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Authors note: some quick hits. This chapter marks my 50th story on Literotica. I couldn’t have timed it better as this one ends with a bang. Also a huge thank you to author Sydney Blake (How to save a life. The hottest romance series on lit!Check it out for yourselves)for doing a lights out job editing this chapter.As for my dedication: This reader has always stayed anonymous, but has commented many times and e-mailed me as well. He is by far my biggest Megan hater so on that note, this chapter is for “sparekeys”. As for this chapter itself. SWB is a pretty grim story, and honestly not nearly as popular as some of the stroke series that are currently running right now. I am fine with that. From day one this has been my story written my way. Now that I am getting near the end, not only am I going to continue that, but am going to rev it up. The remaining chapters will not be heavy on erotica, but will be heavy in general. If you are a sensitive sort, brace yourself. For the next three chapters, ladies and gentlemen, the gloves are off. As always thank you for reading! Lovecraft68


I sat in the back of the cab with my head down, using my long black hair to cover most of my face and the fact that I was crying. I’d managed to hold it back during the ten minute walk from Mark’s office to the Biltmore. I needed a taxi and they were always circling the hotel, and this way I didn’t have to wait in front of his building for one. It hadn’t been easy holding it together, but I was getting enough looks as it was in my current ensemble. Had I started crying, people would have thought I was some distraught, strung out prostitute. Not that I hadn’t had some experience with that particular situation back in the day, but I would never want it thought of me again.

Within a minute of reaching the hotel, I flagged down the cab. I noticed the driver passed an older couple and a guy in a suit so he could pick me up. I got in and gave him my mother’s address. The driver, a big greasy looking guy in his fifties, took one look at me and asked, “How you gonna pay for this?”

I rolled my eyes. Under different circumstances, I would have told him to go fuck himself and gotten out. Right now, however, all I cared about was getting back to my parents’ house so I could hide in my old bedroom and cry. I reached into my purse and pulled out a hundred dollar bill and showed it to him.

He smirked, “Business must be good.”

I smirked back, “It always will be because there are always fat, ugly men who can only get laid if they pay for it.”He gave me a dirty look, but put the cab in gear and quickly pulled into traffic. I caught a glimpse of myself in the rearview mirror and winced. So much for trying to not look like a mess; I had already been crying at Mark’s office, and my allegedly waterproof mascara had run in black streaks down my face. My good old manic panic Goth foundation had held up, however, so I now looked like a sick, sad clown straight out of a Marilyn Manson video.

Sliding over to the right corner of the seat, I let my head drop, my hair fall over my face, and my tears flow. I was devastated and confused. What had just hit me the last two hours? My father, the pictures, Mark’s lies to save me. As if that wasn’t enough to take in, Mark put me on the spot. I did love him. I knew that now. Not that I should have needed my brother’s sacrifice to make me realize that. Those feelings had been there for years I had just pushed them aside, telling myself I would ruin my brother, and pretending the feelings weren’t there. This time around, Mark took all my excuses away from me. He pointed out that I was sober, successful, and, most of all, he told me how he felt. My mind was still reeling. How, exactly, did my brother think we could pull this off?

I told him I loved him, sort of, by simply saying yes. Had I just kept my big mouth shut, we might have been able to sit down and talk things through, like we had planned. Instead, I put a fatal “but” in there, and my exhausted, emotionally spent brother did what he always did when he was hurt, he lost it

I did my best not to react to his rage. My brother had been through a lot in the last year, and I had not been there for him. As much as the Winthrop trial had helped his career, it had taken everything else from him. Mark had tears in his eyes as he numbly told me how my father told him no one ever wanted him. I now knew why he was avoiding Mom, and it was wrong; she loved Mark dearly. Unfortunately, I knew too well that feeling of being unwanted, of knowing that no matter how good life was now, that we had been given away, as if we were unwanted pets. For my brother, who had already been dealing with the heartache of missing his chance to be with me back then, hearing those things from Dad caused him to believe them.

I was also struck with guilt, hearing how badly he missed me, and how he so desperately wanted to be with me. I’ve never regretted moving to Chicago. I would not have achieved as much surrounded by nothing but painful memories. But in leaving all that pain, I left behind the best part of my life. Mark, who, of course, told me to go ahead and do what was best for me. Had I not been the selfish bitch he had rightly accused me of being, it would have occurred to me that sometimes, Mark said things because he felt it was what I wanted to hear, not because it was how he really felt.

So as Mark got more and more wound up, I just sat there and listened, trying to wait for an opening. That is, until he started really going off the deep end and talking about us fucking others and ending it by throwing my words from twenty years ago in my face: “We’re not for all the time.”

I wanted to tell him that I was in love with him, but he got me rattled. All I could think of was my journal entry when I had ‘given’ him to Cynthia so he wouldn’t know how I felt. I said the word ‘was’ and Mark turned lawyer on me, treating me like a witness he had just crossed up. If Mark had been rational he would have heard the emotion in my voice and realized that I was still in love with him, but he was too far gone. When I tried to tell him he had told me to fuck myself. I was stunned; short of a couple of times when I had been wasted Mark had never spoken in that tone to me.

Before I could get anything out Mark had simply looked me in the eye and told me to leave. I had felt my own anger rising, but seeing the raw pain in my brother’s eyes stopped me from making things even worse. I tried to tell myself he didn’t mean it, that he would calm down and we could talk. I told myself that when we did I would simply tell him how much I loved him, take him in my arms and let him feel how much I did. We would still need to figure some things out but I needed him to at least know he was loved.

Sadly, I never got the chance. He stared out his office window while I sat there crying softly, hoping he would calm down and come back and hold me. No, that was the kind of thought, that made Mark seem right. When he came to me, I would hold him. After several minutes however, without turning around to look at me, Mark asked, “Why are you still here?”He spoke softly, but there was something in his tone that told me it was over. There would be no apologies, no making this right.

Standing up, I let out a sob, and as I did, Mark shook his head disgustedly. On that note, I turned to leave, when it occurred to me that I was going to take his car. Normally, Mark always took me back to the airport, but obviously this time would be different. Taking his keys from my purse, I tossed them on his desk so that he would hear them. When he still didn’t turn around, I felt my temper flare at being dismissed like a child, but I was smart enough to simply turn and storm out of his office.

Now sitting here in the cab it hit me that this had been my own fault, Mark had warned me that something’s were better left unsaid, but I had pushed. I took a deep breath and seeing that we were already at the exit for my parent’s house I tried to pull myself together. I had no doubt Mom and Dad were both home, and I had no idea how I was going to get past them to go upstairs to my room.

As we pulled up to the house I saw that as I had feared both cars were there. I paid the fare, then stood on the sidewalk for a minute staring at the house. If I went through the front, I might run into Dad. I had no idea how I could look him in the eye right now, knowing what he had seen. Not only that, but knowing that, in his mind, it was over, while in reality, I had just fucked my brother in his office not two hours ago.

This made my heart sink; Mark seemed to think no one would ever find out about us. I disagreed, but even if he was right, and we could pull it off, I would need to tell my parents. I could not lie to them for the rest of my life. Mark, by his own admission, had made this even more difficult by lying to my father. The cat had been out of the bag last year. Had I been around, I would have come clean and admitted that we had been and still were lovers. I would have taken whatever repercussions there were. Who knows? Maybe that would have brought Mark and me close back then. No. I was with Laura, and believed I was in love.

With a sigh I walked along the side of the house. I would take my chances with my mother. I reached the back, and taking a deep breath entered through the back door. Feeling like I was back in my teenage years and sneaking in after curfew, I stood in the small hallway listening at the door that led into the kitchen. I didn’t hear Mom’s small TV going and, opening the door entered the kitchen. To my relief it was empty. Once again, just as when I was teenager, I slipped my heels off and quickly made my way towards the stairs that led upstairs. I didn’t have a car and my parents would never know I was there. I had made it half way to the door when Mom’s voice stopped me cold.


I didn’t answer right away. I just stopped and let my head slump down, as if I were that teenager who had just gotten caught. I heard Mom coming up behind me and with a resigned sigh, I turned to face her.

“Megan, why are you…” Mom stopped when she saw my face. “Honey, you’re crying! What’s wrong?”

“I…” I stopped, unsure of what I was going to say.

“And why are you dressed like that?” Mom asked, looking me up and down. “Well I…”

I had nothing. The events of the day had left me completely drained. I tried to push my exhausted mind to come up with yet another lie to my mother, but the well was empty. I started to try to say something about a date but what came out was a sob as my emotions finally overwhelmed me.

“Come here honey!”

Mom immediately came over, reached up and put her arms around me. Feeling foolish but unable to help myself, I put my head down on her shoulder and started crying, not just the tears that had been trickling on and off since I had left Mark, but full, gut-wrenching sobs. Mom didn’t say a word, just held me and gently rubbed my back.

Even as I continued to let myself go, I could feel that old familiar comfort of my mother’s embrace. In the midst of my despair, I remembered how many years I denied myself this embrace, denied my mother the chance to help her daughter.

My sobs increased as I pictured my brother alone in his office, with no one to be there for him. I knew by now Mark’s rage was gone and that he was as upset as I was. I could feel my brother’s loneliness, as if it were my own, because for years it had been.

When my sobs finally died down, to just the occasional embarrassing hiccup, Mom stepped back from me, and, taking my hand, led me over to the kitchen table.”Sit down and talk to me”

I allowed myself to be led and after I sat down, Mom walked over to the sink. I heard the water, and when she came back, she had a small, wet towel in her hand. Without a word, Mom took my chin in her hand and started wiping off my face. I tried to pull away, but Mom just smiled and told me to stop fidgeting. I stopped moving and closed my eyes as Mom pressed the warm towel to them, gently dabbing at my ruined mascara. As I sat there, letting Mom wash my face like she did when I was a little girl, I felt myself beginning to calm down somewhat. As always, Mom had a way of making even the worst things seem a little better. When she was finished, I opened my eyes.

Smiling, Mom said, “Now there’s my beautiful girl!”

I couldn’t help but smile a little at that, which caused Mom’s smile to widen. She turned and, after tossing the towel in the sink, went over to the fridge. Coming back to the table, Mom handed me a bottle of water and sat down across from me.

“Really, Megan, I don’t know why you cover yourself in that Elvira make up. You’re pale as it is, and it covers up how pretty you really are.”

“Just part of the persona, I guess,” I told her with a shrug. “Megan Decosta, the underground artist, wouldn’t wear pink blush and a pony tail.”

“Well, if you were at a showing, I could see that,” Mom said, nodding. “But today?”

Mom was quiet for a minute as she waited for me to respond. Although I felt a little better my mind was still locked up and I had no idea what I was going to tell her.

“Megan, why are you so upset?” she asked. “And really, why the hell are you dressed like that?” She shook her head. “You didn’t leave the house like that.”

I laughed to myself as this really was becoming a teenage flashback. Leaving Mom’s in a jeans and a t-shirt, only to go to Betty’s and change into something trashy. Looking at Mom and still having nothing, I simply went with a version of the truth.

“I…I had a lunch date.”

“Dressed like that?” Mom asked, pointing at my chest.

Looking down I saw that the top two buttons of my blouse were undone and the red corset plainly visible.

“You must have been expecting it to be a great first date!”

“No, I…” I sighed and let a little more truth come out. “It wasn’t a first date, I… I’ve seen this person before.”


“Yeah,” I hesitated then, picturing my brother said, “I’ve known him for years, and whenever I come up here, if I’m not with someone, we get together.”

“Oh,” Mom said. “So is he a, what do they call it? A friend with benefits?”

Continuing with the half truths I answered.

“More like an old flame.”

“Oh, I see.” She nodded. “Trying to get over Laura?”

I looked at my mother, and for a moment felt a desperate urge to tell her. To simply blurt it out, that I thought I was in love with Mark. Tell her that he loved me and wanted us to be together. As I sat there I could feel the urge growing stronger, the desire to get twenty years worth of lies off of my chest, to ease that guilt, and to maybe even get some help on what the hell to do. Mom was looking at me calmly waiting for me to speak and the urge began to fade. In the end if there was to be no future for my brother and me, which is how it was looking at the moment, why would I want to do that? Go through all of the repercussions for nothing. Still, maybe my mother could help me.

“Mom, what would you do if you loved someone that you shouldn’t?”

Mom looked at me for a moment before answering.

“Well what do you mean by shouldn’t? Are they married?”

“Well no.”

“Well hon, I’m confused,” She began. “If they’re not married, and considering you…”She paused, trying to find the right words. “Since you have no problem with either a man or a woman, I don’t see why else you shouldn’t love someone.”

“I…” It was my turn to try to pick my words. “It’s just complicated, Mom it’s more like who it is, could cause some problems.”

Mom leaned back in the chair and seemed to be thinking. I felt myself getting worried, wondering if in reality, I was all but telling her who it was. No, now I was just being nervous. Mom, nor anyone else, for that matter, would suspect that I was closer than I should be with my brother.

“Before I say anything, I am not sure I understand, I mean you just broke up with Laura not two weeks ago, and now you’re asking me about…”

Mom trailed off, then giving me a slight smile, asked, “Honey, have you been in love with this person all along?”

“I…” I stopped, as I once again felt this conversation could end up being too revealing. But, then again, I was at least getting the chance to talk about it. “I think maybe…” I put my head down. “Yes.”

“So I guess what I said about you seeming as if you were waiting for something was close to the mark after all,” Mom said, nodding.

“Yeah, I guess so.”It’s not Tommy is it?” Mom asked.

“No, of course not!” I exclaimed. “Tommy’s married!”

“Well, you said it’s someone you’re not supposed to be with,” she said, spreading her arms out. “Plus, you said old flame. I mean, the two of you were engaged at one point.”

“It’s not Tommy, it’s,” I sighed. “Someone you don’t know about.”

Mom nodded and went on. “So does this person feel the same way?”

“I…” I swallowed hard as I told myself to end this now, but so badly needed to try to talk about it. “That’s what we tried to talk about over lunch.”

“I see that it didn’t go well.” Mom said. “So he doesn’t feel…”

“Actually ” I cut her off. “They do feel that way; I’m the one who…” I shrugged. “Same old me, I just can’t seem to make it that easy.” I looked at her. “I think I’m in love with him.”

“Ahhh, so at least I know it’s a him now.”

“But there are so many buts” I told her, feeling myself getting worked up again. “It could cause problems, and mostly for him…”

“Does he care?” Mom asked.

“Well… no but…”

“Then why should you?”

I stopped. That answer made it sound so simple. In most situations, it would be the right one, but Mom had no idea who I was talking about.

“Megan have you told him you love him?”

“Sort of,” I said softly. “That’s how the fight started. I just can’t…”"But you do.”

“Yes.” I nodded as much to myself as to her. “I do but…”

“You say that word a lot” she laughed. “Funny how years ago you were so impulsive, now you play it so safe.”


I frowned. I did not see myself as a safe type of person. Then again, I had to admit that once more, Mom was right. Program had taught me to be careful, to think everything through, lest I put myself in a bad situation. I was safe, and my brother, who had spent his entire life planning and scheming six moves in advance, had thrown caution to the wind.

“Megan listen,” Mom cut into my thoughts. “I don’t have a lot of experience myself with this subject, “Mom leaned forward and gave me a small grin.

“But,” she emphasized the word causing me to roll my eyes, “I’ve seen a lot over the years, and unrequited love is a tough thing.”

“Well, it’s not really unrequited,” I pointed out. “I did kind of…”

“Megan, until you have point blank looked each other in the eye and said ‘I love you’ with no room for interpretation, then it is unrequited, understand?”

As I nodded, I heard my brother’s voice in my head from Saturday night. “Megan, I love you, I love you so much.” The best I had come up with today was ‘Yes’ and ‘I was in love.

“The thing about it, Megan,” Mom continued. “Is that if you never acknowledge that love, then it becomes unfair to a lot of people.”"It’s unfair to the person you truly love, as they will never know it, and it’s unfair to people like Laura.” As she continued, Mom was looking directly into my eyes. “They become casualties, Go-betweens, while you try to give your heart to someone other than who you truly want to give it to.” She pointed at me.

“And of course, hon, it’s unfair to you, as well. You’ll spend your entire life never feeling whole and always wondering what could have been.”

“B…” I caught myself. “What if it doesn’t work, then what?”

“Then you move on At that point, you’ll have gone after your heart’s desire, found out it wasn’t meant to be, and now the next time you meet someone like Laura, you will be open for it to work.”

I was silent as again I heard Mark in my head, this time explaining how he had set Samantha free in order to know once and for all if I was his true love.

“So if I were you Megan, I would tell them how you feel and let all the other stuff work itself out.” Mom smiled. “You’d be surprised how easily things can fall into place when your heart’s where it belongs.”

“Yeah well, I think I lost the chance.” I told her sadly.

“Honey, if you didn’t really say it, then it’s never too late to do that. Trust me no matter how upset you may have made him, hearing those words from you will make it all better.”

I…” I shook my head. “It’s too late for now Mom, it got pretty ugly and,” I put my hands up. “I have to leave at six; I can’t miss the meeting with Walsh.”

Mom frowned, and I had the feeling she did not agree with what I had just said. A moment later she proved me right.

“Money isn’t everything Megan,” she shook her head sadly. “Look at Mark, he put his name on the map the way you’re hoping to be and he’s miserable.”

Reaching across the table she took my hand.

“I know it’s not easy honey, love is the best feeling in the world, but that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t take work. If you feel you blew it, and need to go back home then go ahead.” She shrugged. “You said this has been going on awhile, maybe there will be another time.”

“I…I don’t think so.” I whispered as I felt the tears start to trickle from my eyes again. “He… pushed me for an answer Mom and I…”

I stopped as I knew if I kept going the sobs would come back. Mom had in essence said everything my brother had, why was I the only one who didn’t get it? Was I that broken? Was Mark right? That I really didn’t know how to be happy? Mom squeezed my hand then standing, came around the table and hugged me from behind. As she did I felt her touch the locket she had given me, reaching up I held her hand to it, pressing my own over it.

“I love you Mom.” I said softly.

“I love you too Megan.” Mom said in my ear. “Listen honey, things didn’t go well today, but you never know what can happen. For now though things are what they are. You’re upset and exhausted.” Mom turned her head and kissed me on the cheek.

“It’s only three, why don’t you go upstairs and lie down for a couple of hours. I’ll get you up at five.”

“Okay.” I doubted I would sleep, but a couple of hours alone would hopefully help me get myself together. After all I had a name to make for myself. I felt the tears flow more as I heard Mark’s last remark; “Go take care of yourself; it’s what you do best.”

Mom let go of me and I slowly stood up to head upstairs. As I passed Mom, she asked;

“What time is Mark picking you up for the airport?”

“He’s not.” I said quietly

“Really? He always does.”

“Yeah well he’s kind of busy, tying things up at work.” I sighed. “I…I was hoping you guys would take me.”

“Of course we will honey.” Mom frowned. “You know you said yesterday you had a fight with Mark, things okay with you two?”

I nodded

“Yeah, like I said he’s busy.” I started to walk away and stopped again. “Oh by the way he promised he was going to call you tomorrow and see if you wanted to go to dinner.”

“With no prompting from his big sister of course!” Mom laughed.

“Of course not.” I said giving her a pathetic attempt at a smile and hoping Mark would follow through on his promise that he would.

“Yeah well I won’t hold my breath.” Mom said then reaching up and wiping the tears from my cheek said;

“Go get some rest honey.”

I entered my old bedroom and noticed that Mom had picked up after me. All the clothes I had tossed around had been washed, folded and put into my suitcase, which was sitting open on the foot of the bed. I dropped my heels on the bed next to the suitcase, and then quickly peeled out of the corset and mini skirt.

As I took the corset off, I looked in the mirror, and shook my head at the silver chain running across my tits and down and around my waist. It had been a nice surprise for a little while, anyway. I fumbled with the clasps, my trembling fingers causing me to make several attempts, and removing the chain walked over to put it into the small compartment built into the top of the suitcase. The room was not as hot as it had been, and reaching into the suitcase I pulled out a plain black t-shirt.

I closed the suitcase, put it on the floor, and closed the blinds so I could lie down. I probably wouldn’t sleep, but at least I might rest. I went to pull the covers down, and I froze. The journal was on my pillow. There was a note attached, a post-it from Mom. I switched on the lamp so I could read it.

Megan, found this on the floor and wasn’t sure if you wanted it or not. If not just toss it back in the box.

Toss it was exactly what I wanted to do, but right in the trash where it couldn’t be found. With my luck, Mom would take that box to a church bizarre, and some Latin student would find it and get his rocks off.

Sitting down on the edge of the bed, I put the top half on the nightstand. It hadn’t all been bad; there were some sweet memories in there. I found myself thinking of my entry about that rainy Saturday morning when my brother and I had felt more between us. All those years, had they been wasted? Or would we have ended up doing more harm to each other than good back then?

Shaking my head, I picked up the second half of the journal. My intention was to put it on the nightstand as well. Instead, I held onto it and caught myself staring at the black ribbon marking my last entries. I wrote most of it while in New York and had finished it while staying at Mark’s and my parents before entering rehab for the last time.

I started a new journal in rehab, and had vowed to never read about those dark days again. In fact, had I known this book was still floating around, when I got out; I would have burned it in a ceremony to rid myself of it and those painful memories.

I started to put it down, but, as if it had a will of its own, my arm stopped. I thought back to earlier, when Mark made that ‘big girl’ crack. I had taken him up on it and gotten a lot more than I had bargained for. The ‘be careful of what you wish for’, expression at its finest. As I continued to stare at the half of a book in my hand, my heart started to pound. I had gotten in my brother’s face and yelled at him about how I was no longer that weak, needy person anymore, that I could handle both my past and my present.

Still, did I need this? There was nothing but heartache in those pages, the culmination of ten years of addiction, when things had gotten so bad that it caused my brother and me to turn on each other. There was no reason to do this to myself.

Yet my arm still moved no farther. I narrowed my eyes. There was something more there, something I had forgotten, and that had a connection to the present. I closed my eyes and tried to focus on what I did remember from those entries. I saw my brother over me, a look of tenderness on his face. As before, the image came and went before my tired mind could latch onto it Opening my eyes, I stared at the journal. Like a train wreck, I knew I shouldn’t want to see it, but I had to look.

I shook my head. What would Mark do?

“Fuck it,” I whispered.

After all, it’s not like I could feel much worse than I already did.

Reaching back I propped up the pillow and, leaning against it, I pulled my knees up like I used to do when I was a kid. Resting the book on my thighs, I took a deep breath and took the plunge into my last days of addiction.

Dark Days Part one.

I awoke slowly, and as my eyes opened I found myself staring at an old wall with badly peeling wallpaper. Beneath the ugly yellow paper was an even uglier cracked and water-stained wall. Lying there, I tried to focus through the dull ache in my head and remember where I was. This was certainly a far cry from the beautiful bedroom in the East side apartment Tommy and I had been living in the last four months. I was lying on my back, and propping myself up on my elbows, looked around the room. All the walls were a mess and there was one window that was covered with threadbare curtains. I winced at both the light streaming through the curtains and how dry my throat was as I swallowed. Sitting up straight I glanced over the bed and saw that I was only lying on a mattress.

On the floor next to me was a pack of cigarettes, a lighter, and a half empty bottle of Budweiser. I saw my clothes in a pile near the end of the bed, and, realizing I was topless and a little chilly, I leaned over to grab the blue blouse on top of the pile.

As I did, I felt movement next to me and with a start; I noticed I was not in bed alone. I closed my eyes before I looked over, hoping to hell it wasn’t a guy. I was engaged after all. Turning my head, I opened my eyes and saw I was in bed with a young, pretty blond who my hazy mind recognized as Amber.

Well, that told me where I was, anyway. Amber was the younger sister of Jake Harris, a small-time dealer and notorious party hound. As I looked at Amber, I shook my head, I had just turned thirty-one and she had graduated high school not more than a few weeks ago. I slid the blouse on and found myself hoping that I hadn’t actually fooled around with her; maybe we had just slept together, as I was sure there were several guys spread out around the apartment outside of the room we were in.

Bringing my right hand to my face, I sniffed my fingers. I sighed softly at the sweet smell of her pussy and quickly removed my hand before I got myself worked up again.

I should be ashamed of myself; this girl was barely an adult. On that note, all thoughts of sex left my mind as it hit me that Amber wasn’t the only thing I should be ashamed of.

Reaching down to the floor, I grabbed the cigarettes and, after lighting one, felt Amber stir next to me. I looked over to see that she had rolled over onto her back. As she did, the sheet pulled away from her and I found myself staring at her perfect little perky tits, with their adorable pink nipples. I quickly shifted my eyes from her soft, young flesh to her face.

Amber opened her eyes. I winced at how bloodshot her normally beautiful green eyes were. Her skin was pasty white and she was sweating. She turned her head slightly to me and mumbled, “I don’t feel good.”

I pulled the sheet up over her tits, and, after gently rubbing the back of my hand across her cheek, I whispered to her, “Go back to sleep. You’ll feel better when you wake up.”

She attempted smile and closed her eyes. I caressed her cheek until I could tell by her breathing that she had gone back to sleep. I finished the cigarette, then got up and slipped on the black panties and short black skirt I had worn last night, and, grabbing my heels and purse, I quietly left the room.

My head pounded as I slowly made my way through the living room. Jake and two guys I didn’t know were passed out on the couch and the floor. I went into the small bathroom, and, after going, I stood at the sink and looked at my reflection in the cracked mirror. My eyes were as red as Amber’s, and I saw with dismay that my nose was running. I sniffed and felt an all too familiar burning in my nostrils. Yeah, Amber really was the least of the sins I had committed last night.

I started to open the door when my stomach convulsed, and I vomited into the sink. I retched several more times before sinking to my knees, my eyes watering and I to tried to catch my breath. Without looking, I reached up and turned the faucet on, letting the water run. After a couple of minutes, I stood up, and, using toilet paper, I washed out the sink as best as I could.

I walked back through the living room. Jake was sitting up on the couch, smoking. He nodded at me as I walked by. Going into the kitchen, I found a glass in the sink that didn’t look too dirty and forced myself to drink some cold water. Reaching into my purse, I took out the purple Daniel Steiger watch that Tommy had bought me for my birthday-and that I had been smart enough to put in my purse- and saw that it was 10am. I frowned. What day was this? Tuesday, it was Tuesday and…

“Shit,” I said softly.

I was supposed to be in work at 9am. Oh, well, too late now. Even if I were to drive there right now, I was a fucking mess and could barely walk, never mind smile and put make up on women all day. Putting the watch on and making my way out into the living room, I saw Jake had pulled the coffee table over to him and was already cutting cocaine into lines on a glass plate. Looking up at me, he smiled. I saw his eyes were bright and knew that he had already snorted a couple of lines.

“Hey Megan, up for some breakfast?”

I looked longingly at the table. I wanted it so bad. It was just what I needed. Hell, if I did a couple of lines and took a shower, I would be good enough to go to work. I knelt down across the table from him. I fumbled in my purse, and to my dismay, I only had fifteen dollars in my wallet. Hell, I’d had over two hundred last night.

“I…I’m kinda broke,” I told Jake.

Jake ran his hand through his long black hair and gave me a smirk. “Well, hey, kiddo, you’re already on your knees.”

“No,” I said, shaking my head. “I…I don’t do that anymore, I have money at home Jake.”

“Yeah, well, I haven’t seen you around in months. How the hell do I know you’ll pay me?”

I shook my head and started to get up.

“Hey, how about the watch?” Jake asked.

“I can’t.” I told him. “It was a….”

“I’ll let you do a couple off of what’s here and give you a little for later.” Jake leaned over to stare at the watch. “My girl would love that.”

“I…” I hesitated.

I couldn’t. What the hell would Tommy think? Of course, I could always tell him I lost it. I frowned as I thought of Tommy. I hadn’t even gone home last night.

As Jake looked at me expectantly, I jumped as the front door opened and Joe, Jake’s roommate, came in.

“Hey, you get smokes?” Jake asked.

“Yup.” Joe reached into a bag and tossed Jake a pack of Marlboro’s then he pulled out a newspaper. “Hey, check this shit out, Megan!”

I looked at the paper and my eyes widened as right there on the front page was a picture of Mark. My brother was standing on the steps of the courthouse, facing a group of reporters who were all pointing microphones at him. Before I could make out the headline, Joe turned the paper to face Jake.

“Look at that!”He laughed. “Fucking Mad Dog hitting the big time!”

“No shit!” Jake said, nodding. “Hell, I remember when his punk ass was bouncing at Babyhead.” He shook his head. “I saw that crazy bastard kick the shit out of three guys at once one night! So what’s it say?”

Joe turned the paper to him and started reading.

“Despite numerous witnesses recanting their testimonies, attorney Mark Phillips not only vows to obtain a conviction, but warns reputed mobster Vincent Dimucci that he has until Friday to accept the AG’s last offer or he will take it off the table for good and pursue a maximum sentence.” Joe laughed. “Fucking Mark!”

Seeing the picture of my brother made me feel lower than I already did. Standing up from the table, I told Jake I had to go.

Jake shrugged, “Don’t be a stranger.”As I left, he added, “And no hard feelings about you thinking my sister’s hotter than me!”

Joe laughed.

I didn’t know what was worse, that I had taken advantage of Jake’s sister, or that he thought it was funny.

I walked outside into the cool September morning and, getting into my car, I drove a couple of miles towards Cranston before pulling over in front of a small playground. My stomach felt nauseous and I needed some air. I also had no idea where I was going or what I was going to do. There were a couple of small benches in front of the currently deserted swings and, getting out of the car, I went and sat down on one of them.

Once I sat, I realized that I had been here several times with Dad. He would always take me to playgrounds alone. It was our special time together. I put my head in my hands and started to cry. Even though I had, up until a week or so ago, been sober for several months, my father barely spoke to me. I had done so much damage in the last few years that he still held it against me.

I didn’t blame him. That day that he stood with me in court because Mark was out of town, and he heard the judge read off the charge of prostitution had been more than he could handle.

Taking my head from my hands, I removed the cigarettes from my purse and lit one. As I took a long, deep drag, I saw the cell phone that Mark got for me, and with a feeling of dread, I took it out.

I had fifteen missed calls and several voice mails. Scrolling through the calls I saw they were mostly from Tommy, starting from yesterday when I was supposed to come home from work, and the last one was at one am. There were also three from my brother, the first at eleven, when Tommy must have called him to say he couldn’t find me. I saw a number from this morning and saw it was work. With a sinking feeling in my stomach, I put the phone to my ear to listen to the voicemails. The first few were Tommy, starting with a casual ‘When you coming home?’ and escalating to the final one:

“Megan, honey call me back, it’s…” He paused and I felt the tears start, as I could hear his voice breaking. “It’s okay if you’re well you know…, just please come home Megan, I’m not mad honey, just worried.” He paused again. “Please Megan. You know I’ll always love you.”

The next message was from Mark:

“Megan, you need to call me, sis. Tommy’s worried and so am I.” He sighed into the phone. “Look Meg, Tommy told me you… you haven’t been doing well lately. I know how you get when you fall. You think you hurt us and we’ll be upset.” Mark paused and I pictured how sad he was as he tried to tell me things were okay. “But, it’s okay, so just call me. If you don’t want to go home, you can stay with me. If you need a ride, I’ll come get you, I don’t care where you are or who you’re with, just…” There was another pause before he added quietly, “Please call me, sis.”

As I sat there, crying with the phone to my ear, I listened to the last voicemail. It was Joanne from work:

“I’m sorry, Megan. I know you have problems, but today was the third no-call-no-show in two weeks. I have to let you go.”

I shook my head, fired from a job that most teenage girls could handle. I went to put the phone back in my purse, then stopped. Swallowing hard and doing the best I could to control my voice, I called Mark. I knew he was in court and it would go to voicemail. I left him a brief message, saying that I was okay and would call him later. I didn’t call Tommy. I knew that no matter where he was, he would answer, and I didn’t have it in me to hear the disappointment in his voice. Putting the phone away, I sat back on the bench. That old feeling of guilt was gnawing at me.

After nearly six months of sobriety, last week I succumbed to that huge empty hole in my heart and filled it with the only thing that gave me comfort: drugs and alcohol. After ten years, I knew all too well that that comfort was only temporary, but it was better than suffering constantly. The last few months, everyone had been happy with me, Mark, Tommy, and Mom, all thrilled that I was sober and healthy. They didn’t have to worry about me.

Four months ago, Tommy took me up to his parents’ beach house and proposed to me. Caught off guard, I said yes. I did love Tommy, and God only knew it was a miracle that he loved me after how poorly I had treated him and how many times I had disappointed him.As I thought of Tommy, I looked at the beautiful half karat Marquis on my finger and shook my head in disgust. I shouldn’t be wearing it. I shouldn’t be living with Tommy in his beautiful apartment and letting him take care of me. In my defense, two weeks ago, after I had gone back to cocaine, I tried to give Tommy the ring back.

“You deserve better,” I told him.

“Don’t be ridiculous,” Tommy replied, “I love you. I’ll never give up on you.”

The shame of it was that I had not just wanted Tommy to take the ring back over the drugs. Since I had become engaged, Mark would not have sex with me. I’d spent a week with him not too long before Tommy proposed, but had not been with him since.

I longed for my brother’s embrace!

This, by far, was the longest we had ever gone, and I needed him badly. I had done my best to behave and not seduce him out of respect for Tommy, but lately, Mark had been all I could think about. Until I picked up my habit again that is. As I thought about Mark, I felt another wave of remorse pass through me. My brother was on the brink of making or breaking his career. The last thing he needed was to worry about his disgrace of a sister.

Two months ago, taking advantage of a loophole in Rhode Island law that allowed a case to be prosecuted by an attorney from the private sector, Mark conned the AG’s office into giving him a case involving a reputed mob hit man. Vincent Dimuccio had been tried twice, and both times, the case was thrown out of court, due to witnesses changing their stories. This was round three, and the AG’s office was ready to drop it. But it was an election year, and they needed to try to save face.

Mark strolled in and told them to let him have it. What did they have to lose? After a lot of negotiation, Mark took lead on the case, and he somehow pulled new witnesses out of thin air. The trial had been getting a lot of attention and my brother a lot of press. But lately, things had been going sour. Once again, people were shying away from their testimonies. Mark had received several death threats. The last time I saw Mark was last week, and he looked completely exhausted. Jim Howard had promised Mark junior partner at the age of thirty if he could pull this off. But if he lost, he would gain the reputation of being a loose cannon who couldn’t back up his claim of being the best attorney in the state.

I felt my eyes filling yet again as I remembered the last time I saw Mark. He was not only tired, but completely frustrated, as well. Up until a few weeks into the case, he’d had a live-in “pet,” as he referred to them. This one, a twenty-year-old journalism major named Kelly, had been with him for three months. My brother claimed she was the best he’d ever had. Unfortunately, Mark was forced to move her out due to the scrutiny of the press and the threats he was receiving. He complained that he hadn’t gotten laid in three weeks, and that he’d barely slept in the same time frame.

And I was sitting there feeling guilty as hell, because two nights before I had come to see him, I had stayed at Jake’s house after doing an entire eight ball. Tommy promised not to say anything to Mark. I felt terrible as my brother commented on how proud he was of me. Once Mark grumbled about needing sex, however, I forgot all about my relapse. I slid over to him on the couch and kissed him long and hard. Mark initially gave in, kissing me back just as hard and shoving his tongue into my eager mouth. I had his jeans unzipped and his hands were on their way under my shirt when he quickly pulled away and told me that we couldn’t.

I started crying. “I need you. I miss you. Not just the sex, but you holding me, and being in your bed.”

Mark looked as upset as I was, but he held fast. “It’s not right. You and Tommy are getting married, and our rule is if one of us is involved, then there wouldn’t be anything between us.”

He did let me lie back against his chest, his arms around my waist, in the corner of the couch, and we fell asleep for a few hours. I woke up first. I felt myself yearning to feel my brother’s embrace every night, to be with him and not Tommy. I knew it could never be, but I couldn’t get it out of my mind. That is, until I went out the next night and got falling down drunk. Upon coming home, I tried yet again to give Tommy his ring back.

I sighed as lighting another cigarette, I sat back on the bench and stared off into space, trying to let my mind drift and calm down. I closed my eyes, and suddenly opened them again as something dawned on me.

As Mark had put it in his message, I had fallen again.

The difference this time, however, was that with crystal clarity, I realized that I did not want to get back up.

As a matter of fact, it occurred to me that I had never wanted to get back up, at least not for me. I always tried to stay clean for the people who cared for me. When I was sober, they were happy. Yet while they were happy, I was miserable. If left to my own devices, I would simply keep using, keep numbing the pain. On the heels of that thought came another — each time I did straighten out, it caused more pain when I failed. In fact, by continuing to try, I was really hurting everyone around me more. Getting their hopes up, making them think that maybe this time, Megan would really be okay.

I began to nod my head, agreeing with this new found clarity that I had stumbled upon I was completely miserable right now. I was living a lie with a man who loved me who I was not in love with. The man that I kept refusing to fully acknowledge that I was in love with was the one man I could never be with. My father had all but disowned me. I had broken my mother’s heart more times than I could count, and it was only a matter of time before she found out that her loser of a daughter was fucked up again.

In the past, their hurt had forced me to try to do better, but now I knew I had been wrong. The right thing to do would be to stop trying and get it over with. Sure, I would cause one more round of pain, but it would be the last one.

One deep cut, rather than a thousand small ones.

Matter of fact, I could make it so there was no pain at all. Mark, Tommy, and Mom all claimed they would never give up on me. But what if I could make them?

I felt a pang of sadness as I knew there was nothing I could possibly do to Mom that could make her hate me. I also would not have the heart to even try to hurt the woman who had saved my life. Well, maybe not saved it, but prolonged it and gave me as many good years as she could before my inherent weakness and darkness caught up with me. No, sad to say, Mom would have to deal with one more blow to her heart, courtesy of her unworthy daughter.

Moving on, Tommy had claimed he would never quit on me, but I had no doubt I could come up with something. No sooner had that thought passed through my mind, then it struck me that it wouldn’t be that hard at all. The way to do it had been put right in front of me.

I lit yet another cigarette and began rocking back and forth as a sick form of excitement at my potential freedom built up within me.

That would just leave Mark. My excitement started to fade. How could I possibly turn my brother against me? Over the last ten years, I had put Mark through hell and almost gotten him killed defending me at the Wolves’ Den. Leaning back, I closed my eyes and again let my fevered mind drift, hoping to again catch a glimpse of what I should do.

I was not disappointed. Mark and I were both broken and, for the most part, in the same way. The one glaring difference, was that I was weak and self-destructive, letting my sorrow lead me to a life of addiction and humiliation. Mark, on the other hand, was purely destructive. My brother harbored a level of rage that was as unnatural as it was unhealthy. Even with the voice out of the picture, my brother was capable of extremely erratic behavior.

Yes, the time was now. Mark was battling insomnia, fighting for his career in a case he was expected to lose, and worried about his sister, who he now knew had failed again. I could do it. I could push him so far that he would snap tell me he was sick of me, that I was a disgrace. I would continue to egg him on. Hell, I could even get him to fuck me nice and hard first!

After all, I thought, as a slow smile spread across my face, it’s not like after tonight I would be engaged anymore. I laughed out loud at that last thought. I would take my beautiful little brother for one last wild ride, before he finally cut me loose like the anchor I was.

For once in my selfish life I was going to do everyone else a favor, and make so they would never have to worry about me again.

Flicking the cigarette away from me, I grabbed the phone from my purse and dialed Jake’s number.

“Hey Jake, its Megan. Still want that watch?”

I felt better than I had in weeks.

***** I stood in the shower, letting the hot water beat down on my back and enjoying the warm, steamy air. The shower was huge and, looking down, I saw that black marble bathtub was two-thirds full. Shutting the shower off, I turned the faucets on full blast to add some cold water before sitting down and stretching my legs. I lay back in the warm soapy water, put my feet up on the edge of the tub, and slid down as far as I could. I sighed contentedly, I would miss this tub.

I closed my eyes and smiled. I was within hours of breaking Tommy’s heart once and for all, and I felt amazingly relaxed. It was the best thing for him. Tommy would be free to find a nice girl who would appreciate him and treat him the way he deserved.

Then again, my state of relaxation might have a little to do with the pint of Captain Morgan I had been steadily sipping for the last hour. I reached over the edge of the tub, picked up the bottle, and drank the last few swallows. I sighed again as the liquor blazed a warm, happy trail through my body.

Considering how upset I was when it started, today had been a pretty good day. I traded the watch for a gram bag at Jake’s, and, after doing a couple of lines, I decided that I was feeling so good that I wanted to feel real good!

I went back to the bedroom where Amber was still sleeping, and, after stripping off my clothes, I woke her up with my tongue on her right nipple and my fingers sliding into her deliciously tight, young pussy. Amber moaned as my thumb found her clit, then, a moment later, I swung my leg over her head, putting us into a perfect sixty-nine, and we were both moaning. Amber had very little experience, and I made her cum twice before she managed to send me over the edge with her unskilled, but oh, so eager tongue.

Afterwards, I removed the small mirror from my purse and shared the rest of the coke with her. I was going to get dressed when Amber giggled. “I want to play some more,” she said.

Well, I couldn’t resist her pretty little pout, so we spent another hour, licking, fingering, sucking and teasing each other’s pussies. Amber released the cutest little squeal when she came. I also loved the shocked look on her face when the last time I came, I threw my head back and practically howled, as between her fingers and the coke, I went off like a rocket.

After dressing and leaving Jake’s, I saw that Mark had called, so I called him back. I could hear the relief in his voice change to concern as I giggled into the phone at practically everything he said. At the end of the call I agreed to meet him for coffee at the shop across from his firm, then went back home.

Tommy was there as I knew he would be, he had called out of work, not wanting to miss me when I came home. The first thing he did was try to tell me things would be okay.

I laughed, “Of course they will!” Much sooner than he thought.

He shook his head and pretty much left me alone as I flitted about the house, wired for sound. After I came down some, he tried to talk to me again. “Maybe you should go talk to your sponsor.”

“Tommy, I’m fine. It was just a slip up.” Then, remembering my plan, I asked, “Where’s Brendan?” Brendan was a friend of Tommy’s who was recently separated from his wife and was staying with us for awhile.

“He’s at work. He gets home around eight.” He went on to say something about not being disappointed in me, but I was no longer paying attention.

All I needed to know was that Brendan would be around later.

After all, he was the way I was going to get Tommy get rid of me.

I took a nap, and was admittedly a little disappointed that Tommy didn’t want to come fool around with me. Then again, he didn’t know that he only had maybe one more go around with my pretty little pussy before I left.

I got up, showered, and went to see Mark. On the way, I stopped at a pub and did a couple of quick shots. Then I met Mark at the coffee shop.

I felt the first sting of guilt that I had all day when I saw the look on my brother’s face after he hugged me. I kissed him so that he would be sure to smell the booze on my breath. We sat at a corner table and drank coffee. I noticed how worn down Mark looked. His eyes were bloodshot, and there were dark circles beneath them. While Mark awkwardly tried to keep the conversation away from my latest fall from grace, I noticed that his hand was shaking, and he was chain smoking. Back in the day, all my brother would have needed was a night in his big sister’s bed to make everything okay.

Part of me wanted to offer, but in addition to knowing Mark would say no, I didn’t want him to remember me for anything good right now.

Finally,he sighed and asked, “So what happened?”

Smiling, I answered, “I’m happier this way.”

“You want me to take you to a meeting?” he asked.

“You didn’t hear me did you?” I asked.

“Mom was asking about you today.”

My twinge of regret quickly turned into a flash of anger. Mark had tossed that out there on purpose. “Stop trying to make me feel bad.”

“Keep your damn voice down.” He whispered looking around the shop.

But I just got louder. “Are you ashamed of me?”

Mark shook his head, and rather than argue, simply put his head down.

I almost forgot myself for a moment and caught my hand reaching for his across the table. I stopped and, after a few minutes of awkward silence, changed the subject. “I saw this morning’s paper. How’s the case going?”

With a groan, he confessed, “Well, I’m talking tough, but the damn thing’s falling apart. Dimuccio’s ex is my ace-in-the-hole, but now she’s hedging. I can force her to testify, but it’s not looking good. Everyone’s afraid of Dimuccio and his connections.”

I joked, “My little brother’s not afraid of anyone.”

He quickly replied, “I’ve received over a dozen death threats. I’m carrying a .25 caliber Beretta in an ankle holster right now.”

I wasn’t laughing then. I felt my resolve waver as I realized how deep the shit my brother had gotten himself into really was. That feeling didn’t last long, though.

“Don’t worry about me,” he said. “All that matters is you right now.”

In a nutshell, this was exactly what I was trying to free my brother of, the constant burden of his sister.

Mark’s phone rang for the tenth time since we had been sitting. He rolled his eyes and answered it. Within a minute, he was all but yelling at whoever was on the other end. “If you don’t come through, I will bring you down with me!”His eyes were bulging dangerously, and when he hung up, he put his head in his hands and rubbed at his red rimmed eyes.

I nodded to myself. My brother would be ripe for the taking tomorrow.

“Well,” I said, “I have to get going. I don’t want to get Tommy worried again. I’ll call you tomorrow night.”

Mark nodded. “There’s no court tomorrow. I asked for a continuance so I could hunt down another potential witness that’s been calling me.”

Hearing that Mark would be at his office tomorrow gave me an idea. This would end up being easier than I thought. I gave Mark a kiss on the cheek, and somehow held onto my aura of not caring, even as my brother hugged me to him and whispered in my ear, “Please take care of yourself. I need you.”

But Mark only thought he needed me. He would soon see how much better off he was without me.

I sat up with a start as I heard a bang. I had dozed off and had dropped the empty liquor bottle onto the floor. Getting up out of the tub, I dried off and slipped on a black thong and the short red robe wandered out into the living room where Tommy and Brendan were watching the Sox game.

I smiled as I walked slowly past Brendan His eyes locked onto my long, shapely legs. I stopped in front of him and, turning to face Tommy, I asked him if he wanted anything. Brendan was sitting on the couch opposite Tommy. Since I was standing between them, I had no doubt that Brendan was looking directly at me.

The reason I knew that was because since he had come to stay with us, all Brendan did was stare at me. He never flirted, or said or did anything inappropriate. But they were more than casual glances. Last week, I was lying on the couch in shorts and a tight tank top, and Brendan had been sitting across from me. I dozed off, and when I woke, I caught him staring. The look in his eyes was pure lust. I remembered thinking that if I gave him a chance, he would probably take it.

Tommy said he was all set but noticed that he also looked my legs up and down, but then gave me an odd look. I sat down next to him, crossed my legs, and gave Brendan a great view of my creamy upper thigh.

For the next hour, I sat there, feigning interest in the game. All the while, I shifted my position on the couch and fidgeted to keep catching Brendan’s attention. At one point, the phone rang, and when Tommy got up to answer it, I sat back on the couch, put my feet up on the cushion, and I casually let my legs open.

Brendan’s eyes bulged. He stared at the thin strip of my black thong. I cleared my throat, and when his eyes immediately looked up, I winked at him. He blushed furiously, and, as soon as Tommy returned, he disappeared to the bathroom. When he sat next to me Tommy remarked that I should really be wearing more. I laughed and kissing him told him jealousy was an ugly emotion.

Brendan came back, and I began making a show of hanging all over Tommy, even sliding up and sitting in his lap, my long legs dangling over his. My robe hiked up near my hips. Tommy was getting aggravated. Finally announced he was going to bed. I told him I wanted to stay up to finish the game, but leaning over Tommy told me to just come to bed. I playfully flicked my tongue across his ear and whispering ‘yes sir!’ hopped up and followed him into the bedroom. I let Tommy get a few feet in front of me, then, glancing over my shoulder and seeing Brendan looking, I flipped my robe up, giving him a glimpse of my ass.

Tommy entered the bedroom and I told him I would be right in. I went into the bathroom and reached up on top of the medicine cabinet and grabbed the small packet of coke I had put up there a couple of days ago, Taking a razor blade from under the sink, I cut the coke on the edge of the sink and did three lines in rapid succession. I shook my head at the rush, then smiled at my reflection in the mirror before going to say goodbye to Tommy.

When I entered the room, Tommy was lying on his back under the covers, his eyes closed. Stripping off the robe and thong, I lifted the covers to crawl in. He was wearing a pair of pajama bottoms, a clear signal that he did not want to play. But I knew I could change his mind. Sliding in next to him, I leaned over and began tonguing his nipple.

He groaned, “Not tonight. Go to sleep.”

Ignoring him, I swirled my tongue around faster and, sliding my hand down his stomach, I grabbed his semi-hard cock through his pants. I started sliding my tongue down his chest, heading for his stomach.

Tommy grabbed my wrist and, pulling my hand from his cock, he growled, “Enough. I don’t want to play.”

Looking up at him, I let in some of my emotions from earlier. I put out my lip and felt my eyes well up with the crocodile tears that had served me so well over the years. I choked out, ” I knew it. You’re ashamed of me. You don’t want to be with me.” With that, I rolled over onto my side and waited, stifling a giggle.

As I knew he would, Tommy put his arm around my waist and whispered in my ear, “I would never be ashamed of you. I love you.”

I shrugged against him, then let out a soft sigh as he moved my hair to the side and began kissing my neck. His lips roamed from my neck to my shoulder, then, grabbing my arm, he gently rolled me over onto my back. He kissed me slowly and sweetly, his soft lips teasing across mine, and I felt my heart beating fast, and my pussy beginning to respond. I let out a contented sigh as his lips left mine and trailed down to find my left nipple. I began to run my hands across his back as he sucked on my nipple and fondled the other.

I gave him a push on his shoulders, and, taking the hint; Tommy slid down between my legs, spread my pussy, and started slowly swirling his tongue around my swollen clit. I moaned softly as he slipped two fingers inside of me while sucking my clit into his mouth. I rocked my hips gently into his face, and brought my hands up to tease my hard, pink nipples. As it always did, the cocaine heightened every sensation, and within minutes, I arched my back, wrapped my thighs around his head, and let out a loud squeal as I came for my fiancée for the final time.

Tommy stood up, slipped his pants off, and climbed back onto the bed. He slid up between my legs and slowly eased himself into my warm, wet flesh. I moaned as he began slowly thrusting his hips into me while bending his head to tease my nipple with his tongue. Tommy then slid his arms under mine, drawing us close together as he continued to move in a slow steady rhythm. His lips found mine, and he moaned in his throat as we kissed.

As he had countless times in the past, Tommy was trying to make love to me.

I let him go for longer than I usually did, figuring it was the least I could do. After a few minutes, however, I pushed against his shoulders and whispered to him. “My turn.”

He hesitated. I knew he was happy with what we were doing, but, as always, he let me take over.

Tommy let me roll him over onto his back, and I immediately slid down between his legs and took him into my mouth. I groaned at how good my pussy tasted off of his hard flesh. I took his cock all the way down in my throat and held it there, taking a minute to savor my last taste of us. I started bobbing my head in a slow, steady rhythm, enjoying the little moans He made as I worked the length of his cock with my soft, full lips. I removed his cock from my mouth, and, sliding up, I straddled his hips. We both sighed as I guided his cock to my pussy and eased him into me. I groaned as I sat up straight on him, impaling myself on his cock. I started rocking my hips, slowly at first, but after a couple of minutes, I leaned forward, braced my hands on his chest, and started bouncing up and down on him. His breathing started coming in gasps as I rode him faster and harder, driving myself on and off of his hard cock.

I leaned over further, letting my small, well-shaped tits dangle in his face, teasing my nipples across his lips as I continued to buck up and down on him. Tommy groaned, and, grabbing my hips, he began driving his cock hard into me. Within seconds, I felt his cock explode inside of me, and I resumed sliding slowly back and forth, enjoying the feel of his cock painting the inside of my pussy with his hot cum. Leaning over, I gave him a sweet kiss and lay down on top of him for a while. I closed my eyes and felt my eyes well up for real this time as I let him hold me one last time.

“I love you,” he whispered.

“I love you, too.” I rolled over onto my side. Tommy put his arm around my waist for a few minutes, but, as was his habit, he eventually rolled over onto his back.

I waited until I could tell by his breathing that he was asleep, then carefully slid out of the bed. I slipped the robe back on, and, leaning over the nightstand, I set the alarm for ten minutes from now. Looking down at Tommy, I bent down and risked giving him a soft kiss on his cheek.

“I’m sorry, honey,” I whispered.

I quickly left the room and walked out into the parlor. Brendan had shut the light off, but was still watching TV.

He looked up as I came in. “Can’t sleep?” he asked.

Without a word, I walked over in front of the couch and untied the robe, letting it drop to the floor.

Brendan gasped but made no effort to look away from my naked body.

I smiled at him. “Do you like what you see?”

He finally looked away. “I can’t,” he said, “Tommy’s my friend.”

“What Tommy doesn’t know won’t hurt him.” Reaching down, I grabbed the bottom of his t-shirt and tugged on it.

Brendan hesitated for just a moment, then raised his hands over his head. After tossing his shirt to the side, I grabbed the back of his head and shoved his face into my right tit. He eagerly sucked almost my entire tit into his mouth as his arms encircled my waist and gave my ass a hard squeeze.

Shoving him back against the couch, I dropped to my knees, and, after pulling his pants off, I grabbed his cock and in one smooth motion, took it all the way down my throat. Brendan moaned loudly as I started sucking him fast and hard.

As I was blowing him, sucking on my second cock of the night, I found myself recalling my days at the strip clubs. Blowing guys for drugs and doing it as if it meant nothing. There was nothing in me that wanted him. He was just a means to an end.

He was moaning like an idiot and I could already feel his thighs trembling. I slid his cock from between my lips and, glancing over at the clock, saw I still had five minutes. At this rate, Brendan would cum too soon.

Standing up, I placed my hands on his shoulders and, after putting my feet on the couch one at a time, stood up on it. I placed my right foot on his shoulder and leaned forward, shoving my pussy into his face. Brendan immediately began licking my pussy, his tongue moving with almost a hint of desperation, he wanted it so bad. I let out a moan as I thought of what a nasty girl I was, having my clit sucked by two guys in less than a half hour.

I also had the passing thought, as he reached around and grabbed my ass, that this was supposedly Tommy’s best friend.

Then again, I was supposedly his fiancée.

I looked over and saw that it was almost time. I crawled off Brendan, got on my knees, and, lowering my head to rest on my folded arms, I lifted my ass in the air. He got on his knees behind me, grabbed my hips, stopped. And whispered, “I…I don’t have anything.”

“I’m on the pill, now just hurry up and fuck me!” I snapped.

Brendan didn’t have to be told twice. I put my head down and let out a muffled squeal as he drove his cock hard into me. He started fucking me fast and hard, but within a minute, he started to slow way down, trying not to cum quickly. I rolled my eyes, hoping to hell this loser could last longer than a teenager.

I put my head down to muffle my moans as he continued to fuck me. I heard Brendan begin to breathe harder, and his moans were sounding desperate.

I had just begun to wonder if I was going to have to let him cum and start sucking him again when Brendan gasped again.

This time, however, I heard him exclaim, “Oh shit!”

I looked up to see Tommy standing in the doorway, staring, dumbfounded at us. I felt Brendan slide his cock from inside of me.

“T..Tommy, I…” he blurted out. “She came onto to me, I…”

“Megan,” Tommy whispered, staring into my eyes. “H…how could you?”

Even as he spoke, I could see the tears beginning to flow from his eyes. Without missing a beat, I smiled broadly at him and said, “Oh come on Tommy! Don’t be mad!” I waggled my tongue at him provocatively. “My mouth’s all yours, baby!”

Tommy started to say something, and then, backing away, he quickly turned and all but ran from the room. I heard the door slam shut and found myself unable to believe how easy that was. I heard Brendan say something behind me.

I looked back over my shoulder at him. “Well, you going to finish or what?”


“That’ll be your fourth Captain and Coke in an hour,” the bartender said as he frowned at me. “Not to mention two shots of tequila.”

But I didn’t give a shit about any bar policies they might have at Finnegan’s Wake. I was on a mission. “I appreciate the concern,” I said, “but I’m not driving. A friend of mine’s coming and I’m just getting a head start.” Then I flashed him my best smile.

He nodded and went to get it. What the fuck should he care, anyway? I gave him a five dollar tip after each round. I couldn’t see his problem with me sticking around.

I glanced at my wrist to check the time. Then I rolled my eyes. I didn’t have a watch anymore. Jake’s girlfriend had my watch. I hoped she was enjoying it. I pulled out my cell for the time.

Then my eyes drifted from my bare wrist down to my equally bare left hand. The bartender brought me the drink and after paying him, I took a sip and sighed as I thought of the events of the morning.

After Brendan finished fucking me, he packed his shit while I sat on the couch and smoked a cigarette. He came out with two duffel bags and said, “Figure I better leave.”

“Okay.” I blew smoke up into the air.

He hesitated. “I’m going to stay at a motel for a couple of nights until I figure something out?” he paused and with what I’m sure he thought was a sexy smile asked, “You wanna come along?”

I continued smoking. “Not for nothing, Brendan, but I could have had more fun by myself. No wonder your wife kicked you out.”

“Fucking cunt,” he grunted, and he left.

I did feel kind of bad. After all, my little game cost him his best friend, and who knew where he was going to stay? Then again, I sure as hell didn’t twist his arm. He did very little to resist. Besides, last thing I needed was someone with a crush on me, I was trying to get rid of people in my life, not add them. I sat on the couch and, looking over at a picture of Tommy and me, I allowed myself to shed some tears for a man who had never done anything but care about me. Eventually, I fell asleep. I woke to Tommy’s saying my name. I opened my eyes and regarded him silently, waiting to see what he would say. Tommy sat down next to me, and I felt a twinge of anxiety at the look of sadness on his face.

I hoped to hell he wasn’t going to try to forgive me. Then what the hell would I do? Turned out I had nothing to worry about. He looked me straight in the eye and said, “It’s time for you to leave. I can deal with supporting you with your problems and the baggage from your past, but I won’t be humiliated like that.”

I put my head down and nodded sadly.

“I can’t tell you did that to me, how you could be that cruel, and being strung out is no excuse!” He stood up. “I’m going to work; I’d like you gone before I come back.”

Before he walked away, I slid the diamond off of my finger and tried to give it to him.

Tommy looked at it and grunted, “You keep it. Go pawn it like you did the watch.” Turning his back on me, he walked away, muttering, “Goodbye Megan. I hope you learn how to be happy someday.”

I went and sat on the deck until Tommy left for work. Then, after taking a shower, I dressed in a very short red skirt, with a low-cut black shirt, and a pair of red stiletto heels. I packed up my clothes, my makeup and jewelry.

As I left, I glanced into the extra room that I had set up with an easel and did my painting in. I thought about packing up the paints, but why bother? I couldn’t paint when I was fucked up, and I planned on being that way from now until my body couldn’t handle it anymore.

On that note, partying cost money. It was time to see what I could scrape up.

It was payday at Sears, so I went down and grabbed my last paycheck. I shook my head in disgust as I looked at it, less than four hundred after taxes. I was thirty-one years old and making twelve dollars an hour. Hell, back in New York a couple of years ago, I was getting a hundred dollars an hour as a dominatrix at a high-end strip club. Never mind how much they paid me for private sessions. There were weeks when I made over two thousand dollars.

Yet somehow, I still managed to blow it all on, well, on blow.

That reminded me. The time was after twelve. I had a small address book in my purse, I kept telling myself to throw it out, but never did, and I looked up Julie, a girl I had lived with for a few months the last time I was in New York. Julie and I had partied together, as well as shared a bed, during that time, and she was thrilled to hear from me. I told her that I was getting tired of walking the straight and narrow and wanted to come back up for some real fun. Julie said she had an extra room then giggled as I asked her why I would need my own room. I wrote down her address and told her I would be up within a couple of days.

After cashing my check, I cleared out my meager savings, account; a whopping seven hundred dollars then headed over to the pawn shop on Broad Street where I got four hundred dollars for pawning my engagement ring, and a diamond pendant Tommy had bought me for my thirtieth birthday. I had several other pieces of decent jewelry but figured I would save them for when I would need money up in New York. I started to feel bad about selling the ring, but shrugged it off. Tommy said to do it. Why make a liar out of him? I smiled at that thought. I was already enjoying my new found freedom. Well, I wasn’t free yet; there was still Mark to deal with.

Mark’s being at the office today was going to make things even easier for me to get him to rid himself of me. I was already dressed slutty, all that remained was to chill out at a bar for awhile and get myself good and buzzed. I finished the drink and called over to the bartender to bring me one more shot. I salted my hand, licked it, and threw back the shot. I put a ten on the counter, and slowly made my way out of the bar.

I got into the car and drove carefully through downtown until I reached the building where Mark’s firm was. Parking down the street, I walked the last block, enjoying the looks of all the guys I passed. I entered Mark’s building and took the elevator up to his floor. Getting off, I made my way down to the suite of offices where my brother worked.

I walked past the receptionist, who started to say something, but stopped when I saw my brother standing in the conference room doorway and I loudly called his name. Mark was standing with Jim Howard, the head of his firm, and two other men in suits.

My timing couldn’t be better!

Mark didn’t hear me and as I drew closer.

I could hear one of the men, a guy with grey hair wearing a black suit, yelling, “I knew this would happen! I should have never listened to you! You’re out of your league!”

My brother put his hands out and told him, “All I need is a few more days and I’ll nail this.”

The man shook his head. “I’ve looked bad long enough!”

I saw Mark start to talk, but Jim got in front of him and started talking softly to the guy, his hands up in a placating gesture. As he spoke Mark, stepped back and started to speak with the other man who had been standing there.

Taking a deep breath, I started walking towards them and called out, “Hey, Mark!”

They all turned to look at me. I gave a big smile and wave, even though I was only a few feet away from them. One of the men’s eyes dropped down to my long legs, but Jim and the guy who had been yelling at Mark simply stared at me. I let my eyes focus on Mark and saw his eyes widen as I approached. I knew that he could tell I was drunk and an ‘oh shit’ look appeared on his face. I walked past the guy who had been yelling and, reaching Mark, I threw my arms around his shoulders and gave him a huge wet kiss on his cheek.

“Surprise!” I exclaimed.

“Megan,” Mark whispered. “What the hell are you…”

“I came to see you!” I said, still standing with my arm around his neck.

“Sis, please,” he said softly. “You can’t…”

The guy in the black suit asked, “And who exactly do we have here, Mark? One of your little playmates?”

“No, Barry,” Mark said quietly. “This is my sister Megan.”

“Your sister?” Barry asked, looking me up and down.

“Yup!” I said, giving him a huge smile. “See the resemblance?” I pressed my cheek to Mark’s face.

Mark quickly pulled away from me. I turned to look at him and he said quietly in Latin, “Get out Megan! Please!”

The other man laughed and said, “I do actually, but I have to say you’re much prettier.”

“I don’t know about that!” I laughed loudly, too loudly, and I quickly reaching out and pinched Mark’s cheek. “My little brother is beautiful!”

Barry shook his head, and I saw Jim behind him pointing at Mark, then at me.

“Well, Megan,” Barry said my name with disdain. “Your brother is a little busy at the moment. We are discussing…”

“You weren’t discussing,” I said, shaking my head. “You were yelling.” I now nodded sadly. “Yelling at my brother.” I made a clucking sound with my tongue. “Not very nice, Barry.”

“I…” Barry looked at my brother. “Mr. Phillips, do you think you could have this little family reunion on your time?”

As Barry spoke, I stared hard at him. I had seen him somewhere before. Mark was uncharacteristically stammering, but I didn’t hear. I was trying to think. Then it dawned on me where I had seen good ole Barry.

Oh, this was just getting better by the minute!

“Hey! I know you!” I said, tapping Barry on the chest. “I’ve seen you before.”

“I’m the attorney general dear,” Barry said condescendingly. “I’m sure you’ve seen me on the news.”

“I know who you are,” I said, smirking. “I voted for the other guy,” I laughed. “So did Mark.”

“Megan!” Mark snapped.

“Well…” Barry began, but I cut him off.

“Nope, I know where I’ve seen you.” I winked at him. “Down at Mario’s, you used to come in through the back, and stay in the VIP room!”

“I…I don’t go to those places, young lady, I think you…”

“Oh, no, I don’t forget a face.” I smiled. “See, I worked there for a couple of months and saw you a few times.” Stepping away from my brother, I did a playful spin. “You don’t recognize me?”

“I’m telling you…”

“Well, I guess you wouldn’t. I mean, I’m wearing clothes now, and I’m sure you weren’t looking at my face.”

“Mark, do something,” Jim snapped.

“Megan, I need to talk to you,” Mark said, grabbing my arm.

“You’re wrong,” Barry said. “I never saw you at any….”

“Sure you did, but only on stage,” I laughed again as Mark began to guide me into the conference room. “If I remember right, you had a thing for blonds! Used to take them in the back…”

I stopped as my brother all but threw me into the conference room and slammed the door, and pulling the blinds down on the window turned to face me.

“What the fuck is wrong with you?” he exclaimed.

“Aww, don’t be mad!” I stepped up and put my arms around his neck. “I came to visit you, little brother!” I leaned into him. “Give your sexy big sister a kiss.”

“You’re drunk!” Mark snapped, pushing me away from him.

“Well, duh,” I said, giggling. “And I really did see that guy at Mario’s.” I pursed my lips in thought. “Come to think of it, I may have even given him a lap dance.” I shrugged. “Who knows? I used to be all messed up there.”


“Mark!” I smiled at him.

Mark looked as if he were about to snap. I waited. Instead, he put his head down for a moment, then, looking back at me, said quietly “Megan, you need to leave. Please, sis, this could cost me my job!”

“You don’t want to see me?” I asked.

“Not now. I’ll see you later.” He put his hand on my shoulder. “Just go home.”

“I don’t have a home,” I said, shrugging.

“What do you mean?”

“Tommy threw me out, see!” I showed Mark my bare left hand.

“Oh, Megan,” Mark said softly. “What did…”

“I mean, jeez, fuck a guy’s best friend on his couch and he gets all upset!” I let out that giggle that I knew Mark hated. The one I only made when I was drunk. “So I got nowhere to go Mark!” I reached out to touch his face. “So I came to see you!”

“You can’t be here Megan,” he said. “Especially like this.”

“Like what?” I asked. “Fucked up? You don’t want your friends to know your sister’s a loser, that it, little brother?”

“Megan, get out!” Mark snapped. “I don’t have time for your shit right now!”

“Oh, that’s nice!” I snapped back at him. “Yesterday you said nothing else was more important, but now….”

“Here!” Mark reached into his pocket and handed me a set of keys. “Get out of here and go to my place. Go sleep it off, and I’ll be there later.”

Before I could speak, there was a knock on the door.

“Mark?” It was Jim. “Get your ass out here. He’s going to leave!”

Grabbing me by the arm Mark pulled me back to the door. “Now keep your mouth shut and go wait for me!”

“Yes sir!” I said.

Mark was just starting to open the door when I quickly turned into him and, catching him off guard, I kissed him hard on the lips. The door was part way open and Mark spun me to the side and away from him so hard I almost fell. Grabbing me by the arm again, he practically dragged me through the door and back out into the foyer. As soon as we were out, Mark called out, “Joe!”

I looked up to see the security guard get up from the desk and come over.

“Take my sister downstairs and walk her to her car, please.”

“Of course,” Joe said and gave me a smile. “Right this way, miss.”

“Oh, fine,” I said to Mark. “I see how you are. Put a suit on you and you forget where you came from.” I made a disgusted noise. “Sorry I have problems! Can’t all be perfect like they think you are!”

“Ma’am please,” Joe said quietly next to me.

“Okay,” I nodded and started to walk with him.

As we passed Barry, who was looking in the other direction, I pulled away from Joe and standing directly in front of him, I looked into his eyes and whispered in my best smoky voice, “Hey baby, you just sit back and let Raven give you a little show.” Barry’s eyes widened and I smiled wickedly at him. “Oh, you do recognize me, don’t you baby?”

I quickly turned away from him and, after winking at Mark, who looked as if he wanted to crawl into a hole, I took Joe’s arm.

“Lead the way!” I said happily, then squeezing his arm added loudly. “Hey you’re in real good shape! What are you doing later?”

Joe rolled his eyes, but laughed and gave me a smile as we walked away. Behind us I heard the other guy say, “Mark, is that lipstick on your mouth?”

I smiled as Joe led me down the corridor.

Oh, was I going to get it when my brother got home.


I was standing in the middle of my forest, and for the first time in years, I felt at peace. I smiled as I looked around to see several small animals scurrying through the thick bushes, and running across the branches of the tall trees. I took a deep breath, enjoying the fresh clean air and, bending over, removed my shoes. I began to walk along, reveling in the feeling of the thick, soft grass beneath my bare feet.

It had been a long time since I had been here, but nothing had changed, it was as beautiful and peaceful as ever. I came upon the small pond that I would always sit by and saw that my easel was still set up there, as if I had never left. I sat on the edge of the pond, dipped my toes into the cool water and, looking around, felt tears of happiness fill my eyes. It was absolutely perfect here, no pain or sorrow, no struggles or humiliation. Just peace.

That peace was shattered by the loud beeping of Mark’s alarm clock. Swinging my arm out to the side, I hit the button to shut it off, and, rolling over onto my back, stared at my reflection in the mirrored ceiling. Knowing that this was the last time I would be lying in Mark’s amazing bed, I had stripped naked, and I loved the look of my ivory skin on his black sheets. As I stretched, I thought back to my dream of my forest. It had been years since I had been able to will myself to go there, but I had no doubt that it would be waiting for me when I left this place of pain.

My attention turned back to my reflection, and I arched my back further, pushing out my perky tits and stretching my long legs. I’d had quite a bit to drink, and, after driving the few blocks to Mark’s apartment and letting myself in, and had gone straight to bed. It had been two-thirty, and gambling that Mark, if for no other reason than to avoid me, would not be home for a few hours, I set the alarm for five and went out like a light. At first, I was surprised that I didn’t wake up with a hangover, and then thought that this was yet another sign that I was doing the right thing. Even knowing what was coming with my brother, I felt rested and relaxed.

I watched in the mirror as I slowly slid my long red-tipped nails along the soft skin of my stomach, then reaching my tits, I cupped them, and moaned softly as I began playing with my nipples. I let my right hand trail down between my open legs, and moaned again as I slipped my finger into my always eager pussy. I slipped my finger from inside and started rubbing my clit in hard fast circles, while squeezing my nipple harder.

“Oh yes, little brother,” I whispered. “Oh just like that! Look at you licking your big sister’s pussy.”

I gasped as I could already feel an orgasm building within me. As good as I looked playing with myself, I closed my eyes and envisioned my beautiful little brother over me, thrusting that huge, hard cock into his sister’s needy little pussy. My fingers began stroking my clit faster and feeling myself right on the edge, gave my nipple a hard twist. I threw my head back and cried out my brother’s name as I came, writhing and squealing on his bed. I removed my hand from my pussy, and after bringing my fingers to my lips so I could suck on them, let out a long sigh. I would miss this incredible bed nowhere near as much as I would miss my brother, but I knew it would be for the best.

Forcing myself to get up, I slipped my red thong back on, but left my clothes on the floor. Walking over to Mark’s closet, I found the short black silk robe that I’d left here, because he loved me in it. I left the bedroom and, going over to the small bar Mark had in the living room, I grabbed a glass and a bottle of Southern Comfort. I sat down on the couch after filling the glass and taking a couple of sips, picked up my purse where I had left it on the floor. I removed one of the two packets of cocaine I had bought and opening it, poured it directly onto Mark’s glass coffee table. I went back into the purse and finding the razor blade I had folded up into a napkin, used it to cut the coke into four lines. I rolled up a twenty and did the first line.

“Damn!” I exclaimed.

The only advantage to being straight for a few months was that I had lost my tolerance and the coke hit me hard. Grabbing the glass of Southern, I sat back on the couch and waited for Mark to come home.

It wasn’t an easy wait, as even though I was steadily sipping at my drink, the cocaine was calling to me. I told myself I still had another gram and why not? But I had no idea when Mark would be home, and I knew I would want some for afterwards, to take the sting out of how guilty I would feel when I made my brother throw me out of his life. I held off, and just sat there, staring off into space and wondering how long it would be before I would get to stay in my forest all the time. Weeks, maybe months. Who knew? I planned on having as much fun as possible before I went.

I sat up quickly when I heard Mark’s key in the front door. Leaning over the table, I quickly did two lines in succession, leaving the last one. I put my glass down next to it so it would not be visible right away. I heard Mark close the door behind him in the hallway. I leaned back on the couch and stretched my legs out. Mark entered the room and I felt my heart begin to race from something other than the coke as I saw the look of anger already on his face. “Hey baby,” I said. “Why so late? Your sexy sister’s been waiting for you.”

“Cut the shit, Megan!” Mark snapped at me as he stood in front of the couch. “I can’t believe you came to see me like that! What the hell is wrong with you?”

“Oh, come on, Mark!” I laughed, sitting up. “I was just playing. Those stiffs looked like they could use some fun!”

“Oh, they had some fun alright! They had a lot of fun asking me all about my fucked up sister, was she really a stripper? Hey, Barry, did she really dance for you?”

“I might have,” I shrugged, then laughed. “John’s, Barry’s they all look the same after a while.”

Before he could say anything, I stood up from the couch and walked up to him.

“What about you, baby, you look like you could use a little fun yourself.”

I reached out to put my hand on his shoulder, but he shoved it away.

“You think this is funny, Megan? Think ruining my career is funny?”

“Oh, come on,” I told him. “They’ll get over it they…”

“They took me off the fucking case!” Mark yelled.

I stopped for a moment as what he said sank in.

“They did?” I asked softly.

“Yeah, sis, they did, Jim’s going to try to get them to change their minds tomorrow, but it isn’t looking good!”

That case was my brother’s shot at junior partner, a launching point for his career. No, I told myself, this was perfect and Mark would get another chance, he was too good not too.

“Well, hey, look at the bright side!” I said, spreading my arms open. “Now you’ll have plenty of time to spend with me!”

“Megan, you are the last person I want to fucking spend time with right now!” he yelled at me.

“Awww,” I gave him the pout. “You don’t mean that, little brother.” I walked up to him and, batting my eyelashes, said. “Come on, baby, let me make it up to you! Let your nasty big sister show you what she does best.”

“What’s that, sis, fuck shit up?”He asked, stepping away again. “I can’t fucking believe you did that to me!” he yelled. “I’m good to you, Megan, for a long time I was the only one that was, and you do this to me?”

“All about you huh, Mark?” I asked, shaking my head. “Your job, your reputation, oh, poor you!” I put my hand on my chest. “Your poor sister doesn’t even have a place to live, and it’s all about you!”

“You don’t have a place to live because you’re a drunken whore!” Mark snarled at me. “And damn straight my job matters! I’ve worked my ass off to prove I’m better than all those rich little pricks that have had their jobs handed to them!”

“Yeah, ‘better than’ is exactly what you are these days, isn’t it, Mark?” I asked him. “Better than your sister who made you what you are, now you call me a whore!”

“You didn’t make me, I…”

“You were sitting in a corner of a group home when we found you,” I reminded him. “Staring at walls and talking to your little friend in your head. The only person you talked to until you met me. But, hey, you don’t owe me for anything, right? You would have done just fine for yourself!”

“You,” He stopped and seemed to notice the bottle on the table for the first time. “You’re fucking drunk again.” He shook his head. “There’s no point in yelling at you, you’re not even going to remember it.”

“You know, little brother, you’re right.” I approached him again and this time he let my hand drift up to his face. “We shouldn’t be fighting, especially because,” I held up my left hand, “I’m a free woman again! We can play now.”

“Megan, I don’t even want to see you, never mind fuck you. Go to bed.”

He turned and started walking away from me.

“Hey!” I exclaimed. “Don’t tell me you don’t want me, you always want your sister!”

Mark turned back to me. “You’re not my sister.” He said quietly. “My sister wouldn’t hurt me like that.”

As Mark spoke I saw to my dismay that the angry look had left his face and he looked upset. He was giving in to his hurt rather than getting mad like he always did. Well, one way to fix that.

“That’s not true, Mark, see this” I pointed at myself, “is your sister.”

Reaching down, I picked up the glass and took a huge swallow.

“So I like to party, who cares? Better learn to deal with it, Mark, because I’m tired of playing good girl!”

“Megan, you’re drunk.” He said simply. “Just go to bed and….”

As he spoke I put the glass down on the table next to the coke, banging it loudly. Mark’s eyes followed the noise, and he stopped in mid-sentence as his eyes found the white powder. I watched in sick anticipation as I saw his eyes darken.

“You…” he stopped as if he couldn’t get the words out. “You… brought coke into my house.” He finished, his voice trembling.

“Well, yeah, where else was I…”

“Are you out of your fucking mind?!?” he screamed at me. “I’m working for the fucking state! I have people fucking watching my every move, and you bring coke into my fucking house?”

“Mark I…”

“What the fuck is the matter with you?” he demanded. “Jesus fucking Christ, Megan, how dare you do this to me!”

“Well it’s not like I bought it here or…”

“I don’t care where you bought it!” Mark shouted. “I…I knew you were drinking, but fucking coke again, Meg? Do you like being a fucking loser? You want to be called ‘easy bake’ again?”

“What if I do?” I asked, letting out a deliberate giggle. “Megan’s boring, ‘easy bake’ is fun!”

As Mark stared angrily at me, I laughed.

“Speaking of fun!”

Stepping away from him I went over to the table and, grabbing the twenty, went to do the last line.

“No!!” Mark cried out.

“Oh I… oh shit!” I exclaimed.

Mark had stepped forward and kicked the coffee table. The glass shattered and the bottle of Southern went into the air to break against the wall, showering his expensive couch with its contents.

“Don’t you ever do that shit in front of me!” Mark screamed in my face.

“You asshole!” I snapped, recovering from my shock. “That was expensive stuff!” Then I smiled and started to undo my robe. “Now you have to make it up to me by fucking me nice and hard!”

“You’re fucking sick!” Mark said. He was breathing heard, and as I watched he put his hand to his temple and winced. “I don’t want you, Megan.”

“Oh, going to play hard to get, are you?” I asked as I stepped up to him. “Okay, please, Mark?”

I reached out to touch his face and cried out in surprise and pain as, with a backhanded swing, he slapped my hand away from him.

“Don’t fucking touch me!” he yelled at me. “I don’t want you, you fucking skank! You want to get laid, go back to selling yourself on the fucking corner, but stay the hell away from me!”

I looked at my hand, shocked. When I looked back up at Mark, he was also looking at my hand, and then turning quickly, he began to walk towards his bedroom.

“Hey!” I yelled. “Don’t you dare walk away from me!”

I began to follow him down the hallway.

“Who the hell do you think you are, treating me like that?” I demanded.

“Stay away from me,” Mark yelled over his shoulder as he reached his bedroom.

“Or what?” I asked, catching up with him. “You think I’m afraid… hey!”

I jumped back as, entering his room; Mark slammed the door in my face. I heard a click as he locked it.

“Get your ass out here,” I yelled through the door. “Face me like a man, you little bitch!”

I found I was really mad. I, of course, had wanted to piss Mark off, but I wanted him to at least want to take it out on me, take his sister one more time before I made him truly hate me. I was also angry that Mark kept getting mad, but then seemed to keep calming himself down, as if he didn’t really want to fight. I banged on the door again.

“What’s the matter, Mark? Can’t handle me anymore? Used to those little girls you fuck with?”

“At least I know where they’ve been!” he yelled through the door. “Now either go to sleep, or go get wasted somewhere, but stay the fuck away from me!”

Mark had screamed this so loud, I stepped back away from the door. I shook my head. This was not going to work. If I let it go here, Mark would go to bed, and by tomorrow morning he would try to reason with me. Looking down at the doorknob, I remembered that I still had the keys Mark gave me at his office. Walking back out into the parlor, I grabbed the keys and, making my way back to his bedroom, inserted the key and, turning it, quickly shoved the door open and entered the room.

Mark had lit the candelabras and was standing in front of his bureau. He had removed his shirt and was starting to undo his belt when he turned to look at me.

“Get the fuck out of my room!” he snarled.

“No!” I said, walking right up to him. “You do not tell me what to do you little shit, you got that?” I asked him. “You remember your place!”

I pointed down at my feet.

“Get on your knees and…”

“I told you I don’t want you!” Mark snapped.

I forced myself to hold my ground as Mark stood directly in front of me, his bulging eyes looking into mine.

“This isn’t the game, Megan, I am not touching you, I will not lower myself to touch, a fucking crack whore, even if it’s you! Now get out!”

Mark grabbed my arm and shoved me towards the door.

“How dare you…” I began, feeling my own temper rising.

“Dare I what? Say the truth? You’re a fucking drunken whore, Megan, a weak-willed, lying, stealing, fucking skank!”

“I…” I was speechless at the amount of sheer venom in my brother’s voice.

“You’re a disgrace!” he continued. “A failure! All you do is hurt the people who help you, and I’m fucking sick of it!

He gave me another shove towards the door.

“Tell you what? Think you’re so funny? Go see Mom like that!” Mark yelled. “Go show Denise what her little girl has been up to! I…”

Mark stopped, as hearing my mother mentioned sent me over the edge. I swung my right hand up and caught my brother hard across the face. Mark’s eyes widened and I swear they began to get even darker.

“You… hit me.” he whispered.

“Don’t you talk about my mother!” I yelled in his face. “She doesn’t deserve…”

“An addict for a daughter!” Mark finished. “That’s what she doesn’t deserve you fucking…”

I hit him again, this time with my left hand and even harder, hard enough that I felt the impact all the way up my arm. Mark’s head snapped to the side, and when he whipped it around, I was already swinging with my right again. I cried out as he caught my wrist, and, as I tried to pull it away, he squeezed hard enough to make me cry out in pain. Still holding my wrist, Mark yanked me into him;

“For the last time get away from me you… Oww!”

With a rage driven by the cocaine, I reached up and, hooking my fingers into a claw, raked them across Mark’s neck, drawing blood. Taking advantage of his surprise, I yanked my hand free and swung up and around, slapping him in the mouth with the back of my hand.

“Take that back!” I screamed as I hit him. “Take… huh!”

I gasped as moving faster than my eyes could follow, Mark’s left hand came up and grabbed my throat. My rage was replaced by a stab of fear as I looked into my brother’s face. His eyes were not only black, but were bulging. The veins in his neck were standing out, and his lip was curled into a snarl. Worse, I could feel his hand trembling around my neck, as his powerful fingers dug into my soft skin.

“Oh, you fucking bitch.” Mark hissed, blood dripping from his mouth.

“M…Mark…you’re hurting me,” I choked out.

“You wanted the game.” He whispered.

“N..no I…”

I cried out again as Mark’s hand left my throat to grab a fist full of my hair. He grabbed it close to the back of my head, pulling it hard and forcing me to bend my head back.

“Oh, yes, whore, it’s time you were shown your place once and for all.”

The thought of Mark fucking me in his present state frightened me, and, despite my plan, I found myself trying to stop him.

“I…I’m sorry Mark,” I whispered as my eyes filled up with tears from the pain in my scalp.

“Sorry? Damn straight you’re sorry, sorriest fucking whore I’ve ever seen.” He smiled through the blood in his mouth. “But not sorry enough. Now get on your knees!” he snapped.

This is the sixth installment of the Kentucky Woman series. In this episode, Frank travels to Kay’s hometown of Mittown, Kentucky where he is introduced to some of the secrets of small town USA.


I saw her as soon as I got off the plane ramp. She was tan, radiant, and smiling broadly as she saw me. Her long dark hair was flowing over her shoulders and down her back. She wore a loose blouse that still could not hide her big breasts, while her jeans hugged her voluptuous hips and high round ass. The sight of her immediately sent a tingle through my body.

We embraced and kissed. “You don’t know how happy I am right now, Frank, having your arms around me again.” she said, keeping her green eyes on mine.

“Honey, the feeling is absolutely mutual,” I said, kissing her once more.

We let the embrace linger a bit and then she steered me out of the terminal toward where she had parked her car.

The drive was almost an hour to her house. On the way we passed those fabled fields of blue grass. Coming from the city, the lush greenery was so dense it almost hurt my eyes. She saw me staring at the scenery. “Welcome to Mittown County,” she said.

“It’s beautiful,” I replied.

“Yes it is,” she said with a nod.

We came to her driveway, a long, wooded dirt road and to her house. Her property was surrounded by mostly woods with just the peek of a neighboring home. Her house was a 1970′s constructed Cape. The deep bark of a big dog welcomed us as we drove up.

“That’s just Wolf,” Kay said. “I told you about him.”

And then the dog was upon us. A huge Sheppard Rottweiler mix with big teeth bared was right up at my door.

“Don’t mind him. He’ll soon know you’re friend, not foe.”

“You sure?” I asked Kay tentatively.


With that she got out of the car and went to the big dog. He wagged his tail at her as he kept glancing back at me, still nervously sitting in the car. Kay took him by his collar and hugged him, whispering into his ear.

“You can get out now,” she said.

I opened the door and the dog, though eying me, no longer had its teeth bared.

“It’s okay, Wolf, he’s a friend,” Kay cooed to him. “Give me your hand,” she said to me.

I did as told. She squeezed it and then brought me closer, hugging me.

“See, baby,” she said to the dog.

And like her own child, the dog nudged playfully between us.

“It’s okay now,” she said.

I held out my hand, palm up, and looked at Wolf with a smile. Kay released her hold on his collar and he came slowly to my hand where I could rub under his chin.

“Good, now that we’re all friends,” she said. “Let’s go inside.”

I grabbed my suitcase and followed Kay into her spacious house. It was airy with many windows facing the woods. Through the kitchen I could see the big pool, blue and looking very inviting on this hot afternoon.

“Want to swim?” Kay asked.

“You read my mind,” I said.

“Let’s get changed then. Come. I’ll take you upstairs.”

I followed her to her bedroom. She kissed me again. “I’m so happy you are here, Frank.” She said again. “You get into your suit. I want to go get some food ready and then I’ll join you.”

I changed into my bathing suit and went out to the pool, not wasting anytime getting wet. The water was warm, but the swim was refreshing after the flight and drive. I splashed around a bit and then saw her coming out of the kitchen and down to the pool.

She had on a white bikini, the top not revealing much of her breasts while the bottoms cut to a miniscule V, exposing her hips and endless tan legs. She had put up her hair and was wearing platform sandals. The sight of her was mind boggling.

I got out of the pool, dripping, and staring dumfounded at her. “Damn, baby, no wonder that poor boy couldn’t control himself when he saw you. Is this what you wore?”

“Something like this, but in black,” she said and smiled shyly. “But stop, Frank, I’m still not quite good with what happened with Brock, despite what we talked about.”

“Yeah, but Kay,” I said, looking her up and down again. “He will never forget you and I mean that in a good way.”

“I hope you’re right,” she said. “How’s the water?”

“Fantastic,” I said. “You going in?”

Before she could answer, we heard Wolf bark loudly. He was barking in the direction of the neighbor’s house.

“What’s he riled up about?” I asked.

Kay looked past me toward the woods and the sliver we could see of the neighbor’s house. “Oh, it’s probably Mr. Perry on his deck trying to catch a peek.”

I grinned. “Ahhh, smart man,” I said. “But the dog gives him away, huh.”

“Always,” Kay said. “As soon as I hear Wolf and I’m out here sunbathing, I know Mr. Perry has come out to watch.”

“Do you give him a show,” I asked.

She shook her head. “No, you know I’m not like that, Frank,” she said, blushing slightly.

“Uh huh,” I said. “You’re not, but I am. Maybe we should give him a show he won’t ever forget.” I took her in my arms and pulled her too me, turning her to face where Mr. Perry was probably watching. I kissed her on her neck. “What do you say?”

“Mmmm, Frank, I want you. But here? Wolf won’t stop barking.”

“Can you bring him inside?”

“I guess I can,” she said somewhat hesitantly.

I rubbed my hands down her sides and kissed her again on her neck. “Let’s do it. I can’t think of a better way to start my vacation here with you.”

“Ummm, since you put it that way.” She turned and kissed me and then went to fetch her dog.

She came back a few moments later and I took her in my arms again, turning her to face where the voyeuristic Mr. Perry was undoubtedly watching. My hands were on her belly as I kissed her on her neck. She pushed back into me. “Oh god, Frank. Now I couldn’t care less whose watching. I’ve wanted this again for so long.”

I teased her ear with my tongue and whispered. “I can’t lie. I’ve stroked it more than a few times with you on my mind.”

“Mmmm I love hearing you say that, Frank. You make me feel so special.”

“Because you are,” I said, my hands moving to her breasts, still barely covered by her skimpy top. I pulled the top down so I could finger her nipples. She moaned loudly. “There’s no doubt Perry can see these beauties,” I said, my hands cupping under her full round breasts. I pushed them up a bit. “Why don’t you show him how you can suck on your own nipples.”

She did what I said, her tongue swirling over her nipple as I held her breast to her mouth. As she lapped at her nipple, her hand wandered to my shorts. She squeezed, feeling how thick I was already and groaned loudly again.

One of my hands wandered lower now, pushing down her bottoms. Her normally thick dark thatch was now just a thin bikini line. “I had to, Frank,” she said. “There’s no way these suits would hide my hair otherwise. I hope you don’t mind.”

I shook my head. “Not at all. Change makes it even more thrilling.”

She laughed and squeezed my cock again and then turned in my arms.

“Let’s show old Perry how good I can suck a cock,” she said wickedly as she sunk to her knees in the grass, pulling my shorts down in one motion. “Mmmm, my baby,” she purred as she stroked and licked around my shaft lovingly, holding it to her cheek and face.

I looked down at her. She glanced back up at me as her tongue flicked at my cock head. And then she began to work it in her mouth. The sight of her on my cock was beautiful and I told her so. My words made her hum on it more and suck harder. My hands were in her hair, on her head, guiding her as she filled her mouth with my thickness. She gripped my butt with her hands as she bobbed and sucked heartily on me before pulling out to take a breath and move her tongue to my balls. She licked and sucked them gently while using both hands to work my shaft. What she could do with her tongue and hands was pure magic.

She fluttered her tongue lower and dapped at my ass crack before slithering it back to my balls and then again up to my cock. She took it deep in her mouth again and sucked and bobbed rapidly on it while one of her hands traveled between her legs. I normally can pretty much control how and when I cum, but what she was doing was making me lose that control.

I gripped her by her hair and tried to pull out of her mouth, but her lips held tight around my cock, groaning and shaking her head, not wanting to give it up. Finally, I pulled it out, my hand still on her head. “No, Frank. I need your cum!” she wailed while trying to get my cock back into her mouth.

“You’ll get as much of it as you need, baby,” I said. “But I want to fuck you. To cum in you.”

“Mmmmm, yes, baby. Fuck me!” she said breathily as she turned onto her back, raising and spreading her legs. I took her legs to my chest and rubbed my cock over her glistening mound. “Put it in me, Frank! I want it now! I need it now!” Whatever trepidation she had earlier was totally gone,

I spread her pussy with my thick cock quickly and she moaned in pleasure, her body shaking almost instantly in a violent orgasm. I kept my cock deep in her as she convulsed on it and when her orgasm subsided I pulled it almost all the way out and then slammed it back in again. As I thrust my hips in and out of her, she began to thrash beneath me once more. Her green eyes were glazed as they stared at me and her tongue swirled over her own lips. She wrapped her legs tight around my back as I slammed in harder and harder while she pushed up to me to meet each of my hard thrusts until I could hold back no more and drained my cum deep into her.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh, goddddddddddddddd!”she screamed as her body shook with another orgasm.

Both of us were panting and sweating in the hot sun. Kay’s back and butt were covered with grass and dirt. I pulled her to me and kissed her hard. She shot her tongue in my mouth and moaned into it, catching her breath with mine.

After we caught our breaths, with a smirk, I said, “I think we gave one to Mr. Perry for the ages.”

She laughed. “Oh, he might get quite an eyeful this next week,” she said.

“Lucky dude,” I said.

She shook her head. “Naaaw, we’re the lucky ones.”

And I couldn’t agree more.

We cleaned off in the pool and spent the rest of the afternoon just lounging, napping in the sun, sipping beer for me and wine for Kay. Dinner was a delicious slow roasted rotisserie chicken on her grill along with local corn and salad. We ate in our bathing suits outside and when it got dark, Kay turned the lights on in the pool.

“Now that’s what I like,” I said, admiring the deep blue glow coming from the pool.

“Nice isn’t it? I love taking swims in the night after work. It really relaxes me,” she said.

“I’m sure it does,” I said. “Shall we relax some now?”

She smiled at me, reached around and untied her bikini top. “Yes, but we don’t need these to relax.”

“I like your thinking, Kay,” I said, standing and sliding off my suit.

She glanced at my flaccid, long cock and licked her lips as she wiggled out of those scant bottoms.

We frolicked in the pool awhile, teasing each other in the warm water before I cornered her and pressed my body against her, kissing her hungrily. Just as she was getting into the kiss, I pulled away and hopped out of the pool.

“Hey, sexy, where you going?”

I didn’t answer her. I grabbed one of her plush towels and spread it over the edge of the pool and then jumped back in. I took her hand and brought her to the towel and lifted her up to the edge of the pool.

“Hmmm, what might you have in mind?” she asked, a twinkle in her green eyes.

“We never did get to dessert, Kay, and I’m craving something sweet,” I said, a grin on my face.

“Oh are you?” she replied.

“Uh huh,” I nodded and spread her legs with my hands as I moved between them with my head. Kissing at the tip of her bikini trim and wiggling my tongue lower to her clit where I mashed my tongue onto it.

“Mmmmm, my sexy lover,” she purred and stroked my hair with her nails.

Using my fingers in her and my tongue on her clit, she began to moan and arch back onto the towel. I took her clit in my mouth and sucked and gnawed gently on it as she groaned and played with her breasts. Taking my fingers out of her pussy, I moved my tongue into her, curling it and flicking fast inside her. As I feasted on her greedily, her loud moans echoed in the quiet of the night. I felt her squeeze and push at my head as her body tensed and then she gushed from her pussy, cumming hard on my tongue.

I hopped out of the pool and positioned her away from the edge. My cock was thickly engorged and as she lay there, she followed it and me with her eyes, biting her lower lip.

“Turn over,” I said.

She immediately obeyed, getting on her hands and knees and raising her rounded butt. I gripped her by her ass cheeks and she cooed. I teased my cock over her ass and crack and she let out a small yelp. Moving it further down, I eased my thickness into her pussy as she exhaled a throaty wail.

Holding onto her hips and ass, I began to pound into her from behind. “Ohhhhhhh! Yes, baby, fuck me hard!” she cried, her head buried into the towel.

I moved in and out of her, slamming into her to my balls until, feeling the cum rising up my loins, I held my cock deep into her, exploding inside her as she gripped me with her cunt muscles.

I slid my cock out of her and she groaned, collapsing onto her belly. I slid on top of her and kissed the back of her neck. She turned her head to me with a smile. “I think I can get very used to this,” she said.

We swam a little more and then, both of us exhausted, went up to bed where we almost immediately passed out. I slept as well as I had in a very long time and was awoken at day break by the feel of Kay’s tongue circling my cock. I peered at her with sleepy eyes. “You just lay there now and let me do this,” she said. “It’s our tradition.”

“Mmmmm hmmm,” was all I could respond with.

It wasn’t long before her tongue, lips and hands had me thick and hard and that’s when she really went to work. She was sucking deep on me, licking me up and down, playing with my balls, worshipping and loving my cock like no other until I could hold back no longer and shot my wad down her throat. She swallowed eagerly, taking all of it and continuing to suck and lick me until she was sure she had it all.

When she pulled off my cock, she slid back up to me. I held her close. “I love your cum,” she whispered. I stroked her hair and cheek and within minutes, both of us fell back to sleep.


We relaxed most of the next day. She took me out and drove around the area. I could see how she was torn about living where she did. Sure it was quiet; small town living, but it was magnificently beautiful as well.

That night we were invited to a dinner party given by her best friend, Pamela. I was reluctant to go, wanting really just to spend the night and all my time in Kentucky with Kay alone. But Pamela was, as Kay had told me, her closest friend in the world; someone who she loved and trusted like a sister. Someone who was there for her when she lost Gregory when there was no one else to comfort her and get her through those very difficult times. Kay had told her about me and she was very anxious to meet me.

Her house was even larger than Kay’s. Apparently, her ex-husband was a wealthy businessman and had left her the house. “Yes, but she’s not snooty at all,” Kay said as we drove up to the estate. “She’s got all the money in the world, but she’s real down home. Maybe that’s why we’re such good friends.”

Pamela greeted us at the door. She was a petite and pretty with short blonde hair, her skin tanned golden brown, blue eyes, and, from the short, tight dress she was wearing, I noticed her nicely rounded ass and muscular, defined legs. A body, I later found out, formed by years of tennis. She smiled broadly at me and held out her hand. “It’s a pleasure to finally meet you, Frank,” she said.

I squeezed her hand. “The pleasure is mine,” I said. “Thanks for inviting us tonight.”

“Are you kidding,” she said. “I’ve heard so much about you, Frank. I’ve been dying to meet you.”

“I hope you’ve heard only good things,” I joked.

“Oh yessss, Kay has nothing but very good things to say about you, you can be assured of that,’ Pamela said as she looked at Kay. “And she wasn’t lying. You are quite handsome.”

“Isn’t he though,” Kay said, looking at me with a smile.

“I guess that’s unanimous,” I cracked and they all laughed.

As we walked into the grand entranceway, another woman, accompanied by a tall, thin, fair-skinned man greeted us.

“Frank,” Pamela said, indicating the couple. “This is my daughter, Becca, and her fiancé, Mitch.”

She was also slender, taller than her mother, but with the same, athletic body. Blonde, like her mother, but her hair was much longer and loose down to her mid back. Still, the resemblance was more than obvious. “Nice to meet you Becca. And you too, Mitch.”

“Becca goes to law school in Boston,” Pamela said. “And Mitch works for the county District Attorney. They’re to be married when Pamela graduates next spring.”

“How nice. Two lawyers. Always good to have one in the family,” I joked and everyone laughed, though I could feel eyes on me and I wasn’t sure if that was good or bad.

After the introductions were made, we had cocktails outside on Pamela’s large deck and then dinner in her formal living room. The grilling was relentless and Kay occasionally squeezed my thigh to indicate she had my sympathy. After dinner we had drinks in the living room and a few times, Kay and Pamela would escape together where I knew Pamela was giving Kay her assessment of me.

“How’d I do?” I whispered to Kay when she returned.

“Hush,” she said, slapping at my hand. “We’ll talk later.”

And in the car on the way back to Kay’s, she told me how much Pamela liked me. “She thought you were irresistibly charming. She even compared you to her favorite actor, George Clooney.”

“Clooney! That is high praise.”

“Absolutely. And you do know he is from Kentucky, don’t you?”

“I didn’t know that.”

“So you’re in with my best friend, Frank, but I had no doubts that you wouldn’t be.”

“Well now I’m very relieved. She seems like a down to earth person despite having so much,” I said.

“She really is. We wouldn’t be friends if she wasn’t.”

“Her daughter seems very vivacious; a real go getter, but to be honest, I can’t say the same about Mitch.”

“Yes I know. It does seem like an odd match, but not if you know, Becca. She knows with Mitch, she’ll get anything she wants.”

“Ahhh, so she’s like that,” I said

“Yes, much different than her mother,” Kay said and then went silent.

“Anything wrong?” I asked her as I pulled her car into her driveway.

She shook her head. “No, just thinking.”


“Hmmmm, we’ll talk about it later,” she said as she got out of the car.

“Now I’m curious. Why later?” I asked as I walked to her side.

She put her arms around me and looked into my eyes with her sexy, green eyes. “Because, first we need to go inside, get undressed, so you can fuck me silly.” She smiled and then kissed me.

“Okay, If you put it that way, I guess I can wait,” I joked.

She was voracious that night. Wanting as much as I could give her and more. Even though I was tired after all that food and wine, we went at it for more than two hours. She was relentless, moving with me at full throttle. Breathing heavily, she went from one position to the next, demanding more and more until, after taking her in almost every imaginable position, she got on her belly, raised her butt, and spread her ass cheeks for me, something she never did before. I obliged willingly and she screamed loud and long as we both came hard.

When we finally caught our respective breaths, I said, “Wow, what brought that on, baby?”

She was curled into me, playing with my chest hair. “I just love you so much, Frank,” she said.

I kissed her head and stroked her hair.

She was quiet again until she picked her head up and looked at me.

“Frank, would you do something for me? Something really special.”

“You know I will,” I said, continuing to stroke her thick hair. “Whatever you want.”

She nodded. “But this is a little unusual. Maybe even a little kinky.”

I smiled. “I can handle unusual,” I said. “And kinky? Well kinky’s never scared me off, you know that.”

She kept her eyes on me. “Kinky like having you sleep with my best friend?”

It took a moment to register.

“You want me to…to fuck Pamela.”

She nodded. “I do, Frank,” she said seriously. “She’s so lonely and she sleeps around with a lot of creeps who just don’t treat her right. I want her to experience you. I want her to feel some of the pleasures I’ve been feeling. Despite all she has, it hasn’t been easy for her. She’s…”


“Just like I said, despite getting plenty of attention from men, she’s really very lonely. There’s a void in her life and maybe you can help her forget it, if only for a short time.”

I didn’t know what to say. It was an unusual request and one I truly didn’t expect from Kay.

“Have you asked Pamela if this might be something she would want.”

“No, but….”

“Kay, how can you presume she would sleep with her best friend’s man?”

“Sweetie, I know my friend. And I know the way she talked about you and looked at you. I bet she’s at home now all wet just thinking about you. Of course she would never say anything like that or be crude or anything, but I know her.”

“You might be risking your friendship by bringing this up. She might take it the wrong way.”

“Let me worry about that,” Kay said. “So you’ll do it?”

“If it’s what you want…and Pamela agrees, I’ll do it, but I don’t know how you’ll get her to agree to it.”

“You leave that to me,” Kay said and kissed me hard. “Now I need to get to sleep so I can…well…you know…wake you up the proper way.”

“Mmmmm, I’ll have pleasant dreams thinking of it.”

Kay didn’t talk much more about what she had in mind the following days after. The holiday was coming up and she had planned a Fourth of July party at her house for colleagues at work and their families. I helped her with the preparations; buying hot dogs, hamburgers, rolls and all the condiments along with watermelon, corn on the cob, salad, and cole slaw.

When we were at the supermarket, Kay said, almost matter of factly, “Oh, and Pamela’s coming.”

“Oh?” I looked at her.

“She’s volunteered to help you with the grilling,” she said, giving me a knowing smile.

“She did, huh,” I said, still curious about whether Kay discussed what we talked about the other night with her friend. “Anything else she volunteer to do?”

Kay squeezed my hand. “She’s a little nervous about it,” she said. “She’s just not sure…yet. But I want you to be very nice to her. Make her…less nervous, if you know what I mean.”

“Whatever you want, honey,” I said, smiling at the beautiful and big hearted Kentucky woman by my side.

The Fourth of July was a hot, sticky day and perfect for the pool. Kay’s co-workers seemed like a friendly bunch and really cared for Kay. There were many children, lots of activity in the pool, but I stuck mostly by the grill cooking off what seemed like an endless supply of hamburgers and hot dogs while Kay, who refrained from swimming or appearing in one of those eye catching bikinis, moved among the crowd, making sure everyone got what they want and serving as the perfect hostess.

Pamela arrived well into the afternoon dressed in khaki shorts and a loose halter top. I could tell she was nervous as she immediately helped herself to a glass of wine.

“Bout time you showed up,” I said, kiddingly. “I thought I’d never get a break here.”

“Well I’m here to help you, Frank,” she said. “I know how to cook a hot dog.”

“I’m sure you are proficient in many things, Pamela,” I said, smiling at her lewdly and making her blush a deep red. “So I will leave the barbecue utensils in your lovely and capable hands while I cool off with a swim.”

With that, I pulled off my shirt. Pamela was staring mutely at my chest. Finally she stammered, “You…go ahead, Frank. I’ve got this.”

After my swim, I returned to the grill station and both Pamela and I worked as a team to feed Kay’s hungry co-workers. The wine and my easy flirting with her seemed to loosen Pamela up and she was more at ease with me. Once it got dark, Kay gave everyone sparklers and we lit them in honor of the Fourth of July. The guests began to leave after that until, finally, just Kay, Pamela and I remained.

The mosquitoes were biting in the humid night air and we all went inside. Pamela helped Kay clean up whatever was left to clean up and then both women came into the living room and sat on the sofa together. I got up from the leather reading chair and sat on the other side of Pamela.

“Great party, honey,” I said to Kay. “And I thank your friend here for bailing me out more than a few times when I was burning some burgers.”

“Awww, you did fine, Frank,” Pamela said, her hand grazing my leg. “He’s very impressive for a Yankee, Kay,” she teased.

“Uh huh, impressive is the right word, sweetie,” Kay said to her friend.

With that pronouncement there was strained silence between us until Kay finally spoke up.

“Pamela, I don’t want to force you to do anything you don’t want. But you are my best, dearest friend and I want what I think is best for you. I want you to be happy. To feel good. You deserve that.”

She squirmed a little next to us. “I know you do, Kay. It just….just feels awkward and strange that my best friend would offer her man for….you know.”

I reached out to caress Pamela’s hair and the back of her neck. She let out a very low purr as I did so. “I would like very much to do this, Pamela, if you wanted. It would be an honor and a privilege.”

She turned to look at me. “Really?”

I nodded, my eyes looking at Kay who smiled and nodded back to me.

I moved my hand to Pamela’s bare thigh and pressed on it lightly. “God, this is…” She covered her eyes in embarrassment.

With that, Kay hugged her friend. “It’s okay, sweetie. Let it go. This is for you. With my deepest blessing.”

Pamela let out a loud sigh and then looked at me. “Okay, you, you’ll be nice?”

“He better be,” Kay said.

“Now the pressure is on,” I said, trying to lighten the mood. I stood up and held my hand out to Pamela. “Come,” I said.

She looked up at me and then took my hand. I pulled her up. Kay got up too. “Do you want me there with you, sweetie?” she asked her friend.

She shook her head. “No, that would be too weird.”

“Whatever makes you most comfortable,” Kay said. “If you need me at anytime, I’ll be down here.” And with that she kissed her friend on the cheek and I led her upstairs to Kay’s bedroom.

She was still visibly nervous when I closed the door behind her. I took her by her chin and brought her lips to mine. “You’re a beautiful woman, Pamela,” I said as I kissed her gently. “And a fabulous friend to Kay.”

She kissed me back. “She’s the best, Frank,” she said. “You are very lucky to have her.”

“Believe me, I’m very aware of that,” I said and then took off my shirt. She bit her lower lip as she stared at my hard hairy chest. “Something interest you?” I asked with a sly grin.

“Uh huh, I love a man with a hairy chest,” she said. She moved closer to me and grazed her long red lacquered nails over it, her eyes roaming over my chest.

While she played with my chest, I moved my hands behind her and then down to grip her firm, round ass. “And I’ve had my eyes on these since I’ve met you,” I said, squeezing her ass cheeks.

“Mmmm, that feels good, Frank,” she said and then bent to kiss between my pectorals. She rubbed her nose in the hair, purring and kissing lightly until she came to one of my nipples, and flicked her tongue on it. I squeezed her ass cheeks harder and then moved to take her hand in mine. I brought it to my chest and down my abs and then to the thickening girth in my pants. She purred into my chest as she groped at my crotch.

I pulled away from her and made a show of sliding off my shorts, teasing my briefs down a little at a time to reveal my thick tuft of dark hair and then my cock. She watched breathlessly as I did it and when my cock was revealed, she let out a low moan. “My god, Frank. I…I don’t know.”

“What don’t you know, Pamela,” I asked as my hand circled the girth of my cock.

“It’s so…thick. How does Kay…”

“Oh, she has her ways,” I grinned.

“She must. I…I just hope I can take it.”

“Wanna try?” I smiled.

She nodded eagerly and bit her lower lip. “I can’t wait to.”

“Why don’t you get undressed for me, Pamela.”

She nodded again. “But do you mind if I undress in the bathroom and you lower the lights?”

I shrugged. “Whatever you are comfortable with.”

She went into the bathroom. I turned off all the lights exceptthe dim bedside light. She came out a few moments later; her hands were crossed over her breasts. I was sitting up on the bed looking at her. As she came closer, she took her hands off her breasts. I immediately noticed that one of her breasts was oddly shaped and somewhat larger than the other. She saw what I was looking at. “You’re staring at it,” she said.

I looked at her, not knowing what she was talking about.

“Didn’t Kay tell you?”

“Tell me what, Pamela.”

“I had breast cancer and lost a breast. This was the best the plastic surgeon could do,” she said, indicating the misshapen one. “I know, it’s a turn off. I understand if…”

Before she could continue I took her in my arms and kissed her hard. “Shut up,” I said. And then kissed her again, my tongue in her mouth. She immediately responded with passion, her tongue finding mine as she moaned into my mouth.

My hands went to both her breasts, caressing them as she moaned again. My fingers found her nipples, I tweaked and rubbed them both and then turned her onto her back on the bed.

I kissed at her neck and then to her breasts. She arched back and my mouth went to the disfigured one, my tongue swirling around the areola and then taking all of it into my mouth. “Oh, Frank,” she whimpered, her hands in my hair, cradling me to it.

I kissed and tongued both her nipples, moving back and forth between them for what seemed like hours. “So good…so good…” she cooed.

My hand wandered between her legs. She was soaked and I trailed my tongue down her flat belly, through a thin patch of light brown hair, to the essence between her thighs. I looked at her as I moved my hands down under her ass cheeks and jerked her legs up and over my shoulders, pulling her pussy to my mouth.

“Goddddd!” she moaned as I held her tightly in my strong arms and began to lick and suck at her clit. She squirmed wildly and my tongue found its way into her, curling up in her and flicking. I ate her greedily, devouring her pussy with my mouth. She gripped my hair hard and squeezed her muscular legs around my upper back.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” she yelled as she came on my mouth.

I let her down as she recovered from her orgasm, her hand over her eyes as she caught her breath. And then as if she remembered something, she sat quickly up and her hands went to my chest. “Mmmm, honey, I could play with your chest all day,” she said.

“I’m sure you could, but there are other things to play with.” I said, pulling her closer to me.

“Of that I am very aware,” she said as she glanced at my thick, engorged cock. Her hands moved down to it and using both hands she stroked its length. She tickled under and cooed. “Oh my, hairy even on your cock.”

She kneeled between my legs and licked at the tip, swirling her tongue over it as her hands continued to stroke. Moving her hands to my balls, she gently caressed them as her tongue fluttered up, down and around my cock. She moved her lips to the underside of my shaft where I had hair, kissing and licking there as she made cooing, happy sounds as if she found something sweet and delicious.

I had my hand in her soft, short blonde hair as she licked lower, now to my balls, sucking on each of them while her hand played with my cock head. Her tongue worked back up my shaft and she positioned her lips over the head. Gripping my cock with both hands, she opened her mouth wide and worked my thickness into her lips. She slowly eased her mouth lower and lower on it, her hand again on my balls and stroking the hair near my ass crack.

She soon began to suck, her head bobbing up and down. She was good. Very good. What was it with these Kentucky women and sucking cock? Was it in the air here? I leaned back against the bed’s headboard as she diligently and lovingly sucked my cock, doing my best to hold off; to not shoot my load down her throat.

When I knew if I didn’t stop her, she would get me to cum, I pulled her off my cock. She looked at me, her face flushed, lips wet with saliva and precum. I quickly had her on her back, her legs up and spread as I guided my cock to her pussy.

“Mmmmm, honey,” she purred as I teased it over her clit and started to ease it into her wet slit.

“Ohhhhhhh,” she groaned as my thick cock spread her. “Ohhhhh! Ohhhhh! Ohhhhh!”

She was tight, my cock practically spilling out of her, spreading her lips as wide as they could spread. “Okay, baby?” I asked.

She nodded. “More than okay. Fucking amazing.” She grinned and kept her blue eyes on me as I began to move in and out of her. I took her ankles up to my chest, and now, my cock lubricated by her juices, was able to move faster and harder in and out of her. With each thrust her moans became more pronounced. Her eyes opened and closed and she thrashed her head back and forth in ecstasy.

I felt the cum begin to rise up my loins and moved onto my side, turning her on her side as well, keeping one of her legs high, my cock continually moving in and out of her. With my other hand I gripped her round ass.

“Frank, Frank, Frank!” she cried as I pounded into her and then, spreading her ass cheeks, slipped a finger onto her rosebud and probed into her. She screamed, her cunt muscles gripping my cock as I exploded into her, her body convulsing on it in a loud, long orgasm.

I kept up my motion until I let go of her leg, took my finger out of her ass, and slowly pulled my cock out of her.

“Ahhhhhhh,” she cried as my cock snapped out of her tight pussy. I lay by her side now, caressing her flushed face. “That was….my god….”

“So you liked it?” I smiled.

“Oh my…I….no wonder Kay is a changed woman.”

I kissed her. “Who has a sexy, good, loyal friend.”

She kissed me back in a more friendly manner now. “We are both lucky to have each other as friends.”

“Yes we are,” I said, looking into her eyes.

“I…I would like to stay here with you much much longer, but…”

I nodded.

“This was memorable, Frank. Thank you so much,” she said and then slipped out of bed to the bathroom.

She came out dressed a few minutes later, glanced at me shyly now, and then went out of the room.

I stayed in the bed, exhausted from the day and my session with Pamela and about to fall asleep when, finally, Kay walked in. “I think you were a success,” she said, smiling at me.

“You do?”

“Not that I had any doubts. You made my friend very very happy and I appreciate it.”

I nodded. “Why didn’t you tell me about…”

“Her cancer?”


“I didn’t want that to influence you in any way, Frank. She’s proud of being a survivor and doesn’t use that she was sick to get sympathy. Did it bother you to see her…breast?”

“No, it didn’t bother me,” I said. “I just wasn’t prepared for it.”

She nodded. “How could you be. You are something, my Frank.”

“Glad you think so,” I said with an impish grin.

“Yeah, I do, but I hope you have something left for your poor lady,” she said, pulling off her shirt and unclasping her bra, releasing her magnificent breasts.

“For you, I will call up all my reserves.”

She slid off her shorts and her panties and crawled onto the bed next to me. “I’m sure your reserves will suffice.” She caressed my thighs, staring at my cock. “I have to say, you had her making quite a ruckus. Hearing her cries got me more than a little wet.”


She shook her head. “Only that I wasn’t in the room with the two of you.”

“Now that wouldn’t have upset me in the least, having you with us.”

Her hand went to my limp cock. She began to stroke me softly. “I don’t think Pam would have gone for it, though. I’m pretty sure she’s one hundred percent straight.”

I reached for Kay’s hair and cheek. “Hmmm, you looking for a friend with benefits?” I asked with a smile.

She shrugged. “Not if it meant upsetting our friendship.”

“But you’ve thought about it?”

“I cannot lie, Frank. Ever since you introduced me to the pleasures of another woman, I’ve thought about the possibility of being with Pamela that way. I wouldn’t resist, that’s for sure.”

“Well, you never know what might happen in the future,” I said, looking at my beautiful woman.

“No, but like I said, I would never push anything like that on her. My friendship with her is just too valuable.”

“I understand that,” I said.

“But, in the meantime,” she said, gripping my thickening cock, “I get to taste her on you.” She grinned wickedly and licked up and down my shaft.


“Mmmmm, oh yes. She would be delicious,” Kay said and then took my cock deep into my mouth.

She worked on my cock with her mouth until it was fully thick and erect and then, not letting me move over her, straddled my hips and impaled herself on it with a grunt. She bounced on my cock, taking her own breasts to her mouth, licking and sucking her nipples. “You like watching me do that, don’t you, Frank.”

All I could do was nod and she smiled, did it some more until I shot my heavy load into her and she moaned loud cumming in unison with me.


We spent the next day recovering from the party, just hanging out by the pool and eating whatever leftovers there were. The following day Kay had to go into work leaving me by myself. I didn’t mind. I had to leave the next day and I could use the free time to make a few work calls, send out some emails, catch up on my reading, and get a workout in.

I was in the middle of working on a few kickboxing moves on the back lawn when my cell phone rang. It was Kay.

“Hey, baby,” I said. “Everything okay?”

“Yes, but I just wanted to tell you, you’re going to have company over there? Becca called and asked if she could come over for a swim.”


“You remember, Pamela’s daughter.”

“Yes, pretty like her mother, but taller and with that, well, let me be blunt, wimpy, boring fiancé.”

“That’s Mitch. Wimpy and boring, for sure, but a man going places in this county and Becca knows it which is why she latched on to him. But don’t let that fool you about Becca. She’s given her mother plenty to handle over the years. She appears demure and conservative, but I happen to know she’s plenty promiscuous.”

“And why are you telling me this?” I asked.

“Because I think there might be another motive for her request to come for a swim.”

“Ahhh, you think?”

“I do.”

“Well this is unexpected. And interesting. What do you want me to do, Kay?”

“I want you to be yourself, Frank. Do whatever you want to do. I’m going to try to leave here a little early, but don’t tell Becca that. Surprising her might be even more interesting.”

I smiled, liking the way my Kentucky woman was thinking. “Okay, we’ll see what happens. Mittown County is just full of surprises.”

“Yeah, sure,” Kay cracked. “I’ll see you soon, I hope,” she said and then hung up.

The last week of Nudity in Art was a class many of us had been looking forward to. In the syllabus, I had circled this final session many times. The lecture was titled, “Nudity in Modern Media,” and bold text beneath it warned of adult content. Students who were not comfortable with viewing pornographic images were advised not to attend.

I’ve got to admit, at first that lecture was the only reason I signed up for “Nudity in Art.” Heck, that was the reason most of the students did. The class satisfied an art history requirement, but most of my friends and I had imagined seeing Sasha Grey or Lexi Belle projected on a big screen in one of those sexy poses they do so well, maybe with a finger between their wet pink lips or around a fat nipple. We were disappointed, then, when the first naked body we saw was 10,000 years old and crudely carved from stone. “This is the mother goddess figure,” the professor, an older woman who had three doctorates and no sex drive, intoned. Her voice was flat with a nasal whistle, like a goose with strep. “It has been found in ancient cultures throughout Europe and Asia. Despite its age, you can see the exaggerated breasts and oversized vagina.”

This was the first day of class, and all the seats in the lecture hall were filled, mostly with freshmen looking for free porn like myself. At the mention of breasts and vaginas, a good portion of the class started giggling. Were this a smaller class, like the discussion sessions graduate students attend, the giggling might not be noticed. But this lecture hall sat 475 students, and the laughter drowned out the professor’s voice. She let out a disgusted sigh. “I was hoping this year would be different, but I can see that most of you came here for one thing.”

The professor clicked her remote, and the picture projected onto the massive screen at the front of the lecture hall changed. The new picture evoked a strong reaction from the students- many more giggled, others gasped, and a few cheered. Projected on the screen was a massive version of what most of us beat off to each night: a porn star- I won’t name which one- on her hands and knees, her ass pointed towards the camera. She wore a red hairband around her ponytail, and nothing else. With one hand she was spreading her pussy apart, and it glowed pink and glistening on the screen. Her tits hung down, and she had her bright blue eyes wide open and hungry with desire. It was the kind of picture that normally would make me immediately hard. I was blessed with a strong imagination, and I loved to think about what it would feel like to spread her pussy lips apart with my fingers, and slide my cock inside. I could almost hear her throaty groan, the weight of her breast in my hand. And I would wrap that ponytail around one hand, pull her head back as I slid my cock in and out, until it was wet with her pussy juices. I could even imagine those eyes, the way they would stare back at me as she came. But in the middle of over 400 students, I tried to calm my powerful daydream. I thought of food, what I’d had for lunch, math problems, and the Giants game I’d watched the night before. Even still, I could feel my cock stiffening in my jeans.

It didn’t help that I had purposefully sat next to a beautiful freshman girl whom I’d seen around campus but never spoken to. She had dark, full hair that framed her perfect face. Her nose was long, but in the way you might see on a Greek goddess. She had deep brown eyes, and the most perfect jawline I had ever seen. Every time I saw her walking to class or from the cafeteria, I ached to graze my hand along the creamy skin of her long neck. And that hair, that hair begged to have my hands sink into it. She wore these loose button-down shirts, men’s shirts really, but they looked incredible on her sharp shoulders and her high perky breasts. She usually left the bottom few buttons open, and above her long skirts I could usually glimpse her smooth stomach. Obviously, I had never talked to her. She was far too perfect. I assumed she had a boyfriend, or at least someone she was fucking. He was probably a senior with biceps like grapefruit and a 12-inch cock. He probably fucked her for hours on end while she came over and over, her whole creamy body sweating, her breasts bouncing as she rode his cock. And when he came, after all that fucking, all that pounding of her pussy, her mouth, and probably her ass too, she was probably kinky like that, I imagined she got down on her knees, took his balls in her mouth, and worked her hand up and down his massive shaft until his cum poured out, over her perfect fingers and down her beautiful forearm, into that kissable hollow of her collarbone, dribbling down onto her breasts with their pink nipples like strawberry candy. And I bet she then licked up every drop of cum. I bet she scooped it from her pale neck and her soft palm, and ran her tongue back over his cock to clean it. And then he probably fucked her again. In the ass.

Oh, I had never seen a boyfriend, or a fuckbuddy or anything. But I just knew this girl was too perfect to be single, or interested in me.

So on this first day of class, I saw an empty seat right next to this goddess, and I claimed it as quickly as I could. I thought maybe I could ask her for a pencil (even though I had packed three), or borrow her syllabus (even though I’d printed it out that morning), or somehow get her name. But now I was sitting next to this perfect woman while the professor posted a gaping vagina on the screen, and the only thing on my mind was calculating the possibility of my rock-hard boner splitting my jeans open.

I wish, now, that I had actually paid attention to how she was reacting. I am sure I would have been surprised. Instead, it would take me a whole semester to find out the dirty little secret of my campus angel.

The professor clicked her remote again, and the image changed to a pockmarked stone statue with a Pharaoh’s crown and a large erect penis. There were more gasps, another wave of giggling, and a number of guys shouting out their disappointment. “Go back!” one cried.

“I’m sorry,” the professor replied, unmoved by the reaction of the students. “But you will be seeing a lot more ancient stone penises than live vaginas in this class. The Egyptians, the Greeks, and the Indians were all obsessed with them.” She continued to press her remote, cycling through pictures of stone phalluses on sculptures, buildings, and ancient carvings. A few boo’s drifted from the audience. “If you have a problem with what you are seeing,” the professor droned in a way that made me think she had given this presentation before, “then I suggest you drop the class. I repeat, this is not a class on pornography.”

And by the time that first class was over, about a third of the students had already left. In the weeks to follow, as we studied pictures of nudes in ancient cave drawing, Renaissance portraits, and Greek architecture, more and more students dropped out. Eventually, that massive lecture hall was down to a quarter of its students. And surprisingly, as the class shrank, the professor softened. She had started out completely cold, more like a hesitant babysitter than a teacher, but once she had scared away all of the students she didn’t like, her demeanor changed. She would tell stories about her travels around the world during her own college years. When showing new picture of a nude Shiva in an Thai tapestry, she wound up drifting into a story about flying to Angkor Wat with her supervisor, making rubbings of the carvings, and finding statues buried beneath roots and vines. There was a moment when she mentioned her supervisor by name- Nathan- and suddenly her eyes clouded over. She placed a hand on her neck and gazed up at that picture of naked Shiva, all arms and swords and a bright blue penis. She was silent for a moment.

This led me to think that the trip to Angkor Wat involved more than art collection. Looking at my professor lost in memory, I could imagine her as a young woman with skinny limbs, a somewhat flat chest, and mousy brown hair. She probably wore those thick clunky glasses. I can’t imagine anyone would have taken a second look at her. But this Nathan, her supervisory, was used to uncovering hidden beauties. Were they in the ruins of an Thai temple when he brushed a spider from her neck, and then kept his hand there? I can see her placing her hand over his, rubbing her fingertips over the back of his hand. She probably kept her face from him, maybe even turned her back to him, but unbuttoned the top of her blouse. Just enough to say yes.

I think I can imagine their lovemaking. What’s most likely is that Nathan kissed her neck, barely touching at first, but when she did not object he left a trail of kisses down to her exposed collar. He gently turned her with his broad, calloused hands and kissed the freckles of her breastbone. Her fingers ran over the back of his head, his neck, his shoulders. He continued his tender kisses, like an archaeologist cautiously exploring a buried treasure. Her breathing grew heavier with his kisses, and when her nipples poked through her dust-stained blouse he kissed those too. All the while his hands were exploring her back, feeling the muscles there, running down to her fine ass. When his hands roll over her tense cheeks, she shudders. When he trails a finger down her ass crack, she moans. This is all he needs to hear.

One by one, he unbuttons her blouse. Her chest is slowly exposed. First, that breastbone, and a whole galaxy of freckles are revealed. He kisses every single one. Next, the blouse opens and there are her breasts. Some guys don’t like flat-chested chicks, but I think they are beautiful. They never have to wear bras, and their nipples stand straight out, like they are always turned on. And oh, she is turned on. Her nipples are large, her aureolas are broad and brown and he licks around then, raising goosebumps. She thrusts her breasts into his face, and he takes one in a hand and squeezes it while he sucks the other nipple in between his lips. She lets out one single small cry.

Now he kisses down the center of her chest, down to her bellybutton. He licks around the bellybutton, making the tender skin of her stomach quiver, and with his hands he unbuttons her pants. Slowly, almost painfully slowly for her, she who now is all fire and goosebumps, hot but shivering, he pulls down her pants. He kisses her hips, the dimples above her crotch. She has never shaved her pussy, but her bush is as beautiful and untamed as her hair. He kisses all around her pussy, the beautiful indents were her legs meet her hips, the marvelous line above her bush, and down the sides of her pussy lips, all without touching her vagina. He sees a small bead of moisture slip from her pussy lips. He knows she belongs to him.

At this point, I have some trouble imagining how he removes her shoes, her socks, her pants. It’s probably a somewhat awkward moment, breaking the momentum of his kisses to untie the laces of her hiking boots. Maybe she just kicks them off. It doesn’t matter. Because he has sat her down on an ancient tree trunk, one crawling with vines and dense, wet life, and he has spread apart her legs and he is licking the hell out of her pussy.

She has never been eaten out before. She is on fire.

He runs his tongue from the bottom of her pussy to the top, big dog-like laps, and she can’t believe how much this animal behavior is turning her on. She feels like every inch of her skin wants to fly away, but she grips his curly hair in her hands and lets out all this energy in a long and wild moan. He is gripping her thighs, and now he brings his hands inwards, wets his fingers, and spreads apart her pussy lips. She is gleaming. She is dripping pussy juices onto this trunk, onto the moss and wood beneath her. He thrusts his tongue into her pussy, and then wriggles his tongue upwards to her clit. He runs his tongue over her clit, and then circles around it. As he sucks it between his lips, he slides the middle finger of his right hand into her pussy. It is warm and wet and it pulls at his finger. He slides it back and forth until it is soaked. With her clit in his mouth, he slides a second finger into her pussy. She arches her back, calls out with pleasure. A third finger slides in as easily as the first. She is loose and bucking and she wants to cum like she never has before. He keeps licking her clit and sliding his fingers in and out and now his face and the trunk and her thighs are dripping with pussy juices. She grinds her ass into the tree trunk, and her fingernails dig into the back of his head. Her nipples stand out like the domed temples they have been exploring together.

Nathan has always known her as a silent student, one who pays attention but rarely adds to the conversation. If he expected sex, he probably thought she would be silent throughout. But now, her thighs shaking with pleasure, her back arched, her chest heaving, she screams out, “Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me!”

Oh god, he fucks her. She rips the shirt from his chest, unzips his pants, and before he can take off his shoes she has pulled his hips to hers. His cock slides so deep into her pussy that his balls slap her ass. She wraps her long legs around his back and grinds her pussy into him. She is wild. She has taken off her glasses- maybe they fell off, maybe she will never wear them again- and her hair is a great mane of brown curls bouncing around her head. She reaches up and grabs a branch with her hands, lifts herself as he stands and hold her ass. She bounces up and down on his cock, pulling herself to the branch and then sliding back down, fucking him as hard as she can, her whole body electric with pleasure.

And he now loses himself. Holding her weight in his hands, he buries his face in her tits. He sucks on a nipple, then bites it and she cries out, “YES, YES!” He spreads her ass cheeks apart with his hands, and when she thrusts down on his cock he slides one finger, still slick with pussy juices, into her asshole. She cannot believe how good this feels. He is fucking her pussy with his cock, her ass with his finger. She kisses him, and he fucks her mouth with his tongue, sliding it in and out as she bounces on him.

Finally, she unwraps her legs from his hips, slides away from him. They stand bare inches apart, panting, sweating, his cock hard as stone, her nipples red and glistening with saliva. He steps closer to her. Tenderly again, almost as if he had never undressed her at all, he takes her shoulders and turns her around. She is looking now over Angkor Wat, that vast temple buried in roots, trees grown between its stones. He kisses her neck, runs his hands down her naked body. She shivers. Nathan gently pressed against her upper back, and she bends down and places her hands on the tree trunk. She feels his fingers sliding down, spreading her pussy apart. She feels the head of his cock press between her pussy lips. She feels him slowly slide into her pussy.

She whispers. “Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me…” It is a chant like one that Thai priests must have filled the temple with. But now she is praying to him to make her cum. “Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me,” she groans, louder now. And he does. He slides his cock in and out of her, faster now, his hips smacking into her ass, making her chest shake, her shallow breasts quiver. She grips the tree trunk, her fingers sink into the soft bark. She yells now, “FUCK ME! FUCK ME! FUCK ME!”

Nathan grabs her hips and thrusts his cock over and over into her pussy. Her pussy juices fly out, splash against his thighs, her ass, his balls. She is making a sound beyond words, and he knows she is going to cum. He licks one of his fingers, starts rubbing her clit while he fucks her, while he slams his cock deep into her pussy. She screams. “I’M CUMMING! I’M CUMMING! OH JESUS I’M CUMMING!” And suddenly her whole body is shaking, she is possessed, she cries out words beyond language, her eyes roll back and Nathan’s cock now splashes into her pussy. She is wetter than any woman he has ever fucked. Her knees buckle, and she leans her legs against the tree trunk. She lowers her belly to the bark, presses her tits against it. She is panting heavily through a beautifully smiling mouth.

She looks at him over her shoulder. She asks if he came.

Nathan shakes his head. “Not yet.” His cock is still buried in her wet pussy, and he feels as if he could fuck her for days. But she reaches back and gently slides his cock out. She strokes it, almost absentmindedly, as she sighs and giggles happily. “I love you, Nathan,” she says. He is shaking with the pleasure of her touch. She raises her hand to her lips, licks her fingers. “Oh, I’ve gotten you all wet.”

Nathan cannot reply. He is entranced by her beauty, her perfect skin laid out over this ancient tree. Her back is freckled, and he follows the line of her spine from her skinny neck to her tight ass. She lifts herself off of the trunk, but does not stand. Instead, she presses her ass towards his cock. His dick slides between her checks, and she grinds her ass against his shaft. He sees that with one hand she is pinching and massaging one of her breasts. She bites her lip. “I’m still turned on,” she gasps.

Nathan slides a hand around her hip, reaches again for her pussy. But she shakes her head. “No,” she says. “I want you to fuck me here.” And she reaches back with both her hands and spreads her ass cheeks apart. She moans, “I want you to cum in my asshole.”

Nathan’s cock is slick with pussy juices. He brings the large purple head of his dick to her rosy asshole. He presses in, and his cock slides into her ass. He whole body shudders. “Oh, Nathan…” she groans. “Oh god, that feels so…” She gasps. He sees she is furiously rubbing her clit. “Oh, fuck my ass Nathan. Fuck my asshole.”

Nathan grabs her hips and slowly slides his cock deeper into her ass. When he feels he can go no further, he slides almost all the way out. Then in again. Her asshole is warm and so tight, gripping his cock. Every time she moves, it squeezes him. He can’t stand the pleasure of it- he brings an open hand down hard on her ass cheek, leaving a bright red mark. “YES!” she screams. “FUCK MY ASS, NATHAN!” And now she is screaming constantly, she is cumming again, bucking against his rock-hard cock.

He hardly has to move as she slides her ass up and down his dick, her asshole squeezing him, and suddenly his balls tighten and he explodes. He feels as if gallons of cum are emptying into her asshole, and he shouts out as he cums and she shudders, and they are cumming together. He cries out her name over and over as he keeps fucking her, and with every thrust he cums more. He sees with pleasure that cum is leaking from her asshole around his cock, dripping down to her pussy, and that she is rubbing that cum onto her clit and climaxing again and again. They shake together, give out a final cry, and collapse onto the log. The last thing he does is kiss her neck one last time.

At least, that’s how I imagine it happened. Who knows, it might have just been a kiss!

But do you see my problem? This sort of erotic vision takes over my mind often enough in daily life. In a class where we look at nothing but nudes? You must think I was crazy to take this class.

Well, when half the class left on that first day, I was tempted to leave as well. But there were a number of reasons that I stayed.

First off, the class wound up being pretty interesting! I have always enjoyed art, but seeing all these naked bodies in ancient sculptures and paintings made me think that modern art is actually quite prudish! What I remembered from the professor’s lectures proved to be useful whenever I visited a museum or art gallery. I always had a titillating historical detail to add to any conversation about art.

Second, there was that final class that I mentioned before. You see, even though the professor claimed there would be no pornography, I was one of the few students to study her syllabus before the first day. It was downloadable from her website. Most students don’t go looking for things like that before a class started. But you will see that it was well worth my time.

Even before stepping into the first class, I had read that in the final lecture we would be viewing pornography. I swear, I am not a voyeur, or enough of a pervert to be creepy. But when I saw that dark-haired girl in class, I suddenly knew that I had to attend the final lecture with her. Seeing someone fucked on screen might be the closest I ever got to touching her.

And yes, the final thing that kept me in that class was the girl. I eventually found out her name was Jennifer, though I never talked with her for the entire semester. But it turns out my dorm was next door to someone dating one of her friends, and there was always the bit of internet stalking that everyone does these days…

I couldn’t get enough of Jennifer. When I saw her outside of class, I would stop in my tracks and just watch her walk away. She had a self-possessed spirit that made me want to get down on my knees and worship her. When she walked, she held that perfect jaw of hers forwards, and straightened her back so that her luscious tits jutted out. God, and her ass… the dark skirts she wore always clung to the top of her perfect ass cheeks. When she wore her dark green skirt, one of my favorites, her ass looked like two grassy hills that I just couldn’t wait to lie down in. Lord, I was obsessed. Every moment I spent near her was a tortured blessing.

Despite my desire, it took me until the final class to sit next to her again. Jennifer always arrived to class early, and always sat in the middle of the back row. By the time I arrived from my economics class across campus, there were other students sitting in the back row as well. Even though they sat many seats apart from her, I knew it would be too awkward and obvious to squeeze by them in order to sit next to this girl I had never spoken with.

And Jennifer must have had another class across campus after, because she always raced out of the lecture as soon as the professor showed the last picture and turned on the lights.

At least, this is what I thought at the time.

During finals week at college, it is easy to tell who is majoring in the sciences and who is majoring in the humanities. Those taking science or math classes basically vanish for the last weeks of the semester. They burrow into their dorm rooms to study for their comprehensive final exams. Students in the humanities have a different sort of ending. Usually the final for an art or literature class is a project. Most students complete and present the project a good week before finals. Thus, the students you see lounging around the cafeteria, taking long walks around campus, or smoking pot behind the art building are usually humanities majors.

I was still taking my undergraduate courses at the time, which meant I had a mix of science and humanities classes. On the day of the final lecture in Nudity in Art, I had my final exam for economics. Our instructor had warned us to plan on taking extra time to complete the test; with a certain gleeful flair, he told us it was the most difficult test he had every designed. The bastard retired two years later, but I like to think he took out a lot of hopeful students before the end of his career.

I finished his damned test in a half hour.

I was inspired by the final Nudity in Art lecture.

I actually arrived at the classroom before the previous class, a study of Victorian theater, got out. That class, for sure, was a humanities class, and they were watching a filmed version of some Penny Dreadful opera on that same screen that had been showing me nude sculptures for the last semester.

When the Victorian Theater class was excused, I suddenly realized I had no idea what to do. I was the first student to arrive for Nudity in Art. If I sat down first, Jennifer would probably sit far from me. And while this had been okay for the last few months, for this final class I knew I had to sit next to her. I wasn’t expecting anything, but some part of me held out hope that I could, at least, accidentally touch her arm.

I will now admit that I hadn’t exactly been lonely during all these pining months. I had been seeing a girl on and off for a few weeks. We met at a dorm party when too many people were invited. You see, we freshmen are all too young to legally drink, so when we want to party we have to do so quietly and behind doors. Because the dorms at my college are about the size of a walk-in closet (at least, the nice ones are), when more than three people know about a party it tends to get pretty… intimate.

At this party, we were packed in like sardines. It was so crowded that nobody could make their way to the keg, so some unfortunate person had to stand by it and pass beers to everyone else all night long. I was pressed awkwardly between a fat jock and a short blond chick with the biggest tits I’d ever seen on a skinny girl. When I reached for a passing red plastic cup of beer, my arm accidentally brushed her knockers. I apologized, blushing profusely, and tried to get away, but like everyone else in the dorm I was stuck. She giggled, and said, “Go ahead, they might as well be useful.”

I was struck speechless. I wasn’t sure if she was coming onto me or insulting my brusque behavior. She was wearing a t-shirt that would normally have fit a girl of her size, except that her giant breasts were stretching out its front. It looked like her name was printed on it, but the letters were so stretched out that I couldn’t wrap my head around it.

I introduced myself. “What’s your name?” I asked. When she told me it was on her shirt, I replied that I was having trouble reading it. She looked me square in the eye and said, “You’ve just got to press my tits together, then you’ll be able to read it.”

And so I gulped my beer in one swill, tossed the empty red cup back into the crowd, and placed both hands on those wonderful massive tits. Pressing them together, I saw her name was Brandi. “Nice to meet you, Brandi,” I said, shaking one of her breasts. She laughed again, pressed her breasts into my chest, and shoved her tongue into my mouth.

Since then, it had been nothing serious. I think she had even been seeing other guys on the side. But every few days, when either my roommate or hers was out for the night, we would sneak over and fuck like crazy. Brandi loved to look up new positions to try online. She had been a gymnast for most of her childhood until puberty handed her two bowling balls to use as breasts. She was still very flexible, and always curious.

The only time we ever got in trouble was when she wanted to try something called the Double Rainbow. She had read about it online, or maybe she had just made it up. You never knew with her. Brandi told me that I had to be extra hard for this to work. So she got down on her knees and spent about fifteen minutes licking my cock from the tip of my head to the bottom of my balls. While she did this, she massaged my ass cheeks with one of her hands while pinching her massive nipples with the other. She laid down on the bed and told me to kneel over her. I knew exactly what she was going to do. It was a technique that made me rock-hard every time. Brandi spit onto her hands and made sure my shaft was glistening. Then she squeezed her huge tits around my cock. “I want you to fuck my tits,” she said in a sultry voice. I almost came right then, looking into her blue eyes as she commanded me, but I managed to hold back. As I worked my shaft through her cleavage, she took the head of my dick in her lips. I’ve got a pretty good sized cock, and I managed to slide pretty far into her mouth even while titty-fucking her. It wasn’t long until my whole shaft was hard and swollen.

Brandi commanded me to stand up against the wall. When we fucked, Brandi never asked for anything. She never begged, and never asked what I wanted. Brandi always commanded. I found it extremely hot. I had been with other girls who never knew what they wanted. When I fucked them from behind, I worried that they were hurting their knees. When I was on top of them, I worried I was crushing their hips. But I never worried with Brandi. Even if I was at first uncomfortable with something, like when she wanted me to lick out her asshole, she always knew how to warm me up to it. When Brandi commanded me to lick her asshole, I was so worried that I would taste everything that I could not get hard. So Brandi commanded me to sit in front of her computer while she took a shower. I sat down and she bent over to fiddle with something on her laptop. It just so happened that she had her naked ass pointed right at my face the entire time. When she turned around again, she saw I was half-hard. She smiled, squeezed the head of my cock, wrapped a towel around herself and walked out the door. I saw she had started a movie on her computer. Curious, I moved closer.

Brandi had started some porn she must have downloaded before. In it, two beautiful skinny women- one pale white with red hair, the other mocha brown with beautiful pointy tits- were kissing, naked. I figured Brandi just wanted me to get turned on to some lesbian porn. By the time the red-head pulled out some whipping cream, I was gently stroking my cock. But then the red-head bent over the mocha-skinned chick and squirted the whipped cream over her asshole. She bent down and licked it up, darting her tongue between the spread-apart cheeks of her lover. I was already entranced, and I just started stroking my cock faster. With whipped cream all over her face, the read-head started licking out the darker woman’s ass. Her tongue darted in and out of the hole. Meanwhile, she thrust two fingers into the chick’s pussy. The mocha-skinned woman grabbed her own tits, twisted her nipples, and swore in ecstasy. This continued for a few minutes, until the red-headed woman pulled on a strap-on. It was big and flesh-colored, and I was disturbed for a moment how turned on I was by this luscious pale woman with a fake cock. The red-head forced the other woman down, and slid the rubber cock into her mouth. The darker woman covered the cock with saliva, and then bent back over. And now I was stroking off while the red-head fucked the asshole of her lesbian lover. I was so entranced by this sex that I did not even notice Brandi standing behind me, until her hand joined mine on my cock. We watched the porn together, both hands stroking me until I groaned and came, shooting cum into the air, down over my shaft and onto Brandi’s hand. She bent down in front of me and sucked the cum into her mouth, swallowing it all. This girl was amazing.

Later, I licked out her asshole while rubbing her clit with my fingers. I then bent her over and fucked her ass until her screams woke up her RA, and I had to hide under her bed while she explained through the cracked-open door that she had been watching a scary movie on her laptop.

But back to the Double Rainbow. After getting rock-hard fucking Brandi’s tits, she commanded me, as I said, to stand up with my back to the wall. She went over to her laptop, her tits bouncing as she walked, and started playing the Talking Heads nice and loud. Whenever Brandi put on loud music, I knew the sex was going to be wild.

Brandi climbed onto her bed, and then actually climbed on top of her dresser! At this point, she had to crouch in order to avoid hitting the ceiling. “What are you doing?” I asked. She shushed me, and said, “Just hold my legs when I climb onto you.”

Brandi climbed onto my shoulders, but not piggy-back style. Instead, she had her legs behind my shoulders, and her pussy pressed into my face. This wasn’t so bad. I reached up and held onto her thighs, and started licking her pussy. Brandi is pretty small, and by leaning back against the wall I was able to keep balanced. For a few minutes, Brandi simply sat there, clutching at my hair and moaning as I licked her out. I ran my tongue between her pussy lips, fucking her with my mouth. Then I attacked her clit, flicking my tongue over it, rubbing circles around it. Brandi was whispering my name fiercely into my ear. Then she did something incredible.

Remember, Brandi was a gymnast for years. She kept up the stretches, even though her huge tits didn’t allow her to do many of the exercises in public anymore without drawing unwanted attention. I still got to see some tricks, though.

While perched on my shoulders, and with her pussy still planted in my mouth, Brandi bent over backwards and took my cock in her hands. What I mean is, her head was pointed towards the floor, with her back arched over, and her hips still on my shoulder, and she reached over her head- down towards the floor- to grab and start working my shaft. She was even able to pull it towards her upside-down mouth and suck on the head.

I had to lean even further into the wall, and arch my own back. I guess, from a certain angle, with me eating out her pussy and her bent over backwards and upside down and sucking on my cock, we might in fact look like a double rainbow. If rainbows were constantly fucking.

But when Brandi’s roommate walked through the door, back a day early from her trip home, she did not mistake us for any natural beauty.

“WHAT THE FUCK?” she cried out, and slammed the door behind her.

And here’s the problem. If Brandi and I had been having normal sex, we could have pulled up the covers and modestly asked for a minute to compose ourselves.

But with Brandi hanging upside down and backwards from my shoulders, and with our mouths placed in precarious positions, we couldn’t really do anything except freeze. Brandi, her mammoth globes hanging out in front of God and her roommate and everyone, popped my cock out of her mouth and said, “You’re back early.”

And then the roommate stormed out and Brandi and I collapsed onto the bed and untangled, and I got dressed and left.

Though that’s not the end to that story. You see, I couldn’t reach Brandi on her cell phone for a couple of days. When I finally did, she asked to meet at a coffee shop on campus. This was a bad sign; Brandi and I had never really spent time outside of fucking before. There was a different energy to Brandi than normal. She wore a low V-neck sweater that framed her cleavage marvelously, but her hair was messy in a natural way, rather than in the carefully-arranged mess that she spent hours on each morning. She wasn’t wearing any makeup, which I loved but which was an unusual habit for her.

She told me what had happened after the fateful Double Rainbow.

After about twenty minutes her roommate, Kendra, returned. Brandi thought she would be furious, but instead Kendra only wanted to know what we were doing. Brandi told her how she had found information on the internet. Kendra asked Brandi to show her the site. After looking at a number of pictures, they decided to try out one of the more creative woman-on-woman positions. And they hadn’t really stopped since that night. Brandi told me that she had found a love for pussy that she had only pretended with cock. She couldn’t get enough of the taste of it, the feel of it around her tongue and her fingers. As she said this, she closed her eyes briefly, and I could tell she was imagining burying her face down in Kendra’s warm vagina.

“Basically, I’m going to be a lesbian for a while,” Brandi told me.

Which meant we weren’t going to be seeing each other, or fucking each other, any longer.

It had been about two weeks from that breakup when the final lecture for Nudity in Art rolled around.

There I was, stressing over where to sit in the empty classroom. I knew it had to be the back row, somewhere near the center. But I knew if I sat down too early, she would sit too far way from me. I decided to put my backpack on a seat near the center, and then take a brief walk outside of the classroom. When I came back, Jennifer would hopefully be seated. Then, if I sat down next to my backpack, I might be as close to her as I could manage.

I dropped my backpack onto an empty seat in the back row, and then walked away.

Five minutes later, I peeked into the classroom. Some students were sitting in the seats, idly chatting, but Jennifer was not there.

I took another walk.

Five minutes later, I looked again. More students, and the professor had arrived. There were still ten minutes left until class. Jennifer was not there.

I took another fretful walk, and checked in twice more, but Jennifer was nowhere to be seen. Finally, the professor flickered the lights to let us know she was ready. I sadly walked into the class and sat down next to my backpack. Other than where I was sitting, the back row was absolutely empty. So were all the rows in the upper half of the lecture hall. Really, if the professor took any notice of where I was sitting, she might think it a kind of awkward spot. But today’s lecture was supposed to be awkward anyways, so it really didn’t matter, right?

The professor turned off the lights and began the introduction to her lecture. I wasn’t really paying attention, but she mentioned something about ancient Roman pornography painted onto city walls, and modern pornography displayed in public bathrooms. Just then, the door at the back of the hall squeaked open. I heard rushed footsteps, someone squeezing down the aisle of seats.

Jennifer plopped down into the seat next to me. I realized with a start that I had accidentally sat right next to the seat she usually took. She glanced over, surprised to see anyone there. She smiled briefly, then took out her binder, opened it to a new page and started taking notes.

My head was swimming. My heart raced. She had smiled at me! It felt better than all the kinky sex I had enjoyed with Brandi. The girl of my dreams noticed me and smiled. And all it took was flunking the economics final!

Suddenly my attention was pulled to that huge screen at the front of the class. The professor had started projecting some early black-and-white pornographic pictures. I was amazed to see such old technology used to create smut! Didn’t people have to stand in place for twenty minutes in order to take a picture? There was one picture of a woman in an old-fashioned dress, her breasts poking out over a corset, holding a man’s erect penis. That man must have had the stamina of a horse to hold an erection still for twenty minutes!

Over the next hour and a half, our professor cycled through pornographic photographs from the invention of photography to modern day. She covered nearly every genre, from voyeuristic amateur shots of women masturbating in the backs of cars to glossy high-resolution studio pornography. She also pointed out specific historical contexts in the porn. There were hairy women from the 70′s, multi-racial orgies, and newer photos in which women were placed in positions of power, higher up in the picture with the men eating them out from below. “This new genre of female-empowered porn targets a new audience, a female audience for pornography,” the professor noted.

I couldn’t help but pause in thought at this. I guess Brandi had downloaded porn onto her laptop, but until that point I had never really thought about women using porn. Did all women masturbate to the same pictures I did?

I glanced for a moment sideways at the beautiful Jennifer sitting next to me. I was planning on considering whether Jennifer masturbated to porn, but seeing what she was actually doing stopped all thought in my head.

Jennifer had one hand on top of her binder, dutifully taking notes. The other hand was shoved down her skirt. It was rubbing furiously in circles. As I watched, Jennifer lifted her hand, licked her fingers, and slid it down beneath her skirt again.

Note from author: Its been awhile since I wrote one of these. Sorry if I kept you waiting. I actually decided to write this short chapter before writing a finale, which I will do soon. I have been terribly busy.

Chapter 1

John drove up to the corner near Bianca’s house. He glanced around, careful that nobody would see him pick up Jamie. She would meet him here occasionally, after slipping out of the house. He was somewhat tired, but looking forward to seeing her.

He had just gotten back from his parents’ house. They lived a few hours away, and it had been a nice couple of days with them. But it had left him with an unsatisfied feeling. They had him late in life, and he was their only child. They were a quiet, decent, typical older couple, with few vices and a pretty strong religious background. His parents were proud of his accomplishments in his field, but concerned that he didn’t seem to be involved in a church. His mom had this particularly canny ability to see unspoken issues. When he was telling her about his work and involvement in a couple clubs, she seemed to be searching his face. She knew he was hiding something. Moms were like that.

They wanted grandchildren, and he could see his parents’ interest in his relationship—or apparent lack thereof. He thought about his own childhood, which was more or less happy…and began to feel tired. Bianca, Sam, Danielle…Jamie…he was getting tired. Somehow the sex-fantasy-dream-come-true was wearing him down. He had pushed away Sam, tired of Danielle, and was having, technically, forced sex with the mother of the girl he liked to be with. Somehow the quiet life of his parents was starting to look more and more appealing.

Waiting for Jamie, in the car, he began to wish he could pick her up without hiding—tell his parents that he had a girlfriend, or a fiance, or a wife. That is it John decided. I am not going to have simple sex romps in the car with Jamie anymore. Tonight is the night that things change. I’m going to straighten this out and get back to the real world. Time for a serious talk.

At that moment, Jamie showed up, and got in the car.

* * * * *

Damn it… John thought to himself, while he shifted slightly. Jamie’s head bobbed up and down in his lap. Soft slurping and sucking noises were the only sounds in the vehicle. He had driven fifteen minutes to her high school parking lot. There were cars here and there, with most parked near the school, under the lights. There must have been a couple activities going on inside. Not only am I having a sex romp in the car with Jamie, I’m doing it in her high school parking lot. Why do I do this? I could be in so much trouble, I… “uhhh” John groaned. A parent had just walked out with her daughter, maybe a sophomore, maybe a friend of Jamie’s. They didn’t even look towards his car, and had no idea that one of the students of the school was happily pleasuring an man in that same parking lot.

Jamie loved hearing John moan, and with a contented “mmph” swallowed his cock. She noticed it harden up, but didn’t know it had to do with her schoolmate and her schoolmate’s mother as much as her sucking. As her lips moved up and down his cock, John’s earlier doubts disappeared from his mind. He wished he could fuck the mom and daughter that just got into the car in the lot. He wished he could fuck every hot mom and every hot daughter in… “no…why are you slowing down?” John whispered, not knowing why he was talking quietly, since they were in the car.

Jamie rose up from his cock, “You’re getting too turned on…I want to suck your dick for awhile now…just settle down…” She smiled, then slowly ran her teeth over the engorged head of his cock, making him cringe and pull back from her mouth, into the seat, but there wasn’t much room for retreat, and she followed him, nipping softly at his tip. “Urrrrrr” John growled, tortured, but unable to do anything about it. He slammed his hands onto the steering wheel, and gritted his teeth. It felt so good, but hurt too. She finally relented, kissing his dick softly, then worked her way down to his balls. He settled back and spread his legs so she could have access.

As she settled into quietly bathing his testes with her warm wet mouth, and massaging them with her gentle, loving tongue, John smiled and laid his head back against the head rest of his slightly reclined seat.

Chapter 2

Movement a little ways away caught his eye. He didn’t know how he’d missed them, but two females seemed to be moving towards a car a little ways away. One looked like a teacher. She was black. Yeah, that’s Danielle alright John confirmed. The other was short, but looked attractive. She was Hispanic. He couldn’t tell her age well—she could have been a senior, but may have been younger. Danielle was wearing a brown dress, and the girl was wearing a shirt with a black skirt.

His dick softened slightly, from the relaxing attention to his balls and the distraction of what was going on outside the car. Jamie noticed, and started jacking him off while she pleasured his testicles. “mmmm thanks Jamie, you’re doing great…keep at it…” John whispered, reaching down and playing with a breast, through her tank top.

Outside, John noticed that Danielle and the student were behind a large van. The student seemed to be protesting something, and Danielle was looking very sternly at her. John knew what was going on. The student stopped talking, and looked at Danielle pleadingly. Danielle made a brief comment, and the student looked around, furtively. The van was between them and most of the parking lot. Both her and Danielle looked towards John’s car, but they didn’t see him inside the dark vehicle. John remained deadly still, which was difficult, with Jamie tugging on his balls and working a finger around his ass, gently prodding and touching, while stroking his cock.

The student looked at Danielle worriedly, then, with a resigned look on her face, sadly turned towards the van and looked through a window towards the school. Danielle grabbed the girl’s hands and placed them on the vehicle, like she was going to arrest her. Then, kneeling down behind her, Danielle raised the girl’s skirt up with one hand, and pulled her panties down to her knees with the other. John could see the visible reaction of the girl to the cold air on her ass, as she looked back and down at her teacher, and said something. Danielle glanced up with a frown, and gave a quick smack to the ass, and the student turned around quickly and looked back through the van’s window. Clearly she was supposed to keep watch.

As soon as her ass came into view, John’s cock started to get very hard. He stopped fondling Jamie’s breast and reached over to her ass instead, squeezing it and giving it a quick smack. “OH” Jamie exclaimed, and moved up to his cock quickly to start sucking it again. John put a hand on the back of Jamie’s head, not wanting her to come up and see him getting off looking at her former rapist molesting another, possibly quite younger girl.

He watched Danielle as she appeared to inspect the girl’s ass. She got the girl to reach down with one hand, without looking, and hold her skirt up for her molester’s convenience. Danielle than spread her brown, Latina cheeks, and leaned in to kiss around the exposed asshole of the somewhat distressed looking girl, who kept making slight movements like she was going to look back, then, thinking better of it, returning to scan the parking lot.

Man, going right for her ass, John thought to himself. She’s not wasting time. Wow, there she goes, diving in head first. Poor kid. Man, she’s got an awesome ass though. I swear, those Latina asses.

Danielle was buried between the girl’s cheeks, clearly her tongue trying to work its way inside, and maybe succeeding. The girl had an alarmed but powerless look on her face as one hand gripped the van, and the other her skirt. One of the teacher’s hands moved up between the girl’s legs, and started doing something to the girl’s crotch area. John couldn’t see, but assumed she was messing with the girl’s clit. The girl put her head down, unable to see the hand molesting her pussy, but maybe not trying to see. She began moving her hips in a slight rotation. Danielle looked up briefly, smacked the girl’s ass, and the student’s head snapped up and kept looking through the van, while the teacher returned to the beleaguered ass and clit.

After a moment (and with John shifting in his seat, his cock starting to leak cum, and Jamie eagerly lapping it up and swallowing), the girl outside let her head fall back, clearly pleasured, and her hips jerked and pushed back against the teacher. Her hand dropped her skirt, slapped the van, and pushed up against it, like the other. It seemed like she was cumming. She grimaced and closed her eyes while Danielle continued to eat out her ass, the girl’s skirt bunched up on top of the black woman’s head, and her hand moved rapidly underneath the girl’s skirt, while her legs twitched and shook from the forced pleasure.

John took Jamie’s head in both hands and began pumping in and out, wanting to release his pent up sperm. Jamie realized John’s desire, and satisfied with having sucked his dick well, opened her mouth wide and let him have his way.

*Slop, slop, slop! (his cock easily penetrated down her throat as he watched the action in front of him)

Danielle stood up behind the girl, turned her around to face her, and grabbed both of her A cup breasts, then said something to her. The girl had a weary but panicked look, and shook her head. Danielle shook the girl’s breasts, then put her hands on the girl’s shoulders and pushed her, clearly unwillingly, down to her knees. The student lifted Danielle’s dress reluctantly and moved her face towards the teacher’s pussy, lowering the dress over her head and resting it on her shoulders. Danielle just looked through the van window—her turn to keep watch.

John looked at the sight, the Latina student: kneeling down, her hands up, probably spreading the teacher’s pussy lips, and clearly eating her pussy. The teacher: legs spread, shaking her ass a little in response to the attention. He couldn’t hold back any longer, he pulled Jamie’s head towards the tip of his cock and told her to suck hard. She did, and, groaning, he released his seed into her waiting mouth. “MMMMMMmmmmmm”

He watched the teacher being pleasured, through a haze of his own delight, holding Jamie’s head while he pumped more and more cum into her mouth, feeling it willingly being swallowed. As he finished his release, he massaged Jamie’s shoulders and back (they must have been so tired from leaning over so long), and then ran his hands around her ears and chin. He looked out, and saw that people were coming out of the building.

Danielle quickly stepped back and pulled the student up, then got up against the van with her. As several of the cars pulled out, Danielle grabbed the girl’s ass firmly, whispered something to her, and then walked off to her own car quickly.

“Stay down,” John told Jamie “there are people around.” She obediently kept her head in his lap, nuzzling his cock and kissing it.

As Danielle drove off, the young Hispanic girl quietly got into the van (probably the parents’ vehicle) and sat in it for awhile, not going anywhere. John felt his post-orgasm depression coming. It never happened with Jamie. Normally it only happened after something with Sam and Mark, or his encounter with Danielle, or with Bianca recently. He felt dirty. Maybe it was watching the girl being used, and finding it so hot. What he was doing was so much better than what Danielle was doing…but he wished he could see it again.

What the hell is wrong with me? John thought to himself, as the van finally drove away, and he quietly patted on Jamie’s head to signal her to sit up, which she did, stretching her sore back. I am way too self-indulgent. Am I that much better than Danielle? What would Jamie feel if she knew about her mom? What would Bianca feel if she knew about her daughter? What would…man. That’s it. I need to stop doing her mom, and get this relationship started for real.

“I have never had so much fun with somebody,” Jamie said. “I hope you enjoyed yourself.” This is great, Jamie thought, I wonder if John really likes me though. I wonder how serious this is. I wish it was more. I wish…

“Man, I can’t begin to describe how I feel right now Jamie,” John answered, truthfully. “But what would you think about me talking to your mom about us?”

Jamie just looked at him with wide eyes. Did he read her mind? He really is serious.

John thought to himself. Time to treat this girl right. I’m done with fucking her mom in the office. Time for life. He turned on the car and they drove back to her neighborhood, and he dropped her off at the corner.

* * * * * *

“OH, OH, OH, OH GOD! OH!” Bianca cried out, her sexual sounds filling the office. John had one hand on her shoulder and one on her hip, while she was bent over the desk, his cock slamming into her over and over.

Damn it. John thought to himself. I need some fucking self control. Literally.

Summer had ended and classes had begun. I was on the second month of my first year as a teacher at an all girls’ Catholic school, and it was harder than I expected! The classes were challenging and the girls were even more so. I was always under the impression I was being monitored since I was new to the school. To top it off I am pretty good looking and one of the youngest teachers on staff. I noticed more than a few times girls would flirt a little with me. It would never be anything too obvious and never led to anything. I was always aware of how it might look if I had a student stay late or get in trouble. Luckily none of the students were troublemakers… so far.

A little about me; my name is Trent. I am tall with medium length light brown hair and clean cut, which was a requirement of the job. My parents were always big on taking care of themselves; they were very much in tune with the whole “my body is a temple” thing. They passed that down to me so I started taking care of myself at an early age. I was on the track team in school, as well as lacrosse and hit the gym often. As a result I have a pretty strong chest, no belly to speak of and a pretty good looking butt, if I do say so myself.

I was brought up Catholic, but sort of feel out of it after I left home for college. I stuck with it publicly though, to keep my parents happy. Once I was offered the teaching job here I was stuck with keeping up the façade which was okay. The job and pay was pretty damn good.

Last week a girl named Lucy transferred from one of the local public schools nearby. I was given a report on her that explained how she had been a bit of a problem child. Outbursts in class, fighting with students, teachers, and just about anyone else she crossed paths with. She had been expelled from two other schools in as many months. Sending her here was a last resort for her parents it seems. They hoped moving her into a more controlled atmosphere might be what she needed. This school had smaller classes and less distraction than others, the biggest of which was boys. With that element removed it made for a lot less drama, or at least that was the idea.

The first day Lucy reported to my class will forever be burned in my memory. Class had already begun and to be honest I forgot she was supposed to be starting class that day. I would normally have closed the door, but it was warmer than usual that day so I had all the windows and the door open to help get some air moving in the room.

I was turned toward the chalk board writing out a math problem and was suddenly aware of some commotion behind me, whispers and murmurs of distain, and whispers. I turned around, speaking as I did.

“Okay, settle down what’s all the…” I was at a loss for words.

There Lucy stood. She was tall, pale, beautiful, and angry! She scanned the room, looking the other girls over with her hand resting on her thrust out hip and finally locked gazes with me. She was wearing the required school uniform, but her black and green checkered skirt had clearly been altered so that it was at least 8 inches above her knees showing her toned milky white thighs, followed by black knee socks and black Mary-Janes, which were about the only part of her uniform in regulation. Her white button down shirt was open enough to show her ample breasts as well as the black lace bra she wore underneath. Her hair was raven black with dark red roots, pulled back into a pair of pigtails. To top it all off she peered out over her black-rimmed glasses with eyes that were heavily made up with black eyeliner. My eyes finally rested on her full deep red lips, turned down in a scowl. Yes, you could say Lucy was defiantly quiet a site to behold!

After a moment of sizing each other up Lucy finally broke the silence.

“Well, where am I supposed to sit in this freak show?”

I was determined not to let her run my class the way she probably did in the last two schools she was kicked out of. She needed to know I was the one in charge, not her.

“You, young miss, will sit right up front where I can keep an eye on you.”

Lucy just rolled her eyes and muttered under her breath. “Pst, whatever…”

“What was that young lady?” I said with authority.

“Nothin’ I’m movin’.” She replied.

“It’s I’m movING Sir and NothING Sir.” I corrected her

“Yes, Sir, sorry Sir, whatever you say Sir.” She said sarcastically flipping up a mock salute.

She walked down the few steps to the front of the class, eying me the whole way and sat at the desk right in front of mine. She unceremoniously scraped the chair from under the desk and flopped down, dropping her book bag next to her seat and let out a loud sigh.

“Alright,” I continued, addressing the rest of the class and wishing to move past this distraction. “Who here can show me how to solve the equation on the board?”

I moved to and sat on the corner of my desk. A few girls started to raise their hand but then dropped them apparently unsure as to whether or not they would be right.

“Oh come on, this is not that hard ladies.”

I prodded them on a little. This was my smartest class and knew they could figure it out. I was only hoping this new addition wouldn’t cause issues. As this thought crossed my mind I glanced down at Lucy. She was staring at the board playing with her hair all the while opening and closing her legs under her desk. I could see her knees going back and forth in nervous energy.

“How about the new girl?” I inquired.

Lucy suddenly stopped moving her legs and glanced up at me, but not before looking at my crotch for a second. Oddly enough just that little gesture caused me to stir a little. I shifted to be sure no one noticed anything out of the ordinary and re-addressed the question to her. “So, you look like the type who thinks she knows all the answers. What do you think?”

Lucy scowled, if looks could kill, I would have been a grease spot! A few girls giggled to themselves only adding to her anger level.

“Well Doc,” her words dripping of venom, “If I am reading this right, and I like to think I am, then the answer is x=35y.”

“Well done!” I exclaimed, truly impressed and a little shocked that she had worked the answer without even trying to write it out. “See that wasn’t so bad now was it ladies?”

The room was still silent. Surly the others were as stunned as I was. Moving back to the board I removed the old problem and added a new, more difficult one. As I wrote out the problem I instructed them to write the problem out and then raise their hands once they had the answer. Once finished writing I stepped to the side and turned to the class. I was struck silent when I did. When I turned around I was afforded an unrestricted view under Lucy’s desk. She was back at it, opening and closing her legs again, only now I could plainly see she wasn’t wearing any panties under her skirt. It seemed that Lucy picked up on this as she stopped moving only leaving her legs open instead of covering herself. I was now afforded an unobstructed view of her bald and rather perfect pussy. The few seconds I was left speechless seemed like a lifetime. I quickly scanned the class and asked if there were any questions. There was no answer as the girls were in their own world working out the problem. I turned around and quickly sat at my desk, hoping to God my semi rigid cock would calm down as it grew quickly in my pants.

Up to this point I was trying to avoid eye contact with her, but I knew I had to see if she noticed. I looked at her and knew the answer right away. Our eyes met and I saw a slight grin on her face and she was still sitting back in her chair with her legs spread. If any of the other girls in class noticed they didn’t make any sign to the fact. I continued to try and read her expression. As I did I noticed that she had slid one hand down to her lap. I quickly glanced down at the paperwork on my desk, trying to distract myself by picking up a pen and grade a paper or two while I waited for the rest of the class to finish. Though I was looking at the paper I could still see her at the top of my vision. Lucy was rubbing her hand up and down one thigh. Then she pulled her skirt up revealing her perfectly shaved mound. Quickly moving her fingers to either side of her pink lips she spread them to reveal the small steel ring that pierced her clit. I could feel my thick cock growing against the confines of my slacks. It felt as if it would break through the zipper. Lucy continued to put on her lewd little show for me, by opening and closing her pussy with her fingers. I could clearly see her getting wetter as she played with herself under the desk.

I looked up at her face. Her eyes were half closed and her mouth was slightly parted. Her chest was heaving up and down noticeably and her nipples were pushing out against her already too tight shirt. A few of the girls started to look up from their papers and raise their hands. Still oblivious to the show their fellow classmate was putting on. I loudly cleared my throat, bringing Lucy out of her little trance. She stopped what she was doing and flashed me a wicked smile and winked.

I composed myself the best I could. Remaining behind my desk, I called on each girl until I was given the right answer. I didn’t want to risk showing anyone how aroused I was. I would be fired for sure! Finally the bell rang and the girls all stood to go. I took this time to get up and face to board trying like hell to will my hard on to go away. I concentrated on clearing off the board and baseball or anything else that didn’t have to do with what I just witnessed.

“Ok girls’, that’s it for today. Make sure you study for the exam tomorrow and read chapter 4 before the weekend.” I announced over my shoulder.

I heard a few moans of protest from the girls as they pushed their chairs in and packed their book bags to go home.

“Oh, and Lucy,” I turned to see her just starting to stand and leave. “I need to speak with you about being late and set the rules for my class.”

Lucy sighed loudly and plopped back down in her seat. I continued to clear the large chalkboard and then turned to my desk, retrieving the papers that needed grading as the last girls left the classroom.

“Ok, let’s go to my office, I won’t keep you too long. I know your parents will be waiting outside to pick you up.”

“As if.” She shot back. “They could care less about when I get home. They won’t be done with work until eight o’clock tonight.”

“So, how are you supposed to get home then?” I asked with genuine concern.

“Figured I would grab a ride on the bus, or hitch a ride. I don’t live that far away.”

“I see. Well I’ll still try and make this quick.” I said gesturing toward the door to my office. She walked ahead of me toward the door, swaying her hips as she went.

As we reached the door I moved around her and opened it for her. “Chivalry isn’t dead after all.” She said coldly. Man, this girl really had issues! Again, I didn’t see this school working out for her at all, but I was going to try to help if I could.

My office was pretty nice; wall-to-wall bookcases with a large stained glass window giving me plenty of light. On the far wall I have a large mahogany desk that has plenty of room to spread out and work on. In front of that there is a nice brown leather couch. I have caught many a power nap on that baby. I watched her as she looked around, showing a total lack of interest in anything she saw as she walked toward the couch. I walked past her to my desk.

“Please, have a seat.”

As I turned to sit in my chair I stopped dead in my tracks. Lucy was watching me, as she stepped out of her tiny skirt. She stood swaying her hips from side to side for a moment, wearing nothing below her waist except for the knee highs and her shoes. I watched her as if in a trance as she moved to the front of the couch. Turning she climbed on the couch, knees on the cushions, and elbows on the back. Again she started to sway her smooth flawless ass back and forth.

“Ok big daddy, let’s get this party started!” She exclaimed over her shoulder. I was speechless. I just stood there watching her sway that ass back and forth.

“Well? You aren’t shy are you? Judging by how hard your dick got watching me in class I would say not.”

It took me a second, but I finally found my voice.

“Lucy, this isn’t why I asked you to my office. I wanted to see what I could do to help you out. I know being new to a school is hard, never mind a school like this.”

“You want to help me? Bring that big cock on over and fill my horny pussy with it stud! That’s all the help I need.”

I have never had anyone speak to me like this never mind a student and it was getting very hard not to be aroused. Despite my best efforts to resist her advances, my cock continued to swell.

“No, I can’t do that Lucy. I…” She cut me off mid sentence.

“Oh, you don’t want to put it in my cunt? How about my ass? That would be a lot better huh, tighter? Yeah, I like the sound of that. Come on Prof; slip that monster in my ass while I rub my soaking pussy. I bet I can make you cum inside a minute with my tight little ass.”

My cock was completely hard now. Not only hard, rock hard! I could feel my pulse throbbing in my cock as it strained to be released. I had to get in control of myself, this was not good!

“Look Lucy, this is just not a good idea at all and I can’t…”

Again she cut me off.”You’re not gay are you? Shit! You’re gay? She turned around and sat down on the couch and spread her toned legs wide giving me an open view of the most beautiful pussy I had ever seen. As I mentioned she was shaved smooth, but her lips were perfect. Not too big, not too small, pink, wet and inviting. Her clit stood out with the steel ring that pierced it. I could see this girl was built for sex.

“Hmmm…” She sat for a second as if in thought. Then she brought her right hand to her pussy and started to rub.

“I bet I could convert ya.”

Then she dipped a finger into her wet pussy.

“Mmm, yeah, I know I could make you like pussy better than cock. I mean I love cock too, so I know how you must feel, but pussy would be better for you, and me for that matter.”

“Lucy, I’m not gay, I’m a teacher, YOUR teacher, and I can’t have a relationship with a student.”

“Of course you’re not gay!” She exclaimed.

“Look at the size of your hard on. No, you want me and you know it!”

With this she slid another finger into her wet pussy and started to finger herself faster.

“Mmmm, shit stud, you might want to join the party over here before it’s too late. I haven’t had a good cum in weeks and I’m looong overdue!”

I had to put an end to this. For all I knew someone could walk into my office at any moment. Highly unlikely, as most of the teachers cut and run as soon as the final bell rings, but I didn’t want to take the chance. I walked to the couch and stood in front of her. I leaned forward with the intention of picking her up by her shoulders to stand her up and make her leave.

“Oh yeah, it’s about time.” She said with a sly grin.

In one quick move she had removed her fingers from her wet pussy and grabbed my pants by the waist. Time stood still. I wanted to stop her but my brain just…stopped. Lucy was working my belt, button, and fly like a pro. She quickly undid my pants all the while looking up at me from over her glasses, biting the bottom corner of her lip as she worked. Before I knew it my pants were on the floor around my ankles.

“No, stop!” I started.

“Ah bullshit!” she replied. “Your mouth says no, but your cock says yes!”

With that she pulled my boxers to the floor and sat facing my thick 8 inch cock. A drop of pre-cum was already leaking from the tip.

Her eyes grew wide and a smile crossed her face. “Now that is a mighty fine looking piece of cock flesh if I ever saw it!” she announced, licking her lips.

“Now what ever should I do with it?”

I watched as she grasped my cock, her fingers barely touching as she did. Her pale hand felt and looked so good wrapped around my shaft. Lucy pointed the tip toward her deep red lips, opened her mouth and took first the head, then the rest of my cock, gulping down my length to the back of her throat. She made a slight gagging sound then pulled my dick all the way back out, popping it from her hot mouth.

“Shit baby,” she said breathlessly.

“It’s been a long time since I had a cock big enough to make me gag! I like it!”

Without another word she plunged her mouth back down on my glistening cock. I couldn’t stop myself nor did I want to at this point. I suddenly had no will power. This was happening and there was nothing I could or wanted to do to stop it.

This girl was sucking me like I had never been sucked before. She forced her mouth down to the root of my cock touching her nose to the short pubic hair on my tight belly, gagging herself in the process, and then pulled back to the tip, letting a thick strand of saliva run down my shaft and heavy balls finally dripping onto the rug at my feet. As Lucy would reach the head of my cock she would catch her breath and swallow a few times and then thrust her head down again. She did this about a dozen times and then pulled away, leaving my cock dripping with her spit. As Lucy looked up at me I admired the sight! Her lipstick was smeared and her thick mascara had run from her tearing up as she gagged on my cock. She shifted back a little and smiled wickedly back up at me.

“Baby, you know what would be better? If you would take my head in your hands and force your cock down my little throat.”

“I, I don’t want to hurt you.”

“I like it like that, you won’t hurt me, trust me, I’m a tough chick! Now, get rough with me or I’m going to leave you here with the bluest balls you have ever had!”

There was sarcasm in the tone she used, but I could also tell she was being serious. I just let my inhibitions go and grasped her by her pony tails. Grasping her firmly, I pushed her face toward my rock hard cock. She had just enough time to point the head of my cock toward her lips before I pushed her willingly down on my glistening shaft. I quickly forced her face down on my cock, thrusting my hips forward at the same time. This succeeded in ramming my cock all the way down to the back of her throat. With total control of her head, I would push her down to the base of my cock five or six times, with as much force as I dared to. Then I would pull her back by her hair, while she gasped for air and then repeat. I was really starting to enjoy this. My cock was jerking wildly in her mouth as she eventually took my entire length to my balls.

As I forced her to deep throat my cock she was taking matters into her own hands. With her legs spread wide, Lucy was driving three fingers into her soaking wet pussy and twisting and pulling her clit ring with the other hand. I suddenly became aware of the sounds of her gagging and moaning. Though I was still afraid of getting caught, the need to cum was foremost in my mind. I was starting to break a sweat and I could feel my orgasm building deep in my belly.

Suddenly Lucy pulled her hands away from herself and pushed hard against my thighs. I let go of her head as she reared back, gasping for air.

“Oh…. shit…. I’m…. so…. fuckin’…hot now! But you ain’t done yet stud. I need to feel that big cock in my ass!”

With that she turned around on the couch and assumed the same stance she took when she came in.

“Come on Prof, you want to cum in my sweet ass don’t you?”

With that she pushed her perfect ass out toward me, reaching between her legs and playing with her dripping pussy as she did.

“Oh come on, don’t make me beg for it. Please? Fuck my sweet ass?”

I needed no further encouraging. I stepped up to the couch and took her hips in my hands, pulling her back to my stiff cock.

PREFACE: The following is, in the most part, based on a true story of how a young man was changed from an innocent youth into a cock-loving slut in one of the most dreaded prisons at that time. Those readers who have been an inmate in the old prison at Raiford, Florida might possibly identify with some of the characters in this story and will easily agree how events as described could have, and actually did, happen.

Gene studied the monotonous landscape through the window of the van without really seeing it, his mind processing instead what was to be his future for the next three years; wondering what his destination was like; were the stories he had heard true? Could he survive? Even the thoughts of some of the things he had been told caused his stomach to knot up, the cramping seeming to get worse as the van ate up the miles, taking him closer and closer to his new home, taking him further and further away from his family, his safe life, his friends. The knotting in his guts had started the instant he had been placed in the van in the muggy, early-morning light in Fort Lauderdale, increasing in small increments as the van passed locations Gene had never visited but was aware of in the years he had grown up in Florida. . .the Everglades, Belle Glade with the fields of sugar cane lining both sides of Highway 441, the seemingly endless shore of Lake Okeechobee with small towns and fishing shacks and then nothing for miles and miles with only road signs populating the trip North.

Then there was Orlando, a city close to the size of Fort Lauderdale, but still a growing settlement in the late fifties. The highway cut through the heart of the city like it hardly existed, only pointing to nearby towns with the nunerous road signs, some towns that Gene had never heard of and some that he knew existed only by name, places like Winter Haven, Winter Park, Altamonte Springs, even Daytona. But the van wasn’t heading to those places. No, the white van with the six passengers was heading towards some town named Raiford was all Gene knew, a town he had never heard of until he heard the judge pronounce that he was to serve three years in the state prison at Raiford.

Gene had barely heard or understood anything that was said after that pronouncement. The only thing he knew right then was that his life was over. No more swimming at the beach; no more movies; no dates; and definitely no pussy! Gene hadn’t even heard the cry from his mother as the stern judge sentenced him for burglarizing that apartment amd stealing the sleeping couple’s possessions while they slept, a crime that could have resulted in a life sentence he was later informed by a probation officer. It was only his young age of eighteen that had saved him from a harsher sentence, the man had said as he read the official sentencing document to Gene.

Five hours after leaving Fort Lauderdale, the man in the passenger seat turned and spoke through the steel screen that separated the front seats from the back and announced, “Well, boys, here’s your new home for awhile. Take a good look ’cause you won’t be seeing this side of the place for as long as you’re here.” He snickered and then leaned his head out the passenger window and spat out his tobacco juice that he had been working on for what seemed like the entire trip.

“Yeh, some of you kids may not even make it outa here alive,” the driver chuckled. “This place has a lot of lifers that will love to get ahold of fresh meat like you boys.”

All six of the young men in the back of the van strained to get a look out of the side and front windows, their faces mirroring their fear, a fear reinforced by the words of the driver. They had all heard the stories, stories of stabbings, of rape, of guard brutality, of ‘the hole’ and beatings. Gene had discounted some of the tales he had heard about the infamous prison, figuring they were just tales invented to frighten first-timers and certainly couldn’t be true. But now, now that Gene could see the white stuccoed walls three stories high with dark barred windows punctuating the exterior, he wondered, questioning if the guard’s words were true. Maybe?

The van stopped in front of huge gates that immediately began to slide open. Gene could see another identical gate a few feet beyond the first and beyond that gate he saw a vista that didn’t strike him as such a forboding place. The brick road stretching past the second gate had large elm trees on each side and Gene could see men in what he assumed was prison clothing walking along the adjacent sidewalks, some of them engaged in conversation with others and a couple even with radios held to their ears. On the other side of the trees the same white stucco walls rose up above the trees and only the barred windows made it obvious that it was a prison.

Once the van was inside the sally port and the outside gates were closed, the tobacco-chewing guard in the front seat got out and came around the back to unlock the double doors held shut with a padlock. As he swung one door open, the portly guard, in his best redneck voice commanded, “alright, fresh meat, git your butts out and form a line by Mr. Steads ova there.” He stepped back and pointed with the polished wood club in his hand towards another guard standing by what appeared to be an office.

One by one the six inmates stepped down from the van, their handcuffed wrists depriving them of any means to steady themselves. Gene was the last to step down from the van and was rewarded with the guard jabbing him in the back with his club. “Move, boy. Git yer ass ova there.”

The guard named Mr. Steads removed the handcuffs from the six inmates one by one and then handed them to the van driver as he asked, “Where’s the paper work on these? Who has ‘em”

The driver stepped to the van and removed a clipboard that held a stack of papers. “Here they are, Steads. Got you a load of young ones this time.”

Steads turned to look at the six inmates standing in a row in front of him and nodded, “Hmm, they are young, Buster. Probably send some of them to the youth center.” He glanced through the papers and looked at the youth standing next to Gene. “You been here before?” he asked and referring to the top piece of paper, added, “Jenkins?”

Gene was surprised to hear the boy who appeared to be a couple of years older that he was reply, “Yeh. Yeh, I was here a year ago.”

Steads gruffly responded, “Thought so. And that’s ‘sir’ when you talk to us, boy. Got it?”

Jenkins shrugged, his face showing his contempt for the guard, his eyes appearing to defy the guard who was now standing less than six inches in front of him.

In a move too fast for either Gene or Jenkins to realize it was going to happen, Steads punched Jenkins in the stomach hard, causing the defiant youth to double up. Steads grasped the gasping boy’s hair and pulled him up straight before snarling in his face, “I said that’s ‘sir’, punk, and don’t you forgit it.” He let go of Jenkin’s hair and turned to another guard standing at a small gate that was set in the large inner gate and ordered, “Take these boys to processing, Holmes.” He handed the stack of papers to Holmes and went back into the small office.

“Sure thing,” the guard named Holmes answered as he unlocked the small gate then turned to the line of new inmates. “You boys follow me in single file now. And you don’t talk to any other inmates, you hear?”

Holmes led the single file of six through the gate and onto the sidewalk to the left of the brick-paved road. As soon as the column started down the sidewalk, the catcalls started, appearing to come from nowheres, but Gene surmised it was from the different cell windows in the building facing the sidewalk.

“Whoooeee! Fresh meat!”

“Tight ass! Lookat those cheeks!”

“Hey, Blondie, give me someof that head!”

One inmate seated on a bench beside the walk even pursed his lips and blew a kiss at Gene as they walked by, causing another sitting beside him on the bench to laugh in a girlish voice and then berate the kisser for his infidelity.

When the column of men reached the end of the sidewalk, Holmes stepped to the front and guided them to a barred gate and called out, “Got six new ones for processing” and a guard on the other side of the gate quickly used a large key to unlock the gate and swing it open for them to enter.

“Hmm, all young meat,” the guard snickered as the six inmates passed through.

Holmes barked to the six youths, “You men stay in a line and follow me. And keep yer mouths shut. No talking, you hear?” Obviously not expecting a reply, Holmes began marching the six through a wide corridor formed by the cell block they had passed previously and what appeared to be a large cafeteria-styled building on their right, evidenced by the group’s quick glimpse through large barred doors that revealed rows of steel tables with connected benches.

Gene saw several inmates that were dressed in white pants with a narrow blue strip running down the outside length. All of them appeared to be doing some task or another, but made a point of looking over the column as they passed throught the corridor to another wall of steel that was a copy of the first. Another guard unlocked the gate wordlessly and held it open as Holmes guided his flock through with a nod.

Immediately the entire atmosphere seemed to change as the group entered a long corridor with several steel doors on each side. Gene noticed each of the steel doors were painted with large black lettering identifying what layed behind the doors as “Cell Block A”, “Cell Bock B”, and lastly “Cell Block C”. The few inmates Gene saw in the corridor were dressed in different uniforms from those he had seen before entering, their pants now blue/gray with white stripes down the outside of the legs.

Whether it was the realization that the new inmates were now “inside” or the stark surroundings, all six of them suddenly felt the depression which almost every newcomer experienced upon entering the inner prison. Even the pale green paint covering the stuccoed walls and steel gates couldn’t alleviate the complete sense of impending doom–the sense that their previous lives were now a thing of the past; that their will was no longer their own, but was the property of the State of Florida. Even the smart-mouthed Jenkins had cast off his wisecracking demeanor, his face now echoing the fear and consternation showing on the youthful faces of the others.

Holmes led the silent group of six down the full length of the corridor to a steel door at the end and stood aside as he motioned his charge through the door with the order, “Line up against the wall, men, and strip. Take everything off and put ‘em at your feet. Shoes, too.”

Holmes then walked over to a opening placed in the opposite wall about shoulder height and handed the stack of folders through, announcing to an unseen body inside, “Here’s the latest bunch, Sarge. Got six of ‘em.”

A overweight, belly-over-belt guard emerged through a door set beside the small window and peered at the stripping group lined up against the far wall. “Hmm, young ones, huh? What in the hell am I goin’ to do with all these boys? Ain’t no beds on the A3 floor.”

Holmes shrugged, “Don’t know, Sarge. Guess some of them will be sent to Apalachee camp over in Sneads. Others, like Jenkins here, will be fine in population.” Holmes stuffed some more chew in his mouth and added, “Not my problem anyhow. I’m just delivering ‘em.”

“Yeh, yeh, I know,” the portly sarge mumbled and then turned to the window and barked, “Backus, git yer ass out here and take care of these boys.”

An inmate hustled through the open door of the small room with the window, immediately answering in a shuffling tone, “Yes, sir, yes sir. I got their bags all set up.” He read the names on each of six large paper bags and handed them to the one answering the called name and then instructed, “Put your belongings in the bags, men. Anything you don’t want kept for when you get outa here, just leave on the floor. Everything else will be stored.”

Gene, just like most of the other six, didn’t really have much to put in the bag. For his part, all that Gene had was a couple of letters and a cheap watch along with his clothes. He stuffed the items in the paper bag and held it in his arms, unsure of what he was supposed to do with it. He was soon relieved of the bag as the inmate named Backus went down the line and collected the bags, then disappeared back through the door he had earler emerged.

Within a couple of minutes, Backus re-emerged and walked up to a door at the other end of the small area. He opened the door, painted the same sickening green, and instructed, “Alright, guys, time to get that shower. Each of you go in and stand in front of one of the shower heads.”

After each of them were situated in front of a shower head placed high in the wall behind them, Backus came into the room carrying a cylinder like a fire extinguisher. He stepped up to the first of the group, a frail-looking boy named Phillip, and ordered, “Put your hands and arms above your head and close you eyes. For your own good, you better not open ’til I tell you.” Without another word as soon as Phillip had raised his hands, Backus raised the wand hooked to the cylinder and began to spray the youngster with a pungent, green fluid. Beginning with his head, the inmate sprayed Phillip all the way from his head to his toes and then told him to turn around where he repeated the process.

Backus went down the line of six, repeating the same process with each of them and when he was finished with the last one, advised in what appeared to be a joking tone, “Okay, now reach behind you and press that button so you can rinse off.”

As soon as Gene felt the cold water hit him, he understood why Backus’ voice sounded like he was joking as just about all of the six victims screamed when the icy cold water hit. Gene could hear Backus laughing as he forced himself to stand under the spray of water, making sure the smelly green slime he was coated with was rinsed away before he opened his eyes. He looked to his side at Jenkins standing next to him and asked, “What-what was that stuff?”

“Bug killer,” Jenkins stuttered from the cold. “Kills lice and everything else.”

After each of them were well rinsed and had dried off, another inmate, also dressed in the white uniform of a trustee, led them to another room that was set up with a camera. Each of them was photographed while standing behind a metal frame that held their individual number and then taken to a table where they were fingerprinted, much like they had been when arrested.

It seemed to Gene like he was on an assembly belt, for the next stop was another adjacent room where, after he was asked his pants size, he received three pairs of Raiford-blue pants and white boxer-style underwear that he would soon learn was way too large. Without asking his size, he was handed three long-sleeve shirts and five pairs of white socks. The last stop was where he was asked for his shoe size and then handed a pair of brown lace-up low top boots. When he asked if he could try them on, he was gruffly told to “move on”. Fortunately for Gene, when he was finally able to dress, the shoes actually fit. He was to learn in later days that he was one of the lucky ones for a lot of inmates had to suffer through wearing shoes that were either too large or too small.

The final stop in the processing was standing in front of a guard in a sergeant’s uniform seated at an old desk. He had several charts and lists spread out on the desk top and, after studying each of the new inmates and their accompanying record, would make a decision as to where to place them.

A few times the sergeant would rely on a trustee standing beside him. Like in the case of the puny Phillip when he commented, “He won’t last a day in population, Sarge. Better send him to Apalachee.” The trustee must have carried some weight with the sergeant, as apparently Phillip was temporarily assigned to an area called A3, which Gene learned was a floor that housed the youngest inmates that might be abused.

When Jenkins stood in front of the sergeant, he was greeted with a shaking head from the man. “Ain’t you learned nuthin, Jenkins? How long since you got outta here?”

“Bout eight months, Sarge. I was set up.”

“Yeh, yeh,” the sergeant sneered. “Just like the last time, huh?” He looked at one of the charts and declared, “Putting you back where you were, then. With your old friends in ‘B’ block. Now get yer ass outta here. You don’t need anyone to guide you.”

When Gene got to the desk, the trustee leaned over and whispered into the sergeant’s ear. Gene couldn’t hear what was said, but had a sense of dread as the Sarge looked up at him and seemed to be analyzing the blond youth standing nervously as though he was awaiting his fate. Little did Gene know, but that was exactly what he was facing, for the Sarge’s decision was one that determined Gene’s fate for the rest of his life. One final look at Gene and then a raised eyebrow at his trustee and the segeant pronounced, “Cell block “C” for you.” He studied a list and added, “C-3-8″. Looking at his trustee, the sergeant ordered, “You can show him where, Adam. And git right back here, you hear?”

Adam grinned, “Sure thing, Sarge.” He motioned with his thumb to Gene and said, “Follow me, Gene. And you better stay close if you wanna stay safe.”

Gene followed in Adam’s footsteps, almost having to jog to stay up with the fast moving trustee. While they hurried back down the corridor heading in the direction of the sally port where Gene had entered over an hour earlier, Gene studied the dark-haired, middle-aged Adam, curious about the man’s many tattoos and his confident stride, the way he was greeted by several inmates with respect almost as if he was one of the guards.

After they had entered throught the steel door marked ‘Cell Block C’, Adam guided Gene up three flights of stairs to a floor plainly marked ’3′ and then down a very narrow walkway with cells on the left side and a solid wall with interspersed barred windows on the right side, through which he could see another cell block paralleling Block C. Each of the cells were made with a solid wall of steel bars with a sliding barred door facing the walkway. Gene could see a double bunk against one wall of the cell with a combination sink and toilet on the wall at the opposite end of the cell. The walls were painted the same sickening green that he had seen throughout the prison and Gene wondered if they had received a huge discount on that paint.

Midway down the walkway, Adam stopped in front of a cell that had the numeral ’8′ painted in black above the door. “Here you are, Gene. Your new home.” He looked down the walkway and called out “Open number eight, boss.” Gene hadn’t seen the guard at the beginning of the walkway, but now he saw someone in a guard’s uniform unlock the steel cabinet and pull down a lever, causing the door to cell number eight to slide open noisily.

Adam motioned to Gene to enter and then followed him. “Looks like the top bunk is your’s, Gene, so put your stuff up there.” He watched as Gene did as suggested, and then asked, “How much time you got?”

“Uh, three years. I was told I might have to only do one, though.” Gene looked at Adam as the inmate lit a cigarette and asked, “How about you? Been here long?”

“Me? Shit, I got life, so I’ll be here awhile. Done five already.”

Gene was shocked by Adam’s revelation. He had heard of lifers, but didn’t think they would be with other inmates because the jail talk always made lifers appear to be dangerous people. “Life? Wh-what for? I mean, what did you do?”

Adam stepped up to Gene and in a conspiratorial manner, put one hand on Gene’s shoulder, gripping it hard, “Piece of advice, kid. Don’t, and I mean really DON’T ask another inmate what they’re in here for. If they want you to know, they’ll tell you. You could get shanked for asking that.”

Adam’s advice frightened Gene and he stammered, “I-I, I’m sorry, Adam. I didn’t mean anything! J-Just curious, was all.”

“Forget it, kid. You’ve got a lot to learn. It’s a lot different in here than it is in a jail cell. A lot of guys in here have nothing to lose and will cut your throat in a heartbeat if you don’t watch it.”

Gene changed the subject, being careful to not appear too nosy. “Uh, what, what’s the guy that I’m rooming with like? You think he’ll like me?”

Adam grinned, “Oh, yeh, he’ll like you, kid. He sure will. He’s a lifer, too, and he’s been here longer than I have. The two of us are real tight and I’ll put in a good word for you. One other piece of advice, though. . .don’t do anything to piss him off. Best to just do anything he says and you’ll get along fine.”

Gene had missed the emphasis that Adam had placed on his answer to his question, but he quickly understood Adam’s advice and nodded, “Oh, okay, I’ll be careful to not say or do anything that will make him mad at me. Thanks for the advice.”

“No problem, kid. Now I better get back to the office before the sarge comes looking for me. Go ahead and make up your bunk but you oughta stick around here ’till later and you get to know your way around. Mack will be in near chow time and I’m sure he’ll take care of you.”

“Mack? Who’s Mack?”

“Your roomy, kid, your roomy.” Adam answered while thinking that Gene would find out soon enough that Mack would be more than just Gene’s ‘roomy’—much more. Gene’s slightly feminine appearance had tempted Adam from the moment he had seen him in the processing center, but he had decided that he would let his old friend take care of the real prison processing so he had talked the sarge into assigning the young newcomer to his buddy’s cell. Adam knew that Mack would reward him for providing such a fresh youngster for his pleasure and he grinned with satisfaction as he turned and made his way back down the walkway.

Gene set about making up his bunk and was very careful when he had to step on the side of the bottom bunk to tuck in the rough sheets. After he was finished making the bunk, he examined the contents of the small cell, taking a lot of interest in a couple of photos that were taped to the wall over the bottom bunk. One photo showed a tall tatooed man with long hair standing next to a very pretty girl dressed in cut-off shorts and a halter. The man had one arm draped over the girl’s shoulder with his hand cupping one of her breasts. His other arm was stretched out displaying a one-finger salute to the camera. The girl’s nearly-bare body made Gene think of his girlfriend and the last time he had cupped her breasts and enjoyed her body. That memory morphed into another thought and a deep sadness enveloped Gene; he wondered what she was doing now; would she wait for him?; and is some other lucky guy playing with her breasts now.

Gene had to tear himself away from studying the photo and continue his survey of the six by eight metal box. At the foot of the bunks were two steel cabinets with doors. One of the cabinet doors was open, revealing two empty shelves coated with dust. The other cabinet door was padlocked with a large brass combination lock. Gene knew that cabinet must belong to his roomate, so he picked up the clothing off of his bunk and stuffed the few articles on the two shelves, using damp toilet paper to wipe up some of the dust first.

Just as he had placed the last of his meager belongings in the locker, Gene detected an increase in the noise level in the cell block and at almost the same instance, the cell door began to slide into the open position along with all of the other doors in the cell block. Gene wasn’t sure what he was supposed to do, so he decided he better wait before going out the open door. As there wasn’t a place for him to sit except on his own bunk or, God forbid, his unknown cell mate’s bunk, Gene just stood in the back of the cell nervously and watched the parade of men walk by the cell. Most of those passing seemed to be oblivious to Gene’s presence, but a few paused and studied the newcomer to the block with curiosity, a couple even making remarks like “new meat” or “Mac’s gal” before moving on to their own cell.

Gene’s apprehension grew when he heard those remarks, remembering some of the stories he had heard, complete with details of what happened to young guys like himself and terms like “gal-boys” and “bitches”. The term that one of the passers-by had made about “Mac’s gal” really upset Gene. “Why would they think that?’, he wondered silently. He definitely didn’t think of himself as gay or effeminate, despite his youthful complexion and golden blonde hair, full lips, pale blue eyes and tanned skin. No, Gene wasn’t a “gal”—he was a MAN and he wasn’t going to let anyone treat him as anyone”s “gal”.

Just as Gene finished those thoughts of bravado, a grizzly, gruff older man, covered wtih jail house tatoos entered the cell. He stopped just inside the door and studied Gene with a malevolent look before rasping, “You my new roomy, boy?”

Gene instantly felt fear from both the man’s voice and appearance and only was able to quietly stammer, “Y-yes sir. Yes.”

Mac sat on his bunk and fished a cigarette out of a pack he kept in the rolled up sleeve of his shirt while he studied the youth who appeared almost cowered in the back of the cell. After he had lit the cigarette and released a flume of smoke in Gene’s direction, Mac queried, “What do they call you, kid?”

“Uh, Gene, sir. Gene.”

“Hmm, Jean, huh,” Mac grinned. “I like that. Kinda like I dream of Jeannie from that TV show.”

Gene realized the gruff older man he judged to be in his forties had misunderstood his name, substituting ‘Jean’ instead of ‘Gene’ and he hesitantly corrected, “T-that’s Gene with a ‘G’, sir. Not like the girl on that show.”

Mac blew more smoke in Gene’s direction, “Whatever. I like the girl’s name, so it’s with a ‘J’ as far as I’m concerned.” He swung his feet around on the bed and layed back before warning, “And I’m not a ‘sir’, Jeannie. And I better not hear that outta your bitch mouth again. Hear?”

The man’s sudden vicious warning surprised and shocked Gene and he visibly seemed to cower further in the older man’s presence as he answered, “Y-Yes. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean anything by it. J-just that you’re an adult and, and that’s how I was raised.”

Mac’s face softened barely as he scooted his legs over towards the wall and patted the bunk, “Okay, kid. Just that you save ‘sir’ for the guards and I’m sure as hell not a guard. Now, have a seat. No since you standing.”

Gene was relieved by the man’s change of tone and gratefully accepted the offer to sit on the bunk beside him. “I see, M-Mac. I have a lot to learn. I’ve never been in a prison before.”

“Thought so,” Mac puffed his cancer stick. “But you’ll learn, and I’m going to teach you. Just do as I say and you’ll be okay in here.” Gene didn’t notice Mac’s right hand cup the older man’s crotch as he said those words, revealing the old con’s real meaning behind his offer.

“So, whatcha in for, kid?”

“Burglary,” Gene confessed and then quickly added, “But I didn’t do it. Honest. It was the guy I was hanging out with.”

“Yeh, yeh,” Mac chuckled. “They all say that. I didn’t blow a guy’s brains out, either. Twas the gun that did it.”

Gene’s eyes widened, “Y-you killed someone, Mac? Really?”

“That’s what the jury said, Jeannie. Said it was cold blood, too.” Mac took a deep draw of the shortening cigarette and bent one knee to come in contact with Gene’s back, letting it slide down from the middle of this back to the top of his bubble-like butt, grinning evilly when the youth didn’t move or object.

“Is that why you got life, S–Mac?”

Mac caught the youth’s near-mistake with using ‘sir’, but said nothing. “Yeh, that’s what they gave me, kid. Means I’ll have to do probably at least ten years before I get out of here. Coulda been worse, but they did away with the death penalty in this state.”

Gene’s amazement with his cell mate increased as he had never met a murderer before. One with a life sentence, too! He had felt the older con’s knee rubbing his back but rather than being disturbed over the contact, he felt a degree of closeness with the man who he now felt was somewhat like a father-figure, like the father he had lost when he was only ten years old. And Gene didn’t get alarmed when Mac put out his cigarette by throwning it in the toilet, making an arc in front of Gene’s face as it was flicked by Mac’s fingers to make a dead-center landing in the metal bowl, then placed the same hand possessively on Gene’s mid thigh.

Mac began to feel an erection forming as his supposedly innocent touching of the youth was going without protest or resistance and he grinned inwardly at how easy it was going to be to seduce the highly desirable boy. His friend Adam had already filled him in with the details of Gene’s prison sentence and the two of them had discussed in detail how they would proceed with his seduction and conversion to be used for their own pleasures. Mac had assured Adam that he would benefit equally with himself in using what could easily be considered as possibly the best-looking youth they had the chance to encounter inside the cold walls of Raiford.

Gene was surprised as well as scared when Mac put his hot hand on his leg. He knew the moves because he had pretty much made the same moves on girls he had managed to seduce…gentle, innocent, touches in places that were not considered sexual and therefore would not elicit rejection. Then the touch would become more bold and possibly relaxing but still generating some arousal in the intended victim. No hurry, no insistence, completely innocent while waiting for the signal that it was okay to go further but never rushing the seduction. Yes, Gene knew the moves and it frightened him. For the first time in his near-adult life, he wondered…”did the girls he had seduced feel the same way when he put the moves on them? Were they frightened?”

Gene cast those thoughts aside as he realized that what he had done with girls was entirely different than what he was apparently facing. Those girls were never in any danger other than possibly losing their virginity, if they still had it, whereas what he was quite possibly facing was death at the hands of a convicted murderer. That thought was utmost in Gene’s mind as he felt Mac’s hand squeeze the middle of his thigh and then lightly caress the youthful leg through the rough prison garb.

Gene’s seduction was abruptly halted when he heard an authoritarian voice yell “Count time. Get yer asses up.” Mac immediately removed his hand from Gene’s leg and swung his legs around so he could stand up, motioning to Gene to join him at the door. Gene had just joined his cellmate at the door when an overweight guard holding a clipboard stopped in front of them. Looking at the paper on the clipboard he barked, “Lewis?”

Mac quickly answered, “73560, Sarge.”

The sergeant looked again at his clipboard and then at Gene, noticing his youthfulness compared to his cellmate. He grinned knowingly and pointedly remarked to Mac, “Gotcha a new one, huh? Cute, too, Lewis.” He then turned his attention back to Gene, “Number, boy? Uh, Brown?”

Gene searched his memory, his eyes seeming to roll back in his head as he tried desperately to remember the number he was given when he was processed. He was relieved when Mac punched the numbers on his chest with his forefinger while he recited the numbers to the grinning sergeant. “86541, Sarge.”

“Better learn that number, boy,” Sarge advised with a scowl as he made a mark on the clipboard and headed to the next cell.

As soon as the sergeant had moved on, Mac sat back down on the bunk and lit up another cigarette. Gene came to stand a little in front of him and murmured, “Thanks, Mac. I-I couldn’t remember my number. I didn’t think about it being on my shirt.”

Mac shrugged as he released a plume of stinky smoke, “No big deal, Jeannie. Takes awhile to remember, but you’ll get it. Sarge was just having fun with you.”

“What, what’s next, Mac? Do we get to eat pretty soon? I’m starving.”

“As soon as the count is over and they check it to make sure none of us birds have flown the coup.” Mac studied Gene through the heavy smoke encirgling his head and advised, “You stick with me when we get to the chow hall. No one will mess with you while you’re with me.”

Gene’s blue eyes widened, “You mean, is it safe for me? Someone going to cut me or something?”

Mac hunched his shoulders, “Never know, kid. Some of these guys in here would stick a shank in you just for the fun of it. That or they might plan to rob you. Anything.”

Gene couldn’t help shivering at the thought. The three months he had spent in jail while awaiting trial was in the juvenile section of the Broward County jail where he was the oldest. One of the jailers had told him the only reason he wasn’t in the older male section was because he didn’t look his age and would be bait for some of the older inmates. He looked with gratitude at Mac and sincerely spoke, “Thanks, Mac. Thank you. I’ll stick with you because I sure don’t want to get stuck with a knife or anything. I appreciate you looking out for me.”

Mac dismissed Gene’s thanks with a wave of his hand as he was thinking how Gene would be repaying him for his protection–and soon, “Maybe tonight,” he grinned to himself as he felt the twitch in his pants.

Just then the cell doors slid open and a voice shouted, “Chow time, Chow. Come get it piggies.”

Gene started to head to the door but was halted by Mac when he stood up and stuck a stiff arm out in front of Gene. “Wait ’til the crowd gets out, kid. You won’t be in such a hurry when you see the slop they’re feeding.”

Mac’s prophetic words were right on target Gene learned when they finally reached the steam tables. He hadn’t ever been a fan of blackeyed peas and dynamited chicken and when he saw how the evening’s fair looked on the large steam pans, he completely lost his appetite. Still, Gene let the servers throw the instant potatoes and slice of bread on his metal tray as he made his way down the chow line, thinking that at least he would be able to eat those two items. At the end of the steam tables he was served what Mac had called apple crisp and a cup of so-called ice tea. He was surprised at how many of the servers and other inmates in line knew Mac and was obvious in their show of respect for the seasoned inmate, even extending the same respect to his young companion, although more than a few studied Gene with a lot of interest, a couple even pursing their lips in blown kisses. One quickly averted his eyes when Mac scowled at him.

The two of them headed towards a table in the very back of the massive dining hall that only had three other inmates, although most of the other tables in the hall were filled with hungry men. As they approached the table, Gene could see that all three of the men at the table looked very similar to Mac and were probably the same age. Oddly enough, each of them sported prison tattoos and had that same hardened appearance. They greeted Mac in unison when he got to the table and stared at Gene with curiosity as well as appreciation.

“Hey, Mac. This your new one?” one particularly grizzed bear of a man greeted even as he shoveled another spoon of peas into his bearded mouth.

“Yeh, Rod. This here’s Jeannie. Came in today.”

“Th-that’s Gene with a ‘G’,” Gene hoarsely announced.

Mac stared at Gene with fire in his eyes, “Jeannie to me, kid. I say you’re ‘Jeannie’.”

Gene picked up on the sudden undercurrent around the table at Mac’s harsh correction to his ‘kid’, and quietly bowed his head in acquiescence while spooning the runny potates on his tray. He relaxed when Mac put an arm around his shoulders and appeased, “S’okay, kid, as long as you know your place.” Then he looked at the three men at the table one after another and pointedly instructed, “And I expect each of you guys to look after Jennie when I’m not around. Got that?”

All three nodded their heads in unison, obviously understanding that it was not a request coming from Mac, but orders–orders not to be forgotten. Gene could even sense some fear coming from what appeared to be some pretty dangerous men. It was either fear or respect, but Gene knew that these three would definitely look out for him and he had to look at Mac with renewed respect and appreciation.

“So, is Karl still in the hole?” Mac questioned the table.

“Uh-huh, that crazy German is still there. Heard that he decked the Captain when they were putting him in there,” one of the men sitting across from Gene he later learned was called Tony answered. “That kraut never will learn.”

“That right, Preacher?” Mac asked as he pointed his spoon at the man sitting at the end of the table.

Preacher shrugged, “That’s what I heard, Mac. I guess he was just trying to give the Captain a dose of religion.” Everyone laughed at Preacher’s explanation, including Gene, although he had no idea what the man was talking about.

Mac put a hand on Gene’s knee and informed him, “Preacher there is no preacher, Jennie, so don’t take him serious.”

“Uh, why’s he called ‘Preacher’, then?” Gene asked innocently.

“Cause I killed a lousy sonofabitching motherfucker preacher for screwing my wife,” Preacher answered for Mac.

All of the men at the table nodded their heads in agreement and the one named Rod added, “And he shoulda fucked him in the ass first. Ain’t that what he was doing to your wife, Preacher?”

“Yeh, sorry sonofabitching motherfucker. And what made me mad was that she never let me put it in her Hershey hole!”

That closing remark was met with laughter as all of them began to get up from the table. Immediately a slender inmate just a couple of years older than Gene rushed to the table and announced, “I’ll clean up for you, Mac. Is that okay?”

“Sure, sure, Weasle. You keep doing your job. Any one mess with you lately?”

“No, no, Mac. Not since you took care of them. They’re scared of me now.”

“They better be,” Mac remarked with steely eyes as he guided Gene somewhat possessively from the chow hall.

After they left the chow hall, Mac took Gene out to the exercise yard and introduced him to several of his friends, although Gene had more of a feeling that for some reason Mac was more showing him off than just giving him a chance to meet some of the other inmates in his crowd. Either way, it did give Gene a sense of comfort and ease some of his fears as he began to see the influence his cell mate seemed to have in the prison. He had noticed that the majority of inmates were either grouped together in different bands or engaged in one activity or another while a few apparent loners just walked the perimeter of the field either singularly or in two’s or three’s. Mac pointed out some individuals who he warned to stay away from, some who were just plain ‘crazies’ and some who were nothing but trouble.

Gene studied in wonderment the layout of the exercise yard with the guard towers spaced intermittently around the perimeter fences and the razor wire on top of what appeared to be at least twelve feet of chain link fence. Two sides of the prison buildings formed an angle of the field and the perimeter fence was an arc that met the ends of the buildings. He could never see how anyone could possibly escape from such a foreboding place although Mac had told him that a few men had managed to make it out of there. Most of the escapees were pretty quickly captured, but there had been a few who had remained at large for months and even years.

“But don’t even think about it,” Mac advised. “Those guards will shoot anyone that even look like they’ll try for the fence.”

“Don’t worry I won’t,” Gene replied as he looked at the closest tower where he saw a guard with what appeared to be a rifle walking around the catwalk at the top of the tower.

The two men walked around the yard for another half-hour when Mac suggested, “We better go on in and hit the showers before they close the yard. It’ll be pretty crowded in there then.”

Gene was already feeling the effect of the hot and humid air that was very typical of that area of North Florida and he readily agree, “Yeh, I’m ready for a nice cold shower. Haven’t had one since we left the jail.”

Mac laughed, “Well, that’s all you’re going to get here ’cause the water in the showers rarely gets hot. ‘Bout as bad as the showers on the yard–ice cold.”

Gene was surprised as Mac got ready for the showers once they reached the cell when he stripped down completely, standing completely nude there in the cell while he collected the stuff his soap and towel. Gene couldn’t help but see the older man’s cock as Mac stood there waiting for Gene to get ready. Mac’s manhood was BIG, even in it’s relaxed state and right on the upper side of the wrinkled skin was another tattoo–a crudely drawn cross. Gene’s attention was abruptly halted when he heard Mac clear his throat loudly. “Mm-hmm. Whatcha looking at Gene?” and then merely wrapped a large towel around his midsection while he slipped his feet into a pair of sandals.

With a face that had turned beet red, Gene apologized. “S-Sorry. I-I never saw one with a tattoo. That must have hurt.”

“Nah. Just made me lose the erection when the needle stuck it,” Mac laughed as he pointedly stared at Gene’s small equipment before the youth had a chance to wrap his prison-furnished towel around his waist.

As Mac started to lead the two of them out of the cell, he noticed that Gene was in his bare feet and asked, “Doncha have any slippers, kid?”

Gene looked down at his bare feet as though he was verifying Mac’s observation, “No. They didn’t give me anything but those clod hopper shoes to wear.”

Mac shook his head and then reached under his mattress and withdrew a pair of warnflip-flops then handed them to Gene. “Here, you can use these, Jeannie. No telling what you might step on in that shower.”

“Gee, thanks, Mac. I’ll try to pay you back.”

With a wave as though to say “Forget it,” Mac led the way out with Gene close on his heels. They made their way down the narrow catwalk towards the far end of the cell block and entered a space about the size of four cells with shower heads placed on two opposite walls. Gene noticed that all but four of the at least twelve showers were occupied, so he understood what Mac had meant about the showers being crowded.

None of the eight men using showers seemed to notice the two newcomers enter at first until one inmate with a closely-shaven head happened to turn and look at Mac and Gene enter. When Gene took off his towel with some embarrassment and placed it on top of the divider wall like Mac had done, the inmate who had first seen the two let out a low whistle and punched the guy standing next to him on the arm as he motioned with his head. “Jeb, willya look at that?”

That was when all but one of the eight showering turned to look, but made no sound when they saw who the pretty newcomer was with. Mac’s mean glare even caused the one who had spoken to quickly turn back to the shower and pretend he hadn’t said a word. Three of the men evenly managed to murmer a ‘hello’ to Mac before getting back to washing. One, a grizzled older inmate with a full beard croaked, “New cellie, Mac?”

“Yeah, Stony. This here’s Jeannie. Got here today.”

Gene bit his lip, fearful of arousing Mac’s ire, and didn’t try to correct Mac on the pronunciation, even accepting the snicker he heard emanate from the skin head who didn’t dare to turn and face the duo. Once again, Gene was impressed by the tear and respect given to his cellmate although it made him wonder exactly why all of the other inmates walked on eggs around Mac. It wasn’t like he was incredibly large, or muscled, or even carried a weapon. But still, all the other inmates seemed to really be afraid of the man and that added to Gene’s own fear and respect of his cell mate.

As they showered, Gene heard the broadcast announcing that the yard was closed added with a further announcement that there was only thirty minutes to count time. He noticed all of those still showering rush to finish and he imitated Mac’s movements, quickly washing his head and rinsing himself off before reaching for his towel. Gene didn’t see how Mac had stood as he dried and stared at the pronounced whiteness of Gene’s buttocks, enjoying the swell of the youth’s ass forming an inviting crevice that was lightly covered with a downy layer of blonde, almost invisilble hair. Same with Gene’s miniscule dick–not a cock yet–but a boy’s dick, crowned with a small curly bush of brown/blonde hair. Mac’s eyes traveled up and down the small lithe frame fully appreciating the small muscular, the narrow waist leading to a flat, white belly, and then the hairless chest accentuated only with quarter-sized breasts, surprising full nipples for even a boy as young as Gene.

The thought of sucking on those nips made Mac’s cock twitch and he quickly averted his attention as he turned to drying his feet. “Don’t want to scare him off,” Mac thought to himself even as he stole another glance at Gene’s body until it was carefully wrapped in the too-short towel. “Hell, even his feet are pretty,” Mac mumbled and then caused another cock-twitch as he thought of having the boy’s feet on his shoulders as he pummeled that tight ass. “Whew!” Mac finally spoke aloud. “I gotta stop that shit!”

“What, Mac? What’s wrong?” Gene innocently asked as he put his feet into the borrowed flip-flops.

“Ah, nothing,” Mac answered as he quickly wrapped the towel around his waist, hiding the emerging strength of his manhood. “Just gotta get outta this steamy shower.” As quick as he slipped his sandals on his feet he motioned to Gene to follow,”Better get to the cell while we can.”

Not long after the two men got back to their cell, the announcement blared over the speakers, “Count time. Everyone report to their cells immediately. I repeat, COUNT TIME! IN YOUR CELLS!”

Within a minute the cell doors rattled and then began to slide closed, causing a few inmates to rush to slip into their respective cells before being trapped outside on the catwalk. Mac and Gene stood at the required stance in front of the door as they listened to the guard going from cell to cell calling out occupant’s names followed by the inmate’s response with their numbers.

Unlike Gene’s first flub earlier that day, he answered correctly when his name was called and after Mac had given his number, the guard leaned forward with his mouth near the openings in the bars and conspiratorially whispered to Mac, “You got the stuff I asked for, Mac?”

“Sure, sure, boss. You know I ain’t going to let you down. When you come back after the count, I’ll have it ready for you.”

After the guard went on with his count, Mac went to his locker and withdrew a toothbrush. Gene was surprised as he watched his cellmate step up on the toilet and with what was definitely the sharpened end of the brush, pry loose the polished stainless steel plate that served as a mirror from the cinder block wall. He then slipped a hand behind the plate into what Gene could see was a hollowed-out part of the block and pulled out a small plastic bag. Gene could make out what appeared to be a small handful of white powder wrapped up in the bag and he quickly turned his head as Mac replaced the mirror and stepped down from the toilet.

The guard hardly slowed in his march back down the catwalk, merely reaching out with his hand and palming the bag which Mac held. Mac turned to Gene and warned, “You didn’t see nothing! Got that?”

Gene stuttered, frightened by not only Mac’s tone of voice, but also the menacing look he was giving. “N-N-No, I, I didn’t see anything. N-N, sir.”

“Watch that ‘sir’ shit, kid. Just remember you saw nothing.”

Gene nodded his acquiescence and nervously fidgeted around the cell, not sure what he was supposed to do. Just as quickly as Mac’s demeanor had changed, it changed again as he stepped up to Gene and put a fatherly hand around his shoulders. “You’re okay, Jeannie. You’re okay. Now, whatcha want to do until the lights are turned out? Dominoes? Cards? Or do you just want to read?”

Gene shrugged, comforted by Mac’s approval, “I dunno. What do you usually do? I mean…I don’t have anything to read and I haven’t ever played dominoes.”

“How ’bout cards? You play gin?”

“Well, some. I played ‘em in the jail. We didn’t have anything else to do there.”

“Good. We’ll do that then until the lights go out.” Mac pulled a worn deck of cards out of his locker and sat on his bed with his back to the bars and motioned for Gene to sit on the other end. He immediately began to shuffle the cards somewhat expertly and then dealt them both ten cards and placed the last card face up beside the remainder of the deck.

“Let’s make it interesting,” Mac suggested as he picked up his cards and arranged them in a fan shape facing himself before continuing, “Say, maybe a dollar a game or something like that.”

“Uh, I don’t have any money, Mac,” Gene gulped embarrassingly. “My family wouldn’t give me any.”

Mac grinned, happy that the youngster was broke. “That’s okay, Jeannie. I’ll pay cash and you can pay in services.”

Gene looked puzzled as he questioned, “Services? Wh-what can I do? What kind of services?”

Mac shrugged, “Ah, nothing much. Could be something like making the bunks, cleaning the cell, fetching me something from the canteen or. . .maybe even a back rub or something to make me feel good.” He studied the innocent youth for a few seconds and prompted, “How’s that? That be okay?”

“I-I guess. Just don’t seem fair to you, though. I mean…I’d be willing to do those things for you anyway, Mac. I’ll keep the cell clean just ’cause I like it that way. And I’ll make your bunk if you want.”

Mac couldn’t believe how easy his seduction of this girl-like boy was going to be. How did he get so lucky? He felt his dick twitch in his white boxers with the knowledge that the youth sitting across from him would soon be his sex slave. He began the game with relish and in no time was able to make his first declaration of “gin” and begin another hand.

Over the next three hours Mac had easily decimated Gene’s card play and he only threw one game to give his opponent some hope and keep him playing. By the time the call for ‘lights out’ came, Mac owed Gene one dollar, but Gene owed Mac the equivalent in ‘services’ of ten dollars. Not much in the ‘free world’, but in prison it can be enough to have someone killed and when Mac stated the final score, Gene was fully aware of his debt and knew just what it meant in prison terms.

While Mac put the cards away Gene busied himself at the sink brushing his teeth and when he was finished, he turned to Mac with the full intention of climbing up to his bunk and promised, “I’ll clean the cell in the morning and make your bunk, Mac. I know that’s not much–certainly not ten dollars worth, but I can pay up over time.”

Mac stopped Gene just as the youth was ready to put a foot on his bunk and climb up. “Hold it, Jeannie, hold it.” He rose from his bunk and, with a firm hand on one of Gene’s shoulders, pushed him down to sit on his bunk. Standing in front of the sitting Gene, he made the too-obvious statement, “You’ll never pay it off that way, kid. Not even with any of the other services.” Dropping his shorts and stepping out of them, Mac added, “But there’s one service that can pay it off in full,” as he stepped forward with his erect cock just inches from Gene’s face.

Even in the dark Gene could make out the whiteness of Mac’s belly and the glistening of moisture on the end of the proffered meat and he quickly jerked back onto his elbows pleading, “I-I don’t do that, Mac. I’ll p-pay you off some other way.”

“What’s matter, Jeannie? You never sucked a cock before?”

“N-No! I, I don’t do that! It’s, it’s queer and I’m not a homo.”

“Bullshit, kid. You’re too pretty to not ever have done it. Besides, you owe me and you’ll pay up if you know what’s good for you.” Mac reached out and pulled Gene back into a sitting position with a strong grip on his shoulder. When Gene turned his head with a shake and a mumbling “no, no”, Mac turned to persuasion “C’mon, Jeannie, “It’s just like sucking your Mommie’s tit. Don’t tell me you never did that.”

“That’s different!” Gene cried. “I can’t do that. I’ll gag and throw up.”

Mac’s loins were tiring of the struggle. He had built up too much of an urge in the hours he had spent with Gene and he wasn’t about to take ‘no’ for an answer so he reached out and gripped Gene’s head and forced him to turn so that the boy’s lips were inches from his throbbing cock. Mac then growled, “You’re going to suck it, bitch, or you won’t live to see the morning. Get it in your head that you belong to me and the state now and you do what we tell you.” With that declaration, Mac pulled Gene’s head toward him so that his cock struck the youth’s lips. The feel of those soft, full lips touching his bulbous head was enough for Mac to forcefully push the dripping head past the closed lips as Gene realized that he had no choice but to do what the stronger, more dangerous man wanted. That, or die possibly.

Once Mac’s cockhead had penetrated Gene’s oral opening and the now-submissive boy realized that he was going to have to suck his first cock, he focused instead on quickly finishing the task, using his tongue to further excite the ever-hardening member as it penetrated further. In doing so, Gene found that it wasn’t as bad as he though. The flesh tasted clean, still fresh from the earlier shower, and something about the phenonmenon of the surface feeling so soft but at the same time so firm on his palate excited Gene. He suddenly realized why the few girls and even fewer men who enjoyed sucking his dick really enjoyed it and often asked to suck his.

Then, when he detected Mac’s increased breathing and quiet moans of pleasure, Gene felt a sudden power–the power of controlling another person’s sexual emotion. He found that when he slowed the movement of his tongue or bodding of his head, Mac’s whole body responded with a need, a need for him to continue. Then Gene learned that if he used his tongue to stroke the rubbery head or increased the speed of his bodding, Mac’s breathing became more labored and he hurt him grunt his pleasure. Gene became a student of how to control this man who had made him submit to his perverted desire and he began to use it to the maximum. Inside of five minutes since Mac had forced his cock inside Gene’s mouth, he suddenly gripped the boy’s head in both hands and plunged his cock as far as he could into Gene’s mouth, causing the youth to gurgle his objection, and then erupted explosion after explosion of sticky, slightly salty cum to coat the opening of the deflowered throat.

Gene surprised himself when, many seconds after the last blast of juice from the softening cock into his mouth, Mac started to withdraw the spent member, Gene’s mouth followed it as though he didn’t want to let the meat exit his mouth. No, not now. Now that he had experienced what turned out to be the most ultimate sex act he had ever had–not really the sex itself, but the belonging to the being who possessed such a magnificent toy and Gene now understood that he did indeed belong to Mac for he had served as his woman, his wife, his girl, even his slave.

Mac finally pushed Gene’s head off of his spent cock, stroking the boy’s cheek as he pushed. “Wow! You’re a natural, Jeannie. Don’t know why you resisted, but once you got started, you were terrific. Gotta learn a few tricks, but in no time you’re going to be the best damn gal-boy in the rock.”

Mac’s words of praise elated Gene despite the fact that he had in reality been forced to suck the older man’s cock–something he would have never thought he could or would do. Gene had always derided men who sucked cocks as ‘queers’ or ‘faggots’ and now he realized that he had done the very same thing as those he had despised. Also, he now realized that it wasn’t so bad after all. Fact is, Gene had actually started to enjoy the act; thrilling in the power and the belonging he had felt as he was able to manipulate another man. And there was something very erotic in the taste and feel of another man’s penis in his mouth, the rush of desire as he tasted the slightly bitter and hot ejaculate. Gene said nothing in reply to Mac’s praise, but knew in his heart that he would not resist this man, this benefactor, the next time he wanted to use his mouth.


Over the next several days and nights, Mac used Gene’s mouth over and over, gradually indoctrinating the youth into a life of being another man’s cum slut, teaching him how to use his tongue to further excite his rigid meat, how to roll his nuts in his mouth and how to deep throat without gagging. Gene not only did not resist Mac’s urges any longer, but began to want his cock in his mouth, to taste his juices, to please this man who became more like a lover or possibly a father figure. Mac was almost insatiable in his need, having Gene suck his cock and swallow his cum at will, often taking advantage of the young mouth at the oddest places whenever the mood struck the older man. Gene’s cocksucking became almost a pasttime, a sport, servicing Mac without complaint or hesitation whether it be on the yard in front of others or in the shower; waking the sleeping boy in the middle of the night for a blow job; once in the prison library while he knelt under a desk while Mac read a magazine.

Mac bided his time, happily accepting the oral sex from the good-looking youngster, knowing that in time he would be able to change Gene into his prison wife, his complete sex slave. The next step in Gene’s transformation came unexpectedly to Mac when they entered the shower room after a particularly hot and sweaty day. The two of them had just stepped past the dividing wall when Gene stopped in his tracks, mesmerized by a scene in front of him, for there stood a couple of inmates he knew by the names of ‘Bobbie’ and Bubba. But they weren’t just standing there, for ‘Bobbie’ was bent at the waist with his legs spread wide while he braced himself with both outstretched hands against the shower wall while Bubba pounded his ass with the biggest cock that Gene had ever seen. Bubba was gripping Bobbie’s hips with both hands and was slamming the pale cheeks back and forth against himself while Bobbie was moaning and pleading for Bubba to ‘go faster, harder’, blubbering how much he loved Bubba’s big cock.

Bubba merely looked at Mac and Gene and grinned, “Man, this bitch is tight!” He looked appraisingly at Gene and then asked Mac while he continued to pound Bobbie, “Your bitch take it in the butt, Mac?”

Mac laughed and shook his head while he stepped up to a shower and pressed the button, “Not yet, but she sure sucks good.”

Gene finally forced himself to stop watching the copulating couple long enough to step up to the shower next to Mac and begin bathing, but still sneaking looks over his shoulder at the scene behind them. He couldn’t believe how the slender Bobbie was able to have such a huge piece of male meat shoved in his ass, but it was obvious that the man he learned was pretty much the cell block’s whore was certainly enjoying it with his girlish cries. He wasn’t sure that he would like being fucked like that. Hell, Gene’s asshole hurt when he had a larger than normal turd pass through that opening.

It was when Gene and Mac had returned to the cell that Gene found the courage to ask, “Do you like to do what they were doing, Mac? I mean, doesn’t that hurt?”

Mac couldn’t help but laugh, “Kid, you sure haven’t had much sex, have you? Ain’t you ever butt fucked a girl?”

Gene blushed, feeling like he hadn’t really experienced sex, almost like he was as virgin. “N-no. I just fucked. I didn’t…didn’t know that people did it that way.” Remembering what he asked without receiving a reply, Gene repeated, “Do you like doing it like that?”

In partial response, Mac gripped one of Gene’s bubble-like ass cheeks and squeezed, “As good as pussy, Jeannie. Good as pussy. And, hell yes I like it.”

Both men were silent a moment with Gene deep in thought, remembering the scene he had witnessed earlier while Mac studied his curious cellmate, wondering if it was a good time to take advantage of the innocent curiosity. The very thought of plundering the tender ass of his newly-made cocksucker causing his cock to swell slightly and tent one leg of his undershorts. Gene noticed Mac’s arousal and without asking permission, quickly dropped to his knees in front of Mac and captured the end of the stiffening meat through the cotton shorts with his mouth.

Gene looked up at Mac with pleading eyes and whispered hoarsely, “D-do you want…want to do that with me?”

Mac looked down at the innocent youth and actually felt a sense of compassion and caring for him while asking, “You sure? You want me to fuck you, baby?”

“Uh, I-I don’t…I don’t know,” Gene answered as he rose to his feet. “I was just wondering if that is what you wanted.” He thought for a moment and added, “I’ll do anything for you. If-if that’s what you want, Mac, I’ll do it. If it won’t hurt, I can do it.”

Mac stepped behind Gene and gripped both ass cheeks with his hands, feeling the tight but soft moons of flesh in his palms. “It might hurt a little at first, Jeannie. Just a little, though. And then you’ll begin to love it. By the time we finish, you’ll be begging for it just like you heard Bobbie.” Mac couldn’t believe it how Gene had actually initiated the discussion. He had figured all along that when it came time, he’d have to rape the kid just like he did his mouth. And here the boy’s ass is being promised to him on a platter. Unbelievable!

“I-I’ll try, Mac, I will if you want.”

Behind Gene, Mac grinned lasciviously while he moved his hands to the front of Gene and up to his breasts where he massaged the slightly puffy nubs suggestively. Pressing his stiffening cock into the globes of flesh, Mac whispered huskily, “Tonight, then. After lights out, Jeannie. I’ll take it slow and I won’t hurt you. You’ll like it, I promise.”

Nothing more was said about the plans for the night and the two of them spent the night before lights out reading. A few days before, Mac had Gene switch bunks with him, placing Gene on the bottom bunk because he had noticed the youth’s coughing from Mac’s chain smoking and through an unusual sense of concern, thought it best for his roomy to be on the bottom bunk.

Within a half-hour after the lights went out, Mac got out of his bunk and went to his locker and then sat down on the bunk beside Gene. “You ready, Jeannie? I got some lube here that will make it easy for you.”

Gene sat up and innocently asked, “Wh-what do you want me to do?”

“Take your shorts off and then suck me for a couple minutes.”

Shaking nervously akin to a bride on her wedding night, Gene stood up and slipped his shorts off and then got to his knees in front of Mac. His shakes subsided as he captured Mac’s cock in his mouth and began to make love to it like he knew his ‘man’ loved, coating it well with is saliva as he teased the rubbery head. Mac let Gene work on his cock until it was harder than he could remember and then instructed, “Get on the bed on your knees, baby.” He quickly got off the bed while Gene assumed the desired position with his head pointing towards the bars and then got behind the waiting youth. He pushed Gene’s head and shoulders down to the bed and then dipped two fingers into a jar of men’s hair grease. Smearing a little of the grease on his dick head, Mac then used just his forefinger to circle around Gene’s puckered hole, circling around and around for a few minutes until he felt the sphincter loosen and his finger slip inside the hot channel without resistance. Gene gave a little grunt at the intrusion but didn’t complain as Mac rotated the one finger in circles for a couple of minutes, then added his middle finger, adding more lubricant to the dilating hole, both fingers beginning a relaxing circling while going deeper in the tight shaft, weakening both sphincter muscles until Gene began to moan softly with pleasure.

Gene’s soft moans told Mac that the young virgin was as ready as he ever would be. With the inpatience of lust-fueled desire, Mac removed his fingers from the tight ring and, holding his throbbing cock with one hand, rubbed the mushroom head against Gene’s loosened entrance. Leaning further over the smooth, hairless back of the boy beneath him, Mac whispered, “Push like you’re trying to shit, baby. Push.”

When Mac felt Gene’s man pussy blossom slightly, he pushed forward with his pelvis, lodging his dick head in the tight opening before it could close instinctively. When Gene started to let his body fall forward the youngster grunted, “Oh, oh, it’s making me feel like I have to- to go!” Mac gripped the pale white hips with both hands and held Gene in place while he pushed forward a little more, forcibly stretching the channel entrance to accept the foreign intrusion. When Gene moaned quietly with pain, Mac relaxed his pressure, knowing from experience how to let the tight channel become accustomed to the encroachment of his cock before pushing forward a little more. When he felt the defensive tightening loosen some, Mac pushed forward a little more and then stopped briefly before resuming the forward journey of his palpitating cock.

It took Mac several minutes of pressing forward, then relaxing the pressure, then resuming the insistent entrance, before Mac felt his pubic bone press against Gene’s soft, yielding ass. He stopped for a full minute while he savored the feeling of the heated tube wrapped around his cock as Gene’s moans turned to quiet whimpers, his tortured channel feeling a measure of relief from the halted pressure.

“I-I feel so f-full, Mac, and it hurts,” Gene whined.

“Just relax, baby, relax. It’ll go away and before you know it, it will start to feel good,” Max placated the youngster. Mac rotated his hips slightly, working to loosen the tortured entrance further so he could begin to actively fuck his virginal man-pussy, knowing that within a very short time the opening would loosen more and then the abused shaft nerves would begin to feel the exciting friction. Then the erotically stimulated nerve endings would spread the pleasure throughout the boy’s body, causing him to respond with passion as he submitted to the older man’s desire.

Sensing Gene’s relaxation and the dying of his whimpering, Mac began a slow rhythmic stroke of his hips, sliding his cock almost out of the stretched channel and then pushing it back in to the limit. Back and forth while he held the youth’s hips, even forcing the body back and forth in consort with his own movements, only pausing once to coat his cock shaft with more goo before resuming the pummeling of Gene’s receptive ass, their flesh slapping together as belly met buttocks resoundingly. Within five minutes of Mac starting the insertion of his cock into Gene’s body, the youth began to join in the fucking of his chute, his previous moans of pain becoming grunts of erotic pleasure, even squeals of joy when the rubbery cock head would press against the hidden prostate that caused his now-hard dick to drip a boyish release onto the sheet below his body.

As Mac see-sawed his meat in and out of the now-willing and assisting hole, Gene had raised his head and looked through the bars of the cell where he spotted a hand holding a mirror. Gene almost shrieked to Mac, “Mac, there’s someone watching us!”

Mac just laughed and didn’t even miss a stroke, somewhat proud of his accomplishment of the ultimate seduction of Gene. “So what?”, he grunted with a labored breath. “Just someone that can’t get any pussy. Besides, that’s just that asshole next door. Probably wants a dick in his ass, too.”

As soon as Mac had uttered that last sentence, the hand and the mirror from the cell next door disappeared and Gene could hear some muttered whisperings then quiet. He accepted Mac’s explanation and with the disappearance of the voyeurizing mirror next door, relaxed back into the enjoyment of the fucking he was receiving, becoming a willing partner and quietly voicing his passion, mewing girl-like sounds of “Oh, yes, yes, fuck me, fuck meeee. I love it, I love it. Oh, Mac, harder, harder, deeper, go deeper.”

Mac willingly complied with his gal-boy’s requests and began to slam away like a jack hammer at the youth before him, even forcing Gene to collapse completely onto the mattress with Mac sprawled out on top of Gene’s back. Gene hugged his pillow as he opened his legs as wide as he could to better accept his partner’s lunging cock. In that position, Mac was able to lovingly kiss Gene’s shoulders and neck as he whispered his approval, telling the accepting Gene how nice his ass was, how good it felt to be inside of him, how he was going to fill his hot ass with cum. Each of Mac’s words excited Gene even more and he responded with an almost reflexive tightening of his sphincter, giving Mac’s cock an appreciative hug.

Even the thin coating of that white powder he kept hidden which Mac had applied to his cock head earler wasn’t enough to finally cause Mac to yield to his body’s need to release his pent up load. Mac pushed his upper body up from the supine figure beneath him and grunted in an animalistic roar “Argghhhh! Aahhhh, ahhhh!”, and then collapsed back onto Gene’s perspiration-slick back where he labored to catch his breath. Gene felt the heat of Mac’s release deep inside his gut and he was enveloped in a warm sense of belonging and caring, happy that he had pleased ‘his man’ while he had also enjoyed the coupling. Gene now understood how that gal-boy Bobbie had felt and reacted in the shower. He also understood that a threshold had been crossed for him. He knew that his sexuality was now forever changed, that Gene no longer existed but was reborn as ‘Jeannie’. He smiled in self-satisfaction as he felt Mac’s cock slip out of his abused hole and the older man lift off of him. He fell asleep as he heard Mac at the sink possibly washing his cock. . .


Just as Gene had adjusted to sucking his first cock, he also quickly adjusted to the first time he was fucked and in no time was actually the aggressor when it came to having sex with ‘his man’. Often, Gene would tease Mac mercilessly, either rubbing his butt against Mac’s crotch suggestively, or even bending over in front of him in the shower. Usually, that tease would end up with Mac taking Gene’s pussy right there and then, regardless of whether there were onlookers or not. Naturally, such blatant behavior quickly resulted in the cell block, if not the whole prison, giving Gene the reputation of the cutest gal-boy, sometimes even called a whore, although Mac had steadfastly refused to share his private slut with anyone, despite several offers of prison riches.

Then came the day when everything changed. One day while Gene was in the cell, the emergency ‘goon’ squad showed up and ordered him out. They proceeded to search every nook and cranny of the small enclosure before packing up all of Mac’s belongings in a pillow case. Gene couldn’t find out what was going on until he was able to ask the floor guard and was told that Mac had knifed another inmate on the yard and was now in the ‘hole’. Gene had some idea of some of the things that Mac was into, so he wasn’t too surprised, figuring that someone had tried to cheat Mac and that was known in the joint to be a ‘bad idea’. At that point Gene only knew that it would mean that Mac would be gone for awhile, possibly weeks, so all he could do was cope with the way things were. He knew that because of his relationship with Mac he would be safe as most, if not all, of the prison knew not to cross someone as dangerous as Mac. Plus, there were Mac’s close friend–men just as dangerous–and they had promised they would ‘look after’ Mac’s girl.

The first few days Mac’s reputation and friends were enough, but the old adage of “keep your friends closer” turned out to be true when the bear-like inmate named Rod stopped by Gene’s cell. “Howya doin’, Jeannie? Missing Mac?”

“Uh, hiya Rod. Yeah, I miss him. Miss him a lot.”

Rod studied Gene appreciatively, admiring the youth standing by his bunk wearing the girl’s panties that Mac had smuggled in for him. “Hmm, looking good, Jeannie.” Pointing at the panties that Gene now wore without embarrassment, he asked, “Those new?”

“Y-yes,” Gene blushed, although he had got over the initial embarrassment he had when Mac insisted he wear panties. Still, he felt a little funny when someone specifically mentioned the undergarment.

“Come here. Let me feel them,” Rod more or less ordered.

Gene didn’t hesitate, but stepped up to the closed cell door and turned slightly sideways for the big man to feel the silken material. He thought nothing of the request as he liked the grizzly inmate and after all, he was Mac’s friend.

Rod reached through the bars and put the palm of his hand on Gene’s left ass cheek. First he merely felt the silkiness of the cloth but then his touch became a little more invasive, actively rubbing and sqeezing Gene’s ass. “Mmm, sure is nice ass, girly. No wonder Mac told me to watch out for you.”

Gene muttered his thanks for Rod’s compliment and started to back away from the door but Rod hooked his fingers in the panty leg and growled, “Don’t move, Jeannie. Don’t want to tear these nice things.”

Gene halted his movement and stood meekly while the big man fondled his behind, even when the large hand slipped inside the top and rubbed the cheek flesh suggestively. “Hmm, I want some of that,” Rod muttered. “You going to give me some, Jeannie?”

Shocked that a friend of Mac’s would ask something like that, Gene cried in a soft girl-like voice, “N-no, Rod. I can’t. Mac wouldn’t like that.”

“Hows he goin’ to know?” Rod fired back. “I ain’t goin to tell ‘em.”

“I-I’d have to tell him, Rod. I can’t keep a secret from Mac. He just looks at me and knows the truth.”

Rod contined to fondle Gene’s ass but switched tactics, “Wa’l, then you can give me sum head, girl. I don’t care which–I just gotta get off. Either pussy or head.” Rod snaked a big arm around Gene’s waist and pulled him tight against the bars and growled in the terrified boy’s ear, “What’s it goin’ to be, girl? Either you give me somethin’ or I’ll beat yer ass.”

Gene whimpered as his mind raced and he came to the realization that the big man wouldn’t stop at doing anything like he said as he was every bit as dangerous as Mac and didn’t seem to be afraid of his friend. After a full minute while Rod continued to squeeze his ass, Gene relented, “I-I’ll suck you, mister Rod. J-just don’t tell Mac. Please?”

Rod grinned, “That’s better, bitch.” He looked up and down the walkway and, releasing his hold on Gene, took his cock out and stuck it through the bars. “Git on yer knees, girl, and drink from this!”

Without further objection, Gene dropped to his knees and he almost fell backwards when he saw the size of the meat stuck through the bars. It was huge! At least two inches longer than Mac’s and almost as round as a soda can! He stared at the huge object until Rod barked, “Get on it, bitch!” Gene leaned forward and ran his tongue over the uncut head a couple of times before attempting to take the bulbous head into his mouth. It was a struggle as Gene almost had to dislocate his jaws in order to get his lips around the reddened tip that was already oozing clear precum, but he managed, wanting to get the ordeal over with before someone came along that would tell Mac.

Rod reached through the bars with both arms and gripped Gene’s head, pulling the kneeling younster’s head tight against the bars so he could force more of his massive tool into the stretched-wide mouth. The bear-like man began to rock his hips back and forth as he face-fucked the struggling youth, forcing at least seven thick inches of tumultous cock meat in and out of Gene’s mouth, causing him to gag continuously while tears streamed down his face and he made tortured gurgling sounds and used his hands to vaninly try to foce his head away from the bars and the punishing cock. Fortunately, Gene’s torture only lasted less than two minutes as, with a roar of satisfaction, Rod’s cock erupted with a voluminous explosion of thick, syrupy cum, filling Gene’s mouth to overflowing, the excess running out of his open mouth and down his chin to his chest, ultimately dropping onto his silk panties.

When the big man was satisfied he had given the kneeling youth all he had, Rod pulled his cock out of the slack jaw and wiped the head across Gene’s face with contempt. “Good head, kid. Your mouth is just like pussy.” He put his softening bologna-like cock back in his pants and sneered, “And I’m going to get some of that pussy, too. Get that in yer head, bitch.”

Gene got to his feet and shook his head in defiance, “No, Rod, no. You’re too big, and, and Mac will be pissed at you for forcing me to do this.”

Rod laughed, “You stupid bitch! Mac ain’t gittin outa da hole for months! Who you think is goin’ to look after you ’til he’s out?”

Rod’s words deflated Gene as he asked, “Wh-what? He, he isn’t getting out soon?”

“Nah. Ain’t you heard? They gave him six months in solitary. Until he gets out, you’re free meat and if I don’t keep others off you, you can bet you’re goin’ to give up that ass to who ever wants it.”

Gene’s shoulders slumped and he looked plaintively at Rod, “B-but others know I’m Mac’s. They won’t bother me.”

The bearish man shook his head, “Jeannie, you got so much to learn how it is in here. The minute wolves around here know that your man is locked up, they stop being scared of him. Before you know it, you’ll be the block whore just like that Bobbie.”

Gene was terrified by Rod’s words and although he wasn’t certain that what the man said was true, he didn’t know if he was telling him how things really were. With tears flowing, Gene begged, “Wh-what can I do, Rod? I don’t want to be like Bobbie.”

Rod could see that he had the good-looking gal-boy where he wanted and he softened his words, “Just do like I said, Jeannie. That’s all. Give me what I want and I’ll make sure no one bothers you.”

Gene looked at the bearish man in the eyes and asked, “Wh-what do you want me to do? I don’t know if I can take what you have. It’s too big.”

“Don’t you worry ’bout that, girlie. You’ll be surprised how that pussy will stretch. Just like yer mouth did.”

Gene wet a wash cloth and began to clean his face of Rod’s cum then acquiesced, “I-I’ll try. Just please, please don’t hurt me.”

“Okay, Jeannie. I’m going to get that pussy tomorrow, then. You meet me in the shower before the yard is open. Give us plenty of time.” He looked meaningfully at Gene and then added, “Also, there will be a buddy coming by here in a little while. You give him the same thing you just gave me. You hear?”

Gene was shocked, “Y-you want me to suck someone else?”

“You got it, girl. You’re my bitch now and if I tell you to suck a dog, you’re goin’ to do it.” Without another word, the grizzly-sized man turned and left, leaving Gene to sit on his bunk in despair.

Gene was still sitting there when he heard a voice, “You Jeannie? Rod sent me.”

Looking up, Gene saw an inmate dressed in trustee clothes at the cell door and answered almost rebotically, “Yes, yes, I’m Jeannie.”

The trustee grinned, his open mouth revealing a gold front tooth, and he pulled his cock out of his pants and stuck it through the bars. “Rod said you’d give me a blow job, whore. Get over here and do it.”

I guess I should explain that all these stories I’m telling happened when I was in college and that was a long time ago because I’m in my thirties now and all this happened over ten years ago. We had the internet back then and email but not all the video porn sites or Netflix or any of the stuff. Movies were still on DVDs or videotapes. Not everyone had a cellphone, no Twitter or Facebook and having a computer usually meant having a desktop computer with a really big monitor.


I was surprised Zoey would make up a story about having sex with another woman, especially in front of Lindsey. I guess I haven’t talked a lot about Lindsey because there wasn’t a lot to say about her until now. She was my roommate and she lived about three hours away from campus so she could go home more often than I could. She worked a work study job at the Financial Aid Center between classes so she was usually gone until after five most weekdays. She had a boyfriend back home and they apparently had a lot of sex because she wasn’t shy talking about her boyfriend and his big dick and all the sexy things they did, so I knew she wasn’t a prude or anything. We were good enough friends that I had told her about having sex with Eric last Thursday but we weren’t good enough friends that I would tell her about my afternoon with Eric and Terrance.

Lindsey had dark brown hair that was almost black and it was really thick. She kept it at shoulder length and on humid days the tips would curl up, but I think I said that part already. She had brown eyes, was a bit taller than Zoey because almost everyone is taller than Zoey. I always thought Lindsey was pretty, maybe not as pretty as Zoey because Zoey was really cute in that cheerleader sort of way, but Lindsey was pretty, too. She was funny and could be really sarcastic at times in a funny way but she was really nice, too. We ate breakfast together almost every school day and hanging out with her on the weekends when she stayed on campus didn’t suck. It wasn’t like we were besties, but I think we both liked each other and I think we did a good job at respecting each other’s space in the room.

It was our third week of school though I guess we had been together longer than that because incoming freshmen were supposed to get to campus early and do orientations and stuff. College still felt new and exciting but that initial nervousness of being away from home and being in a dorm room had mostly faded.

After Zoey’s “confession” there was a quiet pause in the room. I didn’t know what to say and I was afraid of saying the wrong thing so I stayed quiet and looked at Lindsey to see her reaction. Lindsey had bought into all of Zoey’s story and was first to end the silent hush in the room. “Was that the first time you had done anything with another girl?” she asked, her voice was soft and gentle and her hand was still on Zoey’s back.

“I might have kissed a girlfriend or two at a party or something,” Zoey said. “What about you?”

Lindsey looked up at me before saying anything. “I might have done a little something,” she said.

“What about you?” Zoey asked me and I was put on the spot again. I wasn’t sure how to answer the question and I struggled with my mind spinning around telling something close to the truth and coming up with a believable lie. Unfortunately, I wasn’t as good at thinking up lies as Zoey but I did know how to deflect a question. I started laughing.

“Is this really a good conversation for us to be having with that toy sitting there and . . .?” I glanced at where I had shoved Zoey’s big toy.

“What do you mean?” Lindsey asked and Zoey was quick to answer for me.

“I think Katie’s getting excited,” she said. She was half-right except I wasn’t “getting excited,” I was already excited and still wrestling with it. Zoey giggled.

“Maybe I’m excited because I like seeing Lindsey’s toy,” I said trying to defend myself.

“Would you like to hold it?” Lindsey asked with a sly grin on her face. I wasn’t sure if she was picking on me or being serious until she pulled it off her desk and held it out to me. I wasn’t sure what I was supposed to do, so I took it. If nothing else it had changed the direction of the conversation.

“It’s really heavy,” I said surprised with its heft. I tried to wrap my fingers around it and I wasn’t able to touch my thumb to my fingers because it was too fat. I can’t remember which surprised me the most that Lindsey even owned a toy like or that she would use a big toy like that. “Do you really . . .?” I asked, ending the question without finishing it.

“Sometimes,” Lindsey admitted with a faint blush returning to her cheeks.

“When?” I asked because I didn’t think she had much time alone in the room. Like I said, we ate breakfast together and then she worked until after five and most nights we were both in the room together and I think I would have noticed her using a big toy like that.

“Thursday,” she said and we both laughed because we knew what I was doing on Thursday. Zoey didn’t know about Eric and couldn’t pick up the reference.

“Is that like an every Thursday date?” she asked.

“No, just this last Thursday,” Lindsey explained. “Katie was gone for a while and I had some time and I knew I was going to go home on Friday to see my boyfriend and . . . you know, I got horny.”

“Tell me your boyfriend is this big,” I said still studying the toy. I had grown up in a small town that didn’t have any place where I could buy something like this. I knew vibrators and dildos and things like this existed but I had never seen one in real life much less hold one! I wasn’t even sure where someone would buy something like that. It wasn’t helping matters that Lindsey had just admitted this toy had been inside her pussy.

“Not even close,” Lindsey laughed. “He’s big, but not that kind of big.”

“Yours is big, too,” Zoey said reaching beneath my pillows. She pulled out the vibrator that really belonged to her and passed it to Lindsey.

We were quiet while Lindsey studied the toy. She played with the knob on the bottom, turning it on and holding the tip of it while it vibrated. “That’s really intense,” she said, turning off the toy and passing it back to Zoey who tried handing it to me.

“Keep it,” I said. “You said you wanted to borrow it.” That, of course, was a lie and about as good as I could do on the spot. It didn’t even match Zoey’s lie about it.

“No, you offered to loan it to me,” Zoey corrected. “And I don’t need it because maybe I have one of my own.”

“No way!” I said. That was news to me.

“Well this is unfair,” Lindsey said. “We’re showing off ours, let’s see yours.” Zoey said she’d have to go get it and Lindsey said we’d wait. Zoey used the bathroom pass-thru to get to her room. While she was gone I asked Lindsey if she believed Zoey’s story about shoplifting the video and getting caught. “Why would she make up something like that?” From where she sat, it good reasoning and I didn’t burst her bubble. “Did you really offer your toy to Zoey?”

I hated being put on the spot about a lie I didn’t invent. “I didn’t know what to say after she found it,” I said and I smiled, hoping she bought it. Zoey had left the toy sitting on my desk chair before leaving the room. Lindsey picked it back up. “You could borrow it if you want.”

“Do you have another date tonight?” she asked with a hopeful smile.

“No,” I said wishing I had lied and giving a different answer. Zoey wasn’t back yet and a new thought came to me. “Zoey and me were going to get dinner, though,” I suggested.

“I don’t know,” Lindsey said, turning on the toy and feeling buzzing against her hand again. “Wouldn’t that be weird knowing what I was doing?”

“Like you said: almost everyone does it sometimes, don’t they?” I said. Lindsey and I were still laughing when Zoey came back into the room.

“Mine isn’t big like yours,” she said, digging in her pocket and pulling out a slender vibrator that was about as fat as an electric toothbrush only it had sort of tapered shape to it and was covered in some kind of latex or rubber or something.

“It’s so cute!” Lindsey said, setting aside the big vibrator to hold Zoey’s small one. She turned it on and tested it inside her fist before passing it me. I did the same thing with it before passing it back to Zoey and standing.

“So, are you ready to get some dinner?” I asked. Zoey looked surprised.

“Are you coming with us?” she asked Lindsey.

“I’m not really hungry,” she said, glancing at me for help.

“Well, I am,” I said, leading the way towards the door. “You coming?”

“Yeah, okay,” Lindsey said, shoving her small vibe into her pocket and following. She waited until we were in the hallway before she called me it. “What are you doing? I think something could have happened!”

“Something IS happening,” I said and I told her about the deal I had worked out with giving Lindsey some privacy.

“But I wanted to see her do it,” Zoey pouted. Her fake pout didn’t even last to the front doors of our dorm.

“Why did you have to tell Lindsey I got caught playing with myself at camp? I’ve never even been to camp.”

“I don’t know, it was the best I could come up with.”

“And even if I did, I don’t think I would have been playing with my butt.”

“Come on, you know you like it,” Zoey teased.

Weekdays are busier in the cafeteria than weekends and especially busier than Sundays. There were two cashiers working the end of the line but we still waited for Sam’s line. Her big smile looked as if it was going to split her face in half. Zoey went first and I didn’t hear what they said to each other. When I stepped up, Sam said, “Your roommate is really hot.” I assumed she forgot Zoey and I weren’t roommates and I corrected her. “No, I mean your roommate from this morning,” Sam insisted. “She’s yummy.”

Zoey and I did what we could to sit away from other people so we could talk. “Do you think Lindsey is really using my toy?” she asked.

“You mean MY toy,” I corrected, smiling. I nodded. “Probably. I can’t believe you told her the story you did. That was all made up, wasn’t it?”

“Every word of it but I wanted to see if she would get grossed out by it. You did hear what she said about messing around with her girlfriends, right?” I nodded. I hadn’t missed that though I wasn’t sure how much importance to put on it. Zoey wasn’t shy about assigning importance to it. “I think she goes both ways.”

“And I think Sam has a thing for her,” I said wanting to be sure I shared that little conversation with Zoey.

“Sam told me she thought Lindsey was checking her out.” I wasn’t sure what to make of that. Maybe it was true? I didn’t know because everything felt like it was happening so fast that I wasn’t sure which end was up anymore. In a week’s time I had gone from barely thinking about having sex with another woman to having sex with two different women (and two guys just to keep it real). It didn’t help matters that I was still horny from Zoey’s story, from spending the day thinking about what was happening in my room, thinking about what was going on in my room while Zoey and I ate, being with Eric and Terrance and then seeing Lindsey’s big dildo. It was a lot of stimulation for a young, already prone to being horny woman to take! “Maybe we should introduce them.”

“You’re kidding, right?” I asked.

“Not really,” Zoey said, eating like a pig. “Hurry up and lets go back to your room, maybe we can catch Lindsey still at it.”

“I can’t believe how big her toy was!” I said, hoping to deflect and redirect.

“You want to ride it, don’t you?”

“Don’t you?” I asked, wondering how Zoey could own such a big toy and not wonder about how Lindsey’s toy might feel, too.

“I want to see you ride it,” Zoey said. “In front of me and Lindsey.”

“Stop it,” I giggled, squirming in my chair. That thought had already occurred to me, too.

“Want to borrow my toy?” she offered, reaching beneath the table and I was afraid she was going to hand it to me right there in the cafeteria. “You could stick in your pants and turn it on.”

“No,” I said, rolling my eyes. “I want to go back to my room.”

“Then let’s go,” Zoey said, taking one last bite of her dinner.

“We can’t just barge in,” I said as we entered the dorm. Zoey said we could but I wasn’t going to do that. Standing in front of my door, I knocked and waited a moment before I opened the door just a bit. “Okay to come inside?” I called out.

“Just a second,” Lindsey sang out. Zoey, being a jerk, pushed the door out of my hand and swung it all the way open. If she was hoping for a show, she was disappointed because Lindsey was wearing a t-shirt and panties like she did when she went to bed. She was standing at the sink next to the bathroom door and washing off Zoey’s toy. She wore a big smile on her face as she dried and handed it to me. “That is fun!”

“Now you need to let Katie borrow yours,” Zoey said with a giggle from behind me.

“You can if you want to,” Lindsey said as she headed back into the room, clearing the hallway for Zoey and me. She scooped her pants off the floor and started putting them on. “I can go get a salad or something.”

“And miss the show?” Zoey asked, surprising both Lindsey and me. Lindsey had pulled her pants up as far as her thighs, stopped and looked at me as if I knew something.

“What are you talking about?” I asked Zoey.

“I’m just saying, isn’t it silly that we’re being all careful and respectful and shit? I mean, we all do it, right?” I noticed Lindsey sat still with her pants stuck halfway up her thighs and she wasn’t making an effort to move her pants up or down. “I think we should do it together.”

“Like in front of each other?” Lindsey asked.

“I will if you will,” Zoey said, sitting down on my desk chair again and pulling out her tiny vibe. She turned it one and pressed it against the seam of her jeans. She shivered, pulled it away and smiled at us. “Tell me you don’t want to do it.”

“I just got done doing it,” Lindsey said.

“So?” Zoey said, her smile growing bigger. Lindsey smiled too and I had a feeling this was really going to happen. Lindsey’s toy was still on my bed where I left it when Zoey and I left for dinner. Zoey picked up. “Except I want to use this one,” she said which I thought was sort of bratty because she knew that was the one I wanted to use the most.

“But I wanted to use that one,” I complained.

“Maybe Zoey will let you use it on her,” Lindsey said and I wasn’t sure if she was kidding or being serious.

“We could take turns with it, can’t we?” Zoey asked moving from the chair to my bed. She was rubbing the long, fat shaft of the dildo as if it was a cock she was stroking. She even put it up to her mouth and licked it.

“You know where that’s been, right?” Lindsey giggled.

“Uh-huh,” Zoey said before opening her mouth wide and tried sucking on it. It was too big for her mouth but she did manage to get the head inside her mouth. Her forwardness temporarily silenced Lindsey and me. “Come on, Katie, don’t be a prude,” she said grabbing my hand and pulling me on the bed. “You can go first if you want.”

“We’re not really going to do this, are we?” I asked. I was willing to do it. Hell, I was ready to do it, except I didn’t want to look overly eager. As much as I wanted something good to happen, I didn’t want things to become funny between Lindsey and me because even after Zoey left, Lindsey was still going to be my roommate.

“Sure we are,” Zoey insisted. “Lindsey is already getting naked.” Zoey began working the front of her jeans, too.

“Maybe I should give the two of you some time alone,” I suggested. Zoey was half right about Lindsey. While she wasn’t getting undressed, she wasn’t getting dressed, either, but did that mean she was willing to do this?

“Either all three of us do it or none of us do it,” Lindsey said while Zoey took off her jeans.

“And we have to get all the way naked, too,” Zoey said, pulling off her shirt and reaching behind her back to undo her bra. Before I had my first piece of clothing off, Zoey was down to just her panties. Across from us, Lindsey had pulled off her pants. She wore a disbelieving smile as she looked from Zoey to me. Zoey saw I was still wearing clothes. She grabbed shirt and pulled it over my head. “Come on, you know you want to do this as much as we do,” she giggled. As I worked the front of my pants, Zoey grabbed Lindsey by the hand, pulled her to her feet and dragged her across the room. “And you need to sit over here with the rest of us.” Lindsey laughed and started pulling of t-shirt. While her arms were up in the air, Zoey pulled off her panties.

“Hey!” Lindsey squealed but she was laughing, too. She pulled down Zoey panties, too and they were both naked. I scrambled out of my clothes without any more help.

Lindsey wound up sitting in between Zoey and I. The sex toys were passed around. “I’ll use this one,” Lindsey volunteered, holding Zoey’s small vibrator. She turned it on and held it, waiting for Zoey and I to do something.

Both the other toys were next to Zoey but before she passed them out, she looked at Lindsey and said, “Wait a second. You said you had three toys.”

“Two,” Lindsey corrected. “The third one was a bachelorette party gift.”

“Okay, so where’s the other one?”

“In my drawer,” she said with a funny look on her face as if she was hiding something. “It’s small, I don’t think anyone wants one that small.”

“I still want to see it,” Zoey said, jumping off the bed and heading towards the desk drawer where Lindsey had kept Kong. Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed Lindsey was blushing deep red. Her face was much redder than earlier. “Something you forgot to tell us?” Zoey asked as she picked up the toy I couldn’t see until she turned around and I saw the bright red butt plug.

Okay, I have to be honest because the truth is that when I first saw it I was a little confused by it. Like I said, I grew up in a small town where you couldn’t buy any kind of toys like these and even though I had seen like an “Adam and Eve” catalog it still took me a moment to realize what it was that Zoey was holding up.

“Someone likes it up the butt,” Zoey sang as if she had found a secret prize. I was shocked. I would have never guessed Lindsey would have a toy like that though I don’t think I would have guessed she would have had a toy like Kong either so what did I know, you know? “Oh and look at this,” Zoey said bending over and reaching inside the drawer again. She pulled out a tube of KY jelly. “Lube!” I looked at my red-faced roommate and saw she was speechless. I wanted to think of something to say to help her out except my mind was a blank. Zoey didn’t have the same problem. “I think you should use this, too,” she said, carrying over the toy and lube.

“I’m good with just this,” Lindsey said in a very quiet voice.

“But this will make it better, wouldn’t it?” Zoey said bullying forward. She uncapped the lube and squeezed a dab on the tapered tip of the toy. Without asking, she reached between Lindsey’s legs and pressed the toy against her and I watched as the toy vanished inside of Lindsey and Zoey’s hand moved closer to Lindsey’s butt.

“I can’t believe you just did that,” Lindsey said in that same soft, quiet voice.

Zoey kissed Lindsey on the cheek and whispered in her ear, but her whispered was loud enough for me to hear, too. “You’re not the only one who likes it up the butt.” I was beginning to feel very plain and vanilla. For whatever reason, Zoey turned out to be the keeper of the toys. She had both her big vibrator and Lindsey’s big dildo named “Kong.” She held them up, holding her vibrator across Lindsey. “Is it okay if I use Kong first?”

“Sure,” I said, keeping my answers as short and to the point as possible. I looked across Lindsey at Zoey though I think I was spending more time looking at Lindsey. I had seen her topless before so seeing her perky tits wasn’t anything new. Lindsey had nice tits that fit her frame really well. Her nipples looked hard and lickable. She had faint tans line from her bikini from a summer of being outside. Like me, Lindsey kept her pubic hair shaved into a landing strip. Her landing strip was wider than mine and her pubic hair looked longer because you still see the curls to it.

“You’re insane,” she told Zoey and squirmed. She was still holding the skinny vibrator but she hadn’t done anymore with it yet. I guess it took Zoey to get things started. I watched as Zoey rubbed the big, fat head of Kong between her tanned pussy lips, positioned it and started pushing it inside.

“Oh fuck that’s big,” she moaned.

Not wanting Zoey to be the only doing anything and I guess because I was really excited, too, I went next. I turned on the big vibrator and pressed it against aching clit. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Lindsey watching me do it before she put the tiny vibe between her lips, too. “Oh fuck,” I said already feeling my orgasm boiling up inside of me. I knew I was excited and horny but I didn’t know I was going to be on a hair trigger like that. That buzzing toy, seeing Lindsey naked, just everything that was happening all at the same, it was too much for me. I had just gotten started when I my orgasm started, too. “Oh fuck!” I called out once more and came first. My throbbing clitoris couldn’t take the insistent buzz of the toy for a second longer so I moved it down and farther and put it inside my sopping wet pussy. It was still buzzing and the buzzing emanating from inside of me felt divine!

“Oh! Oh! Oh!” I heard Lindsey cooing next to me in a sexy little voice I hadn’t heard before. It took a moment to realize she was coming, too. Her head was turned and she was watching Zoey wrangling Kong in and out of her pussy. Seeing Lindsey’s chest heaving up and down and her delicious looking pink nipples looked so hard, it was too much for me. I put my hand on her chest, cupping her firm, perky tit and capturing her hard nipple between my fingers. She turned to me and smiled. “Can I do that to you?” I nodded and her fingers found my closest nipple. “They’re so big,” she said which wasn’t surprising because I hear that some much, but it was what she said next that surprised. “I’ve wanted to touch these for so long.”

“You can do more than touch them if you want,” I said and I was hoping she would. I had the big vibrator inside my pussy but its buzzing was enough to make me want to have another orgasm. Holding Lindsey’s perky tit was pushing me closer. Feeling Lindsey playing with my nipple brought my orgasm closer still. I knew, if she would lick my nipple, suck on it for just a moment, and that would be enough for me to come again without even touching my aching clitoris. She gave my suggestion a surprised blink of her pretty brown eyes and looked deeply in to my eyes for a moment before a tiny smile grew on her face. She leaned over and started sucking on my nipple. That was all it took for me. I came again and it was my first orgasm without me or someone playing with my clitoris and it was incredible! Even better was the view I had of Zoey fucking that big toy and the frustrated look on her face as she watched what Lindsey was doing to her. I could tell Zoey was a little bit jealous but I guess it was in a good way because I could tell Zoey was having an orgasm, too.

“Hey you two,” Zoey said. “Can I play, too?”

Her words sort of broke the spell because Lindsey quickly sat back up again. She looked embarrassed again. “Have you seen her nipples?” she said as if that explained everything.

“Oh wow,” Zoey said, acting as if she hadn’t noticed them before. “Can I suck them, too?”

“Sure,” I giggled because it was such a stupid thing for Zoey to say. How many times had she sucked, licked, bit and played with my nipples already?

Zoey leaned across Lindsey to touch me. As she sucked on my hard nipple I glanced down and saw Lindsey had positioned her hand so Zoey’s tit was inside of it. I was a bit confused when Zoey handed me Kong because I was still riding Zoey’s big vibrator until I saw why Zoey wanted her hand free. Zoey kept her lips around my nipple and used her outside hand to rub Lindsey’s pussy.

“Careful,” Lindsey said. “You might make me want something I shouldn’t.”

Zoey ignored Lindsey’s suggestion and kept going for another couple of moments before she pulled away, looked at Lindsey’s chest and said something like, “Your turn!” She moved her mouth from my chest to Lindsey’s chest and I noticed her hand never left Lindsey’s pussy.

“Oh!” Lindsey cried out as if she had just encountered an unexpected bump in the road that jarred her. “Oh! Oh! Oh!” she repeated and she came again. “Oh wow,” she finished. “You’re a very naughty girl,” she scolded though she was smiling.

“Says the girl with the butt plug up her ass,” Zoey giggled. The two women were staring at each for a long moment. I saw their eager eyes locked together as they stared each other done before Zoey pressed in and kissed Lindsey.

The vibrating toy had become too much after my last orgasm. I had pulled it out of my pussy, turned it off and it was sitting next to me when Zoey had handed me Kong. As eager as I was to see how Kong felt, I was distracted by the kissing going on next to me and the sensation of something still vibrating. It took me a moment to realize Lindsey had dropped Zoey’s smaller vibrator in between us and it was still vibrating. I found it and turned it off.

I watched Zoey kissing Lindsey and petting her pussy. Their kissing was getting more intense when Zoey began kissing down Lindsey’s neck and went back to licking her nipples. I remember thinking there was something about the way Zoey kissed her way down to Lindsey’s breasts that made me think more was going to happen. A couple moments later, Zoey’s head moved lower and she wasn’t kissing Lindsey’s tits, she was kissing Lindsey’s stomach sliding off the bed.

“Where are you going?” Lindsey asked in that tiny, quiet voice she had used earlier.

“I want to eat your pussy,” Zoey reported.

“No. Don’t,” Lindsey said, though she didn’t move to stop the trek of the pretty blonde girl’s lips.

“I just want to taste you,” Zoey said as if that was all she was going to do, taste Lindsey’s pussy and immediately stop.

Lindsey looked at me. I smiled and nodded that she should let it happen. “Okay,” Lindsey cooed in that small voice of hers as if she didn’t have a will of her own. As Zoey moved between her legs, Lindsey bowed her head and sucked my nipple again. I held her head against me, enjoying the sensation of her eager mouth sucking and nibbling on my long, hard nipple. Over her head, I could see Zoey on the floor between Lindsey’s legs and I watched as Zoey pressed her mouth against Lindsey’s pussy. As had happened with Sam, I saw the delight in Zoey’s pretty blue eyes. I squirmed and picked up Kong. I guess Lindsey was paying attention, too, because she helped guide Kong into my pussy. Once the big toy was planted inside my pussy, her fingers remained behind, rubbing and stroking my clit while she nursed on my chest.

That big toy felt wonderful inside my pussy! I felt my pussy opening as it filled me. It was the first time I had felt so full and it was wonderful! I kept working the toy in and out, moving it slowly so I could savor the unique sensation of it working inside of me. Lindsey’s fingers felt good on my clit and her mouth around my nipples felt even better. I guess I closed my eyes because I can remember opening them when I heard Lindsey making a “Mm, Mm, Mm!” sound around my nipple. It occurred to me the reason for that sound, Zoey was giving her another orgasm.

Zoey stood up, leaned over Lindsey and kissed me. That was the first time I tasted Lindsey, from Zoey’s lips, and her lips tasted as good as I felt.

“Do I taste good?” Lindsey asked me, noticing the kiss.

“Yes,” I said and then Lindsey and I kissed, too.

“One of us should probably do her,” Lindsey said.

“I will if you don’t want to,” I said.

“Maybe we could, I mean, if it’s okay, could I do you?”

“Yes,” I said and kissed her again.

There was some adjusting going on while we moved around. Zoey leaned against the head of my bed. I sat more in the middle of the bed and leaned over to go down on her. Lindsey moved to the floor with her toy. As I ate Zoey, Lindsey put her big toy back inside of me and covered my clit with her tongue while she fucked me with Kong. I came really hard and felt satisfied, but Zoey wasn’t done controlling the situation.

“Now you need to do Lindsey,” Zoey said.

“Why?” Lindsey asked, voicing my question before I could.

“So you’re even,” Zoey said as if we were dividing up a box of candy.

“You don’t have to,” Lindsey said, moving back to my bed and sitting at the foot of it.

“Maybe I want to,” I said and I moved to floor because that was a good spot for eating pussy. I knelt on the floor, glad that we had carpeting and I pressed my mouth against Lindsey’s pussy. As I began licking her pussy I was reminded of the toy inside her butt. I like to use my fingers when I’m eating pussy. I like touching the girl and spreading her lips apart and really focusing on her clit. I like fingering her and feeling how hot and wet she is getting. As I slid my fingers over and around Lindsey’s pussy until I had two fingers inside her pussy and found my thumb against the flat flange of the butt plug in her ass. I started wiggling that toy and was rewarded with another well-paced round of Lindsey’s passionate orgasm chant.

“That was so hot!” Zoey squealed. She pulled me back to the bed and three of us kissed each other. I kissed Zoey, then Zoey kissed Lindsey, and then Lindsey kissed me; that sort of thing. Zoey’s bubbly, cheerleader-like enthusiasm was contagious and we started giggling and then laughing between our kisses.

Lindsey got up and excused herself for the bathroom. She took a towel with her and a few moments later we heard the shower starting up. Zoey and I cuddled on my bed, touching each other and nuzzling without saying anything for a long while. Zoey was the first to break the silence. “I’m sorry I lied about you and camp,” she said.

“It’s okay,” I said, giving her a kiss so she would know I meant it. “It worked out okay.”

“Yeah it did,” Zoey grinned. “Do you that was just a one-time thing?”

“I don’t know.”

“I hope not. We should stay naked until she gets down with her shower.”

“Okay,” I said.

“Or maybe we should get dressed?”

I laughed, I didn’t know. “You got us into this, you make the call.”

“Maybe you should stay naked and wait for her while I get dressed and go home.” It took me a moment to remember she could get into her room by going out the front door.

“Do I have to stay naked?”

“So she knows you want to be naked around her, I don’t know. Pretend that you’re waiting for your turn in the shower or something,” Zoey said. She was up and pulling on her clothes. “Maybe you’ll get lucky again.”

“Maybe,” I said, still unsure about her idea. I felt as if Zoey had set-up Lindsey and I and now she was bailing on us but I couldn’t think of a way to stop her so I let it happen. She shoved her small vibe into her pocket, kissed me once more and left me sitting naked on my bed with two big toys. I wasn’t sure what to do, so I picked up the toys, carried them to the sink and washed them off. I dried them with one of my hand towels, wondering if Zoey planned on letting me keep the big toy. I really hated lying because it’s too much to remember later. I put Lindsey’s toy and her tube of lube on her desk next to her big computer monitor. Unsure what to do with the other toy, I left it in the middle of my bed while I fixed my wall of pillows and picked up my clothes. I had just sat down on my bed when Lindsey came out of the shower with her towel wrapped around her.

“Where’s Zoey?” she asked.

“She went home,” I said watching as Lindsey hung up her towel and stayed naked. She moved to her desk, palming her butt plug toy. She saw her lube and Kong. “I washed Kong for you.”

“Thanks,” she said, pulling open her bottom drawer. “It feels sort of funny not needing to hide him from you anymore. Should I leave him out?”

“Do you want to?”

“I mean, I can put him away and if you want to use him, you know where he lives.”

“What if we left both of our toys out?” I asked, giggling because it felt like such a naughty suggestion.

“Oh wow, that would be so crazy!” she said, giggling with me. She put Kong back on her desk. “Should leave out his little buddy, too?”

“Yes,” I said without hesitation as an even better idea came to me. Our desks were at the foot of our beds. Next to our beds we each had a nightstand and in between our nightstands was a small refrigerator. I put Zoey’s toy on top of the refrigerator where it looked like a rocket waiting for a countdown. Lindsey giggled and carried over her two toys, setting them up side by side with the big vibrator. We stood side-by-side, both of us naked and admired our tableau. “I like it,” I announced.

“Me too,” she said and surprised me with a kiss on my cheek. “You’re really pretty.”

“I’m plain,” I said because that’s what I always said when someone tells me I’m pretty.

“I really like your nipples,” she said, staring at my chest. “Every time you would change your bra or take off your shirt I would look at them.”

“My tits are kind of small thought, don’t you think?” I asked, holding them and letting them go.

“I think they’re perfect,” Lindsey said before rubbing her hand across my chest.

“I think yours are,” I said and rubbed her chest, too. We stayed like that for a long moment, caressing each other and not saying a word. I was ready for more to happen but I didn’t want to push it. That was when Lindsey looked at a clock.

“Is it okay if we save this for later? I really am hungry.”

“Sure, go for it,” I said, pulling away. “I need a shower anyway.”

“Cool,” Lindsey said. She gave me another unexpected kiss before getting dressed again. With nothing better to do, I took a shower and got dressed. I was sitting at my computer when Lindsey came back from dinner and until it was bedtime, nothing seemed to change between the two of us. We chatted to each other. We both chatted online to our friends. Neither one of us said anything about what had happened that afternoon and I was beginning to think neither one of us would. I wasn’t going to bring it up.

Lindsey waited until we were getting ready for bed before she mentioned “Ginger,” aka Sam. “You know that redhead girl who works in the cafeteria?” she asked as she changed into panties and an oversize t-shirt like she always wore to bed.

“Mm-hmm,” I said because I was brushing my teeth. I had an electric toothbrush and feeling it vibrating in my hand made me think of other things that vibrated. I was already in a t-shirt, panties and no bra.

“She didn’t charge me for dinner again tonight.”

“That’s nice of her,” I said, remaining noncommittal.

“Sometimes I think she’s checking me out and I don’t mean, charging me for food, you know?” she said. I laughed. “Do you think she’s cute?”

“Oh yeah,” I said, unsure what else I could say. I couldn’t tell Lindsey how I loaned out our dorm room to Sam and Zoey, could I? Shit, I hate lying. I decided silence was the best policy and kept my answers short and to the point.

“Me too,” Lindsey said before turning off the overhead light and turning on her bedside lamp. “Every time I see those toys sitting there, it makes me sort of jump.”

“Did your mom really find your toys?”

“Oh yeah she did and she wasn’t very happy. Mom is really uptight. She would freak out if she ever knew I had kissed a girl.”

“We did more than kiss,” I pointed out, giggling.

“Stop it or I’m going to get horny again.”

“You can use . . . my toy if you want,” I said, nearly saying “You can use Zoey’s toy.”

“Are you going to . . . you know, play, too?”

“I will if you will,” I said.

“Is it okay if we do it in the dark?”

“Sure,” I said, wiggling out of my panties.

I hadn’t turned on my bedside lamp so when Lindsey turned off hers our room was as dark as it got. There was a lamp lighting the quad near our window, so even with the blinds closed our room had a glow. As I laid in the dark rubbing my pussy, I heard Zoey’s toy beginning to buzz and that was enough to start the flood between my legs. I used Kong, keeping him all to myself and loved every fat inch of him. I also held back on my orgasm until I heard Lindsey’s telltale chant, “Oh! Oh! Oh!” I smiled, put Kong back on top of the refrigerator and went to sleep with a happy smile on my face. Life was becoming very interesting.

In the morning everything felt pretty normal with Lindsey and I was relived. We did our morning routine and went to breakfast together. We didn’t see Sam working the cashier station and guessed it was her day off. After breakfast, we went our separate ways. I went back to my usual routine of studying between classes instead of going back to my room. I did check my copy of Zoey’s schedule and saw she had an afternoon lab on Wednesdays, so when I went back to the room I was alone. I’m one of those girls who likes to be alone sometimes and not just so I can walk around naked and masturbate, though I like to do that, too. With all the sex I had in the last few days, I actually didn’t feel that horny. Seeing the toys sitting on top of the refrigerator did give me a bit of a tingle, but I ignored it and read for a while. I left the bathroom door open as an invitation for Zoey and because Beth said leaving the door open made our rooms more energy efficient.

It was around four o’clock when Zoey knocked on the open bathroom door and came into my room. She immediately noticed the toys sitting on the refrigerator. “Well, that’s quite the display,” she said, smiling and sitting next to me on my bed turned couch. I put down my book, we kissed and talked about yesterday. We didn’t make out or anything, we just kissed that one time. I told Zoey how Lindsey had asked about Sam and what I said, including how I had met Sam over the weekend at a party.

“I just don’t like the lying,” I told her.

“Do you want to tell her everything?”

“I don’t know,” I said, uncomfortable with that idea, too. Like I said before, that’ s the problem with lying, it can get complicated really fast. We talked in circles around the issue for a little bit longer before Lindsey came home. She swept into the room with a big smile on her face.

“So, did I miss the show or have two been good girls?” she asked.

“We’ve been good,” I laughed. “Promise.”

“Katie told me how the two of you played your toys last night,” Zoey blurted out. I slapped her arm for that, not hard, but I was pissed. “What? You said you didn’t want there to be any secrets between us.” I sighed. That wasn’t quite what I had said. I had said I didn’t like the lies but there wasn’t a good way to explain that.

“I think someone is jealous because Katie has a cooler roommate than you do,” Lindsey said, picking my side.

“Beth is cool,” Zoey insisted. “In a weird, Earth-loving, hippie kind of way.”

“I’m sure she’s very nice,” Lindsey said and I giggled because I’m pretty sure she meant that sarcastically. Lindsey was in the Department of Education and sometimes had a way of talking where it sounded as if she was talking to a group of preschoolers.

“I’ll let her know you like her,” Zoey said.

“Please do,” Lindsey said in that same, dismissive and condescending tone. “Who’s hungry?”

“I am,” I said, glad for the topic change.

“Is Beth home? You want to invite her, too?” Lindsey asked.

“I think she’s with her tree-hugging lesbian friends planning another rally or protest or something,” Zoey said.

“Hey, after last night, we do we need to start hugging trees, too?” Lindsey asked. We laughed and went to the cafeteria. On the way back to the dorm after dinner, Lindsey asked when Zoey and I became such good friends. “It’s as if I went out of town for one weekend and when I come back, the two of you are besties or something.”

Thanks to Gunter99 and Flyingsnare for editing, proof reading, and making sure the story made sense. Hopefully we caught all the errors.


(This will be a multi chapter series)

“Jim wake up.” I heard the words whispered in my ear. I felt kisses down my jawline. “Baby wake up.” I heard again as a delicate touch ran over my chest. I felt my bed compress and then a person plop down on my bed. I opened my eyes and my girlfriend was right there in front of me. Her blue eyes stared at me longingly and her perfect white teeth displayed a smile from ear to ear. “Good morning sweetie,” Taylor said to me.

“Hi,” I said, smiling. “I wish that I could wake up with you every day.”

“Three more months and we will be living alone.”

“Then every morning will be a good morning,” I said as I sat up, straddling her in only my underwear before leaning down and kissing her neck while I ran my hands up and down her side causing her to laugh and squirm underneath me.

“What are you two up to?”

I looked over to my door where my Aunt Katie was standing.

“Hey Katie, Taylor just woke me up,” I said.

Taylor was shielded by me, but when she realized who was at the door, she moved out from under me.

“Katie, it’s been so long,” she said as they ran into a hug. Then they scurried off down the hall talking like they were in high school girls.

It was another family get together. My mom tried to be the head of her side of the family since she was the oldest and her dad passed away many years ago. She organized every family event from Christmas to random family gatherings throughout the year.

It was always the same people, her younger brother along with his wife and kids, her youngest brother and her sister, the youngest sibling, along with her husband. My two grandmas were always there as well, one was my mom’s mom and the other was my grandpa’s second wife. It would probably be an awkward situation for most families, but for us it was a regular family event.

My aunt was only 7 years older than me because of the gap after my grandpa remarried. Because of that, she was always close to her nephews and her nieces. She was more like an older sister than an aunt.

This particular day was special because we had a new pool. This was the first family gathering with our pool. The family always comes over for the entire day and we play board games, kick ball, basketball, and anything else you could think of; and having a pool created a new realm of activities for us.

I rolled over; my clock said it was only 10:30. I stood up and went into my closet for my swimming trunks.

I was stepping out of the closet when Taylor walked into the room.

“Sorry I had to wake you up baby,” she said as she leaned in for a kiss. “I really thought we were in trouble when Katie came in.”

“Yeah, that scared me until I recognized her voice. What time did you get here?”

“Well you told me 10 o’clock so I got here at 10 o’clock and had to listen to your grandma talk for thirty minutes until your mom suggested I wake you up.”

“Sorry about that,” I said as she shut the door. “Just three more months until it’s all over.”

“Then we will have all the freedom in the world,” Taylor said as I held her int my arms again.

We started dating about a year prior. We knew each other in high school where she was a grade lower than me, but only 5 months younger than I was. We were nothing more than acquaintances throughout our time in classes. But last summer, while getting gas in my truck I saw a hot blonde pull up next to me. I angled myself casually around the pump and saw Taylor. I said hi and we talked for a while, then she invited me to be her date to a wedding. It was more of a “political” date so that she could say she was taken. We ended up staying out all night bouncing from place to place as we kept catching up. From coffee bar to McDonalds and everywhere in between. We laughed, talked and enjoyed each other’s company. One year later we were still together; both of us students at our community college and still living at home.

I opened my mouth wide and really got into the kiss. Her soft lips against mine as her long dainty fingers caressed my bare back. Her natural blonde (and artificially bleached blonde) hair smelled freshly washed. I grabbed one of her long toned legs, pulled it up, and twisted her around. Falling onto my bed, I pulled her tank top off exposing her flat stomach and her bikini clad B cup boobs. Then I pulled her shorts off, over her pink Nikes. I ran my hand over her bikini clad mound and over each nipple through the fabric of her bikini clad breasts. I ground my boxer-covered member against her mound, which hardened me up completely causing my head to poke out the top of my waistband.

Taylor noticed my exposure and said, “We need to take care of that before we go to the pool.”

I let her up and she got onto her knees and started kneading my cock through my boxers. She gave one hard pull on my boxers and I was naked. My cock stood at attention right in front of Taylor’s mouth.

“I like the clean look,” she said motioning towards my shaven pubic area, “I shave down there too!”

I closed my eyes and dreamed of her naked body. We hadn’t had sex yet, just blow jobs for me. We decided to take our time before going all the way, and waiting until we were ready turned into waiting until August. That’s when we would finally be living together.

Suddenly I came back to reality as she shoved the head of my cock into her mouth. She pushed me on the chest and I fell into my armchair. Taylor was tall, maybe 5’10″, but with me at 6’4″, she always had trouble blowing me while I was standing.

In this new position, she started bobbing her head up and down my cock taking my whole eight inches in and touching her lips all the way to my body. She had no gag reflex and great skills.

The warmth of her mouth felt exhilarating; my naked body bare to the cold house air. She held her mouth all the way on me for a moment as her tongue worked its way around my shaft, her hands also searching my body, feeling every inch.

My balls tightened as I neared orgasm. Taylor sensed the impeding situation and sprung unexpectedly into action. She stopped stimulating my cock completely and straddled my body.

Her head came towards mine and I put my hands around her beautiful face. We embraced in a kiss as our tongues wrestled for dominance. I reached around and pulled both of the strings on her bikini top.

Two harmless triangles of pink fabric fell to my body as I stared into the face of the most beautiful woman I had ever seen. I looked down and took in the sight of my first view of naked boobs. She was not “busty”, but her skinny frame held two perfect mounds of flesh about a handful (I have big hands), which as far as I was concerned were the perfect size. Topping them of were two dime sized areolas, barely darker than her lightly tanned skin, with two pencil eraser sized nipples which stood up proudly about a quarter inch.

“What do you think?” Taylor whispered onto my ear.

“I thought that I loved you the first time I saw you, and as I learn more about you I know I love you, but as I see your perfectly flat stomach…” I said as I caressed her abdomen. “And your flawless legs…” I continued, finishing at her thighs and starting towards her shoulders. “And your beautiful arms down to your perfectly painted fingernails…” as I began my path down towards her hands. “And now your perfectly shaped breasts…” as I squeezed her breasts for the first time, running my hands over her nipples, “I know that there is not a good enough word to describe your beauty both inside and out.”

Our passionate moment was put on hold as my words tumbled through her head.

Her deep blue eyes watered up as she said, “I never thought I’d find a perfect boyfriend, but now I think I have.”

We kissed passionately, our bare bodies rubbing against each other.

My hard cock was laying against my stomach directly under Taylor. Now nowhere near orgasm, she began to grind her bikini clad pussy against my hard cock.

As she basically masturbated me with her body I let out an audible, “Ugh,” into Taylor’s mouth as the feeling of an orgasm quickly returned. “I’m close,” I leaked through our lips once again as she continued to rub herself up and down my shaft.

“I’m close too,” she replied as she broke our embrace to use my shoulders as support for her hands as she began to grind quicker.

I could feel my cock partially ease into her pussy lips as they slid over me in this new world of dual pleasure.

Suddenly my door eased open and I saw my aunt’s head popping around the door.

My thoughts were going crazy as my girlfriend continued to try and get us both off while, unknowingly to her, my aunt eased her way onto my bed. As she sat down Taylor’s eyes popped open. She looked over at my aunt, they exchanged knowing smiles, then Tayloe closed her eyes and continued grinding.

My aunt’s hand disappeared down the front of her bikini bottoms as she began to play with herself. Blonde hair, tall, C cup boobs and skinny she wasn’t some old hag of an aunt.

Taylor started to moan loud enough that other people in the house should’ve been able to hear her. Her perfect tits bobbed as her body swayed and stimulated us both.

After my aunt walked in my orgasm faded, but after the roller coaster of pleasure I could feel it coming on hard.

“Here it comes,” I groaned as my orgasm rushed through my cock and started spewing my cum all over my stomach.

During my orgasm Taylor ground extra hard which made her start to orgasm as well. Her whole body started shaking and she moaned out one more time before she collapsed onto my chest.

I wrapped my arms around her and kissed her on the forehead. She leaned up and planted one on my lips. Then she got on her knees again and cleaned off my stomach and cock of all my cum.

“I love you,” I said while staring at her beautiful topless body.

“I love you too,” she said as she looked for her bikini top. .

It was almost like my aunt wasn’t even in the room, but she was. So, I said, “Why are you in here Katie?”

Taylor answered for her saying, “After seeing us in bed she told me that she would be our lookout so that we could have a little privacy.”

Then Katie said, “But when everybody went outside I could hear y’all through the door since the house was so quiet. I couldn’t resist seeing what you two were doing. By the way it was hot!”


The rest of the day went pretty uneventful. Just the normal pool games and talking with Taylor.

At one point I whispered in her ear, “Are you ready for round two?”

She smiled and wrapped her legs around my waist saying, “I wish we could, but it would look bad if we both disappeared for five minutes.”

“You’re right baby,” I said as she started to rub again on my rock hard member with her bikini clad body.

A day at the pool got me really horny. My aunt Katie and Taylor with smoking hot bodies got the blood flowing. Then there was my brother’s girlfriend and her bikini, and to top it all off my cousin had a huge ass and big sexy legs. She just oozed sexuality although still in high school.

Snapping out of my day dream, and into what I thought would only ever happen in day dreams, Taylor was still grinding away at me.

“You’ve got to stop Taylor. I can’t cum in a pool full of family.”

“Jim, I’m so close too.”

“We can’t Taylor,” I said as I unwrapped her legs from around me, “Sorry baby.”

“You owe me Jim.”

“I know.”

I got out of the pool and grabbed a towel to cover my erection. I walked toward the house to go to my bathroom and finish off what Taylor started.

My aunt was in the kitchen as I walked through the house.

As I passed her she said, “Come help me reach something.”

I replied, “One second,” and scurried to my room.

Once I got in my room I dropped my towel and my swimming trunks and got on my bed. I got on my back and started running my fingers around my hard cock as I thought about my day. I saw Taylor topless for the first time, we had our first dual orgasm, I saw my aunt finger herself, my cousins ass, and Taylor grinding me in the pool again. A great day.

My door swung open as my aunt said, “It’s been more than one second.”

Then she recognized what was going on.

“Dammit Katie, what do you need.”

“Why are you doing that right now, Jim?”

“It’s just part of being human,” I shot back sarcastically.

“Did Taylor get you like that?”

“It’s none of your business.”

“This morning made it my business. Do you want me to help you with it?”

“What has gotten into you Katie?”

She shut my door and walked into the room. “Nothing has gotten into me. I helped you and Taylor out this morning by keeping watch because I know what couples like to do. And I know what guys need.” She straddled my legs and licked the entirety of my cock.

She reached back and untied her bikini top. Her two perfect boobs popped out. A little more sag than a 26 year old woman should have, but that somehow made them look even more enticing.

Then she got back to the licking. Around the head and down the underside as she held it up to my stomach. Then on to my balls she used her tongue thoroughly on each one before sucking them one at a time into her mouth.

Next she stood my cock up straight into the air and dropped her mouth on it until she started to gag.

“I’m not sure how Taylor got that whole thing in her mouth,” Katie panted after she pulled her head off of my cock, “Your cock is really big. Have you measured it?”

“Yeah it’s eight inches long,” I answered very annoyed that her mouth was doing anything other than sucking at that moment.

“And the all the way around?”

“Over six inches.”

To my delight she resumed sucking my cock. Surprised I had held out as long as I already had, I felt an orgasm coming on.

Katie’s lips ran my length up and down as her tongue danced inside her mouth on my dick. Then she sucked my head while she ran her hand up and down my shaft which caused my orgasm to start.

All of the sudden I was cumming in my aunts mouth while she swallowed it all. Her beautiful blue eyes staring right at me.

“Thanks Katie.”

“You owe me Jim.”

“I know.”

Then I watched her bikini clad ass exit the room as she retied her bikini top.

…As always, I recommend reading the previous chapters before starting this one…and thank you for reading…

You tease me only briefly with your tongue in my mouth, before you push your self up from me, sliding your cock out of my pussy. Before I have a chance to say anything, you quickly move down between my legs, and immediately lower your mouth onto my pussy. I hear you moaning as you feverishly lick and suck at my wetness. I can just imagine how much there is for you to enjoy, and I just lay still and let you feast upon me for as long as you would like. “Fuck, you taste good Babe,”‘ you say as you continue to lick me up and down.

“Mmmm, I know,” I reply with a giggle. “Wish I could taste it too.”

You look up at me and smile, your moustache and beard coated with my juices. “You can.” I look in to your eyes as you gently suck my clit for a few seconds before you climb above me, your knee between me and the back of the couch, your other foot on the floor. Without touching you with my hands, I lick the underside of your cock all the way from the base to the head, tasting myself on you. My eyes are locked in a stare with yours as I clean your cock of all my juices, delighting in my sweet taste. Mmmmm, I do taste very good. I suck the head of your cock, my teeth gently nipping at the tip, then let it go and I work my way down to your balls. They are so tight and I suck one of them into my mouth, my tongue poking at it, rolling it around. You grab your cock and move it to one side so you can see me licking and sucking your balls, moving back and forth between the two. “Ohhh, that feels good,” you moan.

I smile up at you, and take a hold of your cock with my hand, sucking the head again. “Mmmm, with all my juices off you, I can taste your precum.” I suck the head harder, and it only makes me want more of you.

You move off me, and stand at the edge of the couch, resting your hands on your hips. Looking at your cock, I smile as it twtiches up and down. Without being told what to do, I sit up and turn over, positioning myself with my knees right on the edge of the couch, my hands resting on the back of it. Looking over my shoulder at you, I see you smiling…apparently, you had the same thought I did. You pause for a second and look at my Scorpion tattoo on my left shoulder blade before stepping right up behind me. I feel you rub the head of your cock from my pussy forward to my clit and back again several times, teasing me, wetting the head of your cock with my juices. I arch my back and you position your cock so all you have to do is move forward ever so slightly for your cock to slide into my pussy. As soon as I feel it inside me, I push back onto your cock. You grab my hips and pull me back as you push deep inside me. Little do you know that having you fuck me from behind is my favorite position. I love the strength and power you can exert upon me, the pounding you can give my pussy, and the intensity of my orgasm that you will give me.

Fucking me with long slow strokes, I feel you reach around me, grabbing my tits as they bounce and sway. You roughly pinch my nipples and gradually begin to increase your rhythm as you fuck me. Oh my god, you feel absolutely incredible sliding in and out of me, teasing me, making me shudder all over. Moving one hand downwards, you rub my clit as you fuck me faster and deeper. “Ohhh yeahhh…you feel fucking good,” I say, my voice a little shakey.

You wrap your arm around me, pulling me close to you and drive your cock up inside me harder. I feel the heat of your breath on my neck as you kiss and nibble on me, sending shivers down my spine. I push back to you as much as I can everytime you thrust your cock deep into my soaking wet pussy, squeezing down onto it. You surprise me by pulling me harder to you and spinning us sideways. You unwrap your arm from me, and push my torso downwards, my face almost buried into the seat cushion of the couch. I extend my arms out in front of me, bracing myself against your powerful pounding of my pussy. With my ass up in the air and my legs spread, your balls slap against me while you fuck me relentlessly. You rub your hands over my ass cheeks, and I can hear your breathing getting faster as you pull me back to you. I reach one hand between my legs and my fingertips rub your balls when they slap against me, the palm of my hand rubbing against my clit. I push back against you, my pussy squeezing onto your cock every time you drive it deep into me. “Ohh yeah, MMmmm, fuck me harder.” You respond by pounding into me harder than I ever expected, pushing me down against the couch. It feels soo fucking good and I know that I will be cuming again in no time at all. You slap my ass hard a few times as you fuck me, your cock getting harder, my pussy getting wetter. I squeeze my pussy onto you as I feel my orgasm quickly building deep inside me. My moaning gets louder with every breath that I exhale and my legs begin to tremble. “Ohhhh Baby…you’re gonna make me cummm!”

“Yeah, cum all over my cock, Babe!”

“Mmmmm, yessss,” I moan. I hold my breath and arch my back. You feel my body begin to tense up and dont let up on me. “Ohhh, I’m gonna cummm!” I feel my orgasm quickly move thru me, my legs trembling, my whole body quivering. You hold your cock deep inside me, experiencing my pussy squeezing onto you, pulsating, contracting all around it.

“Ahhh, fuck Babe!” you say as you feel the increased pressure on your cock, seeing my body trembling, my face bright red. You feel your cock swelling and you fuck my pussy hard while I am experiencing the end of my orgasm, your balls tightening up as you feel your own orgasm so close. “Fuck…I’m gonna cum!” You grab my hips and pull me tight against you, your cock swelling and spewing wads of your hot cum deep inside my pussy. I feel your cock throbbing deep inside me, my pussy getting hotter from your cum. Mmmm, it feels soo good. Your hands squeeze my ass while you empty your cum into me. With your head tilted back, you feel my pussy tightening around you again and you moan loudly. You hold your cock deep inside me, giving me every last drop of your cum. You run your hand up and down my back then slowly lean over me, kissing my neck and shoulders. With your cock still hard and still inside me, you pull my legs back and laydown on the couch, pulling me against you. Wrapping your arms around me, you kiss my neck and shoulder again, your large hands cupping my breasts. To my surprise and liking, your cock remains hard even as your cum starts to slowly seep from me. “That felt so good, Babe,” you whisper in between kisses.

“Mmmmm, yes you did…and still do,” I quietly reply. Your fingers gently play with my nipples, making me feel those twinges deep inside me again. I lift my leg and drape it over yours while I move up and down on your cock, still feeling how incredibly hard you are. The more I move up and down on your cock, the more of your cum I feel oozing from me. “If we keep this up, I am gonna be making a mess on your couch,” I say with a giggle looking over my shoulder at you.

“It’s OK…it wouldn’t be the first time,” you reply with a wicked smile.

Trying not to sound surprised at your comment, I respond as casually as I can, “Oh really…” Although my tone of voice is very nonchalant, my body language speaks volumes. My eyes divert away from yours, my body becoming tense.

You kiss my neck and whisper in my ear, “I know what you’re thinking. I didn’t mean this kind of mess from you and me…look around…this is a garage…this couch gets messy.” Hearing your words I immediately relax, and close my eyes as you kiss my neck again. You slowly begin to move your hips back and forth pushing your cock into me again, and feeling how hard you are even after cumming as much as you did, I immediately respond to you moving in rhythm with you. I slide my hand down and gently rub my clit while your cock moves slowly in and out of my pussy, and the way you hold me against you makes me rock back and forth to you faster.

“MMmmmmm, you feel sooo good…you’re still soo hard.”

“Your pussy feels soo tight on my cock.”

“Yeahhhh, oh fuck,” I moan. You slide one hand down and rest it atop mine as I continue to finger my clit, feeling how I pleasure myself…gently stroking it, moving my fingers in a circular motion around the base, occasionally moving further down between my legs and feeling your cock sliding in and out of me, sticky and wet from our cum.

“I love feeling how you play with your clit while I fuck you,” you whisper. “That’s so sexy…so hot!”

I smile at your words, and gently massage my clit a little while longer as you continue to slowly fuck me. Wanting to feel your fingers on my clit, I slip my hand out from underneath yours and caress your arm as you mimick what my hand was doing. I feel you kissing and gently biting my neck and I grind against you. “Oh God, you feel sooo good, Baby,” I moan. You rub my clit faster and harder making my body tremble at the increased pressure. You hear my breathing quicken and feel my body responding to you. You kiss and bite my neck more and I start to move faster up and down on your cock. I squeeze my pussy tightly onto it as my body shudders all over. You pull me tighter against you almost restricting my movement but still move your hips back and forth enough to fuck me hard. You pinch and twist my nipple then I hear you in my ear, “Cum for me Baby…I can tell you’re close.”

Hearing your words makes me hold my breath and hook my arm under my leg, opening myself up to you and allowing you to fuck me harder. “Yeahhhh…ohhh fuck!” As I exhale loudly you sense my orgasm quickly building.

“That’s it…cum all over my cock!” You intensify rubbing my clit and driving your cock deep inside me.

“Ahhhh…yesssss!” I cry out as my orgasm takes over my body. “Ohhhh fuck!” I shake all over, my entire body convulsing uncontrollably. You hold me tight against you, feeling my orgasm, taking in every sensation you are feeling, seeing and hearing. As my orgasm sudsides, I slowly lower my leg and my body relaxes into yours, my breathing slowly returning to normal.

“Damn Babe, that felt good…you came hard,” you whisper to me as you gently kiss my shoulder and neck.

“With the right touch, the right stimulation…” my words trail off as I turn my head and look into your eyes, “…and the right man, yes I do cum very hard.” You smile at me and kiss me, your tongue gently pushing into my mouth. You squeeze me tight again and hold me against you.

“It’s getting late…why dont we go inside?” you say quietly. “It’s too late to do anything with your bike, and I don’t want to spend the night out here.”

“What about this?” I ask as I squeeze my pussy onto your cock a few times.

You chuckle when you feel me squeezing you, “I am not gonna go down between here and there, if that’s what you’re worried about.”

“Oh, I’m not,” I reply squeezing your cock again. “But just what do you plan on doing with me in there?”

“The same thing as out here…just with lot more room on my bed.”

“Mmmmmm, I like the sound of that,” I say as I kiss you.

You unwrap your arms from me, and I sit up. Before you can get up I spin around and immediately feel your cum tricking down my inner thigh. I bend down taking your cock into my mouth and sucking it. I lick it up and down, cleaning you off and tasting so much of your cum. “Mmmmm,” I moan as I slowly stroke you.

“You keep that up, and we aren’t gonna make it inside,” you say with a smile.

Letting your cock pop out of my mouth, I reach over and grab my clothes, “Well, who am I to keep us from going inside?” I stand up and pull on my jeans and blouse, then pick up my bra, leather jacket and boots almost as quickly as it takes you to slide your jeans on. With every move I make I can feel your cum still seeping from me, and I know I am going to have a very large wet spot in my jeans in no time at all. We both look at each other and smile, and as I turn to head to the door, you grab me and pull me back to you, kissing me very passionately. I press against you as I feel your hand slide down my back and onto my ass. Mmmmm, as much as I enjoy kissing you, I want even more to go inside and experience everything that you are…on your bed…on your couch…on your dining room table…where ever you want to enjoy me.

You take me by the hand and lead me out of the garage and into your house. I take in as much of my new surroundings as I can, but as it is relatively dark in your house, I am just following along behind you. You turn on the stairway light and I get another quick look at the downstairs of your home before you pull me up the stairs behind you. Walking through the doorway into your room, my eyes open wider at how large the room is. You let go of my hand and just allow me to walk in at my own pace and get my bearings. As you watch me looking arouind, you rub your still hard cock through your jeans. You squeeze it tight as you think about how just a couple of hours ago all you could think about was getting home after a long day, and now you are looking at spending your night with a tall voluptuous blonde who you stopped and offered some assistance to in her moment of need. I turn around when I near your bed and see you looking at me, your hand still down on your cock. I drop my boots on the floor and toss my leather jacket and bra onto a chair close by. “Looks like you were right,” I say as my eyes divert downwards to your hand rubbing your cock.

“I told you,” you reply as you walk towards me, unbuttoning your jeans. As you get closer to me, I glance over my shoulder and move back towards your bed. I feel the edge of your bed against the back of my legs and I smile as you stop only a few inches from me. I am virtually mesmerized as I look into your incredible blue eyes again. You take my hand and squeeze it as you kiss me, then place my hand on your cock. I can feel how incredibly hard you still are through your jeans, and I gently squeeze you, dragging my fingers up and down the length of your cock, my fingernails scratching the roughness of the demin. You wrap one arm around me and pull me tight against you, then slowly push me backwards down onto the bed. I already am so incredibly aroused by you, and the comfort of your bed just adds to it. You move me up the bed, my head resting on the mattress just below the pillows. Laying on top of me, you kiss me hard, your tongue pushing into my mouth, your hips moving against me. I hook my ankles around your thighs and pull you harder to me, feeling your cock pressing against my pubic bone. You kiss my neck and gently bite me, your hand moving up my body and squeezing my breast through my blouse. You shift your weight and roll off me slightly, your fingers finding the few buttons on my blouse which I did bother to fasten. My breathing deepens as I feel the heat of your breath on my skin when you pull my blouse open and lower your head, taking my nipple into your mouth. I exhale heavily and twist my body to push more of myself into your mouth, and I run my fingers through your hair and pull you against me.

“Ohhhh Baby…that feels sooo good. I love it when you suck on my nipples.”

Keeping my nipple in your mouth, you slide your hand down my body. I lift my hips upwards expecting you to unbutton and unzip my jeans, but instead you rest your hand on my crotch. I know my jeans are probably wet from your cum that seeped from me, but have no real idea just how wet they are. As you feel the amount of wetness between my legs, you moan while continuing to suck my nipple. Your attention to my nipple just heightens my arousal level which in turn makes more of your cum seep from my pussy. Your hand rubs me harder, pressing the inside seam of my jeans against my pussy and very sensitive clit. The pressure is almost too much to take but at the same time, the stimulation just excites me even more. You roll off me and move my blouse open, exposing my other nipple to you. You suck on it just as hard as the other, but this time you sink your teeth into my sensitive flesh making me shudder and gasp at the intensity.

You roll on top of me again, kissing my neck. “I’m gonna make you cum over and over on my cock, Baby.” I love the feel of your muscular chest against me, and I turn my head to the side so you can have more of my neck, and the only response I can muster is to moan. “You like this, don’t you Baby?”

“Mmmmm, yeah.”

“Are you gonna cum for me again?” you ask in between kisses all over my neck.

“Yessss,” I whisper.

You grind your hips against me, making me feel your cock again. It is still so very hard but all I can think about is how good you feel kissing my neck. You very slowly kiss downwards on my body, taking each nipple into your mouth, sucking it at first, then gently biting them. You continue to kiss your way down my body moving from side to side over my stomach. You unbutton my jeans and lower the zipper down. I lift my hips upwards and you slowly slide my jeans off me, and as you pull them down, you see the large wetspot inside of them. You push my legs apart and kiss my inner thighs from my knees up to my wet pussy. You look up at me as you pass over my pussy and kiss your way down my other inner thigh. Resting your hand on me, you rub your thumb up and down between my pussy lips wetting it before you begin caressing my clit. Although I am expecting your touch, as soon as I feel the pressure on my swollen little bud, I start to tremble. You continue kissing my soft inner thigh, your moustache and beard gently tickling and prickling me at the same time.

I place my hands on my breasts, my fingers immediately squeezing them, lightly pinching my nipples. I close my eyes, experiencing your gentle but firm touch, never knowing how or where you will touch me next or with what amount of pressure and stimuation. Moaning quietly as you continue to tease me, you slide your thumb downwards from my clit and push it gently into my pussy. You watch intently as your thumb opens up my pussy to you, and it disappears inside me. The amount of wetness you see and feel makes you smile as you know that I am more than wet enough to take your cock again. You continue to slip your thumb in and out of me, watching how I respond to you, feeling my hips move up and down, listening to the wetness only inches from your face. You push your thumb as deep into me as you can make it go, then curl it upwards massaging my gspot. I moan loudly at the pressure on it and from your middle finger moving up and down over my clit. I push towards you, and you slide your thumb out of me replacing it with your middle finger, your lips closing around my clit. My hands grab your head and hold you close to me as you suck and tease my clit while your finger slides in and out of me. “Oh fuck, Baby…aaahhhhh! Your mouth…ohhhh…feels sooo good!”

You flick your tongue up and down over my clit, pushing it side to side, sucking it, very gently biting it. I writhe and squirm as you continue your oral assault on my clit, your large finger fucking my dripping pussy. You feel my pussy squeezing down onto your finger and you immediately curl it upwards caressing my gspot again while you suck harder on my clit. Being as sensitive as it is, I feel my orgasm very quickly building. I lift my ass up higher as my body contorts and shakes, your lips not leaving my clit, your finger still buried deep inside me. My fingers curl and pull your hair as my orgasm consumes me. My moans are louder than before and the waves of ecstasy I am experiencing just seem to go on and on. The sensitivity on my of my clit is too much to take and I have to pull you off me, my hips sinking back down onto the bed at the same time. You slowly withdraw your finger from my pussy and move up along side of me, running your middle finger over my lips. I open my eyes and look up at you as I gently lick your fingertip. You smile at me and allow me to suck on the tip of your finger. I moan quietly as I suck more of your finger and I see your smile broaden as you feel the incredible suction and warmth of my mouth, which immediately makes your cock twitch.

*This is a short one written for a friend, it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything due to issues with another story I tried putting up, but I’m going to try to write out a few more pretty soon, possibly new, possibly just new chapters. Hopefully everyone enjoys this, but it will likely be a stand alone piece. Thank you.*

Andrew sat bored at work, flipping the pages of his book carelessly and only half paying attention, mostly falling asleep. Nothing had been happening all day long and Harry had left already. Andrew had just nearly fallen asleep in his chair when his pocket rumbled.

Digging into his jeans he fished his phone out and looked at it, it was his friend Dawn. He hadn’t heard from her in about three weeks but was glad for the distraction and always enjoyed talking with her. Hitting the ‘talk’ button he brought the phone up to his ear. “Hello?”

“Hi Andy!” A sweet, though slightly high-pitched voice responded. She always got a bit high pitched when she was excited.

“Hey there Dawn, what’s up?”

“Oh, not much, just bored, you?” Her voice had mellowed out now so he brought the phone closer to his ear.

“I’m at work, but also incredibly bored, want to come and alleviate some boredom for the next two hours or so? Or do you have Lee today?” Lee was her one year old child. She’d had a baby with her ex a year back before the douchebag cheated on her and left her. He was a definite tool, just like Andy had thought from the get-go.

“No, he’s with his dad today, so I can come visit you.”

“Oh lucky him,” Andrew said dryly. “Well, lucky me anyway,” he smiled into the phone even though she couldn’t see it; it was reflected in his tone.

“You may just get lucky too,” Dawn teased him.

Andy felt his cock twitch in his pants at that thought. “Is that right?” he asked, “Well it’s about time.” Andy and Dawn had been trying to incorporate a “friends with benefits” relationship into their friendship for months now, but something always got in the way. It was infuriating, because Andy’s balls would be aching with anticipation when something came up for one of them that diverted them interacting at all.

“I know Andy, I’ve been wanting your cock since you first sent me a picture of it.” Her voice was beginning to fill with lust.

“I’ve been trying to stick it in your tight little pink pussy, but you’ve been slacking.”

“Why’s it my fault?” She asked pitifully.

“Because it’s not mine,” he laughed. “Hurry up and get over here. And wear a dress please, panties are optional.” He’d always really liked having easy access to a girl if he wanted it. It made things more exciting and dangerous when he could stick a finger in a girl’s pussy while shopping at the grocery store or something.

“Hmmm, sounds like a plan, I’ll be there as soon as possible. See you,” Andy said goodbye and they hung up.

He was excited now. His cock was rigid in his pants at the thought of bending her over one of the racks in the warehouse and fucking his oldest friend from behind. It would be awesome. He began to put away the rest of the stock and clear the aisles, even sweeping some out of impatience for her to arrive, but it was easily a thirty minute drive from her home to his warehouse. The anxiety was killing him.

Andrew had thought about having sex with Dawn a hundred times since their childhood. They’d known each other since pretty much first grade. She’d been his first real hug in fifth grade and had wanted to date him for years during school but he was always interested in other girls. Then once she got a boyfriend and wasn’t as interested in him anymore, Andy developed feelings for her. It seemed doomed to work out romantically for the two of them, but they’d always harbored love for one another whether they were devoted to another person or not, and that love was very much platonic, but the sexuality was there as well, they’d just never acted on it. When she’d gotten pregnant with her ex’s baby Andy was pretty sure they’d never consummate the sexual nature of their relationship, and at times he thought that might be for the best. But eventually he saw how awesome and beautiful having strings free sex with a person you care about could be, neither of them wanted a serious relationship with the other, but they were both horny, sexual beings.

About forty minutes had passed when Andy heard a knock on the will call door. He moved around the counter and opened it up to see his beautiful friend standing there with her thin sun dress whipping in the strong wind.

“Hey Dawn,” he smiled and moved aside so she could come in. She moved past him and he took in the intoxicating scent of her perfume. “You’re looking great,” he complimented her as she turned around to give him a tight hug.

“Thanks Andy! You look like you’ve been hitting the gym too,” He could feel her heavy chest pressing against his defined pecs, and as his hands roamed up her back he could tell for sure that she wasn’t wearing a bra, so chances were she wasn’t wearing panties either.

“Yeah a couple times a week, trying to get in better shape before I fall out of it,” Andrew laughed as they finished embracing. The sexual tension was like electricity sizzling between them.

Dawn flashed a charming smile, “Well keep up the good work, hon,” and then she turned around to walk around the counter and further into the warehouse.

Andrew followed behind her, watching her hips sway from side to side in her womanly gait, the material of her sun dress swishing gently across what he was sure were bare ass cheeks. She was much curvier since she’d had her baby, before then she’d been lither, but she looked just as good now, with a little extra cushion in all the right places.

As he stared shamelessly at her ass while they moved through his place of work, she suddenly flipped up the back of her dress to reveal her naked ass to him. His cock twitched against his jeans immediately and his jaw dropped slightly. He’d never seen her naked in person, through pictures yeah, but in person was a different story. He couldn’t wait to get that dress off of her. But as quickly as the lovely view had come, it quickly went away and her dress was back to swishing about her thighs.

Andrew was riled now though, and he’d been teased and tortured enough over the last several months. So instead of anymore talking, he planned to take action. He picked up his pace and closed the distance between them, then grabbed the hem of her dress and lifted it up to take another peak at the nice white ass hiding beneath the thin fabric. Dawn gasped, but hardly struggled as he let go of her dress with one hand and took a firm hold on one plump ass cheek. His cock was rigid now, he was horny as hell, and the danger of molesting his oldest friend in the middle of his place of work just added to his excitement. Luckily only he and Walter were working at this point, and that meant Walter more than likely wouldn’t come back into the Warehouse for any reason since he’d be answering the phones by himself.

“Andy,” Dawn chided, looking over her shoulder, “you’re being impatient.”

“Yeah I know, but I’m tired of waiting, I’m ready to fuck you silly.” And with that he dropped down to his knees and stuck his head under her dress. From there he used both hands to spread her ass cheeks. Dawn had bent slightly at the waste when he did this, and so her cunt was partially visible to him as well as her dark little asshole. Thankfully she’d shaved, he didn’t mind a bush, but eating pussy was always more enjoyable when the pussy was bald. So without further hesitation he moved his face in close, breathing his hot breath on her thin, silky smooth lips and causing her legs to quiver slightly. Very close now, he could tell that she even took care to shave her asshole, which was awesome because he liked eating ass about as much as he liked eating a pussy.

Too hungry for the taste of Dawn’s twat to resist any longer Andy shot forth his tongue and tickled it from the bottom of her cunt along her lips and then back down, followed by pushing it firmly between her lips to enter her cunt and truly taste that sweet, tangy juices that awaited him. It was a tight fit because of how close she had her legs together, and so he grabbed her thighs and slid them apart, which caused her tasty cunt to spread quite a bit wider so that he could penetrate it with his tongue fully. He began moving it back and forth inside of her, causing Dawn to moan gently and flex her ass into his face.

After a few moment of prodding her cunt and soaking up the juices, he slid his tongue from her depths and began to simply lick and lap at the crevice, teasing the tip of her small clit here and there and causing her legs to shake. Once he’d had his fill he slowly licked up the length of her pussy and further to reach her pretty little asshole. His tongue circled the indented pucker and then attacked it viciously, licking at it, poking at it, squirming its way inside of her most private of holes. Andrew was pretty sure most girls would rather a guy see their pussy than their asshole, and he felt that pretty much every girl would be incredibly aroused to find that their man didn’t shun their sensitive asshole and instead embraced it and lavished it with attention. He was just such a man. Eventually his nose was pressed into her crack and his tongue buried deep, teasing and taunting the inner walls of her anus.

Dawn was going crazy, trying her best not to scream but pushing her ass back on his face quite firmly. “Oh shit Andy, that feels so good! Who knew you were so good with your tongue? Fuck! Fuck Andy! Fuck me with that slimy tongue of yours! Oh shit! I can’t believe you’re eating my ass right now and we’ve never even kissed before.” Andy realized the irony there, but he was glad to receive the praise for his work and continued assaulting her tight hole for another minute or so, encouraged by her moaning and dirty talk.

When he finally did removed his face from her ass, with much reluctance from the both of them, he stood back up and Dawn turned around to embrace him in a passionate kiss that had both their tongues melting into each other and tasted of the tangy mix of her pussy and asshole. Neither of them minded. They were so wrapped up in one another as they exchanged saliva that neither likely knew where they were anymore. Andrew just barely noticed that she was grinding her cunt against his raging hard-on as hard as she could through the dress and denim.

After several moments the kiss broke and they both panted for air, but as Andrew stood there somewhat awestruck by the events that were unrolling and the sexual chemistry between them, Dawn sunk to her knees this time and her hands were immediately fumbling with his buckle. In a flash his belt was off and his pants were unbuttoned. She literally yanked down his jeans and boxers causing his rock hard cock to bounce out of its confinement and almost smack her in the face.

Andy was pretty proud of his dick, it looked good. It was straight and cut, thick and meaty, and about 7 to 7 and a half inches in length. An overall good dick from what he could tell. He’d never heard a complaint, and often had heard praise for it, which always boosted his ego just a bit. Dawn had actually been among those to compliment it, but currently she was more focused on sucking it. It hadn’t finished bobbing before she took it into her hand and guided the head to her open lips.

Before he could moan she was bobbing her eager face up and down along his shaft. “Shit Dawn,” Andy groaned and put one hand on her head as she continued to slurp. “You’re a little cock-hungry slut today huh?” Dawn glanced up at him and tried to smile, instead resorting to a nod so that she didn’t have to let his cock out of her mouth at all. She was definitely good at it, swirling her tongue along the base, using one hand to pump the shaft, and deep throating it with ease. He always liked watching a girl bury her nose in his pubes for some reason, if they choked then all the better.

It had only been about two minutes since she’d started slurping on his meat rod, but he could already feel something stirring in his balls, “Damn Dawn, you’re about to make me shoot my load down your throat if you keep this up. You’re so fucking good at it I can hardly keep myself from filling your belly with my cum.” This immediately got her to slow down and pull his dick from her mouth.

“Not this time, you’re going to fill my pussy this time. You can cover my face next time. But I want you inside of me now.” She gave his dick a few kisses, and just before she went to stand up Andy took it in his hand and smacked her solidly across the cheek with it. She simply grinned at him and stood up to kiss him passionately again. He knew she’d like getting slapped with his spit-covered cock.

As they continued to make out he began pulling her dress up over her body, getting her completely naked in the back of his warehouse. Breaking the kiss he turned her around forcibly and bent her over their work table. He was ready to fuck her tight little pussy, kissing could wait until later.

Dawn looked back over her shoulder at him, her hands squeezing enticingly at her tits as she bent over the table and spread her legs, waiting in anticipation for him to shove his dick into her and bury it inside of her pussy. She didn’t have to wait too long; Andy was lining his dick up along her slit within two seconds. His rigid member slid up and down the length or her cunt three times, causing her body to convulse with pleasure before he slowly began pressing the tip into her slick hole. It felt wonderful as he stretched it around the head of his cock, like shoving his dick into a hot, tight cave of pink velvet, so slick, but also juicy. As he pushed his dick further in and with force he could hear the lewd sounds coming from her pussy and it just made him want to fuck her harder; so he did. The last two inches of his dick were shoved forcefully into her cunt, causing his balls to slap against her clit and causing her to cry out in ecstasy. Andy wasn’t even concerned about the noise at this point.

For a moment he savored the fact that he’d now hilted himself inside of his oldest friend’s cunt. He could feel her excited pulse beating through the walls of her incredibly tight snatch, and he was sure she could feel his pulse beating through his rock hard dick, it felt amazing. But when she twisted her hips he was brought back to consciousness. He immediately withdrew almost the full length of his cock and slammed it back into her moist tunnel. Finding his length he developed a pattern and began pounding his dick in and out of his friend’s cunt, fast and steady and rough, slamming his balls into her with every thrust and causing her legs to shake after a little while of slamming in and out of her. She was moaning and grinding like a little whore now, and he liked her being his little fucking whore. Having sex with her whenever he needed sex seemed like an awesome deal, hopefully it didn’t cause any problems. He knew that these things could get tricky, but the sex was definitely good, and he wouldn’t want to stop now unless he had a good reason like a committed relationship.

As he fucked her he liked watching her ass jiggle as he pounded into it, reveling at how nice his cock felt sliding in and out of her wet tunnel and also admiring how her asshole twitched and contracted every time she clenched her cunt around his dick to squeeze him more tightly. While staring at that cute little asshole he decided it looked lonely, so he stuck his middle finger into his mouth for a moment and then pressed it firmly against the pucker. It only took a moment for her to relax her anus and allow him to shove his digit into it. She cried out loud again as he pushed down against her anal wall and rubbed at his dick through the thin flesh. It had to feel amazing for her, just the idea of it had him about ready to cum, actually feeling yourself being stimulated from so many different places had to be intoxicating.

They had been mostly quiet as they fucked, talking dirty to one another a bit, but now that they were both approaching their climax they began to speak up more. “Oh shit babe, I’m getting ready to cum soon, you ready for me to fill that pussy up with my hot white spunk?”

She moaned at his words and then cried, “Oh yeah Andy, fill my little twat with your cum, I’m ready to cum soon too, I want to cum with you. Fuck! Yeah fuck this pussy, fuck me hard baby! Make me cum!”

Andy did as he was asked, and to top off his resurgence of strength in fucking her he took his finger out of her butt and reached forward to grab her hair and pull it back as he rode her from behind. She moaned loudly as he pulled on her and fucked her simultaneously. “Oh shit I’m about o cum baby, fill me up! Shit, oh shit!” He felt her body tense and her cunt begin to clench his dick roughly. He slid in and out twice more and then hilted himself deep inside of her as his balls contracted and exploded from the tip of his dick. He could feel several huge eruptions of his cum shoot deep inside of her and felt like he was never going to stop cumming. It felt great, and she kept grinding her hips back against him as he emptied his nuts into her.

Once he’d finally finished and they were both all sweaty, he slowly pulled his shrinking dick from her twat. He then crouched down and watched her pussy as it soon began oozing with his cum. Hoping he didn’t disgust her, he began licking her cunt and taking the cum into his own mouth. He could tell she knew what he was doing because her entire body shuddered at the sensation and probably the idea of him licking up his own sperm that was pouring from her spent cunt. Once the flow had slowed down and his mouth was half full he stood up and turned her around to kiss him, pushing the load of cum into her mouth. She drank it down eagerly and they embraced in another passionate makeout session; his half-naked body pressed tightly against her naked body.

Once they’d finished they both got dressed. Cum was dripping down Dawn’s thighs but she didn’t seem to want to clean it up, and that thought started getting Andy horny again. He couldn’t’ do anything about it though because it was time to lock up. So instead of going at it again they kissed goodbye and promised to do this again as soon as possible. Andy was excited for all of the sexual adventures they would have together.

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