Sandy had her tongue sticking out and she looked so beautiful.

“This is a lovely picture.” He put it down before turning back to me. I put the drinks down as he approached and melted into him as he wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me in for a kiss. It was brief, and when he pulled away he rested his forehead against mine.

“Why don’t you talk about Sandy, Jake?” He was whispering, as if he was scared to speak too loudly in case it scared me away. My hands suddenly felt clammy and I closed my eyes.

“Because I don’t want to. Scott, please, let’s not go there.” My heart was pounding in my chest and I tried to push him away. He tightened his hold and wouldn’t let me leave.

“Jake –”

“Let go of me, Scott! Leave me alone! I said I didn’t want to go there. Please, don’t make me say it… please.” I pushed against him in an attempt to get free but his grip was too tight. I wiggled around until I finally gave up and collapsed against him, burying my face in the crook of his neck and trying to hold back the tears that I knew were coming.

“Talk to me, Jake. You can tell me anything, you know that right?”

I looked up at Scott. The look he gave me was so intense that I had to close my eyes.


His arms moved from my waist. One hand reached up to stroke my cheek while the other gently caressed my lower back.

“She’s gone, Scott.” I felt a tear fall.

“I know, baby. I know.”


Scott held me as I cried for Sandy and for the fact that I hadn’t been able to help her, not in the end. It was the first time that I’d had someone there to comfort me. At the funeral I had rejected the efforts of my mother and my friends but it felt okay to let Scott comfort me. It was also the first time that I had really cried. I cried so much that my ribs hurt and I felt exhausted. After a while I finally calmed down enough to talk, although my voice sounded gravelly and weak.

“You knew?”

“Not at first, no. But after the way you reacted when I mentioned her on our first date, I realised that something was up. I didn’t want to push it, assuming that you’d tell me when you were ready. Then I spoke to a mutual friend from college that first week and he told me what happened. He said it was common knowledge and I felt like a complete dick for not knowing…” Scott paused. “There’s something else too. Babe, when I was looking through your wallet for a condom the other week, I found the note you keep in there.”

I was silent for a moment. I briefly wondered whether I should be angry that Scott had seen the letter, but I wasn’t. I pulled myself closer to Scott, wrapping myself in his arms.

“In a way, it’s partly due to Sandy that we found each other.”

Scott kissed my temple and started running his fingers through my hair. “What do you mean, babe?”

“That night in the pub, I had been on the way back home from visiting her grave. It was the first year anniversary of her suicide, a whole year since that night when I found her….” I trailed off. My voice was barely above a whisper. I shuddered and buried my head in Scott’s chest.

Disclaimer: I do not know both Summer Glau or Thomas Dekker, and receive no profit from this work.


Summer stood before him as she peeled the last garments of clothing from her lithe form, dropping the black dress and matching lace underwear at her feet. Thomas’ eyes wandered down her body, following the valley between her pert breasts, down her stomach and over the light brown thatch of neatly trimmed hair to her stocking clad thighs and sculpted calves, coming to a stop at her feet, still encased in their black pumps. She made a move to pull the black thigh-highs down and kick her shoes off but he quickly rose to stop her, pulling her against him as his mouth crashed down upon hers, their lips hungrily sucking, their tongues briefly caressing before he moved down along her jawline to kiss and suck at her neck. Soft gasps issued from her mouth as he made his way lower, sinking onto the bed as he pulled her with him, one arm wrapped around her taught back, the other kneading a handful of soft breast, his fingers teasing and twisting the brown nipple he found there before he replaced them with his mouth, gently swirling his tongue around the hard little nub. He pulled her against him and reversed their positions, setting her down as he moved to stand.

They’d been together for almost a year now and he didn’t have to hint at his desire. He could feel himself grow harder as he watched her lean forward and grasp the base of his cock, her smooth hand slowly stroking him from bottom to top, her lust filled eyes looking up at him briefly with his before she turned her attention completely on her task. Her breath tickled the head of his cock as she leaned closer in, teasing him with hot, controlled huffs before her tongue darted out from between parted lips, caressing the sensitive flesh on the underside of his cock before making her way up and over the crown. Her tongue dipped into his piss hole, lapping at the precum she found there, causing his hips to buck at the action and he held back the desire to tangle his hands in her hair and pull her mouth down on him, instead letting her set the pace as she continued to swirl her tongue around the thick, engorged head of his cock before moving forward and enclosing it within the confines of her hot, wet mouth. Her head bobbed as she nursed on the tip, her darting and swirling tongue teasing another buck from his hips and a groan from his throat. His eyes glazed over as he watched Summer continue until her lips had slipped down the top third of his shaft, the sounds of her gentle sucking and faint moans filling the room as she fellated him. His cock twitched in her mouth and a pang of desire ran through his stomach as she moved lower, sliding her lips smoothly over another third of his shaft, the salty skin now covered in a thin mixture of his sweat and her saliva.

“God you’re sexy.” He whispered as she continued bobbing her head, moaning occasionally with each twitch and buck of the flesh filling her mouth.

She brought her free hand up to brush the errant strands of hair in face aside before she moved it around to grasp his ass, pulling him in closer. The sounds of her oral ministrations grew louder as she settled into a quick bob, her hair cascading down her shoulders and sticking to the thin layer of sweat that had built up on her chest as she worked. Her breath grew ragged as her desire built, and she moved a hand down to the junction between her legs, dipping a finger into her folds, working it briefly before she brought it up to caress his swinging sack, feeling the weight of it as she slowed her pace.

Another groan escaped Thomas’ lips as her brown eyes looked up at him and she withdrew her lips, dragging them painfully slowly along his shaft, sending shivers up his spine as she worked over each bump and vein before stopping at his crown. The hand that had been kneading his balls lifted to join her other, now wrapped around the base of his cock as she pressed against his pelvis, forcing his length to stand straight. She paused, her tongue gently swirling around his head before she slowly began to work her way back down his shaft, each few inches she took in followed by a slow withdrawal, followed by another few inches until she had most of his length within the sucking confines of her mouth. He groaned as he felt the head of his cock press against the back of her throat, and a half-moan half-gasp escaped her as she slowly pressed further, her tongue working the underside of his shaft as she slowly took the last few inches of his shaft into the convulsing confines of her slick throat. She held him there, taking slow breaths before she slowly began bobbing her head back and forth, her nose pressing into his pubic hair as she worked the full seven inches of his length.

Thomas brought his hands up to tangle in her hair as she moved, and his hips started bucking slowly to her rhythm, their combined movements working her mouth along his shaft in long, smooth strokes. The sounds of her sucking and their gentle gasps and moans grew in intensity as he neared his release, his cock twitching in her mouth as she once again slowed her pace, sliding a hand up his thigh, massaging it as she returned to grasping the base of his flesh.

She knew he was close as his strokes became irregular, and she held most of his cock in her mouth as she worked the exposed remainder, her hand smoothly sliding along his saliva slick shaft as she began another slow withdrawal along his length. His hips bucked involuntarily as the first rope of thick cum shot forth into her sucking mouth, hitting the back of her throat as she held him in place, her lips pursed and her hand slowly milking his shaft as his release continued. She moaned around him as the second shot came, filling her mouth and she began swallowing the remaining spurts, each one shorter than the next until she was left stroking the remaining drops from his cock as it softened in her mouth. Her eyes locked with his as she swallowed the remainder of his seed, giving his head one last lingering suck as she pulled back, releasing him from her lust swollen lips. A thick strand of her saliva remained connected to the tip of his cock and her lips as he pulled back slightly, her hand continuing to slowly work his shaft before he leaned in, wrapping his arms around her and pulling her up, crushing her lips in a series of increasingly kiss hungry kisses before he turned her around, placing a hand on her shoulder as he pushed her down onto all fours.

Summer’s hips swayed as she adjusted herself on the bed, pulling a pillow closer to rest her head on as she waited silently, her breaths becoming shorter with every moment as in increasing anticipation. Thomas’ hands slid along her smooth, sculpted back and defined shoulder blades before he gently pushed her upper body down lower to the bed, gaining him better access as he spread her knees apart with his own for support. A throaty gasp issued from her throat as he knelt down and buried his face in her flesh, his tongue sliding up and down her silky folds, her viscous juices quickly coating his face as he worked her heated sex.

She groaned and her eyes closed as he pushed his tongue inside her, twirling and nipping at her flesh before he found her clit, flicking at it before his lips closed around the hard little nub, causing her to moan into the pillow her face was now pressed into. A muffled gasp emanated from the fabric as he pushed one, then two of his fingers inside her, twisting and thrusting in time with the motions of his tongue before he pulled them free. He repeated the process twice more, his fingers coated in her slick fluids. He could feel her hips trembling beneath his other hand as he moved them higher to his intended target, pressing the tips of his fingers against the taught starfish of her asshole, pushing gently until his fingers broke the ring’s resistance. He earned a soft groan as he slowly slid his fingers deeper, twisting them gently within her, coating and stretching her flesh, while he continued his explorations of her folds. He began slowly thrusting his fingers, earning a nearly constant sting of gasps and soft groans from her as he fingered her back door, the tight ring of flesh and her burning heat causing him to grow painfully hard hard as he grew excited for what was to come.

“Fuck me.” Was all that came from her lips as she looked back at him through the dark curtain of her brown hair, swaying with each thrust of his fingers within her rectum.

Thomas complied as he rose from his position at the foot of her bed and knelt behind her, one foot beside a stocking clad knee, his other knee between her calves. He moved one hand to grasp the soft flesh of her hips as he gripped himself with the other, slowly stroking himself before he pressed the head of his cock to her sex, teasing the tip along her slick folds before he found her entrance. They both groaned in approval as he slowly, teasingly pressed himself inside until he was fully rooted within her before returning his fingers to their previous task. She ground her hips as she pressed herself back against his pelvis, slowly twisting from side to side as he began to thrust within her, slowly withdrawing his shaft before pushing the full length back inside, each one in time with the motion of his fingers. Her hips rolled as she pushed back against him, meeting each of his thrusts with one of her own, their soft gasps and groans growing with intensity as the sound of slick flesh slapping against flesh began filling the room. His fingers left her tight ring, wrapping around Summer’s as he leaned over her, moving to place wet, sucking kisses along her upper back and shoulder blades, while his other hand slid under her chest to knead her breasts.

“I love you.” He whispered between ragged breaths. She was far too gone to respond in kind and instead craned her head back to meet him as his mouth met hers with a searing kiss. He continued his steady thrusts as he moved back along her trembling jawline to suck and lick at her neck, each touch earning a satisfied gasp as they continued moving against each other. She moaned her disappointment as his thrusts slowed while he straightened himself up from her back, returning his hands to her hips as he began to deliver a series of long, deep and fast strokes, feeling her sex sporadically clench around him as her body trembled in release, her gasps muffled as she pressed her face into the pillow grasped in her hands, her knuckles white from exertion. He remained rooted within her as he watched her shoulders rise and fall, her hair tousled and swaying as she raised herself up, arching her back as she turned her head and brought a hand up to brush it over her shoulder and away from her face.

“Finish what you started.” She managed in between heavy breaths, slowly pressing herself back into him as they both regained their breath, his hips occasionally giving her a long, slow thrust as she came down from her high.

“You really want to go through with this?” He asked her, and she nodded in response, gasping as she felt two of his fingers slip into her sex, still stuffed with his flesh. He worked his fingers slowly, feeling her clench around them before he pulled them out and pressed their now slick tips to the rosy starfish of her back door. He once again twisted them within her, earning more soft gasps as he began slowly thrusting them back and forth, causing her back to arch as he hooked them, grazing the tender membrane that separated her sex from the confines of her tight back channel.

As much as he enjoyed the tightness of her cunt, he could no longer resist the urge to replace the fingers he was still working within her ass with his shaft, and she moaned as he pulled himself free. He briefly missed the slick, hot wetness of her sex, shivering slightly as he grasped the head of his shaft and guided it higher to press it against the still tight ring of Summer’s asshole. He could feel it twitch as he pressed himself against the taught ring of muscle, slowly giving way as he worked himself forward. A gasp of discomfort issued from her lips as he did this and he stopped his advance, waiting as she relaxed and adjusted to the head of his cock.

“Are you ok? We can stop if it’s too much.” Thomas asked.

He remained still as her channel clenched around his tip, and he gently kneaded her cheeks, spreading them apart when he felt the need for a better view. His cock twitched free in response and he dropped a dollop of spit on her tight bud before pressing his tip back in. She pushed back at him in response, and he restarted his slow advance until his engorged head finally broke through the resisting ring of her sphincter. She gasped as the thick crown made its way inside, her ass clenching tightly as she slowly adjusted to the intruder, tiny gasps and groans accompanying her every movement as he remained still, his hands grasping her hips. When he felt her once again move back on him him, he began to push forward, slowly driving his shaft further into her back channel, stopping as he let her adjust to each inch he forced into her. He removed a hand from her hip, pressing his fingers into the folds of sex as collected her thick juices and spread them on his shaft and her distended asshole before returning to her hips. She gasped as he pushed the last few inches smoothly into her, before bringing his hands to her cheeks, kneading them gently, spreading them as he began his slow withdrawal, earning more gasps and muffled moans from her lips as he pulled out until only the thick head remained in her. His stomach clenched with desire as he began his slow push back in, her tight ring and hot inner flesh dragging along his shaft before he bottomed out, her burning insides rippling around his shaft as he paused briefly before withdrawing once again, this time slowly pulling himself free from her grasp. He watched as Summer’s tight ring began to slowly close, and he earned a sharp inhale from her lips as he pressed himself back in, driving himself forward in one smooth, long stroke, his length once again buried within her. She moaned her approval as her tight back channel clenched and massaged his length, and he began to slowly thrust within her, moving his hands back to her hips as he gave her short, smooth strokes, slowly increasing his pace as she fully adjusted to the length and width of his shaft.

He leaned over her back, placing wet, sucking kisses along her spine as he moved within her, earning more gasps, moans and whimpers from her throat as she began to move back against him, meeting each of thrust of his with one of her own.

“Harder. I want it faster, make me feel it.” She gasped in between breathes, and Thomas readily complied as he straightened his back and returned his hands to her hips, increasing the pace as she herself began move faster in compensation. Her hips rolled into him as he pumped her ass with long, smooth strokes, their moans and gasps barely louder than the wet slap of his pelvis as it met her cheeks, barely louder than the wet slap of his swinging sack as it met the slick folds of her soaking wet sex. He could feel himself growing closer to release as her insides, hot and rippling with each movement they made, dragged along the thick head of his cock and his shaft as he drove himself in and out within her tight back channel. He could tell she was close too, her own movements becoming weak and sporadic, and he compensated by grasping her hips harder, his knuckles growing white as he drove into her with ever increasing speed, earning an endless string of throaty moans, gasps and whimpers as he continued to work her asshole until he felt her body tremble in his hands, her insides clenching and releasing him as he continued his movements. He slowed his thrusts as she came, holding on to the feeling of her hot, tight, smooth ass surrounding his flesh as he began slowly withdrawing from her, watching her ring drag along his shaft, leaving only the tip inside.

He remained still, catching his breath as her shoulders rose and fell, her hair falling in knotted strands across her slick back. He waited until Summer’s breathing calmed before slowly pushing himself forward, driving the sweat slick shaft of his cock fully into her still clenching back door before restarting his thrusting, working his way back toward his own release. She ground her hips back at him slowly as he again began pumping her ass with long, slow strokes, clenching her asshole with each withdrawal and loosening with each push back in, gasping loudly as he too neared his own release. He groaned as his hips bucked, each erratic thrust driving himself deeper into her slick depths, her moans joining his as he slowed, moving his hands to knead her cheeks as he withdrew slowly, her clenching ring gliding along his shaft until only the top third of his cocked remained in her. He collected his breath as he began again pulling back, her hot, slick insides tugging at him, finally pushing him over the edge. A series of soft gasps issued from Summer’s lips as each thick rope of his cum shot forth, coating her tender back passage as she continued clenching around him, milking the last of his release as he pulled himself from her. He watched with ragged breath as her tight ring slowly closed and the last strand of his come broke free from the tip of his cock, falling to slide down the inside of her stocking clad leg.

They remained still, each gathering their breath before Summer collapsed to the sheets, rolling onto her side as Thomas lowered himself down to join her.

“I never… thought… I’d enjoy it that way.” She managed in between breaths, arching her back as he pulled her into his arms, pressing his stomach against her.

“I guess that means… we’ll be doing… that again… sometime?” He rasped.

She murmured yes in response.

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This author would like to thank: TNP, Thee_Disciple, MaitreNuit and DarkLord Z for always being able to proof read my crap.

This author would like to thank: TNP, Thee_Disciple, MaitreNuit and DarkLord Z for always being able to proof read my crap. Also, a special shout out to the big Kelly Kelly fan who helped me write this.

It was late on Sunday, the 3rd of April. People were rushing around the backstage area of the WWE, preparing for the biggest show in the year. However, not everyone was involved. By the catering table, Ryder and Barretta were busy drinking and eating from the table.

“Man, this is bull shit. We both know we should be on the card!” Zach sighed heavily, running his hands through his blond hair and sighing again.

Shortly after leaving the divas changing room to wish Trish Stratus and Snooki luck was Kelly Kelly. The young blonde diva was dressed in a very short black dress, strapless and snug against her body. Her long tanned legs on display, along with her feet being in a pair of high heels. Her hair was left straight and down over her shoulders as she walks spots the handsome duo.

“Boys.” She addresses them with a smile before getting a drink.

Leaning over on his left leg, Barretta grinned and elbowed Zach in his ribs. “Hey Kelly, how’s it going?”

“You know.. Wishing I had something better to do tonight.” She flashed a smile over in Trent’s direction before glancing over both the men.

“Yeah, I know the feeling” Ryder said with a smile, they were decked in very smart clothing, Ryder was wearing a white over shirt that was unbuttoned to his mid riff. He was also wearing denim jeans that covered his legs, Barretta was wearing something similar only he had on a WWE merch top as opposed to the white shirt.

“Hey, are you up to anything now?” Barretta asked, giving Zach a knowing glance.

Kelly’s blue eyes couldn’t resist looking at Ryder’s exposed chest, licking over her bright pink glossed lips before shaking her head.

“I don’t have anything to do until waaay later tonight when the girls are done. Why?” She asked.

Trent grinned and took a quick swig of water. “Well, me and my main man Zach were going to head back and crack open some booze. You know how bad it is around here! We wanted some company right Zach?”

The blond nodded his head. “Sure! Beats having to look at this guy for longer!” He said with a playful punch on his partner’s shoulder

“Aw, are you sure? I don’t want to be a third wheel.” She grins, poking fun at the boys before brushing her soft blonde hair off her shoulders and shrugging.

“Only for a little bit, alright? I have to be back here before the show ends, boys.”

Smiling, Ryder hooked his arm around Kelly’s shoulder and tugged her in towards the two tag partners. “C’mon Kelly. It’ll be fine. We’ll look after you right Trent?”

“Right on! We’ll crack open some booze and watch the matches. We’ll have you back before you know it!”

“Perfect.” Kelly grinned up at Ryder before glancing at his pal. With the largest smile, she followed the two to their car, not sure what to expect entirely.

The drive over was uneventful, the hotel itself was close to the event. Stepping out, the three made their way up to the hotel room. Ryder flipped the TV on and sat down on the bed, patting next to him for Kelly Kelly to sit down. Trent had fished out three plastic cups and have pulled out a bottle of whiskey.

“Ready to drink Kelly?” He asked, pouring her a cup full of the liquid.

“I am.” She giggled, sitting beside Ryder with her long leg crossed over the other. She leaned back with her arm supporting her, smiling widely.

“That’s cool.” Trent poured himself and Zach a cup as well, significantly less was in the cups, they were hoping to get Kelly as drunk as possible while they could still perform. As if by accident, Ryder rearranged himself so that his hand was on top of hers, squeezing it, he then looked down and smiled, apologizing at his action.

“Oh my god, Zaaaack.” Kelly whined, looking at the drink spilling onto her dress. “This is all I have.” Kelly pouted some-what, standing up and trying to brush down her dress, before rolling it up slightly, making her black thong visible to the boys.

“Oh Jesus! I’m sorry Kelly!” Zach said with a horrible fake apologizing voice. “You’re such an idiot Ryder. Here, Kelly take my top.” Trent took his shirt off, revealing his entire mid section for Kelly to see. All the time, Ryder was looking over her luscious body, ready to pounce on her at any time.

Kelly bit down on her lip, glancing over at Trent, her eyes looking at that irresistible strong body. She peeled off her dress, bending over in front of Ryder, her cute tight ass before his face in her thong. Her top was just a strapless black bra top, and quickly slipped the t-shirt on top. “I’m so embarrassed.” She giggled.

“Don’t be! We’ve all spille drinks on ourselves before! Granted, we’re not as hot as you.” Trent said with a smile, hugging her tightly. “That’s it for me. No more booze.” Ryder declared as the show came on.

“Huh. Lightweight.” Barretta said with a smirk.

“Fuck you pal. I can out last you if I wanted to.” “Just not tonight?” Trent said, antagonizing his partner just enough.

“Trust me, Trent. You’re very hot.” Kelly grinned, as she slid her hands over his body before looking over her shoulder at Ryder, grinning as the two argue.

“Boys, boys.. I bet you’ve both got more than enough stamina. I see you two getting sweaty in the ring all the time.”

Crooking an eyebrow, Trent looked at the hot blonde. “You see us getting sweaty? Do you like it?” Zach stood up and walked over to the two other people in his room.

“Oh, I love it. You two look so sexy.” She smiled. “Seeing you both glowing in sweat has my mind wandering to other places.” The smile was from ear to ear, as she slowly started sliding the t-shirt back off of herself.

“I see…” Zach said with a smile, standing behind the blonde, he hugged her against his mid section as she undressed herself. He put his hands on her bottoms and started to fiddle with removing her underwear. Trent appeared at her front and took her cute face in his hands, kissing the beautiful blonde.

Kelly pushed her backside against Zack’s crotch, grinding it very slowly. She placed her hands onto Trent’s chest, sliding it slowly down to his strong abs before unbuckling his belt. She kissed at him slowly, before starting to push her tongue into his mouth.

Trent groaned and opened his mouth, her tongue was a lot smaller than his and easier to catch. His tongue hugged hers tightly and sucked on it, he kicked his pants off as he started to unclasp her bra. Zach in the mean time had slid his hand inside her panties and was rubbing his fingers against her now wet crotch.

Kelly left Trent in his briefs as she wrestled with his tongue, flicking it back and forth while pressing up against him. As she felt Zack’s hand sliding into her thong, she spread her legs and moaned louder into Trent’s mouth. She pushed back against Zack, letting him feel just how wet she was.

Rubbing his fingers against her crotch, Zach slid his fingers inside her hot pussy. Feeling how wet she was, he smiled and shook his head slowly. Rubbing from the bottom of her lips to the top, Zach slowly started to pump his index finger inside her making a crooked motion, stroking her insides torturously.

“Oooh Zack..” Kelly whined into Trent’s mouth, as she shamelessly dripped past his fingers. She kept pushing back, making her tight ass hit his crotch over and over in a teasing manner. “He’s making me so wet Trent.. he’s teasing me.”

Zach smirked to himself at her whorish behavior. Holding her still with his hand, Zach started to pump his index and now middle finger inside her, making slow, deep thrusts with his digits. As he pumped his fingers inside her, his thumb drifted up to her clit and he slowly stroked her hard love nub.

Kelly rested her head on Trent’s chest, looking back at Zack’s sexy smirk as he toyed with her. She grinded against his fingers, practically begging for a finger-fucking from the stud. “Zaaaaack, just fuck it, please.”

Zach nodded and started to increase his pace, sliding his fingers in and out of her cunt. He fucked her with his fingers, her wetness sliding over him. Trent took her head and moved her down to his crotch that was hiding his material covered eight inch cock.

Kelly was moaning shamelessly as Zack thrust in and out of her wetness, dripping down her inner thighs. She kissed down Trent’s abs, only to come to his bulge. Her hands gripped his hot ass as she kissed the tip, before sucking on it through the material.

“That’s it Kelly. Lick that dick.” Trent groaned as he looked over at his partner in crime, Zach Ryder who was fingering the blonde like she was some common tramp.

Kelly licked the thick long dick through the briefs as she kissed over it, grinning. She pushed back against Zack before pulling back.

“Mmm, both of you stand beside each other.. I want both dicks..”

Zach withdrew his fingers and unbuckled his pants, he was about to leave before he gave her pussy a quick lick. Undressing, Zach stood next to his partner who was now undressed as well, Ryder’s dick was longer but Barretta’s was thicker.

Kelly stroked both perfect cocks as she was on her knees, slapping the heads on her tongue with a grin.

“Mmm both of you look so hot..” Kelly then took a hit of whiskey before taking both the dicks into her mouth, just the tips.

“We look hot. You look hot!” Trent said with a grin, brushing her blonde hair back. Ryder elbowed his partner in the ribs and smiled.

“Shit bro, we’re so lucky!”

Kelly bobbed her head slowly, taking the heads and a little bit more into her mouth, slurping up both dicks at the same time. With a grin, her hands cups the boys’ balls, before her middle finger slips past and against their assholes.

Almost comically, Trent’s spine straightened as he jumped from the touch. Ryder however remained on his feet, even after the sudden intrusion.

“Shit dude! How can you stay still!”

“You wouldn’t believe the things Edge made us do.” Ryder said with a smirk. Referring to his time with the Rated R Superstar.

Kelly loved the response she got, rubbing her finger quickly against Ryder’s asshole much faster, moving it in circles while going lightly on Trent. She kept slurping up both dicks, blushing deeply at Ryder’s comment, finding it rather sexy.

“That’s right Kelly. I’ve taken it up the ass. Can I give it to you?” Ryder asked, entirely serious. Edge was a pervert, but he also taught Ryder to make sure he would get what he wanted and he wanted Kelly’s ass.

Kelly was blushing extremely deeply, as she pulled back from both dicks, slapping them on her lip. She gave Ryder’s firm ass a spank as she nodded slowly, imagining perverted things in her mind.

“Shit… I need to get fucked in the ass by someone if that’s how you get treated.” Trent sighed, Ryder eyed him suspiciously but found he was probably telling the truth. He wondered if Kelly was going to produce a strap-on and make good on that call.

“Y’know Kelly, after fingering that pussy I think Trent needs it. How about you ride him while sucking me off?” He suggested.

Kelly was blushing as she heard the kinky males speaking. She bit down on her lip as she nodded, waiting for the men to get into position. “Perfect.”

“Perfect!” Trent said with a grin, lying down on the bed, he took Kelly by the hand and guided her over his lap.

Kelly placed her hands on Trent’s chest, slowly sitting down on his thick cock, feeling it sink into her tight hole. “Fuck..” She slowly started bouncing on his dick.

“Yeah, you are.” Ryder said with a smirk, opting not to get involved straight away, he poured himself another cup of whiskey and watched the two go at it. Trent’s hands rested on her thighs but then moved up to her large tits, playing with them as she started to bounce up and down.

Kelly lifted her ass up and down, hitting her ass cheeks against his strong thighs as she licked her lips. Her hands rested on Trent’s perfect abs as she glanced over at Ryder, with her mouth open, wanting a taste of whiskey.

“I think she’s thirsty.” Ryder said with a grin, he stood up and filled the cup. Walking over to her, he lifted the cup high above her and tipped the plastic beverage holder over, the strong tasting liquid splashing against her.

Kelly felt it spilling onto her tongue and down her body as she grinned before moving down and kissing Trent, letting him have a taste. “Fuck that’s good..”

Trent didn’t care, he was too busy concentrating on not blowing his load. He kissed her right back and smiled as she went to work on his shaft. He felt the bed’s weight shift and Ryder had climbed on the bed. He was standing by Trent’s hips and was waggling his dick in Kelly’s face.

Kelly immediately sat up and continued bouncing on Trent’s fat cock before swallowing Ryder’s long dick. She held onto his ass, always finding it hot as she dug her nails into his firm ass while swallowing.

“Oh… Oh shit… She can suck cock!” Ryder exclaimed, ignoring the pain of her finger nails digging into his skin. “Yeah… Ugh… Ugh… She can ride dick too!” Trent exclaimed as her wetness dripped all over his thighs.

Kelly deep-throated the meaty dick over and over, as she spanked and groped Ryder’s hot ass. She could hear her skin slapping against Trent and loved every second, her breasts bouncing with the spilled whiskey over top.

Trent sat up and started to suck the whiskey away from her tits as she bounced feverishly. Ryder took hold of Kelly’s hair and held her still. Then, he started to slide his dick in and out of her lips, fucking her face with little regard for her need to breath.

Kelly moaned out softly, watching Trent work before she felt Ryder hold onto her. She gagged loudly on his long dick, feeling his balls slapping her chin as she dug her nails into his ass roughly. She pushed her middle finger into his asshole.

“Yeah, finger my ass hole bitch.” Ryder spat out, he wasn’t being hateful, just passionate. With a few more strokes inside her mouth, he pulled out, a long strand of spit following his dick.

“Can I fuck your ass now?” He asked, looking down at Kelly.

Kelly loved how aggressive Ryder was getting as she pulled back, gasping for air with a grin. She licked her lips as she nodded. “Only if you make sure I’m sore..”

“You won’t be able to walk for a week.” He said with a grin. Pulling her ass cheeks apart, he put his hands on her shoulders and slid his member as far in as he could get it.

Kelly leaned up against Trent as she felt the long dick slipping into her tiny puckered hole. She swayed, unable to stay still as it was a tight fit.

“Shit! This bitch is tight!” Ryder said with a smirk, smacking her ass lightly. “How’s her pussy bro?” He asked, watching as Kelly shut her eyes tightly.

Kelly rested her head on Trent, as she was dripping wet, feeling two large dicks in her. She grit her teeth, breathing heavily. “mmm fuck.. Pound me.. I love it.”

“Her pussy was designed for fucking dude. It’s so tight!” Trent said with a grin, holding Kelly in place on his chest as he lifted his hips to fuck her deeper.

Kelly bounced on the large dick, feeling it go in and out of her dripping cunt as she grinned. “Mmm, the more the merrier.”

Sighing heavily, Trent and Zach were working in tandem, fucking each of her holes in an alternating pattern. They both looked at each other and realized that they were going to cum soon. “Kelly, can we cum on your face?” Trent asked as the blonde looked at them.

“Mmm, I have been getting thirsty.” She grinned, as she waited for them to pull out. Once they did, she got onto her knees before them with her lips pressed together.

“Shit, she’s good.” Trent said, they pulled out and helped Kelly onto her knees. The two studs took their shafts in their hands and started to jerk rapidly.

Kelly felt the rush of sticky warm cum shooting onto her face and into her mouth. With her eyes closed, she felt the amount of cum into her mouth and face, grinning. “Mm, perfect.”

I have to admit, even as a married woman I absolutely LOVE going to our local gay/drag bar. Yes, being surrounded by women that are gay and bisexual is thrilling, but I will also admit that I find the “girls” in drag extremely exciting.

When I first went to the bar to watch the drag show I was amazed that lots of the “girls” looked better than I did.

In particular, there was a “girl” in an evening gown, long blonde wig, and surprisingly feminine features. I tipped her and while “she” sang she leaned forward, showing me that the cleavage I was looking at was just a trick of make-up and boning on the dress. However, I was surprised to look down the dress at one single pierced nipple sporting a small silver ring.

I do not know why, but that moment has always stuck in my head as extremely erotic!

That moment has evolved within my mind to a fantasy, as most erotic moments often do. I fantasize about buying her a drink and having the bar tender take it to her, him motioning in my direction and her lifting the glass to me with a sultry smile.

I wish to myself that I would have had the nerve to really talk to her that night, discover who she was, her sexual orientation, if dressing in drag was just fun or actually pleasurable. I know in actuality it would be different, but in my fantasies it plays out something like this!

Her show set is done and as we sit and talk, kicking back a couple drinks, relaxing a bit more than we should with the help of alcohol. I am pleasantly surprised to find that she is bisexual and her name, Ashley, is just as gender neutral as she is. She is single and doing the shows is fun for her, but she primarily lives her life as a man doing retail sales at a local cell phone store. I share that I am also bisexual, but married, a mother and about my life in general.

Our conversation is easy going and comfortable and there is a mutual attraction as friends and also a slight bit of sexual tension between us. The hour grows late and we exchange cell numbers and head our separate ways for the evening.

The next day Ashley texts my cell asking how I am, while I reply my husband inquires about who it is and I reply,

“Ashley. We met at the club last night?”

He tips me a look and says, “Gay or Bi?”


I reply back, purposely not mentioning that Ashley is actually a male in drag and letting my husband create his own fantasies.

Over the next few weeks Ashley and I text and talk often and get even closer. Together we plot getting together and share fantasies, confess secrets, and become good friends.

Knowing that my husband is assuming Ashley is a girl, I am not at all hesitant in asking if our kids can go spend the night with grandma and if Ashley can come over to hang out with us. As I expected, he is eager to oblige.

The night that Ashley is supposed to come over I am eager and tense. I have absolutely no clue how to dress, what to say, or whether she will be coming casual as a man, or dressed as a woman.

I don’t want to seem desperate and don’t want to go to the extreme of wearing a dress when we are just sitting at home, but I also don’t want to look scrubby! Finally in a fit of exasperation I throw on a pair of black jean shorts and a simple pink fitted tee-shirt, although I am sure to pair it with some cute silky thong panties and bra…just in case!

The doorbell rings and I have to restrain myself from leaping to the door. Upon pulling the door open I find that Ashley has indeed, come dressed as woman as I had hoped. She is wearing a shoulder length wavy strawberry blonde wig, her blue eyes are very bright in comparison, and her make-up is done light and natural.

It appears she has struggled with some of the same issues as me and has arrived in hip-hugging jeans and a red fitted tee-shirt. She has on a small padded bra, giving her the impression of a tall, yet thin and small breasted woman.

I tell her hello and give her a hug, introducing her to my husband. My husband smiles and tells her hello, but I am not stupid. I caught the look in his eyes and him checking out her ass as she puts her purse next to the love seat adjacent from us before she sits down. I am always aroused when I notice my husband checking out another girl, but I am even more aroused at the fact that he is technically checking out a GUY.

We are having fun, a nice laid back time, watching stand-up comedians on TV, sharing funny stories, and popping back a few drinks. I am keeping mine limited, because I do not want to get drunk. Although I did decide to make some jello shots for the occasion!

I announce that I am going to get some jello shots and ask who wants one, and we all agree we do. On my way passed Ashley to get them, she reaches out and smacks my ass, giving me a grin and making eye contact letting me know that she is planning on more.

Coming back from the kitchen, jello shots in hand, I decide to start getting things rolling on my own and have a seat next to Ashley on the love seat instead of back on the couch with my husband. We down our jello shots, daring each other and seeing who can swallow theirs the fastest and easiest.

She shots are taking effect; my head is starting to cloud, when I feel a hand on my knee. I look over at Ashley and she is slyly watching TV and rubbing her hand from my knee up my thigh and back down again, a slight smile on her face.

I look to my husband, who has obviously noticed, and he smiles at me and nods.

I move my hand to Ashley’s arm and start running my fingers up and down while she continues to rub my leg. My husband is watching and my lady parts are really starting to heat up.

Ashley moves toward me, sweeps my hair back and begins kissing my neck. I feel my breath suck in, and grab for her waist to pull her closer to me.

She drops to the floor and kneels between my parted legs, again running her hands up my thighs before sliding them up my shirt and cupping my breasts. She gives them a quick squeeze and then, much to my amazement, pulls her hands out of my shirt and stands up.

For a moment I am flabbergasted. I watch her stand up and think to myself that my mommy body must have turned her off. But she tips a wink at me, turns, and drops back to her knees in front of my husband. She begins to run her hands up his thighs up just like she did to me, paying special attention to a certain swelling that has recently started in my husband’s pants!

I curl my legs up under me and start to watch Ashley play with my husband. The voyeur that I am, I am relishing this immensely. My husband’s eyes are closed, his head leaned back, and he is enjoying Ashley fondling him.

She presses a hand on either side of my husband’s pants fly, bites the fabric between her teeth and pulls. There is a loud pop as they come unbuttoned, and she skillfully clenches the metal between her teeth and pulls the zipper down.

I notice her reach between her legs and back toward her ass and know that she must be uncomfortable trapped in those tiny jeans.

I unleash one leg from under me, open it wide and let it trail to the floor. I drop my hand between my parted legs and enjoy the heat. I will admit that there are times that I have major penis envy; however, I love the fact that I am the only one that really has a pussy in this situation!

Ashley releases my husband’s cock from his pants and slowly moves her hands up it. She turns and looks at me, making eye contact and giving me a quick wink before sinking her mouth over it. My husband sighs and reaches up to grab her hair, but she quickly grabs his wrists and presses them down.

It’s not often that hubs and I have group situations where he is being paid a lot of attention, so I am really glad to see how much is being given to him. I move to the floor so I can get a closer view, stealing a quick grab between Ashley’s thighs and feeling something not very feminine growing down there!

I grab a seat next to my husband so I can watch Ashley give him head from a better point of view. My god, she looks beautiful down there, just sucking away. She grabs onto the sides of my husband’s pants, he leans up and she drags them down, leaving my husband naked from the waist down.

He isn’t near orgasm yet, but his balls are tightening, showing me orgasm is approaching. However, Ashley can tell what is going on and she turns her focus to me.

“Are you going to take those off?”

she asks in her husky voice, motioning toward my own shorts.

A moment of tension and panic sets in for a second, as it always does when I have to expose my cootchi with my giant thick labia. I have yet to have sex with a girl built like me in the lower region, and I think that MOST people have not been with a girl like me, therefore I get nervous about it and how people will handle my appearance or if they would be able even figure out how to START pleasuring me.

I stand up, slowly unbuttoning my shorts and sliding them down my thighs. I let them fall to my feet, kick them off and start to sit down again.

“Huh-uh.” Ashley says, “panties too.”

I stand motionless for a moment. Not sure what to do. But I note that while she looks at me she has slowed down playing with my husband’s cock and that simply will not do. So I slid my little lacey panties down too and stand for moment, naked from the waist down, not sure what comes next.

Ashley grabs my hand and pulls me over, stands me in front of my husband so he is looking at my ass and presses her hands between my legs and forces them open.

She must have seen the look of panic on my face, because she gives my puffed up pussy a kiss, looks at me and says,

“Don’t worry, baby. I promise I will be nice.”

At which point she pushes me back, landing my ass on my husband’s stomach. She drops back to sucking on my husband again, and from this point of view it’s almost like I have a penis of my own she is sucking on. I can see her staring at my pussy folds as she slurps on him and I’m really just not sure what to do!

I sit for a few minutes watching her slurp away, and then reach down and slide my fingers across my bulging labia. She lets me open my lips up for her, but as soon as I run my fingers up to my clit she smacks my hands away.

She moves up from my husband’s dick and kisses my cunt. Licking her way up and down my lips while stroking at my husband’s spit covered pole. Finally she settles herself at my clit and licks lightly. Just enough for me to breathe deep and open my legs a little more.

She surprises both my husband and I by gripping his member, and pressing it to my opening. Hub’s has been played with for quite a while now, and he is eager to press himself into my pussy.

He goes to work, lifting his hips up and down, I am on my tip-toes with my legs apart, and Ashley eagerly leans down and moves back and forth between sucking on my clit and licking at my husband’s sack.

I relax and try to enjoy her tongue. My head buzzing from the jello shots, my husband panting behind me. But he gets my pussy all the time. I know he wants something more, and Ashley knows it too.

I rise from my husband and Ashley and I begin to kiss. She peels her own shirt off over her head and I see that she has used her clever use of make-up to create cleavage again as well and using the padded bra. She peels my shirt off over my head and quickly undoes my bra. I’m now the only one nude. I look around, feeling embarrassed and excited at the same time.

My husband is watching us and slowly stroking at himself, knowing that he has neared orgasm a couple times, but he isn’t ready to blow his load yet. I can tell by the way that he is looking at Ashley that he is hoping she will be the one to produce it for him.

She lays me back on the floor, her ass in the air facing my husband, and goes back to sucking at my clit. Holy lord she is good at it! I have only ever had my husband and my old female room-mate bring me to orgasm orally, but Ashley is well on her way!

I watch my husband carefully through slitted eyes, admiring Ashley’s ass, tugging at his cock. He eagerly leans toward Ashley, reaching around and unzipping her fly and pulling her jeans down her thighs.

I see that Ashley is wearing a thong, which drives my husband crazy, and she quickly reaches down and grabs her penis, pulling it forward and squeezing her thighs together, leaving my husband to look at a smooth and very feminine ass.

Ashley leans up from my pussy, looking me deep in the eyes. I look down and see her cock peeking out from the top of the thong. I can’t believe that I am laying here doing this. One of my biggest fantasies come true!

But an unspoken question passes between our gaze.

“How is your husband going to react?” her eyes say to me.

“I don’t know.” My eyes say back.

My husband spreads apart Ashley’s ass cheeks and begins flicking his tongue at her asshole. She sighs and I see her penis twitch. I am dying to reach down and stroke it in my hands, but I don’t want to give it away to my husband just yet what is really going on.

I wriggle out from under Ashley and move to sit next to my husband so I can roll his penis around in my hands while he eats Ashley’s ass. Ashley presses herself down on her forearms, letting her hairless ass cheeks open farther, but being sure that she keeps her thighs pressed tightly together.

I can tell the moment of truth is quickly approaching. We won’t be able to keep this a secret much longer.

“Do you want me?” Ashley breaths to my husband.

“Uh-huh.” He says back while still licking at her ass.

“Even if I’m built a little different?” She asks between gasps as my husband licks away.

“I don’t care.”

He pulls his mouth away from her ass and begins massaging her cheeks.

“My wife worries all the time about how she is built different, and it has never bothered me any.”

With that, Ashley rolls over. My husband is so eager that he grips her panties and pulls them down, not noticing the bulge in them until after they are off. He stops pulling them off halfway down her thighs, staring at the small erect penis in front of him.

Ashley’s penis isn’t even close in size to my husband’s. She is about 5 inches and thinner than him. However, a cock is a cock, even if it is attached to a very hot “woman”.

Ashley looks at me with a little bit of fear. My husband is a very large man at 6’2 and 250. If he gets angry, he could really hurt her. I look to my husband and he looks back to me in shock.

“What?” he asks in disbelief.

“Please?” I say softly, meaning so many things with that little word.

He looks back at the penis in front of him, pulls the panties off the rest of the way and stops for a second. I can see that Ashley’s penis is starting to wilt and she begins to stand up, seeing that the night is likely done and my hubs is just not having this, no matter how feminine she looks.

She rises to her feet and begins to turn away, her penis only half erect and hanging.

“Wait,” my husband says, grabbing her hips.

He turns her back toward him, him sitting on the floor, her standing with her penis only a foot away from his face.

He looks back to me, looks up at her, looks over her body, and then surprises us all by taking her shrunken penis into his mouth.

My jaw drops. My pussy tightens. Ashley’s ass clenches and her head leans back. I watch in utter amazement as my husband gulps her penis deep into his mouth and begins to suck. I can see that Ashley’s erection is quickly returning and my already wet pussy is becoming even wetter.

My husband sucks, gulps, and pulls his mouth across Ashley’s shaft and I can see Ashley’s small balls tightening with pleasure.

“Slow down there big boy,” She says calmly, “Do you want to fuck me?”

I can see a million questions racing through my husband’s mind. He looks back to me again while I’m spread out, gently fingering at my twat, and then grips Ashley’s ass and growls,


Ashley quickly drops to the floor, gets on her hands and knees and sticks her ass out for my husband. I want a close up view of this! I leap down to the floor with them, land some wet sloppy kisses across Ashley’s ass, and then make sure I give my husband a few deep, wet sucks to get his cock fully hard and nicely lubed up.

He leans forward and presses himself against Ashley’s hole, rubbing his cock head against it a little bit before starting to press. I watch my husband slowly sink his shaft in and feel my pussy positively throb.

I watch my husband pick up the pace, grunting and clinging to Ashley’s ass. I can see Ashley’s hard penis wavering underneath her and lick my lips, falling to the ground and I shimmy myself under her and take it into my mouth.

I’m lying on my back, cock in mouth, looking up at my husband sliding himself in and out of Ashley’s ass when I feel a warm wet tongue caress my clit. I look down and see Ashley, licking at me when she can between strokes, her face pinched with pleasure.

I reach down and begin to play with myself while I suck and watch my husband pump away. I don’t want Ashley thinking about me. I want her to focus on her own pleasure right now.

I pump a couple fingers in to get them good and wet before rubbing furiously at my hardened pearl. It is hard, swollen and very eager to be played with. It’s almost like I am sporting a small penis of my own!

I take my hood and peel it forward and back over my clit, feeling the familiar burn in my thighs and tightening in my pussy of my orgasm nearing. I can see my husband’s tight balls and can feel Ashley twitching in my mouth. The only question is going to be who will cum first.

I feel Ashley harden even more in my mouth and know that it is going to be her and take a certain pride and pleasure in how much she is enjoying herself. I can feel her hot breath against my pussy lips, panting as she nears orgasm, suddenly she nearly falls, letting out a very feminine scream and she releases a hot load across my awaiting tongue.

The pulsing in her ass must have been intense; because I see my husband’s balls practically disappear into him and he loudly grunts as he shoots his own hot load into her ass.

I’m the only one left. I press my fingers into my snatch once again, giving a few quick, hard, pulls at my g-spot, getting my fingers really good and wet before going to work massaging my clit again.

The orgasm washes over me, very suddenly, and extremely intense. It seems that every pulse is an orgasm all of its own. I let myself scream and let my body contract and wriggle across the living room floor.

I finish, panting and looking up at my husband and Ashley, both of them sitting with their now soft penises lying against their thighs and grin sheepishly up at them.

“You two are too yummy.” Ashley says, gathering up her clothes and getting dressed.

“I hope you will let me come over again sometime?”

“Absolutely!” I call out, not even giving my husband a chance to answer.

He looks at me, showing that a million thoughts are racing through his head. But only one is going through mine. Will he let Ashley fuck HIM next time?

This story was written by Texasace – and recorded, with permission, by AudioDiva.

His original submission can be found here.

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I’ve been married for 10 years and have never sex with anyone else but my husband Matt. I would never have an affair and until recently I never even gave a thought to having sex with another man.

All that changed a week ago…

Matt’s college roommate called out of the blue and said he was going to be in town for a few days and he would like to get together. I had only seen pictures of his roommate Ace, and he looked like a really nice guy. Matt invited him to stay with us so they could catch up with each other. Ace said he would arrive on Friday night and that gave me a little less than a week to get things cleaned and ready. I reminded Matt that Saturday was my birthday and he just smiled and told me he didn’t forget.

The week went by slowly and I was feeling vaguely anxious and unsettled. I found myself looking through Matt’s college yearbooks and old pictures trying to get a mental picture of Ace. I had heard quite a bit about him from Matt over the years and apparently he had been very much the ladies man in college. He played varsity football, and was Capt of the tennis team, and really the big man on campus.

My heart sped up as Matt related some of their wilder escapades. One story in particular about a threesome they had with one of Ace’s many girlfriends caused me to have a strange feeling in my stomach. By the time Friday arrived, I was so nervous I could barely concentrate, although I wasn’t sure exactly why.

Ace arrived Friday evening and he and Matt hugged and carried Ace’s luggage inside. Matt introduced me and when I looked at Ace, my heart raced.. He was drop dead gorgeous and the look he was giving me made me feel hot all over. I understood now why women were drawn to him.

After dinner, I excused myself to let the men talk. I decided to take a long hot bath to relax. As I soaked in the tub, my thoughts turned sexual and I started to touch myself. Occasionally I masturbate in the tub to relieve tension but this night it was as if I HAD to. Images of my husband blurred and it was Aces face I saw. I was shocked but I couldn’t stop. I pinched my nipples and rubbed my clit feverishly while images of Matt and Ace went back and forth in my head. I came so hard I had to bite the washcloth so I wouldn’t cry out. I climbed out of the tub on shaky legs and decided to go to bed. Surely those two would be up late talking and reminiscing.

I woke several hours later to the feeling of Matt kissing my neck. Half asleep I turned into his arms and kissed him back hard. I had been dreaming of having sex with Ace and I was already aroused. When he slipped his hand between my legs and discovered how wet I was, he pushed me onto my back and spread my legs. He thrust into me without any preliminaries and the look in his eyes was wild. He pounded me hard and fast and we both came within minutes. We lay there panting for a long time. Then he kissed me and said, “It’s after midnight, Happy Birthday baby. I have a surprise for you tonight.”

Saturday morning we ate breakfast and the men ran some errands while I did some shopping. I was still horny even after the early morning session with Matt and I hoped there would be a repeat that night.

The three of us went out to dinner that evening to celebrate and we shared a bottle of wine at my favorite Italian restaurant. Maybe it was the wine, but both men seemed to be giving me looks that made my blood boil and my panties damp.

When we got home, we sat in the living room listening to music and drinking more wine. It was very relaxing. I was sitting on the couch with Matt on the floor leaning back against it. He was rubbing my leg and the feel of his hands on my stockings was making me tingle.

We shared wine and small talk, and after a while Ace moved over to the couch beside me. He put his arm across the back of the couch behind my head and started playing with my hair.

I put my glass on the table and closed my eyes, letting my head fall back against the couch, just enjoying the feelings. I felt Matt move and I opened my eyes to see what he was doing. He spread my legs and knelt down between them, running his hands up and down my legs from my toes to the tops of my thigh high stockings. Ace leaned over and started kissing the side of my neck and at that point it finally hit me that this evening had been planned. I looked questioningly at Matt and he said, “It’s totally up to you baby, it’s your birthday.”

I didn’t answer at first so Matt went on to explain that the idea came to him after he had told me about his threesome with Ace in college. He noticed my reaction to the story and wanted to give me a birthday I would never forget. He also added that Ace was the only man in the world that he would trust with me.

I looked into his eyes and saw the truth there, then I looked at Ace. Making my decision, I stood up and started unbuttoning my dress. Matt asked me to leave my stockings, heels, panties and bra on. I sat back down on the couch with Ace beside me and Matt on his knees between my legs. Ace kissed me while playing with my nipples through my bra and Matt licked and kissed his way up my thighs until he reached my panties. I felt Matt’s hot, wet tongue against my damp panties and moaned into Ace’s mouth as he kissed me deeply.

Then Matt slid my panties aside and ran his tongue up and down my moist slit.. Ace sucked my nipples through the fabric of my bra and gently bit down while Matt zeroed in on my hard aching clit. I almost came right then, but they had other plans for me. Matt stood and unzipped his pants, then sat down beside me and offered me his hard cock. I leaned over to taste him as Ace got to his knees behind me on the couch. Ace moved my panties aside and started to lick my clit.

He licked and sucked and nibbled me everywhere and the more excited I got, the more eagerly I sucked Matt’s cock. It was so exciting to have a man’s cock in my mouth and another man’s tongue on my pussy. After a few minutes, I couldn’t take it and I came harder than I ever have. But Ace didn’t give me a chance to catch my breath. Still holding my panties aside, he rubbed the head of his cock up and down my now dripping pussy then slowly pushed inside. He was larger than Matt and the feeling of being stretched was incredible.

I moaned deep in my throat and Matt’s cock pulsed in my mouth as he felt me moan. I sucked Matt’s cock in time with Ace’s thrusts and we developed a nice steady rhythm. Ace stopped and had me get onto my knees so he could fuck me from behind. Whenever I had daydreamed about having 2 men, I always wanted to be fucked from behind by one man while sucking the other. This was a dream come true for me and I was loving every minute of it. I was breathing heavy and moaning and I knew I would come again soon. Matt was thrusting up into my mouth and whispering things to me like………………….”Oh yeah, suck my cock, baby.” and “I love the feel of your mouth on my cock.”

It turned me on to hear him talk that way and I started bucking against Ace faster. I felt Ace squeezing and rubbing my ass cheeks, lightly slapping them. Then I felt Ace rub his finger against my asshole. I froze for a second and they both started talking to me in low voices, reassuring me. Ace slowly inserted his finger into my ass and started working it around then in and out. My head started spinning and I came again almost passing out with the pleasure of it. They both stood up and undressed while I laid there shaking.. Then Matt sat down and told me to straddle him. I sank down on his cock and leaned forward so he could suck my nipples. He reached down and stroked my clit gently and I started to move up and down.

Ace stood along the side of the couch and I leaned over to suck on his cock. I couldn’t believe how badly I wanted to taste him. I felt Matt watching me and as I deep throated Ace, I felt Matt thrust up into me harder and faster. When he didn’t think he could take anymore, Ace moved behind me and Matt stopped thrusting. I felt Ace’s hand pushing me towards Matt, then I felt him rub the head of his cock against my ass. I was so wet and aroused that his big cock slid into my tight virgin asshole with hardly any trouble. He went slowly so I could get used to him and soon I started moving up and down on Matt’s cock while Ace slid his cock in and out of my ass. This…. THIS…….was what I had dreamed about…………..feeling 2 men inside me at once. They moved in unison slowly at first, then faster and harder. Just when I thought I was going to come again, they stopped and had me turn around and sit on Matt’s cock facing forward this time. I eased down on Matt’s cock and he groaned when he felt my tight ass contract around him. “Oh God baby, your ass is so fucking tight.”

I leaned back and Ace raised my legs up on his shoulders. Then he slid his cock into my pussy and started to thrust. Just that fast, I was worked up again and almost ready to come. Matt was thrusting up and I could feel his cock sliding in and out of my ass. I knew he and I would be making that a regular part of our lovemaking from now on.

I looked up into Ace’s eyes and he whispered, “Happy Birthday”, then kissed me. Matt reached around and played with my nipples and I cried out, “I’m gonna come.” Ace pounded me hard and fast and I came, screaming and yelling Matt’s name and Ace’s. Ace pulled out and stood up while Matt gently dumped me onto the couch and they both leaned over me and stroked their cocks. I realized that neither of them had come so I told them both to come all over me. That set them both off and they came all over my chest, rubbing their cocks on my tits. We all collapsed on the couch then, a tangle of sweaty, spent bodies. It was a long time until we stopped breathing heavy and I whispered, “Thank you Matt. I will never forget this birthday.” Then I whispered, “Thank you Ace.”

Eventually we showered, then all three of us climbed into our king size bed. We spent the remainder of the weekend discovering all the different ways that three people can pleasure each other. I found that I enjoyed having 2 men pleasure me orally. One at my pussy, the other at my ass. I found that I also enjoyed sucking two cocks at the same time…………..having them come and rub their cocks on my cheeks. I discovered a lot of things about myself sexually that weekend. I’m sure we will be seeing Ace again from time to time.

It was an incredible feeling being with 2 men. I had secretly daydreamed of it a few times over the years but never let on to Matt. How like him to know me so well. It was the best birthday present I could ever have hoped for.

I am already thinking about HIS birthday and I know just the girlfriend of mine I can ask.

Note – This story was co-written by MasterAaran and myself. Our long-time editor has edited it for us. Dialogue in this part of the story is completely in Russian


Sonja kicked off her heels as she entered her house. It had been another long day, and she didn’t feel like cooking after it, but she didn’t really want fast food either, so she flipped through her list of delivery menus, then gave a laugh. “Mog by takzhe tol’ko zakazat’ ot moyego l’ubimogo mesta,” she mused to herself and picking up the cordless phone, she dialed the number she knew by heart.

A familiar voice answered the phone at the other end, and she sighed in pleasure at hearing it. She had been forced away from her favourite things over the last few years due to a major case that had been on-going against the Russian mafia presence in the state.

“Nicolai, dorogaya moya. YA propustil vashu voshititel’nuyu pischu… Da, dorogaya moya … ya hot’at zakaz Basturma, Griba i Kashi Grechnevoj krupy Luka – shalot, Klassicheskogo gruzinskogo salata, Zelyonye Schi i nekotoroj SHokoladnoj Vodki… Vot – moj novyj adres…”

“Sonja!” Nicolai answered on the opposite end. He was grinning ear to ear as he spoke with her, even though she couldn’t see it. She had been a long-time customer, and a regular buying from his delivery business, when the recent trouble with the mafia started. Over the last several years, the government had cracked down heavily on any and all traces of mafia that they could find. Every few weeks for the first year or so, there would be news of another cell that had been taken down. Eventually, they tracked it down to the ‘Boss’ himself, who had been captured and taken to trial. If it hadn’t been for his brother, none of them would have escaped arrest, but the cunning new leader had expertly thrown the police off of the trail of the remnants.

Though no one, especially as low as Nicolai, knew exactly what had happened, it was rumoured that the new boss had even turned in members of some cells in order to protect others. Either ways, the commotion had finally settled down and business was back to normal…except for a few loose ends. The boss had put a hit order out on all members of the witnesses and jury that had taken part in the trials. All male members were to be assassinated, all females, if they were young and pretty enough, were to be taken. Poor Sonja was on the “Take” list… and unfortunately, Nicolai had been named as the contact that had to do the deed. For this reason, as soon as he heard her voice, he picked up his cell phone and dialed a number which would send an automatic tap from the business phone to the phones of two of his mafia companions.

“YA vyvedu vash zakaz i prinesu eto neposredstvenno, milaya moya!” He said into the phone. “Poka v priblizitel’no polchasa!”

“Do vstrechi, Nicolai,” she said, hanging up the phone. Knowing she had a little time, she went to her bedroom and changed from her work clothes and took a quick shower. The warm water sluiced over her naked body, making her sigh in pleasure. She washed her hair then sighed, wishing she had never seen any of the horrible things that sent her into hiding, far from her friends and family.

After a few minutes of relaxing under the hot water, she turned off the taps and reached out, grabbing a towel before drying off. Slipping into her favourite fluffy robe, she dried her hair under the towel. Going to the bedroom again, she pulled out a pair of panties and slid them on, admiring her long, shapely legs as she pulled up the silk thong. She then pulled on some sexy lingerie, loving how the silk felt against her skin and the way wearing it made her feel, even though she had no one to wear it for. A black silk robe slid over her outfit and draped over her curves to complete her outfit.

Hearing the doorbell, she smiled to herself and hurried to answer it. “Nicolai!! Lyubimaya!! Stol’ horoshij videt’ Vas,” she said after opening the door, and kissing his cheeks. “Ya tak silno skuchal pa tibe!”

He stood there smiling at her as she gave him the customary kiss on the cheeks that she always greeted him with. He felt a small pang at what he was about to do, but after all, it was his ‘job’ and she was a hottie. He had long dreamed of being with her as more than an acquaintance or friend and now was his chance. Sonja would never be the same when they were finished with her. What she couldn’t see, was that his two associates were on either side of the door, pressed against the wall. Still, he had to play his part, “Sonja! Vy – nakonec domoj! Rad za tebya!”

Nicolai stepped inside her home, and as he did so, took in her clothing. She was dressed in a sleek silk robe that played upon her body excellently, accentuating all of the right parts. He held out the container with the food inside letting her take it from him. As she took it and turned for a moment, he beckoned with one hand. The two other men from either side of the doorway stepped into the entry. They were Trevor and Ivan, two fellow Russian mafia heavies.

Ivan was tall, stockier than Nicolai, but any extra bulk appeared to be all muscle; a pistol was strapped under his arm in a shoulder holster. Trevor was a bit shorter than Nicolai, but much wirier, and clutched a knife. Both wore white tank-tops and camouflage jeans, and both had the same insignia tattooed on their shoulders, that of the Mafia, a curvy woman lying under crossed pistols and surrounded by the Biohazard symbol. Just before Nicolai had arrived, Trevor had cut her phone lines from the junction box, so even if she tried to call the police, it would do no good.

Taking the container, Sonja smiled, “YA ne doma vse zhe, Nicolai. I ya somnevayus’, chto ya kogda-libo budu v sostoyanii pojti tuda. Ne v konce koncov eto sluchilos’.” She turned towards the kitchen, unaware of the other two lurking behind Nicolai. “YEsli tol’ko igrayet bol’shuyu rol’ v moyej zhizni teper’, Nicolai. YEsli tol’ko ya ne videl to, chto ya uvidel. YEsli tol’ko, kotoryj proklinal prokurora, ne imel, nahod’at men’a.”

Under her breath, a string of Russian curses slipped through her lips and she laid her forehead against the wall. “Mne tol’ko zhal’, chto eto nikogda ne ne sluchalos’, i chto ya byl doma. YA toskuyu bez moih druzej i moyu sem”u. YA propuskayu govoreniye po-russki. Kak silno ya khachu etovo!!” With all the years Nicolai had known Sonja, while she seemed in control, he could hear the tremor in her voice, a faint wavering that told him she was near a breaking point.

That tremor in her voice gave Nicolai an idea, one he acted on without hesitation. He slipped up behind her, his hands going to her waist, holding her gently. “Sonja, ti takaya krasivaya,” he whispered into her ear as he leaned down to her. Catching her chin as she turned to look at him, he leaned towards her luscious mouth, claiming it in a kiss as Sonja turned in his arms. Against her lips, he whispered, “Ti ne odna, Sonja. Vsyo boodet harasho. Tol’ko dover’ajte mne, Sonja.”

She seemed to have lost all reluctance and reservations. He felt her melt into his arms and his kiss, and he pressed his advantage, letting his lips trail across her cheek to her neck before returning to her lips. He pressed her gently back against the wall, and his hands moved to the belt of her robe, untying it and slowly pushing the silk apart so that his hands could slide through and his fingers come in contact with her barely covered skin. His hands moved from her sides, up her back to her shoulders where he slipped the robe from her shoulders and then took a half step back to stare down at the lingerie that she was wearing. “Ne boysa, Sonja… pozvol’te mne pomogat’ Vam…”

Behind the entangled pair, Nicolai’s companions were snickering to themselves as they entered the house more fully and waited for the right moment to move.

She smiled up at him. “Da, Nicolai. Da. Ty tak nuzshna mne.” Her attention was wholly on Nicolai and thus, didn’t see the other two stepping into her house. She gave a small sigh as he stared at her in her lingerie, making her mentally pat herself on her back for not wearing a plain pair of shorts and t-shirt tonight. The way his eyes roamed over her sent a thrill of need through her. Her black panties left little to the imagination down below, but the top… Her top just covered the tops of her nipples, leaving the top of her breasts bare, and had a pink tie holding it together below her breasts, laced up tight. The sheer black fabric showed her figure off to perfection though.

“I Vy dolzhny imet’ men’a Zon’aoj…” He could barely keep himself from her, this sexy woman in front of him. He made up his mind then and there that no matter what happened; he would keep her for himself. She would be his, he would beg his brother if he needed… but there was no way she would be left to the whorehouses and brothels that was the fate of the other women. That would not stop her from her current fate though. He smiled down at her, “YA hochu Vas so mnoj… Navsegda, Milaya Moya …, yesli tol’ko eto ne dolzhen byl byt’ etot put’…” His fingers ran from her shoulders to her ass, cupping the panty-covered flesh and drawing her close to his body. Her clothing, smell and attitude were driving him crazy.

Had Sonja pulled herself away from Nicolai, she would have seen the other two men, now with their shirts and boots off. They were preparing to rape her, as was the plan, before taking her away.

Sonja looked at him, his words making her wonder. “CHto vy imeyete v vidu, Nicolai? Bud’te kakoj put’?” With his hands on her ass, gripping her firm globes of flesh, she couldn’t pull away. She started to turn her head to the side to see what he was talking about, but before she could, his lips claimed hers again, keeping her attention on him. Her arms slipped around his neck as she pressed against him, a low moan slipping from her as he held her close, his mouth ravishing her own. Her eyes closed as she melted against him, her hands sliding down his shoulders and over his back until she got under his shirt. She gently tugged at it, pulling it from his pants and sliding her hands against his skin.

Nicolai was becoming lost in the feelings of her touch, and her taste. He struggled to keep his mind on the job and not on the woman herself. He cursed himself for waiting so long, and yet he wouldn’t have wasted these last moments with her for the world. As she began to slip his shirt from his pants and rub his back, one of his own hands left her ass to reach up and gently grope her breasts.

At last, he broke the kiss, “YA sozhaleyu, Zon’aa …, no Vy vidite …., Vy peresekli liniyu, kogda Vy skazali prokuroru vse, chto Vy znali …, yesli Vy priyedete spokojno i ne budete borot’s'a, to ya budu videt’, chto Vam ne vred’at…” He moved just enough that she could see his weapon-wielding companions in the background.

Sonja moaned softly as his hand found her breasts and started groping them. Her back arched, pressing her covered slit against his clothed groin, as she practically begged for more. His words, though, acted like ice water on her libido, and she opened her mouth to scream in fear. ‘Guns and knives!’ she thought she had gotten past that, long past.

Instead of screaming though, she broke down, flinging herself at Nicolai, hiding her lack of clothing from the others. “YA ne sdelal, Nicolai. Pozhalujsta, paver mne. YA ne govoril im nichto,” she said, sobbing against his chest. She knew what happened to anyone double crossing the Russian mafia. She would rather kill herself than end up the way they did.

Why had Nicolai been sent after her? He wasn’t Mafia. At least, not that she knew of. She trembled against him, knowing what was about to happen, but she knew she had to face the issue. She also knew that if she showed any more of her fear than she already was, her fate would be much worse. She took a deep breath, pushing away from Nicolai, flipping her hair back over her shoulders as she looked up at him. “Ya vas harosho panimayu, Nicolai. I ya hochu, kto by ni yavl’ayets’a otvetstvennym teper’, chtoby znat’, chto ya ne pobezhal ot moyej sud’by. Sdelajte to, chto Vy budete. Tol’ko ne ozhidajte, chto ya prostit legko. YA ne sdelal nichego nepravil’no. YA ne govoril im nichto. Oni skazali mne.”

He held up his hands, “YA skazal Vam, Zon’aa … sotrudnichayet, i ya udostover’us’, chto Vam uzhasno ne vred’at, i Vas ne budut posylat’ bordel’am.” He waved the men forward, taking hold of one of her hands and squeezing, “Ya obespechu, chto Vy – rudniki i nichej drugaya…” He stepped back from her and finished stripping off his shirt. Trevor laid the knife down on the table in front of the couch, and Ivan followed suit with his gun. Both could tell that they would have no trouble with her to the point of needing to use violence.

Nicolai was evidently the leader of this band… and he had been told by the boss himself that if he pulled off this job and one other, he would promote him to the second-in command position in the mafia, which held considerable power, enough to protect Sonja from the horrible fate of so many other women. “YA ne mogu meshat’ etomu sluchit’s'a teper’ …, no ya mogu zaschitit’ Vas pozzhe…” he said, stepping away from her and kicking off his boots.

Sonja trembled, even as Nicolai held her hand, then let go to strip his shirt off. Her eyes remained on him, not even looking over at the other two. She knew that the method of dealing with female snitches in the Russian Mafia was to gang-rape them, then force them into prostitution. She also knew that the groups sent to gang-rape them were all part of the Mafia.

The one that laid down the knife though did not strike her as a Russian. In fact, she thought he might just be a thug member. That level of the Mafia did not have as strict a prerequisite for membership as the main Mafia. She had seen the lower levels including everything from Russians to whites to blacks and Hispanics. So, this one must be white, since he didn’t look Hispanic or black to her.

She fought against her fear, not wanting to give them a reason to say she was resisting them, though Nicolai knew she didn’t want this. He could read her face better than anyone she knew, and while she was behaving, the situation scared her more than anything else ever had; even the whole trial and the hiding forced on her by the FEDS.

It didn’t take long before they were all stripped down; even Nicolai was naked now, standing before her. But where they didn’t see, he could. He saw the terror in her eyes and in the slight flare of her nostrils. He had always cared for Sonja, and had nearly begged his brother not to put out the hit on her… but here he was, and they knew what had to be done.

Of the three, it was clear that Ivan had the largest member. It only made sense really, that it fit with the rest of his bulk. But yet, mostly hard as it was, he was only just over six inches long. Trevor may have been shorter in stature, but otherwise, he had become known as, “Dlinnyj” or “The Long One.” His cock when hard measured out to 10 inches, though had only half the girth of Ivan. Nicolai could safely be said to fall directly between them, both thick and moderately long. His was a cock that could be said to be a handful to any woman lucky, or unlucky, enough to have it enter them.

Nicolai made the first move, stepping back to her to grip her arm rather roughly and jerk her across the floor toward the others, who instantly stepped forward as well. Gang-rapers such as them didn’t much care where the girl was when they took her, so the floor or bent across the table was good enough for them.

As he forced her to move, he was thankful that he had been there. If it hadn’t been for his connections to Sonja, she would have simply gotten a group of thugs that would have totally used her then taken her back to one of the many hidden brothels to be sent immediately into the rings. Because he was here, he would be able to keep his promise to her, and protect her from that fate. Not to mention that he had been able to pick two men that he knew personally owed him favours, and would obey him without question.

Sonja gave a low cry as he grabbed her arm and dragged her to where the others were. The closest thing to where they were standing was the kitchen counter’s rounded end. It was a small breakfast bar and she found herself bent over it before she could say much. She closed her eyes, not wanting to the others to see her fear as she was forced down over the cool granite countertop.

The bottom hem of her lingerie slid up over her ass, revealing the thong underwear she wore under it. The black panties matched the top she wore, though there was no pink tie in front to match the pink lacing up the front of the top. Her firm, shapely ass was divided by the black fabric, drawing the men’s eyes to it.

As she was placed across the countertop, all eyes turned to the ass that was now presented to them. Her head would hang over the other end, perfectly placed for one of them to get a blowjob while the others used her lower holes. Before either of the others moved though, Nicolai held up a hand, speaking in thick Russian, “Nikto ne trogayet yeye, poka ya ne delayu …, Vy znayete, chto ya zarezerviroval yeye! Vy, vozmozhno, dolzhny podavit’ yeye.”

Ivan immediately backed off, but Trevor didn’t, not understanding Russian. He got the gist fast though when Ivan grabbed his arm and motioned for him to grab one of Sonja’s to hold her down. The two accomplices moved to the opposite side of the countertop and gripped her arms tightly, forcing her to stay where they put her. Nicolai’s hands moved to her legs, caressing up from the backs of her knees to her thighs. He let out a deep breath as his fingers caressed her ass then, and felt her warmth as he brushed aside the thin lingerie and hooked his fingers into the band of her panties, pulling them down her ass and pushing them away.

Sonja felt the two grabbing her arms, holding her down as Nicolai moved behind her. Her body quivered as he stroked the back of her thighs with his fingertips. She had to stifle a low cry as she felt him pulling her thong panties down, baring her entrances to him. While she appreciated that he was going to be her first, she hated that her first time was going to be like this, a rape.

“Nicolai, byt’ nezhnym. Pozhalujsta. YA ne hochu nenavidet’ eto bol’she chem nado. YA .. YA nikogda ne byl ni s kem do.”

Nicolai let out a small gasp as he saw her slit come into view. His hands gripped her ass-cheeks gently and pried them apart, baring her inner star to him, and showing off her cunt much more fully. She was such a beautiful woman, he nearly couldn’t imagine that he was doing this to her. “YA pojdu medlennyj dl’a Vas Zon’aa, Moj Rebenok… Vy – rudniki otnyne,” he said to her, then moved so that the swollen head of his cock was pressed to her slit. With a small hump, he pushed inside, finding the way blocked by her hymen.

When he felt the proof of her innocence, he looked at the other men, “Eta suka yavl’ayets’a polnost”u moyej …, Vy mozhete imet’ yeye rot dl’a ispol’zovaniya teper’ …, no yeye boleye nizkiye otverstiya – rudniki tol’ko. YA uvelichu vashu platu…”

Sonja gasped as she felt him pushing into her, only getting a couple inches inside her before a low cry slipped from her. He was right at her hymen, about to take her virginity. She pulled forward, not wanting this to happen like this. She knew it was going to hurt, and… What did he just call her?

“SUKA? Vy tol’ko pozvonite mne suka, Nicolai? YA dumal, chto oznachalo dl’a Vas bol’she, chem nazyvat’ suka! YA ne kakaya-to sobaka! YA kl’anus’ …” Her words were cut off as Ivan grabbed her head and pushed his length into her mouth, shutting her up as he moved her head on his cock, forcing her to suck his length.

Despite his harsh words when speaking about her, his movements were nearly as gentle as the most wonderful lover. While Ivan was rough with her head, Nicolai gently moved his hands up to her sides before gripping slowly and pushing into her. Her hips were against the counter in such a way that there was no way she could go anywhere now. His large cockhead pressed against her hymen for a moment, stretching it until finally it popped, and he slipped further into her tight tunnel. Trevor had her hands pinned behind her back with one hand, the other stroking his cock. Nicolai breathed as he felt her pussy for the first time, “Vy nastol’ko voshititel’ny, moye domashneye zhivotnoye, nastol’ko prekrasny i stol’ tugo!”

Sonja was thrilled at hearing so much Russian at one time again, but as Nicolai pushed deeper into her, tearing through her hymen with a strangely gentle pressure, she screamed against Ivan’s thick cock as he filled her mouth. She couldn’t pull away from any of them, not even Trevor, who was only holding her hands behind her back. Her body bucked and writhed on the countertop as Nicolai fucked her tight cunt and Ivan forced his way deeper into her throat.

Trevor was clearly not Russian; every time one of the others spoke in it he looked clearly confused, but remained as he was holding her hands. Ivan gripped the back of her head with one huge hand, twisting her hair and forcing her deeper and deeper on his cock, essentially raping her mouth and throat. He let off a constant stream of grunts and gasps, with the occasional curse thrown in. Nicolai wished fervently that it had been only he that had come this evening… if it had, he might have been able to bring her in without any unpleasantness at all. He couldn’t deny the feeling she was causing though, and slowly picked up the pace, fucking her steadily now.

Sonja gagged repeatedly as Ivan fucked her mouth and throat, forcing her to take more and more of his length into her mouth. Soon, he was fully entrenched into her mouth and throat, fucking her face vigorously. She couldn’t block that from her mind while Nicolai was fucking her tight snatch. He could tell she had been waiting for the right time, or the right person to give it to, and now the choice had been taken from her. She could barely move into his thrusts, though her body squirmed and writhed on the countertop as he moved faster inside her.

Nicolai couldn’t wait to get her away from here, to where he could be alone with her and fuck her by himself, when he didn’t have to force her to stay down and take it like this, but again, he shrugged the thoughts off and concentrated on the delicious feelings coming from her as she was wrapped around his cock. At last, Ivan began to grunt faster, and within seconds, his cock was spurting deep into her throat, as he pulled away. As he stepped aside though, he caught up her hands, and Trevor stepped right in front, pushing his, much longer, cock into her throat, saying crudely, “Take it, you cunt!”

Sonja growled as Trevor stepped forward, shoving himself right into her mouth and down her throat. His words set her off, and she thrashed under Nicolai and Ivan, trying to free her-self to teach this punk ass a lesson in manners. She knew that Nicolai would know why she was going off like this… especially after her exclamation after he called her a bitch! But her movements only served to tighten Ivan’s grip on her wrists and drive her against him.

Trevor was, as Sonja guessed, nothing but a thug class of mafia. He only cared about doing his job and getting paid… and in this case, getting off on this hot girl that was for use in front of him. He didn’t care what she wanted, or what she thought about this. Ivan was able to use one hand to hold her down, but he released one of her arms and brought her hand to his cock, so that she could stroke it.

Nicolai concentrated on what effect she was having on his cock. He pounded into her quickly, maybe a bit hard, but certainly not as hard as he could have. He was grunting faster now, feeling that he was going to cum any second… and then the dam burst. He rutted fully into her and released his built up cum with a gasp…. letting it flow into her tight tunnel. As he came, he moved one hand to her ass, and pushed a finger into her asshole.

Sonja stroked Ivan, knowing better than to fight against him. Her eyes were clenched shut, hating what was happening to her. Feeling Nicolai cumming inside her, a tear started to form in her eye as she felt something inside her start to crack, but it was the insertion of his finger into her tight asshole that sent her over as she gasped just as Trevor was thrusting into her mouth, his length finding no barrier to her throat as he slid fully into her, pressing her nose against his groin.

Nicolai grunted a few more times as he came, filling her pussy with his cum as he continued to move in her slowly. At last he pulled out of her, but left his finger in her ass, wiggling it around and pushing it in and out a few times before he drew it out as well. He saw no reason to speak, though he knew she would especially detest this next part of her rape. He placed his cock at her winking rosebud and began to push hard into her. Trevor, meanwhile, was using her mouth like another cunt, force-fucking her throat with wild abandon while Ivan made her stroke him. His cock was still hard and pulsing.

He was right. Sonja felt him pressing into her tight ass and her body started thrashing wildly. A scream lodged in her throat as Trevor fucked her, not giving her much time to get air. The pain of Nicolai stretching her tight ass out had made her stop her hands motions on Ivan, and if he hadn’t kept moving her hand, she wouldn’t have kept stroking him. Her body stiffened, as a single tear fell from her eye as she was used by the three of them.

If Sonja’s pussy had been tight, her ass was even tighter. It gripped him like a vice and nearly didn’t let him move. If it hadn’t been for the slickness of her pussy juice still on his cock, he would never have gotten in at all. He gripped her hips tighter and pushed until he was fully hilted. He left himself there, and put his hands on her ass, rubbing gently and saying, though she probably couldn’t hear him, “Vse normal’no Rebenok …. eto prekratit povrezhdat’, i Vy budete l’ubit’ eto v konechnom schete.” He slowly began to withdraw from her then, slowly beginning the fucking of her ass. Trevor was beginning to grunt now, and his cock throbbed in her mouth and throat as he began to cum.

Sonja choked as Trevor kept his cock in her mouth and throat, his length throbbing inside her tight confines as his seed shot from him and down into her stomach. She cried out as Nicolai gripped her hips and forced himself into her tight ass, her body trembling from the pain of his intrusion into her body. Her hand stilled on Ivan as she tried to recover from the pain and the choking, unable to get a breath as Trevor’s cock filled her throat.

Trevor finally pulled out as he finished cumming, stepping back and taking a breath. Ivan grinned and pulled her fingers off of his cock, still keeping her wrist entrapped in his hand. He stepped in front of her, and Trevor stepped close again as well. The smaller man took her other hand, and then both of them shoved their cocks into her face, Ivan telling her to suck them both off or risk being hurt. Nicolai gave him a withering glare at that, but then returned his attention to her flexing asshole as he began to fuck it.

Sonja shook her head, lifting her head some, glaring at Ivan. “YA ne mogu. Net nikakogo sposoba, kotorym vy oba mozhete sootvetstvovat’ v moyem rtu. I ya dovol’no uveren, chto Vy ne budete travmirovat’ men’a. Prichina, travmiruyuschaya men’a zatronet vashi buduschiye rabochiye mesta. YA somnevayus’, chto l’uboj iz Vas hochet rabotat’ … detali schist,” she said, and then cried out softly as Nicolai moved in her tight ass, causing her to buck against him.

Ivan looked at Trevor and repeated her words in English to the young American. The boy growled and slapped her face hard, then jammed his cock back in her throat. Nicolai growled, barking out, “Poraz’te YEye snova, i Vy okazhetes’ u osnovaniya kanavy prezhde, chem noch’ otsutstvuyet… YA proslezhu … lichno!” The boy’s eyes widened at the tone of his voice and he backed up, pulling his cock out and looking frightened. Ivan laughed and again translated, causing Trevor to gulp. Nicolai turned his attention away from them and back to Sonja, picking up the pace now so that he could cum in her ass, and they could move on. It was already pushing the time that they were supposed to be here… some of this yelling might attract attention from neighbours.

Sonja’s head snapped towards the side as Trevor smacked her, a red imprint forming on her cheek. Before she could say anything, her mouth was stuffed with his cock again, and she gagged, choking on him. Her body stiffened as she thrashed, trying to pull away from Trevor, but before she could, she heard Nicolai’s words, and suddenly, the American boy pulled back out of her, letting her catch her breath again. Before Ivan could step back up to her, Nicolai had claimed her full attention as he moved in her tight ass. What Nicolai didn’t know was that the houses next to hers were empty. She wasn’t going to inform him about that, since she wanted the painful anal sex to end so they could go to the next part of her new life. She knew that Nicolai would have to bring her before the new boss. She just didn’t know who the new boss was.

Ivan was too busy mocking and laughing at Trevor to stick his cock back into Sonja’s mouth. He found the situation rather funny for some unknown reason. Nicolai, on the other hand, was grunting and groaning, feeling his cock stiffen inside her tightest of holes as he banged her faster and faster. He was feeling her ass grip him and it drove his pleasure higher until he couldn’t go any further. Gasping again, he slammed into her, and tightened on her hips, filling her asshole with his cum in waves until he was spent, leaning heavily on her raped asshole as he did so. He pulled out and released Sonja from his grip, barking, “Trevor, get dressed you ass and get the car up front!”

Sonja shuddered as she felt him filling her ass with his hot cum, his hands holding her against him as his seed shot out in bursts, his length throbbing with each burst of seed. Sonja slowly slid to the ground as Nicolai barked out orders to Trevor. With how vicious Trevor was in violating her throat, she was glad that he had banned the two of them from her pussy and ass. Ivan would have torn her, and Trevor… well, he would have hurt areas deep inside her. It was bad enough that she ached from Nicolai right now. She waited until Trevor had gotten dressed again and left, then looked up at him. “Nicolai, ya mogu poluchit’ chast’ moyej odezhdy prezhde, chem my uyezzhayem? YA dovol’no uveren, chto Vy ne hotite prinesti mne pered novym bossom s tol’ko moim damskim bel’em na.”

He was bending to pick up his own clothes and pulling on his boxers when she spoke. He glanced between her and Ivan, who was still staring at the sweaty and cum-leaking body of Sonja. The leader nodded toward the door, “ZHdite v avtomobile s Trevorom, ya poluchu yeye chinivshij i budu otsutstvovat’ cherez minutu…”

Ivan instantly obeyed him, heading over to his pile of clothes and slipping into them. He then left and Nicolai turned to Sonja, ” Da, Sonja, no ya dolzhen idti s Vami … tol’ko, takim obrazom ya mogu skazat’ bossu, chto ya ne ostavl’al Vas v pokoye posle togo, kak ya dobrals’a zdes’…” He finished pulling his boxers on, and pulled his trousers up as well.

Sonja smiled and nodded, lifting her hands so he could help her up, which he did, pulling her close to him. “Zon’aa, ya stremils’a chuvstvovat’ to, chto ya sdelal v techeniye mnogih let. Mne zhal’, chto my ne byli v sostoyanii sdelat’ eto s, drugiye, no veschi dolzhen byl byt’ sdelan putem, oni proishodili iz-za hita, pomeschennogo v Vas. No otnyne, ya kl’anus’ Vam, yedinstvennyj chelovek, kotorogo Vy dolzhny volnovat’ o pleasuring, – ya.”

Sonja nodded, her hands sliding over his chest as she leaned towards him, her face turning up towards his as she softly kissed his neck first, then along his jaw line. Slowly, her hands slid down his arms until she took one of his hands in her own smaller hand. She turned before he could take her mouth in a deep passionate kiss, and led him to her room.

Once in her room, she pointed to a drawer, smiling at him. “Vy mozhete poluchit’ moye damskoye bel’e, Nicolai? Vy budete znat’ kotoryye, kogda Vy vidite ih.” She turned to her jewellery box and lifted out a special piece her uncle by marriage had gotten her to celebrate her cousin’s marriage to his son. It was a delicate gold chain with her name in the Cyrillic language on it: Зоняа. It was the other way to prove that she would not have spoken to the FEDS. The other was buried in one of her drawers, and she’d always made sure to keep this evidence of the FEDS crooked tactics hidden from anyone who could use it to make her talk.

She dug out a short skirt from one of her drawers and a white shirt, and then dug out fresh underclothes. She pulled on a garter belt, pulling a pair of black panties up over the belt. Moving to the bed, she sat down and pulled on a pair of thigh high stockings and affixed the garter belt straps to them to hold them up. After making sure the stockings were in place, she pulled on the red, black and white plaid skirt. Then pulled on her demi-bra and slipped her shirt on, buttoning a couple buttons, tying the rest of it under her breasts. Rising to her feet, she walked to her closet and fished out a pair of black stiletto heels, slipping her feet into them.

Moving back to her dresser, she pulled out some sexier, slutty clothes and grabbed a small bag. She didn’t need to take a lot, not if Nicolai was going to take her as his, but she wanted to have some things she knew she liked and fit her.

Nicolai’s heart soared as she pressed her still lingerie-clad body to his and kissed his jaw. He saw all the signs that she wasn’t really mad at him, and that she accepted his words. He would have kissed her if she hadn’t moved him toward her bedroom. As soon as he entered, he was directed toward her dresser and he strode to it, smiling at her. He pulled open the specified drawer, and grinned at the collection of sexy lingerie that she had collected. He looked back at her, and then pulled out a very sexy item that he loved…he figured this was the one she had intended for him to grab. By the time he had finished looking, she was already dressed in her stockings, panties and bra. He gave a low whistle and admired her as she finished dressing.

He handed her the piece that he had pulled out, and then said with a chuckle, “Eto Vse? Vy imeyete dostatochno tam, chtoby svesti men’a s uma v techeniye mnogih nedel’ …, pochemu ne sdelal ya priblizhayus’ k Vam skoreye!?”

Sonja grinned at him taking the black lingerie from him and packing it. “Dejstvitel’no li eto – yedinstvennyj, kotoryj Vy hotite, chtoby ya prines so mnoj? Krome togo ya iznosils’a raneye?” she asked softly, her eyes twinkling at him as she bent back down to get the DVD evidence of her innocence. She packed that halfway through the bag, then dug out a few other pieces of jewellery that held sentimental value for her.

He chuckled at her comment and bent to look through the drawer once more, finally pulling out one last set and holding it out as well, “Vy znayete, chto chto – nibud’ yesche, chto ya hochu, chtoby Vy nosili, ya mogu dobrat’s'a dl’a Vas,” he said with a chuckle. He watched her pick up her other jewellery and a DVD that he hadn’t seen before, but didn’t ask her about. When it looked like she was finished, he said, “Nu, my pojdem v avtomobil’ teper’ i voz’mem Vas, chtoby vstretit’ bossa, togda nazad k moyemu domu.”

Sonja closed the bag after putting in the last piece that he liked. “YA znayu, Nicolai. YA tol’ko hotel prinesti nekotoryye veschi, kotoryye my znayem, sootvetstvuyut mne, takim obrazom my mozhem poluchit’ ostal’nyh nemnogo boleye legkij. YA dovol’no uveren, chto Vy ne hotite poluchit’ men’a chto – nibud’, chto zastavl’ayet men’a byt’ pohozhij na kita, ili koye-chto, chto otkl’uchayet moye obrascheniye. Krome etih treh, moye damskoye bel’e budet tem, chto Vy pokupayete men’a.”

She slung the bag over her shoulder and slipped her hand into his, following him to the car. “CHto kasayets’a togo, pochemu Vy ne priblizhalis’ ko mne raneye, Nicolai, ya ne znayu, pochemu Vy ne sdelali. Mne zhal’, chto Vy ne imeyete v to vrem’a takzhe. My nikogda ne dolzhny byli by imet’ delo s etim, yesli Vy imeli. I pochemu Vy tol’ko ne dostavali seb’a?” She said softly as they walked.

As they walked toward the door, he gave her hand a soft squeeze and looked over at her, “YA, vozmozhno, ne priyehal odin …, boss zakazyval hit na Vas, i s teh por kak ya znal Vas luchsheye, ya dolzhen byl byt’ liderom na etom. YA tol’ko rad, chto Vy ne uzhasno rasserzheny na men’a … otnyne, Vy dolzhny byt’ moyej zhenschinoj, moyej yedinstvennoj zhenschinoj… YA l’ubl’u Vas Sonja.” As he finished speaking, he brought her hand up to his lips and kissed it. Then they were at the door. He flipped the light switch and they left the house, climbing into the back of the waiting car. As soon as they were in, Ivan pulled away from the curb and headed away from her house.

Sonja snuggled against Nicolai in the back seat of the car, closing her eyes as she leaned against him. She didn’t care about looking to see where they were going. She was too busy being thrilled at his words. “I krome nih,” she whispered to him, “Vy budete yedinstvennym chelovekom, s kotorym ya byl. I otnyne, ne budet nikakih drugih muzhchin, chtoby tronut’ men’a. YEdinstvennyj, kotoromu ya dam men’a, – Vy.”

He put his arm around the woman he loved and gave her a squeeze as she lay against him. The boss was his brother, he was sure he would have no trouble securing Sonja’s future with him as her lover. He cuddled with her as the others drove, taking a winding and confusing path through the city to throw off any pursuit. It was nearly half an hour before they pulled up on a side street off of one of the main business roads. Nicolai opened his door and handed an envelope of money to Ivan, speaking in English so Trevor could understand, “Take the car to the garage and then divide the pay…” He got out, pulling Sonja gently with him. The building they were standing in front of was a rowdy nightclub that catered too many that would normally not make it into one of the popular places.

He led Sonja into the front doors of the place, into a room choked with smoke, but instantly off to the right, to a small and insignificant door in the wall, which he opened to reveal a staircase leading to the upper floors. The stairs were made of wood and creaky. The wallpaper was peeling and tatty, but when they reached the door at the top, a large Russian stood there blocking further passage. He took a good look at Nicolai, and then opened the door, speaking into a radio as they passed.

Once inside, it was like they were in an entirely different world. The carpet on the floor was lush, of deep reds and purples. Golden fabric hung on the walls, and the scents of many perfumes were in the air. Another guard came forward and beckoned for them to follow him. A row of doors lined the wall to the left, and an open gathering space dominated the right side. A table was set up with several men and upper class women, ‘companions’ occupying it. They walked past that though, and through a double door at the far end.

The guard left, closing the doors and they were left alone in the room with a man sitting at a desk, head bowed. He looked up, and smiled. He was someone that you could say was ‘ruggedly handsome’ with dark hair and darker eyes, a smile that was both mischievous and malevolent. “Nicolai! Moj brat! YA vizhu, chto Vy vernuli zhenschinu s Vami …, eto yavl’ayets’a Zon’aoj togda?” He stood from the desk and came around it to clasp Nicolai’s hand in his and give him an a hug, before looking over at her.

Sonja watched them, speaking up for herself. “YA – Zon’aa. I ya nikogda ne vystupal protiv sem’i. Dimitri byl moim d’adej brakom. Vy dumayete, chto ya vystupil by protiv moyej sem’i? I eto,” she said, sliding the bag in front of her, digging out the DVD, then handing it to Nicolai’s brother, even though she didn’t know his rank yet. “Eto – dal’nejsheye svidetel’stvo moyej nevinovnosti. Oni skazali mne, chto sluchilos’, kotoryj ya znal, byla tol’ko lozh’. YA byl dazhe ne na stende. Oni vykupili drugih ‘svidetelej’, kotoryye budut svidetel’stvovat’ o sposobe, kotorym oni hoteli. No iz-za tipa suda i ih nepravd, oni skryvali men’a.”

Nicolai’s brother remained standing next to him as she started off into her speech, handing him the DVD and insisting that she was completely innocent of any charges. From time to time as she spoke, he glanced over at Nicolai with what could only be described as amusement of her attitude. He took the DVD though and turned away, walking back to his desk and setting it down. When he turned his back, Nicolai hissed, “Shhh! Vy ne dolzhny govorit’ s bossom v etoj manere! Dazhe yesli on – moj brat, on – vse yesche samyj moschnyj chelovek vokrug! My mogli oba byt’ ubity!”

From the desk, his brother laughed and turned, “Ves’ma zl’uschij Vy imeyete zdes’, Nicolai! Ona – konechno zhenschina, dostojnaya Vas.” He stepped back across and caught up her free hand in his, kissing it. “YA- Sergej… i ya dolzhen prinesti izvineniya vam oboim dl’a etogo obmana.” He smiled at both of them.

Sonja gave a laugh at Nicolai’s words, replying, “YA govoril s Dimitri kak eto. On rekomendoval mne govorit’ moye mneniye vokrug nego. No iz-za moih chuvstv dl’a Vas, Nicolai, ya budu boleye pochtitel’nym vokrug vashego brata.” Then she stilled at Sergei’s words; a deception? What did he mean? She gave Nicolai a quizzical look, then said, “Obman? CHto vy imeyete v vidu?”

“Vy vidite, Zon’aa, Nicolai… YA znal sovershenno horosho, chto Vy nikogda ne budete govorit’ prokuroru nichto. Vse yesche ostavalos’, hot’a, chto, v to vrem’a kak ya znal eto, nikto bol’she ne sdelal … i takim obrazom ya pomeschal vyrazhennyj protest v Vas, i celenapravleno pomeschal Nicolai v rabotu. Proshu proscheniya, no ya dolzhen byl zastavit’ eto kazat’s'a real’nym, ili v sem’e byla by nepriyatnost’…” He shrugged and bowed his head a bit, then settled back on his desk.

Nicolai blinked at him, then turned to Sonja and said, “YA kl’anus’ Vam, Zon’aye, ya ne znal ob etom… YEsli by ya imel, ya nikogda ne pozvol’al by etomu sluchat’s'a!”

Sonja grew furious at the deception, not because it was against her, but because Sergei hadn’t told his own brother the truth. Rage flowed through her veins, bringing out her inner Russian spitfire. Her body trembled as she held back; having promised Nicolai moments ago that she would be respectful of his brother. Turning to Nicolai, she reached up, her hand, still trembling, resting on his cheek. “YA znayu, moya l’ubov’. I ya ne obvin’ayu Vas v tom, chto sluchilos’. Vy tol’ko sledovali za zakazami, dannymi Vas.”

Looking into Nicolai’s eyes calmed her enough that she could face Sergei without flying off the deep end. She turned to face Sergei, giving into her original teachings from Dmitri. “Razve Vy ne mogli dover’at’ vashemu bratu dostatochno, chtoby skazat’ yemu pravdu? Sekonomit’ men’a ot nalichiya Ivana i Trevora, ispol’zuyuschego moj rot? Vse moye stradaniye segodn’a vecherom, vozmozhno, bylo by otlozheno, yesli by Vy skazali Najkolej pravdu. Byt’ s Najkolej bylo odnoj iz dvuh horoshih veschej, chtoby sluchit’s'a segodn’a vecherom. Drugoj … horosho, davajte tol’ko govorit’, Vy luchshe vsego privykli by k moyej otkrovennosti, Sergeyu. YA budu ispol’zovat’s'a ochen’ chasche teper’.”

Nicolai looked down at her as she held her hand on his cheek, profoundly glad that she loved him as much as he loved her. He stepped behind her and put his hands on her shoulders as she spoke to Sergei, who seemed to be taking this very well. In fact, he found it amusing to a great extent, and refreshing as well. It was so rare to have a beautiful woman such as her. He had no doubts that Nicolai and Sonja would be excellent and valuable assets to the family in the future. He inclined his head, “YA uzhe prines izvineniya Vam oboim, ya mogu sdelat’ bol’she net. Odnako, horosho, chto Vy oba – zdes’. YA dolzhen otoslat’ Nicolai na drugoj missii zavtra utrom pervym delom, i Vy mozhete ostat’s'a so mnoj, Zon’aoj, poka on ne vozvraschayets’a.”

Sonja didn’t like that Nicolai was being sent out so soon after they got together, and her displeasure showed in her eyes. “I kakova missiya na sej raz, Sergej? CHto Vy imeyete moyu l’ubov’, delayuschuyu teper’?” She looked over her shoulder at Nicolai, a wicked grin crossing her lips. “Vy dumayete, chto Vy budete do ostavleniya pervuyu vesch’, Nicolai? Posle, chto sluchilos’ mezhdu nami raneye, Vy dumayete, chto Vy budete gotovy ostavit’ men’a tak skoro?”

The boss smiled and answered her question, ” Eto – koye-chto kak to, chto Vy tol’ko proshli … hot’a na sej raz, net nikakih chlenov sem’i, vovlechennyh, i on ne imeyet nikakih sv’azej s l’ubym iz nih …., kak Vy znayete, Dimitri posylali gazovoj kamere iz-za suda. Sam prokuror imeyet krasivuyu moloduyu doch’ …, i mest’ pobezhala gluboko v Sem’e.”

He chuckled, the sound coming out quite evilly, “Nicolai – yedinstvennyj, kotoromu ya dover’al by, chtoby byt’ v sostoyanii vozglavit’ missiyu kak eto. Doch’ i yeye luchshij drug vozvraschayuts’a na samolete Poludn’a iz sokrytiya yeye otca, poslal yej. YA namerevayus’ prinesti im v nashu nebol’shuyu organizaciyu …, potomstvo toj zmei dolzhno sdelat’ prekrasnoye domashneye zhivotnoye i igrushku dl’a men’a neposredstvenno… No ya znayu, chto ya ne budu poluchat’ yeye nedosazhdennyj, yesli Nicolai ne idet, chtoby derzhat’ yeye sejf, v to vrem’a kak mal’chiki nasiluyut yeye druga.”

Nicolai waited for his brother to finish speaking before he answered his love, smiling back at her look, knowing that she would be able to hold her own in bed this evening, “YA ne zhelayu ostavit’ Vas Zon’aoj …, no yesli to, chto on govorit, budet verno, to ya vozvraschus’ k Vam v nashem glavnom mestopolozhenii, do zavtra otsutstvuyet …”

Sonja shook her head in denial. Dimitri? Dead? The FEDS had kept her without television or internet while they hid her from the family. She stumbled back a step, leaning against Nicolai for support. “Mertvyj Dimitri? Eto ne mozhet byt’. Kak yego sem”a derzhit? Ekaterina? Stasziya? Yvgeny?” She whispered to Nicolai before looking to his brother again. “YA ne znal, Sergej. Dom, gde ya byl to, kogda Nicolai pribyl segodn’a vecherom, byl odnim iz p’at’, chto ya byl peremeschen v nachinaya s celogo nachatogo cirka. Drugiye ne imeli nikakogo televideniya ili Interneta dl’a men’a, chtoby derzhat’ modernizirovannym na tom, chto prodolzhalos’.”

Nicolai took Sonja’s shoulders as she leaned back against him. He let her rest there, against his strong chest, answering her words, “YA zhal’ Zon’aa, my ne ponimali, chto Vy byli pod takoj strogoj izol’aciyej …, on byl kaznim v proshlyye vyhodnyye. Ekaterina probuyet podderzhat’ …, kotoryj my prinesli yej blagopoluchno k mestu zhitel’stva Sergeya. Bednyj Yvgeny byl arestovan nar’adu s Dimitri, posle togo, kak Vy byli skryty, On ne byl osvobozhden. Stasziya polnost”u ischez. Ona ne byla, nahod’at l’ubym Federal’nyye banki, ni nashih muzhchin,” He leaned over to kiss her neck, even as Sergei finished answering her.

“YA takzhe, dolzhen prinesti izvineniya za to, chto predpolozhil, chto Vy znali by. I bez togo pr’amo sejchas, ya vse yesche probuyu polnost”u sobrat’ chasti ot togo, chto Federal’nyye banki sdelali k sem’e … eto – bespor’adok, ya dazhe dolzhen byl pozhertvovat’ nekotorymi yachejkami, chtoby cekonomit’ drugiye. No my vyjdem iz etogo, i my budem imet’ nashu mest’ na nih… Segodn’a vecherom otdeleniye policii v dalekij yuzhnyj konec pereneset tragicheskij ‘neschastnyj sluchaj’ v techeniye izmeneniya izmeneniya… Zavtra, Nicolai zahvatit doch’ prokurora, i my prevratim yeye v nashu samuyu novuyu shl’uhu…”

Sonja trembled, ashamed that she hadn’t heard about Dimitri or Yvgeny; but she had an inkling of where Stasziya might be. She would talk to Nicolai about it after he got the new mission done. She didn’t want to distract him from what he already had to do, and she knew that the only way Stasziya would let anyone in would be if it was her blood family. “Bylo by v por’adke, yesli by ya provodil nekotoroye vrem’a s Ekaterina zavtra, togda? YA hotel by pozvolit’ yej znat’, chto ya ne imel nikakogo otnosheniya k tomu, chto sdelali isporchennyye sever’ane. I poskol’ku ya skazal, chto DVD – dokazatel’stvo etogo. Eto pokazyvayet agentam FBR, probuyuschim skazat’ mne, chto skazat’, i probuyuschim vynudit’ men’a svidetel’stvovat’ protiv Dimitri.”

Nicolai knew it would be up to Sergei to decide if she could go to see the older woman. Ekaterina had been like a mother to both him and his brother after their own parents died, and they both treated her with respect. Sergei nodded readily, ” YA ne vizhu nikakoj prichiny, kotoruyu Vy ne mozhete … my byt’ ostavl’at’ segodn’a vecherom, Vy i ya, i idti v moye mesto v gorode, tot, gde devushki obuchayuts’a takzhe. Ekaterina zhivet v ih starom penthause. YA ostavil eto k nej, v to vrem’a kak ya beru nemnogo men’shuyu komnatu nizhe. YEst’ bol’shoye kolichestvo komnaty dl’a Vas, chtoby ostat’s'a s neyu do dohodov Najkolej. I eto bylo by horoshim dl’a neye, chtoby znat’ to, chto Vy skazali mne, ustanovili yeye mneniye neprinuzhdenno … pl’us eto, byl by horoshim dl’a neye, chtoby imet’ druguyu zhenschinu ot sem’i vokrug, chtoby govorit’ s.”

Sonja listened, then replied, “Nicolai idet s nami takzhe. On mog uyehat’ v yego missiyu ottuda. YA ne dumayu, chto eto byla by horoshaya vesch’ dl’a nas, chtoby byt’ obosoblenno segodn’a vecherom. My dolzhny mnogo vremeni vospolnit’.” She turned to look up at Nicolai, lightly kissing his jaw. She turned to face him, her arms slipping around his neck as she stretched up on her toes and kissed his lips softly before laying her head against his shoulder, whispering softly against his neck, so only he heard her words. “Net nikakogo sposoba, kotorym my spim obosoblenno segodn’a vecherom, moya l’ubov’. YA hochu chuvstvovat’ Vas vo mne snova, vashe nalozheniye tela na moyej vershine, vasha grud’ protiv moih grudej.”

Sergei chuckled and nodded, “Konechno, Zon’aa …. Vy – para tom’aschihs’a ot l’ubvi golubej.” He turned away and walked to a door at the far end of the room, giving them some privacy as he ordered his car brought around. Nicolai eagerly returned her kisses and smiled at her words, “YA ne imel by eto nikakim drugim putem, moj dorogoj …, Vy prinadlezhite mne teper’ … i ya hochu chuvstvovat’, chto Vy obertyvali vokrug men’a, poskol’ku ya zapoln’ayu Vas snova.”

Sonja giggled at Sergei’s words, though he had already left the room. “CHto on ozhidal? Dl’a men’a, chtoby nenavidet’ vas? YEsli by eto bylo kem-to drugim, chem vam, chto prishel, chtoby dostavit’ men’a nazad, i sdelal to, chto ty sdelal, ya by nenavidel ih. No … YA dolzhen skazat’, Nikolaj, ya byl v teb’a vl’ublen v techeniye mnogih let. No vy vsegda byli devochki visit vse nad vami. YA ne govoril nichego, potomu chto ya ne dumayu, chto vy chuvstvovali to zhe samoye obo mne.” She pressed herself against him, her soft breasts flattening against his hard chest. “Vy byli prichine ya vse yesche devstvennica raneye. YA nikogda ne vstrechal cheloveka, kotoryj shvatil moye vnimaniye, kak vy sdelali. YA hotel, chtoby ty byl stat’ moim pervym. A teper’, mne ne nuzhno budet nikogo, tol’ko ty. Nikolaj, kogda eto zakonchits’a, ya hochu imet’ ot teb’a detej.”

Nicolai had to chuckle at Sergei as well, but his attention was nearly immediately drawn downward as his girl, the only girl in his life that he loved, pressed herself into him. He felt her chest pressing into his and gave a low grunt as she whispered. He answered her back, “Vy vsegda byli yedinstvennoj zhenschinoj, kotoruyu ya l’ubl’u, Zon’aa … iz-za moyej raboty i polozheniya, ya chasto imel zhenschin, kotoryye interesuyuts’a mnoj …, no ni odin iz nih ne byl Vami.” He leaned down to kiss her gently on the lips and run one of his hands through her hair and down her back, “YA hotel by, chtoby nikakaya drugaya zhenschina ne byla rudnikami i perenosila moih detej…” He smiled down at her, then motioned that they should follow Sergei, who had re-entered and was waiting for them by the door.

Sonja smiled at Nicolai, then turned to look at Sergei, blushing softly as she realized he’d seen the moment the two of them shared, even though he couldn’t hear their words. Before picking her bag back up to follow them from the room, she whispered, “YEsli eto vash sposob prosit men’a stat’ tvoyej zhenoj, moya sladkaya, sladkaya Nikolaj, to, da. YA budu vashej zhenoj. YA hochu provesti svoyu zhizn’ s vami.” Taking Nicolai’s hand in hers, she picked up her bag again, then followed them both from the room.

As they walked across the room toward Sergei, the last thing he said to her was, “Moya L’ubimaya… Moya L’ubimaya, Krasivaya Zon’aa… Nichto ne moglo sdelat’ men’a boleye schastlivym.” Nicolai’s brother appeared to be rather amused, a grin spreading across his face as they approached and he patted them both on the shoulder, then led them out the door.

A pair of armed guards led them down the halls and stairs to the opposite side of the club, where a black armoured limo waited for them. They piled in quickly before the driver expertly pulled away. In the outskirts of the city, the leaders of the family kept a mansion; no one knew who owned it except those few that lived there. The mansion itself was built exclusively for the comfort of the Mafia bosses and the families.

It was here that Dmitri and Ekaterina lived, and now where Sergei did as well. Because of the respect for his uncle, he let Ekaterina have the entire Master suite of rooms to herself, the ones reserved for the Mafia boss, until such time as she decided to move into another room. Because of this, he had taken a guest room, and Nicolai and now Sonja, would have another.

In the back of the property are the other buildings. An old barn, converted into a stable and kennels… a set of three large warehouses, and a ‘block’ house… a square building designed like an apartment building. These buildings all served the purposes of the Mafia…

The limo pulled up in front of the ornate gates, and was instantly admitted then it drove straight up the asphalt lane to the front of the spacious building. A butler met them, opening the door so that first Sergei, then Nicolai and Sonja could step out. Sergei led the way into the mansion, now their home, “YA predlozhu cenu Vas oboih l’ubleniye dobroj nochi, i budu zhelat’, chtoby, yesli Vy sumeli spat’ … Vy imeyete priyatnyye mechty. Nicolai, ya budu videt’ Vas utrom, yesli Vy mozhete sumet’ t’anut’ vashu zadnicu iz krovati …, i ya skazhu Ekejtrine, chto Vy budete videt’ yeye utrom Zon’aa…”

He walked away from them then, and the butler motioned for them to follow him. He led them up a grand set of stairs, and down a long hall to a pair of doors in the right side. At the far end, another set of doors would lead to the Master suite… across the hall would be Sergei’s room. After they entered, the butler bowed. “I’ll see that you aren’t disturbed…” he said, in a thick Nordic accent and closed the doors.

Sonja smiled at Nicolai as the butler closed the doors, a twinkle in her eye. “Tak, Vy hotite chast’ etogo?” she said with a soft purr as she motioned to her slim body. She watched him step towards her, and held up a hand, the twinkle in her eye getting brighter. “Ah Ah Ah! YEsche, mal’chik l’ubitel’a!” she purred out. “Polosa dl’a men’a, Nicolai. YA hochu nabl’udat’ Vas razdevayuschijs’a za mnoj snachala. Togda ya hochu, chtoby Vy zhdali na krovati men’a.” Her tongue ran lightly over her luscious lips before she finished, “YA hochu dat’ Vam shou, kotoroye Vy budete l’ubit’. I ya hochu nabl’udat’ Vas, stanov’as’ tverdym dl’a men’a.”

He stared at her lithe and beautiful body as she asked him a question. His intent must have been evident, for she began to tease him, telling him to get over on the bed and lay down if he wanted to see a show and have her. He complied, in no way going to decline such an order… he wanted her, and he wanted her now… but he could wait that long, ” Dl’a Vas, Zon’ay…” He stepped across to stand next to the bed and slowly stripped his clothing from his body. His hard and muscled chest came into view as he lifted his shirt off, then kicked off his shoes and pushed his pants and boxers down. His hardening cock came into view, and he crawled onto the bed to lay down and watch her.

Sonja watched as her man, her love, stripped for her, then lay down on the bed, letting her watch as his cock hardened. She licked her lips again then gave him a seductive smile. Her hands came up, slowly unbuttoning her top and freeing the tie, letting the fabric fall from her arms to bare her breasts to his gaze. Her hands moved to cup her breasts, hefting the C cup mounds in her small hands, her thumbs grazing over her pebbled nipples. Her eyes never left his body as she watched his cock harden even more. “Kak to, chto Vy vidite, moya l’ubov’?”

He gazed at her with appreciation of her beauty; no one was more perfect than her. Her breasts were the exact size and looked magnificent on her, “Kak mog ya ne l’ubit’ to, chto ya vizhu …., Vy boleye krasivy chem zvezdy v nebesah…” He breathed, huskily as he stared at her. His cock rapidly rose to meet her gaze, going from slightly hard to semi hard and further in the space of only a few moments. He was near being as hard as he had been when he had taken her the first time in her home.

Sonja purred and smiled at him, turning around, wiggling her ass at him. Her short skirt just barely covered her ass and as she swayed, the fabric swished, showing glimpses of her derriere. Bending over, she spread her legs, watching him through her scissors as her hands moved up to hook under the sides of her panties, slowly dragging them down and giving him a peep at her mound. The very mound he deflowered just a couple hours earlier. “I eto, moya l’ubov’? Vy tol’ko ne hotite pohoronit’ seb’a v etom tugom nebol’shom otverstii? V konce koncov, Vy byli yedinstvennym v etom, i obrabatyvali eto, chtoby sootvetstvovat’ vashemu petuhu sovershenno.”

He couldn’t drag his eyes away from her, not that he wanted to. As she moved to bend and pull her panties down, he swallowed. She was such a horrible tease… gods he wanted to ream her ass… and that was what she was asking as she gave him peeks of her flesh. His voice was deep with lust, “Vy znayete, chto ya hochu k… YA hochu zapihnut’ moyu vs’u dlinu v oba iz vashih otverstij …, zapoln’ayut Vas kak, tol’ko ya mogu…”

Sonja purred as she stood back up, turning back to face him, her eyes going to his hard cock, which had swollen even larger than before. “Rasprostranite vashi nogi, Nicolai.” She watched as he spread his legs, then crawled up next to him on the bed, her skirt, stockings and heels still on her. She kept herself low to the bed, letting her hair brush along his legs as she moved up, then the outsides of her breasts brushed against his thighs. “Vrem’a dl’a razvlecheniya, chtoby nachat’s'a, moyej l’ubvi. I Vy sobirayetes’ poluchat’ luchshuyu oral’nuyu stimul’aciyu polovogo chlena, kotoruyu Vy kogda-libo ispytyvali.”

He groaned as she climbed up between his legs, her hair and then her breasts brushing his skin as he looked down himself past his rod that stuck straight into the air, at her. He couldn’t believe that she was doing this, but there was no way he could or would stop her. He was rather at a loss for words after she spoke, but he managed to croak out, “Razvlecheniye ne budet zakanchivat’s'a dl’a ostal’noj chasti vechera, moyej l’ubvi… YA dolgo, chtoby videt’, chto Vy mozhete sdelat’…”

Sonja smiled up at him, the look in her eyes promising him that he was going to like what she was going to do. Reaching the juncture of his thighs, she smirked and leaned down, her tongue slipping out to brush lightly over his balls and the base of his cock. Slowly, she licked up his length, her tongue bathing his cock as she moved up to his tip. She licked his head, her tongue sliding over the cum-slit at the very tip. She was definitely going to tease him…A lot. As she felt him thrusting up, wanting to slide into her mouth, she gave a low, throaty laugh and moved her head to the side, sliding her tongue back down his length.

He waited and didn’t have to wait long. She began to tongue his cock and balls, licking him from the bottom to the top. Oh how much of a tease she was. He tried to get her to go on his cock, but was met with empty air and another lick down his shaft. A growl of frustration and muttered Russian curses slipped from his lips as he glared playfully at her. Just wait, he thought, just wait until I get you under me later… He shook his head and resolved to enjoy this as she teased him relentlessly.

She licked her lips as she slowly and methodically licked every inch of his shaft, feeling him tense up under her tormenting tongue. She knew what he wanted, and she wanted it too, but she wanted to get him to that point just before he blew. Every stroke of her tongue was designed to bring him closer to that point, and she even worked her mouth further down, licking his full, aching balls with her tongue, then sucking each one into her mouth for a full bath. Finally, sensing he was at that point, she stopped and slid her mouth back up his length, taking his rock hard, purple tip into her mouth and sucking on it while swirling her tongue around his head. Finally, she drove down on him, feeling his cock sliding further into her mouth as she started working his length over with her deliciously naughty mouth.

“Aaahhhhggg…” he groaned as she suddenly popped over his head and sucked him into her mouth. He hadn’t expected that, thinking that perhaps she was going to drive him over the edge and make him cum before he even got to fuck her. Now he was going to have to try extra hard not to cum… Her mouth was more talented than it looked, and he wondered if she had ever given a blow job before and how many if so. He grinned down at her, reaching for her head to stroke his fingers through her hair as she made his mind go in circles with lust.

Sonja moaned as she heard her lover’s groan as she took him into her mouth. The first time she’d ever had a cock in her mouth had been earlier, and then it was forced oral. This time, it was her love running through her and controlling her actions. She’d read many stories about love and sex, and was using that knowledge against her lover as she worked his length to the back of her throat. Swallowing quickly, she eased his length down into her throat, letting her tightness work in her favour as she worked him over. Slowly, she slid further down his length, taking his hard flesh in inch by inch until she finally brushed her nose against his groin and her lips wrapped completely around his base.

He had laid his head back on the pillows of the bed when she began to suck on him, but his eyes snapped open and his head came up when she went all the way down, “CHert voz’mi … trahayuts’a, Vy berete men’a celoye!” He exclaimed, groaning afterward as he felt her throat convulse around his glans. He didn’t know that she had never given a proper blowjob before, or he would have been more than amazed to see and feel her doing it now. He grunted and couldn’t help but buck his hips up a bit into her throat, nearly on the verge of cumming again.

Sonja moaned softly as she heard his exclamation, starting to move on his cock, her head bobbing up and down as she deep throated him. Her small hands slid over his thighs and up his sides before one slid down to cup his heavy balls and caressed him. She wanted him to cum. She wanted his seed to fill her stomach and coat her tongue and throat… and she would get him to cum before too much longer. She could feel how his cock throbbed in her mouth and throat, her tongue caressing the vein that carried blood to his shaft.

He groaned deeply as she continued to suck him, massaging his balls at the same time. He tried to hold it back, to keep her sucking on him longer, but it didn’t work. Soon enough his cock was tightening up on its own, jerking beyond his control as it shot load after load of hot sticky sperm into her waiting mouth and throat. He bucked on the bed from the strength of his orgasm. It was like nothing he had ever felt before. He reached down to grip her hair, not pulling, but just having something to hold on to as he let out a long moan.

Sonja gulped his seed down as he shot into her mouth and throat. She loved the taste of him on her tongue, and moaned herself. After a few minutes, she felt his cock throbbing, but nothing else coming from his length, and slowly lifted up from his shaft, letting her tongue drag over him as she lifted her mouth from him, and licked her lips. “Moj sladkij, seksual’nyj Nicolai. Vy yavl’ayetes’ na vkus nastol’ko zamechatel’nymi na moyem yazyke. I ya l’ubil chuvstvovat’, chto Vy pul’siruyete v moyem rtu,” she murmured, giving a last lick over his tip, collecting the last bead of cum from his shaft.

He wasn’t really sure what to say back to that. He was still coming down from the high of his orgasm, breathing hard as she cleaned him of the leftover cum and her saliva. He could only smile at her, grinning like an idiot before gasping out, “Vy – yazyk, i rot ne pohod’at ni na chto, ya kogda-libo chuvstvoval …., Vy yavl’ayetes’ bol’she chem zamechatel’naya Zon’aa! YA hochu ispytat’ Vas takzhe hot’a….” He leaned up on his elbows and gazed down at her.

She purred and slinked her way up, letting her breasts caress his body as she moved. She slowly dragged her lips over his chest as she moved as well, then licked and kissed his jaw line. “YA l’ubl’u Vas, Nicolai. I ya hotel by chuvstvovat’, chto vash yazyk rabotayet men’a,” she purred against his lips. “Teper’, kogda ya prines Vam udovol’stviye, Vy mozhete tronut’ men’a i sdelat’ to, chto Vy budete ko mne.”

He wrapped his arms around her as she crawled up him and kissed him as she came. He pulled their naked flesh together, her breasts to his chest, rubbing her back and whispering, “Vy soblazn’ayete men’a, moyu seksual’nuyu lisicu… YA voz’mu teper’, chto ya zhelayu ot Vas…” He chuckled and twisted in the bed, rolling over so they were both on their sides. He slithered down her now, cupping her tits and nestling his face between them, licking and sucking on both of her luscious mounds, tasting her flesh and nipping at her nipples.

She moaned and arched under his talented hands and mouth, her body igniting as pleasure shot through her as he nipped her tender, pebbled aureoles. She slipped her arms around his neck, holding him against her as his mouth worked its magic on her breasts. “Ohhh Daaa .. stol’ horoshij, Nicolai… CHuvstvuyet seb’a tak horosho…”

He took in her words with a moan as he continued to suckle on her and nibble at her. Her nipples were so hard, he wanted to remain there and suck on them all day… but he also had further objectives. He moved lower, pushing her over on her back as he did so, sliding down her skin and gradually getting closer to her skirt and pussy. He found himself at the edge of the fabric and moved below it, sliding it up her legs to reveal his conquest, her centre… He moved down again, licking above her clit and around her mounds… then moving to gingerly run his tongue just over the very edge, teasing her as she had him.

Sonja trembled as he moved down her body, already eager to have his tongue against her dripping slit. She groaned as he teased her, fanning the flames of desire inside her towards an inferno. Her heels dug into the mattress beneath her as her fingers clenched the sheets. “Bol’she, Nicolai… Dajte mne bol’she…” she moaned, her head thrashing on the pillow.

With hardly a noise or word, Nicolai slid his hands up her legs, caressing her soft, tight skin, coming closer and closer to her centre before sliding around to get a good grip on her hips. He continued to horribly tease her for a few moments, sensing her pent up frustration. When he felt she was near to begging him for it, he suddenly dove deep into her love-crevice, running his deft tongue from bottom to top and swirling around her clit. He tasted her for the first time, her sweat, her juices… her. He inhaled sharply of her scents, and resumed his frantic licking of her sex.

Sonja let out a low keening as her lover’s tongue found her slit finally. She was so close to cumming from his teasing, and now, she arched, bucked, moaned, thrashed and writhed under him as he licked her slit. Every few moments, she felt his teeth nipping at her clit, sending jolts of pure pleasure through her body and making her cry out softly. With effort, she dragged her hands from the sheets and moved them to his head, delving her fingers into his hair, tugging gently on his hair, pulling his face flush into her soaking cunt.

He made a gentle “Mmmpfff” sound when she suddenly pulled his head against her pussy, but there was no way he was going to fight her. Why would he? He loved her and her taste too much to do that. So he continued to lick and suck her juices from her, tonguing and biting her clit and lips, driving his tongue into her hole and running it in circles, wanting to drive her to the same intense climax that she had done to him.

She arched from the bed, pushing herself into his mouth as low cries of pleasure tore from her throat. Cries that just had to be let out not stifled. Her body writhed and thrashed under his hungry mouth. It seemed like hours went by as he ate her out, but it wasn’t that long. It was only a few minutes after he started that she stiffened up and screamed out in pleasure, as her juices coated his lips, tongue and lower face.

He grinned into her cunt, continuing to lick and suck her through the orgasm and out the other side, until she was shaking on the bed with the aftershocks. Her hand had gone limp on him and so he leaned up, smirking and crawling up her body until his rock-hard cock was at her entrance, and he could look into her eyes, “Teper’, kogda ya dal Vam, chto Vy dali mne …, eto prishlo vrem’a dvizheniye koye vo chto … glubzhe…” As he whispered the last word, he pushed himself into her, until he was completely and deeply hilted, touching her cervix with his cock.

Her back arched as he slid into her, sending jolts of pleasure through her as her body welcomed him back inside her. Her cunt was still so tight around him, gripping his hard shaft with velvety slickness. “Ohh, Nicolai…. YA l’ubl’u chuvstvovat’ Vas vo mne …., prinos’a udovol’stviye k moyemu telu … kak Vy nozhny vasha dlina v men’a,” she whispered brokenly as he slid inside her. Her legs wrapped around his waist as she looked up at him, her eyes shining with the love she felt for him. She pulled his head down and kissed him, moaning softly at her taste on his lips and tongue, then gave a single buck up against him. “Teper’, trahnite men’a, Nicolai… Trahnite men’a kak yego dvizheniye byt’ nashim v poslednij raz.” she demanded huskily.

He groaned as she entangled herself with his body as he rammed into her. He grunted then as he began to fuck her, “YA trahnus’, Vy l’ubite, eto nahodits’a nashej poslednej noch”u na zemle … Vy budete krichat’ moye nazvaniye mnogo raz pered utrom.” He grinned down at her and leaned in to kiss her somewhat roughly as he picked up the pace in her cunt. Both of them wanted it fast and hard, and that was what he planned on.

She moaned as he kissed her roughly, and rammed himself into her, his cock ploughing into her as he claimed what belonged only to him. “Nicolai,” she moaned softly, as he moved in her. Her eyes were closed as she held him close. “YA l’ubl’u chuvstvovat’, chto Vy peremeschayetes’ vo mne. Vy – yedinstvennyj dl’a men’a. YA hochu byt’ vashim navsegda, ya hochu nosit’ vashe kol’co i nazvaniye s gordost”u buduchi vashim. YA hochu nesti vashih detej, i sozdavat’ sem”u s Vami.”

He smiled as she moaned his name, he knew it was the first of many times she would call out that night. His pace steadied, though it was a brutally fast and hard one, driving into and out of her like a piston or jackhammer. He whispered back, through his heavy breathing, “Vy budete moyej yedinstvennoj L’ubov”u, Zon’aoj… YA ne imel by nikakogo drugogo iznashivaniya moim kol’com i perenosil by moih detej, no Vas…” As soon as the last word left his mouth, he claimed her lips once more, ravaging her mouth with his tongue even as his cock did with her pussy.

Sonja moaned into his mouth as their tongues tangled and his hips drove hard against her, his hard length finding a warm welcome in her slit. With every thrust of his length into her, moans and muffled cries of pleasure left her mouth and slipped into his. He drove her pleasure higher and higher, until she couldn’t handle anymore. Her lips tore from his as her body arched from the bed and she screamed in pleasure, just as he’d predicted. “NICOLAI!!!!” Her tight cunt clenched his cock, milking him as her juices coated him.

He let out a short back of laughter at her scream, though it sounded more like an out of breath grunt because of the speed at which he continued to fuck her, even as she clenched and milked him with her cunt. He knew he would lose it soon inside her, but that didn’t matter… she wanted to have children, and he would do all he could to give them to her. He leaned over and kissed her neck, nipping at it as well when he suddenly felt his balls tightening and squeezing inside her, rocketing off a massive load deep into her pussy. “Sonja!!” he hissed into her ear.

Sonja groaned as she felt his seed shooting deep into her, and turned her head at his hiss, kissing him deeply. She was floating on cloud nine, complete with its silver lining, as she slowly came back to herself after that mind-blowing orgasm that he just gave her. “Mozhet byt’ odin iz etih umnozhennyh, Nicolai, ya budu gol, kogda Vy berete men’a,” she whispered huskily as she slid her stocking covered legs and leather heels over his legs.

He smiled into the kiss as she passionately took his lips, then he breathed back, “Kak naschet segodn’a vecherom, moya konfeta? My ne zakoncheny namnogo…” He gripped her tits in his firm hands and gave them a loving squeeze as he leaned in to kiss her again, before rolling back onto her opposite side and letting his hands trail down to her skirt, which had ridden up and been bunched under her ass and around her waist.

She moaned and arched into his hands as he stroked them over her body. Pleasure flared through her as he caressed her. “Moya l’ubov’, ya dejstvitel’no polagayu, chto Vy planiruyete delat’ eto tak, ya spl’u vse vrem’a, Vy nahodites’ na vashej missii zavtra,” she said with a soft laugh before her eyes got serious again. “Tol’ko obeschajte mne koye-chto. Obeschajte mne, chto Vy vozvratites’ ko mne. I eto nichto ne razluchit nas. YA ne byl by v sostoyanii zhit’ bez Vas, moyego Nicolai.”

He chuckled at her, whispering back, “Vozmozhno Vy budete spat’ ves’ den’ zavtra … i kogda Vy prosypayetes’, ya budu tam … gotov vz’at’ Vas snova…” cuddling against her. When she spoke again, he could tell she was worried. He took on a serious expression himself, nodding, “YA obeschayu, chto ya budu vsegda vozvraschat’s'a k Vam …, i ya nikogda ne budu pozvol’at’ nikomu pribyvat’ mezhdu nami… YA nikogda ne byl by v sostoyanii zhit’ bez Vas l’uboj … ne teper’, moya l’ubimaya…”

Sonja snuggled against her love, both of them taking a few moments to catch their breath before she rolled on top of him, her bare slit rubbing against his shaft. “Kakova pervaya chast’, kotoruyu Vy hotite ot men’a, Nicolai? Moi botinki ili yubka? Moi chulki ne mogut otorvat’s'a, poka moi botinki ne delayut. Mozhet byt’ nebol’shaya igra trahan”a polosy? Kazhdyj raz my ostanavlivayems’a, chtoby otdyshat’s'a, ya snimayu druguyu chast’ odezhdy. YA dumayu, chto eto sdelalo by nashu l’ubov’ boleye chuvstvennoj chem tol’ko bystraya polosa i sognulo by men’a.” Of course, her position lent itself to removing her heels better than it did to removing her skirt.

Nicolai looked up at her as she rolled on top of him, then down where their bodies met, where his cock was poking up and her slit rubbing against the bottom of it. He smiled up at her then, before pulling her down for another kiss, “Davajte delat’ eto medlenno … nogi, bezuslovno, dolzhna byt’ bolit uzhe …” He chuckled, letting his hands fall to her delicious globes, “Davajte videt’, mozhete li Vy ne otstavat’ ot men’a dostatochno dolgo, chtoby sn’at’ vs’u vashu odezhdu…”

She giggled, leaning back to pull her heels off, the movement pushing her aching slit against his hard shaft. “Vopros, moya l’ubov’, mozhete Vy ne otstavat’ ot men’a?” she asked as she raised her hips enough to slip his cock into her wet cunt. She sank down onto him, moaning in pleasure as she felt him filling her again, starting to ride him, cowgirl style.

“YA polagayu, my uznayem, budet ne tak li?” He said to her, a playful and mischievous grin finding its way onto his face as he said it. He gasped as she plunged onto him, but he wasn’t about to let her get the upper hand on him, bucking up into her as she came down on the next plunge, hitting her cervix lightly as he did so, grinning all the while and gripping her tits, thumbing her nipples, “Davajte posmotrim, kak trudno i dolgo vy mozhete prin’at’ yego …”

She gasped as she felt him thrusting up into her as she slid down on him. She loved how he felt inside her, and moaned down to him, “Dolgo i trudno – tol’ko, kak ya l’ubl’u Vas, moyu l’ubov’. Takim obrazom vopros teper’, kak dolgo mozhet Vy ostavat’s'a trudno v moih stenah szhimaniya?” She moaned softly as his hands gripped her breasts, her nipples hardening again into pebbles under his thumbs. “YA planiruyu probovat’ mnogo polozhenij Vami, Nicolai, tak chto ne stanovites’ slishkom udobnymi podo mnoj.”

A smirk appeared on his face, “Dostatochno dolgo, k poshel na huj golyj … a zatem stopu Vas na nashej krovati …” He pinched her nipples hard, and then chuckled, “Vsemi sredstvami … YA dolgo k poshel na huj vs’acheski voobrazit’ … nichego ya ne sdelal by s vami.” He pulled her down until their lips were touching while they continued to fuck. Her taste and smell were like no other… though right now they were tempered by sweat and the thick smells of fucking.

She moaned against his lips, the softest, gentlest kiss she had ever imagined. The feel of him pumping up into her, the sounds of their bodies wetly smacking together, the scent of their lovemaking in the air, the scent of her lover right against her nose…All of it combined to make her body arch against his as she rode him, her hips writhing against his. A smile crossed her lips as she lifted up and pushed her groin tight against him. Her walls gripped his length tightly as she purred softly, “Davajte videt’, kak Vy l’ubite etot, togda, Nicolai.” She turned around, leaning down over his legs as she kept his shaft buried inside her. The fabric of her skirt barely covered her ass, giving him a teasing peek-a-boo look at his length as she moved and it slid in and out of her.

He groaned as she rode him, kissing him at the same time, and then changed positions as she had warned she would. He gave a small growl as the new position put yet different sensations on his cock, rubbing different places in her and in turn making it feel different, and yet the same. “CHert voz’mi Zon’aa … Vy – fuckin nebol’shaya lisica…” He put his hands under the skirt as it flounced with her movements, running his fingers over the skin of her ass. Now it was his turn to play something on her. He let his fingers slip into the valley between her ass-cheeks, and on her next thrust down, he found her star with one finger, letting her drive him into her own ass.

Now I admit that I’m not perfect. I mean, I married Fellah the slut after training her for only three months. But she had answered my key question with a response I never expected.

“How do you want me to fuck you tonight?”

“Mmmm, should you choose, Master, I would prefer that you refer to me as your whore, or just whore. But since you ask your whore what she wants… I’d like you to slide your fingers between my legs and tease my clit with your fingertips. I would like you to make my cunt so wet it drools down my thighs to the sheets and soaks them. And I’d appreciate it if you’d whisper in my ear that I drive you crazy. You could tell me that I’m beautiful, but that’s not necessary. All I really want is to have you nudge my lips open with the head of your magnificent cock.”

So, like a damn fool, I flew the nineteen year-old to Vegas and married her in one of the many chapels that dot the Strip.

I will admit that her Libyan gash was damn near perfect. And she learned how to suck cock quickly and better than almost any cunt I’ve ever known. That and her willingness to go along with anything I suggested, kept us together for five years.

Anyway, we were in the Mirage, wandering past the many swanky shops when Fellah saw this “Fuck Me” type dress in a window and gushed over it, I took her hand and pulled her into the store, and insisted that she try it on.

The saleswoman, figured us as a lovey-dovey couple, and let me have a peek or two into the dressing room while Fellah tried the dress on. Fellah had no idea I had already glommed her ass and tits as she wriggled into the tight, black dress. She was wearing the wrong type bra for the dress and had taken it off, and like most young girls, she was also wearing a thong. I caught the saleswoman sneaking a peek at her pear-shaped mammaries, and said, “You like girls?”

Apparently she did, because she got flustered and didn’t do anything when I cupped her ass and told her she was free to watch with me. In fact, other than going rigid, she did nothing, and I left my hand where I’d put it.

Fellah came out, and with some encouragement on our part, modeled the dress for us. We told her it was stunning, and she beamed happily and returned to the booth to take it off and put her own clothing back on.

“I’ll take it,” I told the saleswoman, whose face was flushed as she said, “Very good, sir,” and turned to leave. I caught her hand and in a low voice whispered, “You want some of that?”

That made her nervous, and she pretended she didn’t know what I was talking about. I like people like that. They won’t admit something you ask them. So I got right to the point.

“You liked her tits and ass, right?” She didn’t respond, so I said, “Let me be blunt, you want her, I can see that. I can fix you up with her. How’s that sound?” The hook was out, now I had to wait for her to take the bait.

“You can do that?” she said, almost stammering out the words.

“And your name is?” I shot back.

“Cleo… but I ….”

“Tomorrow night, seven sharp. Gimmie a sec… I’ll write the address down for you.”

I had to laugh; this broad was almost too easy. I handed her the address just as Fellah, walked out of the dressing room holding the dress as if it were the crown jewels.

“How much is the dress?” I inquired as Cleo put my note in her purse.

“Two hundred, but I… um, I can give you the employee discount.”

“What!” Fellah gasped. “You’re not buying that for me… are you?”

Ignoring her for the moment, I said, “I’m not an employee.”

“No, I am,” Cleo replied, and wrote 20% off the price.

I paid in cash, and she gave me a thin smile, while Fellah’s jaw hung open, still naive enough to believe that anyone would spend that kind of money on her.

One worm, two fish; and for only two hundred bucks, not bad, I thought, as Cleo carefully placed the dress in a box, and stole a look at Fellah every time the girl wasn’t looking.

Outside the store, Fellah regained her voice and said, “I adore you, Jack, but you must know you can’t spend that kind of money…”

“Shut the fuck up! I can, and I will, spend my money, and yours if you have any, where and when I goddamn well please! Now where’s Victoria’s?”

“Huh?” she said, not grasping what I was doing just yet.

“Do you know where Victoria’s Secret is?”

“Yes, but… why?”

“For one, you need a bra to wear with the dress, or do you prefer going braless?”

“I… I don’t….”

“You got the dress, now you need some other… things to wear with it, or am I crazy?”

“Why are you suddenly buying me these things?”

“Don’t you like the dress?”

“I love…” she couldn’t think of anything to say, and clamped her mouth shut. I liked that about her.

“I love it too. You’re a beautiful woman, not to mention my almost blushing bride. I want you to knock people’s eyes out when you walk into some snazzy place wearing the dress. You know, that saleslady, Cleo, couldn’t take her eyes off you.”

“You’re kidding!”

“No, I’m not kidding, I had to keep her from going into the dressing room after you.”

“Why, I wasn’t…” Then my words hit home. “You mean….”

“She wanted you.”

“Oh, Jack…I don’t believe you.”

“Don’t ever tell me you don’t believe me, Fellah,” I said, and followed with, “Oh, here’s Victoria’s, let’s go,” and taking her arm, steered her inside.

“Can I help you?” A pert salesgirl, about twenty, asked with a smile.

“Yes, the lady needs a bra. One that will go with…” and handed the box with the dress in it to her, “This dress.”

“Oh… yes, well, would you mind trying the dress on for me?” she asked Fellah, who could only give me a kind of exasperated look; a look she didn’t mean and we both knew it.

Taking a deep breath, she accepted the red dress from the salesgirl and went into change.

This dressing room was more private that the first one, and provided neither me nor the salesgirl any vantage point from which to see Fellah’s shapely body. And so, along with the salesgirl, I waited for Fellah to come out.

She was even more stunning this time, for she had had the opportunity to see herself in ‘her’ dress for the first time, and obviously liked what she saw.

“Wow, that’s some dress,” the salesgirl offered. Fellah seized on her words and gave me a real smile.

We bought two bras, and some lacy under things; and when I inquired about a black collar to wear with the black dress Fellah was so embarrassed she tried to leave the store, but I prevented her. The salesgirl flushed at this, but then asked if a garter belt was needed to go with the outfit.

“No!” Fellah whimpered. I gave the salesgirl a stern look and told Fellah to be quiet. After that, the salesgirl rang up my purchases without a word, giving me plenty of room as she placed the items in a large bag.

“Husband and Master?” This was the form I had instructed her to take when addressing me. Actually she had the option of using either, or both.

“Yes, Fellah?”

“Why are you buying me these things?” Fellah asked. I had previously ordered her to go naked at all times when we were indoors.

“I want you to look stunning when I show you off tonight.”

“Show me off?”

“Yes, I’ve been wondering what a little bee like you will attract, a male or a female. That’s why I want you to look especially good.”

“Master, are you about to give me away?”

“No, but I am about to lend you to someone.”

“Oh, Husband!” she sounded pathetic, and I told her so while ushering her off to one of those hallways that led one to the restrooms and side entrances to the shops running adjacent to the corridor.

After checking that no one was following, I grabbed her by the hair at the nape of her neck and growled, “Listen, cunt, you’re mine, and I’ll do with you as I damn well please.”

I heard someone coming and released her. An old woman passed us on her way to the restroom.

When she’d entered the restroom, I addressed Fellah, saying, “What are you?”

“I… I’m your cunt… your whore, Master.”

“What’s the only reason you’re worth pissing on?”

“So others will know I’m yours. You… um, piss on me to mark your territory.”

I held her face in my hands, and she looked into my eyes with adoration. “You’re learning, Fellah, you’re learning.”

She proved me right by hooking one leg around my waist, and the other around my leg.

“Does my whore want to fuck?”

“Yes, Husband, I want to fuck… here and now if you want.”

A moment later Fellah’s face was buried in the crook of my neck.

“I want you to blow me right here.”

Without saying a word, Fellah dropped to her knees and began to unzip my fly. The old woman came out of the restroom just as she brought my hardon to her mouth.

“Have a nice day,’ I called out as she was abreast of us. She hadn’t been looking at us, but my words forced her to look our way and her mouth dropped open as she saw Fellah’s tongue paying homage to the crown of my cock.

“Fuck you… both of you!” she spat out, and kept walking while my laughter chased her down the long corridor.

“Two more sucks, that’s all you get, cunt,” I snarled into her hair then yanked her head away and tucked my dick back into my pants. The old woman would undoubtedly be going to the mall police, and we didn’t want to disrupt our lovely honeymoon, so I pulled Fellah to her feet and returned to our suite at the Mirage where I let her finish the blowjob while I looked out the window at the fantastic lights along the Strip.

I took Cleo’s phone call at eleven. She asked if it would be all right to drop by a little after midnight. I told her that was fine with me.

“What… what about Fellah?” she asked nervously.

“What about her?”

“Is she….”

“Ready, willing and able, Cleo. Are you?”

“Um, I don’t….”

“I get to fuck you after you two finish.”

“Oh… I didn’t think….”

“That’s the deal, take it or leave it.”

“So, midnight then,” she said quietly.

I hung up on her.

I didn’t mention Cleo to Fellah, but at five to twelve I told her to take a shower. Fellah gave me a strange look, but waltzed into the bathroom without saying a word.

Cleo was sitting on the sofa pretending to watch television when Fellah came out of the shower wearing a large Turkish towel around her head, nothing else. For the record, Cleo was wearing a tight pullover and pants that were probably tighter.

My cock stirred at the thought of watching them together and then banging the both of them at my leisure the remainder of the night.

Fellah never uttered a word, but she showed her surprise nevertheless by turning her palms up in a ‘What’s this?’ gesture.

“Cleo wants to play with you, Fellah.”

Fellah’s eyes filled with Fellahrs, but she showed no other emotion.

Cleo stood up and went to Fellah who stood still as the other hugged her then gave her a passionate kiss on the mouth.

“My hair…” Fellah murmured. Cleo understood immediately and led Fellah to the sofa, had her sit and taking the towel from Fellah’s hand, dried her hair in an almost maternal manner.

Cleo tossed the towel aside and whispered, “Now undress me.”

Fellah stood up and squeezed her hands underneath Cleo’s tight pullover and pulled it over her head. Cleo, who I estimated at about thirty-five, wore a bra which pushed her ample breasts up forming a deep valley between those firm globes.

“Use your mouth, Fellah,” I called out, for she was standing there holding the pullover and staring at Cleo’s tits.

Her eyes met mine, there was a slight nod and she unfastened the bra releasing Cleo’s bountiful mounds. Fellah dropped the bra to the floor and reached out to cradle Cleo’s tits, then kissed each in turn.

Cleo moaned and struggled to remain standing. I told Fellah to take her guest into the bedroom, which she did. By the time I reached the bedroom, she was removing Cleo’s shoes.

“Suck her toes,” I said and found my throat had gone dry.

Fellah started with Cleo’s big toe and gave it the same treatment she’d given my cock a few hours earlier. Cleo’s hand pressed down on Fellah’s head holding her in place. It wasn’t necessary of course, but I’ve noticed people do that when getting great head.

I had no doubt but that Cleo was close to coming and so I interrupted them and had Fellah remove the remainder of Cleo’s clothing.

Fellah did surprise me by kissing Cleo’s cunt as her hands slowly pushed Cleo’s panties down to her ankles. Then she got up and pressed her body against that of the other woman in a tight embrace.

It was time for Cleo to take charge and I told her so.

“Lie back,” she told Fellah. Until then I hadn’t been sure that Cleo knew Fellah was a sub. Of course, Fellah complied, and spread herself for Cleo to do with her as she pleased.

“Very compliant girl you have,” Cleo said with a smile as she parted Fellah’s thighs and bent over her pussy.

Turning around to me, she said, “Would you like to fuck my ass while I eat this delicious pussy?”

I nodded and dropped my slacks. I wasn’t wearing anything under them. My prick sprang out and got an approving look from Cleo. I found some KY jelly in the medicine cabinet and used a liberal amount on my dick and her anus.

Cleo was already going to town on Fellah when I spread her cheeks and stuck a glob of jelly into her ass. She didn’t make a sound when I entered her, but I felt her shudder as her sphincter caved in and my cock surged into her.

The only one not enjoying themselves appeared to be Fellah. I could see that Cleo knew her stuff, but saw no favorable reaction on Fellah’s part.

“Get with it, Fellah,” I said sternly.

“Yes, husband,” she replied, but I could tell her heart wasn’t in it.

“Cleo, let’s try something a little different,” I said. She turned her head to see what I was up to and smiled when I pulled my dick out of her ass and moved from behind her to Fellah’s face.

“Suck it, bitch!”

Fellah took my shit-speckled cock into her mouth and covered it with her saliva without a murmur of protest. Cleo resumed eating her out. Perhaps a minute passed before I saw a change in Fellah’s demeanor. She was fondling my balls and taking me deep when out of the blue her hips started rocking. Cleo was getting to her.

Within a minute Fellah was coming big time. I counted four separate and distinct orgasms Cleo rang out of her. At that point I told Fellah to return the favor and she went down on Cleo.

But I wasn’t finished with the older woman. While Fellah mashed her face against Cleo’s cunt, I sent my dick back into Cleo’s ass.

It took almost ten minutes, but when Cleo erupted she couldn’t stop. I came in her ass, leaving a generous deposit of sperm. Fellah was into it now and kept lapping away at the other woman.

“Clean her ass, Fellah,” I said just to see what would happen between them.

She left off her cunt-lapping and switched to ass-licking without missing a beat. The sounds of Fellah’s sucking my load from Cleo’s ass filled the room.

Cleo had another gigantic orgasm from the ass job Fellah bestowed on her.

I left them to take a shower. They were still entangled when I returned. Cleo’s ass was sticking up in the air, just as it had been when I’d fucked her. The hole was still red, looking slightly bruised from the penetration. There was a small amount of my cum trickling out of it. I supposed that it had leaked out after Fellah tongued her there. Fellah was a very through girl, after all, and one’s muscles had a tendency to relax when enjoying a nice orgasm, so I let it pass.

Watching the two of them munching away was a very erotic sight and I soon had another hardon and let it bob in front of the two of them.

Cleo knew what to do. She grabbed it and brought it to Fellah’s mouth. After several generous sucks, Fellah tendered it to Cleo. And so it went. Eventually they started kissing each other with my cock rubbing against one or the others face as they did.

I positioned myself so that I could finger each of them, putting a finger or two in Fellah’s snatch and managing to get a finger each in Cleo’s cunt and asshole which was still red, looking slightly bruised from my earlier penetration.

“Fellah, tell me which of you shall I fuck next?”

“Cleo deserves it, husband. I wish that you would honor her with your phallus.”

I had insisted she refer to my cock as a phallus the night before, and was pleased to see that she remembered. She also garnered points for denying herself and granting Cleo a pleasure I knew she would miss.

“Master, I want to see it. I want to watch you fuck her. I want to see what a woman looks like when you fill her with that thick cock of yours. I want to watch her scream.”

“All right,” I said and reached down to flip Cleo over then I took her by the throat and choked her. Not hard enough to cause her to panic, but hard enough for her to know I was in charge.

“Fuck me! Do it!” Cleo croaked, and my hand tightened around her throat as if of its own volition.

“Please don’t hurt her, Master!” Fellah called out, warning me that I might be choking her too hard. I loosened my grip on her neck, heard her gasp for breath and made a note to thank Fellah later.

Able to breathe freely once more, Cleo renewed her request: “Ahhh, God, do it. Do it now!”

Fellah was sprawled on the bed next to us running a finger over her clit. Cleo snaked her arms around my back. “Fuck me, fuck me now! God damn it… I need it!”

I slammed into her wet cunt. She let out a low, deep moan, as her tight pussy stretched around me, and I groaned in response.

“Yes… so good!

I withdrew completely and drove into her again, slow, long strokes to get her used to me. She threw her head back and screamed, as I pumped her a third time, then a fourth. Slowly I picked up speed, and she began to thrust back toward me, meeting me.

Out of the corner of my eye I could see Fellah intent on our fucking, fingers a blur on her clit. Her dark hair was thrown back on a pillow, and her large, brown eyes, were fixed on us. It was one of the most erotic things I’ve ever experienced.

Our fucking took on a savage quality. Rough, hard, and deep. The only sounds in the room were the slap of our bodies, and moans from the three of us.

My hands squeezed Cleo’s ass hard, and I pulled her against me, my cock driving into her in long, fast strokes.

Cleo bit her lip, her eyes glassy and filled with lust, staring behind me. I glanced in the mirror, Fellah was like a woman possessed; her hips thrust upward as if being fucked by an invisible force, her fingers were slick and shiny with her juices; and all the while her eyes never left Cleo and me.

Cleo moaned loudly, and started to tremble and shake against me. I knew she was close, and I picked up the pace, pounding myself into her for all I was worth.

“Oh fuck,” she said, “oh fuck . . . I’m gonna cum . . . I’m going to . . .”

I growled in response, and raked my teeth along her exposed throat.

Her entire body shook violently, and she wrapped her legs tightly around me. Her arms slid up my back, one of her hand grasping the back of my head. “Fuck! I’m cumming . . . I’m cumming!”

Still I drove into her, my cock like a piston, always moving, always demanding more.

I heard Fellah moan behind me, and I knew she was about to explode. Then she did, a loud rough scream coming from deep in her throat. I looked to the mirror and saw her shake, her mouth open in an O of pleasure.

Seconds later I joined her, screaming loudly as I felt the first sensations in my cock. I could feel my balls pull up tightly to the base. Cleo clutched me to her now, fucking me back hard.

I exploded. Cleo gasped, and came again as my balls emptied themselves of their burden.

Eventually, I slowed to a stop, gasping, trying to catch my breath. Then Fellah moved in on us and squeezed my ass causing my cock to jerk one last time inside Cleo.

Shortly after Cindi and I first got married, we would on occasion talk about having a threesome or swapping with her best friend and her boyfriend. I will admit that I sometimes brought the idea up, but Cindi also raised the subject too. One of the things Cindi pointed out to me one time when she raised the subject was that it would be easier for one woman to satisfy two men than it would be for one man to satisfy two women. (If you don’t know by now, Cindi is not bi or bi-curious, so having her doing anything with another woman, or having another woman doing anything with Cindi was out of the question.)

Several weeks later, after a long day of lovemaking and hardcore fucking, Cindi brought the subject of a threesome up again, so I asked her if she really wanted to have one. She looked at me and asked me if I wanted it. I told her that I wanted to know what she wanted, so she told me that she wouldn’t mind having one. At that point I asked her who she would like to have the threesome with.

After a few minutes, she asked what I thought about asking my best buddy, Jay, to join us. I thought about it and told her that I thought that Jay may get a little freaked about it if I asked him outright, so we would have to go about it in a roundabout way.

Cindi thought about it for a while then started pitching an idea to me. She said we could start with her asking for a massage and while I was massaging her, she would have to remove she clothes, one piece at a time and let things go naturally. While she was telling me her idea, she started stroking my cock which, along with her talking about the threesome, helped me to get hard again. I asked her what we would do if either one of us decided we didn’t really want it. She told me we could make up some kind of verbal signal if we wanted to back out of it. As she was telling me this, she climbed on top of me and took my hard cock into her pussy and began to slowly ride my cock, which she knew drove me crazy. I was enjoying Cindi slowly fucking herself on my cock and playing with her ample tits, sucking the hard nipples while we finished coming up with the plan for our first threesome.

When the plan was complete, she looked me in the eyes and told me to fuck her hard and fast. I got her on her hands and knees and pounded her pussy doggy-style until we came together and fell to the mattress exhausted.

Now let me tell you a bit about Jay. He was about the same height and build as me, but he was blonde. I had known Jay for over a year and we were really good friends. I was the one who Jay always told whether he had gotten laid or not, or when he hadn’t gotten laid in quite a while and really needed to get laid.

A couple of months had passed since Cindi and I had come up with the plan and I was beginning to wonder if Cindi really planned on going through with it or if it was just pillow talk to get each other excited, but I let it go without asking about it. Then one day, Cindi had been drinking a bit and she asked if I felt like going to find Jay and bring him out to the house, so I said fine and headed to the barracks looking

for Jay.

When I got there, I was told he was out in town at one of the bars, so I went to the bar and picked him out and took him to my house. He was almost at the point of getting sloppy drunk, but I didn’t worry about that. When we arrived at the house, the three of us talked and joked for a while and everything was cool. At one point, Cindi got up, went into the bedroom and came back out a few minutes later, and I instantly noticed she had removed her bra because her nipples were poking out, but I didn’t really think anything of it yet. A few minutes later, Cindi stretched out on the couch on her stomach and put her feet on Jay’s lap, but he wasn’t giving it any thought at all. We continued talking and Cindi asked me to make her a

good STIFF drink, putting emphasis on the word stiff. Again, I didn’t think anything of it, so I made her a drink and gave it to her.

When she finished the drink, she said that her back was hurting a bit and asked me if I would mind massaging her back. At this point, I had Jay move to my chair as Cindi could stretch out better and I could massage her back. When I started, Cindi told me to massage under her shirt, so I slid my hands under her shirt and went back to work trying to ease the tension in her back. I was still clueless of her intentions. As I worked my magic, Cindi asked me to massage higher up her back, which of course I did.

As I worked my hands higher and higher, her shirt slid up, or at some points, had to be pulled up her body. Then she asked me to go get the massage oil to allow her to enjoy it more.

I returned with a bottle of massage oil and a large towel for her to lie on so the oil wouldn’t stain the couch. Soon her shirt was barely covering her large breasts and she asked me to massage her shoulders and neck. Now, it had struck me what was happening and where she was going with all this. I told her that she would have to remove her shirt in order for me to do as she asked. She looked over at Jay and asked if he would mind if she took her shirt off to allow me to continue massaging her. Jay said “No”, so Cindi stood up, which really wasn’t totally necessary, but allowed Jay a great view of her large tits and hard nipples.

When Cindi laid back down, I worked her shoulders and neck just like she asked, until she

directed me to work my way back down to her lower back. When I got down to the waistband of her pants, she told me to continue even lower, so I scooted her jeans down as far as I could. Cindi turned her head to look at me and asked if I would mind massaging her legs also. By the look in her eyes, I could tell she was soaking wet and ready for a good hard fucking from two cocks, so I took her cue and stated that she would have to remove her pants for a good leg massage. She turned back to Jay and asked again if he minded.

Jay hesitated a moment but finally said “No”. So Cindi jumped up off the couch, giving Jay another great look at her tits and dropped her jeans. Jay and I were both surprised to find out that she wasn’t wearing any panties and she had shaved her pussy clean. After a slight delay, she resumed her position on the

couch, but as I began working on her legs, I told her there wasn’t enough room on the couch to get to the legs well, and recommended she move to the floor.

She stood back up and I put the towel down on the floor for her and she grabbed a couple of pillows from the bedroom and when she laid down, she arranged herself with her feet pointing directly at Jay. At first I didn’t understand why she did it, but as I started massaging her legs down towards her feet, I realized she positioned herself so that as she spread her legs to give me access to them, Jay would get a look up her legs to her wet pussy. I have to give credit to my wife for thinking this through very carefully. As I worked my way up her legs, she spread them more and more. She also started moaning softly the closer I got to the center of her heat.

Without looking, I could tell that Jay was staring at her pussy and getting very turned on. I worked my way up to her thighs and her moaning was getting louder. When I got to her mid thigh, I noticed her stomach, and in turn her pussy, was rising up off the floor, and I could see her juices running down her slit.

I was kind of shocked when Cindi asked Jay to sit on the floor by her head and talk to her when we both knew that he really wanted to look at her pussy, but I didn’t raise any objection. Jay, being a guest, did what was asked of him. When he sat near her face, she asked him if he had any problems with

anything. I could tell me had a hard time answering, but I paid no mind to it, I just kept on massaging Cindi, working my way up to her ass. As I massaged her ass, her moans got really loud, letting me know just how turned on she was, and she was raising her ass so high up that she was almost on her hands and knees. I told this opportunity to run a finger down the crack of her ass to play with her crinkled rosebud from time

to time.

I knew it was going to be a really wild night when I felt her push her ass back against my finger to increase the pressure on it. I decided to go for broke and slowly worked my finger up inside her tight asshole and move it around. Cindi allowed me to have my fun for a few minutes before she moved forward until she dislodged my finger from her ass. Cindi looked up at Jay and asked if it was ok for her to roll over. Jay said nothing but Cindi just rolled over and invited Jay to massage her chest while I worked her legs.

Jay’s hands instantly went to Cindi’s tits, grabbing and mauling them, so I told Jay to be gentle with them, and told him that she really enjoyed having her nipples pinched, pulled and tweaked gently. Jay took my direction and began giving Cindi all the nipple play she could handle. Within seconds, Cindi had moved her hand to rub Jay’s cock through his jeans, but that didn’t last long. Cindi wasn’t satisfied with

rubbing Jay’s cock through his pants for very long, so she unzipped his pants, pulled them down and took his cock into her hand so she could stroke the full length of his shaft. I decided it was time for me to enjoy myself too, so I crawled between Cindi’s legs and started to lap up all the juices flowing out of her pussy. I

kept my eyes locked on the action taking place in front of me as I licked her tasty pussy, darting my tongue inside from time to time.

I damn near came when I watched Cindi take Jay’s cock into her mouth and pulled him deep into her mouth. She even put one of her hands on his ass to get more of his cock into her hungry mouth. Within minutes, Cindi had her first orgasm from me licking her pussy and tongue-fucking it. I gave Cindi a couple of minutes to recover, even though she was still sucking Jay’s cock, before I started licking her clit, which brought her to another climax within minutes. Cindi knew what was going to cum next because she

spread her legs even wider to allow me to slide a finger inside her pussy so I could rub her G-spot. When I heard Cindi moaning wildly around Jay’s cock, I wrapped my tongue around Cindi’s clit like a straw and began to suckle it, which I knew would bring Cindi to an intense orgasm. When that intense orgasm hit her, Jay’s cock fell out of Cindi’s mouth.

I had moved between Cindi’s legs so I could slide my cock deep into her pussy, but Cindi suggested that Jay and I switch positions before I could get my cock into her. Jay and I quickly switched places and I willingly feed my cock into Cindi’s greedy mouth and played with her nipples as I watched Jay go down on my wife. Soon I felt the familiar boiling in my balls, indicating that I was close to cumming, but I

didn’t want to cum just yet, so I pulled my cock out of Cindi’s mouth and moved so she could lick and suck on my balls, which I really enjoy. I took the time to savor the scene playing out in front of me, barely able to believe it was really happening, but relishing it all the same.

I guess Jay didn’t have the oral talents that I have, because after only a few minutes, Cindi was asking if we would switch positions again, telling me she really wanted to feel my cock inside of her. Once I was between her legs, I waited until I saw her take Jay’s cock back into her mouth, then I rubbed the head of my cock up and down the length of her slit, getting it nice and wet before sinking it down into the hot wet hole I love so much. Once I was fully impaled inside her, I held myself there, letting the wet velvety feeling bathing my cock while her muscles rippled along the shaft. It was only when I felt Cindi rocking her hips that I started the old familiar in and out motion we both craved. I had been pumping in and out for a few

minutes when I decided to get a closer look at my wife sucking on my best friend’s cock. I leaned down, close to her ear and told her that I loved watching her suck another man’s cock, and then I kissed her on the neck. As I kissed her, I could feel the muscles in her neck tensing and relaxing as she worked the shaft in her mouth. Then I lowered my head to her breasts and took a hard nipple between my lips and suckled it lovingly.

After many long minutes of plowing in and out of Cindi’s wonderful pussy, Jay spoke up for the first time, saying he wanted to feel what Cindi’s pussy felt like. Reluctantly, I released the nipple in my mouth and slowly withdrew my rock hard pole from the heavenly sheath it was in, making way for Jay. I moved up to play with Cindi’s nipples and was quite pleasantly surprised when Cindi grabbed my ball sac

and guided me into her mouth. I have known that Cindi does not like the taste of her own juices almost as long as I have known Cindi, but I was smart enough to keep my mouth shut and enjoy it for all it was worth.

Unfortunately, this rare pleasure didn’t last nearly long enough. Cindi took her mouth off my cock and asked me to get a condom for Jay, stating that she didn’t want to have to worry about “accidents”. I quickly got up and headed for the bedroom, understanding the importance of the matter. When I returned to the living room, Cindi once again had Jay’s cock in her mouth, which meant for the second time in one night

Cindi was licking and sucking her own juices off a man’s hardened meat. I handed the condom to Jay and told him to put it on before he enters her pussy again.

Looking down at my wife, an idea popped into my mind that Cindi and I had never discussed

when we were planning, but since boundaries were being crossed without thought, I threw caution to the wind and sat down on the couch and asked Cindi to come join me. She got up off the floor and was going to sit beside me until I pulled her right in front of me and told her to turn around. She instantly got the idea, even though it was not exactly what I was thinking. Cindi gripped my throbbing member and guided it into

her waiting pussy, and commenced riding me. I called Jay over, checked to make sure he was still hard, and then told him to put the condom on, since he was still hard. I grabbed Cindi’s hips and stopped her and raised her hips until my cock was out of her pussy, then I grabbed my cock and moved it back and inch or so. When Cindi felt the hard head touching her asshole, she shivered, but did not make any effort to stop me. Slowly Cindi lowered her weight down until the head of my cock entered her tightest hole. I

reached around her to gently rub her clit while she continued lowering herself until her full weight was on me and my shaft was fully inside her asshole. I moved my hand down from Cindi’s clit to part her pussy lips and invited Jay to enter her there.

We ran into a little problem then, because with Cindi on my lap, she pussy was too high for Jay to penetrate very well, so we grabbed the unused cushions off the couch and the pillows Cindi had brought out of the bedroom and stacked them in front of us, until Jay was at the right level to fuck Cindi’s pussy. I remained still at first, allowing Cindi to get used to the feeling of having two hard cocks in her at the same time. I decided to play with her nipples in order to make this more enjoyable for Cindi. I was able to feel Jay going in and out of Cindi’s pussy through the thin membrane that separated her holes, which I found to be a new and thrilling sensation.

When my arousal got too intense, I grabbed Cindi’s hips and raised her up just enough for me to slowly start sliding in and out. From the way Cindi was moaning, I thought she was finding this to be as exciting as I found it. I felt Cindi’s muscles contract and release a few times during all this, leading me to believe she was having multiple orgasms. Then I felt Jay start to throb inside Cindi and I knew he was about to explode, so I thrust myself into her as deeply as I could and waited for Jay to finish cumming.

When Jay pulled out, Cindi stood up, turned to me and whispered into my ear that her asshole was ready for a good hard pounding. Smiling like a fool, I asked her how she wanted it. She said she wanted it doggy-style, so I got off the couch and let her assume her position so that I could assume my position behind her.

Cindi guided my cock back into her loosened asshole and told me she was ready. Holding her by the hips, I pounded her ass harder than I had ever done before. I was actually afraid I was going to hurt her, but she was thrusting her ass back onto my cock just as hard as I was thrusting into her.

After all the action I had so far that night, I knew I wouldn’t last long, but I wanted to enjoy it as long as possible. When I felt Cindi’s sphincter muscles tighten around my shaft, I could not hold back any more and we came together. We stayed right there, panting and sweating until my cock softened and popped out of her ass. We looked at Jay and realized he was about to fall asleep, so we straightened up the living room and headed to bed.

Cindi and I were snuggling in bed, talking about how everything went when she told me she really thought Jay had been a virgin. I asked her why she thought that and she told me how he was too rough when he was eating her pussy and he fumbled around when he was trying to enter her pussy. She told me that she had to guide him into her pussy every time. She told me that she had an extremely intense anal orgasm at the very end. She went so far as to tell me that if I could get hard again, she wouldn’t mind

taking me in her ass again, right away. I decided to push my luck and said that if she took me into her mouth, I felt fairly confident I would get hard for her. Laughing, she told me that I was lucky that she sucked my cock after it had been inside her pussy, but I wasn’t going to be lucky enough to have her suck my cock after it had been inside her ass. “Go wash up” she ordered.

When I came back, cock all clean, I found Cindi laying across the bed with her head hanging over the far edge. She had gotten her favorite toys out and placed them beside her. When I had reached the far edge of the bed, she took me in her mouth, and then started to use her toys on her pussy and clit. I looked up and realized she positioned herself so that I could watch the toys going in and out of her pussy in the dresser mirror. Cindi knew how much it turned me on to watch that and I was hard again within a minute.

Then Cindi spit my cock out, gave my balls a quick suck then got back on her hands and knees, offering her ass to me. I noticed there was some of my cum still oozing out of her ass as I prepare to enter her ass again. When I was completely buried in her ass again, she told me to wait a minute. Cindi grabbed her vibrating eggs and slipped them inside her pussy and switched them on. The vibrations felt great against my cock and had her moaning like crazy. I gave her ass one nice spank then went to town fucking that ass for the second time in one night. Cindi came twice before I exploded deep inside her ass for the second time that night.

We fell asleep all snuggled up and fully satisfied, and I remember thinking that since things had gone so well, it would probably be something we would do again, hopefully soon.

Roy awoke early.‭ ‬He had always been an early riser,‭ ‬there was something peaceful and quiet about the morning and he liked having the time to himself.‭ ‬Part of him also realized that it gave him a head start on any competition with which he might have to fight.‭ ‬He liked being up late,‭ ‬too,‭ ‬and fortunately he could go for weeks on only a few hours of sleep.‭ ‬At some point he would need to crash out for‭ ‬16‭ ‬or‭ ‬20‭ ‬hours straight to catch up,‭ ‬but that was still a week or more away.

He stretched out and brushed against Elaine.‭ ‬She was asleep on her stomach,‭ ‬naked,‭ ‬with her hands in padded cuffs under her.‭ ‬He knew he did not need to keep her cuffed,‭ ‬she was his,‭ ‬body and soul,‭ ‬and would not try to escape him,‭ ‬but he liked keeping her helpless and he liked reminding her of her submission.‭ ‬She was his slave,‭ ‬after all.

Roy did a quick inventory of the day.‭ ‬He had to run a few errands this morning,‭ ‬and he needed some computer time.‭ ‬Despite his rugged outdoorsy nature,‭ ‬he also had the heart of a tech geek and his fingers itched if they did not get on a qwerty keyboard now and then.‭ ‬The business center at the casino had some that were adequate,‭ ‬not up to his professional standards,‭ ‬but he could check in at work and do a few things to get his fix.‭ ‬After that,‭ ‬lunch,‭ ‬then in the afternoon they would go and see Mark.

Mark was the local Association boss in the area.‭ ‬He was also something of a feudal lord in Elko county.‭ ‬He had a huge ranch,‭ ‬owned the casino in which Roy and Elaine were staying,‭ ‬had interests in some mines and anything that could make money out here.‭ ‬He was a powerful man and needed to be treated with the utmost respect,‭ ‬especially since he could send Sam to take care of any problems.‭ ‬If Mark was the brains and capital,‭ ‬Sam was the muscle and the guy who did the dirty work.‭ ‬It did not pay to cross Sam.‭

Tomorrow morning,‭ ‬Roy would head back home to Las Vegas and life with his new slave.‭ ‬He tried to think more of what life would be like with Elaine there to satisfy his every whim,‭ ‬and not mundane things like did the pool guy show up on time‭?

Roy looked up at the ceiling.‭ ‬Morning light was filtering in through the closed curtains.‭ ‬He knew he was not going to get back to sleep so he might as well get on with the day.‭ ‬He got out of bed and opened the window.‭ ‬It was still cool outside and he preferred fresh air more than canned air conditioning,‭ ‬as long as it was not hotter than‭ ‬90‭ ‬degrees‭; ‬then a/c was okay.‭ ‬He went to the bathroom,‭ ‬started the coffee pot,‭ ‬then came back to bed.

He pulled the sheets back to gaze at Elaine’s lovely body.‭ ‬She was a beautiful thirty years old,‭ ‬just now starting to come in to the height of her beauty.‭ ‬She was‭ ‬5‭’‬2‭” ‬with a slim build,‭ ‬long legs,‭ ‬a flat stomach and a gorgeous ass.‭ ‬Roy loved fucking that ass,‭ ‬he would never tire of that.‭ ‬He looked at her turtle tattoo on her butt,‭ ‬he had already made arrangements to have it removed,‭ ‬the only marks on that beautiful stretch of flesh would be his.‭ ‬He knew under her were a pair of firm,‭ ‬sensitive breasts that made her squirm delightfully when he pulled on them or licked them.‭ ‬But her most striking features were her big blue eyes,‭ ‬now closed,‭ ‬he loved seeing the utter submission in them when he took her.

Roy was getting hard looking at Elaine.‭ ‬Well,‭ ‬that was the great thing about a slave:‭ ‬he did not have to wait for her to get ready or be in the mood.‭ ‬He could have her whenever he wanted and there was nothing she could do about it.‭

Roy reached down and pulled Elaine’s legs apart,‭ ‬his hand lingering on her silky thigh.‭ ‬He was breathing hard in anticipation of taking her.‭ ‬He slipped a finger into her slit and began working it into her.‭ ‬He had found that,‭ ‬unlike him,‭ ‬Elaine was a deep sleeper.‭ ‬She stirred as his finger penetrated her,‭ ‬but did not awaken.‭ ‬Her mind might be asleep,‭ ‬but her body was awake and Roy could feel her instantly get wet around his penetrating digit.‭ ‬What an amazing slave he had taken,‭ ‬he thought.

Roy climbed between her legs and guided his hard cock to her waiting lower lips.‭ ‬He paused before entering her,‭ ‬taking in the beauty of her naked body.‭ ‬Her naked body that belonged to him,‭ ‬he reminded himself.‭ ‬He pushed his way into her,‭ ‬slowly filling and stretching her for the first time on this Monday morning.‭ ‬And to think he used to hate Mondays‭!

Roy bored all the way into Elaine’s helpless body and stopped when his hips pressed against her perfect butt.‭ ‬He could see her eyes begin to flutter,‭ ‬she was starting to wake up.‭ ‬He smiled wickedly,‭ ‬pulled back then rammed hard back into her.‭ ‬Elaine’s eyes flew open and she moaned as Roy pounded away at her.‭ ‬Roy was overcome by lust and the sense of power of having this gorgeous woman completely at his mercy.‭ ‬He used her fast and hard,‭ ‬her moans of pleasure and pain only fueling his drive.‭ ‬Roy came with a moan of his own,‭ ‬shooting his load deep inside his slave.

Roy lay on top of Elaine,‭ ‬his cock still buried inside her and kissed her cheek.‭ ‬She smiled,‭ ‬her eyes closed,‭ ‬and wiggled her hips around his cock a little.‭ ‬Elaine was content,‭ ‬happy he was not still mad about Kristy yesterday and happy to be taken like this to start the day.

‭”‬Good morning,‭ ‬Master,‭” ‬she whispered to him.

‭”‬Good morning,‭ ‬Slave,‭” ‬he answered.‭

Roy was loathe to get up,‭ ‬but he had things to do today.‭ ‬Reluctantly,‭ ‬he pulled out of his slave,‭ ‬a trail of semen leaking out of her onto the sheets,‭ ‬and stood up.‭ ‬He poured a cup of coffee for himself and another for Elaine.‭ ‬He left hers on the nightstand beside the bed then went to take a quick shower.

Elaine rolled over and thought about going back to sleep‭; ‬she did enjoy her sleep.‭ ‬But her body was awake and the coffee smelled,‭ ‬well…‭ ‬it did not smell like good coffee,‭ ‬but it smelled like coffee.‭ ‬She rolled over and sat up in bed.‭ ‬She was leaking cum,‭ ‬but there was nothing she could do about that right now.‭ ‬Elaine had cleaned hotel rooms before,‭ ‬so she would be nice and strip the bed for the housekeeper,‭ ‬but right now she was going to have some of that coffee.‭ ‬With her bound hands she picked up the cup and began to sip.‭ ‬It definitely was not good coffee,‭ ‬weak and bitter at the same time,‭ ‬but she drank it anyway.

Elaine could hear Roy singing Devo in the shower.‭ ‬That brought a smile to her face.‭ ‬Roy seemed to be good at so many things,‭ ‬but his singing was absolutely horrible.‭ ‬That one flaw seemed to make him a little more human and endearing to her.‭ ‬Endearing‭? ‬Was she developing feelings for Roy‭? ‬He had entered her life‭ (‬and her pussy,‭ ‬and her mouth,‭ ‬and her ass‭) ‬like a hurricane,‭ ‬had made her feel things she had never felt before and made her do things she had never done before.‭ ‬She had given herself to him completely,‭ ‬but did she have feelings for him‭? ‬Elaine decided not to go down that path of thought.‭ ‬It really didn’t matter anyway,‭ ‬she was his and how she felt was irrelevant.

The shower turned off and Roy kept singing.‭ ‬It was‭ “‬Whip It‭”‬,‭ ‬Elaine wondered if that was a hint as to what he had in mind for the day.‭ ‬He shaved and dried off and came out with a towel around his waist.‭ ‬Elaine found that bit of modesty amusing,‭ ‬it wasn’t like she had not already seen him naked enough already.‭ ‬He leaned over and kissed Elaine briefly,‭ ‬neither one wanted to share morning breath.

‭”‬That really is awful coffee,‭ ‬isn’t it,‭ ‬Slave‭?” ‬he asked her.

‭”‬Horrible,‭ ‬Master,‭” ‬she answered.

‭”‬I’ll see about getting some better coffee from room service,‭” ‬he assured her then went into the living room.‭ ‬Roy made a phone call,‭ ‬she heard the word‭ “‬coffee‭”‬,‭ ‬then came back into the bedroom.‭ ‬He reached down and took the cuffs off Elaine’s wrists.

‭”‬I will be gone this morning,‭ ‬but will be back by lunch time,‭” ‬he reached down and stroked her cheek.‭ “‬You have the morning free.‭” ‬He had her purse.‭ ‬He took out her phone,‭ ‬credit cards and ID,‭ ‬but left the cash.‭ “‬Do some shopping,‭ ‬take a swim,‭ ‬whatever.‭ ‬You know what you are and are not supposed to do.‭ ‬If you do anything wrong I’ll punish you later.‭”

“Is that a threat or a promise‭?” ‬She smiled and kissed his hand.

‭”‬Both.‭ ‬I ordered room service for you.‭ ‬Coffee and a fruit plate.‭”

“Thank you,‭ ‬Master.‭ ‬What would you like me to wear today‭?”

“You were so busy with Kristy that you didn’t even look at what she brought you‭?”

“Just the collar and hand cuffs,‭ ‬Master.‭”

“Well,‭ ‬go look.‭”

Elaine reluctantly scrambled out of bed.‭ ‬Roy watched her spectacular ass as she walked to the closet and the dry cleaning bag Kristy had hung up last night.‭ ‬She gave a little squeal of joy as she opened it up to see her blue floral sundress.‭ ‬She looked it over,‭ ‬there were no stains or dirt on it.

‭”‬I asked which cleaner the brothel used and took it there.‭ ‬I thought they might be good at getting semen stains out of clothes,‭” ‬Roy told her.

‭”‬Thank you,‭ ‬Master,‭” ‬she stepped up on her toes and gave him a quick kiss.‭ “‬It’s one of my favorites.‭”

“Mine,‭ ‬too,‭” ‬he answered.‭ ‬She was about to slip it on when Roy stopped her.‭ “‬Why don’t you get cleaned up first.‭ ‬They just got all the stains out,‭ ‬let’s not put new ones on it just yet.‭” ‬He pointed at her upper thigh where a stream of cum dripped down.

‭”‬Yes,‭ ‬Master.‭”

Roy left and Elaine cleaned herself up and slipped on her dress.‭ ‬The cleaners had done a great job and got all the cum and dirt out of it.‭ ‬Roy had not said anything about underwear so she was free and open below while her nipples rubbed against the soft fabric of the dress above.

Room service knocked on the door.‭ ‬Elaine opened the door and saw the same waiter from yesterday.‭ ‬He seemed genuinely disappointed that she was not naked again,‭ ‬even though her dress still showed a lot of skin.‭ ‬She tipped him and took her breakfast out on the balcony.

All things considered,‭ ‬Elaine was pretty cheerful.‭ ‬It was a beautiful morning,‭ ‬still cool with the heat of the day yet to come.‭ ‬The morning sex with Roy had been great and he seemed to hold no hard feelings over her time with Kristy.‭ ‬That brought a brief frown to Elaine’s pretty face.‭ ‬She thought about how the strong brunette had raped her yesterday,‭ ‬how she made her cum with her hands and how the young woman had ridden Elaine’s face.‭ ‬For some reason,‭ ‬that was more traumatic than the three days of constant fucking by Roy.‭ ‬Maybe it was because he took a long term interest in her rather than just a quick orgasm.‭ ‬She guessed it had more to do with Roy being a man.‭ ‬It just seemed natural that men would do that,‭ ‬but,‭ ‬despite her time with Amanda,‭ ‬she still looked at other women as equals and to be subjected like that by another woman hit deeper into her world view.

Elaine took a sip of her coffee and got her thoughts off of that track.‭ ‬It was a beautiful morning,‭ ‬and the mountains in the distance looked cool and inviting.‭ ‬She ate some fruit and nibbled on her muffin.‭ ‬She had started her day off with a wonderful orgasm and had the promise of more to come later.‭ ‬More than that,‭ ‬for the first time since she had met Roy,‭ ‬she had some free time.‭ ‬She was going to go buy some workout clothes and a bathing suit and hit the spa.‭ ‬She was excited by the possibility of a good workout to finally get all the kinks and knots of the past few days out,‭ ‬some time in the sauna and finally a swim.‭ ‬After that,‭ ‬lunch,‭ ‬a few drinks and falling asleep to the TV until her owner came home.‭ ‬After that‭? ‬Undoubtedly more rough sex.‭ ‬Yes,‭ ‬the day looked good.

Elaine drank her coffee,‭ ‬ate her breakfast and started a crossword puzzle.‭ ‬She was making pretty good progress and was feeling pretty good about herself.‭ ‬She looked down in time to see a jogger across the street.‭ ‬Instantly,‭ ‬a cold chill shot down her spine.‭ ‬There was no mistaking the woman jogging:‭ ‬it was Kristy.‭ ‬Elaine froze and watched the attractive young woman run,‭ ‬she saw the powerful thighs that yesterday had pinned her head in place,‭ ‬the bouncing breasts she had been forced to suck.‭ ‬Kristy stopped right across the street,‭ ‬no more than fifty feet away and looked directly at Elaine.‭ ‬She smiled and blew a kiss then continued on her run.

Elaine shivered and thought about going back in,‭ ‬but Kristy was gone.‭ ‬Roy had said he had taken care of the problem,‭ ‬whatever that meant.‭ ‬Kristy had had Elaine,‭ ‬there was no denying that and now she had just reminded Elaine of that.‭ ‬Maybe that was it,‭ ‬but Elaine was still uncomfortable.‭ ‬She lost interest in the crossword and left her coffee on the balcony.

Well,‭ ‬maybe the next item on her agenda would cheer her up.‭ ‬She grabbed her purse,‭ ‬Roy had left her no ID or credit cards,‭ ‬but plenty of cash.‭ ‬Elaine was not normally the type to enjoy shopping,‭ ‬but she needed things.

She glided through the lobby and out onto the street.‭ ‬She got the usual leers from the casino patrons but ignored them.‭ ‬Down the street there was a little women’s boutique and she made her purchases.‭ ‬She bought some short running shorts,‭ ‬they showed a lot of leg and she thought Roy would like them,‭ ‬and a pack of colored t-shirts.‭ ‬They did not have much in the way of swimsuits‭ (‬Elko was in the middle of the desert‭) ‬so she took the only one that fit.‭ ‬It was a small two piece that did not leave much to the imagination,‭ ‬bright red with string ties.‭ ‬Her normal modesty had gone away with the coming of Roy so she bought it without a second thought.‭ ‬She picked up some more travel clothes,‭ ‬all sufficiently revealing to make her owner happy.‭ ‬One skirt gave her a guilty thrill.‭ ‬It was blue pleated cotton that barely came below her ass,‭ ‬she knew if she bent at the waist it would ride up and show a nice bit of cheek.‭ ‬She managed not to blush as she paid for it.

At a drugstore on the way back she picked up some more toiletries and a bottle of wine.‭ ‬Her arms full of her purchases,‭ ‬she returned to the casino.‭ ‬It was getting hot already and she was ready to spend the rest of the day inside or in water.‭ ‬She walked back in the lobby and the air conditioning hit her,‭ ‬without looking she could feel her nipples get hard from the sudden cooling.‭ ‬She did not mind it too much until she saw Kristy again.

Kristy was behind the counter at the guest services desk in the lobby.‭ ‬She was back in uniform,‭ ‬just like she had been yesterday when Elaine first saw her.‭ ‬Kristy was staring at Elaine,‭ ‬her eyes wandering from Elaine’s perky nipples to her shoulders,‭ ‬then lingering on her legs.‭ ‬When she saw Elaine looking at her she smiled,‭ ‬then,‭ ‬with no hint of shame,‭ ‬looked back at Elaine’s breasts.

Elaine hurried on.‭ ‬Kristy’s desk was by the elevators,‭ ‬every time Elaine passed through the lobby she would have to walk by it.‭ ‬She would have to be ogled by the woman who had raped her yesterday.‭ ‬She pushed the button for the elevator and had to wait.‭ ‬Like most hotels,‭ ‬the stairs were not very convenient and even though she was only going to the second floor she had to take the elevator.

The elevators were on the top floors and slowly coming down,‭ ‬stopping at every floor.‭ ‬Elaine realized that she had gotten here at check out time.‭ ‬She made a point of not looking back at Kristy,‭ ‬but she could feel the young woman’s eyes on her.‭ ‬She shifted nervously and dropped one of the bags with her clothes in it.‭ ‬She had too much in her hands and fumbled to try and pick it up.

‭”‬You dropped this,‭ ‬ma’am,‭” ‬Elaine turned and saw Kristy holding her bag.‭ ‬She handed it to Elaine,‭ ‬letting their hands brush,‭ ‬her fingers lingering on Elaine’s.‭ ‬Elaine realized that those were the same fingers that had roughly fucked her yesterday.

Elaine was too shocked to say anything.‭ ‬Kristy smiled at her with a knowing grin.‭ ‬Fortunately Elaine was saved by the arrival of both elevators.‭ ‬Tourists,‭ ‬cowboys and a tour group of Asians spilled out into the lobby.‭ ‬Kristy calmly began answering questions and giving directions while Elaine slipped into the elevator.

Elaine hurried into her room.‭ ‬She thought about just staying in here all day,‭ ‬that way she could avoid Kristy.‭ ‬But she was so looking forward to her morning,‭ ‬and she decided to get on with it and go work out.‭ ‬She hung her dress up on a hanger,‭ ‬briefly looking at her nude body in the mirror.‭ ‬This was what so many people wanted,‭ ‬she thought wryly to herself.‭ ‬She smiled a little then got dressed to go back down.

She put her swimsuit on and her workout clothes over it.‭ ‬She knew that she was showing a lot of leg,‭ ‬the shorts barely came below her ass,‭ ‬and Kristy would get a good look,‭ ‬but that could not be helped.‭ ‬Still feeling nervous and self conscious,‭ ‬she poured and drank a quick glass of wine.

Kristy was still dealing with a crowd of guests when Elaine hurried through the lobby,‭ ‬but the brunette still managed to conspicuously check out Elaine as she passed.

The spa was nothing spectacular.‭ ‬The gym room had a few machines:‭ ‬a nautilus,‭ ‬two stairmasters and an exercise bike.‭ ‬Elaine had the place to herself at least and started her workout.‭ ‬She was surprised by how stiff she had become the past few days.‭ ‬All her exercise had consisted of being tied up and fucked so while her pussy and asshole had been stretched and loosened,‭ ‬the rest of her was tight and tense.‭ ‬It took awhile,‭ ‬an hour by the clock on the wall,‭ ‬but she finally stretched out.

She had a good sweat going and decided it was enough for today.‭ ‬She stripped down to her swimsuit and sat in the sauna.‭ ‬The heat loosened her some more and she melted into the heat,‭ ‬all the impurities sweating out of her body.‭ ‬She imagined Roy’s cum oozing out of her pores as she sweated on the wooden bench.

A quick shower to wash off the sweat and she stepped out to the pool.‭ ‬The glare was blinding and she fumbled for her sunglasses,‭ ‬her eyes watering from the bright light.‭ ‬With her sunglasses on her eyes adjusted and she took a look at the pool.‭ ‬It was a decent sized pool,‭ ‬but set up more for playing than swimming.‭ ‬Again,‭ ‬she had the place to herself‭; ‬it was Monday and the new guests had not checked in yet.

Elaine set her stuff down on a chair and jumped into the water.‭ ‬It was chilly,‭ ‬but warmer than the creek she had been in with Roy.‭ ‬She happily swam from end to end,‭ ‬doing laps in the short pool.‭ ‬When she had pushed herself to the point of exhaustion she climbed out.‭

As she was drying off she saw a group of people coming out of the hotel.‭ ‬They were on a tour and leading the tour was Kristy.‭ ‬She was at the head of about a dozen older Asians.

‭”‬This is our pool,‭” ‬Kristy was telling them,‭ ‬but once again she only had eyes for Elaine.‭ ‬Elaine was very aware that all she was wearing was a skimpy bathing suit.‭ ‬She was toweling off her hair when the group came out so the towel did not hide the goose bumps on her fair skin or her hard nipples poking through her top.‭ “‬It’s kind of quiet now,‭ ‬but will be happening by the afternoon.‭ ‬How’s the water‭?” ‬she called out to Elaine.

Elaine hesitated but found the ability to answer,‭ “‬Nice,‭ ‬very nice.‭” ‬She met eyes briefly with Kristy then resumed drying off as fast as she could.‭ ‬This woman had violated Elaine last night,‭ ‬and now she seemed to revel in following Elaine and reminding her of the fact.‭ ‬She had made Elaine please her and seemed proud of that.

‭”‬That is our pool bar,‭” ‬Kristy continued her tour,‭ “‬it opens at two.‭” ‬She led them past the pool and back into the casino,‭ ‬winking at Elaine as they continued.

Elaine hurried back to her room‭; ‬at least Kristy was not at her desk.‭ ‬She felt great,‭ ‬her body had the pleasant ache a good workout brought.‭ ‬She tried not to think about Kristy and hopped in for another long,‭ ‬hot shower.

After the shower she rubbed lotion into her skin,‭ ‬making it nice and soft for her owner.‭ ‬It also kept her from itching,‭ ‬too,‭ ‬but that was just an added bonus.‭ ‬She dried her hair and was looking forward to a nice lunch when Roy got back,‭ ‬or maybe a nap until then.‭ ‬She hung up her towel and stepped naked out of the bathroom.

‭”‬Naked again‭? ‬Just for me‭?” ‬Elaine froze and felt a chill in her stomach as she saw Kristy sitting on the couch.‭ ‬Kristy looked Elaine up and down slowly and deliberately.‭ ‬Kristy had changed into a pair of short shorts and a sleeveless blouse.

Elaine heard Roy laugh and saw him bringing a tray with three glasses of whiskey and ice to the coffee table.

‭”‬You are pale as a ghost,‭ ‬Slave,‭” ‬Roy chuckled at her.‭ “‬Get dressed,‭ ‬Kristy will be joining us for lunch.‭”

“Yes,‭ ‬Master,‭” ‬Elaine turned to get her dress.

‭”‬Don’t feel you have to get dressed on my account,‭” ‬Kristy taunted her,‭ “‬it’s nothing I haven’t see,‭ ‬or done,‭ ‬before.‭”

Elaine blushed and hurriedly slipped on her dress.‭ ‬She took a second to try to regain her composure.‭ ‬Roy was sitting at the other end of the couch and motioned for Elaine to sit down between him and Kristy.‭ ‬Elaine walked over on bare feet and sat between the two people who had raped her.

Roy handed a drink to Kristy and one to Elaine.‭ ‬The glass felt cold in her trembling fingers.‭ ‬Roy raised his glass for a toast.‭ “‬To Elaine,‭ ‬who has brought us so much pleasure,‭” ‬he said and the three of them,‭ ‬Elaine somewhat reluctantly,‭ ‬clinked their glasses together.‭ ‬Kristy and Roy took small sips of theirs,‭ ‬Elaine nearly drained hers in one.‭ ‬She needed something to calm her nerves.

‭”‬Kristy has recommended a nice pizza place around the corner,‭” ‬Roy said to Elaine.‭ “‬She will join us for lunch then come back with us for a while.‭” ‬He left it hang for a minute,‭ ‬letting the implications sink in to Elaine.

‭”‬As Master wishes,‭” ‬Elaine mumbled.

‭”‬Master wishes,‭” ‬Roy said.‭ “‬After than we will go see Mark and thank him for helping clean the mess from yesterday.‭”

“Yes,‭ ‬Master,‭” ‬Elaine tried not to look at Kristy,‭ ‬but she was very aware of the presence of the strong young woman beside her.

Kristy began to babble on about Elko and the pizza place where they would be eating.‭ ‬Elaine really wasn’t paying attention.‭ ‬While Kristy droned on about the railroad and Basque shepherds Elaine was wondering about the rest of the day.‭ ‬She was forced to remember that her body now existed for the pleasure of others.

Finally,‭ ‬Elaine realized that Kristy was done talking and the glasses were empty.‭ ‬Elaine felt a little light headed and buzzed from drinking the whiskey on an empty stomach.‭ ‬Kristy and Roy stood up and got ready to go.‭ ‬Roy offered Elaine a helping hand to stand up.‭ ‬Silently,‭ ‬she stood,‭ ‬slipped on her sandals and followed Roy and Kristy out.

They passed through the haze of smoke of the casino.‭ ‬Just walking through made Elaine want to cough and scrub her hair.‭ ‬Kristy and Roy walked in front of her,‭ ‬talking and laughing.‭ ‬Out on the street the heat hit them.‭ ‬It was not as oppressive as it was in Las Vegas,‭ ‬but still uncomfortable.‭

They walked around the corner and into a narrow store front and Elaine felt better.‭ ‬When her father was alive,‭ ‬he had a nose for good pizza.‭ ‬He had been born and bred in New York City,‭ ‬Queens to be exact,‭ ‬and even after he had left the city he still had a knack for finding good pizza.‭ ‬On many road trips as a child,‭ ‬Elaine had sat in the car while he drove around strange towns looking for pizza.‭ ‬He would stop at a likely looking restaurant,‭ ‬leave the rest of the family in the car and go inside and check the place out.‭ ‬In a few minutes he would come back and they would either drive on and repeat the drill or go inside.‭ ‬Elaine had never had bad pizza with her father,‭ ‬when one of her childhood friends had taken her to have her first bad pizza,‭ ‬she had been appalled.‭ ‬To Elaine,‭ ‬bad pizza was like bad sex:‭ ‬not worth the effort.‭

‬This was going to be good pizza,‭ ‬she knew that before they even ordered.‭ ‬The store was long and narrow with a counter at the back where they ordered.‭ ‬At some point they had expanded into the store front next door and just knocked a door in the wall and put in more tables.‭ ‬The tables were long with benches instead of chairs and red and white checked table cloths.‭ ‬It was the end of the lunch rush and the place was still busy.‭ ‬Elaine could see big,‭ ‬thin crust pizzas served on beat up pans,‭ ‬eaten off of paper plates with metal silverware.‭ ‬Each table had red pepper,‭ ‬Parmesan cheese and salt and pepper.‭ ‬There was none of the proliferation of shakers that seemed to crop up these days.‭ ‬Best of all was the staff.‭ ‬A cute young Italian looking girl took the orders at the counter.‭ ‬She could not have been more than‭ ‬16‭ ‬years old.‭ ‬A young boy bussed the tables and another young man pulled pizzas out of the oven while an old guy with bushy eye bros and curly gray hair spread the cheese and sauce on the dough.‭ ‬They all looked alike,‭ ‬a family business.‭

‬Elaine had no idea what was going to happen to her later,‭ ‬but she knew she was going to have a good lunch.‭

‬Kristy approached the counter,‭ ‬the young woman smiled up at her.‭

“‬Hey,‭ ‬Kristy‭” ‬she said.‭ “‬You wanna slice‭?”

“‬No,‭ ‬Nancy,‭” ‬she answered and winked at the young man pulling another pizza out of the oven.‭ ‬He tried not to be obvious as he checked her out.‭ ‬It was apparent he had a huge crush on her.‭ “‬These are some new friends from the casino.‭ ‬Why don’t you give us an extra large pepperoni and a pitcher of Coors.‭”

“‬Sure thing,‭ ‬Kristy,‭” ‬she turned back to the older man making the pizzas.‭ “‬You got that,‭ ‬Dad‭?”

“‬I got it,‭” ‬he answered.‭ ‬He looked at Kristy,‭ “‬why don’t you have a seat and I’ll bring your beer out to you.‭”

“‬Sure thing,‭ ‬Lenny.‭”

‬Roy stepped forward and paid the bill,‭ ‬dropping a ten in the tip jar and they all sat down at a table in the back.‭ ‬Elaine was feeling more confident and hungry.‭ ‬Kristy was next to Elaine and quickly put her hand on Elaine’s thigh,‭ ‬sliding slightly up her skirt.

Lenny brought the pitcher and poured three glasses.‭ ‬Elaine sipped on hers while Kristy and Roy made small talk.‭ ‬Elaine’s mind was elsewhere,‭ ‬thinking of pizza places she had visited,‭ ‬including one over priced mediocre restaurant just outside the park at the Grand Canyon.‭ ‬She and Amanda had eaten there a lot.‭ ‬Kristy’s hand sliding between her legs made Elaine think of the times Amanda had taken her out for pizza then stopped in the forest on the way back for some rough sex.‭ ‬Elaine did miss Amanda.

The pizza arrived.‭ ‬Elaine’s instinct was correct:‭ ‬the pizza was great.‭ ‬Elaine plowed through several pieces while Kristy and Roy talked.‭ ‬From when she paid attention she could tell that Kristy wanted out of Elko and Roy was offering to put a good word in for her at some of the casinos in Las Vegas.‭ ‬A lot of the rest of the conversations was the technical details of applying and dealing with the unions.‭ ‬It bored Elaine,‭ ‬but she did like the pizza.

Kristy would take her hand off Elaine’s thigh when she needed to eat,‭ ‬but otherwise kept it there.‭ ‬Kristy slid her hand between Elaine’s legs,‭ ‬or sometimes up her skirt a little bit,‭ ‬but Elaine just focused on eating.‭ ‬Elaine really did not like Kristy.‭ ‬It went beyond how Kristy had raped her yesterday,‭ ‬there was just something about the young woman’s personality that rubbed Elaine the wrong way.‭ ‬She found her conversation self centered and inane and would prefer to have nothing to do with Kristy if at all possible.‭ ‬She struck Elaine as the kind of person who could have an hour long conversation entirely about herself.‭ ‬The fact that Elaine knew Roy was going to make her perform for Kristy was almost intolerable,‭ ‬the idea of having to deal with her again if she moved to Las Vegas was too much.‭ ‬But,‭ ‬Elaine reminded herself,‭ ‬she had signed away the right to say no.‭ ‬If that was what Roy wanted,‭ ‬that was what she would do.‭

Elaine grabbed another slice of pizza‭; ‬she knew she was eating more than her share,‭ ‬but she was determined to get as much out this lunch as she could before they went back to the room.

Roy was enjoying himself.‭ ‬Elaine’s dislike of Kristy was palpable.‭ ‬He could see it in the way she almost angrily snatched piece after piece of pizza and the way she pointedly ignored Kristy’s hand on her leg.‭ ‬The pizza was good,‭ ‬but Roy had not developed the same taste for it that Elaine had‭; ‬to him pizza was pizza.‭ ‬He could tell Kristy was aware of Elaine’s dislike for her,‭ ‬too.‭ ‬It seemed that Kristy was not really fond of Elaine,‭ ‬but liked the power she held over the older woman and certainly lusted after her body.‭ ‬He looked forward to all the things he would let Kristy do to Elaine when she came to Las Vegas.

They finished their lunch and the beer and with goodbyes to Lenny and his family went back to the casino.‭ ‬Guests were starting to trickle in and there was a decent sized crowd in the lobby.‭ ‬Without a word the three of them took the elevator,‭ ‬sharing it with an overweight older couple decked out in University of Nebraska gear,‭ ‬and went to the suite.

‭”‬In about an hour we need to be ready to head out,‭” ‬he said to Kristy,‭ “‬but since Elaine was so good at shoveling pizza into her mouth,‭ ‬I think she should show us what else her mouth is good for.‭”

Kristy sidled up to Elaine.‭ ‬With one hand she grabbed a handful of Elaine’s hair,‭ ‬tilted the older woman’s head back and kissed her.‭ ‬Kristy’s tongue invaded Elaine’s mouth,‭ ‬roughly probing and finding Elaine’s tongue,‭ ‬pinning it down.‭ ‬Kristy’s other hand slid up Elaine’s skirt and cupped her ass.

Roy watched in fascination as Kristy kissed Elaine.‭ ‬Elaine was not really responding,‭ ‬but just accepting what Kristy was doing to her.‭ ‬Only when Kristy’s hand reached between her legs and into Elaine’s slit did Elaine show any response.‭ ‬As Kristy’s fingers slid into her slit Elaine tried to pull away,‭ ‬but Kristy’s hand in her hair held her tight.‭ ‬Roy sat down and enjoyed the show‭; ‬he was glad he had run into Kristy today.‭ ‬He also looked forward to seeing Kristy in Las Vegas,‭ ‬the obvious distaste Elaine had for her would make her submission all the more satisfying.

Kristy broke off the kiss and let go of Elaine.

‭”‬I know what her pretty mouth can do,‭” ‬Kristy taunted,‭ “‬I got to enjoy it yesterday,‭ ‬didn’t I,‭ ‬slut‭?”

Elaine did not say anything,‭ ‬she was remembering being forced to suck on Kristy’s nipples,‭ ‬having the young brunette ride her face.

‭”‬Kristy asked you a question,‭ ‬Slave,‭” ‬Roy chided her.

‭”‬Yes,‭ ‬Master,‭” ‬Elaine answered,‭ “‬Kristy enjoyed my mouth yesterday.‭” ‬She blushed in humiliation.

‭”‬Strip,‭ ‬Slave,‭” ‬Roy ordered her.

‭”‬Yes,‭ ‬Master,‭” ‬Elaine answered and slipped her dress off while Kirsty leered at her.‭ ‬In a second she stood naked in front of her younger tormentor.

Kristy slipped off her shorts and panties,‭ ‬but left her blouse on.

‭”‬Now,‭ ‬Slave,‭” ‬Roy said and tossed a pair of handcuffs to Elaine,‭ “‬put these on.‭ ‬Then get on your knees and make Kristy cum.‭”

“Yes,‭ ‬Master.‭” ‬She blushed as she clicked the cuffs on and dropped to her knees in front of Kristy.‭ ‬Kristy smiled wickedly and took off her blouse.‭ ‬Roy got to see her large,‭ ‬perfect breasts for the first time.‭ ‬He was going to enjoy letting Kristy use Elaine.

Even though Elaine detested Kristy,‭ ‬she was getting very aroused now.‭ ‬Kristy had an amazing body and despite Elaine’s dislike of the young woman,‭ ‬Elaine thought she might as well enjoy it.‭ ‬Yesterday had been too sudden and unexpected for Elaine to really to get into it,‭ ‬but now she was getting a chance to be submissive to another woman,‭ ‬just like she had planned when she left her apartment in Prescott four days ago.

Elaine reminded herself that she was doing this for her owner,‭ ‬she wanted to give him a good show and prove what an obedient slave she could be.‭ ‬Elaine started kissing and licking at‭ ‬Kristy’s knee and worked her way up the soft inside of Kristy’s powerful thigh.‭ ‬When she reached the top she gave Kristy’s shaved cunt one quick lick then started on the other leg.‭ ‬Kristy’s thighs intrigued Elaine,‭ ‬she wanted to spend some time exploring them.‭ ‬She had not had a chance to show off her skills yesterday,‭ ‬today she was going to make the most out of time with Kristy.

Elaine kept licking and kissing the silky smoothness of the inside of Kristy’s thighs,‭ ‬only occasionally venturing up for a lick or two at Kristy’s swollen,‭ ‬wet pussy.‭ ‬Slowly,‭ ‬she worked her way up.‭ ‬Kissing higher and higher on her thigh and spending more time licking her sopping cunt.‭ ‬Elaine could hear Kristy’s heavy breathing and feel her muscles tense up,‭ ‬Elaine knew she was doing a good job.

Finally,‭ ‬Elaine scooted up and buried her face in Kristy’s crotch.‭ ‬She attacked it with all the knowledge Amanda had taught her and all the enthusiasm she had pent up inside her.‭ ‬Her tongue snaked inside the younger woman’s canal,‭ ‬her lips pulled at Kristy’s rings.‭ ‬She brushed at‭ ‬Kristy’s swollen clit with her nose then licked and sucked it.‭

Elaine lost herself in the moment.‭ ‬She had loved it when Amanda had‭ “‬made‭” ‬her lick her pussy and she had not realized how much she had missed going down on a woman until now.‭ ‬Yesterday it had been so sudden,‭ ‬so shocking when Kristy took her that she had not really had too much time to enjoy it.‭ ‬Now she could really savor it.

Kristy climaxed with another string of curses and grunts,‭ ‬to Elaine they sounded something like‭ “‬grnngraaaafuckfuckfuckuhhnnnyeahyeahfuuuuck‭”‬.‭ ‬Elaine did not let up but attacked Kristy’s clit and pussy with even more vigor.‭ ‬No sooner had Kristy come down off her first orgasm then Elaine brought her back up again.‭ ‬Elaine’s face was now wet with her spit and Kristy’s juices.‭

The second orgasm was followed by a third.‭ ‬By now Elaine’s mouth was getting tired and it was actually a relief when Kristy grabbed her by the hair and pulled her head off her crotch.‭ ‬She smiled down at the older woman.

‭”‬Nice job,‭ ‬slut,‭” ‬Kristy purred,‭ ‬tugging on Elaine’s hair.‭ “‬You’re a great little cunt licker and a tasty little piece of ass.‭ ‬I wish I had more time to do things to you.‭ ‬You look so natural on your knees with your face buried in my snatch.‭” ‬Wobbly kneed,‭ ‬Kristy plopped down in a chair and poured herself more of Roy’s whiskey.

Roy was utterly amazed.‭ ‬He had known that Elaine had a history of sex with Amanda,‭ ‬but had not grasped her skill and enthusiasm until now.‭ ‬He had spent so much time doing things to her that he had never really thought about what she could do on her own.‭ ‬He was already running through a mental list of all the women with whom he could share her.

Right now,‭ ‬though,‭ ‬he had his own needs.‭ ‬His cock was hard and throbbing after watching Elaine’s performance and he wanted her.‭ ‬He took Kristy’s place in front of the submissive older woman and opened his pants.

Elaine took a deep breath as she saw Roy’s cock in front of her face.‭ ‬She was a little tired after performing on Kristy but knew what was demanded of her.‭ ‬With the flavor of the dominant younger woman still strong in her mouth,‭ ‬Elaine began to lick her owner’s shaft.‭ ‬She just wanted to get this part finished and hoped that one of them would make her cum.

It amused Roy to watch Elaine try to suck cock.‭ ‬She seemed so good at eating pussy,‭ ‬but did not really get sucking cock.‭ ‬He knew that with enough practice and training she would get better at it,‭ ‬and she would certainly get lots of practice,‭ ‬but right now he really did not have the patience to instruct her.‭ ‬He just wanted to fuck her beautiful face,‭ ‬to see his cock violate her pretty mouth.‭ ‬He lightly grabbed a handful of hair and Elaine stopped licking,‭ ‬she already knew what he wanted and opened her mouth for him.

Elaine felt the bulb of her owner’s cock slip into her mouth.‭ ‬She sucked on it gently as he paused,‭ ‬filling her mouth for just a moment before pushing deeper.‭ ‬She felt the hard flesh push over her tongue and she closed her eyes bracing for what was next.‭ ‬Into the back of mouth,‭ ‬and her gag reflex kicked in,‭ ‬her body trying to expel something that had no business being this deep into her mouth.‭ ‬Elaine knew Roy enjoyed the feel of her throat spasming on his cock,‭ ‬but Elaine hated it and just wished he would get all the way in.‭ ‬Then he was,‭ ‬her throat filled with him.‭ ‬She just tried to relax and let him have his way.

He was fast and rough.‭ ‬His hands held Elaine’s head as he fucked away in her mouth and throat.‭ ‬He pumped fast for a few minutes then slowed to delay his orgasm,‭ ‬enjoying a few more moments of her hot,‭ ‬wet throat wrapped around his cock.‭ ‬When he knew he was ready to cum he sped up again.‭ ‬He thought about blowing his wad on her face,‭ ‬but they really did not have the time to get cleaned up again.‭ ‬Almost reluctantly,‭ ‬he shot his load inside her,‭ ‬trying to keep as much of it in her mouth so she could taste him as he did.

Elaine gagged again as he came,‭ ‬her mouth filled with the salty cum.‭ ‬She did not enjoy the taste of cum,‭ ‬but she liked the feeling of being controlled and used that it conveyed.‭ ‬Her pussy ached,‭ ‬being forced to pleasure first Kristy then Roy made her very horny and she wanted to get off.

Roy had other plans.‭ ‬He zipped his fly back up and without a word to Elaine,‭ ‬turned to Kristy.

‭”‬We need to head out soon.‭ ‬You can get the rest of our stuff shipped back to Vegas‭?” ‬He asked her.

‭”‬Sure,‭” ‬Kristy answered,‭ “‬I’ll get my resume‭’ ‬to you in a couple of days.‭” ‬The brunette dressed,‭ ‬keeping an eye on Elaine as she did.‭ ‬She wanted to do many more things to this slave and hoped Roy would give her the chance.

Kristy kissed Elaine on the top of her head as she was getting ready to go.‭ “‬Bye.‭ ‬slut.‭ ‬I’ll see you later.‭” ‬She shook hands with Roy and left.

Elaine remained kneeling naked on the floor while Roy packed up their belongings for Kristy to ship to Las Vegas for them.‭ ‬She wondered what her life there would be like,‭ ‬when her only function was the pleasure of Roy.‭ ‬Would it make more sense‭? ‬Would he body hold up to the constant abuse‭? ‬Her future,‭ ‬anything from this moment on,‭ ‬was a mystery to her.

Roy had everything bagged up and ready to go except what they would be wearing tonight.‭ ‬He still had not let her in on what he had planned,‭ ‬but she could guess it involved at least one person using her for an orgasm.‭ ‬That was what she had signed on for,‭ ‬she reminded herself.‭ ‬What if Amanda had been there at Gold Wash‭? ‬Where would she be now‭? ‬Probably getting ready to be fucked by Frank Goller,‭ ‬she thought wryly.‭ ‬At least with Roy she had had some control over who would own her.‭ ‬Not much,‭ ‬but a little.

Roy was in his usual travel clothes of jeans and long black t-shirt.‭ ‬She wished he would show off his legs more,‭ ‬but the jeans and t-shirt gave him a bad boy look that stirred Elaine deep inside.‭ ‬She ran her tongue around her mouth,‭ ‬tasting his cum still inside her,‭ ‬reminding her of his cock sliding down into her throat.‭ ‬She tried to get onto another train of thought before she got wet again,‭ ‬but seeing him in those jeans,‭ ‬she could not help but remember how the button and zipper felt against the back of her thighs the first time he raped her.‭ ‬Her life had changed the moment he had penetrated her.

She had thought he would have her wear her sun dress.‭ ‬It was demure,‭ ‬yet sexy and revealing at the same time.‭ ‬Instead,‭ ‬he had out the short skirt she had bought this morning and a white button down dress shirt.

‭”‬Dress,‭ ‬Slave,‭” ‬he ordered her,‭ ‬snapping his fingers and pointing at the clothes on the bed.

‭”‬Yes,‭ ‬Master,‭” ‬she rose and dressed.‭ ‬It did not take long.‭ ‬Of course,‭ ‬there was no panties or bra.‭ ‬Elaine looked in the mirror and was relieved that the skirt did come down at least two or three inches below the curve of her ass and while standing still,‭ ‬her naked crotch was hidden.‭ ‬She buttoned all but the top button on her blouse and presented herself to Roy.

He looked her up and down then unbuttoned two more buttons on top‭; ‬now any fast movement,‭ ‬or a stiff breeze,‭ ‬would show her firm breasts.‭ ‬He smiled,‭ ‬then opened the two bottom buttons and tied the bottom of the blouse into a knot.‭ ‬It tightened it up some so her breasts were not as exposed,‭ ‬but now her flat belly and navel were revealed.‭ ‬Elaine felt very open to inspection,‭ ‬very sexual.

‭”‬Turn around,‭” ‬Roy told her.

‭”‬Yes,‭ ‬Master,‭” ‬Elaine turned in a circle while Roy looked her over head to foot.

‭”‬You are a beautiful slave,‭ ‬Elaine,‭” ‬he said to her and slid a hand up her skirt to cup her ass.

‭”‬Thank you,‭ ‬Master,‭” ‬she said,‭ ‬looking up into his eyes.‭ “‬I belong to you.‭”

“Slave,‭ ‬Elaine,‭” ‬he said to her,‭ ‬very seriously.

‭”‬Yes,‭ ‬Master,‭” ‬she paused,‭ ‬then added softly,‭ “‬Roy.‭” ‬Saying his name gave her a thrill.

‭”‬Tonight will be the roughest thing you have had to deal with as a slave.‭ ‬It will be worse than anything I have done to you so far,‭” ‬he looked into her beautiful eyes and let the seriousness of what he was saying sink in.‭ “‬But remember that you are my property and you must do as you are told.‭ ‬Do you understand‭?”

“Yes,‭ ‬Master.‭”

“I will be there through all of it and I will make sure you are safe.‭”

“Yes,‭ ‬Master.‭” ‬She looked down,‭ ‬trying not to imagine what was going to happen to her.

‭”‬Okay,‭” ‬he said,‭ ‬offering her the leather jacket,‭ “‬let’s go.‭”

Elaine stepped into her sandals and put the jacket on.‭ ‬Roy had not had it cleaned,‭ ‬so she could still feel the crusty semen from her day with the cowboys in the mountains.‭ ‬Dead men’s cum,‭ ‬she noted wryly,‭ ‬and some of‭ ‬Roy’s too.‭ ‬Roy opened the door and followed Elaine out.‭ ‬They walked down the hall and passed the same room service waiter.‭ ‬Elaine wondered if he was the only one and if he ever had any time off.‭ ‬He stared at Elaine’s legs as she walked past,‭ ‬Roy gave him a knowing wink and smile.

It was around three o’clock when Roy helped her onto the back of the motorcycle.‭ ‬He lifted her chin and locked the collar on.‭ ‬Elaine kept her eyes on his,‭ ‬hoping no one else saw this.‭ ‬He put the helmet on her and dropped the visor down so she could not see.‭ ‬He climbed on in front of her and,‭ ‬much to her surprise,‭ ‬he cuffed her hands around him.‭ ‬She was startled by this,‭ ‬he knew she was not going to try to escape,‭ ‬what did he have in store for her‭?

They were on the move.‭ ‬Elaine had no idea where they were going,‭ ‬she could not see anything but it felt like they were on a paved road.‭ ‬The wind was nice and cooling and the breeze up her short skirt was stimulating.‭ ‬Whenever he had the chance,‭ ‬Roy would reach back and stroke her thigh.‭ ‬Elaine was not sure how long they rode,‭ ‬but after a while they turned on to a dirt road.‭ ‬It was only a few minutes after that that they stopped.

Roy uncuffed Elaine and got off.‭ ‬He took off the jacket then cuffed her hands again.‭ ‬Elaine let him help her off the motorcycle,‭ ‬his hands sliding her skirt up as he did,‭ ‬exposing her perfect ass.‭ ‬She held still as he hooked a leash on to her collar and finally took off the helmet.‭ ‬Elaine looked around.‭ ‬The first thing she noticed was a group of cowboys watching her.‭

The cowboys were standing by the back of a pickup truck in the shade of a cottonwood,‭ ‬done with their work for the day.‭ ‬They all knew what was going to happen to Elaine,‭ ‬she was not the first woman on a leash they had seen led into the big house.‭ ‬There was something special about this one,‭ ‬though.‭ ‬A kind of innocence and beauty that transcended her cuffs,‭ ‬collar and leash.‭ ‬Each one wanted to run off with this one,‭ ‬to own her and do with her what they wished.‭ ‬The boisterous laughing and talking had ceased when they saw her and an awed,‭ ‬respectful silence followed as she was led toward the house.‭ ‬All eyes were on Elaine,‭ ‬drinking in every second they got to see her.‭ ‬When she was brought into the main house they resumed their conversations,‭ ‬but now in hushed tones.‭ ‬No one talked about the beautiful woman they had just watched,‭ ‬but each one savored his memory of her.

Roy led Elaine up onto the porch of the big house.‭ ‬This was definitely a working ranch.‭ ‬The big house was a little bit of luxury,‭ ‬a sprawling wooden house with a satellite dish and the hum of air conditioning.‭ ‬Other buildings surrounded it:‭ ‬a barn,‭ ‬a few bunkhouses,‭ ‬workshops,‭ ‬storage buildings and a huge water tank fed from a windmill.‭ ‬Pickup trucks,‭ ‬cattle and horse trailers and atv’s were parked neatly‭; ‬there was definite order to the compound.‭ ‬A little farther away from the house were the cattle pens and horse corral.‭ ‬One thing Elaine did not see was another woman.‭ ‬She knew she was not getting out of here until they were finished with her.‭ ‬She took a deep breath and tried to calm herself and not be too scared.

They were greeted on porch by a man coming out of the front door of the main house.‭ ‬He was a short,‭ ‬muscular man who looked to be in his early‭ ‬40s,‭ ‬with a crew cut.‭ ‬He was wearing a long sleeve khaki shirt and jeans.‭ ‬His face was clean shaven,‭ ‬but through the open top buttons of his shirt Elaine could see a mass of curly,‭ ‬dark hair.‭ ‬She could see an assortment of tattoos that she guessed were military in nature.‭ ‬He had a couple of small scars on his face and one long linear one on his right arm that disappeared up into his sleeve.‭ ‬Elaine was learning to recognize the edge of violence in men and saw it in this one‭; ‬he would hurt people,‭ ‬he would hurt her.‭

Roy warmly took his hand,‭ “‬Sam,‭” ‬he said in greeting,‭ “‬nice to see you again.‭”

Sam returned the smile.‭ “‬Roy,‭ ‬come on in,‭” ‬he said,‭ “‬Mark’s waiting inside.‭” ‬He held the door open,‭ ‬Roy led Elaine past him.‭ ‬He slowly and deliberately looked Elaine up and down with the look of a man who fully expected to have his way with her.‭ ‬Elaine shrank back and leaned away from him as they passed.

Roy followed Sam down a hallway into a den.‭ ‬Sam offered Roy a chair.‭ ‬Roy pointed to a cushion on the floor beside the chair.‭ “‬Kneel,‭ ‬Slave.‭”

“Yes,‭ ‬Master.‭” ‬Elaine did not know what was going to happen,‭ ‬but she knew that blind obedience to her master was the best strategy.‭ ‬They would do what they wanted to her,‭ ‬but she did not want to give them a reason to punish her.‭ ‬She also hated to admit it,‭ ‬but she did not want embarrass Roy,‭ ‬either.

‭”‬Can I get you a drink,‭ ‬Roy‭?” ‬Sam asked.

‭”‬Yes,‭ ‬please.‭”

“How about your slave‭?”

“Please.‭ ‬I think she’ll need it.‭”

Sam chuckled and went to the shelf.‭ ‬He made up four scotch on the rocks,‭ ‬and handed two to Roy.‭ ‬Roy passed one to Elaine and she gratefully took it with her cuffed hands.‭ ‬She sipped on it,‭ ‬feeling the warmth radiate out from her stomach and calm begin to take over.

Roy and Sam made small talk about the weather,‭ ‬cattle and a few mutual acquaintances.‭ ‬It was obvious they were waiting for Mark.‭ ‬Finally the door opened and Mark came in.‭ ‬He was‭ ‬5‭’‬10‭” ‬with a stocky build and slightly thinning brown hair.‭ ‬He had a mustache and was rather handsome.‭ ‬There was an air of calm and control about him,‭ ‬he reeked of success.‭ ‬He was wearing faded jeans,‭ ‬a perfectly clean white button down shirt and cowboy boots.‭ ‬He had a slightly annoyed and distracted look on his face when he entered that faded into genuine enthusiasm when he shook hands with Roy.‭ ‬Elaine could not help but feel attracted to this man,‭ ‬even though she knew she should fear him.

He looked down appraisingly at Elaine.‭ “‬So this is what the trouble is all about,‭” ‬he said and softly stroked her cheek.‭ “‬She is beautiful,‭ ‬Roy.‭”

“Thank you,‭ ‬Mark.‭”

“And still new to the collar,‭ ‬too.‭ ‬If you ever consider selling her,‭ ‬let me know.‭ ‬I’ll make you a good offer on her.‭”

A chill ran through Elaine.‭ ‬It was a reminder that she was property,‭ ‬she might belong to Roy now but there was no guarantee she always would.

‭”‬Thanks,‭ ‬Mark.‭ ‬I plan on keeping her but I’ll keep you in mind,‭” ‬Roy answered.

Mark sat down behind the desk and drained his scotch.

‭”‬Okay,‭” ‬he said in a serious tone,‭ “‬let’s get down to business.‭ ‬Sam,‭ ‬you checked out the bodies‭?”

“Yessir,‭” ‬the stocky man answered.‭ “‬It’s just like Roy described.‭ ‬It looks like an accident.‭ ‬Unless they go CSI on it no one will ever know anything happened there.‭”

“And no one will go CSI on it,‭” ‬Mark interjected,‭ “‬I can guarantee that.‭”

Sam turned to Roy.‭ “‬Nicely done,‭ ‬Roy.‭ ‬It’s nice work.‭ ‬You ever done this sort of thing before‭?”

Elaine anxiously waited for the answer,‭ ‬eager to know more about her owner.

Roy smiled mysteriously.‭ “‬I’ll plead the Fifth on that one.‭”

Both Sam and Mark laughed.‭ “‬Yeah,‭” ‬Sam said,‭ “‬as Liddy says,‭ ‬there’s no statute of limitations on murder.‭”

“What about the gun and the shell casings‭? ‬Any problem with those‭?” ‬Roy asked.

Sam waved his hand dismissively.‭ “‬Drunk cowboys shooting from the back of pickup is not exactly uncommon.‭ ‬Even if they look that hard and match up those casings with the gun no one is going to care.‭”

“Sam’s right,‭” ‬Mark added.‭ “‬These were not model citizens.‭ ‬Neither was local so their families are not going to be looking for them.‭ ‬It will be ruled an accident and that will be that.‭”

“So,‭ ‬we’re all set‭?” ‬Roy asked.

‭”‬Case closed,‭” ‬Mark said smugly.

‭”‬Well,‭ ‬thank you,‭” ‬Roy said sincerely.‭ “‬If you ever have any tech problems I can solve,‭ ‬let me know.‭”

“There are a few things I might need help with.‭ ‬I have some files I need to keep accessible and hidden at the same time,‭” ‬Mark answered.

‭”‬Okay,‭ ‬drop me a line and I’ll take care of it,‭” ‬said Roy.

Mark leaned back and poured himself another scotch.‭ “‬Well,‭ ‬is there anything else,‭ ‬then‭?”

Roy sat forward and spoke formally.‭ “‬Since you have helped me so much I feel that the least I can do is offer to share my slave with you gentlemen tonight.‭”

Elaine froze.‭ ‬So this is what he had planned all along.

Mark and Sam smiled.‭ “‬We would love to,‭” ‬Mark answered.‭

The three men continued to talk while they sipped on their drinks.‭ ‬It turned out Roy knew The Hunter fairly well and Sam had a professional curiosity about him.‭ ‬Sam tried to pump Roy for information,‭ ‬but Roy answered evasively.

‭”‬Come on,‭ ‬Roy,‭” ‬Sam probed,‭ “‬weren’t you with him at Arsenic Wells‭?”

“Sam,‭” ‬Roy answered patiently,‭ “‬imagine you’re me.‭ ‬Would you talk about that‭?”

Sam looked annoyed for a second then clapped Roy on the shoulder.‭ “‬Fair enough,‭ ‬Roy.‭ ‬You can’t blame me for trying.‭ ‬It might be interesting to work with him someday.‭ ‬Or against him.‭”

Elaine watched Mark during this exchange.‭ ‬He listened intently and seemed to have gotten whatever information it was that he wanted.‭ ‬Mark swiftly changed to conversation to computers and he and Roy were soon talking in terms that seemed like a foreign language to Elaine.‭ ‬Her thoughts turned to what was going to happen to her.‭ ‬As much as she knew she should be afraid,‭ ‬she was instead turned on.‭ ‬The fact that she knew there was no escape heightened her arousal when it should have terrified her.‭ ‬They were going to gang bang her tonight,‭ ‬she thought and took a deep breath.

They finished their drinks and Mark said‭ “‬let’s go to the playroom.‭”

The men all stood up.‭ ‬Roy handed Elaine’s leash to Mark.‭ “‬If you please,‭” ‬Roy said.

Mark gave the leash a sharp tug and Elaine rose to her feet.‭ ‬Mark roughly pulled her out the door and down the hall.‭ ‬Elaine was scared,‭ ‬but also very turned on.‭ ‬These three men were going to use her body all night.‭ ‬She would get fucked everywhere over and over.‭ ‬She knew what Roy could do to her and she sensed that Mark and Sam would do that and more.‭ ‬She had lost all control and now she was heading down the hall to be gang raped and she was dripping wet.‭ ‬She knew she was meant to be a slave.

Elaine stumbled along as Mark pulled her through the hallway.‭ ‬Behind her,‭ ‬she heard Sam and Mark commenting on her ass.

‭”‬Yeah,‭” ‬Roy said,‭ “‬and it fucks as good as it looks.‭” ‬He reached forward and flipped up her skirt so Sam could get a better look at her ass as they walked along.

They wound up in front of a big,‭ ‬heavy wooden door.‭ ‬Mark pulled out a key and unlocked it.‭ ‬With a tug he pulled it open and led Elaine,‭ ‬Sam and Roy into the room.‭ ‬When they were all in he closed the door with a thud and locked it.‭ ‬Elaine was in,‭ ‬she was not going anywhere until Mark was done with her.

Elaine looked around‭; ‬the room was like something out of a pervert’s dream.‭ ‬A big,‭ ‬four posted bed was off to one side.‭ ‬On one wall there was a big wooden X with cuffs in the four corners of it.‭ ‬Next to it was a rack that held a variety of whips:‭ ‬there was a paddle,‭ ‬a razor strop,‭ ‬riding crop and a few Elaine could not even start to identify.‭ ‬In another part of the room a pair of leather cuffs hung from a chain dangling from the ceiling.‭ ‬An open wardrobe revealed a collection of harnesses,‭ ‬cuffs,‭ ‬gags,‭ ‬spreader bars and blindfolds.‭ ‬She craned her head and saw a table of lube and dildos.‭ ‬A pile of pads and wedges took up one corner,‭ ‬each looking like something from a gymnastics meet,‭ ‬but with handcuffs.‭ ‬She had a bad feeling about tonight.‭ ‬The rest of the room looked like a comfortable dungeon.‭ ‬There were no windows and only the one closed and locked door.‭ ‬Lights were spread on the beamed ceiling,‭ ‬some on,‭ ‬some off‭; ‬the walls were bare brick with pictures of bound and fucked women scattered on them.‭ ‬A few padded chairs were beside a small,‭ ‬round table and an overstuffed sofa was near the bed.‭ ‬It was obvious this room had one purpose and she was to be the center of that tonight.

Roy handed the keys to Elaine’s cuffs to Mark then addressed his slave.‭ “‬Slave,‭” ‬he told her,‭ “‬tonight you will obey Mark and Sam as you would obey me.‭ ‬You will do as you’re told.‭ ‬Do you understand‭?”

“Yes,‭ ‬Master,‭” ‬Elaine looked him briefly in the eyes then stared at the floor.

Roy stepped back and sat on one of the chairs.‭ ‬Mark moved in front of her and lifted her chin so she looked him in the eyes.

‭”‬We are going to have a lot of fun tonight.‭ ‬Do as we say and you’ll get out of this alright.‭ ‬You’re a slave,‭ ‬so you’ll probably enjoy most of it.‭ ‬If not,‭ ‬too bad.‭” ‬He leaned forward and kissed her softly,‭ ‬his tongue gently stroking her lips.‭ ‬He took off her cuffs.‭ ‬Elaine rubbed her wrists,‭ ‬but before she could do anything else,‭ ‬Mark reached out and grabbed her shirt.‭ ‬With a quick jerk he untied the knot above her stomach and with a second he ripped it open,‭ ‬the buttons flying across the room.

Elaine flinched,‭ ‬but held her ground.‭ ‬Mark slid the blouse off her unresisting arms then began fondling her breasts with both hands.‭ ‬His touch was rough,‭ ‬his hand calloused,‭ ‬but the violence of his undressing her already had her nipples hard.‭ ‬She breathed hard as one hand continued playing with her breasts while the other reached back and unfastened her skirt.‭ ‬It fell to the floor and Elaine was left wearing only a collar.‭ ‬Mark’s hands were all over her body,‭ ‬rubbing her ass,‭ ‬snaking between her legs to finger her wetness,‭ ‬pulling on her nipples.

‭”‬On your knees,‭ ‬Slave,‭” ‬Mark ordered her.

Elaine was not sure how to address him,‭ ‬but knew he would correct her if she was wrong.‭ “‬Yes,‭ ‬Master,‭” ‬and she dropped to her knees.

Mark chuckled as he began to strip.‭ “‬I’m not your master,‭ ‬sweetie.‭ ‬Only Roy gets called that.‭ ‬You will address Sam and me as‭ ‘‬Sir‭’‬.‭ ‬Do you understand‭?”

Elaine was eye level with the bulge in his pants.‭ “‬Yes,‭ ‬Sir.‭”

Mark took off his jeans and was now naked.‭ ‬He had a little body hair,‭ ‬but not as much as Roy or as much as she guessed Sam had.‭ ‬He looked good,‭ ‬lean and muscular,‭ ‬tanned with no scars or tattoos.‭ ‬She looked quickly to check out his cock‭; ‬that was what would be important to her.‭ ‬She was relieved to see that he was about the same size as Roy,‭ ‬maybe a little shorter but a little thicker,‭ ‬too.‭ ‬He stroked his cock and smiled down at her.‭ “‬Open up,‭ ‬Slave,‭” ‬he told her,‭ “‬let’s get the party started.‭”

Elaine obeyed and Mark filled her mouth with his cock.‭ ‬He slowly and deliberately forced it all the way in until her nose was buried in his pubic hair.‭ ‬Elaine had always thought that men shaving their pubic hair was less than masculine,‭ ‬but with a man’s pubic hair tickling her nose it did not seem like that much of a bad idea.‭ ‬At least the hair tickling her nose distracted her from the cock in her throat.‭ ‬Mark slid in and out a few times then left her mouth.

‭”‬Your turn,‭ ‬Slave,‭” ‬he said to her with his hands on his hips.‭ “‬Let’s see what you can do.‭”

Elaine wanted to apologize in advance for not being very good at sucking cock.‭ ‬She knew it was not her strong suit,‭ ‬it was always easier when the men just fucked her face.‭ ‬But Elaine knew she had to try and she was determined to give it her best effort.‭ ‬She licked his shaft from base to tip,‭ ‬sucked his balls and got as much of his cock in her mouth as she could,‭ ‬but she could tell this was not doing much for Mark.

‭”‬Roy,‭” ‬she heard Mark say as she tried to take him in her throat,‭ “‬do you know Bill Waites‭?”

“In Las Vegas‭?” ‬Roy replied.


“I’ve crossed paths with him a few times at Association functions.‭ ‬Why‭?”

“He’s the best at teaching slaves to suck cock.‭ ‬This one obviously needs some instruction.‭” ‬Elaine blushed in embarrassment and humiliation,‭ ‬she was trying but knew it was true.‭ “‬I’ll give you his card.‭”

“Sorry,‭ ‬Mark,‭” ‬Roy apologized,‭ “‬she’s still new to all of this.‭ ‬On Thursday she was still a lonely,‭ ‬frustrated free woman.‭”

Mark stopped Elaine with a hand on her head and smiled down at her.‭ “‬You’ve done well with her.‭ ‬There is an innocence about her that just makes you want to violently violate her,‭ ‬somehow being good at sucking cock would just be out of character.‭”

“She is great at eating pussy,‭ ‬though,‭” ‬Roy added,‭ “‬I saw her put on a show earlier that was amazing.‭”

“Yes,‭ ‬that’s what Amanda said,‭” ‬Mark said.‭ ‬Elaine froze at the mention of her roommate’s name and wanted to ask about her but knew she was not allowed.‭ ‬Mark tugged her to her feet by the collar and pointed to the bed.‭ “‬On the bed,‭ ‬sweetie,‭” ‬he told her,‭ “‬we’ll let Sam get you opened up for us.‭”

Elaine climbed up on the bed and lay down in the middle.‭ ‬She noted it was firm,‭ ‬with some give and a faint crinkling that hinted of a plastic wrap somewhere under the sheets.‭ ‬There were rings bolted into the posts and in the middle of the headboard and foot board.‭ ‬On a table beside the bed there was an assortment of ropes,‭ ‬straps and cuffs.‭ ‬Elaine eyed those warily,‭ ‬but she was getting more aroused thinking about being tied to the bed while these three men took turns fucking her.‭ ‬She had not been able to orgasm while she was with Kristy and Roy earlier and was ready.

‭”‬How do you want her‭?” ‬Mark asked.

‭”‬Arms spread,‭ ‬legs free,‭” ‬she heard Sam answer.

On one side of her Mark put a padded cuff on her wrist then secured it with a strap to the post.‭ ‬Roy did the same with the other side then they both stepped back to admire their work.‭ ‬Elaine tugged at each arm and found that they were secure,‭ ‬she was held tight.

Sam was at the foot of the bed undressing.‭ ‬Just as she had expected,‭ ‬he was as hairy as a bear.‭ ‬Under the mat of curly black hair she could see more tattoos and more scars.‭ ‬She was afraid of this man and did not want to do anything to provoke him,‭ ‬but knew that even obeying his every whim would not keep him from hurting her.

‭”‬Okay,‭ ‬Slave,‭” ‬Roy said to Elaine.‭ “‬Time to get fucked.‭”

“Yes,‭ ‬Master‭” ‬Elaine answered and the three men laughed.

Elaine turned back to look at Sam and would have jumped out of bed if she hadn’t been tied down.‭ ‬His cock was huge,‭ ‬at least nine inches long,‭ ‬and thick.‭ ‬She did not know how she was going to be able to take that in her vagina,‭ ‬not to mention her throat and,‭ ‬god forbid,‭ ‬her ass.

Sam smiled at her discomfort.‭ “‬Oh yeah,‭ ‬Slave,‭ ‬all night long.‭ ‬Everywhere.‭ ‬You’re gonna take this cock everywhere.‭”

Elaine wanted to protest or plead,‭ ‬but knew it would do no good.‭ ‬Mark was grinning,‭ ‬too,‭ ‬and poured drinks for Roy and himself.‭ ‬He sat on a chair beside the bed and propped his feet up on the mattress while Roy sat on the couch with a good view.

Sam rubbed his huge cock on Elaine’s face.‭ ‬She opened her mouth to try to take it in,‭ ‬but he kept it out,‭ ‬teasing her and lightly smacking her with it.

‭”‬Don’t worry,‭ ‬you’ll have plenty of time to suck it tonight.‭” ‬Sam chuckled then climbed on the bed.

Elaine’s eyes were locked on the giant cock as it bobbed in front of her.‭ ‬She still could not believe that it would fit inside her.

Sam reached down and stroked Elaine’s legs.‭ ‬She spread her legs for him,‭ ‬offering herself to him.‭ ‬Sam kissed each silky thigh then climbed between them.‭ ‬He put her ankles on his shoulders,‭ ‬she could feel the curly hair on his shoulders on her calves,‭ ‬the hair of his chest on the back of her thighs,‭ ‬as he maneuvered between her legs.

He placed the tip of his cock against her wet slit.‭ ‬Elaine looked up at him,‭ ‬terrified.

‭”‬Please don’t hurt me,‭” ‬she pleaded.

Sam looked down at her beautiful,‭ ‬moist blue eyes.‭ ‬He was really going to enjoy punishing her little body.‭ ‬She was going to get fucked tonight like she had never been fucked before.‭ ‬Maybe she would like it,‭ ‬maybe not,‭ ‬it really did not matter to him.‭ ‬She was a slave,‭ ‬she was just an object of pleasure.

Elaine turned to Roy,‭ ‬her eyes pleading to her master,‭ ‬but he just smiled and sipped on his drink.

Sam began to force his way in,‭ ‬slowly but relentlessly.‭ ‬Elaine cried out as he penetrated her.‭ ‬It burned and stretched worse than anything she had taken in her cunt before.‭ ‬Her eyes watered and her body convulsed as he violated her.‭ ‬It seemed to take forever for him to get all the way inside her,‭ ‬she felt him bump into her cervix then push in a little more.‭ ‬When he finally stopped,‭ ‬his hips against her crotch it seemed like she was being split.‭ ‬She had never felt so full and stretched,‭ ‬every square inch of her cunt was filled.

Elaine was very aware of the huge cock in her pussy,‭ ‬she felt so used,‭ ‬so degraded,‭ ‬but so turned on,‭ ‬too.‭ ‬She was a fully sexual object.‭ ‬At least for this night she existed only for the pleasure her body could bring these men.

Sam held himself buried all the way in her for a moment,‭ ‬turning his hips slightly,‭ ‬grinding into Elaine’s helpless body.‭ ‬Elaine softly cried,‭ ‬fearing the abuse even as she hungered for more.

‭”‬Fuck her hard,‭ ‬Sam,‭” ‬Mark said,‭ “‬pound that tight little cunt‭!”

Elaine looked briefly to Mark,‭ ‬as she did Sam pulled out fast and slammed back in hard.‭ ‬Elaine screamed out as his enormous cock rammed into her.‭ ‬She tried to squirm away,‭ ‬but was tied down and pinned by Sam.

Sam got up on his knees,‭ ‬lifting Elaine’s body off the bed,‭ ‬and pounded away.‭ ‬He held firmly onto her thighs as he roughly fucked her.‭ ‬Elaine kept screaming while he violated her and was shocked when the pain was overwhelmed by her much delayed orgasm,‭ ‬amplified by her day long denial.‭

Sam slammed a few times more then pulled out and climbed up on her to shoved the tip of his enormous member into her mouth.‭ ‬Elaine gagged as round after round of cum shot into her mouth.‭ ‬Wide eyed,‭ ‬scared and hurt there was nothing she could do but swallow it and wait for what these men were going to do to her next.

Sam kept his cock in her mouth,‭ ‬not in so deep that she could not breathe but in enough to fill her mouth.‭ ‬He reached back and found her swollen clit and rubbed it gently,‭ ‬as he did he pushed deeper in to her mouth,‭ ‬slowly cutting off her air.‭ ‬It only took a minute to make Elaine cum again.‭ ‬Deprived of air,‭ ‬her pussy aching from the rough fucking by Sam’s huge cock she came until she passed out.

Elaine awoke a few minutes later.‭ ‬She greedily gasped for air and tasted the salty cum of Sam in her mouth.‭ ‬She tried to wipe the tears from her eyes,‭ ‬but her hands were still tied.‭ ‬No one was doing anything to her at the moment so she tried to look around the room.

Sam was standing beside a table,‭ ‬pouring a drink.‭ ‬He was still naked and Elaine could see his softening cock hanging beneath his hairy legs.‭ ‬Elaine could see his muscular back,‭ ‬a few more scars poking out from under the mat of black hair that covered him below the neck.‭ ‬He scared her,‭ ‬he had just brutalized her and he was just getting started.

Roy was next.‭ ‬He put on a condom while Elaine helplessly watched.‭ ‬He climbed on top of his captive slave and slid his hard cock into her already wet and loosened pussy.‭ ‬He whispered softly into her ear as her ground his hips into her,‭ “‬you’re doing great,‭ ‬Slave.‭” ‬Elaine found the encouragement comforting and gazed up adoringly at her owner as he began to fuck her.

Roy started out slow and gentle,‭ ‬wanting to let his slave save some of her strength,‭ ‬but it did not take long for his lust to overcome him.‭ ‬He had taken this innocent woman and introduced her to this world.‭ ‬She had been a shy,‭ ‬quiet,‭ ‬lonely woman and now,‭ ‬because of him,‭ ‬she was tied up and helpless as three men prepared to fuck her all night long.‭ ‬She belonged to him and her comfort no longer mattered to him.‭ ‬He rammed into her harder and harder now,‭ ‬reminding her of his control over her with each thrust.

Elaine kept her eyes on Roy as he took her.‭ ‬The rough pounding seemed more natural and more satisfying to her,‭ ‬he was using her again.‭ ‬Elaine wanted to cum for him,‭ ‬to show the other men what her owner could do.‭ ‬She thought of all he had done to her and all he had had done to her,‭ ‬and as she looked at Sam’s leering face she exploded into another orgasm.‭ ‬As her pussy clenched and spasmed on Roy’s invading cock she felt Roy cum,‭ ‬too.‭ ‬He grunted and groaned as he shot his load inside her then smiled encouragingly at her as he slowed and stopped.

‭”‬Thank you,‭ ‬Master‭”‬,‭ ‬Elaine said to her owner and ground her hips around his still hard shaft.

Roy kissed her forehead then withdrew from her.

Mark was ready.

‭”‬You are beautiful,‭ ‬Elaine,‭” ‬Mark said to her,‭ “‬maybe when Roy gets tired of you I’ll buy you from him.‭ ‬I should say‭ ‘‬if he gets tired of you‭’‬.‭ ‬If you were mine I’d fuck you every chance I got.‭ ‬Hell,‭ ‬I might never leave the house.‭” ‬He chuckled to himself.

Mark lifted up the bottle of liquor,‭ ‬Elaine could see it was some sort of expensive looking scotch.‭ ‬He stood above her and poured a small stream on her breasts and stomach.‭ ‬The liquor pooled in her navel,‭ ‬and slid across her soft skin.

Mark set the bottle down,‭ ‬knelt on the bed and began licking the scotch off her naked body.‭ ‬First he licked it off her breasts.‭ ‬Elaine squirmed helplessly beneath him as his tongue lapped up the brown liquor.‭ ‬He licked each nipple,‭ ‬sucking them briefly them moving on to more skin.‭ ‬He got all of the scotch off her breasts then went after her stomach.‭ ‬He licked in long,‭ ‬slow paths then dove into her navel,‭ ‬his tongue snaking in and going after the spilt liquor.‭ ‬Elaine squirmed and moaned,‭ ‬his mouth had her to the edge of cumming again.

Much to Elaine’s surprise,‭ ‬Mark untied her hands from the headboard and lay down beside her on the bed.‭ ‬He unrolled a condom onto his shaft and turned to her.‭ “‬Okay,‭ ‬Slave,‭” ‬he told her,‭ “‬now I want you to fuck me.‭ ‬Come on,‭ ‬climb on top.‭”

Elaine stretched a bit and quickly wiped her eyes with her hands then rolled over and straddled Mark.‭ ‬This was something she had never done with a man,‭ ‬every other man she had been with had fucked her,‭ ‬she was never on top.‭ ‬Amanda,‭ ‬however,‭ ‬was another story.‭ ‬The redhead had loved to lie down with a strap-on on and have Elaine‭ “‬go to town‭” (‬as Amanda would say‭) ‬on top of her.

She climbed on top of him,‭ ‬facing him.‭ ‬He reached up and played with her breasts as she rubbed her wet cunt up and down his hard shaft.

‭”‬Fuck me,‭ ‬you pretty little toy,‭” ‬Mark moaned.

He moved one hand to her ass and stopped her when she was at the top of one of her strokes.‭ ‬He moved his cock to her wet opening.‭ ‬She froze.‭ ‬He slid his hands down to her hips and pushed her back onto his cock.

Elaine closed her eyes and whimpered as he filled her.‭ ‬He was not as big as Sam,‭ ‬but bigger than anyone else who had fucked her before Roy.‭ ‬She concentrated on how he felt inside her stretched pussy,‭ ‬how her clit felt against him,‭ ‬how his hands on her hips controlled her.

Mark loosened his grip on her hips and she sat back up and began riding him.‭ ‬She was determined first and foremost to get herself off.‭ ‬She circled her hips and slid up and down on his enormous shaft,‭ ‬each stroke brought her closer and closer.

Mark stared in fascination as this beautiful,‭ ‬submissive,‭ ‬collared woman fucked him.‭ ‬It felt great,‭ ‬her hot,‭ ‬tight wet pussy clung to his cock.‭ ‬He could see in her color and face that she was almost there.‭ ‬He didn’t have to wait much longer.‭ ‬She moaned then yelled as she bounced harder and harder on his shaft.‭ ‬Her face contorted in ecstasy and her whole body turned bright red.‭ ‬Her pussy got even wetter and she ground down onto him,‭ ‬milking every last moment out of her climax.

She slowed after she came,‭ ‬but Mark wasn’t finished yet.‭ ‬He held her hips in place and started fucking her hard,‭ ‬slamming up from below.

All Elaine could do was take it.‭ ‬She was getting fucked for the third time with out any break or time to recover.‭ ‬Her pussy ached,‭ ‬but still hungered for more.‭ ‬All the sensations were too overpowering to let her do anything but accept what was being done to her.‭ ‬She seemed to be riding one long orgasm,‭ ‬every bit of her body resonating to the cock pounding away at her.‭ ‬She moaned and whimpered,‭ ‬it was so intense.‭ ‬This was why she had become a slave,‭ ‬to be used and degraded and to feel things that overpowered the rational part of her brain.

She was not aware of when Mark came,‭ ‬she only became aware when he stopped fucking her.‭ ‬She came down quickly,‭ ‬but her body was still flushed and tingling all over.‭ ‬She stared down at wonder at Mark,‭ ‬he smiled back up at her.

Suddenly,‭ ‬Sam grabbed Elaine by the collar and pulled her off Mark.‭ ‬She was not quite sure what was happening and looked to Mark for help,‭ ‬but he put his hands behind his head and smiled as Sam took her away.

‭”‬Come on Slave girl,‭ ‬it’s time to take it in the ass,‭” ‬Sam growled as he dragged her.‭

Elaine half walked,‭ ‬half stumbled as he pulled her over to one of the wedge shaped pads.‭ ‬She‭ ‬tried futilely to resist,‭ ‬but her legs were rubbery and Sam was much stronger than she was.‭ ‬Sam enjoyed her fighting and flung her roughly onto the pad.‭ ‬He held her down and bent her over the pad at the waist.‭ ‬Roy was there and strapped her in place with a belt across her waist.‭ ‬Roy and Sam secured her arms and legs,‭ ‬easily overpowering her weak efforts to get free.‭ ‬In only a few seconds Elaine was bound to the pad,‭ ‬her ass in the air,‭ ‬face down,‭ ‬arms and legs spread and secured.‭ ‬She was ready and open for whatever they wanted to do to her.

Elaine tried to move,‭ ‬but she could not budge an inch.

‭”‬You’ve got a beautiful ass,‭ ‬Slave,‭” ‬Sam told her.‭ “‬I’m going to call you‭ ‘‬Sweet Cheeks‭’‬.‭” ‬He turned to Roy,‭ “‬do you mind if I call your slave‭ ‘‬Sweet Cheeks‭’?”

“Go right ahead,‭” ‬Roy said magnanimously,‭ “‬she does have some sweet cheeks.‭”

“Please,‭ ‬Sam,‭” ‬she pleaded,‭ “‬please don’t do this.‭ ‬Please don’t hurt me.‭” ‬She looked at Roy again,‭ ‬pleading with her eyes,‭ ‬but he did not say or do anything.‭ ‬Elaine knew there was no hope.

Sam was behind her,‭ ‬out of her line of sight and she couldn’t move her head to see him,‭ ‬but she did hear him laugh.‭ ‬He gazed at her ass and stroked his huge cock in anticipation of violating her.‭ ‬She had one of the most beautiful asses he had seen,‭ ‬the curves and complexion seemed to be in perfect harmony.‭ ‬He didn’t like the turtle,‭ ‬tattoo,‭ ‬though.‭ ‬It was like putting a smiley face on the Mona Lisa.

Sam knelt down behind her and began softy rubbing Elaine’s ass.‭ ‬He kneaded her firm cheeks,‭ ‬roughly grabbing her soft skin.‭ ‬He kissed and licked them,‭ ‬biting hard once to admire the teeth marks on her pale flesh.‭ ‬He squirted some lube into her little brown hole and gently stuck a finger in to rub it around.‭ ‬He put in a little more and added a second finger,‭ ‬turning and stretching her.‭ ‬He pulled them out and watched her tight back door close.

This was going to be good.‭

Sam leaned down next to Elaine’s ear.‭ ‬He kissed it gently,‭ ‬then whispered to her.‭ “‬I’m gonna do you now.‭ ‬Ready for me,‭ ‬Sweet Cheeks‭?”

Her eyes closed and tears slowly running down her face,‭ ‬Elaine nodded.‭ ‬She was scared,‭ ‬she knew that this was going to really hurt and there was nothing she could do to stop it.‭ ‬But this was what she had wanted,‭ ‬this was why she had become a slave,‭ ‬to be used relentlessly for someone else’s pleasure.

Sam turned her head and kissed her,‭ ‬softly and gently,‭ ‬his tongue briefly brushing hers then withdrawing.‭ ‬Elaine knew that this gentleness was preceding a violent,‭ ‬painful violation‭; ‬it was the calm before the storm.

‭”‬You can scream,‭” ‬Sam told her as he moved behind her,‭ “‬if you like.‭ ‬I love it when slaves scream.‭”

Elaine was determined not to give him that satisfaction.‭ ‬She tried to relax,‭ ‬to calm herself and will herself to open.‭ ‬Before Roy,‭ ‬no one had ever taken her there before.‭ ‬Well,‭ ‬before Roy there was a lot of stuff she had never done.

Sam’s background was vague,‭ ‬Mark was one of the few who knew it all,‭ ‬but he had let hints drop about‭ “‬information extraction‭”‬.‭ ‬Those had been the good old days.‭ ‬No one could claim that Sam was not a sadist,‭ ‬because he definitely was.‭ ‬But he was not a full time sadist who inflicted pain simply to inflict pain.‭ ‬To Sam,‭ ‬pain was a flavor enhancer,‭ ‬it made something he already liked doing even more enjoyable.‭ ‬He loved fucking,‭ ‬making it hurt was the icing on the cake.

As he gazed down on this beautiful,‭ ‬helpless woman,‭ ‬he had to resist the urge to destroy her.‭ ‬This was not out of any kindness to Elaine,‭ ‬it was because she was borrowed property.‭ ‬He would no more break a tool he borrowed than destroy a slave that was loaned to him.‭ ‬Almost regretfully,‭ ‬he rolled on a condom and squirted copious amounts of lube on his huge cock.

He moved between her legs,‭ ‬kissed her butt one more time then readied himself.

Elaine tried to prepare herself as he kissed her.‭ ‬This gentleness was almost too much.‭ ‬She wished he would just be rough the whole time instead,‭ ‬that way she could adjust for him.‭ ‬She clenched her fists but tried to relax her anus.‭ ‬He rubbed the tip of his cock up and down her crack,‭ ‬when the tip caught on her tight hole he stopped.

Elaine took a deep breath and Sam began to force his way in.‭ ‬He was slow,‭ ‬but strong and quickly penetrated her.‭ ‬She wanted to cry out,‭ ‬it hurt.‭ ‬Sam was only the second man to enter her ass and he was bigger than Roy.‭ ‬Her rim stretched and burned,‭ ‬even lubed it was painful.‭ ‬She shuddered to think what it would be like unlubed.

Slowly he worked deeper into her,‭ ‬it seemed to take forever to get all the way in.‭ ‬He kept sliding in,‭ ‬deeper and deeper,‭ ‬filling her,‭ ‬violating her.‭ ‬Finally she felt his rough pubic hair against the soft skin on her ass.‭ ‬She was sweating heavily and her body feebly tried to expel this massive intrusion.‭ ‬She did not scream or cry out,‭ ‬she was as proud of that as someone tied down and being anally raped could be.

Sam lay on top of her,‭ ‬his large,‭ ‬hairy body forcing the air from Elaine’s small frame.‭ ‬He turned her head towards him and gently kissed her on the lips,‭ ‬his tongue only slightly entering her mouth,‭ ‬licking the inside of her lips.

‭”‬Now the fun begins,‭” ‬he whispered in her ear.

Elaine could breathe again once he got off her,‭ ‬but his hard cock buried in her ass did not change and the ordeal was just starting.‭ ‬She expected him to start hammering away immediately,‭ ‬but he did not.‭ ‬His strokes were long and slow,‭ ‬painful but tolerable,‭ ‬but Elaine did not relax,‭ ‬she knew any second now he would hurt her.

Sam was mesmerized as he watched his huge cock disappear into Elaine’s tiny hole.‭ ‬It always amazed him that something as big as his cock could fit into the small assholes of these women.‭ ‬It just seemed to vanish inside of them.‭ ‬Well,‭ ‬enough of the easy part.

Sam suddenly slammed hard into Elaine,‭ ‬burying himself in one powerful stroke.‭ ‬Elaine was in agony,‭ ‬but still didn’t cry out.‭ ‬She clenched her fists and toes and bit down on the pad,‭ ‬but was not going to give him the satisfaction of screaming.‭ ‬She counted five hard thrusts into her tender ass,‭ ‬each one brought her closer to screaming then he stopped and withdrew from her,‭ ‬leaving her empty.

Elaine was trying to catch her breath when Sam battered back into her.‭ ‬Without warning he battered through her feebly resisting sphincter and buried his cock all the way into her.‭ ‬This time she could not fight at and a loud scream escaped her lips.

‭”‬That’s it,‭ ‬Sweet Cheeks,‭ ‬don’t fight it,‭ ‬scream,‭” ‬Sam snarled at her.

He pounded her roughly now,‭ ‬and he started slapping her ass as he did,‭ ‬first one side then the other.‭ ‬Sam laughed as Elaine kept crying out,‭ ‬she could not keep it in any more.‭ ‬This hurt worse than anything Roy had done to her,‭ ‬but even as the pain climbed to a crescendo the distinction between pleasure and pain blurred.‭ ‬The sensations were so strong that she was not sure if she hated it or loved it,‭ ‬she wanted it to stop,‭ ‬but feared that it would.‭ ‬At some point she realized that she was cumming,‭ ‬the line between the pleasure and the pain was gone,‭ ‬she had been forced into an orgasm.‭ ‬Every nerve in her body was afire,‭ ‬every square inch of her was alive with agony and ecstasy.‭ ‬It was like a fuse was blown,‭ ‬she lost all control of her body,‭ ‬it went limp as Sam hammered away inside her.

Sam seemed to be able to fuck forever,‭ ‬but eventually he came.‭ ‬He fired round after round of cum so deep inside her body that he half expected to see it drip out of her nose.‭ ‬Sam had done a lot of women in the ass,‭ ‬but he could not remember one as satisfying as this one.‭ ‬It was the combination of her beauty,‭ ‬her innocence,‭ ‬how her ass felt on his cock and her reaction to what he did to her.‭ ‬He ran his hands down her sides,‭ ‬admiring her ravished body.‭ ‬She was covered in sweat,‭ ‬her ass cheeks reddened by his slapping,‭ ‬flush from her orgasm and wracked by sobs.‭ ‬Tears flowed freely down her cheeks and onto the pad.

Sam roughly pulled out,‭ ‬staggered to a nearby chair and flopped down.‭ ‬Mark handed him a glass of whiskey,‭ ‬Sam drained it in one swallow.‭

He turned to Mark and simply said‭ “‬wow.‭”

“Told you her ass fucked as good as it looked,‭” ‬Roy said smugly.

Mark smiled,‭ ‬set down his drink and got up.‭ ‬He walked behind Elaine who was still panting and sobbing,‭ ‬little drops of lube sliding down from her reddened asshole.‭ ‬Mark put on a condom,‭ ‬took the bottle of lube and quickly rubbed some of it on his erect cock.‭ ‬He climbed between her thighs and with no further ado rammed his cock into her ass.

Elaine was not ready for this.‭ ‬She had hoped for a little time to recover after Sam’s violation,‭ ‬but Mark was already inside her.‭ ‬Mark skipped any introductory pleasures and went straight to pounding her.‭ ‬Elaine yelled again,‭ ‬but she lacked the strength to fight or scream too loudly.‭ ‬All she could do was lie there as he violently used her.

Mark grabbed her hips firmly as he hammered away at her.‭ ‬He rolled his head back‭; ‬Sam was right,‭ ‬she was great.‭ ‬He would have to take her as often as he could tonight.‭ ‬Almost regretfully,‭ ‬he climaxed inside her.

Elaine was crying as Mark climbed off and Roy took his place.‭ ‬Roy was incredibly turned on,‭ ‬the power he had over Elaine was intoxicating.‭ ‬He had brought her to the place where three men were fucking her in the ass,‭ ‬and she just had to take it.‭ ‬He had taken a shy,‭ ‬normal woman and turned her into a sex slave,‭ ‬he had turned her into his sex slave.‭ ‬She seemed to be constantly cumming,‭ ‬crying or both.‭ ‬Her mind might be resisting,‭ ‬but her body knew what it wanted.

Roy slipped on the condom and rubbed on some lube.‭ ‬He bent forward and kissed her ass,‭ ‬plucking a stray pube left behind by either Sam or Mark from her crack.‭ ‬He reached a finger into her slit‭; ‬it was wet and as ready to go as ever.‭ ‬Nothing seemed to turn her on like being used and abused.‭ ‬She calmed a bit as Roy gently fingered her pussy and when she was back in control he put his cock against her battered asshole.

Roy pushed into her,‭ ‬slowly but firmly,‭ ‬filling her again.‭ ‬He remember again how much he loved being in her ass,‭ ‬how he had stolen her and killed two men just to be able to keep doing this to her.‭ ‬She looked so beautiful,‭ ‬so natural,‭ ‬tied up and impaled on his cock.‭ ‬He rubbed his hands down her sides,‭ ‬reaching under her to pinch her erect nipples.‭ ‬She flinched a bit,‭ ‬moaned softly and waited for Roy to take her.‭ ‬He shifted his hands back to her hips and started thrusting.

He used her hard,‭ ‬driven by her helplessness,‭ ‬beauty and his own youth.‭ ‬Only when he reached under her to rub her clit did he slow any.‭ ‬Elaine shifted onto his hand,‭ ‬welcoming the pleasure to match her violation.‭ ‬She came just before he did,‭ ‬her climax lost in the last few hard thrusts as he orgasmed,‭ ‬once more,‭ ‬inside her beautiful body.

Roy pulled out of her and slipped off the condom.‭ ‬He dropped it into the can on top of a growing pile of used condoms and wiped off his cock with a towel.‭ ‬Panting for the exertion he shared a knowing look with Mark and Sam.

‭”‬Sam,‭” ‬Mark said to his partner,‭ “‬why don’t you bring little Sweet Cheeks over here for a drink‭?”

Sam got up and undid the straps that held Elaine down.‭ ‬He helped her to her feet and she leaned against him.‭ ‬Sam could tell she was not ready to walk yet so he picked her up,‭ ‬cradling her in his arms.‭ ‬Elaine was in a daze,‭ ‬she leaned her abused body into Sam’s hairy chest as he carried her to the sofa.‭ ‬Gently,‭ ‬he sat her down in the middle.‭ ‬He sat on one side of her and Mark on the other.‭ ‬Roy sat in a chair across from them.

Elaine sat back on the couch surrounded by men who had just brutally fucked her.‭ ‬She was starting to get her senses back and knew she should enjoy this little rest before they took her again.‭ ‬She tried not to look at any of them,‭ ‬but just to have a minute or two to herself.

Mark handed her a glass of whiskey and ice.‭ ‬She quickly drained it and he refilled it.‭ ‬She was a slave,‭ ‬she kept reminding herself.‭ ‬This is what happened to slaves.‭ ‬Or so she assumed,‭ ‬she had never been a slave before nor had she ever known a slave before.‭ ‬In fact,‭ ‬before Friday she did even know there were slaves.‭ ‬Sure,‭ ‬she had played slave girl with Amanda,‭ ‬but that was a game,‭ ‬this was real.‭ ‬Even though it hurt,‭ ‬and she was afraid of what would happen next,‭ ‬she was excited by it all,‭ ‬too.‭ ‬She craved the use of her body,‭ ‬the men pounding away at her while she was helpless to stop them.‭ ‬The pain and fear just added to the experience.

She sipped the second glass,‭ ‬trying to get as much rest as possible.‭ ‬Somehow she knew when she finished this one they would start on her again.‭ ‬Her ass throbbed and her pussy felt like it had rug burn.‭ ‬It had been a rough few days.

Roy,‭ ‬Mark and Sam watched as she sipped her drink.‭ ‬When she was down to just ice,‭ ‬Mark took the glass from her hands and put it aside.

‭”‬Break time is over,‭ ‬Sweet Cheeks,‭” ‬Mark told her.‭ “‬Back to work.‭”

Roy stood up and stepped in front of her.‭ ‬He took hold of her head and pushed it towards his cock.‭ ‬Elaine leaned forward and opened her mouth.‭ ‬Roy slid into her and was quickly in her throat.‭ ‬He began to fuck her face,‭ ‬and as he did Elaine could feel hands on her breasts and thighs,‭ ‬one began to finger her slit.‭ ‬Even as Roy violated her mouth Elaine got closer and closer to orgasm,‭ ‬but she was not allowed to finish.‭ ‬The hand in her crotch‭ (‬Mark‭? ‬she liked to think it was Mark‭) ‬kept her on the edge of cumming,‭ ‬but did not push her over the edge.‭ ‬Roy came and Elaine swallowed more semen.‭ ‬She thought wryly that the only thing she had had to eat since lunch was spooge.

‭”‬Okay,‭” ‬Roy said as Elaine sucked the last bits of cum from his cock,‭ “‬what’s next on the agenda‭?”

Mark offered Elaine his hand and she weakly rose from the couch.‭ ‬She felt a string of lube from her ass stick to the cushion as she rose and a little drop of cum ran down from her mouth.‭ ‬He led her the few steps to the table.‭ ‬Sam had already cleared the table,‭ ‬putting the whiskey,‭ ‬ice and glasses in the whip cabinet.‭ ‬Mark lifted her so she was sitting on the table then pushed her back.‭ ‬Sam cradled her head and lowered her back to the table.

Elaine lay on the table,‭ ‬her legs dangled off one end and Sam pushed her head down so it hung off the edge of the table,‭ ‬too.‭ ‬She was looking at the world upside down.

Sam stood in front of her and softly rubbed her throat.‭ ‬Elaine looked right at Sam’s huge cock in front of her face,‭ ‬the same rod that had so violently taken her twice already tonight.‭ ‬She swallowed and readied for what she knew was coming,‭ ‬and cumming.‭ ‬She did not know how that huge thing would fit in her throat without killing her,‭ ‬but she would soon find out.

Sam grabbed his cock and pushed the tip into Elaine’s waiting mouth.‭ ‬She did not try to fight or resist.‭ ‬He left the tip in for moment and Elaine could taste dried cum and the juices from her cunt,‭ ‬the flavor of her debasement.‭ ‬She stared right at his hairy thighs and balls.‭ ‬She decided that the view was not going to get any better so she closed her eyes.

Sam slowly pushed his way in.‭ ‬He pushed past her teeth and tongue,‭ ‬pausing briefly as he got to the top of her throat.‭ ‬Elaine gagged when he pushed deeper into her throat,‭ ‬but there was no stopping him.‭ ‬She tried to get up and pull away,‭ ‬but strong hands held her on the table.‭ ‬She felt her throat stretch painfully as he continued to push into her.‭ ‬She could not breathe and wondered how much farther until he was all the way in.‭ ‬She tried to stay calm and was relieved when she finally felt his balls against her nose.‭ ‬She was,‭ ‬in a masochistic way,‭ ‬proud that she was able to take him all the way in.

‭”‬That’s it,‭ ‬Sweet Cheeks,‭” ‬Sam moaned,‭ “‬take it all in.‭ ‬Suck it,‭ ‬Sweet Cheeks,‭ ‬suck it.‭”

Elaine tried to suck,‭ ‬but her mouth and throat were so full all she could do was just take it.‭ ‬She arched her back in pain when Sam reached down and roughly grabbed her nipples.‭ ‬He pulled and twisted them as he pulled back out.‭ ‬When he was out enough so she could breathe she greedily sucked a deep breath through her nose and as she did Sam slid back into her.‭ ‬He slowly fucked her face and throat‭; ‬Elaine was able to time her breathing with his thrusting.

This was almost worse than having her ass pounded.‭ ‬It hurt less,‭ ‬but not being able to breathe scared her and kept her on the edge of panic.‭ ‬It was more humiliating,‭ ‬too,‭ ‬and having his balls bounce off her nose with every thrust made her feel even more used.

As Sam slowly picked up speed with his thrusting,‭ ‬she was made aware of Mark.‭ ‬She had forgotten about him.‭ ‬She remembered him when he pushed his cock into her pussy.

‭”‬Wow,‭ ‬guys,‭” ‬Mark said as he buried himself deep inside her,‭ “‬she is really wet.‭ ‬She loves it.‭ ‬What an amazing piece of ass you found,‭ ‬Roy.‭”

Elaine wanted to cry but couldn’t.‭ ‬For the first time in her life two men were inside her and it was intense.‭ ‬Mark started pounding her,‭ ‬hooking her legs over his shoulders and slamming away.‭ ‬She tried to yell,‭ ‬but was gagged by the huge cock in her mouth.‭ ‬Much to her shame,‭ ‬it only took a couple of thrusts from Mark before she came.‭ ‬She moaned and thrashed about,‭ ‬but was helpless as the two cocks pounded away at her.

The two men roughly used her mouth and pussy.‭ ‬Not slowing or stopping as they forced their pleasure from her body.‭ ‬Elaine came again as hands,‭ ‬she was not sure whose,‭ ‬pulled and rubbed her sensitive breasts.

She wasn’t sure if Mark or Sam finished first,‭ ‬but they were both close.‭ ‬Suddenly they both slowed and stopped.‭ ‬Mark pulled out of battered pussy first then Sam slid out of her mouth,‭ ‬leaving a trail of cum across her tongue.

Elaine panted and cried,‭ ‬she had never imagined she could experience a night like this.‭ ‬She never thought anything like this could ever happen to her.‭ ‬She was only vaguely aware of a phone ringing and Mark answering it.

Tenderly,‭ ‬Sam caressed Elaine’s face and chest.‭ ‬He softly traced her collarbone and gently rubbed her cheeks.‭ ‬He had just violently raped her face,‭ ‬but was now treating her with tenderness.‭ ‬Elaine softly cried and Sam rubbed away her tears.

‭”‬Let’s hang her up,‭” ‬she heard Roy say.‭ “‬Upright,‭ ‬legs spread.‭ ‬Let’s make sure we can get from the front and back.‭”

Elaine tried to deny what she had heard.‭ ‬She was going to be double penetrated,‭ ‬one in her ass,‭ ‬one in her pussy.‭ ‬She did not know if she could take it,‭ ‬but she realized she did not have any choice.

The three of them carried Elaine to the harness hanging from the ceiling and began suspending her.‭ ‬Her hands were tied together above her head and hung from the ceiling.‭ ‬Her weight was hung from straps on her legs and under her arms.‭ ‬Her legs were spread,‭ ‬leaving her open for use.‭ ‬Elaine was resigned to her fate now.‭ ‬She was sore and loose from all the pounding her ass,‭ ‬pussy and mouth had already taken,‭ ‬but she knew her owner still had more in store for her.‭

Sam stepped back and admired his handiwork.‭ ‬Elaine was ready to be double penetrated.‭ ‬She was open and helpless.‭ ‬He smiled.‭ ‬He loved seeing women like this.

‭”‬I’ll take the back,‭” ‬she heard Roy say from behind her.‭

“Should we let our special guest have the front‭?” ‬Mark asked.

Special guest‭? ‬Elaine perked up a little,‭ ‬three men were bad enough,‭ ‬now Roy wanted to add a fourth‭? ‬She sighed bitterly and closed her eyes.

‭”‬I think we should,‭” ‬Roy agreed.‭

Elaine heard Sam open the door to the room.‭ “‬Come on in,‭ ‬we’re ready for you now,‭” ‬he said to someone in the other room.

Elaine instantly knew who it was.‭ ‬She recognized the footsteps,‭ ‬the faint smell,‭ ‬the very sense of presence and began to softly cry.‭ ‬She kept her eyes closed,‭ ‬not trusting herself.‭ ‬A hand touched her wet cheek,‭ ‬a familiar touch that sent shivers down her spine.

‭”‬I missed you,‭ ‬Laney.‭”

“Me,‭ ‬too,‭” ‬Elaine answered and opened her eyes.‭ ‬Caressing her cheek,‭ ‬her face inches away from Elaine’s,‭ ‬was Amanda.‭ ‬Elaine did not know what to think or feel.‭ ‬This was Amanda,‭ ‬the person who had first brought Elaine to orgasm.‭ ‬She had been Elaine’s lover,‭ ‬her teacher and leader in sexual exploration‭; ‬her roommate and friend.‭ ‬Amanda had also abandoned Elaine to a year of loneliness and got back in touch with her only because she wanted to sell Elaine into sexual slavery.

Amanda was just the way Elaine remembered her.‭ ‬She must have put some effort into this because her huge head of curly red hair was tied back and manageable.‭ ‬Elaine fondly remembered all the many times she had brushed back the mounds of curls to kiss Amanda’s full lips or how it felt on her thighs when Amanda went down on her.‭ ‬Amanda’s light blue eyes looked back at Elaine,‭ ‬a hint of satisfaction and questioning in them.‭ ‬Elaine looked at Amanda’s muscular arms and shoulders,‭ ‬the milky skin showing some new freckling.‭ ‬Elaine thought she needed to put on more sunscreen‭; ‬Amanda had such fair skin but was outside all the time.‭ ‬Elaine had always enjoyed rubbing sunscreen on her back.‭ ‬Elaine did not need to look down to know about Amanda’s powerful legs.‭ ‬Amanda had spent some time as a river guide,‭ ‬rowing tourists through the Grand Canyon and still had the all over ripped physique.‭ ‬Amanda had frequently overpowered Elaine during sex games and Elaine had loved it when Amanda would throw her over her shoulder and carry her off for some rough fucking.‭ ‬Elaine knew this woman,‭ ‬she knew her well.

Elaine was angry,‭ ‬deeply angry,‭ ‬at Amanda.‭ ‬She was angry more for Amanda leaving her when they were still at the Grand Canyon than for trying to sell her‭; ‬Elaine knew she was born to be a slave and maybe Amanda had been trying to do her a favor.‭ ‬But no one,‭ ‬not even Roy,‭ ‬inspired deeper feelings than Amanda.‭ ‬No one knew Elaine as well,‭ ‬how to please her,‭ ‬how to hurt her.

Elaine opened her mouth,‭ ‬trying to speak,‭ ‬but no words came out.‭ ‬Amanda solved the problem by leaning in and kissing Elaine,‭ ‬her tongue sliding into Elaine’s unresisting mouth.‭ ‬Elaine closed her eyes.‭ ‬The kiss was so familiar,‭ ‬the feel of Amanda’s lips and tongue so long a part of Elaine’s life,‭ ‬and Elaine found herself responding,‭ ‬her cum covered tongue eagerly caressing Amanda’s.‭ ‬Soon she felt Amanda’s small,‭ ‬strong hands on her breasts,‭ ‬kneading and gently pulling on her nipples.‭ ‬Amanda knew just what to do to arouse Elaine and soon her touch had Elaine ready again for whatever they were going to do to her next.‭ ‬She breathed a deep sigh and opened her eyes.‭ ‬Amanda gazed expectantly at her and Elaine nodded.

Amanda was ready,‭ ‬too.‭ ‬She had a strap-on ready to go and stepped between Elaine’s legs.‭ ‬She put the plastic tip to Elaine’s sore pussy lips and slowly pushed in.‭ ‬Elaine knew Amanda well,‭ ‬she even knew which dildo Amanda had on the harness.‭ ‬It was‭ “‬Henry‭”‬,‭ ‬a medium sized one that had been Elaine’s favorite.‭ ‬She recognized the feel of it as Amanda slid it into her.‭ ‬Blue eyes gazed at blue eyes,‭ ‬but Amanda just held inside Elaine,‭ ‬not fucking her but waiting.

Then Roy was behind her.‭ ‬He pressed his chest into Elaine’s back and whispered into her ear.‭ “‬Are you ready,‭ ‬Slave‭?” ‬he asked as his cock pressed against her abused anus.

Elaine’s eyes were locked on Amanda’s as she said‭ “‬yes,‭ ‬Master.‭”

Roy forced his way into Elaine’s tight passage,‭ ‬filling her from behind as Amanda filled her from the front.‭ ‬For a moment they were all still and Elaine concentrated on how full she felt.‭ ‬She had never thought this was something she would be doing,‭ ‬never imagined her body used like this,‭ ‬but the feel of being taken front and back stirred a deep craving in her.‭ ‬Amanda and Roy both seemed to be waiting for her.

‭”‬Be good to her,‭ ‬Roy,‭” ‬she heard Amanda whisper to Roy,‭ “‬or I’ll kick your ass.‭”

“Fuck me,‭ ‬Master,‭” ‬Elaine said and Roy began to slowly slide out of her ass.‭ “‬Fuck me,‭ ‬Red,‭” ‬she said to Amanda and Amanda began sliding out of her pussy.

Elaine closed her eyes and lost herself in the sensation.‭ ‬They both started slowly but quickly sped up.‭ ‬It took them a few minutes to find a rhythm,‭ ‬one sliding out as the other pounded in,‭ ‬but once they did they took Elaine hard.‭ ‬Soon Elaine was overwhelmed,‭ ‬she had not thought this was possible.‭ ‬She tried to yell out,‭ ‬but could not make a sound.‭ ‬Her whole body was on fire,‭ ‬she did not know if it was pain or pleasure,‭ ‬all she knew was that the entire universe was the fucking she was getting from the two most important people in her life.‭ ‬Finally,‭ ‬she found her voice and howled a primal,‭ ‬animal scream as they plundered her helpless body.‭ ‬She came and came,‭ ‬not quite sure where one orgasm ended and the next began.

Roy came with a yell of his own and quickly pulled out of her battered sphincter,‭ ‬but before Elaine had a chance to come down Mark was pushing inside her.‭ ‬Elaine opened her eyes as Amanda pulled out,‭ ‬too.‭ ‬She gave a last longing kiss to her lover as Sam took her place.‭ ‬Mark was already pounding away at her ass when Sam slid his huge rod into her wet pussy.

Elaine was only vaguely aware of anything as Mark and Sam fucked her.‭ ‬She felt their bodies against her,‭ ‬their body hair on her soft skin,‭ ‬their breathing regular on her face and shoulders like athletes working out.‭ ‬Her sweat mixed with theirs,‭ ‬her moans drowned out in theirs.‭ ‬And she could feel them hammering away at her,‭ ‬but mostly she was aware of cumming.‭ ‬At some point she went limp,‭ ‬she may have passed out,‭ ‬she would never know.‭ ‬When she finally regained her senses Amanda was loosening the straps and lowering her into Roy’s waiting arms.

Roy carried her over to the bed and set her down.‭ ‬He whispered in her ear‭ “‬you did great,‭ ‬Slave.‭”

Elaine did not have the strength to answer him,‭ ‬but she thought she managed a wan smile.‭ ‬She closed her eyes and heard the door close and lock.‭ ‬When she opened them again she was alone.‭ ‬She wanted to think about what had just happened to her,‭ ‬she wanted to think about Roy and Amanda,‭ ‬but she was too tired and feel deeply asleep.


Elaine awoke to silence and found herself alone for a change.‭ ‬It took her a moment to realize where she was,‭ ‬still in the sex room at Mark’s ranch.‭ ‬She was sore,‭ ‬really sore.‭ ‬How many time had she been fucked last night‭? ‬She could not remember,‭ ‬each of the three men had taken multiple turns in her,‭ ‬using her everywhere.

One light burned on a table.‭ ‬Beside it was an open tube of lube on its side,‭ ‬none spilled out so maybe they had used all of it on her.‭ ‬She could see the straps hanging from the ceiling where she had been double penetrated by Sam and Mark and before them Roy and….‭ ‬Amanda.‭ ‬Amanda had been in on Elaine’s gang-bang,‭ ‬too.

The door unlocked and opened,‭ ‬sunlight spilled into the dark room.‭ ‬Coming through the door carrying a tray of coffee was Amanda.‭ ‬She was in a white t-shirt and shorts,‭ ‬and her hair was a mass of loose curls today.‭ ‬She smiled as she sat the tray down on the table beside the bed,‭ ‬shoving some handcuffs onto the floor to make room.‭ ‬She poured two cups of coffee,‭ ‬added milk to one and offered it to Elaine.‭ ‬Elaine sat up,‭ ‬wincing as she put pressure on her crotch,‭ ‬and took the coffee.

‭”‬Good afternoon,‭ ‬Laney,‭” ‬Amanda said and sat down on the bed beside Elaine.‭ ‬Elaine looked a little puzzled.‭ “‬It’s‭ ‬2pm.‭ ‬You had a long night so I decided to let you sleep.‭ ‬I had to give the men a morning blow job to get them to leave you alone.‭ ‬How on earth did you get Mark in your ass‭?”

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