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“Stand up, Desiree.”

She stood up, a long string of our shared fluids forming between us where it had oozed out of her and onto my leg. I watched it lengthen impressively before it separated. I stood up next to her. She was trembling slightly. All this was new to her, and she was experiencing a little sensory overload, but I knew she would be alright.

“Follow me,” I said, taking her hand. I led her to my bedroom.

“This is your bedroom, isn’t it?” she said.

“Yes.” I led her over to the bed.

She climbed onto the bed and layed down, bent and then spread her legs, and waited expectantly.

“What are you doing?” I asked.

“I saw the bed and this is what I had the urge to do. I want to have sex again, Johnathan. Can we? Please?”

“I thought you wanted to know the difference between sex and lovemaking?”

“I… want… I feel… I… I need… sex…” she stammered.

She’d been genetically programmed to offer sex when she was nude and saw a bed, I knew. Glancing at her femalia did wonders for my arousal, and within moments I had an erection again. Upon seeing it, she looked pained, hungry for it, and and she whimpered with desire.

“Please, Johnathan… I want… I…” she said, seemingly confused. Then she sat up and crawled forward, and took my manhood in her hand, gently, exploratively, and looked into my eyes almost with a pleading look. I could tell she was feeling a genetically driven urge to suck on it. I nodded my permission, and she continued following that programmed desire.

Grow-lings are made so that every cell in their body wants for the pleasure of their owner, who they bond with forever upon having sex for the first time. Female grow-lings are usually programmed to have a sex drive equal to their owners, and it was supposed to be quite high at first, until they had enough sex to determine what their owner wants. Eventually, she would do everything just as I liked it without even thinking. Some grow-lings are even said to develop a psychic bond with their owners, to the point that they can read their owner’s minds and anticipate what was desired before it even becomes a conscious thought to the owner.

She approached my fully engorged stiffness, looking at it closely, almost drinking it with her eyes, and then paused. She was confused a little at first by her genetic desires, but she figured it out shortly and hesitantly kissed the head. Then she looked up at me to check for approval. I smiled and nodded for her to continue, and she did. She kissed it slowly, then paused, trying to understand what her instinctual urges were telling her to do. Then she opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue a bit, moved closer, and licked the tip.

The taste of her own depths mixed with my semen must have been the first flavor she ever experienced, and after pausing a moment to experience it, she smiled a beaming smile and licked it until there was nothing left to taste of our previous encounter. By that time, I was starting to warm to the encounter again, and I noticed she was concentrating her licks on my opening, where more pre-come must have been making itself known.

“Mmm, I like this…”

“I do too,” I replied. “But when you put it in your mouth, make sure you don’t touch it with your teeth.”

“Ok,” she said.

Then she opened her mouth and took in the head, and I felt her tongue on it as her mouth close. She moved her tongue as though she was sucking a hard candy.

“Mmmm,” I moaned. She saw my response, and was encouraged to take more of it in. As she did that, she realized that she wanted to suck it in further and imitate in her mouth the movements it had made within her pussy. She began giving me a blowjob and I couldn’t believe how good it felt, especially coming from someone who had never given one before.

Soon she had forgotten to worry about hesitation and seeking permission and she was busy enjoying herself with this new experience. Back and forth went her head, alternately taking me in and releasing me from her mouth. She varied the speeds and depths, experimenting, but never once did I feel teeth on my sensitive member. It was almost as pleasurable as her smouldering sex had been a few minutes ago. I closed my eyes for a few minutes and just stood there enjoying the sensations she was sending through my body with her cute little mouth. Just as I had specified, she had full, pouty lips, and boy did they feel good.

She continued on, exploring different techniques for a bit, doing different things with her tongue, trying different angles, different speeds, and then she tried to take all of me into her mouth at once. Amazingly, it slid down her throat without the slightest gag reflex, and when she noticed the surprise and pleasure on my face and heard the sudden involuntary gasp I made, she decided that this was a Good Thing, and started taking me down her throat rythmically. I could not believe how good it felt! I had never had such an amazing blow job. She continued, and I closed my eyes and started involuntarily thrusting my hips to meet her as she swallowed me with each thrust. Her response was to speed up a bit, and I sped up with her, until I was fucking her mouth as fast and as hard as I had been fucking her pussy not long before.

It wasn’t long before I was making involuntary sounds in response to my rapidly growing pleasure, and she began to make sounds of her own. Her sounds indicated to me that – somehow – she was on the verge of another orgasm of her own. Was she built to come whenever I did? The thought passed out of my mind as fast as it had entered, because there was just too much pleasure to be able to think straight at that point.

I felt the seeds of my orgasm start deep within me. I put my handa on her head and began guiding her down onto my now raging erection, again and again and again. This only seemed to infuriate her own arousal, and a split second before I came, she stopped moving and began shaking violently as she achieved another fantastic orgasm. Mine came with an explosion from my cock that came out so hard it must have shot right into her stomach. Her body was moving almost convulsively to her own monstrous release. I groaned long and hard as my peak washed over me with the force of a tidal wave, my hardened length twitching powerfully in her mouth.

“Oh my god, woman!” I said, after catching my breath. “That was amazing!”

With her own final twitches of pleasure going through her body, she sighed out her nose, my manhood still in her mouth. Smiling as best she could, she looked up at me, gave my cock a few more strokes with her mouth, and then released it.

“I am supposed to please my owner,” she said matter-of-factly. “Can we have more sex now?”

She returned to the position in which she had first settled herself on my bed when we came in. Her pussy and hips were swollen with blood and desire, and despite my just having had two majorly powerful orgasms, I found that the sight of her sex reversed any thoughts my dick had had of shrinking. Before even finishing it’s softening, it grew fully erect again. Just as before, the faint scent of female in heat wafted past my nostrils. There was such a surge of sexual response in me that I knew she must have been genetically modified to have extremely potent sexual pheromones.

My mouth began watering fiercely, and all of a sudden all I could think about was lapping at that swollen pink slit, pulsing between her legs. I crawled onto the bed, my erection demanding that I forget my tongue’s desires, but I wanted to eat her out and I was going to. It was a curious look on her face when I approached her heat with my face instead of my cock, and she asked what I was doing.

“I am going to eat you,” I said with a naughty look in my eye.

“No! You can’t do that!” she screamed, closing her legs and scooting back as fast as she could. “Please, Johnathan, don’t eat me!” she begged, as tears of fear welled up in her eyes. “I’ll do anything for you! Don’t hurt me! I… I love you…”

I was at once struck sad and sympathetic, and yet wanted to laugh at her misunderstanding.

“Oh, baby girl, I’m not going to hurt you,” I said soothingly. “I didn’t mean I was going to literally eat you like food… I was using slang,” I comforted.

She relaxed a little.

“What’s… what’s slang, Johnathan?” fear was still in her voice and she looked at me like a puppy who has just been stepped on, seeking the love and reassurance it thought it had before.

“Slang is the use of a word for something other than it’s literal definition. When I said I was going to eat you, I meant I was going to lick your pussy and make you come for me. It’s a form of sex, like what you just did for me with your mouth. I wanted to please you in return. I’m not going to hurt you! You’re my baby.” She crawled over and cuddled up against my chest again, seeking shelter from the threat she’s mistakenly thought she had heard.

“Promise?” she asked, looking up at me with an adorable puppy dog look. I could not help but put my arms around her again.

“I promise, love.” I kissed her, and then she rested her head against my chest as I rocked her for a few minutes.

While I did this, I pondered my response to her. She had indeed been tailored to me exactly. I was treating her like she was my long lost love after only a half an hour together! The Company must have done something special with that DNA sample I had given them. They told me it was to program her and bind her to me and me alone. They must have done just that, because she was certainly pushing all the right buttons.

“Johnathan?” she asked, looking into my eyes again, meekly.

“What, baby?”

“Do you still want to ‘eat me’?” A little giggle escaped her, and a smile of love and trust that would melt ice followed. It was written in her eyes, and all over her beautiful face. She was deeply in love with me, the only person she had ever known, and the only person she would ever share herself with. I could feel myself falling madly in love with her as well.

“Yes, lover. I still want to ‘eat you’.” I said with a grin.

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