As Michael walked up to the door of a very impressive looking house he wondered what to expect this evening, he had been told by his girlfriend Lucy, the night before, that they’d been invited to dinner, at the home of one of Lucy’s work colleagues and her female partner. He was interested to say the least; he’d never really met full blown lesbians before, not that her felt prejudiced towards them. In fact he was determined to treat them normally.

He had noticed Lucy’s car in the street, and was happy to know she was already there, thus avoiding any awkward introductions. So, Michael rang the doorbell.

It was answered by a lady who introduced herself as Paula, whom Michael knew was Lucy’s colleague and vaguely recognised from a few of his girlfriend’s work functions.

“Please come through,” she said. “This is my partner Marg,” she added as the walked into the kitchen. Michael couldn’t see Lucy but thought nothing of it as he made polite conversation.

“You must be wondering where you’re girlfriend is,” Marg said, “She’s just tied up with something at the moment. Please, follow me. I’ll show you.”

Michael followed as the three of them walked down the hallway to a closed door. As they got closer Michael could hear Lucy saying things. He couldn’t make out what she was saying and assumed she was on the phone. His suspicion was aroused when, instead of just opening the door, Marg stopped and turned to face him, a serious expression on her face.

“Michael I need to warn you, what you will see might shock you, but please understand this is what she wants,” she said.

“Ummm, ok,” he replied. He had absolutely no idea what to expect. He just couldn’t fathom what required a warning before he could see it, particularly if it involved his girlfriend.

Without time to think Marg opened the door and they stepped into a bedroom. It was fairly well lit and what Michael saw took his breath away.

In the centre of the large bed was a woman on her knees, her face and chest pressed into the mattress, with her legs apart displaying her vagina and round bottom. That was not all; her hands were reaching back, each grasping a cheek, spreading her butt to show a slightly open pink asshole. Her vagina was obstructed by the base of a flesh coloured thing, which Michael thought was a large dildo, except this one had a hose sticking out of it with a round ball pump hanging on the end.

He recognised that body as Lucy but he couldn’t accept that this was his girlfriend on display, in such a lewd position. What destroyed his uncertainty was the meek voice of the woman. “Please… please fuck me. Please do it.” It was undoubtedly her.

“Lucy!” he gasped with a look of shocked confusion on his face. He turned his questioning eyes to the two Lesbians standing next to him. “Please understand Michael, she has been coming to us for quite some time,” Paula lied, “it was only last night that we found out she had a boyfriend.”

“Lucy!” he called.

“She can’t hear you,” Marg said, “she has earplugs in and you can see she’s blindfolded.”

“We didn’t know what to do when we found out about you, so we decided to make you aware, to at least offer you the opportunity to leave her and get on with your life. The other option is, we continue as before but involve you so that she may stay with you, even still live with you, but visit us when she needs to.” Paula stated. “She is our slave.”

Michael just stood there, he was beginning to feel anger rise inside him, and he felt hurt as if she’d been cheating on him. But he got a hold of his emotions and began to think.

“So she enjoys this?” he said.

“She craves it,” said Paula allowing an evil grin, “she’s a slut, you can hear her begging for it.”

Paula watched Michael’s expression darken as he began to realise that his girlfriend was indeed a slut, she knew he would be blaming Lucy for any hurt he felt. Their plan was going famously; they knew that once they’d invaded the poor girl’s home and turned her boyfriend against her, she would be completely theirs.

“Listen to her Michael,” Paula prompted, “I think it’s time to give her what she wants and to take what you deserve.”

In the meantime Lucy had remained as she was, her hips gently humping the air as she begged to be fucked.

Michael could not deny the sight was turning him on, and without much deliberation he began towards the bed, undoing his pants and stroking his hardening cock.

He knelt on the bed and shuffled up behind the exposed Lucy. As she felt movement on the bed she began to whimper, “Please… please… I need to cum.”

Michael reached for the base of the dildo and began to firmly pull out, but it didn’t move as expected. Instead of sliding out, Michael watched as it stretched her inner lips out informing him that the dildo was significantly bigger up inside her vagina. He would have cringed if he knew how wide her pussy was currently being stretched. Lucy groaned.

As Michael held the expanded dildo out from Lucy’s pussy he noticed two things, one, she was shaved completely smooth, something she’d never done for him. Number two was more shocking, on the inside face of each outer labia, were two names written in an elegant script, ‘Paula’ and ‘Marg’, one on each side. Michael knew immediately from the raw redness around the writing that these were tattooed into her delicate skin, and fresh.

“Let go of the dildo Michael,” Marg said, “as you can see her cunt belongs to us now. You’re welcome to use her other holes.”

Michael knew what she meant. He rose up onto his knees and held this tip of cock at the entrance to Lucy’s back door. Michael had never experienced anal before and he savoured the exquisite feeling as he slid all the way into her pre-lubed asshole. Lucy let out a cry and Michael began to thrust in and out of her clenching sphincter.

Lucy could feel that this was not a rubber cock attached to Marg or Paula as she’d expected, this was a real cock, a man. She already had fears about Michael arriving for dinner before the ladies had finished with her. Surely this could not be her boyfriend in her ass. But with no eyesight nor hearing, she could not be sure. She didn’t even know what time it was. So, strangely she hoped that Paula and Marg had brought in some stranger to fuck her. She didn’t want Michael to see her like this. A thought did occurred to her, if it was Michael, then she wouldn’t have to worry about hiding the changes that had been made to her body, namely her pussy, both inside and out.

But all thoughts left her mind as Michael picked up the pace. The pleasure coming from her ass and stretched pussy mounted. “Harder! Harder!” she cried as he pounded into her, driving her to the orgasm she needed.

Michael got into a rhythm, fucking her hard, using the bedsprings to bounce her back against his cock. It was the sort of fucking that would produce a sore asshole.

All of a sudden Michael felt her clamp down on his cock and stop thrusting back against him as she screamed her orgasm and fell forward to lie flat on the bed, but there was no stopping him as he gripped her hips and slammed into her spasming hole another twenty deep strokes before exploding inside her, filling her with cum.

When Michael pulled out, her hole remained open momentarily, revealing a deep red tunnel with white sperm dribbling towards the entrance. Then it closed, squeezing out a glob of cum.

“Look at the mess she’s made on your cock,” said Paula, gesturing towards Michael’s shrinking penis, which glistened with lube and cum. “She’ll clean it for you if you give it to her.”

Michael moved round to her blindfolded face and poked his cock against her lips. She immediately opened up and took it in her mouth, sucking it clean. Michael could feel her tongue roaming over his cock. His cock began to harden.

As his dick hardened, Lucy began to suck in earnest; with a cock in her mouth she was insatiable.

Michael began to settle into his developing blow job, so Marg took his hand and put it on the back of Lucy’s head, forcing her down on his cock until he felt the head slip into her throat. He soon got the idea and took hold of a fistful of her hair and began using her mouth the way he wanted. It started with alternating deep throat and regular oral with just the head in her mouth. But the ferocity slowly increased.

By the end Michael was gripping her head in both hands and fucking her throat, while slack jawed Lucy gagged and vomited slime and saliva so that it hung in roped from her chin. Finally Michael felt his orgasm approach and pulled her to the base of his cock one last time to spurt a load of cum right down her throat. It was at this point that Marg pulled the blindfold off and Lucy opened her tear streaked eyes to look up into Michael’s face as she felt him cum down her throat.

Michael looked down at her, with her face pressed into his pubic hair, there was no love in his eyes just a look of disdain as he pulled her off his cock, did up his pants and walked towards the door. Lucy felt used, lower than a girl whoring for drugs.

“Michael, please..” whimpered Lucy, not knowing what to say. She regretted saying anything when he turned around, she could see the hurt in his eyes.

Michael stared at Lucy, absorbing the image, his adorable girlfriend, his pride and joy, reduced to a piece of flesh begging to be fucked.. by anyone.. “filthy fucking slut” he said under his breath, his heart hardened against his once tender feelings towards Lucy. “I’m going to the pub bitch, you’re right where you belong.”

Eyes downcast, Lucy began to wimper, oh how she wanted to run after Michael and beg him to take her home, but she she couldn’t get up, her spirit was broken, plus with the ridiculous dildo still up her, she couldn’t catch up to him anyway.

The front door slammed as Michael left, Lucy looked up, her tear stained — cummy — slimy — pretty face shining in front of Paula and Marg.

“There there little piggy, don’t cry, I’m sure Michael will have you back. After all, he’s a man, he just wants a pretty thing to put his dick in.”

“That’s right,” agreed Marg “you just try a bit harder and I’m sure he’ll fuck you again, and if you make it good, I have no doubt he’ll let you stay. It will be just like before”

Their twisted logic confused Lucy, but they were right, she would do anything to keep Michael, she still loved him more than ever.

“Suppose you better stay here tonight, give him time to calm down.” said Marg “We were just going to put on a movie anyway.”

After cleaning herself up in the bathroom, Lucy found herself, still nude, on a cushion on the floor, the abominable dildo still inside her. There was a small plate of food in front of her and both Marg and Paula were seated either side of her, though up on the couch rather than the floor. The two older lesbians had decided on Titanic, as the film started, hungry Lucy began to tuck into her food and relax, at least she could enjoy the movie.

Lucy had just put her plate down when Marg piped up, “mind clearing the dishes honey?”

“Oh,” Lucy quickly picked up her plate, stood and stacked Marg’s then turned to collect Paula’s.

“Ah I almost forgot,” said Paula, handing Lucy her plate, and taking hold of the pump attached to Lucy’s dildo.

Lucy stood between them holding the plates, she looked down past her flat tummy, to the hose running to Paula’s hand. She had stopped thinking about the dildo inside her, had become accustomed to it’s girth. Paula slowly squeezed, Lucy began to breath deep as the stretching resumed. Two more slow pumps and Lucy couldn’t help but notice her belly bulge out ever so slightly.

“Much better, just give them a rinse and pop them in the dishwasher” Paula smiled.

Lucy left with a slight waddle, the pump hose dangling between her thighs.

By the time Lucy had returned, her cushion had moved between Paula’s legs, the woman’s vagina sat at the edge of the couch, open and glistening as Paula gently fingered herself. “Come and make mumma happy little pig.”

Lucy knelt on the cushion, bent her head and began to lap Paula’s clit.

Lucy didn’t get to watch much of Titanic, she estimated about a third of the movie had been spent facing a vagina, her tongue was tired… her pussy was wrecked, Paula had not forgotten about the pump up dildo inside her and had consistently added air pressure to it. Throughout the movie Lucy’s belly expanded.

As the credits rolled, Lucy slouched on her cushion, unable to sit up straight with her pussy so full. “Well time for bed,” yawned Marg, “we’ve all got work tomorrow. What shall we do with the cunt?” she turned to Paula.

Paula laughed, “she sure looks half pregnant. I wonder if she can push the baby out”

Lucy looked at her developing belly, she gave an experimental squeeze, feeling pressure at the bottom of her pussy, it was definitely largest in the middle, the entrance to her hole was still too tight to squeeze the dildo out. “I think it’s too big to come out,” Lucy piped up.

“Might have to stay in over night”

“No please,” said Lucy, stretched to capacity “I can’t sleep with it in, I need to work tomorrow.”

“Well if it must come out, I guess we’ll need the chair,” Paula headed for the bedroom, “Come along little fuck pig.”

Paula pulled the chair from the cupboard, unfolded it and set it at the foot of the bed. It was a toilet seat, U shaped, on a frame, like disabled people might put over a normal toilet if they cannot sit on a low seat.

Marg brought over the tripod and camera, setting it level with the seat, “first time she’s laying an egg, better get it on camera.”

Lucy was scared of what she was seeing and hearing but all Lucy thought was to grit her teeth and do what the women told her to do.

“sit on your nest little hen, it’s time to lay an egg.” Paula teased, as she led Lucy in front of the camera.

Lucy shivered and straddled the seat on her tip toes, then sat. “Ooh!” her eyes bulged, her legs dangled. In the centre of the shot hung Lucy’s cunt. The base of the dildo poked down about 3 inches below her clit, pulling cunt lips with it, the hose and pump dangling. From the base the flesh coloured shaft clearly widened, ballooning out, as it went up between her lips, and presumably beyond, stuck inside her.

The magic of the chair, which Paula and Marg had witnessed before, was simple, the same as a toilet. Any pussy and asshole hanging through the seat were automatically spread, and most importantly they hung, relaxed. Thus allowing a stretched hole to open as wide as it possibly could.

Lucy sat in the chair, feeling it’s effect, plus the weight of gravity and her own weight pushing the round dildo down and out. She could feel immense pressure at her hole, making her pussy bulge out as it hung there. Rising and falling ever so slightly, in time with her breath.

Lucy knew what she had to do, she wanted this thing out of her, she began to push. It hurt. The dildo inched downward, with each effort, stretching her more as it went. Lucy started to realise how much bigger her vagina must be up inside. She felt constipated, like she was squeezing out a big shit. Except it was her vagina and much bigger. She kept her anus clenched, she didn’t want any surprises popping out by accident. As she squeezed and squeezed Lucy began to wonder if this was how childbirth felt.

Lucy pushed, her upper body tense as her muscled sqeezed down, the entrance to her pussy felt stretched beyond belief. She looked down, the dildo had progressed, her cunt lips were taught around the bulge, approaching the size of an NLF ball. Her whole vagina hung lower than it should. “NNG FUCK,” she pushed hard, watching, it protruded another inch, but snuck back up when she relaxed. Again and again she tried, but she just could not push it any further.

“I can’t,” she conceded finally, her face red with effort. She sat there and began to cry.

“Don’t cry little hen, I’ve got just the thing that will help. Some gravity!” said Paula with too much enthusiasm. “Marg, do you have the hook that goes on this?” Paula left the room.

Marg walked over and squatted in front of Lucy’s pussy, gently the began to unscrew the hose and hand pump from the base of the dildo. The valve in the base kept the dildo firm. In Marg’s other hand Lucy saw a little silver hook, with the same screw on end as the pump, she felt Marg gently screw the hook onto the base of the dildo.

When Paula returned she was carrying a bucket and a jug of water.

“Ok little hen, since this is your first time, this should help get the egg out.” Paula explained as she hung the bucket, by the handle, on Lucy’s hook.

Standing aside so the camera could see, Marg began to pour water between Lucy’s legs, letting it stream over her clit and lips and splash into the bucket. It began to fill.

Like a steam train departing the station, the dildo began to chug downwards, paying no heed to Lucy’s vaginal muscles. Lucy looked down, her mouth agape in a silent scream as it emerged, bit by bit.

The tension. Lucy’s entire being was focussed on the lips of her once tight little friend. She was shocked, in awe, no longer feeling the pain. Her sacred entrance was now the girth of a coke bottle. When would it end? She felt so wide, so stretched, beyond belief. When would it pass? The dildo was not moving. Lucy looked. The bucket had hit the ground. Stopped.

Lucy screamed, long and loud. Frantic she grabbed the dildo and yanked it out. With a slip and a splash, it dropped into the bucket. Lucy sat in the seat shaking as she stared at the thing that had come out of her. It was fat.

The camera captured a different angle. Hanging on screen was a hole, swollen flaps hanging agape, about the width of a dainty wrist and an angry red. Her pretty pussy would never feel the same again.

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