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At 27 I really didn’t think I’d find myself here. After high school I had gotten a summer job with a construction company and started making pretty good money. Enough to live on my own in a great place, just me and my dog. I’d even managed to save up quite a bit so when the economy went bust, work slowed and I found myself enrolling at the nearest university. It was a big state school with a good reputation for its business program, excellent athletics, and wild parties. At nearly 10 years older than most of my classmates, I wasn’t too interested in the social life, but I actually found myself enjoying the life of an academic so all in all i was in a pretty good place in life.

Having spent the last decade doing hard manual labor, I wasn’t sure sitting in a classroom was the place for me. I enjoyed being outside, sweating, staying in shape, making things with my hands and getting paid to do what I loved. Life happens though so here I was sitting in a freshman level Western Civ class and soaking up the information like a sponge.

About 20 minutes into class though, my mind started to wander, as it often does, when I noticed the girl to my left. I had been “noticing” her since the first day. She was the kind of woman whose beauty needed to be appreciated. She didn’t shove it in your face so most guys probably didn’t look twice. She always had a somewhat somber look, but she was always glowing a little too. It wasn’t that she was sad, just quiet I guess. Her hair was long and dark and always in a ponytail of some sort. She was always wearing jeans or sweats that didn’t give much of a hint to her shape. And she was often wearing little or no make up. Like I said, not your typical knockout. If you really looked at her though, she had smooth olive skin, beautiful lips that had a hint of pout, but her mouth was wide and smiled even when she wasn’t. Her eyes were what really got me though. They were big and deep brown, bedroom eyes. Yet they always seemed like she was missing something. To me, she was captivating. She always sat next to me, but I never talked to her, she just didn’t seem to want to talk so I left her alone.

To be honest though, when things got a little monotonous , I had spent plenty of time in that class thinking about her and the things I’d like to do with her. Can’t blame a guy for letting his cock take over every once in a while? I know guys say that a lot, really women say it about us, but the truth is, when my cock starts…thinking (as it were)…I can’t help but let it take over. I’ve always been this way. It’s probably the reason I’m single. Most women just get discouraged, disappointed, or downright mad when they find out my cock is more important to me than they are and that I think they should feel the same way.

For the most part I’m a nice guy. I enjoy the simple things in life, I don’t judge, I don’t force my opinions on others, I don’t fight or drink too much. Hell I don’t even smoke! But I know what I like and I really don’t see it changing. I like a good book to relax with at night. I like a cold beer after a long day. I like weekend fishing trips. I like sitting on the couch with my dog by my side, and a pizza in front of me when the game is on TV. I like trips to places I’ve never been. But I really like a woman who takes care of herself, takes care of me, and treats my cock with love and respect.

Yeah. That’s right. I don’t really think it’s all that strange. Apparently I can come across as demanding in the bedroom (or out of it). I even had one woman tell me she wasn’t my “slave”. That’s crazy. I never said she was nor did I think of her that way. I just needed her libido to catch up! And realize she wasn’t my slave, but if she wanted to keep me happy she better spend a lot more time with my cock in her mouth.

I must have gotten really distracted thinking about her because pretty soon I felt tapping on my arm and when I turned, it was her.

“I gather you weren’t listening?” she said.

“Uh, yeah sorry. I guessed I zoned out a little.”

“Okay, well you’re little daydream just got you stuck working with me on this project.”

Oh shit. I was having some doubts for several reasons. One: she never said much in class so I wasn’t sure how it would go or If I’d just end up doing everything. Two: I was just thinking about her for the past 15 minutes and it had me hard as a rock. A guy like me can’t handle this kind of proximity to temptation!

“So anyway, I’m Jen. I take it you’re Matt?”

“At your service!”

“Charmed, I’m sure.” she giggled.

Ah, so she did have a personality. That was a welcome plus.

“We’ve sat right next to each other all semester and haven’t even spoken. Sorry about that, I’m not a total bitch, I swear. I just never have much to say in class. Kinda just like to get in and out. I’m actually kinda glad we got paired up. You always seem like a nice guy and like you know what’s going on a little more than the rest of these fools.”

“Haha, well thanks.” I replied. “I’m glad too. Always nice to meet someone new. And I hear ya on the socializing thing. Although for my part it could just be that I’m a decade older than most people in here.”

“Oh please, age is an advantage in your case. I mean. Ha. I just mean you seem to be more focused. But you said a few weeks ago you were 27, right?”

“Yeah, I mean I guess I did.”

“See, I don’t say much, but I do pay attention! Besides, I’m 22. I put this class off until Senior year to give myself an easy semester. So we’re only a couple years apart.”

We talked for a while longer and made some headway on the project. She turned out to be a pretty cool girl. She came to the school on a dance scholarship, but ended up finding a passion for business after taking a class. She still danced, but it was more of a hobby now. She was even kind of funny. Even so, she was still kind of quiet and didn’t mind spending a few minutes just reading and researching while the rest of the class chattered away the remainder of the class.

At 5:15 class ended and everyone else rushed out of the room. Jen and I had been too caught up in our work and conversation to notice the time so we were the last two left. We made small talk as we walked down the hall and out of the building. Finally we came to the parking lot.

I turned to her. “Well, it was nice getting to know you, I guess we’ll get in touch to work more on the project.”

She smiled and said, “Yeah, now I just have to figure out how to stay out of my room for the rest of the weekend.”

“What do you mean?”

“Ugh, my roommate has some friends from home visiting and they’re soooo annoying when they get together.”

“Oh yeah, well, if you’re up to it, I was gonna stop by the bar and just have a couple drinks before heading home. You’re welcome to join me if you want.”

“Honestly, that sounds great. I need a beer after this week.”

We got in our respective cars and headed down to the bar. As I drove my head was thinking what a cool girl she was. But my cock…well he was telling me to get her naked as soon as possible. With school taking up so much time, he hadn’t been sucked in way too long. And man he loved to be sucked.

While I loved my cock as most guys so, it wasn’t always convenient that he had such a mind of his own. At nearly 9 thick inches, it wasn’t like I could just pull my shirt down or tuck him to the side in my underwear. Regardless of how hard I tried, this cock made himself known no matter what. So when I pulled up to the bar and she was already there I had sit in my car and pretend I was texting for a minute so it would at least subside a little before I got out.

When I did, it still wasn’t completely down and anyone who looked could clearly see a noticeable bulge. As I walked toward her, that’s exactly what she did. Ah well, embarrassing, maybe. But with what I’ve got, it’s certainly nothing to be ashamed of. Anyway she just smiled and we walked in.

We sat down at the bar and both ordered a beer. I love a girl that drinks beer. There was a game on and we had some idle chit chat while we both watched. After a couple beers we both got a little tipsy. We started talking more and joking. Even playing a game where we tried to match up which football player would go for what sorority girl there.

Finally we got quiet again she looked me right in the eye and said, “can I tell you why I really never talked to you in class?”

She caught me off guard, “umm, sure.”

“Well, the first day you walked in, I thought you were pretty much the hottest guy I’d ever seen in real life.”

Wow, she was certainly direct, but I wanted to see what my position was here so I just let her continue.

“Yeah, tall, dark, and handsome is enough. But you were wearing that shirt that was just tight enough that it showed off your arm muscles and broad back. And I remember you had a couple buttons undone in front so it showed off your pecs and that manly chest hair. It drove me wild! Then a coupe weeks later, I remember you came in and I guess you had just come from the gym or something. But you were wearing a wife water and soccer shorts. I almost had to leave class to take care of myself. First of all, a man with a body like yours should be shirtless at all times. Secondly, you were wearing soccer shorts. Do you know what you look like in soccer shorts?”

I couldn’t believe how forward she was being! I couldn’t believe she looked at me that way! Who was this girl? I replied, “umm, well not really. I was actually just wearing them because I had been doing some stuff around the house and lost track of time and didn’t get a chance to change. Why don’t you tell me what I looks like in them?”

She smiled and took a swig of her beer and turned away to look at the game on tv. “Let’s just say your bulge walked into the room about 5 minutes before you did.”

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. This girl who seemed so quiet and shy was like a completely different person from the woman sitting beside me right now. I knew she sensed it too because as I sat there, bug eyed I could see the corners of her lips turn up; she knew she had me.

Before I even had a chance to form a thought she turned to me. She placed her hand on my thigh, which was when I noticed her words had gotten me completely rock hard.

“Well that’s a nice surprise,” she said as her hand grazed the inside of my leg.

“There’s a lot more where that came from. Look, I’ve had my eye on you from day one. Clearly we’ve both got something the other one wants. Whadya say we finish these beers and head back to my place? We’ll grab your car later, you can ride with me.”

“How could I say no to a real man, with a big cock, a hot body, and a brain that works?”

“I think we better hurry up and finish.” I replied.

“I’ll just leave my hand here. It feels more comfortable there.” she said as she continued to gently caress my inner thigh. Grazing softly against my cock with every stroke as it continued to creep across my leg.

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